Titanic & Liner Memorabilia Auction
on Saturday 17th April 2021

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1.      WHITE STAR LINE: Original work by Neil Egginton of White Star's first Laurentic. She is slowly sinking by the stern and four lifeboats are at sea. 15ins. x 11ins.
2.      MARITIME: H.M.S. Southampton British nautical pennant, framed and glazed, formerly the property of Brian Ticehurst. 32ins. x 20ins. £40-60
3.      OCEAN LINER: Limited edition print, signed by Rodney Charman, Queen Mary II plus Canberra inbound to Southampton. Both framed. 17ins. x 25ins. and 16ins. x 29ins. respectively (2).
4.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Collection of modern jigsaws, novelties, and commemorative items, formerly the property of Brian Ticehurst. £40-60
5.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Modern collectables to include jigsaws and ceramics. £40-70
6.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Modern reprints and collectables related to the Titanic disaster, a large box. £40-70
7.      R.M.S. TITANIC: 'Grace and Glory', by Tom W. Freeman, signed by the artist. 26ins. x 34ins. With certificate of authenticity.
8.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Ken Marschall limited edition print of Titanic signed by the artist, and survivor Millvina Dean. 19ins. x 25ins. £60-100
8A.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Ken Marschall limited edition print of Titanic signed by survivor Winifred Van Tongerloo. 18½ins. x 24½ins. £60-100
9.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Limited edition Stephen Card print 'The Hour to Eternity', plus 'Titanic' by Robert Taylor 2/500.
10.     R.M.S. TITANIC: James Cameron's Titanic cinema poster, 27ins. x 40ins. Plus one other Titanic movie tour poster. (2) £40-70
11.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Boxed pair of modern Mercator cast models, on treen stands. 11½ins. £30-50
12.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Reprinted black and white photographs from the Father Browne album, plus one other signed by Titanic survivor Millvina Dean, framed and glazed. Overall size 16ins. x 11ins. (5)
13.     R.M.S. TITANIC: First day covers and other ephemera, some signed by survivors Edith Haisman and Bertram Dean, plus the author of A Night to Remember Walter Lord. Also included is a signed letter from survivor Eva Hart relating to Douglas Woolley's ill-fated salvage attempt of Titanic. (Approx. 14 pieces)
14.     CUNARD: R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth II turbine blade. In 1986 the Queen Elizabeth II underwent a £90 million refit that marked the end of her life as a steamship as her turbine engines were replaced by a diesel electric system. This turbine blade was one of a number saved from the ship and sold in 2008 as a limited edition of 27. It is from the low pressure, largest diameter units, with a radius of 20ins, and made from nickel chrome stainless steel with a special leading edge insert of stellite (to resist the high temperature steam). They have been re-polished to bright and mounted on a black painted oak base with red leather panel to match the Cunard colours. This is number 26 of 27, with a numbered certificate. Blade measures 20½ins. x 4ins. £300-500
15.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Royal film performance programme for James Cameron's movie. £40-60
15A.    CUNARD: R.M.S. Queen Mary boiler/engine room books for voyages 286, 294, 431, 286 and 291. (5) £90-120
16.     MOVIES: Collection of five sets of 'SOS Titanic' film stills. 14ins. x 11ins. £50-80
17.     OCEAN LINER: Unusual hard bound Officers instruction book labelled 'Caronia' with label inscribed 'Cunard Captain's Copy'. 13ins. x 10½ins. £90-120
18.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Lobby cards & photos to include SOS Titanic, Night to Remember, The Sinking of the Titanic board game, etc.

19.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Modern collectables to include collectors cards, movie watch, jigsaw, etc. £30-50
20.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Limited edition, boxed Merrythought Titanic Bear. 6½ins. £40-70
21.     BOOKS: R.M.S. Titanic and related hard back books and magazines (8 x first editions) Titanic and Her Sisters Olympic and Titanic by Tom McCluskie, Michael Sharpe and Leo Marriot; Titanic by Leo Marriot; The Discovery of the Bismarck by Dr Robert D Ballard (first edition); Exploring the Titanic by Robert D Ballard (first edition); Ken Marschall's Art of Titanic by Ken Marschall (first edition); Report on the Loss of the SS Titanic (Alan Sutton Publishing 1990, first edition); Titanic Centenary Edition by Beau Riffenburgh; White Star Line in Picture Postcards by Robert McDougall and Robin Gardiner (first edition); Titanic Legacy of the World's Greatest Liner by Susan Wells (first edition); Titanic from Rare Historical Reports by Peter Boyd Smith (signed first edition); Last Dinner on the Titanic by Rick Archbolf and Dana McCauley (first edition); Raise the Titanic by Clive Cussler; Life Magazine 'Titanic The Tragedy That Shook The World' Centenary edition; and Titanic artefact exhibition catalogues x 3, including first exhibition at Greenwich in 1995. Plus a small bag of coal from the Titanic wreck site recovered in 1994. With a Certificate of Authenticity from R.M.S. Titanic Inc. Object number 94/0036. (Approx. 17)
22.     LIMITED EDITION PRINTS: Portfolio of Cunard Liners prints signed by the artists E. D. Walker and John Young, alongside numerous Cunard Captains and Commodores. (6) 17ins. x 13ins. £40-50
23.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Set of seven National Geographic magazines - issues regarding the discovery of the Titanic and expeditions to the Titanic and Lusitania wrecks. Titanic issues from December 1985, December 1986, October 1987, August 1998, December 2004, and April 2012. Lusitania issue from April 1994. £20-40
24.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Large collection of, approx. 60, British Titanic Society magazines, from 1994-2011. Plus approx. 20 auction catalogues. £40-70
25.     BOOKS: Hard bound reference volumes relating to Ocean Liners, including numerous by Mark Warren. (8)
26.     BOOKS: R.M.S. Titanic related volumes to include The Life and Times of Andrew Sloper, A Night to Remember, Voyage of The Iceberg, and The Memory of Eva Ryker. (Approx. 18) £40-60
27.     BOOKS: R.M.S. Titanic related modern volumes to include The Maiden Voyage and Lights. (Approx. 22)
28.     BOOKS: R.M.S. Titanic related modern volumes to include The Birth of The Titanic and A Titanic Myth. (Approx. 24)
29.     BOOKS: R.M.S. Titanic related titles including, The Wonders Exhibition, Titanic in Postcards, and Raise the Titanic. (Approx. 16)
30.     CUNARD: Original Queen Elizabeth II Queen's Grill restaurant chair with leatherette studded upholstery, with Ocean Clean Ltd label to base. Ex-Cobwebs. Limited edition.
