Selected Collectors Items and Antiques Auction
on Saturday 16th June 2018

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1.      20th cent. Ceramics: Apiloc green & gilt dinner, tea and coffee service, 9½ins plates x 10, 8ins plates x 4, 7ins plates x 10, soup bowls x 6, teapots x 2, coffee pots x 5, hot water pots with covers x 3, milk jugs (tea) x 2, cream jugs x 2, milk jug (coffee), tea canister, coffee canister, sugar canister, biscuit barrel, egg cups x 2, sugar bowls x 2, breakfast cups x 20 with 12 saucers, teacups x 5 with 7 saucers, coffee cups x 6 with 11 saucers, mugs x 2, and an unrelated canister with no cover. £60-80
2.      Mirrors: 20th cent. Beech framed triangular tops 23½ins. x 35ins. plus 2 fire screens. £30-50
3.      Lighting: Iron circular medieval style 5 branch ceiling lights - a pair. Diameter 29ins. £60-80
4.      20th cent. Castello Soprani Settimio piano accordion in carrying case. 22ins. £50-80
5.      20th cent. Glassware: Tyrone lead crystal candy dish & cover, boxed. Bohemia crystal glasses, boxed, green fisherman's glass floats, glass platter, wine glasses (17), etc. Plus 20th cent. Onyx & soapstone worked plates, bowls, eggs, candlesticks, dishes, lamps, etc. £40-60
6.      19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton stoneware jug, Honi Soit Qui Mal Y Pense. 1837/1887, bearing the image of Queen Victoria a/f. Also pottery vine plate by Marilyn Andreetti, oriental saucers x 7, and Richard Ginori saucers and cups. £30-50
7.      20th cent. Ceramics: Motto ware, two porridge dishes, Mousehole jug, chamberstick vase, Imari teapot, a trinket box with pin trays inside, Poole plates x 4, and a terracotta green glazed jug with hand painted floral pattern. £20-30
8.      19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Adderley condiment in the form of a swan, Aynsley "Blue Wheat" cream jug and sugar bowl, "Pembroke" oval dish, Osborne china blue dish, Spode spring blossom plate, Minton St James cup plus Davenport pink and gilt bowl. £40-50
9.      Crested Ware: Shelley cheese dish, Southsea cream jugs, Devizes, Llandudno, Lampeter, Burnham-on-Sea, cake plate Fairlie, Frome Jug. etc. (17).
Plus 20th cent. ceramics - Aynsley Clover cups and saucers, ice bucket, Wedgewood teapots Peter Rabbit - lids missing, Wedgwood, Minton, Border Fine Arts, Trade Signs, Spillers, Flour Man etc. (2 Boxes). £30-40
10.     20th cent. Glassware: Green art deco style rose bowl, clear glass bowl with stylised design, frosted tube shape bowl, a ruby red footed bowl plus a dark blue bubble bowl, 16ins, etc. (6) Plus 6 sherry glasses & Bohemian Mary Gregory style water carafe. Japanese Meiji Satsuma Panel cup and saucer depicting the Emperor, his wives and servants plus Meiji Satsuma cups x 3, saucers x 2 depicting immortals. 20th cent. Ceramics Ringtons Maling pansy flower pot and cover. Black & pink ½ coffee set, a Masons octagonal bowl 8½ins. diameter, a Keeling art deco bowl 9¾ins. diameter, oval servers 18ins. 14ins. 10¼ins. (3), soup bowls 10ins. x 10, Japanese trio, etc. (2 Boxes).

11.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby "Brittany" cups x 9, saucers x 18 (2 a/f), Wedgewood "Ashford" 6 place tea set plus 2 cups a/f with Alfred Meakin tea for 2 1 x cup, Royal Worcester egg coddler boxed, Royal commemorative ware including "Laura Knight" mug a/f, 1 x box. £50-60
12.     20th cent. Ceramics: Bloor Derby fruit bowl with roses & gilt decoration 8½ins. x 8½ins, Chine de blanc fish tray with drip compartment, Carlton ware leaf dish Saint-Paul, France, a hand painted comport & dishes, etc. £20-30
13.     20th cent. Ceramics: Colclough Autumn dinner & tea ware (part) dessert bowl x 6, dinner plates 10ins. x 10, cake plate x 13, cups and saucers x 13, sugar bowl x 3, milk jug, teapot a/f, etc. £30-50
14.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton pink band pattern, includes an oval 12ins., 12 x 2 handled soup bowls and saucers, 2 x salad crescents, 6 x tea plates, 15 x saucers, 9 x cups, 3 x sugar bowls, 2 x coffee pots, a tea pot, 11 x pudding bowls, a gravy boat and saucer, a mustard pot plus a milk jug. £30-50
15.     20th cent. Ceramics: "Clifton" dinner service 12 place setting blue and gilt consists dinner plates x 12, side plates 9ins. x 12, dessert plates x 10, tureens with covers x 3. (2 boxes). £40-60
16.     20th Ceramics and Collectable: Dutch blue calendar/month wall plates (5), Paragon ware with puce grapes and vines, side plates, cups and saucers, bread plates, Crown Staffs cup and saucer, Oka household ware plus hunting "Sporting Review" prints (1 box). £10-20
17.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Claudia", "Tudor Grove", "Minton Haddon Hall", "Ashworth". Royal Albert "Fontanya" oval server bowls, Royal Doulton shops series, 5 x collection plates plus Royal Worcester Evesham cook pot. £40-70
18.     Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Unmarked Majolica vine leaf plates (10) and two handled serving dishes x 2. £30-50
19.     20th cent. Ceramics: Hornsea green tea and coffee set and a coaching scenes 6ins plate. (10) etc. £20-30
20.     20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton tumbling leaves dinner and tea service, bisto fruit set, metalware etc. (2 boxes). Plus prints x 5, and a bead work bag. £30-50
21.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Trough decorated with apples AF, cake stands x 2, blue and gilt jug, floral decorated jugs, stone hot water bottle, glassware, milk glass, rolling pin a/f, cod bottles, bon bon dish etc. 2 boxes. £20-30
22.     20th cent. Travel trunk with metal corners and studded edges, a 19th cent. Japanned steel travel trunk, and an oak footstool. (3) £30-40
23.     Advertising: Wall's ice cream beech framed, double sided advertisement. Printed images on tin and numbered 'C74'. 22ins x 32ins. Plus 20th cent. 'Ice Cream Sundae' advertisements. 13¾ins x 10¼ins. (3) £30-50
24.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Tumbling Leaves" part dinner service, dinner plates x 11, bread and butter plates x 4, tea/coffee service x 5 plus teapot with Wedgewood "Seander" part tea set plus 4 x dinner plates, milk jug plus "Camelot" cake plates, cups/saucers x 4, milk jug etc (2 boxes). £50-70
25.     20th cent. Ceramics: "Mitteriech, Bavaria" part tea set plus Aynsley tea plates x 4, Doulton "Etude" (3 cups & 1 saucer) Forest Pine including Wedgewood "Corncockle" (5 saucers), Shelley (5 saucers & 1 tea cup) Doulton "Larchmont" part tea set of 12 plates, 4 bowls (a/F) teapot etc. Wedgewood "Woodbury" bread & butter plates and cups, etc (2 boxes). £60-80
26.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: Toby jug 9ins, blue and white sunflower bowl, Poole vase a/f, Continental mantel vases with covers decorated with summer flowers, Cantonese tea bowls and saucers - a pair. £20-40
27.     20th cent. Eclipse sprayer No1 for lime creosote spraying and garden spraying. £40-60
28.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Reflection" 6 setting teaset including teapot plus 6 setting teaset (no teapot) with Minton "Horizon" cup/saucers x 3, Minton "Malta" open cups x 2 including Royal Doulton sugar, cups, saucers, bread & butter plates x 4 (2 boxes). £50-60
29.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Old Leeds Spray" part dinner service (1 x plate a/f) plus "Cadenza" part dinner service including Wedgewood, Copeland etc with Royal Doulton "Royal Gold" cups x 36 (2 boxes). £40-60
30.     20th cent. Plateware: 3 Compartment serving dishes x 6, Arthur Price Sheffield, Mappin and Webb 3 compartment pickle dish, 2 compartment sauce tureen and cover, 2 x vegetable tureens and covers. £50-70
31.     Metalware: Portuguese pewter salad bowl and utensils, and a serving spoon warmer. £60-80
32.     Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Electroplate three bottle table centrepiece with openwork base, height 16ins, organic handle and plate bottle stand. Height 7½ins. £50-80
33.     Early 20th cent. Persian Copperware pie crust edge and engraved centre, and engraved tankard. £30-50
34.     Plated Ware: Quantity of flatware & eight ornate candlesticks. £30-50
35.     Plated Ware: Tea set comprised of hot water pot, teapot, sugar bowl, and a milk jug (4). £40-60
36.     19th cent. Copperware coal helmet plus two handled stew pan and cover. £30-40
37.     19th cent. Brass candlesticks turned with octagonal bases - a pair. 14ins. £30-50
38.     Clocks: 20th cent. Brass cased Bulkhead style clock and barometer Taylor of England mounted on a mahogany plinth for wall mounting. £50-80
39.     20th cent. Plateware: Napkin rings, serving tongs, pickle fork, cake forks, grapefruit spoons, nip, serving spoons, a coffee pot with ebony handle plus engraved tea pot by James Dixon. £50-70
40.     @21st cent. Rugs: Heriz carpet, green ground. 2.30 x 1.60. £70-100
41.     @21st cent. Rugs: Ziegler rug, red ground. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
42.     @21st cent. Rugs: Bokhara rug, red ground. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
43.     @21st cent. Rugs: Keshan rug, beige ground. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
44.     20th Carpets: Afghan carpet, ivory ground, red borders, central medallion with Islamic motifs & sinuous floral designs 93ins. x 52ins. Plus a prayer mat. 32ins. x 20ins. (2). £80-120
45.     19th/20th cent. Lace: Bruges, Belgium, Honiton and other Devon, Nottingham lace etc. Cuffs sleeves, applique lace, lace trims, lace edged table piece, edged linen. (1 box). £50-80
46.     Scottish Highland kilt. Leather straps, metal buckles, size 32. Plus a pair of 'child's' bagpipes. Leather bellows, turned pipes and chanter. (2) £50-80
47.     20th cent. Linen: Tablecloths, antimacassars, napkins etc. Some edged. (1 box). £30-40
48.     20th cent. Cast bronze figure of a horse and rider "Bonheur", on a slate plinth. 15¾ins high. £20-30
49.     19th/20th cent. Bronze Statuettes: After E Picault "Victoria!" and "Opima Spolia", both signed lower right on red marble plinths. Height 14ins. £250-350
50.     Luggage: Tan leather suitcase fitted with straps. 27ins. x 18ins. x 6ins. £20-30
51.     Early 20th cent Luggage, tooled leather suitcase 26ins. x 15ins. £40-60
52.     19th cent. Anglo Indian crocodile suitcase, fitted interior. Kausapore leather works, Calcutta. £60-100
53.     19th cent. Ceramics: Majolica dome cheese dish, decorated with panels depicting trees and birds, a/f. Majolica plate depicting vines, a/f. £30-50
54.     Late19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Shaving mugs, James Kent 'Pearl Delight', novelty fish, commemorative 1937 plus others. 10 in total. £30-50
55.     Harland & Wolff: Period parallel clamp impressed H&W on both sections with later wording Titanic to the reverse. 28ins. £100-120
56.     20th cent. Ceramics: Maling orange lustre candle holders, decorated with yellow daisies - a pair, also 2 lustre trinket pots. £20-40
57.     Hallmarked Silver, Ceramics and Glass: John Meirs cake comport, dendy vase, cut and acid etched candlesticks, vases two with silver collars, Wedgwood jasperware hair tidy with silver cover, opera glasses mother of pearl covered. £30-50
58.     19th cent. & later Glassware: One art deco celery vase with pink swirls, another pair open topped and 2 others. Height from 10½ins. to 9½ins. (5). All 'ring' Pontil marks to 3. £50-80
59.     Early 20th cent. Crystal vases, wheel cut pattern. 13ins. Oval bowl 11¼ins at it's widest point. £30-40
60.     20th cent. Glassware: Spode water jug, boxed, Wedgwood crystal biscuit barrel, boxed, Murano clown, green bow playing concertina. £30-50
61.     20th cent. Commemorative Glass: George VI tankard 1937 coronation Herbert Goode limited No 571 of 1000, height approx 6ins. plus a Charles Investiture engraved wine goblet, signed (Peter) Dreiser No 115 of 150, height approx. 8ins. H.R.H Queen Elizabeth Jubilee 1952-1977 cut glass Royal Brierley goblets - a pair. Approx. 10ins.
62.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass basket, fluted basket, ruby glass jug, bon bon comport with white metal rim, tall graduated blue vase, etc. Three long stemmed green port glasses and double air twist green white wine glass.
63.     20th cent. Carnival Glassware: Christmas plate 1970, "The Little Brown Church in the Vale", fluted rose bowl, green pansy bowl, green/pink bowl a/f, red/green bowl with central floral spray, feather bowl, floral comport, bon-bon dish and 2 bronze feather dishes. Marigold butter dish in the form of a swan, fluted bowl with horse head in relief, fluted bon-bon dish, boat shape trough, fluted bowl with leaf design and a sugar bowl.
64.     20th cent. Glassware: Carnival glass - Northwood wishbone bowl petrel colour, 3 fruits 2 handled bowl, fluted bowl, horseshoe good luck in relief, frill bowl decorated with acorn and leaves. Carnival glass - blue biscuit barrel and basket, red cat in a shoe, circular footed vase, bronze tumbler decorated with grapes and 3 fluted vases.
65.     19th cent. Ruby red lustres, one with a small chip at the top. Height 13¼ins x 6¾ins diameter. A pair. £30-60
66.     Glassware: French caged glass vase, mottled burgundy, iron frame cage. The glass marked FAS and the cage with an indistinct signature. 7½ins. diameter mouth, 15½ tall. £80-120
67.     20th cent. Ceramics: Susie Cooper bowl, Spring pink border. Bourne Denby Tyrolean ware, bowl designed by Alice Teichner with four swirling handles, W.T.L..S.1937 stamp beneath. £50-80
68.     20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion Botanic Garden round platter Collectors Club 35th anniversary 1960-1995 13ins. shallow serving bowl Passiflora Caerulea, 12ins Dog Rose and Butterflies, platter 12ins. plus 2 x 9¼ins. plates. £30-50
69.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton plates, Old English Inns series, The Bears Head, Brereton, plus Dover Castle, Rochester Castle and the River Medway (3). Plus Clarice Cliff A.J. Wilkinsons "Fruit Basket" pattern, cream ground - shape 883. Unsigned with green back stamp. Diameter 9¼ins.
70.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figure of a Labrador seated No 2314 DA86 designed by Graham Tongue 13¼ins. tall issued 1989-1996, fire side model. £60-100
71.     20th cent. Ceramics: A Royal Dux elephant 13¼ins. x 20ins. £50-80
72.     Royal Albert the World of Beatrix Potter: Tom Kitten x 2, Peter Rabbit 1893-1993 100 years, Jemima Puddle Duck x 2, Peter and the Red Pocket Handkerchief x 2, all boxed. Mrs Rabbit and Peter, unboxed, Jemima Puddle Duck dish, boxed, Peter Rabbit photo frame, Wedgwood Peter Rabbit cup and saucer x 2, boxed, mug.
73.     Beswick Beatrix Potter figurines "Timmy Willie", "gold back stamp, "Mrs Tiggy Winkle" gold back stamp. £40-60
73A.    Beswick Beatrix Potter figures "Tommy Brock" gold back stamp plus "Jemima Puddle Duck" gold back stamp (2). £40-60
73B.    Beswick Beatrix Potter figures "Timmy Tiptoes" plus "Ribby" both with gold back stamp. £40-60
74.     Beswick Beatrix Potter figures "Lady Mouse", "Susan", Tom Thumb", "Timmy Willie" plus "Mrs Tittle Mouse" all unboxed (5). £40-60
75.     John Beswick Beatrix Potter figures "Mrs Flopsy Bunny" unboxed, "Munca Munca Sweeping" boxed, Royal Albert "Little Pig Robinson" boxed, "Fierce bad Rabbit" boxed, "Gentleman Mouse" unboxed. Royal Doulton "Mrs Apple" unboxed. (6) £40-60
76.     Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figures "Goody and Timmy Tiptoes", "Hunca Munca", "Jeremy Fisher", "Pigling Bland", "Mother Lady Bird", "Flopsy, Mopsy and Cottontail" boxed, all others unboxed. (6) £30-60
77.     Wade Figures: "Wind in the Willows", "Toad", "Rattie", "Badger", "Mole", Wind in the Willows special "Mole and Rattie in a Boat" plus "Weasel". (6) £60-100
78.     Beswick Beatrix Potter figures "Foxy Whiskered Gentleman" x 2, "Mr Benjamin Bunny", "Johnny Town Mouse", "Jemima puddle Duck" plus "Lady Mouse" all unboxed (6). £40-60
79.     20th cent. Royal Crown Derby bird figures, "Kingfisher", "Long tailed tit" and "Green woodpecker". £40-60
80.     20th cent. Royal Crown Derby bird figures, "Robin", "Blue tit" and "Budgerigars". (3). £40-60
81.     20th cent. Ceramics: Bird figures includes "Robins", "Owls", "Kingfishers" etc. (9). £30-50
82.     Royal Doulton Gallant Fishers jug 7¼ins and 5¼ins, a Doulton Country Scene jug 5ins, a Gaffers jug 3ins. plus a Loving Cup 4ins. £40-80
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china no 11199. Cake plate, cup x 7, saucer x 12, side plate x 11 and a sugar or slop bowl. £50-80
84.     20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Vases, 1 with filigree work, 11¼ins. 3 with painted panels and 1 with tube lined decoration (5). £20-30
85.     20th cent. Ceramics: Alfred Meakin (1940s) pattern 77, gold trim 6 place dinner service, 6 x 10ins. plates, sauce boat, 2 x tureens with covers and bases x 2, 3 x graduated oval meat dishes, plus 6 place tea set cup, saucers, side plates and cake plates. £40-60
86.     20th cent. Ceramics: Poole pottery preserve pot & cover (286) cuboid flower pot 4½ x 4ins. x 2ins. Biscuit barrel & cover (630), ovoid jar (185), Hors D'oeuvres dish 13ins. x 8½ins, flower trough, pin dish, egg cups x 4 on plate. 'Country Lane' pattern platter 9½ins. x 6ins. £30-50
87.     20th cent. Ceramics/Studio Ware: David Leech Coffee set consists 5 cups & 6 saucers, milk sugar with cover, coffee pot & tray, impressed seal to base, with organic fern design. Plus 2 trays in blue/grey diagonals 9ins. and 10ins. boxed. £50-80
88.     John Beswick: Calypso Drum CC2, R Bilk Clarinet CC4, Richard Horn PP8, James Triangle 8431, Chris Guitar 2092, Purfect Sing CC1, Cat Walk Bass CC6. All boxed. (7). Hummel Gobel 1996, Nativity set, Mary Joseph and Jesus. Boxed. £50-80
89.     Royal Albert The World of Beatrix Potter: Peter in Bed, Mrs Tiggy Winkle x 2, Mrs Tiggy Winkle takes tea, The old woman who lived in a shoe, Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies, Appley Dappley, Lady Mouse made a curtsy, Lady Mouse, Little Pig Robinson, Benjamin wakes up. 11 figures, all boxed. £40-60
90.     John Beswick, Spirit of Youth, matt white. Issued 1982/1989. Boxed. £30-50
91.     John Beswick, Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail 100th Anniversary, Limited Edition 1,500, No 1309, boxed. Jemima & her Ducklings, Benjamin Bunny No 1523, Peter Rabbit No 1523. All boxed. Plus Hiding from the Cat 1998 Limited Edition, 3,500, No 3055. Boxed with certificate. (5). £50-60
92.     19th cent. Oak box with fruitwood veneer decoration, including contents, 2 Mauchline ware napkin rings, 2 leather purses containing coins and a Salter letter balance. 11ins. x 5ins. x 6½ins. £40-60
93.     Ocean Liner: P & O 180 year world cruise menus and gifts, from Aurora's 2017 wast bound world cruise including high quality leather A4 folder, boxed P & O tea for two, etc. £40-70
94.     Ocean Liner: Queen Elizabeth II final transatlantic cruise October 2008. A folder of ephemera, including ticket, pouch menu, daily programmes, plus other commemorative items. £30-50
95.     20th cent. Ceramics: Spode Trapnell 2 handle vase, ridge vase on circular base, miniature long neck bottle bulbous vase, trinket pot and cover. Beswick goblet shape vase cream ground with black leaf design, 1752. Black lustre ribbed bowl on circular support, Beswick black lustre miniature trough.
96.     20th cent. Country Artist Figurine: Stratford Edition "The Barrister" 7ins. tall and on a wooden base. £30-50
97.     Royal Crown Derby: Imari Teddy Bear paperweight, boxed. £30-50
98.     20th cent. Ceramics: Border Fine Arts cat and chickens, Lowell Davis No 2781/ 4000 cat and 3 kittens, ginger cat standing on dressing table looking in a mirror, cat and mouse, A Siamese cat, 5 figurines. Plus Master Croft, Kittens on a stool, Sherratt and Simpson Ginger cat on a plinth, black cat on a tree branch and cats at play, 4 figurines.
99.     Royal Commemorative China: Cherished Teddies, Sven and Liv, Kris, upon the rooftop, Grace, Glory to the New Born King, all boxed. Lenox Classics Mickey Mouse and Minnie, boxed, Winfield, boxed. The Royal Collection 3 mugs, Golden Jubilee, 2002, enamel pill box, boxed, Baluster vase boxed, Sutherland Golden Wedding Anniversary beaker, Jubilee bon-bon dish boxed, Spode thimble boxed, Lion's Head beaker, Golden Jubilee 1952-2002, boxed. Royal Doulton Bramley Hedge tea china, teapot, cups,saucers, jugs,etc. Bramley Hedge Summer Story Book, Dusty Dogwood, boxed.

