Collectors, Fine Art & Antique Auction on
Saturday 12th May 2018

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1.      Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Teaching Clock, 60th Anniversary plate, video Happy Birthday Bunnykins, Dancing in the Moonlight mug, book Bunnykins in the Snow, Robin Hood Bunnykins figures display stand, boxed. £50-60
2.      19th cent. Doll dinner china, soup tureen ladle and saucer (no cover), sauce tureen ladle and saucer a/f, 2 x vegetable tureens, 9 x dinner plates, 2 x dessert plates, 6 x side plates, 4 x soup bowls by Ridgeway c1881 £30-40
3.      Royal Doulton Bramley Hedge tea china, teapot, cups,saucers, jugs,etc. Bramley Hedge Summer Story Book, Dusty Dogwood, boxed. £30-50
4.      Tuskers: Henry Elephant. Henry's New Friend (a/f), Henry Buzz Off, Henry Pure Bliss, Henry Flutter By, Henry Bucket of Fun, Henry Slowly Does it. 6 elephants, all boxed. £50-80
5.      Tuskers: Henry Elephant, Henry Wobbly walk, I Spy, Mud Glorious Mud, Dozing, Hi I'm Henry, Kiss it Better. 6 elephants, boxed, some with paperwork. Henry's First Big Adventure book by Penny Gerken. £50-80
6.      19th cent. Ceramics: W.P. & C. Phillips, London. White porcelain figurines of young girls (2), blue back stamps & patent lozenges 9½ins. x 9½ins. x 3½ins. Also a Parian teapot for one with pewter hinged lid, moulded & patterned body with a milk jug in floral relief pattern & rope twist design handle a/f. £40-80
7.      19th cent. and later Ceramics: Tea bowls (2), Royal Worcester coffee cans and saucers (4), Diamond China saucers, milk jug plus cup and saucer No 5297, some a/f (1 x tray). £40-60
8.      20th cent. Ceramics: Limoges ½ tea set, 1 x breakfast plate, 5 x tea plates, 6 x cups (1 x a/f) and 6 x saucers plus an Edwardian teaset 2 x breakfast plates, 12 x tea plates, 12 x cups and saucers, teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug, Crown Derby plate, etc. £50-80
9.      20th cent. Aynsley dinner service, red and gilt. Includes 8 x 10ins, 8 x 9ins, 8 x 7ins plates, soup bowl 8 x 9ins, 5 x pudding bowl, one gravy boat and saucer. £30-50
10.     Wedgwood Ice Rose miniature vases, a pair, table cigarette holder and tray, long neck Clementine vases, a pair, Wild Strawberry vase, Jasper ware, urns x 2, cream jug, April flowers, Campion, vase and pin tray. Shelley cups, saucers, cake plate, dishes, some cups and saucers are the dainty design. 1 tray. £40-60
11.     20th cent. Ceramics: Masons 15ins. serving plate, 14ins. plate, 13ins. plate, and a Willow pattern plate, small Doulton jar and cover, Carltonware lattice bowl plus a Royal Doulton urn shaped table lamp. Jugs various shapes and sizes including Royal Doulton, Harvest jug, Crown Ducal, Belvedere art deco, a Waterford souvenir plus a Wedgwood Jasperware.
Plus Jugs, various shapes and sizes including Royal Doulton, Harvest jug, Crown Ducal, Belvedere art deco, a Waterford souvenir plus a Wedgwood Jasperware (22). £40-60
12.     20th cent. Ceramics and Metal: Planters, some with dip trays, storage jars, coasters, quantity of flatware, copper kettle, nut crackers. etc. 2 boxes. Plus early 20th cent. Ridgways Muscatel jug and bowl set, soap dish, chamber pot. Dressing table set - tray, candle holders x 2, ring stand, trinket pots x 3, pin tray. Decorated with blue border and sprays of pink roses on a white ground. Plus Studio Pottery coffee set, 6 cups and saucers, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, faint mark possible TS.
13.     20th cent. Ceramics: Black & pink ½ coffee set, a Masons octagonal bowl 8½ins. diameter, a Keeling art deco bowl 9¾ins. diameter, oval servers 18ins. 14ins. 10¼ins. (3), soup bowls 10ins. x 10, Japanese trio, etc. £30-60
14.     20th cent. Ceramics: Bloor Derby fruit bowl with roses & gilt decoration 8½ins. x 8½ins., Chine de blanc fish tray with drip compartment, Carlton ware leaf dish Saint-Paul, France hand painted comport & dishes, etc. £20-30
15.     20th cent. Ceramics: Colclough Autumn dinner & tea ware (part) dessert bowl x 6, dinner plates 10ins. x 10, cake plate x 13, cups and saucers x 13, sugar bowl x 3, milk jug, teapot a/f, etc. £30-50
16.     20th Ceramics and Collectable: Dutch blue calendar/month wall plates (5), Paragon ware with puce grapes and vines, side plates, cups and saucers, bread plates, Crown Staffs cup and saucer, Oka household ware plus hunting "Sporting Review" prints (1 box). £30-50
17.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton pink band pattern, includes an oval 12ins., 12 x 2 handled soup bowls and saucers, 2 x salad crescents, 6 x tea plates, 15 x saucers, 9 x cups, 3 x sugar bowls, 2 x coffee pots, a tea pot, 11 x pudding bowls, a gravy boat and saucer, a mustard pot plus a milk jug. £30-50
18.     20th cent. Ceramics: Kelsboro ware Mr Pickwick, Aynsley flower/rose vase, Royal Worcester ramekins, Wedgwood Jasper ware lavender pin dishes, pots with covers (7) & 3 blue pots, Chinese tea ware, C.T. plate 'Altwasser', Copeland Spode Italian plates, meat dishes, Deft hand painted vases - a pair. 9¾ins. tall, Crown Ducal tube vases in floral pattern - a pair 10½ins. Spode blanc de chine bread plates, Alfred Meakin part tea set; Limoges white leaf style plates, Tuscan part tea set, Normandie cake plates (6), Grindley Hercules part tea ware, Czech milk jug, Royal Grafton pin dishes, Royal Doulton 'Coppice' covered serving dishes, etc. £50-80
19.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley large quantity of harlequin ceramics, cups, saucers, side plates, cake plates, coffee pot lid missing, sugar bowls, Apollo coffee pot and 2 cups, jelly mould. £40-60
20.     20th cent. Glassware: Tyrone lead crystal candy dish & cover, boxed. Bohemia crystal glasses, boxed, green fisherman's glass floats, glass platter, wine glasses (17), etc. Plus 20th cent. Onyx & Soapstone: Worked plates, bowls, eggs, candlesticks, dishes, lamps, etc. £40-60
21.     Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood Vine and Davenport Majolica leaf plates 8ins. x 7, a fruit comport 9½ins, leaf serving dishes x 2, and a two handled oval basket. Vine Majolica leaf plates. 7½ins. x 3, & 9ins. x 2 (5). £30-50
22.     20th cent. Ceramics: Meakin commemorative mugs, Jubilee, King George, Queen Mary x 2, Jubilee mug Queen Elizabeth, Royal Albert Coronation mug 1953, Worcester Millennium mug, Cries of London soap dish, Coalport Cats x 2, Brooks & Bentley Jubilee portrait of the Queen framed and cased, Shelley Duchess No 13402, dinner plates x 8, soup bowls x 4, stands x 3, side plates x 6, dessert plates x 3. etc. £30-50
23.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert part dinner and tea ware. Oval serving plate 13½ins, dinner plates 10¾ins. x 8, 1a/f, cake plates 6½ins. x 8, bread & butter plates 8ins. x 6, tea cups and saucers x 7, milk jug, sugar bowl, sauce boat & saucer, teapot, vegetable dish with cover x 2, dessert bowls x 8, etc. Plus a Royal Albert 'Gossamer' pattern 5 cups and 6 saucers with 6 cake plates in blue/pink, green & blue colour variations. (1 box). £60-80
24.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china, pattern no 20189. Wild flowers, cup x 5, saucer x 6, side plate x 6, cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl. Shelley cups and saucers, Sunflowers, Spring flowers with pink border, Blue Harmony, Buttercups and Trees etc, 8 cups and saucers, Primrose jug. 20th cent. Plus Shelley Vine pattern cups x 6, saucers x 12, side plates x 11. Coffee cans x 5, saucers x 4, side plate gilt and black and white border, cake stand on white metal base, and Green Harmony jug.
25.     Luggage: Tan leather suitcase fitted with straps. 27ins. x 18ins. x 6ins. £40-60
26.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: Toby jug 9ins, blue and white sunflower bowl, Poole vase a/f, Continental mantel vases with covers decorated with summer flowers, Cantonese tea bowls and saucers - a pair. £20-40
27.     Commemorative Mugs. Diana Princess of Wales, The Millennium, Golden Jubilee, 95th Birthday Queen Mother, 80th Birthday Prince Philip etc. 11 mugs, some with paperwork. Harmony Kingdom, 3 x boxed sets. £30-50
28.     Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Unmarked vine Majolica leaf plates (10) and two handled serving dishes x 2. £30-50
29.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley wild flowers, Rose and Pansy, Harebell patterns, cups, saucers, cake plates, Rose coffee cans x 2. £40-60
30.     20th cent. Ceramics: Minton Haddon Hall sandwich plate, boxed, Crown Derby creamer and sugar bowl, boxed, Royal Doulton pin trays, a pair boxed, Minton Maslar pin tray, Royal Worcester pin trays, a pair boxed, mason jug, square plate, Aynsley Pembroke vase etc. £40-60
31.     Early 20th cent. Painted pine travel chest/tool chest rope handles and metal/ wooden straps 33½ins. £20-40
32.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Tumbling Leaves" coffee cans x 17, saucers x 18, milk jug, coffee/ teapots, a pair, tea cups x 5, tureen and cover, open tureens x 3. Doulton's "Queens Lace" milk jug, teapot, sugar bowl and cover. £30-50
33.     20th cent. Ceramics: Aynsley Clover cups and saucers, ice bucket, Wedgewood teapots Peter Rabbit - lids missing, Wedgwood, Minton, Border Fine Arts, Trade Signs, Spillers, Flour Man etc. 1 Box. £30-40
34.     20th cent. Ceramics: Richmond "Wild Anemone", cups x 6, saucer x 6, side plates x 6. Royal Doulton "Queens Lace" cups x 6, saucers x 6, plates x 6. Royal Doulton harlequin cups, saucers, plates, designs include Platinum Concord, Forest Glade, Parkwood, Thistledown, Bridal Veil, etc. Royal Doulton "Berkshire" tureen and cover, "Cascade" side plates x 3, dinner plates x 4, "Argente" dinner plates x 2, Greenbriar dinner plates x 5, Gold Lace dinner plates x 4, "Pastorale" cup x 1, saucers x 2, side plates x 6, dessert plates x 7. Polar Rose coffee cans x 5, saucers x 7. £40-50
35.     20th cent. Plateware: Hip flask, goblet, chamber stick, bread basket with blue liner, oblong tray, fighting birds, a pair, Manual Parastat buffer, cased and serving dish.
36.     20th cent. Plate ware: Bread baskets, flat ware boxed, cheese slice, teaspoons, sugar nips, boxed, etc £30-50
37.     19th cent. Plate Ware: Rococo style table candle centrepiece with embossed base and plain drip tray. £30-50
38.     Plateware: Art deco Maraschino cherry bowl on ceramic column, salts (2), sugar sifter, bon bob dish with blue liner, Walker Hall teapot, paperweight, a pewter tankard (RAF 10AEF Woodvale plus a walking cane with a white metal top 1968 (9) 1 x tray. £30-40
39.     Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Electroplate three bottle table centrepiece with openwork base, height 16ins, organic handle and plate bottle stand. Height 7½ ins. £50-80
40.     Plate Ware: Bowls (eg. Reed & Barton) extendable heat stand, deco serving bon-bon dishes, trays, Victorian petitfour cutters (in tin), plated tankards (Indian decoration), set of 6 teaspoons - boxed, pen rest with image of Gnash (elephant God) motif, cast & gilt Indian tray, Indian dish & lid, brass vase & a pair of brass candlesticks with pushers. Also a quantity of flatware, some Elkington plate, knives, forks & ladles & some kitchen herb cutters and silver plated photo frames. £60-80
41.     19/20th cent. Plated Ware: Serving dish with rotating cover, wine funnel, teapot, candelabra, galleried trays (4), jug, vase etc (1 box). £40-60
42.     Plated Ware: Candelabra central stick 2 branches a pair, a single candelabra plus 2 x blander vases. £30-50
43.     Copper Ware: Three coaching horns. 39ins, 36ins and 29ins. £10-20
44.     20th cent. Plated Ware: Waiter's kit, Elkington ice bucket 11ins. tall, a 'Taittinger' champagne ice bucket 8ins. tall, another with no makers markings 9ins., a wood ice bucket with insulated insert, an Elkington ½ bottle wine bucket and a Sommeliers kit - boxed. £30-50
45.     Flatware: Oak cased cutlery set, 3 trays. (not complete). £40-60
46.     Flatware: Three cased fish knives & forks, one cased dessert knives & forks and a cased fruit spoon set with small cutting knife. £50-80
47.     Plated Ware, Flat Ware: Butter knives (boxed), Butlers of Sheffield carving set (boxed), 10 piece Butler's fish knives and forks (boxed) plus serving spoons, sugar tongs (5), knives and forks, salad set etc (1 tray plus 3 boxes) plus a copper bed pan. £40-60
48.     Arts and Crafts planished bowl with raised stylised floral motifs 8ins. diam x 4½ins. £30-50
49.     20th cent. White metal cone shaped fire extinguisher. £20-40
50.     Brass and Copperware: 20th cent. Bedpan plus a miniature version, a helmet coal Barge ware lamp, scuttle and shovel, tray, warmer, trivet, drinking vessel etc (1 plastic box). £30-50
51.     19th cent. Coopered barrel converted to a coal scuttle, a brass handled bed pan. £50-80
52.     Carpets: 20th cent. Turkish Kelim rug 41ins. x 64ins. £40-70
53.     Ceramics: Wedgwood silver jubilee plate x 2, Royal Tuscan version. All boxed. £20-30
55.     21st. cent Villeroy & Boch dinner service "Castellina", boxed. Consists plates 10½ins. x 12, plates 8¼ins. x 12, bowls 9ins. x 12, tea cups & saucers x 12, dessert bowls x 11, and 11 mugs. £40-60
56.     Royal Doulton Ceramics 1936: Art deco pattern D5204 dinner service "Lynn". Oval platters 10ins. x 12ins. x 14ins. (6) , dinner plates 10½ins. x 13, side plates 9½ins. x 12, (1 a/f), dessert plates 7½ins. x 11, bread & butter plates 8½ins. x 4, soup bowls x 6, tureens with covers 9½ins. x 3 (1 a/f. without cover) plus tureens with covers x 2 & 1 ladle, etc. £60-100
57.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton 'Rose Elegans' tea and dinner ware. Tureen and cover x 2, gravy boat on stand, cups and saucers x 8, side plates x 8, dessert plates x 8, dinner plates x 8. £50-80
58.     20th cent. Wedgwood "Westbury" bone china tea & dinner sets including coffee/tea cups & saucers x 6, soup bowl with handles x 7, dessert bowls x 8, casserole/serving dishes & covers, dinner plates 10½ins. x 8, sauce boat & saucer, oval meat dishes 15ins. x 13ins, cake plates 8ins. x 8, milk jug, etc. £80-100
59.     20th cent. Ceramics: Rosenthal Versace red Medusa plate 12ins. A Villeroy and Boch, Le Manoir Aux Saisons plate 12ins. plus a rose plate 12ins. (3). £80-100
60.     20th cent. Susie Cooper: Glen Mist coffee set, coffee pot, jug, sugar bowl, plate, 6 x cans and saucers. £40-60
61.     19th cent. Ceramics: Continental Chelsea/Worcester copy circular two handled bon-bon dish. Pierced border, raised on fan supports, decorated with a peacock, exotic birds, butterflies and insects. Gold Chelsea anchor mark base and label. Requires restoration. £60-80
62.     Militaria: 19th cent. Royal Navy ironstone dinner plate decorated with images of ships and marked Royal navy mess No 11 to centre 10ins approx. £30-50
63.     19th cent. Oriental: Short stick stand, panels decorated with blossom, birds & floral motifs. Blue & white on white ground 12ins. plus a blue & white charger with a bird central decoration & blossoms 11ins diameter. Indistinct mark to base. £50-80
64.     20th cent. Ceramics: Maling orange lustre candle holders, decorated with yellow daisies - a pair, also 2 lustre trinket pots. £20-40
65.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china, pattern no 2466, cup x 4, saucer x 5, side plate x 8, cake plate x 2. Shelley Chelsea - teapot x 2, cake plate, sandwich plate, milk jug and creamer, side plate x 6, preserve dish, egg cup, sugar bowl and dish. Shelley pattern no 2994. T.4.1 cup and plate, sugar bowl, milk jug and a spare saucer. Plus 20th cent. miniature jardiniere mantel trio, rose bowl.

