Christmas Auction of Collectors Items and Antiques
on Saturday 8th December 2018

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1.      Lighting: 20th cent. Brass wall lights, a pair. 13ins. long, 7ins. projection. Plus a vase, blue and white, highlighted in gilt, converted to a table lamp. £20-40
2.      Lighting: Triple drop chandelier, single bulb, illumination glass drop reflectors. £30-50
3.      Lighting: Glass table lights in the style of oil lamps. One brown, in autumnal hues, and the second in green, with roses. Brass effect bases. (2) £20-40
4.      20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood Jasper ware vase, Jasper ware pot, Doulton stoneware pot and a German pot. £20-25
5.      20th cent. Ceramics: F.W plus Co "Bourbon" pattern washbowl and jug and a swan flower basket 12ins. x 12ins. x 9ins. (2). £20-30
6.      Edwardian tea set, Till & Son dinnerware 'Gillson' pattern. Dinner plates, side plates, graduated set of meat ovals with two tureens and covers. (1 box) £20-40
7.      20th cent. Ceramics: Includes Noritake tea for two, candle "to bed" with snuffer, Dresden bowls, Wedgwood trinket pot, Masons chinoisére blue and white pot and cover 16ins a/f., Limoges cream candle sticks (a pair) 6½ins., Royal Albert tea service (deco style) plus another part tea service in royal blue with gilt decoration with a brass Deco style hand mirror (2 boxes). £50-60
8.      20th cent. Ceramics: Part tea and coffee sets, Copeland Spode 'Byron', Paragon 'Rockingham' and 'Roslyn', H.M.W. & Sons 'Beaconsfield', as well as Wedgwood, Bourne Derby, etc. (3 boxes). £60-80
9.      Glassware: Coloured, plain white metal rimmed, includes decanters, glasses, bowls, candlesticks, etc. £30-50
10.     20th cent. Ceramics: Tea sets, bowls, jugs, plates, tankards, etc. £30-50
11.     20th cent. Ceramics: Rose patterned half tea set, preserve jars, jugs, plates, etc. £20-40
12.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics. Coalport Indian tree, dishes, cup a/f, dishes, saucer, mug. Rettau gilt cup and saucer. Coalport Indian tree pie dish and soup plates, blue dragon dinner plates (some damage), Wedgwood Etruria and Barlaston cream jug, Napoleon Ivy soup bowl on stand, etc. £40-70
13.     20th cent. Ceramics: Coalport white china, c1920. Scalloped, fluted, part serving set. Assorted style jugs, cups, plates, etc, a Moustache cup, Wedgwood plays of Shakespeare tankard, Canterbury Tales, and a child's mug designed by Eric Rawlingson. £50-70
14.     Edwardian and Later Ceramics: Includes Everhot 'H' teapot, sugars (2), bowls, Bristol pottery, candlesticks, vases, jugs, stoneware jug, commemorative ware, etc. (3 boxes) £30-40
15.     20th cent. Ceramics and Treen: German Rumtopf jars and covers, 3 brown, 1 cream, Treen Cribbage board, 2 x boxes, brass letter rack, a bag of assorted Treen ducks plus ethnic carvings, 2 boxes. £20-30
16.     Edwardian and Later Glassware: Includes milk glass jars, posy vases, candlesticks, bowls and sweetmeat dishes. (1 box) £20-30
17.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert 'Mikado' dinnerware plates, also gravy boats on stands (a pair), Tuscan ware pink and gilt, part tea set. (1 box) £20-30
18.     19th cent. Copper warming pan (without handle) ember style. £10-20
19.     20th cent. Military Bell with ordinance mark and EH1, cast E.R. and crown, HS in diamond and numbers 12. 54 9¾ins. diam. no fittings. A bell with cast letters M.F.V. "Motor Fishing Vessel" 1257 with clanger plus one with wall fixing and clanger, no identifiers 7ins. diam. (3). £60-80
20.     20th cent. Brass, ornate candlesticks with 'Putti' plinths. Branch for three candles, lead filled footed bases. A pair. £40-60
21.     20th cent. Brass and iron, fireside hearth cooking pan rest. 21ins. x 12ins. x 19ins. Plus brass and copper 'fire dogs', and a copper kettle. (4 parts). £40-60
22.     20th cent. Brass, Copper and other Metalwork: Brass figure of woman classical style 12ins. candlesticks converted to lights (2) 13½ins. 4 copper Omani rice pots, brass wall light, brass preserve and pan, copper pan and lid, Salter scales and pan etc (1 box). £40-60
23.     Early 20th cent. Indian Benares Ware: Cobra candlesticks - a pair 8½ins. plus tapering and other vases. (4 pairs). Also early 20th cent. Indian Benares Brass Ware: Desk stand inkwell. 9ins. x 6ins.
24.     Copper Ware: Ale measure in conical shaped, 2 with copper handles & 1 with an iron handle. One has 'pouring lips'. 10½ins. & 10ins. & 9¾ins. respectively (3). £30-60
25.     Metalware/Advertising: Buchanan, Glasgow biscuit tin, tea tin, Palmers Biscuit box, Commemorative Christmas tin H. M. Majesty's Broadcast to the British Empire, a Simplex Quick Boiler brass kettle, small E.P.N.S card trays, 1943 75mm brass shell case, etc. Plus a beaten brass Celtic knot gong. £30-50
26.     Rustic, Treen & Metalware: 19th cent. Shop flour/sugar scoop, butter pats, plate and a platter, a copper coal scuttle, candlesticks, nut crackers, etc. £40-60
27.     20th cent. Ceramics: Capo de Monte style 'Fighting Stallions' on treen stand, with original label. 16ins. x 16ins. Plus a Leonardo collection shire horse, boxed. (2)
Plus Melba Ware Horses: 3 x large horses with harness (Shires), 3 x other Melba horses, 1 x Leonardo Horse, 2 x others, 1 x horse and cart plus a stage coach. £30-50
28.     20th cent. Iron safe Wakefield and Co. 15ins. x 20ins. x 16ins. With handle. £20-40
29.     20th cent. Collectors Plates: Wedgwood Christmas Plates - 74 Camelot, 75 Robin, 77 Tonitiuh, 78 Samurai, 79 The Sacred Scarab, 80 Safari, 81 Horses, 82, Wild West, 83 Age of the Reptile, 84, Dogs, 85 cats, 86 Garden Birds, 87 Water Birds, 88 Sea Birds. (12, unboxed) £30-50
30.     Platedware carving set with antler handles by Ashberry Sheffield boxed, boxed sugar bowl with sugar nips and sauce boat. £30-50
31.     Flatware: 20th cent. EPNS Sheffield Kings pattern 120 piece cutlery set in tooled leather faced mahogany box. (Seven items missing). £120-150
32.     Plated Ware: Tea & coffee pots, milk jug, sauce boat, sugar bowl, small tankard, flower vase, bread basket, trays, comport etc. £40-60
33.     20th cent. Flatware: Harlequin set mother of pearl fish knives and forks (EPNS) in a mahogany box plus an EPNS Moseleys 6 place set of fish knives and forks boxed (2). £20-40
34.     Plated Ware: Twelve place settings desert set - knives and forks plus sugar nips, cake server and an oak boxed carving set with antler horn handles, the box lined with velvet and silk. £30-40
35.     20th cent. Plated Ware: Tea set comprised of hot water pot, teapot, sugar bowl, and a milk jug (4). £30-40
36.     Early 20th cent. Honey oak canteen of Kings ware pattern cutlery incomplete plus a serving tray. £30-50
37.     20th cent. Plated Ware: (E.P.N.S, pewter Britannia metal) teapots, sugar bowls, milk jug, condiments, salts, oval 'chased' tray 18ins. Small quantity of flatware, photo frame, plus a three branch candelabra by Roberts & Dore, with a pair of candlesticks, and two others. (1 box) £50-80
38.     Pewter & Flatware: 20th cent. Tankards x 4, a pewter bowl stand, 20th cent. brass chamber oil lamp. £30-50
39.     Plated Flatware: Oneida ware canteen of cutlery plus another J. Lodge, Sheffield, and an 'Austral' canteen. Boxed. (3). With two part carving sets. £40-60
40.     Plated Ware: Box and loose flatware, some with silver collars, plated coaster & serving plates, knife rests, etc. £30-50
41.     Carpets & Rugs: 20th cent. Washed Chinese, cream ground with blue border & brown oriental designs. 6ft. x 4ft. £40-60
42.     @21st cent. Rugs: Bokhara rug, red ground. 1.90 x 1.40 £50-80
43.     @21st cent Rugs: Keshan rug, green ground. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
44.     @21st cent. Carpets: Keshan carpet, beige ground. 2.30 x 1.60. £70-100
45.     20th cent. Julian Collection Chinese Purple ground, hand knotted washed carpet. Floral design in blue, ivory and green. 11ft. x 8ft. £80-120
46.     Rugs: Chinese washed rug, beige ground, floral pattern. 146ins. x 103ins. £100-150
47.     19th cent. Mahogany campaign/ travelling writing slope, fully fitted with inkwells, pen rest, "secret" drawer, brass corner, handles and locks 17½ins. x 4½ins. x 15¼ins. £60-80
48.     Early 20th cent. Hardwood glove box, mother of pearl inlay linen lined. £30-50
49.     19th cent. Oak stationery box, fitted interior including pen holder. £30-60
50.     20th cent. Rosewood writing slope/ box. Brass inlay and mother of pearl cartouche. 14ins. x 4¾ins. x 9ins. £30-50
51.     19th cent. Porcupine box hardwood frame studded with bone, the internal tray and 1 interior decorated in the same style. £60-100
52.     Workbox: Rosewood box with Mother of Pearl inlay, the top opening to reveal a fitted tray with contents. £40-60
53.     Work Box: 19th cent. Walnut workbox decorated in a Tunbridge ware style in ebony and fruit wood, the top opens to reveal a fully fitted tray containing crochet tools, pin cushions, thimbles, bone needle holders etc. £50-80
54.     21st cent. Mahogany work box with fruit wood inlay depicting floral sprays with key. £30-40
55.     20th cent. Mixed wood work box inlaid with mother of pearl, bone and fruit woods with key. £30-40
56.     19th cent. Mahogany tea box in sarcophagus form with two covered tea compartments and a glass blending bowl. £30-50
57.     20th cent. Crystal Cut Glassware: Whisky tumblers x 4, stemmed wine glasses x 6, brandy x 3, a glass bud vase & a preserve pot. £20-40
58.     20th cent. Glass ware: Wheel cut ad moulded glass including decanters (4), overlayed jug and posy bowl (green and red), water jug, fruit bowl, dishes, spirit and wine glasses etc. £30-50
59.     Glassware: Frosted glass bottle with blue frosted handle in a Roman style, hand etched limited edition decanter 7/100 "Barnardo Wildlife" with certificate of authenticity. Plus a Goebels ceramic flower trough by Carl Larsson limited 917/1500 with certificate. £30-50
60.     Collectors Plates: 'Life on the Farm' x 8 plus 2 plated condiments. £10-20
61.     20th cent. Ceramics: Dinner ware, Royal Doulton "Winthrop" 6 place, includes dinner, side & bread plates, sauce boat & saucer, meat oval with gold backstamp. £30-50
62.     20th cent. Royal Worcester: Evesham table ware, oval tureen with cover 10ins., open oval tureens 14ins. 12ins. 11ins. (3), open oval tureen and cover x 8 (2). open bowl 8ins., dinner plates 10ins x 6, soup bowls and saucers x 6, bread plates 6½ins. x 6, side plates 8ins. x 7, tea cups x 9, saucers x 8, quiche dish 7½ins. 9½ins., desert bowls x 6 plus a condiment set, minor chips to 6 items. £80-120
63.     Ornamental Figures: "Lovers Embrace" on base, resin 15ins. Three Parian ware Musicians 12ins. and a Fisherman 9ins. (4). £20-40
64.     Ceramic: Large Capo di Monte figures "The card cheats sat at table with wine bottle", signed H Giazetta. 14ins. long x 11½ins, high. £70-100
65.     20th cent. Resin figure 'Tribes The Journey Home', Maasai 'Mother's Touch' limited edition 426/4500, with pamphlet. 13½ins. £30-60
66.     19th cent. Ceramics: Presentation cup to F.D. Walker 1874, hand painted floral motifs, gilt highlight, a Royal crown Derby soup bowl and saucer a/f. plus a Meissen soldier a/f. (3). £60-80
67.     Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Coalport comport and serving dish (a pair). Gilt border, decorated with spring flowers. £40-50
68.     20th cent. Italian Parian Ware: Figures of cherubs playing musical instruments plus one of three boys with flowers (both a/f.) and a temple figure of a Roman Emperor. £30-60
69.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Winton 'Old Cottage', chintz half tea set, cups and saucers x 6, milk jug, sugar bowl, side plates x 6, and Royal Winton cheese dish a/f. £40-60
70.     20th cent. Malachite Hippopotamus family, an elephant a/f & a green trinket pot. £40-60
71.     20th cent. Ceramics: Poole Pottery, footed bowl, 'Delphis'. 1970s. Diameter 13½ins. Black backstamp. £30-60
72.     19th cent. Advertising: Stoneware jars, 'R & J. Slack, 5636 Strand' (Landlords, stoneware wine flagon with lid 7½ins. plus 'B.A. Moore & Son' (Landlords) Fleet Street 1667. 'Ye Old Cheshire Cheese' wine flask and a small pot. (3). £30-50
73.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester, 'Poppy' pattern (1990), bone china bread plate, boxed. 11ins. Aynsley Queen Mother's 80th Birthday, commemorative plate, boxed. 10½ins. Plus a Halcyon Days enamelled ceramic pill box (boxed), a pressed glass jam pot with plated cover, and sugar sift spoon. (4) £20-40
74.     20th cent. Metalware: Plated cocktail shaker 9ins., Sterling Silver "Cherry" cocktail sticks (6) (boxed), pair of overlayed "tot" glasses, a Pernod Ricard glass water bottle plus an "Arela Paris" plastic advert ash tray. £30-40
75.     18th cent. Pewter: Graduated set pewter spirit measures (Somerset) ¼gill, ½gill & 1 gill, plus 3 Churchmans clay pipes '3 virtues' an a ceramic Rosary. (8 Parts). £30-50
76.     Devizes Commemorative Ware: 1830s mug by H. B. West, 13 Maryport Street, Devizes with the 'New Corn Exchange, Devizes' image. Plus a cup 'present from Market Lavington' with an M. Sloper, clothes hanger, Devizes and Marlborough. (3) £30-50
77.     Souvenir Ware 1925 Empire teapot and fire place 'There's No Place like Home', a City of London battleship and a Dursley gramophone. £30-50
78.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics - Melksham Interest: Goss crested china, jugs, ewer, model of Celtic drinking cup found at Devizes, 3 dinner plates, side plate and saucer with transfer print of St Michaels Church, glass plate decorated with a painting of the Bridge, Melksham, with a Street image, Savoy china trio transfer print in red. Labour Party Melksham, x tea strainer, Arcadian china bust of H.H. Asquith, retail A.W. Jollowes Melksham. £30-50
79.     20th cent. Ceramics: Figurines made in Germany, includes "Ney", "Wellington", "Soldiers", "Beefeater", etc. 7 in total some damage. £20-40
80.     20th cent. Souvenirs: Includes tiles with classical Greek images. 6¾ins. x 8¾ins. (2). Treen figures from Thailand, India, China and Peru, plus an Egyptian scarab, carved stone head, bull's head. (18 pieces) £40-60
81.     20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Baluster vases, black ground with gilt decoration, floral panel to front and reverse - a pair 12ins. Black and gilt jug with bird decoration 7ins. Satsuma eggshell cup and saucer, pin tray and cup, square dish with central chrysanthemum decoration. £50-80
82.     20th cent. Ceramics: Coalport Countryware, avocado set, dishes, sauce dishes, condiment, and vinegar bottle. £30-50
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wade retro floral plates, c1960s, 10 x dinner, 2 x dessert. Plus a Wade gilt/floral bowl, Carlton china crested vase, City of Ballarat Victoria. £40-60
84.     20th cent. Ceramic plaques from Hazel Ceramics. Series 'A Nation Of Shopkeepers' (15). £200-300
85.     Stamps: Wildlife first day covers 1978, first issue of the WWF collection of F.D.C. 108 World first day covers in dedicated album, all posted, marked 1976-1978 VF used, certified by Franklin Philatelic Ltd May 20 1976. £30-50
86.     Stamps: 19th/early 20th cent. World starter album containing mainly used stamps. Good to v.good. £20-30
87.     Stamps and Cigarette Cards: A mixed lot of unused GB stamps, used World stamps, cigarette cards in both loose leaf and stick down albums. Plus a very good unused art nouveau scraps album with an embossed floral cover. £30-50
88.     Stamps: First Day and Commemorative covers. Posted throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, but some earlier. 100+ RAF covers some with signatures. 300+ GB first day covers, some World, Commemorative, and some signed, of note Chay Blythe, Claire Francis, last sailing 'RMS Queen Elizabeth', and Lord Bath signature 1 album. 1 box. Plus 1987-2000 mint stamps presentation packs in two albums. Approx 116. £40-60
89.     Stamps: Late 20th cent. Three commemorative albums. Album one contains unused stamps from Commonwealth countries commemorating Queen Elizabeth II 60th Birthday in 1986. Album two and three contains unused stamps of the Commonwealth commemorating the Royal Wedding in 1981 between Charles and Diana, very good to fine. Plus 1979 - two x commemorative Stanley Gibbons albums containing stamps from around the world but mainly commonwealth commemorating 100 years since the death of Sir Rowland Hill. Album one contains unused stamps by over fifty countries. Album two contains used stamps from over sixty countries, very good to mint.
