Fine Art, Antiques & Collectables Sale
on Saturday 24th February 2018

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1.      20th cent. Drinking glasses: Wine, sherry, part water set, custard glasses. Some sets. £30-50
2.      20th cent. Glassware: Vases, cut glass, moulded, retro and later, cut glass biscuit barrel. Approx. 18. £30-50
3.      Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Ridgways Muscatel jug and bowl set, soap dish and cover, chamber pot. £30-40
4.      Lighting: French moulded glass and gilt-metal six-branch chandelier, of small size, the baluster stem supporting scrolled arms, hung with cut lozenge-shaped drops. Approx. Drop: 1ft. 8¾ins. 20th cent. French fire branch chandelier with crystal droplets. Plus a pair of gilt brass sconces. £135-150
5.      Lighting: Late 19th century brass nine-branch chandelier, the reeded column and scrolled bird cage stem supporting two tiers of acanthus cast scrolled arms, the whole cast with flowers and 'C' scrolls. Approx. Drop: 3ft. ½ins. Diameter: 2ft. 1ins. £375-400
6.      20th cent. Lead crystal fruit bowl 9ins. £20-40
7.      20th cent. Continental glassware Josef Inwald, pink glass fish figurine flower bowl in the art deco style, chip to central holder plus Josef Inwald blue swallows flower bowl in the art deco style, approx. 10ins.
Plus 20th cent. French glass blue art deco bowl, four supports faceted and cross decoration, approx. 13ins. £40-50
8.      20th cent. Coloured glass vases green, amber, yellow and pink (4) plus clear Hors d'oeuvre dish etc. £20-30
9.      20th cent. French glassware grey smoked effect elongated barrel shaped vase with grey slip decoration 12ins. An frosted glass vase on short support interlocking art style decoration, approx. 8ins. Plus a ruby glass of ovoid shape vase with flared base and heavy rim, approx. 16ins. (3).
10.     20th cent. Glassware: Cake cover and stand, 5 x cut glass bowls, dessert glasses etc. £30-40
11.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton pink band pattern, includes an oval 12ins., 12 x 2 handled soup bowls and saucers, 2 x salad crescents, 6 x tea plates, 15 x saucers, 9 x cups, 3 x sugar bowls, 2 x coffee pots, a tea pot, 11 x pudding bowls, a gravy boat and saucer, a mustard pot plus a milk jug. £30-50
12.     20th cent. Ceramics and White Metal: Planters, some with dip trays, storage jars, coasters, quantity of flatware, copper kettle, nut crackers. etc. 2 boxes. £20-40
13.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Osborne part teaset, cups, saucers, side plates and cake plate. Colclough ivy part teaset including teapot and dessert dishes. Worcester herbs mugs. 1 Box. £30-40
14.     Collectors Teapots: Novelty items to include Louis Armstrong, Black Cat etc (5). £30-50
15.     Ceramics: Oval wash bowl, pottery wine carafe, Italian kettle, large embossed soup tureen and saucer, Maling sponge ware part dressing set, lustre, candle sticks plus a powder dish with cover a/f. £30-50
16.     20th cent. Ceramics: Burleigh ware retro plates, blue and white Chinese, Grindley satin white jugs, Meakin Doulton spill vase, Willow bowl etc. 1 Box. £30-40
17.     20th cent. Ceramics: Table Tops, 'Jardiniere' teapot, creamer ruffled rim, sugar pot and cover, tray, pottery milk jug and sugar pot decorated with wheat. Royal Doulton 'Will-o'-the-Wisp' jar and cover and a cow creamer. £20-40
18.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Hammersley coffee cups and saucers (a/f), Indian tree teapot, jug, cups, saucers, tureens, Willow Jugs etc. 1 Box. £30-50
19.     Early 20th cent. Treen elephants, various sizes, wall hanging head, desk tidy, one on a plinth plus other miniature elephants. £40-60
20.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Treen dressing table tray, trinket pots, brushes and a bevel edge mirror. £20-40
21.     20th cent. Terracotta bread proofing crock. 20¼ins. x 10½ins. £20-40
22.     19th cent. Stoneware: Brewery casks, made by Powell Pottery, Bristol, flagons, salt jars, ink jar, lidded container and a foot warmer. £30-50
23.     20th cent. French pewter and brass ducks and ducklings shaped, 2 section containers with applied brass decoration(8). £40-50
24.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Brassware: Barley twist candle sticks on circular base, a pair, 16ins. plus oblong Baroque style brass bevel edge wall mirror. 8ins. x 16ins. £50-70
25.     20th cent. Brass ware: Menorah candle holders circular step base 15ins. and 11ins. 2 pairs. £35-55
26.     20th cent. Home Ware: Bamboo basket 21ins. tall x 12ins. diameter with two waste paper baskets, 9ins. x 11ins. tall. £30-60
27.     Early 20th cent. Salt glaze crock with cover. £30-50
28.     @21st cent. Rugs: Blue ground Keshan rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £40-60
29.     @21st cent. Carpet: Beige ground Ziegler carpet. 2.30 x 1.60. £50-80
30.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Bokhara rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
31.     @21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Bokhara rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
32.     @21st cent. Rugs: Green ground Bokhara rug. 1.90 x 1.40.
33.     Lighting: Art deco alabaster hanging ceiling light. Approx. 18ins. diameter. £30-50
34.     19th cent. Tapestry: "Garden Study". 83ins. x 73ins. £100-150
35.     19th cent. Tapestry: A colourful wine making festival. Approx. 42ins x 24ins. £50-80
36.     19th cent. Treen: Burr walnut marquetry panels with inlaid fruitwood(s) of floral motifs and garlands, framed 1 x 21½ins. x 9¼ins. plus 2 x 9¼ins. x 8ins. plus 2 small Sorrento panels. (5 in Total). £50-70
37.     Tribal Art: African hardwood carved masks, 1 large, 2 small, figurines of men and women in costume x 6 plus a female bust (1 box). £50-80
38.     20th cent. Footstool with cast brass claw and paw feet, upholstered in "Leopard skin" pattern fabric oval 13ins. £20-40
39.     20th cent. Treen elm bowl carved out and polished 10½ins. at its widest point. £30-50
40.     Edwardian oak tea trays, graduated set of 3 with brass and turned handles 21¾ins. x 14½ins. down to 16¾ins. x 11½ins. (3). £30-50
41.     20th cent. Noritake Dinner, Coffee and Tea Set: Century pattern, 15 dinner plates, 14 dessert plates, 27 side plates, 2 serving platters, 4 serving bowls, 2 gravy boats, 2 salts, 2 peppers, 14 soup bowls, 12 pudding bowls, 1 coffee pot, tea pots, 13 coffee cups, 19 tea cups, 32 saucers, 3 sugar bowls with covers, 3 milk jugs. £100-150
42.     20th cent. Plated candelabra, 3 branch with snuffer - a pair. £30-40
43.     Late 19th cent. Plated ware: Strawberry serving dish with opaque glass interior the finial two cast strawberries. £40-50
44.     20th cent. Cut glass bonbon dish, knife rests, ships decanter, wine decanter, claret jugs with white metal fittings, preserve pot with white metal cover and spoon, 3 miniature vases, etc. £30-50
45.     20th cent. Plated ware openwork fruit basket, glass biscuit barrel, three pastilion sandwich tray, oval Rococo and rectangular trays plus condiment set. £30-40
46.     20th cent. Plate: Salver, wine coaters, toast racks x 2, butter dish, sugar bowl, spoon with blue liner, tankard, condiments, 2 branch candelabra. £30-50
47.     Plated Ware: Gallery tray, cocktail shaker, candlesticks, knife rests, nut crackers, lobster picks flatware, etc. £30-50
48.     20th cent. Flatware: Six place setting, fish knives and forks in stain lined case, set of 6 teaspoons. Retailer Alexandra Clark, cased. £30-50
49.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flatback, Highland huntsman kneeling on a stag, 2 king size cups and saucers (1 a/f), Speed the Plough two handled Wintons mug, WWI memento of the Great War decorated with prints of Haig and Beatty (a/f). £30-50
50.     20th cent. Ceramics: Beehive honey pot, Maramuto ware preserve pot, Jersey Pottery bowl, Lancaster & sons biscuit barrel etc. £20-30
51.     Commemorative Ceramics: Mugs to include Coronation 1902, Coronation 1911, Silver Jubilee 1935, Coronation 1937 and 1953, approx 33 mugs. £30-40
52.     Scouting: Baden Powell commemorative loving cup, Chester Cathedral on reverse. £15-20
53.     Commemorative Ceramics: Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee tea pot stand, Laura Knight Wilkinson Ltd, mug coronation of King Edward VIII, a Royal Doulton mug coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra 1902 and a Victoria teapot stand. £35-50
54.     20th cent. Noritake "Goldmere" dinner, tea & coffee service - 8 x dinner plates, side plates, tea plates, 2 x large serving plates, 2 x small serving plates, 4 x oval serving dishes, 2 x soup/pudding plates, salt & pepper pots, 2 x gravy boats, 3 x round tureens with covers, 2 x milk/cream jugs, 2 x sugar bowl, 4 x breakfast cups, 5 x tea cups, 6 x tea saucers, teapot, hot water jug, 8 x coffee cans, coffee pot, 14 x small saucers. £40-60
55.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffordshire dessert service, chinoiserie design comprising: comport, 10 plates, a pair of open serving dishes, Crown Devon crudite dish, transfer print of wild fowl decoration plus a Copeland Spode alenite game dish and cover, decorated with leaves and game. Studio Pottery green baluster vase, blue shallow bowl, 2 handle urn and cover, flo blue vase, etc.

