Titanic and Transport Memorabilia Auction
on Saturday 20th October 2018

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1.      AIRSHIP/ZEPPELIN: Printed DZR Graf Zeppelin wine list. £40-60
2.      AIRSHIP: Extremely rare Zeppelin travel agent's advertising sign in glass "Now Fly to Europe via Airship Hindenburg and American Airlines Inc". Some damage to top corner. 28ins. x 20ins. £300-500
3.      AIRSHIP/ZEPPELIN POSTERS: Unusual Ottomar Anton 1895-1976 "in two days across the Atlantic/Deutsche Zeppelin - Reederei". The Hindenburg, en route over the Atlantic Ocean, is cleverly juxtaposed with an old clipper ship on the sea below to emphasize the speed of the new airship. The Zeppelin by 1937, was being used as a propaganda tool as well as a means of transportation. 33ins. x 23¼ins. Mühlmeister and Johler, Hamburg. £1000-1500
4.      AIRSHIP: German, Hindenburg Zeppelin porcelain dinner plate, circa 1936-1937, decorated with the logo of the Deutsche Zeppelin Reederei, each marked Heinrich-Elfenbein-Porzellen /Eigentumm Der Deutschen/ Zeppelin Reederei, and with printed factory marks. 9¼ins. £400-600
5.      AIRSHIP/ZEPPELIN: Graf Zeppelin tea cup with saucer by Heinrich Elfenbein-Porzellen. Cup side marked with LZ logo and bottom stamped, saucer bottom stamped, plate top marked with LZ logo and bottom stamped; all mint 1928 (2). £400-600
6.      CUNARD: 20th Century teak circular coffee table with small plaque "Made by the Hughes Bolckow Shipbreaking Company from teak taken from R.M.S. Aquitania." 22ins.
7.      P & O: Mixed lot of miscellaneous plated ware, 3d items and shipboard souvenirs.
8.      TOYS: Collection of liner related Nora Wellins type dolls including Cunard and Holland America (6).
9.      MARITIME: 20th Century teak footstool with small plaque "Made by the Hughes Bolckow Shipbreaking Company from teak taken from Esperance Bay." 17½ins.
10.     OCEAN LINERS - 16mm PROMOTIONAL FILMS: "Dreamboat" (Norwegian American Cruises) show print and "QEII The Greatest Cruise Ship in the World" and 24 others advertising Cunard liners & cruises
(26 total).
11.     OCEAN LINER: Cunard postcards, many in printer's original wrappers. Lines include R.M.S. Queen Elizabeth, R.M.S. Sylvania, R.M.S. Franconia, etc. Large quantity in one box.
12.     OCEAN LINERS: Cunard Line menu cards, Welcome on-board pamphlets including 1950s - 1990s. A good quantity in one box.
13.     OCEAN LINER: Mixed collection of memorabilia including Airfix models of Queen Elizabeth, Queen Elizabeth II and Canberra. Boxed (two completed). Revell models of Queen Mary and SS United States, pin badges, Nora Wellins doll etc. 2 Boxes. £40-70
14.     OCEAN LINERS: Cunard Line ephemera 1920s - 1990s. Passenger lists (First Class) 1960s, telegrams, letters, luggage labels, plus first-generation photographs of the bombing/sinking of SS Lancastria, St Nazaire during the evacuation of British forces June 1940 (5). War Graves & Memorial photographs, the grounding of Franconia, Quebec and many other Cunard ships, etc. One tray.
15.     OCEAN LINERS: Rare Queen Mary engineersʼ? log. The lot details voyages no. 1-87 ie 27th May 1936. Captain Sir Edgar Britten R.D. R.N.R. to 12th July 1942. Captain J.G. Bisset. The technical data is minutely logged including the engineering personnel, a fascinating piece of history.
16.     OCEAN LINER: IMM Share Certificate 1917, two Cunard White Star wooden coat hangers. Seventeen photographs of cinema posters and stills from Titanic films each in cellophane envelope. 'Atlantic', 'Titanic', Nazi 'Titanic', 1953 'A Night to Remember', 'SOS Titanic', 'Raise the Titanic' (21).
17.     R.M.S TITANIC: 90th Anniversary collector's edition "Titanic Coal" and original signatures of Eva Hart and Millvina Dean, framed. 18ins x 15ins. Five other signed reproduction photographs, pictures and menu.
18.     R.M.S. TITANIC MEMORABILIA: Limited edition 100/100 presentation piece containing a fragment of wood purported to have been recovered from floating debris by the cable ship Minia. Framed 22½ins. x 14¼ins. £50-80
19.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare film poster for 1943 Nazi Propaganda Film "Titanic" (laid on canvas). 23ins. x 32ins.
19A.    OCEAN LINER: Period Cunard agent's print by C. R. Turner showing the Queen Elizabeth at sea. Framed and glazed. 28ins. x 19ins. Plus one other of Queen Mary 2. £40-60
20.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Spanish 1953 film poster for the movie starring Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck. 43ins. x 29ins. £200-300
20A.    OCEAN LINER: Union Castle agent's print showing the R.M.S. Windsor Castle off Cape Town, South Africa. Framed and glazed. 33ins. x 24ins. £30-50
21.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Oil on canvas by Simon Fisher. Titanic entering Cherbourg Harbour 10th April 1912. Framed, approx. 26ins. x 16ins. £150-250
22.     R.M.S. TITANIC: Oil painting on canvas by Simon Fisher. Olympic & Titanic at Belfast. Framed, approx. 39ins. x 21ins.
23.     MARITIME: Brass gimble lamp, stamped ER COM. 13½ins.
24.     OCEAN LINERS: Postcards including Cunard Line posted onboard, Cunard Embarkation Notices, Annual Reports & Accounts 1957, 1959, 1961, 1962 plus photographs (A4), etc. Three folders.
25.     QUEEN ELIZABETH ll: Presentation whisky flagon, boxed, for Highland Malt Scotch Whisky, plus six whisky glasses from QEII in presentation box.
26.     CUNARD: R.M.S. Queen Mary crackle glass carafe with engraved plaque around neck and certificate that states "Craquelle Glass Carafe as an integral part of the R.M.S. Queen Mary", signed by Vicki Stuart, includes certificate. Approx. 4ins. x 7½ins.
26A.    OCEAN LINER/CUNARD: Odin Rosenvinge 1880-1957 colour lithographic agent's poster for the SS Ascania. Please contact the auctioneers for a full condition report. Framed and glazed. 31ins. x 22ins. £70-120
27.     P & O: Crystal trophy with etched decoration showing the liner with the lettering "To P & O Cruises Canberra Trophy" presented by Dan Maskell CBE, Wimbledon commentator, kept within a glazed mahogany box. 16ins.
