Selected Antiques & Collectables Auction to
Incorporate the Rowland Pollitt Clarice Cliff Collection
on Saturday 7th April 2018

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1.      Early 20th cent. Lighting: Blanc de Chine Cherubs x 3 with harvest symbols 14ins. tall, an onyx lamp in a pineapple shape 14ins, a pair of brass candlestick lamps 11½ins, 2 x creamware baskets plus 2 x continental baskets supported by Cherubs for restoration. £40-60
2.      Lighting: French moulded glass and gilt-metal six-branch chandelier, of small size, the baluster stem supporting scrolled arms, hung with cut lozenge-shaped drops. Approx. Drop: 1ft. 8¾ins. 20th cent. French fire branch chandelier with crystal droplets. Plus a pair of gilt brass sconces. £80-100
3.      Lighting: Late 19th century brass nine-branch chandelier, the reeded column and scrolled bird cage stem supporting two tiers of acanthus cast scrolled arms, the whole cast with flowers and 'C' scrolls. Approx. Drop: 3ft. ½ins. Diameter: 2ft. 1ins. £150-200
4.      19th & 20th cent. Ceramics: Majolica ewer and cover, blue and white wash jug, etc. Also two work boxes and a small stationery box. All a/f. £20-40
5.      20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Avon Blue" meat oval 13ins, plates x 11ins. x 6, plates 9ins. x 6, soup dishes x 6, plates 6ins. x 5, cups x 2 (1 a/f) saucers x 4, egg cups x 4, 2 pint teapot and 1 pint teapot (lid missing). £30-45
6.      20th cent. Ceramics: Melba ware, art deco style, green and yellow tea china. Cup x 6, saucer x 7, side plate x 7, milk jug and sugar bowl. Phoenix part tea set, pale green and gilt decorated with white flowers, cup x 5, saucer x 6, side plate x 6. £30-50
7.      Ceramics: Jugs various shapes and sizes including Royal Doulton, Harvest jug, Crown Ducal, Belvedere art deco, a Waterford souvenir plus a Wedgwood Jasperware (22). £30-50
8.      20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton pink band pattern, includes an oval 12ins., 12 x 2 handled soup bowls and saucers, 2 x salad crescents, 6 x tea plates, 15 x saucers, 9 x cups, 3 x sugar bowls, 2 x coffee pots, a tea pot, 11 x pudding bowls, a gravy boat and saucer, a mustard pot plus a milk jug. £30-50
9.      20th cent. Ceramics and Metal: Planters, some with dip trays, storage jars, coasters, quantity of flatware, copper kettle, nut crackers. etc. 2 boxes. £20-40
10.     20th cent. Collectors Teapots: Novelty items to include Louis Armstrong, Black Cat etc (5). £20-40
11.     20th cent. Glassware: Wine, sherry, part water set, custard glasses. Some sets. Vases, cut glass, moulded, retro and later, cut glass biscuit barrel. £40-50
12.     20th cent. & later Glassware: Lead crystal cut decanters & ice bucket, an etched bowl "Prince Hill, Worton 1991" & an image of that property. Plus 3 boxes of crystal glasses - 12 wire & 6 tumblers. £40-60
13.     Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Ridgways Muscatel jug and bowl set, soap dish and cover, chamber pot. £30-40
14.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Devon salad plate, Wedgwood plates - boxed, Cloisonnè vase a/f., oval meat platters (10), Sylvac pug, Toby jugs, Fielding's Devon Ware, milk glass vases, etc. (3 Boxes). £30-40
15.     20th Ceramics and Collectable: Dutch blue calendar/month wall plates (5), Paragon ware with puce grapes and vines, side plates, cups and saucers, bread plates, Crown Staffs cup and saucer, Oka household ware plus hunting "Sporting Review" prints (1 box). £30-50
16.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood bone china "Kutani Crane" pattern. Twelve place dinner set - oval platter x 3, dinner plates 12ins, soup tureen & cover, soup bowls, casserole dish & cover, sauce & gravy boats, open serving dish x 2. Tea service - teapot, cups and saucers. Coffee service - coffee cans & saucers, coffee pot, milk jugs cake plates, condiments - 2 salt & 2 pepper, egg cups x 11 , breakfast plates, etc. £250-350
17.     20th cent. Ceramics: Copeland Spode plates. Hunting scenes "J. F. Herring Send"numbered (10). Plus another related wall plate (11 in Total). £30-50
18.     Copperware: A double steamer saucepan set, indoor watering, candle snuffer, trimer and wick dipper, bar lock, glove stretcher plus sugar cutters. £20-30
19.     Metalware: Brass plated ware includes candlesticks, sconces, samavo, a tray of flatware plus a door stop. £30-80
20.     19th/20th cent. Brassware: Three branch candlesticks - a pair, Islamic coffee pot & vase plus four flat irons. £40-60
21.     20th cent. Metalwork: Coat wall mounted rack, cast in the form of a squirrel on a branch. Approx. 26ins. length. £20-30
22.     19th cent. Iron fire dogs, basket plus fire furniture including irons and fenders. £40-70
23.     19th cent. Iron fire dogs and basket. £60-100
24.     20th cent. Printing Blocks: Shapes, music, building etc. £20-40
25.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Brassware: Fender in the arts & crafts style. £40-60
26.     19th cent. Fire dogs - a pair. £20-40
27.     19th cent. Oil lamps: Iron base with amber coloured glass reservoir 10½ins. and a brass and ceramic base oil lamp with clear glass reservoir 14ins. (No shades or flues). £40-60
28.     20th cent. Mahogany canteen of cutlery 12 place settings, dinner, dessert table, fish, tea plus ladle and carvers plus 6 un matching soup spoons, 116 matching. £100-150
29.     Flatware: Viners canteen of cutlery (some knives missing). Guild silver collection. £30-50
30.     20th cent. Flatware: Mappin and Webb Kings and Queens pattern stainless cutlery knives, forks, spoons, ladles with an oak boxed set of fish knives and forks (1 plastic tray). £30-50
31.     20th cent. Flatware: George Butler Sheffield cutlery Knives, forks, spoons, glass, drip trays, 3 branch candlearbra etc (1 box). £40-60
32.     20th cent. Flatware: Mappin and Webb oak canteen of cutlery "Trustworthy" Sheffield 8 place set (6 pieces missing). £40-60
33.     20th cent. Lighting: Table lamps, Regency style figurines by a table. Cream ground & gilt decoration and shade, 27ins. tall. Plus a pair of moulded glass, 3 section, table lamps, 17ins. tall. £20-40
34.     20th cent. Leather 'Hidesign' Parker burgundy briefcase. £60-80
35.     Mens Hats: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Army and navy Stores gentleman's leather hat box 20ins. x 10½ins. x 14ins. plus a 20th cent. Dunne & Co. 'Maxsum' bowler hat and box. £40-60
36.     Mens Hats: Fur top hat by tress & Co. for Pritchard & Co. A collapsible Top hat by Woodrow, 2 bowler hats in a leather hat box with red silk lining. £60-80
37.     Gold Chinese Carpet.
38.     Rugs: Early 20th cent. Hand loom made rug, Ghashsai style Iranian red ground, central medallion with walled garden filled with flowers in blues, reds, orange, greens and deep blue spandrels. The guard borders with the continuous tree of life 30ins. x 97ins. £150-180
39.     Rugs: Chinese washed pale blue & ivory ground rug with floral pattern 47ins. x 83ins. includes fringe. A red ground English made thick pile rug "Autumn Leaves" 36ins. x 60ins. and a Chinese washed turquoise ground floral pattern rug 28ins. x 57ins. includes fringe (3). £80-100
40.     @21st cent. Rugs: Heriz carpet, green ground. 2.30 x 1.60. £80-120
41.     @21st cent. Rugs: Keshan rug, beige ground. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
42.     @21st cent. Rugs: Ziegler rug, red ground. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
43.     @21st cent. Rugs: Bokhara rug, beige ground. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
44.     20th cent. Aynsley dinner service, red and gilt. Includes 8 x 10ins, 8 x 9ins, 8 x 7ins plates, soup bowl 8 x 9ins, 5 x pudding bowl, one gravy boat and saucer. £30-50
45.     20th cent. Noritake Century pattern, tea and coffee china comprising - 1 coffee pot, tea pots, 13 coffee cups, 19 tea cups, 32 saucers, 3 sugar bowls with covers, 3 milk jugs. £40-50
46.     20th cent. Noritake Dinner: Century pattern, 15 dinner plates, 14 dessert plates, 27 side plates, 2 serving platters, 4 serving bowls, 2 gravy boats, 2 salts, 2 peppers, 14 soup bowls, 12 pudding bowls. £80-100
47.     20th cent. Ceramics: "Old Bristol Delft" ware. Blue & green back stamps, including teapot, jug x 2 (1 a/f.) soup bowl x 5, tea & coffee cups, cheese plate & cover, oval meat plate x 3, desert bowls, sandwich plate 14 x 6½ins, dinner plate 6 x 9½ins, casserole dish and cover x 2, open tureen, cake plate, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
48.     19th cent. Lighting: Blue ground Cloisonnè table lamp, floral decoration. Plus a Menti Japanese figurine un-drilled lamp base. £40-60
49.     Clocks: 20th cent. Brass cased Bulkhead style clock and barometer Taylor of England mounted on a mahogany plinth for wall mounting. £100-150
50.     19th cent. Ceramics: Copeland and Garrett, Felspar porcelain dessert service. Hand decorated with birds and leaves, gilt scalloped border. Six plates, one circular bowl, oblong dishes - a pair. £50-80
51.     19th cent. Spelta l figure of Alexander The Great. 10ins. £30-40
52.     Copperware advertising tray for Johnnie Walker whiskey. Approx 12ins. diameter. £20-40
53.     Commemorative Spoons: Boxed most enamel, USA & Europe. Large quantity. £20-40
54.     19th/ 20th cent. Plate Ware: Coffee pot, wine funnel, goblet, Walker Hall tankard, Crown cast pewter tankard plus 2 covered serving dishes. £30-50
55.     19th cent. Copper ware: School ink pourer x 2. £20-40
56.     Plated Ware: Breakfast egg cups (4), a candle stick, ornate biscuit barrel, and a glass preserve jar, stand and spoon. £60-80
57.     Plated Ware: Ornate tea services of teapots, sugar bowls, milk jugs. £60-80
58.     20th cent. Ceramics: Beehive honey pot, Maramuto ware preserve pot, Jersey Pottery bowl, Lancaster & sons biscuit barrel. £20-30
59.     Swedish: Art Crystal wildlife animal paper weights Reijmyre Deer, Lion Cub, Mats Johanssen Elephant 3630 plus bear 3661 (4). £100-150
60.     19th cent. Amber glass decanter and stopper 7½ins. £40-70
61.     19th/20th cent. Plated Epergne with 5 detachable iridescent glass flower shape flutes, twist wire work frame. 21ins. x 12ins. £40-60
62.     20th cent. Glassware: Green art deco style rose bowl, clear glass bowl with stylised design, frosted tube shape bowl, a ruby red footed bowl plus a dark blue bubble bowl, 16ins, etc. (6)
63.     20th cent. Oak double helix candlesticks, candle grips to cup bases 13½ins. 3 x repro cider measures plus 5 x cut glass decanters. £30-50
64.     20th cent. Commemorative Glass: George VI tankard 1937 coronation Herbert Goode limited No 571 of 1000, height approx 6ins. plus a Charles Investiture engraved wine goblet, signed (Peter) Dreiser No 115 of 150, height approx. 8ins. H.R.H Queen Elizabeth Jubilee 1952-1977 cut glass Royal Brierley goblets, approx. 10ins. - a pair.