31.     OCEAN LINER: Printed ephemera to include The Graphic dated April 20, 1912, Life International dated August 6th, 1956. Covering the loss of the Andrea Doria, 'Life's on-the-spot exclusive pictures, and an Exhibitor Campaign Manual, a very good interpretation of the film A Night to Remember. Many illustrations and articles (3)
32.     OCEAN LINER: Illustrated London News dated April 27, 1912. 'The true meaning of the "Titanic" disaster, and the question of the boats'. The Illustrated London News. 'Silver Jubilee Record Number'. 1910-1935. Many articles and illustrations. Rank Organisation Exhibitor Campaign Manual. Eight pages from A Night to Remember full of artists impressions of the sinking plus many articles concerning the film. The Daily Graphic dated April 20, 1912. In Memoriam-Number. Many pages connected to the sinking as well as articles covering the loss of R.M.S. Titanic. The Daily Graphic dated April 20, 1912. Cost one penny. Interestingly the newspaper carries this advertisement. 'This issue of "The Daily Graphic" carries a free insurance of £1000 undertaken by the Ocean Accident and Guarantee Corporation Ltd'. (5)
33.     OCEAN LINER: Guglielmo Marconi collectables including photograph and postcard of his Yacht Elettra and a Marconi commemorative medallion by S. Johnson. 2½ins. (5) £40-60
34.     OCEAN LINER: Album of assorted White Star Line and Cunard Line paper ephemera items - M.V. Britannic (III), R.M.S. Queen Mary, R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth II. "On Watch" For Nearly a Century - The British Tradition Distinguishes Cunard White Star, 13½ins. x 14¼ins, two page advert featuring Titanic's fourth officer Joseph Boxhall on the bridge of the Aquitania; "New" M.V. Britannic early flyer; M.V. Britannic colour illustrated deck plan; M.V. Britannic Cunard White Star Line colour brochure; Queen Mary Last Great Cruise to Long Beach log; Cunard General Information for Passengers and Shopping List booklets; Cunard Timetable and Fares 1966/67; Queen Elizabeth late colour illustrated First Class deck plans; Queen Elizabeth 1968 List of Passengers and Information for Passengers booklet; Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth II on board stationery; Queen Elizabeth II accommodation plan and pocket companion; Cunard White Star Line A4-sized page boy advert. £50-80
35.     OCEAN LINER: White ground Cunard 'Skald Club' flags. (2) 34ins. x 60ins. £40-60
36.     OCEAN LINER: A collection of approximately fifty original black and white postcards - White Star Line, Cunard Line and associated postcards Adriatic, Arabic, Britannic (III) (x 9 cards), Celtic, Georgic (x 2 cards including 1 x interior photo) Laconia (x 3 cards including 1 x large book post), Lancastria (x 2 cards including 1 x large book post), Majestic, Medic, Megantic, Mersey, Oceanic, Olympic (x 7 cards including 1 x interior card), Queen Mary (x 5 cards), Queen Elizabeth (x 2 cards), assorted Southampton and Titanic memorial cards (x 10 cards in total) 3 cards postally used, others postally unused. All in good condition commensurate for age. £100-150
37.     OCEAN LINER: S.S. Pittsburgh fabric napkin 'Souvenir of My Voyage' 10½ins. x 10½ins. Plus a pair of S.S. Cevic Certificates of Discharge. £50-80
38.     OCEAN LINER: Kronprinzessin Cecilie folding colour promotional cutaway plan. 10½ins. x 8ins. (Folded)
39.     OCEAN LINER: Cunard/Isle of Man Post Office Queen Elizabeth II Farewell Season Celebration. Limited edition 156 of 189 Queen Elizabeth II Farewell Season Celebration large 14½ins. x 14ins. album in slip case cover. These retailed for £350 in 2008 and were a strictly limited edition. Each beautifully presented and individually numbered case will contain a Certificate of Authenticity and the following unique collection of official Queen Elizabeth II items from its farewell season: Leather-bound commemorative edition of Queen Elizabeth II -The Greatest Ocean Liner Afloat. 206 pages signed by the authors and containing a special printing of Queen Elizabeth II stamps bound into the book and individually numbered; Three Cunard Queens In New York stamped envelope; Queen Elizabeth II in Sydney, Australia stamped envelope; Special cover to mark farewell visit to Queen Elizabeth II by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth signed by Commodore R. W. Warwick, Captain of the Queen Elizabeth II; Stamped limited edition programme from a Service of Thanksgiving for Queen Elizabeth II at Liverpool Cathedral from the final Round Britain Voyage including dinner menu from the voyage; Robert Lloyd print of Queen Elizabeth II - specially commissioned, signed and individually numbered - "the Queen Elizabeth II leaving New York; Set of 6 Queen Elizabeth II postcards from art works produced by Robert Lloyd with individually numbered certificate; Summary of Queen Elizabeth II's final voyage to Dubai - extracts from log of the voyage; Specially struck silver clad medallion supplied in a protective capsule and presented against a backdrop of ports visited during 25 circumnavigations of the globe; Daily Programme from the last day at sea on the final voyage to Dubai; Unique album specially produced to house the Collections Limited Edition items; Last transatlantic voyage from New York postcard carried on board and signed by Hotel Manager Mr John Duffy; Last voyage from Southampton to Dubai envelope and carried on board with the addition of a Gibraltar stamp and postmark - signed by Captain McNaught; Last visit to Canada cover in association with the Cunard Steamship Society signed by their president John Langley; A special envelope signed by Sir Rex Hunt featuring the new Falkland Island stamps to honour Queen Elizabeth II; 'Time to say Goodbye - Leaving Southampton' envelope 11th November 2008; 'Visit to Douglas Bay' envelope from final Round Britain Voyage. £80-120
40.     OCEAN LINER: Queen Elizabeth in New York City, agent's poster. 25ins. x 39½ins. £40-50
41.     CUNARD: Queen Elizabeth II turbine blade section mounted on base by Michael F. Cox. With Certificate of Authenticity. 4¼ins. £120-180
42.     OCEAN LINER: Dinky Toys No. 52A. Cunard White Star liner Queen Mary (boxed). Unique 'Take to Pieces' model. 'R.M.S. Queen Mary', Chad Valley. All twelve decks removable, revealing every item of the ship's wonderful interior. Sweet tin, R.M.S. Queen Mary at sea on front. Sylvania, Queen Elizabeth, Mauretania (2) on sides, and a Benson's Confections tin (empty). (3)
43.     CUNARD: Mixed collection of Queen Mary related printed ephemera. £50-80
44.     CUNARD: R.M.S. Queen Mary souvenir brass items made from her propellers, coasters x 4, 3½ins. diameter; paperweights x 2, 2ins. diameter; tie bar, lapel pin, and two sets of cufflinks. (12) £50-80
45.     BOOKS: Mixed reference volumes relating to the Lusitania and Empress of Ireland. £30-50
46.     BOOKS: The Lusitania's Last Voyage 1915 first edition, The Tragedy of The Lusitania, and The Tragic Story of The Empress of Ireland, etc. (4) £40-70
47.     R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Original memorial sheet music. (3) £60-100
48.     R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Original memorial sheet music. (3) £60-100
49.     CUNARD: Hardbound 1907 reprint from Engineering Magazine of the quadruple screw Lusitania. £120-180
50.     CANADIAN PACIFIC: Canadian Pacific Railway Minton ceramic dinner plate, believed recovered from the Empress of Ireland. The present owner fully restored the plate, removing the corrosion built up when in the water. 9½ins. £300-500
51.     R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Rare postcard dated May 5th 1915 to a Miss Powell. The card mentions George Marks and shows he and another man. It reads that his wife 'Is on the water now on the Lusitania, we feel a bit anxious as it was reported in the papers the Germans are going to sink her.' Elizabeth Marks was travelling as a Third-Class passenger with her daughter Georgina, sadly both drowned in the sinking.
52.     R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Rare pamphlet titled The Sinking of The Lusitania by Lewis O. Baker and R. W. Cure, a poem extending over three sides, circa 1915.
53.     R.M.S. LUSITANIA: An extremely rare blueprint of the S.S. Lusitania titled 'Plan Shewing Capacities', showing a cross sectional of the ship, with handwritten notation on reverse. Used in the British Lusitania Inquiry by Alexander Galbraith Superintendent Engineer for Cunard.
Galbraith gave evidence at the Lusitania inquiry, and referenced the plans, he was the first witness called at the official investigation before Lord Mersey, the following is from that inquiry.

"Mr. Alexander Galbraith, Sworn.

Examined by the Solicitor-General.

1. The Solicitor-General: This witness, my Lord, proves the dimensions. (To the witness.) You are the assistant superintending engineer to the Cunard Line? - I am the Superintending Engineer.

The Commissioner: What are these drawings I see;
22. The Solicitor-General: They represent various sections of the "Lusitania." Those are the boiler rooms; the other one is what is called a profile plan.
(To the witness): Do you produce the plans of the vessel? - That is so.
23. Have you them in Court? - I have."
52ins. x 25ins.
54.     CUNARD: Rare Cunard R.M.S. Lusitania post-sinking memorial brass and enamel pictorial brooch, enamel decoration references the date of her sinking in 1915. 1½ins. £70-100
55.     CUNARD: R.M.S. Lusitania postcards to include unusual bas-relief and an example signed by survivors Alice Drury and Avis Foley. (Approx. 16)
56.     OCEAN LINER: Postcards to include Kaiser Wilhelm, Kaiser Wilhelm Der Grosse, Kronprinzessin Cecilie, Mauretania, and Windsor Castle. (18) £30-50
57.     OCEAN LINER: S.S. Empress of Ireland real photo and other postcards. (13) £70-100
58.     OCEAN LINER: Cunard Line R.M.S. Umbria gala night ribbon, plus a photo postcard of a young Cunard crewman. £30-50
59.     OCEAN LINER: Empress of Ireland In Memoriam mourning card with original black bordered envelope. (2)
60.     R.M.S. QUEEN MARY: Soft cover souvenir issue of The Shipbuilder/Marine Engine Builder, plus two other related shipbuilder issues. (3) £60-80
61.     OCEAN LINER: S.S. Normandie soft bound souvenir number of The Shipbuilder. £70-120
62.     BOOKS: Cunard Line Handbook dated December 1905, 178 pages. Plus The Cunard Cookbook. (2)
63.     BOOKS: Late 19th Century hardbound volume History of The Cunard Steamship Company. £100-150
64.     BOOKS: Cunard and The World's Fair, Chicago 1893, hardbound volume. £50-80
65.     OCEAN LINER: Hardbound souvenir number of The Shipbuilder for the Queen Mary. £80-120
66.     OCEAN LINER: Souvenir S.S. Normandie copy of L'illustration. £40-60
67.     OCEAN LINER: Souvenir numbers of The Shipbuilder for the Mauretania and Empress of Britain. £60-80
68.     OCEAN LINER: Set of six 20th cent, sketches heightened with watercolour of stylised scenes on board ocean liners between the wars. Approx. 12ins. x 10ins. £50-80
69.     BOOKS: Hardbound souvenir reprint from Engineering Magazine of the Aquitania 1914. £50-80
70.     OCEAN LINER: Chad Valley and other jigsaws showing Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II, etc. (9).