28.     P & O: Promotional film reels from onboard the Canberra "Invitation for a Princess" and "The Greatest Ship" (2).
29.     OCEAN LINER/P & O: Rare hardbound volume "P & O Pencillings" published by Day & Son, London with illustrations by Emrik & Binger, London. In 1891 P & O commissioned artist William Whitelock Lloyd to produce pen and ink drawings of life on board a P & O liner to be sold to passengers as a keepsake of their voyage. The sketches were drawn on board the steamship 'Himalaya' as it travelled from Southampton to India via the Suez Canal and are brilliantly evocative of life aboard the liners of the time. 14ins. x 10ins.
30.     HARLAND AND WOLFF: Extremely rare Harland & Wolff promotional brochure. This rare soft-bound volume includes company history and information. Images shown are workers leaving Olympic, HMHS Britannic on the stocks, The Great Gantry, Georgic, Cedric, Olympic in Southampton water, Olympic in Southampton Docks, Olympic being repaired, the design and drawing offices. Separate compliments slip "With Messrs. Harland & Wolff's Compliments", there is no mention of Titanic, circa 1933, 28 pages. 11ins. x 8ins.
NB: Other well-known ships built by Harland & Wolff include Titanic's sister ships R.M.S. Olympic and R.M.S. Britannic, the Royal Navy's H.M.S. Belfast, Royal Mail Line's Andes, Shaw Savill's Southern Cross, Union-Castle's R.M.S. Pendennis Castle, and P&O's Canberra.
Year: 1933. Condition: very good. £200-300
31.     OCEAN LINER/P & O: Rare hardbound volume "P&O Sketches" in pen and ink by Harry Furniss published by The Studio of Design & Illustration Supply Agency, London, 204 pages, 100 humorous sketches with text on facing page depicting the lives and amusements of passengers on P & O ships returning to England from India. 12ins. x 8ins.
31A.    MARITIME BOOKS: 'Cunard Magazine' volumes 1-11 (bound) 1918/19 plus bound volume 6 Jan-June 1920. Also the "Official Guide & Album of the Cunard Steamship Service" with the "International Medical Guide for Ships" and "The Naval Medical Branch Ratings" hand book (5).
32.     OCEAN LINER: North German 1928 Lloyd soft back poster book, 54 pages, some losses.
33.     OCEAN LINER: Lucien Bazor French art deco bronze medallion for the SS L'Atlantique, dated 1931. Approx. 2½ins.
34.     OCEAN LINER: SS Normandie brass medallion commemorating a visit to Rio de Janeiro in 1938. Approx. 2½ins.
35.     R.M.S. LUSITANIA - WILLIAM AFFLECK ANDERSON ARCHIVE: An extremely rare postcard of the Cunard sisters Lusitania and Mauretania together titled "Funnels of Mauretania and Lusitania" Canada Dock October 14th 1909. Plus one other.
36.     CUNARD LINE: Softcover brochure for Saloon Rates and Plans of Lusitania, Mauretania, Campania, Caronia and Carmania circa 1912, 31 pages. 9ins. x 6ins.
37.     OCEAN LINER: Cunard Line 1913-1914 "Winter Cruises Through to Egypt -Saloon Rates and Plans" soft cover brochure offering information of Cunard Liners with plans and rates, including plan of Carpathia & information of Lusitania & Mauretania circa 1913. 8ins. x 6ins.
38.     **R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Contemporary publication "The Sphere & Scientific America" dating from 1907 to May 7th 1915 & others (Life Magazine 1972) relating to the Lusitania.
39.     **R.M.S. LUSITANIA: A rare original bronze German Lusitania medal, World War I, 5th May 1915, designed by Karl Goetz, the obverse portraying a sinking Lusitania loaded with munitions on one side with text reading "Keine Bann Ware" and "Der Grossdampfer Lusitania durch ein Deutsches tauchboot versenkt 5 Mai 1915," the reverse with a group of travellers buying tickets from the figure of Death manning the window of a British Cunard Line sales office while ignoring the warnings of other travellers about U-boat activity, with the text "Geschaft Uber Alles," the edge stamped with Goetz's mark. The sinking of the R.M.S. Lusitania, a civilian Cunard Company ocean liner, mostly populated by American passengers, by a German submarine off the south coast of Ireland on 5th May, 1915, resulted in a sharp decline in Germany's image in the U.S. The incident prompted Goetz to cast an unofficial commemorative medal satirizing the greed of the Cunard Company for sending a passenger liner to Britain after loading it with war material. Although never intended for wider circulation or endorsed by the German government, the discovery of the medal by the British Foreign Office resulted in a large number of facsimile copies being made by Selfridge's, to distribute with an anti-German flyer for propaganda purposes. This is the first issue of the Goetz German medal. The original German medals are now regarded as extremely rare.
40.     **R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Carlton ware model 6½ins. a/f, together with Lusitania medals, boxed (2), plus with original paperwork. (Total 4 parts).
41.     **R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Postcards, Lusitania pre and post sinking, examples include "Arriving in New York", "Hands Across the Sea", rare Bas-relief- "The Lounge". Most postally used with message. One typed with interesting comment, dated May 22nd 1915, another with technical data. A 'halfpenny, large bookpost' card with a "Remember the Lusitania" - small pamphlet 1918. (15 Postcards).
42.     **R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Souvenir post-disaster in memoriam handkerchiefs dedicated to those who lost their lives in the sinking/disaster (2).
43.     **R.M.S. LUSITANIA: Extremely rare WWI bronze trench art souvenir related to the sinking of the original Lusitania. She was a steamer and sank a mile east of Folkestone gate by the German submarine U5. The turned bronze bowl was made from a portion of the U5 which was captured in July 1916. The bowl is engraved "a portion of the submarine captured by HMS Firedrake. Presented to Asst. Pay A.W. Beard by Engr. Comdr. Ham R.N. on the occasion of his marriage 19th November 1917." 7¾ins. The lot is sold with an extremely rare cross-sectional postcard of the UC5.
44.     OCEAN LINER: Early 20th century Anchor Line oak open arm dining chair. House flag on top rail, drop in seat. The whole on turned supports & stretchers.
45.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC/TOYS/OCEAN LINER: Zig-zag jigsaw puzzles of White Star liners. Six complete, one with two pieces missing, boxed, plus a framed jigsaw puzzle.
46.     WHITE STAR LINE: 1930s Chromium clock taking the form of a ship's wheel of the type purchased on board, stamped MV Britannic. 4½ins. £50-80
47.     WHITE STAR LINE: Collection of miscellaneous ephemera and postcards including Celtic, Laurentic, Oceanic, Georgic, etc. (18 items). £60-80
48.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Abstract of log voyage cards 142, 159, 237 (3). £80-120
49.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Abstract of log voyage cards 180, 186, 218 c1929/32 (3). £80-120
50.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Rare early Triple Screw R.M.S. Olympic 45,000 Tons - Plan of First Class Accommodation. This first class deck plan is printed in red and black, including 7 images and sectional view mentioning Olympic (in service June, 1911) and also advertising Titanic (building at Belfast), January 1911, corrected March 1911. 40ins. x 30ins.