100.    Ceramics: 20th cent. Half dolls including girl in bonnet, baby, flapper girl etc, 5 heads. £30-40
101.    Late 19th cent. Heavy Horse Show brasses plus 3 swingers with pierced decoration. £40-60
102.    Stamps: 1949 - 1981 GB & Isle of Man F.D.C's, 200 plus in total, in four folders including a 1949 GVI 2½d blue universal Postal Union, four early Elizabeth II and a good collection of Isle of Man covers. Stanley Gibbons catalogue value £500 plus. £40-60
103.    Stamps: 1982 - 1996 three folders of GB F.D.C's, 200 plus in total, some high values, regionals and a book of stamps in purpose made Royal Mail F.D.C. albums. Stanley Gibbons catalogue value £600 plus. £60-80
104.    Stamps: First day covers in three albums, some RAF related, a bag of loose covers, an album of topographical and seashore postcards from Bournemouth etc. £30-50
105.    Postcards: Green album of Wiltshire postcards 252 cards various Wiltshire locations. £100-140
106.    Postcards: 20th cent. Album plus loose cards including Tucks Oilette Railway loco's, London and N.W Railway Company issues, postcards U.S and European loco's, Tucks Oilette Battleships "Our Navy" and "The Air" plus other WW1 flying machines also general topographical, greetings, Easter, Children's and other. £50-80
107.    Stamps: Six albums of world stamps, small amount of 19th cent. most far later plus an album of first day covers. £30-60
108.    Stamps: Collection of World and Commonwealth stamps, 4 volumes. £30-50
109.    Pre-war Cigarette Cards: Wills's and Players, footballers, film stars, national flags and arms, railway equipment, aeroplanes, cars, ships etc. £20-30
110.    Postcards: Brown album of Wiltshire postcards 192 cards, Devizes/ Chippenham interest. £80-120
111.    Military - Wellington's Peninsular campaign, Captain The Hon. William George Crofton 1st Coldstream Guards K.I.A. Bayonne Citadel 14th April 1814. Souvenirs recovered after the battle of Vittoria from the carriage of Joseph Bonaparte.
A collection of twelve Spanish 18th/19th cent. silk work colifichet collages enhanced with watercolour laid to vellum. They depict landscape, Castles and figures, approx. 15ins. x 10ins. all framed and inscribed on the reverse "Taken in the Battle of Vittoria from the Imperial of Joseph Bonaparte's carriage by the Hon. William George Crofton of the Coldstream Guards June 1813", number twelve also states "sent by him to his sister the Hon. Frances Caufield". £3000-5000
112.    19th cent. Ephemera: Duke of Wellington "Authorised and Official Guide to the Grand Funeral Procession", St Paul's Cathedral, Thursday 18th November 1852. With pencil annotations listing the positions of relevant dignitaries and newspaper cuttings printed by W Allcroft, 15 New Bond Street London, price sixpence. £40-60
113.    Flintlock Weapons: Light Dragoon pistol to the Bucks. 9ins barrel, border engraved lock plate, stamped GR and crown, the cock working, full stocked with regulation brass mounts and later brass ramrod. The underside of the trigger guard engraved with cartouche 'Bucks'.
The Bucks served as part of the 85th who took part in the capture of Washington DC in the American War of Independence.
114.    Desk Furniture: Maltese model fortress cannon, Maltese silver with cast bands around the barrel, on wheeled carriage and stained wood plinth base. Maltese silver marks around the muzzle. Barrel length 7ins, plinth length 8ins. £150-200
115.    19th cent. Edged Weapons: Sword, etched blade, copper hand guard, wire handgrip. £80-100
115A.   19th cent. Zulu Weapons: Knobkierrie 25ins. long, a pair. Given to the owner by a relative who served in the Zulu Wars. £80-100
115B.   19th cent. Zulu Weapon: Assegai throwing spear, 50ins. Given to the owner by a relative who served in the Zulu Wars. £80-100
116.    Militaria: World War One German Imperial Artillery Officer's Sword, blade 35ins including hilt 40ins. Stamped Alcosa Solingen with scabbard. £80-120
117.    Edged Weapons: 19th cent. rapier style sword, etched blade, by Solingen of Germany. Officer's name D Neef. Wire hand grip, 32ins. blade, 38ins. overall. £80-120
118.    17th cent. Japanese Edged Weapons: Wakizashi signed "Heianjo Kunitake" Southern Kyoto Kan'ei Era 1624 -1644. Fine tempered blade baleen Tsuka, Fuchi, Kashira Menuki & Tsuba, all with gilt decorations, gilt metal Mekugi, Nagasa length 22ins, Tsuka 7¼ins. The Saya possibly of a later period, heavily carved gilt wood depicting mountains, trees and a flowing river, unsigned. Length 19¼ins. Plus a companion Kozuka signed "Tsurushigo Nyudo" Niwa Sanzaemon Nagoya pre 1688 Shakudo depicting birds, trees and waves, signed Joukasai. 8¾ins. £1500-2000
119.    Edged Weapons: LT. R G D Keddie, Midshipman's dirk, with scabbard. Blade etched ' Gieve of London', initials on back of blade. ray skin grip, 18ins. blade, 23ins. overall. £150-250
120.    Edged Weapons: Ex.. Property of Lt. R G D Keddie DSE. Sword, etched blade with named hand guard and ray skin grip. 32ins. blade, 36ins. overall.

Lt Keddie was killed in action 19th May 1944 aboard Cattistock engaged with HMS Retalick preventing the German break out at Le Havre. £250-350
121.    WW1/Militaria: An exceptional father and son pair of diaries written at the front, one by 2nd Lt. Lionel Sotheby, whose active service was with First Battalion of the Black Watch on the Western Front the second by his father William Sotheby and dates from 1914 through to the armistice being signed in 1918. Lionel's father signed up to be an Ambulance Chauffeur for the Red Cross and seeing the horrors of the both Western Front and later in the Balkans. Lionel was killed leading an attack on a German Trench on September 25th 1915, the first day of the Battle of Loos, the biggest British Attack of 1915. Lionel was one of 48000 British casualties from that battle, his death is documented by his father in his diary, see below.
Lionel's diary contains gives an account of life in the trenches and is described in graphic detail. It shows drawings of enemy lines, transcripts of official communications and he notes several examples of war crimes committed by the German Forces: 'The Germans threw petrol bombs at the wounded and then shot them down when trying to rise... 8 officers 150 men killed and wounded. One batch of prisoners were all slaughtered'. It shows the reader in unedited detail the life of a soldier in the trenches, the following describes a barrage by Blow Back Shells:
"There are many close shaves, bullets cutting holes in Glengarries etc, German shells are beginning to deteriorate, some contain bits of glass, bricks, coke and tiles. The rain and cold are most aggravating, every night we work hard at throwing earth onto the ramparts to repair and more bullet proof" He then talks about flares "The flare shows in ghastly detail ruined houses and trees cut clean in half by shells. The front is barely 100 yards away, it stands out in wild relief, and the German trenches are holed and broken with barbed wire in front. Between the ramparts lay the unburied dead months old, alas not German but Highland Light Infantry who charged and were blown to pieces. The dead are a piteous sight, flat on their faces arms stretched out all facing the Germans where they fell. Here and there one is completely blown to bits by a shell of our own which has fallen short, all are riddled with bullets. The truth is a great deal worse than the horror"
The second part of the archive belongs to his father William, who being too old for the front line, joined the Ambulance Corps in September 1914 when his diary starts, complete with the original newspaper cutting he used to apply. William's war begins on the Western front tending to the injured and dead: 'One of my wounded had his leg amputated, the thigh taken out of the socket', the diary shows a resilience of spirit in coping with such horrors. One of the most moving parts is written on 1st October 1915 after he hears news of Lionel 'Received letter from Ronald Irwin Chaplain of the 2nd Black Watch saying the darling boy, they thought, was dead, killed in action.... He was once wounded and went on gallantly leading his men. Eventually a grenade burst at his feet & he fell on the German parapet.' A few days later he notes 'Am gaining knowledge that the darling boy is by my side in all my thoughts and actions - he is my guardian angel' referring to his son, Lionel. The diary goes on to describe, in graphic detail, the horrors of Battle of Salonika and several months spent in Greece and Turkey and the humanitarian efforts that the Red Cross made.
122.    Royal Navy: Two albums of photographs of H.M.S. Glorious in 1936 including numerous carrier landings and crashes with handwritten notations. (2). £400-600
123.    WWI: A fantastic photographic archive taken of the 65th Siege Battery Royal Artillery from the western front, circa 1915-18 by Colonel Claude Allderidge DSO. They show the vast size and number of the artillery pieces and the men who used them. £400-700
124.    WWI - Lt. Colonel Richard Crosse DSO & Bar: A fascinating research archive of ephemera forming over 100 documents. He commanded the Second Battalion Oxford and Bucks Light Infantry on the western front, he was mentioned in dispatches four times. He led his Battalion at the Somme and after his retirement joined the Ulster Special Constabulary. The archive relates to the roll of officers and other ranks of their medal entitlements, the roll of officers who embarked for France between 5-3-1914 and 23-11-1917 offering rank, name and comments, plus a list of those wounded in action up to 1917. The lot is being sold together with a number of handwritten letters and other paperwork. £1000-1500
125.    WWI Lt. Col. Richard Crosse DSO & Bar: An extremely rare World War I collection of paperwork. Lt. Col. Crosse commanded the second battalion, The Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, on the Western Front being mentioned in dispatches an additional four times. He led the battalion in a number of battles on The Somme Battlefield and after his retirement from the army he joined the Ulster Special Constabulary.
This museum quality archive was owned by Lt. Col. Crosse and forms both handwritten and typed regimental orders from the second battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light infantry just prior to World War I through the earliest battlers. They date from July 1st to just hours prior to the first major action of World War I, the Battle of Mons. This fascinating collection includes logistics, troop movements, regimental lists, transportation and arrival in France and movement to Mons. Also included in the lot are several maps showing the battalion on the Western Front. Approx. 80 Artifacts.
126.    Royal Flying Corps/WW1: An extremely rare Royal Flying Corps F.E.8 fighter plane four blade aircraft propeller, laminated blades with central boss stamped F.E.8. T.7928 Vickers S.W. 100 H.P Mono Gnome, the blades carry the original Vickers Limited decals, retaining some sheathing. The FE8 was a Royal Flying Corps single seater fighter introduced to front line combat in 1916, it was one of the first so-called "scout" aircraft designed from the outset as a single-seat fighter, a total of 295 aircraft were built making this particular propeller a very rare piece.

The FE8 was ahead of its time in many ways, most unusually due to its Nacelle was an all-metal structure - being framed in steel tube and covered with duralumin. The prototypes were fitted with large streamlined spinners on the propellers. They were powered by a single 100 hp Gnome 9 "Type B2" Monosoupape rotary engine driving the four-bladed propeller.

Captain Edwin Louis Benbow MC (10 December 1895 - 30 May 1918) was the only pilot to gain 'ace' status flying the F.E.8 exclusively, On the early afternoon of 23 January 1917, Benbow was in the midst of a dogfight when his gun jammed. While clearing his weapon, he evaded a head-on assault by the Red Baron, who went on to down Benbow's squadron comrade Lt. J. Hay for Jasta 11's first victory, Benbow did not succeed in returning to the attack on that occasion, but on 14 February he destroyed another Albatross D.II. His seventh victory came the following day, with Benbow's only "out of control" claim.

