Titanic, White Star, Ocean Liner & Transport Memorabilia Auction on
Saturday 20th June 2020

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1.      OCEAN LINER/UNION CASTLE: Agent's print of Windsor Castle plus C.E. Turner print of Queen Mary at sea (2).
2.      OCEAN LINER/UNION CASTLE: Agent's prints showing the Windsor Castle and Pendennis Castle 29ins. x 19ins.
3.      OCEAN LINER: Prints to include "The Last Sunset" by Adrian Rigby and "Queens of the Atlantic", plus Cunard Queen Mary agent's poster (4).
4.      OCEAN LINER: Limited edition print, signed by Rodney Charman, Queen Mary II plus Canberra inbound to Southampton. Both framed. 17ins. x 25ins. and 16ins. x 29ins. respectively (2).
5.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Limited edition print, signed by Simon Fisher "Cherbourg Bound" 170/850. Also signed by Millvina Dean Titanic's youngest survivor. Framed and glazed 15ins. x 28ins.
6.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Limited edition print, signed by Simon Fisher "By Dawns early Light" 95/850. Also signed by Millvina Dean Titanic's youngest survivor. Framed and glazed 22ins. x 23ins.
7.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Limited edition prints, signed by Simon Fisher "Cherbourg Bound" 116/850. Also signed by Millvina Dean Titanic's youngest survivor. Framed 15ins. x 28ins. and "Ready for Trials" 341/500 also signed by Millvina Dean the youngest survivor of the Titanic disaster. Framed and glazed 28ins. x 45ins. (2)

7A.     OCEAN LINER: Limited edition print, signed by Robert Taylor "Farewell America" 937/1000, also signed by Capt. John Treasure Jones. Framed and glazed 18ins. x 34ins. £70-120
8.      CUNARD LINE: Limited edition print "R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth II" by Simon Fisher. Unframed 24ins. x 7ins. plus 1993 film poster for the Titanic film shown at the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television in Bradford. Framed.
8A.     OCEAN LINER: Reproduction poster showing Titanic & Olympic at sea, originally painted by Montague Black 31ins. x 24ins.
9.      R.M.S. TITANIC: Signed Edward Walker print of Titanic completing her sea trials plus two others relating to Titanic. 26ins. x 17ins.
9A.     WHITE STAR LINE: Limited edition print "Titanic The Maiden Departure" by Simon Fisher, 474 of 850. Framed 20ins. x 14ins.
10.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Period litho print dated 24th September 1913 detailing the American Federation of Musicians 17th Convention of Titanic Disaster commending heroic conduct of Titanic musicians plus G.A. Pratt artist's impression of 'Titanic at Sea' (2). 10ins. x 13ins. & 8ins. x 11ins.
10A.    WHITE STAR LINE: Limited edition print "R.M.S. Titanic steaming down Southampton Water", 10th April 1912, by Laurence Bagley, 221 of 350. Framed 14ins. x 12ins.
11.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Limited edition print, signed by Ken Marschall 'Titanic at Sea' 100/900 also signed by Ruth Becker Blanchard a Titanic Survivor. 15½ins. x 20½ins.
12.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Signed limited edition print, 'Titanic At Sea' 336/450. 26ins. x 15ins.
13.     R.M.S. TITANIC: 75th Anniversary Ken Marschall print showing details of Robert Ballad's expedition in 1975. 31ins. x 22ins. £40-60
14.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster oversize print of the Great White Star Liner Titanic colliding with an iceberg. 18ins. x 15ins.
15.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Raise the Titanic promotional poster mounted alongside a series of reproduction images of Titanic. (Poster 13ins. x 28ins.) 23ins. x 36ins. in it's entirety. £50-80
16.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Oil on canvas 'Titanic at Sail', signed Marco 2012 bottom right. 19ins. x 15ins. £60-100
17.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Gouche of Titanic's last moments, signed William Settle. Frame and glazed 20ins. x 29ins. £100-150
18.     SHIPPING: 19th cent. Mahogany chest of four drawers by family repute from the SS Great Eastern. The drawers are marked 'Special Rooms Promenade Dk Star Ship 468'. The Great Eastern spent several years at Milford Haven and Neyland in Wales and Reverend Richard Bowen Jones (Rector of Cillymaenllwydd and Castell Dwyron), the vendor's great, great grandfather, purchased a number of fittings from The Great Eastern for his home Gwarmacwydd House. £100-150
19.     OCEAN LINER: P & O promotional agent's print for SS Iberia in original glazed frame. 29ins. x 19ins.
20.     MARITIME PHOTOGRAPHS: Reprinted photographs of four funnel ships, Queen Mary, United States, five other liners, Saxonia, late 20th cent. liners - Oxfordshire, Rotterdam, Royal Viking Sky, Norway, and two others (17). Plus a military ship 509 and nine postcards of Titanic, Olympic, Britannic, etc.

21.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Watercolour 'Titanic at Sea' by John Pembleton, signed and dated bottom right. 19ins. x 14ins. £30-50
22.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Original issues of Playgoer & Society featuring images of the ill-fated liner (3) together with Daily Chronicle April 20th 1912, headline the full story of Titanic tragedy (4).
23.     R.M.S. TITANIC: 'A Night to Remember' World Premier Programme, Odeon Leicester Square, Thursday 3rd July 1958. Full colour programme.
24.     OCEAN LINER: R.M.S. Queen Mary promotional booklet, published by Pier & Ocean Liner News Co. Inc. New York 1936. Copyrighted by Cunard White Star Ltd. The Queen Mary 'Book of Comparisons', Cunard White Star Line softback, 'His Late Majesty King George V'. A promotional brochure 1974, 'The Maiden Round-the-World voyage of the Queen Elizabeth II'. Greenock Telegraph newspaper supplement 25/7/90, souvenir supplement to mark the first visit of the Queen Elizabeth II. Plus a Cunard brochure 'Grand Ocean Voyages Queen Elizabeth II & Caronia 2002 (5).
25.     OCEAN LINER: Printed promotional brochures to include Holland America, Cunard, Canadian Pacific etc. A large quantity. £50-80
26.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Lobby stills from 'A Night to Remember', approx. 10½ins. x 13¾ins. each. Two interiors, three deck scenes, one stern, one lifeboat upturned, plus three colour lobby cards from 'Raise the Titantic' approx. 11ins. x 14ins. (Ten lobby cards in total).
27.     HARLAND & WOLFF: Rigging plans, (reprints 1962) of Belgic (two funnels), Columbus who became Republic, Celtic, Naronic (lost 1893), M.V. Britannic, Afric, Cymric, Regina (one funnel,) who eventually became Westernland, Pittsburgh & Runic.
28.     WHITE STAR LINE: Printed ephemera including -
1) Proposed sailings June 1923, Olympic on the front.
2) M.V. Britannic unused writing paper White Star Line flag and name of ship.
3) Lettercard, unused R.M.S. Britannic.
4) Adriatic envelope.
5) Collection of twelve postcards S.S. Pittsburgh in souvenir wrapper English/German.
6) "The Inside of a Great Ship" (many illustrations) plus approx. 40ins. longitudinal cutaway of Olympic.
7) Passenger list M.V. Britannic July 3rd 1931 from New York plus "Nautical Terms".
8) Longitudinal cutaway of Majestic and Olympic, diagrams courtesy of White Star Line.
9) White Star Line advertisement April 18th 1928 from "Punch" featuring Olympic, Adriatic and Albertic.

Plus a mixed lot to include "Janes Fighting Ships 1946-47", two Titanic puzzles, one framed and glazed jigsaw puzzle of Britannic. £100-150
29.     OCEAN LINER: Unusual Southampton Railway Co. promotional brochure for Southampton docks, depicting the distinctive colouring of the funnel of the steamship lines who used the docks.