66.     Early 20th cent. and later Glassware: Ruby glass open bowls, jug & flower vase, some a/f, etc. (4), plus paperweights - Liscard, Adrian Sankey, Wedgwood. Total 5. £30-50
67.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass basket, fluted basket, ruby glass jug, bon bon comport with white metal rim, tall graduated blue vase, etc. £30-50
68.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass rose bowl, trinket pots, red glass stem vases, Vaseline glass lamp shade a/f, etc. £40-50
69.     20th cent. Glassware: Green art deco style rose bowl, clear glass bowl with stylised design, frosted tube shape bowl, a ruby red footed bowl plus a dark blue bubble bowl, 16ins, etc. (6) Plus 6 sherry glasses & Bohemian Mary Gregory style water carafe

70.     Glassware: Cut glass ships decanter plus a Royal Brierley crystal wine glass. £30-40
71.     Studio Pottery: A large terracotta bowl decorated with stylised flowers 10ins. high x 10¼ins dia at the bell mouth plus a 14ins. round glazed platter decorated with rabbits and flowers. £50-80
72.     19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flatbacks, father and two children sitting under a flower arbour, a/f. Shepherdess and sheep, huntsman and hound, gentleman on a horse, all figures are a/f. £30-50
73.     Border Fine Arts Figure: Stag Highlands Majesty, signed R. Roberts, on a plinth. £30-50
74.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Perth trio, a Phlox trio and a Shelley pearl ware lustre tear drop vase with green floral decoration 6ins. Plus 20th cent. Border Fine Arts James Herriots Country Kitchen cow creamer and butter dish. Plus 20th cent. continental ceramics including Majolica plate, central roundel of a head of Neptune with border of fruit baskets and mythological beats, 12ins. N154 impressed to reverse, an oval Majolica plate depicting mother and children with a border of fruit and masks. 10ins. x 8ins.
75.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton plates, Old English Inns series, The bears Head, Brereton, plus Dover castle, Rochester Castle and the River Medway (3). £30-50
76.     Figurines: Classical figures of maidens 2 x 12ins. 1 x 17ins. plus a Compton figure "Splendour at Court" CW258 on a plinth. 10ins. £30-40
77.     20th cent. Country Artist Figurine: Stratford Edition "The Barrister" 7ins. tall and on a wooden base. £50-80
78.     20th cent. Ceramics: Dutch blue and white charger by Chemkefa of Holland. £30-40
79.     Late 19th cent. Ceramics: "Phoenix Ware" by T.F. & S. Thomas Forester & Son. Twin handled vases on square bases with blue & white decoration, both with coastal barges to one side & village scene & bridge - a pair. 16½ins. high. £40-60
80.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley dainty white tea and coffee set comprises: bread and butter plate, 6 tea plates, 6 tea cups and saucers, 6 coffee cups and saucers, 1 sugar bowl and a milk jug. £30-50
80A.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley black deco style vase, decorated with a carnation, 2 handle vase with rose decoration, squat jug with white heather decoration, black fluted vase with apple blossom decoration, long neck vase decorated with stylised fruit (5). Plus 3 graduated jardiniere's a/f. Shelley tea china, no 2338, cup and saucer x 6, side plate x 6, jugs x 2, sugar bowl and cake plate. £50-80
80B.    20th cent. Ceramics: Chrysanthemum Princess by Lena Liu with certificate, Yoshiko Princess of the Cherry Blossoms by Manabu Saito with certificate, "Sun" the Millennium Ball Series, 5 figures, boxed. Iris Princess, unboxed. Michiko Princess, unboxed. £30-70
80C.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china "Charm", cup and saucer x 6, side plate x 6, milk jug and sugar bowl. Shelley "Charm" coffee set, coffee pot, cup and saucer x 6, creamer and sugar bowl.
80D.    20th cent. Ceramics: Bird figures Goebel Germany and Carl ENS "Kingfisher", "Blue tit", "Nuthatch", "Bullfinch" and "Gold crest". £50-70
80E.    20th cent. Ceramics: Bird figures includes "Robins", "Owls", "Kingfishers" etc. (9). £30-50
80F.    20th cent. Royal Crown Derby bird figures, "Kingfisher", "Long tailed tit" and "Green woodpecker". £60-80
80G.    20th cent. Royal Crown Derby bird figures, "Robin", "Blue tit" and "Budgerigars". £60-80
81.     Doulton Lambeth: Tapering vase of cylinder form decorated with leaves and foliage marked FF to base 12ins. Plus a Lambeth Doulton leaves pot and a pair of Doulton match strikers.
81A.    20th cent. Ceramics: Carltonware pink buttercup pin dish, bowl and mint sauce boat on stand, Radford vase, Royal Cauldon egg cups on stand, green retro vase. Plus beehive honey pot, Maramuto ware preserve pot, Jersey Pottery bowl, Lancaster & sons biscuit barrel. £20-40
82.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley cream jugs and sugar bowls, "Hibiscus", "Columbine" x 2, pattern no 12160, Blue Flowers, "Hedgerow" Wild Flowers plus one other (7). Coalport: Christmas Lodge no. 664 boxed, Elizabeth Cottage boxed, Anne Hathaway's Cottage boxed, World War II commemorative mug, egg coddlers 3 x Wedgwood, 3 x Royal Worcester, boxed.
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Chelsea - teapot x 2, cake plate, sandwich plate, milk jug and creamer, side plate x 6, preserve dish, egg cup, sugar bowl and dish and a pair of Shelley lustre ware candlesticks. 7ins. £50-80
84.     Shelley: Pin dishes, square and circular. Various patterns. Ashtrays and pin trays, Orange Harmony, Violets, Playful Kittens, Roses etc. Plus 20th cent. Wedgwood, Worcester, Susie cooper, pin trays, powder bowl, "Butterflies" trinket pot and cover. £40-60
85.     19th cent. Majolica vase with dragon handles 10½ins. & a Maling lustre ginger jar 7ins. £30-60
86.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Denise" H.N.2273. Plus Royal Doulton Miss Demure H.N. 1402. Potted by Doulton, Reg No 753474 with green back stamp. £30-50
87.     20th cent. Ceramics: Clarice Cliff A.J. Wilkinsons "Fruit Basket" pattern, cream ground - shape 883. Unsigned with green back stamp. Diameter 9¼ins. £40-60
88.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton plates "The Falconer" D6279 plus "The Jester" D6277. Royal Doulton gnome plate, blue ground decorated with gnomes and toadstools, 7½ins. a/f. Royal Doulton Dickens bowl "Tony Weller" D6327 rim chip plus a miniature mug decorated with a pastoral study 2ins.

89.     20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Vases, 1 with filigree work, 11¼ins. 3 with painted panels and 1 with tube lined decoration (5). £30-50
90.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Leonie" tea china, cups x 5, saucers x 6, plates x 6, cake plate. Doulton "Cadence" tea china, cups x 5, saucers x 5, plates x 6, creamer, cake plate, and sugar bowl a/f. Country Artists: Robin and blue tit with daisies, boxed. Kaiser white bisque elephant, boxed. 'Mother's Love' figurine by Glenis Deveraux, Royal Worcester rose spray, boxed. 'Diane' figurine. Royal Doulton: Black and white cat with food tins, boxed. Rose posy, Figurine 'Thinking of You' HN3124, boxed.
91.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "The Old Balloon Seller" plate with raised decoration. 10¾ins. diameter. £20-30
92.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley pattern no W62207/024. Art deco blue banded dinner ware, circular design in blue/grey with silver colour border. Sauce boat and cover, tureen and cover, 3 graduated meat ovals, dinner plate x 4, soup bowl x 4, side plate x 5. Shelley, Violets cups x 4, saucers x 4, side plates x 6. £60-100
93.     Cherished Teddies, Sven and Liv, Kris, upon the rooftop, Grace, Glory to the New Born King, all boxed. Lenox Classics Mickey Mouse and Minnie, boxed, Winfield, boxed. Royal Commemorative, The Royal Collection: 3 mugs, Golden Jubilee, 2002, enamel pill box, boxed, Baluster vase boxed, Sutherland Golden Wedding Anniversary beaker, Jubilee bon-bon dish boxed, Spode thimble boxed, Lion's Head beaker, Golden Jubilee 1952-2002, boxed.
94.     Ceramics: 20th cent. Half dolls including girl in bonnet, baby, flapper girl etc, 5 heads. £30-40
95.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton 'Lynnewood' 4 x coffee cans, 4 x saucers, creamer, sugar bowl and coffee pot. Gilt and white coffee cans x 3, saucers x 6 and coffee pot. £30-50
96.     20th cent. Ceramics: Phoenix ware cups and saucers, Grindley "The Silistria" butter dish, Crown Devon, Yorkshire mug, rose coffee cups and saucers, T.G. Green Devon blue/white jug x 3. £30-50
97.     Stamps: Six albums of world stamps, small amount of 19th cent. most far later plus an album of first day covers. £30-60
98.     Postcards: 20th cent. Album plus loose cards including Tucks Oilette Railway loco's, London and N.W Railway Company issues, postcards U.S and European loco's, Tucks Oilette Battleships "Our Navy" and "The Air" plus other WW1 flying machines also general topographical, greetings, Easter, Children's and other. £100-150
99.     Stamps: Royal Mail yearbooks 2005, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10. £50-100
100.    Stamps Royal Mail yearbooks 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. £50-100
101.    Cigarette Cards: 'Turf' British Railway Locomotives, approx 60, British Aircraft, approx. 33. Godfrey Phillips 'Old Masters' series, approx. 64 with Kellogg's cars, etc. £10-20
102.    Stamps: Presentation packs seventy later 21st cent. Three first day covers. £50-100
103.    Stamps: Presentation packs eighty early 21st cent. £50-100
104.    Stamps: Australian yearbooks 1990 -91, 92, 93. £50-100
105.    Harland & Wolff: Period parallel clamp impressed H&W on both sections with later wording Titanic to the reverse. 28ins. £200-300
106.    19th cent. Fruitwood "Sorrento" puzzle box with key 9ins. x 4¼ins. x 5¼ins. £30-50
107.    20th cent. Mahogany jewellery box with mother of pearl, cartouche and escutcheon secret drawer beneath 12ins. 6¾ins. x 9ins. plus a walnut tea box with satinwood inlay and a Jerusalem olive wood box 4¼ins. x 3½ins. x 1¼ins. (3). £40-60
108.    19th cent. Mahogany sarcophagus shaped tea caddy on button feet. Three compartments, turned grips to side 12ins. x 6¾ins. x 6¼ins. plus a 19th cent. walnut workbox inlaid decoration with mother of pearl embellishments (2). £40-60
109.    19th cent. Burr wood```````` writing slope, red leather and ebonised interior mother of pearl and white metal decorated to the canted edges and a gent watch. £90-120
110.    Costume Leather wallets, 3 hanging silk and satin jewellery keepers, hat pins and 4 Spanish fans, etc. £20-30
111.    Retro: 1950's Staywarm teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl. (3). £20-40
112.    White metal Maltese 925 silver picture frame, plate ware to include RAF buttons, flat ware, Edward VII and Alexandra Coronation medals etc. £50-70
113.    Breweriana: Beer engine ceramic pump handles. £30-40
114.    20th cent. Humidor (box) and contents, cutters plus 2 cigarette cases 1 with integrated lighter. £30-50
115.    18th cent. Oak carved panel and back ornately decorated with flowers & floral motifs. 10¼ins. x 8¼ins. (2 Pieces). £30-50
116.    Costume Jewellery: Jet glass beads, necklaces a/f, bracelets, brooches etc. contained in a softwood box decorated with tortoise and dragonfly. £20-30
117.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Earrings, yellow metal, hoop, pearl stud, paste, yellow metal chains, cultured pearls, clasp marked 375. Expanding bracelet, beads, etc. £40-60
118.    Jewellery: Choker necklace decorated with white stones, ferns, birds on a wide 2ins. front plate, retailed by "Nomad", Highgate High Street, Highgate Village. Plus Australian 925 silver brooch of a little pygmy possum, Ltd edition 62/100 plus a smoky quartz brooch in a yellow metal mount. £60-80
119.    Costume Jewellery: Paste necklaces, earrings, brooch marcasite and black enamel "Melissa" compact. £20-25
120.    Commemorative: Yellow metal spoons, Golden Jubilee 2002 cased x 4, Bristol Blue paperweight to commemorate Isambard Kingdom Brunel Temple Meads station 1806 - 20016 plus assorted badges. £20-30
121.    Polar Exploration/World War One: Single aluminium Dog tag owned by Thomas Whitfield stamped T. Whitfield ON 149832 C.E. CH. ST.