90.     Stamps: 1977 Queens Silver Jubilee issues. Two albums containing, Panes, individual stamps miniature sheets and booklets commemorating Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee. One album unused, one album used, good to mint. Also included one album commemorating the life and times of the Queen Mother, all unused Commonwealth. Plus late 20th cent. Three albums containing stamps commemorating 100 years since the death of Sir Rowland Hill, mainly commonwealth and all unused, good to fine. Also two transport hemmed albums. Album one in locomotive philatelica with 75 double sided pages (150). A descriptive narrative of different world railways and individual locomotives which are supported by unused mint stamps from various Commonwealth Countries, published by D.R.O. Leaders of the world. Also included is an Ace stock book containing mint transport themed stamps from around the world.
91.     Stamps: PHQ Cards, 37 unopened sets of PHQ cards 2007 - 2012. Mint condition. Plus PHQ cards, 75 sets from 1978 - 1989. Excellent condition. Also PHQ cards, 48 sets including 33 sets from 1990 - 2000. Excellent condition.
92.     Stamps: Three albums of mid to late 20th cent. World stamps, mainly used. Good to fine condition. Plus envelope of loose sheets, of note are WWWF commemorative issue covers and blocks. Plus first day covers in three Stanley Gibbons albums and loose in tin. The Chippenham postmarks were applied by the addressee as part of his Post Office duties. Of note is the 10th anniversary of the Moon Landing Commemorative Cover, with a £1 definitive. 182 in total. £30-50
93.     Stamps - GB and World: Two stock books containing unused late 20th cent. GB, an album of late 19th cent. early 20th cent. World stamps of note are some early unused GVI Commonwealth used plus 2 Stanley Gibbons catalogues part 1 British Commonwealth 1981 and 1992 editions. £30-50
94.     Stamps - World 1979: Issue of mint unused stamps commemorating the 100 greatest masterpieces of art, in dedicated album. Issued & certified by The International Society of Postmasters, May 1 1979.
Stamps - GB 1978: Two rare thematic albums.
1) "Historic Stamps of Royalty", featuring every member of British Royalty to appear on British stamps. Mint stamps set into descriptive pages.
2) "Christmas Stamps of Great Britain 1966-78" contains mint unused examples of all GB Christmas stamps issued up to 1978. £30-50
95.     Stamps: 20th cent. World collection of loose stamps & sheets in three boxes & three albums, unsorted but a good 50/50 mix of unused & used. £30-50
96.     Stamps: Late 20th cent. album containing 53 presentation packs of GB mint stamps from January 1999 to November 2002 includes the following of note issues - SG MS2147 Her Majesty stamps SG2232-2237 Centenary of Nobel Prizes and SG2309-23013, Bridges of London, all in mint unused condition. £80-120
97.     Stamps: 2012 Olympics GB, 29 mini sheets depicting GB Gold medal winners. Each sheet contains six self adhesive 1st Class stamps in mint condition, also 65 mini sheets depicting GB Paralympians Gold medal winners. Each sheet contains two 1st Class self adhesive stamps in mint condition, Plus 12 mint presentation packs & 28 FDC's from early 1980s. £180-220
98.     Postcards: Edwardian and later. To include humour, military, topographical (Britain and France), Mabel Lucie Attwell, heraldic series, flowers, animals. 1 box. Also three part postcard albums. Approx. 280 postcards. £40-60
99.     Postcards: Military WWI, (approx. 51) French, British, Belgian, and German. Real photographs and topographical. Includes British execution squad, ruins, troops, armaments, factory scenes, vehicles and heavy guns. Also scenes of Berlin, Ostend, Ypres, Duren, Soissons, Solingen, Koln, Abbeville, Dix. All contained in one album. (Approx 98 postcards) £80-120
100.    Cigarette Cards: Early to mid 20th cent. GB cigarette cards in albums & Canadian tea cards in an album. Four W.D. & H.O. Wills albums with cards and Association Footballers 1935-36. Three John Player albums with cards including Film Stars. Six albums & cards from Brooke Bond Canada including Indians of Canada also included is the Daily Sketch Mexico 70 World Cup souvenir album with cards. £20-30
101.    Cigarette Cards: Late 20th cent. of three albums. Our South African National Parks, incomplete (93/100). Our South African flora - complete, both published by the United Tobacco Co South & the Westminster Tobacco Company and Ritmeester Cigar box album. Incomplete 82/96 published by Gallaher Ltd. Also included are a number of loose cards including Our South Africa Past & Present, Flora, National Parks, & Birds, South African defence & Our land. £40-60
102.    Trade Cards: c1850, A collection of 12 Victorian school merit cards/costume plates depicting the costumes of various regions of Europe. W. Dickes. 5¼ins. x 4¼ins. £50-80
103.    Cigarette Cards 1970s: A collection of Carreras 'Black Cat' cigarette cards, (loose), eight full sets including Palmistry and six completed albums. £15-30
104.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing W.D. & H. O. Wills part sets including 44 Australian, Crests & Colours of Australian Universities, Colleges & Schools, 44 (1911) Coronation Series, 20 Australian (1925) issue Riders of the World; musical celebrations (1916), Australian Regimental Colours & cap badges (1907). Approx. 44 cards. £80-120
105.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing 22 complete sets of Players cigarette cards including Game Birch & Wild Fowl (1927), Gilbert & Sullivan 1 & 2 (1925 & 27). Motorcars 1 & 2 (1936/37), Golf (1939), History of Naval Dress (1930), Napoleon (1915) & Nature Series (1908). £200-300
106.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing 23 complete sets of mixed issues including "off note" sets, United Tobacco Co. South Africa Riders of the World 1931, Richard LLoyd Old English Inns 1923, United Kingdom Tobacco Company Soldiers of the King 1937 and J. Wix & Sons Henry A Series, 3rd Series, 4th Series & 5th Series 1936-37. All fine condition. £120-180
107.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing 14 complete sets of mixed issues, silks including "off note" sets. Godfrey Phillips B.D.V. "Birds of the Tropics" (12) 1913, E.W. Anstie "Royal Portraits" (2) 1915, Australian, Wills, Lace, "Flags of Allies" & Godfrey Phillips B.D.V. "GP Territorial badges (126) 1913. £250-350
108.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing 29 complete sets of mixed issues including "off note" sets. Ardath British Born Film Stars 1934, Ardath Cricket, Tennis & Golf Stars 1935, Cope Brothers Boxing Lessons 1935, George Dobie & Sons four square novels A series 1959 and Dominion Tobacco Co Old Ships series 1, 2, 3, & 4. All v. good to fine condition. £250-350
109.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. Album containing W.H. & H.O. Wills cigarette cards, 14 complete sets including 'Recruiting Posters' 12 (1915) & Signalling Series, 50 (1911). £80-120
110.    Cigarette Cards/Postcards: Early 20th cent. containing twenty-two advertising postcards featuring teaser's for upcoming serialisation in "Answers" periodical and The London Daily Mail. Six postcard size Reward Cards from humorous tea featuring "Birds & Their Eggs" and two "Naval Heroes" (Nelson & Effingham), and twenty postcard sized cards from Chairman Cigarettes featuring "Old English Pottery & Porcelain". Unusual & rare in very good to fire condition. £80-120
111.    Cigarette Cards: c1921 Godfrey Phillips silk issue, "Nelson signal at Trafalgar". Framed and glazed. Fine condition. £30-50
112.    Cigarette Cards 1921: Godfrey Phillips B.D.V County Cricket Badges M17. £60-80
113.    Cigarette Cards 1911: Godfrey Phillips Religious Pictures P10. £50-80
114.    Cigarette Cards 1916: Godfrey Phillips B.D.V. Great War Leaders and Celebrities "E" P18. £30-50
115.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing 20 sets of cards issued by Gallaher Ltd including Famous Jockeys (48) 1936, Animals & Birds of Commercial Value (100) 1921 & The Reason Why (100) 1924. £60-80
116.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing 17 complete sets of silks, issued by various manufacturers. Included are Major Drapkin & Co Regimental Colours & Badges of the Indian Army 1915 (39/40 69th Punjabi) r.j. Lea Butterflies & Moths M12 1924, Gallaher Ltd Flags (24) 1915 & Godfrey Phillips B.D.V. Regimental Colours Series 12 M50 1918. £250-350
117.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing 19 sets of cards issued by Godfrey Phillips Ltd including Bird Painting (50) 1938, Red Indians (25) 1927, How to Build a Two Valve Set (25) 1929, Optical Illusions (25) 1927. £100-150
118.    Cigarette Cards: An album containing eleven sets of Tury Cigarette slides, issued by Carrera Ltd in the 1940s, all cut to size including Sports Series 1949, Footballers 1948, Film Stars 1947 & Famous Film Stars 1949. £80-120
119.    Cigarette Cards 1920s/40s: An album containing 5 sets of cigarette cards issued by Nicolas Sarony & Co. and a second album contains part sets issued by Carreras including Turf cigarette cards. £40-60
120.    Cigarette Cards: 19th/20th cent. Albums. One containing four sets issued by R.L. tea including Old Pottery & Porcelain 3rd Series 1912, 5th Series 1913 and Fish 1926. Second album contains seven sets issued by B. Morris & Sons including Shadowgraphs 1925 (24), Actresses (black & white) 1898 (30). £80-120
121.    Cigarette Cards: Album containing 9 complete sets of cards issued by Cavanders Ltd in the 1920s including Ancient Egypt & Ancient China. £20-40
122.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album containing 19 complete sets of silks issued by various manufacturers. Included are Godfrey Phillips Anon Great War includes M4 1915, Imperial Tobacco Company of Canada Ltd, Garden Flowers, Black numerals L55 1913 & Sunday Stories Flags M5 1916. £150-200
123.    Cigarette Cards: Mid 20th cent. album containing six complete sets of cards produced by J.A. Pattreiouex Ltd. Including British Railways MF48 1938. £20-30
124.    Cigarette Cards: Early 20th cent. album of 14 complete sets of cards from W.D. & H.O. Wills including Aviation (50) 1910, Allied Army Leaders (50) 1917 and both sets of First Aid (50) 1913. £80-120
125.    Australian 'Akubra' fur felt slouch hat with map & sunburst badge, leather chin strap in original box. Brand new, approx. 23ins. head size. £40-60
126.    WWII: War time pin-ups supplement to "The Sketch" all from picture's by David Wright. 38 some half nude. £20-40
127.    Militaria/Third Reich: Set of five coffee cups marked LAH in gilt, stamped on the base Rosenthal SE16 Germany sanssouci, this marks appears to date the cups to around 1942. LAH or Leibstandarte were the 1st SS Panzer Division. (5) £500-800
128.    WWII: Military photo's collected LAC Ford RAAF 1943-1947. A pictorial history 460 Squadron RAAF from training to air sorties, showing damaged planes, planes of the squadron and their crews, paraphernalia, photos of the whole squadron on the ground and on a bomber wing also The Battle Orders for the bombing of Leipzig 20/21 October 1943 using 358 Lancaster's of which 16 never returned plus Mosquitos as the Pathfinders this was their first serious raid on Leipzig, a copy given to each captain from 405, 7, 83, 139, 97, 156 Squadrons with a combat report from the pilot PO Starkey of twin engined plane A, after 600 yards the pilot too evasive action and the mid upper gunner Sgt. Jamieson engaged the plane with a long burst of 300 rounds, the rear gunner Sgt. Ellice sighted the plane which disappeared into the cloud before he could engage. All orders are typed with 9 handwritten debriefing sheets showing plane not returned and others having to abandon their mission., a potted history of 460 Squadron from their conception to October 1945 when they were disbanded at east Kirkby, Squadron totals were: sorties - 6264, bombs dropped - 24856, miles flown - 4767 362 aeroplane G for George was presented with a certificate for completing 90 sorties, the lane is now in a War Museum in Australia. LAC Ford kept a tally book of planes out and total losses to planes and crew. Also included are 460 Squadron badge, rare vets badge and other RAF badges. £500-800
129.    Medals: Medal group to 6910468 S/SGT S.R Walker RAPC includes 1939-45 medal (MID) LSGC medal 39-45 Star Africa, Star Defence medal, GSM Palestine medal with set of miniatures included in the lot is a cap badge. £60-100
130.    Medals: A pair to 150275 GNR E.W. Baker RF a miniature set with wound badge and certificate of disablement due to war service plus his crib board, vesta and lodge certificate framed etc. £50-80