65.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flatback, Highland huntsman kneeling on a stag, 2 king size cups and saucers (1 a/f), Speed the Plough two handled Wintons mug, WWI memento of the Great War decorated with prints of Haig and Beatty (a/f). £30-50
66.     20th cent. Continental Ceramics: Majolica plate, central roundel of a head of Neptune with border of fruit baskets and mythological beats, 12ins. N154 impressed to reverse, an oval Majolica plate depicting mother and children with a border of fruit and masks. 10ins. x 8ins. £70-100
67.     20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flatback "Huntsman and His Dog" 20ins. tall x 9½ins wide, "Going to Market and Returning Home" 9ins. tall (2), plus a small comfort dog. 4 in total. £70-100
68.     19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire flatbacks, father and two children sitting under a flower arbour, a/f. Shepherdess and sheep, huntsman and hound, gentleman on a horse, all figures are a/f. £30-50
69.     Early 19th cent. Earthenware: Possibly Yorkshire cow creamer and milk made sponge ware decoration. The cow is red and black, the seated milkmaid has a red blouse with blue skirt, green base, a pair, both require restoration. £100-150
70.     Early 19th cent. Pearlware: Cow creamer and milk made sponge ware decoration. The cow is yellow and black, the seated milkmaid black and the step lace blue. The creamer is minus a cap, otherwise in good condition. £150-200
71.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Images of Nature Patented HN3533 figure of a heron 13ins. £30-40
72.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton plates, Old English Inns series, The bears Head, Brereton, plus Dover castle, Rochester Castle and the River Medway (3). £30-50
73.     19th cent. Ceramics: Spode Tower, blue and white bowl, "New Fayence" gallery dish, Staffordshire teapot stand, a/f. £40-70
74.     19th cent. Pearlware: Jardiniere painted maritime & tropical island scene 7ins. diameter, 6¾ins. tall plus a small pot decorated with flowers in relief. £30-50
75.     20th cent. Ceramics: Dutch blue and white charger by Chemkefa of Holland. £30-40
76.     Late 19th cent. Ceramics: "Phoenix Ware" by T.F. & S. Thomas Forester & Son. Twin handled vases on square bases with blue & white decoration, both with coastal barges to one side & village scene & bridge - a pair. 16½ins. high. £40-60
77.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley dainty white tea and coffee set comprises: bread and butter plate, 6 tea plates, 6 tea cups and saucers, 6 coffee cups and saucers, 1 sugar bowl and a milk jug. £30-50
78.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley crocus trio a/f, tulip side plates x 3, cup x 2, sugar bowl. Shelley for Lawleys art deco style teapot, creamer & sugar bowl, plus a primrose teapot. £40-60
79.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley black deco style vase, decorated with a carnation, 2 handle vase with rose decoration, squat jug with white heather decoration, black fluted vase with apple blossom decoration, long neck vase decorated with stylised fruit (5). Plus 3 graduated jardiniere's a/f. £40-70
80.     20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Perth trio and a Phlox trio. £40-60
81.     20th cent. Ceramics: Paragon Tea for one white ground lemon handles decorated with pink, blue & yellow flowers. £30-50
82.     20th cent. Ceramics: Art deco style tea china. Melba "Dolly Varden" trio, Glaster water lily trio, standard "Gloria" trio, Royal Albert primrose cup and saucer, creamer. Royal Albert "Dorothy" 3 cups and saucers, 2 side plates, cake plate. £30-50
83.     Crested Ware: Shelley cups, some saucers, plates and sugar bowl, Llandudno, Aberdeen, Selkirk, Luton, Weston-Super-Mare, etc. (31) £20-40
84.     Crested Ware: Shelley - cheese dish, Southsea cream jugs, Devizes, Llandudno, Lampeter, Burnham-on-Sea, cake plate Fairlie, Frome Jug. etc. (19). £40-50
85.     Crested Ware: Goss, Willow and others. Jugs, teapot, napkin ring, lighthouse, etc. (30). £20-40
86.     Commemorative Ceramics: Shelley - 4 mugs and a cup & saucer. Coronation trio 1911, pin dish, Coronation 1953 mug (10). £20-40
87.     Crested Ware: Carlton ware, coal railway truck, Black Diamonds from South Wales, Neath, unmarked golf ball, Sea View I.W. Goss, Mills Hand, Grenade, Willsden Green (3). £40-60
88.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester commemorative bowl, Golden jubilee bowl with Imari style border and The Royal Coat of Arms depicted in the base of the bowl, with paperwork from Peter Jones China, boxed. £40-60
89.     Shelley: Pin dishes, 8 x square, 7 x circular. Various patterns (15). £40-60
90.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood blue Jasper ware commemorative circular trinket pots, bearing the image of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip plus 6 x glass dishes bearing the Royal coat of arms. £40-50
91.     20th cent. Oriental: Blues and white ginger jar and cover. £20-40
93.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Dressing table set - tray, candle holders x 2, ring stand, trinket pots x 3, pin tray. Decorated with blue border and sprays of pink roses on a white ground. £30-50
94.     19th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood bulbous dark blue jug, decorated with gilt, mark on spout 6ins. plus 5 x tea cups and saucers decorated purple lustre border and flowers. £30-50
95.     20th cent. Ceramics: Border Fine Arts James Herriots Country Kitchen cow creamer and butter dish. £20-40
96.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Imari oval serving dish. 23ins. x 10ins. Plus a 19th cent. Derby Imari kings pattern plate with puce mark. 9ins. £40-60
97.     20th cent. Ceramics: Carltonware pink buttercup pin dish, bowl and mint sauce boat on stand, Radford vase, Royal Cauldon egg cups on stand, green retro vase. £20-40
98.     20th cent. Ceramics: Karl Ens bird ornaments Coal Tit, Great Tit and Crested Tit. £30-50
99.     19th cent. Porcelain figure of a crested bird on a branch. Italian, indistinct signature. 9¼ins. £60-80
100.    19th cent. Ceramics: Continental Chelsea/Worcester copy circular two handled bon-bon dish. Pierced border, raised on fan supports, decorated with a peacock, exotic birds, butterflies and insects. Gold Chelsea anchor mark base and label. Requires restoration. £60-80
101.    Ceramics: Coalport Indian Tree coral ginger jars x 2, a pair of Coalport Indian Tree urns plus a Limoges Castel bowl. £20-40
102.    19th cent. Crown Derby tea cup and 4 saucers 1 a/f. Limoge plate, cobalt blue and gilt swag decoration red mark to base c1800-1825. £10-20
103.    Early 20th cent. Basalt ware on terracotta jug with strainer decorated in gilt and turquoise enamel. Gibson and son late Davenport servers pattern plus a saucer of similar design pattern "Victoria" unmarked jug decorated in gilt turquoise and ochre enamel (3). £20-30
104.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Orange lustre arts and crafts style comport. 7ins. x 10ins. £40-50
105.    20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffordshire floral part coffee set - cups and saucers x 6, coffee pot and sugar bowl, Royal Doulton "Bumble" Lancaster character jugs, Limoges G Amrenfeldt blue/gilt plate. £20-30
106.    19th cent. and later Ceramics: Tea bowls (2), Royal Worcester coffee cans and saucers (4), Diamond China saucers, milk jug plus cup and saucer No 5297, some a/f (1 x tray). £40-60
107.    Studio Pottery: Coffee set, 6 cups and saucers, coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl, faint mark possible TS. £20-30
108.    19th & 20th cent. Worcester Ceramics: Royal Lily pattern and similar pattern from the 19th cent. blue and white, some with extra gilt decoration, includes tea cups, coffee cans, soup bowls, plates etc. plus some Spode copies of the pattern. £50-80
109.    20th cent. Ceramics: T.G. Green, blue banded quart milk jug marked "milk" on the outside and with a measuring scale inside, half pint to quart, mixing bowl with pouring lip, two medium storage jars and covers, small storage jar and cover, one salt shaker, one flour shaker and two pudding basins, one unmarked and one marked Chef ware. £80-120
110.    20th cent. Ceramics: Phoenix ware cups and saucers, Grindley "The Silistria" butter dish, Crown Devon, Yorkshire mug, rose coffee cups and saucers, T.G. Green Devon blue/white jug x 3. £30-50
111.    Books: Hardback novels etc includes Ed McBain "Tricks", "Ice", Len Deighton "Billion Dollar Brain", most first editions. (2 Boxes) £60-80