On 6 March, Benbow and the Red Baron clashed again when nine F.E.8s of 40 Squadron fought five Jasta 11 aircraft led by Richthofen. While the Baron was attacking a Sopwith 1½ Strutter, Benbow shot him down, forcing him to land near Hénin-Liétard with a damaged engine, spraying fuel from holed tanks, and seemingly on fire, for Benbow's eighth victory (although Richthofen survived) 8ft. diameter when assembled, three of the four blades have been left detached for ease of transport.
127.    WW2/Medals: A fine Second World War night fighter operations D.F.C. awarded to Flight Lieutenant N. B. Fleet, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, a veteran of extended tours of duty as a Navigator in Beaufighters of No. 604 Squadron and Mosquitos of No. 24 Squadron - in which he claimed three confirmed victories
Distinguished Flying Cross, G.VI.R., the reverse officially dated '1945', in its Royal Mint case of issue, extremely fine.

D.F.C. London Gazette 17 April 1945. The original recommendation states:
'Flight Lieutenant Fleet, as navigator, has taken part in a large number of operational sorties. On one occasion, in August 1944, while flying a patrol he engaged two enemy aircraft in air combat and destroyed one, and probably destroyed the other. Now on his second tour of duty, this officer has completed many anti-flying bomb patrols over the North Sea, during which he has destroyed a Heinkel 111 and one flying bomb. More recently he has taken part in high level patrols in support of bomber aircraft. In February 1945, he attacked and destroyed a Heinkel 219, bringing his total victories to at least three enemy aircraft destroyed. During this engagement his aircraft was damaged from debris from the Heinkel. The port engine was rendered useless, but despite this an emergency landing in Brussels was accomplished. At all times this officer has shown courage, ability and a fine fighting spirit.'
Norman Boulton Fleet was born in Rugby in 1916 and was educated at Neville Holt Preparatory School, near Uppingham, and at Cheltenham College. A member of the Rugby Air Defence Cadet Corps from December 1938, in which he served as a Flight Lieutenant and Adjutant, he enlisted in the Royal Air Force in July 1941, and commenced training as a Navigator at an Air Observation School towards the end of the same year. Duly qualified, and having been commissioned as a Pilot Officer in the R.A.F.V.R., Fleet was posted to No. 604 Squadron, his very first flight in one of the unit's Beaufighters being undertaken with the C.O., Wing Commander John "Cat's Eyes" Cunningham at the helm, for a 'Demonstration'.
Teaming up with Pilot Officer Jim Lomas as his full time pilot, Fleet carried out his first patrol in May 1942, and remained similarly employed until October 1943, a protracted period of operational service that witnessed several close contacts, the most notable of them on the night of 17-18 August 1943, when, as cited above, pilot and Navigator gained a confirmed Dornier 217 and probably another of the same type.
Rested as a Radar Instructor at a Conversion Unit from November 1943, Fleet and Lomas returned to an operational footing with No. 25 Squadron, a Mosquito unit, in the summer of 1944, and were quickly employed on numerous "Chuff Bomb Patrols" over the North Sea, a V.1 falling to their guns on 28 July. Better still, off Clacton on the night of 9-10 November, they claimed their second confirmed victory, the relevant combat report stating:
'Our height was then 400 feet ... We climbed to approximately the same height as the target which was at 800 feet, closed and obtained visual of exhausts at 1,800 feet range. We closed in at 190 A.S.I. and when at 800 feet range identified the target as a He. 111. Target was then 80 degrees above and dead ahead. The enemy aircraft did not take any evasive action and we closed to 175-150 yards and opened fire with two short bursts from dead astern. After the first burst the port wing root of the enemy aircraft burst into flames and the second burst set fire to the port fuselage. The enemy aircraft then went down in a controlled glide and after ditching broke in several places which burned on the sea.'

By the year's end, however, 25 Squadron was flying regular intruder sorties over Germany, another flurry of operational activity that led to Fleet and Lomas claiming another confirmed victory, this time east of Bonn on the night of 1-2 February 1945:
'At 400 feet we obtained a visual but owing to the target being against the dark sky we closed to 100 feet dead below before identifying it as a He. 219. We dropped back to 100 yards range and opened fire - it was not possible to fire from a greater range owing to cloud markers below us throwing a reflection onto the perspex of our aircraft and impeding our vision. We fired a one second burst from dead astern and many strikes were observed on the belly of the He. 219, causing a lot of burning debris to fly back into our track. The enemy aircraft turned to starboard and started to lose height slowly. As it turned we fired a further two one second bursts from 200 yards dead astern and scored more strikes on the fuselage. More burning pieces came away from the enemy aircraft and the exhaust glows went out. The enemy aircraft then dived down almost vertically and exploded on hitting the ground, where it burned for some minutes ... there was a strong smell of hot oil in our aircraft and the port engine was feathered, and it was decided to set course for Brussels where a successful emergency landing was made at 2038 hours. It was found on landing that the port radiator and the nose of our aircraft was damaged by flying debris from the He. 219.'
Fleet and Lomas were awarded D.F.Cs, and flew several more operational sorties before the end of hostilities.
Sold with a quantity of original documentation, including the recipient's original R.A.F. Navigator's, Air Bomber's and Air Gunner's Flying Log Books (2), covering the periods October 1941 to March 1945, and March to June 1945; signed, wartime copies of the above quoted combat reports; Navigator's Orbit and Code Sheet for the U.K.; a letter from the recipient to his mother, dated 9 February 1945, in which, among other topics, he refers to a meeting with John "Cat's Eyes" Cunningham at Group H.Q. and the destruction of the He. 219 east of Bonn ('On 1 February we lowered the Luftwaffe by one more aircraft ... '); a photograph of a 604 Squadron Beaufighter and a newspaper cutting reporting on the recipient's award of the D.F.C.
128.    Trench art large shell case vase in an oriental style. 15½ins. Two candlesticks 4½ins. £30-50
129.    WWI: German Fuhrungsbuch "Leadership Book" for a member of 2nd Torpedo Division dating from 1915. £50-80
130.    Military: Embroidered WW1 silk handkerchiefs (5). £20-30
131.    World War I: Armistice Commemoration glasses of conical form, wheel engraved with Latin inscription 'Dominus Loquitor, Arma Silent. 11.11.18 (The Lord has spoken, the arms are silent 11.11.18). Air bubble inclusion in stem. 9ins. high, 4½ins. dia. - a pair. £30-50
132.    WWII: Unusual French Resistance enamel badge "Vive la France et Angleterre et Merde Pour Hitler". £80-120
133.    Third Reich: Rare hard bound volumes from the Chief Military Command for Division of Foreign Fortifications Evaluation about the defences Yugoslavia, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Printed in the Reich Printing Office c1941-42 (3). £250-350
134.    20th cent. USSR workers banner extolling the virtues of the party. 60ins. x 40ins. The design is wheat sheaves around a shield with the hammer & sickle. £100-150
135.    Toys: 20th cent. Post 1946 clockwork balancing clown with 'original' box plus a bisque headed "Jack in the Box". £20-30
136.    Toys - Military: "Britains" Artillery gun 9ins. barrel and limber with ammunition plus a "Britains" L.W.B Land Rover including soldiers, machine guns etc. £20-40
137.    Toys Military Diecast: Antar, Artillery Truck 689, 10 ton truck 622, 6 x 6 truck, recovery truck 661, centurion tank, scarison armored car x 2, 1 ton truck field gut etc. £15-25
138.    Toys: Schuco wind up Diecast Jaguar E Type, cream micro racer 1047/1, boxed a/f. Plus micro racer blue and silver, playworn. Unboxed. £40-50
139.    Mamod Roadster Steam car, cream and red, unboxed. £30-40
140.    Toys: Tinplate and diecast Hornby Dublo boxed D1 island platform, signal cabin, rolling stock, goods van, horse box, petrol tanker x 2, goods brake van, open wagon, buffer stops, points x 3, curved rail, straight rail, uncoupling rail. All boxed, some distressed. Loose rail signals etc. £50-80
141.    Toys: Tinplate Hornby electric Dublo gauge , boxed sets locomotive and tender 6231, Duchess of Atholl with two coaches, track and transformer, other locomotives 6699, 3 rolling stock track and transformer. No box lids, bottom box distressed, playworn. £40-60
142.    Games & Pastimes: Staunton 'style' chess set in treen box with chess board and a 'glass' chess set (3). £50-80
143.    Models: Collection of Solido and other Diecast cars including BMW, Lancia and Alfa Romeo (13). Mostly approx. 4ins. £30-50
144.    Models: Collection of Diecast Ferrari's (15). Mostly approx. 4ins. £30-50
145.    Models: Collection of Diecast Ferrari's. (14). Mostly approx. 4ins. £30-50
146.    Models: Collection of Diecast mostly Burago and Maisto, cars to include Jaguars, Aston Martin and Lotus (12). £50-80
147.    Models: Collection of Diecast mostly Burago and Maisto, cars to include Mercedes, Porsche and BMW (8). £40-60
148.    Models: Collection of Diecast mostly a variety of classic and modern Ferrari's (7). £40-60
149.    Models: Collection of Diecast mostly a variety of classic and modern Ferrari's (9). £40-60
150.    Automobilia: Assorted magazines which include "Super Car Classics", "Classic & Sports Car", "Octane", "Auto Italia", "Italian Cars", "Vantage/Aston Martin", and "Motor Sport". (3 boxes) £40-60
151.    Books/Automobilia: "Italian Sports Cars", "Alfa Romeo, Disco Volante", "Maserati", "D24 e le Lancia Sport", "Rosso Bianco Collection", "World Car Catalogue of Models (1960s, 70s & 80s)", "Mille Miglia 1980's/2013" etc. Hardback and paperback. (2 boxes) £60-80
152.    Automobilia: "Automobile Quarterly" 1970s and 1980s, hardback. (18) £30-40
153.    Books: Italian automobiles "Ferrari", "The Men, the Machines", "Ferrari I Quattro Cilindri", "Enzo Ferrari" 92), "Juan Manuel Fangio", "Ferrari Prototype era" & other Ferrari books (18). £60-80
154.    Automobilia: Cavallino Ferrari magazines 2000-2006. Approx. 40. (2 trays). £80-120
155.    Automobilia: Cavallino Ferrari magazines 2007-2017. Approx. 61. £80-120
156.    Books: Italian automobiles "Ferrari" by Caralleria 1994. Series in original card slip cases, Included are numbers 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14 (9). £300-500
157.    Automobilia: Cavallino Ferrari magazines 1978 (53) Sept -Oct (2nd Printing) 1979 - March/April & July August, includes 1980 (54) number 9, 10, 11, 13, 15, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 25, 26, 28, 29. 1986 (54) numbers 30 to 35 inclusive. 1987 numbers 36-41 inclusive. 1988 numbers 42-46 inclusive. 1989 numbers 48-53 inclusive. Plus three Cavallino magazine slip cases. Approx. 43 (1 Tray). £200-300
158.    Automobilia: Cavallino Ferrari magazines 1990-1999. Approx 59. (2 trays). £80-120
159.    Automobilia: "Forza" Ferrari magazines 2001-2013. (Approx. 79), "Ferrari Story" (6), "Ferrari World" (5), etc. (1 box) £20-30
160.    Books: Motorcycles, (Riders & Racing). BSA Bantam, BMW, Ducati, Triumph, Harley-Davidson, Bill Ivy, Rob McIntyre, Sammy Miller, Mike Hailwood. Also Continental Races, T.T. (1.0.M) etc. (3 boxes) £60-80
161.    1980s/90s Motorcycling Magazines: Includes "Easy Riders", "Motorcycle Sport", "In the Wind", "Classic Racer", "Fast Classics", "Biker", "Classic Bike", "Jammer", etc. (2 boxes) £20-30
162.    Motor Sport Memorabilia: Limited edition print, 66/150, of a Ferrari GTO. Indistinct signature, framed. 30ins x 22ins. £60-80
163.    Books: Reference books of "Faberge" Art Deco glass silver and plate, Millers books etc. £10-20
164.    Books: History of The Great War in six volumes, a manual of map reading, photo reading and field sketching, war office 1929. Instruction manuals for Ford engines 1942 x 2, diesel vehicle repair 1942 x 2, manual of driving and maintenance 1937. £10-20
165.    Photographs/Autographs/Posters: Art print, Ansel Adams "Moon and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park" and "Pine Forest in Snow, Yosemite National Park", both 3ins x 2ins. Also Alan Majchrowicz "Whatcom Creek". (3) Plus deep sea explorers and photographers Hans & Lotte Hass, signed photograph. Black and white, 8¼ins x 6½ins. £40-60
166.    Aerospace - Rockwell Polar Flight: The USA first flight around the world over both poles establishing 8 world records for jet transports using a Boeing 707 320C. This archive includes a preliminary report, photos taken on board and a vinyl disc communications round the world. £50-70
167.    China/Boxer Rebellion: Hand written fainting letter dated September th 1900 and headed Balmoral Castle. It relates to the Queen's (Victoria) "Feelings of admiration of the manor in which Mr Henry Warren fought side by side with the marines in defence of the nations during the four eventful weeks and sacrificed his life in devotion of others. 1 side handwritten in black ink. £150-250
168.    18th cent. & later Ephemera: Bath, Warleigh manor, Bathampton album of scraps, letters, sketches, photos and details of family life. Lady Skine and family charity works and service during WW1, WWII and later. Also loose items including original design (artwork and Photo) from J Powell and Sons (Whitefriars) plus donation letters to Victoria Art Gallery Bath, Queen Mary's visit to Warleigh in 1943 etc (2 albums) also photo album (11) and 1801 book "The New Bath Guide" (front cover detached) otherwise complete (3). £100-200
169.    Books: Kelly's Directory of Norfolk and Suffolk 1937, a black leather bound book 1845 "Norfolk" a general history and description of the county of Norfolk and a reprint of Kelly's Directory of Folkestone 1964. £40-60
170.    Books: "Hunting of the Snark" 1st edition minor faults, Macmillan 1876. £60-80
171.    Books: Gilbert Frankay 1st edition "Christopher Strong" dedication and signed by the author HB. £30-50
172.    Americana: Original programme from the memorial service of John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) at St. Paul's Cathedral on the 1st December 1963. Plus assorted original newspapers from JFK's and Bobby Kennedy's assassinations. £80-120
173.    Music Memorabilia: CD gold disc from the film Evita, personally signed by Madonna. Framed 27½ins x 18ins. £80-120
174.    Russian Share/Bond Certificate (1913) for Black Sea Railway Company, framed and glazed. 15½ins x 11ins. £40-60
175.    Music: 1960s Blues, R&B 45rpm Sue Records (subsidiary of Island Records) Elmore James (WI-4007, WI-383), Lowell Fulson (WI-375, WI-4023), Louisiana Red (WI-337A), Willie Mabon (WI-320), J B Lenoir (WI-339), Sonny Boy Williamson (WI-365), and Buster Brown (WI-368) (9) £180-280
176.    Beatles & Monkees: Collection of Beatles monthly book magazines numbers 42, 49, 51, 52, 54, 55, 56, 58, special repeat and Monkees number 8 (9). £50-80
177.    Music: 1960s/70s/80s - R&B, Blues, Rock & Roll 45rpm records, including Freddie King, Lightnin Hopkins, Howlin' Wolf, Otis Rush, BB King, Slim Harpo, King Curtis, Chuck Berry, Arthur K Adams, Ramsey Lewis, Junior Walker, Joan Jett, etc. Record labels include Federal, Chess, Jewel, Stateside, Stax, Atco, Blue Horizon, Chess Cadet, Atlantic etc. £80-120
178.    Books: Fiction and non fiction. Includes music - 1977 Punk, Great Rock Discography 1998, as well as autobiographies, film/TV, historical. Hardback and paperback. (1 box) £30-50
179.    Books: Hard and paper back books including children's issues. £20-40
180.    CD's Spanning 1960s - 1990s: Includes Rock & Roll, Blues, Hard Rock. Approx. 295. All contained in two large & one small box. £60-80
181.    1960s - 1980s Vinyl Records 33½rpm: "Blues Genre" including B.B. King, Errol Dixen, Freddie King, Otis Spann, Little Walter, Bo Diddley, Buddy Gay, Howlin' Wolf, Albert Collins, Taj Mahal, etc. Contained in a reinforced record case. Approx. 46, some double LP's. £80-100
182.    1960s - 1980s Vinyl Records 33½rpm: Cream (Disraeli Gears Fresh Cream, Wheels of Fire, Best of Cream). Jimi Hendrix (Stone Free, Rare Hendrix), Bloomfield & Kooper (Live Adventures of Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper) plus Santana, Procol Harum, Steppenwolf, Focus, Sky, Styx, Brewer & Shipley, Paul Butterfield Band, Jack McDuff, Joan Jett, Tanya Tucker, Jethro Tull, etc. Contained in a reinforced record case. Approx. 49, some double LP's. £80-120
183.    Sport & Games: Chess board, chess men set of resin snooker balls, jugglers clubs, a selection of golf clubs (putters) and a canvas gun case. £40-60
184.    Sporting: Rugby programmes, mostly Wales. 1960s to 1990s also Cardiff v New Zealand 1972, Bath RFC, variety from 1970s and 80s etc. Also included in the lot is a menu signed by among others Bobby Windsor and Brynmor Williams. Approx. 60. £40-60
185.    Games and Past Times: F.H. Ayres London lawn croquet game in a pine box 40ins. x 10ins. x 11½ins. £60-80
186.    Cricket Memorabilia: Sir Garfield Sobers signed cricket ball contained within a framed montage display. 27ins. x 19ins. £80-120
187.    19th cent. Mahogany J. Newtons artists painting box with colour blocks, ceramic pallet in secret drawer, brushes and rack. Leather embossed trade advertisement inset to lid 9¼ins. x 7½ins. x 3¼ins. £70-100
188.    19th cent. Games and Pastimes: A mahogany cased games compendium chess, draughts, Escalado, card games, counters etc. The chess, race game and backgammon board, retailed by Peter Robinson, Oxford Street, London 13ins. x 7½ins. 8½ins. £200-250
190.    Optics: Early 20th cent. and later binoculars opera glasses (1 pair in soft leather case) x 2, WW2 leather cased Private issue binoculars named O.J. Hedges Lt RFA Leighton Buzzard, "Greenkat" 8x30 and a Hertel and Reuss pair 6x30 etc 7 binos ( 1 tray). £40-60
191.    Scientific Instruments: Carl Zeiss electro microscope 4336116 boxed with attachments. £150-200
192.    Clocks: 20th cent. Carriage clock, French, enamelled face & Roman numerals. 4¼ins. x 2ins. x 3ins. £40-60
193.    Clocks: 20th cent. French ebonised wooden cased carriage clock, enamelled face, Roman numerals. Back plate stamp VAP Brevete, JGDG, retailed by Lund Bros. London. (4403). £50-80
194.    Clocks: Black slate with English movement, serial number 33623, strikes the hour. Approx. 10ins x 9 ins x 6ins. £30-50
195.    19th cent. Chinese dragon head horn and bone carved walking stick (minor damage to some segments). £60-80
196.    Edwardian silk parasol with ivory handle plus 3 others and leather gloves. £80-100
197.    Walking Sticks: Malacca, ebonised and a crop all with hallmarked silver ferrules, plus one other. (4) £50-60
198.    19th cent. Ebonised walking cane with horn handle, yellow metal collar 1¾ins. stamped 18 carat plated. £30-60
199.    19th cent. Levi & Co. brass and leather three draw telescope. £20-40
200.    Optics: "Dollond, London day and Night" C1830 achromatic navigational telescope single drawer, leather covered barrel, brass fittings, sliding sunshade, outer leather cover included a/f. £50-80
201.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Negretti and Zambra marine telescope 34ins. £50-80
202.    Early 20th cent. Navigational Equipment: Brass parallel rolling rule in mahogany box. Made by A. West & Partners, London S.W. stamped Moseley. 18ins. x 3ins. £50-80
203.    Scientific Instruments: A Stanley and Co surveyors level No 39060 boxed 12ins. x 5½ins. 7ins. with staff and tripod stand. £80-120
204.    Elvis Presley: Pair of Brown Shoes that Elvis wore in and around Graceland