71.     OCEAN LINER: Mixed ceramics and glass, including Queen Elizabeth II, Union Castle, Cunard, four reproduction White Star Line glasses, and a Dartington Crystal S.S. Oriana decanter. (14) £60-80
72.     OCEAN LINER: Set of four 20th Century watercolours one signed J. Guthrie with modern handwritten labels on reverse J. Guthrie 1874-1952. The watercolours are of a good standard and depict the München, S.S. Scharnhorst, M.V. Orinoco and Arcona. 10ins. x 7ins. (4) £250-350
73.     OCEAN LINER: Brass 'To The Lifeboats' sign, 20ins. Plus a 78rpm record Be British and Stand to Your Post, formerly the property of Brian Ticehurst. (2) £40-70
74.     OCEAN LINER: Victory plywood jigsaw puzzle (1 piece missing), R.M.S. Queen Mary on front. Victory plywood jigsaw puzzle complete 'Victory' jigsaw puzzle of Southampton Docks, aerial view featuring Olympic, Majestic, Berengaria, Empress of Britain, and Homeric (in floating dock). The three largest White Star liners. 17ins. x 13ins, complete R.M.S. Queen Mary on front, Launch of Queen Mary jigsaw puzzle complete and made up plus separate box 'Queen Mary' a book of comparisons. 1930s booklet to mark the arrival of Queen Mary. 12 complete pages including cutaways. 'The Queen Mary. Pictorial souvenir of the world's Largest Floating Palace'. US publication. 1930s booklet to mark the arrival of Queen Mary. 24 pages, 26 illustrations of interiors and exteriors. (7)
75.     OCEAN LINER: Rare Cunard emigrants' tin trunk with Cunard/Jones Brothers, Wolverhampton to the lock, the name G. King is stencilled to the front. 24ins. x 14ins. x 14ins. £150-250
76.     R.M.S. MAURETANIA: Quarter veneered satinwood panel converted to take the form of a fire screen, pencil notations to reverse. 16ins. x 25ins. £100-150
77.     OCEAN LINER: Art Deco Queen Mary First-Class oblong mirror bearing a peach tint, marked on reverse R.M.S. Queen Mary. 30ins. x 10ins. £150-250
78.     OCEAN LINER: Fascinating extensive collection of Lancastria printed ephemera, Canadian Pacific, Canberra collected by Miss Irwin, later Mrs Hughes around 1933. £100-150
79.     OCEAN LINER - BOOKS: Shipping Wonders of the World, Romance of the Seven Seas in words and pictures, vols. 1-55. £40-60
80.     OCEAN LINER: Mixed lot of white metal & enamel items, R.M.S. Ivernia, M.V. Britannic, Berengaria, etc. (7). £50-80
81.     COINS/MEDALLIONS: Royal mint R.M.S. Queen Mary commemorative bronze medal, boxed.
82.     OCEAN LINER: Art deco 1930s Bakelite ashtrays, including Cunard, Queen Mary, and Cunard White Star. (5)
83.     OCEAN LINER: R.M.S. Queen Mary Smiths Empire clock, maiden voyage commemorative ashtray in the form of a propeller, and a Stratton compact. (3)
84.     WHITE STAR LINE: Framed book postcard of White Star Line's Olympic. Plus a collection of White Star Line paperwork itemised as such: Second-Class rates 1923 Olympic on cover, sailings 1929 Majestic on cover, blank White Star Line envelope, Megantic menu dated 13th June 1914, probably dinner, Tourists Sports Club R.M.S. Majestic Souvenir Programme 1928, Letter card/menu 1928 R.M.S. Majestic unused, three abstracts Celtic 1924, Megantic 1914, Homeric 1925, White Star Line Cruise label Homeric no date, letter card unused 'On Board R.M.S. Majestic', plus Second-Class Breakfast menu S.S. Celtic 1908. (11)
85.     OCEAN LINER: Magic lantern slides to include views of ships & music such as Nearer My God to Thee, the liners include Lusitania, Mauretania. (Approx. 20)

The 'Connoisseur' magazine dated November 1911. describes the kitting out of the Royal Yacht, H.M.S. Medina, by the famous cabinet making company Warings & Gillows who had been personally commissioned by Her Majesty, Queen Mary, to specially design & make all the furniture for her & King George V's quarters, which were on the starboard and port sides of the yacht. The Editor of the Connoisseur magazine was invited onboard H.M.S. Medina once all the works had been completed, and a thorough description with pictures was compiled. Research by the vendor at the Royal Greenwich Observatory research library revealed an original black & white photograph showing this magnificent piece on the left hand side of Queen Mary's bed with a matching one on the other side. The piece itself was created using the finest Brazilian mahogany inlaid with satinwood and kingwood cross banded veneers. The original leather remains on the secretaire for historic posterity, as it shows ink spills possibly from rough weather when Queen Mary would have been writing letters & diary inclusions.

On the return of H.M.S. Medina in June 1912, all the Royal furniture was taken off the yacht for an exhibition of the Royal Quarters of the King and Queen's apartments aboard H.M.S. Medina. It was advertised in the then fledgling magazine 'Homes & Gardens'. The exhibition opened at the Waring & Gillow shop on Bond Street, London. The furniture was then sent to auction and this piece was most likely painted after WWI by its new owner.

Due to its royal connections the handles are solid silver as are the locks, an extremely unusual feature. On the inside of the Drawer is a Bronze engraved plate stating, 'HMS MEDINA' used for the state visit to India, TM the King & Queen 1911-12, Warings, London.

A truly magnificent Royal Masterpiece. Beautifully proportioned & dainty. Small & usable. Height 6ft. x 15ins. x 16ins.
87.     WHITE STAR LINE: M.V. Georgic plan of cabin accommodation. £40-60
88.     WHITE STAR LINE: R.M.S. Laurentic souvenir plate, plus a pack of White Star Line playing cards. (2) £60-100
89.     WHITE STAR LINE: Cadbury's advertising tin plus one other advertising The Largest British Steamer. (2)
90.     WHITE STAR LINE: Tourist-Class accommodation brochure for the M.V. Georgic and M.V. Britannic 1997. £40-60
91.     OCEAN LINER: White Star Line Doric, Georgic, and Majestic ships wheel brooches, 1ins diameter. Enamel in good condition, clasps intact and working. Queen Elizabeth II final season enamel badge, 1¼ins. x ¾ins. (4) £60-80
92.     WHITE STAR LINE: Cunard and White Star Line souvenir brooches - R.M.S. Baltic, R.M.S. Celtic, R.M.S. Megantic and R.M.S. Queen Mary. Baltic pictorial brass enamel brooch, Celtic pictorial brass enamel brooch, Megantic pictorial brass enamel brooch, Queen Mary brass and enamel pictorial anchor shaped brooch. (4)
93.     OCEAN LINER: White Star Line uniform brass buttons, all by Miller, Rayner & Haysom Ltd. (3) £60-100
94.     CUNARD WHITE STAR LINE: Souvenirs - Britannic, Mauretania, and Cunard-White Star Line house flags. Crown Staffordshire China Cunard White Star Line pin dish measuring approximately 5ins. x 4½ins. M.V. Britannic butterfly wing pin dish, 3½ins diameter. R.M.S. Mauretania plastic souvenir life ring preserver, 4¼ins diameter. (3) £50-80
95.     WHITE STAR LINE: Rare H.M.S. Teutonic mess card. 3½ins. x 2½ins. £30-50
96.     WHITE STAR LINE: S.S. Celtic gala night ribbon. £60-80
97.     WHITE STAR LINE: Extremely rare oval enamel sign 'Marine Superintendent White Star Line'. Reputed ex-White Star Line Marine Superintendent's Office, Princes Dock, Liverpool. 9ins. Ex-Henry Aldridge lot 89, September 2006. £400-700
98.     WHITE STAR LINE: Unusual Bradford pattern Second-Class Demitasse cup (minor chip and hairline), plus a Third-Class mug in need of complete restoration. (2)
99.     WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class Wisteria butter dish, very minor rim chip dated 1911 on base. £100-150