112.    Books: Hardback books most first editions includes Manchester "The Death of a President", Leon Uris "Armageddon", Herman Wouk "War and Remembrance". Wambaugh "The Onion Field", John O'Hare "The Lockwood Concern" etc. (2 boxes). £80-100
113.    Books: The Royal Family, The Great Artists. 2 boxes. £10-20
114.    Books: Peter Benchley "Jaws", Arthur Hailey "Hotel", "Strong Medicine", Wambaugh "The Black Marble", "Line and Shadows", "Overload" etc. £60-80
115.    Books: Moran "How to Build a Girl" near mint, Blaise "The Impossible Virgin", O'Hara "Sermons and Soda Water" plus Mario Puzo "The Godfather". All first editions. £60-80
116.    Books: John le Carré "The Little Drummer Girl", "A Small Town in Germany", "Smiley's People" plus "The Looking Glass War", all first editions with covers (4). £100-120
117.    Books: Len Deighton "Spy Wine", "XPO", "Spy Sinker" plus "Berlin Game", all first editions with covers (4). £50-80
118.    19th cent. Mahogany book stand with fruitwood inlay & stringing. Frank Smythson, Bond Street, London, 9ins. x 8½ins. x 4ins. with a 1907 pocket Mignon Reference Library by the same retailer. Plus a WWII Soldiers/Airman's official issue Common Prayer book. £40-60
119.    Books: John le Carré "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" first edition, Hodder and Stoughton, dust cover with splits, tears, cover bent on corners. £50-80
120.    Books: John Lennon "A Spaniard in the Works" 1965 first edition, Cape of London, no dust cover, plus "In His Own Write" 1964, 4th reprint, poor condition. £50-80
121.    Books: Fleming "Octopussy" and "The Living Daylights", worn dust cover, slight water staining, first edition. £100-120
122.    Books: Truman Capote "In Cold Blood" 1966 Hamish Hamilton book in good condition, dust cover poor. £60-100
123.    Books: John Fowles "The Magus" Cape 1966 good condition with dust cover. £100-120
124.    Books: Ian Fleming "The Man with the Golden Gun", fair condition, worn dust cover with splits, first edition 1965, Cape of London. £60-80
125.    Books: Peter O'Donnell "Modesty Blaise" very good condition. £80-120
126.    Books: "The New British Traveller" c1784 with landscapes, view, county maps and printed for Alex Hogg at the Kings Arms Patebnoster Row. Distressed. £80-100
127.    Collection of 1940s original photo ad picture cards including 9 black and white photos of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor in the Bahamas 1970 to 1945, taken when the Duke of Windsor (King Edward VIII) was Governor of the Bahamas, including one signed in black ink Wallis Windsor. Also 10 same period mixed photographs of Nassau, Bahamas and other photographs/cards of the USA and several unrelated postcards (54). The signature was obtained by Sgt. George Thew RAF, who was posted to the Bahamas during the Duke and Duchess's visit to the United Forces Canteen. £120-180
128.    Cigarette Cards & First Day Covers: Oval shaped Popular Personalities, Film Stars, oval shaped real photos, not full sets. From Carreras Ltd odd sporting cards, from Sarony, Churchman, Players, Ogdens, Boguslavsky, Carreras. Other cards from Players, Wills, etc. including Aviary & Caged Birds, Wild Animals of the World. In three albums. £20-40
129.    Postcards: 20th cent. Album plus loose cards including Tucks Oilette Railway loco's, London and N.W Railway Company issues, postcards U.S and European loco's, Tucks Oilette Battleships "Our Navy" and "The Air" plus other WW1 flying machines also general topographical, greetings, Easter, Children's and other. £100-150
130.    Leather wallets, 3 hanging silk and satin jewellery keepers, hat pins and 4 Spanish fans. £20-30
131.    Costume Jewellery & Watches: Ladies simulated pearls, single string with paste clasp, tear drop earrings, drop pearl earrings, 2 x crystal necklaces, a tennis bracelet, yellow metal and pearl chain necklace plus yellow metal hoop earrings. Green expanding bracelet, square glass pendant, red stone ring set in yellow metal shank, coin ring set in white metal, sun flower earrings with central topaz colour stone set in white metal marked 925, yellow metal PKT watch and chain, Ricando quartz watch, square valentine badge, amber style earrings marked 925. etc.
132.    Costume Jewellery: Paste necklaces, earrings, brooch marcasite and black enamel "Melissa" compact. £20-25
133.    Smoking Requisites: Lighters, Ronson, Cartier, DuPont and Dunhill. All in need of restoration. £40-60
134.    Commemorative: Yellow metal spoons, Golden Jubilee 2002 cased x 4, Bristol Blue paperweight to commemorate Isambard Kingdom Brunel Temple Meads station 1806 - 20016 plus assorted badges. £20-30
135.    Fashion Jewellery: Disk necklace, gilt and enamel bracelet, expanding bracelet set with pink stones, brooches, badges, contained in a fitted jewellery case. £30-60
136.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Earrings, yellow metal, hoop, pearl stud, paste, yellow metal chains, cultured pearls, clasp marked 375. Expanding bracelet, beads, etc. £40-60
137.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: White metal and crystal bead necklace, 3 strand purple facet cut glass bead necklace, 5 strand black, grey, white necklace and a white metal bead necklace, 5 strand grey lustre necklace, brown and black disk necklace contained in a star shaped box. Plus late 19th/20th cent. treen dressing table tray, trinket pots, brushes and a bevel edge mirror.
138.    Tools: Weather worker's tools including leather, leather stringing needles etc. £30-40
139.    Breweriana: Beer engine ceramic pump handles. £30-40
140.    Locks: Late 18th early 19th cent. door locks, one with working key & five other keys. £20-40
141.    Militaria: Aerial photograph printed to paper by German Airman showing military installations throughout England and Scotland. £40-60
142.    19th cent. Powder horns, 1 tin plate & monogrammed C.H. for Curtis & Harding Gun Powder Manufacturers plus a horn and copper powder horn. £40-60
143.    Military Ship Plaques: Trespassers, Amethyst, Belfast, Walrus, Howe Jutland, Troubridge, Invincible. £30-50
144.    WWI Scientific: Telescope 3 drawers brass Ottway ordinance mark 1913 plus 2 x tripads 1916 and WW2 (3). £30-50
145.    Polar Exploration/ World War One: Single aluminium Dog tag owned by Thomas Whitfield stamped T. Whitfield ON 149832 C.E. CH. ST.
Thomas Whitfield, was one of four stokers on board 'Discovery' for the National Antarctic Expedition 1901-1904. He was picked as part of the shore party and took part in a number of sledging journeys, most notably Wilson's 1903 expedition to the Cape Crozier emperor penguin colony. On his return from the Antarctic he returned to the Navy and was subsequently promoted to Chief Stoker. Leaving the Navy in 1911 he returned 3 years later when recalled for active service during World War I. In later life Whitfield retired to Hampshire where he died in 1942. This tag was from after his return from the Antarctic as it shows his rank as Chief Stoker. £250-350
146.    Militaria: 19th cent. Royal Navy ironstone dinner plate decorated with images of ships and marked Royal navy mess No 11 to centre 10ins approx. £40-60
147.    Military Trench Art: Tobacco jar made from 4.5 Howitzer shell casings. £30-60
148.    Third Reich: Rare hard bound volumes from the Chief Military Command for Division of Foreign Fortifications Evaluation about the defences Yugoslavia, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Printed in the Reich Printing Office c1941-42 (3). £250-350
149.    Third Reich/Militaria: Second pattern Luftwaffe dagger, unusual orange handle, original scabbard. Missing throat piece but otherwise good. £250-350
150.    Third Reich/Militaria: Second pattern Luftwaffe dagger, maker Alcosa Solingen, ivory coloured handle with original scabbard. £250-350
151.    Third Reich/Militaria: A superb archive collection of 51 private WW2 photographs, the vast majority from "Barbarossa" the Nazi invasion of Russia in the summer of 1941. The pictures come from one man, Joachim, a member of the Wehrmacht. The collection includes a portrait postcard of the young man with the dedication of "My beloved Paula to commemorate Joachim." Campaign in the East, September 1941 ". The archive gives a superb first person snapshot of the campaign from the perspective of a member of the German army and shows artillery and transport equipment, smashed Soviet tanks and own vehicles, Russian landscapes and inhabitants, decorations in the field, soldiers in the march and fight, etc. One of the most interesting images shows the photo the tomb of the Soviet airman, made by the Germans from the aircraft's steering wheel, with the inscription on the tablet "Here lies the Russian airman".