131.    Stereoscopic Slides WWI: A boxed collection of 'Realistic Travels' official series in original box of issue with viewer. The 100 slides include numerous rare example and give an incredible snapshot of the war. There are countless action shots from the Trenches, Royal Flying Corps, going over the top, Somme, etc. (100). £3000-5000
132.    Edged Weapons: Diplomatic short sword, etched trifoil blade, distressed scabbard, brass handle and holders. Also an Indian curved dagger, brass grip and guard, velvet covered scabbard plus a Spanish jeweled dagger. £50-80
133.    19th cent. French P.O.W. style straw tea box with coloured straw. 7¾ins. x 5ins. x 5¼ins. £30-40
134.    Military: WWII gas mask, pair of gaiters, Officers swagger stick, a leather document case and a bugle (a/f). £20-30
135.    Binoculars: The Liverpool WWI trench binoculars engraved A. Petrali Cardiff. £30-50
136.    Medals: Imperial service medal to Mrs Pamela Noakes boxed with citation and photos. £30-60
137.    Military: WW1 Princess Mary tin 1914. £30-50
138.    World War One: A rare family archive relating to second Lieutenant William George Beaumont Edwards, 22nd Battalion London Regiment, who was killed at Highwood. The lot includes diaries and letters, some written from the trenches, studio portraits in uniform, miniature medals, a hand drawn map from a fellow officer of the battlefield at Highwood showing where he was killed, a letter of condolence from Sir James Bird and even several signed cheques from Lieutenant Beaumont Edwards. The second part of the collection concerns his brother Lieutenant Frederick Beaumont Edwards of the Artists Rifles. It includes his victory/war and defence medals, album of photographs of France dated 1919. One letter is written to Captain Pelham Warner, later tour manager of the England cricket team's infamous 1932-33 Bodyline Tour of Australia, other letters including a superb panoramic shot of the July 1916 draft at Aldershot prior to leaving for France. The final part of the archive concerns William Graham Beaumont Matthews of the Queens Royal Regiment who was killed January 16th 1941. This includes his 39-45 medal, photographs and correspondence. A rare collection. £500-800
139.    Military Uniforms: Major G.Z. Hyde no: 2279 2/8th Punjab Regiment. British/Indian Army. Mess Dress. 'Monkey' jacket, waistcoat, 'overall' trousers plus 'Wellington' riding boots. Dated 3/7/25. All buttons & badges present. Made by J.B. Johnston Ltd. London & Dublin. Plus Major Hyde's khaki 'Tropical' shirt and trousers. After his service Major Hyde joined the Indian Civil Service. NB: He was born 1897 and died 1978. £60-80
140.    Fashion: Frank Usher evening gown, c70s/80s. Black velvet bodice, deep V front and back, sequin and bead trim in the form of leaves to neckline. Full satin skirt, black ground with a design of leaves and flowers in Schiaparelli pink. Net and taffeta double under skirt. Frank Usher label. Size 14/16. £40-60
141.    Fashion: Black crepe evening top. Long sleeves, round neck, button back fastening. Heavily trimmed with bugle glass in an organic design. Approx. Size 18. £30-50
142.    Fashion: Munrospun maxi length wool shirt dress. Turn down collar, pin tuck bodice, long sleeves, button cuff. Multi design in shades of green, black and brown. Tie belt. Size 14. £30-50
143.    1970s Fashion: Cream crochet trouser suit. Long tunic top, long sleeves, round neck. Straight trousers. Approx. Size 12. £30-40
144.    Millinery: A Town shell size 7 and a Town Coke (bowler) size 7¼. £40-80
145.    Millinery: Formal Morning drab shell hats, grey with black band, size 7 and 7¼. One a Wilson & Stafford and one a Dunn & Co. and a Dents pair of gents gloves. £50-100
146.    Fashion: Mappin & Webb, brown snakeskin handbag. Classic shape, suede lined, zip compartment. Mappin & Webb brass nameplate, twin handles, yellow metal furnishings. £40-60
147.    Fashion: Waldybag, retro raised ostrich print handbag, suede lined with zip compartment, worn. Suzy Smith, black leather gloss handbag, envelope button fastening, lined, with zip compartment. (2) £20-40
148.    Fashion: Chinese banquet bag with lavish colour glass bead embroidery. Black ground, blue, green, red and purple flower design, satin lined. With matching tie belt. £30-50
149.    Fashion: Harrods evening bag, decorated with mother of pearl bugle beads, in a stripe design. Lined with white satin, with Harrods label, white metal chain handle and furnishings. Also gold coloured evening bag , lined, yellow metal furnishings. 2 bags. £40-60
150.    Fashion: Gloves by Cornelia James, Morley, Gant Neynet Paris, Van Raalte. Day gloves, leather, suede, evening, court gloves, elbow length, kid and suede,. 21 pairs. £40-60
151.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Leonardo Collection Boy doll - blue sky suit with mittens, cot blankets and teddy. Boxed with certificate. Approximately 20ins. £30-50
152.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: J C Leonhardt for Hannah, England. Abbie Ltd Edition 162/720 baby doll dressed in white lace on satin pillow, boxed with certificate. 17ins. Boxed. £20-40
153.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Ingles, Porcelanas, Artisticas. Boy - velvet jacket and cap, blue trainers, blue eyes, moving arms, approximately 15ins. Girl - fair hair, blue eyes, lace bonnet, cream dress with lace trim, on stand, approximately 13ins. Girl - white hair, lace bonnet, satin dress, on stand, approximately 12ins. All dolls are boxed. £40-60
154.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Leonardo Collection, girl doll - pink suit, white wool coat, pink hat, white trim, white teddy and cot blanket. Boxed with certificate. Approximately 21ins. £20-40
155.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Christening Day, Moments Most Dear, Danbury Mint Mother and Baby on stand. Boxed. £20-40
156.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Danbury Mint First Steps Mother - lemon dress, child - grey dress, on stand. Wedding Day Final Touches Mother - blue dress, grey hair. Doll in full wedding dress. Both boxed with certificates. £40-60
157.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Peggy Nesbit, Marie Antoinette, Madame Du Barry, Madam Pompadour, Southern Belle, Lily Langtree, Edwardian Lady, Mary, Queen of Scots, Lady Jane Grey, Flower Girl, 15th Century Lady, Queen Mary II,one other plus book House of Nesbit. All dolls boxed. 12. £60-80
158.    20th cent. Heirloom Dolls: Royal Doulton, Peggy Nesbit, pink sash, pink ribbon. Boxed. £30-50
159.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Royal Doulton, Nesbit Dolls - Big Sister, Little Model. Boxed. £30-50
160.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Royal Doulton Nesbit - Small Sister, Waiting. Boxed. £30-50
161.    20th Cent. Collectors Dolls: Royal Doulton Nesbit - The Muff, Winter. Boxed. £30-50
162.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: House of Nesbit replica of 1st Nesbit doll no. 233, HRM The Queen. Boxed. £20-40
163.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Royal Doulton Nesbit - Swansdown. Boxed. £20-30
164.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Peggy Nesbit - Henry VIII and his Wives. Boxed. £30-50
165.    Racing Pigeons: Prize prints from Calne Homing Pigeon Club, three signed by the President Henry Harris (bacon) of Calne, unframed. 1892 x,2 1893, 1894, 1895, 1896 x 2, 1897. Total 8. £50-80
166.    Bird Prints: 20th cent. Folio containing six prints depicting the "Birds of the UK". Issued by Cage Birds, London S.E.I. Plus eight "Fancy Pigeon Information" cards issued by Feathered World 1908. £20-40
167.    Sport - Hobbies Trade Cards: F. Capern (Bird Seed) postcard size trade cards advertising Capern Seeds, issued in 1926. 43/54. £50-80
168.    Photos & Postcards: 19th cent. Family photos, card de viste, greeting cards, family letters, silk card from France 4th October 1917. £20-30
169.    Photos: Negative glass plates showing ladies and gentlemen in evening attire, a Church plus Church choirs etc. £20-40
170.    British Rail Ephemera: 1950s London Underground diagram x 2, 1953 Railways Instruction to Stations booklets on locomotives etc. Model Railways booklet and Trackwork by G & R Wrenn Ltd. £30-50
171.    Books and Ephemera: 'Scouting for Boys' boys edition, 'Scouting Games', 'The Scouts How To Do It Book', 'The Scouts Book of Gadgets and Dodges', 'The Gateway to all the Scout Tests', 'The Startler Book of the Air', 'Dolls How To Make Them', 'Ships' book one, 'Living Fountains', 'Rules of Golf', etc. Plus stereo cards and view master discs. £30-50
172.    Football Programmes: Arsenal 50s, 60s, Swindon, Spurs, West Ham, 52-53 Saints International matches, Tennis International indoor at the Empire Pool 1959, West Hants Club 1959, Eastbourne 1958, Wimbledon 1959 & Speedway 1953 & 64. £30-50
173.    Sport: Football 1970 -2010 collection of eight football sticker albums including 09/10 Champions League unused. Topps Premier League unused, Topps England 2010 unused, Panini's 83 x 2, used with stickers, Panini's 85 used with stickers, Panini's 90, used with stickers. 1970/72 Soccer Star Gala Collection used with stickers & World Cup Soccer Stars Mexico '70 used with stickers, plus the Official Comic Scrap-book sticker album 1991 & Sainsburys makers of the Millennium Medal Collection. £60-80
174.    Games and Pastimes: Shove ha'penny board with 5 half pennies, plus a set of dominoes. £20-40
175.    Toys and Games: Compendium of Cribbage and Dominoes (boxed), Monopoly set with card cars, rocking horse, battleship, iron tokens, Waddingtons playing cards advertising safety matches, Goodall's "Elfin" playing cards, "Sorry", "Canasta" etc (1 x tray). £20-30
176.    Toys: Lego System (1959), in treen box. Two build bases, Lego blocks, wheels, flags, trees, signs, and Lego idea booklets 1 and 2. Box 18¾ins. x 15ins. With slide on lid. £50-80
177.    Toys: Yonezaw Japanese American Airlines DC7 tinplate N4070A with box. £120-150
178.    Toys: Tinplate Tomiyama "Firebird Racer" grey with No3 Japanese racing care with box. £100-120
179.    Toys: Marx Brothers tinplate Curtiss P/40 brown Warhawk fighter plane with box. £80-120
180.    Toys: Die cast Corgie "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" boxed. £40-60
181.    Folk Music Ephemera: The Yetties 1975 poster promoting tour for album 'Let's Have A Party', plus eight press promotional photographs, two of them signed (first names). Three copies of The Yetties magazine and a small collection of band ephemera for 'The Horses Brawl Band.' £30-40
182.    Autographs: Collection of signed photographs and scraps, some personalised from film stars, Rock Hudson, Sophia Loren, James Mason (3), Liz Taylor and Richard Burton. £80-120
183.    Autographs: Typed letter to Chris Roberts signed in green ink, Steve McQueen, possibly secretarial. Plus a black and white photograph signed 'Steve McQueen The Hunter'. (2) £100-150
184.    Autographs: Richard Brandon, Alan Whicker, Peter Bowles, and Sandy Gall. All to photographs. Framed and glazed. (4) £30-50
185.    Autographs: Collection of signed notes and scraps from noted pioneers and explorers, including Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Chris Bonnington, Sir Peter Scott, Brian Trubshaw and Sheila Scott. (10) £30-50
186.    Autographs - Film Directors and Stars: Including Alfred Hitchcock, Stanley Kubrick, Jack Cardiff, Bing Crosby, Joan Crawford, and Christopher Reeve. Approx. 21. £120-180
187.    Autographs: Album of signed cards and scraps. Including Richard Nixon, Hubert Humphrey (2), Harold Brown and Billy Graham. £30-50
188.    Books: Miniature Bible new and old Testaments 2nd edition 29th March 1901 published and printed by David Bryor and Son and Henry Frowde, some damage. £60-80
189.    Books: J.K. Rowling "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" first edition, mint condition, with dust cover. £30-50
190.    Books: J.K. Rowling "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" first edition, mint condition, unread with dust cover. £30-50
191.    Books: J.K. Rowling "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" First edition error copy (page 99) mint condition, unread with dust cover. £40-80
192.    Books: A superb Victorian album of 250 dried Scottish ferns dating from 1878. The lot is sold with it's Glasgow and West Scotland Horticultural Society Certificate of Merit for Mr Scott, dated 1978. £200-300
193.    Books and maps from around Britain. Includes Blue Book Guide, The Charm of Lancashire, RAC County Road Map, and Gazeteer 5 volumes AA Motoring Maps of Britain, etc. 2 boxes. £40-60