51.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: White Star Triple-Screw Steamer Olympic, 46,359 Tons. One of the Largest Steamers in the World, fold-out leaflet with a sectional view of Olympic and 12 interior images, plus an image of the steamship, circa 1913. Approx. 43ins. x 9½ins.
51A.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC/TITANIC: Unusual Transatlantic Sailings for 1911 mentioning Largest Steamers in the World Olympic & Titanic. The sailing schedule shows an image of Olympic & Titanic to the cover and presents an Olympic sailing schedule from New York to Southampton starting 9th September 1911 until 30th December 1911. 9ins. x 23ins.
52.     R.M.S OLYMPIC: Softcover brochure "The World's Largest & Finest Steamer - Triple Screw Steamer Olympic -The Newest, Largest and Finest Vessel in the World". A rare early brochure showing 14 images of mainly the interior of Olympic. Titanic mentioned in comparisons and under construction at Belfast circa 1911. 12ins. x 10ins.
NB: The Titanic version can be seen at lot 164.
53.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Real photo bookpost postcards - a pair, one circa 1911-12, the other post Great War (2).
54.     POSTCARDS: R.M.S. Olympic woven in silk postcards. Plus another of the R.M.S. Corsican (2). £60-100
55.     WHITE STAR LINE: Softbound publicity brochure "The Largest Steamers in the World - White Star Line - Royal and United States Mail Steamers", circa 1906. The brochure gives an overview of American Mail and Passenger Services with First, Second and Third Class rates of Oceanic, Majestic, Teutonic, Baltic, Cedric, Celtic, Arabic, Republic and Cymric.
56.     R.M.S OLYMPIC: Proposed White Star Line sailings list for 1914 over eight pages. 8ins. x 9ins.
57.     OCEAN LINER: A good collection of four funnelled liner postcards including Olympic, France, Le Havre, Lusitania, Aquitania, Mauretania, Kaiser Wilhelm (31). £80-120
58.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: White Star Line Triple-Screw R.M.S. Olympic 46,439 Tons published by the White Star Line foldout leaflet with a colour sectional view of Olympic by Montague B. Black and colour images of the Olympic, interior and comparisons. 48ins. x 10ins.
59.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: White Star Line Sailing Schedule No. 2, 1911 March 14th, 1911 The Largest Steamers in the World Olympic & Titanic. The sailing schedule carries an image and description of Olympic & Titanic with sailing schedule from New York to Southampton starting 28th June until 23rd December and from Southampton to New York starting 14th June until 18th
December. Published by White Star Line. 27ins. x 6½ins. £320-400
60.     WHITE STAR LINE: White Star Line Sailings over 14 pages showing sailings of White Star Line steamers in 1913. Image of Laurentic/Megantic & Olympic, mentions Britannic as building. 4ins. x 6ins. £80-150
61.     WHITE STAR LINE: Abstract of logs. Voyage cards for R.M.S. Olympic, Oceanic, Britannic and Adriatic (5). £50-80
62.     WHITE STAR LINE: R.M.S. Olympic on board letter, a First Class passenger list June 1927 and an Olympic postcard (3). £50-80
63.     WHITE STAR LINE: Fold-out promotional brochure showing information and images of Doric, Laurentic, Regina, Majestic, Arabic, Pittsburgh for White Star Line - Services to all parts of the World, circa 1920. 15ins. x 5ins. £80-100
64.     WHITE STAR LINE: Rare early information for passengers and cabin plan of Screw Steam Ships Britannic & Germanic, Celtic, Adriatic, Republic and Baltic, circa 1880. 5ins. x 8ins.
65.     WHITE STAR LINE: R.M.S. Majestic 56,621 Tons - The World's Largest Liner - White Star Line Pictorial Souvenir, circa 1925 plus a "Souvenir of a visit to a White Star Liner" - R.M.S. Majestic foldout brochure, circa 1922. 28ins. x 6ins. (2)
66.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Unusual post Titanic list of White Star Line Sailings, published June 1912. 30ins. x 6ins.
67.     WHITE STAR LINE: Rare late 19th century White Star Line Carte de Visite cabin plans for the Oceanic x 2 and Britannic.
NB: The Oceanic was Launched in 1870 at Harland and Wolff, Belfast and left service in 1895, Britannic was a Blue Riband winner whose maiden voyage was 25th June 1874 and was scrapped in 1903.
68.     WHITE STAR LINE: Royal & United States Mail Steamers 1907 soft cover brochure, covering all three classes of services at the height of the transatlantic immigrant trade. Profusely illustrated with 52 photographs of the ships, accommodations and offices. 41 pages in excellent order. 4ins. x 9ins.
69.     WHITE STAR LINE: Unusual soft cover brochure for the White Star Line S.S. Arabic 17,324 Tons giving a brief description of her attractive accommodation for all classes of passengers. Arabic was launched 7th November 1908, completed 25th April 1909, in service for the White Star Line then sold for scrapping December 1931. Information and photos of the ship throughout, 12 pages. 6ins. x 9ins. £65-100
70.     WHITE STAR LINE: Late 19th century promotional pamphlet for sailings Liverpool & New York via Queenstown showing the sailing schedule for White Star Line Steamers from Liverpool to New York; image of Teutonic on the verso, 4 pages 3½ins. x 6ins.
71.     WHITE STAR LINE: Extremely rare 19th century passenger list for the S.S. Adriatic 28th August 1889, together with an abstract of log for the Baltic 1908, Adriatic menu 1933 and Majestic on board letter card February 1933. £80-120
72.     WHITE STAR LINE: Sailings and rates foldout brochure, dated 1900 showing Information of First Class cabin, Second Class and Third Class rates with an image of S.S. Teutonic. 14ins. x 6ins.
