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Auction Highlights


The following lots have been sold in our Titanic, Transport, Antiques and Collectables auctions held every month.  These auctions include Titanic and Transport memorabilia, Antique Furniture, Paintings, Medals, Ceramics, Toys, Jewellery, Gold, Silver, Postcards and Collectors Items.


Wallace Hartley Letter Written onboard Titanic

Sold for 93,000

Titanic Lamptrimmers keys

Sold for 58,000


Unique 32ft Titanic

Enquiry Plan

Sold for a World Record  220,000


Titanic Passenger Malcolm Johannsson Collection

Sold for 155,000


Titanic First Class Accommodation Plan

Sold for 30,000


Titanic Lifejacket

Sold for 58,000


Unique photo of Titanic lifeboats taken from the deck of the rescue shop Carpathia

Sold for 6,000


RMS Titanic Promotional Brochure

Sold for 20,000


RMS Titanic Promotional Brochure

Sold for 6,000


RMS Titanic Poster

Sold for 70,000


RMS Titanic Postcard Written onboard

Sold for 11,000


RMS Titanic Plan

Sold for 70,000


RMS Titanic First Meal on Titanic Menu

Sold for a record 64,000

The Edmust Stone Titanic Collection

Sold for a World Record 350,000


Titanic April 14th Lunch Menu

Sold for a World Record 76,000


Unique Titanic Survivor Postcard

Sold for World Record 35,000


RMS Titanic Grand Staircase Wood Section

Sold for 19,000


Rare Titanic First Class Stewards Badge

Sold for 35,000


Rare photo of Titanic's launch

Sold for 11,000


Extremely Rare Titanic & Olympic Stamp Booklet

Sold for 33,000


RMS Titanic Body Recovery Bag

Sold for 25,000


Rare Titanic Survivor Document

Sold for 33,000


Rare Titanic Launch Menu

Sold for 36,000


Captain Steward James Painton Onboard Letters

Sold for 39,000


Dayak Shield

Sold for 4,200


Japanese Ivory Figure

Sold for 1,800


Winston Churchill Cigar

Sold for 1,700


WW2 German Binoculars

Sold for 2,300


Chinese Silver Bowl

Sold for 1,250



Sold for 1,200


Massachusetts Pine Tree Silver 3 pence

Sold for 3,300


Rolex Prince

Sold for 4,300


Circle of Francisco Vanni

Sold for 1,500


Asimuth Dial

Sold for 2,300


18th Century Walnut Bureau

Sold for 3,300


17th Century Campaign Travelling Set

Sold for 5,900


A set of Gold Spoons

Sold for 7,200


Late 19th Century Japanese Photograph Album

Sold for 800


Lalique Moissac Vase

Sold For 1,000


One of a Small Collection of Tinplate that

Sold for over 3,000

19th Cent Jacques Ivory Chess Set

Sold for 3300


Elvis Presley Single Strand of Hair

Sold for 1,055


One of a small set of Tollware Tea Tins

Sold for 2,500


Apollo 11 Kapton Foil Section

Sold for 2,200


Hendenburg Zeppelin Glass

Sold for 650



Hindenburg Zeppelin Cup and Saucer

Sold for 1,200


Hindenburg Zeppelin Dinner Plate

Sold for 510


The Most Valuable Bottle of Beer Ever Sold at Auction.  This was recovered from the Hindenburg Wrecksite.

Sold for 11,000


1930's RAF Photo Albums

Sold For 940


RMS Titanic E Deck Key

Sold For 60000

Oil on Canvas "Seaview" Isle of Wight by Norman Wilkinson

Sold For 1500

Peter Monamy Oil on Canvas

St Peter Port

Sold For 7,000

Charles II Five Guinea Gold Coin

Sold For 2,000


Jaegar Atmos Clock

Sold For 700


EMG Gramophone

Sold For 1,800



WMF Claret Jug

Sold For 1,000


William Russell Flint Lithograph

Sold For 580


Lalique Poissons Luminaire

Sold For 2,200



Benny Hill Fred Scuttle Glasses and Beret

Sold For 1,500



19th Cent. Hardwood Poker Work Walking Cane

Sold For 980 

George Medal to a WW2


Sold For 3,600


George Medal Pair to a WW2


Sold For 4,400


Siebe Gorman Diving Helmet

Sold For 3,100


An Archive of Material Relating to Field Marshall Montgomery and the German Surrender in May 1945

Sold For 6000


Rare Moorcroft Spanish Pattern Vase

Sold for 3000


Distin Piano Forte

Sold For 1,170


Goldscheider Table Lamp

Sold For 1,200


French 19th Century Carriage


Sold For 5,000


Arthur Gilbert Fredrick Williams 1819-1895 Oil on Canvas

Sold For 2,800


Period Illminster Oak Coffer

Sold For 700


Model Steam Engine 1in. Scale 

Sold For 1,400


Pablo Picasso 1881-1973 Profil De Jacqueline Ceramic Plaque

Sold For 2,900


Early 19th Cent. Staffordshire Pratt Ware Pocket Watch

Sold For 900


18th Century Seal Bottle

Sold For 2,000


Asprays Gold Cigarette Case

Sold For 830


Signed Photographic Portrait from Their Imperial Highnesses The Emperor and Empress of Japan

Sold For 3,160


18th Cent. Ladies Knee Hole Desk

Sold For 1,100


A Pair of Louis XV Gilt Wood Fauteuils in need of restoration

Sold For 1,500


An Archive of letter from Lawrence of Arabia

Sold For 11,000


KCMG and CMG Medals

Sold For 1,000


19th Cent. Dayak Sarawak Head Hunters Shield

Sold For 1,100


19th Cent. Mahogany Linen Press

Sold For 900


17th. Cent. Oak Wainscot Panel Back Chair

Sold For 1,450


18th Cent. Italian Rococo Giltwood Pier Mirror

Sold For 3,500


Coalbrookedale Hall/Coatstand

Sold For 1,200



A Shirt worn by Peter Sellers in the Pink Panther Movie

Sold for 1,200


The only Golden Globe Award Ever Awarded to Peter Sellers

Sold for 8000


Peter Sellers Letter to Britt Ekland

Sold For 2,900


Dunhill Lighter

Sold for 1,100


Film Poster Archive

Sold for 3,000

George III Serpentine Chest of Drawers

Sold for 1,200


Georgian Dresser

Sold for 2,300


Gilt Mahakala

Sold for 77,000


Gilt models of Ushnishavijaya

Sold for 45,000


Longines Watch

Sold for 4,700

Marble model of Winter

Sold for 950


One of an archive of photos of the Younghusband Expedition from 1904

Sold for 12,000