30.     CUNARD: Unusual series of engine room log books from Queen Elizabeth dated from 1967-68.
31.     MOVIES: Scripts for James Cameron's Titanic 1996 and Julian Fellowes TV series Titanic episodes 1-4 dated 2011.
32.     HARLAND AND WOLFF: Cast oval builder's plaque 'Belfast Shipbuilding'. 10ins. Stamped 'Asturias.' NB: The Asturias modelled for Titanic in the 1958 movie "A Night To Remember". £200-300
33.     CUNARD: Queen Elizabeth 'Atlantic Dawn' by J. Steven Dews, eleven prints. 24ins. x 34ins.
34.     CUNARD LINE: Assorted collection of Queen Elizabeth II ephemera including magazines, booklets, pamphlets, deck plan etc. £20-40
35.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Set of lobby cards from the 1958 Rank Organisation film "A Night to Remember" starring Kenneth Moore. 10ins. x 8ins. Also two sepia unused postcards of the SS Asturias, built in 1925. In the film, the Asturias was for the lifeboat lowering scenes, and stunts.
36.     OCEAN LINER: John Brown & other related press photos of the Queen Elizabeth some at sea. 10ins. x 6ins. (9).
37.     POLAR EXPLORATION: Original copies of the Daily Mirror dated February 12th 1913 and 21st May 1913 relating to Robert Falcon Scott and his ill-fated Terra Nova Expedition. £40-60
38.     CUNARD & LINER: Ephemera to include Queen Elizabeth & Queen Elizabeth II brochures, tins, menus, photos & launch material. £30-50
39.     OCEAN LINER: Cunard and other promotional posters including Queen Elizabeth II, Mauretania and unrelated prints/posters including Titanic (Approx. 9).
40.     CUNARD WHITE STAR: Damask tablecloth with company details to the centre 52ins. x 54ins., together with a letter rack made from decking of Mauretania, Cunard playing cards, Union Castle notebook, Lusitania in memoriam, Titanic chocolate card, etc (8). £80-120
41.     OCEAN LINER: Sheet music to include The Parting of the Ways and An Atlantic Trip relating to Titanic and Lusitania.
42.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Wreck of the Titanic serviette by the Pallentine Printing Co. 14ins. x 14ins. £40-60
43.     R.M.S. TITANIC: A Night to Remember & other related press photos including images of Bertha Cooper, Frank Goldsmith, Louise Pope, etc. (8). £80-120
44.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Press photos showing artist depictions of Titanic sinking, the earliest stamped 1941 (4). £100-150
45.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Press & later photos of Titanic memorials, the earliest stamped 1930 (4).
46.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Modern pewter model of Titanic at sea. 19½ins. £30-50
47.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Modern scratch built model of Titanic in glazed display case with illuminated LED lighting. For collectors' use only. 46ins. £200-300
48.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Steiff black replica of 1912 mourning bears, without boxes. 10ins. 8ins. and 5ins. (3). £60-100
49.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Steiff black replica of 1912 mourning bear, without box. 12ins. £60-100
50.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Steiff black replica of 1912 mourning bear, without box. 16ins.
52.     R.M.S. TITANIC: A Nobel & Perrault Limited Edition Silver Coin Set. Weight 22½oz.
53.     COINS & MEDALS: Silver and white metal medallions including Royal Mint silver proof commemorative medal of Titanic.
54.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Large collection of base metal and tri metallic commemorative coins and medallions relating to Titanic disaster.
55.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Large collection of coloured Titanic half dollars, commemorative coinage and gaming chips.
56.     OCEAN LINER: Collection of modern Titanic related models, some boxed.
57.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Modern Titanic collectables, tapes, CDs to include pole cast figure of E.J. Smith.
58.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Waddington's Premier 'A Night to Remember' jigsaw, boxed. £30-50
59.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Modern Titanic collectables to include catalogues, DVDs, etc. (2 Boxes).
60.     OCEAN LINER: Queen Mary, Cunard and Queen Elizabeth memorabilia to include glasses, ephemera, metal ware and Mercator models.
61.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Large collection of first day covers mostly relating to Titanic Centenary, plus a miscellaneous collection of loose related covers.
62.     CAPTAIN JOHN TREASURE JONES COLLECTION: Personal memorabilia collected throughout his career to include press cuttings from his final voyage, Queen Mary at Longbeach, press photos, ephemera relating to Queen Mary at Longbeach, Concorde related ephemera from Capt. T Jones 1986 flight and a large collection of American related press cuttings.
63.     CAPTAIN JOHN TREASURE JONES COLLECTION: Personal memorabilia to include a large quantity of Concorde press cuttings, American press cuttings relating to his career and the Queen Elizabeth II, plus a Queen Elizabeth II print, signed by W. E. Warwick 22nd April 1969 Master of Queen Elizabeth II.
64.     OCEAN LINER: Queen Mary and other souvenir tins (9).
65.     R.M.S. TITANIC - BOOKS: Large collection of Titanic related fiction, non-fiction and reference material.
66.     BOOKS: Collection of Titanic related reference books plus a quantity of CQD Titanic of the Ulster Society, Voyage the Journal of Titanic International Society.
67.     BOOKS: Large collection of Titanic related reference books including "Titanic End of a Dream", "Clear to America by Titanic", "SOS To the Rescue", etc. Approx. 24.
68.     BOOKS: Titanic related reference books to include "Defending Capt. Lord" by Leslie Harrison & "Titanic Triumph & Tragedy". £30-50
69.     BOOKS: Mixed collection of post-disaster reference books & pamphlets including "Titanic Exhibition" & "The Birth of the Titanic" by Michael McCaughan. £30-50
70.     BOOKS: Modern Titanic reference volumes to include "The Ship that Stood Still", Stanley Lehrer's "Titanic Fortune & Fate". £30-50
71.     BOOKS: Ocean liner reference books to include reprints of the "Lusitania & Aquitania Shipbuilders". £30-50
72.     BOOKS: Queen Mary II & Cunard coffee table/reference books to include "Birth of a Legend" £30-50
73.     BOOKS: R.M.S. Queen Mary reference books & pamphlets to include signed first edition "Three Stacks & You're Out" & "R.M.S. Queen Mary Queen of the Queens" by Velma Krauch. £40-60
74.     BOOKS: Ocean liner reference books to include "Great Passenger Ships of the World" (6 volumes) & "Dammed by Destiny". £30-50
75.     BOOKS: Ocean liner reference books relating to Normandie, Holland America Line, Blue Funnel Line, Merchant Fleet at War, etc. £30-50
76.     OCEAN LINER: Menus & ephemera relating to Anchor Line, NZ Shipping Co, Brazil Star, French Lines, MV Apollo, SS Norway, Queen Elizabeth II, Cunard including Queen Mary & Mauretania, Achille Lauro, Italian Line, Ferries & Holland America Line, etc. £40-60
77.     MARITIME: Bookrack made from timber from H.M.S. Britannia (1869-1905) and a collection of mixed silver-plated items including SS Republic souvenir spoon, Lancastria spill vase, Carmania brush, Cunard White Star sugar tongs, etc.
78.     OCEAN LINER: Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd SS Karoa card holder and CGT French sugar bowl (4). £30-50
79.     MARITIME/WWII/THIRD REICH: Collection of Bavarian Hapag blue and white china marked with the LAH monogram. NB The Leibstandarte were Adolf Hitler's personal guard and their LAH logo appears to match the above. (7)
80.     OCEAN LINER: Early 20th century cut glass to include Nordeutscher LLoyd, Victor Schweppe, etc. (18). £50-80
80A.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Collection of Titanic jigsaws, a number unopened, in original packaging (7).
80B.    TOYS & PASTIMES: Mixed box of Titanic related games and jigsaws (9).
80C.    R.M.S. TITANIC - TOYS & PASTIMES: 'Raise the Titanic', a game of fortune, 'The Sinking of the Titanic' game; boxed Revell models x 2, 1:720 model of Titanic (5).