73.     WHITE STAR LINE: Unusual SS Britannic saloon passenger list dated 27th May 1896 together with six White Star related postcards, mostly 1909-1924 (7). £60-100
74.     OCEAN LINER/CUNARD: Original bridge telegraph from the QE2 that was installed in 1967 and remained until it was removed in 1987. The lot is accompanied by a signed letter from Philip Rentell, the Senior First Officer of the QE2. The lot bears a Kwant Brothers Limited plaque reg. no. 925596. 19ins. x 15ins. £600-1000
75.     OCEAN LINER/SS UNITED STATES: Unusual pair of circular gauges from the engine room of the SS United States. Mounted on a treen base with brass plaques confirming their origin and use. 18ins. £300-500
76.     OCEAN LINER/CUNARD: Brass bell on contemporary treen stand, impressed RMS Aquitania May 1914 Feb 1950. 14ins. on stand. £150-250
77.     OCEAN LINER/CUNARD: Circular brass pressure gauge on a contemporary oak backing with plaque bearing the words 'Cunarder Aquitania 1914-1950'. £150-250
77A.    OCEAN LINER/UNION CASTLE: Rare collection of brass engine room instruments together with the ship's bulkhead clock from the RMS Pretoria Castle, later SA Oranje. The dials are fixed to an oak shield shaped panel. 32ins. £700-1200
78.     OCEAN LINER/CUNARD: QE2 Master clock control system with original signage. Ex. Cobwebs Southampton. 27ins. x 14ins. £400-600
78A.    OCEAN LINER: P&O brass name plaque for the Sea Princess on an oak backing board. 34ins. x 6ins. £100-150
79.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Pair of First Class menus, dated 29/9/20 and 3/10/20 plus an Olympic First Class passenger list for the same voyage (3). £60-100
80.     WHITE STAR LINE: Three rare volumes -
1). 1893 hardbound booklet of tide tables, sailings, passages, etc. published by Ismay, Imrie & Co. printed by The Liverpool Printing & Stationery Co. Limited. This pocketbook gives all of the necessary information of the White Star Line including fleet of steamers (mentioning Captain E. J. Smith), lane routes, regulations for preventing collisions at sea, telephones incl. T.H. Ismay, Bruce Ismay, etc. Image of Majestic on the Mersey. Leather cover with 90 gilt edged pages. 3ins. x 5ins.

2). 1895 hardbound booklet of tide tables, sailings, passages, etc. published by Ismay, Imrie & Co. printed by The Liverpool Printing & Stationery Co. Limited. This pocketbook gives all of the necessary information of the White Star Line fleet of steamers (mentioning Captain E. J. Smith), lane routes, regulations for preventing collisions at sea, telephones incl. T.H. Ismay, Bruce Ismay, etc. Image of T.S.S. Gothic.

3). 1896 hardbound booklet of tide tables, sailings, passages, etc. published by Ismay, Imrie & Co. printed by The Liverpool Printing & Stationery Co. Limited. This pocketbook gives all of the necessary information of the White Star Line fleet of steamers (mentioning Captain E. J. Smith), lane routes, regulations for preventing collisions at sea, telephones incl. T.H. Ismay, Bruce Ismay, etc. Image of R.M.S. Majestic at formal opening of Riverside Station, Liverpool, July 10th, 1895. £340-400
81.     WHITE STAR LINE: Fold out publicity brochure for the Triple-Screw R.M.S. Olympic 46,439 Tons -The Largest British Steamer 20ins. x 11ins. when unfolded, circa 1926.
82.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC: White Star Line - R.M.S. Olympic Largest Steamer in the World - Third Class Accommodation. Rare softbound brochure showing a selection of interesting illustrations and facts relating to Third Class Accommodation of Olympic with 5 colour interior images and 7 black & white images of the construction and launch at Harland & Wolff, Belfast, 22 pages. 6ins. x 4ins.
83.     WHITE STAR LINE/BOOKS: Extremely rare T.H. Ismay, hardbound volume presented to the managers, with Zaehnsdorf cover including 19 woodbury type photographs laid down on card showing a ceremonial gilt-silver service plus 34 gilt pages of text. This copy was presented to Thomas Jackson MD. The images measure 7¾ins. x 9½ins. and smaller. The shareholders of the White Star Line presented Thomas Henry Ismay (1837-1899) with the sumptuous plate service pictured in this volume in gratitude for his wise financial hand at the helm of the company during the previous 15 years. Circa September 1885. Superb. 11ins. x 14ins.
84.     R.M.S. OLYMPIC/WWI: Unusual poster in sepia of the "White Star Line Triple Screw Steamer Olympic Carrying Troops to the Great War", showing the liner in her famous dazzle paint camouflage in a period oak frame. 23ins. x 30ins.
85.     **R.M.S. TITANIC: Collection of three post-disaster shell in memoriam pieces.
86.     OCEAN LINER: Crystal ice bucket with White Star Line burgee and star etched on one side and a White Star Line glass side plate with burgee and flag etched at top. Small chip to the right of burgee on plate.
87.     WHITE STAR LINE: Bouillon plate with gilt border and house flag to centre. 8ins. £70-120
88.     R.M.S OLYMPIC: Promotional brochure for "The Mammoth Triple Screw Steamer Olympic 46,359 tons" with handwritten notation aboard Olympic 1921 "homeward bound from England", 16 pages. 8ins. x 11ins.
89.     WHITE STAR LINE: First Class wisteria side plate a/f 8ins. plus an OSNC Stonier and Co saucer. £80-120
90.     WHITE STAR LINE: Collection of miscellaneous White Star and later flatware including three rare kosher knives, First Class, etc. (10).
91.     WHITE STAR LINE: Third Class ceramic jam pot with house flag to base and cover. 3½ins. £100-150
92.     WHITE STAR LINE: Complete pack of playing cards in the original box. £60-100
93.     WHITE STAR LINE: Harlequin set of six fish knives with reeded handles.
94.     WHITE STAR LINE: Third Class bouillon plate with gilt rim, house flag to centre. Rim chip. 7½ins. £40-60
95.     WHITE STAR LINE: Early 20th century pair of bouillon plates, both with hairline cracks. 7½ins.
96.     WHITE STAR LINE: First Class Elkington plate circular serving dish. 9½ins. £70-100
97.     WHITE STAR LINE: Elkington plate milk jug plus a later base metal tureen cover & bowl (3).
98.     WHITE STAR LINE: First Class oval serving dish with reeded star decoration plus one other. 10ins. (2).
99.     WHITE STAR LINE: First Class pickle knife and fork (2). £60-100
100.    WHITE STAR LINE: Elkington plate First Class ashtray. £40-70
101.    WHITE STAR LINE: Elkington plate First Class pair of nutcrackers. £60-100
102.    OCEAN LINER: Elkington plate milk jug marked "White Star Line" top base. Plus a knife and fork set with reeded handles and marked with the house flag. £100-150
103.    WHITE STAR LINE: First Class serving tureen lid 6½ins. Plus a White Star Line napkin ring with Maltese Cross. £60-100
104.    WHITE STAR LINE: Elkington plate teapot 8ins. Plus a water jug with later engraved White Star flag (2). £150-250
105.    OCEAN LINER: White Star Line, Second Class with Maltese Cross, napkin ring, plus damask napkin (White Star Line) with words 'White Star Line' plus stars featured. 22ins. x 22ins.
106.    OCEAN LINER: Foley Cunard White Star shell dish, Staffordshire Cunard White Star ashtray, cuboid milk jug, Queen Mary enamel topped spoon, Titanic "Nearer My God to Thee" postcard, etc. (7). £100-150
107.    WHITE STAR LINE: Elkington plate First Class serving dish. Plus an R.M.S. Doric napkin ring with enamel burgee decoration. £120-180
108.    WHITE STAR LINE: First Class tartan deck blanket with woven "White Star Line" to one corner. Some minor losses but overall good. 63ins. x 65ins. £300-500
109.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Sheet music, includes "The Ship that will never Return" (2), "The Wreck of the Titanic" (Haydon Augarde 2), "The Wreck of the Titanic" (Jeanette Forrest), "The Wreck of the Titanic" (William Baltzell) plus four White Star Line paper items. S.S. Cretic passenger list 18th May 1912 Boston to Naples and Genoa, two unused White Star Line envelopes in mint condition, unused Britannic letter card with menu 20/8/1931.
