Collectables, Antiques
and The Skidmore Collection of Chinese Collectables Auction
on Saturday 18th May 2019

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1.      20th cent. Pitch pine dresser, the rack having two glazed doors with an open centre section. £150-250
2.      Poole Pottery: Lucullus pattern, includes vegetable dishes x 3 (1 cover a/f), mushroom casserole pot and cover, coffee pot, water jug and cover, milk jug, gravy boat (a/f). £30-50
3.      Travel car trunk. Possibly Rolls Royce, Dunhill label above lock. Blackened leather, three locks. 34ins. x 24ins. x 16½ins. At the top. 18ins. At the base. £80-120
4.      Late 19th/early 20th cent. Doherty & Roy, Montreal iron bound trunk. 41ins. x 12ins. x 21ins. £40-70
5.      The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Boxes, brass bound pine box used as a cabin trunk. 28ins. x 16ins. x 16ins plus contents. £30-50
6.      Early 20th cent. Oil Lamp Conversion: Ceramic bowl decorated with roses, standing on an organic design metal base, green/pink toning shade - must be rewired. Plus 19th cent. brass oil lamp with flue & shade and a modern chrome oil lamp with flue. (3)
7.      20th cent. Lighting. Two brass table lamps and quantity of treen enamel shades x 6. £30-40
8.      20th cent. Lighting: Scandinavian design, Hans-Agne Jakobssen,Tulip pendant lamp manufactured by Markoryd, c1965, minus grill/light diffuser and one retainer bar. £20-40
9.      Lighting: 20th cent. Brass effect chandelier, with six bayonet fitting sockets with glass shades in the form of Calla lilies. Diameter 36ins. Drop 20ins. £20-30
10.     Mirrors: Oval wall mirror with art nouveau frame 28ins. x 20ins. Long pine frame mirror 11ins. x 43½ins. Gilt framed bevel edge mirror 11½ins. x 42ins. and a painted mirror 21ins. x 18ins. and one other. Plus mahogany carved stick back chair, a beech kitchen chair, plus a pine 3 shelf corner cupboard, wall mounted. £20-40
11.     20th cent. Pine display cabinet with 4 glass shelves. 17ins. x 70ins. x 13ins. £30-50
12.     20th cent. Ceramics: Unsigned pots, various sizes. (8) Glassware: 20th cent. Set of six wine glasses and four other cut glass wine glasses. Plus ten studio coffee cups from Cevennes, France.
13.     20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion dinner and tea ware. Includes a boxed set of 6 cups and saucers, soup bowls x 2, dinner plates x 3, side plates x 2, a saucer, flan dish, preserve pots x 2, and a vase (8¼ins). Plus a Royal Worcester flan dish, a Royal Cauldon egg cup stand and 4 egg cups, and a Denby plate. £40-60
14.     Pottery: c1970s Crown Devon 'Fieldings' coffee set. Minton graduated three jug set and Torquay ware, plus a large Royal Doulton floral jug. £30-40
15.     19th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton part sandwich set, Carlton ware floral bowl plus a Crown Devon treen bowl, serving bowl and ceramic tray. £20-40
16.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Sauce tureens and covers a/f, Aynsley Wild Tudor clock, crested ware, commemorative teapot 1911 a/f, teapot and stand, etc. (1 Box). Masons Nabob dinner ware. Includes open serving dishes x 7, two handled soup bowl x 4, gravy boat, dessert plate x 8, dinner plate x 6, coffee saucer x 5. Plus Border Fine Arts West Highlands Terriers group. Also Terries in a basket, a Regency Fine arts The Dogs of Doggington St Peter, Worcester egg coddler - a pair, ceramic bells and a Santa Barbara ceramic clock. Some damage.
17.     20th cent. Denby Ware Pottery: Large teapot, blue glaze, applied mark under glaze 8ins., a small teapot 6ins., 3 cups & saucers, milk jug, sugar bowl, soup bowl & dessert bowl. Plus unmarked Cornish ware style salt & pepper pots. (14 Items). Plus 20th cent. Masons Ironstone: "Regency" part dinner service with applied marks under glaze on base. Dinner plate x 8, fruit plate x 4, side plate x 10, soup bowl x 6, dessert bowl x 9, saucer x 12, tea cup x 7, coffee cup, teapot, sandwich plate, tureens x 2, sugar bowl, cheese dish & cover, serving plate. (65 pieces).
18.     20th cent. Oriental Tea Ceramics: Teapot, plates, bowls, etc. Plus a white dressing table wash bowl and jug. £20-30
19.     20th cent. Ceramics: Meat ovals, tureen and cover, sugar bowls, collectors' plates. Coalport, 'Valley Farm', Anchor ware, cups and plates. Royal Doulton Leeds sprays, Royal Albert Masquerade, St. Michael part tea set. 1 box. Plus brass vases x 3. Plus 20th cent. Oriental eggshell, part coffee/tea sets. One set decorated with blue and pink flowers, second set decorated with a house and trees. 19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Decorative cups and saucers. Royal Worcester 'Primula' x 2, pink lustre cup and saucer, Royal Stafford, La Viene D'or cup and saucer, gilt and orange demitasse (a pair) a/f, Royal Albert Country Roses pin trays (a pair), Bisto, blue/gilt coffee cups and saucers x 4, blue and white cups x 6. Plus 20th cent. Glassware: Royal Doulton, wine glasses, champagne flutes (a pair), water glasses (a pair), wine glasses (2 pairs). Some damage.

20.     20th cent. Ceramics: Beer steins, West German (plus Germany) with hinged metal lids, typically with place names, some Inn scenes. Sizes ½litre 10ins to Sprit tot 2½ins. Approx 55. (2 boxes).
21.     20th cent. Capodimonte figures 'The Gold Digger', 'Fisherman', 'Boy and Girl on Swing', 'The Shoemaker', 'First Love', 'Ayame Princess of the Iris Blossoms', all a/f. Plus an Italian vase. 24ins. £30-50
22.     Estate of Colonel Michael E Jones: Pictures: Series of four hunting scenes. Prints by T. Sutherland. Framed and glazed. 19½ins. x 6½ins. A selection of four prints depicting Royal Horse Artillery. Framed and glazed (1 broken), varying sizes. Military: Three photographs of 'Ypres Company' 1955 taken at Sandhurst and one reunion photograph taken November 2005 (i frame in need of repair). 11ins. x 7ins. Metalware: Two pewter tankards inscribed 'Lt. M.E. Jones RA from his brother officers 35th Regt. RA July 1958', 2nd tankard inscribed 'The Royal Scots Greys Motor Rally 1961' and a pewter plate engraved 'Presented to Major M.E. Jones by the men of Headquarter Bty' and decorated with German scenes to the edge. £40-60
23.     Brassware: Scales, Chatillon's improved circular spring balance milk scale plus ten pocket balances Salters and others. (11) £30-50
24.     Brass & Plated Ware: Includes bread basket, goblets, toast rack, trays, trivet, vases, cranberry glass and a paperweight. £30-50
25.     Clocks: American wall clock, strike on the hour, enamel dial, painted spandrels and painted glass panel below. 20th cent. Brassware: Two ornamental hounds, Salters meat turner, fire side tools and a pair of iron fire dogs.
26.     Cast Iron: Reproduction cat door bell and a woodman cast iron doorstop. £20-30
27.     Brassware: Art style candlestick, two branch and central holder, adjustable height and angle spread plus brass and iron poker. £20-30
28.     Brass Ware: Fire irons - 2 pokers, 2 toasting forks, tongs, shovel and a fire iron rest. £30-40
29.     Copperware: 18th cent. Copper milk churn with iron handle and steel coopering to the base. Plus a milk and a milk dairy cheese separator with iron handle. £60-90
30.     Brassware: 19th cent. Brass and copper coal bucket, and a brassware coal scuttle. £30-40
31.     Brassware: Metal framed mirror on stand, 2 x treen and brass candlesticks, chamber sticks. £30-50
32.     Metal Ware: 19th cent. Brass candlesticks, (5, one converted to a lamp). Approx. 8ins - 10ins. tall. Plus two white metal candle snuffers and a white metal stand. Plus 19th cent. Oak desk tidy, white metal bound with two glass inkwells and one drawer below. 12ins. x 8ins. x 4½ins.
33.     Brass & Copper Ware: Kettles, saucepan, ornaments, etc. Large quantity. £20-30
34.     Walking sticks: Four treen walkingsticks, two with horn handles, plus two hunting sticks and an early 20th cent. Honey extractor. £30-50
35.     19th cent. French mahogany picnic/lawn folding chairs. Rattan seated and backed, the frame carved and studded with bone - a pair. £60-80
36.     20th cent. Japanese cedar wood 2/2 low chest of drawers, carved with chrysanthemums. 24ins. x 18ins. x 14½ins. £40-60
37.     19th cent. Mahogany table on long cabriole supports rising off ball & claw feet. Diameter 29ins. x 29ins. high. £30-50
38.     Edwardian pine washstand, single drawer over a one door cupboard with marble top. 24ins. x 30ins. x 18ins. £40-60
39.     20th cent. Mahogany Davenport. £50-80
40.     20th cent. Mahogany small glazed music cabinet. 19ins. x 37ins. x 16ins. £30-50
41.     19th cent. Mahogany music cabinet with glazed door. The whole on square tapering supports. 21ins. x 44ins. x 12ins. £80-100
42.     Edwardian mahogany and inlaid bow fronted display cabinet. Lead glazed coloured glass inserts, rising off square tapering supports. £50-100
43.     Retro 1960s teak sideboard, believed purchased at Waring and Gillow. 5ft. x 4ft. £30-50
44.     Platedware: Tea service, coffee and teapot, sugar bowl with cover, milk jug, bread baskets x 2, galleried tray, butter dishes, etc. £50-80
45.     Retro 1960s Teak Remploy sideboard 5ft. x 2ft. 4ins. £30-50
46.     20th cent. Hardwood dining chairs, stick backs x 4. £30-50
47.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Plate ware & flat ware. Knives, forks, spoons, teaspoons, fish knives, pickle fork etc. Cut glass biscuit barrel on stand, egg cups, salvers, match holders, cigarette case, bread basket, tray, etc. (2 Boxes). £70-90
48.     19th cent. Walnut centre table. Serpentine edged long elegant cabriole supports rising off scroll feet, cross stretchers. £60-100
49.     19th cent. Oak coal scuttle. £20-30
50.     19th cent. Pitch pine school desk with elm seat ink well holder. £30-50
51.     19th cent. Islamic folding table, bone inlay with a large brass tray top. Diameter 22½ins. £40-60
52.     19th/20th cent. Islamic brass table, folding treen supports. £20-30
53.     21st cent. Rugs: Ziegler rug, red ground with ivory floral motifs. 6ft. x 4ft. 6ins. (1.9m x 1.4m) approx. £40-60
54.     @21st cent. Carpets: Keshan carpet, beige ground. 2.30 x 1.60. £50-80
55.     Rugs: 19th cent. Shahsavan runner red ground with five part bar-medallion in dark blue with matching corners filled with stylized flowers. Three guard boarders filled with stylized flowers and geometric shapes in red, blues, yellow and ivory. 140ins. x 46ins. £60-80
56.     20th cent. Oak art deco sideboard, 2 single door-end cupboards, 3 central drawers over an open recess. 54ins. x 33½ins. x 20ins. £30-60
57.     20th cent. Mahogany serpentine fronted display cabinet, ball & claw feet. 48ins. x 51ins. x 13½ins. £30-50
58.     Early 19th cent. Oak drop leaf table on gun barrel supports and square cross rails. Plus 19th cent. Elm stick back chairs - a pair. £40-60
59.     Edwardian mahogany breakfront bookcase. Chippendale influenced with glazed door with mouldings. The whole on carved cabriole supports. £150-250
60.     20th cent. Chinese hardwood and rattan dining chairs x 8. £150-250
61.     19th cent. Three drawer mahogany chest and a period walnut footstool. £30-50
62.     18th cent. Oak gate leg table, bobbin turned supports and stretchers, peg jointed. 33ins. x 27½ins. x 14ins. £40-70
63.     18th cent. Oak gate leg table on gun barrel supports terminating in hoop off delicate proportions. £100-180
64.     19th cent. Treen hardwood shoe stretchers. £20-40
65.     Early 20th cent. reproduction mahogany bow front ladies desk. Five drawers, cock beaded fronts, ¼ veneer fronts on square tapering supports rising off spade feet. £80-120
66.     Fishing: Hardy Palakona Wanless 4lb split cane. £60-80
67.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Hunting & shooting - 3 whips, white metal metal collars, antler horn handles x 3. £30-50
68.     Fishing: Hardy the Alnwick Greenheart rod and a Fosters Ashbourne Challenge brand salmon rod. £40-60
69.     Canes: Knobbled 19th cent. cane with silver catouche owners name and dated 1865 & a bone & ebony and hardwood cane. The handle in the shape of an Ibis. £60-80
70.     Equine: Four riding quips and one carriage driving quip. £30-50
71.     20th cent. Walnut veneered sideboard on club feet. £30-50
72.     20th cent. Mahogany ladies desk. Pigeon holes and drawers above two drawer base and fold-out writing slope. £60-80
73.     20th cent. Walnut serpentine chest of four drawers. 29ins. £40-60
74.     Church Offertory: Plated communion wine holder with 32 hole, 4 glasses missing plus a mahogany 44 hole holder, (no glasses), 2 offertory plates. £40-60
75.     19th cent. Lectern on barley twist column and stretchers. Plus brass bound 'Brown's Old and New Testament', and elbow rest. (3) £80-120
76.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Haunghauli wood chair, carver central slat and carved cresting rail, reversible seat (padded one side) carved supports, apron, turned stretchers rising off paw feet. £150-250
77.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. camphor wood chest. Heavily carved with inner tray. 48ins. x 2½ins. x 19½ins. (Key behind counter). £60-100
78.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th early 20th cent. Chinese Haunghauli wood tables, serpentine top, long elegant shaped and carved supports rising off dragon toes, shaped apron small under tier attached top stretchers - a matching pair. 18½ins. x 27ins. x 13ins. £400-600
79.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Haunghauli wood altar table, rounded ends, carver aprons and supports. Both sides 2 hidden drawers. 46ins. x 32ins. x 16½ins. £500-800
80.     20th cent. Mahogany three drawer chest on cab supports. By Waring & Gillows. £80-120
81.     20th cent. Waring & Gillows mahogany Queen Anne revival dressing table with five drawers, cabriole supports, three shaped mirrors. £80-120
82.     Boxes: 20th cent. Mahogany stationery box with Armorial to the front. £40-60
83.     19th cent. Oak black forest casket with carved pheasants and chicks above floral carving to the casket. Silk lined, on four carved supports. £80-120
84.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Ceramics: Wellesley 'Bullfinch' dinnerware. Meat ovals x 2, open tureens x 2, gravy boat on stand, soup plates x 6, dessert dishes x 6, dinner plates x 6, dessert plates x 6, side plates x 6. £40-60
85.     19th cent. Mahogany dining table with two leaves on reeded supports. 48ins. closed with leaves 70ins. x 29½ high. Mahogany bar back dining chairs, drop in seats, turned front supports - set of six. £80-120
86.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Carpets and Rugs: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Chinese carpet. Red ground with floral work, in greens, ivory, yellow, pinks and blues. 12ft. x 10ft. £150-200
87.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Chinese hardwood four panel folding screen, depicting carved immortals and everyday rural life. Each panel measures 72ins. x 16ins. x 1ins. £150-250
88.     Maritime: An extremely fine 1:48 scale builders model for MS Dominion Miller, bears the plaque 'Built and engines by William Doxford and Sons Ltd of Sunderland,1922' The model is contained within a bespoke mahogany glazed display cabinet on six supports united by mahogany stretchers. Model 108ins. case 118ins. x 73ins. £6000-8000
89.     Early 19th cent. Georgian wing back armchair. Re-upholstered in floral design. Tapered supports with original brass castors. £300-500
90.     Late 18th cent. mahogany elbow chair, upholstered drop in seat, stick back square supports. £60-80
91.     Luggage/Travel: Louis Vuitton vintage hard suitcase. Internal label. The lock bears the serial no. 1016391 label under lid 988497. With branded Louis Vuitton straps internally. 23½ins. £2200-2800
92.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Mr Skidmore lived and worked in Shanghai as Chief Engineer, British American Tobacco Company until his retirement in 1935. See family letter of Provenance.