The following information is from Chris Davidson the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum before he sold to Graceland and he describes them as:

Elvis Presley's 1970s casual shoes. This size-12 pair of brown leather shoes were worn by entertainer Elvis Presley. Even while sporting casual wear, Elvis was always dressed to the nines when going out in public. His outrageous clothing was matched by his taste in shoes. This pair of casual leather shoes were made in Greece and were typical of what he wore during the 1970s, with casual wear.

They are accompanied by a hand signed letter of authenticity from Chris Davidson the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum before he sold to Graceland confirming their provenance.

The letter of authenticity reads:

"This pair of brown shoes were purchased and worn by entertainer Elvis Presley.

The shoes were obtained from Hobart and Bonnie Burnette who operated the Hickory Log Restaurant across the street from Graceland during the mid 70s.

After his divorce, Elvis had more free time between tours and would often visit his father to reminisce. Vernon's house was located at 1266 Dolan Dr. with the back of his property bordering a portion of Graceland's Southeastern fence. Elvis would often talk so late into the night that he would spend the night in the spare bedroom of the home. Many personal items were left there.

After Elvis' untimely death, Vernon sold the Dolan Dr. house to the B so that he could manage Graceland. Many of Elvis and Vernon's belongings were sold with the Dolan Dr. home

I purchased $15,000.00 worth of Elvis and Vernon's personal items which included Elvis' Acetates, furniture from Graceland and many items of clothing as well as Elvis' .38 Special handgun and badges.

The pair of brown shoes with rubberized roped soles was part of the Burnette-Elvis purchase made in 1999.

This pair of shoes were on display at the world famous Elvis-A-Rama Museum during the past 6 years. £2900-3500
205.    Elvis Presley: Very rare copy of his personal yellow movie script, dated July 11th 1966 for his 1967 movie Easy Come, Easy Go which was his 23rd movie.

The front cover of the script reads as follows:
SF 83095
ELVIS (Hand written in thick black fibre tip pen)
JULY 11, 1966

Each yellow script page is dated 7 - 11 - 66

This following information came Chris Davidson the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold it to Graceland. It reads as follows.............................................

Elvis Presley's Easy Come, Easy Go Movie Script.

This yellow movie script was used by actor/entertainer Elvis Presley for his 23rd film, which was produced by Hal Wallis.

The script has "ELVIS" written on the front and was acquired at an Elvis auction held in Memphis, Tennessee, which was sponsored by Elvis' uncle Vester Presley.

This "Easy Come, Easy Go" movie script has been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM for many years.
This script was auctioned in Memphis in 1980. This Easy Come, Easy Go movie script was also auctioned by Fleetwood Owen in association with Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. The "Elvis that's the way it was" auction took place in Las Vegas at Bally's Hotel on Saturday 16th June 2001. It is accompanied by a hand signed letter from the Elvis Presley Museum

Chris Davidson was the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold it to Graceland, the banner was on display at the museum and he wrote:


"This large Pasaryu Karate "Way Of Honor" banner was purchased from the Kang Rhee Karate Institute in Memphis, Tennessee in 1999.

Elvis was photographed in front of a similar banner in the 1970s while practising karate at the dojo.

This karate banner comes from the Kang Rhee karate Institute, where Elvis Presley and Master Rhee formed TCB karate and where Elvis would often practice his favourite sport and form of exercise. Elvis initially encountered karate in Germany while stationed in the army. Throughout his life, Elvis practised several different art forms and came in contact with many leaders of the sport. Elvis even started his own production company to make a karate film called "The New Gladiators" which was to star Elvis himself. This karate banner was obtained from the Kang Rhee Institute.

This karate banner has been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM during the past 5 years"

Accompanied by a hand signed letter of authenticity from Chris Davidson the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold to Graceland. The ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM has been bought by Graceland and retired.
207.    Elvis Presley: Superb pair of white and enamel metal owned and worn cufflink's bearing the initial "P"

Accompanied by a letter of authenticity hand signed by Chris Davidson the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum before he sold to Graceland which states:

"This pair of cufflink's with the initial P were owned by Elvis Presley and was obtained from Holbart and Bonnie Burnette in 1999
During the early 1960s Vernon Presley purchased a home 1266 Dolan Dr, which is adjacent to Graceland along the southeastern wall. Elvis had a gate installed so that he could walk from his backyard directly into his father's house. After Elvis' divorce in 1973, Elvis spent more time over there to occasionally escape Graceland and its inhabitants. Elvis would sometimes stay over late into the night talking with his father about the old days, his philosophies about life and his family.

After Elvis' death, Vernon moved into Graceland and sold the Dolan home and all its contents to Holbart and Bonnie Burnette who owned the Hickory Log Restaurant across the street from Graceland. The Burnette's delivered food up to the house for the Memphis Mafia and on occasion Elvis and/or Vernon.

I purchased many personal items of Elvis' and Vernon's from the Burnettes in the summer of 1999. Included in the purchase were many items including: Elvis' acetates, a guitar, pyjamas and other clothing, badges, shoes, and furniture.

This pair of cufflink's was purchased from the Burnettes and was on display at the world famous Elvis-A-Rama Museum for seven years

The Elvis-A-Rama Museum was bought by Graceland and has since been retired. £2900-3500
208.    Music Memorabilia: Elvis Presley limited edition "Gold Disc" of the Sun Records recording of "That's All Right". 19¼ins x 13ins. £50-80
209.    Elvis Presley's Famous Personally Owned & Worn Las Vegas brown Suede Flared Trousers:

They are accompanied by an affidavit of authenticity hand signed by Richard Davis, Elvis's valet with the following information:

"I Richard Davis currently reside at 5525 Alexanderia Lane South Haven Mississippi. I was friends with Elvis Presley and began working for Elvis around 1962. Among my many duties for Elvis was being his valet, taking care of and purchasing much of his wardrobe.

These brown suede flared pants were owned and worn by Elvis Presley. They were purchased at a store in Las Vegas Elvis and us used to visit often. There is a label Suzy Creamcheese inside and one of the belt loops is loose on the pants. Elvis gave these to me along with some other clothes in the early 1970s as we were about the same size.

TCB Always

Richard Davis"
210.    Elvis Presley:Icons. Elvis Presley's Famous Lion Head Ring Worn by Elvis in Graceland 1972
The ring is stamped 14k Gold and takes the form of a lion's head complete with a diamond in each eye. Elvis was always attracted to the Lion symbolically as it was the "King Of The Beasts" and regarded as the symbol of strength. This piece is accompanied by an Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet, Elvis friend of 22 years and the founder of the Elvis Presley Museum confirming it was the 'Personal property of Elvis Presley and was worn by Elvis in 1972. One night at Graceland, Elvis dropped the ring on the floor and one of his Memphis Mafia Members accidentally stepped on it and smashed it. The ring was never repaired"
It is also accompanied by a second Certificate of Authenticity with Notary Public embossed seal that offers further insight into its history, it states the following:
"This is to certify that this 14kt gold lion's head ring was the personal property of Elvis Presley, worn by him in 1972.
The story behind this ring was related to me by one of Elvis' cousins. Elvis was sitting at home in Graceland talking with family and friends. As he talked, he would play with his rings, slipping them on and off his fingers. At one point, this ring slipped off his finger and rolled on the floor. Before the ring could be picked up, Lamar Fike, a member of Elvis' Memphis Mafia, walked into the room and stepped onto the ring. After Elvis finished what he thought of his oversized feet and body structure, he picked the ring up and saw that the band was bent. Elvis handed the ring to his cousin and told her to have the ring fixed. He told her that she could keep the ring if it couldn't be fixed. The ring was never repaired and had remained in the possession of Elvis' cousin until the ring and this story was turned over to the undersigned"
An exceptional opportunity to own an exceptionally rare piece of Elvis material.
211.    Musical Memorabilia/Icons/Elvis Presley:
An exceptionally iconic piece of Las Vegas and music history, Elvis Presley's Historical First Las Vegas hand signed (twice) contract April 23 - May 6, Elvis's Historical first 30 appearances/shows in Las Vegas.
Elvis signed/and initialled this William Morris Agency contract, in his name Elvis Presley and also his initial' EP on the rider for his two-week engagement at the New Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas. This contract was also signed by his employer representing the New Frontier Hotel on 16th April 1956, the engagement was at the New Frontier Hotel, Las Vegas Nevada. The Dates of employment are listed as Two (2) weeks commencing April 23, 1956. Hours of employment, Seven (7) days weekly, fifteen shows weekly. Type of employment, Stage show. Elvis was paid the sizeable sum of seven thousand five hundred ($7,500.00) Dollars per week.
The Colonel booked Elvis, Scotty Moore (Guitar), Bill Black (Bull Upright Bass) and D.J Fontana (Drums) for a two week engagement. The Colonel would call his boy the 'Atomic Powered Singer' During these two weeks of shows for Elvis at the New Frontier Hotel in the Venus room, the single Heartbreak Hotel and the album Elvis Presley both hit number one on the Billboard pop charts. Elvis' fame would grow dramatically. Though he would later visit often and make movies there it would be 13 years before Elvis would perform on stage in Las Vegas again in 1969.
The lot is accompanied by an Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet Elvis's lifelong friend and founder of the Elvis Presley Museum.

NB: This was still the early part of 1956 and Presley was on the verge of greatness, up until now Elvis had performed in front of screaming teenagers but things would be different in Las Vegas. Compared to the usual teenage hysteria however Elvis had a lukewarm acceptance from the middle aged audience. Its important to note at this time the demograph going to Las Vegas were mainly middle aged and would go there to gamble and catch a show, sometimes the show's would be secondary to them, just background entertainment. While the audience liked and appreciated Elvis and politely applauded, he was never going to receive the hysteria he was now accustomed to. Its said he did not feel a connection with the audience like he did with his normal audiences.

However many teenagers did find a way of meeting Elvis during the two week period and on Saturday 28th April the Colonel arranged for a teenager's matinee for $1, which included admittance to the show and a free soft drink, which was a resounding success.

Elvis' closing performance on May 6, 1956 was recorded and initially released on "Elvis Aron Presley," the 8-record box set released in connection with Elvis' 25th Anniversary with RCA in November 1980. (They performed "Heartbreak Hotel," "Long Tall Sally," "Blue Suede Shoes" and "Money Honey." The entire performance lasted just over 13 minutes and during it Elvis announces that Ray Bolger and Phil Silvers are in the audience. The crowd seems to enjoy his joke introduction of song titles like "Get out of the Stables Grandma you're too old to be Horsin' Around" and he asks Freddy Martin if he knows "Take back your Golden Garter, my leg is turnin' green".)

The Las Vegas Sun reviewed his first concert and published a less than flattering opinion of his short-lived stay at the venue.
"Elvis Presley, arriving here on the wave of tremendous publicity, fails to hit the promised mark," one columnist wrote. "The brash, loud braying of his rhythm and blues catalogue (and mind you, they are big hits everywhere it seems), which albeit rocketed him to the big time, is overbearing to a captive audience." However you can't keep a good man down and it wasn't long before Vegas caught onto Elvis's phenomena. It took 13 years for Elvis to return to Las Vegas. In 1969 he signed up for a month-long residency at the International Hotel as arguably the biggest rock and roll star in the world, he made more than $1 million in four weeks and ultimately became synonymous with the city, Elvis then remained a fixture in Vegas until his death in 1977. This piece is a seminar item of Elvis memorabilia, one of the most important relating to his time in Las Vegas that we have ever handled.
212.    Elvis Presley: Elvis's personal filming notice copy for Easy Come Easy Go, Filmed in 1966 and released in 1967.

Chris Davidson the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before the museum was sold it to Graceland states in the COA:

"This Filming Notice Copy was sent to Elvis to appear for work on his next upcoming picture "Easy Come Easy Go." the notice was sent to Elvis on August 26,1966. The film was Produced by Hal B. Wallis who Produced nine Elvis Presley films including "Loving You," "King Creole" and "G I Blues." Production began for the 1967 Hal B. Wallis Production by Paramount Studios on September 12,1966.

I acquired the film notice directly from Jimmy Velvet, owner of the Elvis Presley Museum. He purchased it from some personal files and paperwork from a relative.

This "Easy Come, Easy Go" film notice had been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM for the past 5 years.
It is typed on this filming notice, Mr Presley's copy"

The lot is accompanied by a hand signed Letter Of Authenticity from Chris Davidson the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum before he sold to Graceland. Framed and glazed.
213.    Elvis Presley: Historical 1956 Screen Actors Guild Signed Contract which enabled Elvis' Movie Career to begin.

This historic William Morris Agency contract was hand signed by Elvis on April 24th 1956 as was a waiver for the Screen Actors Guild and was legally required to be signed by Elvis in order to start his movie career. It reads 'In view of the foregoing and in behalf of and as agents for Elvis Presley we hereby request a waiver from the Screen Actors Guild so as to permit Mr. Presley to enter into and execute a contract with Hal B. Wallis and Joseph H. Hazen on a "test-optional" basis as outlined above. The undersigned, Elvis Presley, consents to the foregoing and hereby joins with the William Morris Agency, Inc. in requesting the aforesaid waiver.'

