Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Saturday 10th November 2012

1.      Glassware: A set of 6 cut glass Cranberry Sherry schooners, boxed.
2.      Post war Malayian photographic album. Lacquered covers with enamel painted exotic birds, fruit, trees etc.
3.      20th cent. Canteen of 6 place setting fish cutlery including fish servers.
4.      20th cent. Glassware: Set of 4 Commemorative glasses for the Coronation of George VI. Boxed, a/f.
5.      Plated ware: Large wine cooler, milk jug, sugar bowl and photo frame.
6.      Clocks: Slate and marble mantel clock, enamel dial, Roman numerals. Plus a bedside clock. Art Deco satin walnut jewellery box, a satinwood talc box with a young girl painted on the lid.
7.      20th cent. Oils, prints etc. Various subjects, some Military. A large quantity.
8.      Baxter Prints: "Fruit Girl of the Alps", "The Bridesmaid", "The Day before Marriage", "The Lovers Letterbox". Gilt framed with gesso spandrels to each corner. Glazed approx. 10" x 15". (4)
9.      20th cent. Bevel edged mirror with an embossed gilt frame.
10.     20th cent. Tribal Art: Treen figurines - Maasai Warrior and wife 24" plus a Maasai Warrior 36". A pair of carved head bookends, 2 hide finger drums etc.
11.     20th cent. Beech occasional table with circular glass top, on 4 curved supports.
12.     Treen: A bread tray, pair of jugs, animal carving, fish plates plus a pair of Scandinavian cups.
13.     Early 19th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table of small proportions.
14.     20th cent. Tribal Art: Treen figurines - three women and a man.
15.     Late 20th cent. Oak chest of 3 drawers of small proportions.
16.     19th cent. Rosewood overmantel mirror, flanked with turned columns.
17.     20th cent. Doulton Nan King bedroom bowl, ironstone jug, 2 chamber pots and foot warmer and a 1950s multicoloured ceiling light. Plus a "Pompadour" black & white meat oval 18½", etc. (8 items).
18.     20th cent. Ceramics: Washstand bowl and 3 chamber pots.
19.     Bicycle lamps: Lucas "Acetyphote" side lights, correct bracket. A Lucas "Radia" side lights, correct bracket (1 missing) + 1 other Lucas lamp. All burn acetylene gas. Plus Powell & Hanmer, Birmingham "The Revenge", "The New Sultan" side lights, correct bracket, burns acetylene gas. (5 items in total).
20.     Carriage lamps: Dial lamp, tin plate. Oval fronted with red glass to rear. Fitted with a candle burner. Length 21½". A pair.
21.     Carriage lamps: Tin plate, rectangular fronted with red glass to rear. Fitted with a candle burner. Length 18". A pair.
22.     Bicycle lamps: Lucas "Calcia Club" side lights, correct bracket, burns acetylene gas. Lucas "Silverking" side lights, correct bracket, burns paraffin. Plus Lucas "Calcia Loura" and "King of the Road" side lights, correct bracket. Both burn acetylene gas. (4 in total).
23.     Miner's safety lamp by the Protector Lamp & Lighting Co. Type MC40, Check No 827, Colliery No 704.
24.     Bicycle lamps: Lucas "Calcia Club" side lights, correct bracket, burns acetylene gas. Plus Lucas "Leader" side lights, correct bracket, burns acetylene gas. (Two pairs).
25.     Carriage lamps: Tin plate, 2 sided showing red light to rear, with carrying handle to top. Fitted with a candle burner, side and stick mounted. 12½"l. A pair. Plus a Carriage lamp Tin plate, 2 sided by S and A Fuller, Bath. Fitted with a candle burner. Length 17". (3).
26.     Bicycle lamps: H. Miller & Co "The Candlo" side lights, correct bracket, powered by candle and a Powell & Hanmer, Birmingham "The Demon" side lights, correct bracket, burns paraffin. Plus Lucas Model No 209T plus a Lucas "Planet" No 33. Correct bracket, both burn paraffin. (4 in total).
27.     Bicycle lamps: Brass, an "Auto Lite" by Universal Lane Co and a Premier brass lamp by the Premier Lamp and Engineering Co Ltd, Leeds. (2).
28.     Bicycle lamps: Brass, made by the Premier and Lamp Engineering Co Ltd, Leeds. Burns acetylene gas. Plus a brass "Pigeon Lampe Merveilleuse" for burning Benzoline. (2 in total).
29.     Vintage car oil lamps: Tin plate and brass, rear glass showing red. "King of the Road" by Lucas plus one by Powell & Hanmer, Birmingham. 9½" including carrying handles - a pair.
30.     Carriage lamps: Tin plate, square fronted with red glass to rear. Fitted with a candle burner. Length 18". A pair.
31.     Bicycle lamps: Lucas and Millers. All a/f x 6.
32.     Carriage lamps: Tin plate, side fixing mounts and stick fixing, circular fronted with red glass to rear. Candle powered. Length 12". A pair.
33.     Late 19th early 20th cent. glass shades, frosted with acid etching and pink border. A pair. Frosted Tulip shape, pink shade with frill edge and an organic design shape with pink edge. (5 shades).
34.     19th cent. Oil lamps: Amethyst glass bowl, with chimney only and a ceramic oil lamp in powder blue ground with barley, foxgloves, carnations, daisies and dragonflies decoration. With chimney and globe. (2).
35.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Oil lamp. Square cast base of an organic design. Green glass reservoir, etched glass shade 23" plus a glass shade.
36.     Early 20th cent. Oil lamps with flues and globes. 1 brass, 1 chrome and 1 plated on brass. (3).
37.     20th cent. Plate ware: Tea pot, hot water jug, milk jug and 2 sugar bowls one with cover. Coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl, 6 goblets, tankard, butter dish, sauce boat and ladle. 3 branch candelabra, plate, pierced galleried oval tray 15" and a 2 handled tray 18" x 14". Plus a large quantity of plateware.
38.     Gramophones: Chas.T. Robey table top record player with 20½" dia. horn. Plus an Academy table top player retailed by Duck & Son & Pinker Ltd Bath. A quantity of records.
39.     19th cent. Coloured engraving of a rural study. Glazed, gilt and black decorative frame, 25" x 19". Plus 2 Farley Castle engravings. Framed and glazed. (3).
40.     20th cent. Oil on canvas of a Woodland study. Indistinct signature lower right. Framed. 27½" x 19".
41.     19th cent. English Primitive School Barnsley, O.O.C. Couple walking towards a Church. Framed 17½" x 12".
42.     Michael Cooper: Prints, farming interest. 3 cows at the gate 17" x 11". Haymaking - Ltd. Ed. 248/750, 17" x 13". Meadow scene, tractor sheep and chickens - Ltd. Ed. 290/750. All framed and glazed, all signed by the artist and 2 with certificate of authenticity. (3).
43.     Prints and pictures: Sepia prints of rural riverside scenes. Framed and glazed 22½" x 15". A pair. A machine woven carpet tapestry of hunting with hounds. Framed 24" x 67".
44.     19th cent. Royal triangular butter churn. Manufactured by Llewellin & Son, Haverford West.
45.     19th cent. Treen and iron butter churn on stand "Shakespearian" Trade Mark by Rural Bygones Mark Hathaway of Chippenham.
46.     Rural bygones: Two handed treen pit saw 6' 3" and an early 20th cent. turning frame saw.
47.     Rural bygones: Thatcher's tools. treen thatcher's paddle and a thatcher's needle plus a treen and metal rope twist, a pair of fencing mallets and a wire fence tensioner. Two dairy yolks and a curd cutter/fork. A wash "Dolly" and a glazed butter churn. (11).
48.     Rural bygones: An "Aero Seed Broadcast" seed sower with fiddle.
49.     Rural bygones: The Aero Broadcast seed sower with fiddle.
50.     Copper: A copper fire screen cased in a wrought iron frame.

51.     Brassware: 19th cent. Fire irons and fire dogs.
52.     19th cent. Treen: Pine deportment aid.
53.     19th cent. Brass pair of open spiral candlesticks, 21".
54.     Copperware: 19th cent. Barge copper kettle, a range kettle, ember warming pan and a coaching horn .
55.     20th cent. Treen mountain/walking sticks and canes: A Blackwell's Oxford St, London cane with carabiner clip and emergency whistle, plus 3 walking crooks with many tourist badges. A stick with an Antler finger grip with many other walking sticks. (17).
56.     19th and 20th cent. Brassware includes 19th cent. horse brasses (behind counter). A loving spoon, candle stick, crumb tray and W.W.I trench art.
57.     Plateware: Asparagus serving set including jugs and server. Guernsey plate creamer with wicker handle.
58.     Late 19th early 20th cent. plateware including teapot, water jug, kettle on stand, bread baskets, potato ring, condiments, knife rests, sugar helmet, etc.
59.     Brassware: A brass meat turner by John Winwood, (key in office).
60.     20th cent. Brassware: Coal helmet, toasting fork and shoe horn. Kettle with ceramic handle, copper kettle and trough, warming pan and bellows. Bevel edged wall mirror with brass frame and candle holders. Late 19th/Early 20th cent. painted treen mantel clock with Empire style gilt decoration, with key.
61.     20th cent. Brassware including bells, candlesticks. Benares candle holders in the form of a Cobra. Trench art, Liptons souvenir tea caddy - British Empire Exhibition 1914. Qty of horse brasses (Behind Mike's counter) + other miscellaneous items.
62.     Brass and copper ware: Metal ware including 19th cent. kettle, 2 handled cooking pot, brass framed mirrors, fire irons, jugs, coal scuttle and horse brasses etc.
63.     20th cent. Salt glaze jars, unmarked. (8).
64.     20th cent. Brass and metalware including candlesticks, horse brass, bugle, fire tools, copper kettle and a copper hunting horn. (1 box).
65.     Stoneware jars and pots: A good selection of stoneware preserve jars, Cider pot printed from the Farnham United Breweries Ltd, Guildford etc (18).
66.     19th cent. Cast iron painted garden urn, 10".
67.     19th cent. Oil lamps: Mainly brass, 3 hanging lamps, 2 Corinthian column table lamps etc.
68.     20th cent. Oak case grandmother clock.
69.     Prints: H. Knight oilograph of an Arab Dhow in harbour. Plus a still life of a vase of flowers.
70.     19th cent. Copper and brass ware: Kettle, preserving pan, water bed warmer, coal scuttle, horse brasses, circular table top with treen base etc.
71.     Glass Cod bottles: Westbury Mineral Water Co. T.W. Hussey The Brewery Netheravon, Bartlett & Co Warminster, Laycocks Sheffield, Talbot & Co Ipswich and A. Turner Dumfries. Plus bottles for Sheffield Mineral Water, W. Wilson & Co St Andrews and Culpar x 2, H.D. Rawlings, London, The License Trade Supply Society Ltd Coventry and a lemonade jug etc.
72.     19th cent. Salt glazed terracotta cider jug (I gallon), terracotta 2 gallon egg crock plus 2 stoneware inkwells.
73.     Rural bygones: Equine interest. 20th cent. pine adjustable saddle stand.
74.     Rural bygones: Large wooden wheelbarrow with detachable top and backboard.
75.     Early 19th cent. manual washing machine "Shaker" Co-operated duel mechanical action.

76.     20th cent. oak seated "spinning wheel" chair with carver back and seat. The whole on turned supports plus a varnished towel rail. (2 items).
77.     19th cent. Mahogany commode on four turned supports.
78.     19th and 20th cent. Pewter Liberty 2 handled dish of organic form, copper and brass ware: Tea pots, tankards, cider measures, plates including 2 Tudric pewter plates with "W.E.L.K.S. (West of England Ladies' Kennel Society) Lord Peter Cheltenham 1936" inscription. 2 oil lamp flues. etc.
79.     19th cent. Taxidermy example of a Greenshank. Taxidermist F. Lawrence of Leeds.
80.     20th cent. Rosewood reproduction side table.
81.     19th cent. Mahogany folding picnic table.
82.     20th cent. Parasols and walking sticks: 3 parasols, one with a stylised snake handle. A walking stick with an antler carved in the form of a bird handle. A naively carved walking stick plus one with metal souvenir badges. (5).
83.     Kitchenalia: Early 20th cent. chromed toaster by The General Electric Co Ltd.