Late 19th/early 20th cent. Chinese export oak, Gothic revival sideboard. Three drawers over three storage compartments. Integral beading and Dental frieze design on cupboard doors, with solid brass handles. Barley twist supports, with foot rails and scroll shaped apron. 6708 stamped on reverse and Chinese characters written on inside frame. 78ins. x 24ins. x 45ins. Plus late 19th/early 20th cent. Chinese export, Gothic revival oak oval extending table with four leaves on barley twist supports, on original castors. 54ins. x 54ins closed. 71ins x 54ins extended. Plus six chairs and two carvers on barley twist supports with red Rexine upholstery and decorated with fret work scrolls. Both carvers and one chair are stamped 6708 (same as sideboard), on the underside of stretcher. £300-500
94.     The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th early 20th cent. serving tray, carved gallery, 2 handled with brass faux bamboo handles, white metal monogram to the centre. 27ins. x 1½ins. x 17ins. £100-150
95.     Early 19th cent. Pollard oak 2 leaf extending dining table, on reeded supports. Length 100ins. x width 54ins. £400-500
96.     20th cent. Oak dining chairs, Gothic revival with brown rexine back panels and seats x 8. £100-200
97.     20th cent. Mahogany display cabinet. 49ins. x 66ins. £60-80
98.     18th cent. Oak wall mounted corner cupboard with single door with shaped shelves. 30ins. x 40ins. x 18¼ins. £50-70
99.     18th cent. Mahogany wall mounted corner cupboard, shelves with velvet lining. £30-50
100.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Chinese export Gothic revival display cabinet. Three full length glazed doors with glazed side panels, and shelves. Integral beading. On barley twist supports with foot rails and scroll shaped apron. 56ins. x 16ins. x 60ins. £150-250
101.    Clocks: 18th cent. Brass faced unsigned longcase clock with elaborately carved oak case. (Dial 11ins.) £100-150
102.    Clocks: Early 19th cent. Oak eight day longcase clock. Circular brass dial. Thomas Edwards of Castor. Dial 12ins. £200-300
103.    Clocks: 19th cent. Mahogany longcase clock, arch dial, painted shell spandrel, moving dome with ship. Bell strike, second hand at 12 date at 6 o'clock. David Jones of Aberystwyth. 83ins. £300-500
104.    Clocks: 19th cent. Mahogany cased wall clock by Seth Thomas America. The case with geometric shapes and white painted dial. £50-80
105.    Clocks: 19th cent. Flame mahogany longcase clock. Painted arch dial, floral spandrels, dome top with maker name C Frankcom of Bath Quiet Street, 8 day movement, bell strike, second hand at 12 date at 6 o'clock. £200-300
106.    Clocks: 19th cent. Continental Dutch style hanging wall clock. The interior and exterior case inlaid with fruit wood floral banded relief and matching pediment. White and gilt face. Height 56ins. Width 16ins. Pediment width 19½ins. £300-500
107.    19th & 20th cent. English School: Watercolours, pen and ink, pencil on paper and canvas. Mixed lot of 21 mainly portrait and architectural studies and sketchbook. Unsigned and unframed. Largest is 21ins. x 16ins. £40-60
108.    19th/20th cent. English School: Watercolours on paper. Mixed lot of 25. Mainly landscape and floral still life. Unsigned and unframed. Largest is 15ins. x 11ins. Plus 20th cent. Sampler. £40-60
109.    •LOUIS DODD (British, 1943-2006): CSS Florida Arriving off the neutral port of Funchal, Madeira also showing USS St Louis at Anchor February 1864, an exceptional oil on board (1996) 35½ins x 23ins.

In the art world, there are many good contemporary painters, but few great ones. Englishman Louis Dodd was one of those few.
Connoisseur Magazine stated, "Dodd is a painter of 17th and 18th century marine art, both ship portraiture and port cities. His ability is unsurpassed"

Built by William C Miller and Sons of Liverpool CSS Florida started life as the Oreto. The ship was launched in March 1862 and headed for Nassau carrying neither guns nor ammunition as the intention was to fit her out with necessary armament whilst in harbour there. In the early part of August Oreto received the armaments and most of the equipment required to equip her as a commercial raider: then, on 17th August Oreto was commissioned into the Confederate States Navy as CSS Florida. Nonetheless she was still under-crewed and without some vital equipment necessary for the operation of her guns. Florida now headed for Mobile Alabama which she achieved but not without damage as she when she was fired on by Federal ships blockading the harbour. Finally after necessary repairs and receiving her missing equipment, Florida embarked on her first mission in January 1863. Late summer saw Florida in Brest, France for repairs but she finally left Brest on 10th February 1864 and headed for Funchal in Madeira. Already anchored in Funchal was the Federal Sloop of War St Louis with Captain Preble in command. This was not Preble's first sighting of the now notorious Florida as he had been Captain of the Oneida one of the ships that had fired on her during her hazardous run into Mobile. The St Louis could not match Florida for speed at sea and with pursuit out of the question Captain Preble determined that he should not fire upon Florida at Funchal as doing so would violate Portuguese neutrality. Florida therefore left Funchal unmolested and recommenced her raiding activities almost straight away as one of the Confederate Navy's most successful raiders. Florida was finally attacked and captured by Federal ships in Brazilian waters and escorted North to the Hampton Roads where she sank on 28th November 1864. St Louis continued to serve until she was finally de-commissioned by the US Navy in 1906.

For further reading see The Confederate Raiders by Thomas and Sean Coughlin illustrated by Louis Dodd
110.    Patrick Nasmyth 1787 - 1831: Oil on panel, landscape study, with trees and figures. Framed 18ins. x 18ins. £450-550
111.    English School: Oil on canvas a still life of game birds sea produce. Framed 8ins x 10ins. £30-50
112.    Tom Burrough 1910 - 2000: Ink with colour wash, signed lower right and dated 30-11-1971. Titled lower left Arioi Anoetoaoi. Framed and glazed. 18ins x 12½ins. £40-60
113.    English School: Watercolour, idyllic rural study. Indistinct signature lower left, dated 1922. Framed and glazed 15ins. x 10ins. £50-80
114.    Eric Sturgeon: Watercolour "Milking maids by a barn with cattle". Signed lower left. Framed and glazed 22ins x 15ins. £150-200
115.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Asian School. Sumar**, oil on canvas. Semi naked female seated on rocks by the sea. Framed 35ins. x 23ins. £60-80
116.    •Maurice Wade 1917 - 1991: Oil on board "Cottage Buildings Etruria". 36ins. x 24ins. £80-120
117.    Gudrun Sibbons 1925: Oil on board, figures by a river and on a punt with Salisbury Cathedral in the distance. 15ins. x 12ins. £150-250
118.    John Sinclair Black 1942: Oil on canvas rural studies with figures - a pair. 23ins. x 19ins. £50-80
119.    C. O. Redfern 1905: Watercolour, coastal study. Signed lower left. 6½ins. x 4½ins. Plus Lucas P. Stubbs, watercolour 'Coast Near Colwyn'. 6½ins. x 4½ins. Both framed and glazed. £30-50
120.    •John Piper (1903-1992): Limited Edition silk screen print 'Merchant of Venice' set studies. Signed lower right, numbered 32/100 lower left. 41ins. x 22ins, on brown sack backing and glazed gilt frame. 48ins. x 29½ins. Ex. property Ian Cottrerell.
121.    M. Forzer: Oil on canvas study of a piano player & singer, signed lower right. 20ins. x 16ins. and by the same artist a group drinking at a bar, signed lower right. 21ins. x 17ins. Both framed and glazed. £40-60
122.    F. Lemi - Continental School: Three acrylic and Gouache on board. Two floral and insect themed 10½ins. x 7½ins. One architectural scene 5½ins. x 5½ins. All signed bottom right. Two framed. (3) £30-40
123.    Horse Racing: Elizabeth Armstrong watercolour of Cheltenham Champion Hurdle winner Katchit, with gallery label on reverse. 22ins. x 15ins. £30-50
124.    Les Matthew: 20th cent. Artists proof, limited edition print on paper of the Chrysler Building. Framed and glazed. Image size 20ins. x 7ins. With frame 40ins. x 16ins. £70-100
125.    Les Matthews: 20th cent. Artists proof, limited edition print on paper of Times Square New York. Framed and glazed. Image size 21ins. x 18ins. With frame 31ins. x 28ins. £80-120
126.    Les Matthews: 20th cent. Artists proof, limited edition print on paper of the Empire State Building. Framed and glazed. Image size 20ins. x 7ins. With frame 40ins. x 16ins. £70-100
127.    Taurate Prints: "Bambi" study of a young girl plus "Iris" study of a young girl. Both framed and glazed 18½ins. x 25½ins. £30-50
128.    David Shepherd: 20th cent. Prints, signed limited edition "Shelties" 70/1200 & "High Noon" 608/850. Signature bottom right on both. Framed and glazed, 18ins. x 12ins. (2). £60-80
129.    David Shepherd: 20th cent. Prints, signed limited edition "While the Sun Shines" 151/850 & "The Last Load of Summer" 268/850. Signature bottom right on both. Framed & glazed 18ins. x 12ins. (2). £60-80
130.    Tim Williams: Watercolours 'The Avon' 11¾ins. x 8ins. 'Rural Study' 14½ins. x 9½ins. 'Castle Combe' 9¾ins. x 14½ins. All signed, framed and glazed (3). £40-60
131.    Prints: 20th cent. including Sunset over wetlands, stags in a highland scene, cattle in a highland scene, an Edwardian lady, and sailing boats. Framed and glazed. (5). Plus 20th cent. reproduction oil on canvas rural studies, unsigned. One framed, one unframed. (2)
132.    Augustus Charles Wyatt (1863-1933): 19th cent. Watercolour on board. Two riverside scenes, signed bottom right. Framed. Both 14ins. x 10ins. (2) £60-80
133.    Tim Williams: Print 'Bath' limited 3/50, framed and glazed. 15ins. x 10½ins.
Dennis C. Leach 1989, 'St Mary's Redcliffe Bristol' limited 107/850, framed and glazed. 19½ins. x 15ins. Both signed by artist. Plus two mahogany framed wall mirrors. £30-50
134.    Edward Sylvester Hynes 1897-1982. b.Burren, County Clare Irish illustrator: Original art work for the cover of "Men Only" magazine 1940s/50s. Design "Vyacheslav Mikhailovick Molotov" Russian politician. Gouache & watercolour, montage image in relief on card. Signed lower centre with instructions to printers in pencil. 16ins. x 21ins. Plus Design 'WWII Sailor'. Preliminary artwork in Gouache and watercolour, on card. Unsigned. 10ins. x 7ins.
135.    Prints: Hunting study with horses and hounds. 27½ins. x 16½ins. Plus two rural studies, farming in the 18th cent. 20ins. x 13ins. All framed and glazed. (3) £20-40
136.    Prints - Chris Collingwood 1993: Two prints, 'For King and Kingdom' and '17th Century Civil War Studies'. Framed and glazed. 30ins. x 21ins. and 21ins. x 16ins. respectively x 2. £20-30
137.    English School: 20th cent. Watercolours & ink, plus a study of orchids & daisies in relief. A limited edition signed print "Tillington Farm" Richard Sumin 351/850. (4). £30-50
138.    Gicele: Couples dancing, signed lower right 19½ins. x 23½ins. A girl in a bonnet, 15½ins. x 18ins. plus 3 others. All framed and glazed. £40-60
139.    Sturgeon: Trader's Christmas cards c1960s. Illustrated by Eric Sturgeon. From firms 'Fil. Hunt & Sons' Taunton Market, 'Moortown', 'Johnsons' etc. (12)
Eric Sturgeon Prints: 'The Cheese Maker', 'The Shepherd', 'The Smithy'. All signed on the mount by Sturgeon. Framed and glazed, one without glass. 13½ins. x 10ins. £200-300
140.    Maps: Framed and glazed, hand coloured map of Wiltshire from a survey which was carried out in 1820 by C & I Greenwood, with an inset of Salisbury Cathedral. 15ins x 13ins. A framed and glazed colour map of Sussex by Ernest Clegg with insets of Chichester, Lewes Castle etc. 22ins x 18ins. A framed and glazed map of Northern Ireland by Ernest Clegg with insets of Stormont and Caledon House. 22ins x 18ins. (3). £30-40
141.    Maps: Wiltshire 18th cent. Copper line engraving on paper by Emanuel Bowen. Originally produced for the 'Britannia Depicta' (London 1720, and later editions). With later hand colouring. Framed and glazed. 8ins. x 5ins. £20-40
142.    Paperweights: Unsigned delicate folds, bubbles, 3 x swirls, and a flat divatrend rose pattern. (6) Plus unsigned apple shaped, parsnip, an oval with swirls, a lily, a dreamer by Euilum. (6)
143.    Glassware: 1970s Italian lead crystal (24%), seven piece sherry set with one wine decanter and six sherry glasses. Boxed. Plus sugar and cream set. Boxed. £30-40
144.    Paperweights: Caithness limited edition foam topped waves with acid etched sea gulls sweeping above 98/500. Selkirk glass green pastel 1986, unmarked bubble targets, and a small white red & purple swirls. Four in total (3 Large & 1 small). £20-40
145.    20th cent. Art Glass: Ball vase. Diameter 8ins. x height 7ins. £20-40
146.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Drinking glasses - cut bowls wine x 11, sherry x 15 (2 sizes), liqueur x 5. £20-30
147.    20th cent. Carnival glass vases, green hue 13ins. Plus a metal framed set of three miniature prints. £20-40
148.    20th cent. Glassware: Port jug and six glasses, wheel cut and boxed. £20-40
149.    20th cent. Glassware: Including art glass and other, decanters, bowls, dishes, bell, a moulded swan and an art deco design decanter with leaping stag decoration. £20-40
150.    20th cent. Ceramics: Cama Spanish porcelain figures carrying wine bottles, dressed in brown with floral aprons. Plus a male and female figures group, (5) figures, unboxed. £30-50
151.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro 'The Fairy Godmother' (a/f) No. 4595. 11ins. 'Angel Praying'. 5¼ins. 'Girl With Candle' and a nativity piece 'Girl Praying'. (4) £30-40
152.    20th cent. Oriental ginger jar and cover decorated with fruit and flowers. Approx 15ins. £50-80
153.    Late 19th cent. Coalport dessert service, hand painted floral swags, central gilt cartouche, leaf green rim, all highlighted in gilt. Green backstamp crown with England above Coalport below with AD 1750. Comprises oval servers x 2, circular servers x 2, square servers x 2, all with end handles, and dessert plates x 12 ( 2 servers and 1 plate a/f.) £50-80
154.    Art and Designer Glass: Opalescent glass bowl, white swirls. Approx. 15¾ins diameter x 3¼ins high. Plus a 1960s style, pinstripe fold handkerchief vase in black and white. Approx. 10½ins diameter x 6½ins high. (2) 18th cent. French green olive glass truffle bottles. Tapering cylindrical form. 8ins. High & 2½ins. diameter base and 6ins. tall & 2½ins. diameter base. (2). Plus a 19th cent. cream & green glazed 'Salisbury' style kettle a/f. (crack to top handle).

