Winter Auction of Selected Antiques, Iconic Collectibles and Fine Art
on Saturday 27th January 2018

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1.      19th cent. Brass and mahogany curtain poles, 1 x 110ins, 1 x 146ins. Both 8ins. circumference with ring curtain holders. £80-120
2.      Art Deco opaque glass circular ceiling light. Approx. 16ins. £30-50
3.      Art Deco alabaster circular ceiling light. 15ins. £40-60
4.      Art Deco opaque ceiling light. 16ins. £30-50
5.      20th cent. Gilt brass Neo-Classical candlesticks lamps, a pair. 40ins. £100-150
6.      Rustic Tools: A treen pitch fork, an iron pitch fork with treen handle plus a phosphor bronze tank measure. £60-100
7.      Lighting: Glass ceiling lights with hanging lustres, a pair. £30-50
8.      20th cent. Ceramics: Vanessa Tuck lamp base and trinket box. Matt finish, stylised design of leaves and clouds, blue, pink and green. Lamp base is signed Vanessa Tuck. £30-50
9.      Lighting: A brass chandelier, 5 branch plus 2 lantern style ceiling lights. £60-80
10.     Lighting: A cut glass chandelier, 8 branch, 27ins. dia.
11.     Antiques: French moulded glass and gilt-metal six-branch chandelier, of small size, the baluster stem supporting scrolled arms, hung with cut lozenge-shaped drops. Approx. Drop: 1ft. 8¾ins. 20th cent. French fire branch chandelier with crystal droplets. Plus a pair of gilt brass sconces. £180-200
12.     Late 19th century brass nine-branch chandelier, the reeded column and scrolled bird cage stem supporting two tiers of acanthus cast scrolled arms, the whole cast with flowers and 'C' scrolls. Approx. Drop: 3ft. ½ins. Diameter: 2ft. 1ins. £500-800
13.     Ellis Family Archive: Indo Chinese sun hats, peasant made of bamboo leaves; head covers, various styles (10) plus a tribal skin drum and a stringed instrument. £40-60
14.     Devon Motto Ware, Watcombe, Long Park, Aller Vale: Preserve dish, 2 egg cups on stands, 1 Scandy, 1 Cottage. Widecombe Fair preserve pot, Cottage decorated preserve pot, butter dish and cover and a salt condiment.
Devon Ware, Long Park: Teapot "Duee Drink a Cup of Tea", plus mugs decorated with a cockerel "For a Good Boy and for a Good Girl" and a Scandy teapot.
Devon Motto Ware, Long Park, Aller Vale & Watcombe: Scandy tray 10ins x 7ins "A Place for Everything" plus 4 teapot stands.
Devon Ware, Aller Vale: Waisted jug decorated with a butterfly in an organic setting 4½ins, gourd vase Scandy decoration, pinched shape jug cream ground with organic decoration 5ins, broad base vases decorated in the arts & crafts style - a pair 4ins.
Devon Ware, Aller Vale: Udder vases, brown and blue/green Scandy design on cream ground, 1 green ground, brown and green Scandy design, and "Good Wishes God Speed You on Your Way" motto. (6 Vases). £50-60
15.     Devon Motto Ware: Harlequin Scandy part tea set - teapot, 5 cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl.
Aller Vale and Long Park: Udder vases, blue Scandy, Long Park decorated with a kingfisher and flowers, and a purple wild rose vase. (8 Vases).
Watcombe Torquay Pottery: Udder vase. Tea cups and saucers, a small rose bowl, deep blue with diving kingfisher design.
Devon Ware, Watcombe: Deep blue taper vases with frill border - a pair 6ins. plus a sugar bowl, a two-handled vase and a small bowl. (5) £40-45
16.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert Moss Rose tea ware, Richmond, Aynsley, Royal Doulton Jardiniere 8ins. diam, a wall mounted barometer/ thermometer plus dressing table accessories (1 x box). £20-40
17.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton pink band pattern, includes an oval 12ins. 12 x 2 handled soup bowls and saucers, 2 x salad crescents, 6 x tea plates, 15 x saucers, 9 x cups, 3 x sugar bowls, 2 x coffee pots, a tea pot, 11 x pudding bowls, a gravy boat and saucer, a mustard pot plus a milk jug. £30-50
18.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wade whisky decanter (empty) 16ins. £20-40
19.     20th cent. Ceramics including goblets, Aynsley, Wedgwood vases, pot, figurines etc. £30-60
20.     Devon Motto Ware, Long Park & Watcombe: Cube shape chamber stick "Last in bed puts out the light", short candlesticks, Scandy design - a pair, 3¾ins, single candlestick "While I live I'll Crow", chamber stick, green decorated with fuchsias.
Devon Motto Ware, Long Park & Others: Collection of unrelated tea and coffee cups and saucers. 12 Cups, 6 saucers.
Devon Motto ware, Long Park: Scandy tobacco jar "Drive Dull Case with a Smoke", a jar decorated with sailing ships Exmouth a/f, plus a jar decorated with a cockerel "Pipe of Bacco" and a Scandy jar, cover missing.
Watcombe Pottery: Unglazed candlesticks, Greek key pattern border in black with gilt - a pair 4ins plus a long neck vase decorated with a floral branch 4ins, miniature teapot H.H. impressed to base and a dish with bead decoration to border 7ins.
Aller Vale: Baluster shape vases decorated with white flowers - a pair 4ins, dark green decorated vase 4ins, bowl with frill border, decorated with apple blossom, tube vase with 3 twisted handles, green baluster vase decorated with blue flowers, 3 handle tube vase decorated with a swan, water lilies and reeds 8ins plus 1 other vase of a related design 5ins. (8)
Devon Motto Ware, Aller Vale: Scandy design loving cup made by Brannam Ltd after a design by E. Lloyd Thomas commemorating the Silver Jubilee 1977 and Torquay Pottery Collectors society 1st Anniversary. This item is sold with the original Christies auction catalogue December 1979 and a receipt for £60. £55-60
21.     Watcombe: Ewer shape jug, terracotta ground decorated with fruit 4ins, squat vase decorated with floral panels 3ins, tapered vase on circular base with scroll handles, decorated with apple blossom 5ins, tapered vase, black/white ground with purple flowers 4½ins.
Watcombe Motto Ware: Match strikers, 2 Scandy, Motto Bushey and "A match for any man" plus a souvenir from the oldest Chymist Shoppe in Knaresborough Yorks, 3¾ins and 3 strikers "A match for any man" 2ins. (6)
Devon Ware, Aller Vale: Dark green creamer and sugar bowl, "Windermere" Watcombe green creamer and sugar bowl x 2, plus two handle green loving cups or soup bowls on stands - a pair.
Devon Ware: Rhombus shape long neck vase with organic design, blue ground 4ins, creamer, blue ground decorated with apple blossom 4ins, Torquay jug, pinched design, cream ground decorated with blue flowers 4½ins, trumpet vase, blue Scandy design 6ins.
Devon Ware: Long Park art pottery udder vases, 3 graduated vases, dark green ground, pale green swags, bead circular decoration, 6½ins, 4½ins and 3¼ins.
Devon Ware: Long Park dark green two handle vases, pale green Greek key pattern border - a pair, impressed marks to base, 4ins plus tube vase of a matching design 4ins and a waisted vase flu green, Greek key border (repair to rim) 8ins. £35-45
22.     Ellis Family Archive: Early 20th cent. Ceramics & glass, 20" meat platter, jugs, wine flask, cow creamer a/f., souvenir Devizes basket with pierced rim. "Arabia" large mug 'God speed the Plough' mug, 1902 Poole (Dorset) Mayoral Commemorative mug, a mantle clock, etc. £40-60
23.     20th cent. Ceramics Willow pattern tea and dinner sets cups, saucers, mug, plates, bowls, teapots, egg cups, salt and peppers, gravy boat, sugar bowls, milk jugs etc. (4 Boxes). £50-80
24.     Collectors Advertising Teapots: Golly's, Typhoo Tea etc. Novelty themes. Ceramic Figurines top include Tom and Jerry, Fred Flintstone, Corgi, Noddy (unboxed) etc
26.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester oval platter 13ins. oval oven dish 12ins. open serving dish with cover 7ins. Soufflé dish, oblong dish 10ins. x 7ins. x 7ins. plus an unglazed casserole dish with cover. £20-40
27.     20th cent. Brass log/coal box, pair of bellows, set of fire irons plus an oak fire screen with barley twist columns. £40-60
28.     19th cent. Sheet copper cutlery tray, two compartments and handle. 16ins. x 12ins. £40-60
29.     20th cent. Kitchenalia: Toleware milk skimmer, stoneware jelly mould (firing crack) plus pair of treen butter pats, a set of 6 kitchen weights (ozs). (1 Tray). £30-50
30.     19th cent. Brassware: poker stand in the form of a wheat sheaf, trivet openwork design of butterflies and leaves, brass sheet fretwork stag, a pair plus chamberstick. £40-60
31.     19th cent. Copperware: Sauce warming pan large, AGA/ barge kettle, a tray plus another kettle. £80-100
32.     19th/ 20th cent. Copper and Brass Ware: Selection of Kitchenalia/ home ware to include 3 x kettles, 3 x jugs, 2 x trays, 3 x pans, tongs and poker plus a ceramic bed warmer (15). £40-60
33.     Plated and Copper ware: Coffee pot, napkin rings, christening cup, pots, ornaments, a box with scale blocks, horse equipment plus treen items etc. £30-50
34.     Railwayania: Copperware of the L&S WR Co, a gallon saucepan plus a skillet lid both with iron handles. £40-60
35.     Metalware: 19th cent. Copper and brass log/ coal basket, lion head handles plus a copper jug. £30-50
36.     20th cent. Post Office telephones, cream one converted to B.T. the other with a Jack plug. (2) £40-60
37.     Fabrics: Bedspreads, tablecloths & napkins. Mostly linen, some cotton, etc. (1 Box). £20-30
38.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Textiles: Babies cotton nightgowns, lace trimmed 1st size. 10 gowns. £40-60
39.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Ziegler rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £40-60
40.     @21st cent. Carpet: Beige ground Ziegler carpet. 2.30 x 1.60. £50-80
41.     @21st cent. Rugs: Blue ground Keshan rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £40-60
42.     Rug: Early 20th cent. Hand loom wool rug, central medallion on red ground & flanked by lattice window patterns, 3 borders. 4ft 6ins. x 2ft. 5½ins. £60-80
43.     Rug: Early 20th cent. Bokhara hand loom wool rug, red ground , 6 borders with stylised floral & central medallions. 5ft. 3ins. x 4ft 1ins. £80-120
44.     Late 19th early 20th cent. ebony treen dressing table tray, trinket pots, brushes and a bevel edge mirror. £20-40
45.     19th cent. Mahogany home post box 5 compartment, a telegrams drawer the box top inlaid with stylised flowers plus a pine stationary box. £40-60
46.     Art Deco Oak Mappin & Webb canteen of silver plated cutlery plus an EPNS christening mug.
47.     20th cent. Brass ware: Menorah candle holders circular step base 15ins. and 11ins. 2 pairs. £35-55
48.     20th cent. Flatware: 6 place setting, fish knives and forks in stain lined case, set of 6 teaspoons. Retailer Alexandra Clark, cased. £30-50
49.     Flatware: Plated ware cutlery part set, a gilt brass part set, a sugar scuttle and shover, a cream plus a whistle vesta. £30-50
50.     19th and 20th cent. Platedware: Trays, muffin dish etc. £30-50
51.     20th cent. Tantalus 3 decanter oak cased. £30-50
52.     19th cent. Mahogany writing slope. £30-50
53.     Late 19th Oak chip carved footstool. 12½ins. x 6ins. x 5½ins. £30-40
54.     19th cent. Silver plated mirrored table centrepiece with shell supports 13ins. Plus a white metal charger 20ins. £50-80
55.     Cutlery: Canteen, 6 place settings by Turners of Sheffield. £30-40
56.     Cutlery: A canteen, Sipelia of Sheffield. £30-40
57.     Early 20th cent. Electroplated canteen of cutlery in walnut veneered case minus 1 table knife. £40-50
58.     20th cent. Plateware: Fish servers, sugar nips, cheese scoop , pickle fork, sugar spoon, condiment tray, etc. £50-60
59.     Plated & Brassware: Tankards, trays, muffin dish, toast rack, candlesticks, egg cups, epergne, photo album, etc. £30-60
60.     19th cent. and later platedware: Sauce boat, milk jug, salts, napkin rings, knives, forks, spoons, etc. £40-60
61.     Brassware: 19th & 20th cent. Horse brasses, various sizes. Approx. 43. £30-40
62.     Smoking Requisites and Miscellaneous: Three hip flasks, trench art, lighter, three TCW permanent match lighter, a Samuel Mordan propelling, pencil collar stud, costume jewellery etc. £30-50
63.     20th cent. Plateware: Candle sticks Neo-Classical design, a pair. £70-100
64.     20th cent. Platedware: 2 handled wine cooler 9½ins. high, 9ins. diam, a pair of bottle coasters, 2 other bottle coasters, a cigar case, 2 x boxed spoon sets plus a baby spoon and pusher. £60-80
65.     20th cent. Ceramics: Aynsley ware "Orchard Gold" 2 x cups and saucers, sugar bowl with cover, 10ins. plate, sandwhich plate. 2 x hexagon vases 3½ins. bud vase 6¼ins. small vase 3½ins. 4ins. square ash tray, a bell, ginger jar and cover 8ins. 2 handled baluster urn and cover (15). £40-60
66.     Pewter and plated ware toast rack's, tankard's, jug's flatware. £20-40
67.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass whisky decanter, claret jug, lemonade jug with acid etched decoration of strawberries. £20-40
68.     20th cent. Ceramics: Regency Fine Arts, Tales of Honeysuckle Hill, Russell Rabbit, Tommy Hedgehog, Rosemary Rabbit, Basil Fox, etc. (13 Figures). £40-60
69.     20th cent. Ceramics: Regency Fine Arts, Tales of Honeysuckle Hill, The New Arrival, Russell Rabbit, The Stag Night, The Tea Party a/f., Tommy Meadowsweet, Poppy Meadowsweet, etc. (9 Figures). £40-60
70.     20th cent. German blue art vase, 333-68. 15ins. £20-40
70A.    Ceramics: Post war Italian seated ceramic cat. 21½ins. £30-50
71.     Ceramics: Royal Doulton dinner service "Pillar Rose" set. (45 items). £50-80
72.     20th cent. Noritake "Goldmere" dinner, tea & coffee service - 8 x dinner plates, side plates, tea plates, 2 x large serving plates, 2 x small serving plates, 4 x oval serving dishes, 2 x soup/pudding plates, salt & pepper pots, 2 x gravy boats, 3 x round tureens with covers, 2 x milk/cream jugs, 2 x sugar bowl, 4 x breakfast cups, 5 x tea cups, 6 x tea saucers, teapot, hot water jug, 8 x coffee cans, coffee pot, 14 x small saucers. £40-60
73.     19th cent. Crown Derby tea cup and 4 saucers 1 a/f. cobalt blue and gilt swag decoration red mark to base c1800-1825. £20-30
74.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffordshire floral part coffee set - cups and saucers x 6, coffee pot and sugar bowl, Royal Doulton "Bumble" Lancaster character jugs, Limoges G Amrenfeldt blue/gilt plate. £35-45
75.     Ceramics: Oval wash bowl, pottery wine carafe, Salisbury kettle, large embossed soup tureen and saucer, Mailing lustre sandwich plate, candle sticks plus a powder dish with cover a/f. £30-50
76.     20th cent. Ceramics: Table Tops, 'Jardiniere' teapot, creamer ruffled rim, sugar pot and cover, tray, pottery milk jug and sugar pot decorated with wheat. Royal Doulton 'Will-o'-the-Wisp' jar and cover and a cow creamer. £20-40
77.     20th cent. Ceramics: Aynsley dessert service, 7 plates and a comport, 5 Spode, Copeland plate, transfer print of fruit, art deco style 3 tier cake stand. £20-40
78.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffordshire dessert service, chinoiserie design comprising: comport, 10 plates, a pair of open serving dishes, Crown Devon crudite dish, transfer print of wild fowl decoration plus a Copeland Spode alenite game dish and cover, decorated with leaves and game.