100.    WHITE STAR LINE: Third-Class ceramic bowl oversize saucer. 7ins. Very minor chip.
101.    WHITE STAR LINE: Second-Class Bradford Stonier and Co side plate. 7ins, heavily crazed. £250-350
102.    WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class Wisteria pattern chocolate cup and saucer, the cup marked 3/1913. £250-350
103.    WHITE STAR LINE: Stonier & Company First-Class Demitasse cup and saucer.
104.    WHITE STAR LINE: Stonier & Company First-Class egg cup. 2¼ins. £150-250
105.    WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class Wisteria saucer. 4½ins. £150-250
106.    WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class Wisteria butter dish. 3½ins.
107.    WHITE STAR LINE: Stonier & Company Second-Class Demitasse cup and saucer.
108.    WHITE STAR LINE: Spode Oceanic Steam Navigation Company à la carte side plate decorated in the Greek key pattern. 8ins. £200-300
109.    WHITE STAR LINE: Spode Oceanic Steam Navigation Company à la carte soup bowl decorated in the Greek key pattern. 9½ins. (9608 B)
110.    WHITE STAR LINE: Rare Spode cobalt blue and gilt dinner plate R3717. 9ins. £700-1200
111.    WHITE STAR LINE: Spode Oceanic Steam Navigation Company á la carte dinner plate decorated in the Greek key pattern. 9ins.
112.    WHITE STAR LINE: Spode Oceanic Steam Navigation Company á la carte dinner plate decorated in the Greek key pattern. 9ins. £400-600
113.    WHITE STAR LINE: White metal onboard souvenirs for the R.M.S. Homeric, Baltic, Megantic, and Doric. (5) 1 A/F.
113A.   WHITE STAR LINE: White metal onboard souvenirs for the M.V. Britannic, R.M.S. Adriatic, and R.M.S. Majestic. (4)
114.    OCEAN LINER: White Star Line souvenirs to include, ashtray with five cigarette holders. White Star Line crest. R.M.S. Homeric toast rack. R.M.S. Homeric sweet dish. White Star Line burgee. R.M.S. Majestic ashtray with four cigarette holders. White Star Line burgee. R.M.S. Doric white metal surround with removable glass dish. White Star Line crest R.M.S. Britannic (5)
115.    WHITE STAR LINE: Elkington plate asparagus tongs. £90-120
116.    WHITE STAR LINE: Silver plated flatware (all marked) to include, one fish knife, two table knives, one fish fork, two table forks, one table knife and one fork (fruit or cake), one sugar tongs, one mustard spoon, one teaspoon and one pickle fork. (12)
117.    WHITE STAR LINE: Elkington plate nutcrackers. £90-120
118.    WHITE STAR LINE: Elkington plated First-Class knife, fork, and napkin ring, (3) £70-100
119.    WHITE STAR LINE: Silver plate lid/cover, burgee to one side and three stars either side and one star to handle. Height 3½ins.
120.    WHITE STAR LINE: Table service napkin ring, burgee on side. Number '14'. White Star Line menu holder in the form of a star. Plus a glass menu holder, burgee to side. £150-250
121.    WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class Elkington plate circular vegetable tureen and cover. 8½ins. £150-250
122.    WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class Elkington plate ice cream dish, 5ins. Plus a single White Star Line fork. £80-120
123.    WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class Elkington plate butter dish and insert impressed 'PM'. 7ins. £80-120
124.    WHITE STAR LINE: Mappin & Webb milk jug. 'White Star Line' on base. Burgee on one side. £100-150
125.    WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class Goldsmiths silver plated First-Class tureen and cover. 11ins.
126.    WHITE STAR LINE: Silver plated Elkington serving dish White Star Line stamped to base. Eight stars to rim. 10ins. £100-150
127.    WHITE STAR LINE: Large Elkington plate teapot. 7½ins. £300-500
128.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Period cross sectional print showing Titanic's sister, circa 1909, framed and glazed. 9ins. x 14ins.
129.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Blue/green ground linoleum tile contained within a box frame. Tile 14½ins. x 14½ins. £300-500
130.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Unusual milk glass souvenir plate bordered with the stars and stripes, plus American Eagle. 7½ins.
131.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: A superb octagonal ceiling light from the First-Class Dining Room/D Deck Reception. Originally fitted with cut crystal shades this example bears opaque shades dating it to around the 1920 refit, where it would have remained until she was broken up. This exceptional survivor was recovered from a redundant cinema in Sheffield many years ago, only a handful of these lights are in existence today. 13ins. £6000-8000
132.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Gilt First-Class Ormolu wall light in the neo classical style formerly from the Marquis of Granby Hotel, possibly ex-R.M.S. Olympic. 15½ins. £800-1200
133.    WHITE STAR LINE: Unusual bill of freight receipt for White Star for the 1920s, showing the Olympic at sea. 12ins. x 16ins. £70-100
134.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Real photo and other postcards. (10) £60-100
135.    WHITE STAR LINE: R.M.S. Olympic promotional brochure 'Inside of a Great Ship', White Star Line sailing list 1923, plus a White Star vaccination ticket from 1922.
136.    WHITE STAR LINE: Sixty White Star Line (Big Four) postcards, including Adriatic and Baltic. £100-150
137.    WHITE STAR LINE: Forty-eight White Star Line postcards, (various ships) including Titanic and Olympic.
138.    WHITE STAR LINE: Forty-eight White Star Line postcards, (various ships) including Titanic and Britannic.
139.    WHITE STAR LINE: Forty-eight White Star Line postcards, (various ships) including Titanic, Olympic and Britannic.
140.    WHITE STAR LINE: Fifty-six White Star Line postcards, (various ships) including Titanic and Olympic.
141.    WHITE STAR LINE: Forty-six White Star Line postcards, (various ships) including Titanic and Olympic.
142.    WHITE STAR LINE: Forty-eight White Star Line postcards, (various ships) including Olympic and Adriatic.
143.    R.M.S. BRITANNIC: Carved oak section of architrave mounted on a modern backing board. 12¾ins. £200-300
144.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Oak column section from Cabin 62, stencilled to reverse port side and impressed fore end starboard side. 23½ins.
145.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Original linoleum tile from the liner's barber shop, framed and glazed. (Frame 12ins. x 19ins.) £70-100
146.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: G. A. Pratt bookpost real photo postcards of the Olympic. (6) £60-100
147.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: G. A. Pratt bookpost real photo postcards of the Olympic. (6) £60-100
148.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Heavily decorated bronze strap, that was used to hide the seams in the coving woodwork at ceiling level. These were found in the First-Class main corridors amidships on B and C Deck. 19ins. £300-500
149.    WHITE STAR LINE: Bryant and May R.M.S. Olympic 'The Big Ship Route' matchbox. 2½ins. £30-50
150.    WHITE STAR LINE/M.V. BRITANNIC: Rare brass lifeboat name plate 'Britannic' in relief. 11ins. £500-800
151.    WHITE STAR LINE: R.M.S. Olympic pictorial souvenir, plus another for the Majestic. (2)
152.    OCEAN LINER: A collection of 17 original colour postcards - White Star Line including R.M.S. Olympic and R.M.S. Titanic. Adriatic, Olympic x 4, Titanic x 2, Britannic (III) x 6, Georgic (II) x 2, Doric, Laurentic. Includes the complete set of 4 x James Mann "brown" postcards of the Britannic, Georgic and the rarer Doric and Laurentic cards. Only 1 x Olympic card postally used, all others postally unused. £120-180
153.    OCEAN LINER & TITANIC: Newspapers and publications to include, Le Petit Journal, 28th April 1912 and Christian Herald, May 16th 1912. (6) £40-70
154.    R.M.S. TITANIC: April 17th 1912 editions of The Liverpool Echo and Nottingham Evening News. (2)
155.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Original advertisement for Titanic's return voyage from New York on April 20th 1912, plus a modern glass model of R.M.S. Titanic on a stand, 11ins. (2)
156.    WHITE STAR LINE: R.M.S. and H.M.H.S. Britannic postcards, plus a postally used S.S. Celtic Hands Across the Sea silk. (3)
157.    SCIENTIFIC: Period magic lantern slides showing various views of icebergs (5). £50-80
158.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Related 78rpm records to include Nearer My God to Thee (9), reprinted Harland and Wolff photograph of R.M.S. Titanic, and a souvenir view book of Nova Scotia.