This contract was also hand signed by a William Morris Agency representative and also hand signed by a Screen Actors Guild representative.

This is an extremely historical piece, it where it all began for Elvis' movie career. This contract was sent to the Screen Actors Guild at the request of Hal B Wallis and Joseph Hazen productions and the rest was history............

This signed contract/waiver had been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM in Las Vegas for many years and is accompanied by a hand signed letter of authenticity from Chris Davidson of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold it to Graceland.

It reads in part......

This April 24th 1956 waiver was signed by entertainer, Elvis Presley as well as representatives of William Morris Agency and Screen Actors Guild. The waiver was sent to the Screen Actors Guild at the request of Wallis/Hazen productions. Elvis was about to become not only Americas greatest singing sensation, but a Legendary movie star. (SAG) approval was required. Elvis would go on to star in 33 major motion pictures during his lifetime. This signed waiver has been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM during the past 5 years.

The ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM was bought by Graceland and has since been retired. Framed and glazed.
214.    Autographs/Artist/Post-Impressionism/Fauvism: Matisse, Henri. French artist (1869-1954) Matisse is known for his striking use of colour and his bold fluid mark making skills. Signed typed letter, in French, to an unknown male correspondent regarding the showing of one of his paintings. Signed in an aged hand Matisse. One-page, Nice, November 28, 1953. Measures 270mm x 210mm. Some light toning, wrinkling to the bottom left corner and a couple of things otherwise fine condition.

In full (translated): 'Sir, I agree to your request, to show the drawing in question in tribute to Paul Eluardat the Maison de la Pensee Francaise (House of French Thought). I shipped it today to Harvard, framer at 123 Boulevard Montparnasse in Paris, where you may have it picked up at the appropriate time. Please accept my sincere respects.'