79.     20th cent. Ceramics: Kernewek Poppy ware, 4 mugs 2/3 pint jug, tea and coffee pot, 2 biscuit storage jars, butter dish and plate cover, preserve pot, sugar bowl and cover, marmalade pot, cheese and cover. £50-80
80.     20th cent. Ceramics: Kernewek Poppy ware: Storage jars - flour, coffee, sugar, salt hood, garlic, and spaghetti jar and cover plus a baluster vase. £40-60
81.     20th cent. Ceramics: John Beswick/Royal Doulton Charles Dickens "Christmas Carol" tankards, 9 with numbered limited edition brown/ black stamps, all with year/ dates to rims 12 in total all 5ins. tall (12). £70-90
82.     20th cent. Ceramic Figurines: Italian style figurines of 18th cent. children, Lladro girl with 2 puppies (C-18F) plus a Goebel (West Germany) boy "On Secret Path" (4). £40-50
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester posy rose horn of plenty green back stamp 2½ins. Royal Worcester ovoid vase blue with gilt thistles, black back stamp 2½ins, a cut glass perfume bottle with stopper, HMS collar plus 2 oval ceramic oilstone objects d' art with lids etc. £30-40
84.     19th cent. Ceramics: Unmarked Rockingham tea china, green gilt & floral decoration. Some AF. £20-30
85.     20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese egg shell teaset, decorated with blossom trees and Geisha in a garden study, 7 cups, 8 saucers, creamer, sugar bowl and cover, 10 plates and 2 cake plates. £30-50
86.     19th/20th cent Staffordshire Flatbacks: Fred Archer, Duchess, Bonnie Prince Charlie, Royal Hunter, Fisherman and his Lady (spill vase), Gentleman riding a goat (6 figurines) (some a/f) plus 2 mantle money boxes in the form of a house (8 total). Plus blue and white Delft, Staffordshire ironstone and oriental items dishes, vases etc 1 a/f. £20-40
87.     20th cent. Glass: Fish, birds and illusion blocks, clear glass swans, green snail etc plus Nigel Pain vase paperweight. £30-40
88.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Devon ginger jar 9½ins. M&S ginger jar 10½ins. a Franklin porcelain repro teapot and stand "The Birds and Flowers of the Orient" the original by Naoko Nobata ( with certificate),4 commemorative navel plates plus a small reproduction print of Nelson. £30-50
89.     19th cent. Baluster shaped glass vases, floral pattern, a pair plus a second pair with rural painted scene. £20-40
90.     20th cent. Studio Pottery: Green baluster vase, blue shallow bowl, 2 handle urn and cover, flo blue vase, etc. £50-60
91.     Souvenir Ware: Arcadian, Goss, Heraldic crest, etc, vases, Rufus stone, toad, pots, cups etc (11). £20-30
92.     First Day Covers: Approximately 126 post decimal and 94 pre-decimal covers. £20-40
93.     Stamps: A selection of world stamps, loose. Covers and topographical postcards of Great Britain. £20-40
94.     Postcards and Photos: Topical cards of GB (22) plus an album of carte de visite showing a military family with a Chinese wife and children. £20-30
95.     Ellis Family Archive: Edwardian Grand tour postcards, mainly topographical and Europe. Approx. 87. (Some used). £30-40
96.     Royal Air Force commemorative First Day Covers. (110). £30-50
97.     Stamps: GB and world stamps Victoria to QE2. Several albums. £20-40
98.     Stamps: First day covers not addressed (approx 145) PDQ cards (approx 105) plus a small amount of loose stamps. £20-40
99.     Cigarette cards: Wills, Players, Brook Bonds etc "Garden Hints", "Kings and Queens", "Flowers", "Military" etc 3 albums and a box of loose. £20-30
100.    19th cent. Parchment Indenture for property dated 1791 transfer of land for £100 between Messrs Mooney and Parkham to George Childrell. £30-50
101.    Posters: Post war Coney Beach Porthcawl advertising poster 30ins. x 20ins. £40-70
102.    Crimea War/Ephemera: Major General William Beatson Fergusson 1804-1872, Veteran of the Crimea campaign who took part in the Charge of the Heavy Brigade at Balaklava on 25th October 1854. Rare letter dated 2 years afterwards on the 6th August, over 3 sides on United Service Club Pall Mall stationery and acts as a reference to the conduct of a Crimea veteran Thomas Hastings. £300-500
103.    Books: Leonard Baskins miniature Natural History lst Series 1983, 4 volumes each with dust covers. (Slightly rubbed). £30-40
104.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Knapton, Knaplock, Midwinter 1733 "The History Of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha" volume 3 & 4 only. Leather bound, condition fair. "Woods Natural History" abridged copy to 1 volume published Routledge and Son New York, full leather binding, tooled and gilted, damage to bottom spine, some scuffing. Kincaid & Donaldson 1756 "The Works Of Dr Jonathan Swift" in 6 volumes. Full leather bound, overall condition fair, titles missing off spines.

105.    Scraps: Album of scraps of famous paintings and sculptures bound copies of The London Illustrated 1852, a pictorial souvenir book Southampton and the Great War 1914-19 plus a book "Allcocks Anglers Guide 1939-40". £30-50
106.    Ephemera: Modern masterpieces parts 1 to 7, artist portfolios Cezanne and Toulouse Lawtrec both with 16 colour plates. Autograph for Composer and Pianist Vladimir Horowitz on a single sheet of paper. £30-50
107.    19th cent. Carving Tools: Forks x 2, knife and sharpener, ivory twist handle, hallmarked silver fittings with very worn hallmarks. Made by Joseph Rogers and Sons, cutler's to Her Majesty £60-70
108.    Fashion Hat Pins: Gilt tops, Mother of Pearl, yellow metal, white metal, most ornate, in a white metal pin stand. (37). £40-60
109.    Costume Jewellery: Ladies simulated pearls, single string with paste clasp, tear drop earrings, drop pearl earrings, 2 x crystal necklaces, a tennis bracelet, yellow metal and pearl chain necklace plus yellow metal hoop earrings. £35-40
110.    Jewelry: Garon Jamaica hand painted red clay windmill shape brooch decorated in gilt and green, signed on reverse Garon, Jamaica W.I. 3ins. x 3ins. £30-40
111.    20th cent. Ethnic bead pure and blue beads, jewellery and bag. £20-30
112.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: White metal and crystal bead necklace, 3 strand purple facet cut glass bead necklace, 5 strand black, grey, white necklace and a white metal bead necklace, 5 strand grey lustre necklace, brown and black disk necklace contained in a star shaped box. £40-60
115.    Watches: Wrist watch x 4, a fob watch and 4 fob chains, 1 a/f. including Rotary and Melrose Automatic. £20-30
116.    Costume Jewellery and Watches: Green expanding bracelet, square glass pendant, red stone ring set in yellow metal shank, coin ring set in white metal, sun flower earrings with central topaz colour stone set in white metal marked 925, yellow metal PKT watch and chain, Ricando quartz watch, square valentine badge, amber style earrings marked 925. etc. £40-50
117.    Costume Jewellery: Bracelets, necklaces, brooches a Polly cigarette lighter. An hallmarked gold wrist chain and charm. 3grams contained in a jewellery box etc. £40-60
118.    Watches: Men's wrist watch Royal London stainless steel and yellow metal, unworn and boxed. £50-80
119.    Watches: Men's Helve Co stainless steel watch with instruction manual plus 2 gents Aigner wrist watches. £50-80
120.    Watches: 6 modern Quartz watches, an Elma 15 jewel antimagnetic with leather strap plus an Enicar gents watch Swiss mage automatic. £60-80
121.    Watches: RSW, Rochas, Seiko, Festina, Rado wrist watches, 3 with stainless steel bracelets, 2 with black leather straps. £50-80
122.    Military Uniform: Tartan Kilt, MacDonnell of Keppoch, Piper's full plaid. 10ft. 7ins. x 4ft. 8ins. £60-80
123.    Military Uniform: Tartan Kilt Royal Stewart, Piper full plaids. 10ft. 7ins. x 4ft. 8ins. £60-80
124.    RAF/Militaria: Unusual large RAF wall mounted clock, fusee movement, ex. RAF Dishforth 14½ins. dial. The clock hails from the same vendor at lot 134, the RAF bell also ex. RAF Dishforth. £200-300
125.    Military Badges: 5 RA Ubique cap badge buttons, badges of rank, division patches. £20-30
126.    WWII Lancaster Aircraft bomb armer/selector, black Japanned switch instrument. AM and Crown cipher ref. no. 5D/655, serial no. 8360, made by Aircrafts Patents limited London. £150-200
127.    19th cent. with later HMS Lydia inscription novelty pewter broth bowls, some stamped 'HMS Lydia' to base (4) plus two stamped Dixon & Co. (of Hornblower fame). £250-300
128.    Military Badges: Rourkes Drift/British Army, 24th of Foot pith helmet badge laurel leaves and crown with 24 to centre, O.R. stable belt buckles and a helmet badge 24th 2nd Warwickshire Regiment This collection is framed and glazed. £50-80
129.    Edged Weapons: 19th cent. Indian Tulwar steel blade & grip 35ins. plus a French Chassepot model bayonet, brass grip steel blade & scabbard. 28ins. £40-60
130.    Military Edge Weapons: WWII M3 Fighting knife, stamped USM-3 on the guard, given to the vendors uncle by an American GI when he was on joint operations in Italy in 1943. £100-150
131.    Militaria/ Third Reich: An original 2nd pattern Luftwaffe dagger with deluxe metal thread to grip, unmarked blade. 17ins. £200-300
132.    Edged Weapons: Heinke Diver's Knife, blade 6ins, one sharp edge, one serrated edge. Sheath aluminium with black rubber handle, overall length with leather belt strap. £70-100
133.    Military: WWI Bayonet Swiss Elsener Schwyz, made for German Waffenfabrik Neuhausen No 55813 plus a William, Rodgers double edged knife with scabbard. £30-50
134.    World War II/Militaria: 1936 rare 'Scramble Bell', marked with the 'King George Crown'. This bell came from RAF Topcliffe when the camp was refurbished circa 1988 after the transfer to the Army when it became Allenbrooke Barracks for the Royal Artillery (see below). The bell is believed to have originated from RAF Dishforth (4 miles from RAF Topcliffe). RAF Dishforth opened in 1936 (the date the bell was founded) and RAF Topcliffe in 1940, both part of the then 4 Group, RAF Bomber Command. Weight - 21kg
Height - 12 1/2ins. Diameter at base - 12 5/8 ins.
135.    Militaria: WWI medal pair to T4-298367 DVR W.H.White A.S.C. A single medal 14-18 to 42693 PTE G. Rasey Essex Regiment, a Wilts cap badge, a A.S.C. badge, watch fog and chain plus a brass seal. £50-80
136.    RAF/World War I: Monosoupapee Propeller Boss/clock taken from a Sopwith pup that had crashed during flying training, after which the clock was mounted in the prop boss.
137.    World War II/Luftwaffe: Kienzle clock, reputed to have been recovered from a Messerschmidt ME 109 that was shot down in the South of England.
138.    WW1/ RAF: Distinguished Flying Cross/ Air Crew Europe medal group to Warrant Officer Douglas Clarke No 925547 RAF VR, London Gazette entry 27th March 1945 page 1656: For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty during a Lancaster bombing raid on Schweinfurt on April 26th 1944. His bomber which was a pathfinder for the attack was attacked at 20.000ft. by 3 enemy aircraft and after a desperate conflict in which he was the rear gunner the bomber burst into flames, and had to be abandoned. He was taken prisoner with the rest of the crew on landing in enemy territory.
NB: It was believed W/O Clarke was awarded his DFC on the same mission Sgt. N.C. Jackson R.A.F.V.R. won his V.C. for his "almost incredible" attempts to distinguish the blaze in which his hands and face were severely burned as he climbed the aircraft wing. £2000-3000
139.    Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force/World War I: An extremely rare archive of letter written by Royal Flying Corps/Royal Air Force Ace Lt. Edgar Taylor, dating from April 1918 to shortly before he was killed in action on the 24th August 1918 whilst he attacked a balloon. Lt. Taylor was born in Rhode Island, USA and served with several other American Aces such as Francis Gillet and Frederick Lord. The letter gives a rare and unedited snapshot into the life of a WWI Ace.
The first letter starts on April 14th 1918 just prior to his transfer to France. The next is written on 23rd May and headed 79 Squadron RAF 'Last night I was very much disappointed in one of my little adventures, we were out on patrol and below us I saw several Huns on our side of the line, it is so seldom that you get such a chance. I was pleased as can be, I went down on one and I guess I scared him nearly to death but my guns jammed and by the time I got them going he was safely in Hunland.' He then goes on to discuss patrols and his general routine at the aerodrome. He writes a truly remarkable letter on the 14th June 1918 that shows 1st hand the terrible dangers these men encountered in their day to day lives. 'I have had several narrow escapes recently, the narrowest of all was over Hunland, we were at 15000ft and the Archies were shelling us. A fellow did a climbing turn and crashed into me from below, I thought I'd been hit by an Archie at first but I soon saw the other plane. We separated and I started back to our lines, gliding all the way. The Hun Archies saw I was crippled and tried to finish me off however they did not hit me. I landed near the line and was obliged to stay there until my mechanics came. It was an all nighter with the shelling and star shells. It was all rather interesting. The next machine I took up, the engine failed me in a scrap. When I started for home a petrol pipe burst, it was a wonder it didn't catch fire. I was covered in petrol and I was unable to find a place to land, I crashed into a hedge wrecking my machine completely. Beyond a few bruises I wasn't hurt. It is a dead day today so I'm having a much-needed rest.' He then describes how one of his colleagues he trained with was killed in a dog fight over the German lines.
The next letter is written only days before his death, he writes about his efforts to learn French yet he goes into further graphic detail about his experiences whilst in the air. 'I shot a Hun kite balloon down in flames, sure enough when I got to their lines I saw a bunch of balloons up so I went straight after them. The Archies opened up on me at once. I saw I was observed and they guessed what I was after. I went as fast as my engine could carry me and immediately attacked the first balloon. The defending machine guns opened up on me something awful but I shook their accuracy by dropping a couple of bombs which I put aboard for that purpose. The bombs did the trick, the Huns fired wildly in all directions, I then returned and attacked the balloons. I could see it was getting loose all over from the riddling, it was necessary but it didn't seem as I could get it on fire. At last I closed in and put a long burst of machine gun fire into it at close range. I commenced to smoke and burst into flames, needless to say I was wild with delight.' He then describes his narrow escape and the reaction of his colleagues after he landed. A truly remarkable account written by a Royal Flying Corps/RAF Ace. (4). £3000-5000
140.    Military Medals: A WW1 pair and dead mans penny to 226275 Robert Charman leading signal man R.N. died age 27 in 1914 onboard HMS Bulwark, framed and glazed. £150-180
141.    World War II/Third Reich/Russia: Rare hard bound volume relating to Operation Barbarossa, the invasion of Russia 'Memorandum about the Russian Fortifications' 'Armed Forces High Command / General Staff of the Armed Forces" 'Fortifications of the Military General Staff / Division for the Evaluation of the Foreign Fortifications' 'Only for Official Use'
Printed by the Government Printing Office Berlin 1942. The inset is stamped "21 Army Group Intelligence Library" £200-300
142.    Militaria: WWI Sweetheart Art Royal Tank Corps Souvenir tea cosy. £30-40

WW2/Militaria/Rudolph Hess 26 April 1894 - 17 August 1987: A unique archive of mostly unpublished letters and photographs and ephemera relating to Hess's incarceration in Spandau Prison from 1946-1987 which collected by William Orwin, Deputy Chief Warden of Spandau Prison.