159.    R.M.S. TITANIC - BOOKS: The Loss of the Titanic by Lawrence Beesley 1912 first edition.
160.    BOOKS: Titanic by Filson Young, 1912 edition. Plus The Year 1912 Illustrated. (2) £60-80
161.    BOOKS: White Star 1964 first edition, plus one other without dust cover (2). £50-80
162.    BOOKS: White Star by Roy Anderson, first edition 1956, first edition of A Night to Remember, plus two other related modern volumes (4). £60-80
163.    BOOKS: Marconi - Master of Space, author signed first edition. £80-120
164.    BOOKS: White Star, first edition 1964 T. Stephenson & Sons Ltd in unclipped dust jacket. The Ismay Line, first edition 1961 Journal of Commerce in unclipped dust jacket. £40-70
165.    BOOKS: A Night to Remember, first UK edition 1956 Longmans, Green & Co Ltd and 1957 Readers Union Longmans, Green & Co Ltd, both in unclipped dust jacket. The Night Lives On, first UK edition 1987 Viking in clipped dust jacket.
166.    BOOKS: Complete reprint of the 1912 American Senate hearings relating to the loss of the Titanic. 1163 pages.
167.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic First-Class passenger Helen Ostby signed autographed copy of "Seven Memorial Songs", this is a particularly rare survivor autograph. £200-300
168.    OCEAN LINER: Titanic & other related sheet music including 'Lusitania Grand Marche', 'Just as the Ship Went Down', 'Be British' (12). £200-300
169.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Original memorial sheet music to include, 'Titanic Queen of The Ocean', 'Titanic Shadows of The Deep', 'Titanic's Angel Band', and 'Titanic Ship of Death'. (4)
170.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Original memorial sheet music, to include 'Titanic Song', 'The Wreck of The Titanic Descriptive March', and 'Titanic Fantaisie for Pianoforte'. (4) £100-150
171.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic and Other Ships by Commander Charles Lightoller, 1935 first edition, plus The Story of The Wreck of The Titanic, 1912 first edition. £150-250
172.    OCEAN LINER - BOOKS: Hardbound vols. to include Leaves from an Unwritten Logbook by Captain Parker, Hull Down by Sir Bertram Hayes, Viscount Pirrie, Belfast by Herbert Jefferson and Ship and People by J.C. H. Beaumont. £40-60
173.    BOOKS: R.M.S. Titanic related volumes including 1913 first edition The Titanic Tragedy by Alma White. (4)
174.    BOOKS: R.M.S. Titanic related volumes including 1912 first edition of Poetical Tributes on The Loss of The Titanic, Tales of SOS, The Blue Island by First-Class passenger William Stead, and The Great Titanic Disaster by Thomas Russell. (5)
175.    BOOKS: R.M.S. Titanic related volumes including second impression A Night to Remember, and 1965 first edition of Titanic and The Californian. (6)
176.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Limited edition, bound reprint of The British Titanic Inquiry, number 003 of 300, signed by the youngest survivor of the Titanic disaster Millvina Dean. £150-250
177.    R.M.S. TITANIC: An album of modern reprints of the contents of the famous Father Browne album, that documented his time on Titanic. 10ins. x 8ins. (Approx. 30) £200-300
178.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo postcards showing Titanic memorials. (4) £40-60
179.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Nearer My God to Thee postcards (4). Plus Tichnor Brothers card of the liner at sea. £60-100
180.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo postcards showing Titanic memorials. (4)
181.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual W. M. Prilay of Pittsfield postcard of the liner. £100-150
182.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Pre-maiden voyage postcards. (2)
183.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Pre-maiden voyage postcard with later overprint giving details of the disaster, postally used shortly after the sinking with related message 'Wasn't this a fearful shipping disaster?' £100-150
184.    R.M.S. TITANIC: E. A. Bragg Cornish Riviera series postcard, plus two others. (3)
185.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Pre-maiden voyage postcard, later signed by survivors Eva Hart, Bertram Dean, and Edith Haisman. £80-120
186.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster card later signed by survivors Bertram Dean, Edith Haisman, and Eva Hart.
187.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare Smith and Sale of Portland post-disaster postcard, plus another pre-maiden voyage card. (2)
188.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Relief fund cheque payable to the family of Richard James Sleman, a Second-Class passenger from Cornwall.
189.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic relief fund cheque to the family of Henry Cotterill, a Second-Class passenger from Penzance. £100-150
190.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Nearer My God to Thee and other related period postcards. (6) £120-180
191.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster postcards including Success Postcard Co, NYC, and Spithead series. (5)
192.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare pre-disaster bookpost postcard of the Titanic. The new White Star Liner 'Titanic'. Excellent condition. £200-300
193.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster postcards including J. Salmon. (3) £120-180
194.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Pre-sinking Tucks Oilette of Titanic plus another of Olympic. £120-180
195.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare post-disaster privately printed postcard of Titanic at sea. £200-300
196.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Pre-maiden voyage postcards plus another of The Great Gantry. (3) £150-200
197.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Tucks oilette celebrated liners series (2), plus another of R.M.S. Olympic. £120-180
198.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Interesting letter written on board R.M.S. Lanfranc, dated May 9th 1912, by Stafford Dodds. He mentions 'I was ill myself after hearing the news of the Titanic, I knew them all (the officers) it is too horrible.' Also included is a second letter to the same recipient, Miss Marie Woods, dated February 28th 1912. (2) £100-150
199.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Soft cover 1913 Titanic relief fund Scheme of Administration.
200.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster postcard of ill-fated Titanic. Postally used April 22nd 1912 W.T. Gaines, Leeds.
201.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post disaster postcard of the ill-fated liner with related message dated April 22nd 1912. The author states 'Well this is the one that made history, everyone here feels as if personally bereaved'. £150-200
202.    R.M.S. TITANIC: FGO Stuart postcard of Titanic at sea, plus Beagles real photo card of Titanic leaving Southampton.
203.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Unusual St. Paul/St. Louis postcard, postally used September 6th 1912 "And glad to say the Olympic arrived at New York on September 4th at 4.30pm". £80-120
204.    R.M.S. TITANIC: S.W. Robbins of Bristol postcard of Titanic. £80-120
205.    R.M.S. TITANIC: G. D. Courtney memorial postcard signed by survivor. "S.S. Titanic" leaving Southampton on her maiden voyage April 10, 1912. RP, G. D. Courtney, Used (Bradwell, Isle of Wight, 17-07-1912) and S.S. Titanic Nearer My God to Thee! Printed, National Series, un-used (signed by Titanic survivor B.V. Dean). £150-250
206.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster postcards of the ill-fated Titanic. £150-250
207.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster bookpost Hurst and Co, real photo postcard, plus another of the Olympic. (2) £120-180
208.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Philco Publishing Company photo card of Titanic and Olympic 'The World's Greatest Gantry' bordered by shamrocks.
209.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster postcards. (4)
210.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo postcards of the World's Greatest Gantry at Harland & Wolff showing Titanic and Olympic (2). Plus, one other of the Great Unsinkable Titanic. £120-180
211.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual artist's postcard of Titanic at sea, plus one other pre-disaster postcard. (Both discoloured) (2) £150-250
212.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual pre-disaster nautical photo agency real photo postcard of Titanic leaving Southampton.
213.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare Bryant and May Olympic and Titanic match label (largest steamers in the world building), plus another post-disaster Olympic example. 6½ins.
214.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Programme for dramatic operatic matinee performance in aid of Titanic Disaster Fund May 1912.