110.    R.M.S. TITANIC: L'illustration dated April 27th 1912, showing the direct aftermath of the Titanic disaster plus a single page from The Graphic dated April 13th 1912. (3) £60-100
111.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Limited edition print of Titanic leaving Southampton by Laurence Bagley 109/350. Signed by survivor B.V. Dean and artist. Surrounded by six original Bamforth postcards featuring the loss of the Titanic. 'Nearer my God to Thee'.
112.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Four complete issues of "The Knickerbocker Press" of Albany N.Y. in presentation box. 17th April 1912, 14 pages, 18th April 1912, 12 pages, 19th April 1912, 16 pages, 20th April 1912, 14 pages. The newspapers report the sinking and are a fascinating example of the news coverage of the time (4).
113.    R.M.S. TITANIC: List of Second Class ocean rates showing cabin prices for Titanic and Olympic on main, middle and salon decks for both winter and summer seasons in 1912. This printed document is in extremely distressed condition. 10ins. x 6ins. £300-500
114.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare post-disaster naive hand-decorated shells depicting the Titanic and Carpathia presented in a period oak frame. 6ins. x 4½ins. £150-250
115.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Relief fund cheque to Mrs U. Jenkins, dated 28th April 1917.
116.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Relief fund cheque to Mrs M.A. Ransom relating to saloon steward James Ransom of Knowle in Bristol.
117.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: White metal napkin ring inscribed Edith Rosenbaum. It is reputed that this lot sailed with her on the Titanic but there is no documentation to substantiate this. It is sold as her personal property but not as having travelled onboard. Ex. lot 580 Onslows Auctions April 1988
118.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Pre-maiden voyage Tucks Oilette postcards of the Titanic at sea - a pair.
119.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Postally used postcards of the ill-fated liner, dated April 30th, May 3rd and May 23rd 1912 (3).
120.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A fascinating postcard written onboard the Mauretania shortly after the Titanic disaster. The message reads in part "Hope to land tomorrow morning, am deeply grateful that I was not on the Titanic, I very nearly was". Postally used Plymouth Paquebot April 23rd 1912. £100-150
121.    OCEAN LINER: Postcards, includes an American Bankers Association, showing Titanic/Olympic posted Pennsylvania July 1912 advertising for traveller's cheques (1), ships that sent ice warnings to Titanic (6), ships that responded to SOS (15), miscellaneous including maiden voyage QEII arrival N.Y. (13).
122.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Carlton ware in memoriam jug, produced after the sinking of the Titanic. 2½ins.
123.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Carlton ware in memoriam jug, produced after the sinking of the Titanic. 2ins.
124.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Real photo book postcards of Titanic produced after the sinking, one backed onto card (2).
125.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Survivor's fund medallion in aluminium with finely realised profile of the ship within an inscription from the Balham and Tooting Relief Fund, the reverse with inscription dedicating it to the Active Workers.. of the fund… 1¾ins. diameter. Although many local relief funds were formed to raise money for the survivors of the disaster and their dependants, very few issued a medal. The example offered is in near mint condition.
126.    POSTCARDS: R.M.S. Titanic post-disaster card, unusual real photo card of the Olympic, plus Adriatic, Minnehaha and Setiembre (5). £120-180
127.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Underwood and Underwood real photo postcard "Group of Titanic's rescued passengers on deck of the Carpathia".
128.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: "Nearer My God to Thee" set of six Bamforth post-disaster cards (6). £60-100
129.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Post-disaster postcards of the ill-fated liner, plus a good John Adams card of Olympic, circa 1911 (6). £120-180
130.    R.M.S TITANIC: American Press Association photograph of John Jacob Astor IV's yacht Noma dated 1917, 5ins. x 7ins. JJ Astor IV was a First Class passenger and one of the highest profile victims of the Titanic disaster plus a press photo of JJ Astor VI, son of the above (2).
131.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual lithographic poster for The Country Boy (Russell-Morgan, 1910). Stage Production Poster from the production of Henry B. Harris' comedy, "The Country Boy", by Edgar Selwyn. NB Henry Birkhardt Harris was a Broadway producer and theatre owner who died in the Titanic disaster. He was President of the Henry B. Harris Company, and the Director of Theatre Managers of Greater New York. 20½ins. X 28ins. £150-250
132.    MARITIME INTEREST - PIRRIE, CARLISLE ARCHIVE: Autographs relating to an important Anglo Irish Society family involved in the planning design and building of the Olympic class liners.
133.    MARITIME INTEREST - PIRRIE, CARLISLE ARCHIVE: George Maurice Burn 1862 -1945 pen and ink study on card "Thames barges under sail". Also signed by visitors to the swairée. Signed B. right. 6ins. x 4½ins. £60-100
134.    MARITIME INTEREST - PIRRIE, CARLISLE ARCHIVE: Album, The Grand Tour photos and autographs of the grand tour 1901-1905 taking in Jamaica, Greece, Libya, Crimea, Algiers, on board the yacht Prinzessin Victoria Luise, Berlin Germany, England and Ireland. 15 pages. £100-150
135.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Colour photograph of Rose De Witt Bukater, signed Kate Winslet, with some fading. 10ins. x 8ins.
136.    MARITIME INTEREST - PIRRIE, CARLISLE ARCHIVE: Album of photographs and autographs of the Carlisle Family 1915-1938, around Britain and the continent including Polzeath Cornwall, Palace Court Kensington, Lancaster Gate London, Marlow, Faskally, Pitlochry, Pilsdon Manor nr. Bridport and Germany between the wars. Includes a number of interesting watercolours. £200-300
137.    MARITIME INTEREST - PIRRIE, CARLISLE ARCHIVE: George Maurice Burn 1862 -1945 pen and ink study on card. "Shipwreck - the end". Signed B. Left 6ins. x 4½ins. plus Edwardo de Martino 1905 watercolour sketch black & white. Thames barges at moorings. Signed lower right & in full ink, dated 4th November 1904. 5ins. x 4ins. £120-180
138.    R.M.S. TITANIC: East London Printing Co. in memoriam in sacred memory of the Titanic folding postcards (3).
139.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual collection of documents dated 24th September 1912, June 1912 and 19th April to the Ocean Marine Insurance Company in London relating to lost securities on the Titanic (3). £300-500
140.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rapp of Southampton postcard of "Titanic Passing Iceberg April 14 1912". £200-300
141.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare Rapp of Southampton real photo postcard of Titanic at Sea. £250-350
142.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A superb group of eleven postcards with perforated sides, originally seen in the rare red book of postcards that were sold on board the Titanic. The cards show various internal views such as restaurant, smoking room and reading and writing room (11). £700-1000
143.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare July 1895 copy of "Celebrities Monthly Actual Photographs with Biographical Sketches" including Titanic First Class passenger and victim J.J. Astor.