155.    Royal Doulton: Birds of Prey Collectors Series Whyte & Mackay whisky decanters 'Osprey' 35cl. 'Golden Eagle' 70cl. Both boxed. £70-100
156.    Royal Doulton: Birds of Prey Collectors Series Whyte & Mackay whisky decanters 'Merlin', 'Falcon' 20cl. Boxed. £50-80
157.    Royal Doulton: Birds of Prey Collectors Series Whyte & Mackay whisky decanters 'Kestrel', 'Buzzard'. 20cl. Boxed. Plus collectors commemorative's. Ind Coope Burton Presentation ales 330ml. Boxed, M&B Cape Hill Celebration mild ale x 2, Bass Museum ale x 2.
158.    Warner Bros. Sylvester Collectables Carasello decanter of 'Amaretto'. £60-80
159.    Advertising: Set of NatWest pigs plus an additional baby pig. (6) £80-120
160.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick, Staffordshire style Comfort Dogs, Gilt Collies. (2 pairs) Burleigh Comfort Dogs. (A pair) £30-50
161.    19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire comfort dogs with white gilt decoration - a pair. 12ins. Black & white dogs with gilt collars - a pair. 5ins. and white and gilt dogs - a pair 6ins. a/f. £40-60
162.    19th/20th cent. Wedgwood terracotta graduated jugs (3). Glazed internally, impressed marks on base. 7ins. 6 ins. & 5½ins. £60-80
163.    Hexagonal brown studio pottery vase. Stamped D.C. Continental. Height 12ins. £20-30
164.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th/early 20th cent. ceramics - T. Forester blue sprig jug, Imari plates x 2, grey/white dish. Plus blue/white cheese dish and a blue coffee can with gilt border. £40-60
165.    Manicure set. Art Deco Australian made and contained in it's original box, leather covered. Plus enamel badges, transport, military, novelty tie pins, etc.
166.    Wade Whimsies: Cats, squirrels, tortoises, rabbits, etc. £20-30
167.    Costume Jewellery: Brooches, butterfly, insects, white metal pendant, silver bar bracelet, etc. Plus hallmarked silver, yellow and white metal jewellery includes rings, brooches, lockets, etc.
168.    Costume Jewellery: Brooches, paste and others. (8) £20-30
169.    Platedware: Matchbox holder, book shaped vista nursing buckle, a pair of plated on copper telescopic candlesticks and an Aga trivet. £30-50
170.    Costume Jewellery: Including items of white metal marked 925. Earrings, necklaces, faux pearls, watches, brooches and bracelets. (1 Tray). £40-60
171.    Travel: c1950 leather travelling dome shaped fully fitted vanity case with comb, mirror, scissors, boot hook, file, hairbrush, glove stretchers, toothbrushes, glass containers with white metal tops. £40-60
172.    20th cent. Ceramics: Fairings (a pair), dressing table doll, Cadburys Chocolate mug, Old Spice mug, etc. £30-40
173.    20th cent. Ceramic Figures: Goebels Hummel figures, 'Lucky Charmer' 2071, 'Honour Student' 2067/B, 'Boy with Horse' 239/C, a Royal Doulton 'Lavinia' HN 1955, a Crown Devon dog, and a resin poodle. £30-50
174.    19th cent. Ceramic figure of a sheep, unmarked. 3ins. x 3¼ins. Plus 20th cent. Reproduction poodles (a pair). 3¼ins x 3¼ins. £30-50
175.    19th cent, Photo frames, Gutta - Percha frames, heavy ornate decoration. 4½ins. x 3½ins. 3 matching frames. Plus 19th cent. Miniature portrait paintings in black papier mâché frames under glass. "Miss Vincent" 1845, "Countess Sophia Potoche", Edward Williams Esq" and a print of a continental gentleman and an empty frame.
176.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Ceramics: James Kent. 'Du Barry' cups x 3 (1 a/f), creamer on stand, mug, saucers x 4, side plates x 2, egg cup stand, egg cups x 2 (1 a/f). Doulton Orchard jug, Cottage jug x 2, Wilkinson Radiance preserve pot, etc. £30-40
177.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Masons "Stratford" dinner ware. Tureens and covers - a pair, open tureen, butter dish and cover, 4 dinner plates, 10 dessert plates, 5 side plates, sugar bowl, square dish, preserve dish and nut dishes - a pair. £40-60
178.    Postcards: Modern cards from around the world. 2 albums. Plus postcards from Edwardian to the 1980s. 4 albums. (6)
180.    Postcards: Mid 20th cent. Five scrapbooks loosely themed with over 100 saucy postcards, over 40 vintage vehicles including steam engines and more than 300 topographical plus others. Including humorous cards. 1 album. Two albums, mainly GB topographical cards. Approx 320.
181.    Stamps: First day covers. GB and Channel Islands covers from 1975 - 2000, in four albums. Approx. 150. Plus a number of WWII and earlier covers, some with contents. £30-40
182.    Postcards: Mid 20th cent. One album of 'Seaside Humour' postcards, artists include Quip, Pedro, Bob and Fitzpatrick. Approx. 320. £20-30
183.    Postcards: Military themed. Two albums, one containing approx. 150 cards depicting the uniforms of the British Army plus over 200 cards still in packets. The second album contains a series of 182 (including 10 'A' cards - 192 total) crest and badges of the armed forces. £40-60
184.    Postcards: Early 20th cent, WWI. Two albums containing cards depicting Edwardian lovelies and WWI song cards, post war remembrance, greetings cards and historical tableaus. £60-80
185.    Postcards: 20th cent. Four albums of cards from 1900 - 1980s featuring Royal family, great masters, Dutch life, religious sites and British topography. £20-30
186.    Stamps: First day covers and PHQ cards. One shoebox. Plus one album containing approx. 750 PHQ cards, mainly used with corresponding stamp on reverse, and two albums containing 90 first day and commemorative covers from 1968 - mid 1980s. One album does contain a cover with a pair of SG43 1858 1d Reds. £30-50
187.    Postcards: Early 20th cent. Over 450 postcards in four albums, mainly GB and World topographical. Does contain cards depicting King Edward VII on a shoot. £60-80
188.    Stamps: First day and commemorative covers. Loose and in four albums, predominantly Railway Locomotive themed. Approx. 320. Plus a rare mint unused Souvenir ticket to ride on and tour the cars on the 1970 Tour of the USA. £60-80
189.    Stamps: World. First day covers. Over 250 in four albums, mainly 1970s. Plus an album of Commonwealth issues commemorating the Royal Wedding 1973 Princess Ann and Captain Mark Phillips. £20-30
190.    Stamps: GB. Two albums containing mint and used stamps from 1937 - 1976. Plus an album of cricket commemorative's celebrating 100 years of test cricket between Australia and England, and a number of mint presentation packs. £30-40
191.    Stamps: World. Mainly used. Over 8000 in two Royal Mail albums and five collectors stockbooks. £60-80
192.    Advertising: Early 20th cent. French postcard shop advertising display, complete with cards. £60-100
193.    Cigarette Cards: Silks. Early 20th cent. Miscellaneous singles, part, and full sets. Various issuers, various sizes, including Godfrey Phillips:- Old Masters, Football Colours, House Flags, Heraldic Series, Great War Leaders. Wix:- Kensatas Flowers, printed and unprinted backs. International Tobacco Company (Canada) animals with flag, garden flowers, and La Favorita (Spanish) flags and soldiers. Over 2000 silks. £100-120
194.    Postcards: 1990s Rosalind Wicks. One album containing 90 cards. £20-40
197.    Postcards: Early 20th cent. in two albums containing more than 230 cards. Selection of real photo and caricature of children. Flora White, Hummel, and de Brok. £60-80
198.    Postcards: Two lacquered bound postcard albums with enamel painted covers. Containing mainly used cards from Marseilles, India, China and Japan. The small album contains 24 cards, the larger 66 approx. £60-80
199.    Postcards: Edwardian topographical cards of GB with a strong local interest, which includes Melksham - Melksham train station, Spencer's Engineering Works, Crown Hotel, King Street, Scotland Road. Trowbridge - Cottage Hospital, Town Hall, Polebarn Road, Hilperton Road, Avenue Road, town bridge, County Cricket ground pavilion, Mortimer Street, etc. Chippenham - Great Western accident at Thingley Junction July 1907, and a photo card Great Western Railway's Flying Dutchman December 1904. Over 270 cards. £200-300
200.    Postcards: Edwardian. Over 160 cards from 1900 - 1916, including such subjects as women's suffrage, real photo song cards, actresses, transport, cards by Nina Brisley and early Donald McGill. 1 album. £80-120
201.    Stamps: 1974, Rhodesia mint stamp sheets SG 503 x 2 sheets of 50 stamps, SG 504 x 2 sheets of 50 stamps, SG 506 x 2 sheets of 50 stamps, SG 507 x 3 sheets of 50 stamps, SG 508 x 3 sheets of 50 stamps, SG 494 - 502 (not SG 495, 499, or 500) x 2 sheets of 50 stamps each. Stamps: 1977, Rhodesia mint stamp sheets. SG 543 - 548 x 2 sheets each of 50 stamps for 3c - 24c. Plus 1974 SG 489 x 2 sheets of 100 stamps, SG 491 x 2 sheets of 100 stamps, SG 492 x 4 sheets of 100 stamps and SG 493 x 2 sheets of 100 stamps. Stamps: 1978, Rhodesia mint stamp sheets SG 555 - SG 569 x 1 sheet each of 100 stamps for 1c - 7c. 2 sheets each of 50 stamps for 9c - $2. Plus 1977, Rhodesia mint stamp sheets SG 549 - 552 Christmas 1977, x 3 sheets each of 50 stamps for 3c, 6c, 8c. 2 sheets of 50 for 16c, SG 553 - SG 554 x 2 sheets each of 50 stamps and SG 570 - 575 x 1 sheet each of 50 stamps. 2 albums.
202.    Tea & Trade Cards: 20th cent. twenty-nine completed albums from Brooke Band & Ty-Phoo Teas including The Sea our other World, History of Aviation & Play better Soccer. Also thirteen unfilled albums & 1000' of loose mixed cards including Superman the Movie. £20-30
203.    Trade Cards: 20th cent. Album containing over 350 tea cards issued by the Australian Company, Tuckfield, Australia Series Animals & Birds. £40-60
204.    Trade Cards: Mid 20th cent. album containing over 20 complete sets from various issuers including Palm Toffee, Twinings Tea, Kellogg's, Oxo & Hustler Soap. £60-80
205.    Trade Cards: Bubblegum, an album containing over 20 part sets of George Bassett & Cop Ltd including Barratt Division, titles including Nursery Rhymes, Asterix in Europe, Football Action, Football 1978/79, Pop Stars & World of the Vorgans. £60-80
206.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. silks, one album containing many part sets issued by the American Tobacco Co, U.S.A including National Flags, State Seats etc. £120-150
207.    Cigarette Cards: Silks, one album containing part sets of Godfrey Phillips "Old Masters". The following sets are represented set 2 B.D.V. Top & Bot', set 3 A & B, set 4, sets Anon & set 7. £120-150
208.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. two albums of part sets of John Player & Sons cards, including characters from Dickens 22/25, Badges & Flags of British Regiments 24/50, Wild Animal head transfers 20/50 and Lambert & Butler cards including Famous British Airmen & Air Women, Wonders of Nature & British Trees.