215.    OCEAN LINER: R.M.S. Titanic Inc, International Mercantile Co, and Cunard Steam Ship Company stock certificates. (4)
216.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Original copy of The Western Union News featuring Capt. de Carteret, handwritten letter from Mr Smith, period photo of him on board the Minia. Notation to reverse December 29th 1918. 'Notice how happy we all look'. Archival folder of letters and photos relating to Mr Smith, his work and family. Also, a series of copies of images of the Minia, etc. £80-120
217.    OCEAN LINER: Rare copy of the 1912 Stokers Manual. £50-80
218.    R.M.S. TITANIC: 1935 first edition of Titanic and Other Ships, loose spine.
219.    BOOKS: Lawrence Beesley 1912 copy of The Loss of The Titanic, some wear to bindings. £50-80
220.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual Carlton ware memorial commemorative thimble cup, formerly the property of Brian Ticehurst. 1¾ins. £100-150
221.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual Carlton ware memorial commemorative jug, formerly the property of Brian Ticehurst. 2¼ins. £100-150
222.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual Carlton ware memorial commemorative vase, formerly the property of Brian Ticehurst. 2ins. £100-150
223.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual Carlton ware memorial commemorative vase, formerly the property of Brian Ticehurst. 3ins. £100-150
224.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual Carlton ware memorial commemorative beaker, formerly the property of Brian Ticehurst. 3¼ins. £100-150
225.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Period postcards to include the loss of The White Star liner Titanic, plus solely the back of a postcard (front blank) 16th April 1912, where the writer mentions 'will tell you why I did not sail on the Titanic'. (4)
226.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Blue soft bound copy of the report into the formal investigation into the loss of the Titanic, printed HMSO 1912. Front and back covers detached but present. £120-180
226A.   R.M.S. TITANIC: Valentine's series post-disaster Titanic postcards, plus Nearer My God to Thee. (4)
227.    R.M.S. TITANIC: St. Paul's Cathedral memorial service programme Friday 19th April 1912, losses to back page. Plus a collection of period Titanic newspaper cuttings. £80-120
228.    R.M.S. TITANIC: The Daily Mirror issues dated April 17th and April 18th 1912. Also included is a copy of the 20th April, without cover and The Daily Graphic.
229.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Daily Mirror issues, April 22nd, 23rd, and 24th 1912. £120-180
230.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Extremely rare money order from Ahernes Exchange and Shipping Office in Queenstown dated 9-4-12. The order is from the Admiralty for 450 dollars and forwarded by registered mail with red stamp 'Next ship calling' Titanic. 8½ins. x 5½ins.
231.    R.M.S. TITANIC/OLYMPIC - ORIGINAL WHITE STAR LINE OLYMPIC & TITANIC BROCHURE OF ACCOMMODATIONS AND ARRANGEMENTS: One of the finest examples known of the rarest Titanic brochure. Printed over 72 pages with a striking red cover with "Olympic and Titanic 45,000 Tons Each" in block-white lettering and an image of the vessel underway, printed by Liverpool Printing and Stationery Co Ltd. Published May 1911, likely to coincide with Titanic's launch. Proudly displayed below the ship's name on the title page is, "Designed, Built and Engineered by Harland & Wolff, Ltd., Belfast".
The brochure begins with the achievements the two sisters represent and how they were built side by side at Harland & Wolff. The vessels are then described, beginning with the hull, then the decorations and, finally, the machinery. The information contained in these sections is more than informative, from technical data on the watertight doors to the mechanics of the engines and just about everything in-between.
Accommodations for each class are described in detail. Descriptions of various amenities of the ship are also included.
For example, on page 39 a portion of the Grand Staircase is described as follows: "Above all a great dome of iron and glass throws a flood of light down the stairway, and on the landing beneath a great carved panel gives its note of richness to the otherwise plain and massive construction of the wall." The symbolism of the staircase's renowned clock is also discussed.
The text is complemented by 49 illustrations and photographs, some of which may not easily be found elsewhere. The Grand Staircase (referred to as the Main Staircase), Dining Saloon, Turkish Bath, Smoking Room, Pool (referred to as the Swimming Bath), each class of cabin, stages of building …… and machinery are all beautifully depicted throughout the brochure. £8000-12000
232.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare pre-sinking bookpost Signal Series, real photo postcard postally used February 10th 1912 "Dear Father, I'm over in Belfast on the Titanic, hope you are both keeping quite well. Herbert." For condition please refer to photographs as condition although readable is poor.
233.    R.M.S. CARPATHIA: Real photo postcard of Harold Cottam, the wireless operator on board the Carpathia and the first person to receive the call for help from the Titanic. £300-500
234.    R.M.S. TITANIC - BOOKS: In Memoriam Titanic Disaster rare 1913 private printing by H. Rea Woodman. (1) £80-120
235.    R.M.S. TITANIC: An important archive sold via direct descent relating to Second-Class passenger Marion Wright, a 26 year old who was travelling from Yeovil, Somerset to Oregon. The archive consists of a superlative handwritten letter over five pages that gives a graphic account of the sinking of the Titanic, together with a group of letters written shortly after the Titanic disaster to Marion's parents by relatives and friends, including one from her father Thomas to her mother. These give a unique snapshot into the mindset of parents of a passenger on the ship. The letter from her father dated 17th April starts "I have for the last two days been in a sort of listless bewildered coma". The highlight of the archive is written in black ink and transcribed in part:
About 600 miles from New York
SS Carpathia - Cunard Line
April 16th 1912
Dearest Dad and all I love,
How can I express in a letter the time I have had since I've said goodbye but thank God I am saved and alive to write a few lines. We all had such a happy Sunday together service by the purser in the morning, I sang 2 songs There is a Green Hill and Nearer my God to Thee. In the evening I sang them again to a great number of passengers who had assembled in the drawing salon for hymns and a few words that were spoken by the only Church of England clergyman on board Rev. Carter, Rector of St Jude's Whitechapel who was with his wife. We all had supper together and sat talking with my chum of the boat Miss Kate Buss who is going on to California to be married. I didn't go to my berth until after 11:00 PM".
"It was terrible I don't think I will ever forget it I'd been in bed about 10 minutes when I heard a horrific crash which shook the whole vessel and the engine stopped dead I put on my dressing gown and a thick coat, I met my friend going on deck to find a reason for the crash. I was met on deck by a gentleman to whom I had often seen he said an iceberg has struck us but there is no danger, it was so cold I had been in the aft just freezing. One or two people had remarked we are in the region of icebergs this one they said was towering right above the vessel I didn't stay up many minutes, we went down again to get more clothing as I didn't feel I could possibly go to bed. At least the engines were going I brought my rug and clothes to E Deck where we met a steward who said all put on life belts, I put mine on saddled the petticoat to my dress, a dressing gown, long coat and woollen coat with my hat. There with my rug, gold chain, bracelet, 2 silver bangles, engagement ring and another small ring all that is saved but I am saved and for that I'm thankful. The Titanic struck the iceberg about 11:45 by 12:15 we were in a boat load including myself and several more people to whom I had spoken to, I mention a Scotch lady and a little girl who are going to Portland OR who have been so kind to me they're being met by her brother in New York who says he will look after me and see me married that should be when I see Arthur. I can't express my mind is so much in a muddle I thank God for being preserved so mercifully my heart goes out to all who were drowned Alfred Paine, Mr Whitby's nephew, Yeovil people who put me in a lifeboat he was such a nice man and I fear. I don't think we quite knew what was coming when we got into the boat we were on board for about 12:00 o'clock till 6:30 AM it didn't seem so long the dawn came very quickly and oh I was glad when we saw the Cunard boat it seemed almost too good to be true. Everybody has been so kind all the passengers have been giving us clothes and officers and crew have given us all attention for which we are truly thankful. The Titanic must have had her bottom taken away from first class to the steerage for she went down gradually bit by bit it was awful to watch her. We saw the crowds of people when she broke in two which she did a few minutes before she sank going down with a huge explosion over the cries of the people left on board. It was heart rending I didn't know how far we were from the Titanic as she sank, but we kept on asking the men to row further away and they did when she went down they pulled so hard that after seeing lots of boats around they drifted and rested the stars were glorious. It was bitterly cold and the icebergs were all around we had been watching we saw the boat as the men rowed as hard as they could we should have cither sic. at 3:30 and got there in 2 hours there were 35 of us in the boat and only six men who could pull or man an oar I longed to take one but it was so crowded the life belts were God sent to us. April the 18th I'm afraid this letter is very dirty but you'll forgive me but I have to carry everything and everything in my long coat pocket a gentleman is given me". The letter continues for a further page and a half.
NB. The National Maritime Museum in Greenwich holds an extensive archive relating to Miss Wright. £5000-6000
The following four lots consist of items salvaged from the R.M.S. Carpathia and were involved in Carpathia's rescue of over 700 survivors of the Titanic disaster on the morning of 15th April, 1912.
The Carpathia was a Cunard Line transatlantic passenger steamship built by Swan Hunter & Wigham Richardson in Wallsend, Liverpool, Tyne and Wear in England in 1903. She is best known as the ship which rescued all of Titanic's survivors. In the early morning of 15th April, 1912 the Carpathia's radio operator, Harold Cottam, received a message from Titanic that it had struck an iceberg. After bringing the message to the ship's master, Captain Arthur Rostron, Rostron took immediate steps to steam to Titanic's reported position calling on additional stokers to make all possible speed. He ordered the ship's heating and hot water cut off to provide as much steam as possible to the engines. After navigating around an ice field, Carpathia reached Titanic's position at about 4:00 A.M., a little more than an hour and a half after Titanic went down. Carpathia arrived in New York on 18th April, 1912 where Titanic's survivors disembarked and the Carpathia resumed its regular voyage to the Mediterranean.