215.    Autographs/politics: Sir Winston Spencer Churchill 1874-1965. Typed letter signed Winston S Churchill', to Curtis Brown, the literary agent, saying that hoping 'the material' (? For the World Crisis Vol. IV) will be released no earlier than September, and declaring that he has made no promise to provide a volume of memoirs. One page 9ins. x 7½ins., neat folds, in fine condition. Curtis Brown received date stamp. Treasury Chambers, Whitehall 10 December 1927. Sir Winston Churchill Prime Minister 1942-1945, 1951-1955. 'With regard to the volume of Memoirs. I certainly have no recollection of having made such a promise, and I am not surprised therefore that you have no confirmation of it. I therefore must consider myself perfectly free. However, when time comes-which will not be this year-I will give the matter the fullest attention.'
216.    Autographs/Aviation: Lindbergh, Charles A, an extremely desirable typed letter signed at the close as 'Charles A Lindbergh',one page on onion skin, measuring 8½ins. x 10¼ins., dated July 11, 1967. Linda writes to French aviator Colonel Louis Castex (1896 to 1968) in Paris. With expected intersecting mailing folds (vertical folds attaching two letters of first name) otherwise fine clean condition. Highly desirable item. The letter reads in full: 'The article on page 43 of the June 10th issue of Paris Match has been brought to my attention. I am shocked and disappointed to see this result of our meeting at my wife's chalet in Switzerland last year. As you know, I invited you to the chalet as a result of a request by our mutual friend M Paschoud. It was clearly understood that my invitation was in relation to the book you were writing about certain events in history of aviation. It was in no sense a press interview. Have you requested a press interview, I would of course have declined in keeping with my long established a policy of not taking part in press interviews. It is ridiculous to say that at our meeting in Switzerland, 'after 30 years of silence', I revealed the background of my 1927 New York-to-Paris flight. I spent 14 years writing a book about this flight and it is background. (The Spirit of Saint Louis, published in 1953.) As I told you during our discussion and in a letter afterwards, I was unable to improve on the accounts and descriptions incorporated in the book. I have always tried to assist authors who were working seriously in research related to incidents and development with which I was acquainted. In this connection, during the last 30 years I have often discussed details of my 1927 New York-to-Paris flat, as I did with you. It was always with the understanding the accuracy be maintained, and sensationalism avoided. I will not attempt to discuss farther the inaccuracies involved in the Paris Match article.' £1125-1500
217.    Autographs/Show Business: Brando, Marlon. Academy award winning Hollywood legend (1924 to 2004). Signed typed letter from Brando to the Governor of French Polynesia, written in French. Brando was attempting to seek permission to build an airstrip on his island, Tetiaroa, noting the cost between 4-6 million Francs. Signed Marlon Brando in blue pen at the close
218.    Autographs/Films: Alfred Hitchcock 1899-1980. A letter,signed, to Carmine Santuilo, the assistant to Ed Sullivan. The letter is on Warner Bros, Hollywood stationery and he states he regrets no being in New York for Ed (Sullivan's) eighth anniversary, dated May 31st 1956, with original Warner Bros stationery. £600-700
219.    Autographs/Science: Einstein, Albert German born physicist, humanitarian and Noble prize winner 1879-1955, Einstein is undoubtedly the greatest scientist of the 20th century. A typed letter signed from Einstein written in German from his summer residence at watch him. One page written on one side, Watchhill [Rhode Island, America] 18th July 1934. Signed at the close in black ink as 'Albert', a rare signature from the Nobel prize-winning mathematical physicist. The translation reads in full:
'Dear Eric I have written to Mr Ittlesohn and provided a report about your career to date. I will only write to Mr Ratshesky when I have learned from you that Mr Ittlesohn is either unavailable or unwilling to fulfil your request. So please write to me once you can give me some information about this.
I wish you good success with heartfelt regards.
220.    Space: A fabulous letter dated four weeks after Apollo 11's return from the moon. The letter is on National Aeronautics and Space Administration official stationery and is hand signed by Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon. A rare piece signed so close to Apollo 11's return, with PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity. £3750-5000
221.    Autographs: Orwell, George. English author and journalist (1903-1950) Orwell (a.k.a. Eric Arthur Blair) used his weight and passion for social justice to create two of the greatest novels of the 20th century; '1984' (1949) and 'Animal Farm' (1945). Rare autograph letter signed from all well to an unknown recipient. Orwell apologises for his late reply and regretfully decline is an offer to speak for his correspondence due to his location on the Isle of Jura, Scotland. Orwell lived on the island between 1946-48 whilst writing 'Nineteen- Eighty-Four'. One page, written on one side, Barnhill, Isle of Jura letterhead, 31 May, 1946. Measures 260 mm x 203 mm and is unframed. Expected mailing folds and a small amount of paper loss to lower margin, otherwise very good condition. £4500-6000
222.    Autographs/Boxing: Muhammad Ali an amazing and lengthy handwritten prayer, one-page, 8½ins. x 11ins., personal letterhead, April 22, 1983. Ali writes on the love of God. In full: to Saint Mary's Orthodox Catholic Church, love from Muhammad Ali. Gods mercy and power ensure for ever. Man should understand and resist gods revelation, human wisdom and power common has given David, work only for establishing righteousness, human glory, like Solomans rested on slander foundation, but enjoyed her fair and prosperous state as long as she obeyed the law of God. But perished for unrighteousness, learned then, that mercy and power, wisdom and justice, of God are beyond all comparison. Do write and prepare for the final day. Love is the net, where hearts are caught like fish. In fine condition, with two horizontal mailing faults and creases to extreme upper right corner. An exceptional piece packing a powerful spiritual punch.
223.    Autographs/Literature: Conan Doyle, Arthur. Scottish author 1859 to 1930 who stories featuring fictional detective Sherlock Holmes revolutionised the genre of crime fiction. Autograph signed letter from Doyle to Mrs Harman in New York City regarding meeting with Mr Ticknor, an amateur medium. Signed A Conan Doyle in a clear hand at the close. One page 5¼" x 6.¾", Ambassador Hotel, New York letterhead, April 18, 1922. Intersecting mailing folds, a hint of mild soiling, subtle brush to two words of text otherwise fine condition. Accompanied by the original mailing envelope, a printed announcement for Doyle's book on psychic matters and a 1922 leaflet on spiritualism by Lady Conan Doyle titled 'An Open Letter to a Mourner'. In full: 'I could have helped you in London but conditions are strange here. Perhaps Mrs Cogswell of the Plaza Hotel would tell you how to approach Mr Ticknor who is very competent, but hardly a professional'.
224.    Autographs: Facsimile of a letter and signature of Churchill with the envelope. £30-50
225.    Early 20th cent. Japanese Imari scallop rimmed dish and vases (2). £50-70
226.    19th cent. Ceramics: Oriental slip ware bowl with three modelled figures attached to the rim, and a symbol plaque, the upper symbol meaning incense and the lower meaning two. These bowls were used in pairs for a game where the participants mix a selection of incense powders and guess what scents are used. £80-120
227.    Sino Tibetan: 13th/14th cent. Kadam Stupa (Chaitya) lotus finial with parasol and thirteen descending discs the centre a square balcony with a flared bell shaped base with two rings and the base with a double lotus frieze. Traces of iron inside finial. Height 8ins. base diameter 4ins. £1000-1500
228.    19th cent. Chinese ox/buffalo horn carving depicting Kuan Yin holding a lotus flower stood with a peacock. Approx. 14ins high. £150-200
229.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: early 20th cent. Peking amber glass, internally painted large scent or cologne bottle depicting the seven immortals, a second panel a blossom tree, carved shoulders, neck and base, without stopper. 6ins. £100-150
230.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Jozef Fraget c1896-1914, galvanized silver brass samovar, tray and drip bowl, traditional engraved pattern with bone or ivory finials and fittings. Impressed marks to base 'Fraget N Plaque' with imperial double headed eagle and small oval coat of arms of the Copper and Bronze Smiths Corporation and various numerals. Height 21ins. £150-250
231.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese silver trade dollar Republic Sun Yat- Sen sailing ship reverse (5). £60-80
232.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese silver trade dollars provincial issues Dragon obverse HU PEV x 3 , Kiang Nan x 4, Kwang Tung plus 1 x dollar with "chop mark" (9). £120-150
233.    Oriental: Early 20th cent. Bamboo brush pot with carved "scholar" and applied decoration of flowers 14ins. tall. £20-30
234.    19th cent. Oriental painting on silk depicting a golden bird on a pomegranate tree. Artist stamps. Framed and glazed 12¾ins. x 11ins. £40-60
235.    19th cent. Siamese Wayag gilt hand held shadow puppets, 31ins. and 25ins. made from carved leather, depicting a bull and a man dragon. £30-50
236.    Japanese Fabrics: Sozayemon Nishimura of Kyoto silk work Yuzen cut - harbour study with trees. Label on reverse. Framed and glazed, approx. 26ins. x 26ins. £100-150
237.    Oriental Work Panels: Oil on board 'Fishermen & Houses by a Stream". Framed (damage to frames) - a pair. 7ins. x 29¾ins. £30-40
238.    20th cent. Blue and white umbrella stick stand Oriental scenes 9½ins. dia. x 23ins. high. £60-80
238A.   19th cent Painted single panel on linen depicting lakeside hunters, mounted and on foot. 62ins. 23½ins. £30-50
239.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Lambeth harvest jug with rural motifs in relief. 11ins. tall. £80-100
240.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Loving cup Queen Elizabeth II Coronation designed by Charles Noke and Harry Fenton, issued 1953 in Ltd Ed 1000, this is No 627. The cup is decorated with portraits of Elizabeth II and Elizabeth I on reverse 10ins. unboxed. £100-120
241.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Ophelia" dish, "Romeo" plate and bulbus vase also "Romeo" plus a oblong dish "Katherine". £30-40
242.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Dickens series bowl D6327 "Mr Micawbe", fluted dish "Sam Weller" D6767E, fruit bowl "Capt Cuttle" D973, a square vase "Sariey Gamp" D2973 5ins. £30-40
243.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Old English Coaching Scenes" plate D6393, a square dish No 72067, "Village Study" plate, a vase decorated with a cottage and a tree on the Severn plus a fruit bowl "Gaffers" D4210. £30-40
244.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton pin tray "The Greenwood Tree", "Robin Hood" D6341, plate D4586.p. plate "The Mayor" plus Proverbs "Don't Count Your Chickens" oblong dish depicting a song. £30-40
245.    20th cent. Ceramics Moorcroft table lamp anemones pattern with blue shade. £200-250
246.    20th cent. Ceramics: Susie Cooper, Breakfast for Two, kestrel shape hot water jug and cover, cups and saucers x 2, two slice toast rack, sugar bowl, creamer, side plates x 2, biscuit plate and preserve dish x 2, decorated with pink and brown banding. Leaping deer mark to base. £120-150
247.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Copenhagen vase/lamp pale blue ground with white peonies and polished base and neck, approx 16ins.
248.    19th cent. Ceramics: Spode blue and gilt tea pot on stand pattern No. 492 small crack to base. £50-70
249.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport Adelaide shape Rococo duck spout, tea pot, decorated in leaf design, illustrated plate 218 Coalport 1795/ 1926 Michael Messenger Clive House Museum plus a tea pot decorated with gilt leaf's and scroll design. £80-120
250.    19th cent. Ceramics: W.H. Kerr Worcester tea pot blue coral pattern blue stamp to base. £60-80
251.    19th cent. English Ceramics: Coalport, Colebrookdale etc mostly requiring restoration yellow ground Ewer (very a/f) floral central medallions and panels grey ground, oval dish, 2 plates (1 a/f) 9136 painted to base, oval plates finely painted floral decoration with gilt and blue brush work (a/f), green ground with floral panels (a/f) 6 items. £40-60
252.    19th cent. English Ceramics: Dessert service floral decoration in coloured enamels painted number to base 4652, 2 x oval (1 a/f), 2 x rectangular, 7 x circular (3 a/f). £50-70
253.    19th cent. Porcelain: Dessert plates, turquoise & gilt border with central panel decorated with floral motifs x 12. £40-60
254.    19th cent. English porcelain Tazza gilt border with blue panels, central hand painted decoration of morning glory, panel studies of Hollyhocks, Poppy's and Forget-me-not's to reverse 10ins. x 6ins. gilt loop edge peach boarder hand painted architectural study a/f 11ins. x 7ins. £80-120
255.    Royal Doulton plate Pintail duck No 72067 signed Joseph Hancock 9ins. £40-60
256.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport tea ware John Rose circa 1940/55 Adelaide shape buff ground with central floral decoration, gilt boarders, tea pot, sugar, cream jug, slop bowl a/f, 6 x cups, 6 x saucers plus a tea pot stand pattern No 492 plus similar Adelaide sugar. £150-200
257.    20th cent. Ceramics: Coalport "Leighton Sprays" dinnerware, tureens and covers a pair, 6 x soup plates, 6 x dessert plates, 6 x side plates, 3 x meat ovals 12ins. 2 x 14½ins. £70-90
258.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert "Eden", tea ware circa 1927/ 1935 6 x cups, 5 x saucers, 6 x side plates, creamer, sugar bowl and cake plate. £50-80
259.    19th cent. Ceramics: Flight Barr and Barr oval dish circa 1820 impressed F.B.B. mark, crimped gilt border, central gilt star design with pink border 12ins. x 9ins. plus Worcester Chamberlain plate blind relief border central floral panel 8½ins. £90-120
260.    19th cent. Crown Derby plates decorated with rose bud sprays, white ground blind releaf border, gilt rim 9½ins. a pair, plus Bloor Derby blue/ gilt oval dish a/f. £50-70
261.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport part dessert set, gilt and deep pink border of swags and flowers, central study of sprays of summer flowers 3 x plates, comport a/f. £30-50
262.    19th cent. Ceramics: Fenton Daniell, pink, gilt and yellow cup and saucer, 5 x Harlequin cups and saucers 3 x gilt and floral bowls, some damage. £60-80
263.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport plate green ground with gilt and floral decoration (worn) plus 2 x others of similar style with impressed flower marks to base. £60-90
264.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport botanical dessert service painted by Cecil James born 1799, active 1820-1845, the services comprises of 12 x plates, 2 x circular server dishes, 1 x oval serving dish plus a Tazza with hairline (2 x plates and a serving plate) pattern No. 2/165 and label Coalport Cecil Jones c1825/30. £180-200
265.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport Daniel Tazza believed John Yates, blue gilt ground, central panel painted with sea shells and coral, surround with four panels decorated with flowers and fruit, the supporting base has flower panels 13ins. x 5ins. £100-130
266.    19th cent. Ceramics: Swansea. Ex. Sidney Heath collection, oval fruit bowl central panel depicting foliage and a orange trumpet shaped flower, the outside decorated with spring flowers, gilt decoration borders, to the base two Heath Collection labels 377 and painted in pale green 2858 and 410XH, bearing restoration 15ins. x 5½ins. £150-250
267.    19th cent. English Porcelain Tazza, dark blue borders, gilt edge in releaf, central floral decoration approx. 14ins. x 7ins. a/f. (2) £80-120
268.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport "Tazza" green ground, gilt border decoration central study of foxgloves and strawberry's, Retailer Green and Sons, St Paul's Church Yard, London 7ins. x 14ins. £80-120
269.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport "Tazza" pink ground embossed gilt releaf, hand painted central floral decoration 7ins. x 12ins. £80-120
270.    Wade: Nelson commemorative H.M.S. Victory - Pusser rum decanter. (Empty). £20-30
271.    19th cent. circa 1877- 1890 Crown Derby Aesthetic Tazza ornithological studies Goldfinch and Red Start central panels with red and gilt boarder on a triple base dia 9¼ins. height 4½ins. Ormaston Road factory mark and pattern 201 to base. £200-250
272.    19th cent. English Ceramics: Coalport Daniell needing restoration Chelsea vine, lilac/ gilt vine wild flower panel, pat No 3835 stapled, another decorated with roses and carnations, blue ground floral panels x 4 all a/f plus Chinoiserie dish a/f. £50-70
273.    19th cent. English Ceramics: Tazza gilt edge, green deep border central panel of roses and summer flowers 13ins. x 5ins. £80-120
274.    19th cent. Ceramics: Coalport plate circa 1860 gold Ampersand mark, blue and gilt borders, central panel of multi coloured crocus and other flowers 9½ins. dia plus Daniel Chelsea vine, blind relief plate, pale lilac and gilt vines, central panel of wild flowers 9ins. £50-70
275.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby Imari cat paperweight, unboxed and Imari Siamese cat seated, both cats have gold stoppers. Also Limoges pill box in the form of a cat. (3) £70-100
276.    19th/20th cent. European Ceramics: Meissen figure of a field fare bird perched on a tree stump, decorated with leaves and flowers. Blue crossed swords to base, impressed 173. 8ins. £300-500
277.    19th/20th cent. European Ceramics: Meissen figure of a green woodpecker perched on a tree stump, with climbing blue caterpillar and leaf foliage. Blue crossed swords to base, No. 3087. 9ins. £300-500
278.    20th cent. European Ceramics: Meissen figure of a great spotted woodpecker perched on a branch, decorated with leaves and flowers. Blue crossed swords to base, impressed No. 3086, a/f. 10ins. £200-300
279.    19th cent. Continental Ceramics: Peacock figurines, the birds decorated in gilt and black standing on a rock decorated with floral boccage, gold anchor mark to base 60/80 8½ins. a pair. 1 a/f.
280.    20th cent. Ceramics: Meissen porcelain figurine of a girl with cat after a model by Konrad Hentschel approx 5ins. £150-200
281.    Hallmarked Silver: Silver 77gms & white metal spoons and small items of continental silver 62gms. £30-50
282.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Tuck Chang spoons (3) with dragon finials, sugar tongs with bamboo engraved handles, stamped TC. 2½oz. approx. £60-80
283.    Hallmarked Silver: Art deco cigarette or trinket box with indistinct marks - London 1930s. £30-50
284.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Trumpet vase engraved and pierced, embossed floral decoration, seal mark to base rim, on a tree base. 3oz. 7ins. inclusive. £100-120
285.    19th cent. Chinese export silver dished pierced and embossed decoration, central panel depicts a dragon surrounded by 12 panels, 2 buds on blossoms, 2 dragons, 2 bamboo bushes and the remaining 6 pierced blossoms. Minus base. diameter 8ins. approx. 9oz. £120-150
286.    Hallmarked Silver sugar sifter, Birmingham, William Hutton 1898 approx. 6oz. plus white metal 2 handled vase. £80-100
287.    Hallmarked Silver: George I pap boat, 1725, W. Fleming/J. Furnivall. 2oz £200-300
288.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiment set, incomplete, various hallmarks with two cut glass jars for pepper and mustard with a straining spoon and mustard spoon. 12ozs. £100-120
289.    Sterling Silver: Bosun's whistle 'to the lady bee 1889'. Hilliard & Thomason 1886, Birmingham. 0.56oz. £200-300
290.    Silver: George Jensen sterling silver luncheon/pickle knife and fork, plus a George Jensen stainless steel caddy spoon. 1.7oz. £100-150
291.    Hallmarked Silver: tong burner/cigar lighter and holder, with white metal interior. A. J. Zimmerman 1900. 8.6oz. £150-200
292.    Hallmarked Silver & White Metal: Napkin rings, Russian Neilo test 800, Chinese cash tests 800, misc hallmarked x 5. Approx. 5oz plus Double Gourd oil & vinegar condiment, very worn marks. £70-80
293.    Hallmarked Silver: Milk/cream jug, William Hunter 1840. 7.5oz. £60-80
294.    Hallmarked Silver: 19th cent. and later misc. flatware 4¼ins. (5). £30-50
295.    Hallmarked Silver: c1690 -1706 Rat tail tablespoon with dog nose finial, inscribed C above I.S and W.C. below, London marks Lawrence Cole. £300-400
296.    Hallmarked Silver: Finger bowl, retailed by Asprey's produced by Robert Edgar Stone, assayed London 1956 plus a pin tray, Birmingham and an ornate filigree work bowl Birmingham. £60-80
297.    Swedish Silver: Children's Christening set, knife, fork & spoon, 830 standard, cased set. £40-60
298.    Silver: Superb late Victorian silver two handled tray Maxfield & Sons London 1896. The tray is of rectangular form with gadrooned border. 26ins. 104oz. 3204grams. £1000-1500
299.    Hallmarked Silver: Duck menu holders, makers mark Samson Mordan Company with Chester marks. Boxed set of four. £350-400
300.    Archibald Knox: Hallmarked silver for Liberty & Co vesta case 1903, the front decorated blue and green champlevé enamel panel depicting a Celtic knot type design, on the rear engraved initials and date. Approx. ¾ozs. £500-700
301.    Continental white metal and gilt decorative spoon with twist handle and elaborate finial, bowl engraved LJ 1773 2oz. £80-100
302.    Pre war silver and blue enamel RAF compact gilt eagle crest, retailed by Gievers with 925 import mark, maker AJ. £120-160
303.    Watches: Hallmarked silver ladies open faced decorated white enamel, Swiss movement 4oz. inclusive £50-60
304.    20th cent. French Silver wine tasters x 6, boxed. approx. 4oz. £70-90
305.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving spoons x 4, William Theobald 1837. 11.4oz £100-150
306.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea & coffee spoons, 1 boxed set of rat tail, London 1908, 6 loose spoons, London 1921 Josiah Williams & Co. 5½ozs. £60-100
307.    White Metal: Baby's rattle "Humpty Dumpty" double head, 3 bells, inscribed on the handle "Victoria Hayes Born The 3rd of June 1848. £80-120
308.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving spoons, London John Lamb 1809 and London 1834 Williams Eaton. 3½ozs. (2) £30-60
309.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian harlequin set of dessert spoons, bright cut with seated hound crest Dublin Michael Keating (3) possibly John Craig (3). Approx. 5oz. £100-150
310.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian serving spoons, London 1831 maker S.D. (Samuel Davenport) - a pair. 85grams. £40-60
311.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian sugar tongs, London mark, one bright cut 5½ins. the other of plain form 5¼ins. Approx. 58grams. (2). £30-50
312.    Hallmarked Silver: Pierced fruit basket 14oz, Chester 1907/08. £80-120
313.    Hallmarked Silver: Wine taster, 2 handled, Sheffield 1973, Francis Howard Ltd. 3½ozs. £50-80
314.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar nips (4), all Sheffield and all ornately decorated, 2 with shell bowls. 2½ozs. £40-60
315.    Hallmarked Silver & Other White Metal: Candlesticks 2½ins. - a pair plus another 800 standard and a small urn also 800 standard. £30-60
316.    Hallmarked Silver: Candlesticks, napkin rings, etc. All a/f. £30-50
317.    Hallmarked Silver: Repousse pot & cover, salt, 3 pairs sugar tongs, 3 misc. spoons. Approx. 7ozs. £100-120
318.    Hallmarked Silver: Harlequin teaspoons 8 plus a sifter. £30-60
319.    Hallmarked Silver: Egg cup, vesta Birmingham, plus a small salt Sheffield and a silver rimmed tea strainer. 2½ozs inclusive. £30-50
320.    Hallmarked Silver: Charm bracelet plus extra charms. 3½ozs. £50-80
321.    19th cent. Jewellery: Tie Pins, shell circular topped, mourning urn on black. Both test 9ct. plus yellow metal cross shape with turquoise coloured stone. £40-60
322.    Hallmarked Jewellery: 375 "D" links bracelet 8ins. 11.7grams. £130-150
323.    Hallmarked Gold: 375 Bracelet solid construction. 4.7grams. £100-120
324.    Liberty: Pink coral graduated necklace with crystal spacers, diamond & white gold clasp with original Liberty receipt for £825.00, dated October 1985. £900-1000
324A.   Edwardian Diamond double drop two stone pendant platinum set. Approx 0.40ct each. £2200-2500
325.    19th/ Early 20th cent. Butterscotch amber necklace 24g. £500-800
325A.   19th cent. Diamond Jewellery: Metamorphic brooch/ pendant in the form of a ten pointed star 40 old cut stones of varying size from 0.50ct tests 15ct approx 3.4ct with later fine link chain. £1800-2000
326.    19th/ Early 20th cent. Butterscotch amber necklace 59.3g. £1200-1500
327.    Hallmarked Silver: Charles Horner coloured enamel art nouveau pendant. £220-250
328.    19th cent. Butterscotch amber necklace. £1200-1500
329.    White metal Chatelaine/housekeepers chains, belcher link approx. 60 ins approx. 1oz. Rope link approx. 60 ins. approx. 3oz. Fine link approx. 62 ins. approx. 27g. Fine link approx. 56 ins. approx. 25g total 5.9oz. £70-90
330.    Hallmarked Silver Jewellery: Pendant and chain, the pendant is in the form of a silver nugget 16ins. 53.7grams. £100-150
331.    Designer Jewellery: Hallmarked silver gilt starburst design brooch, London marks, maker M.S. 24grams. £40-50
332.    Costume Jewellery: Necklace and bracelet set in the form of flowers. Multicoloured semi precious stones set in white metal marked 925. £80-100
333.    Hallmarked Silver & White Metal Jewellery: Art nouveau bar brooch marked 925 & circular Celtic arts & crafts brooch London 1905/6 plus a white metal Greek key pattern necklace. £80-100
334.    Costume Jewellery: White metal stamped 925 drop earrings set with multicoloured stones. £20-30
335.    Jewellery: 18ct. gold wedding band, size J. Approx. 3grams. £50-80
336.    Jewellery: 18ct. gold and diamond trilogy ring, the centre stone approx. 0.40ct. with 2 other diamonds approx. 0.20 each. 0.80ct. in total. Size O in original Walker and Hall box. £500-800
337.    Sapphire & diamond pear shaped earrings, white gold set tests 18ct. £2600-3000
338.    Hallmarked Gold: Opal cabochon & diamond cluster ring 18ct. £600-800
339.    Aquamarine & diamond ring marked and tested 18ct approx 1.2ct. £1900-2400
340.    Hallmarked Gold: Pierced earrings of butterfly wing shaped, marked 375. Approx. 2grams. £30-40
341.    Diamond Jewellery: Stud earrings, approx. 0.40ct. £200-300
342.    Gold Jewellery: Hallmarked 9ct. gold rings, 1 with a white stone, chevron shaped. 3½grams. £60-100
343.    Jewellery: 20th cent. 18ct. baguette cut ring, single diamond. Approx. 0.25ct. £200-300
344.    Jewellery: Rings, diamond solitaire and a white stone cluster, both test 9ct. £50-80
345.    Gold Jewellery: Fancy link watch chain/bracelet, tests 9ct. plus a fine link bracelet 13grams. £160-200
346.    Designer Jewellery: Stella Curry diamond set fancy ring, white & yellow metal set with central diamond. Approx. 0.25ct. £200-300
347.    Diamond Jewellery: Art deco style ring set with blue rectangular stones & small diamonds stamped 14ct. tested. £50-80
348.    Hallmarked Silver: Jewellery - 375 ope twist necklace 2.6grams. £40-50
349.    Hallmarked Gold Jewellery: John Watling Leycock solitaire diamond ring, approx. 0.30ct, with twist setting, shank marked London 750. size R. £300-400
350.    Diamond Jewellery: Stud earrings, approx. 0.30ct. £200-300
351.    Diamond Jewellery: Pierced earrings, square set with 4 diamonds each, yellow metal screw back. Approx 0.80ct. total. £300-400
352.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Diamond five stone boat shaped ring, 2.3grams inclusive. Approx. .30 carat total. £200-250
353.    Diamond Jewellery: Solitaire set baguette cut approx. .20ct. shank hallmarked 18ct. white gold. £150-200
354.    Diamond Jewellery: Solitaire set, approx. 0.40ct. modernist shank, stamped 18ct. white gold. £300-400
355.    Gold Jewellery: Hallmarked gold 15ct. gold & diamond gypsy ring, 1½grams. £60-80
356.    Diamond crossover ring 2 stones approx 0.50ct. each stone. £1000-1500
357.    Diamond Jewellery: Platinum & 18ct. gold solitaire diamond ring, approx. 0.30ct, with four small diamonds shoulders. £300-400
358.    Watches: Tag Heuer Aqua Racer automatic chronograph calibre 16 model CAF2112 BA0809, serial number CD43909, stainless body & strap 300m, dark blue dial, date, hours, minutes, seconds, chrona 30 and 12 hour register with original paperwork and box. Purchased 17-5-08 with spare links. £800-900
359.    Stop Watches: Early 20th cent. S and Co nickel plated stop watch plus 1 other (2). £30-50
360.    20th cent. Art Glass: Tiffany amber lustre liqueur glass decorated with vine leaf borders. Signed to base L.C.T. Favrile. £120-150
361.    20th cent. Art Glass: Tiffany amber lustre liqueur glass decorated with vine leaf borders. Signed to base L.C.T. Favrile. £120-150
362.    20th cent. French glass: Lalique bon-bon dish, supported by four lovebirds. 3½ins. £80-120
363.    20th cent. French glass: Lalique green butterfly sculpture, sparrow wings out, bird sculpture, and grazing deer. £120-150
364.    20th cent. French glass: Lalique ring holders or pin trays, decorated with koi fish, nude dancing water nymph 'Naiad', and a partridge. (3). £80-120
365.    20th cent. French glass: Lalique ring holders or pin dishes, decorated with a swan, a sparrow and a dove. (3) £80-120
366.    19th cent. Yellow Metal Jewellery: Gothic style floral engraved locket, opens to reveal 2 oval photograph compartments. £40-50
367.    Jewellery: Amber and silver mounted (marked 925) pendent and a articulated chain, the stone measures 1ins. x ¾ins., a broach 1¾ins. (at its longest) ¾ins. at its widest point, a set of clip o earrings plus a ring size (UK) '0'. £300-500
368.    Ethnic Jewellery: Malachite carved & polished bangle. £20-30
368A.   Scottish Jewellery malachite bracelet sterling set. £190-220
369.    Pearl Jewellery: Pink/white baroque pearls with 9ct. hallmark bow link clasp 44, approx. length 17ins. £80-100
370.    Costume Jewellery: Pia grey/black simulated pearl necklace, 34ins. boxed. £30-50
371.    Costume Jewellery: Paste necklaces, earrings, brooch marcasite and black enamel "Melissa" compact. £20-25
372.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Earrings, yellow metal, hoop, pearl stud, paste, yellow metal chains, cultured pearls, clasp marked 375. Expanding bracelet, beads, etc. £30-50
373.    19th cent. Hand coloured portrait miniature of a young lady 3½ins. £40-60
374.    19th cent. Miniature painting, silhouette of a Georgian gentleman, oval image, papier māché framed and glazed. 3ins. x 2½ins. (image). £40-60
375.    19th cent. Miniature painting, silhouette of a Georgian lady, highlighted in gilt oval image papier māché framed and glazed 3ins. x 2½ins. (image). £40-60
376.    Pens: Waterman's "Ideal" Red Ripple purse pen with hallmarked 9ct band and nibs, 4¼ length plus original box guarantee and instructions. £100-120
377.    Treenware: 20th cent. Pinewood nut cracker aesthetic design plus a Scandinavian design nutcracker (2). £50-80
378.    Early 19th cent. Treen: Hardwood turned table salts, a pair. Diameter 2ins. Turned patch pots, a pair. Diameter 1¼ins. £40-60
379.    19th cent. Fruitwood "Sorrento" puzzle box with key 9ins. x 4¼ins. x 5¼ins. £30-50
380.    Treenware Nutcrackers: A Swiss fruit wood nutcracker of a Swiss woman leaver operation with Rigi-Kulm carved on the handle, olive wood screw operation plus a hardwood screw operation (hazelnuts). £40-60
381.    Treenware wood turned apples in Indian laurel wood, walnut and mahogany plus a mahogany egg. £30-50
382.    19th cent. Treen, Lignum auctioneer's gavel. 6ins. £30-50
383.    Coins: Brass, Cupro nickel, copper, etc. British and Foreign including Russian rubles and a roll of shillings. £30-40
384.    Bank Notes: Burmese 11, Greek 44, Albanian 1, plus 6 pre-decimal cancelled cheques. £20-30
385.    Royal Memorabilia: Accrington. Medallions 1902 Coronation, white metal x 2 Major James Cunliffe 1911 Coronation yellow metal Mayor A S Bury. £20-30
386.    Medals: Alexander the First Tsar of Russia, medal awarded for life saving 1810 plus a Nicolas II medal for Zeal in WWI. £40-50
387.    Asian treen heavily carved cigarette box containing misc. coins, £20-30
388.    Military Banknotes: WWII Japanese Government Occupation money. Rupees and dollars. (9 Notes). £10-20
389.    English Silver Coins: George III Florin 1817, George IV Sixpence Victoria Jubilee head Double Florin 1887, Shilling 1887, Crown Young Head 1845. Approx. 2oz £30-40
390.    English Silver Coins: William IIII Half crowns 1836, 1837. £40-50
391.    English Silver Coins: William III Crown 1696. First bust. £60-80
392.    Silver Coins: George V Crown 1935, George VI Crown 1937, American Morgan Dollar 1878, San Francisco Mint. £40-50
393.    English Silver Coins: Charles II Crown 1672, Third bust vicesimo quarto. £120-150
394.    Numismatics: Edward III gold noble. Treaty Series (1363-69). Obverse legend. EDWARD DEI GRA REX DNS HYB Z AQT. Initial Mark: cross potent. London (E in centre of reverse). North 1232 Annulet before Edward. 7.69g. Die-axis 230° £2000-2500
395.    Numismatics: Edward III gold noble. Treaty Series (1363-69). Obverse legend. EDWARD DEI GRA REX DNS HYB Z AQT. Initial Mark: cross potent. London (E in centre of reverse). North 1232 Annulet before Edward. 7.18g. Die-axis 85°. £1300-1500
396.    19th cent. Mahogany curtain pole with acorn finial and 22 rings. 95ins. long and 3ins. diameter. £30-50
397.    Architectural Drawings and Prints: Original pencil drawings for rebuilding "Blacksmiths Arms. St Albans" for J.W. Green Ltd, March 1928 by O.J. Hedges, Bristol plus colour enhanced print Bradenstoke Priory, Wiltshire (2). £20-40
398.    Judy Boyes: Limited edition print "Crossing the Stream" , artist signed in pencil. 442/850. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 10ins. Plus "Old Cumbrian Kitchen", artist signed print. Framed and glazed 9ins. x 6ins. (2). £20-40
399.    20th cent. Paintings: Oils, water colours various artists (5). £20-40
400.    20th cent Litho Prints, Engravings & Enhanced Photographs: "The Blind Fiddler" 21¾ins. x 17½ins, "Stray Lambs" 24ins. x 17¼ins, portrait of "Queen Victoria" 25ins. x 15ins. etc. (10 in total). £30-40
401.    Engravings: Set of six studies of Marlborough, Wiltshire. £10-20
402.    Prints: "The South Atherstone, Newnham Paddox", "Full Cry", "Wylie Valley Hunt", print 'After' Peter Biegal, etc. Various sizes. All framed & glazed. (6).Plus water colour "Blue Lady", "Arab Dows on a Waterway" and "Still Life".(9). £20-40
403.    Prints & Maps: Three maps, two of Ireland and one of Australia. Framed and glazed 28½ins. x 21ins. and five lithographs of hunting scenes, two of horses. All framed and glazed (10). £40-60
404.    20th cent. British School: Still life studies of flowers anemones, roses, michelmas, daises (purple and white) oil on board, all monogrammed "GT" all framed, 8½ins. x 10¾ins. £40-60
405.    20th cent. Mirrors: Oblong mirrors set in gilt panel frames, decorated with pute in releaf 12ins. x 7½ins. a pair, panel frames 20ins. x 9ins. a pair. Plus two circle gilt mirrors. Approx 13ins and 11ins respectively. £40-60
406.    E. Sanderman: Oil on board "Still Life of Flowers". 24½ins. x 30ins. £20-40
407.    Amos Stage: Pen and ink drawings enhanced with watercolour. British wildlife, male and female pheasants 14ins x 11½ins, ferret chasing butterflies 14ins x 11½ins, grey goose in flight 15¾ins x 11½ins. All framed and glazed, signed lower right. £60-100
408.    20th cent. Limited Edition Prints: D. Redwood "Riversmeet, Tavistock", "Tavy Cleave, Dartmoor", Devon and Cornwall scenes (4). £40-60
409.    Pam King: Ornithological studies, watercolour on paper, Robin, Wren, Chaffinch & Blue Tit. Framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins. (4) with colour enhanced book plates of British birds - Cole Tit, Crested Tit, Long-tailed Tit & Great Tit. (4) All framed and glazed 6¼ins. x 4¼ins. Total 8. £30-50
410.    Prints & Watercolour: Janet Bothner-By "North Head, Auckland" signature to back of print, framed and glazed, 13ins x 6ins. Oil on board, Irises, Mickey Mouse and Pluto prints x 3. Watercolour of a rustic study, unsigned, etc. £30-40
411.    Book plates, Wolf & Richter, birds - Kittiwake Gull, Cuckoo, Lapwing and Kestrel, framed and glazed, 21ins. x 13½ins (4). £40-60
412.    Early 20th cent. Convex gilt circular mirror with later editions. £30-50
413.    Russel Flint print study of ladies in a continental village. £30-50
414.    H.S. Power: Watercolour on paper "Devon Lanes" Thatched cottages and heavy horses, signed lower right, framed and glazed, 19¾ins. x 15½ins plus River barges on an estuary unsigned. £40-60
415.    Eric Sturgeon: Colour litho prints, limited edition 103/1000 "Trowbridge Market, Wiltshire", signed by the artist in pencil. Framed and glazed 23ins. x 17ins. Plus artist signed print "Rose & Crown (2). £40-60
416.    Prints/Lithographs: Barry Owen Jones "St James the Less, Guernsey" 1982. Signed lower right in pencil 13½ins x 8½ins. Yvonne Auld "Puffins" 8/15. Signed lower right in pencil on hand made paper. Yvonne Skargon "Campanula", woodcut. Framed and glazed. 7¼ins x 5½ins. (3) £50-80
417.    Robert Taylor first edition print "The Swordfish Attack on Taranto", signed Commander Charles Lamb DSO DSC RN and Vice Admiral Sir Richard Janvrin KCB DSC 19½ins. x 13ins. plus a letter signed by Commander Lamb and a reproduction of The Daily Telegraph reporting the attack. Both framed and glazed. £40-60
418.    19th cent. & Later Prints: 'Canterbury Cathedral, Kent', "East End Views", "Canterbury Meadows", "Arches in the Wall of the City of Canterbury" 940 plus "Cries of London" prints. (5) and 2 others. Total 11. £30-40
419.    David Shepherd: Limited edition print 327/500 "Action at Mirbat". Framed and glazed. 29ins. x 19ins. £40-60
420.    19th cent. Maple wood over mantle mirror 38ins. x 25ins. £80-120
421.    19th cent. Tinted Litho Prints: Depicting Ramsgate, Kent. including Harbour, Westcliff. Various sizes. 5ins. x 6ins. etc All but one framed and glazed. Etchings and Engravings: Colour enhanced etchings after J.M.W. Turner "Outside Dover Harbour", "Off Coast at Hastings" both 11½ins. x 7¾ins. plus an engraving Ramsgate 9ins. x 6ins. all framed and glazed, (10).
422.    19th cent. Humorous collages, cartoon style 'Could I speak to the Editor?' and 'My Vife's got a little babby Mrs Brown' (sic), unsigned, framed and glazed, 10ins. x 8ins. (2). £20-40
423.    Film/Entertainment: Reproduction posters "Thunderball", "Live and Let Die" with 4 panel "Thunderball" poster 29¾ins. x 25ins. a "007" image all framed and glazed. One of Ursula Andreas emerging from the sea plus an unframed "Licence to Kill" poster, total 7. £50-80
424.    Prints/Lithographs: Leonard Baskin (1922-2000) "Death of the Poet Laureate 1959". On paper, mounted. 11½ins diameter. £60-80
425.    Prints/Lithographs: William Nicholson "An Alphabet", London. Bookplate with page stitching holes 'N for Nobleman'. Mounted. 10½ins x 9½ins. £40-60
426.    Prints/Lithographs: Trevor Price (1966-present) "The Horse Whisperer", limited edition 20/150. On paper, unframed. 16¾ins x 15¼ins. £80-100
428.    Maps: Herman Moll 1724 map of Buckinghamshire showing the hundreds with coloured outlines and the rules for hare hunting. Framed and glazed 9ins. x 13ins. £30-50
429.    Film/Entertainment: Reproduction posters "The Living Daylights", "Moonraker" 29½ins. x 19ins. "The Name's Bond.... James Bond", "The Man with the Golden Gun" and "007" 35¾ins. x 23¾ins. plus "Moonraker" 14ins. x 11ins. with collectors Ltd Edition storyboard "The World is not Enough" approx 16ins. x 11ins. all framed and glazed (7). £50-80
430.    Film/Entertainment: Reproduction posters "Blondie" 35½ins. x 23½ins. with "Destination Moon Base Alpha" 26¾ins. x 14ins. all framed and glazed, plus Star Trek film posters "The Next Generation", "The Star Trek Generation" "All I need to know about life, I learned from Star Trek" and "The Next Generation" 4 x unframed (7). £50-80
431.    Early 19th cent. Sampler with alphabet and biblical verse, framed and glazed, 11ins. x 14ins. £20-30
432.    Ron Copping: 20th cent. British school, oil painting. "Fishing boats at Looe" Cornwall 1995, signed lower left. Framed and glazed 11½ins. x 7ins. £60-100
433.    G.A. Renvoize: 20th cent. British school, watercolour "River Kennet, East Kennet", signed lower left. framed and glazed 15¼ins. x 10ins. £40-60
434.    Ron Copping: 20th cent. British school, oil on board "Devizes Brewery" Wadworths 1991, signed lower right. Framed 10ins. x 8ins. £50-80
435.    Hilda Fearon (1878- 1917) watercolour "St Ives Harbour, Cornwall" painted whilst on tutelage Algernon, Talmage, signed lower right (1912) mounted, framed and glazed, 12ins. x 8½ins. £300-500
436.    Fine French Wine Original Paper Labels: 1960s/80s including Chablis Grand & Premier Cru, Saint Amour, Julienas, Mercurey, Givry, Rully et al. Approx. 44 labels. All framed and glazed 19½ins. x 16ins. £30-50
437.    Charles Jones Way 1859-1919 watercolour "Landscape Study of Glaciated Mountain River", signed lower right. Framed and glazed 16¾ins. x 11¾ins. £100-150
438.    P.J. Stukey: English school oil on board "Paddle Steamer", signed lower right. Framed 15½ins. x 11¼ins. £40-60
439.    19th cent. English school watercolour "Remnants of our Cornish Village", no signature. Framed and glazed 13¾ins. x 10ins. £40-80
440.    20th cent. "British school: Watercolour "Study of St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall", dated 1913, indistinct signature. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 10ins. £40-80
441.    G. Bamaw: 20th cent. English school, mixed media "Exercising hounds", signed bottom. £30-50
442.    Charles Jones Way 1859-1919 watercolour "Alpine Village", signed lower right. Framed and glazed 17¾ins. x 11¾ins. £100-150
443.    J.C. Robinson 20th cent. Bristol watercolour on paper, "Sunset over mountains", signed lower right, framed and glazed 19¼ins. 13¾ins. £80-120
444.    John Proudfoot oil on hardboard still life "Mushrooms" signed upper right 11ins. x 9ins. framed plus still life "Apples, Peas and Wheat" signed lower right, framed 17ins. x 11ins. £120-150
445.    English School watercolour "Boats in an Estuary" signed lower right indistinct could be Greta Hallow framed and glazed 10ins. x 6¼ins. £80-120
446.    Barry Clack: Watercolour Cubist "River and Trees" signed lower right, framed and glazed 9ins. x 15ins. £100-150
447.    M.A.S. Parfect: English school watercolour "Westbury Downs from Sandridge Melksham" Wiltshire 1953. Bio to reverse. Framed and glazed 18¾ins. x 11½ins. £40-60
448.    Barry Clack watercolour Cubist art "Trees and a River" signed lower right, framed and glazed 18ins. x 22ins. £150-200
449.    Lislet 20th cent. French painter. "The Guerveur" and "Du Couedic" (both three masted sailing ships). Oil on board, framed. 4½ins x 4ins. £50-80
450.    William Douglas Macleod 1892-1963: Pen and ink "Dalmahoy Golf Club" signed bottom right 14ins. x 10ins. £100-150
451.    G Kennion 1744-1809 watercolour study of a 2 masted brig signed on reverse, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins. £60-80
452.    Prints/Lithographs: Charles Henry Baskett (1872-1953), "Osea Island" (Blackwater Estuary, Essex), signed lower right in pencil. 4¾ins x 5ins. Claude Hamilton Rowbotham (1864-1949), "Storm at the Lizard" 13ins x 8ins. Both framed and glazed. (2) £50-80
453.    William Anderson 1759-1837 watercolour, a study of ships under sail, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 9½ins. £100-150
454.    Charles William Day 1818-1859 pen, black ink "Thames 1831 Man-O-War and 3 Thames Craft" framed and glazed 11½ins. x 6¾ins. £60-80
455.    19th cent. English School: Oil on board River study with fishermen plus a ruin by moonlight. £100-120
456.    Richard Ewen: Born 1929 Washington, USA. Educated in New York City Art Schools. Served in U.S Army in Korean War and in Intelligence, Pentagon. Exhibited in England, USA, Bermuda, Germany.