194.    Ephemera: Theatre programmes, advertising, greeting cards, etc. £40-60
195.    Ephemera: Post war clothing book, POSB, identity cards, fuel ration books, war pension book, driving licences, national insurance cards, The Pru Assurance book, car tax disks, work cards and passes etc plus advertising for Benylin, Sunlight soap, black ink, Shelly Thorn Needles etc. Motor vehicle driver handbooks, maintenance book includes Hercules cycle, Austin A40, Bedford 10-12 cwt, Hillman Minx, Ford Eight, Wolseley, Standard Eight, etc. £40-60
196.    Art/Books: "Masters of AA Series" volumes include Flemish, Dutch & German painters, 18th/19th cent. English papers, Venetian & North Italian painters, French Impressionist & post impressionist painters, Florentine & Central Italian painters, Pre-impressionist French & Spanish painters with 20th cent. British & European artists. Bound in new 'terracotta' cloth. 7 Volumes. £30-50
197.    Books: Classics including Shakespeare, Dumas, Stevenson, Dickens, plus poetry. Approx. 48 books. (1 Box). £50-80
198.    Books: Observer books, triple & doubles of some volumes, 113 volumes in total. £30-50
199.    Football: Signed 2009 Manchester United Shirt, Purchased at a charity auction for Oliver's Legacy. Framed. £80-120
200.    Football: Signed Rio Ferdinand '5' Manchester United home shirt. Framed and mounted. £40-70
201.    Movies/Football: Signed Pele 'Escape to Victory' Football shirt. Framed and glazed. 13ins. x 32ins. £50-80
202.    Exploration: Pacific Flyer Balloon montage, signed by pilots Richard Branson and Per Linstrand including a piece of the balloon. Famed and glazed. 28ins. x 38ins. £150-250
203.    Movies: Greg Couch Rodney Robot signed montage. 32ins. x 40ins. £50-80
204.    Astronomy: Celestron CPC Series Starbright XLT Astronomical telescope and Stand. £300-500
205.    Automobilia: Original exhaust for Nico Rosberg's FW29-05 From the 2000 Turkish Grand Prix with Williams F1, on display stand. £400-600
205A.   Automobilia: Early 20th cent. Germania brass and steel carriage lamps with makers mark - a pair. 13½ins. £100-150
206.    Film Posters/ Autographs: "Shrek" signed by Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow, Mike Myers and Jeffrey Katzenberg with certificate of authenticity, framed 39ins. x 26½ins. come dink's. Plus "Shrek 2" signed by Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, Cameron Diaz, John Cleese, Julie Andrews, Antonio Banderas, Rupert Everett and Larry King with certificate of authenticity, framed 35ins. x 24½ins. with a film poster for Walt Disney's "The Chronicles of Narnia", not signed. Framed and glazed, 39¾ins. x 26½ins. (3). £50-80
206A.   Automobilia: Early 20th cent. Wayne Tank and Pump Company Skeleton petrol pump set on a concrete stand 14ins. x 14ins. Enamel 'Super Shell' top plaque; original security tags, brass 'grade 1' petrol tag & green paint. Replacement dispenser hose E.N.M. chrome counter. 7ft. tall including stand. £500-800
207.    Formula one: Johnny Herbert signed limited edition European Grand Prix print. 19ins. x 27ins. £50-80
208.    Formula One: Large limited edition Michael Schumacher Ferrari Formula One photograph. 29ins. x 19ins. £40-70
209.    Motor Racing: Simon Taylor Limited edition print 'The Monza Winning Formula' 31/500 signed by David Coulthard. Framed. £40-70
210.    Formula One: Rubens Barrichello 2004 Ferrari signed photograph. Framed and glazed. 24ins. x 16ins. £60-100
211.    Automobilia: Formula 1 Signed Kimi Raikkonen and Pedro De La Rosa 2005 Bahrain Grand Prix vehicle plate with Maclaren Formula One team show card. Framed. £50-80
212.    Music: John Lennon Imagine "Limited" Edition Collectors Series Gold Disc. Framed and glazed. 15ins. x 20ins. £50-80
213.    Music: Beatles 'Let it Be/Magical Mystery Tour' limited edition collectors series platinum coloured discs. Framed and glazed. 35ins. 26ins. £80-120
214.    Football: 1966 World Cup Willy Mann Pennant. Famed and glazed. £40-60
215.    Motor Racing: Mercedes Formula One Nico Rosberg signed helmet visor and Michael Schumacher signed baseball cap. In presentation shadow box. £500-800
216.    Football: 1966 England World Cup presentation with signatures for the team including Bobby Moore. Framed and glazed. £120-180
217.    Music: Guns n Roses Limited Edition 'Use Your Illusion 2' gold disc montage. Framed and glazed. 35ins. x 26ins. £70-100
218.    Autographs: Signed Adam West Batman photograph with unsigned Robin. Framed and glazed. £40-70
219.    Horse Racing: Frankie Dettori signed Epsom 2007 photograph with certificate of authenticity. Famed and glazed. 11ins. x 15ins. £40-70
220.    Sports - Football Trade Cards 1930s: An Album containing photo trade cards featuring famous footballers of the times. Including Topical Times, Panel Portraits, (1933-36) 50, Footballers Special Issue (coloured 1934) 8, and Footballers Triple Portraits (1937) 8, all E size. £80-120
221.    Sports - Football Trade Cards 1960s: Typhoo Tea Premium issues Famous Football Clubs (4) and International Stars (32). Size E. £80-120
222.    Trade Cards 1958: Master Vending Company Bubblegum cards. Album containing three complete sets of cards.
1) Cardmaster Football Tips x 50. 2) Did you know - football x 50. 3) Cricketer Series New Zealand 1958 x 16. Fine condition. Also included is an album "The Esso Collection of Football Club Badges", complete with 76 coloured foil badges. £30-50
223.    Motorsport: Formula One Ferrari World Champion Michael Schumacher signed montage. Framed and glazed. 34ins. x 15ins. £80-120
224.    Rugby: Signed Jason Robinson England vs Australia 2003 photograph 626/1000. Framed and glazed. 27ins. x 20ins. £60-80
225.    Formula One: Jenson Button, Brawn, signed Grand Prix montage. Framed and glazed. 32ins. x 15ins. £40-70
225A.   Books: Shires and provinces by Lionel Edwards, handwritten inscription "To Capt H.N. Piggin from Lionel Edwards Xmas 1926" (Refer to auctioneers for condition reports). Plus "My Hunting Sketch Book", written and illustrated by Lionel Edwards, handwritten notation "To Harry Piggin from the author 1928". £150-250
226.    Icons: Concorde photograph signed by the former chief pilot Mike Bannister and BA photographer Adrian Meredith. Framed and glazed. £50-80
227.    Slade Hampton and Son, limited edition set of five silver medallions, depicting the Apollo missions. Includes letters of authenticity. £70-100
228.    Railways - GWR: Early glass ink wells embossed GWR a pair. £30-50
229.    Railways: GWR railways service badges (3), a GWR stamp, a duplicate stamp, Ephemara GWR and Kennet and Avon canal and navigation notices 1908 Whitsun tide stoppage x 2, a GWR notices, identification cards for 1914, GWR post cards x 6 plus an envelope from GWRC. £50-80
230.    Railways - GWR: Ticket machine in green unnamed plate brass No plate A680. £40-60
231.    Sporting & Pastimes: Flat green 'lignum vitae' wooden bowls (5ins.) bias 3. One pair by Jaques & Son and another by Taylor-Rolph. (4). Contained in a bowls carrying bag. £30-50
232.    Cameras: Praktica MTLS camera with pentacon Auto 1.8/50 lens and other spare lenses Nacro 580, pentacon 4/200, Douplan 2.8/50, a flash (boxed), a Zenlt EM camera and lens plus a Kodak Brownie 8mm movie camera. £40-80
233.    Collectors Telephones: Cream BT8746G and a two tone green telephone MK2 BMF. (2) £30-40
234.    Collectors Radios: 'Pathfinder' Marc, double conversion, World Band Radio with BFO. Model no. NR-52F1. Japan. 1975. (1) £60-80
235.    Collectors Radio/TV: Hitachi. Trimode transistor portable combination, colour TV, cassette recorder, and radio. Model CKP.100. (1) £40-60
236.    Collectors Radios: 'Trans - Oceanic' Zenith, solid state. Model, Royal 7000-1. USA. (1) £60-80
237.    Collectors Radios: A Robert R600 (Red faux leather), and a 'Steepletone' radio, model NR 881C, in the form of a jukebox. (2) £30-50
238.    Radio: Ekco radio, Bakelite case, model U319. £20-40
239.    Sport - Angling: 20th cent. 36 piece display comprising of antique Greenheart & cane combination rod, fly rod, fly box containing 50 flies & nymphs, seven float rigs, and 22 assorted British and French lures mounted on a wallboard. £80-120
240.    Otis Kings Calculator with instruction leaflet and decimal equivalent card. £20-30
241.    WWII Binoculars. Taylor - Hobson 1943. Bino prism No.2. Mk 3 x 6 No.296273. Original leather case (with later Horse Racing Badges). £40-60
242.    19th cent. Brass repeater carriage clock French enamel dial, black Roman numerals. £150-200
243.    Clocks: 20th cent. Anniversary clock mounted on a plinth and under a glass dome. £40-60
244.    Clocks: 20th cent. Factory clocking in/time clock from Harris' of Calne, Wiltshire. National Time Recorder, London. In oak case, silvered dial (stamped 61047), with key. 13ins. x 14ins. x 9ins. £60-80
245.    Clocks: British India Steam Navigation Company, brass bulk head wall clock dial 9ins. diam. £60-80
246.    19th cent. & later Advertising: Bottles and pots Bristol Burnishing ink, Holloways gout liniment, Dr Roberts Bridport, Virol bone marrow, Heinz mustard, Bourne patent, adaptable hot water, bottle of The Old Fulham Pottery. Approx. 27. (2 trays). £30-50
247.    19th cent. & later stoneware ink, liqueur bottle including Glasgow Pottery Company. (12). £30-50
248.    20th cent. Ceramics - Advertising: Royal Doulton, specially commissioned for Jim Beam Bourbon whisky (USA) 'Uncle Sam' x 2, plus Aidee liqueurs, Bovey Tracey, flasks. (5). £30-50
249.    Stoneware: Harvest Sprigged ware 3 jugs (1 Doulton), stoneware pitcher and a harvest white metal rimmed tankard. £20-30
250.    Bottles: 18th cent. & later onion & other bottle fragments. Large quantity (1 box). £20-30
251.    Bottles: 19th cent. Bottles & demi-johns, greens, blues, brown. Including Stratton; Devizes bottle, seal on one. Approx. 17. (1 Box). £30-50
252.    19th/20th cent. Stoneware: Bottles, flagons, inkwells, etc. Large quantity. (3 Boxes). £40-60
253.    Bottles: 19th cent. & later Hamilton's Green & iridescent & translucent aerated water including Summers Co, Matthew Millard Trowbridge, Withey & Co. Bath, South Combe & ? Bath, The Bath Aerated Water Company 10ins. - 7ins. (18). £40-50
254.    Bottles: 19th cent. & later medicine, lotion, tinctures tonic glass bottles in blues, green & red. Approx. 50. £50-80
255.    19th cent. Glassware: Hardens Hand Grenade Fire Extinguisher, blue ribbed, impressed details & 'star'. Original cork/seal & contents. 6½ins. tall. NB: This lot cannot be posted. £20-30
256.    Bottles: 19th cent. & later spirit and medicine glass bottles, including Bath Brewery Co, C.J. Hughes of Bath, etc. (10). £30-50
257.    Bottles: 18th/19th cent. Brown & green glass 'chestnut' bottles, bulbous, one with string neck & one helix glass coil to neck 9½ins & 8½ins. respectively. (2). £80-120
258.    Glassware: Romano style iridescent glass flask. 4½ins. £50-80
259.    Bottles: 18th cent. & later Green iridescent liqueur bottles one mallet shaped. 11ins. to 8ins. (4). £60-100
260.    Bottles: 18th cent. Green glass gin bottles. Pig snout tapering sides, 10½ins. x 10ins. (x 2) 3 total. £60-80
261.    Bottles: 17/18th cent. & later 'seal' onion and mallet shaped glass bottles, a/f seals removed, etc. (4). £30-50
262.    Bottles: 17th/18th cent. Green glass squat onion bottle. 6ins. (1). £150-250
263.    Bottles: 18th cent. French green olive glass truffle bottles. Tapering cylindrical form. 8ins. tall & 2½ins. diameter base and 6ins. tall & 2½ins. diameter base. (2). £300-400
264.    Bottles: 17th cent. Squat, green glass onion bottles, lip collar. 5½ins. plus an elongated mallet bottle 7ins. (2). £150-250
265.    20th cent. LLadro: Figures, 5598 'Girl with Bonnet', 0594 'Lady with Stool', A78 'Young Girl with Shawl', 5644 'Girl Wearing a Bonnet' (4). £40-60
266.    20th cent. Lladro: Figures, 5277 'Clown with Dog on Legs', 5278 'Clown with Dog Sitting', 5279 'Clown with Dog Begging, and a Ballerina.(4). £40-60
267.    20th cent. Lladro: A Spanish dancer, 5604 girl with flowers plus 524 girl with cats. £30-40
268.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro (1983) "Girl with Basket of Flowers", "Girl with basket of Flowers in Front" (1981) plus "Edyth" a Coalport girl (3). £30-50
269.    20th cent. Lladro and Nao: 4895 Goose with clutch Nao 2 geese, 3 geese, Ballerina with ball plus young ballerina, (5). £30-50
270.    Royal Doulton Horses: DA 43 'Shire Mare', DA 77 'Foal', DA 78 'Foal'. Beswick Horses: No. 710 'Bois Roussel', second version a/f, No. 975 'Cantering Shire', and No. 1034 'Shetland Foal'. (6).