84.     19th cent. Oak gate legged oval table.
85.     19th cent. Mahogany carved and inlaid back dining chair. A pair.
86.     20th cent. Oak ladderback chairs, rush seated. 2 and 1 carver. Plus a mahogany towel rail.
87.     19th cent. Oak bench with single stretcher 38" long.
88.     Edwardian mahogany dining chairs, spindle back on upholstered seats.
89.     20th cent. Beech stick back high stool, a pine stool plus pine painted library steps/chair.
90.     Early 20th cent. Elm child's high chair and an elm child's chair with turned supports.
91.     19th cent. Mahogany towel rail plus beech spindle back bedroom chair.
92.     19th cent. Indian brass tray 25" diameter.
93.     19th cent. Mahogany Carolean style dining chair. Upholstered seat and back, barley twist columns & front supports.
94.     20th cent. Prints: "Bonzo Dog" humorous caricatures, some from "The Sketch". All framed and glazed.
95.     20th cent. Paintings and prints: Oil on board, River and Woodland scene, a study of a child plus a print "Goodnight Father" and 1 other. (4).
96.     J.Y. Thompson: Pen and ink "Children playing shops". K. Ponter watercolour "Regency Bath". P. Blomfield watercolour and ink "Woodland Nymph" framed and glazed. etc. (6).
97.     19th cent. Chaise Longue and 2 chairs for restoration.
98.     19th cent. Armchairs. High backed rush seated carver chairs with faux bamboo framework, for restoration. (4).
99.     20th cent. Pictures & prints: Selection of early 20th cent. Watercolours, O.O.B. & prints. Plus two woolwork pictures, Brugges canal, etc. (11).
100.    19th cent. Carpenters' tool box with a leather cased rule and spirit level, jack planes, smoothing planes, saws, etc. Plus another carpenters' tool box with chisel, planes, treen spirit level, etc. J. Rabone & Sons, Birmingham.
101.    20th cent. Copper ware: Milk pail with lid and pourer, a modern design nutcracker plus an octagonal Mexican plaque.
102.    Clocks: An ormolu mounted clock, a domed clock and a treen cased wall clock.
103.    Clock: 19th cent. Slate and marble mantel clock with an enamel face and Roman numerals. Strikes the ½ and the hour.
104.    Clocks: Oak cased Art Deco style continental chiming mantel clock.
105.    19th cent. Slate and marble mantel clock, enamel dial and Roman numerals. Plus a mahogany cased mantel clock. (2).
106.    20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese Crescent China "Fairy", tea and dinner ware. 8 x 10½" and 7 x 6½" plates, 7 cups, 8 saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl with cover. 8 x 7¾" soup bowls, 9" dish and a meat oval 12½". Crown Ming Fine China vegetable tureen and cover x 2. Johnson's Bros. "Indian Tree" tea service comprising of tea pot, hot water jug, 6 cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl. Adderley posy bowl, Royal Winton "Rosebud" cream jug and stand.
107.    Clocks: German, walnut cased, rapport clock striking the ½ and the hour.
108.    Late 19th cent. Ceramics: Minton "Delft" dinner ware. 9 x 9", 9 x 10" plates, 5 x 9½" soup plates, 1 x 15" and 1 x 17" meat oval.
109.    19th cent. Blue & white transfer printed dinner service + a box of glassware, decanters, etc.
110.    20th cent. Ceramics: Aynsley Pembroke vases, "Cottage garden" bulbous vases a pair. Trinket box in the form of a Cat, Jug etc. Floral and gilt cup and saucer, Worcester pin dishes, Wedgwood "Clementine" trinket pot and cover. Green Jasper ware miniature urn and Colclough half tea set.
111.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: 2 handle mantel vases, dark blue and gilt. A pair. Transfer print floral and gilt vases, 2 small planters, pink and floral teapot and a mottoware Scandi teapot. Rose pink and gilt tea china. 9 tea cups, 10 saucers, 10 plates, 2 cake plates and a slop bowl. Some damage. 2 handle maid's tray.
112.    Plated ware: Engraved fruit basket, fish set, other flatware, 2 wine coasters and hip flask.
113.    20th cent. Ceramics: Breweriana jugs including Haig, Famous Grouse, George Gale and Co, Stones, Grants plus Tobacco related jugs including Benson and Hedges etc. Approx 44 jugs.
114.    Advertising mirrors: "Dewars Whisky" 16" x 24", "Pepsi Cola" 17" x 21", "Player's Navy Cut", "Guinness" plus 12 others all framed.
115.    20th cent. Ceramics and glassware: Table lamps - glass and metal base and a glass shade. A pair. Rum Toff, Royal Doulton ceramic posies etc. Quartz Carriage clocks, games set, stone hot water bottle etc.
116.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Moonflower dishes, 2 tier cake stand, Aynsley "Little Sweetheart" vase, Wedgwood blue and white plates and Royal Doulton Yale graduated meat plates.
117.    20th cent. Prints, lithographs and photographs: A good selection of prints of various subjects etc. All framed and glazed. Plus 2 mirrors.
118.    20th cent. Ceramic novelty teapots, various shapes & sizes (21).
119.    20th cent. Ceramics and flatware: Lawleys part tea set, Clifton jar etc and a selection of flatware. (A box).
120.    20th cent. Woolwork fire screen depicting a hunting scene. Brass "Take Courage" wall plaque depicting a cockerel with a border of hops and wheat. A map of Cornwall, framed and glazed. Plus a suitcase.
121.    20th cent. Ceramics: Breweriana - Wade and other jugs including Haig, Long John, Famous Grouse plus 2 Wade kegs. (8 jugs and 2 kegs). Plus a large George Gale transfer print jug.
122.    20th cent. Ceramics: Quantity of German Tankards and Steins plus glass Tankards.
123.    19th and 20th cent. Ceramics: Poole trumpet vase, Aynsley "Nature's delight" vase. Coalport "Shrewsbury" long neck vase. Aynsley "Cottage Garden" vase. Sylvac jug No 1344. Swansea cottage style cup and saucer. Early 19th cent. Tea bowl and a Maling lustre bowl etc.
124.    20th cent. Glassware, ceramics & plateware: Decanter, stem vase (Jaffe Rose) with original box, 2 x 1937 commemorative plates. Six piece teaset "Noritake" china 5317 (Somerset) teapot, milk jug, 6 cups & saucers, 6 plates, sugar bowl a/f. Six piece teaset "Colclough" china (pink) - Bone china plate, 6 cups & saucers, sugar bowl and milk jug a/f. Plus a tea strainer, electro plate tongs, etc.
125.    19th cent. and later ceramics: Spode Italian blue & white plate, impressed mark Spode to base + Satsuma dish. Wedgwood "Hathaway Rose" trinket box and pin tray, Portmeirion dish, Coalport "The Wren" dish, Aynsley "Wild Violets" pen tray, Limoges blue and gilt box, Adams coffee pot, gilt and green jug and bowl, 2 treen boxes + match holder, Hammersley saucer, etc.
126.    20th cent. Ceramics and glass: Coffee set, Royal Doulton tea sets, etc. (2 Boxes).
127.    20th cent. Ceramics and glass: Willow pattern plates, Collectors' plates, tumblers and glasses plus a small selection of Matchbox Lledo diecast vehicles. (3 boxes).
128.    20th cent. Ceramics: A German green ground vase impressed decoration, a/f. 20" plus a blue ground vase with floral decoration, 12½" and a glass vase with overlaid panels of dancing maidens, 15". (3 in total).
129.    20th cent. Glass: Decanters, coloured and cut glass bowls, etc.
130.    20th cent. Ceramics: Ceramic boxes, bowls, glassware, letter opener, plated cake fork set boxed and other plated items.
131.    20th cent. Portuguese ceramics: Bordallo Pinheiro Majolica cabbage tureen and ladles. A pair. 2 serving dishes, sauce tureen cover and ladle. Salad bowl plus 3 dish pickle server and Willow tea china. Porcelanas Ibis Portugal floral trinket box. Jug, long neck vase, baluster vase, dish and comport. (6 items).
132.    20th cent. Ceramics: Mantel vases, transfer print of a summer garden, a pair. 8". Chamber pot, Burleigh ware and wash bowl.
133.    20th cent. Glassware including amber colour water set, blue glass lead crystal decanter and vase + a powder bowl.
134.    20th cent. Ceramics: A Retro coffee set "Black Velvet" by H.T. Hostess tableware, designed by John Russell. Coffee pot, 12 tea plates, 10 coffee cans and 11 saucers. Plus a "Greenway" pattern coffee pot by the same company. Royal Doulton "Ainsdale" part coffee set and an "Argyle" part tea set.
135.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood Children's Stories 1977-1985. Poole "Little Red Riding Hood" and "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", Royal Doulton "The Afternoon Tea Plate" from the Brambly Hedge Gilt Collection, Spring, Summer., Autumn and Winter. Royal Doulton The Snowman Gift Collection "Dance of the Snowman", Wedgwood Nursery Rhyme Series "Queen of Hearts" and "Humpty Dumpty". (18 items).
136.    20th cent. Crested ware including Goss, tea pot, water jug, shoe and vase. (19 items, 1 tray).
137.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wade Whimsies including Walt Disney's "Lady". (34 in total).
138.    20th cent. Ceramics: Devon ware tea pot "Cockington Forge", "Widdecombe Fair" blue and gilt tea pot and milk jug plus a brown "Tea for one" tea pot. Wade rabbit.
139.    Ceramics: Country sports - Royal Worcester Hunting breakfast cup and saucer and a Fishing saucer. Glassware: Cut glass decanters x 4 and 2 glass and brass inkwells.
140.    20th cent. Lilliput Lane and other village houses. (16).