56.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Atlas", rectangular dish boxed, blue Jasper ware powder bowl, trinket boxes, egg, heart and kidney shape (3) plus a commemorative pin dish unboxed. £30-40
57.     20th cent. Ceramics: Midwinter Stylecraft 'Fashion Shape' breakfast set, toast rack, preserve dish, egg cups on stand, fruit bowl, cake/bread stand. £30-40
58.     19th cent. Art Vases: Hancocks Rubens ware - a pair. 8ins. £20-30
59.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Avon Blue" meat oval 13ins, plates x 11ins. x 6, plates 9ins. x 6, soup dishes x 6, plates 6ins. x 5, cups x 2 (1 a/f) saucers x 4, egg cups x 4, 2 pint teapot and 1 pint teapot (lid missing). £35-45
60.     19th cent. Ceramics: Unmarked Rockingham tea china, green gilt & floral decoration. Some AF. £20-30
61.     Ceramics: Palissy style Majolica crab plate. 7½ins. £20-40
62.     Souvenir Ware: Arcadian, Goss, Heraldic crest, etc, vases, Rufus stone, toad, pots, cups etc (11). £20-30
63.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester posy rose horn of plenty green back stamp 2½ins. Royal Worcester ovoid vase blue with gilt thistles, black back stamp 2½ins, a cut glass perfume bottle with stopper, HMS collar plus 2 oval ceramic oilstone objects d' art with lids etc. £30-40
64.     20th cent. Ceramics: Carltonware pink buttercup pin dish, bowl and mint sauce boat on stand, Radford vase, Royal Cauldon egg cups on stand, green retro vase. £30-40
65.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Imari oval serving dish. 23ins. x 10ins. Plus a 19th cent. Derby Imari kings pattern plate with puce mark. 9ins. £70-80
66.     19th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood bulbous dark blue jug, decorated with gilt, mark on spout 6ins. plus 5 x tea cups and saucers decorated purple lustre border and flowers. £30-50
67.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Dressing table set - tray, candle holders x 2, ring stand, trinket pots x 3, pin tray. Decorated with blue border and sprays of pink roses on a white ground. £30-50
68.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester Roanoke serving dishes and covers (2) plate and cup, Evesham casserole and large bowl, Aynsley punch bowl, Amethyst bowl, continental deco style wall plates (4) plus graduated sprigged jug set of 3. £40-50
69.     20th cent. Ceramics: Roslyn china, six place tea set, Wheatcroft roses, Royal Albert Michealmas Daisy, cup and saucer, Royal Doulton Apple Blossom trio. £30-40
70.     20th cent. Ceramics: Noritake dressing table set comprising trinket pots x 2, powder pot, perfume bottles x 2 (one has chip), candle holders x 2, tray, gilt and floral design. Trinket pots x 2, bowl and pin tray decorated with sunset river study. Pin bowls x 2, cups and saucers x 2 and 3 coffee pots. £30-50
71.     20th cent. Ceramics: 'Heredities' Stoke on Trent animal figures - Dachshund rolling on back, light brown, glazed 6½ins a/f and a Standard Poodle, standing looking back, glazed 6ins. plus an Otter alert & sitting 6ins. (3). All boxed. £40-60
72.     20th cent. Stoneware/Ceramics: Richard German wine jar, salt jar, Virol jar, brown glaze pot a/f, posy vase plus a studio ware pot impressed R.E. made in Wales (7). £30-40
73.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Devon ginger jar 9½ins. M&S ginger jar 10½ins. a Franklin porcelain repro teapot and stand "The Birds and Flowers of the Orient" the original by Naoko Nobata ( with certificate),4 commemorative navel plates plus a small reproduction print of Nelson. £30-50
74.     20th cent. Ceramics: Bisque figures of children, Cinderella slipper, napkin rings, egg cups, Wedgwood trinket box, bookends in the form of Dutch children, candle holder decorated with owls etc. 1 Tray. £20-40
75.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley half tea set, blue and pink daisies No 12216. Cups & saucers x 6, sugar bowl x 2, side plates x 9, and a cake plate. £50-80
76.     Stamps: An album of stamps from Rhodesia from 1910 onwards, a box loose with GB and African States plus 30 presentation packs.
77.     Cigarette cards: Wills, Players, Brook Bonds etc "Garden Hints", "Kings and Queens", "Flowers", "Military" etc 3 albums and a box of loose. £20-30
78.     Postcards: Military mainly Wiltshire, Wiltshire views and towns including Marlborough and Devizes. £50-80
79.     Postcards: Children's Margaret Tarrant "Fairies" (14) plus French Disney Seven Dwarfs. £20-30
80.     Postcards: Topographical of GB, France, British Exhibition 1908 plus very good street scenes. £60-80
81.     Postcards: 20th cent. Album plus loose cards including Tucks Oilette Railway loco's, London and N.W Railway Company issues, postcards U.S and European loco's, Tucks Oilette Battleships "Our Navy" and "The Air" plus other WW1 flying machines also general topographical, greetings, Easter, Children's and other. £100-150
82.     Ephemera: 19th cent. Autograph book sparsely used with water colours of birds, hayfield rural and other scenes plus an unused suede leather bound record of the pictures the cover embellished with white metal on the corners and covers. £20-40
83.     Scraps: Album of scraps of famous paintings and sculptures bound copies of The London Illustrated 1852, a pictorial souvenir book Southampton and the Great War 1914-19 plus a book "Allcocks Anglers Guide 1939-40". £30-50
84.     Cigarette & Tea Cards: Brooke Bond PG Tips, Typhoo, Wills, Players etc. plus copies of the Stickmakers. A large quantity. £20-40
85.     Costume Jewellery: Paste necklaces, earrings, brooch marcasite and black enamel "Melissa" compact. £20-25
86.     20th cent. Costume Jewellery: White metal and crystal bead necklace, 3 strand purple facet cut glass bead necklace, 5 strand black, grey, white necklace and a white metal bead necklace, 5 strand grey lustre necklace, brown and black disk necklace contained in a star shaped box. £40-60
87.     Costume Jewellery: Garon Jamaica hand painted red clay windmill shape brooch decorated in gilt and green, signed on reverse Garon, Jamaica W.I. 3ins. x 3ins. Plus a 20th cent. Ethnic bead pure and blue beads, jewellery and bag. £20-30
88.     Costume Jewellery & Watches: Ladies simulated pearls, single string with paste clasp, tear drop earrings, drop pearl earrings, 2 x crystal necklaces, a tennis bracelet, yellow metal and pearl chain necklace plus yellow metal hoop earrings. Green expanding bracelet, square glass pendant, red stone ring set in yellow metal shank, coin ring set in white metal, sun flower earrings with central topaz colour stone set in white metal marked 925, yellow metal PKT watch and chain, Ricando quartz watch, square valentine badge, amber style earrings marked 925. etc.
89.     Commemorative: Yellow metal spoons, Golden Jubilee 2002 cased x 4, Bristol Blue paperweight to commemorate Isambard Kingdom Brunel Temple Meads station 1806 - 20016 plus assorted badges. £20-30
90.     Collectors Spoons: Hallmarked silver and oriental white metal plus cased button hook. (12). £20-30
91.     Commemorative Spoons: Boxed most enamel, USA & Europe. Large quantity. £20-40
92.     Commemorative Spoons: Unboxed includes caddy & teaspoons. Many enamel, British towns, adverts. Large quantity (1 Box). £30-50
93.     Commemorative Spoons: Unboxed, good selection GB places & adverts, Caddy & teaspoons, Victorian & later. Large quantity. £40-60
94.     Fashion: Enny soft leather grey shoulder handbag, front pocket, top zip fastening. Black leather shoulder bag, shoe string strap, front fastening. Brown leather shoulder bag, front and side zip compartments. Black leather shoulder bag, front fastening. £30-40
95.     Royal Flying Corp/World War I: Major William Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick, Morris Farnon propeller boss and surround presented to him on the award of the Military Cross 'For conspicuous skill and determination in downing an enemy machine over Hazebrouck, 26th April 1916' The propeller boss is impressed with the detail of the machine with painted Royal Flying Corps badge. Maj. Kennedy-Cochran-Patrick on canvas/fabric and a dogfight. 16ins. Sold with research. £600-1000
96.     Edged Weapons: 19th cent. Indian Tulwar steel blade & grip 35ins. plus a French Chassepot model bayonet, brass grip steel blade & scabbard. 28ins. £40-60
97.     19th/20th cent. Edged Weapons: Japanese Shoto unsigned blade, 15½ins. length, 22ins. overall length. Braid of pale blue thread, white Rayskin grip, Menuki stylised flowers, iron Tsuba of plain design. £100-150
98.     Edged Weapons: Heinke diver's knife, blade 6ins, one sharp edge, one serrated edge. Sheath aluminium with black rubber handle, overall length with leather belt strap. £70-100
99.     Third Reich: Good SA dagger with partially erased legend, with original scabbard. The blade is stamped E.D. Westhof Solingen and NRH on the reverse of the guard. 14½ins. £1000-1200
100.    WW1 Nursing: Belgian and French Nursing awards including Order of Leopold 1st class, Order of the Belgium Red Cross, Asylum of Disabled Soldiers Belgium, Recognition and Gratitude, Civil Medal, King Albert Recognition Humanitarian Medal, Queen Elizabeth, Relief of Suffering Medal, Commemorative War Medal 1940-45, English Rescue Station medal, various wound medals etc. £120-150
101.    World War I: Superb archive of letters written by Lance Corporal Alfred Smith of 1st. Battalion The Queens (Royal West Surrey Regiment) who died on 22nd September 1915 at Bethune, only days before the Battle of Loos. This battle was the biggest British attack of 1915, the first time the British had used poison gas and the first engagement of the "New Army" units.
The first letter is written on 30th April 1915 from the trenches and describes the fighting in great detail. "Well I've seen a bit more fighting also a charge or two, sometimes things are a bit hot for us as we are only 100yds apart even when the Germans are shelling". He then talks about a comrade who was hit close to him and how he has been lucky not to have been wounded.
The second letter is even more descriptive "We had five or six charges made from the Germans but we stopped them back each time they got to our trenches leaving hundreds of dead. By the time you receive my letter my regiment will be leading a bayonet charge with the hopes of breaking through the German lines. Every man is now ready for the mad rush to death which is for England and Freedom. Excuse this letter as the bombardment has now started and it gives us a nasty shock.
Another letter written over two pages and dated 14th June 1915 gives a vivid account of an attack on the German lines, "It was like hell getting back. I can say I said my prayers when I got over the front of our trench". The next letter describes life in his trench and the joy a package of cake, biscuits and jam brought. Another written on 12th July 1915 is on two sheets of paper and describes how he has transferred to the "Jam Tin ABS" (bomb section). He then describes his life and duties in detail and how his comrades are unhappy, there are married men at the front and single men still at home "If a man is wanted for a hot job a single man should always be first, a married man second for they have wives and children to think of. Private Smiths final letter is undated but describes how dangerous life was in the trenches and how he had a very near miss when a shell landed in their trench as he was eating breakfast "We had to eat a load of dirt before we die". The letters come with their original envelopes and give an incredible insight into life in the trenches.
102.    Royal Flying Corps: A rare archive collection of World War I Royal Flying Corps photographs taken in 1917 and 1918 showing amongst other images: A formation of Bristol Fighters, 20 Squadron in France 1918, A Bristol in France, A FE8 RFC fighter from 41 Squadron in 1917, a FE24 crash in France etc. These two albums of photographs were the property of Royal Flying Corps pilot 2nd Lt. Eric Smart, who later rose to the rank of Group Captain in World War II in command of 615 Fighter Squadron.
Also included in the lot are copious amounts of research including RAF casualty and combat reports relating to Lt. Smart in World War I and a pair of his flight worn Royal Flying Corps wings. £800-1200
103.    World War I/Royal Flying Corps: Fascinating personal account dated January 5th 1916 of a dog fight. The two aeroplanes appeared above us about 3000 yards in the air, shots were fired, we saw something at first it appeared like a black spot falling out of the machine which fell nearer and nearer and at last we distinctly saw it was a man. At the same time the machine leaned to one side, turned and fell to the earth. The English officer who had not fallen out groaned a little but dies almost immediately' The author then describes the aftermath, the names of the pilot Lt Alan Hobbs and observer Lt. Tudor Jones and date of engagement Dec 15th 1915. Complete with research relating to the engagement and those lost. £150-250
103A.   Royal Flying Corps: Letter written May 1915 on Royal Flying Corps stationery from a pilot named Alan. Written over 4 sides he describes the death of a comrade 'but I hope I may meet as fine a death when my time comes' plus a signed photograph of Bristol plane and pilot. £150-250
104.    Military Trench Art: WWI Brass shell case vases, 1 British and 1 French 9ins. plus a WWII 1943 25 pounder 11½ins. £30-50
105.    Early 20th cent. Circa WW1 possibly Royal Flying Corps private issue, full length brown leather felt lined top coat double breasted with two slanted side pockets no makers or identification marks,
N.B. The present owner inherited the coat from his uncle who purchased it secondhand in 1920 to use on his motorbike. Believed ex-Royal Flying Corps. £200-250
106.    Military: Fraser Clan Tartan Officer's no.2 dress kilt C1962 belonging to Major Willett an Officer of the Black Watch. £60-80
107.    Military: Fraser Clan Tartan kilt mess dress kilt C1958 belonging to Major Willett Officer of The Black Watch. £60-80
108.    Nelson: A ship's wheel made from the oak from Nelson's Flagship Foudroyant with her inset medal made from copper from her carved decoration. 'Oak from Foudroyant launched 1798, wrecked Blackpool 1897. 32ins. £600-1000
109.    RAF/Militaria: WW2 era perspex astro dome believed Ex Lancaster Bomber 29 ¼ins. diam x 13½ins. £150-250
110.    RAF/Militaria: Unusual large RAF wall mounted clock, fusee movement, believed ex. RAF Dishforth 14½ins. dial. Completely refurbished. £200-300
111.    Maritime: Large copper and brass ships mast lantern, William Harvie & Co. Ltd. Pattern no. 1304. 24ins. £100-150
112.    Third Reich/ WW2: Ceramic cup and saucer, soup bowl and saucer marked SS Vatten 1942 Bauschen Weiden and SS Reich 1937. £150-200
113.    Third Reich/ WW2: Luftwaffe large oval meat plate marked with eagle and swastika to base, makers mark and dated 1942 16ins. £150-250
114.    Third Reich/WW2: Wehrmacht ceramic sauce boat, bowls (2) and a side plate, makers mark to base dated 1940 and 1941 plus eagle and Swastika (4). £150-250
115.    Third Reich/WW2: Rare souvenir from U570, a German U boat captured in 1941 and renamed HMS Graph. The copper ashtray is made from copper from U570 and bears a brass plaque to the front 8¼ins. plus a copy of John Drummonds bowl HM U-Boat (2). £350-450
116.    Third Reich/WW2: Luftwaffe side plate, scallop dish and circular bowl, marked on back with Eagle Swastika FI and UV with Heinrich and Co 1938 (3). £150-250
117.    Militaria: WW1 Diorama constructed by wounded Belgium invalids. The town Dixmude before the complete destruction of the war, carved and painted wood stamped Le Jovet. Belge Bruxelles with Rampant lion plus a contemporary postcard showing before and after. £80-100
118.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick "Perfect Reel", size 4¼ins. Original box, wide spool fishing reel. £120-200
119.    Fly fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick black Japanned trout fly box, 15 compartments. Wipeable slate with flies. 6¼ins. x 3½ins. x 1ins. £90-120
120.    Fly fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick "The Test (Montagu)" black Japanned fly box & cast damper; with dressed salmon & trout flies. 7ins. x 4ins. x 1ins. £90-120
121.    Fly fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick leather 25 section fly wallet with flies. (no strap). 7ins. x 5ins. x 2ins. £80-100
122.    Fly fishing accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick anodised metal fly box with 40 sections. Plus dressed flies.
123.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick "The Elarex" multiplying spinning reel. Ebonite handles, chrome finish & splash rail. £100-150
124.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick fishing reel. "The Perfect", size 4. £200-300
125.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy's Patent Ivorine handle fishing reel. "The Silex" size 3¼ins. Brass brake lever. £150-250
126.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick "The Silex" no 3 fishing reel, size 3½ins. Ivorine brake lever & handles. £200-300
127.    Pastimes & Sporting: Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick fishing reel "The Illingworth" no 4 Mk2 salmon fly reel. £120-160
128.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick "The Unique" trout fly fishing reel, size 4¼ins. £100-200
129.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick wood & brass Megstone fishing reel 1921. Name stamped on brass, size 5ins. £200-300
130.    Fly fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick leather 16 section pocket fly wallet with flies. 5¾ins. x 3¼ins. £70-100
131.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick landing net 50ins. long - folds to 33ins. Featherweight style. £60-80
132.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. extending brass salmon gaff 36ins, extended & 15ins. closed. Turned wood grip plus leather body strap. £60-100
133.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick fishing reel. "The Super Silex", size 4ins. with Hardy canvas drawstring bag. £150-250
134.    Fishing Accessories - Hardy Bros. Alnwick fishing reel. "The St. John Fly Reel", size 3⅞?ins.
135.    Fishing Accessories - Moulinet Francais "Decantelle" bait casting reel. L.P.S. type B no 2691, size 4ins. £100-150
136.    Fishing Accessories - Moulinet Francais "Decantelle" bait casting reel. L.P.M. type no 535, size 4ins. £100-150
137.    Fly Fishing Accessories - W.J. Cummins, Bishop Auckland fly oiler, plus a Chesterman folding hook rule sold by Hardy Bros. Alnwick and T. Aspinall tin of silicon Mucilin, Hardy Bros. original boxes of flies no 2 Dunnes, no 2 Halfords, etc, and a tub of flies & a pair of fly tying tweezers. (1 Tub). £50-80
138.    Fishing Books - "Hardy's Anglers Guide, Alnwick" 53rd Edition 1931. £50-80
139.    Fly Fishing Accessories - R. Wheatley "Silmalloy" metal fly box, 40 stays with salmon flies. 6¼ins. x 3½ins. x ½ins. (2 Boxes). £50-80
140.    Fly Fishing Accessories - canvas fly wallet with 12 compartments plus a leather wallet with fishing flies. £20-40
141.    Fly Fishing Accessories - R. Wheatley "Silmalloy" boxes with dry & wet flies included. 3 sizes. (3). £60-90
142.    Fly Fishing Accessories - pocket size metal dry & wet fly fishing boxes with flies. 3½ins. x 2½ins. x ½ins. £60-90
143.    Sea Fishing Accessories - Nottingham style wooden fishing reels 6ins, 5ins x 2, and 3ins. (Total 4). £50-80
144.    Maps: John Speed Galway 1610 with Gazetteer of the Province on reverse. Double glazed and framed. 18ins. x 22ins. £70-100
145.    Maps: John Speed - Yorkshire 1610 with Gazetteer of the County on reverse but mounted. Framed & glazed, 18ins. x 22ins. £60-90
146.    Maps: A portfolio of French maps from 1899 to the first half of the 20th century, approx 40. £50-80
147.    Maps: Robert Morden map of Gloucestershire, boundaries highlighted in colour. £30-40
148.    Books: "A Hunters Life in South Africa" R Gorgon Cumming vol's 1 and 2 (1855) 1st edition 2 in total HB (spine vol 1 hinged). £40-60
149.    Books: Miniature book King George VI the Prime Ministers Broadcast Feb 7th 1952 by Winston Churchill, finely bound book one of 750 printed by The Chiswick Press, Barcham Green's hand made all rag paper bound by Sangorski and Sutcliffe in full burgundy Morocco. £400-600
150.    Books: Who's Who 1985 plus a Debretts 1986, both red dust jackets. £20-30
151.    Books: "Dictionary of Electrical Engineering" edited by H.M. Hobart (1910) vols 1 and 2 plus "The Auto Car", "Journal of the Mechanically Propelled Road Carriage" vol 16 (1906) 3 in total. £40-60
152.    Toys: Palitoy black baby doll, open and close eyes, jointed, 12ins. Black jointed doll, damage to eyes, 14ins. Cititoy black baby doll, open and close eyes, dressed, 11ins. Unnamed black doll, open and close eyes, soft body 10ins. 2 well loved bears. £30-40
153.    Toys - Pelham Puppets: Dutch girl c1960s and Pinky of Pinky & Perky. £20-40
153A.   Toys: Pelham puppet theatre and skeleton puppet, both boxed. (2). £30-40
154.    Toys: Hornby Meccano tinplate racing launch "Racer III". Playworn. In working order. £30-50
155.    Toy China - Wedgwood c1800: Creamware miniature cruet lidded mustard, pepperette and oval salt (old restoration to the salt) plus cup and saucer x 2 (1 cup a/f). All with impressed Wedgwood mark. £120-150
156.    Toy China - Wedgwood circa. 1891-1908 Miniature Willow pattern dinner service. Dinner plates x 4, soup dishes x 4, lidded sauce tureen, vegetable tureen, soup tureen, sauce boat, all with stands. Minor frit on vegetable tureen lid. All marked Wedgwood Truria England underglaze blue some also impressed Wedgwood. (19 items). £150-200
157.    Toy China - 19th cent. Wedgwood Rosso Antico miniature teapot in famille rose palette. 2ins. Blue Jasper ware commemorative 1730 - 1795 match holder 2½ins. plus a black basalt with gilt rosette match holder 2ins. £100-120
158.    Toy China - Wedgwood c1981-1908: Miniature creamware teaset, four polychrome ruined castle decoration comprising teapot and creamer, discolouration to spout, possible old restoration to both. Sugar bowl (hairline), 4 cups (1 a/f) 4 saucers, 4 side plates, Wedgwood Etriria England in black impressed marks and pattern number in red C4445. £40-60
159.    Toys: Tinplate Mettype child's typewriter plus Triang tinplate Tractor no 2. (2). £20-30
160.    19th cent. Games: Incomplete set of bone and ebony domino's, bamboo dice shakers a pair, 2 x packs of cards, 1 pack the revers showing the young head of Victoria 1 x card missing. £70-80
161.    Toys: Meccano Motion Systems x 7 - boxed. £20-40
162.    Toys: Diecast Match Box, Corgi, Dinky boxed Superking K-19, K-15, K-23, K-12, No 289, K-13, K-7, K-5, Dinky 198, Corgi and Land Rover K-9, K-2, Corgi Mini Yesteryear No16, AV291, Magirus Transporter Mischer (made in Germany) plus a Corgi car transporter.
163.    Toys: Die cast Match Box, boxed models Match Box fork lift truck, Superfast No23, No7, Rolamatics No16, 1-75 series No47, 1, 17, 24, 50, 2 x No 25, 56, 10, 29, 58, 73, 54, 29, 21, 71, 72, 23, 26, plus 17 others playworn to very good.
164.    Toys: Diecast Dinky Super Toys Dumper Truck, Coles Crane, Forklift Truck, Road Roller, front end of a Bedford Artic truck, truck body, farm trailer and bull dozer. Playworn. Plus Diecast Foden flatbed with tailgate, Bedford tipper, Bedford refuse truck, taxi etc. All playworn and repainted by original owner.
165.    Toys: Diecast, 504 Elevator loader, boxed plus a play worn Kembo artic and 2 small boxes of tyres. Plus Diecast Dinky playworn car transporter and ramp. Unboxed. £40-80
166.    Toys: Diecast, French Dinky Ford wagon 'SNCF' lorry and 'ASNCF rigid and a refuse truck. All unboxed and some repainted. £60-80
167.    Toys: Diecast, Dinky SuperToys Foden flat truck 513, play worn and some repainting, boxed. £40-60
168.    Advertising: Van-Dal shoes of England, printed advert on suede 8½ins. x 4½ins. framed, double sided advert on marble 8ins. x 5ins. with portfolio of adverts plus advertising promotional material for the Van-Dal brand (3). £40-60
169.    Beswick: Ceramic figure for Timpson Fine Shoes. £70-90
170.    Copperware advertising tray for Johnnie Walker whiskey. Approx 12ins. diameter. £20-40
171.    Crime and Punishment/Dr Crippen: Extremely rare summons to Dr Alexander MacBeth, Surgeon General, dated 23rd November 1910. The summons is to appear as a juryman at the inquest into Crippen's death at Pentonville Prison at 2pm to 'enquire on the King's behalf touching the death of Hawley Harvey Crippen.' An extremely rare piece of Crippen memorabilia sold with a portrait photo of Dr MacQueen. £800-1200
172.    Autographs: Series of five Queen Victoria signed commissions dating from 1842-1857 to Staff Surgeon Alexander MacKay MacBeth. £100-150
173.    Autographs: Ephemera relating to Staff Surgeon James MacBeth including signed commissions, Palmeston, Admittance Queen Victoria to the 3rd Degree Masonic Grand Lodge, Letter from the Maharaja Scindia Allyia Bahadoor dated 15th June 1874 etc. (7). £100-150
176.    Autographs/Pop Memorabilia: Elvis Presley pen signed, one page letter dated March 15, 1968 to Metro Goldwyn Meyer (MGM) regarding his personal copy of 'Stay Away Joe' Letter reads in full:


This will acknowledge my receipt this date for Metro-Goldwyn-Meyer Corporation of one 16mm color print of the motion picture 'Stay Away Joe' for which i rendered my services as in actor.

In consideration of your furnishing me with this print, i agree that said print will be used by me only for my personal library purposes, will not be exhibited outside my home at anytime unless i am personally present at such exhibition, and that the print will not be exhibited at any time whatsoever for any public exhibition for which an admission charge is made.

Very truly yours,

Elvis Presley

177.    Art/Movies: Ronald Searle, British 1920-2011: Original ink and watercolour "The Great Train Robbery" 18ins. x 13½ins.

The Great St Trinian's Train Robbery, released in 1966, 3 years after the actual event, was the fourth in a series of 5 St Trinian's films. The films were based on Ronald Searle's cartoons of a fictional girl's boarding school which he first represented in 1941 in the magazine Lilliput. He went on to compile many St Trinian's books as well as working for the cinemas designing the opening and closing credits of 'Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines' and 'Monte Carlo or Bust'. Searle was commissioned to create the opening and closing credits for St Trinian's Train Robbery and the present lot appears in the opening credits. £1500-2500
178.    Autographs/Films: Alfred Hitchcock 1899-1980. A letter,signed, to Carmine Santuilo, the assistant to Ed Sullivan. The letter is on Warner Bros, Hollywood stationery and he states he regrets no being in New York for Ed (Sullivan's) eighth anniversary, dated May 31st 1956, with original Warner Bros stationery. £800-1200
179.    Autographs/Literature: Conan Doyle, Arthur. Scottish author 1859 to 1930 who stories featuring fictional detective Sherlock Holmes revolutionised the genre of crime fiction. Autograph signed letter from Doyle to Mrs Harman in New York City regarding meeting with Mr Ticknor, an amateur medium. Signed A Conan Doyle in a clear hand at the close. One page 5¼" x 6.¾", Ambassador Hotel, New York letterhead, April 18, 1922. Intersecting mailing folds, a hint of mild soiling, subtle brush to two words of text otherwise fine condition. Accompanied by the original mailing envelope, a printed announcement for Doyle's book on psychic matters and a 1922 leaflet on spiritualism by Lady Conan Doyle titled 'An Open Letter to a Mourner'. In full: 'I could have helped you in London but conditions are strange here. Perhaps Mrs Cogswell of the Plaza Hotel would tell you how to approach Mr Ticknor who is very competent, but hardly a professional'.
180.    Autographs/Science: Bell, Alexander Graham. Scottish born scientist and inventor 1847-1922 who conceived the telephone, founded the Bell Telephone Company and invented various devices for aiding the guess. A time to letter signed from Bell to DG Fairchild regarding a dinner invitation. One page, personal letterhead, May 5, 1914. Signed at the close Alexander Graham Bell in black ink. In very fine to good to fine condition. In full: 'Many thanks for your card received today. I shall be very glad indeed to meet Dr and Mrs Galloway at your house on Wednesday evening at dinner.' After signing, Bell adds a typed postscript: 'Your card is dated April 3 I hope this is a mistake and that I shall not be a month too late to meet Dr Galloway £1000-1500
181.    Autographs: Walt Disney 1901 to 1966 a letter signed to Mr Charles Foster of Niagara Falls about seeing him again at the studio, Joe Reddy, Walter Disney's publicity chief and Eddie Mack who ran the theme parks are cc'd in the letter, an indication of Mr Foster's importance, signed in blue ink on Walt Disney stationery.
182.    Space: A fabulous letter dated four weeks after Apollo 11's return from the moon. The letter is on National Aeronautics and Space Administration official stationery and is hand signed by Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. A rare piece signed so close to Apollo 11's return, with PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity. £5000-8000
183.    Autographs: An extremely rare type tend signed letter sent by the Beatles to Atlanta DJ Paul Drury, who travelled with them during the 1964 and 1960 5US tours along with a tight hand signed letter from Bikel's press officer Tony Barrow, confirming details for the 1965 tour.
On both the 64 and 65 tours accompanied the Beatles on their chartered plane, interviewing the group many times and introducing them at their August 18, 1965 concert at Atlanta Stadium. Drew went on to become one of the most important radio programmers in the America and interview to the individual Beatles numerous times after the group split.

The Beatles wrote to Drew on September 6, 1965 six days after the end of the second US tour and only six days before beginning recording sessions for rubber Soul.

On EMS stationary the Beatles write 'Dear Paul, we just thought that we would like to write to you all and say thanks very much for your help on the tour. We enjoyed it and I appreciated your patience and cooperation. Hope to see you next year.' John Lennon, Paul McCartney and John Lennon each sign with their first names reflecting then close relationship with Drew. George Harrison signs with his first and last name.
The letter and envelope have been authenticated by Perry Cox a world recognised expert in Beatles handwriting and collectables Cox notes in his letter of authenticity 'the letter is in great VG+++ condition bearing some proper light handling and proper folds for envelope in session. The Beatles have all signed in matching black ballpoint pen. It has some light fading over time, but it's still in great shape and very visible retaining about 80 to 85% of its original contrast.'

Tony Barrow's letter also on an EMS stationary, is dated August 5, 1965 and gives Drew details for the upcoming tour.

Any official MGNS correspondence having to do with the Beatles is rare and highly collectable. These two pieces are truly extraordinary the first one of a very few signed letters from the Beatles and the second a letter regarding their US tour from their legendary publicist to a Beatles insider.
184.    Autographs: A superb Marilyn Monroe signed typewritten document sent to United Artist Corporation with Monroe seeking a $25,000 loan (approximately $190,000 in 2011). A shrewd businesswoman, she guaranteed her earnings from the upcoming production 'Some Like it Hot' as collateral for the loan. The film went on to be considered one of the greatest comedies of the 20th century and won Monroe a Golden Globe award for best actress in a comedy. Tragically, less than one year later, Monroe died in her sleep at the age of 36. One page, no letterhead, September 14, 1961. Signed at the close in a blue ballpoint pens ink Marilyn Monroe. Document measures 11ins. x 8½ins. Accompanied by a copy of the check from the united artists corporation and a copy of the letter which accompanied the check. In fine condition, with two light horizontal mailing faults, some light skipping to Signature and a light paper clip impression to the top edge.

In part: Gentlemen: concurrently here with, you are lending the sum of $25,000.00 to the undersigned, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. The undersigned agrees to repay said loaned to you, together with interest thereon, at the rate of 4% per annum, on or before January 5, 1962. As security for the repayment of said loan, together with accrued interest there on, the undersigned agrees to and does hereby assign to you all monies hereafter payable to the undersigned by Ashton productions Inc. Pursuant to paragraph 4 (E) of an employment agreement dated in July 1, 1958 relating to the motion picture entitled SOME LIKE IT HOT...'

A superb piece of movie memorabilia relating to one of the most iconic movie stars and her most famous movie. £8000-12000
185.    Autographs/Royal Memorabilia: Diana, Princess of Wales space (1961-1997) First wife of Charles, Prince of Wales. From her engagement to the Prince of Wales in 1981 until her tragic death in 1997, Diana was a major presence on the world stage, often described as the 'worlds most photographed woman' or the 'queen of hearts'. Palace letterhead, 3 October 1996. One of the finest content letters of Lady Diana known to exist. Typed letter signed with love from Diana. 8ins. x 13ins. Addressed to Margaret Benden. In full: dearest Margaret (in Diana's hand), I was most touched to receive your very kind letter about your visit to Lourdes with Vincent-but you need not have worried about proving your request was genuine! I was delighted to be able to help and so glad that he was well enough to travel. It is so important that every bit of comfort is given to people like Vincent who, as you know, need all the care and help we can give him. I am sure that the benefit from such an experience goes a very long way to bring this comfort and to be able to play a part in providing it has given me great pleasure. Thank you both so much for sending me the little medal was a lovely thought. I send you and Vincent my warmest good wishes and all luck in the future. The letter is oversized and has three mailing folds, one fault goes to the middle line of the writing. Otherwise the letter is in fine condition. Accompanied by two letters (dated 11/17 July 1996) written and signed by Angela Horden, the personal Assistant to HRH the Princess of Wales. The two letters show that Vincent was Vincent Hickey, who is suffering AIDS and Cancer of the Bowel. In the first letter Angela Horden asks Miss Margaret Benden a friend of Vincent, for the total sum they need to go to loads and within the second letter whoredom forwards a cheque of 580 GBP to Margaret Benden. Both letters have mailing fold and a handwritten salutation by Horden. A copy of the cheque (on the account of his Royal Highness the Prince of Wales office a/c.) is also so enclosed. Lourdes is one of the worlds leading catholic Marian shrines.
186.    Photographs/Politics: Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis 1929-1994. Hand signed typed letter on personal stationery regarding the gift of a painting and how appreciative of his support, signed in blue ink and dated June 15, 1964.
187.    Autographs/Boxing: Muhammad Ali an amazing and lengthy handwritten prayer, one-page, 8½ins. x 11ins., personal letterhead, April 22, 1983. Ali writes on the love of God. In full: to Saint Mary's Orthodox Catholic Church, love from Muhammad Ali. Gods mercy and power ensure for ever. Man should understand and resist gods revelation, human wisdom and power common has given David, work only for establishing righteousness, human glory, like Solomans rested on slander foundation, but enjoyed her fair and prosperous state as long as she obeyed the law of God. But perished for unrighteousness, learned then, that mercy and power, wisdom and justice, of God are beyond all comparison. Do write and prepare for the final day. Love is the net, where hearts are caught like fish. In fine condition, with two horizontal mailing faults and creases to extreme upper right corner. An exceptional piece packing a powerful spiritual punch.
188.    Photographs/Cars: Henry Ford TLS, one page 7¼ins. x 10½ins. personal letterhead, October 10, 1939. Ford writes to a donor to The Edison Institute. In full: 'I wish personally to acknowledge and thank you for the Covert automobile which you so kindly presented to me. This early car is a welcome addition to our collection of vehicles at The Edison Institute and I am grateful to you for your kindness in making this contribution.' James Milton (1904-1961) was a popular tenor who performed at the New York Metropolitan Opera and in radio, film, and television productions. An avid collector of antique cars, Milton specialised in automobiles of the 'Brass era', so named for the distinctive radiator shell, lamps, and horns from the period 1900 to 1910. It was also Melton who introduced the tradition of singing 'Back home again in Indiana' at the start of the Indianapolis 500 auto race.
189.    Autographs/US Politics: Richard Nixon 1913 - 1994 a letter signed on office of the President elect Richard Nixon stationary asking and Mr W Rent for help in finding people who can make significant contributions to the country dated December 2nd 1968.
190.    Autographs/US politics: Richard Nixon typed letter signed in 1975 less than one year after Watergate - ... Our family has been weathering some stormy days...' The letter is dated fourth of March 1975, less than one year after he resigned the presidency. Upon his personal stationery, Rights to a Gerald G Wagner, in full, 'Dear Jerry: to hear from a long for a friend of long-standing is always heartwarming , and we certainly never more so than during a period when our family has been weathering some stormy days. Each time we do, the skies ahead seem brighter, and that certainly was the case with your very kind and thoughtful letter of February 24th. And the photograph also brought happy memories of a pleasant interlude more than a decade ago.' For many years, Wagner managed a venue in Washington DC often used for large events, and new several Presidents personally. Single page letter measures 7¼ins. x 10½ins. Folds, else near fine.
191.    Autographs: Orwell, George. English author and journalist (1903-1950) Orwell (a.k.a. Eric Arthur Blair) used his weight and passion for social justice to create two of the greatest novels of the 20th century; '1984' (1949) and 'Animal Farm' (1945). Rare autograph letter signed from all well to an unknown recipient. Orwell apologises for his late reply and regretfully decline is an offer to speak for his correspondence due to his location on the Isle of Jura, Scotland. Orwell lived on the island between 1946-48 whilst writing 'Nineteen- Eighty-Four'. One page, written on one side, Barnhill, Isle of Jura letterhead, 31 May, 1946. Measures 260 mm x 203 mm and is unframed. Expected mailing folds and a small amount of paper loss to lower margin, otherwise very good condition. £6000-10000
192.    Autographs/Science: Einstein, Albert German born physicist, humanitarian and Noble prize winner 1879-1955, Einstein is undoubtedly the greatest scientist of the 20th century. A typed letter signed from Einstein written in German from his summer residence at watch him. One page written on one side, Watchhill [Rhode Island, America] 18th July 1934. Signed at the close in black ink as 'Albert', a rare signature from the Nobel prize-winning mathematical physicist. The translation reads in full:
'Dear Eric I have written to Mr Ittlesohn and provided a report about your career to date. I will only write to Mr Ratshesky when I have learned from you that Mr Ittlesohn is either unavailable or unwilling to fulfil your request. So please write to me once you can give me some information about this.
I wish you good success with heartfelt regards.
193.    Autographs/Artist/Post-Impressionism/Fauvism: Matisse, Henri. French artist (1869-1954) Matisse is known for his striking use of colour and his bold fluid mark making skills. Signed typed letter, in French, to an unknown male correspondent regarding the showing of one of his paintings. Signed in an aged hand Matisse. One-page, Nice, November 28, 1953. Measures 270mm x 210mm. Some light toning, wrinkling to the bottom left corner and a couple of things otherwise fine condition.