271.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Swan LX. £30-50
272.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Artic fox plus baby rabbit LX. £30-50
273.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Badger L111. £30-50
274.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Squirrel LV. £30-50
275.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Carolina Duck LX. £40-60
276.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Cockerell LX11 - Hen LVII. £50-70
277.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Ginger Tom Cat LV. £80-120
278.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight King Charles Spaniel MMIII, boxed. £50-70
279.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Penguin LII. £30-40
280.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Dolphin LI. £30-40
281.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Felicity The Field Mouse & Harvest Mouse. £40-60
282.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Yorkshire Rose Tortoise. £40-60
283.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Jack Russell MMVIII. £50-70
284.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Lamb LV. £30-40
285.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Llama, unboxed. £50-80
286.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Llama, boxed. £80-100
287.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Meerkat MMVIII, unboxed. £40-60
288.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Meerkat MMVIII, boxed. £50-60
289.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Imari Moonlight Badger. £30-50
290.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Pheasant L. £30-40
291.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Frog MLIX, Otter MMII. £40-50
292.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Armadillo and Terrapin. £70-80
293.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Pig Family - large, medium & small. (3). £60-70
294.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Bee Eater and Squirrel. £80-100
295.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Tropical Fish Gourami. £40-50
296.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Wren, Chaffinch & Blue Tit. (3). £80-100
297.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweights Blue Jay. £40-50
298.    Crown Derby: Imari paperweight Sitting Dove. £40-60
299.    Karl Ens bird figures. Two birds on a branch and four other bird figures. (6). £50-80
300.    Karl Ens bird figures. Blue tit family, four birds on a branch. A single blue tit (small chip to base), a great tit, and a stone chat. (5). £40-60
301.    Karl Ens bird figures. A nuthatch, great tit, linnet, and 1 other, (one with small chip to leaf). (4). £40-60
302.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick Horses - Connemara Pony "Terese of Lean" standing 1641 gloss/ grey, black stamp 7ins. plus a foal (2). £30-50
303.    19th cent. Vienna figure of a male holding grapes, with a female holding a flower, beehive mark to base. No. 1368. 5½ins. £30-50
304.    19th cent. Ceramics: Meissen parrot, crossed swords in blue under glaze, incised 63, impressed assemblers no. 94, painters no. 94. circa. 1870. Some damage. £800-1000
305.    20th cent. Karl Ens: Bird figures Kingfisher, Stone Chat, Blue Tit, Great Tit, Grey Wag Tail, a Cuckoo being fed by the hosts mother plus a Blue Tit. (6). £50-80
306.    Karl Ens figure of an Asiatic pheasant. 12½ins. £50-80
307.    20th cent. German clock, garniture with muses, putti and floral decoration. £60-80
308.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton 'Coralie' (1963), 'Marilyn' (1985), 'Paula' (1979), 'Fair Lady' (1962), and a small 'Fair Lady' figurine. (5) £40-60
309.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics. Coalport 'Bat Wing' tea china, cups x 6, saucers x 6, side plates x 6, sugar bowl and creamer, fruit bowls (a pair). £50-60
310.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics. Coalport 'Belford' blue and white china, milk jug a/f, side plates x 5, cups x 4, saucers x 5, assorted egg cups x 4, cake plate, sandwich plate, and Willow trio. £40-70
311.    19th cent. & later Stoneware - Advertising: Including jars, flask & jugs, Griffiths of Lambeth, Powell of Bristol, Ballard of Chichester, King's Head Tavern in the Poultry, Bath Aerated Water Aerated Water Company, etc. (14). £100-150
312.    Late 19th/Early 20th Doulton Lambeth stoneware teapot. Impressed 9853, with original strainer. Sprigged decoration. £50-80
313.    17/18th cent. Brown Salt glazed Bellarmine jug, 11ins. £100-150
314.    19th cent. Doulton Lambeth stoneware Tyg. Sprigged decoration, mural motifs with hallmarked silver rim, plus another stoneware jug. (2). £50-80
315.    19th cent. Cream & green glazed 'Salisbury' style kettle a/f. (crack to top handle). £30-50
316.    Early 19th cent. Saltglaze: Advertising 'Black Boy Pub' spirit bottle. 1839 in the form of a young Queen Victoria. Embossed with licensee's name 'Vickress' sic James, and the address 'Whitecross Street, St. Lukes, (London). 10¾ins. £50-80
317.    19th cent. Stoneware Doulton & Watts Lambeth; Nelson character jug 8ins. £80-120
318.    Early 19th cent. Ceramics: George Whitfield Toby Jug Enoch Wood, c1820, Night watchman Toby Jug. Seated on a Queen Anne style chair, the back of the chair forms the spout of the jug. The watchman is wearing a red coat, with a black hat on his lap and holds a lantern. Approx. 8ins. A/F £80-120
319.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Winston Churchill" Toby jug 9¼ins., Royal Doulton "The Falconer" 7¾ins. plus a Shaw and Son "Burlington ware" Toby jug 6ins. (3). £50-60
320.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Lambeth jardiniere in autumn colours 10¼ins. high and diam. £40-60
321.    Doulton and Slater ceramic Jack RD No 13799, No 2677 leather hallmarked silver rim and a tumbler (AF) London 1910 Saunders and Shepard. £30-50
322.    19th cent. German K. P. M. Berlin porcelain plaque, 'Ruth in a Cornfield'. Impressed to reverse 'K.P.M. and scepter' (twice). 'Crown' and 'h' and numerical's '237' and '158'. Painted script 'Die Ruth'. Signed R. Dittrich, framed and mounted. 9¼ins. x 6¼ins. £2500-3500
323.    20th cent. Royal Doulton blue ground, baluster vase, gilt turning to the shoulders. 11ins. £40-60
324.    Early 20th cent. Staffordshire 'Wullie' dogs (marked, hand painted). (2) Plus a Copeland Spode (marked, Reg-applied for), Churchill jug. (3) £20-40
325.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flat backs. Hunting Highlander with stag, 18ins. Plus a lady and gentleman, lady holding flowers and a mandolin. 15ins. £40-60
326.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Kent Staffordshire greyhounds with caught rabbit - a pair, plus a Beswick Dalmatian standing. £100-120
327.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flat backs. Dick Turin and Tom King. A pair. £40-70
328.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flat backs. Spill vase couple, girl holding flowers, boy with a spade, 15ins. Mandolin musician, 13ins. Lady with a basket, 6ins. Huntsman, 9ins. £40-70
329.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flat backs. Comfort dogs. Liver and white collar with padlock. £50-60
330.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1993 Oberon patterned ginger jar, 6ins. tall. £80-120
331.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1952 Baluster vase, Anemone pattern on green ground, 6½ins. high. £100-140
332.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: Post 1953 Anemone dressing table box and cover 5ins. x 4ins. 1½ins. no receipt 1990 £135. £50-80
333.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1993 Baluster shaped vase in the Oberon pattern, 8¼ins. high £120-150
334.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1950 Ovoid vase, Clematis pattern, 5½ins. high. £120-150
335.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1935 Blue ground baluster shaped vase in the orchid pattern, 5½ins. high. £200-250
336.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1906 McIntyre small posy vase, blue & yellow poppies on white ground, 6ins. high. Restored. £350-450
337.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1950 Small globular vase, African Lily pattern on green ground, with paper by appointment to Queen Mary label on base, 4½ins. high. £150-180
338.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1995 Small baluster vase in the rare Lamia pattern by Rachel Bishop depicting water lilies & bulrushes, 4ins. high. £100-140
339.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1914 Pale green ground baluster shaped vase in the pansy pattern, 8½ins. high. £1000-1200
340.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1916 Baluster vase, pomegranate pattern on dark blue ground, 6ins. high.
341.    Moorcroft - The Newman Collection: c1995 Small slender necked posy vase in the rare Lamia pattern by Rachel Bishop depicting water lilies & bulrushes, 6ins. high. £120-150
342.    David Eeles. Slip glaze studio lamp base. Shepherds well monogram impressed to base. D. E and Well cypher.
343.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Bonn Franz Anton Mehlem. Backstamp, red crown, initials F.M. & 55. bulbous vase, elongated neck, two handles. Chinoiserie pattern of bamboo & flowers. Shape 268. 14ins. tall. £50-80
344.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Copenhagen Celadon vase, crackle glaze, baluster shape. Fluted design, gilt decoration. Green backstamp, numbered L/57. 2791. 9½ins. tall. 8ins. diameter (at widest point). £120-160
345.    20th cent. Japanese: Copper embossed photo frame with silvered finish. Decorated with chrysanthemums and dragons with key pattern margin. a/f. 7¾ins. x 7¾ins. £30-60
346.    18th cent. & later Oriental ginger jars. 6ins. to 4ins. (4). £50-60
347.    Early 20th cent. Japanese vases, decorated with red crowned cranes, signed Tokyo Japan. (1 a/f). £120-150
348.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Chinese double gourd vase, decorated with white flowing prunus blossoms, on blue ground. 12ins. £100-150
349.    Japanese Imari cylinder vases, unsigned. A pair (1 a/f). 12ins. £30-50
350.    Chinese blue and white baluster shaped vase, fluted body and flared rim. 18ins. £100-150
351.    20th cent. Glass: Venetian handmade purple glass decanter & six spirit glasses, overlaid with silver decoration. £60-80
352.    19th/early 20th cent. Ravenshead spun and blown glass Diorama of exotic birds, contained under glass. Approx. 12ins. £80-120
353.    Glass: Early 19th cent. Green glass rolling pin. 15ins. £40-60
354.    Studio Glass: Blue iridescent vase, cylinder shape with flared rim. Possibly Isle of Wight glass works. Approx. 6ins. tall. £40-60
355.    20th cent. Art Glass: Heavy crystal glass vase, wheel engraved with carp and seaweed. Modern 20th cent. Tumbler to commemorate the capture of King Charles I, 1646. A yellow stem vase decorated in black and white enamel. Art vase, clear blue with beaded decoration and circular base. Plus one other with cabouchons around the body. (5). £50-70
356.    19th cent. American Art Glass: Vasa Murrhina Glass Co, Sandwich, Massachusetts. Geometric baluster shaped, blue & green floral motif with faux tube lining, engraved in ground Pontil Murrhina, Lu Viny and initials T.W. with C. above 8½ins. £150-200
357.    19th cent. Ruby and clear glass epergne with spiral decoration. 3 branch. £30-60
358.    Hallmarked Silver: Two handled chalice. The rim and base decorated with Gothic style floral rosette decoration. Makers mark F. Elkington London 1878. Approx 30g. £300-500
359.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments set, comb, butter knives (6) boxed & a continental tea caddy spoon. Various hallmarks & dates. £30-50
360.    Hallmarked Silver: Victorian wheel glass Hallmarked silver topped perfume bottles (2) plus a Hallmarked silver dressing table set (3 part) a/f. £30-50
361.    Hallmarked Silver: Dressing table sets, 5 brushes, 1 mirror plus a boxed set of butter knives, serving fork, boot hook & a ladle. Should be 361.