141.    Leonardo Collection of model houses x 5, Fraser Creations x 2 and Lilliput Lane x 1.
142.    Clocks and watches: A quantity of enamel watch faces and a pocket watch movement. A travelling clock and a silver cased ladies pendant watch .
143.    20th cent. Brassware and ceramics: Brass inkwells on treen stand. Crested lustre ware condiment in the form of binoculars "Weymouth". Condiment in the form of a gondola. Plus egg cups, a toast rack "Lurpac" logo.
144.    20th cent. Plateware including set of dessert spoons boxed, 2 Heatmaster egg warmers, E.P.N.S. vases, a pair. Pin cushion in the form of a shoe, qty of flatware and a napkin ring, Onyx table lighter, 40 year calendar and a trinket box.
145.    19th cent. Ivory backed dressing table brushes and mirror. 20th cent. Compacts x 2 and a combination enamelled compact and cigarette box. Plus a glass dressing table set.
146.    Late 19th cent. and later objects of interest. Mrs Potts Sad irons 1 & 2. Made by Kennick West Bromwich. Pens - Parker Fountain Pen, 3 marbled pens with nibs by John Mitchell and accommodating holder. Magnum holder etc. (9 pens). A.R.P. whistle by J. Hudson Birmingham, a Boy Scout whistle + 1 other. Recorder, marked London Improved. B. Miranda Precision binoculars, cased and a circular oak barometer.
147.    20th cent. Glassware: Decanters - Hobnail cut ship's decanter, Royal Brierley cut glass decanter + 4 others. 4 wine glasses and 6 Babycham glasses.
148.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Wilderness Call" by Nick Bibby No 0038, "Robins in Winter" by Ann Richmond No 5978 and a ceramic Shire Horse in harness.
149.    20th cent. Oriental ceramics: Garniture of two ginger jars and covers + Baluster vase heavily decorated with pink and purple roses.
150.    20th cent. Wedgwood "Etruria" shell vase on stand.
151.    20th cent. Ceramics: Spill vases, figures of 2 musicians, Leonardo swan, Coalport roses, candlestick, bisque figure of a girl with eggs etc.
152.    Collectors' plates: Royal Doulton "Over the Viaduct", Sunshine and Steam series. "Tresco Abbey", "Midday Local", "Over the canal" etc. 7 railway plates, boxed with paperwork. Royal Worcester N.S.P.C.C. Christmas plate 1987 "Love", boxed with paperwork + Royal Doulton "Spitfire Landing", boxed and paperwork.
153.    20th cent. Ceramics: Collectors' plates Ketsuzan Japan and Imperial Jingdezen porcelain plus Russian Tianex plates. With certificates 27 in total.
154.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood Collectors' plates Clarice Cliff designs in "The Bizarre" series. With certificates. (7).
155.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Collectors' plates. Military interest "Heroes Over Home Territory" featuring W.W.II aircraft, Spitfire, Hurricane, Lancaster, Mosquito, Sunderland etc. With certificates (11).
156.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Grafton, Spode, Franklin Mint, Coalport Collectors' plates. Various subjects and designs. With certificates (20).
157.    20th cent. Collectors' plates: Royal Doulton "Old Country Crafts, Wedgwood "The Gentle Giant" series (4), "The Magnificent Shires". and Wedgwood "Rural Waters" etc. Some boxed with paperwork.
158.    20th cent. Collectors' plates: Wedgwood "The Farm Year", Coalport "The Old Mill" and "Farming Through the War Years". Thomas Kinkade "The Lamplight Village" + 2 others. Commemorative plates and Wedgwood "Wind in the Willows" x 3. Boxed.
159.    20th cent. Ceramics: Spode Italian dinner, tea & coffee set comprising 16" meat oval, 12" oval, 12 x 10", 12 x 9", 12 x 6" plates, bread & butter plate, sandwich plate, 2 x fruit bowls, 12 x pudding/cereal bowls, 2 x vegetable tureens, 2 x bread bowls, gravy boat & saucer, 2 x salt & pepper pots, teapot, milk jug, cream jug, sugar bowl, 6 x tea cups & saucers, 6 x coffee cups & saucers, 6 x soup bowls & saucers, 4 x egg cups and a butter pat.
160.    20th cent. Ceramics: Keeling Co Losol ware vases 12". A pair a/f. Three Doulton Cyprus plates and Imari bowl 9¼" and a sky blue ground Chinese bow with hand painted floral design.
161.    20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware, including Foley, Carltonware, Arcadian - shoes, hats, jugs, bell, cheese dish, etc. Approx. 72 items. Some damage.
162.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics and Glass. Tube milk glass vase decorated with purple flowers and gilt decoration a pair 11", white glass vases decorated with ducks on a pond a pair 8.5", lemon coloured baluster vases decorated in pink and blue enamels 6" a pair, purple goblet with transfer print of pink roses on twist stem, decanters pair, also blue and white transfer print meat oval 20" x 15" plus Minton 'Norley' jug.
163.    Commemorative ware: Royal memorabilia from Edward VII and Queen Alexandra through to Edward VIII.
164.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Piggies" 2 full set of 25 models of pigs.
165.    20th cent. Ceramics: Qty of Commemorative mugs and tankards.
166.    19th cent. Ashworths plates. 1 x 10", 2 x 9" and an unmarked plate 8". A 20th cent. German charger, a Spode cake plate and a Royal Doulton series plate.
167.    Royal Doulton: "Mrs Tiggy-Winkle" musical figurine.
168.    UK and World stamps. Early 19th cent. and later stamps including Penny Reds etc.
169.    Stamps: G.B. QEII mint 5 envelopes. Plus a mass of loose ones; quantity of post-decimal G.B. Commemorative's in strips, blocks, etc.
170.    Stamps: Box with a mass of G.B. kiloware in envelopes & packets. Also an envelope with 17 presentation packs of G.B. QEII mint sets, plus 2 FDC's. Box with 44 envelopes of modern world stamps, used & mint, on & off paper. Large number of countries represented. No G.B. seen but many European, Commonwealth & foreign countries present may contain some useful finds.
171.    Stamps: "The Empire Postage Stamp Album", undated, from the end of Victoria's reign. All World album contains many hundreds of stamps from around the world, of used and mint issues. Many loose sheets and stamps. Some care with removals due to much early hinging.
172.    Stamps: Lincoln Stamp album inscribed J.D. Watkins and dated August 1912. Nice gold-leafed album front cover, faded at one edge. Good stamp representations from Europe, the Commonwealth and many other foreign countries. A tidy and charismatic lot in mostly average stamp condition: mainly used with some interesting postmarks and useful issues seen. Several hundred stamps.
173.    Stamps: G.B., Foreign and Commonwealth stamps in 2 albums.
174.    Stamps: Brown Prinz stock book, with a few dozen European, USA and Foreign mostly-used 19th cent. earliest, some with high cat. values. Good range of France noted. Also included is a miscellany of locals, postal stationery, cachets etc. Condition as usual with this age of material is mixed but some interesting issues here. Also, at the back are a few old and charismatic prewar covers/fronts with various sources and postmarks.
175.    Stamps: G.B. with some Foreign and Commonwealth ranging from Penny Black, Penny Reds and Tuppenny Blues. Good quantity of 19th cent. stamps and 1948 Olympic 2½d stamps. QEII mint. All in 2 albums.
176.    Stamps: QEII Definitive and Commemorative in 2 albums.
177.    Stamps: Albums containing Isle of Man First Day Covers, Guernsey, Herm, Jersey Islands Commemorative covers and mint stamps plus other albums and covers.
178.    Stamps: Album of QEII Commemorative plus 2 Stock books with G.B. and some foreign. A Pelham stamp album of World stamps. (4).
179.    Stamps: QEII and some World stamps, Definitive and Commemorative plus a Royal Mail Special Stamps 1986 album and 2 boxes of loose stamps. (5).
180.    Stamps: G.B. stamps 1d Reds through to QEII.
181.    Stamps: Album of QEII definitives, in the most mint issues, with one George V page. Most in sets, some commemoratives.
182.    Stamps: Album of G.B. and Commonwealth stamps, Victoria onwards. Plus First Day Covers and loose issues.
183.    Cigarette and Tea cards: Turf, Ogdens, Wills and Players etc. (See list).
184.    20th cent. Stamps: A large quantity G.B., Commonwealth and World stamps. 3 boxes.
185.    Cigarette and tea cards: W.H. Wills, Players, A good selection including Batman, Capt. Scarlet and Man From U.N.C.L.E. etc.
186.    Teacards: "Trees in Britain", "Wild Birds", "Oceans" etc in 27 albums. Plus a Devizes postcard.
187.    Cigarette cards: J. Player & Son: "The Coronation of George VI and Elizabeth 1937", "Modern Naval Craft", "Animals of the Countryside". W.D. & H. Wills "Radio Celebrities" and "Wild Flowers". All in albums (5).
188.    Cigarette cards: Five WD & HO Wills albums of cards + a revised album of Wills Player Westminster De Reszle, Lambert Butler, etc.
189.    Tea and cigarette cards: A & BC Bubble Gum, "Civil War News" full set. "Battle Cards", full set. "Top Stars" No 3 missing. Totem Pole Talking Signs (13 cards) and many albums and loose cards.
190.    Shipping interest: Match box covers - Cunard, Canadian Pacific, Blue Funnel, Bobby Line, Blue Star Line, Glen Line, Elder Dempster Line etc and assorted Shipping postcards. 1 album.
191.    Postcards: Topographical cards from around G.B. including Edwardian photocard contained in 3 albums.
192.    Postcards: Topographical modern cards from around G.B. Most are colour photographs (5 Albums)
193.    Postcards: Greeting cards, embossed glittered, Write Aways, Vignettes. Local Castle Coombe comic cards. 1 album.
194.    Postcards - Advertising: Looping the loop "Shell", Pickfords, Alvina Patent Table Salt, Nestle's Swiss milk, Lux, Gordon & Dilworth Tomato Catsup (sic), Okell's Finest Salmon, Knight's soap, London Zoo, Hudson's Soap, Chivers Jam, Fry's Milk Chocolate, Butts Coal, Day & Sons Crewe Ltd, GEC Radiators, Cataline, Mas De La Ville Pure Juice, Pratt's, Smokeless Diamond Powder, Navy Cough Mixture. (60).
195.    Postcards - Advertising: Camp Coffee, Johnson's Pure Tea, Horniman's Tea, Milkmaid Coffee & Milk, Fry's Cocoa, Chivers Jam, Nixey's Blue, Hudson's Soap, Brand & Co meat Juice, Grimbles Vinegar, ideal Milk, Fry's Five Boys, Fry's Five Girls. Two-Stroke Scott, Bryant & may Ltd, Pratt's Spirit etc. (58 cards).
196.    Postcards: Suffragettes "The House", "What a Suffragette Knows", "Apple and Pip". A portrait of Mrs Pethick Lawrence and other Political cards.
197.    Postcards: The Senghengdd Pit Disaster 1913. No 3 "The Universal Pit Senghengdd After The Explosion of Oct. 16th 1913", No 5 "The Welsh Pit Disaster Where Over 400 Miners Were Entombed Oct 14th 1913. Scene after the second fire broke out". No 7 "Pit Disaster At Senghenydd - Heroes All - A rescue party leaving the Pit after an all night search". (3 cards).
198.    Postcards: Transport - Civil and Military. R.P's of the sinking of the Admiral Graf Spee, Titanic, British Army Airship Louis Bleriot, Road & rail transport. Most real photo's. Also military cards, Boar war and W.W.I etc.
199.    Postcards: R.P's of the Edwardian era, workplaces, School classrooms, Animal & Birds reward cards. 1 album.
200.    Postcards: Edwardian coloured cards of Queenstown Ireland (6) plus 1 of Cork also "Hands Across The Sea" x 6.
201.    Postcards: German cards of young girls waiting for their beaus to return home from war.
202.    Postcards: Devizes cards - Sheep St; Castle; Market Cross; The Barracks; Quakers' Walk. 15 in total plus 2nd generation cards also other G.B. & Foreign cards along with 8 football cards given by the New Hotspur Comic.
203.    Military interest and postcards: W.W.I. French embroidered postcards sent "From the Front". (8).
204.    19th and 20th cent. Sepia Carte de Visite photographs, mainly portraits.
205.    Postcards: Military Bamforth series cards "Blue Bell", "I'll Be Back In Old Ireland Some day", "Memories", "Till The Boys Come Home". "Boys In Khaki, Boys In Blue" and greeting cards from the same era. Approx 79 in total.
206.    Postcards: Devizes - Edwardian and later including Victoria Road, Quakers Walk x 4, Bishops Cannings, Bridewell St, Asylum Lodge, Drews Pond, The Devils Jump. Other towns and villages Bratton, Chisledon etc. Approx 41 in total.
207.    Numismatics: Royal History of Great Britain Coinage through to George IV replicas, Victoria onwards real coins. Framed and glazed plus another set of modern coins & banknotes also framed and glazed.
208.    Late 19th early 20th cent. objects of virtu: Assorted buttons, white and yellow metal buckles, treen snuff box, 4 pairs of pince-nez, yellow metal ladies handbag, sovereign holder, photo frame, mirror and notebook contained in a mahogany box. Horn beaker and spoon + a snuff box with mother of pearl cover.
209.    Numismatics: Cupro-nickel £5s, crowns, £2 coins. most in presentation packs.
210.    Numismatics: Foreign and Commonwealth copper and cupro-nickel coins.
211.    Numismatics: G.B. copper from George III, silver 3ozs and medallions from Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, 1937 Coronation medallion etc.
212.    Numismatics: G.B. silver 4 ozs , ½ silver, 1½ozs and a proof £1 coin and a Maria Theresa Thaler.
213.    Numismatics: G.B. Cupro-nickel, copper, brass coins and boxed sets.
214.    Coins: Large quantity misc decimal, pre decimal, Royal mint commemorative set, etc.
215.    19th cent. Pot lids: "Ambrosial Shaving Cream perfumed With Almonds"
S. Maw Son & Sons, London 3½"d. "Cold Cream of Roses" Lorimer & Co Britannia Road, Islington 2½"d. "Home-made Potted Meats" Army and Navy Cooperative Society Ltd 105 Victoria St, London 3¼"d. Lids only "Burgess's Anchovy Paste" Hythe Road, Willesden N.W. late 107 Strand, London 3¼"d. Plus Holloway's Ointment pot 1¾"d and "Poor Mans Friend" pots 1¾" and 1½". (7 items in total).
216.    19th cent. Pots and lids: "Oriental Tooth Paste" Jewsbury & Brown Ardwick Green, Manchester 2¾"d, "Areco Pond's White Areca Nut Tooth Paste" G. P. Pond Chemist 68 Fleet Street, London 2½"d. Plus 2 lids "Cherry Tooth Paste" S. Maw, Son & Sons Aldersgate St., London 2½"d, "Woods Areca Nut Tooth Paste" W. Woods Chemist, Plymouth 2½"d. Some crazing and chips to rim. (4).
217.    19th cent. Pot lids: "Cold Cream" black and white, some crazing (3 a/f). 2½"d x 3, 2"d x 1.
218.    Smoking requisites: Papier māché snuff box and a Churchwarden's pipe, tobacco pipe with leaf decoration and a pipe with a bearded face bowl. Brass snuff box and 2 "chewing tobacco" tins. "Player's Gold Leaf Navy Cut" tobacco tin. (8).
219.    Ocean Liner ephemera: Cunard, Mauretania and Britannic voyages 1956.
220.    20th cent. Reproduction ship's compass in treen box with brass decoration.
221.    20th cent. Costume jewellery: Large quantity of misc. strings of beads + yellow metal chains. Quantity of simulated pearl necklaces, including Lotus also loose pearls. (1 tray).
222.    20th cent. Costume jewellery: Yellow metal and other bracelets, including yellow metal and enamel expanding bracelet by Opera, Studio necklace and pendant by Indulgence - boxed, selection of yellow metal chains and locket, white metal brooches and chains + badges. Watch pendant and earring set in white metal - boxed and a dog whistle. (1 tray).
223.    20th cent. Asian beaten white metal drinking barrel shaped cups, with stylised organic decoration 3¼" + tray.
224.    White metal sewing requisites, scissors, button hook, pencil holder, lead holder and thimble. Plus a pair of glove stretchers.
225.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany jewellery box containing costume jewellery.
226.    Military prints: Uniforms of the Age - 7.1/2" x 10" x 4, 6.1/2" x 7.1/2" x 2 and a Camp scene 9" x 5.1/2". (7).
227.    Abyssinia Campaign: Italian flag, red, yellow and green with Crown, on reverse "Talian Sefer".
228.    Postcards: Edwardian & later album of over 450 postcards including military, animals and topographical, notable cards include a spy being shot by firing squad.
229.    Military interest: W.W.II medals to Earnest William Perrett R.N. 1939/42 Star, Pacific Star, Atlantic Star, Defence medal plus Imperial Service medal (boxed). A Royal Naval Association medallion and a Q.E.II Coronation Commemorative medal. (7). A tray.
230.    Military interest: Model, turned brass cannon on treen carriage. 9" length.
230A.   Military uniform: 20th cent. Khaki battledress tunic, two artillery leather jerkins, plus 1958 pattern web belt.
231.    Postcards: Edwardian and W.W.I postcards, numerous unusual cards including the King and Lord Kitchener inspecting the New Army 28-9-14 at Bulford and German prisoners at Frimley en-route for Frith Hill. (Over 30 cards).
232.    Postcards: Edwardian & other postcards including Chippenham, Sutton Benger, The GWR works Swindon, series of cards from the Woolwich Arsenal showing the factory at work making munitions + inter Regt. sports competition. Many photographic cards.
233.    W.W.II posters: A.T.S. "Radio-location operator,Train With The Army Or With The A.T.S.", "A.T.S." and "A.T.S. Wants Cooks". Some minor tears. All coloured posters. 9½" x 14½". (3) Plus 3 other posters "You Are Wanted Too! Join The A.T.S.", "You Can Volunteer" and an A.T.S. information poster. All 3 a/f.
234.    Autographs: 2 books with autographs from David Essex, Liticha Dean, Bill Owen, Windsor Davis, Boom Town Rats, Cliff Richard, Emile Ford and many more.
235.    Postcards: 1940s and 1950s Film stars - Margaret Lockwood, Michael Wilding, Jean Simmonds, John Mills etc. Some are fan Club photos. An autograph book with signatures of tennis players taking part in the Torquay Tournament August 1949. Postcards of Lew Hoad, M. Connolly and J. Drobny.
236.    18th and 19th cent Ephemera Act of Parliament during the reign of George III. 4 Acts dated 1794, 1805 and 1808 x 2. Plus a 1935 souvenir booklet.
237.    H.R.H. Princess Diana - Christies sale catalogue. Dresses from the collection of H.R.H. Diana Princess of Wales, sold New York June 25th 1997.
238.    Books: Signed copies of Military books. "Fight For The Sky" Douglas Bader 16/08/80. "Master Airman" Donald Bennett 09/04/89. "Ferryman" Taffy Powell 1983. "Royal Air Force Paintings" Michael Turner 1981. (4).
239.    Advertising: "The Beatles" Mod Fashions sold by Ninth St East Ltd Los Angeles. Pair of Dunlop cuff links. Train arrangements and general information for R.M.S. Laconia which sank after being torpedoed on 12th September 1942 with an account of the night by Sailor Albert Gode.
240.    Booklets: "Oliver's Travels To The Mustardominions", reduced war time edition. An adventure book for children from J & J Colman's Mustard. 4¾" x 3½".
241.    Children's books: Published by Bavaria Dutton/Ernest Nister c1900. "A Birthday Present", "Snapdragon", Three Little Maids From School", Cats' Concert" 4 vols. Each book is 3½" x 3" wide, with chromolithographs on cover and interior. Illustrated by W. Foster.
242.    Photographs and books showing a history of the Holloway and Benger families in Marden. Including a reference letter for Lillian Holloway to Wadworths Brewery to support her application to run The New Inn (now the Millstream) Marden, with her Mother Martha after the death of her Father. Photo's of Marden men back from W.W.I. and the villagers celebrating the 1911 Coronation. Lillian's ration book, Salisbury Diocese C.F.S. Attendance certificate, etc.

242A.   Books: Lionel Edwards "My Scottish Sketch Book". A book of prints of the Artist's work, with titles. Published by Country Life Ltd, London. Dedication to front leaf.
243.    Ephemera: Receipts from builders, Co-operative Society, leaflets from the Bath Theatre, shop notices, posters, military service pamphlets, release book, pay book etc.
244.    Early 20th cent. Maps: Bacon's map of the Environs of Preston, published by Cartmell Preston, Ordnance Survey Road Map of the Dukeries, Penguin Guide to the Lake District, Ordnance Survey Map of Hexham, Motorists Road Map of Southport, Bacon's Cycling Road Map of Preston, Christmas 1938 card from Worthingtons, 100 Popular Pictures in Colour published by Cassell + The Century Atlas Gazetteer, The Handy Shilling Atlas, The Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge 1825 book, + 1 other Commemorative book, Launch of the Queen Mary Wednesday September 26th 1934, The Story of the Mersey Tunnel, opened July 1934, Coronation Souvenir and programme 1937 + Festival of Britain 1951 book.
245.    Book: 19th cent. Limited edition "Rural England" by L.G. Seguin. 92 /300 on handmade, handcut paper with proofs of illustrations on Japanese paper. Published by Strahan & Co Ltd, London.
246.    Early 19th cent. Holy Bible, vols I, II and III, with notes and illustrations. By the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, sold by Rivington Book Sellers, Pall Mall 1823. 3 Leather bound books.
247.    Collectors' cards: Pokemon cards contained in an album. Approx. 431 cards.
248.    Photographs: DeHaviland prototype Comet 1 B.O.A.C. livery G - ALVG at Farouk Airport, Egypt. A Bristol 170 MK32 G - AMWF flying in Silver City livery, both framed and glazed. A 1955 calendar of London Airport (now Heathrow), given by Dunlop.
249.    Fishing equipment: Edgar Cealy 3 piece split cane fly fishing rod with cover. Alcock 3 piece fly fishing rod and cover plus a quantity of hooks.
250.    Football interest Manchester United items:
Official Guide intro by Matt Busby re European Cup win v Benfica (4 - 1) ? 1968.
The United Story in pictures undated.
George Best Superstar by David Trevor ? 1970.
Team 1963.
Individual photos of Matt Busby C.B.E. with Sword of Honour.
Nobby Stiles, Bill Foulkes, Tony Dunne, George Best, Shay Brennan, Harry Gregg, Dennis Law, Bobby Charlton, David Head.
Man U Youth XI group photo 1963-4.
Team photo with cup - undated.
Football League Champions team photo 1964-65 signed by some of the team and officials.
14 Dec 1961 Daily Mail. Re beating Real Madrid 3-1.
28 Mar 1959 Page from Soccer Star weekly featuring M.U.