209.    Cigarette & Trade Cards: 20th cent. three albums containing GB & European part & full sets including Nestle "Swiss Fountains", Jaques Chocolate Belgium "Watersports" Whitbread Inn signs 48/50. Metal "Inn Signs" 2nd series, Embassy 251/288 "Punch Lines". £40-60
210.    Cigarette Cards: 20th cent. Album of part sets including issues by Phillips. British American Tobacco, Padro & Henry Clay 40 plus part sets, some single cards. £80-120
211.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Masonic Regalia - 5 aprons, 4 shoulder straps, pair wrist cuffs, a Cheshire Lodge with three yellow metal jewels. £80-120
212.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Military - WWII set of mess tins, water bottle & mug, 2 water bottle carriers, KFS and an officers Sam Brown plus a Para uniform buttons. £30-50
213.    From the Estate of Colonel Michael E Jones: Military Dress - Royal Artillery Sam Browne belt and shoulder strap, 2 x stable belts, a pair of spurs and a ceremonial crossover shoulder belt and pouch. £40-60
214.    From the Estate of Colonel Michael E Jones: Military - buttons, rank badges and cap badges, div pendent, shoulder titles. All R.A. or R.H.A. £20-40
215.    From the Estate of Colonel Michael E Jones: Military - Campaign Service Medal to Maj. M.E. Jones clasp Northern Ireland with miniature medal. £60-100
216.    Militaria/WWII: Original plan, marked Secret, titled Operation Veritable. RA 30 Corps. Fire Plan Barrage. 22ins. x 19ins. NB Operation Veritable was the northern part of the pincer movement conducted by Montgomery against the German 84th and 1st Panzer Division, February/March 1945. £75-100
217.    Militaria: Signed photographs by Dam Busters veteran George 'Johnnie' Johnson. (2) £30-50
218.    Militaria: Fascinating WWII medal archive relating to William H. Clarke, a seaman who was lost onboard H.M.S. Cossack November 7th 1939 when she collided with the SS Borthwick. In addition to his medals the archive chronicles his parents legal fight for compensation and also includes photos of him and onboard ship. £75-100
219.    Royal Navy/Militaria: HMS Cumberland's Midshipman's Log dating from August 29th 1936 to March 30th 1938. HMS Cumberland was a heavy cruiser, most notably known for her involvement in the downfall of The Admiral Graf Spee, the famed Nazi pocket battleship. An absolutely fascinating account, Mr M. G. Henderson. £225-275
220.    Militaria: Family grouping to include WWI pair to Lieutenant G. D. Brough, pair of hallmarked silver cigarette cases to John D. Brough. Approx. 10oz. Plus an original sketch of John Brough by wartime artist Pat Rooney. £120-150
221.    Militaria: Royal Flying Corps 1914-18 medal pair named "23492 A Sgt. RE Butson RFC" together with a pair of RFC wings & postcard. £150-250
222.    Militaria: WWII POW archive. Extensive collection of photographs & postcards showing images of camp life at several POW camps, believed to include Stalag XXA 3A Poland, Stalag 383 Germany & Fort XIV Poland. The lot also includes a Royal Life Saving certificate awarded to Reginald Hurd whilst at Stalag 383 in Germany. £90-120
223.    Militaria: 1914-15 Trio Private C. Grant, Gloucester Regiment 2688. Pte. Grant was killed fighting in the Dolomites against the Austrians in 1918. Also included in the lot is his helmet. £265-300
224.    Military: 'Overlord' Southern Command movement instructions marked Top Secret. copy No. 98. 18 pages and 2 supplementary pages, giving orders for marshalling of men and equipment to the embarkation points, and for the final concentration by the 16th of May. £150-200
225.    Monarchy: Press release written onboard Queen Mary in 1952 by Edward Duke of Windsor relating to the passing of his brother George VI, plus a book entitled "A Kings Story. The Memoirs of H.R.H. The Duke of Windsor". £25-30
226.    Militaria: RAF signed menu, Station Headquarters Gatwick 1940, signed by both pilots & ground crew plus a second Christmas 1940 menu for number 1 wing RAF Melksham, (2). £120-150
227.    Militaria: Group of four plaques from RAF Calshot, all show the King's Crown, with two being Royal Air Force Station Calshot, the third 201 Squadron and the fourth 238 Maintenance Unit. (4) £150-200
228.    Maps: Town Planning Survey 1943 Corporation of the City of London 'Opportunities and considerations in the redevelopment of the City of London'. Plan No. 1A. Plus preliminary proposals for the postwar reconstruction of the City of London 'Street Improvements'. Drawing No. 3. £40-60
229.    Third Reich: Police Shako helmet plate. 6½ins. £50-80
230.    Third Reich: Army belt buckle (other ranks), officers army cap badge (missing lug) and DLV Badge. £30-50
231.    19th cent. Indonesian Kris with jeweled figural gilt metal handle and part of sheath, also jeweled. £100-150
232.    Edged Weapons: 19th cent. Burmese Dha sword. The handle covered in embossed & etched silver, the blade etched & silvered panels. The hardwood scabbard bound with silver bands plus an Indian Kirpan knife. £200-250
233.    Edged Weapons: A Syrian dagger, brass scabbard carved with bird figures. Plus an Erik Frost Moria Sami knife, bone handled, carved bone and leather scabbard. £40-60
234.    Firearms: 19th cent. Belgium dog/scarers pistols & a trench art canon, made from a rifle case round, rounds clip and 2 French copper coins. £60-80
235.    Military: Corporal of Horse (sergeant) P.R. Stanton's riding crops, both with silver collars, his certificates of army education, photos, Sgt. Mess Xmas cards etc, plus 2 references from Southampton port of Embarkation 1946 for a Miss E Cheesman. A booklet "It can now be revealed" 1945. £60-80
236.    WWII/RAF: Single propeller blade believed from a spitfire, marked EXP RA10354/RTS SET O 14 FINE. 72ins. Accompanied by a letter from the vendor describing how it was given to him by a former wartime pilot and member of the Goldfish Club. £1000-1500
237.    Military Prints: Airforce Gerald Palmer "Moonlight Return" 21ins. x 16ins. Mandy Shepherd "Forty Years", signed by the artists and pilot, limited 55/500 16ins. x 12ins. Kevin Walsh untitled American planes 16½ins, x 11ins., unsigned print "Fortress Formation" 15½ins. x 11½ins. plus a photo of the Red Arrows in formation. 15½ins, x 11½ins. £40-60
238.    Aircraft: PHO Smith. A sketch of an RAF Whirlwind WWII fighter. Dated 24-07-42. 15ins. x 10ins. £30-50
239.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: David Shepherd print "The Bridge, Arnhem, The Second Day". Framed and glazed. 35ins. x 23½ins. £30-60
240.    Militaria: WWI Linen and lace souvenir napkins for the victory of Jutland, souvenir of Ypres and souvenir of Egypt. (3). £75-100
241.    Militaria: Original album of photographs taken from 1940 onward. HMS Cormorant, HMS Revenge, Malta, Gibraltar, etc. Notation to inside cover Property of Mne. L. A. Wilson HMS Delhi and HMS Cormorant 1940. £60-100
242.    From the Estate of Colonel Michael E Jones: Military: Copy of 'Sandhurst Sketches' written by General Sir Cecil Blacker and drawn by Joan Wanklyn. The book contains over fifty pages of images and text relating to Sandhurst including some full colour images. 19ins. x 14ins. Plus a selection of books relating to the bicentenary of the Royal Horse Artillery and the tercentenary of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, etc. £20-40
243.    Military: Cargo hulk size parachute c1950s silk. £30-50
244.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Shooting & hunting - Shot gun case, tan leather with carrying handle. 31ins. long, 2ins. deep and 8¼ wide. £40-60
245.    Ephemera: Boer war "Black & White Budget" best pictures from the front January 20th 1900, February 3rd 1900, February 10th 1900, March 3rd 1900 and a bound music sheet book "The Mafeking March" dedicated to Colonel Baden Powell. £50-80
246.    Ephemera: Newspapers - "Daily Express" November 1918, November 2nd 1918, "The Daily Mail" January 29th 1936, "The Daily Mirror" June 16th 1919, Courage "Best Times" and WWII publication from the Express, Mail, Sunday Pictorial, Telegraph,etc. £30-50
247.    Militaria: Royal Navy Commissioning Pennant for HMS Ark Royal (RO7) Commissioned in 1985, decomissioned in 2011. Pennant 46901YD. £40-50
248.    Edwardian scraps. Newspaper cuttings of the era includes relief of Ladysmith, death of Victoria, end of the Boer War, coronation of the King plus volumes of the 'Picture Post' August 26 1939, 'The Illustrated' March 1940, and 'The War' May 1940. £20-40
249.    Photographs: Album of photographs from holidays around Britain dating from the 1920s to 1950s. Mentions to Norman Jackson V.C. £40-60
250.    Militaria: Album containing photographs principally from North Africa c1942 including H.M.S. Puritan. £60-100
251.    20th cent. U.S.S.R. Soviet Glory iron souvenir commemorative torch. Plus one other souvenir to the Battle of Stalingrad. £40-60
252.    De Havilland Mosquito Bomber WWII. Heavy brass and marble desk weight in the form of the aircraft. £40-60
253.    From the Estate of Colonel Michael E Jones: Military - Army camp bed, kit bag, combat smock (1968 pattern, size 2), respirator (in pouch), Army Greatcoat (dismounted) 1951 pattern, size 6, height 5ft. 7ins and scarf. No. 2 Dress uniform carrying the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel, consisting of jacket, trousers and cap (with Royal Horse Artillery badge). Royal Horse Artillery officer's side cap, mess trousers and boots, and Royal Horse Artillery No. 1 officer's dress cap. £50-80
254.    Iconic/D Day: Rare ship's bell from LCI (L) 403. The bell carries the name of the vessel which landed at Omaha beach on June 6th 1944. It still bears the scars of that momentous day with shrapnel damage which has been repaired. The LCI(L) 403 was built by the George Lawley & Sons Shipbuilding Corporation in Neponset, Mass., in the mid-1940s. From the United States it sailed to Portsmouth in March 1944 as part of a convoy of 500 ships. Just two months later 403 was part of the D-Day landing force that stormed the enemy at Omaha Beach on June 6. During the assault the stormy and crowded sea forced the 403 to crash into a fellow landing craft and it lost its port ramp. Despite the setback the craft managed to collect 32 wounded soldiers and ferry them safely from the front line. After 15 months service in Europe the boat returned to the States and was refitted as a gun boat in Boston. But the war ended soon after and the boat did not see active service again. 11½ins.
255.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Military uniform - white leather tunic belt with hock in buckle, Chester Volunteer Rifles formed 1858 became 2nd Bn The Cheshire Regt. in 1908. £50-80
256.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Edged weapons - 19th cent. pattern trefoil bladed bayonet, brass and mahogany handle 20½ins. blade, 25ins. overall with scabbard. £30-50
257.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Edged weapons, Carl Eickhorn WWII bayonet 10ins. blade, 15ins. overall. £30-50
258.    Militaria Boer War: Unusual silk banner for Sir Chas Warren's Division for The Relief of Ladysmith February 28th 1900 for the Dorset Regiment. £55-65
259.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Chinese crewel work, embroidery wall hanging depicting river study with three ships, and trees in the foreground. Lined and a brown silk mount. Approx. 45ins. x 67ins. £100-150
260.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Fashion - 1920/30 peach silk nightdress, full length, lace cape style neckline, approx size 10. Plus peach silk and lace cami - knickers, cream lace trimmings, cream silk and lace hanging panels x 4. 20ins. x 20ins. £40-60
261.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Oriental ladies jacket. Brocade, embroidered with gold and multi colour thread, short sleeves. £50-70
262.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th cent. Peach silk, Chinese Manila shawl, with turquoise lining, embroidered in multi colours of pink, purple, blue. Two dragons chasing the pearl, deep peach silk fringe. 3ft. x 3ft. £80-120
263.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Silk on silk, Chinese Manila shawl, profusely embroidered with chrysanthemums and bird of paradise on cream ground, deep silk fringe. Approx. 75ins. x 75ins. £120-150
264.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Pink silk, Chinese Manila shawl, with turquoise lining, decorated with chrysanthemums, blossoms and berries. Central decoration of two lovebirds, deep pink silk fringe. £80-120
265.    Books: Dick Francis novels, 24 hardbacks, includes Under Orders, Come Back, Decider, Wild Horses, Proof, Knock Down, etc. Most in new condition. Plus 21 paperbacks, and a copy of Graham Lord's 'Dick Francis A Racing Life'. £60-80
266.    Books: MacMillan's History Class Pictures set 1, with pages 7 and 9 missing. Set 2, with pages 63, 71, and 75 missing. £20-30
267.    Books: "British Sports and Sportsmen" cricket and football edited by P.F. Warner in conjunction with The Sporting Life published by Sports and Sportsmen Ltd, London, printed by Hazell Watson and Viney Ltd, London. Shelf ware to spine, some scuff marks to the red Moroccan leather, titles and decoration in gilt, marbled inside cover and good illustration. No. 673/1000. £60-80
268.    Books: John Masefield's Jim Davis. Illustrated edition October 1924 on hand cut paper. Eight colour illustrations with presentation box. Distressed. £30-50
269.    Books: Winston Churchill A History of the English Speaking Peoples. In four volumes. Dust covers poor, one cover distressed. All first editions. Dedication in Volumes 1 and 4 otherwise clean copies. Also Winston Churchill The Second World War in six volumes. Dust covers poor, dedication to Volume 2 only. All first editions. Plus Churchill The Struggle for Survival 1940/65 by Lord Moran.