Thomas Whitfield, was one of four stokers on board 'Discovery' for the National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904. He was picked as part of the shore party and took part in a number of sledging journeys, most notably Wilson's 1903 expedition to the Cape Crozier emperor penguin colony. On his return from the Antarctic he returned to the Navy and was subsequently promoted to Chief Stoker. Leaving the Navy in 1911 he returned 3 years later when recalled for active service during World War I. In later life Whitfield retired to Hampshire where he died in 1942. This tag was from after his return from the Antarctic as it shows his rank as Chief Stoker. £250-350
122.    Third Reich: Collection of Channel island covers with German occupation postmarks approx 27. £150-200
123.    Medals: WWI/WWII group to Capt. AEH Dinan Peren South African Engineers Corps (14/15) star and Victory Medal. Plus WWII Africa and Burma stars (4). £60-100
124.    Medals: WWII group to include Indian General Service with North West Frontier 1930-31, 39-45 trio, Coronation Medal, Efficiency Medal and Army Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (Regular Army) to Corporal R.A. Smith, Hants.. and IOW. £100-150
125.    Liners: Album of post 1950s postcards of mostly Union Castle plus some Royal navy press photos. £30-50
126.    Travel/Exploration: A fascinating hand written journal dating from May 1810 - May 1811, chronicling of the journey from London to Ceylon and Bengal via Madeira, written over approx 33 pages 12ins. x 8ins. £100-150
127.    Third Reich: Rare hard bound volumes from the Chief Military Command for Division of Foreign Fortifications Evaluation about the defences Yugoslavia, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Printed in the Reich Printing Office c1941-42 (3). £250-350
128.    Maps: Period Italian map of The Battle of Waterloo dedicated to British console in Toscana, shows placement of units, formations etc. 34ins. x 23ins. £100-150
129.    Third Reich: Collection of badges including U Boat badge, General Assault badge, black wound badge, mine sweeper/sub chasers badge and destroyer war badge (6). Collected by James Hoare Royal Artillery. £150-250
130.    Third Reich: Gilt Narvik shield, possibly cold class. Collected by James Hoare Royal Artillery. £50-80
131.    20th cent. Tribal Nguni hide African shield, rustic knobkierrie and spear blade. (3). £60-100
132.    WWI: An extremely rare World War I collection of paperwork from Lt. Col. Richard Crosse DSO and Bar. Lt. Col. Crosse commanded the second battalion, The Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, on the Western Front being mentioned in dispatches an additional four times. He led the battalion in a number of battles on The Somme Battlefield and after his retirement from the army he joined the Ulster Special Constabulary.
The collection relates to soldiers taken prisoner by the Germans and includes a number of letters written at the end of hostilities from prisoners giving first person accounts of their treatment at the hands of the Germans. A number are particularly graphic but one by Pte. Cotton stands out "While we were going over the top, Lay was shot through the knee and it was impossible to keep up with the regiment. We decided to get back again but the machine gun bullets were flying all round us. I had taken some wounded men of the 19th Division to the dressing station in Betoncourt the day previous. There was a heavy bombardment at the corner of the road and it would have been suicide to attempt it. We decided discretion was the better part of valour and we took shelter. It was while we were waiting for the barrage to lift that the Germans came up in their thousands and we were taken prisoner. We spent the night in a cage without food or shelter". In addition to numerous accounts from prisoners, the lot includes a large map of German prisoner of war camps with numerous notations and a comprehensive list of those captured with notations from Lt. Col Crosse showing where each man was captured, rank, name and additional remarks, a fascinating archive. £3000-5000
133.    WWI: An extremely rare World War I collection of paperwork from Lt. Col. Richard Crosse DSO and Bar. Lt. Col. Crosse commanded the second battalion, The Oxford and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry, on the Western Front being mentioned in dispatches an additional four times. He led the battalion in a number of battles on The Somme Battlefield and after his retirement from the army he joined the Ulster Special Constabulary.
This museum quality archive was owned by Lt. Col. Crosse and forms both handwritten and typed regimental orders from the second battalion Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light infantry just prior to World War I through the earliest battlers. They date from July 1st to just hours prior to the first major action of World War I, the Battle of Mons. This fascinating collection includes logistics, troop movements, regimental lists, transportation and arrival in France and movement to Mons. Also included in the lot are several maps showing the battalion on the western front. Approx. 80 Artifacts.
134.    WW1: An exceptional diary written over 93 pages including sketches of trenches and enemy emplacements by Second Lt. John Oxenham Lawson, second in command of Z Company 1st Battalion Northumberland Fusiliers covering the period September 1st 1914 to June 1915. Lawson was born in June 1895 and attended Uppingham School from 1910-14. He joined the army shortly afterwards and was seriously wounded at the Battle of Bellewaarde, which took place on the 16th June 1915. He is featured in the definitive book of the battle by Carole-McEntee Taylor The Battle of Bellewarde June 1915, a copy of which accompanies the lot. This handwritten diary contains Lawson's first person account of his war from arriving in France culminating in Bellewarde and the ensuing carnage where over 1000 men died within a 12 hour period on a battle field approximately ½ mile square.
The diary also contains transcript copies of letters by Lawson that he sent home (69 pages). The entries include his account of the Battalion in action at Pernes, Bes Plomeran, Herlies, Petre, Bailleul Neuve Chapelle & Hooge, Hermitage Chateau, Kemmel and Rosendaal Chateau (1st Battle of Ypres). Most importantly it gives a most detailed daily description of trench life warfare which include his comrades being killed in front of him, a sample of which are below:
7th October "Warned at 3am that we were to proceed to join the Battalion".
Monday 26th October (First Battle of Ypres) "About 2.45pm we were shelled most furiously for about half an hour, about 345 Germans began to advance and soon after 4pm we had to retire up a communication trench, The Royal Fusilier's were on our right had also retired. Only six men of 13 Platoon got back and Barnsley was left severely wounded in our trench. Germans continued to advance from here I lost all count of time and Captain Gordon worked the machine gun on them himself. Nummley attempted a counter attack but his men got caught up in the wire fence and he was shot before he could get out. It was dark but we could see hundreds coming out of the orchard and the communication trench, hundreds must have been killed and wounded.
Sunday 1st November 1914 (Battle of Messines) Marched off soon after 5am, halted at Wytschaete road. We were to attack village with Lincolns, Y and Z Company in support. We advanced and halted , wounded men began to stream down the road, we started to dig in but were told to retire as the attack had failed, Lamb killed, Capt. St John badly wounded, London missing.
Sunday 15th November Called to HQ at 330 am, told Z Company was to retake trenches lost by KOYLI which consist of some stables with 30 yds. of trenches either side. A gun was brought up to within 100 yds. of the stable with Z company forming behind. Sgt Major Gilburn with 30 men charged the trenches and retook them, Sgt Major was killed and awarded the DCM.
4th December The King was here, a party of 50 men who had been here long and an officer had to be present, as Captain Gordon was on leave I was the officer who took the party. Before he gave the medals he walked around the ranks of men accompanied by the Prince of Wales and a tremendous staff. The Prince of Wales walked at the rear eating chocolate all the time, very bad form I thought.
The diary then goes on to describe a further six months of Lawson's war in great detail showing the endless mud & rain, informative notes on other units in the Brigade etc. 'billeted at Rosendaal Chateau, whole place shelled to pieces . . had very fine Louis XV chairs to sit in & lovely china . . . a strange contrast!' to first person accounts of some of the most important battles of the first part of 1915. The final entries surround Bellewaarde and Wednesday June 16th 1915, that fateful first day.

Wednesday June 16th 1915 (Alongside a sketch of the area) in part reads: Bombardment began at 2am and lasted practically without stop till 4am. A stop of about a minute and then the intensive bombardment began. This lasted till 4.15am and then W,X and Y Coys went forward, all of the Huns came in without any attempt to resist. When the others went in we "Z" went forward. There was a sunken road halfway to the German line and this caused a lot of trouble as machine guns were laid down on it. We soon went on again got up to the communication trench C to Trench B (See Opposite) We then went across the open trench C which was only 2 feet deep and no good. We got to work on that and I then went along the left behind W. I passed Sloper at X, very dizzy having just been hit through the nose. Going along the back of the trench at Y I got hit through the arm, Sandilands and Scrutton took me up, an orderly then took me back to the dressing station.
Lt Lawson's injury was so severe that he left the army, after the war joined the Colonial service, he died in September 1981 aged 96. This lot is without doubt on the most important diaries we have auctioned due to the phenomenal detail that Lt Lawson has chronicled his time in the trenches.
135.    WWI: An exceptional photographic archive assembled by Lieutenant Richard Knight a reconnaissance/night bomber in 206 squadron during WWI. He was promoted to Lieutenant in the RAF on amalgamation of the Royal Flying Corps and Royal Naval Air Service. The lot includes a number of aerial photographs taken by Lt. Knight of the trenches including one remarkable image taken seconds after he has dropped some bombs. A significant highlight is an image of Manfred Von Richthofen with his famous Red Albatros DIII bi-plane in the background taken on August 19th 1917. This remarkable album contains 41 photographs of RNAS, Royal Flying Corps and RAF Personnel, aircraft, bombing raids including one of Lieutenant Knights DH9 while with 206 squadron with handwritten notation by Knight dating it to early 1918, etc. Also included in the lot are a number of original documents and character references relating to Lieutenant Knights service in World War I dating from 1918-19. Each photo measures 7ins. x 5ins. £3000-5000
136.    WWI: Album of 20 photographs many unpublished of the trenches dating from the early months of the war on the Western front, showing among other things the first Battle of Ypres, each with a handwritten notation beneath including "A direct hit wipes out a Hun Battery". "A Fine charge by The Leicesters surprises The Hun", " Craving thorough the wire to rescue dead comrades". The photos measure 3ins. x 3ins. £800-1200
137.    Royal Navy: Two albums of photographs of H.M.S. Glorious in 1936 including numerous carrier landings and crashes with handwritten notations. (2). £400-600
138.    Press Photographs: A large selection of post-war photographs including four Winston Churchill (stamped Crown Copyright), The Queen and Royal Family. £80-120
139.    WWI Toys: Early 20th cent. Farnell blue plush mohair World War I " Mascot Bear" Albert formed part of Wiltshire Museums "Why we went to war exhibition" in 2014. 3½ins.
NB: Soldiers bears were given as mascots to Tommie's many travelling through the war as good luck mascots. This example is sold with accompanying paperwork showing him in the exhibition. £150-250
140.    Third Reich: Original hardback copy of Mein Kampf signed in blue by Adolf Hitler £1500-2000
141.    Malta: Large archive collection of letters and photographs relating to by A.M. MacFarlane MRCVS, FEVMA 1864- 1944, veterinary surgeon of the Maltese Government. The lot includes his boxed MBE with citation, notebooks, letter from 10 Downing Street etc. A very interesting archive. £300-500
142.    Cricket Memorabilia: Sir Garfield Sobers signed cricket ball contained within a framed montage display. 27ins. x 19ins. £80-120
143.    Historical Local Interest: Devizes, Wiltshire documents Indenture 1743 with William Sloper for purchase of properties in New Park Street, includes No43 (Royal Oak Inn), 44, 45, 46 and 47 (Brownstone House). All situated on the North east side of New Park Street. Devizes Town Council seal 1608 and signed by the Mayor, Rich Smith and the Town Council 29¼ins. x 21½ins. £40-50
144.    19th cent. Satirical print "The Catholic Sovereign, needs must when well dries" S.W Fores 1829 13ins. x 9½ins. £40-70
145.    Books: 20th cent. Hardcover book titles to include transportation, ancient Britain and politics. (2 boxes) £30-50
146.    Books: History of London and Transport. (4 boxes) £30-50
147.    Books: Box of 20th cent. hard and soft backs, mostly equine related plus a Holy Bible with inset for family who served in the great war. £20-40
148.    Books: Box of 20th cent. hard and soft backs related to cameras including many reference. £30-50
149.    Books: Hardback books most first editions includes Manchester "The Death of a President", Leon Uris "Armageddon", Herman Wouk "War and Remembrance". Wambaugh "The Onion Field", John O'Hare "The Lockwood Concern" etc. (2 boxes). £80-100
150.    Books: Hardback novels etc includes Ed McBain "Tricks", "Ice", Len Deighton "Billion Dollar Brain", most first editions. (2 Boxes) £60-80
151.    Books: John Lennon "A Spaniard in the Works" 1965 first edition, Cape of London, no dust cover, plus "In His Own Write" 1964, 4th reprint, poor condition. £50-80
152.    Books: John Fowles "The Magus" Cape 1966 good condition with dust cover. £100-120
153.    Books: Peter O'Donnell "Modesty Blaise" very good condition. £80-120
154.    Books: John le Carré "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" first edition, Hodder and Stoughton, dust cover with splits, tears, cover bent on corners. £50-80
155.    Books: Fleming "Octopussy" and "The Living Daylights", worn dust cover, slight water staining, first edition. £100-120
156.    Books: Ian Fleming "The Man with the Golden Gun", fair condition, worn dust cover with splits, first edition 1965, Cape of London. £60-80
157.    Books: Truman Capote "In Cold Blood" 1966 Hamish Hamilton book in good condition, dust cover poor. £60-100
158.    Books: Peter Benchley "Jaws", Arthur Hailey "Hotel", "Strong Medicine", Wambaugh "The Black Marble", "Line and Shadows", "Overload" etc. £60-80
160.    Books: Kelly's Directory of Norfolk and Suffolk 1937, a black leather bound book 1845 "Norfolk" a general history and description of the county of Norfolk and a reprint of Kelly's Directory of Folkestone 1964. £60-80
161.    Books: John le Carré "The Little Drummer Girl", "A Small Town in Germany", "Smiley's People" plus "The Looking Glass War", all first editions with covers (4). £100-120
162.    Books: Moran "How to Build a Girl" near mint, Blaise "The Impossible Virgin", O'Hara "Sermons and Soda Water" plus Mario Puzo "The Godfather". All first editions. £60-80