81.     OCEAN LINER: Red Star Line powder pot & lid, Hapag decanter, Red Star Line liqueur glass (3). £80-120
82.     OCEAN LINER: Flatware to include Red Star Line, Nordeutscher Lloyd, Bremen, Hapag, Northern Lighthouse Board, etc. £100-150
83.     MARITIME: Rare 19th/early 20th century Irish Lighthouse Service cut glass decanter & stopper 13½ins. £150-250
84.     OCEAN LINER: Red Star Line cut glass wine carafes (2), engraved house flag to front 9ins. £100-150
85.     OCEAN LINER: Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd sailor's cap, Galeria sailor's cap plus one other, cap tally with gilt lettering, coat hanger, etc. £60-100
86.     OCEAN LINER: Ceramics to include Baron Line, Union Steam Ship Co., Polish Ocean Liner, Verenigde Tankrederij B.V. Rotterdam, Irish Lighthouse Service, Verenigde Nederlandsche Soheepvaart Maatschappij, Canary Islands Steamers, Elders & Fifes Ltd, etc. Approx 20.
87.     OCEAN LINER: Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd ceramics to include spirits bottle, meat oval, cobalt blue cup and saucer, etc. (10).
88.     OCEAN LINER: Ceramics to include Wilson Lane cup & saucer, Red Star Line Irine S. Lemos, Royal Mail Steam Packet Co., New Zealand Shipping Co., Nordeutscher Lloyd, Anchor Line, etc. (14).
89.     OCEAN LINER: Ceramics to include impressive Hapag (Hamburg America) meat oval, Victor Schweppe teapot & milk jug, OPDR teapot, etc. (14)
90.     OCEAN LINER: WMF Turkish Maritime Lines, Istanbul, ice bucket 8½ins.
91.     OCEAN LINER: Koninklijke Hollandsche Lloyd of Amsterdam five piece Elkington plate tea service. £200-300
92.     OCEAN LINER: Masons ironstone Queen Mary commemorative plate 10½ins. Queen Mary souvenir bottle and a Chad Valley Queen Mary model - boxed. £40-60
93.     OCEAN LINER: Cunard cut glass ashtray, silver plated condiments, Queen Elizabeth II badges, memorabilia & Cunard Porsgrund 1992 cruise plate. £30-50
94.     OCEAN LINER: Cunard art deco Foley cube tea set plus miscellaneous other examples of Foley china (14). One jug restored and a small chip to teapot. £150-250
95.     OCEAN LINER: Cunard Royal Doulton & other on board First-Class tableware. £20-40
96.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Clifton Webb & Barbara Stanwyck 1953 movie Titanic lobby cards (7). 14ins. x 11ins. £50-80
97.     STEIFF: Limited edition Titanic Teddy Bear, boxed with certificate of authenticity, 18ins. high. £150-250
98.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Clifton Webb & Barbara Stanwyck 1953 movie Titanic portrait & landscape lobby cards (2). 16ins. x 12ins. 14ins. x 12ins. £80-120
99.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Coloured Night to Remember lobby cards (7) 14ins. x 11ins. £150-250
100.    OCEAN LINER: Cunard Queen Elizabeth II pin brooches including Farewell Season 2008 (4) plus Union Castle Line souvenir butterfly wing pin brooches (7) and a Stratton enamel pin brooch. (12 in total).
101.    OCEAN LINER: Cunard souvenir pin brooches, R.M.S. Scythia and R.M.S. Franconia (2) 1½ins.
102.    OCEAN LINER: Allan Line souvenir brooches, R.M.S. Virginian (1905), scrapped and sold to Swedish Line and was renamed Drottningholm. NB: The Virginian was in wireless communication with the Titanic and in early reports was said to be towing the Titanic to Halifax. Approx. 1½ins. x ¾ins.
R.M.S. Corsican (1907), wrecked in 1923. NB: The Corsican collided with an iceberg in the same year as the Titanic on 12th August 1912, but survived with slight damage. Approx. 1ins. x 1ins. (2 in total).
103.    OCEAN LINER: Anchor Line souvenir enamel pin brooches, SS California, SS Transylvania, SS Caledonia and SS Cameronia (4) 1½ins.
104.    CANADIAN PACIFIC LINE: Unusual Empress of Ireland souvenir enamel pin brooch and memorial postcard (unused).
105.    OCEAN LINER: Mixed sailing lists and publicity material relating to White Star Line and Cunard. £30-50
106.    BOOKS: Queen Mary hardbound reference books to include "Advanced Proof Copy of Mary the Inevitable Ship", "Via Regent Street" souvenir edition of "Queen Mary's Voyage", a Queen Mary record and pictures, etc. £40-60
107.    CUNARD: Ephemera to include menus, brochure, notepaper & passenger list relating to R.M.S. Queen Mary.
108.    R.M.S. MAURETANIA: Original period photograph of her launch 20th September 1906 at Swan Hunter, Wallsend on Tyne in period oak frame 9½ins. x 8ins.
109.    CUNARD: Promotional ephemera relating to R.M.S. Queen Mary to include brochures, menus, Women's Journal, souvenir of maiden voyage, souvenir launch programme of Queen Mary (1934) & 1936 pictional printed souvenir. £50-80
110.    OCEAN LINER: R.M.S. Queen Mary & Cunard related ephemera to include publicity brochures, luggage tags, Queen Mary book of comparisons, unusual folder of Queen Mary camera studies, rare souvenir brochure & photographic view commemorating her launch & from the cradle to the sea. A biographical study of R.M.S. Queen Mary. £80-120
111.    OCEAN LINER: Publicity brochures, printed ephemera relating to Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and Franconia & Britannic, etc. £40-60
112.    CUNARD: Mixed collection of white metal and other Queen Elizabeth collectables, to included tie pins, tea strainer, badges, etc. (13).
113.    OCEAN LINER: Mixed shipboard souvenirs to include Franconia, Britannic, Carmania, Queen Mary, Sylvania, Lusitania, etc.
114.    LINER: Four funnel commemorative ceramic Arcadian Liner with later embellishment Titanic, three milk glass ribbon plates with modern paintings of Titanic, Olympic and Carpathia, etc.
115.    TOYS & PASTIMES: Boxed Victory and other jigsaw puzzles including Queen Mary, Mammoth jigsaw no 128 of Mauretania, The Launching of the Queen Mary zigzag puzzle (6).
116.    TOYS & PASTIMES: Boxed jigsaw puzzles to included Chad Valley, Cunard, Carmania, Berengaria, etc (7).
117.    OCEAN LINER: R.M.S. Queen Mary official pictorial souvenir gramophone record 'Be British' in remembrance of the Titanic and a Queen Mary souvenir napkin.
118.    OCEAN LINER/TOYS: Cunard and White Star jigsaw puzzles (6). Complete but no boxes.
119.    BOOKS: Special souvenir number of "The Aquitania Shipbuilder" June 1914, first edition. £120-180
120.    OCEAN LINER: Queen Mary related ephemera to include unusual Kellogg's passenger liner model, Queen Mary Minic craft model, hardbound commemorative volume "My Voyage on the Queen Mary", Queen Mary wine list, etc. £100-150
121.    WHITE STAR LINE: Late 19th early 20th century Banks & Co. lithographic print of Oceanic at sea. 18ins. x 12ins. £50-80
122.    R.M.S. TITANIC - WILLIAM MACQUITTY COLLECTION: Original photo postcard with pencil notation to reverse 'Property of Mrs Quinn, 10 Windsor Avenue, Bangor, Co Down'. 'Believed to be taken on SS Titanic.