270.    Books: C.S. Forester The Happy Return. Signed first edition, poor dust cover, some fading to the binding, slight foxing to page edges. £300-400
271.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Books - "The Water Babies" by Charles Kingsley illustrated by Jessie Willcox Smith, published by Boots The Chemist, dedication on front leaves and dated 1929. Foxing to the front & rear leaves only. Wear to the front & rear cover. £30-50
272.    Books: Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. ISBN 0 7475 8108 8. First edition. Mint. £70-120
273.    Children's Books: Selection of 20 Noddy books by Enid Blyton including the first Noddy story 'Noddy goes to Toyland' as published in 1949, used/worn condition. £30-50
274.    Books: War speeches by the Right Hon. Winston S. Churchill C.H MP, compiled by Charles Eade, printed on war economy paper. Three first edition - 'Onwards to Victory', 'Victory', 'The Dawn of Liberation'. Second edition - 'The End of the Beginning'. Third edition - 'The Unrelenting Struggle'. Tenth edition - 'Into Battle' compiled by Randolph S. Churchill MP. Good condition, no dust covers. £40-60
275.    Toys: Scalextric 1980s/90s. Unopened Bash 'N' Crash set. Original mint condition. Box is shelf worn. £40-60
276.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Games & past times - mid 20th cent. early composition mah-jong set, pale blue, white & clear tiles, racks and bob-cocks. Rules for mah-jong red book c1922 Hong Kong retailers label. all contained in green leather box. (distressed). £50-80
277.    Toys: Selection of Star Wars action figures from The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. Unboxed, most with accessories, to includes main characters, some unusual examples. Approx. 20. £50-80
278.    Toys: Two boxed accessories from The Return of the Jedi range 'Sy Snootles and the Rebo Band.' and Cap 2 - Captivator.' plus AT-AT and Millennium falcon empty boxes (toys not included). Also assorted posters and promotional items £50-80
279.    Games and Pastimes: Early 20th cent. sports and pastimes picture building blocks. In original box. Some missing. £20-30
280.    Toys: Railway Marklin HO S set boxed, plus extra rolling stock, track and points. All boxed. £70-90
281.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Toys - Scalextric racing car set, (box lid missing) and a Battle Wagon No 54 Toy Boat runs on wheels fires planes into the air. £20-40
282.    Toys: Treen 20th cent. Band saw cut rocking horse with wool mane, leather bridle (hand hold missing). 40ins. x 28ins. x 14½ins. £20-40
283.    Toys: Railway set, Post war Trix Twin Railway Transformer, two 472 controllers (1 boxed), two platforms, one signal box, level crossing, 643 tank wagon shell (boxed), 600 three plank wagon (boxed), 607 private owners wagon Charringtons (boxed), 607 private owners wagon Hinchcliffes, 650 cattle track, goods locomotive 5/515 (boxed), blue locomotive and tender 515 model, a tunnel and a large quantity of bakalite track. Mostly play worn. 2 boxes. Collectors use only. £40-60
284.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Games & past times - Thursday dice game, 3 leather shakers contained ion a leather case. Complete with dice. £50-100
285.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Toys: Model railways. 1930s Trix Twin Railway. Includes L.M.S passenger locomotive x 2, L NER passenger locomotive x 1, S.R Bogie Coaches x 3, L.N.E.R. Bogie Coaches x 4, tenders x 3, goods wagons x 10 includes L.M.S tarpaulin truck and timber wagon with load, assorted signals, points, station signs, people, luggage, track and transformers. Plus a period New Developments catalogue. £150-200
286.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Toys: Model railway. Early 20th cent. Two Hornby 'O' gauge clockwork locomotives, 'County of Bedford' 3821 and 'Loco' 2221 with tender and key. All in Great Western livery. £80-120
287.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Toys: Model railway. Bing Werke, Germany. 1920s. A pair of tinplate 'O' gauge Pullman dining/passenger carriages with opening roofs, 'Rosemary' and 'Minerva'. £100-150
288.    Games and Pastimes: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Chess sets, one ivory and one bone. Both white and stained ivory and bone. Staunton style. Only one box. £80-120
289.    Treen cut away box holding gambling chips (some missing). £20-40
290.    Automobilia: 1990 Atlas Editions, Classic Cars, Information Cards giving technical information plus good quality photographs. Approx 2000 cards. Plus over 500 cards depicting Warplanes issued by the Warplanes Collectors Club. (3 Boxes). £40-60
291.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Toys - Diecast Britains farm & military figures. Elastolin Military & North American figures plus WWII field guns, cap firing. £30-40
292.    Toys: Dolls, Armand Marseille doll with dark hair ringlets, open mouth, brown glass eyes, composition body, head. A/f. Plus blonde doll wearing pink dress, Porcelain Doll magazine, sample doll boxed, Wupper bisque doll x 2. 5 dolls. £20-30
293.    Games: 3 part sets of Monopoly and a board, a pair of cymbals, and an accordion. £20-40
294.    Games and Pastimes: Lawn bowls, set of 4 by E. J. Riley Ltd. Housed in a faux leather case. £20-30
295.    Scientific Instruments: A good late 19th/early 20th cent. Wheel of life Zoetrope, painted revolving slotted drum on turned polished mahogany stand with 23 period printed motion cards. £500-800
296.    WWI Lt. Col. Richard Crosse DSO & Bar: An extremely rare World War I collection of ephemera. Lt. Col. Crosse commanded the second battalion, The Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, on the Western Front being mentioned in dispatches an additional four times. He led the battalion in a number of battles on The Somme Battlefield and after his retirement from the army he joined the Ulster Special Constabulary.
This museum quality archive was owned by Lt. Col. Crosse and forms both handwritten and typed regimental orders from the Second Battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light infantry just prior to World War I through the earliest battles of WWI. They date from July 1st to just hours prior to the first major action of World War I, the Battle of Mons. This fascinating collection includes logistics, troop movements, regimental lists, transportation and arrival in France and movement to Mons. Also included in the lot are several maps showing the battalion on the Western Front. Approx. 80 Artifacts.
297.    WWI: An extremely rare World War I collection of paperwork from Lt. Col. Richard Crosse DSO and Bar. Lt. Col. Crosse commanded the second battalion, The Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, on the Western Front being mentioned in dispatches an additional four times. He led the battalion in a number of battles on The Somme Battlefield and after his retirement from the army he joined the Ulster Special Constabulary.
The collection relates to soldiers taken prisoner by the Germans and includes a number of letters written at the end of hostilities from prisoners giving first person accounts of their treatment at the hands of the Germans. A number are particularly graphic but one by Pte. Cotton stands out "While we were going over the top, Lay was shot through the knee and it was impossible to keep up with the regiment. We decided to get back again but the machine gun bullets were flying all round us. I had taken some wounded men of the 19th Division to the dressing station in Betoncourt the day previous. There was a heavy bombardment at the corner of the road and it would have been suicide to attempt it. We decided discretion was the better part of valour and we took shelter. It was while we were waiting for the barrage to lift that the Germans came up in their thousands and we were taken prisoner. We spent the night in a cage without food or shelter". In addition to numerous accounts from prisoners, the lot includes a large map of German prisoner of war camps with numerous notations and a comprehensive list of those captured with notations from Lt. Col Crosse showing where each man was captured, rank, name and additional remarks, a fascinating archive. £1500-2500
298.    World War II: A rare album of photographs taken by George Lee, originally 76 Squadron RAF and then attached to 146 wing of the Tactical Air Force. This unusual collection of approx. 106 photos starts at Juno Beach and the visit of Winston Churchill. He visited airfield B3 and the lot includes two privately taken photos of Churchill at this time, complete with hand written inscriptions and chronicles Lee's journey through occupied Europe acuminating in their arrival in Germany. The archive also contains photos of Field Marshall Montgomery, King George VI and numerous battle zones. Also included is a rare original hand written document dated 6th June 1945 regarding the distribution of chocolate for children at Belsen, an extremely rare collection. £700-1000
299.    Charles Little: Sketch book from 1882 - 1889 mainly pencil drawings with notations, ¾ leather bound. £60-100
300.    Maritime/Liner: Framed photo of the canopy roof frame work onboard Queen Elizabeth II, an officers hat, signed letter from a seaman on RMS Queen Mary in 1946, uniform buttons, postcards from Queen Elizabeth II & Mauretania, a Lusitania replica medal, a pair of Queen Mary cufflinks and a Mauretania retracting pencil. £50-80
301.    Posters: Set of 6 Guinness lithographs, printed to mark the first Guinness Book of Records by the Curven Press, with original tube. 30ins. x 21ins. £200-300
302.    Crime/Gangsters/Ronnie Kray: Green towel as supplied by HM Prison Service and bearing the inscription 058111 Kray.
Provenance - The Estate of the Late Ronnie Kray - J.P. Humbert Auctioneers 17th 2014 on instructions Mrs K. Kray. £300-500
303.    Ephemera Beatles Memorabilia: Cast list and stills from the film Help. 'The Beatles by Royal Command' 1963 (Daily Mirror publication) and 'Meet The Beatles' star special 1963. £30-50
304.    Autographs: Rolling Stones, Personally collected and signed at The Georgian Restaurant, High Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire for Joe Greenaway in the 1960s, on the back of an order pad. Mick Jagger, Brian Jones, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts.
305.    Ephemera: Letters to and from Anne Wright of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and signed including Barnes Wallis (Dam Busters) with envelope, Leo Rampen (drawing), Stanley Kubrick, the Earl of Selkirk, Earl Mountbatten, Commander Willet for HRH Duke of Edinburgh, John Braine, Ted Heath, Black Rod, etc. £40-80
306.    Autographs: Letter dated 12th June 1934 & signed Henry Wood, 2 letters from Benjamin Dale, composer. Both signed and a letter signed by Henry Plunkett Green. £30-50
307.    Autographs: Dillon's Gerald Scarfe "Signathon" card containing amongst others the following signatures George Best, Jeremy Paxman, Terry Pratchett, Victoria Wood, Zoe Wannamaker, Delia Smith and Nigel Planer. £60-80
308.    Football: 1966 World Cup. Group stage tickets for games played at Villa Park on July 13th, 16th, and 20th, with envelope. Blackburn Rovers home and away tickets, Directors Box tickets for the 70s, 80s Challenge Cup, FA Cup tickets. £70-100
309.    Showbusiness/Iconic Memorabilia/Autographs: Marilyn Monroe contract hand signed by the actress for the film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. (TCF, 1953) Vintage original 1-page typed contract on approx. 8½ins. x 13¼ins. paper, signed in blue ink at the bottom, "Marilyn Monroe" and dated May 19th, 1953. The "Twentieth Century-Fox Advertising Release" for "Deeco Inc." Also signed at the bottom of the page by TCF agent and an agent of Deeco Inc. Retaining the date stamp on the verso. Exhibiting age, wear, minor soiling and fading. Previous mounting remnants in the form of archival paper tape on the verso. In very good to fine condition.
310.    The Rowlands collection of football pennants dating from 1961 to 1971. These are all original pennants that were exchanged on the pitch prior to kick off. They were presented to the Rowlands in person by Sir Alf Ramsey who he met at the F.A. Headquarters at Lancaster Gate, London when he was a boy, and where his grandmother worked for over 30 years as live in housekeeper.

Football Memorabilia: Original pennant presented to GB team. Bulgaria v Great Britain 5 May 1971. The Great Britain side lost 5 - 0 and this was the last match of the Great Britain amateur side. £200-300
311.    Football Memorabilia: Original pennant presented to England team. England Czechoslovakia International friendly 29 May 1963 in Bratislava. England 4 CSSR 2. £300-500
312.    Football Memorabilia: Pennant to celebrate the inaugural match of Brazilian side Sport Club International at their new stadium 'Gigante da Beira Rio'. £60-80
313.    Football Memorabilia: Football Association flag, possibly a corner flag. 10ins. x 14ins. £120-180
314.    Football Memorabilia: England 1966 World Cup programme. £70-100
315.    Football Memorabilia: Original pennant presented to England team. England v East Germany International friendly, England winning 3 - 1. This was Peter Shilton's first cap for England. For this match the team included Bobby Moore, Geoff Hurst, and Martin Peters, £500-800
316.    Football Memorabilia: Original pennant presented to England team. World Cup Mexico 1970 pennant for Group 3 Guadalajura (England's group) England v Romania - 1 - 0 to England Geoff Hurst. £1000-1500
317.    Football Memorabilia: England v Greece 21 April 1971 UEFA European Qualifiers. England 3 Greece 0. For this match the team included Gordon Banks, Bobby Moore, Alan Ball, Martin Chivers, Geoff Hurst, and Martin Peters. £600-800
318.    Football Memorabilia: Brazil pennant with 'CBD' badge on green and gold cross. This pennant would have been exchanged prior to playing England. There were five matches between 1962 - 1970 that were possible. 10.6.62, 8.5.63, 30.5.64, 12.6.69, 7.6.70. In this period there were two World Cup games and also Alf Ramsey's first official game (8.5.63) where he picked the team. This pennant was presented to the England team for one of these matches. £1000-1500
319.    Football Memorabilia: 'Philippine Football Association, Manila, May 1961' pennant. £100-150
320.    Football Memorabilia: Original pennant presented to England team. Belgium B v England under 23's. 25 May 1969 in Ostend. England 1 Belgium B 0, goal scored by Joe Royle future England Captain. Emlyn Hughes also played in the match. £200-300
321.    Football Memorabilia: Original pennant presented to England team. England v Portugal. London 10 December 1969 England won 1 - 0. Jack Charlton scored. Team included Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton. £800-1200
322.    Advertising: Guinness St. James Gate zoo animal theatre (9). £50-80
323.    Ocean Liner/Disney: Unusual 1930s Mickey Mouse SS Normandie jigsaw puzzle (Complete). £150-250
324.    Advertising: Five piece Robinson golly musical band. £30-50
325.    Advertising: Original advertising model holding a jar of Robinsons Golly marmalade. 19ins. £200-300
326.    Advertising: Unusual early Facchino composite display of a girl holding an ice cream cone. 21ins. £300-500
327.    19th cent. Magic Lantern, German made by Ernst Plank. Converted to electric with original box and glass slides on children's stories. Includes Punch & Judy, ships at sea, nursery rhymes, mythical figures, the story of The Chimney Sweep. 47 slides, all colour. Plus 32 black and white slides of Egypt and the Holy Land, plus 20 black and white slides from life. Most slides boxed, 9 of them original to the projector. £80-120
328.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Scientific instruments - The Ashdown Rotoscope. The purpose of which is to gear human vision up to zero speed relative to any moving object, with instructions and a logarithmic tables booklet. £50-80
329.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Tools - wood turner tools, chisels from 1½ins down to one 1/16th of an inch wide. £80-120
330.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Tools - engineers including callipers, scales, pipe sizers, vice, spanners, files, rasps, hammer, lead hammer, etc. Very large amount. £50-80
331.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Tools - carpenters box including screw drivers, wood and iron planes, chisels, ebony & brass level, etc. £30-50
332.    Musical Instruments: Italian made mandolin, bowl back reads Cavallini Frattelli Grand Fabrica DL Strument Armonici Napoli. £30-50
333.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Musical instruments - Grafton Dallas London trumpet with mouth piece and Styrtone ion good overall condition with carrying case. £60-100
334.    Taxidermy: Example of a pheasant in a diorama setting, glazed by "Shopland" Torquay. £60-80
335.    Taxidermy: Example of a freshwater eel (cast) caught by Fred Venables, River Severn, 5th July 1954. Weight 4lb 5oz. in bow fronted case diorama box, 47ins. x 10¼ins. x 6½ins. £180-200
336.    Clocks: 20th cent. Brass and glass carriage clock, enamel white face. £40-60
337.    Clocks: 19th cent. Mahogany Gothic Arch bracket clock, signed Debois and Wheeler, Greys Inn Passage to the back plate, chimes on the hour. The case inlaid with ebony and brass. 16½ins. £500-800
338.    Clocks: Circular oak wall clock, Mathers & Son Cambridge. £100-150
339.    Clocks: 19th cent. Brass Gothic arch skeleton clock. Fusee movement chiming on the hour, white dial on brass spindle supports, treen stand with blue velvet base, a glass dome. A/F. Height 15ins. £300-500
340.    Clocks: French patent globe 'The Empire Clock' patent 19460. Horizontal chapter ring twenty four hours and brass ball pointer on turned column and Acanthus moulded base inscribed Bte Patent S.G.D.C to support and 369. Made in France Smith & Son Ltd (some wear to globe). Height 16ins. £800-1200
341.    Clocks: 19th cent. Victorian marble mantel clock with garniture in the New Classical style. £100-150
342.    Clocks: Slate and marble mantle clock. Enamel face with Roman numerals, unmarked movement. 9ins. x 8ins. £30-50
343.    20th cent. Anniversary clock, under glass dome, enamel dial, Arabic numerals. Makers mark Bidische Uhrenfabrik. £80-120
344.    Clocks: 20th cent. Brass skeleton clock chiming on the hour, treen base and circular glass dome. Height 10½ins. £120-150
345.    Clocks: Carriage clocks. Bayard mechanical clock, white faced with Roman numerals, and a battery operated Hermle clock. £40-60
346.    Decorative ostrich egg with photo frames and a clock inserts on a gilt metal mount. 13ins. £40-60
347.    20th cent. Mercer Tape Chronograph aluminium model T.P.A.2. Class 0552. Brown Bakelite case, ex ministry. 18ins. x 7ins. x 6ins. £250-300
348.    Books etc: "Characters Oriental" David James Leonard, a series of thirty-six coloured drawings of characters in Chinese and Japanese mythology and legend with dust cover and sleave plus four framed examples on a rice style paper. £40-60
349.    Oriental Ceramics: Rice bowls 6ins, famille rose - a pair, tea bowls 4ins. and a blue and white plate 9ins. a/f. £40-60
350.    Early 19th cent. Chinese bronze mirror with raised decoration "Penglai" legendary land a stork bamboo and fern glade. Diameter 8ins. x 11¼ins. long. £80-100
351.    Early 20th cent. Japanese lacquer box decorated with exotic birds and flowers. £30-50
352.    Ceramics: Oriental baluster shaped vase, Imari pallet, floral decoration, 8ins and 1 other vase 3½ins. £20-30
353.    Oriental Ware: 20th cent. Chinese ginger jar with figures in a garden. 8½ins. £20-30
354.    Jewellery: Islamic white metal pendant with a central turquoise coloured boss, 1¼ozs. £20-40
355.    20th cent. Chinese: Soapstone Jade figure, female Immortal with child. 9ins. x 2. £80-100
356.    20th cent. Bronze Buddha of generous proportions. 12ins. £150-200
357.    19th/20th cent. Chinese: Octagonal rice box, heavy carved relief's depicting horseman in combat, to the handle side panels depict children at play, spout with dragons head and embellished with red, green, blue and silver coloured background. £60-80
358.    20th cent. Chinese teapot. Rattan handle, pink ground, white and green flowers. 8½ins. £20-30
359.    Oriental/Tibetan: 20th cent. Figure of a ram, wirework encrusted with red coral beads, gilt legs, ears and horns. 3½ins. high by 5ins. long. £100-150
360.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Chinese pagoda lantern. Treen carved body with reverse painted panels depicting scenes from Chinese life and auspicious symbols, with bead and enamel bat decorated hanging adornments. Plus one other incomplete. (2) Height 17½ins. Diameter 19ins. £150-200
361.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese - Early 20th cent. Ming style, bronze brush pot Zoomorphic creatures and leaves around the body, key pattern and Xuande characters around rim. Height 6ins. diameter 1¼ins. £100-150
362.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Oriental - 19th cent. Objects of virtu - gilt and enamel painted belt buckle. Dia. 1½ins. Bronze archaic miniature children's mirror. Length 3¾ins. Dia. 2⅝?ins. Ivory miniature pot and cover tapering baluster shape with carved dragon, pearl and lotus decoration. Height 2¼ins. Base 1ins. Diameter 1¼ins.