163.    Books: Len Deighton "Spy Wine", "XPO", "Spy Sinker" plus "Berlin Game", all first editions with covers (4). £50-80
164.    Posters: Art print, Ansel Adams "Moon and Half Dome, Yosemite National Park" and "Pine Forest in Snow, Yosemite National Park", both 3ins x 2ins. Also Alan Majchrowicz "Whatcom Creek". (3) £40-60
165.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures, all photographs in folders. Original (1st generation) of Cheddar (Mendip Hills), Chew Valley, Environs of Bath, and other creative photographs. Includes all contact prints and negatives. Photographs 10ins x 8ins or larger. (1 large box). £40-80
166.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Norman Vaughan, Kate Humble, David Attenborough, David Guetta, Gail Porter, Woody Allen, Jack Hawkins, Geena Davis, David Niven, Vincent Price, John Nettles, L. Olivier, Danny DeVito, James Coburn, Louis Jameson, Sidney James, Debbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Taylor, Neve Campbell etc. Approx. 56 framed (most with certificates of authenticity) and 5 unsigned. All mounted ready for framing. Also posters of glamour models. £120-200
167.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Pop, Culture, Humour, Comedians, Film & TV, Toyah Wilcox, Petula Clark, Mariah Carey, Joe Brown, Vicky Brown & 'Home Brew', Gloria Gaynor, Diana Ross, Sandie Shaw, Carly Simon, Tommy Steele, Bonnie Langford, Elke Sommer, Gene Pitney, Henry Winkleman (The Fonz), Pam's People, Legs & Co, Paul McCartney, etc. Approx. 19 unsigned and 16 signed (various sizes). "Carnaby Street, W1" booklets. Carry On films, Robin's Nest, Please Sir, Bless this House, including cinema lobby cards approx. 39. Prunella Scales, Valerie Leon, Dennis Hill, Sally Geeson, Reg Varney, Eric Idle, Julia Ormond, Ian Lavender, Sid James, Jim Dale, Robin Askwith, Hattie Jacques, Brian Rix, Angus Deyton, John Cleese, Michael Palin, Rowan Atkinson, Clive Dunn, Graham Norton. Approx. 43 signed. £80-100
168.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Children's TV including Dr Who & his companions, Sci Fi, Wendy Padbury, Linda Thorson, Elisabeth Sladen, Louis Jameson, Carol Ann Ford, Janet Fielding, K9!, Frazer Hines, Katy Manning. Approx. 37 signed and a book. Blue Peter, approx. 19 photographs all signed, mainly teams autographs, with 'Magpie'. Approx. 5 signed. £60-80
169.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Film, TV stars & presenters 1950s - 1990s and beyond: Richard Greene, Bernard Bresslaw, Dinah Sheridan, Ronnie Barker, Irene Handl, Roger Kitter, Liz Hurley, Liz Fraser, Tommy Trinder, David Kelly, Bruce Forsyth, David Bailey, Stanley Baxter, Jimmy Edwards, Morecambe & Wise, Peter Cargill, Lillian Gish, Julie Christie & Sloane Shelton, Spike Milligan x 2, approx. 447. All signed, mainly postcard size with some certificates of authenticity. (1 box). £130-230
170.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Carol Smillie, Susan George (including 4 photograph negatives), Sally Gleeson, approx. 95 (10 signed) and 10 lobby cards. (1 tray). This lot also includes Honor Blackman, Patrick McNee, Linda Thorson, Joanna Lumley, and Diana Rigg (The Avengers & other adventure/action films). Approx. 54 (16 signed) photographs (1 tray. Trays not included.) £100-120
171.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Classic, vintage and popular film stars including Marlon Brando, Imogen Stubbs, Charles Dance, Dustin Hoffman, Susan Hampshire, John Gielgud, Anthony Hopkins, Julie Christie, Doris Day, Brigitte Bardo, Charlton Heston, Senta Berger, Edward Hardwick, Angie Dickinson, Gregory Peck, Koo Stark, Bernard Braden, Debbie Reynolds, James Cagney, Martin Landau, Lauren Bacall, etc. Approx. 99 (15 unsigned). Many certificates of authenticity. £100-150
172.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Horror Films, Sci Fi and adventure genres, Tale of the Living Dead, Child's Play 2, Tess, To the Devil a Daughter, UFO, Clockwork Orange, Sudden Terror, The Penthouse, Straw Dogs, Vampire & the Ballerina, Vengeance of She, Fright, Halloween, etc. Approx. 34 signed including Natasha Pyne, Nicola Bryant, Benjamin Meredith, Sinta Harrison, Valerie Leon, Christopher Lee, Ann Frances & Tippi Hedren, etc. Approx 35. Plus Movie Promotional & Cinema lobby cards, approx 79 with 3 lobby posters; 'Tess' Colombia publicity including biographies, photos and a full size poster. Similar for Child's Play 2, Books "The Prisoner" and "Paris, Texas" Palme D'Or Cannes 1984. (2 trays). £130-230
173.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures female/male TV and film stars, Emma Watson, Jasmeen Ghauri, Anne Hathaway, Sharon Gless, Madeline Smith, Linda Thorson, Julia Hemingway, Carol Smillie, Ayshea Brough, Sarah Alexander, Helena Bonham Carter, Gail Porter, Brooke Shields, Felicity Kendall, Ingrid Pitt, Dominique Swain, etc approx 200. All unsigned including promotional photographs. Plus Cinema lobby cards and Burton/Taylor Zeffirelli 'Taming of the Shrew'. (11) and 3 CD's of glamour shots. £150-200
174.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Actors & actresses, Helena Bonham Carter, Anthea Turner, Emma Thompson, Katherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas, Claudia Cardinale, Jacqueline Bissett, Jenny Agutter, Janet Fielding, Wendy Padbury, Sean Connery, Samantha Janus, Nastassja Kinski (1), Catherine Deneuve (1), Lynn Holly Johnson (1), Lauren Bacall (2), Adrienne Corri (1), approx 230. All signed. Mainly colour, many 'glamour' shots, and many with certificates of authenticity. £200-300
175.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Jenny Agutter: Walkabout, Railway Children, An American Werewolf in London, Equus, Snow Goose (3), 99 Women, Amy, I Start Counting, Terrified, cinema lobby cards & promotional photographs, approx. 76. Unsigned photographs approx. 76 and 9 signed. 'Snap' observations of London and Los Angeles, with 5 archival photograph negatives, black & white. 4ins x 5ins. £150-250
176.    Photographs/Autographs: Tennis/sport - Anna Kornikova signed photograph 10ins x 8ins. D. Hantuchova at Wimbledon unsigned. (2) £40-80
177.    Photographs/Autographs: Space - Vostok 6 Russian/Soviet Valentina Tereshkova signed photograph 10ins x 8ins. First woman in space 1963 with official NASA photograph, fact sheets (unopened/new). £180-280
178.    Photographs/Autographs: Deep sea explorers and photographers Hans & Lotte Hass, signed photograph. Black and white, 8¼ins x 6½ins. £50-80
179.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - folder of female film and TV stars, Nastassja Kinski, Diana Rigg, Jenny Agutter, Louise Jameson, Alexandra Bastedo, Wendy Padbury, Catherine Zeta-Jones. Jacqueline Bissett, Ali MacGraw, Konnie Huq, etc. Approx. 60 (3 signed) 8ins. x 10ins colour & black & white. £80-120
180.    Pirrie, Carlisle Archive: Robert Ponsonby Staples watercolour sketch on card of 'Margaret Pirrie Carlisle' 1906. Signed in pencil with personal message B. right. 10" x 8". £20-40
181.    Crime and Punishment/Kray Memorabilia: Rare original H M Prisons phone card signed Reg Kray DS8111, rare photograph of Reg Kray taken covertly by Lenny 'Guvnor' McLean whilst in prison at Blundeston. Photo montage of Lenny McLean beating Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw and another of Lenny McLean.
182.    Crime and Punishment/Dr Crippen: Extremely rare summons to Dr Alexander MacBeth, Surgeon General, dated 23rd November 1910. The summons is to appear as a juryman at the inquest into Crippen's death at Pentonville Prison at 2pm to 'enquire on the King's behalf touching the death of Hawley Harvey Crippen.' An extremely rare piece of Crippen memorabilia sold with a portrait photo of Dr MacBeth. £200-300
183.    China/Boxer Rebellion: Hand written fainting letter dated September th 1900 and headed Balmoral Castle. It relates to the Queen's (Victoria) "Feelings of admiration of the manor in which Mr Henry Warren fought side by side with the marines in defence of the nations during the four eventful weeks and sacrificed his life in devotion of others. 1 side handwritten in black ink. £150-250
184.    Medals: Early power boat racing Dover to Calais and back, outboard motor race June 8th 1929. This bronze souvenir medal was given to W.A. Palmer in boat "Babba III" included is a facsimile newspaper cuttings of the race. £30-50
185.    Aerospace - Rockwell Polar Flight: The USA first flight around the world over both poles establishing 8 world records for jet transports using a Boeing 707 320C. This archive includes a preliminary report, photos taken on board and a vinyl disc communications round the world. £50-70
186.    Stereoscopic Slides: Showing European and African scenes, mostly historical sites. Approx. 100. £60-100
187.    Optics: Early 20th cent. and later binoculars opera glasses (1 pair in soft leather case) x 2, WW2 leather cased Private issue binoculars named O.J. Hedges Lt RFA Leighton Buzzard, "Greenkat" 8x30 and a Hertel and Reuss pair 6x30 etc 7 binos ( 1 tray). £60-80
188.    19th cent. Levi & Co. brass and leather three draw telescope. £40-70
189.    Optics: "Dollond, London day and Night" C1830 achromatic navigational telescope single drawer, leather covered barrel, brass fittings, sliding sunshade, outer leather cover included a/f. £100-150
190.    Late 19th cent. Rosewood 8 air music box. The case decorated with an inlaid flower. 17ins. x 7ins. £200-300
191.    Late 19th cent. Rosewood 8 air music box. The case decorated with an inlaid flower. 17ins. x 8ins. £200-300
192.    Clocks: 20th cent. Brass cased Bulkhead style clock and barometer Taylor of England mounted on a mahogany plinth for wall mounting. £100-150
193.    Music Ephemera: A large selection of music box mechanical music related magazines. £20-30
194.    20th cent. Castello Soprani Settimio piano accordion in carrying case. 22ins. £50-80
195.    Musical Instruments: London Manby Company violin with bow and carrying case. £30-50
196.    20th cent. Scratch built 3 masted man-o'-war, 56 guns, fully rigged. 36ins. x 31ins. mounted on a pair of capstan mounts. £60-80
197.    Clocks: Walnut cased mantle with Westminster chimes by F.M. Elliott retailed by Mallory of Bath.
198.    Clocks: 19th cent. Gilt, white metal and porcelain clock garniture. Two medals stamped A. D. Mougin. Decorated with applique glass beaded butterflies and birds. £250-300
199.    Early 20th cent. Anniversary clock with glass dome. 13½ins. £40-70
200.    Edwardian silk parasol with ivory handle plus 3 others and leather gloves. £80-100
201.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Mr Skidmore lived and worked in Shangai as Chief Engineer, British American Tobacco Company until his retirement in 1935. See family letter of Provenance.

Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection:early 20th cent. Mahjong set, carved and painted ivory and bamboo tiles, the box finely decorated wit characters, figures and floral motifs with brass fittings to shelves and door. W 9½ins. x h 7ins. x d 6½ins. £50-80
203.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: early 20th cent. Peking amber glass, internally painted large scent or cologne bottle depicting the seven immortals, a second panel a blossom tree, carved shoulders, neck and base, without stopper. 6ins. £200-250
204.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Peking Amber glass internally painted flask depicting scenes from Chinese folklore, carved shoulders and base. 7ins. £100-150
205.    Early 20th cent. Blanc de Chine figure of Guanyin (Kuan), 7ins, retailers label to inside base, treen display case with glazed front. 10½ins. x 4½ins. x 4½ins. Bent British 1925 halfpenny found under base. £200-250
206.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection:19th/early 20th cent. Intricately carved hardwood figure of Immortal Bukan holding beads and carrying a staff, with hat. Damage to end of staff and base. £100-150
207.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Mandarin Cap Finials worn by Magistrates and Civil Servants of the Qing Dynasty, the various rank colours set in bases with floral embellishment, red, pink with Shou character, clear, white, blue and gold (6) plus 1 gold a/f. £1200-1400
208.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese circular cast bronze screen central panel depicts birds and flower, outer panel fish and two dragons reaching for a flaming pearl, the reverse raised edge with four auspicious symbols, dia approx 24ins. mounted on a treen horn shaped base. £150-200
209.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Nest of four tables, hardwood set with heavily carved sandalwood panels, three on each side and central medallion, the smallest W 14½ins. x D 11ins. x H 20½ins. rising to W 25ins. x D 15ins. x H 30ins. £150-200
210.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Glass lined Ze Sung conserve pot with handle and cover, beaten design with raised bamboo decoration. Signed Ze Sung, Shanghai to base. approx. 6oz. H 4ins. x D 3ins. £150-180
210A.   Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Ladies comb planished ground with embossed floral relief unmarked 10ins. £40-60
211.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Baluster shaped vase, Shanghai Zee Wo, planished panel with birds in high relief and crab stock handles. H 7½ins. minus treen base. Approx. 10oz. £150-200
212.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Terracotta: Xixing teapot of tapering baluster form, the body incised, theme of mountains and trees,the reverse Oriental Characters, the collar, lid, handle and spout pewter embellished with brass, four character seal to base. Height including lid 13ins. £150-200
213.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Trumpet vase engraved and pierced, embossed floral decoration, seal mark to base rim, on a tree base. 3oz. 7ins. inclusive. £130-150
214.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Trumpet vase engraved and pierced, embossed floral decoration, seal mark to base rim, on treen base approx. 2oz. 7ins. inclusive. £100-120
215.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Tuck Chang spoons (3) with dragon finials, sugar tongs with bamboo engraved handles, stamped TC. 2½oz. approx. £60-80
216.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Ze Sung teaspoons, bamboo handles with 3 stylised cash coin finials. Set of 6, 2½oz. approx. length 5ins. £120-150
217.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Ze Sung and Sung Fat teaspoons, bamboo shafts with character finials, 3 Shanghai, most marked plus unmarked sugar tongs, butter knife, two spoons with bamboo shafts and Mandarin finials. Total weight 5oz. £80-100
218.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Tuck Chang asparagus tongs, planished handles with openwork bamboo ends, both stamped TC. Matching pair, approx. 3½oz. £100-120
219.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver, Zee Wo, Shanghai circular tray engraved central bamboo motif with matching pattern in high relief, signed on base. 11ins. dia. approx. 18oz. £350-450
220.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver, Zee Sung, Shanghai rectangular serving tray with bamboo patterned edge and handles. Lightly beaten design. 18½ins. x 12ins. stamped Zee Sung Silver to base, approx. 64oz. £1000-1500
221.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Hung Chong cake slice, planished ground engraved to blade, handle has blossoms in high relief, marked HC, length 10½ins. Bread knife of similar pattern Luen Wo marked to blade approx. 6½oz. inclusive, length 9½ ins. £100-150
222.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver, Zee Wo tot/shot tumblers of plain form, lightly beaten exterior, gilt interior (6). Signed ZeeWo Shanghai, approx. 7oz. in lined presentation hardwood box. £150-180