NB: It appears highly unlikely this was taken on board the ship, but the original recipients obviously thought otherwise, plus one other unrelated photo postcard of Queenstown. £40-60
123.    WHITE STAR LINE: Mixed ephemera to include Homeric, Calgaric and Doric.
124.    WHITE STAR LINE: Rare 19th century sailing list dating from March 1888, 20 pages.
125.    WHITE STAR LINE: Plans of accommodation for SS Albertic and MV Georgic.
126.    WHITE STAR LINE: Original deck plan of R.M.S. Majestic 56,551 tons. Approx. 3ft. 8ins. x 3ft. Plan of First-Class accommodation A-G decks, The Largest Steamer in the World, Quadruple Screw Turbine. White Star Line (Burgee) 1925 Southampton-Cherbourg-New York Express Service.
Original deck plan of R.M.S. Homeric, approx. 3ft. 4ins. x 2ft. 10ins. Plan of First-Class accommodation, Sun, Boat, Prom. A, B, C, D decks with colour picture of the ship, May 1930, burgee top right.
Original deck plan, White Star Line Cruises S.S. Doric 16,500 tons. Plan of accommodation February 1933. One picture of the ship, four pictures of interiors. Smoking Room, Gymnasium, Verandah, Drawing Room. Boat, Prom. A-F decks.
Original deck plan 1927 De Luxe Cruise to the Mediterranean Homeric, White Star Liner, 34,692 tons. Chartered by Thos. Cook & Sons Ltd, membership in this cruise is limited. Sailing from NYC January 22nd returning March 30th.
(Four deck plans in total)
127.    OCEAN LINER: Press and later photos relating to Mauretania, Majestic, Mesopotamia, the earliest 1940. (12).
128.    WHITE STAR LINE: Publicity brochures and sailing lists to include Celtic and Olympic (4). £40-60
129.    WHITE STAR LINE: First-Class book of music dated 1934. NB: Almost identical copies of this book were used onboard Titanic.
130.    R.M.S. TITANIC: International News photos, press photos entitled 'Titanic Hero Visits US' showing Captain Rostron. 8ins. x 6ins.
131.    CUNARD LINE: R.M.S Carpathia First-Class breakfast menu, Tuesday 20th August 1912. Mauretania passenger list, westbound 30th August 1924, Second Class. (Rostron in command). Cunard baggage label enclosed, Southampton - New York via Cherbourg and a famous Cunarders booklet featuring Berengaria, Aquitania, Mauretania plus many others.
132.    R.M.S. CARPATHIA: Second-Class Breakfast menu dated September 7th 1911. £50-80
133.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Letters and ephemera to include a signed letter from Leslie Harrison relating to Stanley Lord, dated 17th December 1970, Walter Lord signed Titanic Enthusiasts of America menu, and miscellaneous modern stamps and postcards.
134.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo postcards showing the Engineers Memorial in Southampton from various angles (5). £120-180
135.    R.M.S. CARPATHIA: Group of five sepia & coloured images of Titanic's rescue ships in Gibraltar & Palermo.
136.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo postcards showing the Engineers Memorial in Southampton from various angles (5). £120-180
137.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Plan of First-Class accommodation, reprinted June 1925. One illustration of the vessel and five interior illustrations (3 cabins and 2 suites). Largest British built steamer, Decks A-F, red burgee. Approx. 3ft. 3ins. x 2ft. 6ins. £150-250
138.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Plan of Tourist Accommodation October 1931. White Star Line (Red Burgee) Triple Screw 46,439 tons. Approx. 36ins. x 30ins. Aft ends of Decks A, B, C, D, E, & F. One illustration of vessel, three interiors, dining saloon, lounge and smoking room. £150-250
139.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Unused period postcard depicting collision between H.M.S. Hawke & Olympic September 20th 1911.
140.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Colour promotional flyer of 1920 sailings and fares for U.S. 14ins. x 9½ins.
141.    WHITE STAR LINE: R.M.S. Olympic tile purchased from Crown Berger Paint Works, Haltwhistle sale. Measures approx. 6ins. x 6ins.
142.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Set of three different in memoriam and in loving memory cards for those lost in the Titanic.
143.    WHITE STAR LINE: Cherbourg related postcards showing tenders at Cherbourg including Nomadic (10).
144.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Period watercolour, titled 'T.S.S. Titanic' monogram J.L. 19/12/14. Framed and glazed. 6½ins. x 5ins. £70-100
145.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A period wood carver's plane hammer with bronze head impressed "H&W" "Belfast" "1911" "Engine. R.M." "Titanic" on each side of the hexagonal head. The age of the hammer head is unknown but it is certainly in the folk art style, with later treen handle. 11ins. £200-300
146.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Period magic lantern slides to include one showing "The
world famous iceberg which slew Titanic" (9). £80-120
147.    R.M.S. TITANIC: The Journal of Commerce, report of the British Official Inquiry into the circumstances attending the loss of the R.M.S. Titanic. Reprinted from the Journal of Commerce Liverpool. Cost one shilling per copy, front cover loose.
148.    WHITE STAR LINE: Rare colour photograph of the SS Nomadic at Cherbourg. A post-war photograph of the Nomadic in the colours of the SCSR and named Ingenieur Minard. The Nomadic carried First-Class and Second-Class passengers to the Titanic on her maiden voyage, when she anchored in Cherbourg Harbour 5ins. x 3ins.
149.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unused set of sixteen lantern slides 'Be British' series dedicated to the ill-fated crew of Titanic. In contemporary box. £300-500
150.    OCEAN LINER: Original National Disaster Relief Fund report. The Executive Committee & Mansion House Council 30th June 1926 relating to Titanic, Empress of Ireland & Lusitania.
151.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Original first edition of "The Deathless Story of the Titanic", issued by Lloyd's Weekly News. Price 2d. Complete narrative with many illustrations, plus a Daily Graphic supplement, In Memoriam Number. One penny April 20th 1912.
152.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Royal Opera House original Covent Garden brochure for 'Dramatic & Operatic Matinee in Aid of the Titanic Disaster Fund. Tuesday 14th May 1912'.
153.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Shipping casualties (Loss of the steamship Titanic), report of a formal investigation presented to both houses of Parliament by command of His Majesty. This is the famed blue book, published by His Majesty's Stationery Office. Price 7/half pence.
154.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post Titanic rigging plan of the ill-fated liner. Scale 1/12ins.-1ft. 80½ins.
NB: The plan has been consigned from a vendor in Northern Ireland who obtained it a number of years ago.
155.    WHITE STAR LINE: First Class side plate with company house flag to centre. Stonier pattern marks to reverse. Slight wear. Diameter approx. 7¾ins.
156.    OCEAN LINE: Cut glass celery glasses, engraved with flag and burgee. 8ins. (2). £80-120
157.    BOOKS: "The Titanic" by E.J. Pratt, signed first edition.
158.    BOOKS: "The American Review of Reviews" Vol 45 January - June 1912 hardbound, "The Story of New York Times 1851-1951", "White Star" by Roy Anderson (3).
159.    BOOKS: Memorial edition "The Sinking of the Titanic", "The Sinking of the Titanic", "The Story of the Wreck of the Titanic". All period 1912 volumes (3).
160.    R.M.S. TITANIC - BOOKS: "Titanic and other Ships" by Charles Lightoller, Bay Tree edition. £40-60
161.    R.M.S. TITANIC - BOOKS: "Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder" second edition.
162.    BOOKS: Autographed first edition of The Ismay Line Wilton J. Oldman, "The Titanic Tragedy", "God Speaking to the Nations" and "Memorial of Henry Forbes Julian". All first editions (3).