In full (translated): 'Sir, I agree to your request, to show the drawing in question in tribute to Paul Eluardat the Maison de la Pensee Francaise (House of French Thought). I shipped it today to Harvard, framer at 123 Boulevard Montparnasse in Paris, where you may have it picked up at the appropriate time. Please accept my sincere respects.'

194.    Autographs/Show Business: Brando, Marlon. Academy award winning Hollywood legend (1924 to 2004). Signed typed letter from Brando to the Governor of French Polynesia, written in French. Brando was attempting to seek permission to build an airstrip on his island, Tetiaroa, noting the cost between 4-6 million Francs. Signed Marlon Brando in blue pen at the close
195.    Autographs/politics: Sir Winston Spencer Churchill 1874-1965. Typed letter signed Winston S Churchill', to Curtis Brown, the literary agent, saying that hoping 'the material' (? For the World Crisis Vol. IV) will be released no earlier than September, and declaring that he has made no promise to provide a volume of memoirs. One page 9ins. x 7½ins., neat folds, in fine condition. Curtis Brown received date stamp. Treasury Chambers, Whitehall 10 December 1927. Sir Winston Churchill Prime Minister 1942-1945, 1951-1955. 'With regard to the volume of Memoirs. I certainly have no recollection of having made such a promise, and I am not surprised therefore that you have no confirmation of it. I therefore must consider myself perfectly free. However, when time comes-which will not be this year-I will give the matter the fullest attention.'
196.    Autographs/Aviation: Lindbergh, Charles A, an extremely desirable typed letter signed at the close as 'Charles A Lindbergh',one page on onion skin, measuring 8½ins. x 10¼ins., dated July 11, 1967. Linda writes to French aviator Colonel Louis Castex (1896 to 1968) in Paris. With expected intersecting mailing folds (vertical folds attaching two letters of first name) otherwise fine clean condition. Highly desirable item. The letter reads in full: 'The article on page 43 of the June 10th issue of Paris Match has been brought to my attention. I am shocked and disappointed to see this result of our meeting at my wife's chalet in Switzerland last year. As you know, I invited you to the chalet as a result of a request by our mutual friend M Paschoud. It was clearly understood that my invitation was in relation to the book you were writing about certain events in history of aviation. It was in no sense a press interview. Have you requested a press interview, I would of course have declined in keeping with my long established a policy of not taking part in press interviews. It is ridiculous to say that at our meeting in Switzerland, 'after 30 years of silence', I revealed the background of my 1927 New York-to-Paris flight. I spent 14 years writing a book about this flight and it is background. (The Spirit of Saint Louis, published in 1953.) As I told you during our discussion and in a letter afterwards, I was unable to improve on the accounts and descriptions incorporated in the book. I have always tried to assist authors who were working seriously in research related to incidents and development with which I was acquainted. In this connection, during the last 30 years I have often discussed details of my 1927 New York-to-Paris flat, as I did with you. It was always with the understanding the accuracy be maintained, and sensationalism avoided. I will not attempt to discuss farther the inaccuracies involved in the Paris Match article.' £1500-2000
197.    Autographs/Communism: Castro Fidel (1926) Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (1926) is a Cuban communist revolutionary and politician who was Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959 to 1976 and President from 1976 to 2008. Rare typed letter signed Fidel Castro one page 7ins. x 10ins. Havannah 1977 May 13. 'Republica de Cuba Presidente del Cosejo de Estado Y del Gobierno' with embossed seal at upper left corner. Signed in black ink by Castro addressed to Jirina and Frantisek Bares in Prague. Reads in part, translated: 'After my return from a trip to Africa and Europe, I received your letter, which was sent from you already in February this year. That's why no reply has been delivered earlier. I want to thank you especially for your kind words about our country and our people with whom you judge the work of the Cuban Revolution and the evidence of a revolutionary and fraternal spirit. The attack from the side of an antisocial element who sacrifices you became and which ends in an injury at the head hands of Comrade Frantisek-the consequence is a regrettable fact'. Mailing fold, red note upper right corner, else fine condition. Accompanied by a Czech translation of the Czech embassy in Prague.
198.    Autographs/music/rock: Bolan, Marc 1947 to 1977. Marc Bolan gained his fame by being the front man of English rock band T-Rex. He is often credited with helping to create the glam rock genre, with his unique stage presence and individual style. Type set of lyrics to the 1969 song 'Iscariot'. The song was featured on the unicorn album by Tyrannosaurus Rex, made up of Boland and Steve Peregrine Took. With several archive folds which are to be expected from documents such as this. The typed lyrics have been signed by Bolan in ballpoint ink at the bottom of the sheet. In fine condition. A wonderful example of the legendary musician's autograph on an early set of lyrics. £1200-1800
199.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Britain leaving Liverpool 1853, coloured engraving published by Cyclopaedia of useful Arts & Manufacturers. Approx. 6ins. x 9ins. £20-40
200.    Brunel/Bristol: Extremely rare ironstone grog serving bottle bearing the Royal Coat of Arms below "Steamship Great Britain". 11ins. £500-800
201.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Britain at Sea, 1853, framed coloured engraving published by Cyclopaedia of useful Arts & Manufacturers. Approx. 4ins. x 5¼ins. £20-30
202.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Ship Company Limited Stock certificate Capital £330,000 in 330,000 Shares of £1 each Registered the 21st October 1858 a £20 share of The Great Ship Company Limited. Signed by the secretary, J.H. Yates. 8ins. x 4ins. £30-50
203.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Rare soft bound brochure The Great Eastern Steam Ship of 22,500 Tons Burthen Designed by I.K. Brunel Esq. Built by Messrs. Scott, Russell & Co. Millwall at the cost of Upwards of £600,000 sterling for the Eastern Steam Navigation Company. The brochure includes a fold out view of the steamship, published 1857. Printed & Published: William Abbott, London. 10ins. x 12ins. £300-500
204.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Extremely rare and fine S.S. Great Eastern letter and written by Captain John Vine Hall to Miss Granger written on August 5th 1860 on embossed Great Eastern logo on the letter head.

Dearest Miss Granger,

I was so enchanted with the dulcet tones of your voice last evening,

with your exquisite musical taste, with your amiable manners,

that I could do no less this morning than, with your best wishes

for your future happiness, subscribe myself your most sincerely

John Vine Hall
Great Eastern
August 1860
Chesapeake Bay

The letter was written by the first Captain of the Great Eastern after arrival of the ship in the United States.

June 17, 1860 Southampton - June 28, 1860 New York (maiden transatlantic voyage)