223.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese silver trade dollar Sun Yat- Sen memento birth of Republic of China. £60-80
224.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese silver trade dollar Republic Sun Yat- Sen sailing ship reverse (5). £60-80
225.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese silver trade dollars, Spain Carolus IIII Mexico 1875, 1882, 1895 Britain 1911 x 2 Bombay mint all with chop marks. £80-100
226.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese silver trade dollar Republic Yuan Shi Kai (5) one "chop marked). £80-100
227.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese silver trade dollars provincial issues Dragon obverse HU PEV x 3 , Kiang Nan x 4, Kwang Tung plus 1 x dollar with "chop mark" (9). £120-150
228.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver Tuck Chang Shanghai fruit knife and fork set for 6, blades engraved and stamped Tuck Chang, cased box with retailers label. 18oz inclusive. £150-200
229.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Tuck Chang Shanghai fish knife and fork set for 6, the blades engraved and stamped Tuck Chang, cased box with retailers label. 22oz. inclusive £200-250
230.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Table Centrepiece/punch bowl, Shanghai Yang Ping, planished body, good luck symbols, trees, storks bats in high relief, the base engraved with swags and dragon handles, stamped to base, approx. 38oz. H 7½ins. x d 10ins. (17ins. with handles). £500-800
231.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese Export Silver: Four piece teaset, Shanghai marks, planished body with dragons chasing flaming pearl in high relief, handles and finials stylised bamboo, original insulators. Marks to base. Water or coffee pot 9½ins. teapot 7ins. sugar bowl 6 ins. creamer 3½ins. Approx. 50oz. in original presentation box. £1200-1500
232.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Early 20th cent. Carved ivory bangle, floral relief with yellow metal bamboo decorated bands, Shanghai retailers mark Sincere & Co, stamped 18ct. 1880-1940. 4ins. Provenance letter available. £100-150
233.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: 19th/20th cent. Carved ivory Smiling Buddha seated on one leg crossed and holding a string of beads, on a hardwood stand. 3ins. Provenance letter available. £40-60
234.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Finely carved ivory figure of a Mandarin and a boy, the Mandarin praying and holding beads, the boy holding a shaft. Some damage. H 5¼ins. Provenance letter available. £50-80
235.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Carved ivory immortals. Li Tieguai, He Xian Gu, Zhang Gou Tao, Lu Doug Bin, Lan Cai, Zhong Quan, Cao Gou Jia (7) on carved bases, staining and some base cracks commensurate with age. 7ins. high plus bases. Provenance letter available. £200-250
236.    19th cent. Games: Turned and stained ivory chess set possibly Anglo Indian. £100-120
237.    20th cent. Japanese Imari Koranglia Furugawa factory shallow dish 12ins. Chrysanthemum panels, central medallion depicting a vase, floral decoration to base. 11½ins. satsuma pot requiring restoration. £40-60
238.    Japanese: Meiji Satsuma Panel cup and saucer depicting the Emperor, his wives and servants plus Meiji Satsuma cups x 3, saucers x 2 depicting immortals. £40-60
239.    Oriental Ware: Satsuma bud vases - a pair 6ins. plus 2 baluster vases 5ins. 1a/f. £40-60
240.    English Porcelain: c1820 New Hall chinoiserie tea bowl "Woman or/boy in the Window" pattern 425, painter mark in underglaze red ovoid intersected by a line. Diameter 3½ins. £30-40
242.    19th cent. Japanese closionnè multicoloured jardiniere, decorated with flora, amphibians and insects. Diameter 11ins. x 8ins. height. £80-120
243.    Oriental: Early 20th cent. Bamboo brush pot with carved "scholar" and applied decoration of flowers 14ins. tall. £20-30
244.    Early 19th cent. Chinese bronze mirror with raised decoration "Penglai" legendary land, a stork, bamboo and fern glade 13¼ins. long x 9½ins. diam. £150-250
245.    Oriental Work Panels: Oil on board 'Fishermen & Houses by a Stream". Framed (damage to frames) - a pair. 7ins. x 29¾ins. £40-70
246.    Oriental: Painting on silk of exotic flower and birds signed and with a seal stamp 13ins. x 31½ins. £30-50
247.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export early 20th cent. lace table cloth, bed cover in a design of flowers, butterflies and cherubs 10ft. x 6ft. approx. £90-120
248.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export lace and lawn, table cloth, bed cover, deep fine lace border, self colour embroidery with lace inserts 6ft. x 12ft. approx. £90-120
249.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese export 20th cent. lace and lawn, table cloth, bed cover, demi lune lace panel border, lace circular lace inner border 6ft. x 10ft. approx. £90-120
250.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese early 20th cent. blue silk Manila shawl multicoloured lavishly embroidered with flower butterflies, insects, the reverse lined with pure silk embossed with flower and dark blue knotted fridge approx 6ft x 6ft. £80-120
251.    Oriental Art: The Thomas E Skidmore Collection: Chinese hardwood tray with beaten brass decoration 18ins. x 12ins. £30-50
252.    19th cent. Textiles: American patchwork quilt, Minnesota or Oregon, star shape block design, made from velvet, silk and cotton fabric, red cotton lining. Requires some restoration. 85ins. x 67ins £150-200
253.    Fashion: Handbags - Fendi oblong bag embellished with exotic bead work, leather strap, white metal furniture, clip fastener, with dust bag. 11ins x 5 ins. Black silk bag woven with the Fendi logo, white metal furniture, with dust bag. Aldo black leather bag with floral embroidery. Barbour country cottage mini floral tote. Silk beaded bag. Fenn Wright Manson black silk bag, decorated with mother of pearl buttons. Susse Collection velvet and leather "Singer" black tote bag. Russell & Bromley brown leather bag, coffee colour stitching, two front pockets, inside zip pocket, zip fastening, two strap carry handles, dust bag, Russell & Bromley logo. £80-130
254.    19th cent. Calico linen 1 x 78ins. x 66ins. 1 x 94ins. x 78ins. Both pieces are sewn together to make one, some edges hemmed and one monogrammed. £30-50
255.    Fashion: Vivienne Westwood coffee colour wool scarf with embroidered logo, Gucci strawberry and daisy handkerchief. Cased, Jacgmar floral square scarf, and Liberty arm bands, boxed x 2. £40-60
256.    Fashion: Gucci black leather pump, pointed toe, ankle strap ending in a ribbon tie. Size 40.C. Yves Saint Laurent sunglasses, cased. Ray-Ban sunglasses, cased. Chanel wrap around style, cased. Chanel shaded glasses, white metal arms, cased. Polaroid, cased. £80-150
257.    Fashion: Indian pashmina stole, cream embellished with Swarovski crystal decoration. £30-50
258.    Fashion: day and evening ladies hand bags, tapestry with floral designs, gilt metal frame and chain 9ins. x 8ins., a needle point sack bag with flower decoration plus handle 13ins. x 11½ins. plus a bead handbag blue ground flower motifs beaded handle a/f 8¼ins. 8ins. (3). £60-80
259.    20th cent. Black riding boots, size 6 with treen stretchers. £60-100
260.    Toys: Kaleidoscope by Inverto, Italy. Oak case, six lenses, stand. £80-100
261.    19th cent. English folk art carved doll jointed treen bodies with 20th cent. clothing. £100-150
262.    Toys: Kaleidoscope triangle with internal glass rods, mirrored glass rods to each side plus a diamond shaped scope with cylindrical body filled with millefiori in a liquid suspension. £50-80
263.    Toys: Modern limited edition Steiff Petsy Bear, boxed. 13ins. £50-80
264.    Games & Pastimes: Staunton 'style' chess set in treen box with chess board and a 'glass' chess set (3). £50-80
265.    Pastimes: Shotgun carrying hard cases by Stephen Grant & Joseph Lang, 31¼ins x 3½ins x 8¾ins. Also one made by E. J. Churchill, 32¼ins x 3¼ins x 8ins. Both with a set of wooden cleaning rods and brushes. (2) £30-50
266.    Sport & Games: Chess board (Beech), chess men set of resin snooker balls, jugglers clubs, a selection of golf clubs (putters) and a canvas gun case. £40-60
267.    Del Prado military figures and planes. WWI, 16 models, WWII 36 models, 10 horsemen, 19th cent. soldiers 74 models, 1 cannon, barrel and 2 aircraft. £70-100
268.    Toys: Corgi playworn "Carrimore" mark IV transporter, Corgi Major digger, Corgi Carrimore Machinery transporter, Dinky Leyland and Octopus tanker plus a quantity of other play worn cars, lorries etc with a box of Air fix kits plus other toys (2 boxes). £40-60
269.    Toys: 20th cent. post 1946 Clockwork balancing clown with 'original' box plus a bisque headed "Jack in the Box". £20-30
270.    Toys: Walt Disney Mickey Mouse "Pop Pal", by Kohner Brothers. £20-40
271.    Models: Modern Britain's figures of the Royal Marines. 2 boxed. £20-40
272.    Toys - Military: "Britains" Artillery gun 9ins. barrel and limber with ammunition plus a "Britains" L.W.B Land Rover including soldiers, machine guns etc. £40-60
273.    Novelty/Re-enactment weapon: 1860 Army colt replica pistol with belt & holster. £30-50
274.    Toys Military Diecast: Antar, Artillery Truck 689, 10 ton truck 622, 6 x 6 truck, recovery truck 661, centurion tank, scarison armored car x 2, 1 ton truck field gut etc. £30-40
275.    Toys: 1950s Foden style truck, playworn. £20-30
276.    Toys: 19th cent. German tinplate toy a/f. American cast iron Ford dump truck No. 220 c1920, brass novelty match holder lorry. £50-70
277.    Mamod Roadster Steam car, cream and red, unboxed. £50-80
278.    Hornby O Gauge: Passenger & goods wagon sets, 2 boxes, 3 loco's in various states of repair,1 Loco working, plus 25 items of rolling stock and 2 large boxes of rails. All playworn. £40-60
279.    20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion Botanic Garden round platter Collectors Club 35th anniversary 1960- 1995 13ins. shallow serving bowl Passiflora Caerulea, 12ins Dog Rose and Butterflies, platter 12ins. plus 2 x 9¼ins. plates. £30-50
280.    20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion Botanic Garden 20ins. oval platter, Botanic Humming Bird jug 8ins. plus a Eden Fruits jug 8ins. £50-80
281.    Royal Doulton: Snowman figurine Thank you Snowman, boxed, James boxed. Mugs, Building the Snowman, Walking in the Air, Into the Forest, and two others. Snowman hanging decorations x 3, wall plate boxed. £50-80
282.    Royal Doulton: Snowman money box, music box, snowstorm globe plays Walking in the Air, boxed. £60-70
283.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Lambeth harvest jug with rural motifs in relief. 11ins. tall. £80-100
284.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Loving cup Queen Elizabeth II Coronation designed by Charles Noke and Harry Fenton, issued 1953 in Ltd Ed 1000, this is No 627. The cup is decorated with portraits of Elizabeth II and Elizabeth I on reverse 10ins. unboxed. £150-200
285.    John Beswick, Spirit of Youth, matt white. Issued 1982/1989. Boxed. £50-80
286.    John Beswick, Flopsy, Mopsy & Cottontail 100th Anniversary, Limited Edition 1,500, No 1309, boxed. Jemima & her Ducklings, Benjamin Bunny No 1523, Peter Rabbit No 1523. All boxed. Plus Hiding from the Cat 1998 Limited Edition, 3,500, No 3055. Boxed with certificate.
287.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick, Pug Dog standing, Royal Doulton Grey Cat with paw bandage sitting, Siamese Cat sitting. (3). £30-50
288.    Royal Albert The World of Beatrix Potter, Miss Moppet x 2, Goody Tiptoes, Miss Ribby, Mopsy, Flopsy and Cottontail, The old woman who lived in a shoe, Mr Benjamin Bunny, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Little Black Rabbit, Poorly Peter Rabbit, Peter with Daffodils, Peter with Post bag. 12 figures, all boxed. £90-100
289.    Royal Albert The World of Beatrix Potter: Peter in Bed, Mrs Tiggy Winkle x 2, Mrs Tiggy Winkle takes tea, The old woman who lived in a shoe, Mrs Rabbit and Bunnies, Appley Dappley, Lady Mouse made a curtsy, Lady Mouse, Little Pig Robinson, Benjamin wakes up. 11 figures, all boxed. £80-100
290.    Royal Albert The World of Beatrix Potter: Jemima Puddle Duck made a feather nest, John James, Mr Jackson, No More Twist, Mrs Ribby, Benjamin Bunny sat on a bank, Diggory, Diggory Delvet, Timmy Tiptoes, Mr Aldeman Ptolemy, Foxy Reading. 10 figures, all boxed. £70-100
291.    John Beswick Beatrix Potter figures, Mrs Tiggy Winkle gold x 2, Benjamin Bunny gold, Tom Kitten gold, Peter Rabbit gold, Jemima Puddleduck gold, Hunca Munca Sweep gold, Tom Kitten Rockery. 8 figures. All boxed. £80-120
292.    John Beswick, farm and other animals band, Daniel PP5 x 2, Matthew PP2, Michael PP6, Andrew PP4, David PP3 a/f, John PP1 x 2 a/f, One Cool Cat CC3, Feline Flamenco CC7, Bravura Brass CC8, James PP7 a/f, Trad Jazz Tom. 13 figures, all boxed. £100-140
293.    John Beswick: Calypso Drum CC2, R Bilk Clarinet CC4, Richard Horn PP8, James Triangle 8431, Chris Guitar 2092, Purfect Sing CC1, Cat Walk Bass CC6. All boxed. (7). £80-120
294.    Hummel Gobel 1996, Nativity set, Mary Joseph and Jesus. Boxed. (3) £60-80
295.    Royal Albert the World of Beatrix Potter: Tom Kitten x 2, Peter Rabbit 1893-1993 100 years, Jemima Puddle Duck x 2, Peter and the Red Pocket Handkerchief x 2, all boxed. Mrs Rabbit and Peter, unboxed, Jemima Puddle Duck dish, boxed, Peter Rabbit photo frame, Wedgwood Peter Rabbit cup and saucer x 2, boxed, mug.
296.    20th cent. Ceramics: Bourne Denby Tyrolean ware, bowl designed by Alice Teichner with four swirling handles, W.T.L..S.1937 stamp beneath. £50-80
297.    20th cent. Ceramics: Susie Cooper bowl, Spring pink border. £30-50
298.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft plate tube lined anemone marked W M and the painters mark for Jackie Degg. 10 ins. £80-120
299.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft plate tube lined anemone marked W M and the painters mark for Margaret Nash. £80-120
300.    Crested Ware: Shelley - cheese dish, Southsea cream jugs, Devizes, Llandudno, Lampeter, Burnham-on-Sea, cake plate Fairlie, Frome Jug. etc. (17). £40-50
301.    Crested Ware: Shelley cups, some saucers, plates and sugar bowl, Llandudno, Aberdeen, Selkirk, Luton, Weston-Super-Mare, etc. (31) Plus Carlton ware, coal railway truck, Black Diamonds from South Wales, Neath, unmarked golf ball, Sea View I.W. Goss, Mills Hand, Grenade, Willsden Green (3).
302.    Royal Commemorative Ceramics: Shelley - 4 mugs and a cup & saucer. Coronation trio 1911, pin dish, Coronation 1953 mug (10). Plus Royal Worcester commemorative bowl, Golden jubilee bowl with Imari style border and The Royal Coat of Arms depicted in the base of the bowl, with paperwork from Peter Jones China, boxed.
304.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley cups and saucers, Sunflowers, Spring flowers with pink border, Blue Harmony, Buttercups and Trees etc, 8 cups and saucers, Primrose jug. £40-60
305.    20th cent. Ceramics: Soho pottery mug, presented by the Mayor of Bath (Mr Aubrey Baleman) to commemorate the foundation stone laying of the New Royal United Hospital, which you are helping to build, 25th October 1930. Small chip to base. Reverse has Bath Coat of Arms. £40-60
306.    20th cent. Ceramics: Mailing blue lustre ware plate with border of spring flowers, 11ins. Plate with central pattern of orange, blue and yellow flowers, green inner border, rim border of orange, blue and yellow flowers and green leaves, pattern Gloria (2). Maling pale blue lustre bowl with gilt border, dark blue lustre bowl with green border decorated with pink and blue flowers (2).