163.    R.M.S. TITANIC - BOOKS: "The Loss of the Titanic" by Lawrence Beasley 1912 first edition.
164.    BOOKS: "The Truth about the Titanic" by Archibald Gracie 1913 first edition.
165.    BOOKS: "Notes on Life & Letters" by Joseph Conrad 1921 first edition. £40-60
166.    BOOKS: Extremely rare first edition of "The Fallen Pillar" by Sylvanus in memoriam SS Titanic. £300-500
167.    BOOKS: Memorial edition of "The Sinking of the Titanic" together with a salesman copy of the same (2). £40-60
168.    BOOKS: "The Sinking of the Titanic & Great Sea Disasters" 1912 first edition together with a salesman copy of the same (2). £40-60
169.    BOOKS: "Titanic" by Filson Young 1912 first edition. £50-80
170.    BOOKS: "Poetical Tribute on the Loss of R.M.S. Titanic 1912" first edition. £50-80
171.    BOOKS: "The Letters of Archie Butt, Titanic First-Class passenger and personal aide to President Roosevelt". £40-60
172.    BOOKS: Rare 1915 first edition "The Sinking of the Titanic" & other poems by C. Victor Stahl. £200-300
173.    BOOKS: Rare first edition of "Ocean's Greatest Tragedy R.M.S. Titanic". Published 1912 by Marine Publishing Company. £200-300
174.    BOOKS: Rare souvenir number of the Titanic/Olympic edition of the "Shipbuilder". £400-600
175.    BOOKS: "The Titanic Catastrophe & Its Lessons" by a passenger of rescue ship Carpathia Philip Mauro, printed by Morgan & Scott Ltd. £40-60
176.    R.M.S. TITANIC: "Home from the Sea" by Arthur Rostron 1931 first edition.
177.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Bonner Arcade House of Whitley Bay post-disaster Titanic postcard.
178.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Third Officer Herbert Pitman, handwritten postcard from Queenstown, New Zealand, postally used June 1907.
179.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Third Officer Herbert Pitman, handwritten postcard of Anlaby Road, Hull, used 10th November 1908, with personal message.
180.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Extremely rare real photo postcard produced privately showing Titanic from the stern in Southampton. The reverse bears handwritten notation regarding the ship.
181.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Third Officer Herbert Pitman, handwritten postcard of Mount Egremont, New Zealand, postally used 14th October 1910.
182.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare privately produced in memoriam card, T.S.S. Titanic postally used May 1912.
183.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Original Bank of New York "John Doe" Titanic related card plus a post-sinking artist's view of the ill-fated liner (2).
184.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual real photo postcard titled 'S.S. Titanic'.
185.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Coloured Valentine series postcard of the largest and most complete passenger vessel ever built. Postally used June 1912 plus one other of comparisons between the Olympic Class & The Greatest Buildings on earth. £150-250
186.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post disaster postcard. Printed message on reverse "Premier's Tribute to the Dead who lost their lives in the Titanic disaster". £150-250
187.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual Wallace Hartley related postcard titled 'The last Hymn' showing a stylised picture of the ship by Mr Hartley. £200-300
188.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post disaster postcard of the ill-fated liner with related message dated April 2nd 1912. The author states 'Would you take a boat ride? no, well this is the one that made history, everyone here feels as if personally bereaved'. £150-200
189.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo postcard of Titanic leaving Southampton on her maiden voyage April 10th 1912.
190.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Signal series real photo postcard bearing the caption "Capt. Smith and Officers of the Titanic".
191.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unused coloured postcard of the CS Mackay Bennett off New Foundland printed by Ayre & Sons St Johns New Foundland.
192.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Memorabilia relating to the late Steve Rigby's dive to the wreck of the Titanic on 29th July 2001. It includes a styrofoam cup carried to the wreck on the outside of the submersible and crushed by the water pressure to less than a quarter of its original size, a postcard carried in the submersible, signed copy of Mr Rigby's book and postcards of the wreck etc.
193.    R.M.S. TITANIC: French press photo showing an artist's impression of Titanic hitting the iceberg.
194.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Set of three different in memoriam and in loving memory cards for those lost in the Titanic.
195.    WHITE STAR LINE: Unusual list of proposed sailings for 1911 with several pages relating to the promotion of Olympic & Titanic, together with illustrations of Olympic First and Second-Class areas. The front cover is stamped "All minimum fares increase by 10 shillings 17th July 1911" overprinted above an image of a four funnelled liner titled Olympic & Titanic 45,000 tons, The largest steamers in the world (Building). Also sold in the lot is a similar Cunard passenger list relating to Lusitania, Mauretania and Carpathia.
196.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic relief fund cheque for Second-Class passenger Slemen of St German's Cornwall.
197.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic relief fund cheque for family of Asst Kitchen Store Keeper Rogers of Southampton.
198.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Promotional brochure depicting a cross sectional diagram of the Olympic & her ill-fated sister Titanic. In need of restoration. £550-650
199.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Contemporary scrap book with pages showing newspaper cuttings of Titanic disaster plus a press photo of Titanic imposter John Bartell. £50-80
200.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Original sheet music including The Hebrew Publishing Co. Titanic Disaster 'My Sweetheart Went Down with the Ship', 'Just as the Ship Went Down' (5). £50-80
201.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Reverse glass painting of the ill-fated liner at sea, together with oversize in memoriam card. 7ins. x 7ins. and 13ins. x 12ins. and a Third edition "The Deathless Story of the Titanic".
202.    R.M.S TITANIC: Set of remembrance postcards published by Bamforth and issued at the time of the disaster (6).
203.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Walton of Belfast bookpost real photo postcard "Nearer my God to Thee" National series plus seven other marine related cards including Lusitania & Queen Mary. £80-120
204.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic survivor autographs to include Frank Aks, Barbara Dainton West, Millvina Dean, Marshall Drew, Madeleine Mellinger, Frank Goldsmith, Margaret Devaney and Edwina Trout.
205.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Autographed letter dated December 29th 1931 from Titanic First-Class passenger Henry S Harper, a Rembrandt postcard, signed Eva Hart, other signed letters and postcards.
206.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Ephemera to include Women's Titanic Memorial Contributions slip, two volumes of French Architecture, owned and inscribed by Titanic First-Class passenger Edward Kent, Carpathia postcard titled SS Carpathia who rescued 705 Survivors of the Titanic, etc.
207.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic First-Class passenger Helen Ostby signed autographed copy of "Seven Memorial Songs", this is a particularly rare survivor autograph. £200-300
208.    THE WILLIAM MACQUITTY COLLECTION: "A Night to Remember" promotional material to include notepaper, stickers and promotional brochure (9).
209.    THE WILLIAM MACQUITTY COLLECTION: "A Night to Remember" promotional material plus other related items owned by Mr MacQuitty including Deathless Story of the Titanic, sheet music, photos, signed first day covers, etc. £50-80
209A.   THE WILLIAM MACQUITTY COLLECTION - BOOKS: Unique personalised hardbound copy of "The Ghost of the Grand Banks" by Arthur C. Clarke with bespoke cover, personalised title page and handwritten inscription "To Bill with love Arthur 6th March 90". £200-300
210.    THE WILLIAM MACQUITTY COLLECTION: A collection of press photographs, some reprints used by Mr MacQuitty during his research of the Titanic and copies of pages of period publications (20). £100-150
211.    THE WILLIAM MACQUITTY COLLECTION: A collection of press photographs from A Night to Remember. A number are stamped "William MacQuitty Mote Mount, Near Clarks Lane, Mill Hill, London NW7" with typed notations describing them. Approx. 27. £250-350
212.    THE WILLIAM MACQUITTY COLLECTION: A collection of press photographs from A Night to Remember. A number are stamped "William MacQuitty Mote Mount, Near Clarks Lane, Mill Hill, London NW7" with typed notations describing them. Approx. 27. £250-350
213.    THE WILLIAM MACQUITTY COLLECTION: A collection of press photographs from A Night to Remember. A number are stamped "William MacQuitty Mote Mount, Near Clarks Lane, Mill Hill, London NW7" with typed notations describing them. Approx. 27. £250-350
214.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic survivor autographs to include Louise Kink-Pope, Marjorie Robb, George Richards, Edith Russell, Eleanor Shuman and Carpathia passenger John Snyder, the photographer who took a number of images of Titanic's lifeboats being recovered.
215.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic First-Class passenger and prominent artist Francis Millet handwritten autographed letter written during his time in Paris.