152.    World War I: An exceptional diary and archive to Norman Grey, a driver in the Royal Field Artillery in the Western Front. It chronicles his entire career in France from his enlistment including his "short service" document for enlistment for the duration of the war and in 1915 to being de-mobbed in 1919. The diary itself is remarkable and dates joining in June 1915, arriving in France December 15th through to his near three years service on the Western Front. The diary covers three of the most famous battles of WWI including the Somme, Passchendaele, Cambrei and the fifth Battle of Ypres. The accounts of the Somme and Cambrei are remarkable but his entries for the Battle of Passchendale are especially noteworthy giving the reader a vivid snapshot of the battle from the perspective of the Royal Field Artillery.

The archive also contains photographs, including Driver Grey, pay books from the war, discharge documentation, travel/leave documents from the war including one signed by an officer from the Ulster Artillery, an armed forces hospital admittance sheet from when he was wounded at the fifth battle of Ypres, his pass to Hill 63 (which is mentioned in the diary) during the Battle of the Somme on August 8th 1916, etc. A truly remarkable collection chronicling a British Soldiers journey through some of the most horrific battles of World War I. £6000-10000
153.    Militaria/Third Reich: Spectacular archive of four press photographs, of arguable the most famous battleship of WWII taken 27th May 1941 of her prior to sinking, survivors in the sea and survivors being picked up by a Royal Naval warship. They all bear numerous stamps dating from 30th May 1941 including Ministry of Information and that they have been passed by the censors (4). 10ins. x 7ins. £1200-1800
154.    World War I: A fascinating archive of 68 letters with envelopes and postcards written from the Western Front by Second Lieutenant William Rozier. He started as a private in the Army Service Corps, with the first written a week after his arrival in France in July 1915. His service included a transfer to the Machine Gun Corps, time as an SAP (trench digger and tunneller under no mans land) prior to his transfer to the Tanks Corps. A note on his medal index card confirms his entitlement to a wound badge in March 1919. Its unusual to see this many letters from one man written from the Western Front kept together. £2000-3000
155.    WWI/Militaria: Superb archive collection of three diaries written by Private James Bignell of Eight Platoon B Company 8th Bedfords. The diaries start on January 4th 1916 and finish on the 2nd January 1919. They were written on a regular basis in some cases day by day over his time in the trenches. They offer a fascinating snapshot into the life of a British Infantryman in the trenches. Quotes from the diaries.
3rd Sept. Big push started, awful fighting going on.
5th Sept. Awful bombardment day and night "God help them".
8th Sept. Shelled us today 12 killed.
14th Sept. "Went and found Leslie's Battalion but he had gone up the line".
"God Help him and spare him".
17th Sept. Battle still going on. Saw Leslie coming out of the trenches he was
alright, thank God".
14th Oct. General Wight came today with another General.
22nd Oct. Heard were going away. Bishop of London preached today, heavy
fighting going on. This place is full of troops.
29th Oct. "What a life, all the best manhood of Europe, melting away".
6th June "Air is alive with planes, never seen anything like it".
7th June Big attack today about 6000 prisoners and 70 guns.
8th June The bombardment is awful, terrible, worse and worse.
15th June "Made cold tea for the Prince".
24th June A lot of shelling, 4 killed and 18 wounded, King coming.
6th July "King George came to tea with General Gough".
9th July "A big battle coming off about 15th of this month.
11th July General Gough came to lunch, I cooked it and he was very pleased and ate.

Interestingly Private Bignell was later transferred to HQ and became one of Edward Prince of Wales later Edward VIII batman. The diary also chronicles his worry and later anguish and grief at the loss of his son Leslie in the trenches. Also included in the lot is a letter from Private Bignell's grandson chronicling memories of him and a transcript of the principal contents of the diaries as well.
156.    Robert Taylor first edition print "The Swordfish Attack on Taranto", signed Commander Charles Lamb DSO DSC RN and Vice Admiral Sir Richard Janvrin KCB DSC 19½ins. x 13ins. plus a letter signed by Commander Lamb and a reproduction of The Daily Telegraph reporting the attack. Both framed and glazed. £50-80
157.    20th cent. Iron bound deed box. 14½ins. x 9½ins. x 10ins. £10-20
158.    Weapons: Small arms percussion rifle, smooth bore ordnance mark, stamped below rear sight N.S. Dew and 1948 on the butt by the heel, 39ins. barrel and 55ins. overall. £150-200
159.    Weapons: Cannon of the Malay Archipelago. This bronze example Meriam Kecil (Lela) or Lantaka in the Philippines, under Malay influence,has carved crocodile in relief, trunnions to the side to accept the swivel spikes spur shaped holder. These cannons were in use from 16th to the early 19th century and comes with a carriage for display purposes. It has 1ins diam bore and is 36ins. in length and weights 30 kilos. £300-400
160.    Weapons: Cannon Lantaka swivel gun, Dutch/Indonesian style bronze with trunnions and swivel but without the monkey tail, 31¼ins. with an 1ins. diam bore and comes with a carriage for display purposes and weighs 15 kilos. £150-250
161.    Napoleonic Wars: Archie of letters from Lt. Col. William MacKay of the Durham regiment of Foot. Her served during the Peninsula Wars and was present at Salamanca, one letter is written from Niza dated Aug 1812 stating Lt. Col. MacKay received 22 bayonet wounds, asthma and acute dysentery. Also included are numerous letters relating to his medical pension and signed commissions for promotion to the rank of Major then Lt. Col. (approx. 14). £200-300
162.    Crime and Punishment/Dr Crippen: Extremely rare summons to Dr Alexander MacBeth, Surgeon General, dated 23rd November 1910. The summons is to appear as a juryman at the inquest into Crippen's death at Pentonville Prison at 2pm to 'enquire on the King's behalf touching the death of Hawley Harvey Crippen.' An extremely rare piece of Crippen memorabilia sold with a portrait photo of Dr MacBeth. £200-300
163.    Historical Local Interest: Devizes, Wiltshire documents Indenture 1743 with William Sloper for purchase of properties in New Park Street, includes No43 (Royal Oak Inn), 44, 45, 46 and 47 (Brownstone House). All situated on the North east side of New Park Street. Devizes Town Council seal 1608 and signed by the Mayor, Rich Smith and the Town Council 29¼ins. x 21½ins. £40-50
164.    Maps: Herman Moll 1724 map of Buckinghamshire showing the hundreds with coloured outlines and the rules for hare hunting. Framed and glazed 9ins. x 13ins. £120-200
165.    Maps: A portfolio of French maps from 1899 to the first half of the 20th century, approx 40. Robert Morden map of Gloucestershire, boundaries highlighted in colour.
166.    Maps: Bellin 1756 map title Carte Des Provinces De Tierien Firme Darien Cartagene Et Panama, Columbia, Venezuela 11½ins. x 10ins. £40-60
167.    Scientific: Spolter telescope 30mm x 60mm unsigned plus another 30mm x 35mm signed Hilkington Mercury (2). £20-30
168.    Weights and Measures: Postal scales with 6 weights on an oak plinth. £40-60
169.    Scales: Postal scales on a walnut base with weights. £30-50
170.    Weights and Measures: Metric weights, iron and brass 2 sets plus other weights in imperial measure. £40-60
171.    Clocks: 19th cent. Gilt, white metal and porcelain clock garniture. Two medals stamped A. D. Mougin. Decorated with applique glass beaded butterflies and birds. £300-400
172.    Clocks: Oak cased German mantle clock domed door made by Junghans. £20-30
173.    Early 20th cent. Anniversary clock with glass dome. 13½ins. £40-70
174.    19th cent. Clocks: 19th cent. French gild boule work and tortoiseshell mantle clock, a pendulum window below the dial which has white enamel numeral plaques, the movement is stamped 785 84. 18ins. £250-350
175.    Clocks: 19th cent. French bracket clock. Stamped 'D.C & Co. Drocourt of Paris. "Marti" makers medallion, brass embellishments. Enamel face, Roman numerals with key and pendulum. 11½ins. Mahogany clock case. NB: Pendulum suspension strap needs repair. £40-80
176.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Daryl Hannah 9 (5 signed), Demi Moore (2 signed) with certificate of authenticity, Lauren Bacall, approx. 33 (11 signed) plus Emma Freud, approx. 9, (all signed), Carol Smillie, (approx. 45 signed & 16 unsigned), Janet Dibley 7 unsigned and approx. 8 signed photos. £60-100
177.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Ali McGraw, Twiggy, Mandy Rice Davies, Michelle Dotrice, Benny Hill, Sandy Shaw, Elizabeth Hurley, Jerry & The Pacemakers, Dusty Springfield, Joanna Lumley, etc. Approx. 170 plus signed FDC's, etc. £80-120
178.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Alexandra Bastedo, approx. 57 (35 signed), Jenny Agutter, approx. 156 (86 signed). £60-100
179.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Travel & Holidays including Frank Bough, Judith Chalmers, Ruth England, etc. Approx. 15 (12 signed).
DIY/Homes - Nick Knowles, Carol Smillie, Linda Barker, Sarah Beeny, etc, approx. 20 signed.