After being pressed into service during World War I by the British Admiralty, Carpathia was sunk on 17th July, 1918 by three torpedoes fired by U-55 of the German Imperial Navy around 120 miles west of Fastnet.
Carpathia was discovered lying in an upright position at a depth of about 500 feet of water 120 miles west of Fastnet, Ireland. Exploring it posed some difficulty. While there are rare cases of commercial divers briefly reaching depths of 1000 feet, 500 feet represents the more realistic limit of human tolerance for deep sea divers, imposing a heavy decompression penalty of five hours.
Numerous dives were made in August and September 2007 to recover Carpathia's artifacts from the debris field. Over 90 artifacts were recovered including some involved in Carpathia's rescue of Titanic's survivors. Such are the artifacts offered here. The following five lots are unparalleled: An engine order telegraph from Carpathia's bridge used to signal the engine room; a lamp which would have lighted the way for survivors in the dark; a port hole which still opens and closes; and a six-inch wide floor tile.
These lots have seen no equal. In terms of historical importance they can be equated with such items as Wallace Hartley's violin and Titanic's crow's nest bell. The financial investment, the Herculean effort and the risk to human life involved in recovering these artifacts from the ocean floor is a testament to how important it was to preserve the history and tangible evidence of Carpathia's rescue of Titanic's survivors. None of these items have ever been on public display. But future possibilities are endless.
The following lots have been conserved, but not restored. You see them as they were on the ocean floor. A collection which includes Carpathia's rescue-related engine order telegraph, porthole, deck lamp, or floor tile would be worthy of world class recognition.
Every lot is accompanied by a frame-worthy original Certificate of Authenticity signed by expedition leader P.H. Nargeolet who also led several expeditions to Titanic's wreck site. Each lot bears a later added unobtrusive inked-in accession number. For a more detailed condition report please refer to the images, or telephone during business hours.

R.M.S. Titanic/Ocean Liner/R.M.S. Carpathia, Salvaged Engine Order Telegraph on Base
Today, modern vessels have a throttle on the bridge for the direct control of the engines without any involvement of engine room personnel. In Titanic's time, bridge personnel would have to move the pointer on the telegraph to the desired speed. This would trigger an "alarm" bell in the engine room which signalled an incoming engine order from the bridge. In the case of the rescue of the Titanic's surviving passengers and crew, this ship's telegraph was an integral part of one of the most famous events of the 20th century. Captain Rostron set a course for Titanic upon receiving the distress calls. He then sent for his chief engineer and told him to "call another watch of stokers and make all possible speed to the Titanic".
The pointer of the engine room telegraph would move to the position on the dial which was selected by the bridge such as Full Ahead, Half Ahead, Slow Ahead, Stop, Slow Astern, etc. The engineers would signal receipt of the order by moving the engine room pointer lever to the same position which would trigger a bell to ring in the bridge's telegraph. The engineers would then bring the engines to the desired speed. In an emergency, such as an order for an emergency stop, bridge personnel would bring the lever to the "stop" position three times. This would result in an equal number of rings in the engine room telegraph signaling an urgent request.
The telegraph was manufactured by A. Robinson & Co. Ltd, Liverpool & Glasgow with maker's plaque present. The telegraph top was recovered on 29th August, 2007 by a deep wreck diver using a lift bag. The base was recovered on 28th August, 2007 with a crane from the Janus II research vessel. The artifact exhibits expected pitting, dents and losses. The door to the base is attached and bulges slightly. Some of the original glass is present and intact. Four later mounts have been added to the base for display purposes. Internal workings including the alarm bell are present as is one lever. Approximately 48ins tall. Quite simply an exceptional piece of memorabilia and was an essential part of the Carpathia's endeavours to reach the Titanic's survivors.
237.    R.M.S. Titanic/Ocean Liner/R.M.S. Carpathia, Salvaged Porthole with Partial Wood
Most portholes are round. They are placed in the hull of a ship as a window to admit light and sometimes they open to let in fresh air. They also provide passengers an opportunity to look outside.
This lot consists of a round porthole, bronze, with interior glass window and attached partial wood substructure. The window is hinged which allows it to open and close. Amazingly, the mechanism is in working order and the porthole can be displayed in either the open or closed position.
The porthole was recovered on 28th August, 2007 by the Achilles Rover, with a crane from the Janus II research vessel. The hinge is marked "89." It measures approximately 7¾ins (h) x 24¾ins (w) x 16ins (d) when opened.
An artifact large in size and importance from the hull of the ship that rescued Titanic's survivors. One can only imagine the relief felt by the survivors in their lifeboats as they saw the lights of Carpathia shining through the portholes in the distance. The possibilities for display, open or closed, are endless. Unmistakable for what it is, it is immediately recognizable to anyone as a ship's porthole, that witnessed one of the most famous rescues of the 20th cent. £20000-30000
238.    R.M.S. Titanic/Ocean Liner/R.M.S. Carpathia, Salvaged Deck Lamp with Globe (2 Pcs.)
Salvaged brass/bronze electric deck lamp with a colourless glass globe secured by a cage with wooden fragments from the ship. The socket is marked "_diswan." The Ediswan Electric Light Company was founded in the UK towards the end of the 19th century as a collaboration between the American inventor Thomas Edison and the British inventor Joseph Swan who each lay claim to inventing the electric light.
Prior to the advent of the electric light, lamps on the decks of ships used candlelight. A globe such as this one would have been placed around the candle to shield it from the wind; thus the nickname hurricane lamp. One could only imagine how this electric "hurricane lamp" may have lighted the way for Titanic's survivors in the dark.
The lamp was recovered by the Achilles Rover on 26th August, 2007 using an ROV basket. It is nothing short of miraculous that this fragile lamp managed to survive Carpathia's sinking.
The globe has some losses and cracks. The cage was separated but is now secured. Some staining and pitting and one screw is loose. There is some wear and losses to the wooden elements. Approximately 8½ins (h), 5ins (dia.) Untested. £12000-18000
238A.   R.M.S. Carpathia, Salvaged Red Octagonal Floor Tile
Patterned earthenware floor tile from an unknown location on the ship, approx. ⅞ins (d) x 5⅞?ins (w) x 6ins (dia.) Given its sturdy structure, its depth and its weight, it would appear to be from a high traffic area on board. While a kitchen area would seem possible, its pattern more likely suggests that it came from a well-travelled passenger area.
The tile was recovered on 1st September 2007 by the Achilles Rover using an ROV basket. There is a remnant of a marine encrustation and some losses to the edges. £1500-2500
The Commercial Cable Company steamer Mackay-Bennett was the first vessel chartered by the White Star Line in the aftermath of the sinking for the gruesome task of locating and recovering the bodies of Titanic's dead. Of the 306 bodies which were recovered during the Mackay-Bennett's seven-day search, 116 were buried at sea and 190 were brought back to Halifax to a make-shift morgue.
To document each body recovered, the provincial coroner of Nova Scotia prepared a list of all 306 bodies, including their clothing and personal effects, headed, "Record of Bodies and Effects, (Passengers and Crew S.S. "Titanic"), Recovered by Cable Steamer "Mackay-Bennett" including Bodies Buried at Sea and Bodies Delivered at Morgue in Halifax, N.S., Details Compiled from Records of the "Mackay-Bennett." The list was not prepared for public dissemination but was created to provide an accurate, official record of the victims and to help in making any future identifications, as the entries also included physical descriptions.

The list contains details on such notable victims as John Jacob Astor IV of New York (Body No. 124), the richest man on board, responsible for many iconic institutions including New York's Astoria, later Waldorf-Astoria, Hotel. There is mention also of Isidor Straus (Body No. 96) of Macy's Department Store.
After Astor's body was brought to Halifax, the captain of his yacht Noma, Richard Roberts, was sent by Astor's family to identify the body. Upon seeing it, Richards said, "It is he." This very list was subsequently obtained by Roberts. It is the only such list of which we are aware that was given to a victim's representative, likely owing to the importance of the Astor name. The name R. Roberts with his Brooklyn, New York address is pencilled onto the free end page, in another hand on the back of the last page is Miss Lalla Roberts, also of Brooklyn. The list remained in the Brooklyn, New York area until recently.