144.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual Titanic memorial fund raiser concert programme held London Hippodrome Tuesday April 30th 1912. Printed over ninety-six pages.
145.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual German postcard showing Titanic in stormy seas, White Star promotional brochure advertising sailing dates listing her maiden voyage on March 20th 1912. Plus an in memoriam song sheet (3). £150-250
146.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Unusual lithographic poster for The Country Boy (Russell-Morgan, 1910). Stage Production Poster from the production of Henry B. Harris' Comedy Success, "The Country Boy", by Edgar Selwyn. NB Henry Birkhardt Harris was a Broadway producer and theatre owner who died in the Titanic disaster, He was President of the Henry B. Harris Company, and the Director of Theatre Managers of Greater New York. 20½ins. X 28ins. £150-250
147.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC/TITANIC: "Engineering" an illustrated weekly journal Volume XCL from January to June 1911, 872 pages. Edited by W.H. Maw & B. Alfred Raworth shows page 678-680 plates Olympic/Titanic, page 789 Olympic, page 792 Olympic. 10½ins. x 14ins.
148.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC/TITANIC: "Engineering" an illustrated weekly journal Volume XC from July to December 1910 edited by W.H. Maw & B. Alfred Raworth. Includes among others page 14-15 Quadrant Davit, page 564-572 Olympic & Titanic, page 620 plus 2 plates Olympic, page 693-695 plus plates Olympic 910 pages. 11ins. x 14ins.
149.    R.M.S. TITANIC/OLYMPIC: "The Engineer" hardbound volumes CXI from January to June 1910, July to December 1910 and January to June 1911, showing the following in supplement Olympic launch, page 209 Olympic fitting-out, page 210 Olympic steam steering gear, page 211 Olympic boiler room, page 212 Olympic condenser and steering engines, page 213 Olympic electric generating set, page 214 Olympic main feeder panel and funnel, page 215 Olympic main switch, page 220 supplement Olympic boiler rooms, engine rooms, engine & turbine room, turbine rotor, turbine casing, page 559 Titanic launch (text), page 567 Titanic launch (incl. 4 photos), page 575 Titanic launch , 686 pages. 12ins. x 16ins. (3).
150.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Souvenir post-disaster in memoriam handkerchiefs dedicated to those who lost their lives in the sinking/disaster (2).
151.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Souvenir post-disaster in memoriam handkerchiefs dedicated to those who lost their lives in the sinking/disaster (2).
152.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC: Commander William Marshall related telegrams dated May 29th and May 30th 1930. The first relating to his funeral wreaths from the R.M.S. Olympic's Social Club and the other from her captain and officers. The second a reply to the above mentioned. Framed and glazed. £100-150
153.    WHITE STAR LINE: 1877 Hardbound volume "The White Star Line" Official Guide - United States Mail Steamers - Ismay, Imrie & Co., London and Liverpool. The volume contains text with maps and plans, for the use of passengers visiting Great Britain and the Continent of Europe, or the United States of America and Canada. With 11 illustrations of Britannic, Germanic, Baltic and general information about the White Star Line, 501 pages, green cover with gilt logo and text. 6ins. x 9ins.
154.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FENWICK ARCHIVE: Exceptional double exposure photograph taken on the morning of April 12th 1912 of the S.S. Californian, the controversial mystery ship.
155.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FENWICK ARCHIVE: Original photo negative of S.S. Birma taken by the Fenwicks from the deck of the Carpathia on the morning of April 15th 1912. 5½ins. x 3½ins.
156.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FENWICK ARCHIVE: Original negative from the Fenwick archive showing Gibraltar taken from the Carpathia, Mabel Fenwick onboard Carpathia and a Carpathia passenger playing quoits. 5½ins. x 3½ins.
157.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FENWICK ARCHIVE: Original negative and photograph taken from the Carpathia on the Titanic rescue voyage of Pier 34 in New York. 5½ins. × 3½ins. plus another of Mabel and James Fenwick on the deck of the Carpathia on the Titanic rescue voyage. 5½ins. × 3½ins. (3)
158.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FENWICK ARCHIVE: Rare original negative of the Russian East Asia liner S.S. Birma taken aboard the rescue ship Carpathia on the morning of April 15th 1912. 3½ins. × 5½ins. The photo was taken by Mabel Fenwick, a newlywed passenger on Carpathia headed to the Mediterranean
with her husband, James when their ship diverted to rescue Titanic's survivors. The Birma was about half the length of Titanic at just over 400 feet, with a single funnel and four masts. The ship was en route to Russia when she received Titanic's distress call and steamed towards her position about 100 miles away. On arrival, Birma's wireless operators found it difficult to obtain information from Carpathia as evidenced by Birma's procés verbal log which Henry Aldridge & Son had the privilege of selling several years ago for over £30000. Birma searched the area for survivors but finding none and having observed Carpathia's departure, discontinued its search.
159.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FENWICK ARCHIVE: Negatives from the Fenwick archive showing ice floes from the deck of the Carpathia and a superb photo of James and Mabel Fenwick on the deck of the Carpathia. 5½ins. x 3½ins.
160.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Rare artist drawn pre-sinking colour postcard with pre-maiden voyage postmark Plymouth March 19th 1912.
161.    **R.M.S. TITANIC: Dieges Clust bronze Carpathia medal in a period box with replacement blue ribbon. NB A series of bronze, silver & gold medals were awarded to the crew of the Carpathia in recognition of their bravery and dedication for saving lives of survivors of the ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic.
162.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Important photographic archive belonging to R. D. "Westy" Legate 4th officer of the C.S. Mackay-Bennett, a cable laying ship that took part in the recovery of over 300 bodies of those lost on the Titanic, including that of bandleader Wallace Hartley. Material relating to the Mackay Bennett and this chapter in her history is extremely scarce. However this archive comes directly from an officer onboard during the Titanic recovery mission, making it exceptionally important.

Principal an original photograph of Titanic victims onboard the deck of the Mackay-Bennett. Rev. Hind can clearly be seen in the foreground conducting a burial service and crewmen can be observed consigning a body into the ocean. A canvas bag for body number 177 can clearly be seen. This photo illustrates the horrific conditions that would have been experienced on deck. Handwritten notation to border. Reverend Hind presided over 166 bodies buried at sea aboard the Mackay-Bennett. He indicated that for each body, he would offer the same prayer: For as much as it has pleased Almighty God to take unto Himself the soul of our dear brother departed, we therefore commit his body to the deep to be turned to corruption; looking for the resurrection of the body (when the sea shall give up her dead) and the life of the world come, through Jesus Christ our Lord, who shall change our vile body, that it may be like unto His glorious body, according to the mighty working whereby He is able to subdue all things to Himself.