363.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese - Early 20th cent. Temple bell of Anglo-Chinese form, chilong motifs around the body, the suspension hoop a double headed dragon. Height 14ins. £200-300
364.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Early 20th cent. Chinese rosewood dressing table mirror. The glass sits in an ornately carved base (mirror discoloured). Height 21ins. Dia. 14ins. £50-80
365.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese - Qing period, bronze incense burner, cylindrical form, bamboo leaf raised decoration, openwork lid with bamboo handles and feet, Xuande style seal to base. height 6¼ins. x diameter 4ins. £300-400
366.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese - Qing period, bronze open sensor of bulbous for two handles on three feet, Xuande style seal to base. Height 2¼ins. x diameter 3½ins. £100-150
367.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Japanese - Meiji period satsuma plate, gilt & white floral ground with two interconnecting panels, one a landscape the other three girls in costume with bamboo and blossoms. Marks to base. Diameter 9½ins. £60-90
368.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese porcelain - Qing Imari palette square dish with canted corners, traditional border, central panel three scholars with child in a garden setting. Four blue circles to base with six character marks in red oxide (faded central panel). Width 12ins. £80-100
369.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese porcelain - Qing Kangxi San de Boeuf small flared neck slight baluster form vase, unglazed base, blue reign marks beneath, Height 6ins. £200-250
370.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Chinese Porcelain: Small bowl, Fencai palette, individually decorated. Nobles seated beneath a pavilion with processional group playing instruments, holding lanterns and a dragon. Approx. 40 figures dressed in pink, green, blue and beige. Red oval three line seal mark to base. Dia. 4⅝?ins. x 7ins. (one with hairline crack) £200-300
371.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Chinese Porcelain: Qing dynasty blue ovoid vases. Three panels with rural themes, blue seal marks to base. A pair. Height 8ins. (one badly cracked). Plus Cantonese flat side vase with elongated neck depicting floral motifs and red ochre side panels (cracked and repaired). £80-120
372.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Porcelain: Guangxu 1875 - 1908. Period small bowls, blue and white dragon chasing pearls x 5, dia. 5ins. Plus one other with stand and cover, dia. 4¼ins. Small bowls, five claw dragon chasing phoenix, poly chrome decoration, blue, red oxide, yellow, green, pink, pale blue, and gilt with stand and cover x 2, with stands x 2. Dia 4ins. All with character mark to base in blue or red. £200-300
373.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Porcelain: Guangxu 1875 - 1908. Period small bowl with cover and stand, two five claw red oxide dragons chasing pearls with poly chrome auspicious symbols and key pattern rims x 6. Dia 4¼ins. (Plus 2 spare stands) 1 bowl with chip to rim. £200-300
374.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese - Early 20th cent. bronze or Paklong rice bowl, cast decoration inside and out including carp and landscapes with character marks x 8. Diameter 4ins. £150-200
375.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese - Early 20th cent. bronze rice bowls, internal cast decoration x 4. Diameter 4ins. £80-120
376.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Early 20th cent. Chinese brass charger with dragon centre panel and outer border x 2. diameter 14ins. Plus a smaller, similar pattern, plate x 2 diameter 10ins. and singing bowls diameter 4½ins. (7). £100-150
377.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Javanese white metal cigarette case & compact, embossed decoration depicting lotus flowers, planished ground, marked 800. Approx. 7oz. £60-80
378.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Javanese white metal circular cigarette box, plain decoration eagle in relief with motto Unity in Diversity (out of many one). Monk Duro (low grade) silver. Height 3½ins. x diameter 2⅝?ins.
379.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Glass - Peking Amber cologne flask with carved sides and shoulders, front panel depicts seven immortals, back panel birds and blossoms, height 6½ins. width 4ins. diameter 2¼ins. Minus stopper. £80-100
380.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver condiments, diamond shaped with applied character decoration x 4, Hung Chong mark to base, dragon plus misc x 2, glass liners x 4. Approx. 11ozs. (8 Condiments). £120-150
381.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver - place name holders, depicting Chinese alphabet characters. Marked Z.S: Zeesung Shanghai x 8. Approx. 2½oz. £150-200
382.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver bowl, melon shaped with flamed foot, Luen Wo mark to base. Approx. 5oz. Diameter 3¾ins. x height 2⅛?ins.
383.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver tea caddy of square form with ribbed canted sides, indistinct mark to base. Height 4ins. width 3 x 3ins. 3ozs. £80-100
384.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver miniature or tea for one teapot, sloping baluster shape, engraved floral decoration and key pattern around body. Character mark to base. Approx. 12oz. Height 4½ins. base diameter 3¼ins. £150-180
385.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver teapot, bulbous form, raised bamboo decoration on a planished ground handle, finial & spout of bamboo form Shanghai marks. Approx. 15oz. Height 5½ins. £200-300
386.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver spirit kettle, body melon shaped with birds, blossoms & fruit in high relief, height 5ins. The stand and lid of bamboo form, height 5ins. Woching Shanghai marks to base. 39oz. £500-600
387.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver trumpet shaped Epergne/table centre piece, openwork floral decoration. Composing stand, 1 central 12ins. 5ozs. surrounded by thee slightly smaller trumpets 11½ins. 11ozs. three hanging vases, 8ozs including liners. Stand 7½ins. (Minus suspension hangers). Indistinct character mark to base. £500-800
388.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver table decoration, trumpet holders, floral raised motif on planished ground, height 4¼ins., 3 trumpets, 3 hanging baskets, base height 1½ins. plus 2 suspension hangers, length 4¾ins. Approx. 11ozs. £200-250
389.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver - walking cane, handle embossed bamboo decoration and characters, Artisan/retailers mark to base. Approx. 2oz. £100-150
390.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver - children's teething rattles, 4 bells, 3 cylinders, whistle and rod. Length 6ins. £100-150
391.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver - children's teething rattles, three bells, whistle and rod - Artisan/retailers marks on whistle - a pair. Length 5¼ins. £200-250
392.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver - children's teething rattles, 3 bells, whistle & rod. Length 4½ins. Plus another double gourd 6 bells (2 missing) whistle, rod Artisan/retailers marks. Length 5ins. (3) £100-150
393.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver small card cases, embossed cherry blossoms, marked Luen Wo, carved with planished decoration marked Wing On, engraved with bird and flowers, character mark beneath fold-over lid. All approx. 3 x 1¾ins. x ¼ins. (3) Approx. 4½ozs. £200-250
394.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver cigarette case, engraved "Good Luck" with Zee-Sung mark inside plus another mark D.D. 90. Approx. 7ozs. £80-120
395.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver small trophies, two handled "Good Wishes" and a smaller one marked Zee Wo plus 4 others marked sterling and one handled a/f. Approx. 12oz. £120-150
396.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver talcum powder flask with embossed chrysanthemum decoration on planished ground. Sincere Shanghai mark to base. Approx. 3ozs. Height 3¾ins. x width 2⅝?ins. diameter 1¼ins.
397.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Japanese export cigarette case Damascene black ground with gold & silver boats at a lakeside with Fuji in the background. Seal mark inside. Approx. 2oz. 3½ins. x 3¼ins. x ¼ins.
398.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver cigarette case, engraved Pagoda and mountain scene overlaid with copper and mirror reverse inside case gold & black. Marked sterling 4ozs. 4½ins. x 3⅛?ins. x ⅜?ins.
399.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver spoons and forks, misc makers and designs, no sets plus a baby pusher & feeder, makers include Tucksheng, Zee Wo, etc. Approx. 12ozs. £120-150
400.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver pickle fork, bamboo stem x 10, bamboo stem with double loop finial x 6, plus twisted stem x 3 contained in small circular stand with embossed dragons. Approx. 2½ozs. £40-60
401.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver hammered finish cocktail shaker with cup stamped to base L.W. possibly Luen Wo Shanghai. Height 8ins. Approx 11ozs. £150-200
402.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver pierced bowl and beaten bowl plain central panel, 6 side panels depicting fish, flowers, sea creatures , the outer border floral themes on three supports. Diameter 6ins. height 1¾ins. Wo.Shing Shanghai marks. Approx. 3ozs. £50-70
403.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver - dip pens, shaft decorated with embossed flower and mandarin finials. Length 6⅜?ins. A pair. 20gms. £50-80
404.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Hallmarked silver baby's rattle, mother of pearl handle/teething stick acorn finial with two bells. £40-60
405.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export silver trophy shield inscribed in Chinese. Characters with storks surrounding the edge, mounted on an ebonised plaque. The cresting rail decorated with a floral spray £100-120
406.    Early 20th cent. Glass: Decanter with silver hallmarked collar, pinched body. Sheffield, Walker Hall, c1900 13ins. £40-60
407.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening cup monogrammed 25 March 1923 London, small trophy and cover Birmingham, one other trophy Grove Park School Boxing 1937 London and an unmarked pill box. 5oz. £40-60
408.    Hallmarked Silver: Milk jug Sheffield 1888 Goldsmiths & Silversmiths Co. 4oz. £40-50
409.    Hallmarked Silver: Flat ingot bar pendants both London 0.7oz. Plus an eight hundred standard continental number 69 pendant and other pendants 1½oz, and sterling silver bracelet charms. £20-40
410.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiment set of salt, pepper, mustard. Birmingham 1936 A E Poston Co. Ltd. With matching spoons. 2oz. £30-50
411.    Hallmarked Silver: Sauce ladle London 1898 Walter & Holland 2.3oz boxed. Set of coffee bean spoons Birmingham 1927 Nock & Newman 1oz inclusive, boxed. Plus a bud vase Birmingham 1965 J Collyer & Co. Ltd. Not weighed. £40-60
412.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Hallmarked silver cigarette case, floral carved, a fob Vesta with fob chain Birmingham, HM trophy and a ladies compact with blue enamel hinged lid & a retractable pencil. 6½ozs. £80-100
413.    From the Estate of Colonel Michael E Jones: Hallmarked gold tie pin. The 42nd Regt. R.A, uniform flower/emblem holder white metal, a pendant prize shield hallmarked silver to Cadet Sgt. M Jones. £40-60
414.    Military - Hallmarked Silver: Slide with chain and holders in the form of two arrows from an Irish Hussars ceremonial uniform. Dublin 1936, maker J M & Co. 4½oz. £150-200
415.    Hallmarked Silver: Bookmarks. Corner page holder decorated with a bird and another heart form. ¾oz. £20-40
416.    Hallmarked Silver: Baby ring Birmingham and a tea strainer and holder Sheffield. 1.8oz. £20-40
417.    Scandinavian silver. Georg Jensen sterling Danmark 152 and import marks bookmark in the form of an arrow and stylised menorah. £30-50
418.    Silver 3d coin bracelet with spare coins. ½oz. £20-40
419.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette cases, engine turned Mappin & Webb Birmingham 1929, and a carved case Turner & Simson Chester 1916. 3.4oz. £40-60
420.    Hallmarked Silver: Matchbox cover, medallion Birmingham, a circular cocktail stick holder with 925 and import marks. 3.8oz. £30-60
421.    Hallmarked Silver: Whisky water pourers x 2, silver collars and covers, cut glass bases. £100-150
422.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Hallmarked silver sauce boat, Birmingham, a straining ladle (small) London, tablespoon London, salt ladle and fish knife, blade various makers & dates. 7½ozs. £80-100
423.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Hallmarked silver half pint tankard, repouse floral decoration height 3¾ins. diameter 3ins. London marks 1745-46, maker W.H. Approx. 6ozs. £80-100
424.    Hallmarked Silver: Cologne bottle swirl glass with classical decoration to lid and collar with stopper. Birmingham marks 1893 Will Comyns. £60-80
425.    Militaria: Hallmarked silver salver London 1959, engraved Presented to Lieutenant Colonel J.G.R. Allen Royal Tank Regiment by the Directing Staff, The Staff College. 26oz. £225-250
426.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette case, engine turned. Birmingham 1946 E.J. Trevit & Sons. 6½oz. £80-100
427.    Smoking Requisites: Dunhill Sylphide gas lighter, white metal, boxed. An I.P.M. flip top lighter. £30-50
428.    Hallmarked Silver: Mappin & Webb powder compact, engine turned. Birmingham 1965. £40-50
429.    Continental marked silver snuff box with a crown over the letter P and a makers name AGM. Ribbed decoration. 2½oz. £80-120
430.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette box wood linen inscribed The Bachelors Club 1925, exclusive men's London club for confirmed bachelors allegedly a front for a gay men club which was illegal at the time. Birmingham 1925, makers mark indistinct. £100-150
431.    Hallmarked Silver: Dish London 1965 with Churchill crown to base. Cased. Dia. 5¾ins. 4oz inclusive. £30-50
432.    White metal. 925 plates presented to Prof. Tim Traverse - Healy OBE Istanbul World Congress June 2005. 9.9oz. Boxed. £70-90
433.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Early 20th cent. Oriental metal desk furniture and personal Skidmore seals. Blotter, letter rack, inkwell, pen holder, letter clip, letter opener with decorative finials - a pair, 2 more letter openers, desk blotter, green baize with decorative corners and New Zealand shell ashtray with white metal Kiwi bird. £100-120
434.    Mid 19th cent. Plated Ware: Sheffield plate lidded wine jug, gadroon foot rim and lid edge. 10¼ins. £50-80
435.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Highly elaborate silver plated tri part opening bon bon dish in the form of a shell. £150-250
436.    Platedware: Regency style coffee pot Henry Wilkinson & Co Sheffield, and a boxed set of coffee spoons with decorative finials. £20-40
437.    Platedware: Dressing table set of hand mirror, brush and comb. Plus a boxed set of butter knives. £30-50
438.    Late 19th cent. Elkington plate flower vase decorated in the neo classical style Portland ware Esque (1895) 7½ins. £50-80
439.    20th cent. Mahogany twin door tea cabinet opening to reveal Britannia metal full tea service and accroutements including salts, spoons, ladles, toasting fork, etc. £50-80
440.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Early 20th cent. Cut glass decanter (stopper a/f.), cologne bottle, preserve pot & cover, Dawson Glenlivet mallet shaped whisky bottle. £30-40
441.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Cut glass - wine decanter, bulbous base, engraved with vine motifs, faceted stopper, neck and base - a pair. Height 11½ins. Plus a smaller pair of tapering decanters. Height 8½ins. £30-50
442.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Drinking glasses - wine goblets, 6 canted panels on a double knop style base x 6. £40-60
443.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Drinking glasses - trumpet shaped with canted panels height 4⅝?ins. Tulip shaped plus Hock glasses x 3.