The first page is a key showing how the recovered bodies were disposed of, with numerous small numerical pencil notations added next to each key. The list consists of about 75 pages. The front and back purple covers are detached as is the last page containing entries for Body Nos. 303-306. The last page and both covers have some losses not affecting text. The interior is clean and provides a primary source of body recovery information, as the list was officially prepared by the provincial coroner. It is an important piece of the body recovery aspect of the sinking and of Titanic's overall story, with the exceptional additional aspect of being related to John Jacob Astor. Astor is buried in Trinity Church Cemetery in New York City.
Approx. 8½ins. x 13ins. Original binding consists of nothing more than two paper clips at the top. A singularly important piece of history directly related to one of the most high profile and important men on the Titanic £12000-18000
An original rare matte-finish silver gelatin photo of Titanic's senior wireless operator who died in the sinking, circa 1910. The mount bears the photographer's imprint of Jennie Stedman, Melrose Studio, Farncombe [Godalming, Surrey, England]. A chest-length stately image of the dapper Phillips depicted in his Marconi uniform, arms crossed holding a pair of uniform gloves in one hand. The distinctive "M" [Marconi] is visible on his cap.
Phillips was born in Farncombe in 1887 and began his career in telegraphy working at the local post office in 1902. Having later worked on other White Star Line ships, he was assigned to Titanic for her maiden voyage as an employee of the Marconi Company. After Titanic hit the iceberg he and the junior wireless operator Harold Bride worked tirelessly sending out distress signals. If it were not for their unyielding efforts, rescue ships would not have been alerted to Titanic's need for assistance. Yet, despite Phillips' pivotal role in Titanic's story, very little relating to him has come into collectors' hands.
Little is generally known about the photographer Jennie Stedman. It was unusual, if not unheard of, for a woman to be in that profession in those days. It is possible that Phillips knew her as her studio was in his home town. The image of Phillips from this photograph is well known but we are aware of only one other original in private hands, though the example offered here is in a larger format. A large painted portrait of this image hung as a memorial to Phillips in the post office where he got his start and is now on display at the Godalming Museum. We are aware of another pose of Phillips taken by Stedman, that one full length, likely from the same sitting, which is held at The National Archives, Kew, though that image shows Phillips from a greater distance. The image size of this pose offered here may be unique.
The image measures 6¼ins. x 4⅜?ins. With an overall size of 7⅞?ins. x 5⅛ins. and has razor sharp clarity.
There are some light pencil notations about Phillips on verso. This spectacular original image of Phillips in his Marconi uniform is not one to pass up. As our late friend Ken Schultz was fond of asking: When will you ever see another; £6000-10000
240A.   R.M.S. TITANIC: First-Class passenger and victim Erwin G. Levy. Handwritten postcard postally used prior to Titanic s departure Erwin was a jeweller from Arkansas who was in Europe on a diamond buying trip, in part 'have also shipped some exquisitely designed diamond jewellery from here, Leave for Amsterdam tomorrow.' £500-800
241.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unique yellow metal locket owned by Wallace Hartley's fiancée Maria Robinson and given to her by the Titanic's band leader Wallace Hartley. It is engraved with an intertwined M R and contains a stunning photograph of Wallace. The locket is sold via direct descent, having been given to the vendor's mother, Maria's niece, upon her death in 1939. It has remained in the family since. The locket accompanied by a letter of provenance from Maria's great nephew detailing it's provenance and history 'The locket was an engagement or birthday gift from Wallace Hartley to his fiancee Maria Robinson, it was retained by Maria after Wallace's tragic death until it was passed to my mother when Maria died in 1939.'
NB. Henry Aldridge sold Wallace Hartley's violin in October 2013 for a world record £900,000. It bore an engraved fishplate 'For Wallace on the occasion of our engagement from Maria'. £15000-20000
242.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A superb four-page letter written on board the Titanic in several stages, dated April 10th 1912 but finished a day later. It is written by Second-Class passenger Henry Cotterill, aged 21, he was travelling from Penzance, Cornwall and shared a cabin with his friends Percy Bailey and George Hocking. The letter in part reads 'Dear Mother, I am sending a few lines to let you know we are all getting on alright and are having a fine time, plenty to eat and drink so you don't want to worry. I have sent on a photo of the boat and I never saw such a thing in my life it's like a floating town and the rooms you can eat the meat from the floors and everything shining like silver.' Henry then talks about the journey to reach Southampton on the train. He then restarts the letter 'I am writing this letter onboard the boat and it is a bit rough but I am a good sailor so far. I cannot stay to write much more now as I want to catch the mail at Queenstown. I am alright will write at New York so cheer up your loving son Henry. So tell the boys I am a good sailor so far but got plenty of wind.' Also included in the lot is a letter to Henry's mother from The National Disaster Relief Fund to Mrs E. Cotterill dated 1st June 1940, and an In Memoriam press cutting.
243.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Original press photograph of Titanic victim Isidor Straus by Pach Brothers, the famous New York photo studio. The photograph is mounted on heavy stock card with various notations and stamps on reverse, including one indicating it was published in the Literary Digest on 27th April 1912. Approximately 4ins. x 5½ins. Ex-Brown Brothers. £700-1200
244.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Extremely rare original glass-plate negative showing a rare image of Olympic's First-Class elevators on D Deck, taken in May 1912 during Olympic's first visit to New York after the Titanic disaster. This unique image shows inside the elevator cab including reflection of "D Deck". Large glass-plate negative, approximately 6½ins. x 8½ins. Ex-Brown Brothers.
245.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Superb postcard written by Third-Class passenger Alfonzo Meo from Queenstown, Ireland, on April 11th 1912, the card bears a short message to his brother with the all-important postmark denoting the card was indeed onboard Titanic and posted from Queenstown. It was rediscovered in an album of period ocean liner cards by the present vendor. Alfonzo Meo, 48, was a musician living in Bournemouth who boarded the ship in Southampton, he was heading for Washington. His body was recovered by the MacKay-Bennett and buried at Fairview Lawn Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, on 10th May 1912. It is believed that Meo was the inspiration for the character of 'Fabrizio' in the blockbuster 1997 movie.
246.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: Officer Lowe's personally used Henry Hughes & Son boxed radiograph. 10ins. £600-800
247.    R.M.S. TITANIC: First-Class passenger Arthur Gee from Salford, Manchester. Letter written on board Titanic dated April 10th 1912. Although in poor condition, the letter is written on Titanic stationery, over two sides in black ink, the contents legible, bearing a White Star Line watermark. He describes Titanic 'This is indeed the last word on luxurious travelling, it is more like a big First-Class hotel, hardly like a boat at all.' Arthur lost his life in the disaster; his body was sent back to Manchester where he was buried at Irlam O' The Heights Cemetery in Salford. £8000-12000
248.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A rare Postal facing slip from a mail bag on board the R.M.S. Titanic, slip printed "NEW YORK FOREIGN MIXED From SEA POST Letters," and additionally stamped "Trans-Atlantic Post Office / AP 10/12 - O.S. WOODY / TITANIC," recovered from the body of postal clerk Oscar Woody.
Oscar Scott Woody (American, April 15th 1868 - April 15th 1912) was one of five mail clerks (2 American and 3 British) on board the R.M.S. Titanic. Woody was celebrating his 44th birthday with his colleagues at the stern of the ship when the Titanic struck the iceberg. The postal clerks rushed to the mail sorting room to begin hauling the registered mail sacks to the upper decks in an attempt to save them from the flooding. As it became apparent that the ship was going to sink, Oscar Woody started collecting the facing slips off his mail bags so he could account for them later. Facing slips were used on board Royal Mail ships (RMS) to mark bundles of mail by their destination. They allowed the postal clerks to organize mail and account for any sorting errors. As required by the postal service, Woody stamped his name on his slips so that any errors in sorting could be charged to him. None of the five mail clerks on board the Titanic survived the disaster.
Mr. Woody's body was later recovered. An entry in the diary of F.H. Lardner, Captain of the Mackay Bennett describes the scene the day they recovered Mr. Woody's body: "Monday, April 22nd. This day we picked up 27 bodies ... Everyone had on a lifebelt and (the) bodies floated very high in the water...." The crew of the Mackay Bennett, one of the four ships chartered by the White Star Line to recover as many bodies as possible, would recover 306 bodies, of which 116 were buried at sea, including that of Mr. Woody. As part of the recovery each body received a separate number: Postal Clerk Woody was assigned number 167, which was stencilled upon a canvas bag into which the personal effects of the individual were placed after they were recorded in a ledger. This lot is also sold with a certificate of authenticity from leading philatelist Sergio Sismondo, a rare example. £8000-12000