Despite the number of bodies buried at sea, visual records of the burial and service, such as this photograph, are almost non-existent, even in period publications. Reverend Hind found it curious that White Star would have chartered the Mackay-Bennett to recover the bodies while not sending a company agent to accompany the vessel. This was the case for all the vessels chartered by the company for this purpose. Body No. 177, the number which can be seen stencilled onto the canvas bag in the image, pertained to crewman William Peter Mayo. 4½ins. x 4ins.
The photograph is contained within a period album of personal and other marine images. The archive also includes a number of photographs of Legate. two in uniform (11). includes two albums full of photographs. A superb collection.
163.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Period iron rivet head engraved "R.M.S. Titanic 1912" around White Star motif "Lost 15 4 1912" with a floral motif. This style of item is of the type used to commemorate the loss of the Titanic at Harland & Wolff. Weight 268 grams. Approx. 1½ins. x 1¼ins.
164.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC/R.M.S. TITANIC: Interior promotional brochure October 1911 with buff manila cover 12ins. x 10ins. 14 pages of good photographic plates, pencil notation on front cover 'Mar 12/12'.
165.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC/TITANIC: Red cover fold out cut away brochure The Central Shipping Agency, Bath. (Distressed seams).
165A.   R.M.S. TITANIC: An extremely rare White Star Line calendar with impressed lettering "Olympic and Titanic, the largest steamers in the World Building". The transatlantic Southampton to New York route is advertised as are several other routes. The lot is complete with its original Liverpool Printing and Stationery Company inserts for each month that show a different image by Charles Dixon of shipping in a bygone era. An extremely early piece of Titanic advertising memorabilia. £1200-1800
166.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Collection of letters to Commander Charles Lightoller and newspaper cuttings all relating to the 1950s Titanic film, including typed letters from Twentieth Century Fox to Lightoller concerning his involvement in the film "Nearer My God to Thee" together with letters from literary agent Brian Gore-Booth, various sizes.
Ex. Sothebys 2nd December 2003 Lot 210.
167.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A superb White Star Line Olympic & Titanic Largest Steamers in the World. A publicity booklet entitled Notes and Illustrations of the First and Second Class Passenger Accommodation on the New White Star Line Triple-Screw Royal Mail Steamers 'Olympic & Titanic', each 45,000 tons. Sixteen colour plates, including folding frontispiece of dining saloon, others for the reception room, reading and writing room, smoke room, restaurant, main staircase, verandah café, Turkish bath-cooling room, swimming bath, deck state room, single berth state room, sitting room of parlour suite, Second Class dining saloon, Second Class library, Second Class state room and Second Class promenade deck, cover colour plate by Sam M Brown, colour vignette on back cover of the White Star training ship Mersey, list of White Star fleet, 32pp, approx. 4¾ins. x 7ins. bound with red ribbon, a very fine copy, 1912.
168.    R.M.S. OLYMPIC/THOMAS ANDREWS COLLECTION: Unique Hurst & Co. bookpost postcard showing the Olympic prior to her maiden voyage in Belfast with handwritten notation "with much love from Uncle Tommie 27 Mar 11".

169.    R.M.S. TITANIC - THOMAS ANDREWS 1873-1912: Thomas Andrews was Titanic's chief designer and one of the heroes of the disaster. His calmness and bravery as the ship sank is legendary and his actions saved the lives of countless crew and passengers on April 14th/15th 1912. Quite simply one of the finest editions of "The Shipbuilder", Thomas Andrews's personal copy of the definitive design volume relating to the Titanic. Bound by the Shipbuilder press personally for Mr Andrews in tooled leather and embossed in gold on the cover Olympic and Titanic Mr Thos. Andrews 129 pages with original pull-out diagrams and illustrations. 10ins. x 8ins. £3000-5000
170.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Thomas Andrews's family copy of Shan F. Bullock's definitive volume "Thomas Andrews Shipbuilder" 1912 first edition. Provenance Andrews family. £250-350
171.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Filson Young's Titanic, 1912 first edition owned by the Andrews family with handwritten notation "from Thomas Andrews's father to his elder brother John, the second Prime Minister of Northern Ireland". £300-500
172.    R.M.S. TITANIC: An extremely important 18ct. gold pocket watch, the case stamped no. 40198 and the Swiss level movement no. 71072 made for Tiffany & Co New York by Touchon & Co of Switzerland, the reverse with enamelled monogram AHR, the inside of the case inscribed "Presented to Captain Rostron with the heartfelt gratitude and appreciation of three survivors of the Titanic April 15th 1912 Mrs John B. Thayer, Mrs John Jacob Astor and Mrs George D. Widener." The lunch where the watch was presented to Captain Rostron is recorded in the New York Times, dated Sunday 2nd June 1912…. Captain Arthur Henry Rostron received this gold watch from Mrs John Jacob Astor at the informal lunch that she gave in his honour at her home, 840 Fifth Avenue. "A souvenir of her appreciation of what he did for her comfort and for all the survivors of the Titanic".
173.    R.M.S. TITANIC: A rare sterling silver mug inscribed "To Captain Rostron As a Token of Grateful Appreciation of His Kindness on the Carpathia after the sinking of the Titanic April 15th 1912 from John B Thayer Jr", the underside marked with sterling silver marks and maker's name Bailey Banks & Biddle prominent Philadelphia Silver Smiths & Retailers 2½ins.
Thayer aged nineteen, jumped into the sea as the ship went down and managed to scramble aboard the upturned collapsible B. At dawn they managed to transfer to lifeboat twelve and were rescued by the Carpathia. It is said he didn't even notice his mother alongside in the lifeboat number four and Mrs Thayer was so numbed by cold and misery that she didn't see her son. Her husband, his father John B Thayer perished in the disaster. He was Second Vice President of The Pennsylvania Railroad and one of the millionaires travelling on the ship. This mug was purchased by the vendor alongside the Tiffany gold watch, presented to Captain Rostron by Mrs John Jacob Astor. See lot number 172.
