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A small selection of Antiques, Collectables and Titanic Memorabilia that Henry Aldridge & Son have sold.


We are always looking for items such as these to place in one of our specialist auctions.


19th Century Tavern clock

Sold for 3,500

Devizes totem

Sold for 1,040

Early 19th century Welsh Dresser

Sold for 2,300

Part of the Howlett collection of Royal Memorabilia

Sold for 7,000

Early 20th Cent. Guinness Royal Doulton Advertising Bulldog Figure

 Sold for 750


John Gilroy Original Gouche Artwork for Guinness Time

Sold for 2,800


Large GWR Enamel Sign

 Sold for 950


Very Rare 1930's Michelin Compressor

 Sold for 1,000


John Gilroy "My Goodness My Guinness" Poster Circa 1957

Sold for 860


Rare Carltonware Guinness Plaque

Sold for 940


Unusual Facchino Ice Cream Girl Display Figure

 Sold for 1,200


Rare Michelin O Galop Promotional Poster Circa 1898 Sold for 7,000


The Edmund Stone Collection

Sold for 235,000

in our October 2008

Titanic and White Star Auction.


Asplund Family RMS Titanic Passenger Contract Ticket.  This ticket sold for 33,000 and the Asplund Collection made 125,000 in our April 19th Titanic Auction.


HMS Caledon Ships Bell

Sold for 9,100 in August 16th Antiques, Fine Art & Collectors Auction.

An FA Trials Cap from the Bill Rawlings Collection of Football Memorabilia that sold in our May 17th Collectors Auction.


William and Mary Walnut Cabinet on Chest

Sold for 6400

in our June 14th Antiques and Collectors Sale.

RMS Titanic Crows Nest Key and Postcard written onboard by David Blair on April 4th 1912, Lots 379 and 380 September 22nd Sale.  They are being sold via direct descent from Titanic's First Second Officer David Blair and are part of a collection of material relating to Officer Blair.

RMS Titanic David Blair Key Sold for 90,000


Unusual 16th Century Mourning Ring

Sold For 4,000

February Antiques and Collectors Auction.

RMS Titanic Silk Hands Across the Sea Onboard Postcard Sent by 3rd Class Passenger Henry Olsen.  Sold for 17,500

September 22nd Sale

Extremely Rare Titanic Launch Ticket, Sold for 33,000

Highly Significant Archive of Communications Taken from onboard Olympic from Titanic and Carpathia on April 14th, 15th and 16th 1912. 

Sold for 9,000


RMS Titanic Onboard Lettercard with Important Transatlantic Seven Postmark written by Rev. Robert Bateman. 

Sold for 15,000

RMS Titanic Onboard letter written by First Class Passenger Alfred Rowe.

Sold for 28,000


RMS Titanic Transatlantic Onboard Postal Office Keys from Mail Clerk

Oscar Woody.


Sold for a World Record sum of 100,000 in April 21st 2007 Titanic Memorabilia Auction.


William Johnson of London

Twin Fusee Mantle Clock

Sold for 4,200.


William Bromley Oil on Canvas, one of a pair sold for 7,000.

Unique RMS Titanic Schematic Blueprint Owned by William Wilson Leading Draughtsman Harland and Wolff 1912.

Sold for 12,000


Rare RMS Titanic 12 Minute Newsreel

Sold For 16,000

by Henry Aldridge and Son in April 2005.

19th Cent Sofa Table

Sold For 3,500


Pelham Puppet Group

Sold For a World Record 3,000


Harry Houdini Milk Can Illusion

Sold For 4,400


19th Cent Wellington Chest

Sold For 2,600


WW2 MBE Medal Group

Sold For 1,500


J M Turner Autograph

Sold For 1,500


Daniel Quare Bracket Clock

Sold For 10,000


George III Chest of Drawers

Sold For 3,000


19th Cent Gilt Painted Purdonium

Sold For 2,000


RMS Titanic Launch Menu

Sold For 10,000


RMS Titanic Onboard Menu

Sold For 27,000 A World Record


The Gill Archive, Posessions of 2nd Class Titanic Passenger

Sold For 125,000


On Board RMS Titanic Lettercard

Sold For 19,000


RMS Titanic Silk Postcard

Sold For 2,000


A Letter from The White Star Line Regarding RMS Titanic

Sold For 11,000


A White Star Line Music Booklet from RMS Titanic

Sold For 7,700


1st Class Plan of RMS Olympic

Sold For 3,000


Souvenir Pin Cushion Bought onboard RMS Titanic

Sold For 19,000


The Worlds First Christmas Card

Sold for a World Record



Eight Page Titanic Letter

Sold For 33,000


Fairy Lustre Bon Bon Dish

Sold For 1,100


Grimwades Peter Rabbit T Set

Sold for 500



Part of a Selection of Steam Engines that

Sold For 9,000


Mabel Lucie Atwell's Easel

Sold For 2,500


One of a Selection of medals

Sold For 16,000

in our January 25th

Antique, Collectors and Military Auction.


RMS Titanic Carved Oak Section, believed to be from the

Grand Staircase.

Sold For 19,800


Very Rare RMS Titanic

Souvenir Cap Band.

Sold For 34,000


RMS Titanic Souvenir Postcard Booklet.

Sold For 12,000


RMS Titanic onboard letter and envelope written by second class passenger Clear Cameron

Sold For 25,000


RMS Carpathia Silver Medal

Sold For 5,000


RMS Titanic 2nd Class Passenger List

Sold for a World Record 26,000


Admiral Horatio Nelson Letter March 30th, Sold for 3,800

Helen Churchill Candee RMS Titanic Flask Recovered from

Titanic Victim

Edward Kent

Sold for a Record Price of 33,500


RMS Titanic Onboard Lettercard Written by 1st Class Passenger Stanley May

Sold For 22,000 in our

April 06 Auction


Bronze of Sir Winston Churchill by

Sir William Reid Dick

Sold for 12,000


A Unique and Important Album of Photographs and Ephemera from Ernest Shackleton and

The 1921-22 Quest Expedition sold for 6500 in December 06


RMS Titanic 8 Page onboard Letter by Edward Colley, a member of Helen Churchill Candee's Coterie.

Sold for 18,000


Highly important Telegram from the White Star Line to Senator Hughes Stating Titanic was Proceeding to Halifax.

Sold for 10,000


RMS Titanic Helen Churchill Candee Interest Portrait Miniature

Sold for 57,000


RMS Titanic Helen Churchill Candee 36 Page Period Manuscript

Sold for 48,000 in our

April 06 Auction