August 16, 1860 New York - August 26, 1860 Southampton (return transatlantic voyage)
205.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Model of the Great Eastern by Classic Ship Collection, long considered the premier maker of precision detailed metal ship models since 1997. This model is in 1:1250 scale long in pewter scale, size dustcover. 8ins. x 2ins. x 3ins £80-120
206.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Rare stereoscopic view of The Great Eastern in Southampton Water, this rare image was taken by George Washington Wilson (Scottish, 1823-1893) on the only trip that he made to England, in 1860. Approx. 6¾ins. x 3¼ins. £30-50
207.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Rare soft cover brochure The Great Eastern Steam-Ship illustrated with 8 engravings inc.. a sectional view of the Great Eastern, Printed: Milford House, Milford-Lane, Strand London, 1859, 32 pages. Approx. 5½ins x 8ins. £200-300
208.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel/Books: Descriptive Particulars of the Great Eastern Steam Ship; with Illustrations and Sectional Plans, by W.H. Webb. Rare 1857 second edition. 6ins. x 9ins. £300-350
209.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Rare Soft bound volume An Account of the First Transatlantic Voyage of the Steam Ship Great Britain - Lieut. Hosken, Commander; together with a lengthy description of the vessel, her engines, propeller, fittings Illustrated with 17 engravings circa 1845. Printed: Messrs. Lace and Addison, North Crescent, Liverpool, 20 pages. Approx. 6ins. x 9ins. £110-130
210.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Western - Passing Clevedon on her return from New York Published by J. Harris and engraved by W. Willis 1838. Launched 19 July 1837, maiden voyage 8 April 1838, out of service December 1846 in Liverpool. SS Great Western of 1838, was an oak-hulled paddle-wheel steamship, the first steamship purpose-built for crossing the Atlantic, and the initial unit of the Great Western Steamship Company. She was the largest passenger ship in the world from 1837 to 1839. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, The Great Western proved satisfactory in service and was the model for all successful wooden Atlantic paddle-steamers. Approx. 6½ins. x 4½ins. £60-80
211.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Engraving of The Great Eastern of Deptford (From the Illustrated London News, circa 1858. 22ins x 17ins plus The Great Eastern Rounding the Point Opposite Blackwall. 21ins. x 14ins. (2). £60-80
212.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel/Books Brochure: The Great Eastern Steam-Ship - 23,000 Tons Burden - 10,000 Effective Horse Power - being a full account of The Great Ocean Palace which will sail next spring - The Past - The Future with two large engravings, published 1858 G. Vickers, Angel Court, Strand. 8ins. x 11ins. £220-250
213.    19th cent Scientific Instruments: Two drawer brass telescope by J H Steward, 54 Cornhill, London. J H Steward made a large range of items for Military use and traded from the Cornhill location from 1866 to 1893. £60-80
214.    Clocks: 20th cent. Brass cased Bulkhead style clock and barometer Taylor of England mounted on a mahogany plinth for wall mounting. £100-150
215.    Brass & Bronze: Scale weight sets x 4. £20-40
216.    Scientific Instruments: 20th cent. Balance beam scales. Brass pillar, arms & pans. The whole on a treen base. 18ins. x 17ins. x 9½ins. £50-60
217.    Scientific Instruments: 20th cent. Barograph, oak cased with bevelled glass, brass pillars. Drawer beneath with Met Office 'pressure' papers, ink etc. No makers mark. 14ins. x 8¾ins. x 8¼ins. £60-80
218.    Clocks: Oak cased German mantle clock domed door made by Junghans. £30-40
219.    Clocks: Green Onyx and gilt metal mantle clock classical style French movement. £40-60
220.    Clock: 19th cent. Henry Marc, Paris, gilt metal mantle timepiece. Floral ceramic panel, signed white enamel face. Striking on gong half and hourly, with treen base. £200-250
221.    Clocks: 20th cent. French brass carriage clock. £40-50
222.    Clocks: Late 19th cent. Honore Pons, Paris gilt ormolu mantle clock, flanked with figurines of merchants on onyx base, stamped HP & Co. and 1769 in a diamond lozenge and number 38405 and 52 including key and pendulum. £80-100
223.    19th cent. Gilt brass Neo Classical style garniture comprising mantle clock with twin candelabra garniture. The clock measures 22ins. £250-350
224.    Musical Instruments: A Chinese violin with bow and carrying case. £10-20
225.    Oriental: 20th cent. hardwood temple bell stand gilt and red painted finish, dry joints, floral motif decoration deep carving 34¼ins. x 22ins. x 12ins. £80-100
226.    19th cent. Oriental gilt wood carved small table with marble inset. £140-160
227.    19th cent. Japanese Imari cylindrical stick stand - unsigned base. (crack to rim). Diameter 8¾ins x Height 23ins. £50-80
228.    20th cent. Ceramics: Egg shell cups, saucers and tea pot. Satsuma long neck vase, blue and white ginger jar, miniature tea pot on stand to contain a night light. £20-30
229.    Tibet: 18th cent. Tibetan bamboo prayer book 7½ins. £150-250
230.    19th cent. Teapot, Chinese blue and white dragon decorated, single cup, small chip to spout (repaired) small chip to handle other marks from kiln. £60-80
231.    Celadon square bowl 2 handles of Chinese characters, the bowl tappers downwards (reverse pyramid) 3½ins. high 5ins. square. £40-60
232.    Brassware: An Oriental warrior sitting on a tiger plus an Islamic bowl and chalice. £40-60
233.    19th cent. Games: Turned and stained ivory chess set possibly Anglo Indian. £100-120
234.    Oriental Ware: Famille rose plate 8ins. a/f, a blue and white dish with staple repair, a gilt vase with printed panels of the immortals 5ins a/f plus a Japanese Soapstone figure Monk and apprentice. £30-50
235.    19th cent. Chinse scallop shaped dish decorated with famille rose butterflies and fruit, chip to edge and on foot rim. £80-120
236.    19th cent. Chinese famille rose Cantonese medallion plate and a Chinese Celadon plate slight firing crack serial mark on reverse. £40-60
237.    19th cent. Japanese paintings on rice paper scenes of Royalty and Servants all have slight damage x 3, 2 framed and glazed, 1 x framed 6¼ins. x 10ins. £60-80
238.    20th cent. Chinese painting on linen, depicting a rural mountain scene with river and family home. Framed and glazed. 16ins x 13¼ins. £40-60
239.    18th cent. Reverse painting on a mirror/glass. Mythological scene depicts immortals and spirits fighting in the air. Rural scene with forests, lakes, caves and a dwelling. Hardwood frame. Glazed. 19ins x 13¼ins. £200-220
240.    Fashion: Artigiano Italian stretch Jersey dress, drape bodice and long sleeves, royal blue plus a dress of the same style in lavender, maxi length Italian size 20, and a black wrap around dress with long sleeves, size 18. (3 Dresses). £30-40
241.    Fashion: Tom Bowker silk cocktail/evening dress, ankle length, kick pleats, round neck, elbow length sleeves, silk full lining in shades of sand, purple and green with matching stole. Size 20. £40-50
242.    Fashion: August silk evening dress, V neck, petal shape sleeves, floor length, purple ground, stylised orchid design decorated with sparkling beads, lined. Size 18. Plus Simon Ellis, pale blue dinner dress, narrow skirt, faux bodice trimmed with braid, silver colour beads, round neck, short sleeves with zip to back of bodice. Size 20. (2) £40-50
243.    Fashion: Evalinka day dress, panel skirt, lined in a floral design, black waistband, black long sleeves, floral panel bodice, midi length. Size 16/18. £20-40
244.    Railway Interest: Carriage tickets, photograph of the passenger station at Ludgershall, British Rail booklet, Swindon Wagon Works, Great Western Railway magazines, 1934, 1937, 1941, 1942, 1947, and 1948. Timetable passenger services London, South/West England 1951, Scotland, North East 1959 and London/Paris timetable. Rule book Union of Railway men, rates of pay, March 1937. Books describing goods train loads, Easter train arrangements 1958, Southern Railway working timetable. Assorted books of railway interest, 1 box. £60-70
245.    Books: Railwayana Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway, GWR Engines, 20th cent. Railway carriages, BR standard stream in action, branch line to Shrewsbury (S+M) plus a booklets and pamphlets (2 boxes). £40-60
246.    Books: The Royal Family, The Great Artists. 2 boxes. £20-40
247.    20th cent. Ceramics: Spode Italians, Imperial cookware dish, dish with scalloped boarder plus a fruit bowl. £50-60
248.    20th cent. Portmeirion: "Botanic Gardens" cheese dish, casserole and cover, soup bowls (2), pudding bowls (2) plus others (3). £40-50
249.    20th cent. Portmeirion: "Botanic Gardens" coffee pot 12ins., teapots 7ins, (2) custard jugs 6ins (2) creamers 56ins. (2). £40-50
250.    The Leonardo art deco style figure of a seated lady by Annie Row Lady figure 'Grace' by Annie Row, Giuseppe Armani Florence "Stepping Out", Lady with a vase of flowers, and "La Chic" modelled by Andy Moss Ltd Edition 500 No 118. (5) £30-50
251.    Royal Doulton: "Classic in Vogue" Amelia HN 4327, Christmas Morn HN 18992 CORP 1946, Pretty Ladies 'Precious', "Classique" Annabel C.L. 3981 modelled by Timothy Potts. (4). £40-60
252.    Royal Doulton: Bedtime HN1978 "Darling" HN1985, Collectors Club, Amanda, HN 3635, "Images" "God Bless You" HN 3400, The Snowman Gift Collection, Thank You Snowman. (5) £40-60
253.    Coal Port Figures: "Dearest Rose" Ltd Edition 9,5000 No 2674, Ltd Edition 4,950.221 Classic Elegance a Special Gift, Joanne ladies of fashion, "Coming of Age" (4). £30-50
254.    Royal Doulton Figurines: HN 2835 Fair Lady, HN 3421 Nicole, HN 3662 Take Me Home plus HN 2448 Diana (4). £40-60
255.    Royal Worcester Figurines: 3081 Grand Mothers Dress Ltd Edition 11954/ 12.500 Golden Moments "Special Moments" plus Keep sake, Ltd Edition 12.500 No 11594, Sian Ladies of the Isles and Tiffany. (5) £30-50
256.    Royal Doulton Figurines: HN 3420 Ashley, HN 2335 Hilary, HN 2468 Diana, HN3481 Lavender Rose, HN3620 Valerie modelled by Peggy Daisies and a Rose. (6) £30-50
257.    Royal Crown Derby: Paperweights - Calico kitten, Misty. Exclusive for Crown Derby Collectors Guild also Scruff. (3) £70-100
258.    Royal Crown Derby: Paperweights - Bank Vole, Pappy Mouse and an Orchard Hedgehog. (3) £80-120
259.    Royal Crown Derby: Paperweights - Robin, Hummingbird and a Gold Crest. (3) £80-120
260.    Royal Crown Derby: Paperweights - Squirrel, Gold Crest and a Crested Tit. (3) £80-120
261.    Royal Crown Derby: Paperweights Dormouse, Teal Duckling x 2, Duckling. (4)
NB: All paperweight are complete with the gold seal and most are Collectors Guild items. £80-120
262.    Royal Crown Derby: Paperweights Fire Crest x 2, plus one other. (3) £70-100
263.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick and Royal Doulton - Cats seated, white, ginger, tabby and grey. Plus a grey Persian cat walking, a cat playing with paper, sleeping cats and Siamese kittens plus one other. (14) £70-80
264.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "The Old Balloon Seller" H.N 1315, "The Balloon Man" H.N. 1954. £60-70
265.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "The Boatman" H.N 2417. £50-60
266.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Darling" unsigned. £80-100
267.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft Anemone tribute vase, dark blue ground shading to green at rim, pink and purple line type flowers, Moorcroft Made in England stamp in green to base. 8ins. Boxed. £100-150
268.    20th cent. Ceramics: Walter Moorcroft circular dish. Green ground, Anemone designs. Impressed Moorcroft. Made in England to base 3¼ins. diameter. £30-50
269.    20th cent. Ceramics: Walter Moorcroft lamp globes for central lamp section. Hibiscus pattern; green ground, 5½ins. diameter with printed paper Royal Warrant "Queen Mary" used 1953-1976 5½ins. tall. (2) £80-120
270.    20th cent. Ceramics: Walter Moorcroft lamp globes small 4¼ins. tall & 5¾ins. tall spherical central lamp sections columns. Hibiscus pattern; white ground. Printed Royal Warrant "Queen Mary" used 1953-1976. £80-120
271.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick Owl no 2026, Royal Doulton The Winnie The Pooh Collectors Club "Pooh Lights the Candle", Swan decorated with flowers & a Russian Bird. (4) £30-50
272.    20th cent. Ceramics: Rozan, Italian pottery figure of a boxer puppy. 8ins. Also a seated figure of another puppy dog. Approximately 9ins. £30-50
273.    20th cent. Ceramics: Karl Enns bird ornaments Coal Tit, Great Tit and Crested Tit. £30-50
274.    20th cent. Beswick Hereford calf model no 1406B. £30-60
275.    20th cent. Beswick figure of a Hereford cow "Champion of Champions" model 1360. £40-60
276.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Orange lustre arts and crafts style comport. 7ins. x 10ins. £40-50
277.    20th cent. Ceramics:Royal Doulton plates, Old English Inns series, The bears Head, Brereton, plus Dover castle, Rochester Castle and the River Medway 3 plates. £30-50
278.    Royal Doulton: Series plates. "The Cobler" D6302 x 2, "Home Waters" dish and Kate Greenaway Almanack plate - boxed. £30-50
279.    19th cent. C1885 Parianware bust Robinson and Leadbeater of Prime Minister Gladstone. £20-30
280.    19th cent. Ceramic tiles showing Prime Minister Gladstone and Mrs Gladstone, tiles marked L & B England x 2. £30-40
281.    Early 20th cent. Meissen: Bacchanalian Putti cross swords marks to base and impressed 1236 red oxide 67. Requires restoration. £50-80
282.    Royal Dux: Ceramic group, three classical children playing cymbals and Grecian pipes serenading a swan - triangle mark to impressed numerals 3266. Length 16ins. x height 10ins. £60-80
283.    Early 20th cent. Ceramic Kitchenalia: Jelly mould, blue/ white spoon stand, blue/ white triangular print drainer, Arcadian Charids stand in the form of a tea pot etc. £30-40
284.    19th cent. Saltglaze 'Brampton Ware' coffee pot with sprigged hunting themes. Brown and white. 9ins. £40-50
285.    Derby 1782-1800 coffee can, gilt decoration, factory mark to base. £30-40
286.    19th cent. Pearlware: Jardiniere painted maritime & tropical island scene 7ins. diameter, 6¾ins. tall plus a small pot decorated with flowers in relief. £50-80
287.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood cream ware child/dolls part dinner service, soap tureen and ladle, 4 x square tureens and covers, 2 x gravy boats, 4 x assorted meat ovals, 6 x soup plates, 7 x dinner plates plus a circular tureen and cover. £50-70
288.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood blue Jasper ware commemorative circular trinket pots, bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip plus 6 x glass dishes bearing the Royal coat of arms. £40-50
289.    20th Cent Ceramics: Wedgwood Queens ware commemorative to commemorate the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, 2 x trinket pots, sugar bowl and cover, creamer, mug, milk jug with applied blue relief plus thimble etc. £50-70
290.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood Jasper ware commemorative plaque to Sir Arthur Whitten Brown 1886/ 1948, No 1 of a series struck especially by Wedgwood for Short Bros and Harland LTD, Arnold Machin A.R.A. sculpture in original box. £50-70
291.    20th Cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood 3 piece embossed Queens ware commemorative tea set, to commemorate the Coronation of Edward VIII with applied blue relief, sugar bowl with cover, tea pot and creamer plus a Johnson Bros blue commemorative milk jug. £50-70
292.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood Clarice Cliff collection, Age of Jazz, drummer and dancers, a pair. £50-70
293.    20th cent. Ceramics: Poole dish depicting a mousse and a snail 5ins. Brown matt mouse & a gloss brown mouse. A figure of a bird perching on a apple. £40-50
294.    Poole 1966-1980 Large slip oval dish decorated with a stylised exotic bird, signed C.H possibly Carol Holden. £30-50
295.    Poole 1959-67 oval mark floral jardiniere, pattern mark BN above X possibly Gwen Haskins. 9ins. £30-50
296.    Poole 1959-67 oval mark floral bowl X/LE pattern possibly Gwen Haskins. 12ins. diameter. £30-50
297.    Royal Doulton: Commemorative plate to the Doulton Company. £20-30
298.    Doulton Lambeth Stoneware: Art nouveau style flasks, blue leaf design 9ins. - a pair. a/f. plus a pair of blue organic design two handle vases. £40-50
299.    Royal Doulton Lambeth Stoneware: Jug, blue border, white and gold decoration, lid missing 8ins. A baluster vase, crown glaze in the art nouveau style 9ins. Plus a blue vase brown lustre neck. 9ins. £40-60