251.    1936 Olympics summer/winter German cigarette card albums.
252.    Football Programmes:
6 April 1946 Football Assn XI v Army Physical Training Corps at Wembley (in aid of army and other charities).
22 Oct 1949 Scottish League Hibernian v Partick Thistle.
15 April 1950 Schools International England v Scotland at Wembley.
14 April 1951 England v Scotland at Wembley.
12 Nov 1952 England v Wales at Wembley.
11 May 1957 Youth International England v Ireland at Leyton Orient Ground.
26 Apr 1958 England v Scotland Schools International at Wembley.
3 June 1959 Real Madrid v Stade Reims (programme in several languages).
9 Apr 1960 Scotland v England at Hampden Park.
11 May 1960 Racing Club Strasbourg v Frankfurt (Programme in German).
14 Apr 1962 Scotland v England Hampden Park.
25 Mar 1985 England re Republic of Ireland at Wembley.

253.    Football programmes:
13 March 1948 F.A. Assn Challenge Cup Semi-final tie. Blackpool v Tottenham Hotspur.
13 Sept 1961 Football League Cup Cardiff City A.F.C. Wrexham at Ninian Park.
10 Aug 1962 Manchester United v West Bromwich.
29 Sept 1962 Scottish League First Division Aberdeen v Third Lanark at Pittodrie Park.
24 April 1964 Bolton Wanderers v Wolverhampton W at Burnden Park, Bolton.
19 Feb 1966 Football League 2nd Division Championship Manchester City v Coventry City.
14 Jan 1967 Football League Division One. West Ham v Stoke City at Boleyn.
6 Feb 1982 Football League Division One. Southampton v Manchester City.
20 Feb 1982 Football League Division One. Southampton v West Ham United.
254.    Football programmes local interest:
Westbury United Football Club Official Programme 25 Jan 1958 (errors re names West Lavington. No.11 should be P.Fuller and No.9 should be J.Redjeb (!)
12 Nov 1981 F.A. Vase Round 2, Newquay v Devizes.

255.    Football programmes:
F.A. Challenge Cup Competition at Wembley.
11 April 1970 Chelsea v Leeds United.
8 May 1971 Arsenal v Liverpool.
5 May 1973 Leeds United v Sunderland.
4 May 1974 Liverpool v Newcastle United.
3 May 1975 Fulham v West Ham United.
1 May 1976 Manchester United v Southampton.
21 May 1976 Liverpool v Manchester United.
6 May 1978 Arsenal v Ipswich Town (50th F.A. Cup Final).
12 May 1979 Arsenal v Manchester United.
10 May 1980 Arsenal v West Ham United.

256.    Football programmes:
In celebration of 100th FA Challenge Cup Competition.
9 May 1981 Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur Final Tie.
14 May 1981 Manchester City v Tottenham Hotspur Final Tie Replay.
22 May 1982 Queens Park Rangers v Tottenham Hotspur Cup Final.
27 May 1982 Queens Park Rangers v Tottenham Hotspur Cup Final Replay.
21 May 1983 Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester United Cup Final.
26 May 1983 Brighton & Hove Albion v Manchester United Cup Final Replay.

257.    Books: Antique guides including Millers, Phillips etc. A good selection. Plus an envelope containing a quantity of 1970s Melody Maker Magazines.
258.    Periodicals: Connoisseur magazines 1902, 1903 illustrated. The Antiques magazine of that era.
259.    Books: Antiquarian books including "Interference" in 3 vols. "Theatre Complete" 4 vols of Sheila Kaye Smith. A good selection. (2 boxes). Ephemera: 19th and very early 20th cent. Hotel bills, advert for Pears soap, statement of accounts, auction bills, etc.
260.    Children's books: "The New Adventures of Rupert" 1936 facsimile edition plus 5 1980's Rupert Annuals. 7 volumes of "Mammals" ( New illustrated Animal Kingdom). A box.
260A.   Books - Military: R.A.F. including "Croydon Airport, The Great Years", "633 Squadron", "The R.A.F. Retired List" 1974, 78, 81, 82, 90. "Classic Aircraft of W.W.II", "The Observer's Book of Aircraft" 1955, 59, 92. etc. Plus First Day Covers.
261.    Books: "Dixon's Gazette", 6 vols. "Pictorial History of the War" in 5 vols. "South Africa and the Transvaal War" Vols. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8.
262.    Toys Diecast: Corgi Aviation Archive "Boeing Stratocruiser", Hawker Typhoon MK 1B, Supermarine Spitfire MK VB-4Q.
263.    Games and pastimes: Escalado horse racing game, Monopoly, Lotto, card games x 8, Dominoes and Scrabble.
264.    Games and pastimes: Treen Cribbage board half and half opening to reveal dice and pegs. Ebony and bone Domino set, boxed. Bezique and Rubicon game De La Rue, London, with markers and instruction booklet, boxed. Contained in a pine work box.
265.    Toys: Diecast Matchbox Models of Yesteryear (14). Corgi small models (14), tankers and trucks (4) and 1 other model.
266.    Games: Lord of the Rings - Boxed "Risk" game. Mordor and Gondor Expansion by Parker. Lord of the Rings Trilogy edition by Parker Bros. 2 boxed games.
267.    Early 20th cent. Tin plate toys: Gebruder Schmid Nurenburg Junior tinplate typewriter with box, German.
268.    Toys Diecast: Corgi Aviation Thunderbolt, Douglas C-47A, Junkers JU 87B-2, P-47D Thunderbolt.
269.    Toys Diecast: Corgi Comic Classics - The Dandy 2 vans, Lledo Beano vans, Corgi Great Britain set, Matchbox Britain in Miniature. All boxed.
270.    Subbuteo teams x 6, Cups x 2, Goalposts, Floodlights and Table cricket.
271.    Toys Diecast: Dinky Military models - Centurion Tank. 10 Ton Lorry, Army Wagon, 2 Ton Truck, 3 Armoured Cars, Saracen Armoured Personnel Carrier. Field Artillery Tractor x 2 and a Field Gun, Ambulance, Scout Cars x 2 etc.
272.    Toys Diecast: Matchbox Models of Yesteryear (22) Boxed.
273.    Games and Toys: Plastic model kits - SA 330 Puma , D.H. Sea Venom Faw .22. Both by Revell also a Warrior MCV and an Airfix AS 51 Horsa Mk 7.
274.    Tri-Ang railways: Quantity of locos, rolling stock, track and accessories (1 box).
275.    Dolls' house: Three story double fronted dolls house, 35" x 26" x 12". Complete with light fittings in every room, some with fireplaces, kitchen range, pictures, etc. and a very large quantity of dolls' house furniture including chaise longue with mattress, grandfather clock, corner cabinet, chest of drawers, sideboard, dining table with 2 dining chairs & 2 carvers with cushions, double bed with sheets and blankets, pillows, grand piano, various crockery, baskets, house lights transformer, etc. Plus three hardbacked books on dolls houses.
276.    Toys Tin Plate: John Deere model tractor.
277.    19th cent. Miniature doll. Bisque head and body in original dress and bonnet. 2 legs in need of refitting. Approx. 5".
278.    Toys: Pelham puppet, Swiss Maid - wood feet, strings have been replaced. Jointed Teddy bear, 1 eye missing in need of love 18". A mohair Teddy, brown glass eyes, black wool nose, 1 paw replaced, cute little face, jointed arms and legs 16".
279.    20th cent. Toys: Blue Ribbon Playthings, musical brown Teddy bear, glass eyes & leather nose, "Rock a bye Baby", 15". Plus a musical fawn Teddy bear, glass eyes and stitched nose "Brahms Lullaby", 16".
280.    Toys: Late 19th cent. doll, bisque head, glass eyes, painted face with kid leather body and jointed knees. Approx 14". In need of repair.
281.    Toys: An early Steiff Teddy bear in need of TLC. 12ins.
282.    20th cent. Models: Pre War Militaria, scale 1/150 model of a R.F.C Royal Aircraft factory FE2 b, night bomber, wingspan 31½".
283.    Toys and pastimes: 20th cent. Jacques Lawn Croquet set with wooden case.
284.    20th cent. Meccano Construction Set. 660 parts including new coloured drawings to build 111 models. Set No 7, complete with books of models and books of plans. Boxed.
285.    Toys: A quantity of playworn Dinky, Lledo, Matchbox and Days Gone By etc.