307.    20th cent. Ceramics: Ringtons Maling pansy flower pot and cover. £40-60
308.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony bowl, banded in green and oatmeal 9½ins. Shelley Harmony tapered vase decorated with bands of brown, orange and sand. shade 989. 9ins. Shelley Harmony bowls in shades of blue and grey. Two bowls 1 x 7ins. and 1 x 10ins. Shelley Harmony tapering vases in shades of brown, sand and cream (2) 4ins. and 6ins.

309.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath & The Knight. £50-80
310.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: The Doctor of Physic & The Summoner. £50-80
311.    20th cent. Ceramics: Poole pottery preserve pot & cover (286) cuboid flower pot 4½ x 4ins. x 2ins. Biscuit barrel & cover (630), ovoid jar (185), Hors D'oeuvres dish 13ins. x 8½ins, flower trough, pin dish, egg cups x 4 on plate. 'Country Lane' pattern p[latter 9½ins. x 6ins. £40-80
312.    20th cent. Ceramics: Spode Trapnell 2 handle vase, ridge vase on circular base, miniature long neck bottle bulbous vase, trinket pot and cover. £40-50
313.    Royal Crown Derby: Imari Teddy Bear paperweight, boxed. £40-60
314.    Royal Crown Derby paper wights "Clover and Lavender" limited to 1500, designed by Sue Rowe plus a Poole Pottery owl, a brass hare and a White Rabbit. £30-60
315.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick goblet shape vase cream ground with black leaf design, 1752. Black lustre ribbed bowl on circular support, Beswick black lustre miniature trough. £30-60
316.    20th cent. Carnival Glass: Marigold butter dish in the form of a swan, fluted bowl with horse head in relief, fluted bon-bon dish, boat shape trough, fluted bowl with leaf design and a sugar bowl. £50-80
317.    20th cent. Glassware: Three long stemmed green port glasses and double air twist green white wine glass. £30-50
318.    19th cent. Glassware: Celery vases, wheel cut daisies - a pair 9½ins. £30-50
319.    Glassware: Set of 4 graduated apothecary measures plus a Busby Hydrometer, boxed. £30-40
320.    20th cent. Ceramics/Studio Ware: David Leech Coffee set consists 5 cups & 6 saucers, milk sugar with cover, coffee pot & tray, impressed seal to base, with organic fern design. Plus 2 trays in blue/grey diagonals 9ins. and 10ins. boxed. £50-80
321.    20th cent. Carnival Glassware: Christmas plate 1970, "The Little Brown Church in the Vale", fluted rose bowl, green pansy bowl, green/pink bowl a/f, red/green bowl with central floral spray, feather bowl, floral comport, bon-bon dish and 2 bronze feather dishes. £60-80
322.    20th cent. Glassware: Carnival glass - Northwood wishbone bowl petrel colour, 3 fruits 2 handled bowl, fluted bowl, horseshoe good luck in relief, frill bowl decorated with acorn and leaves. £60-100
323.    20th cent. Glassware: Carnival glass - blue biscuit barrel and basket, red cat in a shoe, circular footed vase, bronze tumbler decorated with grapes and 3 fluted vases. £60-100
324.    19th cent. & later Glassware: One art deco celery vase with pink swirls, another pair open topped and 2 others. Height from 10½ins. to 9½ins. (5). All 'ring' Pontil marks to 3. £50-80
325.    20th cent. Glassware: Spode water jug, boxed, Wedgwood crystal biscuit barrel, boxed, Murano clown, green bow playing concertina. £40-70
326.    Hallmarked Silver: Clock stand and matchbox covers, both London marks. £30-50
327.    Hallmarked Silver: Small salver monogrammed Chester marks 1911-12 approx 5oz. £40-60
328.    Hallmarked Silver: Ladies cigarette case Birmingham plus London marked vesta 2oz. plus a glass match striker with hallmarked top. £30-50
329.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoon set, Sheffield 2ozs, Copper Bros Ltd, plus a butter knife set Sheffield with mother of pearl handles C.W. Fletcher Ltd. Also an EPNS set of cake forks. All boxed. Approx. 5oz. £40-70
330.    Hallmarked Silver: Coffee spoons x 6, Sheffield marks, babies Humpty Dumpty spoon and pusher, 1935-36. Jubilee mark Birmingham. Both sets boxed. 2½oz. £20-30
331.    Hallmarked Silver: Cream jug Sheffield Walker hall 3oz. £40-60
332.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar nips, pepper pot, etched glass perfume bottle with silver top and collar, 2¾oz. £30-50
333.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening set, fork & spoon, boxed, Birmingham 1935 1½ozs. £20-40
334.    Hallmarked Silver: Napkin rings, etched designs on four embossed on one which is unmarked and not weighed. 2ozs. £20-40
336.    Silver: Collection of silver including picture frame, pin cushion, napkin ring etc (8). £50-80
337.    Italian Silver: Souvenir box from the ship Eugenio 1966-1977, last voyage boxed 800 standard cased 3½ozs. £40-60
338.    Hallmarked Silver: Concorde souvenirs, picture frame 4½ins. x 3½ins. plus 1976 10th Anniversary London - New York engraved luggage label.
339.    Nursing: Collection of medallions, medals, badges and a white metal nurses buckle to Margaret MacFarlane, mostly circa 1920/30's. £60-80
340.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette case with engine turned decoration plus a napkin ring. 2½oz. £20-30
341.    Hallmarked Silver: Gravy boat Birmingham 1911 9½oz. £80-100
342.    Hallmarked Silver and tortoiseshell Ladies dressing table set, mirror, hand brushes (2), hair brushes (2). Maker S&B Snyder & Beddoes, Birmingham 1924. £70-100
343.    Hallmarked Silver: Photo frame/ mirror framed in HMS repossee worked with cherubs and green man, "A" frame support 9¼ins. 7¼ins. £70-100
344.    Desk Furniture: Maltese model fortress cannon, Maltese silver with cast bands around the barrel, on wheeled carriage and stained wood plinth base. Maltese silver marks around the muzzle. Barrel length 7ins, plinth length 8ins. £300-400
345.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea service Chester 1915 - teapot, water jug, milk jug, sugar bowl, Stokes & Ireland Ltd, Irish makers. Approx. 40oz inclusive. £350-400
346.    Hallmarked Silver: Irish embossed salver presented to the Reverend Caldicott "By the non commissioned Officers Group 64 Regt in testimony of their gratitude for his kind attention to them during the cholera at Loughrea 1832", makers mark Robt Smith 1832-1851 Dublin approx 6oz, dia 5½ins. £80-100
347.    Hallmarked Silver: Pierced fruit basket 14oz, Chester 1907/08. £150-250
348.    Hallmarked Silver: Arts and Crafts casket planished body and lid, organic supports and straps, London 1902 William Hutton 12½oz. £300-400
349.    Hallmarked Silver: Arts & Crafts Omar Ramsden crenulated salver, hammered design rising off a foot rim 6¾ins. 10½ozs. London 1938 marked Omar Ramsden Me Fecit engraved to base. £350-450
350.    Hallmarked Silver: Wine funnel London James Beebe 1818 3ozs. £40-60
351.    Continental white metal and gilt decorative spoon with twist handle and elaborate finial, bowl engraved LJ 1773 2oz. £80-100
352.    Pre war silver and blue enamel RAF compact gilt eagle crest, retailed by Gievers with 925 import mark, maker AJ. £150-250
353.    Art Deco Silver coffee spoons semi precious cabochon finials London marks 1927-8 Neilson Dawson (6). £20-30
354.    Early 20th cent. Green glass with white metal overlay perfume bottle with a similar ashtray. £60-100
355.    Art Deco: Heinrich Hoffman green and amethyst uranium or vaseline glass "Nude Dauber" perfume bottle, the base and neck set with amethyst moulded frieze and collar. Damage to neck & collar. 7½ins. £80-120
356.    Motoring: 14ct. (Tested) Gold Peugeot tie pins. Each pin has a diamond chip in the eye of each lion (8). 12.8 grams inclusive. £140-180
357.    Gold: Miscellaneous scrap items 9ct 3.2g, 18ct 5.0g, 22ct 3.6g. £100-120
358.    Malta/ Horses/ Racing: 18ct. (Tested) Gold bracelet in the letters "Perthshire" with inscription "Ridden by Hon E.B.S. Bingham later V.C. Malta 16-12-02" plus a selection of photos and watercolours of him (6). £300-500
359.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Gothic style floral engraved locket, opens to reveal 2 oval photograph compartments, 9ct 13g inclusive. £80-100
360.    Mourning Jewellery: Etruscan style gold circular brooch with inset diamond 0.35ct on a raised boss tests 14ct. £300-350
361.    19th cent. Mourning Jewellery:Yellow metal brooches, tourmaline stone set 9ct, Etruscan style, ball and bow 9ct plus rectangular possibly Georgian set with seed pearls and tourmaline 14k. (3) All tested. £120-150
362.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Rope chain fob/bracelet with fancy links and charms, tests 9ct. approx. 26g. £200-250
363.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Chatelaine/housekeeper chain box and snake link, tests 9ct, 64ins 45g. £400-500
364.    Yellow Metal jewellery: Chatelaine/Housekeeper's chain belcher links, tests 9ct. approx. 60ins, 32g. £250-300
365.    Diamond Jewellery: Solitaire ring platinum set approximately 0.5ct. £250-300
366.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Fancy Etruscan style three tier oval brooch tested 14/15kt gold, 4g. £60-90
367.    Jewellery: Hallmarked 9ct. gold rings, 1 with a white stone, chevron shaped. 3½grams. £60-100
368.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. jewellery gentleman's signet ring. 5g. £70-100
369.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Designer ring overlapping rectangular tests 14kt white and yellow gold 5g marked 585. £80-100
370.    Jewellery: Hallmarked 9ct. gold, finely carved cameo brooch. 2 ½ins. x 2ins. £80-120
371.    19th cent. Gold Jewellery: Fancy link fob chain/bracelet with tassle end, marked 9ct. tested. 19g. £150-200
372.    Jewellery: Turquoise & pearl ring with rope twist shoulders 18ct. (tested) 4½grams inclusive. £150-200
373.    Jewellery: Hallmarked gold 15ct. gold & diamond gypsy ring, 1½grams. £60-80
374.    Jewellery: Hallmarked diamond & sapphire 15ct. ring, 3 grams inclusive. £80-120
375.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. rings, wedding bands with engraved designs. 10g. £90-120
376.    Gold Jewellery: Hallmarked gold, large locket and chain, 23 grams. £200-300
377.    Gold Jewellery: Hallmarked gold bracelet, 19 grams. £200-300
378.    19th cent. Jewellery: Yellow metal star brooch with seed pearls and a coral centre piece. Tests 9ct. £40-60
379.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Heart shaped pendant on fancy chain tests 9ct approx. 4g. £40-60
380.    Jewellery: Large smoky quartz mounted in 9ct. gold (tested) 36grams inclusive. £50-80
381.    Jewellery: Bar brooch with decorated end finials, fire opal centre piece 15ct. plus a 9ct. oval pendant with amethyst stone surrounded with seed pearls. Both tested. £70-100
382.    Hallmarked Gold and 18ct. Platinum jewellery three stone diamond ring 0.35ct. £150-200
383.    19th cent. French tortoiseshell Automation exotic singing bird music box possibly Bontems, engraved gilt lid decorated with Love birds and foliage, opens to reveal an elaborate gilt pierced grill, the birds plumage of multicoloured iridescent feathers the hinged rear compartment needs attention, there is minor damage to one hinge and a small crack bottom side right 4ins. x 2½ins. x 1½ins. approx with its original plush lined box. £2000-2500
384.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold Designer Jewellery John Watling: Torque approx. 33grams. £700-1000
385.    Jewellery: Amethyst & peridot necklace, 26 stones, 9ct. tested, cased. £80-120
386.    Watches: 18ct. (Tested) Gold cased gentleman's open faced dress watch, signed M Morgan, 49g. inclusive. £200-250
387.    Watches: Yellow metal ladies open faced dress watch, signed J T Jacot tests 14ct. £80-100
388.    Watches: Hallmarked silver ladies open faced decorated white enamel, Swiss movement 4oz. inclusive £50-60
389.    Watches: Swiss chromium cased pocket or bedside watch white enamel face and seconds dial. £25-30
390.    Early 20th cent. Silver hallmarked pocket watch, Birmingham 1910-11. £30-50
391.    Hallmarked Silver: Open faced Pocket watches, white enamel dial, signed J Liddle Bradford and W Wilson Accrington Approx. 10oz. inclusive. (2). £40-50
392.    Hallmarked Silver: Ladies pendant watches, white enamel dial, Swiss movements (2) 2½oz. inclusive. £40-60
393.    Hallmarked Silver: Open faced pocket watch gilt and silvered dial, signed D Hyams, Manchester. 4oz. inclusive. £30-40
394.    Watches: Yellow metal Elgin USA cased Hunter watch, white enamel face, signed W Russell, Liverpool. £40-50
395.    Stop Watches: Early 20th cent. S and Co nickel plated stop watch plus 1 other (2). £40-60
396.    Watches: Men's Cerruti 1881 wrist watches copper coloured with leather strap with date at 12 o'clock, the other white metal rectangular with bracelet strap. £60-80
397.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Etruscan style buckle brooch engraved body, circlet set with 10 small turquoise cabochon plus another. £30-40
398.    Hallmarked Silver: Gentleman's watch fob chains 'Alberts' heavy link with coin 1787 (2) 2½oz. £50-70
399.    White metal Chatelaine/housekeepers chains, belcher link approx. 60 ins approx. 1oz. Rope link approx. 60 ins. approx. 3oz. Fine link approx. 62 ins. approx. 27g. Fine link approx. 56 ins. approx. 25g total 5.9oz. £90-120
400.    Hallmarked Silver sovereign holder Dennison Birmingham and mother of pearl trowel novelty bookmark. £30-50
401.    Late 19th/early 20th cent: Hallmarked silver and white metal brooches Maggie, Baby, purple flowers x 2, shamrock, Art Deco black glass and cultured pearl, buckle etc. (9). £30-40
402.    Jewellery: French silver circular blue spinel surrounded by marcasite on a raised setting. £60-80
403.    20th cent. gentleman's accessories Stratton mother of pearl collar stud set plus other miscellaneous studs. £20-30
404.    Jewellery: Drop pendant, painted portrait of a young girl, shell painted and mounted in yellow metal. £40-60