300.    Doulton Lambeth Stoneware: Tobacco jar, organic design, bowl with a design of leaves. Jar cover missing and a creamer. £70-80
301.    Studio Pottery: Coffee set, 6 cups and saucers, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, faint mark possible TS. £30-50
302.    20th cent. Commemorative Glass: George VI tankard 1937 coronation Herbert Goode limited No 571 of 1000, height approx 6ins. plus a Charles Investiture engraved wine goblet, signed (Peter) Dreiser No 115 of 150, height approx. 8ins. H.R.H Queen Elizabeth Jubilee 1952-1977 cut glass Royal Brierley goblets, approx. 10ins. - a pair.
303.    20th cent. French glass Muller Freres style Art Deco Pate de Vere glass Tazza pressed metal stand with leaf decoration 8ins. dia. 8ins. height. £90-120
304.    19th/20th cent. Plated Epergne with 5 detachable iridescent glass flower shape flutes, twist wire work frame. 21ins. x 12ins. £40-60
305.    20th cent. Copper Ware: Guernsey jugs, graduated set of 3, marked A Degruchy Guernsey beneath. £40-50
306.    20th cent. Pewter: Howard pewter, hammered arts and crafts style tea box, Crown rose pewter tankards x 2. £40-60
307.    Arts and Crafts: Pewter Bell brand hammered milk jug, sugar bowl and wicker handle teapot. £30-50
308.    19th cent. Pewter broth bowls, some stamped 'HMS Lydia' to base (4) plus two stamped Dixon & Co. (of Hornblower fame). £250-300
309.    Pewter: 19th cent. James Dixon & Son honey pot 4½ins. £50-80
310.    20th cent. Bronze stag seated, on black marbled base signed P Lecourtier , foundry mark - bronze Garanti Paris J B Deposee. £80-120
311.    19th/20th cent. Classical bronze lead filled statuette's, possibly Bacchus and Hestia on marbled alabaster plinths - a pair. 17ins. £120-150
312.    20th cent. Bronze sculpture Nicolas Lavarenne, patinated nude male figure leaping with arms outstretched. Signed and numbered 03 7/8 and foundry marks. 16ins. £800-1200
313.    Coins: Full silver from George III to George V 7½oz plus 1.3oz of foreign coins. £70-120
314.    Coins: ½ silver from George V to George VI 16½oz. £60-80
315.    Coins: Large amount of foreign coins, Europe, China etc. £20-50
316.    Coins: Crowns pre-decimal 36 plus Commonwealth Games £2 coin 1986 - boxed. and 2 commemorative medals. British copper, copro, nickel, brass etc large quantity. £30-50
317.    Numismatics: English silver half crown, James II 1686, William III 1696. £100-120
318.    Coins: American Morgan silver dollar 1884 Philadelphia mint, condition fair. 0.8ozs. £20-40
319.    Coins: British full silver coins 2ozs & American 80% silver 1ozs. £20-30
320.    Coins: World coins, some half silver, a quantity. £30-50
321.    Coins: British and American ½ silver coins. 103ozs. £300-400
322.    Coins: Commemorative Crowns (£5) Golden Jubilee 2002, Diamond Wedding 20017, Diana 1999 x 2, Coronation 2003, Queen Mother 2000, Millennium 2000 x 2, Golden Wedding 1997, Prince of Wales 1998, all in packs, £5 Crowns for 2002 and 1996 loose, a £2 coin Bill of Rights coin in pack A1999 UK packs £2 to 1p, a 200 set both in packs, decimal coin set 50p to ½p pack, a Silver Crown for 1972 boxed, other Crowns and Coins loose plus other Royal pieces. £100-150
323.    Coins: British copper, 3 albums, large and 8 small collectors' packs. £30-50
324.    Coins: British ½ crowns, florins, shillings, 6 pence pieces. Some ½ silver & 2 coin books. £30-50
325.    Coins: British copper brass cupro nickel. All dominations. £40-60
326.    19th cent. Dore bronze inkwell desk stand set with malachite cobouchon, tray below 10ins. x 4½ins. £150-200
327.    Spectacles: Cartier yellow metal ladies spectacles, blue cabouchons to the arms. Reg. no. 2114983 Cartier Made in France, engraved on the inside of the arms. Purchase paperwork dated 1998, red leather handbag case, red leather dressing table box. £100-150
328.    Smoking Requisites: Lighters, Ronson, Cartier, DuPont and Dunhill. All in need of restoration. £80-100
329.    1/40th 14ct Gold Pens: 'Morrisons' pen & propelling lead pencil, yellow metal sheath with pierced floral motif decoration. (2). £100-150
330.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Perfume Bottles: Glass perfume bottles wrapped in white metal pierced sheath. Floral design with cabochon, chip to glass stopper. "D862?"stamp 4¼ins. tall with Nina Ricci perfume bottle, engraved Lalique to base. Stopper mounted by two doves. 4¼ins. tall. £80-100
331.    Late 19th/ Early 20th cent. Desk Furniture: Ink wells, 2 x square with white metal fittings, 1 x cut glass with stopper in the form of a plume. £30-40
332.    Objects of Virtu 17th/18th cent.: Head plaque wax Jacobean style portrait 2ins diam. set in a white metal heavily embossed frame with floral relief. 6ins x 6ins. £100-150
333.    19th cent. Diorama bird feather study in a circular convex glass frame gilt edges with ebony surround 5ins. x 5ins. £80-100
334.    19th cent Fine needle point work of a mill by a stream with boats trees, figures label on reverse, version worked by Sarah Baynes first wife of John Baynes nee Fear. £60-80
335.    Treenware: 20th cent. Beech nut cracker in the form of a fish. £20-40
336.    Treen Ware: 20th cent. Beech nut cracker, Scandinavian design plus a treen spoon. £50-80
337.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, closed hand holding a nut, screw operation. £60-80
338.    Treen Ware: 19th cent. Yew wood nut cracker, closed hand holding a nut, screw operation. £60-80
339.    Treen Ware: 20th cent. Beech nut cracker of fish form. £30-60
340.    Treen Ware: 20th cent. Beech nut cracker of Scandinavian design. £30-60
341.    20th cent. Jewellery: Tie pins 1.15ct, 1 x unmarked pendant and chains marked sterling, childs engraved bangle Birmingham very worn marks, cameo ring 9ct. shank plus costume jewellery. £30-50
342.    Diamond Jewellery: Solitaire ring approx ½ carat with three small diamonds on each shoulder tests 18ct. £260-300
343.    Diamond Jewellery: Five stone boat shaped ring approx ½ carat test 18ct and plate. £300-400
344.    Diamond and Sapphire Jewellery: Art Deco ring central rectangular sapphire surrounded by twenty small brilliant cut diamonds in a geometric design test 18ct white gold. £500-600
345.    19th cent. Grand Tour Jewellery: Ivory cameo set in 9ct. gold, animal tooth necklace set in unmarked yellow metal, and a single earring. £40-60
346.    Smoking Requisites: Patent cigar cutter, blood stone seal, marked and tested 9ct, openwork shoulders, suspension spring. Maker M.W & S. probably Mark Willis. £100-150
347.    Watches: Jaegar Le Coulter ladies stainless steel Reverso bracelet watch ref 261.8.86 and 1848918. Two tone black dial with original Jaeger bracelet 34mm x 20mm. £2000-2500
348.    Hallmarked Silver: Cased fob watch, key wind movement. £20-30
349.    Hallmarked Silver: Cased fob watch with key wind movement, Kay & Company. £20-30
350.    Watches: Ingersoll Ltd, "Triumph" white metal pocket watch, also yellow metal Waltham pocket watch with second dial, Dennison cased and travelling case. £50-70
351.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Earrings floral double drop one tests 9kt 2.5g. £20-30
352.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Gents curb link bracelet bark design tests 14kt, 67g stamped 585. £1000-1100
353.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Child I bracelet inscribed Nena, chain link a/f tests 14kt approx 2.5g. £30-40
354.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Agate pendant with Prince of Wales chain 18ins. approx 8g inc tests 14/15kt. £50-70
355.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Cross pendant fine openwork set with emerald to centre tests 18kt gold 1-9g inclusive. £40-50
356.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Brooch simulated pearl filigree settings tests 14/15kt gold, 2½g inc with safety chain. £30-40
357.    Yellow Metal Jewellery:Signet ring emerald set tests 18kt, 3.5g. £60-70
358.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Brooch seed pearl and sapphire with wirework setting tests 14/15kt 3g. £60-90
359.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Cross pendants tests 14/15kt 2g. £20-30
360.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Designer ring overlapping rectangular tests 14kt white and yellow gold 5g marked 585. £80-100
361.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Childs bangle floral decoration set with seed pearl tests 18ct approx 6.5g. £120-140
362.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Dress rings blue glass solitaire tests 9kt and onyx childs rings tests 14kt approx 3g inclusive. £20-30
363.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Earrings set with small red stones plus butterfly clips 2 pairs tests 18kt approx 6g. £110-130
364.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Heart shaped pendant on fancy chain tests 9ct approx 4g. £40-60
365.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Necklace chains rope pattern and curb link both broken tests 14/15kt approx 7g. £90-120
366.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Knot earrings domed shaped marked 18ct and tested, 11g. £200-240
367.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Fancy three tier oval brooch test 14/15kt gold, 4g. £60-90
368.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Maya style pendant of zoomorphic shape set with a central emerald test 18ct 0.9g. £30-50
369.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Cultured pearl brooch/ pendant and rings set tests 9kt plus bar brooch tests 9kt 22g inclusive. £180-220
370.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Gold nugget earring and wirework brooch tests 14 and 18k approx 3g plus miniature bar brooch tests 10kt 0.3g. £40-60
371.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Strap bangle with wire work decoration set with cultured pearl tests 14/15kt 14g inclusive. £200-250
372.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: early 20th cent Art and Crafts ring set with diamond, ruby and sapphire tests 14/15kt 4.7g. £70-90
373.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Etruscan style drop earrings tests 14/15 kt approx 5g. £80-100
374.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Floral leaf pendant set with seed pearls tests 18kt on a very fine link chain tests 9ct approx 3.5g. £50-70
375.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Signet ring with diagonal engraving tests 18kt 1.9g. £30-50
376.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Earrings Etruscan style filigree work with butterfly clips tests 22kt 4.8g. £110-130
377.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Earrings Hematite oval set, coral cobouchon set and leaf pattern tests 14kt approx 6g inclusive. £70-90
378.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Earrings Baroque style each set with 9 cultured pearls and screw studs tests 14/15kt 9.9g inclusive. £160-200
379.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Earrings post ball stud plus a larger pan both test 9kt approx 6g (2 pairs). £40-60
380.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Slave bangle of plain form tests 14kt 35g. £450-500
381.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Pendant fine wire spiders web pendant set with green stone tests 14/15 kt approx 1.9g inclusive. £20-30
382.    Yellow Metal Costume Jewellery: "Trifari" simulated pearl earrings, curb link necklace, fine chain, stone pendant, cultured pearl leaf pattern ring, white metal ring and marquisette dog. £40-60
383.    Hallmarked Silver: Arts & crafts hammered bob bon dish supported by three curvilinear arms, Glasgow RW Sorley. Rd. 429216 . 4.6ozs. Height 3¼ins. x diameter 4ins. £200-250
384.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving spoon London 1856-7, sugar bowl, Jug Birmingham 1913-14, misc napkin rings (5), continental set mustard a/f, plus Carl Cohr Danish spoons approx 22oz. £220-240
385.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments, pierced silver salts with liners Birmingham 1901, salt/pepper marked sterling silver, pepperette worn marks, salt Birmingham 1909, salt on three claw supports, and 7 salt spoons. 4½ozs. £40-60
386.    Continental Silver with British Sponsors Mark: Ornate souvenir spoon, pierced design, Chester John Millward Banks 1904. 1.3ozs. £40-60
388.    Hallmarked Silver: Fish servers, silver collar, engraved plate blade and fork, horn handles in the form of fish boxed. £30-40
389.    Hallmarked Silver and tortoiseshell ladies dressing table set, mirror, hand brushes (2), hair brushes (2). Maker S&B Snyder & Beddoes, Birmingham 1924. £80-120
390.    Early 20th cent. 1911 Art deco dressing table set, mirror, two brushes and a comb, Dutch 90 mark Gero £30-50
391.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoons, ladle, butter knife. 5ozs. £40-50
392.    Hallmarked Silver: Salver, embossed and carved decoration, 10ins. diameter resting on 3 scroll feet London 19ozs. £220-300
393.    Danish Sterling Silver: 1940 Nativity spoon, gilt bowl. Star and three shepherds & Kings top shaft, marked A Michelsen Copenhagen - Sterling Denmark. Approx. 1½ozs. £30-50
394.    Smoking requisites: Hallmarked silver glass and silver match strikers, ashtray. Glass striker base, hallmarked silver rim. £70-90
395.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea pot 1833 Exeter William Woodman of Bristol. 24ozs. £200-300
396.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian and later including creamer, bowl, two handled bowl, etc. Plus a white metal beaker and a plated creamer (not weighed). 16ozs of hallmarked silver. £120-180
397.    Hallmarked Silver: John Pinches commemorative ingots, Vintage Automobiles "The National Motor Museum Beaulieu 1972" 36 2ozs ingots , all hallmarked & numbered in a treen presentation case. Total silver 72ozs. £600-800
398.    Automobilia: Fiat models 19 sales brochure monochrome car illustrations, Torpedo, Conduite interievre and sport models with technical information and Isotta Fraschini fold out brochure type 8-A illustrating technical details and important owners of the period. £60-80
399.    Automobilia: Early 20th cent postcards French petrol station advertising cards J Dupoy Cenon Bordeaux and L. Dagouassat Boucav. Bayonne Bordeaux both showing interesting motor cars (2). £30-40
400.    Automobilia: Rover sales brochures 1954, 60, 75, 90 colour cover with price list, reprint 1956 "Motor" 105 R black and white 1956 black and white Turbine con at Earls Court embossed colour 105 R and S embossed cream with car outline. The 3 litre saloon colour interior and price list, green cover full colour interior 60, 75 and 90 green colour, steering wheel 105 90, 75, 60 full colour interior. £40-60
401.    Automobilia: American 1964 full colour brochure listing models Hardtops, Sedons, Wagons, Sports Coupes, Convertibles and Coupes 26 articles 64 pages. Monochrome 1953 Buick fold over, 1953 Cadillac 4 sides fold over, 1934 French colour foldout Cadillac sales brochure and Mevary 8 foldout, photographs Cadillac Sedan 1926, 8 cylinder Phaeton 1921-2-3 Imperial Limousine Cadillac Tourer 1926 plus 1926 convertible photo by L. Esner (6). £60-80
402.    Automobilia: Sales and publicity brochure French M.G. Midget series TC Piganeau and Co 1923 Brake technical booklet, English 1950 Morris Oxford colour fold out, Allard Monte Carlo, Safari and K3 Tourer black and white double fold, Humber Hawk full colour 3 fold Fulscap Leyland Eight profile publication brochure, Motorcycling Norton 1950 model ES2 fold over colour brochure and Hoyt Metal Co Hints on lining bearings technical booklet. £50-80
403.    Automobilia: Car mascot radiator ornaments 1937 King George and Queen Elizabeth coronation commemorative red, white and blue enamel, chromium cypher and date GR VI E.R May 1937 impressed Smiths 3ins. £200-250
404.    Automobilia: C1930's R.A.C. radiator badge Associate members type 6 Mazac and enamel removable Union Jack 3¾ins membership No E44515. £40-60
405.    Automobilia: C1920-30's R.A.C. radiator badges, full member type 5 brass body circular Union Jack frelted Edwardian Crown mounted on chromium radiator cap membership No D2098 stamped Elkington 5½ins, plus cap. £80-120
406.    Automobilia: Hispano Suiza sales brochure L.A 54 C.V 12 cylinders fold out monochrome with illustrations of various models options - fold out double falscap. £100-150
407.    Automobilia: Hispano Suiza car mascot flying swan on chrome stand a/f (both feet missing) plus sales brochure 30c.v. 6 cylinder 1936 four folding page with illustrations of various models, £200-300