216.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Titanic First-Class passenger & victim George Widener signed W. Philadelphia Passenger Railway Co. stock certificate plus an invitation from the Wideners to a party.
217.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Survivor photographs to include Thomas Jack Odell, John Ryerson, Edith Haisman and an International Mercantile Marine Stock Certificate signed by prominent financier August Belmont Jr.
218.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare pre-disaster postcard depicting White Star Line Titanic the largest liner in the world. Postally used.
219.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual Victor postcard showing artist's impression of Titanic foundering April 15th 1912.
220.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare privately printed postcard 'In Loving Memory of the 1635 Souls who Perished on the Titanic'.
221.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo postcard of Titanic leaving Southampton with post-disaster caption.
222.    R.M.S. TITANIC: FGO Stuart postcard of Titanic at sea, plus Beagles real photo card of Titanic leaving Southampton.
223.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster postcard of ill-fated Titanic. Postally used April 22nd 1912 W.T. Gaines, Leeds.
224.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare post-disaster privately printed postcard of Titanic at sea. £200-300
225.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare in memoriam postcards relating to the loss of the Titanic. One by W. Turner.
226.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Pre-disaster Titanic advertising postcards. One postally used October 23rd 1911. £150-250
227.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo postcards of Titanic including Hurst & Co. (3).
228.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual postcard showing the ill-fated SS Titanic on 15th April 1912 alongside an image of Captain J. Smith. £100-150
229.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare pre-sinking Togo & Co. Singapore real photo postcard of SS Titanic issued by Prince's Tiffin Rooms, Singapore.
230.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare In Memoriam postcards, one printed by Shorthouse, Birmingham, the other by Alfred Dart of Landport.
231.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare real photo postcard of E.J. Smith titled 'Be British' the last words of Titanic's Captain.
232.    R.M.S. TITANIC: GD Courtney real photo card of Titanic leaving Southampton. Postally used in Southampton April 23rd 1912.
233.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Postcard, The New White Star Line Titanic, giving details of the ship plus another of the Titanic advertising The Hippodrome, Neath.
234.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Covent Garden matinee programme in aid of Titanic Disaster Fund.
235.    R.M.S. TITANIC: First-Class passenger and Chairman of The Grand Trunk Railway, Charles Hays, signed letter footer. £80-120
235A.   R.M.S. TITANIC: Able seaman Thomas William Jones, handwritten postcard, dated 27th August 1913. £80-120
236.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Steward and survivor Leo Hyland 1893-1974, letter signed "Yours L.J. Hyland".
237.    R.M.S. TITANIC: First-Class delivery voyage passenger Edward Wilding, hand signed letter section, "Yours faithfully Ed Wilding".
NB: Edward Wilding was one of the few onboard Titanic who boarded at Belfast and disembarked at Southampton. He gave evidence at the British Titanic Inquiry & was a senior naval architect for Harland & Wolff who worked on the design of the ship.
239.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Superb oversize formal photograph of Thomas Andrews, one of the heroes of Titanic taken around 1911. This formal portrait was purchased by the vendor from the Andrews family residence Ardara House, Comber, County Down, Northern Ireland, sold with its period oak frame and letter of provenance measures 23ins. x 17ins.
240.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Period Culver Pictures Inc press photo of Titanic taken after her launch May 31st 1911, with press stamps to reverse. 6½ins. x 5ins. £500-800
241.    R.M.S. TITANIC: 'The New White Star Line Titanic nearing completion. Docked in the largest graving dock in the world Belfast February 1912'. The collection of the late Herbert Pitman, Third Officer on Titanic and the first officer to leave the sinking ship.
Provenance Ex Pitman Collection 15-4-1993 Onslows Auctioneers via direct descent. £600-1000
242.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Superb original photo of Titanic's lifeboat no 6 arriving alongside R.M.S. Carpathia, the liner that was captained by Arthur Rostron and was responsible for the rescue of all Titanic surviving passengers and crew. The photo was taken by Carpathia passenger Louis Ogden and shows a number of those individuals saved including Molly Brown, Frederick Fleet and Quartermaster Robert Hichens holding the tiller, whilst appearing to be wrapped in a blanket. A reference copy of a letter to Mr Ogden from Archibald Gracie relating to his photographs is included in the lot 5½ins. x 4ins.
243.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Extremely rare photo of an oddly-shaped 'blueberg' photographed by the Captain of the S.S. Etonian. The image shows a massive iceberg with a very odd elliptical shape, and is captioned in black ink. "Iceberg taken by Captain Wood SS Etonian in 41°50N 49°50W April 12th at 4pm 1913 (sic) Titanic struck April 14th and sank in 3 hours". The significance of this photo is heightened by an original handwritten letter by Captain Wood written on board SS Etonian to the vendor's great grandfather Billy Tucker who as a young man wrote to Wood regarding the matter of photography. Wood states "I am sending you a sea picture the Etonian running before a gale and the iceberg that sank the Titanic. We crossed the ice tracks 40hrs before her and in daylight so saw the ice easily and I got a picture". The second image Wood refers to of the Etonian in a gale is included in the lot.
Unfortunately, there is no surviving photograph of the iceberg taken from Titanic's deck that night. Several photographs of the icebergs in Titanic's vicinity taken before and after the collision have been offered throughout the years as candidates for the iceberg which sunk the ship.
Fredrick Fleet, the lookout on duty who first spotted the iceberg, and Joseph Scarrott, an able-bodied seaman, each drew sketches of the iceberg which appear similar to the iceberg in this photo. Their drawings are reproduced on pages 140-141 of Titanic: "Triumph and Tragedy", Second Edition, by John P. Eaton and Charles A. Haas (W.W. Norton & Company, 1955). A "Blueberg" as indicated in the caption simply refers to the tinting of the iceberg from the sun's rays, much like the "blue" ocean. It bears a resemblance to images drawn by Titanic's lookout and crewman. 5ins. x 4ins. £8000-12000
244.    BELFAST/HARLAND AND WOLFF: Superb Elkington plate large oval serving tray engraved with the Harland family crest of a mythical creature holding an anchor. 30ins.
Provenance Helen Reilly Harland formerly Andrews.
245.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Sam Smith served on the Minia and was onboard during the mission where she took part in recovering the bodies of those lost on the Titanic. The archive is sold via direct descent and has never been shown publicly before. Sam was a joiner on the Minia and can be seen at no 10 in the crew list. It is without doubt one of the most complete collections of material owned and collected by a Minia crewman in existence. Thanks to Roger Marsters, curator of Marine History in Halifax NS and Craig A. Sopin, one of the leading Titanic authorities in the world, for their assistance in researching the collection.

Original oversize photograph taken from The Prinz Adalbert on the days after the Titanic disaster of an iceberg thought by some to have been the culprit that sank Titanic. If this is indeed the iceberg it would be impossible to prove conclusively. However we do know that SS Prinz Adalbert was in the vicinity of Titanic's collision with the berg on April 16th. It is unknown how Mr Smith obtained this photo, however the image itself was contained within the Titanic wreck wood frame sold as lot 246. A fascinating piece of Titanic memorabilia with impeccable provenance. Mounted on board 13½ins. x 9ins. Together with a letter written by Mr Smith on board CS Minia dated 4/8/1918, portrait photo & telegram addressed to the Minia 11/11/1918 'Armistice was signed today 6am November 11th'. £2000-3000
246.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Extremely rare substantial oak frame carved from timber recovered from the ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic. This particular wreck wood frame is one of the largest known examples of its type in existence today from Titanic. It was fashioned by Mr Smith and has remained in his family since 1912. Sold with letter of authenticity to this fact. 21ins. x 18ins. £12000-18000
247.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Original illustrated family Bible belonging to Mr Smith and his wife Lily. £500-800
248.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Original copy of The Western Union News featuring Capt. de Carteret, handwritten letter from Mr Smith, period photo of him on board the Minia. Notation to reverse December 29th 1918. 'Notice how happy we all look'. Archival folder of letters and photos relating to Mr Smith, his work and family. Also a series of copies of images of the Minia, etc.