The collection relates entirely to the sentencing and imprisonment of Rudolf Hess, Adolf Hitler's Deputy. On the 10th May 1941 Hess embarked on a solo flight to Scotland to attempt to broker a peace deal with the British. In one of the most bizarre episodes of World War II, he flew almost 1,000 miles from Bavaria in a Messerschmitt Bf110 before parachuting into a field near Eagle sham in Scotland, he was captured and then held as a prisoner until the end of the war. He was tried in Nuremburg and charged with Conspiracy to Commit Crimes, Crimes against Peace, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, in violation of international laws governing warfare. He was found guilty on 30th September 1946 on two counts: Crimes against Peace (planning and preparing a war of aggression), and Conspiracy with other German leaders to Commit Crimes. He was found not guilty of War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity. He was given a life sentence, one of seven Nazis to receive prison sentences at the trial and was transferred for Spandau Prison on 18th July 1947.

Spandau was placed under the control of the Allied Control Council, the governing body in charge of the military occupation of Germany. It consisted of representatives from four member states: Britain, France, the United States and the Soviet Union. Each country supplied guards for the prison for a month at a time on a rotating basis. After the inmates were given medical examinations they were and assigned the numbers by which they would be addressed throughout their incarceration, Hess was Prisoner Number 7.

Rudolf Hess forbade his family to visit him until December 1969, when he was treated for a perforated ulcer at the British Military Hospital in West Berlin. By this time his son Wolf Rüdiger Hess was 32 years old and Ilse his wife was 69, they had not seen Hess since his departure from Germany in 1941.

His fellow inmates Konstantin von Neurath, Walther Funk and Erich Raeder were released because of poor health in the 1950s; Karl Dönitz, Baldur von Schirach, and Albert Speer served their time and were released; Dönitz in 1956, Schirach and Speer in 1966. By the 1980's as the sole inmate Hess was allowed to move more freely around the cell block, setting his own routine and choosing his own activities, which included television, films, reading and gardening. A lift was installed so he could more readily access the garden, and he was provided with a medical orderly in the early 80's. Hess committed suicide on the 17th August 1987 at the age of 93 in the summer house that was built for him in the prison garden, this summer house can be seen in the photographs included in the archive.

The photographic element of the archive consists of eight previously unpublished candid colour photos of Hess at Spandau, he is also seen in the summer house where he killed himself. In addition there are twenty further colour photographs of the interior and exterior Spandau.

The written element contains a large number of personal documents to and from Hess with his family, as well as various requests he made to the prison administration. The correspondence, principally in hand written manuscript form, focuses on family issues. This is all the more interesting because this is thought to have been his principal means of communication with his family and indeed, the outside world as he was permitted limited visitation privileges. Many of the documents include the official Prison stamp together with examples of Frau Hess's business stationary as well.

Hess's personal matters cover a wide range such as family illnesses, birthdays, holidays, gifts, hunting, and sports activities. A particular highlight is a printed card from his son which Hess has written the statement "I made it once to England for you - whether you admit it" on the reverse. The card bears a poem by the German Writer Hermann Claudius relating to Time passing by.

Hess's requests to the administration include those for new boots, a different overcoat, not so heavy as to endanger his fragile heart condition (at 89 years of age), and that wearing a lighter one caused his to "freeze"; articles as minor as a cap, a small reading table, alarm clock, a device to take his boots off with; another request, that he be permitted to receive various books and other articles sent by his wife. The collection also numbers a copy of Hess's certificate of death, Orwin's Identity cards, a Xerox copy of a detailed interview with regard to Hess's state of mind between an American Army Neuroscientist and Hess on 27th May 1948 where he talks about his flight to Scotland, the Third Reich and his personal mind-set. There are also numerous telegrams to Hess, sensors stamps, other identity cards for employees and newspapers signed by Hess complete with Spandau sensors stamp. This archive is spectacular in many ways, first and foremost the quantity of original material written by Hess, the like of which is unlikely to be offered again and secondly it contains unpublished photographs of Rudolph Hess in his last years.
144.    World War Two/Militaria/Third Reich: An exceptional signed and typed document "Excerpts from the proceedings of the International Military Court" from 1 October 1947' The Chairman states the legal authority for the punishments: then, as first, Rudolf Hess… to life imprisonment. 'The above excerpt, correct and true, is taken from the Archive of the Allied Control Council for Germany in Berlin". Other defendants in this document include high ranking Nazi's Walter Funk, Karl Doenitz, Erich Raeder, Baldur von Schirach, and Albert Speer. Interestingly the document notes the Soviet objection to Hess's lifetime sentence, and thought death should have been his punishment. Typed on one side and signed by representatives of all four Allied powers. Ex Rudolf Hess/Orwin Archive
145.    World War Two/Third Reich/Third Reich. A unique archive of ephemera relating to Grand Admiral Erich Raeder who was in overall charge of the German Navy and one of the most important men in the German armed forces in the first half of World War II, he was succeeded by Karl Donitz in 1943. This important collection includes his original arrest report which notes his arrest for War crimes and refusal to the right of the American armed forces to discharge him from the German Navy on 31st May 1946 together with a document showing his original finger prints in ink when admitted to the Nuremburg detention centre. Also included are psychological reports, a hand written letter dated 26th June 1954, his certificate of discharge, International Military Tribunal headed documents relating to Raeder's medical status and personal letters from the wife's of Albert Speer and Konstantin Hermann Karl Freiherr von Neurath, German Foreign Minister from 1932-38 (14). Ex Hess/Orwin Archive.
146.    Third Reich/Militaria/WW2. Ceramic Mug/Stein recovered from Spandau Prison by Deputy Chief Warden William Orwin, Third Reich Eagle and Swastika stamped on base dated 1942 with the name Bauscher Weiden 4½ins.
147.    Third Reich/Militaria/WW2. Hardwood post war desk clock used at Spandau Prison, stamped on reverse Suevia Clock Factory, Sindelfingen, Germany, US Zone. Recovered from Spandau prior to its dismantling by Deputy Chief Warden William Orwin, 7ins high.

148.    **Third Reich/World War Two/Militaria: Hans Baur was Hitler's personal pilot and after spending the last days of the war in the Fuhrerbunker was captured by the Russians and spent ten years in the Soviet Union after the war. The lot includes a large quantity of personal letters to and from Baur, a citation titled CERTIFICATE Arts-Letters-Music-Social Issues 'OF MERIT IN AVIATION' AWARDED TO THE PIONEER OF AVIATION AND FORMER AND CROWNED WITH SUCCESS honest COMBAT PILOT FROM 1914-1918 (Captain of Aviation) Retired Mr. Lieutenant General HANS BAUR …" and many private and public death notices of high ranking Third Reich military officers; invitations, programs, etc of the Bavarian Military, Max-Joseph-Ordens and other events, various items of correspondence to and from the Baurs and other similarly situated people. Also included are several sheets of Third Reich stamps picturing Hitler.
149.    Ellis Family Archive: Early 20th cent. toys. Good selection of activities including playing cards, games & pastimes for children. (1 Box). £20-30
150.    Ellis Family Archive - Toys: Children's theatre including Skelts, Redington & Pollocks sets, backdrops 'Harlequinade' play & sets of 19th cent. military cut-out soldiers. (1 Box). £20-40
151.    Models: Trains from the Great British Locomotives Collection, most with their magazines, 12 plus a railway carriage. £50-80
152.    Star Trek: Modern collectable's to include models of ships from the series, books, a 1975 BBC Annual, USS Enterprise plaque, etc. A good collection. £50-80
153.    Toys: James Bond Diecast and other cars and vehicles from the Bond films. (2 Trays 23 in total). £50-80
154.    Toys: Mickey Mouse Little Big Wheel toy in excellent condition - boxed. £50-80
155.    19th cent. Games: Incomplete set of bone and ebony domino's, bamboo dice shakers a pair, 2 x packs of cards, 1 pack the revers showing the young head of Victoria 1 x card missing. £70-80
156.    Toys: Captain Scarlet Cloudbase 1993, Cloudbase Spectrum Passenger Jet, Patrol Car, 4 Angel Interceptors, etc. £20-40
157.    Toys: Diecast Foden flatbed with tailgate, Bedford tipper, Bedford refuse truck, taxi etc. All playworn. £150-200
158.    Toys: Diecast Dinky Super Toys Dumper Truck, Coles Crane, Forklift Truck, Road Roller, front end of a Bedford Artic truck, truck body, farm trailer and bull dozer. Playworn. £30-40
159.    Toys: Diecast Dinky playworn car transporter and ramp. Unboxed. £40-80
160.    Toys: Diecast, Dinky SuperToys Foden flat truck 513, play worn, boxed. £80-100
161.    Toys: Diecast, Dinky Super Toys Foden flat truck 502, play worn, boxed. £20-100
162.    Toys: Diecast, 504 Elevator loader, boxed plus a play worn Kembo artic and 2 small boxes of tyres. £40-80
163.    Toys: Diecast, French Dinky Ford wagon 'SNCF' lorry and 'ASNCF rigid and a refuse truck. All unboxed. £140-200
164.    Toys: Hollow cast train accessories, guard with whistle, porter with baggage, child sitting on trunk, baggage, milk churn etc. £20-30
165.    Toys: Diecast, Shackleton wind up FG vehicle, boxed but playworn. £200-300
166.    Toys: Hollow cast "Britain's" Royal Marines No 7203 plus Royal Marines No 7202 both boxed. £40-60
167.    Royal Copenhagen Snowman Series: Snowman with Christmas Tree 1021772, Snowman with Shovel 1021769, Snowman with Wristlet 1021767, Snowman with Pipe 1021766, Snowman with Shovel 1021770, Snowman on Ski 1021771, Snowman with Broom 1021768. All boxed. (7 Figures). £180-200
168.    20th cent. Ceramics: Miniature Coalport teapot, jug and sugar bowl decorated with roses in relief - boxed. Tulip tree teapot, sugar bowl and jug - boxed. Crown Staffordshire Imari style T.4.2. on tray, Spode heart shape pill box, plus a boxed Aynsley, Pembroke long neck jug - boxed, Wedgwood Wild Strawberry trinket pot, a Golden Glory vase, Limoges pill box, etc. £50-70
169.    20th cent. Ceramics: Miniature Coalport and Spode tea cups & saucers, Spring Rose, Tulip Tree, etc. All boxed. £40-60
170.    20th cent. Ceramics: Thimbles, Royal Worcester, Caverswall - boxed, etc. Plus a Spode unboxed and 1 blue glass millefiori thimble (9). £30-50
171.    20th cent. Ceramics: Miniature cups and saucers, Caverswall Christmas 1978, Commemorative 1977, 2 floral, The Derby, all boxed, 1 unboxed. Spode Blenheim x 2, 3 unnamed floral, Royal Adderley "Floral", Crown Staffordshire "Roses", Limoges gilt and pink, Hanson "Cat". 12 Boxed and 3 unboxed. £80-100
172.    Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Ceramics Royal Worcester miniature mug decorated with fruit unsigned purple back stamp Royal China Works Worcester, blush two handled miniature mug decorated with birds, a Jasper ware jug and tankard, a two handled vase decorated with pink and blue flowers plus 2 satsuma miniature vases. £50-60
173.    Cameras: Boots aluminum secure camera case. £30-50
174.    Books: Military Marine Commando, the red and green life machine, Military bands and their uniforms, Diver Diver Diver, the 1914 campaign Marine badges, Insignia of the world plus 2 boxes of books on London (3). £30-50
175.    Books: Garden books including Hillier's guide to trees and shrubs, farm tools and techniques, container gardening etc plus books on Victorian architecture (3 boxes). £30-50
176.    Books: The Royal Family, The Great Artists. 2 boxes. £20-40
177.    William Barraud 1810-1850: An etching of the "The Amesbury Champion Coursing Meeting at Stonehenge" hand coloured, unmounted. 39½ins. x 23ins. £20-50
178.    Hunting Ephemera: Items relating to John Fricker, Huntsman to Tedworth. Colour enhanced print, artists proof, of Mr Fricker, 1886, on card (foxed). 17ins. x 13ins. plus a list of subscribers to the testimonial for John Fricker 1888. Names include:- 2nd Duke of Wellington, Lord & Lady Wellesley, The Marquis of Winchester, Lord Normanton, Lord Pembroke & many others. This document was also signed by the Tedworth Hunt Committee for the benefit of his widow and child. Included are two letters from Kathleen Wellington, Apsley House, Piccadilly WI to Mrs Warren, April 1926, with a copper hunting horn presented to Jack Fricker from Worcester 1874. Made by Jullien, Regent Street, London. £80-120
179.    19th cent. Print: "Return from the Derby, Clapham Common" from a painting by J.E. Herring Snr. Engraved by J. Harris 42ins. x 21ins. (image). £50-80
180.    Prints: Late 19th/early 20th cent Boer War print by Richard Caton Woodville in period walnut frame. 32ins. x 23ins. £80-120
181.    Art/Movies: Feliks Topolski RA 1907-1989, ink wash on paper, two policeman and a drunk on the embankment study, used in the credits for the 1945 Sidney Gilliat movie The Rake's Progress. Production notes to reverse. 16ins. x 13ins. £400-700
182.    Art/Movies: Feliks Topolski RA 1907-1989, ink wash on paper Wealthy Couple in Hotel Lobby study used in the credits for the 1945 Sidney Gilliat movie The Rake's Progress. Production notes to reverse. 16ins. x 13ins. £400-700
183.    Art/Movies: Feliks Topolski RA 1907-1989, ink wash on paper "After this Judgement" study used in the credits for the 1945 Sidney Gilliat movie "The Rake's Progress". Production notes to reverse. 16ins. x 13ins. £400-700
184.    Art/Movies: Feliks Topolski RA 1907-1989, ink wash on paper WWII Nazi Scene study used in the credits for the 1945 Sidney Gilliat movie The Rake's Progress. Production notes to reverse. 16ins. x 13ins. £400-700
185.    Photography: Still pictures taken by Robert Steele Boston University of Life, work and pleasure in India during the 1950s. A large collection. £50-70
186.    Magic Lantern slides of trains, stations British and America, Zeppelins, damage off Ostend and rescuing the crew of "L15", other wartime slides, Scout Jamboree, women in industry, towns etc. £40-60
187.    Art/Movies: 20th cent. English school series of 5 watercolours from the critically acclaimed 1953 Sidney Gilliat movie "The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan". These were used in the 1950s opening credits of the film. 11ins. x 9ins. £100-150
188.    Movie Memorabilia: Unique hard bound volume, screen used, from the iconic 1957 British film "Blue Murder at St Trinian's". The leather bound book bears a leather oblong label with gilt lettering "St Trinian's Marriage Bureaus, Managing Director Harry Edwards". The contents over a number of pages show various members of the St Trinian's cast such as Cynthia Meadows, relaxing in library 18-37-22-34. A unique, screen used, piece from the iconic St Trinian's movies. 14ins. x 10ins. £800-1200
189.    Movie Memorabilia/Golden Era of British Films: Silver plated tankard from post war movie star Arlene Dahl to acclaimed director Sidney Gilliat. The piece is engraved "AD to SG Fortune is a Woman 1956". £50-80
190.    Art/Movies: Ronald Searle, British 1920-2011: Original ink and watercolour "The Great Train Robbery" 18ins. x 13½ins.