Richard Ewen 1929-: Oil on canvas, rural study with birds in flight. Signed lower right, framed. 30ins x 24¾ins. £50-100
457.    Richard Ewen: Born 1929 Washington, USA. Educated in New York City Art Schools. Served in U.S Army in Korean War and in Intelligence, Pentagon. Exhibited in England, USA, Bermuda, Germany.

Richard Ewen 1929 -: Oil on canvas, still life flowers and apples. Signed lower right, framed. 20ins x 24ins. £50-100
458.    Thomas Faed RSA 1926- 1900: Oil on board "Peasant Boy with Haversack" signed lower left 9ins. x 13ins. £800-1200
459.    Thomas Faed RSA 1826-1900: Oil on board "Boy with basket" signed Faed middle bottom 9ins. x 13ins. £800-1200
460.    Richard Ewen: Born 1929 Washington, USA. Educated in New York City Art Schools. Served in U.S Army in Korean War and in Intelligence, Pentagon. Exhibited in England, USA, Bermuda, Germany.

Richard Ewen 1929-: Oil on canvas "Lazy Days", framed. 31ins x 24ins. £50-100
461.    Richard Ewen: Born 1929 Washington, USA. Educated in New York City Art Schools. Served in U.S Army in Korean War and in Intelligence, Pentagon. Exhibited in England, USA, Bermuda, Germany.

Richard Ewen 1929-: Oil on canvas, still life pears and peaches. Framed. 16ins x 20ins. £50-100
462.    Richard Ewen: Born 1929 Washington, USA. Educated in New York City Art Schools. Served in U.S Army in Korean War and in Intelligence, Pentagon. Exhibited in England, USA, Bermuda, Germany.

Richard Ewen 1929-: Watercolour "Portrait of a Cardinal". Signed lower right, framed and glazed. 18½ins x 21ins. £50-100
463.    James Webb 1825-1895 oil on canvas "St Georges Venice" signed lower left inscribed on the ,mount 15ins. x 9ins. £1000-1500
464.    W. Hollar: Original etching "The Sun & The Wind" from Aesop's Fables P380 2nd edition. Framed & glazed. 7ins. x 9ins. £20-30
465.    Richard Ewen: Born 1929 Washington, USA. Educated in New York City Art Schools. Served in U.S Army in Korean War and in Intelligence, Pentagon. Exhibited in England, USA, Bermuda, Germany.