249.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Samuel & Lily Smith's wedding photo, sold complete with his watch chain decorated with a piece of ships cable, as seen in the photograph, wedding ring with cable decoration, identity charm and a yellow metal locket. 9ins. x 7ins. £200-300
250.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: A rare oak frame fashioned by Samuel Smith from wreck wood from the ill-fated Titanic, which has remained in his family since 1912. Sold with letter of provenance attesting to its authenticity. Contained within the frame is a contemporary artistic impression of Titanic at sea 10½ins. x 12½ins. £4000-6000
251.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Rare Young Brothers of Toronto Minia postcard.
252.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Rare pair of sepia photographs showing the Minia in pack ice, mounted on card. 8½ins. x 6ins.
253.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: CS Minia, period images of the Minia at sea and stuck in ice, from Mr Smith's personal collection 8ins. x 9ins. and 8ins. x 6½ins. £200-300
254.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Archive collection of ephemera & photos to include Mr Smith and his family, personal rent book, newspaper dated 14th August 1937 detailing his retirement from the Western Union, etc. £150-250
255.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Extremely rare C.S. Minia Christmas and New Year card for 1911-12.
256.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THE SAMUEL ALFRED SMITH ARCHIVE: Exceptional album of personal photographs, numerous examples taken onboard the Minia, showing her cable laying, in ice and dry dock to name but a few. There are a number of other photos including family, a four funnelled liner at sea etc. £800-1200
The following archive is sold by direct descent and has never been auctioned or offered for sale remaining in the Lowe family since 1912. Harold Lowe was without doubt one of the heroes of the Titanic disaster, his heroic actions having been portrayed in numerous books and films, most recently by Ioan Gruffudd in James Cameron's blockbuster Titanic.

Harold Godfrey Lowe was born in Llanrhos, Caernarvonshire, Wales on 21st November 1882, the fourth of eight children, to George and Harriet. His father had ambitions for him to be apprenticed to a successful Liverpool businessman, but Harold was determined to go to sea. At 14, he ran away from home and joined the Merchant Navy, serving along the West African Coast. Starting as a Ship's Boy aboard the Welsh coastal schooners as he worked to progress his career. In 1906 he gained his second mate's certificate, and 1908 he his first mate's. In his own words, "experience with pretty well every ship afloat" - the different classes of ships afloat - from the schooner to the square-rigged sailing vessel, and from that to steamships, and of all sizes. He served as Third Officer on the Belgic and the Tropic before being transferred to Titanic as Fifth Officer in 1912. Despite his numerous years at sea, the maiden voyage of the Titanic was to be his first transatlantic crossing.

After Titanic's collision with the iceberg he portrayed a cool and calm demeanour under pressure. Before and during loading of lifeboats it is said he ordered J. Bruce Ismay, Managing Director White Star Line, to get out of his way. "If you will get the hell out of that then I shall be able to do something. Do you want me to lower away quickly? You will have me drown the lot of them".

He left Titanic on lifeboat no. 14. After his crew rowed approx. 150 yards from the sinking, Lowe herded five lifeboats together and redistributed passengers from lifeboat 14 into those other lifeboats. Once the cries of those in the water subsided and he deemed it safe to return, he went back to the wreck site to pick up any survivors, the prime lifeboat to do so. Harold Lowe remained at sea after the sinking but never achieved the command of a ship in the Mercantile Service, although during WWI he was made the rank of commander in the Royal Navy Reserve.

A unique exceptional early 20th century telescope given to Fifth Officer Lowe by Mrs Henry Harris, a Titanic survivor, in recognition of his bravery. The telescope is engraved "To Harold G. Lowe Fifth Officer R.M.S. Titanic, The Real Hero of the Titanic with deepest gratitude from Mrs Henry B Harris of New York April 1912".
258.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: A superb original watercolour of Titanic at sea by Harold Lowe. Original works by a Titanic crewman are exceptionally rare but such a piece by an Officer is to the best of our knowledge unique, and has been cherished by the family since Mr Lowe painted it. Approx. 15ins. x 10ins. £2000-3000
259.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: An exceptional, oversize, signed photograph of the Carpathia's officers personally owned by Officer Lowe and presumed presented shortly after his rescue by the Carpathia. It is signed by the leading Officers including Captain Arthur Rostron. Simply superb. Approx. 15ins. x 10ins. £6000-10000
260.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: Original formal portrait photograph of Harold Lowe by Vanderbilt, signed bottom right, "Yours sincerely Harold 1909". 10ins. x 6ins. £1000-1500
260A.   R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: Original certified copy dated 1905 of Harold Lowe's birth certificate together with his wife Ellen's. £300-500
261.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: Harold Lowe's certificate of competency as a Master of a ship, granted 12th November 1910. The certificate directly relates to the Titanic as this piece is a signed copy dated 1st July 1912. Lowe had filled out an official form two days earlier, on 29th June 1912, certifying that the original had been lost "on board the Titanic in the mid-Atlantic on the 15th April 1912" (UK National Archives). The normal replacement fee was waived. Framed and glazed in its original frame. 14ins. x 10ins. £2000-3000
262.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: Officer Lowe's personal officer's whistle, engraved Lieut. H.G. Lowe RNR. It is unknown if this was the whistle Officer Lowe had on Titanic, however it is without doubt his officer's whistle 2½ins. £2000-3000
263.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: "Titanic" by Filson Young 1912 first edition stamped on front inside leaf 1 Marine Crescent, Deganwy, North Wales, the Lowe family home. £200-300
264.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: White Star Line gilt officer's buttons from the uniform of Harold Lowe, the largest of which was mounted in enamel and converted by Mr Lowe into a hat pin. £600-1000
265.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: Extremely rare copy of "How I was saved from the Titanic" by Charlotte Collyer, handwritten notation to inside cover to Commander H. Lowe from Marjorie Collyer Dutton Xmas 1935'. The lot is sold alongside a handwritten letter to Officer Lowe from Marjorie Collyer, survivor of the Titanic disaster that reads in part - 'Recently an aunt of mine gave me a copy of the original Chicago Monthly which was written the story of the Titanic (sic) as told by my mother at the time of the accident. As she mentioned your name in it several times I wondered if you'd care to accept a copy as I have had the story reprinted".
NB: Marjorie and Charlotte Collyer survived the Titanic disaster but Marjorie's father, Harvey, perished. The Collyer collection is one of the most important written Titanic survivor archives sold. It was auctioned by Henry Aldridge & Son almost 20 years ago. £800-1200
266.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: A rare complete series of four Walton of Belfast postcards of Titanic from start to completion, compiled by Harold Lowe prior to the sinking and kept within his own scrapbook. Each postcard is numbered 1-4 denoting the sequence he placed them in. £1000-1500
267.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIFTH OFFICER HAROLD GODFREY LOWE: Harold Lowe's Royal Naval Reserve Ceremonial Bicorn hat made by J.J. Rayner & Sons, Liverpool in purpose designed carrying case with brass plaque to front engraved H.G. Lowe RNR. 18½ins. £2000-3000
268.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare oversized Fred Pansing advertising oilette of Titanic/Olympic
Fred Pansing was an official White Star Line artist who painted images of ships to hang in company offices, ticket offices and for promotional purposes. Many of his images, including this one, were made as standard-sized postcards. Pansing lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, which was across the Hudson from White Star Line's New York offices in Manhattan.
The oversized advertising poster offered here is known as an oilette, a printing process used by its inventor, Raphael Tuck, who operated a successful postcard printing business in London. This process allows the printed work to appear as an oil painting, even appearing to contain brush strokes from the original painting from which the print was made. Interestingly, Tuck, an observant Jew, is credited with creating the first mass-produced Christmas card. The print is signed by Pansing in the lower right and is backed on board by Galindo Mfg. Co. of New York which was a framer of antique prints in the early part of the 20th Century. The original hanging wire is intact making this piece ready for display.