The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery, released in 1966, 3 years after the actual event, was the fourth in a series of 5 St Trinian's films. The films were based on Ronald Searle's cartoons of a fictional girl's boarding school which he first represented in 1941 in the magazine Lilliput. He went on to compile many St Trinian's books as well as working for the cinemas designing the opening and closing credits of 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines' and 'Monte Carlo or Bust'. Searle was commissioned to create the opening and closing credits for St Trinian's Train Robbery and the present lot appears in the opening credits. £3000-5000
191.    Satire: Edward McLachlan, 1940-, Pen and ink, believed to have been used in Private Eye, titled - 'Run for your life, it's a Bonsai forest fire'. Signed top left. 17ins. x 11ins. £80-120
192.    Mutoscope Advertising boards 1d arcade machine boards "Her Hubby's Sweety", "unadorned", "Birth of a Pearl", "Artist and Model" and "The Limited Mail". £50-80
193.    Baxter colour engravings of The Great Exhibition 1851 "Gems of The Great Exhibition No3". £30-50
194.    Posters: The London Hippodrome "Champagne on Ice", The Brighton Hippodrome, "Babes in the Wood", The London Palladium "Jo Stafford" x 4, The Open Space Theatre "Steps Notes and Squeaks" x 4, Comedy Theatre "Chox". Film posters from Bollywood films Hamaara Sansaar, Laila Mainu, Ev Kali Muskayee, Ek Se Badhkar Ek, Ek. Hi Rasta x 2 plus portrait posters Ek Hi Rasta x 3 plus Love Story (10).
Plus Newspapers 1940s daily Mirror etc, Photographic stills from film's, TV shows (Granada) Documentaries, early photos (2nd Generation) etc. £30-50
195.    Copperware advertising tray for Johnnie Walker whiskey 13ins. £20-40
196.    Advertising: Van-Dal shoes of England, printed advert on suede 8½ins. x 4½ins. framed, double sided advert on marble 8ins. x 5ins. with portfolio of adverts plus promotional material for the Van-Dal brand (3). £40-60
197.    Advertising: Rare Poll Parrot shoes oversized parrot animation and advertising figure 36ins. Wired but not to be used, collectors item only. £200-300
198.    Advertising Guinness: Rare oversize Toucan advertising display figure 27ins. £150-200
199.    Automobilia: Michelin large Bibendum seated advertising figure circa 1960s 20ins. £200-300
200.    *Space Memorabilia/Moon/Iconic: Apollo 13 Lunar Module Flown Stowage Assembly Strap. This flown strap was taken from the stowage assembly which flew aboard the Apollo 13 Lunar Module ''Aquarius'' during the famous flight. It was part of the material given to Grumman, builders of the Lunar Module, most of which was cut into pieces in order to make the Grumman Employee Awards, which themselves were then signed by the crew. The strap in question was acquired from a Grumman Employee of 35 years, who was the Lunar Module spacecraft test manager at Kennedy Space Center for Apollo's 10, 13, and 15, and supported Apollo 5 (the first LM to fly) and Apollo 11.
Overall Frame Measures 20'' x 20''
Apollo 13 Flown LM Strap Measures 7.25'' x 1''
Double Matted using Archival Quality Materials
Framed behind UV Protective Glass
Framed with a 4'' NASA Patch
Framed with a 4'' Apollo 13 Patch
Comes with Certificate of Authenticity & Paperwork £3000-5000
201.    *Space Memorabilia/Moon/Iconic: Neil Armstrong & Michael Collins Signed Limited Edition Paul Calle Print. This incredible piece of artwork represents one of the finest and most iconic moments in human history, Neil Armstrong suiting up prior to his famous Apollo 11 mission in which he became the first man to walk on the Moon. This piece was created by renowned space artist Paul Calle, the only artist allowed into the suit-up area prior to launch. The print is one of a limited edition created by Calle and shows Neil Armstrong suiting up prior to launch. The print has been hand signed by Neil Armstrong and Paul Calle. This piece also bears additional signatures of fellow Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins, Paul Calle's son and fellow space artist Chris Calle, as well as Neil Armstrong's son, Rick Armstrong. This is easily the most recognised piece of artwork to come from the Apollo Program. This particular piece is numbered 63/1000.
Paul Calle Sketch of Neil Armstrong Suiting Up
Hand Signed by Apollo 11 Astronaut Neil Armstrong
Hand Signed by Apollo 11 Astronaut Michael Collins
Hand Signed by Space Artist Paul Calle
Hand Signed by Space Artist Chris Calle
Hand Signed by Rick Armstrong
Comes with Original Apollo 11 Flyer
Comes with an AB Emblem Apollo 11 Patch
Comes Matted & Framed Using Museum Quality Materials
Overall Frame Measures 39'' x 22''. £3000-5000
202.    *Space/Apollo 11. This beautiful photo of Buzz Aldrin standing before the American Flag on the Lunar Surface during the Apollo 11 Mission has been hand signed by Buzz himself. Buzz also adds ''Apollo XI'' inscription. Buzz became the second man to step foot on the lunar surface after his crew mate, Neil Armstrong. During their time on the lunar surface Armstrong and Aldrin collected 21.55kg of moon rocks. Before they left the lunar surface, they stored the moon rocks aboard the Lunar Module ''Eagle''. 16ins x 20ins.
About This Astronaut Autograph:
• Famous 16x20 Apollo 11 Flag Photo
• Hand Signed by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
• Added ''Apollo XI'' Inscription
• Printed on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper

Also included in the lot 8 gram lunar meteorite part of NWA 11303 complete with certificate of authenticity. £2500-3000
203.    *Space Memorabilia/Moon/Iconic: Apollo 11 mission space Flown Lapel Pin. An incredible piece of Apollo 11 flown history, Apollo 11 was the spaceflight that landed the first two humans on the Moon. Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin, both American, landed the lunar module Eagle on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC. Armstrong became the first to step onto the lunar surface six hours after landing on July 21 at 02:56:15 UTC; Aldrin joined him about 20 minutes later. They spent about two and a quarter hours together outside the spacecraft, and collected 47.5 pounds (21.5 kg) of lunar material to bring back to Earth. Michael Collins piloted the command module Columbia alone in lunar orbit while they were on the Moon's surface. Armstrong and Aldrin spent just under a day on the lunar surface before rejoining Columbia in lunar orbit. This yellow metal lapel/tie pin featuring the Apollo 11 mission insignia was flown on the Apollo 11 mission, and measures approximately .75″? in diameter. The pin was carried on the mission for NASA engineer H. W. Adkins. Includes a laminated card featuring the Apollo 11 emblem above text reading, "Flown for-H. W. Adkins," with the reverse reading, "This tie tack was flown on Apollo 11, S/C 107, LM-5, July 16-24, 1969, Crew, Mr. N. Armstrong, Lt. Col. M. Collins, Col. E. Aldrin, Jr.", HW Adkins was a NASA Engineer, An incredible piece of history, flown aboard the most famous space mission in history.
204.    *Space Memorabilia/Moon/Iconic Apollo 11 Crew Signed Cover. Rare Apollo 11 Signed First Day Cover comes directly from the collection of Joan Aldrin. The Apollo 11 signed cover has a 10¢ First Man On The Moon postage stamp and bears the ''Man's First Landing on the Moon'' artwork. Postmarked ''Moon Landing / USA/ Jul 20, 1969'' and again on ''Washington DC / Sep 9, 1969''. Astronauts & Moonwalkers: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin have boldly signed the cover. On the reverse side of the cover bears a handwritten and signed note reading ''From my personal space collection Joan Aldrin''.
Hand Signed by Astronaut Neil Armstrong
Hand Signed by Astronaut Buzz Aldrin
Hand Signed by Astronaut Michael Collins
Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity
Overall Frame measures 23'' x 23'' Comes
Matted & Framed in Conservation Materials
Framed with a Modern, High Quality Apollo 11 Crew Photo
Comes from the collection of Joan Aldrin
205.    19th cent Scientific Instruments: 2 draw brass telescope by J H Steward, 54 Cornhill, London. J H Steward made a large range of items for Military use and traded from the Cornhill location from 1866 to 1893. £60-80
206.    Binoculars: Carl Zeiss 8 x with leather case, a Dynatron tourist transistor radio with leather carrier case with instructions booklet. £20-40
207.    Clocks: Pigeon racing, brass cylindrical homing clock, silvered dial with four subsidiary dials. 6ins. £40-60
208.    WWII Private issue brass pocket bubble compass by J H Steward, 408 Strand, London, in leather case. £40-60
209.    Clocks: 20th cent. Brass cased Bulkhead style clock and barometer Taylor of England mounted on a mahogany plinth for wall mounting. £120-160
210.    Clocks: Early 19th cent. Ebonised striking bracket clock, signed Desbois & Wheeler, Grays Inn Passage. Lancet shaped case with brass inlay. The sides with ringed floral sprays, handles & sound frets, raised upon ball feet. A white dial 8ins. and a twin bell strike on the ¼'s and a single bell strike on the hour. £800-1200
211.    Clocks: Oak cased German mantle clock domed door produced by Junghans. £30-40
212.    Clocks: Green Onyx and gilt metal mantle clock classical style French movement. £40-60
213.    Clocks: 19th cent. French gilt mantle clock with ceramic inset panels, Henry Marc of Paris 14ins. £200-300
214.    19th cent. Grand Tour Romanesque bronze cast statue of Dionysus after the Roman model found at Pompeii 15ins. tall x 5½ins. dia plus a copper hollow cast Venus De Milo. £90-140
215.    Late 18th/19th cent. Feuillette Melun (Paris) white marble and gilt French mantel clock garniture comprising cylinder clock supported on four pillars plus a pair of gilt and marble two branch candle holders. £120-160
216.    Clocks: 20th cent. French brass carriage clock. £40-50
217.    19th cent. Gilt brass Neo Classical style garniture comprising mantle clock with twin candelabra garniture. The clock measures 22ins. £300-500
218.    Musical Instruments: A chromatic piano harp by The South Western Novelty Co. £30-40
219.    Musical Instruments: A Chinese violin with bow and carrying case. £20-40
220.    20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Ovoid porcelain jar flush fitting cover 10ins, baluster vase 8ins and bowl decorated with fruit and leaves in shades of pink and brown. Plus a circular trinket box and bowl, black ground decorated with multi colour fruits. (5 Items). £40-60
221.    20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Baluster vase, green ground decorated with flowers and fruit a/f. 18ins, ginger jar and cover x 2 , 1 white glaze decorated with flowers and birds 13ins, the other blue glaze front panel depicting a garden 14½ins. £30-50
222.    20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Ginger jars, dark blue glaze decorated in pink and green 9ins., ginger jar and cover, blue glaze decorated in pink, green and yellow enamels 13ins. Jar and cover, grey ground with central panel of flower sprays 11ins. (4 jars). £40-60
223.    20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Ovoid porcelain jar, flush fitting cover, grey base decorated in pink and purple flowers 11ins. plus ginger jars with flush fitting covers, 1 decorated in blue and pink, the other decorated with flower sprays 9ins. (3 Jars). £30-50
224.    20th cent. Chinese painting on linen, depicting a rural mountain scene with river and family home. Framed and glazed. 16ins x 13¼ins. £40-60
225.    19th cent. Games: Turned and stained ivory chess set possibly Anglo Indian. £100-120
226.    19th cent. Games: Chinese Canton carved and stained ivory Backgammon, checkers 16 red, 16 white, 2 dice shakers 1 x red, 1 x white plus 2 dice. £100-150
227.    18th cent. Reverse painting on a mirror/glass. Mythological scene depicts immortals and spirits fighting in the air. Rural scene with forests, lakes, caves and a dwelling. Hardwood frame. Glazed. 19ins x 13¼ins. £200-220
228.    19th cent. Oriental gilt wood carved small table with marble inset. £140-160
229.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Chinese ceramic bowl, finely marked characters to base. Foot, side & inside hand painted in blues & of a floral motif. 4¾ins. diameter x 2¼ins. tall. £60-80
230.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Oriental dog of Foo on integral plinth, impressed pattern number 17, green brown glaze 14½ins. x 7¾ins. 12ins. £70-80
231.    Chinese: 20th cent. Chinese treen tea box. £50-80
232.    19th cent. Japanese Imari cylindrical stick stand - unsigned base. (crack to rim). Diameter 8¾ins x Height 23ins. £200-300
233.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley part tea set, blue and pink daisies No 12216. Cups & saucers x 6, sugar bowl x 2, side plates x 9, and a cake plate. Hair line in one sugar bowl. £50-80
234.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Avon Blue" meat oval 13ins, plates x 11ins. x 6, plates 9ins. x 6, soup dishes x 6, plates 6ins. x 5, cups x 2 (1 a/f) saucers x 4, egg cups x 4, 2 pint teapot and 1 pint teapot (lid missing). £35-45
235.    Collectors Teapots: Rare prototype Dr Who Dalek teapot 11ins. £40-70
236.    Royal Staffordshire limited edition 607/ 2012 of QE2 in Coronation robes plus a Doulton figure HN 2345 Clarissa. £30-50
237.    Royal Doulton images Carefree, Awakening and Thankful. £30-50
238.    Royal Doulton Figurines: HN 2835 Fair Lady, HN 3421 Nicole, HN 3662 Take Me Home plus HN 2448 Diana (4). £40-60
239.    Royal Worcester Figurines: 3081 Grand Mothers Dress Ltd Edition 11954/ 12.500 Keep sake, special mum (3). £30-50
240.    Coal Port Figures: Classic Elegance a Special Gift, limited edition 3527/5000 Joanne, Coming of Age (3). £30-50
241.    Royal Doulton Figurines: HN 3420 Ashley, HN 2335 Hilary, HN 2468 Diana (3). £30-50
242.    Royal Doulton Figurines: Tony the Tiger, Whiskers Cat and Dulux Dog. £30-50
243.    The collection of the Late Mrs Valerie Ann Hansford-Russell of Weston, Bath, 20th century ceramic, Continental and other half dolls.