405.    Costume Jewellery: Mother of pearl disk pendant on a fine chain, St. Justin Love Knot pendant set with simulated pearl on a fine chain, Buckingham owl brooch, tear drop pendant, maple leaf brooch, yellow metal bar brooch, etc. £30-40
406.    Jewellery: Faux amber and silver mounted (marked 925) pendent and a articulated chain, the stone measures 1ins. x ¾ins., a broach 1¾ins. (at its longest) ¾ins. at its widest point, a set of clip o earrings plus a ring size (UK) '0'. £300-500
407.    Pens: Montblanc Meisterstuck No 149 fountain pen, black resin with gold plated barrel surmounted by white star emblem in a Montblanc box. £80-120
407A.   Pens: Montblanc Meisterstuck No 149 fountain pen, black resin with gold plated barrel surmounted by white star emblem. £80-120
408.    Early 20th cent. and later spectacles. Agfa round eye sun glasses, clip on glasses, John Lennon style spectacles, plus yellow metal pince-nez and 3 spectacle cases. £30-50
409.    Objects of Virtu: Boxed collection of misc. items including 9ct. gold medal, 3gms. silver hallmarked football medals (2), snuff box, etc. £50-80
410.    Royal Memorabilia: Accrington. Medallions 1902 Coronation, white metal x 2 Major James Cunliffe 1911 Coronation yellow metal Mayor A S Bury. £20-30
411.    19th cent. Silhouettes papier mâché framed of ladies and gentlemen in period dress x 6, plus 1 x miniature still life. £40-60
412.    19th cent. hand coloured portrait miniature of a young lady 3½ins. £40-60
413.    19th cent. Miniature painting, silhouette of a Georgian lady, highlighted in gilt oval image papier mâché framed and glazed 3ins. x 2½ins. (image). £50-80
414.    19th cent. Miniature painting, silhouette of a Georgian gentleman, oval image. papier mâché framed and glazed. 3ins. x 2½ins. (image). £50-80
415.    Objects of Virtu: 17th/18th cent. Head plaque wax Jacobean style portrait 2ins diam. set in a white metal heavily embossed frame with floral relief. 6ins x 6ins. £60-80
416.    19th cent. Bronze bull with inset ivory horns (1 a/f) with letter of provenance probate purchase £40 1982 length 6ins. height at shoulder 3ins. £80-120
417.    Devizes Interest: 19th cent. Photographic viewer, mahogany cased "Market Cross Devizes Wilts." 4½ins x 2½ins. £40-50
418.    Curios: 19th cent. Egyptian musical pipes with fascinating pencil label affixed. "Pipes bought from Egypt by Dr Livingstone" 7ins. £100-150
419.    Early 19th cent. Treen: Hardwood turned table salts, a pair. Diameter 2ins. Turned patch pots, a pair. Diameter 1¼ins. £40-60
420.    Military Banknotes: WWII Japanese Government Occupation money. Rupees and dollars. (9 Notes). £10-20
421.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1909. £180-230
422.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, Melbourne, 1906. £180-230
423.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, Melbourne, 1902. £180-230
423A.   Numismatics: Heraclius 610-641 gold Solidus showing three Emperors Heraclius and his two sons, all three crowned, reverse cross potent on steps mint Conob - Constantinople 4.7g. £250-350
424.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, Perth, 1902. £180-230
425.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII. 1907. £180-230
426.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1909. £180-230
427.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1910. £180-230
428.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1907. £180-230
429.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1903. £180-230
430.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1903. £180-230
431.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1908. £180-230
432.    Gold Coins: Elizabeth II sovereign, 1963, 8g. £160-200
433.    Numismatics: Silver proof set of three Duke of Wellington 15th Anniversary (produced by Royal Mint). Boxed. £60-80
434.    Numismatics: Silver proof set of four Britannia design coins (produced by Royal Mint). Boxed. £80-100
435.    Numismatics: Silver crowns, half crowns, florins, shillings, sixpences, threepences, 11½ozs and 1½ozs of half silver. Morgan silver dollar 1880, ¾ozs. £100-120
436.    Numismatics: Ladies of Liberty twin coin set, US silver eagle, UK silver Britannia, Britannia £2 coins x 2, all brilliant un-circulated. Two proof £2 coins 200th Anniversary steam locomotive, and a Concorde final flight £2 coin for Alderney. £60-80
437.    Numismatics: Cupro nickel forty crowns (twenty five pence), and a D Day landing fifty pence coin, old large style, brass, copper etc from George III - Queen Elizabeth II. £40-60
438.    19th cent. Rosewood double layered jewel box. 10 ins. x 7 ins. x 5ins. £30-50
439.    G Edouart 1788- 1861 Silhouette's, signed on reverse title on the lower middle x 2 6½ins. x 9½ins. plus one other 6½ins. x 10½ins, framed and glazed. (3). £100-120
440.    H.S. Power: Watercolour on paper "Devon Lanes" Thatched cottages and heavy horses, signed lower right, framed and glazed, 19¾ins. x 15½ins plus River barges on a estuary unsigned. £40-60
441.    Architectural Drawings and Prints: Original pencil drawings for rebuilding "Blacksmiths Arms. St Albans" for J.W. Green Ltd, March 1928 by O.J. Hedges, Bristol plus colour enhanced print Bradenstoke Priory, Wiltshire (2). £20-40
442.    Prints and Pictures: "Pastoral Scene" after Dipnall, "Riverside Cottage" after G. Clements, "Dreams", Painting Angel Inn Laycock. pen and ink "Goodbye", Edwardian manor (possibly Dauntseys), Russell Flint "Lady Reading in Her Boudoir" all framed and glazed, a Chinese Junk oil on canvas plus an oval mirror (10 in total). £30-50
443.    20th cent Litho Prints, Engravings & Enhanced Photographs: "The Blind Fiddler" 21¾ins. x 17½ins, "Stray Lambs" 24ins. x 17¼ins, portrait of "Queen Victoria" 25ins. x 15ins. etc. (10 in total). £30-40
444.    Charles Lawrie 1834: Engraved, from a painting by John Dean Paul, coloured engraving on paper "A Trip to Brighton Plates" 1,2,3, and 4 framed and glazed 27½ins. x 17½ins. Etchings "The Duke of Beaufort's Coach" original painting by W. J. Shayer plus engraved by Charles Hunt, framed and glazed 26ins. x 21½ins (3). £80-120
445.    20th cent. British School: Still life studies of flowers Anemones, roses, michelmas, daises (purple and white) oil on board, all monogrammed "GT" all framed, 8½ins. x 10¾ins. £40-60
446.    E. Sanderman: Oil on board "Still Life of Flowers". 24½ins. x 30ins. £40-60
447.    20th cent. and later Paintings: Rustic scene Cecil Martin and an oil on canvas of a ruin. £30-50
448.    20th cent. Limited Edition Prints: D. Redwood "Riversmeet, Tavistock", "Tavy Cleave, Dartmoor", Devon and Cornwall scenes (4). £40-60
449.    18th cent. Coloured engravings of hunting studies "Partridge Hawking", "Heron Hawking" and "Duck Hawking". All framed and glazed. 6½ins. x 5ins. £30-50
450.    R. Livesay coloured engraving of Royal reviews in Hatfield park plus a quantity of other pictures and prints (7). £40-70
451.    Eric Sturgeon: Colour litho prints, limited edition 103/1000 "Trowbridge Market, Wiltshire", signed by the artist in pencil. Framed and glazed 23ins. x 17ins. Plus artist signed print "Rose & Crown (2). £50-70
452.    Limited Edition Prints: Michael A. Smith (St Ives, Cornwall) "The Estuary" 24-750, "Perfect Sunset" 23/750 both 6½ins. x 4ins. (images) "Quiet Beach" 9½ins x 6¼ins. all framed and glazed, signed by artist in pencil, Ltd edition certificates plus M.A. Smith's biography on labels to reverse (3). £50-60
453.    20th cent. English school A.J. Matthews oil on canvas, yachts in an estuary 15ins. x 12ins. Plus a Beethoven prints (2). £40-60
454.    John Chancellor 1925-84: Lithographic print limited edition "Victory in Pursuit of Nelson", artists guild paper stamp 801/850. Published by Alexander Gallery, Bristol (label to rear). Framed and glazed. 29½ins. x 18½ins. £50-80
455.    Continental school oil on canvas "Wood Valley & Bridge". Framed and glazed. 27½ins. x 9½ins. £50-80
456.    20th cent. British School: Watercolours, Woodland scenes, framed and glazed, 11ins. x 8½ins. and 13ins. x 9ins. indistinct signature. (2). £30-40
457.    19th/20th cent. Indian school portraits. Painted on leaves 'a drummer', 'a noble' and an 'Indian lady', unsigned. All framed and glazed Images approx. 9ins. x 6ins. £30-50
458.    Maps: Bellin 1756 map title Carte Des Provinces De Tierien Firme Darien Cartagene Et Panama, Columbia, Venezuela 11½ins. x 10ins. £30-50
459.    Maps: A portfolio of French maps from 1899 to the first half of the 20th century, approx 40. Robert Morden map of Gloucestershire, boundaries highlighted in colour.
460.    Maps: Herman Moll 1724 map of Buckinghamshire showing the hundreds with coloured outlines and the rules for hare hunting. Framed and glazed 9ins. x 13ins. £60-80
461.    Maps: John Ogilby road map c.1675 London to Kingsley in Norfolk 18½ins. x 14ins. £60-80
462.    Maps: John Speed "Devonshire with Excester (Stet) described", tinted book plates. The back showing pages 9 & 10 of book 1, chapter 10. Framed and double glazed. 20¼ins. x 15¾ins. £100-150
463.    19th cent. Mahogany wall mirror with hand painted stylized decoration depicting a church building. 26ins. x 15ins. £40-70
464.    Early 20th cent. Convex gilt circular mirror with later editions. £30-50
465.    19th cent. Girondell gilt metal with sconces, a pair. £30-50
466.    Artists: 21st. Daler & Rowney artists easel. Fully adjustable. 7ft. tall x 26ins. wide. £50-70
467.    20th cent. French style tapestry depicting a lady and gentleman on horses 48ins. x 48ins. £100-150
468.    Hilda Leaper (nee Apps) 1928 - ?, watercolour, portrait of a young lady, oval mount, framed and glazed 7¼ins. 5¼ins. biography to reverse. £30-60
469.    Spaj Atkinson - B1899 - c1920s: Watercolour enhanced with butterfly wings - seated fairy and fairy by a stream with butterfly, signed lower right. Glazed, original frames, a pair. 12ins. x 8½ins. £200-300
470.    Michael A Smith "View of Logan's Rock" Cornwall with authentication certificate from Judi Emanuel Gallery, St Ives to real, oil on canvas,signed lower right, dated 1990. Framed 11¼ins. x 9¾ins. £80-120
471.    J.Howards English School "Moorlands and Mountain" scenes "Pastoral" mixed media on paper, one signed lower left the other lower right, 7½ins. x 5ins. (image) both framed and glazed. £30-50
472.    Early 20th cent. English School: Watercolours, Riverside studies, monogrammed possibly L.S. 13ins. x 6ins - a pair. Framed and glazed 21ins. x 14ins. £60-80
473.    20th cent. English School: Oil on board 'ponies and sheep', monogrammed and dated bottom right. 8ins. x 11ins. £40-60
474.    20th cent. English School: Oil on canvas 'puppy and dog', monogrammed bottom right. 12ins. x 8ins. £40-60
475.    20th cent. English School: Oil on board "St Bernard Dogs in a Stable" ornate gilt frame, 7½ins. x 5¾ins. £60-100
476.    George Cruickshank 1792 -1878 attributed, watercolour "Children with a Dog Giving Money to a Beggar" oval mount 5ins. x 4ins. approx, framed 10ins. x 10ins. (with letter from Sothebys dated 2005). £90-120
477.    19th cent. English School: Oil on board River study with fishermen plus a ruin by moonlight. £100-120
478.    19th cent. English School: Watercolour on card, Lake District studies, Crummock and Derwent Water. Unsigned but titled lower left. 10ins. x 6ins. Framed and glazed 17ins. x 13ins. (2). £40-60
479.    R. Warren Vernon: Early 20th cent. Watercolours "Brixham Trawler leaving Ilfracombe", signed & titled lower left. Framed and glazed 27ins. x 11ins. With "Stormy Sunrise, Bristol Channel", signed & titled R. Warren Vernon. Framed and glazed 26½ins. x 11½ins. plus "Estuary Shipping" monogram lower right. Framed and glazed 18¾ins. x 8ins. (3) £20-40
480.    19th cent. Venetian study with inscription on reverse "The Campanie Venice by James Holland" 7ins. x 10ins. £200-300
481.    19th cent, English School: Oil on canvas with printed name and title on the border " Long Tout Jap Alfred Mudge". 13ins. x 17ins.
NB: In need of major restoration. £100-150
482.    Thomas Webster watercolour, a study of boats unloading a 3 master in rough seas, framed and glazed 12ins. x 9ins. £60-80
483.    19th cent. English School, "River Boats" the Artist W.R. Beverley is named on the mount in period text 18ins. x 8ins. £150-250
484.    •Mary Fedden 1915- 2012, 1995 oil on board, "Blue is the Colour of Happiness", signed bottom left 24ins. x 19ins. £3000-5000
485.    Eleanor Hughes 1882-1959: Watercolour "Through the Arches", signed lower left, embossed stamp lower right. Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 10ins. £40-60
486.    19th cent. English School: Watercolour of a rural scene. Plus another watercolour Ernest E. Clarke of trees (2). £40-70
487.    John Bampfield 1947: Oil on canvas "Charge of the Light Brigade" 15ins. x 12ins. £80-120
488.    Vincent Brooks: Chromo on canvas "Victoria inspecting the wounded guards in the Grand Hall, Buckingham Palace 10th March 1855". Framed and glazed 36ins. x 21ins. £50-80
489.    Charles William Day 1818- 1859 pen, black ink "Thames 1831 Man-O-War and 3 Thames Craft" framed and glazed 11½ins. x 6¾ins. £100-120
490.    George Bryant Campion 1796-1870. Ink highlighted with white, Seashore study with round buildings, signed on reverse. Framed and glazed. 13½ins. x 10ins. £40-60
491.    William Anderson 1759- 1837 watercolour, a study of ships under sail, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 9½ins. £200-300
492.    G Kennion 1744-1809 watercolour study of a 2 masted brig signed on reverse, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins. £100-120
493.    19th cent. Charles Frederick Buckley 1812-1869 watercolour 'Alpine study with figures', signed lower left and matching study figures in an Alpine sunset, signed lower right - a pair. Gilt framed. Approx. 9½ins x 7¼ins.