362.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoons & ladles, 3 salt spoons, 2 sauce ladles, 1826 Charles Shipway, a shell pattern tea caddy spoon 1988 P.H. Vogel 2ozs. plus 2 photo frames, one with import marks and a perfume cut glass bottle with silver collar but no stopper. £30-60
363.    Hallmarked Silver: Dessert forks x 9, London 1855, 1867 George W. Adams. (Chawner's & Co.) x 7, London 1845 Samuel Hayne & Dudley Carter x 3. 15oz. £100-120
364.    Sterling Silver: Cutlery, ex. property Virginia Parsons 1910-2008, American, Buttercup pattern by Gorham - 6 knives, forks, 6 teaspoons, 5 cake forks, 1 cake fork, 1 dessert spoon. 3 teaspoons and 1 fork different pattern. Knives not weighed 26oz. £240-280
365.    Hallmarked Silver: Teaspoons London 1927 James Pryne Kings pattern 6½oz. £50-80
366.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiment set of 2 peppers, 2 salts (cut glass with silver collar), plus 3 Indian pots, salt, pepper, mustard. Very ornate. 5ozs. (salts not weighed). £30-60
367.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea service, tea for one with teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug. Birmingham 1901, J. Sherwood & Sons. 10½oz. Inclusive. £150-200
368.    Hallmarked Silver: Salt with liner and pepper pot. £10-20
369.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening set comprising knife, fork & spoon. Mappin & Webb Sheffield marks. 3ozs inclusive in a presentation box. £30-50
370.    Chinese Export: Silver and other commemorative spoons x 11. 5ozs. £70-100
371.    Hallmarked Silver: Rectangular serving tray, reeded edge on ball feet. London marks Mappin & Webb. Approx. 18ozs. £100-150
372.    Hallmarked Silver: Bowl and cream jug with ornate decorated rims, London marks, maker H.S., Approx. 13ozs. £90-120
373.    Hallmarked Silver: Salver inscribed with presentation notation, scallop edge, four paw feet. Chester 1924, Barker Brothers. Retailed Mallory of Bath. 34½oz. £300-400
374.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette cases, Birmingham. Smith & Bartlam. 4½oz. £30-50
375.    Hallmarked Silver: Two handled bowl, Birmingham marks, maker S.B. Approx. 10ozs. £70-80
376.    Hallmarked Silver: Candlesticks, Birmingham 1942 S. Blanckensee & Son Ltd. £40-80
377.    Hallmarked Silver: Michael Lloyd, chased Brittania Standard cup with stylised trees and inset gold sun, hallmarked London 1978, 4oz. In an oak presentation case. NB Michael Lloyd's work is to be found in the V&A, Fitzwilliam and Royal Scottish Museums. £300-500
378.    Hallmarked Silver: Art deco sugar bowl and spoon of planished design, Sheffield James Dixon marks in a presentation box. Approx. 10ozs. £100-150
379.    Hallmarked Silver: Bon bon basket with handle, assayed Birmingham 1916. Plus a pair of sugar nips. 2oz. £30-50
380.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoon, small pickle fork and a French snuff box with gilt interior. 3ozs. £20-40
381.    Yellow Metal: Hollow link fancy bracelet. Tests 9ct. £80-100
382.    Late 19th cent. Diamond Jewellery. A circular illusion brooch, the central old cut stone surrounded by multiple smaller stones, set in white metal, tests Platinum. £250-300
382A.   Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Bee/moth pendant set with ruby eyes and sapphire wings on a fine chain 4·3gms. £100-150
382B.   Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. single stone ring with oval cut ruby 2·6 carats rub-over setting. Inclusive 14·5gms. Birmingham 1963. Sponsors mark P & W. £2500-2800
382C.   Jewellery: Multi-coloured gold ladies graduated link necklace, marked and tested 375 9k. 16ins. Approx. 32 gms. £300-350
383.    Diamond & Emerald Jewellery: Boat shaped ring, centre stone ·75 plus two others ·10, emeralds cut approx. ·25 and 10 small stones. £500-600
384.    Jewellery: Cultured pearl graduated double string necklace of 138 beads with circular clasp of 1 large, surrounded by 12 smaller pearls, offset with Turquoise. The clasp stamped 9ct. In a Mallory & Son box. £200-300
385.    Jewellery: Gold, sapphire and diamond ring, stamped 18ct. plat. £80-120
386.    Gold Jewellery: Rings, 3 stone amethyst & white stone marked 585, fancy emerald & diamond marked 9ct. £50-80
387.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Cameo ring. £70-100
388.    Hallmarked Gold: An opal and heart bar brooch 9ct plus a 3 bar bracelet 6gms. £50-100
389.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct twin crescent moon bar brooch. £50-100
390.    Hallmarked Gold: Ladies knot ring, garnet cluster ring plus a signet ring, all 9ct, 8½gms. inclusive. £60-100
391.    Hallmarked Gold: Wedding band 22ct. 5gms. £120-160
392.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Cross over style cluster ring, set with 18ct. white gold circular pave set cluster head with polished halo. 7 x mixed cut (old/8 cut)
0·03ct. diamonds, 1 x old cut round diamond 0·07ct. Total diamond weight 0·28ct.
Weight 3·2gms. £300-400
393.    Gold Jewellery: 3 stone diamond set engagement ring, shank stamped 18ct and Plat (tested). £200-300
394.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Plain D section wedding band, (engraved inside of ring c-k 10.9.91). Size X, 3·5gms. £50-70
395.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Plain D section wedding band set with raised rub-over. 0·25ct. round brilliant cut diamond. Size S. 4·9gms. £250-350
396.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Plain D section wedding band, hallmark SJ375 London, (wr22 stamped inside). Size U. 3·8gms. £50-80
397.    Yellow Metal: Seed pearl tie pin - boxed, tested 9ct. gold. approx. 2ins. 1·4gms. £30-40
398.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Tapering Celtic knot style signet ring set with raised 9ct. white gold rub-over. 0.25ct. round brilliant cut diamond. £100-150
399.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Shirt dress studs x 5, disc backs with floral pattern. Combined weight 3·3gms. £110-160
400.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Tapering plain signet ring set with flush rub-over. 0·60ct. round brilliant cut diamond. Size W1/2. 5·7gms. £350-450
401.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct jewellery, 5 stone 'boat shape', diamond set engagement ring. Makers mark W.J.H. £150-200
402.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Dress ring, central red stone with pearl and red stone cluster. £30-50
403.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Plain D section wedding band (engraving inside of ring c-k 10.9.91). Size S 1/2, 1·6gms. £40-80
404.    Gold Jewellery: 15ct. Pearl and aqua marine pendent and chain 3½gms. £60-80
405.    Jewellery: Swedish leaf brooch by Borgila sterling silver mauve enamel leaf. £80-120
406.    Hallmarked Silver: Sterling silver ingot bar, RC Sheffield, approx. 1½ins. 29·4gms. £20-40
407.    Hallmarked Silver: Sterling silver ingot and silver trace chain, AS Sheffield. Chain length approx. 20ins. Total weight 33·5gms. £20-40
408.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Fine curb chain, 18ins. 1·7gms. £20-40
409.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Floral tie pin with ruby centre, approx. 2ins. 1gm. £30-50
410.    Yellow Metal: Tie pin with central star burst set, old cut diamond, tests 9ct. (approx. 0·15ct)Approx 1½ins. 1·3gms. £140-180
411.    Yellow Metal: Tie pin with old cut diamonds x 4 & central sapphire. Tests 9ct. Length approx. 2¼ins. 1·9gms. £140-180
412.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Cufflinks - a pair, hand engraved K P and pattern on other side. 4·5gms. £80-120
413.    Yellow Metal: Scrap Tested 9ct. small fragment. 1 gram. £20-25
414.    Yellow Metal: Seed pearl and bar tie pin. Tested 9ct. gold. Length approx. 2¼ins. 0·8gms. £20-30
415.    Jewellery: Yellow metal floral bar brooch, set with a red stone, possibly Garnet, marked and tested 9ct gold. £20-40
416.    Gold Coins: Victoria half sovereign, veiled head 1897. £90-100
417.    Gold Coins: Victoria 1884 young head, shield back. £100-120
418.    Gold Coins: Proof half sovereign 1989 with presentation box. £110-120
419.    Gold Coins: Proof Brittania 1/10 pound 1990 with presentation box. £70-100
420.    Hallmarked Silver: Jewellery, George Moss, identity bracelet marked. 925. Boxed. Approx. ¾oz. £20-30
421.    Costume Jewellery: Iridescent glass bead and block section necklace in an art deco style, with a pair of matching earrings (for pierced ears). 15¼ins. long x 2ins. depth. Plus a turquoise glass and fresh water pearl necklace and matching earrings (for pierced ears). Boxed. £40-60
422.    Hallmarked Silver & Costume Jewellery: Includes tie pins, rings, necklaces, cufflinks, etc. £30-50
423.    Jewellery: Yellow metal bracelet with 3 charms, opal and pearl brooch, locket and chain, bangle, white metal filigree broaches, mother of pearl hair clip, pendants etc. plus 2 sterling silver broaches. £30-50
424.    Costume Jewellery: Yellow metal clip on earrings, faceted drop earrings, gilt, soleil earrings, white metal, brooch set with faceted blue stone matching earrings. £30-50
425.    Watches: Mappin & Webb art deco yellow metal purse/travel watch. Leather sliding covers, Swiss movement, 17 jewels. £80-120
426.    Hallmarked Gold: Rolex Tudor Royal ladies wristwatch. 9ct case and bracelet. Presentation notation on the rear. 15½g. without movement. £200-300
427.    Watches: Rolex Tudor wristwatch 9ct. Hallmarked case, brown leather strap, signed movement, Tudor 17 rubies case inside Rolex RWC 31898 375. Back plate engraved "G. Sandford in appreciation of 42 years loyal service C.T. Harris (Calne) Ltd". £400-600
428.    Watches: Ladies gold 18ct pendent watch, white enamel dial with ornate gilt decoration. £100-150
429.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Ladies Rotary dress watch with gold plated expanding bracelet. (Mechanical). £80-120
430.    Watches: Gents Omega wrist watch, steel case, brown leather strap, black dial with Arabic numbers. £250-350
431.    Watches: Gents Seiko watch, Seiko Quartz watch, Zodiac watch, a ladies rolled gold watch plus a bracelet. £20-40
432.    Watches: 18ct. Gold gentleman's Rolex. Date, adjustable wristwatch with Jubilee bracelet model no 16018, 36mm case diameter, gross weight 124·7gms. strap marked 6311, with box of issue. Sold with insurance valuation for a new replacement. at £20,000. £7000-10000
432A.   Watches: Ladies yellow gold and stainless steel oyster perpetual Rolex watch with diamonds, model No. 6694, sold with box, papers and confirmation of purchase from Stefan's Jewelers in Cheshire. £2000-3000
433.    Objects of Virtu: Pocket sun dial and compass in a mahogany box. £80-120
434.    19th cent. Gentleman's boot kit. Includes jockey lifts, boot pulls, shoe horn, etc. Contained in a Moroccan red leather case by Maxwell of Dover Street, London with inscription on a brass plaque 'From Molly Dawkins 29th Sept 1885' and the name 'Rose' embossed on the lid. £40-80
435.    19th cent. Miniature painting of a Georgian lady in a modern frame, and two others and empty frames. (3) £50-80
436.    Smoking Requisites: DuPont France cigarette lighter No.84CLG15 in original box. £40-60
437.    Smoking Requisites: Cigarette lighters, Japanese horse novelty table lighter and a Spanish horse and cart novelty table lighter. £30-50
438.    Object of Virtu: 19th cent. Ladies ivory handled silk parasol, with oriental leaf design to the folding handle. Length 25ins. £20-40
439.    Early 20th cent. Sewing Requisites: Treen needle case shaped as an umbrella 12¼ins. long. £30-50
440.    Hallmarked Silver: Folding fruit knives with mother of pearl handles x 6, plus 3 knives with steel blades and mother of pearl handles. £30-50
441.    Hallmarked Silver: Folding fruit knives with ornate mother of pearl handles x 5, plus a silver folding fork with mother of pearl handle. £30-50
442.    Oriental: 19th cent. Ivory fans, filigree worked, painted, joined with silk ribbon. 6¼ins. and 4½ins. £30-50
443.    Hallmarked Silver thimbles x 6, a thimble in a mesh egg shaped holder with blue plush lining plus 2 Indian fragrance holders in filigree worked balls attached to attached to a hinged chain 1.4oz. £30-50
444.    Sewing Requisites: Tortoiseshell box, inlaid Etui opening to reveal sewing implements, (some missing) 2½ins. high. £40-80
445.    19th cent. Ivory sewing requisites pin cushions, tape measure, a dance book with 3 cards, an ornate cigarette holder, cotton holder, a child's spinning top and a wool threader. £30-50
446.    19th/20th cent. Ravenshead spun glass novelty item, woven as a blue and white, ladies tie belt. With original box and written provenance. Length 37ins. £50-80
447.    Snuff Boxes & Vesta's: Papier mache, Bakelite, treen, white metal. Carved, painted and inlaid (9). £40-60
448.    Seals: Gold plated seal, monogram carved in amber, child's 6 rotating seal with teething stick, seal carved in different stone, 2 19th cent. ivory seals, shaped fist and one with a turned handle. £40-60
449.    Objects of Virtu: Mother of pearl card case, mother of pearl counters, purse book, mother of pearl purse and thimble case and a leather covered handbag photo frame. £40-60
450.    Treen ware Sewing Requisites: Satin wood egg timer 3¼ins., satinwood tape measure plus 2 others, 5 x 19th cent. sewing scissors, a miniature scissor in the shape of a heron plus 1 other. £30-40
451.    Costume Jewellery & Objects of Virtu: Includes fruit knives, necklaces, silver and other brooches, OXO spoon, etc. £30-50
452.    Fountain Ink Pens: Parker '61', Parker 'USA', Creeks n' Creeks 'promotional Renault', and a Parker propelling pencil. All boxed. (4) £30-40
453.    19th cent. Indian Boar tusk amulet Indian silver mounts. £60-80
454.    19th cent. Indian ivory chess pieces King 5ins. queen 4¼ins. elaborate carving. £80-100
455.    19th cent. Indian ivory elephants a child's chop sticks and a prayer strip. £20-40
456.    Coins: Silver proof 1994 China, 1 Dollar 1oz fine silver 1993 x 2, £2 D- Day 1994 Alderney, £2 Liberation Jersey 1995, 10 Dollar Jamaica 1993, 5 Dollar 1994 Canada, 1 Dollar America 1994, 5 Crowns Turk's and Caicos, 17th Winter Olympics 1994 all silver Churchill Crown plus Age 2 5 Shillings both Cupro Nickel. £80-120
457.    Coins: Silver proof D-Day coins Turks and Caicos x 2, 1994 20 Crowns, Isle of Man Crown 1994 x 3, UK 50p, Guernsey £2, USA 1 Dollar, French 1 Frank, Polish 10,000Z. £60-100
458.    Stamps/Bullion 1978: Danbury Mint limited edition no 0394 of the 25th Anniversary of the Coronation. Includes a 2.35oz sterling silver ingot depicting the 9p State Coach stamp design, plus a F.D.C. of the anniversary issue and a certificate of authenticity, in original case. £30-50
459.    Stamps/Bullion 1977: Danbury mint limited edition of the Queens Silver Jubilee Tour of the UK. Includes 3.10oz sterling silver ingot in proof condition, plus four souvenir covers one posted in each of the four Home Country's Capital Cities, in original box. £40-60
460.    Stamps/Bullion 1978: Limited edition no 1153 issued by Danbury Mint to commemorative the 900th Anniversary of the Tower of London. Includes 2.35oz sterling silver ingot depicting the 1978 9p Tower of London design stamp, a first day cover of the 1978 Historic Buildings issue & certificate of authenticity, 1st March 1978 in original case. £30-50
461.    Stamps/Bullion 1977: Limited edition, Danbury Mint, of The Silver Jubilee stamp issue of 1977. Includes a 2.35oz sterling silver ingot depicting the 10p Jubilee issue stamp, plus a first day cover of the edition & a certificate of authenticity, in original case. £30-50
462.    Coins: 2005 silver proof Piedfort 4 coin collection. £80-120
463.    Coins: Silver coins George III to George V 43/40oz. plus ½ silver coins 20oz. £40-60
464.    Coins: George II to QE2 plus commemorative medallions. £20-40
465.    Coins: Copper, brass, cupro nickel etc. Most UK, includes Coronation medal, bank note £1 Forde, Page USA dollar. World War II notes, etc. £30-50
466.    Banknotes from UAE, Germany, Malta, Italy, Greece, France, Japanese Government, war notes, Malaya, Tanazania, etc. British postal orders and a premium bond. £30-50
467.    Coins: Copper pennies, half pennies, brass three penny bits, cupro nickel crowns and half crowns, etc. Copies of Roman coins and tokens and fair condition Georgian and Victorian copper. £40-60
468.    Railway Prints: "Nine Elms, The last Hours", "Late turn" John Mayall, "Or the sea wall", "Sunday working", and "Racing the Train", D.Breckon plus others all framed. (8). £40-60
469.    Maritime Prints, Paintings and Photos: "Waverley" paddle steamer, "Q.E.2- Atlantic dawn", "M.V. Derbyshire", "20th cent. Coastal Trawler", "R.M.S. Mauritania 1907", Ltd edition print, "S.S. Uganda" oil on canvas, "USA Tug Boat" oil on board, plus "Maid on Kent II" motor cruiser. All but one framed, most framed and glazed. (total 10). £40-60
470.    David McNae Boyne 1977- : Scottish untitled, acrylic on paper. Signed and dated 24 Aug. 1987 on reverse. Framed and glazed 59¼ins. x 47¾ins. £80-120
471.    David McNae Boyne 1977- : Scottish untitled, acrylic on paper. Signed and dated "About 8 Aug. 1987" on reverse. Framed and glazed 59¼ins. x 47¾ins.