Half Dolls: Deco style half pin cushion doll. The doll has a halter neck top and has flapper hair and the brown lace skirt covers the pin cushion. Plus a powder puff doll with full cream silk skirt. Both dolls have free arms. Standing, half doll, pin cushions, both dolls are in two separate parts, one wearing dress of the French Court and one deco style.(4)
German Half Dolls: Bahr Proschild doll, Marie Antoinette style hair wearing a lace bodice No 3905-3, plus a doll decorated with coloured glass embellishments. (2 Dolls).
244.    19th cent. Ceramics: Pratt pot lid "The Chin Chew River" taken from a watercolour by J Austin plus a pot lid depicting Dutch children in a snow scene. (2) £30-50
245.    Early 20th cent. Ceramic Kitchenalia: Jelly mould, blue/ white spoon stand, blue/ white triangular print drainer, Arcadian Charids stand in the form of a tea pot etc. £30-40
246.    Ceramics: Palissy style Majolica crab plate, 7½inches. £20-40
247.    19th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood bulbous dark blue jug, decorated with gilt, mark on spout 6ins. plus 5 x tea cups and saucers decorated purple lustre border and flowers. £30-50
248.    19th cent. Glass Wine Antiques: Spiral twist funnel plus another smaller version. £30-40
249.    20th cent. Studio Pottery: Cornish Troika inspired John Beusmans Carn Pottery, step leaf vase 5ins. and a slab vase 4¼ins. £50-80
250.    Derby 1782-1800 coffee can, gilt decoration, factory mark to base. £30-40
251.    19th cent. Saltglaze 'Brampton Ware' coffee pot with sprigged hunting themes. Brown and white. 9ins. £40-50
252.    19th cent. Japanese Reiji period Kutani small jug decorated with fauna and flora. 4ins. £30-50
253.    Late 18th cent. Pearlware miniature/childs blue and white Chinoiserie tapered coffee pot with domed lid, possibly Liverpool, minor chips and cracks. £120-150
254.    Ceramics: Crown Derby bird paper weights a Blue Tit plus a Wren. £30-50
255.    20th cent. Ceramics: 'Heredities' Stoke on Trent animal figures - Dachshund rolling on back, light brown, glazed 6½ins and a Standard Poodle, standing looking back, glazed 6ins. plus an Otter alert & sitting 6ins. (3). All boxed. £40-60
256.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro figurines E262 fish seller, E5M young boy dressed for winter, F19J a Mexican girl, 4678 E20M girl with basket, 4523 A4N young girl with slippers plus a Nao goose. £80-120
257.    Border Fine Arts: B0794 "Red Kite". 15ins. £60-80
258.    Country Artists: "Ruling the Roost", limited edition 0253/650. 12ins. £60-80
259.    Country Artists: Figure of a Springer Spaniel "Monty". 14ins. £60-80
260.    Royal Dux: Ceramic group, three classical children playing cymbals and Grecian pipes serenading a swan - triangle mark to impressed numerals 3266. Length 16ins. x height 10ins. £60-80
261.    Royal Dux, Bohemia Porcelain figurine lady and Pierrot decorated in blue and gilt 15ins. £100-120
262.    Late 19th cent. Ceramics: Avebury (Wiltshire) tea set "Remains of Druids Stone Avenue..." images. Consists 5 x tea cups 1 a/f., 6 x saucers, 6 x bread & butter plates, a cake plate, teapot (sprout a/f) and stand, sugar bowl & milk jug (handle missing) and a breakfast cup & saucer, no makers backstamp. £80-120
263.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Imari oval serving dish. 23ins. x 10ins. Plus a 19th cent. Derby Imari kings pattern plate with puce mark. 9ins. £70-80
264.    Wedgwood circa. 1891-1908 Miniature Willow pattern dinner service. Dinner plates x 4, soup dishes x 4, lidded sauce tureen, vegetable tureen, soup tureen, sauce boat, all with stands. Minor frit on vegetable tureen lid. All marked Wedgwood Truria England underglaze blue some also impressed Wedgwood. (19 items). £150-200
265.    Wedgwood c1981-1908: Miniature creamware teaset, four polychrome ruined castle decoration comprising teapot and creamer, discolouration to spout, possible old restoration to both. Sugar bowl (hairline), 4 cups (1 a/f) 4 saucers, 4 side plates, Wedgwood Etriria England in black impressed marks and pattern number in red C4445. £40-60
266.    18/19th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood black basalt inkstand, the two handle oval tray with central urn shaped pen stand bottle, together with an engine turned circular inkwell and stand pot impressed marks to base. £300-400
267.    Wedgwood circa. 1800: Creamware miniature cruet lidded mustard, pepperette and oval salt (old restoration to the salt) plus cup and saucer x 2 (1 cup a/f). All with impressed Wedgwood mark. £120-150
268.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood child's plate designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones cream ground border of black rabbits, green inner border 7ins. plus a 19th cent. Dolls plate "Ben the Sailor" 4ins.
269.    19th cent. Wedgwood Rosso Antico miniature teapot in famille rose palette. 2ins. Blue Jasper ware commemorative 1730 - 1795 match holder 2½ins. plus a black basalt with gilt rosette match holder 2ins. £100-120
270.    20th cent. Commemorative Glass: George VI tankard 1937 coronation Herbert Goode limited No 571 of 1000, height approx 6ins. plus a Charles Investiture engraved wine goblet, signed (Peter) Dreiser No 115 of 150, height approx. 8ins. H.R.H Queen Elizabeth Jubilee 1952-1977 cut glass Royal Brierley goblets, approx. 10ins. - a pair.
271.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood blue Jasper ware commemorative circular trinket pots, bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip plus 6 x glass dishes bearing the Royal coat of arms. £40-50
272.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood cream ware child/dolls part dinner service, soap tureen and ladle, 4 x square tureens and covers, 2 x gravy boats, 4 x assorted meat ovals, 6 x soup plates, 7 x dinner plates plus a circular tureen and cover. £50-70
273.    20th Cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood terracotta Jasper ware oblong pin dishes a pair, 4 x trinket boxes 1 x square, 1 oblong and 2 x circular. (6) £70-90
274.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood Jasper ware commemorative plaque to St Arthur Whitten Brown 1886/ 1948, No 1 of a series struck especially by Wedgwood for Short Bros and Harland LTD, Arnold Machin A.R.A. sculpture in original box. £50-70
275.    20th Cent Ceramics: Wedgwood Queens ware commemorative to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 2 x trinket pots, sugar bowl and cover, creamer, mug, milk jug with applied blue relief plus thimble etc. £50-70
276.    20th Cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood 3 piece embossed Queens ware commemorative tea set, to commemorate the Coronation of Edward VIII with applied blue relief, sugar bowl with cover, tea pot and creamer plus a Johnson Bros blue commemorative milk jug. £50-70
277.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood Clarice Cliff collection, bizarre and age of Jazz, drummer and dancers, a pair. £50-70
278.    Early 19th cent. Wax caricature mounted on glass 7 military historical figures Lord Nelson, Britannia, Admiral Howe, Duke of Wellington, Lord William Hill, Sir Thomas Picton, Petit Gatteaux, Andrieu labels on reverse. A thought for those who fought and fell, Heroes of song and story remember 1805-1815, second label - slates examined Sept 76 formally the property of Lord Anglesea and signed Joan Anne Abercrombie, the backing glass is a/f ,framed 15ins. x 14ins. £400-600
279.    Early 19th cent. Wax caricatures mounted on glass, 7 historical figures Nell Gynne, George Washington, Sarah Siddons, Ben Franklyn, Christopher Wren, Inigo Jones, Catherine the Great frame, 1 signed Flaxman, Wyon, Webb and Andrieu 16ins. x 14ins. treen framed. £400-600
280.    Objects of Virtu 17th/ 18th cent.: Was figurine head plaque Jacobean style portrait 2ins diam. set in a white metal heavily embossed frame with floral relief's 6ins x 6ins. £100-150
281.    18th cent. Coloured silhouette portrait of a young girl playing with a black cat, coloured pale blue with white accessories glazed in an ebony frame 12ins. x 9ins. £60-90
282.    19th cent. Diorama bird feather study in a circular convex glass frame gilt edges with ebony surround 5ins. x 5ins. £80-100
283.    18th cent. Silhouette portraits Mr A Molesworth and Mrs R Molesworth unsigned and dated 1759 coloured with pale blue costume 4ins. x 5ins. glazed in a faded red velvet frame 13½ins. x 9¼ins. plus anonymous gentlemen in a red coat glazed and framed 8ins. x 7ins. £70-100
284.    19th cent. Portrait silhouettes paper mâché frames with gilt ovals (3) 5ins. x 4ins. plus 5 x treen framed dated and names Charles Neville 1793 plus Shelburne 1780 6ins. x 5ins. (5). £150-200
285.    Arts & Craft: Pale opalescent glass bowl, shoal of carp inside in relief. Height 5ins. x diameter 13ins. £100-150
285A.   Early French art glass Daum vase of trumpet form birch trees with lake & houses in background. Signed to base Daum Nancy. Fine crack to base. 9¾ins. £400-500
286.    Arts and Crafts: Jungendstil copper tray with leaf patterned edge, Carl Neffner of Esslingen stamp to base. £30-50
287.    Keswick School of Industrial Art, hammered circular dish with floral repousse, stamped letter KSIA to inside rim 8½ins. diam. £100-120
288.    Late Victorian Hukin and Heath silver plated oval tray, naturalistic hammered decoration, stamped H&H with phoenix on base and numbered 14807, 16ins. x 12¼ins. £60-80
289.    Arts and Crafts: Hugh Wallis copper oval rope pattern edge trays, both stamped HW monogrammed inside 20¾ins. x 13½ins. and 20¾ins. x 15¾ins. the latter having floral repousse decoration to the centre (2). £80-120
290.    Arts and Crafts: Hugh Wallis planished circular copper tray with inlay pewter, floral motif, rope pattern edge, stamped HW monogram inside lip 9ins. diam. £70-100
291.    Arts and Crafts: Newlyn School cylindrical copper vases embossed with beaten fish decoration signed Newlyn to base approx 12ins. a pair. £140-200
292.    Arts and Crafts: Pewter bell brand hammered milk jug, sugar bowl and wicker handle teapot. £30-50
293.    Art Nouveau pewter hammered Walker and Co. waisted vase with organic handles, a pair. 8ins. £40-60
294.    Arts & crafts: Pewter, Finstain Belgian organic two handled bowl with floral and geometric relief. 11ins. dia. £30-50
295.    Arts & Crafts: Pewter jug and cover with raffia handle, attributed to Archibald Knox No 0958. £150-200
296.    Arts & Crafts: Pewter tankard attributed to Archibald Knox, No 0334. 5¼ins. £150-200
297.    20th cent. Bronze sculpture Nicolas Lavarenne, patinated nude male figure leaping with arms outstretched. Signed and numbered 03 7/8 and foundry marks. 16ins. £800-1200
298.    Hallmarked Silver: Art Deco ornate sugar bowl with beaten organic motifs, Sheffield Mappin Brothers 1859. 6ozs. £80-120
299.    Hallmarked Silver: Arts & crafts hammered bob bon dish supported by three curvilinear arms, Glasgow RW Sorley. Rd. 429216 . 4.6ozs. Height 3¼ins. x diameter 4ins. £200-250
300.    Hallmarked Silver rectangular tray, engine turned base, Birmingham marks, 1913. Approximately 17oz. £120-160
301.    Hallmarked Silver: Dressing table items - a pair of brushes London 1964 S.J. Rose plus a silver topped cut glass perfume bottle. £30-50
302.    Hallmarked Silver: Shoe horn, child's food pusher, handle, meat skewer, butter knife, button hook x 2, pickle fork, small ornamental jug. 5ozs. £30-60
303.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving spoons, London 1853, Joseph & Albert Savory x 3. 7ozs. £70-120
304.    Hallmarked Silver: Dessert forks, Kings pattern Sheffield, Copper Brothers x 5. 9.8ozs. £100-150
305.    Hallmarked Silver: Dinner forks, Kings pattern Sheffield, Cooper Brothers x 6. 7ozs. £170-250
306.    Hallmarked Silver: Sauce boat, Sheffield and a cream jug, Birmingham. 7ozs. £80-120
307.    Hallmarked Silver: Milk jug, trophy, teaspoons x 2, coffee spoon, mustard/salt ladles x 2. 8½ozs. £70-100
308.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette case London Morden and Co, a thimble plus a salt no liner A/F 5½ins. £50-80
309.    Continental Silver with British Sponsors Mark: Ornate souvenir spoon, pierced design, Chester John Millward Banks 1904. 1.3ozs. £40-60
310.    Hallmarked Silver: Glove stretchers, Sheffield 1902, pickle fork 1911, and a crumb brush, Chester 1889. £80-100
311.    Hallmarked Silver: Inkwell stand, Birmingham 1847 Yap & Woodward with two blue glass inkwells with silver top. 4.7ozs. £60-100
312.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments, pierced silver salts with liners Birmingham 1901, salt/pepper marked sterling silver, pepperette worn marks, salt Birmingham 1909, salt on three claw supports, and 7 salt spoons. 4½ozs. £100-150
313.    Hallmarked Silver: Vestas, cigarette case, watch case, napkin ring plus a propelling pencil holder and propelling pencils. 7½ozs. £60-80
314.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette case, Chester monogrammed, to front dated 1915 plus a Walker Hall silver cup. Both a/f. 7½ozs. £70-90
315.    Hallmarked Silver: Hedgehog pin cushion Birmingham 1905 maker L&; ½oz. £60-80
316.    Hallmarked Silver: Victorian Silver teaspoons, Royal Engineers cigarette case, sterling marked bonbon dish. Approximately 7ozs. £50-70
317.    Hallmarked Silver: Fob chain with 3 fobs, silver coins 3ozs plus ½ silver coins 1½ozs. £30-50
318.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments, mustards (2), peppers (2), salt (1), spoons (5) various Birmingham marks. Approx. 6½ozs. £70-90
319.    Hallmarked Silver: Engine turned dressing table brush set, mirror, clothes and hair brushes. London 1913/14. £50-80
320.    Hunting Requisites: Hallmarked silver hunting horn London 5ozs. Presented to John Fricker (Master) to his testimonial 1858, both sections with engraved marks James Price. 12¼ins. £100-150
321.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian teaspoons, 8, harlequin set, Victorian dessert spoon, sugar nips, sugar spoon, butter knives, arts and crafts style, napkin ring, Royal Naval Service history engraved napkin ring. Approx. 10oz weighable. £80-120
322.    Hallmarked Silver: Silver & cut glass butter dishes and knives - a pair, Birmingham mark JG & S maker, retailed by Harrods. Boxed set. £40-60
323.    Hallmarked Silver: Pierced bon bon dish in the form of a basket, London marks 1910. Approx. 6oz. Circular tea caddy of barrel shape with rope twist edging, London marks John Heath and John Middleton (Hukin and Heath) London 1893. Approx. 6oz. a/f.
324.    Hallmarked Silver and Guilloche enamel teaspoons in a North European style (6) plus another set of plain form (6). Both cased. £100-150
325.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian salts with blue glass liners, London 1765, a pair, 2 later spoons, 1796, lidded mustard pot with blue glass liner, London 1799, Maker Sam Godbehere and Edward Wigan. 3oz. £150-200
326.    Hallmarked Silver: Shoe buckles of plain form, Birmingham 1930, makers mark L.E, heavily embossed ladies hand mirror, Birmingham, maker Saunders Shepherd 1898. 12oz. inc. £50-70