Cookery & Food: Keith Floyd, Philip Harben, Delia, Nigella, Gordon Ramsey, Jilly Goolders, etc. approx. 35 (34 signed) plus Carey Mulligan, 2 signed, Meg Ryan, approx. 18 (10 unsigned) plus a photo CD. £60-80
180.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Nastassja Kinski, approx. 200 unsigned photos (18 signed photos) and plus Jemima Rooper, approx. 57 signed photos, Emma Watson, approx 98, (17 signed) and Konnie Huq, approx. 25 (3 signed). £80-120
181.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Angela Douglas, 15 signed, Carol Hawkins, approx. 43 (9 signed), Samantha Janus, approx. 72 (33 signed). £80-100
182.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Louise Lombard, approx. 70 (26 signed), Linda Thorson, approx. 140 (28 signed) plus 2 photo CD's & a record. £60-80
183.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Sarah Alexander, approx. 76 (29 signed), Sally Geeson, approx. 240 (34 signed). £60-80
184.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Wendy Padbury (Dr Who), approx. 180 (105 signed), Radio DJ's including Anne Nightingale, David Jacobs, Alan Freeman, John Peel, Johnnie Walker, Terry Wogan, Ed Stewart, Kenny Everett, etc. approx. 39 (4 unsigned). Musicians including Kylie Minogue, Lulu, Ken Dodd, Carly Simon, Vanessa Mac, Pete Best (original drummer of the Beatles), Britney Spears, Kate Bush, Madonna, etc. approx. 46 (38 signed). Alizeè, approx. 40 (1 signed) with picture CD. £100-150
185.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Natasha Pyne, approx. 50 (20 signed), Gail Grainger, approx. 9 photos unsigned, Sophie Ward, approx. 66 (29 signed). £40-80
186.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Tara Fitzgerald, approx. 8 (5 signed), Glynis Barber, approx. 60 (24 signed), Catherine Zeta-Jones, approx. 15 (7 signed), Britt Ekland, approx. 10 (7 signed). Magicians including David Copperfield, David Nixon, Paul Daniels, approx. 8, all signed, Jenny Hanley, approx. 14 (7 signed). £50-80
187.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Helena Bonham-Carter, approx. 76 (35 signed), Louise Jameson (DR Who), approx. 200 (160 signed). £60-80
188.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - UK actors A to Z, Vanessa Redgrave, Warren Mitchell, Tom Courtney, Sean Connery, Susannah York, Peter O'Toole, Ronnie Barker, Judi Dench, Jenny Seagrove, George Cole, Dennis Waterman, Elizabeth Taylor, Emma Thompson, Alex Guinness etc. all signed, some with certificates of authenticity. Approx. 1,260. £300-400
189.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Kate Manning (Dr Who assistant) approx. 150 (88 signed) plus Gabrielle Drake, approx. 170 (70 signed). £60-100
190.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Katherine Ross, approx 54 (17 signed) plus foreign actors A to Z surnames including Cindy Crawford, Goldie Hawn, Glenn Close, Gene Wilder, Dustin Hoffman, Al Pacino, James Garner, Kirk Douglas, Reese Witherspoon, etc. Many certificates of authenticity, All signed, approx. 510. £200-300
191.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Tessa Wyatt, approx. 150 (21 signed) plus Diana Rigg, approx. 207 (27 signed). £100-200
192.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Natalie Portman, (approx. 19 signed and 9 unsigned), Judy Huxtable, approx. 10 unsigned photos, Suzy Kendall, approx. 17 (5 signed), Lauren Gillan (Dr Who) approx. 23 (3 signed), Nicola Bryant (Dr Who) approx. 43 (20 signed), Elizabeth Sladen (Dr Who) approx. 34 (19 signed). £60-80
193.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Susan George, approx. 405 (52 signed), Linda Hayden approx. 170 (67 signed). £80-100
194.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Harry Potter, approx. 14 (6 signed). Dr Who cast members: Wendy Padbury, Caroline John, Louise Jameson, Janet Fielding, Katy Manning, Jackie Lane, Tom Baker & other Doctors plus Williams! approx. 110 (44 signed).
Railway Children, approx. 25 (5 unsigned) plus Imogen Stubbs, approx 100 (33 signed) and a copy script for "A Summer Story". £100-200
195.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures, Charlotte Rampling 8 signed plus 34 unsigned. Denise Richards approx. 17 (12 signed). Katie Holmes, approx. 32 (12 signed). Neve Campbell, approx. 13 (8 signed). £40-80
196.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures TV & Films. Early 20th cent. Robert Morley, Margaret Lockwood, John Gielgud, Michael Redgrave, Debbie Reynolds, Anna Neagle, Judy Garland, Doris Day, Bob Hope, Bette Davis, Jean Harlow, Jane Russell, Spencer Tracy, Gene Kelly, Henry Fonda, etc. Approx. 180 (154 signed) plus approx. 23 signed writers & directors. TV presenters 1950-2000s. approx. 202; all signed with political, Newsreaders & Weather Forecasters. approx. 113 all signed. £100-200
197.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Wildlife & Environment TV: Adam Henson, Mike Dilger, Michael Strahan, James Fisher, David Attenborough, Peter Scott, Johnny Morris, etc. approx. 58, all signed.
Science TV: Presenters, 24 signed.
Gardening TV: Rachel de Thame, Joe Swift, Charlie Dimmock, Percy Thrower, Alan Titchmarsh, etc. 37 signed. £60-100
198.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - The Avengers, approx. 26 (5 signed), The Wickerman, approx. 10 (3 signed).
Crime Series: John Thaw, John Nettles, Jack Warner, Joan Hickson, Wycliffe, George Baker, Raymond Barr, etc. approx. 105, all signed.
Sci-Fi: Star Trek, UFO, Lost in Space, Doctor Who, etc. approx. 47 (28 signed).
Horror Films: The Ghost, Black Sunday, Castle of Blood, The Vampire, Frankenstein, Twins of Dracula, etc. approx. 52 (14 signed). £60-100
199.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Comedians 1950s/60s/70s/80s and 90s onwards including Bob Hope, Harry Worth, Charlie Drake, George Burns, Charlie Chester, Willie Rushton, Harry Secombe, Stanley Baxter, Bob Mortimer, Vic Reeves, Ian Hislop, Sarah Millican, Ken Dodd, Bruce Forsythe, Jo Brand, etc. approx. 387, all signed, not including comedy duos.
Plus TV Stars & Celebrities: Isobel Barnett, Larry Grayson, Hughie Green, Carol Vorderman, Jim Bowen, approx. 40, all signed.
Sporting Stars including Steffi Graff, Roger Bannister, etc. Spy films: Sean Connery, Alec Guinness, Ian Richardson, Nicola Walker, etc. approx. 34 signed. £200-400
200.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Michelle Dotrice (7 signed), Gail Porter, approx. 40 (7 signed), Imogen Hassall (11 unsigned), Julia Roberts, approx. 7 signed & certificate of authenticity, Jane Fonda, approx. 12 signed and 4 unsigned, Jamie Lee Curtis, approx. 37 (22 signed). £60-100
201.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Michelle Pfieffer 2 (1 signed), Sharon Gless, approx. 12 (5 signed), Milla Jovovich, approx. 12 (5 signed), Helen Slater (Superwoman) approx. 49 (3 signed) and Teri Hatcher "Lois Lane/Superman", approx. 32 (8 signed). £60-100
202.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Valerie Leon, approx. 105 (47 signed), Joanna Lumley, approx. 35 (29 signed) with Shirley Eaton, approx. 24 (12 signed). £60-100
203.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Susan Stranks (Magpie) approx. 24 including 6 signed & other ephemera. Judy Geeson, approx. 125 (26 signed). £60-100
204.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Children's TV including Blue Peter, Magpie, Take Hart, Super Store, Crackerjack, etc. approx 75 (4 unsigned) plus Archeology, Antiques & History TV, approx. 25 signed with a few Royalty & Aristocrats including Marquess of Bath 1977, approx. 30 (20 signed). £60-100
205.    Photographs/Autographs: Including autopen signatures - Madeline Smith, approx. 22 (6 signed) plus TV Newscasters, approx. 19 signed and Adrienne Corri 12 (1 signed). Actresses to be identified, approx. 165 (125 signed indistinctly) with approx. 40 film 'stills'. £40-80
206.    Space/Exploration Autograph: Yuri Gagarin Russian Cosmonaut signed photograph. Approx. 4¾ins. x 3½ins. £100-150
207.    Pop Music Memorabilia: Rolling Stones Souvenir Programme; 1964 Tour plus Isle of Wight Festival 1969 (complete/both parts) no; 54779. £40-80
208.    Musical Instruments: A chromatic piano harp by The South Western Novelty Co. £20-30
209.    Toys: Pelham puppet theatre and skeleton puppet, both boxed. (2). £30-40
210.    Toys - Pelham Puppets: Dutch girl c1960s and Pinky of Pinky & Perky. £20-40
211.    19th cent. English folk art carved doll jointed treen bodies with 20th cent. clothing. £150-200
212.    Toy China - Wedgwood c1800: Creamware miniature cruet lidded mustard, pepperette and oval salt (old restoration to the salt) plus cup and saucer x 2 (1 cup a/f). All with impressed Wedgwood mark. £120-150
213.    Toy China - Wedgwood circa. 1891-1908 Miniature Willow pattern dinner service. Dinner plates x 4, soup dishes x 4, lidded sauce tureen, vegetable tureen, soup tureen, sauce boat, all with stands. Minor frit on vegetable tureen lid. All marked Wedgwood Etruria England underglaze blue some also impressed Wedgwood. (19 items). £150-200
214.    Toy China - Wedgwood c1981-1908: Miniature creamware teaset, four polychrome ruined castle decoration comprising teapot and creamer, discolouration to spout, possible old restoration to both. Sugar bowl (hairline), 4 cups (1 a/f) 4 saucers, 4 side plates, Wedgwood Etruria England in black impressed marks and pattern number in red C4445. £40-60
215.    19th cent. Doll dinner china, soup tureen ladle and saucer (no cover), sauce tureen ladle and saucer a/f, 2 x vegetable tureens, 9 x dinner plates, 2 x dessert plates, 6 x side plates, 4 x soup bowls by Ridgeway c1881 £40-60
216.    Books: Miniature book King George VI the Prime Ministers Broadcast Feb 7th 1952 by Winston Churchill, finely bound book one of 750 printed by The Chiswick Press, Barcham Green's hand made all rag paper bound by Sangorski and Sutcliffe in full burgundy Morocco. £400-600
217.    Toys: Meccano Motion Systems x 7 - boxed. £20-40
218.    Toys: Boxed game The Brown Boys shooting gallery. Box somewhat distressed. £30-50
219.    Toys: Wooden to include:- soldiers, farm, animals, trees, fences, hedges, building blocks etc. £30-40
220.    19th cent. Games: Incomplete set of bone and ebony domino's, bamboo dice shakers a pair, 2 x packs of cards, 1 pack the revers showing the young head of Victoria 1 x card missing. £70-80