This is an oversize official White Star Line commissioned piece produced prior to Titanic's maiden voyage and as such is extremely desirable and one of the rarer Olympic class related posters. 15½ins. x 10½ins.
269.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Exceptional Isidor and Ida Straus family journal.
This must be seen to be truly appreciated. The journal measures 14ins. x 12ins. x 4ins. and is beautifully embossed on its black leather cover in gilt, "IN MEMORIAM-Isidor and Ida Straus."
The journal contains not only hundreds of newspaper clippings and photos relating to the Titanic disaster affixed to its pages by the Straus family, many of which are personally captioned in type, but it also includes two extremely rare memorial programmes dedicated to both Isidor and Ida. Most memorials we have seen either only mention Isidor or refer to Ida in smaller type. The book is expertly crafted with fine satin end pages, gilded edges and heavy pages, the quality of which one would expect from the Straus family. Included in the book, but separate from it, is the Straus Family Tree and an original receipt from Woodlawn Cemetery (where Isidor Straus is buried) relating to Stuart Scheftel, the Straus grandson.
It is well known that Isidor Straus was the owner of Macy's Department store in New York and that Isidor and Ida refused to leave each other while Titanic was sinking. Neither survived. Their story has been told and re-told in countless books and films.
The front cover of the book is detached from the remainder of the binding but this is not noticeable when closed. £20000-30000
270.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Superb on board archive relating to R.M.S. Titanic Second-Class bedroom steward Edward Stone. Edward did not survive the disaster and his body was recovered #243 by Mackay-Bennett. The collection includes a handwritten letter on watermarked Titanic stationery dated Thursday April 11th over two sides. It reads in part -
'My darling wife, we did try to cause some excitement before we left. I don't know whether you see it (sic) It's very nice weather I don't think this will be the crowning trip. Anyhow we'll do the best we can trusting we shall bring something good from the other side. Ta ta sweetheart. With all of my fondest love to my dear little wife. Yours ever your loving husband Ted'. With original envelope with indistinct Queenstown and later Southampton postmark 3pm. 12th April 1912.
The collection also includes the original certified extract to the death of a seaman confirming Mr Stone was one of those lost in the Titanic disaster, his original marriage certificate and original photos of Ted and his wife. (12 Items).
271.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Superb Montague Birrel Black White Star Line "Olympic & Titanic." agent's poster. It shows an exceptional artistic rendition of the Titanic/Olympic, completed before the ship was officially launched. This image was clearly a favourite of the White Star Line publicity department, as it appeared on numerous forms of promotional material, including a postcard (issued some time in 1910) announcing that the Olympic had been launched on "Oct. 20, 1910" and that the Titanic, which was currently being built at Belfast, would "be in commission 1911." The image appeared on menus, advertisements, a Second-Class passenger list on the Titanic and the cover of a 1911 souvenir edition of the Shipbuilder. This is an extremely rare poster, with only a few copies having been offered for auction over the past 25 years. Once the Titanic sank on April 15th, 1912, the White Star Line would have destroyed as many of these posters as they could. A further fascinating addendum to the poster is the fact that enquiries are directed to Thomas Cook and Son, one of the oldest and most iconic travel agents in the British Travel Industry. Sadly the company closed its doors in 2019. Framed and glazed 40ins. x 25ins.
272.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare postcard written on board the Titanic by second class passenger Thomas Mudd aged 17. The card actually mentions the Titanic by name. It is written to his mother Mrs Thomas Mudd, The Street, Huntingfield, Halesworth, Suffolk. Reads in full -
"Dear Mother, Arrived at Southampton safe The Titanic is a splendid boat + you hardly know you are moving. Will write more fully later. Your loving son Tom - ps Please send Edie's address also send Her (sic) this card as I do not know it". Stamps removed so postmark incomplete. The card itself is a Tuck's Oilette Celebrated Liners Series No 9898. Mr Mudd was travelling to Radnor, Pennsylvania and did not survive the disaster. £4000-6000
273.    R.M.S. TITANIC: John W. Gill pocket penknife - Hoyland, Hull. Stainless steel with bone handle. 4ins. Provenance Gill archive by descent that was found on the body of Mr Gill when his body No. 155 was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett.
The John Gill Archive. This collection was offered for sale at Henry Aldridge & Son and was one of the rarest and most complete to be offered in recent years. It charted the correspondence between The White Star Line and John William Gill's wife of only two months Sarah Elizabeth Winifred. The archive sold for over £130,000 in 2002, and was sold via direct descent from second class passenger Gill R.M.S. Titanic Ticket Number 233866. Sarah Elizabeth Hodder had married John Gill on the 14th February 1912. Two months later Mr Gill perished on the Titanic. He also had tickets for his wife and her father to join him, but due to outstanding commitments neither could travel at the time and were to follow on later.
The following items were found on Mr Gill's person when his body No. 155 was recovered by the Mackay-Bennett.
Gold Watch and chain, silver match box, $43 in notes, $4.60 in United States silver, 65c in United States nickels, 9 shillings in silver, 7 pence in copper, gold ring, initials J.W.G., pocket knife, pocket comb in case, case containing leads for pencil, collar stud, pocket book with few miscellaneous papers, punch keys, letter addressed to Mrs J W Gill.

NB: The Gill Archive was sold by Henry Aldridge & Son in April 2002 & is still widely regarded as one of the most complete collections of Titanic material attributed to one passenger.

274.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A rare sterling silver mug inscribed "To Captain Rostron As a Token of Grateful Appreciation of His Kindness on the Carpathia after the sinking of the Titanic April 15th 1912 from John B Thayer Jr", the underside marked with sterling silver marks and maker's name Bailey Banks & Biddle prominent Philadelphia Silver Smiths & Retailers 2½ins.
Thayer aged nineteen, jumped into the sea as the ship went down and managed to scramble aboard the upturned collapsible B. At dawn they managed to transfer to lifeboat twelve and were rescued by the Carpathia. It is said he didn't even notice his mother alongside in the lifeboat number four and Mrs Thayer was so numbed by cold and misery that she didn't see her son. Her husband, his father John B Thayer perished in the disaster. He was Second Vice President of The Pennsylvania Railroad and one of the millionaires travelling on the ship. This mug was purchased by the vendor alongside the Tiffany gold watch, presented to Captain Rostron by Mrs John Jacob Astor, which was previously sold by Henry Aldridge & Son for £68,000.
275.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A 1906 US silver half dollar, recovered from the body of Titanic victim John W. Gill. Gill was a Second-Class passenger travelling to America to seek a new life and home for him and his wife, who remained in England. Perishing in the cold waters of the North Atlantic, Gill's body was the 155th body recovered by the Mackay-Bennett, eventually being buried at sea. Numerous objects were recovered from his body and catalogued before being returned to his widow, including this silver piece, all of which were included in the inventory list prepared by the provincial coroner of Nova Scotia. Sarah Gill was never able to bring herself to spend the money and retained it with his other effects including his pocket watch, keys, ring, and additional money and everything remained with the family for 90 years. All of the possessions recovered from Gill were sold in the April 2002 Henry Aldridge & Son Titanic 90th anniversary auction.
Spending £13 for his ticket, Gill was supposed to be joined on the voyage by his wife and father-in-law to start a new life in America, but he travelled alone when Sarah and her father stayed behind to complete their business, while intending to join John later that year. Married for only two months when he died, his wife fell in to such a state of shock that she was unable to speak for over 20 years. A heart-wrenching relic of a young couple's promising future shattered by the tragedy of April 15th, 1912.
The coin is presented in a high-quality frame with details of Mr Gill and copies of Titanic postcards.