444.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Early 20th cent. Drinking glasses - cranberry bowls with Greek key and etched engravings and clear glass stems x 10, plus pale green bowls with clear stems x 6.
445.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Art Deco - P.H.V. Co E.P.N.S. miniature cocktail shaker with red cherry cocktail sticks, plus 6 bronze lustre cocktail glasses. £60-80
446.    18th cent. Wine glass, ovoid bowl engraved with vine leaves and flying bird, tapering stem, uneven fold over foot pontil beneath. Height 5ins. Bowl diameter 1⅞?ins. Foot diameter 2⅝?ins. £60-80
447.    Early 19th cent. Glasses: Gin glass, ovoid bowl engraved with rose and bird, plain stem with uneven foot pontil beneath. Height 4ins. Bowl diameter 2ins. Foot diameter 2½ins. A wine glass, ovoid bowl engraved with vine leaf and grapes, plain stem, thick foot pontil beneath. Height 4ins. Bowl diameter 2⅞ins. Foot diameter 2⅝?ins. A wine glass, tapering ovoid bowl engraved with bird, grapes and vine leaves, slightly tapering stem, sloping foot pontil beneath. Height 5ins. Bowl diameter 1⅞ins. Foot diameter 2⅝?ins. (3). £100-150
448.    19th/20th cent. Bohemian double form glass painted in enamels. A pair. 5¾ins. £30-50
449.    Glassware: Bacarat art glass signed in the form of a crystal. 8ins. £40-60
450.    Lalique. Thistle shaped vase with beaded base, possible variation of the 'Mossi' pattern. Lalique France script mark. Height 8¼ins. Dia. 7¾ins. Small chip to outer rim. £50-70
451.    Lalique "Cave Raisins" plate. R. Lalique embossed mark. Dia. 9½ins. £60-70
452.    Lalique Grape Washer "Cave Raisin" three banded decoration. Lalique France script mark. Height 5ins. Diameter 4¾ins. Chip to outside rim. £50-70
453.    20th cent. Desk Furniture: Art deco white onyx date display holder, hallmarked silver date card holder, London 1922. 5½ins. x 3ins. £30-50
455.    20th cent. Limoges. Iridescent enamel medallion porcelain portrait. Female head wearing a red head covering. A/F £50-80
456.    19th cent. Miniature painting on ivorine of a lady in a later frame. Plus a 20th cent. Mexican shadow cut outs, mounted on paper, figures in various costumes. All very colourful 6 in total. All unmounted. 9½ins. x 13ins. £30-50
457.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Hallmarked gold - cigarette case 9ct. 375. Presented to T. E. Skidmore by his fellow directors at British American Tobacco Co. (China) on his retirement April 1935. Engine turned radiating sun decoration. Maker Adey Bros. Birmingham. Height 4¼ins. Width 3¼ins. Depth ⅜?ins. Weight 155gms. In presentation box.
458.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export gold - cylindrical small pill box. Height 1¾ins. Dia. ½ins. Characters to base. 10gms. £80-100
459.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export gold - 18ct men's breast jewel, gold cash coin on black woven ribbon. The jewel is clasp and ring mounted with a clasp and safety chain, all marked 18ct. Zee Sung Shanghai. Weighable 18.6gms. £400-450
460.    Jewellery: Lapis lazuli and cultured pearl necklace and earring set with 9ct hallmarked fittings and clasp. Lapis beads 50 x ¼ins. Dia. Pearl beds 9 x 3/16ins. Dia. Overall length 20ins. £100-150
461.    Opal Jewellery: Double drop pendant with matching triple drop earrings. Marked and tested 375. £100-120
462.    Diamond Jewellery: 19th cent. Sunburst 12 points design old cut earrings. Central stone .20, 6 points 4 stones .10 to .02, 6 small points 3 stones .05 to .02, set in yellow gold and silver with clasp mounts. Total weight 7.5gms inclusive. £500-800
463.    Diamond Jewellery: Solitaire brilliant cut. Approx. 1.25 carats set 18ct marked and tested white gold. Size M UK, 6 USA. £800-1200
464.    Hallmarked Gold: Half hoop eternity ring. Three small diamond and six small square cut rubies set in 18ct 750 gold. £80-100
465.    Hallmarked Gold: Dress ring, nine small ruby coloured stones in a square signet style design. Set in 9ct 375 gold. £30-50
466.    Hallmarked Gold: Three stone ring, central sapphire with diamonds either side, set in 18ct 750 gold. £100-150
467.    Hallmarked Gold: Dress ring. Oval cut citrine set in 9ct 375 gold. £40-50
468.    Hallmarked Gold Jewellery: Black opal, oval cut mounted in a decorative wire work design, 9ct gold set. £50-80
469.    Hallmarked Gold: Wedding band 22ct. Approx. 3gms. £60-90
470.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Diamond cluster ring, single central stone surrounded by six others. Approx 2.77ct. 7g. Inclusive. £2000-2500
471.    Jewellery: Gold emerald and diamond ring. Tests 9ct. 2.7gms. £40-60
472.    Hallmarked Gold: Wedding rings 22ct. 8½gms. £160-180
473.    Jewellery: Gold ring. Diamond cluster. Tests 18ct. 2.2gms. £50-80
474.    Jewellery: 20th cent. cross over diamond ring (tests 18ct.). Size N. £80-120
475.    Hallmarked Platinum: Diamond half hoop eternity. 5g. Inclusive. £200-250
476.    Jewellery: 18ct. Diamond and sapphire eternity ring. Size M/N. £300-500
477.    Hallmarked Gold: Wedding rings 22ct. 8.8gms. £140-180
478.    Hallmarked Gold: Chevron rings 9ct. 5½gms. £50-80
479.    Jewellery: Stamped 9c. Signet ring set with 0.11 diamonds. 5½gms. £60-80
480.    Jewellery: Yellow metal link bracelet (tests 9ct.). Plus a small yellow metal (tests 9ct.) ring with inset Italian coin. Approx. 9.3gms. £80-120
481.    Chinese jewellery. Yellow metal, marked and tests 14K, bracelet. Five jade panels with four Chinese character separators. 7ins. 10gms inclusive. £80-100
482.    Gold Jewellery: Neck chains box link marked 9ct 375. 17ins. Another 16ins. 15gms. Plus a rope twist chain. (3) 23gms. £210-250
483.    Hallmarked Silver: Ingot pendant and chain. 1oz. £20-30
484.    Gold Jewellery: Double link articulated bracelet mark and test 750 with safety chain. Length 8½ins. £300-350
485.    Edwardian Jewellery: Turquoise and seed pearl star brooch stamped 375, plus knot brooch with single peridot selling mark 15ct. £80-120
486.    Gold Jewellery: Neck chains box link mark 9ct. 375. Length 20ins. x 2. 22gms. £200-250
487.    Jewellery: Yellow metal (tests 9ct) keep chain 55ins long with yellow metal sliding pencil, 1½ins, retracted. Slider with turquoise stones, the pencil topped with an amethyst stone. 30gms without pencil. £290-320
488.    Jewellery: Gold belcher chain 18ins.. Tests 9ct. 11gms. £80-120
489.    Jewellery: 20th cent. Novelty articulated clown (tests 9ct.) decorated with coloured stones. Approx. 10.1gms. £80-120
490.    Jewellery: 18ct. (tested) gold chain. Plus a 18ct. (tested) pendant depicting the face of Christ. Approx. 46.9gms. £700-1000
491.    Coins: Gold sovereign 1926 in 14/15ct. (tested) mount. Approx. 10.6gms in total. £220-260
492.    Coins: Victoria veiled head sovereign 1898. £180-220
493.    Coins: Victoria veiled head sovereign 1898. £180-220
494.    Coins: Victoria young head gold sovereign 1871 in 9ct. (tested) mount. Approx. 8.5gms in total. £180-220
495.    Coins: Sovereign Edward VII 1907. 8gms. £180-220
496.    Jewellery: Selection of yellow metal items including earrings, pendants, chains & necklaces. Some marked 375 with continental marks. 31.5gms. inclusive. £200-300
497.    Seals: Early 19th cent. Workhouse seal for the St. Neots Union Bedford Queen's Crown. £100-150
498.    Pens: Dunhill silver fountain pen. Cartridge fill engine turned case and cap. Gold 585 nib. £80-120
499.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th cent. Pens - Samson Mordan yellow metal dipper reversible pen/pencil. Cartouche S Mordan & Co. Maker with bloodstone finial 5¼ins. Includes spare leads and a tube of Hulcheons 'Finerpointe Leads'. £300-400
500.    Watches: Swiss 15 jewel movement keyless pocket watch with Swiss silver marked case. 20th cent. Arnex half hunter with Swiss 17 jewel Incabloc movement with yellow metal plated case. Plus Casio 'Edifice' chronograph with stainless steel case and bracelet. £30-50
501.    Watches: Hallmarked gold 9ct. Garrard & Co. Ladies cocktail watch with leather strap. £70-100
502.    20th cent. Jewellery: Jade and yellow metal studs and earrings, and white metal and pearl necklaces. £30-50
503.    Designer Jewellery: 'Monet' bead and yellow metal necklace, eight string. Plus an inch and ¾ bracelet. £30-50
504.    Early 20th cent. Ciro faux pearls, double string with 9ct gold clasp. 3 boxed sets plus one pair of earrings. £90-100
505.    20th cent. Jewellery: Jadeite pendant with yellow metal decoration on fine chain, white metal torc style necklace decorated with flowers, earrings and floral pendant.
506.    Jewellery: Ladies and gentleman's white metal necklace cape fastener link chain rings, etc. £30-50
507.    Hallmarked Silver: Thimbles, pendants, coin necklaces, and other commemorative medallions, rank badges, pin brooches, a uniform badge Chartered Society of Masseuses and Medical Gymnasts. £40-60
508.    Costume Jewellery: c1960-1970s Denton china floral brooch and earring set plus Japanese cultured pearl (9). Brooch white metal setting marked silver (probably Kuki). Plus a Japanese cultured pearl c1960-1970 pendant & fine chain (11) geometric white metal setting marked silver Kuki box. £30-40
509.    Designer Jewellery: Rodney Holman white metal and enamel Celtic style pendant and chain. £40-60
510.    19th cent. Card case, bakelite & porcupine with treen liner. £30-50
511.    19th cent. Card case, tortoiseshell & mother of pearl, silver cartouche. a/f. £30-50
512.    19th cent. Card case, ladies tortoiseshell. 2¾ins. x 4¼ins. £30-50
513.    Italian Jewellery: Micro mosaic brooch plus black cameo pendant on 925 chain. £30-40
514.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Early 20th cent. Smoking requisites. Amber cigar holders, one with 9ct hallmarked gold band. Both cased. Length 2¾ins. (2) £40-50
515.    Smoking Requisites: Two Meerschaum pipes. One with amber coloured stem, bone bowl carved with dogs and horse. The other with a yellow metal collar and a corkscrew tree branch handle. £20-40
516.    Corkscrews: Circa 1900 French boxwood Le Club corkscrew, wide helix screw. £50-80
517.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Mid 18th cent. Dutch silver pipe multi tool, with five separate tools and a swivel seal to the end. Bears Dutch export marks from the early 19th cent. £1000-1500
518.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: A late 18th cent. Silver travelling corkscrew, makers mark 'IT', probably by Joseph Taylor. £300-500
519.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Hallmarked silver waiter's friend. Steel blade, foil cutter, and extractor. Grooved helix screw. London 1879 Henry William Dee. £200-300
520.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Steel screw with simple beaded handle and sheath with seal to base. Helix screw. £800-1200
521.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Hallmarked silver waiter's friend. Two blades, foil cutter, grooved helix blade. Sheffield 1922. E (Edinb) below Harrison's, with crown above and Holyrood 1926 to the right side. £200-300
522.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Steel pocket screw. French coat of arms on base, steel sheath, twisted steel screw. £1000-1500
523.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Folding steel screw for miniature corks. Grooved helix screw, housed in a shagreen box. £700-1000
524.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 19th cent. Small bow screw for perfume or medicine corks. Faceted suspension ring, the frame silver plate. Dragon rosettes and hinge bosses. Wire helix screw. £250-300
525.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Dutch silver screw in a two part threaded tubular case, the handle decorated with a medallion bust of 'Dante', the sheath with rococo decoration. Grooved helix screw. £350-400
526.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Early 20th cent. Combination tool, boat shaped bone handle with knife blades, tweezers, scissors and grooved helix screw. £200-300
527.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Hallmarked silver art deco screw and bottle opener, housed in a fitted case. Helix screw, London 1934 H Pidduck & Sons. £200-400
528.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 19th cent. Steel combination scissors, cutter and screw, champagne wire cutter and helix screw. £300-400
529.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Travelling set of knife with gilt trim, pen toothpick, peg and worm screw, grooved helix screw. Contained in a shagreen case. £400-600
530.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Steel pocket combination tool. Nine tools, hoof pick, button hook, needle, pipe tamper, tweezers, screw, etc. Helix screw. Plus French lever screw with hinged levers on either side, joined at the top to form a handle marked 'The Butler' trademark. Helix screw.