472.    David McNae Boyne 1977- : Scottish "Sunday going to the park with J". Acrylic on paper. Titled and signed on reverse. Dated 30·8·87. Framed and glazed 59¼ins. x 47¾ins. £80-120
473.    Godwin: Oil on canvas 'River & Bridge Study with figures' signed lower right. Gilt framed 12ins. x 24ins. plus a 'River Study with Fisherman in a Rural Setting', signed lower right in a matching gilt frame. 12ins. x 24ins. £80-120
474.    20th cent. Fine Art Colour Prints: William L. Wyllie (1851 - 1931) 'Landing the fish, Ambleteuse, Pas de Calaise 1875'. Limited edition 219/850, plus another identical image (mount foxed), framed and glazed. 20¾ins. x 13¼ins. Plus 'a hawk' and an 1845 Wiltshire map. (4) £20-40
475.    Engravings, Prints & Etchings: Cries of London. Painted by F. Wheatley RA. Plates 3, 4, 9, and 12. Framed and glazed. 10¾ins. x 15ins. (4) Plus 'Tudor gentleman in black robes', print after 'Van de Weyden' portrait of a lady, an engraving Ivy Bridge, Devon and a marine engraving 'Outward board' plus a 19th cent. Map of Lancashire. (5) Plus Lithograph 'The Hero of Trafalgar' from the painting by W. H. Ovepend, exhibited 1898. Framed and glazed. 31ins. x 24ins.
476.    Coloured Litho: Cries of London. Framed and glazed. 12ins. x 8ins. (9). £30-50
477.    Prints & Watercolour: Janet Bothner-By "North Head, Auckland" signature to back of print, framed and glazed, 13ins x 6ins. Oil on board, Irises, Mickey Mouse and Pluto prints x 3. Watercolour of a rustic study, unsigned, etc. £30-40
478.    20th cent. Oil on canvas 'Forest glade and still water' pastoral scene, ornate gilt frame. 29½ins. x 19½ins. £80-100
479.    Prints, Photos and Etchings: H.W. Brewer Architectural renderings "Birds Eye View over Birmingham" 1886 23½ins. x 15½ins, framed and glazed. Jean Guichard "Phares" Lighthouses in storms (2) plus a humorous cartoon "Art Class". (Total 4). £30-40
480.    Prints and Paintings: "The Deserter" .... sic led through street.", "Evening at Aros Castle", Medici print - "Coast of Ricardy", watercolour of a thatched cottage with a display case map of Gibraltar overlayed by navel knots, miniature oar, pole, buoy etc plus an engraving of Caernarvon Castle, all framed (6). £30-40
481.    20th cent. Monochrome Hunting/Horses prints: Finch, Mason, Cuthbert, Bradley, Robert Alexander book plates. Punch? magazine. (9) set in three's, mounted. Framed and glazed. Each image 8ins. x 5ins. (9 plates in three frames). £50-70
482.    Victorian Oils on Board: Waterfalls and lake 23ins. x 15ins. 1 signed "Dale" a pair, a still life "Roses" signed Mayer with a pencil sketch of Clemence. H. Boullard 1848 plus a mirror, all framed (5 parts). Prints, Engravings and Bookplate's: Selection to include 18th cent. famous gentlemen including politicians, Navel leaders and Noblemen plus Madame du Barry and ennobled ladies, all framed and glazed. (13).
483.    Pam Mullings: "Spring in the Woods" 1996 watercolour on paper, signed lower left, framed and glazed, 15ins. x 10½ins. £30-50
484.    Prints: Circular sepia "A lady with a Shell by the Sea" plus "A Lady Collecting Shell" hand colour enhanced in ornate gilt and glazed framed 25ins. diam. £30-50
485.    Maps: 19th cent. map of England, colour enhanced, published by J. Cary London plus a map of Wiltshire, borderlines coloured published by J. Archer London 7½ins. x 9½ins. £30-50
486.    19th cent. Print House of Commons 1860. Debate on Home Rule by the House of Lords. £20-40
487.    Mary Gold: Watercolour on black card 'Columbine and Harlequin' dancing in the moonlight - a pair. Unframed, 20ins x 12ins. Some damage. £100-150
488.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: Former Egypt President. Original artwork for the cover of 'Men Only' magazine. Design 'Gramal Abdel Nasser'. Gouache and watercolour on card. Printer's instructions in pencil. Montage image, signed lower right. 12¼ins. x 8¼ins. £150-250
489.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: British Labour Politician. Original artwork for the cover of 'Men Only' magazine. Design 'Ernest Bevin'. Gouache and watercolour on card. Printer's instructions in pencil. Montage image, signed lower left. 13¼ins. x 9ins. £200-250
490.    Edward Sylvester Hynes Irish 1897 - 1982: American Singer original artwork for the cover of "Men Only" magazine. Design: "Sophie Tucker" (noted label to reverse). Gouache and watercolour on paper mounted on card, signed lower left 12¼ins. x 11ins.
491.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: French General and Statesman. Original artwork for the cover of 'Men Only' magazine. Design 'Charles De Gaulle'. Gouache and watercolour on card. Printer's instructions in pencil. Montage image, signed lower left. 15¾ins. x 11ins. £150-200
492.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: Knight in Armour. Original artwork for the cover of 'Men Only' magazine. 'Unknown Gentleman'. Gouache and watercolour on card. Printer's instructions in pencil. Montage image, signed lower left. 18ins. x 12½ins. £200-250
493.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: Military World War Two. Original artwork for 'Men Only' magazine. Design "Captain 'Johnnie' Walker". Merchant Navy. (Whisky named after him). Gouache and watercolour on cartridge paper. Signed lower right. Crease and tear. 15¾ins. x 10½ins. £150-200
494.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: Irish Politician. Original artwork for the cover of 'Men Only' magazine. Design 'Eamon de Valera'. Gouache and watercolour on card. Printer's instructions in pencil. Montage image, signed lower right. 17½ins. x 12ins. £150-250
495.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: U.S.A Heavyweight Boxer. Original artwork for the cover of 'Men Only' magazine. Design 'Joe Lewis' Gouache and watercolour on card. Printer's instructions in pencil. Montage image, signed lower right. 14ins. x 9½ins. £200-250
496.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: Welsh Painter/Artist. Original artwork for the cover of 'Men Only' magazine. Design 'Augustus John'. August 1946. Gouache and watercolour on card. Printer's instructions in pencil. Montage image, signed lower right. 16¼ins. x 11ins. £150-200
497.    Edward Sylvester Hynes: Irish Artist 1897 - 1982: Military World War Two. Original artwork for the cover of 'Men Only' magazine. Design 'American Admiral in Navy Uniform'. Gouache and watercolour on card. Pencil annotation. Montage image, signed lower right. 15½ins. x 10¼ins. £100-120
498.    Prints: J. Stevens Dews "Sailing", "J Class race around the Isle of Wight" Ltd Ed 258/350, signed lower right in pencil. Framed and glazed, 28ins. x 21½ins. £60-80
499.    Prints: J. Stevens Dews sailing "J Class Race around the Needles I.O.W." signed lower right in pencil, framed and glazed, 26ins. x 20ins. £60-80
500.    Prints: J. Stevens Drews "The Americas Cup Jubilee Regatta 2001" I.O.W. Ltd Ed 379/500, signed lower right in pencil by artist. Framed and glazed 33ins. x 20ins. £60-80
501.    Prints C1973: Terence Cuneo "Carmargue Round-up", signed in pencil lower right. Framed and glazed 27ins. x 22ins. £50-80
502.    Motor Racing: Ted Weaver Oil on board of a Formula one race with a McClaren leading two Ferrari's. Signed 99. £50-80
503.    Motorsport: Ted Weaver oil on board, Ferrari Formula One car. 16ins. x 10ins. £40-70
504.    Motorsport: Ted Weaver oil on board of a McClaren Formula One car. £50-80
505.    Sylvester Stannard (1870-1951) Coloured prints of a country cottage with chickens in the lane and one other of a figure feeding chickens and ducks. Both signed lower left. Framed and glazed. 15¾ins. x 10ins. £30-50
506.    Charles Maurice 1877 watercolour 'Early Sunrise On The Stour, Christchurch, Hampshire'. Signed lower left, framed and glazed. 18ins. x 10ins. Plus a inkwash by T. C. Knowles, Zanzibar. £50-100
507.    A.H. Baxter: Watercolour 'Beach Study' signed lower left. framed and glazed 16ins. x 12ins. Plus G.R. Smith 1881 watercolour 'Feugh Bridge Banchory' signed lower right, titled lower left. 9¾ins. x 14ins. £60-80
508.    J.H. Mole 1814 - 1886: Watercolour 'Beach Study with Children, and a upturned Boat', signed mower left. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 10½ins. £150-250
509.    Cecil Aldin 1870-1935: Pastel study of a Pekingese. 20ins. x 16ins. £300-500
510.    English School 19th cent. Charcoal portrait of an elderly lady facing left. Monogrammed MB lower right. Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 17ins. £60-100
511.    Thomas Frowd 1850: Oil on canvas 'Rural Study of a Hamlet with a Figure Feeding Chickens', signed lower right with date. Gilt framed 24ins. x 16ins. £400-600
512.    Jules Noel (1810-1881) oil on canvas of a Parisian street scene. Signed bottom left. £500-800
513.    19th cent. British School: Oil on canvas Anglers in highland landscape, indistinct signature in red dated 81, a pair, unframed, 30ins. x 18ins. (2). £250-300
514.    English School 20th cent. Pastel portrait of a professional gentleman. Indistinct signature lower left. Framed and glazed. 18½ins. x 23¾ins. £60-100
515.    Grand Tour: C. Hooper 19th cent. Oil on opaque glass, coastal study with figures and buildings. Signed lower left, framed and glazed. 5½ins. x 8ins. £40-60
516.    Military Art: Hussar in battlefield, mounted on rearing grey charger. Oil on wood panel. Framed. 8½ins. x 6½ins. £20-40
517.    Adrian George 1944-: "Dancer 1979". Lithographic artists proof. Signed lower right in pencil. Unframed 41¾ins. x 29½ins. £40-60
518.    Maps: 19/20th cent. Bacon's New Survey Map of Gloucester and Wilts, on linen. 35½ins. x 45ins. £20-40
519.    Rita. E. Whitaker R.M.S. Enamel on copper miniatures, 'Badgers' and 'Goat and Kid'. Both signed lower right R. E. W. Both gilt framed. 2½ins. x 2ins. £100-150
520.    Rita E. Whitaker R.M.S. Enamel on copper miniatures 'Goat' 2ins. x 2½, 'Porky' 2½ins. x 2ins. £100-150
521.    Rita E. Whitaker R.M.S. Enamel on copper miniatures 'Kingfisher' 2ins. x 2½ins, 'Skylark and Young' 2½ins. x 2ins. £100-150
522.    Robert Hughes 1937 - 2010. R.M.S. HS. S.L.M. Oil on board miniatures, 'A Wiltshire Landscape' 3¾ins. x 2½ins, 'Silbury Hill' 3¾ins. x 2¼ins. £80-150
523.    Robert Hughes 1937 - 2010. R.M.S. HS. S.L.M. Oil on board miniatures,' A Country Path'. Fields in Winter 2½ins. x 2¼ins. £80-150
524.    Robert Hughes 1937 - 2010. R.M.S. HS. S.L.M. Oil on board miniatures, 'Swans' 3¾ins. x 2½ins, and 'Autumn in the Forest' 3½ins. x 2½ins. Both framed. Signed lower right. £100-150
525.    Rita E. Whitaker R.M.S. Enamel on copper miniatures 'Grey Squirrel' 2ins. x 2½ins, 'Peregrine Falcon' 2½ins. x 2ins. £100-150
526.    Jonathan Pointer: Oil on canvas, study of an owl in a water meadow. Signed J.R. W lower right. Framed. 30ins. x 16ins. £100-150
527.    Charles Barrett 1995. Acrylic on board, study of a fox. Signed lower right and dated '99. Framed and glazed. 10ins. x 11ins. £100-150
528.    Clodagh Gravos. Oil on board, study of a fox. Signed and dated '85 lower right. Framed. 11ins. x 9ins. £80-120
529.    Needlework: 19th cent. Sampler with alphabet numbers, notations, etc. worked by Mary Case in February 1813, strong colours. £40-60
530.    20th cent. Arts and Crafts: Picture frame made by George Swinford of Filkin, built up of interlocking blocks. 20ins. x 17ins. x 6ins. £100-120
531.    Mirror: Circular bevel edge mirror, carved frame depicting nuts and berries, 15ins. diameter. £20-40