327.    Hallmarked Silver: Teaset, Regency style, 3 piece Birmingham 1905/06. Approximately 31oz. inclusive. £250-300
328.    Hallmarked Silver: Gravy boats, London & Birmingham, Henry Wilkinson & Co - a pair. 24ozs. £250-350
329.    Hallmarked Silver: Coffee pot, Regency style. Birmingham mark, retailed by Carringtons. 1905/06, approximately 13oz. inclusive. £80-120
330.    18th cent. Hallmarked Silver: Embossed loving cup 2 handled London 1766, indistinct makers mark 8.8oz 4½ins. diam 4½ins. high. £250-350
331.    White Metal: Spill vases Rococo style. £40-60
332.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening tankard for "Vera Gosling" London. 11ozs. £110-160
333.    Hallmarked Silver: An ornate Christening tankard to "Jill Marie Eills 1818, London 1762 William Cripps. 10ozs. £200-300
334.    Hallmarked Silver: Tankard, turned design. Maker H.A. Sheffield. 8½ozs. £80-100
335.    Hallmarked Silver and Guilloche enamel fruit knife and fork set in a North European style (12) cased set. £100-150
336.    Hallmarked Silver: Coffee spoon with coloured enamel finials Walker Hall, Chester marks, (6) Apostle coffee spoons London mark (6) coffee spoons Birmingham mark Deakin & Francis (6), Approx. 5ozs. All boxed sets. £70-90
337.    Hallmark Silver: Miniature Book of Common Prayers, published by Eyre and Spottiswood, the cover depicting a coaching study, London maker William Comyms. Book of Common Prayer the cover depicting The Good Shepherd Birmingham 1906 plus Book of Common Prayer the cover depicting Angels, Birmingham. (3). £100-130
338.    Hallmarked Silver: Miniature Book of Common Prayer, the cover depicting a praying child, published University Press, London, Birmingham L. Smith Co. 1903 plus Hymns Ancient and Modern published William Clowes, London, the cover depicting lilies, Birmingham 1905. £100-120
339.    Hallmarked Silver: Continental triple flower spray holder, heavily decorated with rustic scenes, London sponsors mark 1897, approximately 3½oz. £50-70
340.    20th cent. Sterling Silver and enamelled commemorative thimbles Silver Jubilee 1977 boxed (4). £30-40
340A.   Hallmarked Silver: Teaspoons, bright cut pattern, London 1886 John Pope Genge - set of 6 plus another spoon. 3.9ozs. £30-50
341.    Jewellery: Diamond collar earrings and ring trio set with 18ct Swiss gold 0.30 carat approximately. £380-420
342.    Jewellery: 18ct. Marquise shaped garnet and pearl ring. £300-350
343.    Jewellery: Jadite and yellow metal fine link drop earrings. £130-150
344.    Watch: Art Deco cocktail style diamond set on 9ct white gold. £350-380
345.    Jewellery: Sapphire and cubic zirconia, 18ct set earring, pierced and clip fitting. £350-380
346.    Jewellery: Full diamond eternity ring, platinum set approximately 1.4 carats. £1000-1200
347.    Jewellery Diamond cross over ring 14ct. 0.80 carats. £380-420
348.    Designer Jewellery: 18ct brilliant cut solitaire diamond, approximately .20ct. cross over setting, hallmarked 18ct. (750) John Watling of Lacock. 4.5g inclusive, with original box. £350-450
349.    White Gold Hallmarked: Illusion set daisy cluster diamond ring 7 stones approx .002 carats. £100-150
350.    Diamond and Sapphire three tier illusion set cluster ring, 9ct gold shank. £60-90
351.    Costume Jewellery: Yellow metal rings Art Deco and designer designed settings x 18. £120-160
352.    Designer Jewellery: White metal marked 925 necklace and matching bracelet set with multicoloured semi precious stones. £200-250
352A.   Gold Jewellery: Georgian tremblant diamond spray brooch, 9ct. gold set (tested) old cut stones ranging from .50 to 0.035, 112 stones mainly G-1 colour PI - SI clarity. Approx. 8 carat total. (breakdown size sheet available to view). £3000-5000
353.    Watches: Ingersoll Ltd, "Triumph" white metal pocket watch, also yellow metal Waltham pocket watch with second dial, Dennison cased and travelling case. £50-70
354.    Watches: 1960s Omega Gentlemans 9ct gold manual winding centre second wristwatch. Model no. BL 131 5016, movement no. 22056682 with leather strap and original paperwork. £350-400
355.    Watches: Jaegar Le Coulter ladies stainless steel Reverso bracelet watch ref 261.8.86 and 1848918. Two tone black dial with original Jaeger bracelet 34mm x 20mm. £2000-2500
356.    Watches: Bulova Accutron ladies yellow metal watch with expanding bracelet. £20-40
357.    Watches: Silver half Hunter pocket watch with inscription on the back plate "To HRH The Prince of Wales Examined by Simson Benzie, 61 High St. Cowes" - boxed. (Possibly given to HRH at the Regatta in Cowes). £300-500
358.    Clocks: Military; Air Ministry stop watch. Unsigned Swiss movement. Cased made by Dennison, back stamped "A.M. 6B/221". £30-50
359.    Hallmarked Silver: Cased fob watch with key wind movement, Kay & Company. £30-60
360.    Watches: Military fob watch Waltham 1009, stainless steel, black dial. £40-60
361.    Watches: Military fob watch Rolex A8843 GS MK 2, black dial, chrome cased. £500-800
362.    Hallmarked Silver: Cased fob watch, key wind movement. £40-60
363.    Watches: A ladies silver pendant watch, pink face, black Roman numeral, white & gilt decoration carved case. £30-50
364.    19th cent. Russian icon carved treen depicting the house of God with two saints holding a relic of the Holy family on foil back, carved Cyrillic above Holy family on verso "A Carving done at a Monastery Moscow" English script, glazed and taped edges 6¼ins. x 4¼ins. unsigned.
365.    19th cent. Russian Icon Christ Pantokrator, oil on board, silver cased Moscow marks P.K. (Cyrillic) 1862 84. with traces of gilding 23grams. Approx 3ins. x 2¾ins.
366.    Hallmarked Silver and tortoiseshell ladies dressing table set, mirror, hand brushes (2), hair brushes (2). Maker S&B Snyder & Beddoes, Birmingham 1924. £80-120
367.    18th cent. Tortoise shell and ivory casket 5 panel decoration, ivory borders and inlay, 2 drawers below 5ins. x 3ins. £100-150
368.    Art deco pink onyx cigarette box with blue marble boarder. 6ins. x 4ins. £90-120
369.    19th cent. Enamel pierced dishes 1 x heart shape decorated with swags and roses bearing the motto "Puisse Le Destin Voos" Sourire 3ins x 4ins. Second dish pouilli bilston oval decorated with roses and swags bearing the motto "Be Happy" 3ins x 2½ins. A/F. £40-50
370.    Smoking Requisites: Dunhill novelty table lighter in the form of a brass and copper hunting hound. £80-100
371.    19th cent. Optical table magnifying glass 11ins. treen handle with crystal and gilt metal finale. £80-100
372.    19th cent. Taxidermy tortoise double inkwell desk stand, the shell compartment concealing 2 opaline inkwells with gilt stopper (1 A/F) approx 7ins. length 3ins. high. £100-150
373.    Edwardian yellow metal ladies dress chain mail purse, engraved frame with inlaid carved cherub and long link chain. £50-80
374.    19th cent. French tortoise shell and gilt lorgnette of rhombus form £60-100
375.    19th cent. Intaglio jewellery: Yellow metal seal ring, green carved pendant with white metal mount, classical seal plus 3 uncarved semi precious stones. £80-120
376.    18th/ 19th cent. Intaglio collection of classical themes including Wedgwood and Bentley No 33, Wedgwood No 301 Black Basalt other carved and moulded examples, semi precious stones and glass (31). £250-300
377.    19th cent. Dore bronze inkwell desk stand set with malachite cobouchon, tray below 10ins. x 4½ins. £300-500
378.    1/40th 14ct Gold Pens: 'Morrisons' pen & propelling lead pencil, yellow metal sheath with pierced floral motif decoration. (2). £100-150
379.    19th cent. Desk Requisites: Banded agate paperweight with gilt bronze mythical beast supporting a ball on its tail, D.F, (Christies label to base). £50-80
380.    19th cent. Mother of pearl carved figure of the French court jester Pierre Granet 1843/ 1912. £80-100
381.    Late 19th/ Early 20th cent. Desk Furniture: Ink wells, 2 x square with white metal fittings, 1 x cut glass with stopper in the form of a plume. £30-40
382.    19th cent. Miniature Tantalus containing 3 hob nail cut decanters, plate fittings to frame, complete with key. £70-90
383.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, closed hand holding a nut, screw operation. £60-80
384.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, two faced, 'The Old Man and the Jester', screw operation. £70-100
385.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, closed hand holding a nut, screw operation. £60-80
386.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, closed hand holding a nut, screw operation. £60-80
387.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, bird form (Palawan Pea Pheasant) a/f. screw operation. £50-80
388.    Treen Ware: 20th cent. Pine wood nut cracker, Scandinavian design plus a treen spoon. £50-80
389.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, crocodile form, screw operation. £70-100
390.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, floral circular form, screw operation. £70-100
391.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, figure head of a gent with a large moustache, lever operation. £70-90
392.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, figure head of a gentleman in glasses and a cocked hat, lever operation. £70-90
393.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, a closed hand holding a nut, screw operation. £60-80
394.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, imps head form, screw operation. £70-100
395.    Treen Ware: 19th Oak nut cracker, figure head form of a rams head, screw operation. £60-80
396.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Black Forest bear figure nut cracker, lever operation. £60-80
397.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, moon face man with hat a/f, screw operation. £50-80
398.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Satinwood nut cracker, figure head form of a Dutch Cap, lever operation. £70-90
399.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, squirrel form a/f. £50-80
400.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, human head form, screw operation. £70-100
401.    20th cent. Treen early Thompson 'Mouseman' rectangular ashtray. £60-90
402.    Grand Tour treen and ivory vase. 'This vase is made of part of a plane tree 3000 years old under which the Councils of War of Vostizza were held brought to England by Mr. C. Rainier in 1834'. 6½ins. £200-250
403.    Gold Coins: George V sovereign, 1911. £180-220
404.    Gold Coins: Victoria half sovereign 1899, veil head. £100-120
405.    Gold Coins: 1810 1/3 Guinea, Spanish Charles III 1786, 1774. All mounted. 6g £200-250
406.    Numismatics: Carolas IIII 8 reales 1794, Peru Lima. George III counter stamp. £80-120
407.    Numismatics: Victoria, florin 1887, 1896, Gothic 1853, 1880, 1869. £30-40
408.    Numismatics: Edward I Longcross penny, Bristol mint. Edward 1307-27 Longcross London mint. £20-30
409.    Numismatic: Victoria half crown 1887, 1894, 1898. Edward VII 1909. (4). £30-50
410.    Numismatics: Half crown George III 1817, 1819. George IV 1826. William IIII 1836. Circulated varying condition. £80-120
411.    Numismatics: George V two shillings 1912, 1918, 1921, 1922, 1929, 1931, 1936. George VI two shillings 1938, 1942, 1947, 1948, 1951. (12). £80-120
412.    Numismatics: George II half crown 1746, Lima below bust. £150-200
413.    Numismatics: Half crown, James II 1686, William III 1696. £100-120
414.    Numismatics: George V half crown 1911, 1916, 1920, 1921, 1923, 1924, 1926, 1928, 1932, 1936, George VI 1938, 1945, 1947, 1948, 1950. (15). £100-150
415.    19th cent. Fitted work box containing mother of pearl winders, bottles with gilt decoration, velvet pin cushion, water silk and velvet liner contained in a ebonized box with sevid brass inlay. £90-120
416.    George Thomas Rope (1845-1929) Watercolour 'Stormy Day by Norfolk Coast', signed lower left and dated 1914. 14ins. x 21ins. Framed and glazed. £200-400
417.    English School, oil on canvas, "Barges on the Estuary at Sunset" gilt frame 29½ins. x 18½ins. £40-50
418.    Prints: Simon Drew triptych of geese in gilt frames 20ins. x 29ins. (3) £40-70
419.    19th cent. E Hatten 1869 'Still life grapes and fruit' signed, in a gilt fame. 14ins. x 10ins. £40-60
420.    George Bryant Campion 1796-1870. Ink highlighted with white, Seashore study with round buildings, signed on reverse. Framed and glazed. 13½ins. x 10ins. £100-150
421.    English School watercolour study of a ruined Abbey, framed and glazed 20½ins. x 14ins. £50-80
422.    19th cent. Embroidered sampler by Mary Ann Ryder dated 1842. "The future is not and may never be: The present is the only time for me." Framed and glazed. 17ins x 17ins. £40-60
423.    *Wiltshire: Pen, ink and colour wash "Devizes Wharf; Kennet & Avon Canal" signed 'Vernon'. Framed and glazed 17ins. x 13½ins, "Caen Hill Locks, Kennet & Avon Canal near Devizes" x 2, signed 'Vernon'. Framed and glazed, both 8ins. x 6ins. (3 In total). £50-80
424.    Prints: Landscape, still life, travel etc including "3 Para" Falklands War, penguin cartoon painting (23). £30-40
425.    L.E. Forset 1900 - n/a: Oil on canvas "Thatched Farm" No 50411, gilt frame 36ins. x 24ins. £60-100
426.    Ron Folland 1932-1999: Oil on canvas 'Isolated Farmstead' 41ins. x 18ins. £80-120
427.    Prints: Book prints of floral x 11, plus 9 other prints of landscape studies with figures, children, etc. £20-40
428.    Devizes: Coloured and other etchings of popular Devizes views "Entrance to Devizes from London", "Town Hall", "Market Cross", "Bath Road", plus "County Court Devizes" (5) all framed and glazed. Devizes Etchings and Prints: Roundway House and Park, various views diagrams (5). £30-50
429.    English School: Zoe Wright Pastel on paper, Waves breaking over a sandy beach. Signed lower right. Mounted in clip frame. 9½ins. x 7½ins. £30-40
430.    J Burnett 20th cent. Oil on canvas, Impressionistic "Evening Street Scene" framed 9½ins. x 7ins. plus A.C. Ward 20th cent. view of Artist painting "En Plein Air", 16ins. x 13¼ins. (2). £30-40
431.    Prints: Edwin Penny 1930 - Goldfinches on Branches and Kingfishers, printed by Venture Prints 1976, both signed lower right by the artist, framed and glazed, 21½ins x 15½ins. (images). £60-80
432.    19th cent. Reproduction oil on board of a young women after Frith 4ins. x 7ins. plus 1 after Anderson. £50-80
433.    20th cent. Irish School: "Tramp steamer and sailing boats; inland harbour." Unsigned watercolour. Framed and glazed. 9ins x 6ins. £30-40
434.    19th cent. Engravings: Sheep in a glen, J McWhirter, February Fill Dyke after Leader plus another (4) £30-50
435.    20th cent. Irish School: "Lough Corrib, Galway, Ireland" depicts a family returning home, greeted by two dogs. Unsigned watercolour. Framed and glazed. 15½ins x 9½ins. £50-80
436.    19th cent. and later Watercolours and prints plus a frame. (6). £80-120
437.    20th cent. Horse Racing Prints: 'Prorideo' at Lingfield Park x 2. (1984) Limited Edition Claire Eva Burton (29/500 & 68/500) signed & titled by artist. Framed and glazed. Largest 21ins. x 16ins. (3 in total). Plus Leigh Perry, print of the original presented to the 6th Marquess of Exeter to mark the 21st anniversary of the Burghley horse trials 1961/1981, signature left hand corner. Framed and glazed 29ins. x 19ins.