286.    Toys diecast: Corgi, Matchbox, Dinky etc. A large quantity all playworn.
287.    20th cent. Toys: Tri-Ang baby walker push along trolley containing green, red and yellow building bricks. Plus a push along dog on wheels.
288.    Treen models: A fishing Smack, a Pond yacht, fishing boat and a model of Titanic.
289.    Musical instruments: Oboe by Boosey & Hawkes London. Cased in a red velvet case.
290.    Musical instrument: A child's Spanish guitar with case and 4 guitar books.
291.    20th cent. Musical instrument: M. Hohner's Chromatische Bass - Harmonik, No 265, cased. M. Hohner's Chromatica, No 263, cased. Plus a Hero Harmonica.
292.    Barograph: J.H. Steward Ltd., 406 Strand London. Presented to "Ian Morten FROM THE COUNCIL OF THE RHODESIA TOBACCO ASSOCIATION in grateful appreciation of A JOB WELL DONE 1934 - 1955". Mahogany cased.
293.    Scientific: Wray astronomical 40" brass telescope with various lenses and original box, plus hardwood tripod stand.
294.    Tinplate: Magic lantern "Standard E.P." by Ernst Plank Nuremberg in a treen case with slides showing children's stories. Boxed with instructions.
295.    Kloster Brandes bakelite "Black Cat" receiver, c1932.
296.    Pitmans motorist library hardback manual "The Book of the Austin Seven" 1938 edition hardback by Goodwin.
297.    Automobilia: Austin 7 (1927) Smith's chromium dashboard clock.
298.    19th cent. French mantel clock movement by Marti retailed Maple and Co Paris, heavily decorated and embellished with ormulu.
299.    Clocks: Rosewood cased ¼ chiming mantel clock, signed Chas Frodsham.
300.    20th cent. Mahogany cased mantel clock with inlaid decoration. Rising off brass feet 5ins. Plus a 19th cent. Bronze of a young girl carrying apples in her apron 10".
301.    Clocks: Early 20th cent. French electro plated mantel clock in the art nouveau style. 8" x 7½". Movement signed Made in France.
302.    Clocks: Art Deco German mantel clock. Pierced brass body, mercury silvered dial, Arabic numerals and chiming movement. Signed Junghams, Wurtenberg. Floral motif.
303.    20th cent. Clock: Temco Art Deco Onyx, Chrome and Bakelite. An early electric clock.
304.    Bronze: Chimpanzee, seated, one arm pointing to his forehead. Unsigned, possibly Steve Anderson 20th cent. Canadian sculpture. 27" high.
305.    20th cent. Oriental carved hardwood small circular low table.
306.    19th cent. Chinese Crackleware cylinder vase with flamed top, decorated with blue dragon dogs in clouds chasing pearls. Bronzed lip base and 4 character seal marks on base. 12".
307.    19th cent. Oriental baluster shaped crackle ware vases with blue & bronze glazes. A pair. 11". Plus a similar shaped Satsuma vase. 12".
308.    Eisen Keisai 1790-1848: A watercolour of a Japanese woman. Framed and glazed. 9" x 13".
309.    19th cent. Cloisonne baluster shaped pot and cover. Green ground with exotic flowers and geese patter. 16½"h.
310.    19th cent. Cloisonne dressing table pots with covers. 1 blue ground, 1 green ground decorated with exotic flowers. An incense pot and cover with similar decoration and a blue ground patch box.
311.    19th cent. Oriental ceramics: Plates decorated in a blue and white organic design. 2 x 9" dishes. A plate decorated with scrolls 9".
312.    19th/early 20th cent. Chinese baluster shaped vase decorated with blue and white lotus blossoms, with dragon dog covers. Blue reign mark to base. 1 a/f, 1 x 12" and 1 x 13" plus an ovoid jar of similar pattern 10".
313.    20th cent. Chinese Famille Rose bowls, multicoloured decoration with figures and floral relief. A pair, 10".
314.    20th cent. Oriental ceramics: Spice jars and covers, decorated with warriors, scholars and female figures - a pair. 13". Covers a./f.
315.    19th cent. Oriental stained and plain ivory harlequin chess set. Some a/f.
316.    Objects of virtu: Oriental ointment jars (no covers) enamel painted 1"h x 2. Enamel painted perfume bottle holder with perfume bottle 1½". Two carved and painted bone birds. (5).
317.    19th cent. Japanese Satsuma ovoid vase, decorated in a pastel and gilt palette, depicting blossom trees and a cobweb. Black and gold seal mark beneath base. 6½".
318.    19th cent. Japanese Satsuma vase, baluster shape royal blue ground. Gilt decorated multicoloured panels depicting Samurai Warriors on the reverse bamboos. Red signature to base. A pair 6¼".
319.    19th cent. Chinese blue and white porcelain vase. Decorated with four toed dragons facing each other, within two reverse panels. 8".
320.    19th/20th cent. Chinese ceramics: Canton famille Rose Mandarin medallion vase and cover 11". Famille vert octagonal baluster shape vase decorated with flowers 5½". (2).
321.    19th cent. Japanese blue and white bowls. One decorated with boys in the garden 6"d, plus 3 others of various sizes decorated with flowers 5"d, 7"d x 2. (4).
322.    19th cent. Japanese Imari/Arita blue and white charger. Landscape with a geyser, trees, foliage and stylised dragonflies. The underside floral relief, blue circles and 3 central spurs marks. 13½"d.
323.    19th cent. Oriental ceramics: Blue and white transfer bowl. 8"d.
324.    19th cent. Japanese Imari/Arita blue and white charger. Central medallion of bamboo and other trees surrounded by a pattern of miniscule horseshoe shapes. The underside scrolling vine pattern, blue circles and 6 central spur marks. 11"d.
325.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Kimono sleeve embroidered in gold thread with Dog of Fo and Dragon. Framed and glazed in an oval shape frame. 11" x 15".
326.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese Imari baluster shaped vase. Hand painted in blues, reds and gilt, decorated with flowers and bamboo. 12½".
327.    18th cent. Chinese Imari miniature octagonal teapot.
328.    Nanking Cargo "Fenced Pine" pattern tea bowls & saucers from the Dutch East India Ship "Geldermalsen" sunk in the South China Sea in 1752. A pair of Chinese Imari tea bowls and saucers painted with a large leafy pine issuing from a fenced terrace, a small double roofed pagoda at the left, within a blue edged band of trellis pattern at the rim, circa 1750. Ex. Christies Sale catalogue, Amsterdam, May 1986.
329.    Silver Chinese bowl decorated with grapes and vines along a serrated rim. Exotic birds, flowers, dragonflies, butterflies on the bowl. The whole resting on a fretwork foot rim, 7½"d. Inscribed "Zur frdl Erinnerung" "Kofah" (Big Nose) Shanghai 9/8.15 stamped on base Shinghai "Woshing" and Chinese silver purity marks. 18.3ozs.
330.    Burmese silver: Mythological creature and animals including Nara Sinha, an avatar of Vishdu, Ganesh. Engraved peacock, makers mark on base. Inscribed Philip 1925. Approx weight 45oz. (6). Approx. 12" x 7½".
331.    Early 20th cent. Anglo Indian white metal Repousse cigarette box + 1 other engraved makers mark beneath. (2 boxes).
332.    Hallmarked silver: Wine coaster with treen base, assayed Birmingham 1978.
333.    Hallmarked silver: Coaster, Birmingham, 1968-69. Plus continental white metal wine taster with indistinct mark.
334.    Hallmarked silver: Dressing table set. 2 brushes and a hand mirror, Birmingham 1977. Unused, boxed.
335.    Hallmarked silver: Asprey and Co Christening egg cup and spoon in original blue leather box.
336.    Hallmarked silver: Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co Ltd Shell pattern coffee spoons (7) and sugar nips plus 6 teaspoons and 3 coffee spoons. London, approx 8ozs.
337.    Hallmarked silver: Georgian Fiddle pattern teaspoons. London, harlequin 12. Approx 8ozs.
338.    Hallmarked silver: Victorian and Georgian Fiddle pattern teaspoons. London, harlequin 12. Approx 8ozs.
339.    Hallmarked silver: Georgian Fiddle pattern teaspoons. London, harlequin 12. Approx 7½ozs.
340.    Spoons: White metal Dutch tea shovel spoons. 3 topped with windmills, 1 with a sailing ship (4).
341.    Hallmarked silver: Rococo style creamer and sugar bowl, Chester 1909 -10. Approx. 14ozs.
342.    Hallmarked silver: Georgian style Coffee pot, London 1885. Makers mark Martin Hall and Co.
343.    Hallmarked silver: Tea pot, Birmingham 1914-15 James Woods & Sons in a 19th cent. style. 17½ozs including handle and finial.
344.    Hallmarked silver: Bowl on a ring and step foot. Birmingham 1939, 5½ozs.
344A.   Hallmarked silver: Cigarette holder case, Chester. A perfume funnel, Chester and a pencil holder, Birmingham.
345.    Hallmarked silver: Pierced bon bon dish on stand, Birmingham 1908. Retailed by Aspreys. 4.1/2ins.
346.    Hallmarked silver: Cigarette box, engine turned cover, tortoiseshell base, Birmingham 1926 + cigar & cigarette case Birmingham with 9ct. gold topped amber holders. Coffee spoons (10) and sugar nips Sheffield, cologne bottle with silver top plus sterling stamp box.
347.    Hallmarked silver: Early 19th cent. Mustard spoon, London. Sugar tongs, Newcastle 1860 - 61. Plus a hairbrush, hand mirror and babies food pusher.
348.    Hallmarked silver: Tablespoons, Exeter 1842, W.R. Sobey (9). Approx. 22ozs.
349.    Hallmarked silver: Victorian Fiddle pattern dessert spoons (1). Approx. 15ozs.
350.    Hallmarked silver: Christening mug engraved with floral scenes and birds nesting. Sheffield 1892. Approx. 5ozs.
351.    Hallmarked silver: Small tankard, London W.E. 1879. Approx. 7ozs.
352.    Hallmarked silver: Miscellaneous items - Notary candlestick, tongs 2 pairs, napkin ring, spoons (2) plus a bowl with a silver rim. (7).
353.    Hallmarked silver: Four slice toast rack, Birmingham. Worn mark. A pair.
354.    Objects of virtu: Hallmarked silver embossed cover to a miniature prayer book plus an ornate white metal watch chain.
355.    Hallmarked silver: Early 20th cent. oval engraved shoe buckles, 2" x 2", maker AHF, London, a pair. Engraved buckles, 2" x 1½", maker AHF London, a pair.

356.    Hallmarked silver, Early 20th cent. Rectangular engraved shoe buckles 2" x 1½" maker AHF London, a pair. A second pair 1½" x 1½" London plus 1 single buckle.
357.    Hallmarked silver: Toast racks, 4 and 6 slice, London. Worn mark on one, Sheffield 1906 on the other.
358.    Hallmarked silver: Teaspoons, Sheffield boxed. Caddy spoon with an Imp finial, Birmingham and a sterling set of 4 coffee spoons with a scenes of Niagara Falls in the bowl. Hallmarked sugar nips 3½ozs.
359.    Hallmarked silver: Napkin rings, 2 x ¾" and 4 x ½", Birmingham 1969. (6).
360.    Objects of virtu: Hallmarked silver miniature Throne, Chester. Name place holder in the form of a Stag's head, Birmingham. Celtic Cross - Iona, 2 Georgian mustard spoons and a Victorian hallmarked silver knife blade. Perfume/patch pot lid and a mustard pot lid, Birmingham. 3ozs. (8).
361.    Hallmarked silver: 19th cent. Dressing table pots and perfume bottles. (5 pieces).
362.    Hallmarked silver: Cigarette case, Carrington London. Approx 4ozs. Plus white metal possibly Indian, card case. Approx. 3ozs.
363.    Continental silver card case, embossed decoration, lovers in a rural setting, one couple seated, the other a girl on a swing. 2¾ins. x 3¾ins. x ½ins. Approx. 3½oz.
364.    Hallmarked silver: Engraved silk lined card case with ivory notepad, Chester 1903.
365.    Hallmarked silver: Dublin, table forks Edward Twycross and Phillip Weekes or Peter Walsh. A pair. Approx. 4ozs. Dessert forks James Le Bas 1822 - 45. A pair. Approx. 2ozs.
366.    Hallmarked silver: Pierced fish server 1803-04. 116grams.
367.    Hallmarked silver: Fish knife and fork set, Sheffield 1932-33, cased. Approx. 18ozs.
368.    American sterling silver: Boston Rococo style teaspoons, Bigelow-Kennard Boston. (6). Approx. 3ozs. W.W. Wattles coffee spoons of a similar style. (10). Approx. 4ozs. Plus Smith and Chamberlain Shell pattern condiment spoons (2). Approx. 10gms.
369.    American sterling silver cake slice S.C. & L. Co. approx 3oz., Shreve, Crump and Low oblong dish a/f. approx 3oz., D. Low & Co set of three Kings pattern spoons, approx. 2½oz. (cased) plus Boston Commemorative teaspoon, approx. just under 1oz.
370.    Hallmarked silver: Milk jug with London hallmark, 1897 and tea strainer and base. 350grams.
371.    Hallmarked silver: Mixed items including spoons, ladles, vases and two sifters.
372.    American sterling silver oval dish Towle Newbury Port, Massachusetts, 1890-1902. Approx. 8oz.
373.    Hallmarked silver: Cigarette box Birmingham 1956, makers mark T & S. 2 napkin rings, Birmingham and one napkin ring, Sheffield. A butter knife Birmingham, a silver cased pocket watch and a white metal chain.
374.    Hallmarked silver: Jewellery - a brooch with a crown above entwined hearts, assayed Edinburgh 1891. A fretwork 4 leaf clover pendant on a fine chain, Edinburgh 1979 plus 2 silver .925 earrings. 1.1ozs. An agate stone and silver link necklace. (3).
375.    19th cent. Thimbles: Selection of hallmarked silver and other thimbles. 1 Chester, 1 Birmingham and 1 child's thimble. (10).
376.    Niels Erik From - Danish silversmith retro necklace of circular dish segmented form. Set with 21 rose quartz cabouchons. Clasp marked Sterling - Denmark. N.E. From 925S.
377.    Hallmarked silver jewellery: Two pairs of cufflinks - boxed, a silver cased pocket watch and fob chain and a treen watch holder.
378.    20th cent. Jewellery: Sterling silver Art Deco style ring decorated with cream and blue enamel flowers. Plus a lady's dress ring marked 375, set with pale blue tear drop shape stone with organic design shoulders. (2 rings).
379.    19th cent. Jewellery: Yellow metal marked 15ct pendant/brooch of organic design set with multiple seed pearls. In original Russells of Liverpool leather box.
380.    Costume jewellery: Early 20th cent. ivory necklace. The larger beads have a yellow metal inlay & matching ivory and yellow metal twist earrings. Plus ivory stud earrings, screw earrings set with amethyst colour stones and a pair of marcasite earrings and brooch.
381.    20th cent. Jewellery: Majorcan simulated pearl necklace with yellow metal clasp. Approx. 15" with original box and paperwork.
382.    Jewellery: 9ct Rose gold long link chain necklace. Marked 9ct and 375. Length 15" approx. 21 gms plus Sekonda base metal ladies wristwatch.
383.    Hallmarked gold: Ladies Bucherer cocktail watch 18ct. white gold 17 jewel movement set with white stones on a black leather strap.
384.    Watches: Omega ladies gold dress watch. Hallmarked 375 with close weave bracelet.
385.    Watches: Swiss made Dimier Freres 15ct gold open faced pocket watch. Movement Train Bridge, signed Selezi, case marked Dennison.
386.    Watches: Baume and Mercier 1970s Riviera wristwatch. White enamel dial, time, seconds and date. Gold and stainless steel body with matching strap and cufflinks. Serial Nos 5131. 038 and 1619528.
387.    20th cent. Movado ladies Art Deco style aluminium and chrome wristwatch on a black leather strap.
388.    Watches: Ladies 9ct hallmarked dress watch, matching bracelet plus small signet ring.
389.    Watches: c1920 18kt gold marked ladies Art Deco ellipsoid shaped cased with circular white dial surrounded by 30 small diamonds. Approx. 0.02 and a expanding bracelet also marked 18kt and signed N & B. Provenance - given as a wedding gift to Mrs Edward Swinney, Egypt 1920.
390.    Watches: Hallmarked silver pocket watch. Wristwatch with stainless bracelet. Gent's Arts and Crafts red faced wristwatch with silver import marks plus a gold bodied "Pilot" ladies wristwatch with a yellow metal expanding bracelet.
391.    Clocks & watches: Omega stainless steel Constellation gentleman's wristwatch. Bracelet a/f. (Circa 1960s-70s)
392.    Watches: Waltham Massachusetts pocket watch cased in an English hallmarked case, Birmingham plus 3 other pocket watches and 2 yellow metal fob chains.
393.    Hallmarked silver: Condiment set London, boxed plus plated six division toast rack 3ozs.
394.    19th cent. Arts and Crafts: Electro-plated spirit kettle on stand with four supports and burner beneath by Barker Bros. Impressed with Trefoil and three star Trade mark, ebony handle. In the style of Christopher Dresser.
395.    Gold Jewellery: Diamond set Art Deco style star and crescent ladies ring.
396.    Jewellery: 18ct gold and diamond (5 stone) boat shaped ring.
397.    Gold Jewellery: Diamond boat shaped old cut ladies ring.
398.    Gold jewellery: Hallmarked 18ct. 3 stone half hoop ring. Case not included.
399.    Diamond jewellery: Hallmarked 9ct solitaire ring .20 carat. Box not included.
400.    Gold jewellery: 9ct gate bracelet, I.D. bracelet, man's ring approx 26 gms. Gent's amethyst signet ring, unmarked.
401.    Gold jewellery: 9ct bracelet 10 charms and padlock. Approx. 26 gms.
402.    Diamond jewellery: Old cut brilliant set ring on a platinum shank (tested), surrounded by a crown of small diamonds (10). Approx. 1.2 carats.
403.    Numismatics: Sovereign Edward VII 1910.
404.    Numismatics: Sovereign George V 1911.
405.    Gold jewellery: South African 1898 gold Kruger Pond. Mounted with suspension pendant loop.
406.    Gold coin: Gibraltar 1gm 50th Anniversary H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth.
407.    Gold jewellery: George III Bullneck new style sovereign 1817, with pendant loop attached. 8.4 gms.
408.    Numismatics: Gold half sovereign Edward VII 1908.
409.    Numismatics: Half Sovereign George V 1911.
410.    Gold coins: Elizabeth II proof sovereign 1980.
411.    Gold coins: Elizabeth II proof sovereign 1981.
412.    Gold coins: Elizabeth II proof sovereign 1979.
413.    Early 20th cent Purse frames: Gilt frame set with green and brown cabouchon and enamel decoration with chain handle, 1 other with similar with chain handle and frame set with purple stones and green enamels in the form of flowers kiss clasp and chain handle. (3 frames).
414.    20th cent. Evening clutch bags: One decorated with floral motif and the other with beadwork. (2).
415.    Early 20th cent Purse frames, oval frame decorated with enamels and set with coloured stones in gilt metal. The frame has chain handle plus bar frame with kiss clasp and chain handle. (2 frames).