Richard Ewen 1929-: Oil on canvas "President Gorbachev". Signed lower right, framed. 30ins x 30ins. £50-100
466.    George E. Blumberg: Watercolour 'Harbour Study with figures', signed lower right and dated 6th December 1866. Framed and glazed. £40-60
467.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Seascape and Butterflies" initialled, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 13½ins., "Autumn" initialled, framed and glazed 13ins. x 9½ins. (2)
468.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Golden Shore" initial lower middle, framed and glazed 4½ins. x 3½ins. "Butterfly" initial bottom middle, framed and glazed 7¼ins. x 5½ins. and "Sepia Castle" initial middle right, framed and glazed 3ins. x 3ins. and a blue and white landscape study, initialled, framed and glazed. 15½ins. x 19ins. (4) £30-50
469.    Vincent Brooks: Chromo on canvas "Victoria inspecting the wounded guards in the Grand Hall, Buckingham Palace 10th March 1855". Framed and glazed 36ins. x 21ins. £50-80
470.    D. Moss: 19th cent. Oil on canvas, pastoral scene "cows in a stream", signed lower right, gilt frame, 23½ins. x 11¾ins. £50-80
471.    Joseph Barber 1757-1811: Watercolour 'Llandoff Castle', signed lower right, framed and glazed, 10ins. x 7½ins. £80-120
472.    Hilda Leaper (nee Apps) 1928 - ?, watercolour, portrait of a young lady, oval mount, framed and glazed 7¼ins. 5¼ins. biography to reverse. £30-60
473.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Sepia Trees" initialled, framed and glazed. 18½ins. x 15ins. and "Secret Cottage" initialled, framed and glazed 18½ins. x 15ins. (2)
474.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Moon Shadow" initialled, framed and glazed 18½ins. x 15ins. and "Snow Christmas" initialled, framed and glazed 15½. x 19ins. (2)
475.    Linda Anne: Watercolours "Vision in Grey - Pink Landscape", framed and glazed 11½ins. x 15ins. and "Swiss Chalet Moon" initialled, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 15ins. (2)
476.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'House with Shutters in a Forest', signed lower right. Framed 8½ins. x 6ins. £80-120
477.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000L Oil on canvas 'Forest Track' signed lower left. Framed 6ins. x 9ins. plus 'Stone Bridge Over River', signed lower left. Framed 6ins. x 4½ins.
478.    J C Ibbetson, 1759-1817 (attributed) Watercolour with etched outline 'Smugglers with soldiers and excise men.' Label on verso. Framed and glazed, 19ins. x 13¼ins. £80-100
479.    20th cent. Mahogany display cabinet, glazed twin doors with panels beneath painted decoration 36ins. x 65ins. 11½ins. £30-50
480.    19th cent. Mahogany bookcase cupboard. 43ins. x 90ins. x 17ins. £60-80
481.    20th cent. Oak lead glazed bookcase. 40ins. x 72ins. x 10ins. £40-60
482.    20th cent. Mahogany five section Globe Wernicke style bookcase. £100-150
483.    20th cent. Stained wood glazed cabinet with 2 shelves and 2 drawers beneath, 30½ins. x 57½ins. x 13ins. plus a matching 2 door cupboard with drawer above, retailed by 'Knees' of Trowbridge. 32ins. x 30½ins. x 18ins. £50-80
484.    19th cent. French Litho Prints: Featuring 'fisherfolk' in work clothes (7) 11ins. x 8½ins. also "Harfleur Harbour", "Le Treport", Normandie 11¾ins. x 8ins. (2). Total 9. All framed and glazed. £30-50
485.    20th cent. Gardenalia: Teak steamer chair. £20-30
486.    20th cent. Painted folding conservatory chairs, decoration in the Moghul/Indian style. A pair. £50-80
487.    20th cent. Oak desk with 2 drawers to the front. £20-40
488.    20th cent. Oak octagonal 3 tier table 20¾ins. x 29ins. x 20¾ins. plus a rectangular scalloped edged table with barley twist legs 23½ins. x 29ins. x 18ins. £30-50
489.    20th cent. Oak single pedestal 5 drawer desk with replacement skiver and a small 3 drawer stag chest, walnut sliding book rack and a letter rack. £40-60
490.    19th cent. Pine 2 over 2 chest of drawers on bun feet 39ins. x 32ins. 19ins. £40-60
491.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany dressing chest 2 over 1, shield back mirror on inlaid columns flanked by trinket drawers. The whole on square supports 64ins. (inc mirror) x 4½ins. x 18½ins. £30-50
492.    Edwardian mahogany single beds, box & ebony wood stringing - a pair. Plus a 19th cent. ½ tester bed top. £30-50
493.    19th cent. Mahogany wind out table, one leaf, serpentine supports rising off pad feet. 58ins x 28ins x 35ins extended. £40-60
494.    Edwardian mahogany metamorphic child's commode high chair. £40-60
495.    19th cent. Oak drop flap swivel table carved turned supports 24ins. x 28½ins. 30ins. when extended plus a 19th cent. Mahogany oval tip top table 20ins. x 27ins. 15½ins. £30-50
496.    19th cent. Oak occasional corner table, with one drop flap, serpentine supports and shaped pad feet. £30-50
497.    20th cent. Oak 2 shelf display cabinet with key. £20-40
498.    20th cent. Stained and polished hardwood. A deep carved furniture frieze with cherubs, ribbons, and armoury items. 35ins x 22ins x 2ins. £40-60
499.    19th cent. Mahogany D end dining table with one leaf and "Lyre" back dining chairs with Fleur de Lys motif, upholstered seats, squared chamfered supports and includes 1 carver (4 in total). £100-150
500.    19th cent. Pitch pine 'Hymn' number board with 4 slots. 11¼ins. x 24¼ins plus an oak shallow bowl. £20-40
501.    19th cent. Mahogany harlequin upholstered suite consisting of a 2 seater sofa with open turned stick sides, ladies chair with inlaid fruitwood back rail plus a gentleman's basket chair with padded back (3). £30-50
502.    Early 20th cent. Elm splat back chairs (4) plus another chair. £20-30
503.    19th cent. Mahogany dining chairs with shaped slat back, serpentine front supports, drop in upholstered seat, shaped cresting rail. (6) £40-60
504.    20th cent. Beech open arm, slat backed farmhouse chairs. Turned and shaped supports and stretchers. A pair. £60-100
506.    Mirrors: 19th cent. Over mantel mirrors, black & gilt frames 27ins. x 41½ins. and 25½ins. x 36ins. £30-50
507.    19th cent. Mahogany wind out table, two leaves, serpentine supports rising off pad feet. 95ins x 29ins x 44½ins. £40-60
508.    19th cent. Mahogany chest of drawers, 4 cockbeaded drawers on bracket supports. 40ins. x 37ins. x 21ins. £60-80
509.    Late 19th cent. Mahogany lap tray with four tapering supports. £20-40
510.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany tilt top dining table, a single pedestal on quadruped base with attachments for two d ends. £80-100
511.    19th cent. Mahogany d end tables on turned supports (would match lot 210). £60-80
512.    19th cent. Mahogany single pedestal, tripod, tilt top table. 35ins. diam. x 28ins. high. £40-60
513.    20th cent. Mahogany 'Lazy Susan' table server 17¾ins. diameter and an oval mahogany tray 23ins. long. £30-50
514.    20th cent. Pine desk with single drawer below a sloping cover. The whole on square tapering supports. £30-50
515.    19th cent. Oak occasional side table, tilt top, single pedestal and tripod supports plus a 20th cent. circular cricket table with carved top. (2). £30-50
516.    19th cent. Mahogany games table with lift over lid on reeded supports. 36ins. x 29ins. x 18ins. £60-80
517.    19th cent. Mahogany single turned pedestal table, tripod scrolled feet. 19½ins. 28ins. x 16½ins. £20-40
518.    19th cent. Mahogany occasional table on single column and three splayed supports. 24ins. £50-80
519.    19th cent. Walnut nursing chair carved cresting rail and shaped apron with turned supports. £80-120
520.    19th cent. Upholstered nursing chair on ceramic castors. £30-50
521.    19th cent. Upholstered button back nursing chair, turned front supports on four ceramic castors. £50-80
522.    Early 20th Cent. Bedroom chair on reed supports. £30-50
523.    19th cent. Mahogany sideboard 3 drawers ebony and satin wood stringing on square tapering supports 60ins. x 33ins. x 22ins. £80-120
524.    20th cent. oak French rustic bedstead, chip carved headboard in floral design and carved 3 panelled end board 74ins. x 57ins. £100-120
525.    19th cent. Mahogany side cupboard single drawer above, brass gallery to top shell inlaid decoration, the whole rising of a plinth 25½ins. x 24ins. x 39½ins. £40-60
526.    18th cent. Oak side table, peg jointed, turned supports, single drawer. 31¼ins x 31ins x 24½ins. £50-80
527.    Early 19th cent. William IV mahogany wine table with tapered rectangular column, a Cartouche of inlaid ebony and fruitwood in the Regency shell design 30ins. high. £60-80
528.    19th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table 22ins. x 40ins. £20-40
529.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 drawer music cabinet. 20ins. x 29ins. x 14½ins. £20-30
530.    Reproduction hardwood two division Canterbury with 3 drawers below. £30-50
531.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Mahogany swing crib with rattan sides, central turned column. £60-100
532.    20th cent. Mahogany "Canterbury" 3 sections with drawer below plus an oak occasional swivel top table. £30-50
533.    20th cent. Chinese hardwood gentleman's bedroom companion lift over, top reveling a mirror flanked by compartments, drawers over a lattice work lower tier. £80-120
534.    20th cent. Oak nest of three tables. 20ins. x 18ins. x 13½ins. £30-50
535.    19th cent. Oak corner cabinet. 22ins. x 32ins. x 14ins. £50-80
536.    19th cent. Flame mahogany twin door robe opening to reveal 4 drawers and 2 hanging compartments 61ins. x 84ins. x 26ins. £150-200
537.    Georgian oak Welsh dresser. The upper section has 4 shelves and a central cupboard door, the lower part decorative carved apron below, cotton reel legs united by a pot board 73ins. x 18ins. x 79ins. £1000-1500
538.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flatbacks, spill holder blue, yellow/gilt, depicting parrots on a branch, nest at base with egg being taken by snake. Blue, white and gilt spill vase depicting children. (2) AF. £30-50
539.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire recumbent lions, red/brown,3 glass eyes - missing, 1 pair. Staffordshire comfort dogs, brown gilt border collard, glass eyes - 1 missing, a pair. 12ins. approx. £30-50
540.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire collie comfort dogs, 2 tone grey, curl tail, brown glass eyes, gilt chain. A pair, 12ins. approx. £30-50
541.    19th cent. Bur walnut twin boor bow fronted robe 37ins. x 75ins. 25ins. £100-150
542.    19th cent. Mahogany display cabinet twin doors with moulding decoration to the glaze, solid bottom panels, shaped apron, the whole on square supports 36¼ins. x 63¼ins. x 13ins. £80-120
543.    19th cent. Gardenalia carved stone trough semi circular design 22ins. x 21ins. £80-120
544.    19th cent. Oak 2 piece corner cupboard, both with twin doors shaped shelves 50ins. width x 26ins. hight x 26ins. depth. £200-300
545.    18th cent. Figured mahogany tea table on turned supports. £80-120
546.    early 19th cent. William IV swivel top tea table with tapered column 32ins. x 28ins. x 18ins. closed. £120-150
547.    20th cent. Cherry wood dresser 2 drawers flanked by larger drawers all with cock beaded fronts topped with 4 shelf open rack, the whole on square tapering supports 72ins. x 88ins. x 17ins. £200-300
548.    20th cent. Ceramics: Rosenthal dinner and coffee service 9½ins plates x 11, 7ins plates x 12, teapot, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, pudding bowls x 8, two handled soup bowls x 5, saucers x 12, salts x 3, a single teacup, coffee cups x 11, saucers x 17, butter dishes (no covers) x 2. All pure white with silver trim. £30-50
549.    19th cent. Mahogany bureau bookcase with glazed top section, fitted interior above two short and three long drawers. 40ins. x 89ins. £300-500
550.    19th cent. Mahogany adjustable reading table, single pedestal on quadrapedic supports. Height adjustable. £120-150
551.    19th cent. Flame mahogany bookcase, glazed 4 door case. The whole rising off a plinth. 77ins. x 79ins. x 23ins. £400-600
552.    20th cent. Walnut shaker style dresser, the top section has three shelves, the bottom has two cupboards with a set of six drawers between. 72ins x 19ins x 81ins. Plus a similar key cupboard. £150-250
553.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton 'Rose Elegans' tea and dinner ware. Tureen and cover x 2, gravy boat on stand, cups and saucers x 8, side plates x 8, dessert plates x 8, dinner plates x 8. £30-50
554.    19th cent. pine blanket box. 40ins. x 19½ins. x 22ins. £40-60
555.    20th cent. Black riding boots, size 6 with treen stretchers. £60-100
556.    19th cent. Oak, peg jointed gate leg table. Square stretchers and turned supports. Oval form. 48½ins x 28½ins x 60½ins (when open). £60-80
557.    19th cent. Burr walnut enclosed shelf unit. £50-80
558.    Early 20th cent. four section mahogany screen, part glazed with fabric bottom section. £40-70
559.    20th cent. Globe Wernicke style oak flour division bookcase Board of Trade Utility stamps to back 32ins. x 54ins. x 11ins. £150-200
560.    20th cent. Globe Wernicke style oak flour division bookcase Board of Trade Utility stamps to back 32ins. x 54ins. x 11ins.
561.    20th cent. Furnishings: Howard & Sons, Berners St. London. Long seated armchair and stuffed seat cushion. Calico upholstery. Stamped '1107 6621 Howard & Sons Ltd, Berners St.' on rear support and brass metal castors. £1500-2500
562.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 over 3 chest of drawers 46½ins. x 46½ins. x 19¾ins. £60-100
563.    19th cent. Burr wood writing slope, red leather and ebonised interior mother of pearl and white metal decorated to the canted edges. £90-120
564.    19th cent. Mahogany buffet solid gallery back octagonal supports 49ins. x 32ins. x 20ins. £120-180
565.    Ceramics: Emaux Ombrants portrait tile of Gladstone designed by George Cartlidge and made by Sherwin & Cotton. 9ins. x 6ins. £30-50
566.    19th cent. Walnut circular footstool Tunbridge ware style decoration, upholstered tapestry work top, the whole on bun supports. £30-50
567.    Late 19th cent. oak ladder back dining chairs, rush seated, harlequin set of 8 plus 2 carvers. (10). £200-300
568.    19th cent. Oak French scrub top table with 4 planks and tapered Gothic style legs 77ins. x 31ins. x 31ins. plus 4 early 20th cent. Oak stalled chairs with woven raffia seats. £400-500
569.    20th cent. Studio pottery, stoneware Adam and Eve figures in stylized form. Indistinct seal mark possibly after Sheila Fournier, a pair. 20ins x 11ins and 21ins x 12ins. £30-50
570.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese hardwood tray with beaten brass decoration 18ins. x 12ins. £30-50
571.    19th cent. Mahogany upholstered chair, Carolean style with barley twist columns and stretcher with an open carved cresting rail. £40-60
572.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Nest of four tables, hardwood set with heavily carved sandalwood panels, three on each side and central medallion, the smallest W 14½ins. x D 11ins. x H 20½ins. rising to W 25ins. x D 15ins. x H 30ins. £150-200
573.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 drawers chest of drawers with ebony banding on swept bracket feet 30ins. x 29ins x 17½ins. £100-150
574.    Boxes: Rosewood Anglo-Indian sarcophagus shaped work box, Mother of Pearl inlay 12¼ins. x 6ins. x 9½ins. held within is a Stratton hairbrush with yellow metal holder, olive wood spectacle case decorated with a swallow, lined with blue silk. £30-40
575.    19th cent. mahogany ladies desk 5 drawers, 4 turned supports, solid gallery to back and sides 42ins. x 33ins. x 22ins. £80-120
576.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Copeland jug and bowl set decorated in blue and green. Dish, cover and scrap dish in the form of a basket. £30-50
577.    Late 17th/early 18th cent. oak mule chest. Peg jointed, later Regency inlays & stringing of fruitwood, ebony & oak. Rebated front panels to front, decoration to lid, with floral motifs. Lid opens to reveal the candle/nose gay box, drawers below have stylised Regency 'shell' symbols. Brass lion head ring handles, English iron straps & locks. The whole raised on bracket supports. 50¾ins. x 31½ins. x 22ins. £400-600
578.    19th cent. Mahogany hall chair, rattan seat and back, heavily carved, barley twist columns and supports, carved and shaped apron. £30-50
579.    Carolean style oak Wainscot chair with carved back and top section. £150-200
580.    19th cent. French satin walnut vitrine long cab supports brass omaru 34ins. x 34½ins. 18¼ins. £180-200