408.    Automobilia: Car mascot chromium crouching jaguar version 1 ( 1938 issue of Auto car states the mascot is available from S.S. agents for 2 guinea's) plus Two-point Four sales brochure 4 fold colour printed. £50-80
409.    Automobilia: Minevra 1930 chrome plated Griffin helmet type signed De Soeta to base mounted on radiator cap 5¾ ins. also sales brochure Minevra 8, cover with technical details inside. £250-300
410.    Automobilia: Car mascots Sasportas Swan landing wings outstretched chrome on brass (various wear points) and a black Bakelite and chrome cap signed to base wingspan 8¼ins. plus 2 photographs with the mascot mounted on two of the owners cars. £100-150
411.    Automobilia: Car mascots 1920s - 30 La Cocotte Automobiles Voison, fitted to radiator cap aluminium wings and chromed brass base and cap 9¼ins. plus cap. £400-600
412.    J.D. De Francesco oil on canvas, Men-O-War a broadside between British and Spanish ships, framed 29½ins. x 19½ins. £30-50
413.    20th cent. Screen print "Gondolas" signed Kiora 87/100, framed 19ins. x 17ins. plus a Pascin, Musee Maillol poster (2). £40-60
414.    Ron Folland 1932-1999: Oil on canvas 'Isolated Farmstead' 41ins. x 18ins. Plus a 19th cent. print "Return from the Derby, Clapham Common" from a painting by J.E. Herring Snr. Engraved by J. Harris 42ins. x 21ins. (image). £50-80
415.    J. C. Sadler 1980 - 1812 etchings "View from the English Quay at St Petersburg", "View of the Monastery of Divitchy", "The Palace of St Isaac", " The Stone Theatre at St Petersburg" 9¼ins. x 7ins. plus a etching of "An Officer of the Imperial Foot Guards" 9¼ins. x 11½ins. all framed and glazed. £40-60
416.    20th cent. Dutch School 'Riverside Walk and Moored Boats'. Oil on canvas, 34½ ins. x 23ins. Framed. Harrods Picture Dept. Label to reverse. Indistinct signature lower right. £40-60
417.    Jean Moyrean 1690-1762 etchings La Marchande De Canards 1762, Les Adieux, La Famille Du Marechal 1741 plus Les Bucherons 1954, all pasted on board and with some damage 19ins. x 15ins. £50-80
418.    Military Prints of continental Officers and other ranks on horse back 8½ins. x 11ins framed and glazed plus 1 x 22½ins. x 28ins.
Plus 20th cent. paintings on papyrus Egyptian prints etc (7). £30-50
419.    20th cent. Oils, watercolour, prints, including, interiors, portraits, maps, woolwork etc. Approx. 14. £20-30
420.    Lucinda L. Mackay 1970: Ink & watercolour "The Bridge Near San Basilio", signed lower right. Framed and glazed 17ins. x 12ins.
421.    20th cent. Prints: Russell - Flint, European scenes/Mediterranean, orange groves, lake views, maps, etc. Most framed and glazed. (17) £50-60
422.    20th cent. British School 'Low Tide at Dawn', 5 panels or unattached screen, in sequence. Oil on canvas, each panel 59ins. x 19½ins. £40-60
424.    20th cent. Prints: 'Faithful Friends', series of dogs and horses, mostly framed and glazed, some only mounted. £30-50
425.    20th cent. Paintings & Prints: Kenneth Wyatt contemporary prints (2), original pencil sketches (3), Lithograph Paris 1860 & Road Haulage in 1790, Noah's Animals steel print; lithographs Paris 1815 by R Peake (2). (1 Box). £40-60
426.    20th cent. Watercolour: Bryony Sutton cat study. Also Included are limited edition prints, etc. by various artists, subjects and sizes. £40-60
427.    2 engravings of H.C.S MacQueen 20ins. x 14½ins. H.M.S Winchester 20ins. x 14½ins. 1 x print of a sailing boat plus an etching of "Lord's" ground in 1837. £20-40
428.    Etchings: Architectural etchings of various buildings in black & white x 8, size 15ins. x 10ins. and 2 size 22ins. x 14½ins. £80-120
429.    Harley Crossley oil on board "Lymington High Street & Church". Palette knife, framed 27¾ins. x 11¼ins. Plus 20th cent. Smallwood oil on canvas "Harbour Scene with Two Dingy's". 23¾ins. x 29¾ins. £40-60
430.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Golden Shore" initial lower middle, framed and glazed 4½ins. x 3½ins. "Butterfly" initial bottom middle, framed and glazed 7¼ins. x 5½ins. and "Sepia Castle" initial middle right, framed and glazed 3ins. x 3ins. and a blue and white landscape study, initialled, framed and glazed. 15½ins. x 19ins. (4) £30-50
431.    20th cent. Irish School: "Lough Corrib, Galway, Ireland" depicts a family returning home, greeted by two dogs. Unsigned watercolour. Framed and glazed. 15½ins x 9½ins. £50-80
432.    J Burnett 20th cent. Oil on canvas, Impressionistic "Evening Street Scene" framed 9½ins. x 7ins. plus A.C. Ward 20th cent. view of Artist painting "En Plein Air", 16ins. x 13¼ins. (2).
433.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Vision in Grey - Pink Landscape", framed and glazed 11½ins. x 15ins. and "Swiss Chalet Moon" initialled, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 15ins. (2)
434.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Seascape and Butterflies" initialled, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 13½ins., "Autumn" initialled, framed and glazed 13ins. x 9½ins. (2)
435.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Moon Shadow" initialled, framed and glazed 18½ins. x 15ins. and "Snow Christmas" initialled, framed and glazed 15½. x 19ins. (2)
436.    William Drew 1928-84 Australian: Oil on board "Aboriginal Boy", signed lower right. Framed 9½ins. x 13¾ins.
437.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Sepia Trees" initialled, framed and glazed. 18½ins. x 15ins. and "Secret Cottage" initialled, framed and glazed 18½ins. x 15ins. (2)
438.    19th cent. Mahogany framed mirror, fret worked with inlaid decoration. £20-40
439.    20th cent. Albany Wiseman "Wapping Pierhead, London". Lithograph pencil signed, titled & limited edition 180/.300 Framed and glazed. 22½ins. x 18ins. £60-100
440.    Charles Lawrie 1834 engraver, from a painting by John Dean Paul, coloured engraving on paper "A Trip to Brighton Plates" 1,2,3, and 4 framed and glazed 27½ins. x 17½ins. Etchings "The Duke of Beaufort's Coach" original painting by W. J. Shayer plus engraved by Charles Hunt, framed and glazed 26ins. x 21½ins. £80-120
441.    *Wiltshire: Pen, ink & colour wash "Ball Corner, Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire", signed 'Vernon' lower right. Framed and glazed 27¼ins. x 19½ins. £50-80
442.    *Wiltshire: Pen, ink & colour wash "Marlborough High Street; View West", signed 'Vernon' lower right. Framed and glazed 27¼ins. x 19½ins. £50-80
443.    Rozycky: Oil on canvas - Bugatti Brescia open top racing car, unsigned, gallery label on verso. Framed 40ins. x 29½ins. £150-250
444.    Rozycky: Oil on canvas - Bugatti open top tourer on grass, unsigned, Framed 37ins. x 27½ins. £150-250
445.    Book plates, birds - Kittiwake Gull, Cuckoo, Lapwing and Kestrel, framed and glazed, 21ins. x 13½ins. £80-120
446.    Clocks: Mahogany Vienna regulator wall clock, split baluster columns. £90-120
447.    Oscar Bablan (1909 - 1987) Mixed media "Classical form of nude woman in a garden.". Signed lower left and dated 1938. Framed and glazed. 20ins x 13½ins. £100-120
448.    Duke of Wellington/Waterloo: The funeral procession of Arthur, Duke of Wellington, hand coloured aquatint panorama in 22 panels. Each framed and glazed. Total dimensions approx. 92ins. x 5ins. One panel extended in height to show the funeral carriage. Published by Ackermans & Co. London 1853. £400-600
449.    Print "The Return of Duke Wen of Chin" label on verso. Framed and glazed 10½ins. x 7¼ins.
450.    19th cent. Charles Frederick Buckley 1812-1869 watercolour 'Alpine study with figures', signed lower left and matching study figures in an Alpine sunset, signed lower right - a pair. Gilt framed. Approx. 9½ins x 7¼ins.
451.    Michael Broido (1927-2013) "Abstract Green" (worked for Barbara Hepworth until 1962, taught at Truro Art school for 20 years) oil on canvas 24ins. x 20ins. £100-150
452.    20th cent. Abstract landscape Porthleven, Cornwall monogrammed L.W. to reverse, oil on canvas 30ins. x 30ins. (possibly SG Kelly?). £50-70
453.    A. Vendet 1976 French abstract study in blue and green, limited edition screen print 37/150 framed and glazed 19½ins. x 13¾ins. £40-60
454.    20th cent. French screen print "Study of Plants" in green and blues, limited edition 5/175. Framed and glazed 24ins. x 17ins. £40-60
455.    English School: Early 20th cent. Pastel Study portraits of a young lady and man. Mounted, framed and glazed. 17ins x 12½ins. £100-120
456.    20th cent. British School: oil on board After Jean- Francois Millet "The Gleaners" framed 18ins. x 8¾ins. £80-120
457.    Ross Thomas (1959) Ink and watercolour Tomb of the Prophet Jonah (Nebu Yoonis) Nineveh, Iraq. NB: Ross Thomas was the British Council representative, Mosul, framed and glazed. 22ins. x 15ins. £60-80
458.    20th cent. British School: oil on canvas still life "Wild Flowers in a Vase", unsigned framed 23½ins. x 19ins. £40-60
459.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas floral still life 'Roses in a Glass', signed lower right. Framed 13ins. x 10½ins. £250-300
460.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'House with Shutters in a Forest', signed lower right. Framed 8½ins. x 6ins. £200-300
461.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Stone Bridge Over River', signed lower left. Framed 6ins. x 4½ins. £150-200
462.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000L Oil on canvas 'Forest Track' signed lower left. Framed 6ins. x 9ins. £200-300
463.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Tall Trees in Autumn', signed lower left. Framed 9ins. x 6ins. £200-300
464.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas Forest track on verso "A Good Forest Walk", signed lower left. Framed 12½ins. x 9ins. £250-300
465.    Jack Vettriano: signed Limited Edition Silver screen print by Jack Vettriano, Missing Man One, signed by the artist, number 44 of 250. Framed and glazed. 30ins. x 24ins. £500-800
466.    David Mynett 1942-2013 Gouache "Evening Skies Burgundy" 13ins. x 9ins. plus "Early One Summer Morning" by the same artist. £50-80
467.    20th cent. Japanese print on fabric with cloth trees, boat and man. £60-80
468.    Late 20th cent: Gouache on paper abstract painting in the style of Roger Hilton "black/grey Boat, St Ives", monogrammed, framed and glazed 13½ins. x 9¾ins. £100-150
469.    20th cent. English School: Oil on board town study with figures, signed lower right (indistinct). Framed 15½ins. x 19½ins. £40-60
470.    Eleanor Hughes 1882-1959: Watercolour "Through the Arches", signed lower left, embossed stamp lower right. Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 10ins. £100-150
471.    19th cent. English School: Oil on canvas of a mill by a stream in woodland, unsigned in heavy gilt frame. 11ins. x 12ins. £150-250
472.    19th English School, oil on board, rural scene "Shepherd minding sheep in a woodland glade", indistinct signature lower left, relined and unframed, 20ins. x 12ins. £50-80
473.    Louis XV, Aubusson pastoral tapestry fragment. Mid 18th cent. woven in wool and silks, depicting three peasants resting in a woodland clearance, with a church in the background, within a later brown and grey outer-slip, reduced in size, areas of re-weaving and patching. Height 8ft 7ins. Width 5ft. 8ins.
Ex Christies Fine Tapestries & Carpets November 16th 2000. £1000-1500
474.    Early 19th cent. Woolwork Tapestry: Boy with dog, framed and glazed, 7ins. x 6½ins. £30-50
475.    Early 19th cent. Woolwork Tapestry: Girl with fruit basket and rabbits, ornate mahogany frame and glazed, 11ins. x 13ins. £30-50
476.    Late 19th cent. Woolwork Tapestries: Horse, rider and dog, mahogany framed 11ins. x 9ins. Girl with fruit and basket, rosewood framed and glazed, 10ins. x 10½ins. £30-50
477.    David Gentleman: Watercolour "The Tidal Mill at Wood Bridge" signed lower right and dated 66, framed and glazed 18ins. x 13ins. £100-150
478.    Claude Montague Hart 1869-1952: Watercolour Cornish School "Cornish Seascape with Dunes" 20ins. x 14ins. signed lower right. £50-80
479.    19th cent. English School: Oil on canvas, cattle by a lake, unsigned, gilt frame 19ins. x 9½ins. £60-80
480.    20th cent. Roland Foster: Watercolour J. Class "Yachts off a headland" off the Isle of Wight. Approx. 1ft. 10¼ins. x 2ft. 6¼ins.
481.    Charles William Day 1818- 1859 pen, black ink "Thames 1831 Man-O-War and 3 Thames Craft" framed and glazed 11½ins. x 6¾ins. £150-200
482.    Samuel Owen 1768-1857 Watercolour, 'Dutch Boat in Rough Seas' (Bonhams 4th November 2003). 9ins. x 7ins. £150-200
483.    George Bryant Campion 1796-1870. Ink highlighted with white, Seashore study with round buildings, signed on reverse. Framed and glazed. 13½ins. x 10ins. £60-80
484.    19th cent. E Hatten 1869: Watercolour 'Still life grapes and fruit' signed, in a gilt fame. 14ins. x 10ins. £20-30
485.    19th cent. English School: Primitive watercolour maritime study of SS Wave West Hartlepool in rough seas built 1871, she ran aground on the 09/10/1886 and broken up, framed and glazed 26ins. x 17ins.
486.    19th cent. English School: Primitive watercolour maritime study of SS Wave West Hartlepool in calm seas built 1871, she ran aground on the 09/10/1886 and broken up, framed and glazed 26ins. x 17ins. £300-500
487.    R. Warren Vernon: Early 20th cent. Watercolours "Brixham Trawler leaving Ilfracombe", signed & titled lower left. Framed and glazed 27ins. x 11ins. With "Stormy Sunrise, Bristol Channel", signed & titled R. Warren Vernon. Framed and glazed 26½ins. x 11½ins. plus "Estuary Shipping" monogram lower right. Framed and glazed 18¾ins. x 8ins. (2) £50-80
488.    G Kennion 1744-1809 watercolour study of a 2 masted sail boat signed on reverse, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins. £150-200
489.    Edward William Cook 1811-1880 watercolour, 1 of 12 original sketches by Cooke for engraving for his book, shipping and craft ( this one was not used) Study of a Man-O-War framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins. £150-200
490.    Edward William Cook 1811-1880 watercolour, 1 of 12 original sketches by Cooke for engraving for his book, shipping and craft ( this one was not used) Study of a Man-O-War, signed on the reverse, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins.
491.    Thomas Webster watercolour, a study of boats unloading a 3 master in rough seas, framed and glazed 12ins. x 9ins. £100-150
492.    Bernard Finegan Gribble 1873-1962 watercolour 'RMS Orsova of the Orient Steam Navigation Co.', signed bottom left. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 10ins. £150-250
493.    William Anderson 1759- 1837 watercolour, a study of ships under sail, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 9½ins. £300-400
494.    English School: Watercolour lobster boat bring in the pots, signed lower left indistinct, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 9½ins. £200-400
495.    John Thomas Serres 1759- 1825 watercolour, study of boats and ships in rough seas, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 6½ins. £120-180
496.    Alexander Blackly 1837: Charcoal and watercolour of a lady sitting on a chair reading, signed & dated lower left. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 18ins. £80-100
497.    Herbert Laventon 1800-1900: Watercolour "Brace of Pheasants - Breaking Cover", signed lower right. Framed and glazed 14¾ins. x 10¾ins. £80-120
498.    Sir William Russell Flint 1880-1969: Drawing/watercolour, two female figure studies, signed lower right. Ex Sothebys Lot No 221 2nd October 1996. 13ins. x 8ins. £560-600
499.    Axel (Alex) Herman Haig-Swedish 1835-1921 watercolour Kalmar Sept 1872. Titled and monogrammed lower left by the artist, titled and attributed Alex H. Haig on the mount. Image 7½ins. x 11½ins. gilt frame 18ins. x 21ins.
Plus a matching study by Axel (Alex) Herman Haig-Swedish 1835-1921 Continental Fisher Folk. Two woman and a man collecting shellfish. Attributed to Alex H. Haig on mount - a pair Image 13ins. x 9½ins. gilt frame 18ins. x 21ins. £400-600
500.    20th cent. Lucy Maddley Artist: Watercolour "Market Day Hebden Knee". Framed and glazed 14ins. x 10½ins. £80-120
501.    Rudolph Stone c1920 oil on board "Hunting Studies" signed lower right - a pair, gilt framed, approx. 14ins. x 7ins. £200-300
502.    Richard Dighton 1795-1880: Ink and watercolour on paper " Gathering of Gentlemen" signed lower right Worcester framed and glazed, 15½ins x 11½ins. ( Bonhams 7th November 2001 lot 58 page 21 of that catalogue). £200-300
503.    Malcolm J Hitchcock 1929-98 'Morlaix Bretagne' 9ins. x 5½ins. plus 'Volos to Mileai Line III' 5ins. x 8ins. Both oil on egg Tempera. Framed. (2). £60-100
504.    Prints: Tyron Gallery, Archibald Thorburn prints of grouse, pheasant. Framed and glazed 22ins. x 17ins. (3). £30-50