416.    Early 20th cent. lady's souvenir paper and lace fan with mirror. Treen fruitwood frame.
417.    19th cent. Japanese ivory nose gay decorated with Sweet William flowers. Plus 2 miniature ivory mice.
418.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Cloisonne miniature jardiniere with a design of blue irises 1" plus miniature Limoges candle holder 1".
419.    19th cent. Ivory miniature figures. Lion x 2, bear x 2, a cat and a mouse, a dog + 1 other. (8).
420.    19th cent. Ivory tape measure.
421.    19th cent. Miniature musical instruments: Tortoiseshell guitar with ivory and mother of pearl inlay. A mandolin with similar inlay.
422.    20th cent. Smoking requisites: Dunhill Gold "Torpedo" cigarette holder with original box plus another chromium example unboxed.
423.    19th cent. Tortoiseshell card case with embossed relief on both sides, Newstead Abbey.
424.    Numismatics: U.S. Bullion proof silver dollar 1987, in velvet presentation box.
425.    Numismatics: Silver coins, V.A.E. Fifth anniversary of the succession of Sheikh Zayed 1971 - 1976 29 gms. Hallmarked English silver plus an invitation to witness the Parade and to the Palace to congratulate His Highness.
426.    U.S. Coinage: Indian pennies 1881, 1895, 1899, 1907. (4).
427.    Numismatics: Royal Mint proof coins mint & boxed set "The U.K. Millennium Silver Collection" £5 to 5p (9 coins). Plus Maundy set 4p, 3p, 2p, 1p. (13 coins in total). Set in a blue velvet box, certificate No 13574.
428.    Silver coins: Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother 80th Birthday proof crowns x 2, marriage of Prince Charles and Diana proof crowns x 2.
429.    Silver coins: Three proof crowns Elizabeth & Phillip 1947-1972 and one proof crown 1970 Isle of Man.
430.    Coins: Pre-decimal and decimal coin set of G.B. and Northern Ireland 1971 x 3, 1970 x 3, 1980 x 2. Plus other coins sets, most uncirculated.
431.    Silver coins: Proof crowns 1977 x 2.
432.    Numismatics: World mint un-circulated - 2000 Canada Royal Canadian Mint "Oh Canada" set (7 coins) Spain 1. 500 Ptas 1996, Sierra Leone 1961 Independence 1 Leone to half cent (6 coins) Austria 1998 20 Schilling to 10 Groschen (6 coins) Cyprus mixed years (11 coins), Monaco 1982 100 Francs to 1 Centune (11 coins) Seychelles 25 Rupees silver proof.
433.    Numismatics: G.B. Royal Mint un-circulated sets, 1999 x 2, 1998, 1997 x 2, 1987, 1986, 1985, 1983, 1982. (10 sets).
434.    Numismatics: G.B. Royal Mint proof coins mint & boxed sets, 2003 £5 to 1p (11 coins) 1998 £5 to 1p (10 coins), 1999 Diana Memorial issue £5 to 1p (9 coins).
435.    Royal Worcester "Grandmothers Dress" modelled by Doughty. Black base stamp plus another red base stamp. a/f. (2).
436.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines "Summer" H.N. 5322, "Winter" H.N. 5314 and "Autumn" H.N. 5323, boxed. (3).
437.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines "Sophie" HN4620 2003, 9ins. + "Top O' The Hill" HN1834, 7ins.
438.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurine "Pretty Ladies", 8½ins. + Royal Worcester C2007, H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, 9ins.
439.    Royal Doulton: "Amanda" HN3635 5".
440.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines "Nadine" HN4500, 8ins. + "Diana, Princess of Wales" 9ins.
441.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines "Balloon Lady" HN2935 1983, 9ins. + Disney Princesses "Snow White" 6½ins.
442.    20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire model "Afternoon Tea". Hand painted by Andy Moss, limited edition 346/650. 9¼ins.
443.    20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire model "Afternoon Tea". Hand painted by Andy Moss, limited edition 331/650. 9¼ins.
444.    20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire model Clarice Cliff "The Artisan". Hand painted by Andy Moss, limited edition 304/500. 8½ins.
445.    20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire model "La Chic". Hand painted by Andy Moss, limited edition 118/500. 11ins.
446.    20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire model "Day Dreamer". Hand painted by Andy Moss, limited edition 195/500. 7½ins.
447.    20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire model "Young Clarice Cliff". Hand painted by Andy Moss, limited edition 727/900. 9ins.
448.    Wade Nat West pigs: "Nathaniel", "Lady Hilary", "Maxwell", "Annabel" and "Woody". All with stoppers. (5).
449.    Beswick: Character jug "Mr Micawber", 9ins., a Beswick horse, a/f. + a Clarice Cliff glug jug.
450.    Doulton figures: Easter Day HN2039, Susan HN2056 and Gwynneth reg No. 842486. (3).
451.    20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion "The Botanic Garden" - 2 baluster vases 5" and 8", 2 sugar sifters plus Royal Worcester egg coddlers x 3. Hallmarked silver pepper pot.
452.    Ceramics: Nao figurines "Ballerina" and "Young Girl Yawning".
453.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro figure of a child sleeping and a Nao figure of a young girl.
454.    19th cent. Ceramics: Bow style figurines of Putti carrying flowers, both some minor damage. Faience ware: A male figure sat on a 3 legged stool with a bowl in front, possibly a salt.
455.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Lambeth Harvest ware teapot, milk jug and tankard. Spout on teapot a/f.
456.    Hummel figures: 1960s Girl with 2 geese, stamped 47 and "Singing Lesson", stamped 63.
457.    Hummel figures: 1950s figure of a boy playing a violin to his dog, stamped 88.
458.    Hummel figures: Boy and girl looking at a baby in a rocking cot, stamped 333.
459.    Hummel figures: 1964 - 1972 "Sister" stamped 98, Boy carrying a piglet and umbrella, stamped 198 and a Girl with a basket, stamped 73. (3).
460.    20th cent. Ceramics: Russian animal figures, raccoon standing and sitting + arctic stoat, Goebel two birds on a branch.
461.    20th cent. Ceramics: U.S.S.R. Lynx 8½", Otter 9" and an Inuit boy with a Husky 5½".
462.    19th cent. Ceramics: Liver & white Staffordshire comport dogs. Black chains on two, with gilt padlock, + another with a gilt padlock and chain. 2 x 10" & 1 x 9". (3 dogs).
463.    19th cent. Staffordshire figure: Prince Albert (seated) 6". A/f. William Shakespeare 7¾". A/f. Napoleon Bonaparte 8¼". A/f. (3).
464.    19th cent. Staffordshire figures: A jolly Jack Tar and his Beau + a Grape Picker 8". (2).
465.    19th cent. Staffordshire figures: A grandmother and grandson 7½", farm workers male & female 7", plus a Toper 5¼". (3).

466.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick Old English Dogs. No 1387- 6. Left and right facing, white/gold 6". A pair. Gilt and white Comport dog 12".