532.    B. G. A. Peerless, oil on canvas, study of British wildlife, badger, fox, stag, rabbit. Signed lower left and dated '96. Framed. 20ins. x 16ins. £50-100
533.    David Morgan 1964. Oil on canvas, rural study with sheep and swans. Signed lower right. Framed. 20ins. x 16ins. £150-250
534.    Photographs, Maritime: Arandera Star entering Venice and vessel from the Tyne Bridge plus Ocean Liner in tow by "Redbridge tug" and "RMS Queen Elizabeth 2" with RM Lines Cruising ship "Andes". (5). £30-50
535.    WWII Home Front: Photographs (2nd generation) BBC Hulton picture library "Business as usual", market stall in bombed out area plus "Early Start" corner shop adverts and workers. Framed and glazed. 15¾ins. x 11ins. £20-30
536.    20th cent. Beech glazed bookcase 2 shelves. The cupboards beneath has two doors and one shelf 79ins. x 17½ins. 54ins. £60-100
537.    20th cent. Oak dresser: The base has two drawers and a two door cupboard with square on turned supports and square stretchers. The two shelf rack has shaped ends and frieze 77ins. x 17½ins. x 48½ins. £60-100
538.    20th cent. Beech effect filing cabinet. Three drawers with key. 15½ins. x 28ins. x 31½ins. £20-40
539.    20th cent. Elm coffee table 46ins. x 18ins. x 19¾ins. plus a small coffee table 22ins. x 13½ins. x 14ins. and 2 upholstered footstools. (4) £40-60
540.    20th cent. Pine coffee table on turned supports. Open shelf below. 36ins. x 18ins. x 22ins. £20-40
541.    20th cent. Oak corner cupboard, central single door flanked with two open shelved recesses. 60ins. x 24ins. x 37ins. £40-60
542.    Clocks: British mantel clock 'Perivale' by Bentima, plus an Edwardian bracket clock by E. Rowley, Bath. Painted oak. Ceramic chapter ring, and 3 others. (5 total) £40-50
543.    19th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table with single drawer. 29ins. x 28ins. x 20ins. closed. £40-60
544.    20th cent. Pine chest of drawers, 2 short over 4 long drawers. 35ins. x 43ins. x 18½ins. £40-60
545.    20th cent. Pine two tier coffee table. 36ins. x 19ins. x 23½ins. £20-50
546.    20th cent. Pine bedside cupboards, one with 3 drawers and the other with 2 drawers and open recess. £20-30
547.    19th cent. French pine, single sleigh bed. 6ft. x 3ft. 2ins. £60-80
548.    20th cent. Pine double wardrobe with storage beneath, 2 short drawers over 2 long drawers. 42¼ins. x 74ins. 23ins. £60-100
549.    20th cent. Pine double wardrobe with storage beneath, 2 short drawers over 2 long drawers. 42¼ins. x 74ins. 23ins. £60-100
550.    20th cent. Pine 2/4 chest of drawers, on a plinth. £50-80
551.    20th cent. Pine twin pedestal desk with keyboard slide, 2 drawers and 2 cupboards. 59ins. x 29ins. x 23ins. Plus a 20th cent. Bentwood swivel office chair. £50-80
552.    20th cent. Pine twin pedestal dressing table, six drawers and a dressing mirror. Two bedside cupboards 19½ins. x 26ins. x 17½ins. and a stool. £50-80
553.    Edwardian ash wood twin pedestal desk with composition top skiver. £50-80
554.    19th cent. Mahogany breakfast tilt top table, raised on an octagonal column and base, on lion paw supports. Diameter 50½ins. £60-80
555.    20th cent. Treen ware: Oak 3 tier articulated cake stand and a mahogany free standing, swivel bedroom mirror. (2) £30-50
556.    Games & Pastimes: Early 20th cent. Mahogany folding table billiards game with inlaid scoring, plus a cue and 9 balls. £80-120
557.    Edwardian upholstered chaise longue. Turned supports on ceramic castors. 70ins. x 30ins. x 30ins. £80-120
558.    Joyson Holland of High Wycombe three piece cottage upholstered, in beige hues, suite consisting: 2 seat sofa and 2 armchairs. £40-60
559.    Early 20th cent. Brass single bed and frame. Width 36ins. £30-50
560.    19th cent. Veneered 2/2 chest of drawers, with a plinth, on later bun feet. 35ins. x 35½ins. x 19½ins. £60-100
561.    20th cent. Mahogany 3 drawer bureau with fitted interior. £30-50
562.    Late 19th cent. Mahogany twin pedestal desk. Seven drawers, inlaid banding, slender supports & on brass castors. 48ins. x 31ins. x 24ins. £70-90
563.    20th cent. Beech seated reclining chair. £30-50
564.    Early 20th cent. Elm kitchen chairs slat back, turned supports and a piano stool. £30-50
565.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Oak coal scuttle with copper side fittings. £20-40
566.    20th cent. Beech dining chairs, drop in seats. (4). £20-40
567.    20th cent. Blanket box, Gothic arc carving, dome top. £40-60
568.    19th cent. Mahogany drop leaf table on turned supports rising off ball and claw feet. £50-80
569.    Edwardian mahogany harlequin salon suite with upholstered seating. Inlaid banding. £60-100
570.    19th cent. Oak writing table, bobbin turned stretchers & supports with single drawer. 40ins. x 30½ins. x 22½ins. £40-60
571.    George III oval mahogany drop leaf dining table with boxwood inlay on tapering supports. 48ins. x 69ins. £50-80
572.    Georgian mahogany bureau, drop flap with fully fitted interior. Graduated four drawers with brass furniture. 39ins. x 41ins. x 20ins. £60-80
573.    19th cent. Oak chest of drawers of 2 short drawers over 3 drawers. The whole on bracket supports. 36½ins. x 37ins. x 20ins. £60-80
574.    20th cent. Hardwood rocking chair with mother of pearl inlay. £40-60
575.    19th cent. Rosewood Boudoir Grand piano by John Broadwood & Sons, London. 'TS122' (lid) and '122' painted beneath. £800-1200
576.    19th cent. Ebonised envelope games table, folding carved top, carved frieze and turned supports. 22ins. square x 29½ins. tall. £40-60
577.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany bureau, drop flap, fitted interior, cock beaded drawers and low swept bracket supports. 42ins. x 39ins. x 21ins. £40-80
578.    Clocks: 20th cent. Mahogany longcase clock (1980). Richard Broad, Bodmin, Cornwall. Model VI. 73ins. x 17½ins. x 10ins. £40-60
579.    Early 20th cent. Oak Grand Mother clock case 12ins. x 66ins. x 9ins. £50-100
580.    19th cent. Mahogany long case clock 8 day bell strike, painted 2nd hand and date John Callcott of cotton Shropshire. £200-400
581.    18th cent. Oak long case clock, 8 day, brass dial and spandrels, silvered chapter ring, Roman numerals signed Isaac Hewlett Bristol. £600-800
582.    19th cent. Mahogany cased long case clock, moon faced dial, painted second hand and date, Roman numerals, bell strikes signed Stephen Wiles, Chippenham. £500-800
583.    19th cent. Oak carved barometer with thermometer and level. £40-60
584.    19th cent. Rosewood stick barometer, signed J Somalvico & Co. London. 1860. £400-600
585.    20th cent. Wall clock, mahogany and glass case. Erwin Sattler, Manchester. 6ins. x 24ins. x 3½ins. £30-50
586.    18th cent. Mahogany and oak chest on stand, 3 over 3 graduated drawers, branded inlay and brass furniture. The whole on cabriole supports. £300-500
587.    18th cent. Hall chair fleur-de-lis cresting rail and back turned supports. £30-50
588.    20th cent. Walnut reproduction display cabinet, domed top, twin moulded doors above 2 drawers. The whole on carved cabriole supports, rising off pad feet, 34ins. x 70ins. x 15ins. £80-120
589.    19th cent. Oak linen press 2/3 base twin door top shelved out, the whole on bracket supports 45ins. x 87ins. x 20½ins. £100-150
590.    19th cent. Mahogany linen press, cupboard & drawers beneath. (minus shelves). £120-150
591.    19th cent. Mahogany twin pedestal sideboard with wine cooler 3 drawers rising off squat turned supports 73ins. 37½ins. x 28ins. £150-200
592.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton dinnerware. "Gold Lace" pattern. Includes dinner plates 10¾ins. x 9, dinner plates, meat oval 13½ins., gravy boats x 2 & one saucer, dessert plates 8ins. x 9, tea plates 10¾ins. x 9, cups x 10, and saucers x 12. £80-100
593.    20th cent. Oak dome topped, lead glazed bookcase with twin solid doors below. 34ins. x 80ins. x 11ins. £80-120
594.    18th/19th cent. Cuban mahogany hall chairs, lyre back carved cresting rail and recessed seat, square front supports and sabre back (a pair). £100-150
595.    20th cent. Oriental black lacquered folding table screen with four panels. Ornately decorated with birds and floral motifs. Open length 40ins. Height 28ins. £80-120
596.    Early 19th cent. oak tilt top table 31½ins. diameter x 27ins. high. £50-100
597.    20th cent. Satinwood wardrobe with art nouveau carved motifs, 2 hanging sections with hooks over base with a single long drawer beneath. £50-80
598.    Walking Sticks: "Thumb stick", walking stick with souvenir Austrian badges, Ash "knob stick", 2 walking sticks with insert flasks in shaft, hand/ heal stick etc. (total 8). £50-80
599.    19th cent. Oak tilt top table, turned column, splayed supports. 28ins. x 19½ins. x 31½ins. £30-50
600.    19th cent. Mahogany fold over games table on square supports. 35½ins. x 28½ins. x 17½ins. £40-60
601.    Tribal African Native Art: Animal figures in soap stone, treen letter openers, salad servers, a drum etc. £20-40
601A.   20th cent. Oak two tier occasional table with pierced frieze and shaped supports, retail label "Gilberts, Swindon" 24ins. x 24ins. x 30ins. £30-40
602.    Tribal African hardwood, carved figures. Senegal of bearded male hunters plus a carved mask. (3) £30-50
603.    19th cent. Rosewood, oval loo tilt top table, single turned column on four splayed supports. 47ins. x 32½ins. x 29ins. £80-120
604.    20th cent. Rosewood, circular tilt top dining table on a single pedestal, with carved tripod supports. 43¼ins dia. £300-500
605.    19th cent. Mahogany oval tilt top table, single turned column on 4 splayed supports. £40-60
606.    19th cent. Mahogany desk drop down slope opening to reveal a stationary cupboard flanked by banks of 4 grad drawers, the whole on turned supports 38½ins. x 53ins. x 18½ins. £100-180
607.    19th cent. Mahogany gents trouser press and chest of drawers, a 2/3 on short brackets supports 42ins. x 58ins. x 21ins. £100-120
608.    19th cent. Mahogany and inlaid oval double drop leaf table with single drawer. 42ins. x 28ins. x 25ins. closed. £80-100
609.    19th cent. Flame mahogany fold-over swivel card table on four supports. £80-120
610.    19th cent. Mahogany dining table straight pull out mechanism turned and gadrooned supports on brass castors, the table comes with 3 leaves but extends another 28ins., the measurements are with 3 leaves 120ins. x 29ins. 52ins. £600-1000
611.    19th cent. Mahogany dining chairs, ornate pierced slat back carved columns and cresting rail and apron carved cab supports, rising off ball and claw feet, 8 chairs including 2 carvers. £400-600
612.    Victorian oak octagonal single pedestal heavily carved dining table retailed Pearce of Bristol with four chairs, 48ins. x 48ins. x 29ins. £150-200
613.    Plated Ware: Spirit kettle & stand with matching teapot, sugar bowl & milk jug. £60-100
614.    20th cent. Ceramics: Spode dinner service "Bordeaux" pattern. Includes Large dinner plate approx. 10½. small dinner plate approx. 9ins. dessert plate approx. 7¾ins. bread roll plate approx. 6¼ins. shallow dish soup plate/dessert dish approx. 9ins. soup bowl with handles approx. 6ins which sits on a saucer approx. 7ins. Small after dinner coffee cup and saucer x 6. Includes open vegetable dishes (2)approx. 10¼ins. x 7¾ins. sauce/gravy boat approx. 7ins. with saucer approx 8¼ins. cream and sugar bowl. Floating candle plane glass bowl approx. 10¼ins. and a large Christmas designed glass platter approx. 13ins. £200-300