221.    Cadburys Cocoa Cubs Diecast Novelty Miniatures: Freddie Frog x 3, Bill Badger x 2, Willie Mouse x 2, Mrs and Mrs Pie Porker, Percy Parrot, Tom Kitten, Dumpty Doo Duck x 2, Cackle Goose x 2, Percy Pelican, Grannie Owl x 3, Timmy Turtle x 2, Small Pigs x 2, Tubby Bear x 2, Monty Monkey x 2, Nutty Squirrel x 2, Captain Kangaroo, Peter Dog, Dan Crow, Gussie Robin. Mostly playworn. 31 in Total. £200-300
222.    Toys Diecast: Antar, Artillery Truck 689, 10 ton truck 622, 6 x 6 truck, recovery truck 661, centurion tank, scarison armored car x 2, 1 ton truck field gut etc. £30-40
223.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Sailor Bunnykins DB166, Bride DB101, Sir Galahad DB299, Stop Watch DB253, Catherine Parr DB311, Doctor DB181, Jockey DB169, Skater DB152, Britannia DB219 Limited Edition 2500, No 2253, Be Prepared DB54, Sweetheart DB174, Easter Greetings DB149, King Arthur DB304, Father DB154, and Paperboy DB77. All boxed. £100-150
224.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Father Christmas DB237, Mrs Bunnykins DB19, Sands of Time DB229, Wedding Day Bunnykins DB287, Stop Watch DB253 x 2, Businessman DB203 Limited Edition 5000, No 4292, Fisherman DB84, Christmas Surprise DB146, Bath time DB148, Bedtime DB55, Little Miss Muffet DB240, Romeo DB284, Randolf The Ring Master Bunnykins of the Year 2005 DB330, and Joker DB171. All boxed.(15) £100-150
225.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Jogging Bunnykins DB22, Maid Marion DB245, Town Crier DB259, Detective DB193, Bedtime DB55, Morris Dancer DB204, Willie Winkie DB270, Flamenco DB256, Basketball DB262, Rise & Shine DB11, Rainy Day DB147, Cook DB85, Cinderella DB231, Little Jack Horner DB221, and Billie & Buntie DB84. All boxed. £100-150
226.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Prince John DB266 x 2, Minstrel Bunnykins DB211, Friar Tuck DB246, Will Scarlett DB264, Mr Punch DB234, Fortune Teller Bunnykins DB218, Girl Skater DB153, Golfer DB255, Lawyer DB214, Caddie DB271, Sydney 2000 DB216, Christmas Surprise DB146, Sheriff of Nottingham DB265, and Mother & Baby DB167. All boxed. £100-150
227.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Arthurian Legends Collection - Queen Guinevere DB302, Merlin DB303, Sir Gawain DB300. The Tudor Collection - Henry VIII DB305, Anne Boleyn DB307, Kathryn Howard DB310, Jane Seymour DB308, Catherine of Aragon DB306, Anne of Cleves DB309. Plus Nurse DB375, Congratulations DB291, Gladiator DB321, On The Fairway DB427, Rugby Player DB318, Judy DB Limited Edition 2500, No 2, 317. All boxed, some with booklets. £100-150
228.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Happy Birthday DB21, Royal Family DB45, Mr Bunnykins DB18, Olympic Bunnykins DB28, Home Run DB43, Billie & Buntie DB4, Mrs Bunnykins DB6, Susan Bunnykins DB70, Santa Bunnykins DB17, Storytime DB9, Polly Bunnykins DB71, Sleepytime DB15, Father, Mother & Victoria DB68, Schoolmaster DB60, and Policeman DB64. All boxed. £100-150
229.    Beswick tree base display stand and Royal Albert figures comprising Mrs Rabbit, Mr Benjamin Bunny, Peter Rabbit a/f, Mr McGregor, Jemima Puddleduck "made a feather nest ", Mrs Jackson, Tom Kitten "in the rockery", Tom kitten, and Amiable Guinea Pig. Unboxed. (9) £50-70
230.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Mother & Baby Bunnykins, Limited Edition 2000, No 280 DB226, Father Bunnykins, Limited Edition 2000, No 280 DB227, Day Trip Bunnykins DB260, Jack & Jill DB222, Tyro lean Bunnykins DB242, Judge DB188, New Baby DB158, Indian Bunnykins DB202, Mystic Bunnykins DB197. All boxed includes Bunnykins Arthur Legend Lore, £100-130
231.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Tourist Bunnykins DB190, Sightseer DB215, Pilgrim Bunnykins DB212, Betsy Ross DB313, Sweet Dreams DB276, Mother Bunnykins DB189, Maid Marion DB245, Mary Mary DB247, Fireman DB183, Golfer DB295, Dodgem DB249, Mermaid DB263, Choir Singer DB223, Deep Sea Diver DB273 and Dutch Bunnykins DB274. All boxed. £100-150
232.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Bath Night DB241, Postman DB76, Christmas Morning DB285, Susan DB83, Airman Bunnykins DB199, Love Heart DB288, Strawberries DB277, With Love DB269, Tom DB72, Easter Treat DB289, Little Bo Peep DB220, Little Stocking Filler DB421, Angel Bunnykins DB196, Partners in Collecting DB151, and Busy Needles DB10. Unboxed. 15 figures. £100-130
233.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Christmas Surprise DB420, Eskimo DB276, Dollie Bunnykins DB8 x 2, Prince Frederick DB48, Girl Skater DB153, Astro Bunnykins DB20, Hornpiper DB261 x 2, Rise & Shine DB11, Tennis DB278, Sir Lancelot DB301, Fireman DB75, Air Controller DB382, Family Photograph DB67, Schooldays DB57, Helping Mother DB2 x 2, Daisie DB7, Tally Ho DB12, Autumn Days DB85, and Princess Beatrice DB47. Unboxed. 22 figures. £100-130
234.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Harry Bunnykins DB73, Mother's Day DB155, King Richard DB258, Sweetheart Bunny DB130, Sydney Bunnykins DB195, Gardener DB156, Groom DB102, Vicar Bunnykins DB254, Aussie Surfer DB133, Joker DB171, Anniversary DB137, Nurse DB74, Goodnight DB157, Helping Mother DB2, and William DB69. All boxed. £100-150
235.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Bunnykins Of The Year 2004 Winter Lapland x 2 DB297, Tutankhamun DB 296 unboxed, Ankhesenamun DB295, Summer Lapland DB298, Centurion DB294, Juliet Bunnykins DB283, Uncle Sam DB50, Statue Of Liberty DB198, Shopper DB233, Easter Parade DB292, Birthday Girl DB290, Jockey DB169, Captain's Wife DB320, Seaside DB177, and Graduation Day DB286. All boxed except DB 296, some with paperwork. £100-150
236.    Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Santa's Helper DB192, Mystic Bunnykins DB197, Scotsman DB180, Cavalier Bunnykins DB179, Robin Hood DB244, Easter Surprise DB225, Bridesmaid DB173, Ballerina DB176, Sundial Bunnykins DB213, Fisherman DB170, Irishman DB178, Welsh Lady Bunnykins DB172, Little John DB243, Little Boy Blue DB239, and Little Bo Peep DB220. All boxed. £100-150
237.    20th cent. Ceramics: Maling red/green lustre ware Peony trough, pink/green two handle lustre trough, cream lustre daisy trough (3). £40-60
238.    20th cent. Ceramics: Mailing pink lustre bowl with border of yellow and blue daisies and footed blue lusterware bowl (2). £50-70
239.    Early 20th cent. Wedgwood: Butterfly lustre bowl, mottled coloured outer overlaid in gilt butterflies and blue interior coloured butterflies and patterned with gilt highlights. Diameter 9¾ins. £100-150
240.    20th cent. Ceramics: Maling dark blue Peony bowl, pattern no. 6504, 11ins. £60-80
241.    20th cent. Ceramics: Phoenix ware, blue and gilt vases, gilt ground decorated with stylised blue flowers. The vase is of tapering form on a circular base - a pair. 12ins. £30-50
242.    20th cent. Ceramics: Rosenthal Versace red Medusa plate 12ins. A Villeroy and Boch, Le Manoir Aux Saisons plate 12ins. plus a rose plate 12ins. £80-100
243.    20th cent. Ceramics: Maling orange lustre candle holders, decorated with yellow daisies - a pair, also 2 lustre trinket pots. £30-50
244.    20th cent. Ceramics: A.G. Harley Jones Wilton ware, circular blue lustre ware bowl decorated with oriental figures in gilt, plus a Lord ware blue bowl decorated with stylised flowers (2). £40-60
245.    20th cent. Ceramics: Ringtons Maling pansy flower pot and cover. £40-60
246.    20th cent. Ceramics: New Hall Lucien Boullemier orange lustre footed bowl, decorated with tulips, daisies. Pink lustre bulbous vase with central border of trees and birds (2). £40-60
247.    20th cent. Ceramics: Maling pale blue lustre bowl with gilt border, dark blue lustre bowl with green border decorated with pink and blue flowers (2). £40-70
248.    20th cent. Ceramics: Maling dishes, thumbprint lustre with border of spring flowers, 11ins. Green with border of swans, 9ins. Oval pink lustre dish with apple blossom, 11ins. and pink lustre, 11ins (4). £40-60
249.    20th cent. Ceramics: Mailing blue lustre ware plate with border of spring flowers, 11ins. Plate with central pattern of orange, blue and yellow flowers, green inner border, rim border of orange, blue and yellow flowers and green leaves, pattern Gloria (2). £3-50
250.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley art deco style Harmony green banded cake stand x 3, salad drainer on stand and a posy bowl. £50-80
251.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley pearl ware lustre tear drop vase with green floral decoration 6ins. £50-60
252.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley teapots, yellow flowers a/f. "Georgian " Harmony drip orange, crochet, no 846 "Floral" plus 1 other (6). £50-80
253.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley cream jugs and sugar bowls, "Hibiscus", "Columbine" x 2, pattern no 12160, Blue Flowers, "Hedgerow" Wild Flowers plus one other (7). £50-80
254.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china pattern no 5910. Green/black/white cake plate x 2, cup x 6, saucer x 8, side plate x 12 and sugar bowl. £40-60
255.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley lustre ware candlesticks - a pair. 7ins. £40-60
256.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china "Charm", pattern 13752. Cup x 8, saucer x 6, teapot, milk jug & 1 coffee cup. £50-80
257.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china, pattern no 2466. Cup x 4, saucer x 5, side plate x 8, cake plate x 2. £40-60
257A.   20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china "Charm", cup and saucer x 6, side plate x 6, milk jug and sugar bowl. £50-80
258.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china, pattern no 2394. Cup x 5, saucer x 6, side plate x 8, cream jug and cake plate. £50-80
259.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley "Heather" tea china. Cup and saucer x 5, side plate x 5, milk jug and sugar bowl. £50-80
260.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china, pattern No 1154/41 dark red and gilt - cake plate, cup and saucer x 6, side plate x 6. £40-60