467.    19th cent. Staffordshire Comfort Dogs, white and gilt with glass eyes. 10". A pair.
468.    19th cent. Staffordshire flatbacks - "Shoeshine boy" and 2 variations of "Little Red Riding Hood" 9ins. (3).
469.    20th cent. Studio pottery: Rye pottery, Canterbury Tales Series, The Wife of Bath, The Nun-Prioress. (2 figures).
470.    20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Ducal black cat teapot, P.K. ginger cat teapot, & Woods black cat teapot. (3).
471.    19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: Dresden potpourri vase and cover decorated with applied flowers - Roses, Forget-me-nots, and Lilies. Plus an open work vase decorated with applied flowers. 5½".
472.    19th/20th cent. Italian Majolica Cantagalli vase with two handles in the form of rams horns. The body is decorated with putti. Approx. 7ins.
473.    18th/19th cent. Porcelain figurines: Woman dancer with castanets, 11ins. Another female dancer 9" plus a drummer boy 10". All decorated in brightly coloured enamels and bearing the red anchor mark. (All a/f).
474.    Meissen: 1751 Allegory and mythology - Young lady ringing a bell and dancing, decorated in multicoloured enamels. Cross sword marks and decorator Rehschub 6.3/4".
475.    19th cent. Continental ceramics: Rosenthal wavy edged shape serving dish. Hand decorated with summer flowers and gilt border.
476.    Crown Derby: Derby posies 6 cups and saucers plus tea strainer.
477.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby Classic white tea china consists 6 plates, 8 cups, 6 saucers, sugar bowl and cream jug. The cups and saucers are of the Surrey shape.
478.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: Continental dessert service consisting of 2 comports, 6 plates hand decorated with pink, blue and white flowers.
479.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood and Royal Worcester part tea and coffee set including the coffee pot Regency pattern .
480.    20th cent. Stylised Mabel Lucie Atwell car tea pot. Lid a/f.
481.    Bunnykins 1930s Casino style teapot with a Santa Claus design by Barbara Vernon. Lid a/f.
482.    Doulton: Bunnykins tea plate "Picking apples", tea plate "Gardening" and a "Hay making" mug. Plus a spaceship bowl.
483.    Beswick: "Peter Rabbit" 1992, 6½ins., black stamp. "Jemima Puddle-Duck" 1993, 6¼ins., gold backstamp + "Jemima Puddle-Duck", brown back stamp, 4ins.
484.    Beswick: Beatrix Potter "Goody Tiptoes" 1961, Royal Albert "Lady Mouse made a Curtsy" 1990, Royal Doulton "Primrose Woodmouse" DBH8 from the Brambly Hedge Gift Collection 1982. (3).
485.    Beswick: Beatrix Potter "Appley Dapply" 1971, "Jemina Puddle-Duck" 1948, "The Old Woman who lived in a Shoe" 1959. (3).
486.    Beswick: Beatrix Potter "Timmy Willie" from Johnny Town-Mouse 1949, "Hunca Munca" 1951, "Old Mr Brown" 1963. (3).
487.    Beswick: Beatrix Potter "Tom Thumb" 1987, "Jemima Puddle-Duck made a feather Nest" 1983, "Susan" 1983. (3).
488.    20th cent. Royal Worcester: Figure of H.M. The Queen, dressed in the robes of the Order of the British Empire. In celebration of the Queen's 80th Birthday 2006. Boxed, 9".
489.    Beswick: "The Minstrel" racehorse of the year 1977 on a plinth, matt brown, 13¼ins.
490.    20th cent. Ceramics: Michael J. Sutty handmade figures of a Major of the Blues and Royals on horseback. Limited Edition 18/250 with certificate.
491.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick Dachshund 1460 gloss, black and tan. Dachshund 1460 gloss, tan. Dachshund 3013 standing, gloss, black and tan. (3). Plus 3 other Dachshund models. (6 in total).
492.    French Faience plate commemorating the French revolution decorated with the motto Vivre Libre ou Mourir 1791 and a man carrying a banner 9".
493.    19th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby. Gilt Imari style plates (3). Circa 1877/1890.
494.    Ceramics: Retro K.M.K. (Keramik Manu Kupfermuhle) bird wall chargers. Blue ground with multicoloured designs. 13" and 11". (2).
495.    19th cent. Davenport ceramics: "Stone China" 1805 - 1820 decorated in an Imari pattern. 3 x 9½" soup bowls 1 a/f, 6 x 9½" dinner plates 2 a/f.
496.    Susie Cooper "Carnaby Daisy" coffee set of 6 cups & saucers in original box.
497.    Wilkinsons Clarice Cliff, blue lustre, tube line Nasturtium pattern jars with covers. A pair. 10½ins. (one lid chipped).
498.    Clarice Cliff plated condiment (Wilkinsons) decorated with bright flowers in relief.
498A.   Ceramics: Clarice Cliff butter dish with flower bud finial.
499.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley "Wild Flowers" tea china. 6 cups 2 a/f. 6 saucers, 5 dessert bowls, 1 egg cup a/f, 6 plates.
500.    Berlin ware: Small fruit basket decorated with floral sprays and highlighted in gilt (handle a/f). Carlton ware China land vase 3" decorated with storks and a baluster vase and cover 3½", both on treen plinths. Shelley vase 7½".
501.    Royal Doulton: Loving cup in commemoration of the Queen's Coronation 1953.
502.    20th cent. Ceramics: Vienna Alt Wien coffee set with painted panels overlaid in gilt. Consisting of coffee pot, sugar bowl with cover, cream jug, ewer, bread and butter plate, 6 cups and saucers.
503.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby "Derby Posies" coffee set, 6 cups and saucers. Boxed with paperwork.
504.    19th cent. Worcester blush 2 handled cup. Floral decoration, purple backstamp No 8634 plus blue, white and gilt cup and saucer, blue backstamp.
505.    Early 20th cent. Worcester blush ribbed trumpet shape vase, decorated with sprays of daisies. Unsigned, No 1016, Purple backstamp. 6¼".
506.    Late 19th cent. Worcester flat back jug pitcher creamer decorated with Apple blossom, gilt handle and border, purple backstamp, No 1094, 5½". Jug with floral design on blush background, green backstamp, No 1138, 3½". (2).
507.    20th cent. Royal Worcester: Lord Nelson Anniversary Collectors' plate. Royal Worcester "Primula" cup and saucer (2), "Foxglove" cup and saucer (2), boxed 1997.
508.    Royal Worcester tea 4 two "Primula" + tea 4 two "Foxglove". (total 4 cups and saucers).
509.    20th cent. Ceramics: Minton breakfast trio and tea trio. Floral swag decoration with green border.
510.    19th cent. Davenport ceramics: "Stone China" 1805 - 1820 decorated in an Imari pattern. Serving dishes - circular 10½", serpentine rectangular 9½" and diamond 10". (3).
511.    19th cent. Davenport ceramics: "Stone China" 1805 - 1820 decorated in an Imari pattern. Meat ovals 12" and 14". (2).
512.    Oil lamps: A 19th cent. Metal based with glass bowl plus 2 ceramic based lamps.
513.    20th cent. Glassware: Whitefriars oval tapering teardrop vase, blue. A pair 8". Webb Corbett swan and Amber colour crackle glass vase. A pair
514.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Bohemian glass bell shape vase supported on a stem in the form of a dolphin on a circular base. 9½". A late 19th cent. Ivory circular powder bowl.
515.    19th cent. Glass rummers, ring neck stem. (2).
516.    19th cent. Bohemian glassware: Amber overlay tinted tumbler with rustic scenes, in the manner of Friedrich Egermann. 5ins. A small chip to rim.
517.    20th cent. Glass wine pourer decorated floral pattern in enamels and signed Cieng? on the lower spout.
518.    20th cent. Royal Blue Art glass including 3 flutes, 6 tumblers plus 2 others, 3 dishes, 3 bowls decorated with seashells, starfish and seahorses, 2 goblets decorated with fruit, 2 fish shaped pin dishes and 3 flower vases. Plus turquoise glass fruit set - 1 large dish and 6 fruit dishes. £40-70
519.    19th cent. and later glassware: 1 ring neck decanter, etched decanter and a 3 ring neck decanter plus a rose bowl.
520.    Late 19th early 20th cent. glass and ceramics: Gilt and white armorial tureen and cover (chip to cover), part glass lemonade set with white enamel decoration.
521.    20th cent. Chinese scroll depicting workers taking tea by a stream. Painted and enhanced by embroidery. 44" x 17".
522.    20th cent. Modern weave Persian rug. Grey field, pole medallion and spandrels,all filled with flowers and leaves. Deep indigo border with flower heads. 4 inner and 4 outer guard strips. 9' 10" x 7' 5".
523.    Rug: Chinese washed, pink ground with dragon decoration. 60" x 34". 20th cent. Standard lamp base, green ground painted in a Chinese style.
524.    Carpet: Chinese jade ground hand cut carpet. Central floral medallion and border. 73" x 110".
525.    20th cent. Hand knotted Afghan rug. Ivory field with flowering plants in pots. Wide geometric border with 1 inner and 1 outer guard borders. 10' x 8'.
526.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. hand made fine cotton lined table cloth embossed in gold colour thread and woolwork in an organic design.
527.    Early 20th cent. Gloves: A selection of elbow length and wrist length white kid gloves plus 1 elbow length brown pair of kid gloves. Some made for Debenhams and Freebody. A paper and cane decorated sunshade.
528.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. black velvet cape, black feather, boa + ostrich feathers, black lace trim waist slip + black velvet wide brim hat with ostrich feather trim. Display head not included.
529.    Retro millinery: Italian black brushed wool lamb cloche style hat. Black brushed wool hat with small brim. (2 hats, heads not included).
530.    Fans: Chinese and far Eastern ivory and treen fans, some 19th cent, mostly 20th cent. examples. (10).
531.    Textiles: 19th and 20th cent hand and machine made lace. Off cuts, a large selection ideal for trimming. (1 box).
532.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. black silk stole jacket + assorted silk stoles, woolwork border on canvas and a square pin cushion.
533.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. black lace fan decorated with sequins with tortoiseshell sticks a/f. Black satin purse embellished with white beads, black velvet belt embroidered in an organic design + garland presented to Major General Nicholson when he was made Governor General in July 1930.
534.    Textiles: Retro mini dresses. Red jersey Princess line with black detail. Black and white lace cocktail dress, lined. Pink Princess line dress with pink Marabou feather, collar and cuffs. Green Paisley design dress, white bib yoke, pearl buttons, long white sleeves. Cream jersey shirtwaister dress by Claudie Amos, brown/white frill trim to collar and cuffs, long sleeves. (5 dresses).
535.    Textiles: Retro sheath dress in floral designs of blue, pink and green (4). Cream coat dress, silver and blue sheath dress, cream jersey coat dress and an orange dress with full skirt and a white daisy trim. Cream mini dress with round neck and short sleeves. Green mini dress with puff sleeves and pocket on the skirt with frill trim. White mini cocktail dress. Gilt threadwork stole etc. (11 dresses, 1 skirt and stole).
536.    Textiles: Silk sheath dress, full lining, short sleeves, round collar with embroidered red & blue chrysanthemums, back zip, made by William Cheng, Hong Kong.
537.    Textiles: Ladies black jacket, loose style, side splits, Neru collar. The jacket is lavishly trimmed with gold embroidery and is fastened with gold cord frogging. The jacket was made for a lady in the Oman in the 1960s.
538.    Textiles: Suede retro garments. Long green waistcoat with brass buttons. An orange leather dress in a Native American style. River Island brown suede waistcoat and a blue suede waistcoat with bead trim. Yves Saint Laurent tan suede skirt (5 garments).
539.    20th cent. Textiles: Ladies wine colour Military Hussar style jacket with self colour frogging. Maker Barry Sherrand. Retailed by Peter Robinson.
540.    Textiles: Retro 60s coats and dresses, Weldcrest wool fitted coat. White single breasted fitted coat. Green sheath dress lined with matching long coat. Cream Harbro coat in a blackberry design cloth, drop waist with bow and 3 buttons. Canada International pink crimplene single breasted fitted coat. Brown box jacket suit with mink marmot small collar. White plastic belted trench coat. Cream Vistram coat, quilted lining, faux sheepskin hood, cuffs and border. (1 suit and 7 coats).
540A.   Early 20th cent. Asian felt table cover, embroidered with gilt wire and coloured threads. 4' x 4'.
541.    Textiles: Retro green brocade evening dress. Long sleeves, V neck with small collar. Very full floor length skirt. Pale green brocade sleeveless evening dress, deep Fichu collar, double floor length skirt. (2 dresses).
542.    Textiles: Berkertex retro brown slub silk lined dress. Short sleeves with cuff, round neck, darts to fitted bodice, skirt embroidered with gold thread daisies, back zip. size 14. A super retro dress.
543.    Textiles: Retro green Georgette kaftan dress, lavishly embroidery in an organic manner with silver thread and gold sequins. The back has matching embroidered yolk with fern design and quatre foil medallions. Together with a pearl and gilt matching neck tie.
544.    Textiles: Retro black cotton kaftan dress, long sleeves heavily embroidered at the neck in gold thread in a medallion design, with a matching design at the hem. Together with a matching design kimono style coat. Gilt embroidery to the shoulders, down the front and to the hem.
545.    Thea Porter "Gypsy" dress: Lined and layered in sienna and black with keyhole neckline, gilt braid trim to sleeves, shoulders and skirt. The whole decorated with flowers (U.K. Size 10). Thea Porter was an influential couture designer who catered to the anti-status mood of the 1960s with the "Rich-Hippie" look, often intricately decorated, layered and hand painted. She outfitted an artistic clientele including Barbara Streisand, Elizabeth Taylor and the Beatles with her interpretation of Eastern clothing which had an illusory element removed from the real life. Her designs were inspired by eastern and Middle-Eastern textiles before they became widely popular in the late sixties. Designs which in turn have heavily influenced today's Bohemian Funk movement.
546.    20th cent. Textiles: Net blouse with elaborate ribbon embroidery, short sleeves, ribbon frogging fastening plus 1930's Art Deco style impressed brown velvet coat with small mink marmot collar.
547.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. Long black plush velvet coat, flat revers, two button fastening, full skirt, satin lining. A very luxurious period coat.
548.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. black velvet plush stole, muff and cloche style hat.
549.    Textiles: Late 19th cent. early 20th cent. white lawn tea gown, 3 tier skirt, panel bodice + lace jacket which has a waist fastening. The gown also has a cotton waist slip with frills plus a cream lace stole.
550.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. black satin embossed skirt + black taffeta underskirt and a white cotton blouse, pie crust neck line with white lace trim.
551.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. black velvet evening jacket, roll collar, single button fastening.
552.    Textiles: 1920/30s Eloia black fitted long coat, 3 button fastening with the shoulders have a epaulette design. The coat has slanted pockets on the hip line and the garment was made in Bedquin fabric.
553.    Textiles: Woven stole in a red, cream and black geometric design. The stole has a long fringe.
554.    Textiles: Early 20th cent. paisley shawl, black with the traditional paisley design border, deep black fringe.
555.    Textiles: Silk Manila shawl. Cream with self colour floral embroidery. Deep silk fringe. 57" x 57". Fringe 16".
556.    Textiles: Silk Manila shawl. Lavishly embroidered, red roses, cream ground, deep silk fringe. 50" x 50". Fringe 16".
557.    19th cent. Silk Manilla shawl.
558.    20th cent. Oak bookcase bureau. The bookcase having lead glazed doors.
559.    19th cent. Mahogany sideboard with heavily carved cupboards and mirror above.
560.    19th cent. Plated gallery tray with 2 handle grips. 24" x 17".
561.    20th cent. Oak Tambour fronted twin pedestal desk.
562.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Faux mahogany 2 over 3 chest of drawers.
563.    19th cent. Mahogany cased carving set. Consists of a bread knife, 2 forks, 2 carving knives, a sharpening steel, fish servers, meat serving fork. All silver plated with Antler horn handles.
564.    20th cent. Floral woolwork bell pull with brass fittings. Plus a quantity of flatware including a cased set of 12 Afghan FW silver teaspoons and a pair of sugar nips. 6 fish knives and forks, 6 dessert knives and 6 dinner knives, all boxed.
565.    19th cent. Mahogany bureau. 2 over 3 drawers, the drop flap opening to reveal a fully fitted interior.
566.    20th cent. Asian hardwood framed mirror. 56" x 45".
567.    20th cent. Oak barley twist style dining chairs (3) plus 1 other. Mahogany draw leaf table on cabriole supports.
568.    19th and 20th cent. Ceramics: Part tea sets - Samuel Radford pattern No 988. Floral design highlighted in gilt. Comprising of bread and butter plate, 11 tea plates, 12 saucers, 6 cups and a slop bowl. Royal Grafton "Majestic",comprising of bread and butter plate, tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug, 8 tea plates, 7 saucers and 8 cups. Arthur Wood tea pot. Colcough Dog Roses and Honeysuckle pattern, 15 saucers, 10 cups. Colcough Rose pattern, 18 side plates, 13 saucers, 9 cups, 2 sugar bowls, milk jug and 2 bread and butter plates.
569.    19th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table.
570.    Art Deco Spelter figure of a boy kneeling. After Otto Poertzel. Approx. 20ins.
571.    20th cent. Ceramics: Tuscan ware tea china - teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, 6 cups & saucers and 6 plates.
572.    19th cent. Mahogany hall table on turned supports and side drawer.
573.    19th cent. Oak ladder back rush seated chairs, turned stretchers, pad feet. 4 + 2 carvers.
574.    19th cent. Mahogany prie dieu chair with turned front supports.
575.    Ceramics: Royal Worcester Evesham dinner and tea ware. Two meat oval 15" and 12¾", plates 8 x 10", 8 x 6½", cups and saucers x 8, oval vegetable tureens x 2, round vegetable tureen, sauce tureen, flan dishes 2 x 8", oval fish serving dish, sandwich plate, trefoil hors-d'oeuvre dish, pudding bowls x 8, sugar bowls x 2, cream jug, sauce boat & saucer, salt & pepper pots, open vegetable server, set of 6 place mats and coasters, table cloth, etc.
576.    20th cent. Cherrywood drop leaf table by Cheverell Wood Furniture.

577.    Flatware: Boxed plated ware (5) and some loose rolls of cutlery.
578.    19th cent. Walnut card table. The supports & stretcher carved in an Art
Nouveau organic style.
579.    Early 20th cent Textiles: White cotton with organic embossed design. Single bed size.
580.    Early 20th cent. Gentlemen's leather fitted case, minus contents.£30-50
581.    Early 20th cent. Luggage: Pigskin suitcases matching pair by Greaves and Kay plus 1 other by Fortnum and Mason .
582.    20th cent. Walnut quarter veneered 3 tier table with four curved supports. Manufactured by Kostic Bros, London.
583.    20th cent. Satin walnut Art Deco dome display cabinet with sunburst decorative moulding to the twin doors.
584.    20th cent. Oak gentleman's armchair, turned stretcher & pad feet.
585.    19th cent. Oak heavily carved hall chair.
586.    19th cent. Elm spindle back carver chair on turned supports.
587.    20th cent. Mahogany leather seated swivel chair, pierced flat back.
588.    19th cent. Prints: Albumen prints by Alinari Brothers showing views of Firenze (Florence, Italy) classical figures, buildings and works of art.
589.    Edwardian mahogany circular table inlaid banding, pierced cross stretcher on square supports.
590.    20th cent. Ceramics and glassware: Animal figures, end of day glass, thimble holder, white metal desk calendar and a pie funnel by Newport Pottery.
591.    20th cent. Mahogany circular occasional table with shelf below. Boxwood & fruitwood stringing, 6 sabre shaped legs.
592.    20th cent. Oak ladder back chairs with rush seats x 4 and 2 rush seated stools.
593.    21st cent. Silver plated Corinthian column table lamps. 2ft. A pair.
594.    21st cent. Silver plated 2 bottle wine cooler.
595.    Railway interest - signs: Brass Fire Instructions for Diesel Engines Ex Class 31423. 6" x 2¼". Brass Engine plaque for the "Northey Vacuum Break Exhauster" Ex class 47117. 7½" x 1½". Plus Pressed aluminium Release From Croes Newydd. 7½" x 1¾".

596.    Railway interest - signs: Pressed aluminium English Electric Ex 37217. 4" x ½". Fire Instructions for trains, pressed aluminium. 8" x 8". Plus Pressed aluminium Bush Sulzer Ex 47196. 6" x 2".

597.    G.W.R. 20th cent. Polished pine Partners' desk. Pedestals with drawers and cupboard, skiver to top. Both pedestals stamped with G.W.R., one with a Traffic Stores, Swindon label.
598.    20th cent. Royal Grafton dinner & tea service "Fragrance" comprising 10 x 10¾", 8 x 8¼", 13 x 6" plates, 11 x 2 handled soup bowls, 13 cups, 22 saucers, milk jug, gravy boat and stand, 6 dessert bowls and 2 vegetable tureens with covers.

599.    19th cent. Oak rectangular table on turned supports, 5' x 3'.
600.    19th cent. Bar back dining chairs on turned front supports. (3).
601.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany occasional table with serpentine top shelf beneath on 4 supports.
602.    Textiles: Table linen, fine cotton tablecloth, self colour embroidery with open work sprays of flowers plus 12 matching napkins. This cloth would be suitable for a large dining table or as a single bed cover. Plus a hand embroidered cream tablecloth and 6 napkins, unused in original packaging. White cotton tea tablecloth with panel embroidery. Handmade pink silk underslip with self colour embroidery and matching French knickers, unworn, boxed. Plus Silk Hosiery, maker Real Silk Hosiery Mills, Elstree. In original packet, unworn.