19th cent. Print "Return from the Derby, Clapham Common" from a painting by J.E. Herring Snr. Engraved by J. Harris 42ins. x 21ins. (image). £60-80
438.    Art: Charlie Mackesy 1962 watercolour and crayon on paper 'Beach Study'. 6ins. x 5ins. £60-100
439.    Oscar Bablan (1909 - 1987) "Classical form of nude woman in a garden." Mixed media. Signed lower left and dated 1938. Framed and glazed. 20ins x 13.5ins. £100-120
440.    Karen Moitimore: Watercolour "Study of Venice" monogrammed lower right. Framed and glazed 9¼ins. x 9¼ins. £20-40
441.    20th cent. Roland Foster: J. Class "Yachts off a headland" off the Isle of Wight, watercolour. Approx. 1ft. 10¼ins. x 2ft. 6¼ins.
442.    *Wiltshire: Pen, ink & colour wash "Ball Corner, Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire", signed 'Vernon' lower right. Framed and glazed 27¼ins. x 19½ins. £50-80
443.    *Wiltshire: Pen, ink & colour wash "Marlborough High Street; View West", signed 'Vernon' lower right. Framed and glazed 27¼ins. x 19½ins. £50-80
444.    *Wiltshire: Pen, ink & colour wash "Ruth Pierce Monument, Devizes Market Place" signed 'Vernon' below mount lower right. Framed and glazed 27¼ins. x 19½ins. £50-80
445.    R. Marshall: Oil on board lakeside study, signed lower right, gilt frame 27ins. x 19ins. £50-80
446.    Regency Revival gilt and ebonised gesso convex wall mirror, circa 1860, the circular plate within a cavetto frame with olive leaf and reel moulding's, surmounted by a cabochon cartouche crest and foliate scrolls, the base with a similar cartouche and oak leaf decoration. Approx. Height: 3ft. 4ins. Width: 2ft. 2¼ins.
447.    Mirrors: Gilt framed mirror with canted corners. 36ins. x 73ins. £100-150
448.    Mirrors: Gilt framed mirror with canted corners. 36ins. x 73ins. £100-150
449.    20th cent. Gilt framed mirror with ornate foliate decoration. 3ft. x 2ft. £40-60
450.    Paintings: Sir William Russell Flint 1880-1969 watercolour "Ash Tree and Gorge" with Fine Art Society Exhibition label for November 19500 on reverse, Ex Sothebys 20th cent. Art Auction Lot 263 24th October 1997. 12ins. x 9ins. £750-1000
451.    Paintings: Sir William Russell Flint 1880-1969 drawing/watercolour, two female figure studies, signed lower right. Ex Sothebys Lot No 221 2nd October 1996. 13ins. x 8ins. £750-850
452.    John Chamberlain watercolour of steam yacht off The Needles, Isle of Wight with Royal Society of Marine artist's exhibition label on reserves. 26ins. x 17ins. £100-150
453.    Claude Montague Hart 1869-1952 Cornish School Watercolour "Cornish Seascape with Dunes" 20ins. x 14ins. signed lower right. £80-100
454.    Jack Vettriano: signed Limited Edition Silver screen print by Jack Vettriano, Missing Man One, signed by the artist, number 44 of 250. Framed and glazed. 30ins. x 24ins. £500-800
455.    Samuel Owen 1768-1857 Watercolour, 'Dutch Boat in Rough Seas' (Bonhams 4th November 2003). 9ins. x 7ins. £300-400
456.    19th English School, oil on board, rural scene "Shepherd minding sheep in a woodland glade", indistinct signature lower left, relined and unframed, 20ins. x 12ins. £80-100
457.    English School. Early 20th cent. Pastel Study portraits of a young lady and man. Mounted, framed and glazed. 17ins x 12½ins. £100-120
458.    Carpets: Heriz carpet, stylised floral and foliate field with a large purple poled floral medallion and ivory spandrels enclosed by a purple herati border and buff meander guards. 11ft.6ins. x 8ft. 4ins. including fringe.
459.    Rugs/Carpets: Middle Eastern style red ground, blue central medallion, stylised bird motifs, 4 guard boarders, wear commensurate with age 7ft. x 10½ft. £80-120
460.    Rugs: 20th cent. Pakistan Bokhara hand made madder red ground rug with fringe. 10ft. x 6ft. 8ins. £150-250
461.    19th cent. Figured mahogany linen press with 4 slides over 3 graduated drawers. £100-200
462.    Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Pine pew ex Holy Cross Seend. (2). £30-50
463.    20th cent. Bamboo hat and coat stand. £20-40
464A.   20th cent. Bedroom chairs rattan seated bar backed a harlequin 9 set. £30-50
465.    Late 17th/early 18th cent. Oak gate leg table with barrelled supports on block curved feet. 46ins. x 56ins. £100-150
466.    Clocks: Mahogany Vienna regulator wall clock, split baluster columns. £90-120
467.    19th cent. Walnut cased banjo barometer E. Cetti, Brooke Street, Holborn. Silvered dial 10ins. diameter, case length 40ins. £40-60
468.    21st cent. Cream leather and chrome bar stools with adjustable seats.(4) £100-150
469.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing table mirror with shield back. 23ins. £20-40
470.    Modern hardwood coffee table with iron strap work decoration. 24ins.x 36ins. £20-40
471.    20th cent. Gilt metal coffee table with onyx tops 18ins. square x 17½ins. high. A pair. £40-60
472.    19th cent. Mahogany circular tilt top table. 48ins. £60-80
473.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf sideboard with inlaid decoration to top. 17ins. x 40ins. £30-50
474.    20th cent. Stained wood workbox, lift up lid. £20-30
475.    20th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table of delicate proportions. 27ins. £30-50
476.    20th cent. Mahogany two tier metamorphic tea trolley on castors 17ins. x 23ins. x 33¾ins.
477.    19th cent. Mahogany serpentine sided table, ebony & boxwood feather banding on slender supports rising off pad feet, 29ins. square x 27½ins. height. Plus a 20th cent. gilt framed mirror 30ins. x 29ins. and an early 20th cent. wall mounted stationery rack. £40-60
478.    20th cent. Mahogany and oak occasional tables x 5, oak set of 3 nest of tables plus a single oak side table on slender shaped supports. £20-40
479.    20th cent. Plant stand twist stem 39ins. £30-50
480.    20th cent. Light oak torchére, three barley twist turned sections plus a late 20th cent. stationery box. Fully fitted decorated with carved door. (2). £30-50
481.    20th cent. Pine nine drawer kitchen/spice rack. £30-50
482.    19th cent. Mahogany breakfront display cupboard, single solid central door flanked by 2 glazed doors and sides, rising off ball & claw feet. £40-60
483.    Edwardian over mantle mirror carved panels and flanked with small shelves supported with turned columns. £40-60
484.    20th cent. Mahogany Chairs: Bar back (with rope twist bar) chair plus pair hardwood upholstered bar back chairs with shaped bar, turned front and sabre back supports (3). £30-40
485.    19th cent. Mahogany framed button back gentleman's chair with galleried back, on ceramic castors. £40-60
486.    19th cent. Gentleman's armchair, button back, upholstered seat & arms with open gallery turned front supports. £60-80
487.    20th cent. Oak dining room slat back chairs, drop in seats. (8 chairs including 2 carvers). £40-60
488.    19th cent. Elm seated dining chair x 4. £40-60
489.    19th cent. Mahogany bar back dining chairs with turned supports and upholstered seats. (6). £60-100
490.    19th cent. Mahogany fret worked slat back dining chairs with drop in seats on square supports. £60-100
491.    George Smith designer coffee table on tapering supports. Approx. 35ins. x 20ins £30-50
492.    20th cent. 2010 red leather three seater sofa, reclining end seats. £100-150
493.    19th cent. Mahogany dining table with 4 leaves and a space to accommodate another, bulbous turned supports. 145ins. extended, rounded ends. £1800-2500
494.    William IV mahogany breakfast table, rectangular top with a moulded edge and plain frieze on a turned, tapered column and circular plinth raised on paw feet. Approx. Length: 4ft. 8¼ins. Height: 2ft. 4ins. Width: 3ft. 4½ins.
495.    20th cent. Mahogany drinks cupboard with tray 2 door's glazed all round on gadrooned supports 28ins. x 30ins. x 19ins. £60-80
496.    20th cent. Mahogany cheval mirror, the arched plate with a moulded frame on 'S' scroll supports joined by a waved block stretcher on scroll feet. Approx. Height: 5ft. 4ins. x 2ft. 7¾ins. £70-100
497.    20th cent. Beech Bergere framed, three seater, upholstered sofa with shaped supports and scroll back. The sides are double carved. 6ft x 3ft 3ins x 33ins. £200-250
498.    19th cent. Circular table with 1 drawer heavy inlaid with fruit wood to the top and tripod 23½ins. dia x 28ins. high. £100-150
499.    19th cent. Oak arts & crafts salon suite, stick back sofa and matching 5 chairs. All with upholstered seating. £100-150
500.    19th cent. Mahogany knee hole lowboy of small proportions, 7 cockbeaded drawers and central back cupboard on bracket supports 34ins. x 30ins. x 20ins. £200-300
501.    Late George III provincial mahogany tripod table, c1815, the circular top on a baluster turned column and cabriole legs. Approx. 2ft. 2¾ins. x 2ft. 4¼ins. £50-80
502.    19th cent. Mahogany inlaid loo table, tilt top on quadruple supports. £60-80
502B.   19th cent. Mahogany twin pedestal desk with nine drawers. £80-120
502C.   Late 18th/early 19th cent. Mahogany bureau with fitted interior, four drawers on bracket feet. 39ins. x 42ins. x 23ins. £150-250
503.    19th cent. Drop leaf table on pad feet. £50-80
504.    20th cent. Oak twin pedestal desk, 9 drawers and leather skiver. £60-100
505.    18th cent. Oak chest of two short and two long drawers on bracket supports of extremely delicate dimensions. 31ins. x 18ins. £200-400
506.    19th cent. Mahogany dining table with one leaf on turned supports. £80-100
507.    19th cent. Middle Eastern circular tray set in mahogany circular side table. 39ins. £50-80
508.    19th cent. Mahogany Duchess dressing table with bottom tier, single draw, the mirror back base with 3 drawers. £60-80
509.    Late 18th cent. Mahogany bureau, 2/3 drawers, the fall front, with inlaid spandrels, opens to reveal a fully fitted mahogany & satinwood interior of ten drawers, 8 pigeon holes and 2 hidden slides, central door satinwood with oval flame mahogany centre, fitted with a green skiver. The whole on ogee bracket supports. 47ins. x 44ins. x 21ins. £200-400
510.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers on cock beaded drawer fronts bracket supports 43ins. x 40½ins. 18½ins. approx. £150-200
511.    19th cent. Mahogany bow fronted chest of drawers with inlaid panel decoration, 2 short and 4 long drawers. 23ins. x 43ins. x 22ins. £250-350
511A.   20th cent. Liberty and Co eight panel screen, black lacquer with gilt ground depicting a stylised oriental scene of birds in relief. 84ins. x 128ins. £500-800
512.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 tier plant stand with brass liner 11ins. dia x 39ins. tall plus a stained pine 3 tier cake stand. £40-60
513.    Clocks: 20th cent. Oak cased German grandmother clock with an 'Orchester Gong' chime rods. White silver dial, gold spandrels and Roman numerals, silent/chime dial. 5ft x 11½ins x 7¼ins. £50-80
514.    19th cent. Mahogany compactum, dome moulding to door fronts, double hanging compartments, single door opens to 3 drawers, 3 slides and a shelf. £300-400
515.    19th cent. Mahogany linin press 2/2 drawer base and 5 slide cupboard. The whole on bracket supports. £300-500
516.    18th cent. Oak cupboard on chest, the cupboard with paneled doors and slides, canted ends (2 replacement hinges). The base with 3/2/1 drawers, the whole peg jointed and rising off bracket supports. £400-600
517.    20th cent. Oak Shannon filing cabinet with 18 drawers and cupboard below 68½ins. height x 37ins. width x 18ins. depth. £300-500
518.    Gardenalia: 20th cent. Copper sundial top 12ins. diam with spike seating on a shaped column 21½ins. tall total height (Total 27ins. tall). £80-100
518A.   Garden Statuary: 19th/20th cent. Stone bust of a classical figure, long beard and robes 26ins. tall x 19ins. broad x 11ins deep. £200-300
519.    19th cent. Mahogany chest on chest, 2 small & 6 long, cock beaded drawer fronts on bracket supports 44ins. x 74ins. x 21¼ins. £300-500
520.    Antiques: Superb mid 19th cent. continental rococo revival gilt wood console table, the serpentine Carrara marble slab with a moulded edge above a pierced bowed apron carved with crossed foliate boughs, entwined cables and scrolls, the cabriole legs carved with shells, cable, leaves and dolphins, on scroll feet. Approx. Width: 6ft. Height: 2ft. 11½ins. Depth: 1ft. 8¾ins.
521.    19th cent. Figure mahogany secretaire 3 drawers below with waterfall front barley twist columns and a fully fitted interior. £180-280
522.    18th/19th cent. Oak clerk's desk on stand. Heavily carved sides and front. Bobbin turned supports and square stretchers. 38½ins x 26½ins x 22ins. £80-120
523.    Early 20th cent. French marble topped bedside table, lined cupboard beneath with marble, slender carved supports 33ins. tall. £80-100
524.    Arts and Crafts: Octagonal two tier table profusely decorated with hardwoods on tapering supports. £100-150
525.    19th cent. Walnut library arm chair, carved acanthus leaf decoration with open arms, woolwork upholstery. £200-300
526.    19th cent. Mahogany William Morris style reclining chair with Burgundy upholstered cushion. £100-150
527.    George IV mahogany sofa table, circa 1825, the figured top with rounded rectangular leaves and a moulded edge above two ebony strung frieze drawers on four ring turned baluster columns and scrolled outswept reeded legs, with brass castored feet. Approx. Width: 4ft. 11½ins. Height: 2ft. 4¼ins. Depth: 2ft. 3ins. £300-500
528.    19th/20th cent. Chinese hardwood plant stands, ornately carved, pink marble inlay tops, the whole on ball and claw feet, top 33ins. diagonally, a pair. £200-250
529.    19th cent mahogany tilt top circular breakfast table gun barrel column on 3 paw and claw feet.
529A.   17th cent. Style wrought iron bird cage chandelier, the scrolled and foliate body supporting eight scrolled arms with waved sconces. £80-120
530.    19th cent. Mahogany side table on twin pedestal supports. 49ins. x 24ins. £100-150
531.    Late Victorian ebonised card table, circa 1885, the hinged rectangular top
with a canted edge above a channel moulded frieze on ring-turned legs joined
by a shaped stirrup stretcher and headed by bird painted gilt panels. With a
plate-glass top. Approx. Width: 2ft. 11¾ins. Height: 2ft. 5ins. Depth: 1ft. 5¼ins.
532.    19th cent. Burr wood gentleman's specimen/teapoy cabinet, two doors open to reveal three drawers lined with foil paper, brass furniture, side handles, Bramah lock. The ebony inlay to edges & 'empty' brass cartouche to top. The cabinet on a later stand. 16½ins. x 10ins. x 15ins. Whole height 38¾ins. £200-300
533.    Late Victorian ebonised card table, circa 1880, the hinged shaped rectangular top with a moulded edge above an incised and gilt strung frieze on five fluted columns and down-curved legs, incised with husks. With a plate glass top. Approx. Width: 2ft 10¾ins. Height: 2ft 5ins. Depth: 1ft. 5ins.
534.    Early 20th cent. Rosewood Escritoire inlaid with several star burst motifs. The raised top section opens to reveal a concealed compartment 30ins. x 18ins. x 31ins. £100-150