531.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Picnic set. Mother of pearl handles. The body splits to allow the knife and fork set use. Archimedean screw. £100-150
532.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Military penknife, chrome plated. Marked G M Clarke Rifle Brigade. Grooved helix screw. £150-250
533.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Penknife and screw in the shape of a rifle with scenes from Hamburg and the date 1909 and marked 'Souvenir of the 16th national shooting competition'. Helix screw, leather case. £400-500
534.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Art Deco waiter's friend. Mother of pearl handle marked 'Gordon Rouge' and 'C. H. Mumm & Co', contains blades, bottle opener and grooved helix screw. Plus champagne tap with two interchangeable ends, housed in a leather bound, velvet lined case. £40-60
535.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 19th cent. Leather miniature book case containing a screw, pair of scissors, tweezers with tamper, helix screw. £350-400
536.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Silver fine bouchon case, provincial mark. The handle with a club symbol, the case with diamonds, hearts and spades. Archimedian screw. £3000-3500
537.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. French large travelling screw, porcelain case and handle, blue flower on a white background. Seal to base 'Court of Arms' handle caps with date 1734 NE and French hallmarks on the other. Archimedian screw. £500-700
538.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 19th cent. Silver and silver gilt handled steel screw, the handle ornately worked with cherub to the centre. Double sided long nibled helix screw housed in a plush lined leather bound box. £700-1000
539.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: American novelty two part screw with bell cap, a waiter holding a bottle. Label on base Syro wood Syracuse New York. Archimedian screw.
540.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: American novelty two part screw with bell cap, a male figure in morning coat with top hat. Label on base Syro wood Syracuse New York. Archimedian screw. £120-200
541.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 19th cent. Peg and worm silver screw, turned sheath and handle. Samuel Pemberton Birmingham. Steel helix screw. £300-400
542.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Early 19th cent. English silver screw, mother of pearl handle, turned sheath, tamper base with English makers name. £200-300
543.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 19th cent. French peg and worm screw grooved helix screw. The peg opens to form a measure. All housed in a shagreen case. £350-400
544.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: French bronze and steel bouchon cage screw. Centre worm screw. £3000-4000
545.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Late 18th cent. English folding screw, silver bow, sheath and tamper helix screw housed in a shagreen case. £1200-1500
546.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Dutch silver screw for drawing small corks. The handle with side view bust surrounded by foliage. The screw on cover with built up embossed leaves terminates in a seal with crown and monogram. Unscrews to reveal a pipe prick Amsterdam 1788 helix screw. £150-300
547.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. French silver pocket screw, crescent shaped handle with medallion and foliate swags, the sheath in the form of a tapering column. Seal on base. £150-180
548.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. French silver small travelling screw. Mother of pearl handle, silver bound, provincial marks. Archimedian screw. £100-120
549.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Silver and steel folding bow screw and crested clip with Dutch provincial marks. Archimedian screw. £1700-2000
550.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Folding gun metal screw with wire cutter, hoof cleaner marked S T Ledger and Patent A N. Archimedean screw housed in a shagreen case £200-250
551.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: An early English pocket screw, silver grooved case and shank, mother of pearl turned handle. Shagreen case, archimedian screw.
552.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Dutch pocket screw, rocking horse handle, squared baluster shank with unscrew able pipe tamper. Helix screw. £900-1200
553.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Early 18th cent. Dutch silver screw for drawing small corks. The handle formed as an Indo Chinese cow, screw on sheath, tamper base with Dutch provincial marks. Helix screw. £400-600
554.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Folding screw with gold dome handled steel helix screw.
555.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: 18th cent. Gold and steel folding bow screw, a three faced Lapis Lozuli seal placed at the apex of the bow screw sheath, helix screw. £2000-3000
556.    Corkscrews/Wine Collectables: Gold and steel folding singleton 15ct screw diamond cut bow, helix screw (broken), housed in a shagreen case. £2100-3000
557.    Coins: 10 Marshall Islands collection of legendary aircraft of WWII. Brass 13 uncirculated 1991 cased with book. £40-60
558.    Coins: Maria Theresa silver thaler coins (re-strikes) 1780 x 2. £20-40
559.    Coins and Banknotes: British coins, copper, brass, cupro nickel, crowns, ½ crown, etc. Small amount of silver and ½ silver coins and a cupro nickel £5 proof Guernsey coin. £30-50
559A.   Coins: Pre and post decimal uncirculated coin sets x 2. All Queen Elizabeth II and Crowns. An uncirculated £5 1990, etc. £30-50
560.    Coins and Banknotes: 20 franc coin 1938, 20 franc notes x 2, 5 franc notes x 2, and a Wilhelmine 2½ guilder coin 1938. North America walking liberty ½ dollar, peace dollar 1924, J.F.K 1964 ½ dollars x 5, and 1 dollar Canadian notes x 6.
561.    Coins: Gold coin proof £1, 2016 limited 995. £190-250
562.    Coins: Platinum proof £1, coin limited to 995. £180-200
563.    Coins: Gold sovereign 2018 limited edition 995 and date stamped box with sleeve. £190-250
564.    Coins: Silver proof Jersey £5 coin x 6, 2015 limited 130-250. £70-90
565.    Coins: Gold sovereign 2018 limited edition 995 and date stamped box with sleeve. £190-250
566.    Coins: Gold proof Piedfort, double weight sovereign 2017 limited 3-700. £700-900
567.    Coins: Gold USA mint 2014 #5 dollar Baseball Hall of Fame, un-circulated. £400-500
568.    Coins and Banknotes: World coins in copper, brass, cupro nickel, and 16 banknotes from Germany, Belgium, Italy, etc. £30-50
569.    Coins: Crowns including Jubilee x 11, Queen Mother 80th x 6, Churchill x 3, Queen's 35th Wedding x 2, Charles and Diana x 9, Festival of Britain x 1, plus Victoria shillings x 2, a small amount of cupro nickel. £30-50
570.    20th cent. Lladro large figures 'Playful Horses'. 17ins x 15ins. £150-200
571.    20th cent. Lladro large figures 'Rickshaw Ride', one thumb a/f. 12ins x 16ins. £140-180
572.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro figure 'Ready To Go'. 14¾ins. £30-50
573.    20th cent Ceramics: Lladro figures 'Honey Lickers', 'Girl with Dog and Cat', and Nativity set figures girl kneeling, boy on one knee (staff missing). (4). £30-40
574.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro figures 'Quixote Standing', 'Big Hat Cowboy', and Nao 'Girl with Bird'. (3). £30-50
575.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro figures. 'Young Girl Curtsying with Bunny' 9ins. 'Girl with Goose and Dog' 10½ins. 'Girl with Umbrella and Ducks' 11ins. (3). £40-60
576.    Nao Lladro. Girl with doll and pram, girl sitting with cat, girl standing and posing, girl with lantern and dog, and a cat laid down. (7). £30-50
577.    Nao Lladro. A lady wearing a bonnet sitting, an elegant lady standing, and a lady standing in a pose. 12ins. £40-60
578.    Nao Lladro. Ballerinas in different poses. (5). £30-50
579.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Copenhagen Girl with goose. 528. £30-60
580.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Ceramics: Birds. Nao geese x 4, plus group, and pair of unmarked birds. £40-50
581.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Ceramics: Alton China bulldog figurine. £30-50
582.    20th cent. Country Artists, 'Barn Owl on a Winter Branch', boxed. Plus 'Barn Owl Feeding Chicks', boxed.
583.    19th cent. Ceramics: Fairings, Pastoral Visit by Rev. John Jones, and Welsh Costumes. £30-50
584.    19th cent. Continental hard paste with a cross swords porcelain figurine of a group of people being served wine at a table, with wine to the side and dessert plates and a cake on the table. Some damage. 12ins. x 10ins. x 11ins. £150-250
585.    Early 20th cent. Dresden shallow dish embossed underglaze blue cross with T above painted central panel. The remainder decorated with floral sprays in relief. £30-40
586.    19th cent. Ceramics: Spode Feldspar cinder open work chestnut dish decorated with roses and summer flowers and ceramic basket lavishly decorated in gilt with floral bocage a/f. (2). £30-50
587.    Staffordshire Flatbacks: Two figures with fish, two figures with a bowl of fruit and two figures with a boat a/f. (3). Staffordshire Spill Vases: A male and female sitting on a barrel a/f, two figures in a garden, a peacock a/f. and a man & his dog. (7).
588.    Military Ceramic Figures: 'Jean Lannes' by Dubols. 'Officer des Chasseurs', and 'Officer des Hussars', both by Carl Scheidig. (3). £120-150
589.    Continental figure of a young lady sitting with a tambourine, wearing a lace dress adorned with flowers. Crown mark with ribbons backstamp. Some damage to the lace. 11ins. £60-80
590.    19th cent. Ceramics: Soft paste sweetmeat dish held aloft by two Puti standing on a rock base adorned with flowers. Height 12ins. Dia. 7ins. At it's widest point. £40-60
591.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick, Ribby, Cecily Parsley, Jemima Puddle Duck.(3). £20-30
592.    Royal Doulton: Dickens Series. Pickwick, Mr Pickwick, Fat Boy, Mrs Bardell, Buz Fuz, Dick Swiveller, Jingle. (6). £70-90
593.    Royal Doulton: Dickens Series. Bill Sykes, Bumble, Fagin, Artful Dodger, Oliver Twist Scrooge (6). £50-80
594.    Royal Doulton: Dickens Series. David Copperfield, Mr Micawber, Tony Weller, Captain Cuttle, Uriah Heep, Sam Weller. £50-80
595.    Royal Doulton: Dickens Series. Tiny Tim, Trotty Veck, Pecksniff, Little Nell, Stiggins, Sairey Gamp. £70-100
596.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Falstaff H.N. 3236, Good King Wenceslas H.N. 3262, Guy Fawkes H.N. 3271 x 2. (4). £40-60
597.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Collector's Club. Nelson D.6963, and Pretty Ladies Christmas Celebration H.N.4721. Boxed. £30-40
598.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton, Country Lass H.N. 1991, and Bridget H.N. 2070.
599.    20th cent. Tuscan China: Tea set with floral pattern. Includes bread & butter plates x 2, tea plates x 10, saucers x 12, cups x 10, milk jug and a sugar bowl. £20-40
600.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Ceramics - Minton Rosetta pink & floral half tea set, 1 cup a/f. Roslyn blue & floral half tea set, 1 cup a/f. £20-30
601.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 20th cent. Ceramics - Crown Ducal "orange tree" circa 1925 teapot on stand, hot water jug, pewter cover, cups x 4 (1 a/f), creamer, cake plate, saucers x 2, side plates x 3. £50-60
602.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Royal Worcester. Blush, shell shaped dish, no. 1610. Reg. No. 198236 c1892. Plus creamer and sugar bowl decorated with wild flowers, jug a/f. £70-80
603.    19th cent, Wiltshaw & Robinson teapot, creamer and sugar bowl. English wild rose pattern. £20-30
604.    20th cent. Ceramics: Poole pottery, high living glaze collection, Volcano red bulbous vase 7ins. another red Volcano baluster vase 7ins. plus a red African sky bud vase 6ins. (3). £50-80
605.    Early 19th cent. Cream ware/Masonic jug. Printed both sides with emblems and text 'Hail Masonry divine! Glory of ages shine! Long may'st thou reign: Where'er thy Lodges stand. May they have great command. And always grace the land. Thou art divine.' Being the first verse of the hymn of dedication for the construction of a Lodge. Height 5½ins. x 3ins. Rim diam. x 3½ins. Base diam. Plus a commemorative mug for the 750th meeting of Finchley Lodge No. 5031 6th February 1961. £120-150
606.    Arts & Crafts: Twin handled vase in the style of Dr Christopher Dresser unmarked and attributed to Linthorpe dating from around 1885. This fine earthenware vase stands on a narrow rounded foot with a recessed base with a rounded bulbous body, narrow neck and rounded shaped opening. The vase has ring handles applied to either side and has a relief moulded mask and dragon design to the body and is decorated in thickly applied brown treacle glazes trailed down the body of the vase with gathering under the foot and base.
607.    Ceramics: Royal Copenhagen Pottery vase by Nils Thorsson. 7¾ins. £150-200
608.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick, Connoisseur model of Nijinsky with Lester Piggott. Model No. 235223. Oval treen base. 11ins. £120-150
609.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick model of a red coated huntsman on standing horse. Brown gloss. Model 1501. £60-80
610.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick. Pheasant, No. 1226 and a Pheasant on base flying upwards. No. 849. (2).
611.    21st cent. Dennis Chinaworks Beer, Devon. Sally Tuffin kingfisher design painted barrel and lid. Produced from 2002 - 2004 in a limited edition of 50, this one is number 15. Signed Sally Tuffin in gold on base. Height 12ins. £500-800
612.    21st cent. Dennis Chinaworks Beer, Devon. Sally Tuffin kingfisher design. Large ovoid barrel produced in 2003 in a limited edition of 20 pieces, this one is numbered 1. Height 18ins. £400-600
613.    English ceramics. Early Barr/Worcester Wrythen and fluted part tea set. Delicate floral spray painted puce and mauve. White ground gilt banded rims - some pieces have decorators marks, foot rim teapot (some cracking to body), oval lidded sucre, circular sucre (three small chips to lid), teabowl x 3, saucer x 3 (minor chips to foot rim and 1 small crack), coffee cans x 2, saucers x 3. (1 teabowl impressed B). Plus a pattern teapot, puce and mauve bluebell decoration, puce numeral 10 to base. Tea bowl plus cups x 2, oval lidded sucre marked 8 to foot rim.
614.    The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th early 20th cent. tea china. Pink ground with gilt scrollwork, hand painted panels depicting fruit & flower cake plates x 2, side plates x 6, breakfast cups x 6, tea cups x 6, coffee cups x 6, tea saucers x 6, breakfast saucers x 5, sugar bowl & creamer and egg cups x 3. £100-150