261.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley pattern no 2994. T.4.1 cup and plate, sugar bowl, milk jug and a spare saucer. £30-50
262.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley pattern no W62207/024. Art deco blue banded dinner ware, circular design in blue/grey with silver colour border. Sauce boat and cover, tureen and cover, 3 graduated meat ovals, dinner plate x 4, soup bowl x 4, side plate x 5. £60-100
263.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china, pattern no 20189. Pink flowers, cup x 5, saucer x 6, side plate x 6, cake plate, milk jug and sugar bowl. £50-80
264.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley cream jugs "Woodland", "Old Mill", "Sunrise", pattern no 11575, trees "Bramble", "Blue Princess", etc. 11 jugs. £30-50
265.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley cream jugs, Harmony shape designs in orange, green, blue and yellow. 6 Jugs. £30-50
266.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley trio's, Wild Flowers x 3, yellow flower, no 2438, blue border 11432, Rhythm. Plus D11320 (7 Trio's) £60-100
267.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Chelsea - teapot x 2, cake plate, sandwich plate, milk jug and creamer, side plate x 6, preserve dish, egg cup, sugar bowl and dish. £50-80
268.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china no 11199. Cake plate, cup x 7, saucer x 12, side plate x 11 and a sugar or slop bowl. £50-80
269.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china no 781613 - cake plate x 2, teapot, cups x 4, saucer x 6, side plate x 9. £50-80
270.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Wild Flowers half tea set with blue border. £50-80
271.    Early 20th cent. Foley Intarsio Fredrick Rhead bowl Shakespeare Hamlet with verse "They hold up Adams profession" pattern No 3512 and copyright to base plated rim 12ins. diam. £100-150
272.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley dessert set, pattern no 12120. Square bowl and 6 dishes. £40-60
273.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley tea china, no 2338. Cup and saucer x 6, side plate x 6, jugs x 2, sugar bowl and cake plate. £70-100
274.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley "Violets" tea for two Cup and saucer x 2, teapot, side plate, cream and sugar bowl. £50-80
275.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley "Charm" coffee set. Coffee pot, cup and saucer x 6, creamer and sugar bowl. £50-80
276.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley art deco style Regent shape violets tea set, comprising 12 side plates, 12 saucers, 12 cups, 2 cake plates, sugar bowl, milk jug, teapot & stand, and hot water pot. No 756532. £150-200
277.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony vases, banded in green and sand (2)matching shape 978, and a larger vase, shape 984. (3 in total). £50-80
278.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony vases, banded in green, sand and brown, shape 980 - a matching pair, plus another (3). £20-40
279.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony vase, shape 9890 in banded shades of green. £20-40
280.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony bowl, banded in green and oatmeal 9½ins. £20-40
281.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony jug in bands of dark and pale green with a pale lemon handle 5½ins., a ginger jar decorated with bands of brown, sand and green 5ins. plus a tapering vase decorated with green bands 4ins. £50-80
282.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony tapered vase decorated with bands of brown, orange and sand. shade 989. 9ins. £40-60
283.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony bowl, banded in brown, orange and cream 6ins. long neck vase, same shades, a tumbler in yellow, brown and orange, a squat vase with grey and orange. 4ins. £50-80
284.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony jug decorated in bands of orange and yellow, plus a tapering vase in orange and yellow, shape 979. 6ins and 7ins. £50-80
285.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley - Harmony bowls in shades of blue and grey. Two bowls 1 x 7ins. and 1 x 10ins. £50-80
286.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony tapering vases in shades of brown, sand and cream (2) 4ins. and 6ins. £40-60
287.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley Harmony long neck vase, grey shade to pale and dark blue. 6½ins. Bulbous vase, shading from grey to pale green 4ins. plus a preserve pot on stand shading from brown to blue and green. £50-80
288.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley - Model Lucie Attwell, "Make her all lovely and sweet to be seen" mug and dish. £50-80
289.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley bulbous vase decorated in blue, "Moonlight Study" with sailing ships. 8ins. £40-60
290.    Japanese Ceramics: Late 19th early 20th cent. Satsuma vase with pierced lid, makers mark Kizan. £150-250
291.    Japanese Ceramics: Late 19th/early 20th cent. Satsuma vase with reticulated lid, minor internal chips to the lid. 4ins. £100-150
292.    19th cent. Chinese famille rose Cantonese medallion plate and a Chinese Celadon plate slight firing crack serial mark on reverse. Chinese scallop shaped dish decorated with famille rose butterflies and fruit, chip to edge and on foot rim.
293.    19th cent. Chinese famille rose medallion plates, a pair. 10ins. £60-100
294.    Japanese Ceramics: Early 20th cent. Satsuma vases - a pair. 12ins. £4-60
295.    Tibet: 18th cent. Tibetan bamboo prayer book 7½ins. £150-250
296.    Japanese: Early 20th cent. Ivory models of Japanese artisans at work. £150-250
297.    Japanese: Copper & enamel tray, c1920. 8ins. £60-100
298.    19th cent. Oriental square tapering vase, decorated with blue butterflies. £80-100
299.    18th/19th cent. Chinese famille vert scallop edge dish, central medallion decorated with birds and blossoms, chrysanthemum border, blue underglaze double circle and artemisia flower to base. £80-100
300.    19th cent. Japanese Arita bowl. Patterned inside and out. ¾ins foot rim, 4¼ins high x 9¼ins diameter. £80-100
301.    Japanese: Boxed set of 20 post-ware bowls with gilt decoration. 4½ins. £100-150
302.    Japanese: Meiji Satsuma cups x 3, saucers x 2 depicting immortals. £40-60
303.    20th cent. Japanese Imari Koranglia Furugawa factory. Chrysanthemum panels, central medallion depicting a vase, floral decoration to base. 11½ins. A satsuma pot requiring restoration. £40-60
304.    19th cent. Oriental: Short stick stand, panels decorated with blossom, birds & floral motifs. Blue & white on white ground 12ins. plus a blue & white charger with a bird central decoration & blossoms 11ins diameter. Indistinct mark to base. £50-80
305.    Japanese: Meiji Satsuma Panel cup and saucer depicting the Emperor, his wives and servants. £40-60
306.    19th cent. Chinese Cantonese plate, famille vert, a man and two women seated at a table playing a board game, bat symbols to base. 10ins. £40-60
307.    Japanese: Meiji Satsuma ware plates depicting the immortals 7¼ins. (2). £40-60
308.    19th cent. Games: Turned and stained ivory chess set possibly Anglo Indian. £100-120
310.    19th cent. Cantonese Vases: Profusely decorated
famille rose with panels and cartouches, Geisha and learned men 15ins. tall, one staple repair, a pair. £100-120
311.    Chinese Ceramics: 20th cent. Jade ground tea set, 6 cups and saucers, teapot and sugar bowl. £30-50
312.    19th cent. Oriental gilt wood carved small table with marble inset. £80-100
313.    Late 19th Cent./ Early 20th Cent: Treacle drip glaze plant stand, chip to rim 32ins. £40-70
314.    20th cent. American Studio Ware: Fired dish with green glazed upper, applied fish motif "Whitehead Street Pottery, Key West", impressed to base rim. Approx. 6¾ins. diameter x 3ins. deep. Possibly Charles Pearson. £40-60
315.    Studio Commemorative Ware: T.W. Lemon & Son, Weston-Super-Mare green and orange cups, decorated with Royal Crown G.R. 1937 (2). £30-50
316.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Worcester cream jug, decorated with a robin, William Powell signed. £30-50
317.    20th cent. Susie Cooper: Glen Mist coffee set, coffee pot, jug, sugar bowl, plate, 6 x cans and saucers. £60-80
318.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Cobbler" H.N. 1706 plus "The Potter" H.N. 1493 a/f. £100-140
319.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Denise" H.N.2273. £50-60
320.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Miss Demure H.N. 1402. Potted by Doulton, Reg No 753474 with green back stamp. £50-60
321.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "The Old Balloon Seller" plate with raised decoration. 10¾ins. diameter. £20-30
322.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton, Biddy Penny farthing H.N.1845. £60-90
323.    Royal Doulton: "The Boy Evacuee" No 8733 c.1988. £60-80
324.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "The Home Coming" H.N. 3295 No 4585. £50-60
325.    Royal Doulton: Kings ware flask Tony Weller minus whip and stopper, character jug "Long John Silver" and "Dickens Oliver Twist" square jug (3). £100-150
326.    Doulton Figures: HN2204 "Long John Silver" plus "The Professor" (2). £100-150
327.    Doulton Figurines: HN2162 "The Foaming Quart", HN2054 "Falstaff" plus HN2443 "The Judge" (3). £60-100
328.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Loving cup Queen Elizabeth II Coronation designed by Charles Noke and Harry Fenton, issued 1953 in Ltd Ed 1000, this is No 627. The cup is decorated with portraits of Elizabeth II and Elizabeth I on reverse 10ins. unboxed. £150-200
329.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Dickens bowl "Tony Weller" D6327 rim chip plus a miniature mug decorated with a pastoral study 2ins. £60-70
330.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton gnome plate, blue ground decorated with gnomes and toadstools, 7½ins. a/f. £50-60
331.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton plates "The Falconer" D6279 plus "The Jester" D6277. £60-80
332.    Doulton Lambeth: Tapering vase of cylinder form decorated with leaves and foliage marked FF to base 12ins. Plus a Lambeth Doulton leaves pot and a pair of Doulton match strikers.