603.    20th cent. Oak cased canteen of cutlery.
604.    c1930s Oak Art Deco circular table. Single octagonal column rising off 4 bevel feet. 31"d.
605.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf occasional gateleg table. Bobbin turned supports and stretchers.
606.    19th cent. and later linen: Pillow cases, lace edge tablecloth etc. (1 tray).
607.    20th cent. Walnut Art Deco vitrine with end of day glass top.
608.    19th cent. Oak church pew. 9' 2".
609.    19th cent. Oak church pew. 6' 5".
610.    Early 20th cent. Luggage. Hide suitcase with straps and 5 lever lock.
611.    Retro 1948 conical shaped "Romac" water type (Soda Acid) Fire Extinguisher with brass fittings. Plus a ship's wheel.
612.    19th cent. Mahogany side cupboard. Single drawer over a one door cupboard on bracket supports.
613.    Copeland retailed by T. Goode & Co London tea china. Reg No. F798. 2 bread and butter plates, 5 x 5" plates, 9 cups and 10 saucers, plus 1 tea bowl. Some a/f.
614.    19th cent. Ornithological lithographs: "Phasianus Decollantus", 16¼ins. x 21½ins. "Thaumalea Amherstae", 21½ins. x 16¼ins. F.M. Bennett: 1929 "Coaching Inn". All framed and glazed. (3).
615.    20th cent. Beech extending dining table and 4 chairs. (Conforms to Fire regulations).
616.    20th cent. Ceramics: Woods ware, 10 x 10" plates, 6 x 9" plates, 10 x 7" plates, gravy boat on stand, 7 soup bowls on stands, 8 dessert bowls.
617.    20th cent. Watercolour of a formal garden with trees and flowers. Unsigned, framed and glazed. 9" x 9½". Plus a watercolour of a rustic study. Framed and glazed. 9" x 6½". 20th cent. Print: "A Fisher Lass", framed and glazed. 24" x 19".
618.    19th cent. Engravings "The Strand" hand coloured with figures including Welsh milkmaid in national dress. Framed and glazed. 12" x 16". Plus a small engraving of Westminster Hospital.
619.    H.R.H. Prince of Wales: Print, watercolour "View in South of France". No 96 is one of an exclusive edition specially commissioned in aid of The Phoenix Trust. Framed and glazed 15" x 9".
620.    20th cent. Giclee abstract study of 2 faces Romeo & Juliet. Glazed in a black frame. 18" x 18".
621.    20th cent. Pastel study of 4 ducks feeding. Monogram TL 1919. Framed and glazed. 14" x 8".
622.    Edith A. Stock 1880 - 1929 watercolour, lakeside study. Mounted framed and glazed. 12" x 8".
623.    John Ward R.A. pencil study "Susan" signed lower left & dated 1970. Gallery label on reverse J.S. Maas 15a Clifford St. London, inscribed "John Ward R.A. March 1971 No 30 "Susan". Framed & glazed. 15" x 10".
624.    Trisha Harwick print "Marguerites" signed by the artist 50/850, framed and glazed, 13.½ x 10".
625.    Penny Awful's Theatre Bills: Two prints "Sir Rowland Trenchard" and "Mr Collins as Paul Clifford". Framed and glazed. 7" x 9".
626.    Late 19th early 20th cent. woolwork tapestry Gun Dog chasing a bird with a tree in the background. Framed and glazed. 15" x 11".
627.    Embroidery: 19th cent. Fine stitch sampler "A View of Wrexham Church" plus another woolwork of a Young Woman and Spaniel.
628.    20th cent. Asian School O.O.C. Still life, bread, soup and wine bottle. Gilt frame 15" x 11".
629.    20th cent. Asian School O.O.C. Still life table top study. Gilt frame 15" x 11".
630.    B.J. Phillips: Oil on canvas, Clippers off the Cornish coast. Framed 39½" x 24".
631.    Paintings: 19th cent. Oil on Board "A Stream in a Rural Setting". Gilt frame, glazed. 8ins. x 6ins.
632.    Andy Le Poidevin limited edition print 10/475 "Roebuck West Woods" signed lower right, framed and glazed, 7" x 4¾".

633.    Prints: "The Boyhood of Raleigh", "The Laughing Cavalier" and "The Toast". (3).
634.    William Burgess: 1805 - 1861 sepia studies of river/estuary scenes, watercolours. Framed and glazed 5" x 3". G. Loakley 1908 watercolour Bath Colonnades. Framed and glazed 5" x 6".
635.    20th cent. English school oil on canvas "Rural Study with trees". Framed in a 1960 style heavy frame. Approx. 17" x 13".
636.    Edward Train: English 19th cent. Pen and ink study in the style of an engraver "Baptism" with hand illustrated dedication to Lady Hawks on reverse. Framed and glazed. 15" x 20".
637.    F. Castelli: 20th cent. Italian school, oil on canvas. Portrait of a young girl. Gilt frame 15" x 19".
638.    Neil Taylor: 1940 watercolour Highland scene 12" x 9". R Faulkner: Watercolour Coastal scene 14½" x 10". Both framed and glazed.
640.    J. Francis: 20th cent. Oil on canvas "Apple Blossom", gilt frame 9½" x 7". Cox: 20th cent. English School oil on board "Rural Idyll", framed, 11" x 9". (2).
641.    Silk weave: Stevengraph style silk weave of "The Tandem", "The Four-in-Hand", by J & J. Cash. Limited edition 2605A and B of 3000. Framed and glazed 6¾" x 3½".
642.    Watercolours: Scottish Loch, St Leonards on Sea 1868, Windsor Castle 1867, Lake Killarney 1862. P.I.Weir: Tollis Hill Farm and Drove Road, Lammermuir Hills 1935 from sketch of 2/5/34.
643.    Mardi Barrie: R.S.W. (Scottish 1931 - 2004). Acrylic on board. "Studio Table, Evening Shadows". Label to reverse. Framed 25" x 20".
644.    19th cent. Etching from a painting by Thomas Davidson "Nelson's Last Signal at Trafalgar", showing the scene onboard "Victory" after the signal was hoisted. Framed and glazed, 24" x 16".
645.    Clocks: Mahogany cased wall clock. Anchor escapement, fusee movement. Circa 1929 William Potts & Sons, Leeds 1809/1935. 14" dial.
646.    Clock: Gilbert Moses, Lincoln c 1812 - 15, 8 day oak long case clock. Painted dial floral spandrels, classical top crescent and Arabic numerals. Second hand at 12 o'clock, date crescent at 6 o'clock. (Key in office).
647.    Clock: Late 18th cent. French 8 day Tollware Verge repeating wall clock, Brass fronted, enamel face, Roman numerals. Signed Mercier. (Key in office).
648.    18th cent. Oak long case clock. 8 day, brass dial, silvered chapter ring and brass spandrels. Second hand at 12 o'clock, date at 6 o'clock. George Hewitt of Marlborough. (Key in office).
649.    20th cent. Westminster chime wall clock with key.
650.    19th cent. Barometer: Rosewood with fruitwood inlay, silvered dial and thermometer, signed Giobbio Devizes and Trowbridge.
651.    19th cent. Mahogany North Country Longcase clock. Painted dial & spandrels, moon face movement. Second hand and date, swan neck pediment. Indistinct of Wigan. The clock stands 92" high & 27" at its widest point.
652.    19th cent. Mahogany framed barometer, a/f.
653.    Clock: 19th cent. Mahogany long case clock. Painted spandrel and crescent with country scenes, strikes the hour. Made by Thomas Snow, Bradford.
654.    19th cent. Mahogany step commode.
655.    19th cent. Mahogany circular tilt top table on octagonal column and triform base.
656.    19th cent. Mahogany and burr walnut occasional table with an upward tapering spiral column. The whole on 3 carved supports, rising off pad feet.
657.    Early 20th cent. Oak "Monoplane" cake stand with 5 circular plate holders.
658.    19th cent. Oak rostrum from the York Road Church Exeter and given to a church in Melksham. Built in an Arts & Crafts style with Gothic over tones, decorated with gilt vines & grapes. 9' 6" x 4' 6" x 1' 9".
659.    20th cent. Mahogany compactum. Central half door above 4 drawers, flanked by 2 mirrored hanging cupboards. The whole on reeded bun supports.
660.    19th cent. Mahogany corner washstand. 3 tiered, single drawer on second tier and flanked by 2 false drawer fronts.
661.    Arts and Crafts Oak hall glazed 2 door cupboard with coloured leaded panels. 1 panel a/f.
662.    Edwardian mahogany bedroom suite. Comprising of a single wardrobe with mirror door, cupboard and drawers. Dressing table 2 over 2 drawers plus 2 small drawers with mirror inbetween and a matching pot cupboard and mirror.
663.    Early 20th cent. Oak lead glazed bookcase with two panelled doors below. The whole on ball feet.
664.    Peter Hicks: Cold cast bronze sculptures of bearded figures in robes 19" and 11½". (2).
665.    Algernon Talmage R.A. A.R.A. signed etchings. "The Old Favourite". Signed lower right on mount. Framed and glazed 9¾" x 5¾". A rural scene of cattle in a field. Initialled lower right A.T. Framed and glazed 6½" x 6½".
666.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 over 3 chest of drawers, cock beaded drawer fronts. Raised on bracket supports.
667.    Peter Hicks: Cold cast bronze sculpture Sir Anthony Eden dressed as a Knight of the Garter.
668.    Peter Hicks: Cold cast bronze sculpture St Peter carrying a staff. 16".
669.    Peter Hicks: Polished Pewter sculpture of a British Soldier on duty in Northern Ireland 11.1/2".
670.    19th cent. Mahogany twin compartment tea caddy with hallmarked silver sugar nips, Sheffield 1970. (behind Mike's counter).
671.    19th cent. Japanese watercolours of a pair of exotic birds and flowers. Framed and glazed 7½" x 13½". (2).
672.    21st cent. Silver plated table lamps on triform bases. 21ins. A pair.
673.    Peter Hicks: Bronze sculpture. St Peter carrying a staff 14".
674.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 over 3 chest of drawers on bracket supports.
675.    19th cent. Oak Gothic church pew. 10' 2".
676.    Print: Coloured print of "Arthur Heal, Huntsman of the Devon and Somerset Stag Hounds" signed "Yours Obediently Arthur Heal". Published by W.H. Coaten, 83 Charlotte Street, Fitzroy square. London. Artists 1st proof. Heal born in 1823 in Washford Pyne, Devon has a connection with Richard Jefferies. In 1882 Jefferies visited Exmoor which resulted in his book "Red Deer". Jefferies acknowledged that he obtained much first hand information from Arthur Heal. Heal was also the Great-grandfather of Arthur C. Clarke - ref Arthur C. Clarke and Exmoor at Mounted 13" x 17.1/2".
677.    19th cent. Mahogany button backed nursing chair. Turned and reeded front supports, rising off brass castors.
678.    17th cent. Elm three panel & plank, peg jointed coffer with carved front.
679.    19th cent. Mahogany framed nursing chair button backed carver with cabriole supports, carved cresting rails.

680.    19th cent. Beech framed upholstered chair. Carved cresting rail, serpentine front scroll supports, green ground upholstery with a striking floral pattern.
681.    Prints: "The Mond Collection Portfolio". The Collection consists of prints of The Venetian School, Mantegna and The Veronese School, Leonardo Da Vinci and The Lombard School. Tuscan Schools, Umbrian School, Bolognese and Ferrarese Schools and The Spanish School. (41 in total).
682.    Vanity Fair Album, ninth series. 24 Spy prints, a/f.
683.    20th cent. Mahogany serpentine fronted sideboard with 2 central drawers, flanked by 2 cupboards. The whole on square tapering supports.
684.    Vanity Fair Spy, book prints: "Val", "The Christian Martyr", "Spanish Ironclads", "the Adjutant General", "sensational art". (5). All mounted, 8" x 13¾".
685.    Vanity Fair Spy, book prints: "The Leviathan", "A Sculptor", "The Squire", "Poetry", "A Soldier". (5). All mounted, 8" x 13¾".
686.    Vanity Fair Spy, book prints: "the Turf frauds", "Alleno", "Black Rod", "Albert's Seymour", "The Beau ideal". (5). All mounted, 8¼" x 13¾".
687.    19th cent. William IV Pembroke table on central support.
688.    Late 19th cent. Mahogany draw leaf dining table with two leaves, on reeded supports.
689.    19th cent. Rosewood carved bar back dining chairs with organic front supports.
690.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Staffordshire Pottery A.J. Wilkinson's Ltd (Clarice Cliff) "Shalimar" tea & dinner service. 12 x 10", 12 x 9", 11 x 8", 13 x 6½", plates, 12 x 9" soup bowls, 9 cups, 10 saucers, 2 bread & butter plates, 2 vegetable tureens & covers, milk jug, creamer, 2 gravy jugs, meat ovals 16", 14", 12" and 11".
691.    19th cent. Mahogany low circular tilt top table on turned pillar and tripod. 22½"d.
692.    19th cent. Rush seated bobbin turned corner chair.
693.    Early 20th cent. Beech X framed slatted folding chair in the manner of an ancient cunule chair. Heavily carved back rail, shell motif and organic form with Phoenix.
694.    19th cent. Walnut occasional table. Single carved column on 4 splayed supports rising off ceramic castors.
695.    19th cent. Mahogany piano stool with upholstered seat on single turned pedestal.
696.    Early 20th cent. Oak framed 3 piece suite. Tapestry upholstered, turned cup and cover columns on bun feet.
697.    19th cent. Brass wall mirror with organic open work decoration, surmounted by the mask of Bacchus. 6" x 9".
698.    19th cent. Walnut & ebonised hardwood pier cabinet, brass edging & ormulus on bun feet.
699.    19th cent. Walnut Davenport. Fully fitted interior and side drawers.
700.    21st cent. Nickel plated reading lamps with black shades. 2ft. A pair.
701.    Continental: Brass Alms dish, shallow swirled boss and a broad beaten border. The boss bears a punched inscription 1572 and text AGATA DONO. BUSNI. D. LUIGI. A.S.
702.    19th cent. Mahogany loo tilt top table. Single column rising off 4 splayed supports.
703.    19th cent. Pine & oak peg jointed settle with open arms. 6' 6".

704.    19th cent. Mahogany octagonal card table, galleried rectangular box beneath, united with bowed stretchers, on square tapering supports.
705.    19th cent. Rosewood tilt top breakfast table. Single gun barrel column on 4 splayed supports.
706.    21st cent. Art Deco style half moon shape desk lamp. 2ft.
707.    Plateware: Collingwood & Son Ltd, dessert set with mother of pearl handles in a mahogany case with key.
708.    19th Cent. Carved ebonised hall chair, the cresting rail of Fleur De Lys over a dragon in a shield flanked by 2 dolphins on barley twist front supports.
709.    19th cent. Oak scroll back hall chair on front turned supports.
710.    19th cent. Regency style mahogany upholstered sofa. Scroll arms, fluted supports rising off brass castors. 6' 6" wide.