174.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Extremely rare receipt card for cargo sailing on the Titanic, dated April 6th 1912 together with a letter on official White Star Line onboard Freight Department stationery, dated April 16th 1912. Addressed to Messrs Vieror and Achelis, it confirms that after the loss of the Titanic their shipment had been lost. Ironically the stationery used is advertising Titanic as the largest steamer in the world. A superb pair of documents relating to cargo lost on the Titanic (2). £2000-3000
175.    R.M.S. TITANIC: The Titanic fateful maiden voyage was a seminal event in 20th century history. A prevailing presumption of invincibility (unsinkability) amongst the liner's owners, builders and operators meant that the ship held a shortage of lifeboats, maintained high speeds in an attempt to make an Atlantic crossing record and disregarded iceberg warnings, all of which played a part in the disaster which claimed the lives of over 1,500 of the 2,206 passengers and crew on board. Among the fatalities were members of many of Europe's and America's prominent families, all eager to sail on the most opulent ship ever constructed. But the ship was about more than the trappings of luxury for which it is remembered; it was also intended as a means of transportation for those whose names didn't appear in any social registers. An extremely rare broadside poster advertising Third Class tariffs on the ship's return voyage from New York to Europe. It pictures a photograph of the ship, (actually pictured is the Olympic, the Titanic's sister ship, which looked practically identical and was often used for promotional material), an interior view of a Third Class cabin and the Third Class dining facility. Its scarcity can be explained in that after the Titanic sank on April 15th, 1912, White Star Line destroyed as many of these posters as they could. It is believed only a handful exist today, either in museums or private collections, one of which is on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum most recent exhibition 'Speed and Style'. This example is presented in a period oak frame with fold marks and in original unrestored condition, superb, an extremely rare opportunity.
176.    R.M.S. TITANIC: Exceptional First Class menu from R.M.S. Titanic, April 10th 1912, from her first dinner after leaving Southampton. This particular example was the property of First Class Steward Charles Casswell and was posted to his wife, Hilda, from Queenstown. The menu itself bears an embossed red White Star Line burgee above gilt lettering OSNC alongside the lettering RMS Titanic. It illustrates the lavish and opulent culinary delights for First Class passengers with a total of over twenty different options for dinner. The menu has been folded and split horizontally, when Mr Casswell sent it to his wife from Queenstown on April 11th 1912. Mr Casswell perished in the disaster. Framed and glazed 6¼ins. x 4¼ins. to museum standard. Originally sold by Henry Aldridge & Son in 2002 by direct descent. £50000-60000
A unique letter written to Third Class Steward Sidney Daniels on April 2nd
1912, postmarked Portsmouth later Belfast April 4th 1912. Addressed Daniels, Stewards Department, S.S. Titanic, Belfast. Letter is written over three sides and is faded and water stained. The water staining is due to being immersed in the North Atlantic whilst on Sidney Daniels's person as he escaped the Titanic. Later newspaper accounts by Mr Daniels which are included in the lot offer the explanation in his own words. "I held onto a boat davit ready to jump overboard and I jumped into the darkness and swimming away as far as I could for how long I don't know but I found a life buoy with a man clinging to it. I held on to that for a while and as I turned back to look I could see the stern of the Titanic standing almost straight up in the air. I knew the suction could drag us down and I suggested to the other man that we moved away. He did not answer and away I went. Eventually I saw a capsized lifeboat with several men clinging to it. Standing on this I pulled myself up on the keel and sat there just out of the water".
NB. The letter documented is one of the few examples to have survived being carried by a surviving crew member. Provenance by direct descent.
178.    R.M.S. TITANIC: An exceptional pair of brass lifeboat plaques from the ill-fated liner. The first depicts the White Star Line house flag with original paint and patina. The second of elongated oval form bears the letters 'S.S. Titanic'. This lot was purchased from Christie's, New York specialist maritime sale in 1999. They were catalogued as being acquired directly by a New York city policeman 1912 after Carpathia had safely docked in New York and then by descent. Lifeboat plaques from the Titanic rarely if ever come to market, with the opportunity to acquire a pair of lifeboat plaques is almost unknown. 12½ins. x 1¾ins. Burgee and name plaque 7¾ins. x 9ins. Both are mounted on period pitch pine backing board with original lot and catalogue numbers to reverse.
179.    THE OTHER TITANIC: An extremely rare, uniquely extant Certificate of Discharge issued to William Edwards, following his discharge from Titanic as an able bodied seaman on January 4th, 1890. Edwards was 29 years old at the time of discharge and had served on Titanic since November 4th, 1889.
You read correctly. The original Titanic was built in Belfast in 1888. A steel-hulled steamship owned by the Ulidian Steamship Navigation Company Ltd. of 9 Station Street, Belfast, the ship was 280 feet in length and 1016 tons.
Material relating to the original Titanic is virtually unheard of; this certificate having been issued to one of her crew and signed by her captain!
A most interesting and significant artifact.
180.    R.M.S. TITANIC: An exceptionally rare plan of Titanic's first class accommodation used onboard Titanic, owned by First Class passenger Helen Wilson, dated December 1911. 41ins. x 28ins. Miss Wilson boarded the Titanic at Cherbourg on 10th April 1912, travelling first class with her employers Mr & Mrs Frederic Spedden, their young son Douglas, who is best known for his Steiff bear, Polar and his nursemaid Elizabeth Burns. This plan was used by Miss Wilson onboard the Titanic and would have been her 'roadmap' around the massive liner showing her around Titanic's extensive First Class areas. Illustrated on both sides and folding down to a booklet, it is headed 'White Star Line, Southampton-Cherbourg-New York Service, First Class Accommodation', and shows the top five decks that made up the First Class accommodation and facilities such as restaurants, swimming bath, gymnasium and squash courts.

Miss Wilson and this plan escaped the Titanic in lifeboat 3 alongside her employers, Miss Burns and young Douglas. It was given to the present owner's great aunt by Miss Wilson in the 1930s. They were neighbours in Merchantville, New Jersey. £12000-18000
181.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIRST CLASS STEWARD CHARLES CRUMPLIN: A superb handwritten letter on Titanic stationery with White Star Line watermark, undated but written from Queenstown. He writes
"My darling

Just like to let you something am going on alright but not many passengers but hope to have a few coming home I have the Countess of Rothes is in one of my rooms I only have three taken but there better luck next time. Kiss the children for me I hope they are well also your dear self right Friday have you heard from Portsmouth well darling I have no news with all my love and kisses your ever loving hubby Chas give my love to all at home".

NB: Mr Crumplin's body was never recovered. Sold via direct descent. £15000-20000
182.    R.M.S. TITANIC - FIRST CLASS STEWARD CHARLES CRUMPLIN: Superb letter dated May 10th 1912 to Ada Crumplin, Charles's widow, by Roberta Maioni, First Class Titanic passenger survivor and maid to the Countess of Rothes. The letter details Mr Crumplin's actions as he helped the Countess and Miss Gladys Cherry as the ship was sinking.

Whitefriars Altadena California May 10th

The Countess of Rothes has received Mrs Crumplin's letter and writes today she sends her deepest sympathy to Mrs Crumplin in her sadness, Lady Rothes saw her husband towards the last as he came and helped her and Miss Cherry and put on their lifebelts and he was always so attentive and obliging. Lady Rothes did not see him after he got up on deck and is sure that he was helping other passengers and doing his duty with all the other magnificent men who went down on that terrible night Lady Rothes much regrets that she can give no other information concerning Mrs Crumplin's husband and can only again say with what deep sympathy she writes this letter.
The letter is sold with it's original envelope addressed to Mrs Crumplin.