505.    George Morland 1763-1804: Period coloured engraving of "The Cowherd and Milkmaid". Framed and glazed 23ins. x 19ins. £50-80
506.    George Morland 1763-1804: Period coloured engraving of "Juvenile Navigators" engraved by W. Ward. £50-80
507.    Regency Revival gilt and ebonised gesso convex wall mirror, circa 1860, the circular plate within a cavetto frame with olive leaf and reel moulding's, surmounted by a cabochon cartouche crest and foliate scrolls, the base with a similar cartouche and oak leaf decoration. Approx. Height: 3ft. 4ins. Width: 2ft. 2¼ins.
508.    R. Marshall: Oil on board lakeside study, signed lower right, gilt frame 27ins. x 19ins. £50-80
509.    Limited Edition Prints: Signed Henry Wilkinsons of Hounds, Irish Greyhounds and Setters. 14ins. x 10ins. (3) £100-150
510.    20th cent. Ceramics: Circular plaque decorated with summer flowers in gilt frame - a pair. 7½ins. £30-50
511.    James Robertson 1815- 1836 watercolour, "Kilkenny Castle" 7½ins. x 5ins. plus a Charles Jones Way 1865- 1888 watercolour, "Ben Lomond from Doune Perthshire" 9ins. x 5½ins. £50-80
512.    British School: Jack Russell terrier 'Tristy' oil on canvas, signed 'E Fox -87' lower left. Framed 10ins. x 8ins. £80-100
513.    British School: Jack Russell terrier, oil on board, indistinct marks lower right. Framed. 9ins. x 8¾ins. £80-100
514.    George W Yeates 1860-1939 Ireland: Oil on board "Walled Cottage Garden" signed lower right on reverse rough sketch of a face inscribed Feb 1933 and May 34. Framed 16ins. x 12ins. £200-250
515.    20th cent. British School: Watercolours, Woodland scenes, framed and glazed, 11ins. x 8½ins. and 13ins. x 9ins. indistinct signature. (2). £30-40
516.    William James Muller 1812- 1845: Watercolour landscape study framed and glazed 5ins. x 3ins. £60-100
517.    William James Muller 1812- 1845 watercolour "The Avon at Clifton" 6½ins. x 4¼ins. £100-150
518.    19th cent. Continental Oil on Board, 'Mountain study with goats' - a pair, in Black Forest style frame. 9ins. x 5½ins. £30-50
519.    English School watercolour study of a ruined Abbey, framed and glazed 20½ins. x 14ins. £50-80
520.    Samuel Prout Attributed: Pencil sketch "Portland 1809". Framed and glazed 7ins. x 3ins. £40-60
521.    Carpets: Heriz carpet, stylised floral and foliate field with a large purple poled floral medallion and ivory spandrels enclosed by a purple herati border and buff meander guards. 11ft.6ins. x 8ft. 4ins. including fringe.
522.    Rugs/Carpets: Middle Eastern style red ground, blue central medallion, stylised bird motifs, 4 guard boarders, wear commensurate with age 7ft. x 10½ft. £40-60
523.    1950s Walnut single door display/bookcase. 25ins. x 50ins. x 11ins. £50-80
524.    20th cent. Light oak tall bookcase with four shelves. 25¾ins. x 69½ins. x 11½ins. £60-80
525.    20th cent. Ercol oak dresser with glazed top plus a matching corner unit (2). £50-80
526.    20th cent. Oak stag oak veneer 2 door wardrobe plus a 2 over 3 over 2 chest of drawers (2). £40-60
527.    20th cent. Beech wood hat, stick & coat stand. 6ft. 6ins. £30-50
528.    20th cent. Parker pens glass and aluminium corner display cabinet 32ins. x 36ins. x 21ins. lockable. £40-60
529.    19th cent. Oak dwarf gateleg table, carved top, turned columns. The oval top 23ins. x 31ins with both drop flaps extended and 22½ins. high. Plus an oak tripod square table 21¾ins. square and 28½ins. high. £30-40
530.    20th cent. Pine 2 small over 2 long chest of drawers; the whole on bulbous supports. 3ft. x 18½ins. x 31ins. £40-60
531.    19th cent. Mahogany circular tilt top table. £60-80
532.    20th cent. Four seater sofa with loose covers. £50-80
533.    18th cent. Oak tilt top tables, single column tripod supports, one at 23½ins. diameter 26¾ins. high and the other 21¾ins. diameter x 26¾ins. (2) £30-40
534.    19th cent. Mahogany circular tilt top table. 48ins. £60-80
535.    19th cent. Mahogany Torcheres, both with decorative columns and rising off tripods 1 x 9¼ins diameter, 52ins high, the other 13ins diameter and 45ins high. £40-60
536.    19th cent. Two tier drop flap dumbwaiter on tripod supports. £30-50
537.    20th cent. Oak Ercol dining table plus 4 chairs and cushions (complies with fire regulations) swan motif on slat back. £60-80
538.    20th cent. Oak Stag dressing table, 3 drawers plus mirror above. £30-50
539.    20th cent. Mahogany sleigh bed 6ft 6ins. wide x 7ft. £80-120
540.    20th cent. Pine 4 drawer chest. £30-50
541.    20th cent. Hardwood jewellery cabinet in the form of a miniature bureau. £50-80
542.    19th cent. Mahogany drop leaf table on pad feet. £50-80
543.    Late George III provincial mahogany tripod table, c1815, the circular top on a baluster turned column and cabriole legs. Approx. 2ft. 2¾ins. x 2ft. 4¼ins. £35-50
544.    20th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table of delicate proportions. 27ins. Plus a 20th cent. Stained wood workbox, lift up lid. £30-50
545.    19th cent. Oak circular table, spiral column tripod supports. 20ins diameter x 27½ins. high. Plus a 19th cent. ebonised octagonal table, oak top with satinwood inlay. 22ins. across the flat x 26ins. high. £30-40
546.    20th cent. Oak 2 tier glass topped coffee table with Bergere tier below 53ins. x 15½ins. x 23½ins. £20-40
547.    20th cent. Three seater sofa, tapestry style upholstery. £80-120
548.    19th cent. Mahogany fret worked slat back dining chairs with drop in seats on square supports. (4) £60-100
549.    20th cent. Beech Bergere framed, three seater, upholstered sofa with shaped supports and scroll back. The sides are double carved. 6ft x 3ft 3ins x 33ins. plus an armchair. £200-250
550.    20th cent. 2010 red leather three seater sofa, reclining end seats. £100-150
551.    20th cent. Mahogany Chairs: Bar back (with rope twist bar) chair plus pair hardwood upholstered bar back chairs with shaped bar, turned front and sabre back supports (3). £30-40
552.    19th cent. Oak Gothic revival, heavily carved bureau, (Harrods label to reverse). Fall front opens over one long drawer, 3 short & cupboard. 36ins. wide. £50-80
553.    20th cent. Mahogany Georgian Revival drop flap bureau with 2 drawers opens to reveal fully fitted interior, the whole on shaped cabriole supports. £20-50
554.    19th cent. Mahogany twin pedestal desk with nine drawers. £80-120
555.    19th cent. Mahogany Duchess dressing table with bottom tier, single draw, the mirror back base with 3 drawers. £30-40
556.    20th cent, Light oak double size bookcase, 71ins. x 43½ins. x 11½ins. £80-100
557.    20th Cent: Rush seated spindle backed chairs with turned stretchers. £40-60
558.    20th cent. Light oak extending, one leaf, dining table on square supports plus 5 matching chairs. The table 7ft. 4ins. x 3ft. 1½ins. x 29ins. £150-200
559.    19th cent. Oak wing back chair, upholstered drop in seat and back plus an oak towel rail. £40-60
560.    19th cent. Mahogany drop leaf pot cupboard. £20-30
561.    18th cent. Oak hooded crib on rockers. Length 36ins. £80-100
562.    20th cent. Dark oak "Jaycee" dining suite comprising: extending refectory table (extends to 9ft), 6 chairs (including 2 carvers), sideboard and corner cupboard. £200-300
563.    Late 18th cent. Mahogany bureau, 2/3 drawers, the fall front, with inlaid spandrels, opens to reveal a fully fitted mahogany & satinwood interior of ten drawers, 8 pigeon holes and 2 hidden slides, central door satinwood with oval flame mahogany centre, fitted with a green skiver. The whole on ogee bracket supports. 47ins. x 44ins. x 21ins. £150-200
564.    Late 18th/early 19th cent. Mahogany bureau with fitted interior, four drawers on bracket feet. 39ins. x 42ins. x 23ins. £80-120
565.    20th cent. Furniture: Knoll design three piece suite, settee and 2 chairs. Back sculptured fabric, conforms to fire regulations. £200-250
566.    20th cent. Light oak set of 5 dining chairs with drop in upholstered seats, shaped slat back short spade feet. £60-80
567.    19th cent. Mahogany knee hole lowboy of small proportions, 7 cockbeaded drawers and central back cupboard on bracket supports 34ins. x 30ins. x 20ins. £200-300
568.    20th cent. Maritime: Naive chest of 2 over 2 drawers with maritime decoration depicting a Royal Naval battle to the top with Fleur de Lys to the front with the date 1802. 36ins. x 16ins. £200-300
569.    William IV mahogany breakfast table, rectangular top with a moulded edge and plain frieze on a turned, tapered column and circular plinth raised on paw feet. Approx. Length: 4ft. 8¼ins. Height: 2ft. 4ins. Width: 3ft. 4½ins.
570.    19th cent. Satinwood bookshelf with four shelves supported by fretwork panels and frieze. 36ins. x 48ins. £80-120
571.    19th cent. Padouk wood occasional table heavily carved with dragon, birds and other symbols on carved folding base. £80-100
572.    19th cent. Low Country oak heavily carved side board, drawers with cupboards beneath. £80-120
573.    19th cent. Figure mahogany secretaire 3 drawers below with waterfall front barley twist columns and a fully fitted interior. £180-280
574.    19th cent. Orkney chair, oak, pine & straw back construction. £120-180
575.    19th cent,. Oak tilt top circular table, turned column and tripod supports. 30ins. diameter x 2½ins. high. £30-50
576.    19th cent. Retro painted two seater salon sofa with linen butterfly print upholstery. £40-60
577.    Early 20th cent. Rosewood Escritoire inlaid with several star burst motifs. The raised top section opens to reveal a concealed compartment 30ins. x 18ins. x 31ins. £100-150
578.    19th cent. Bergere chair, chamfered supports plus a Bergere seated high back correction stool. £50-80
579.    Early 20th cent. Bergere upholstered chairs - a pair. £120-180
580.    Early 20th cent. French marble topped bedside table, lined cupboard beneath with marble, slender carved supports 33ins. tall. £80-100
581.    Late Victorian ebonised card table, circa 1885, the hinged rectangular top
with a canted edge above a channel moulded frieze on ring-turned legs joined
by a shaped stirrup stretcher and headed by bird painted gilt panels. With a
plate-glass top. Approx. Width: 2ft. 11¾ins. Height: 2ft. 5ins. Depth: 1ft. 5¼ins.
582.    19th cent. Burr walnut Tantalus box, three decanters with pouring lips, plush lined. £80-150
583.    19th cent. Mahogany side table on twin pedestal supports. 49ins. x 24ins. £100-150
584.    Late Victorian ebonised card table, circa 1880, the hinged shaped rectangular top with a moulded edge above an incised and gilt strung frieze on five fluted columns and down-curved legs, incised with husks. With a plate glass top. Approx. Width: 2ft 10¾ins. Height: 2ft 5ins. Depth: 1ft. 5ins.
585.    19th cent. Burr walnut Davenport, fitted satinwood interior with four side drawers, the whole on four bun feet. £100-120
586.    Late 19th cent. Rustic stool. 15ins. x 19ins. x 11ins. £30-50
587.    19th cent. Rosewood circular table, turned column with circular gallery, mid column tripod base with flat bun feet. £30-50
588.    20th cent. oak spinners chair with carved stylised back and spindle legs. £30-40
589.    19th cent. Mahogany bow front corner cupboard with twin doors and shaped top shelf. £60-80
590.    19th cent. Mahogany linen press 2/2 drawer base and 5 slide cupboard. The whole on bracket supports. £300-500
591.    20th cent. Brass Corinthian columns lamp base on plinth's x 4. £120-160
592.    19th cent. Brass Ware: Helmet shaped oak scuttle, a preserving pan and a large kettle. £30-50
593.    19th cent. Brass and iron stick, umbrella stand with tin liner 20ins. x 24ins. x 10½ins. £60-90
594.    20th cent. Copper and Brass short coaching horn. £10-20
595.    20th cent. Metalwork: Coat/umbrella stand, cast in the form of a squirrel on a branch. Approx. 26ins. length. £20-30
596.    18th cent. Mahogany coopered brass peat bucket with brass liner 15½ins. diam 15ins. high. £400-500
597.    19th cent. Iron oval cauldron with copper lid. £20-40
598.    Arts and Crafts: Hugh Wallis copper oval rope pattern edge trays, both stamped HW monogrammed inside 20¾ins. x 13½ins. and 20¾ins. x 15¾ins. the latter having floral repousse decoration to the centre (2). £80-120
599.    Arts and Crafts: Jungendstil copper tray with leaf patterned edge, Carl Neffner of Esslingen stamp to base. £30-50
600.    Arts and Crafts: Hugh Wallis planished circular copper tray with inlay pewter, floral motif, rope pattern edge, stamped HW monogram inside lip 9ins. diam. £70-100
601.    20th cent. Oak designer furniture. Hunter 'Wrenman' refectory table, adzed top and carved double pedestal base, 6 chairs plus 2 carvers of matching design carved with Tudor rose backs. All items bear the Wren makers mark. £1500-1800
602.    19th cent. Oak stool with turned supports 13ins. x 11ins. x 9ins. £40-50
603.    19th cent. Oak blanket box with dove tailed ends. £50-80
604.    20th cent. Oak repro mule chest with single drawer 27ins. x 24ins. x 14 ½ins. £60-80
605.    Gardenalia: Cast iron bench, oak leaves, acorns and ivy with hound head arm rests, organic design in the style of Coalbrooke Dale. 54ins. x 37½ins. x 19ins. £200-300
606.    20th cent. Metal Ware: Cast iron 'Mr Punch' door stop. Approx. 4kg, 12ins. tall plus a cast iron wall mounted coat hook brackets. (2). £30-50
607.    Late Victorian Hukin and Heath silver plated oval tray, naturalistic hammered decoration, stamped H&H with phoenix on base and numbered 14807, 16ins. x 12¼ins. £60-80
608.    19th cent. Side table, single drawer, cock beaded front, chamfered supports. 28¾ins. x 29ins. x 15½ins. £40-60
609.    18th cent. Oak corner larder cupboard twin door with gallery top, single drawer flanked by 2 false drawers over twin doors, all open to revel shaped shelves, the whole peg jointed rising off bracket supports. £150-250
610.    19th cent. Mahogany serpentine secretaire book case and cupboard, Regency revival inlay. The top inlaid with sorrento style and the drop flap opens to reveal fitted interior. The twin door cupboard below has a sing;e shelf 39ins. x 79ins. x 17½ins. £300-500
611.    19th cent. Oak hall chairs, carved backs on front turned supports, a pair. £40-60
612.    18th cent. Oak side table with single drawer on cotton reel supports. £80-120
613.    Baxter colour engravings of The Great Exhibition 1851 "Gems of The Great Exhibition No3". £30-50
614.    Bath Academy of Art Study Folios: Folios in support of 'Art Hist Dip A' engravings/facsimiles of the works of Rubens, Van Dyck, some plans of Corsham Court, poster for opening of Tate Liverpool 1982 plus Belcher & Macarthy 'Later Renaissance Architecture in England Vols. 1 & 2; and drawings of Botticelli of Dante's Goettlicher Komoedie 1887' in a leather folio. (5 in Total). £180-280
615.    Bath Academy of Art Study Folios: "Modern artists folios facsimiles with biographies steel engravings" including Jose Israels, Hubert Herkomer, L. Alma-Tadema, P.J.A. Baudry, Frederick Leighton, J.F. Millais (6) with limited edition plates on Japan paper from "The Gallery of Modern Etchimngs" (4). Plus posters of art nouveau etc. (1) and folios of reproduction "prints in the British Museum" -Old Masters British & European (4). (16 in Total). £140-240
616.    Bath Academy of Art Study Folios: Folios of facsimiles of art 'English school 17th and 18th century & watercolours'. "Prints-British Museum - Elgin Marbles, African Sculpture, Mexican Sculpture & Pottery folios". Gainsboroughs English Scenery no 7. and Studio Library "Studio Library-8 part- English Watercolours" finally 2 folios of Art in Sweden & Scandinavia". (19 in Total) £160-260
617.    Bath Academy of Art Study Folio - William Hogarth: A folio of autotype prints 15ins. x 12ins. 'The Industrious Apprentice' (6) and 'the Idle Prentice' (3) Total 9. Bath Academy of Art stamp to reverse on 4 pieces of applied card. £60-100
618.    Bath Academy of Art Study Folios: Folios of 19th cent. engravings/facsimiles of Delacroix, Corot, Leech, L'Homme, Paysages, J.F. Millet (6). Plus The Varari Society Folios; Second series, old & modern masters; published & printed 1920s (15). Total 21. £180-280
619.    Bath Academy of Art Study Folios: Engravings/facsimiles of art, Italian, Florentine, Venetian in 10 folios. £100-250
620.    Bath Academy of Art Study Folios: Folios of 17th - 19th cent. engravings/facsimiles of French 17th/18th cent. Western European, art, Dutch, Flemish 17th cent. & German (2). All contained in 10 folios.
621.    Bath Academy of Art Study Folios: The Durer Society Index, 12th publication notes & sketches (2) by Albrecht Durer. (10 folios) and complete engravings/facsimiles (Amand Duran, Paris) ion 3 folders with a similar folder of Durer engravings. Total 16 folios. £200-400