535.    19th cent. Burr walnut Davenport, fitted satinwood interior with four side drawers, the whole on four bun feet. £100-120
536.    Edwardian mahogany single drawer occasional 2 tier table with small drop flaps. £40-60
537.    Posters: Andy Warhol Tate Gallery 17th Feb - 28th March 1971 Marilyn Monroe x 3. £100-150
538.    Ellis Family Archive: Exhibition posters 1960s Burrell collection Giorgio Morandi, Emil Nolde, Charles Biederman, Degas, Bruke, de Kooning (2), John Crome, Balthus, Magritte, etc. (21 Total). Portfolio not included. £160-250
539.    Ellis Family Archive: 1969 Ben Nicholson Tate Gallery exhibition poster. 20ins. x 30ins. Pop Art retro exhibition poster for Victor Vasarely. 22ins. x 27ins. Jose Albers 25 years of graphic work Victoria and Albert Museum war exhibition. 19ins. x 29ins. x 2 and Frescoes from Florence poster x 3. (7 in total). Portfolio not included £80-120
540.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters: 1960s/early 70s David Leverett exhibition poster 20ins. x 30ins. Pop Art retro 1969 Arts Council Hayward Gallery. 20ins. x 30ins. with other modern/abractionist artists Mondnan, Eduardo Paolozzi, London Group (1968), Philip Sutton, etc. 7 in total. Portfolio not included. £70-100
541.    Ellis Family Archive: 1950s/60s French exhibition posters "L'Art en Champagne...", "Maurice Utrillo in Reims", "Degas", "Eduard Manet (Nancy)", "Gauguin Woodcuts " (2), "Pisanello", "Odilon Rodon", "Jean-Honore Fragonard" (15). Portfolio not included. £80-100
542.    Ellis Family Archive: Victoria & Albert Museum 1960s exhibition posters, Josef Albers, Baroque in Bohemia, William Holman Hunt, Anthony Gross, Victorian engravings, Art & The East Undia Trade, British Antique Dealers Golden Jubilee (7). Portfolio not included. £80-120
543.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture 'study of water running in rivulets' textured concrete & perspex 48ins. x 10¼ins. plus maquettes of the same study (5) various sizes, Included are 3 photos.
Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, sectional plaster of paris "Goose'' 21ins. tall.
Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture fins perspex/concrete. 'Water/Springs' with studio photos x 3, 22ins. & spare perspex fins.
Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, perspex/concrete 'wind fins' plus treen pattern & spare perspex fins & photos.
Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, perspex/concrete ''11 water ripples' & photos. £150-200
544.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, figure of a young boy 'standing', composite on wire frame and stand, possibly joint creation working with Alfred Horace Gerrard, Slade Professor of Sculpture, 1962. 47ins. £100-150
545.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary: Original pencil & crayon studies of Circus; Trapeze artists, acrobats, jugglers & Big Top scenes. Approx. 90. £100-150
546.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil studies of Antonia Lopez in Spanish costume. 13ins. x 8ins. (8). plus 50+ 1943 nude studies of Antonia Lopez. £250-300
547.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary: Original studies of nudes/female form, Helen Rostron & Margery (?) 1934. Approx. 58. £200-250
548.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Pencil studies & ink studies of the human form plus sketches of sportsmen & dancer of 1930s. Approx 200/260.
548A.   Ellis Family Archive: Original entomological paintings in colour; loose in card folio. Latin & common names, plus 7 book prints. Approx. 35. £100-120
549.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary: Original study of nudes/female form. Betty Prodfoot. Marion Howsworth, Malvina Fraser 1933. Approx. 43. £100-150
550.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford & Rosemary Ellis pencil studies nude and figural studies some enhanced with colour. Models include Couvatier, Malvina Fraser, Marion Howsworth, etc. Approximately 32. £150-250
551.    Ellis Family Archive: Japanese prints, exhibition posters (2) & children's work & books. Including 1921 Natural Museum of Tokyo woodblock print 'Suzaki Harunobu' "Girls on a verandah". Also 1969 calendar featuring oriental artists & a Japanese scroll in treen box. £60-80
552.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Folio of correspondence relating to 1930s & the promotion of students and school children's art. Includes letters from Paul Fripp, Lord & Lady Waldegrave, Lord Methuen, Tom Hennell & local education authorities. Some photos & newspaper articles, etc. (1 Folder). £100-150
553.    Clifford & Rosemary Ellis Archive: Ark animals, 21 pairs. 29 total, Incomplete set: Some loses 1937 "Experiment in school modelling", photos & newspaper articles included. £60-80
554.    Ellis Family Archive - Objects of Virtue: Sand sculptures: nb 2 with coloured rice & seeds: 6 bottles/flasks with layers of coloured sand probably I.O.W. plus 2 perspex coloured spheres, a scarab beetle carved in stone, 2 Jacque Iati videos, metal sculpturer candlesticks, a Murano Archimede Serguso dish 3½ins. diameter, a gardeners plant labelling machine, etc. £40-80
555.    Ellis Family Archive Studio: Japanese Hawks & other hunting birds. Litho reproductions on handmade paper. Approx. 45. Paper size 19ins. x 20ins. image sized 9ins. x 6½ins. £80-100
556.    Ellis Family Archive - Studio: 'Tanny' Margaret McEwen BAA student 1960s. Blind embossed art; organic and geometric forms/work on art paper, etc.
Ellis Family Archive - Studio: Blind embossed geometric works on handmade paper x 4. 25ins. x 18ins. £80-100
557.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Abstract paintings & prep work for jewellery designs (20) plus Geometric designs mix media (10). Also some woodcut prints (9) etc. With folio of "Water and sky chalk drawings. (1 Tray) £60-100
558.    Ellis Family Archive: Edward Lear "Parrots". Uncoloured litho/reproduction on handmade paper. Approx. 41. Sheet sizes 23ins. x 32ins. contained in two folios. £80-100
559.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Original pencil drawings CRE, paintings & sketches. Included is Clifford Ellis notebook for August 1953. Plus original pencil sketches 'plein air' of 'Chartres- Port Guiltaume' & 'Popes Palace Avignon' 12ins. x 9½ins. Paper on card, reverse advertising John Jones (Chelsea), Sanitary Engineers calendar. £100-150
560.    Ellis Family Archive Studio: Edward Lear 'Parrots' coloured litho, reproduction on handmade paper. Approx. 58. Sheet size 23ins. x 32ins. contained in 2 folios. Plus extra parrots, uncoloured. Overall total approx. 70.
561.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: A collection of pre war torn poster sections including Shell Lower Slaughter and Graham Sutherland. (8). £100-150
562.    19th/20th cent. Book Plates & Prints: George Cruikshank, P. Matiette. Classical imagery, cartoons, all inm folders or loose in a tray. £60-120
563.    19th cent. Photographs: An album containing photos British birds; with 'Navigation' canal men & heavy horses photos (2); topographical photos of Corfu; also a cabinet photo of an elderly French military soldier with ink annotations. Paris 1909 with a leather bound negative glass plate viewer & mirror to show positive image. 9ins. x 7ins. (1 Tray). £100-120
564.    Books: Exhibition catalogues, art, artists exhibitions & their work (1 Tray not included). £30-40
565.    Ellis Family Archive: Photographs & negatives from the studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis. Work for the BBC 1990. Show Rushall Mill, Nr. Upavon, Mr Wookey on horseback in fields, his house. Also work from Rosemary at Batj Academy of AA to include Indian toys, paper machè work & carvings. Prep work for sculptures & exhibitions, also 12 folders of Rosemary Ellis jewellery designs & supporting photos. £80-100
566.    Ellis Family Archive: Studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis original botanical pen/ink/watercolours including RE folio prep, watercolours entitled 'snow', etc. (1 Tray).
567.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Zoo animals & other pencil studies. Whipsnade Zoo including pen & ink studies (later colour washed) sketches of snails.
568.    Ellis Family Archive: Woodcuts by Thomas Hennell 'A Forest scene' & 'tropical storms' gift from Hennell to Clifford Ellis 1945 (5). £100-120
569.    19th cent. Japanese Woodblock prints: Kitagawa Roko. Renowned Beauties- "Tatsumi Roko" on handmade paper. 10½ins x 16ins. (1). "Kiso Kaido 69 stations - The Kiso Route." Numbers 1 and 3. 14¾ins x 9¾ins. (3) £250-300
570.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Gouache on paper of Trebetherick in Cornwall. Plus 6 preparatory sketches of the same. (8) 22ins. x 16ins. £100-120
571.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolour and ink sketches of Teignmouth including Preparatory Studies, mostly 22ins x 13ins (4). £100-120
572.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolour on paper of a Dorset Coastal Study 22ins. x 15ins. £100-150
573.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Watercolours on paper of Teignmouth including coastal and beaches. Plus 6 pencil sketches of similar scenes. (12) 22ins. x 17ins and 14ins. x 11ins. £200-250
574.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Watercolour on tissue paper "Penguins on an Iceberg". 24ins. x 15ins. £100-150
575.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolour study of a 'Rustic Cottage' together with a preliminary pen & ink of the same. 12ins. x 9ins. £80-120
576.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Watercolour on paper of a "Matador and Bull". 12ins. x 18ins. £100-150
577.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, pen and watercolour of a Pierrot style clown, initialled and dated. 6ins x 10ins. £100-150
578.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolours on paper 'Corsham Court' series, set of four studies. £100-120
579.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolours on paper 'Orchard in Corsham' and Rustic Greenhouse' 22ins x 16ins. £100-120
581.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Watercolour of art students at Corsham Court 21ins. x 17ins. Plus a preliminary sketch in the same style. 8ins. x 9ins. (2) £100-150
582.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil studies of parrots. The largest 9ins. x 8ins. Pencil studies of cockerels. The largest 10ins. x 8ins. Approximately 9 sketches. £80-120
582A.   Ellis Family Archive: Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Ink and colour wash studies of pigs and horses, one initialled RE 43. 22ins. x 17ins. (4). £100-150
583.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Linear Abstract black & white lithograph. 22ins x 15ins. (2)
584.    Ellis Family Archive: Hideo Hagivara 1913-, Space D, Japanese woodcut with label to top right. 17ins x 24ins. £100-150
585.    Ellis Family Archive Studio: Edward Lear 'Parrots', litho reproduction, hand-coloured by Rosemary Ellis on handmade paper (10). A folio; with a folder containing her colour references, a photo copy of Brian Reade's book & the set of negative plates for E. Lear's Parrots. (1 Tray).
586.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Lithograph poster in colour, greens, pink and blue, 'pike in reed's 1973 "Clifford's" copy notation plus two signed & dated in pencil lower right with two others unsigned. ( 5 in Total). £150-200
587.    Ellis Family Archive: Colin Lanceley 1938 abstract signed artists proof "Bluebirds Castle" with pencil inscription to "Clifford and Rosemary Ellis from Colin. 28ins. x 39ins. £200-250
588.    Ellis Family Archive: Exhibition of artists lithographs 1971 poster designed by G Sutherland "Homage to Aloys Senefelder" V & A Museum 1971. 30ins. x 20ins. £200-250
589.    Ellis Family Archive: Jean Tinguely (Swiss 1925-1991) poster, Sanstitre (Pour la galerie Iolas: Milano) 1970. Lithograph & photograph collage. 28½ins. x 20ins. £200-250
590.    Ellis Family Archive - Poster John Piper Lithograph from a drawing with The University Museum (Oxford) Almanack 1956/ (1). £100-150
591.    Ellis Family Archive - Motoring Posters: Motorcycle race poster BRNO 23rd July 1967 Czechoslovakia. 32½ins. x 22¾ins. plus a French "Pneu Michelin" tyre poster (2) in classical art style. £50-80
592.    Ellis Family Archive: Artists Lithograph, R.B. Kitaj 1932-2007. 1970s poster/advert for his workshop/exhibition. 23½ins. x 17ins. £150-250
593.    Ellis Family Archive: Oil on canvas 'Beechfield House & Park', unsigned from the studio of Clifford & Rosemary Ellis, Corsham Court. 24ins. x 15ins. £60-100
594.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas portrait of a young woman wearing orange shirt. 20ins. x 24ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £150-250
595.    Ellis Family Archive: Circular painting on glass. Montana Blue Clematis. No signature, from the Ellis family home. Framed and glazed Image 22½ins. diameter.
Ellis Family Archive - Studio of Rosemary Ellis: Collage on fabric; black/white study with tissue & newspaper, abstract blocks. Glazed in perspex. 48ins. x 36ins. £30-50
596.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Pre war London district & circle lines x 3 25ins. x 39ins. (Some edge tears). £300-500
597.    Ellis Family Archive: Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Pre war London district & circle lines x 2. 25ins. x 39ins. (Some edge tears). £200-300
598.    Ellis Family Archive: Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Pre war Its better to return early in the day 1935 London Transport poster x 2. 25ins. x 39ins. £300-500
599.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Blackbird pattern posters x 2, 25ins. x 39ins. and Edward McKnight Kauffer Fame for Britain x 3, 20ins. x 30ins. (Total 5). £200-300
600.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Pre war London Transport poster. x 2. 25ins. x 39ins. £300-500
601.    Ellis Family Archive: Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Pre war Its better to return early in the day 1935 London Transport poster x 2. 25ins. x 39ins. £300-500
602.    Ellis Family Archive: Pre war London transport, museums poster. 25ins. x 39ins. Plus London Transport lithograph in Colours; Museums 1937, Printed by Curven Press. 40ins x 25ins.
603.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Pre war 'Its better to shop early' London Transport poster x 2. 25ins. x 39ins. £300-500
604.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Pre war London Transport poster, Tube and Streets Christmas. 25ins. x 39ins. £150-250
605.    Ellis Family Archive: Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Pre war 'Its better to return early in the day' 1935 London Transport poster x 2. 25ins. x 39ins. £300-500
606.    Ellis Family Archive: Shell advertising poster "To Visit Britain's Landmarks You Can Be Sure of Shell" Charters Folly and Drydock Appledore. Some damage. Plus another shell poster 'Lower Slaughter', torn through centre. (2).