494.    Early 19th cent. Sampler with alphabet and biblical verse, framed and glazed, 11ins. x 14ins. £30-50
495.    W. Hollar: Original etching "The Sun & The Wind" from Aesop's Fables P380 2nd edition. Framed & glazed. 7ins. x 9ins. £30-50
496.    Keith Burtonshaw 1930-2008 watercolour on paper "Stream with Uplands in background" signed lower right, framed and glazed, 19¾ins. x 13½ins. £50-80
497.    20th cent. Clive Covey watercolour "Still Water; Lake Scene" signed lower right framed and glazed 14ins. x 11½ins. £30-50
498.    19th cent. Etchings and Engravings: Colour enhanced etchings after J.M.W. Turner "Outside Dover Harbour", "Off Coast at Hastings" both 11½ins. x 7¾ins. plus an engraving Ramsgate 9ins. x 6ins. all framed and glazed (3). £40-60
499.    Tor Hjaltun: Norwegian mixed media, "Forest Glade in Summer". Framed and glazed 21½ins. x 13¾ins. (image). £100-150
500.    20th cent. English School after David Wilkie "The Kings Shilling" 27ins. x 23ins. £200-250
501.    Geoffrey Spencer Wyle: Pastel, Portrait of Mrs Tregaskes. signed lower right (Wylde exhibited at the Royal Society of Portrait Painters and elsewhere) framed and glazed in an ornate frame, 24½ins x 19ins. £100-150
502.    Richard Even 1929: Acrylic on canvas "On the Eve of Tomorrow" 23ins. x 19ins. £80-120
503.    20th cent. Oil on canvas, Francis Ward "Hounds Following a Scent" 30½ins. x 23½ins. framed and glazed. £80-120
504.    D. Moss 19th cent. Oil on canvas, pastoral scene "cows in a stream", signed lower right, gilt frame, 23½ins. x 11¾ins. £50-80
505.    Arthur Wilde Parsons 1854 - 1931 oil on canvas "Fishing Boat and Village" signed bottom left 24ins. x 16ins. £200-300
506.    20th cent. Italian School Negozio D' Arte Capri, signed bottom right Gianni, gilt frame. 6ins. x 45ins. £50-80
507.    Edward Callam (R.IOP) 1904-1980, oil on board "Waterfront Storm" abstract, signed lower right, framed, 23ins. x 19½ins. Ephemera bio in envelope to reverse. £150-250
508.    James R. Richardson: Oil on board "Cornish Harbour Scene", signed Jas R. Richardson 1962 lower left. Framed and glazed 29ins. x 19½ins. £90-150
509.    F. Castelli: Oil on canvas study of a young lady, signed middle right. Framed 15½ins. x 20ins. £100-150
510.    English School, oil on canvas "Young Gentleman Writing a Letter" unsigned 36ins. x 28ins. unframed. £120-180
511.    George W Yeates 1860-1939 Ireland: Oil on board "Walled Cottage Garden" signed lower right on reverse rough sketch of a face inscribed Feb 1933 and May 34. Framed 16ins. x 12ins. £200-250
512.    Art: Carl Freidrich Heinrich Berner 1808, unusual grouping of 31 chromolithographs of the Holy land showing among others Jerusalem and Bethlehem approx 14ins. x 21ins. £1200-1800
513.    19th cent. Mahogany curtain pole with acorn finial and 22 rings. 95ins. long and 3ins. diameter. £30-50
514.    20th cent. Iron ten branch ceiling candle holder. £30-50
515.    20th cent. Mahogany display cabinet, glazed twin doors with panels beneath painted decoration 36ins. x 65ins. 11½ins. £30-50
516.    19th cent. Mahogany bookcase cupboard. 43ins. x 90ins. x 17ins. £80-100
517.    20th cent. Oak lead glazed bookcase. 40ins. x 72ins. x 10ins. £60-80
518.    19th cent. Mahogany wardrobe with twin doors over single drawer, interior fabric lined. The whole on bracket supports.
519.    19th cent. Flamed mahogany dressing table mirror. £30-50
520.    20th cent. Mahogany dressing table mirror on stand with 3 trinket drawers below, plus a vanity mirror (2). £30-50
521.    19th cent. Pine travel trunk, black cloth covered plus a tin trunk. £30-60
522.    19th cent. Dressing table mirror, salon chair plus two other mirrors. £20-40
523.    19th cent. Pine ebonised blanket box. 35ins. x 20ins. x 21ins. £30-60
524.    Lighting: Iron band medieval style 5 branch ceiling lights - a pair. Diameter 29ins. £80-120
525.    20th cent. Metalwork: Coat wall mounted rack, cast in the form of a squirrel on a branch. Approx. 26ins. length. £20-30
526.    19th cent. Chairs, Prie-Dieu, mahogany nursing chair, gout stool and a art deco low chair. £30-50
527.    Sewing Boxes and Sewing Requisites: 20th cent. Beech table with middle compartment and a stool (2) both with cottons, dress patterns, embroidery silks etc (2). £30-50
528.    20th cent. Oak octagonal 3 tier table 20¾ins. x 29ins. x 20¾ins. plus a rectangular scalloped edged table with barley twist legs 23½ins. x 29ins. x 18ins. £40-60
529.    20th cent. Oak single pedestal 5 drawer desk with replacement skiver and a small 3 drawer stag chest, walnut sliding book rack and a letter rack. £60-80
530.    20th cent. Mahogany 3 drawer dressing chest on square supports plus oak gate leg table. £20-30
531.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany dressing chest 2 over 1, shield back mirror on inlaid columns flanked by trinket drawers. The whole on square supports 64ins. (inc mirror) x 4½ins. x 18½ins. £30-50
532.    21st cent. Beech, Habitat stationery cupboard, twin doors, fitted interior. £30-50
533.    20th cent. Retro beech bureau small drop flap flanked by 2 recess above a single shelf cupboard with 2 sliding glass doors 41ins. x 36ins. x 11ins. £50-80
534.    20th cent. Retro beech veneer bureau fitted interior with sliding doors below 42ins. x 36ins. x 10½ins. £50-80
535.    Edwardian mahogany single beds, box & ebony wood stringing - a pair. Plus a 19th cent. ½ tester bed top. £30-50
536.    19th cent. Mahogany wind out table, one leaf, serpentine supports rising off pad feet. 58ins x 28ins x 35ins extended. £40-60
537.    Pine reproduction chest of drawers - a pair, 19ins. x 31½ins. x 16½ins. £40-60
538.    20th cent. Oriental (possibly Indonesian) temple/house sculptures of deities. (7). £40-60
539.    Tribal Art: 20th cent. African Makonde hardwood carved chess pieces. Hardwood & box wood figures/chess pieces. ( 1 Tray). £60-80
540.    Tribal Art: 20th cent. African Makonde family/Ancestors life tree, carved from a single piece of hardwood. 26ins. tall. £80-100
541.    Tribal Art: 20th cent. Makonde African hardwood carvings. Handmade sculptures including 'man carrying axe, water gourd & fruits' 15½ins. tall, 'spirit with mask' 20ins. tall, abstract sculpture of 'sorceress & mask' 16½ins. tall plus 'two seated figures' 8½ins. tall (5). With a book "Modern Makonde Sculpture" by J. Anthony Stout. £80-120
542.    Tribal Art: 20th cent. African figures & lions/carved African hardwood. A neck 'pillow' 7ins, 2 busts of African women, 7ins. tall, striding lions & cubs; mother figure cradling her child 7ins. & two men in boats 5ins, long, with African currency amulets converted to an ashtray x 2 (11 items). £50-80
543.    20th cent. Oriental (probably Thai) decorative temple supports/roof forms. 'Ducks by water' (2) 24½ins. x 11ins. also an elaborately carved support with floral motifs 38ins. x 5ins. x 11ins. plus a carved small table on stand 9ins. tall x 8½ins. diameter, a brass rubbing & narrative of Princess Matsec. Framed and glazed. £80-120
544.    Indian Art: Brass table top with encased decorated lip and face on a collapsible hardwood base plus an Indian table with carved top and fret cut base (2). £40-50
545.    Chinese carved box with floral decoration 6ins. x 2½ins. 4½ins. plus Chinese brass cash/ money on stands 5ins. diam (2). £30-40
546.    Tribal Art: African hardwoods carved bowl servers, spoons and forks with gazelle, elephants and lions plus 2 small female heads and a standing female 10ins. (14). £30-40
547.    Tribal Art: African hardwood tables, carved traditional designs to tops 11ins. x 12ins. plus a smaller table with bird motifs in colour (3). £30-40
548.    19th cent. Mahogany "Lyre" back dining chairs with Fleur de Lys motif, upholstered seats, squared chamfered supports and includes 1 carver (4 in total). £150-250
549.    Early 20th cent. Elm splat back chairs (4) plus another chair. £40-60
550.    20th cent. Mahogany two tier plant stand on slender supports 11¾ins. diam x 36ins., a red ground Bokara 20½ins. x 28½ins. dining chairs set of 2, a set of 3 and 2 single chairs (7), a rustic 3 legged stool with a leather seat (10 parts to lot). £30-50
551.    19th cent. Upholstered button back nursing chair, turned front supports on four ceramic castors. £50-80
552.    Garden candle holders in glass with a metal holder - a pair. 16ins high plus a painted plant stand,oak ashtray/cup stand and a treen sleeve ironing board. £20-40
553.    20th cent. Mahogany chest of 4 drawers, split baluster decoration to both sides. Plus an art deco shelved cupboard. £50-80
554.    19th cent. Oak drop flap swivel table carved turned supports 24ins. x 28½ins. 30ins. when extended plus a 19th cent. Mahogany oval tip top table 20ins. x 27ins. 15½ins. £40-60
555.    19th cent. Mahogany upholstered chair, high arm rests and low back. The whole metal castors carved front reveals early 20th cent. wing back upholstered chair on slender supports. £60-80
556.    20th cent. Oak 2 shelf display cabinet with key. £20-40
557.    George III oval mahogany drop leaf dining table with boxwood inlay on tapering supports. 48ins. x 69ins. £200-250
558.    20th cent. Wickerwork: A large hamper 28ins. x 17ins. x 18ins. plus a circular log basket 24ins. diameter x 18ins. tall (2). £40-60
559.    19th cent. Mahogany wind out table, two leaves, serpentine supports rising off pad feet. 95ins x 29ins x 44½ins. £80-120
560.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 drawer music cabinet. 20ins. x 29ins. x 14½ins. £30-50
561.    20th cent. Mahogany 'Lazy Susan' table server 17¾ins. diameter and an oval mahogany tray 23ins. long. £30-50
562.    Late 19th Cent./ Early 20th Cent: Treacleware glazed plant stand, chip to rim 32ins. £40-70
563.    Reproduction hardwood two division Canterbury with 3 drawers below. £30-50
564.    20th cent. Mahogany wall mounted twin door glazed display cabinet with 4 shelves 20½ins. x 28ins. x 7¼ins. Plus Edwardian mahogany bedside locker of modest proportions.
565.    19th cent. Mahogany dining chairs with shaped slat back, serpentine front supports, drop in upholstered seat, shaped cresting rail. (6) £80-120
566.    Modern Scandinavian beech extending table and 6 chairs made by Skovby. £150-250
567.    19th cent. Mahogany harlequin upholstered suite consisting of a 2 seater sofa with open turned stick sides, ladies chair with inlaid fruitwood back rail plus a gentleman's basket chair with padded back (3). £50-80
568.    19th cent. Mahogany D end dining table with one leaf. £300-350
569.    20th cent. Oak Glastonbury chair with oak leaf decoration to the cresting rail. £150-200
570.    20th cent. Cane work large basket. Diameter 29ins. Height 27ins. £40-60
571.    20th cent. Honey oak private Prie-Dieu and kneeler. £40-50
572.    20th cent. Oak child's metamorphic high chair. £30-50
573.    Edwardian mahogany metamorphic child's commode high chair. £50-80
574.    19th cent. Mahogany side cupboard single drawer above, brass gallery to top shell inlaid decoration, the whole rising of a plinth 25½ins. x 24ins. x 39½ins. £40-60
575.    19th cent. Oak corner cupboard, single door with drawer beneath. 37ins. x 24ins. £40-70
576.    20th cent. Honey oak 2 door cupboard. 48ins. x 78ins. x 12ins. £100-150
577.    Postal History: George V 1910 pattern lamp letter box, c1933-35. Manufactured by WT Allen, domed top with "letters only" above aperture and GR to base with internal basket. 20ins. x 9ins. £200-300
578.    Metalwork: Georgian style 'Oyster' fire basket 19ins. x 17ins. x 15ins. plus an ornate lead plant basket 7ins. diameter x 9½ins tall. a/f. (2). £100-200
579.    Gardenalia: Georgian lead garden planter of rectangular form, decoration in relief of urns & flowers. 20ins. x 8ins. x 8ins. £100-150
580.    Gardenalia: Metal swans garden pond ornaments, sculptures. Life size. Both standing. 24ins. x 24ins. £80-120
581.    George III mahogany linen press with geometric inlaid decoration, the top section has three removable slides, the bottom two short and two long drawers over bracket supports 47ins. x 35ins. £400-700
582.    19th cent. Mahogany bureau bookcase with glazed top section, fitted interior above two short and three long drawers. 40ins. x 89ins. £300-500
583.    19th cent. Mahogany commode of fluted tubular form, pull out step below, hinged top lifts to reveal turned cover plus a Burleigh ware ceramic potty with a metal handle. £60-80
584.    19th cent. Flame mahogany bookcase, glazed 4 door case. The whole rising off a plinth. 77ins. x 79ins. x 23ins. £400-600
585.    19th cent. Pine blanket box. 38ins. x 17ins. x 18ins. £30-60
586.    19th cent. Burr walnut enclosed shelf unit. £50-80
587.    19th cent. Walnut circular footstool Tunbridge ware style decoration, upholstered tapestry work top, the whole on bun supports. £50-60
588.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/2 bow fronted chest of drawers, cock beaded drawer fronts, on short turned supports. £80-120
589.    20th cent. Honey oak tambour fronted desk, twin pedestal, fully fitted interior of drawers, pigeon holes, stationery shelves, 8 drawers to the pedestal rising off a plinth. 51ins. x 49ins. x 32ins. £250-350
590.    Carolinian style oak Wainscot chair with carved back and top section. £250-350
591.    19th cent. Mahogany upholstered chair, Carolean style with barley twist columns and stretcher with an open carved cresting rail. £80-120
592.    Edwardian button back upholstered elbow chair gallery sides and turned supports. £60-80
593.    19th cent. Walnut nursing chair, scroll arms with elbow pads, carved front supports ending in scroll feet with shaped and carved apron and cresting rail. £80-120
594.    19th cent. Walnut nursing chair carved cresting rail and shaped apron with turned supports. £80-120
595.    18th cent. Mahogany tea table with Chinese Chippendale style fretwork decoration. 34ins. x 17ins. £150-250
596.    19th cent. Bow front mahogany side table with boxwood and ebony inlay plus an unrelated mahogany stool with cross legs. £60-80
597.    19th cent. Mahogany card table, fold over top on turned supports. £60-80
598.    18th cent. Figured mahogany tea table on turned supports. £80-120
599.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany tilt top dining table, a single pedestal on quadruped base with attachments for two d ends, to extend the table. 80ins x 29½ins x 50ins when extended. £150-250
600.    19th cent. Mahogany shell back hall chair. £50-80
601.    Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Mahogany swing crib with rattan sides, central turned column. £60-100
602.    Early 19th cent. Oak chest of two over 3 of delicate proportions. 33ins. x 21ins. x 28ins. £200-300
603.    19th cent. Burr walnut gateleg Sutherland table, turned columns, carved and scrolled supports. 34½ins x 28ins. x 40ins. extended. £100-150