333.    Doulton Lambeth: Collection of misc small items, Lambeth and Royal Doulton inc. vases and pots (6). £40-60
334.    Doulton Lambeth: Stoneware baluster vase marked 6 to base 10ins. (2). £50-80
335.    Doulton Lambeth: Hannah Barlow ewer x 2, decorated with donkeys 769 and LR 625 to base. 14ins. £80-120
336.    Doulton Lambeth: Squat baluster stoneware vase factory marks and LE to base plus patent Doulton Isobath ink well 5ins. £50-80
337.    Doulton Lambeth: Blue ground fruit bowl plus a large tapering vase CD to base 12ins. £50-80
338.    Late 19th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Stoneware vases, tube lined, floral and foliate design in green, brown, blue, incised monogram for Florence Roberts 12ins. Stoneware cream jug, foliate design 5½ins. Long neck vase, incised Doulton mark 6ins. Stoneware art nouveau glazed baluster vase decorated in blue, grey, incised monogram to base. P.B. 13ins. £150-200
339.    Doulton Lambeth: Stoneware bowl factory marks and 1881 HEH 9ins. x 5ins. plus a small Doulton planter BD 8ins. £50-80
340.    Doulton Lambeth: Collection of mixed Lambeth Tobacco and other jars, 9 with lids (13). £60-100
341.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby paperweights, badger, Jefferson & Branscombe, moonlight badger, Old Imari frog. £50-80
342.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby paperweights - Blue Tit, Fire Crest, Nuthatch x 2, and a Chaffinch.
Please note all paperweights are unboxed, all have their gilt stoppers with some Collectors Club examples. £70-100
343.    Royal Crown Derby: Paperweights - Squirrel, Gold Crest and a Crested Tit. (3) £80-120
344.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby paperweights, Imari Robin, Crested Tit, Long Tail Tit and a Fire Crest. £60-100
345.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby paperweight Old Imari Bear, 3 Imari hedgehogs. £60-100
346.    20th cent. Ceramics: Paperweights - Sitting Cat 1985, Sleeping Kitten 1991, majestic Kitten, Sitting Kitten. £60-100
347.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby "Old Imari" tea box and 2 tea cups and saucers. A Christmas plate 1999, Ltd Ed 1750. No 648 mug, a special commission by Govers of Sidmouth Ltd Ed 750 No 371 to commemorate the marriage of Prince Edward and Sophie Rhys Jones 1999. Royal Crown Derby paperweight "The Admiral Lord Nelson"m Ltd Ed sold by Govers of Sidmouth to commemorate The Battle of Trafalgar. £70-100
348.    20th cent. Ceramics: Walter Moorcroft lamp globes small 4¼ins. tall & 5¾ins. tall spherical central lamp sections columns. Hibiscus pattern; white ground. Printed Royal Warrant "Queen Mary" used 1953-1976. £80-120
349.    20th cent. Ceramics: Walter Moorcroft lamp globes for central lamp section. Hibiscus pattern; green ground, 5½ins. diameter with printed paper Royal Warrant "Queen Mary" used 1953-1976 5½ins. tall. (2) £80-120
350.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft bull rushes and water lilies squat baluster vase, Moorcroft stamp in green to base, No 95 in brown. 6ins. £150-200
351.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft bull rushes and water lilies tapering vase 8ins. Moorcroft mark to base in green, 95 in blue. £150-200
352.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft Clematis long neck vase. Moorcroft min blue to base No 2001 in brown, black ground with white Clematis. 9ins. £60-100
353.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft blue Agapanthus squat vase. Moorcroft in green to base, N2003. Possible Rachel Bishop. 5ins. £100-150
354.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft blue coaster dishes, decorated with birds - a pair. 4½ins. Plus a miniature baluster vase decorated with lemons. 2ins. £100-150
355.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft butterflies designed by Emma Bossons. Orange butterflies, green leaves, black ground. Moorcroft in green to base, No 2005 and a seahorse in black 8ins. £150-250
356.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft "Harvestime" baluster vase, designed by Paul Hilditch, Ltd Ed. 150, No 66. The vase has rich images of harvest time, a blue tractor ploughing a field, also decorated with toadstools and a red autumnal berries, The base has the signature of Paul Hilditch in green 8ins. £400-600
357.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft Landscape Melody, designed by Sian Leeper, squat baluster. Moorcroft in green to base, 2005. Seahorse in black. 6½ins. £150-250
358.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: The Merchant & The Skipper. £50-80
359.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: The Yeoman & The Plowman. £50-80
360.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: The Friar & The Nun Prioress. £50-80
361.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: Geoffrey Chaucer. £50-80
362.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: The Doctor of Physic & The Summoner. £50-80
363.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: The Pardoner & The Monk. £50-80
364.    20th cent. Studio, Rye Pottery Chaucer Figures from The Canterbury Tales: The Wife of Bath & The Knight. £50-80
365.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Red Roofs" c.1931 bowl, No 4 Holborn. Diameter 8¼ins. £200-300
366.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Geometric bowl, brown/blue, restored - Havre. Diameter 7ins. £30-50
367.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Geometric pattern bowl, orange/purple - Holborn. Diameter 7½ins. £80-120
368.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Spring Crocus" c.1930-63 bowl - Havre shape. Diameter 6ins. £80-120
369.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Compote "Gardenia" c.1931-32. Diameter 9ins. £150-250
370.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Coral Firs" c.1933-35 bowl. Diameter 8¼ins. £100-150
371.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Gayday" c.1930-34 bowl. Diameter 8½ins. £80-120
372.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Odilom" c.1931 sauce boat - Ravel. Height 3ins. £50-80
373.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Wall charger "Forest Glen" c.1936-37. Diameter 17½ins. £1400-2000
374.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Red Roof" c.1931 vase with fortress or castellated top - shape 45. Height 8½ins. £300-500
375.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Trencher "Paradiso Harbour" Biarritz c.1928-30's. Reference:- "Collecting Clarice Cliff" by Howard Watson. 10ins. x 8ins. £50-80
376.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Red Roof" c.1931 vase - shape 358, Cafe au Lait, green. £300-500
377.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Blue Firs" c.1933 Perth jug. Height 4ins. £80-120
378.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Ginger jar, geometric - shape 132. Height 8ins. £500-700
379.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Wilkinson soup bowl with plate and lid x 2, c1928-39. Wilkinson "Crocus" c.1928-63 plate x 2, c1928-39. All plates with back stamp B9 - from book "Comprehensively Clarice Cliff" by Greg Slater and Jonathan Brough. £60-100
380.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Gibraltar" c.1931, tea set - Stamford Tea for Two - 2 cups, 2 saucers, 1 plate, Stamford teapot, hot water jug (milk?), sugar bowl. £1700-2000
381.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Isis jar "Farmhouse" c.1931. Height 9ins. £400-600
382.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Avignon" c.1930-31, Isis jug (From The Louis K and Susan Meisel Collection). Height 9ins. £1600-2000
383.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Isis jug "Poplars" c.1932. Height 9ins. £600-800
384.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Double handled lotus jug "Rhodanthe" c.1934 onwards. Height 11½ins. £250-350
385.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Double handled Isis jug "Coastal Oak" c.1934. Height 10ins. £600-800
386.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Blue Chinz" c.1932 onwards, vase x 2 - shape 495. Height 7ins. £500-700
387.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Isis vase "Crocus" c.1928-63 design. Height 8ins. £150-250
388.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Vase 360 "Nasturtium" c.1932, Cafe au Lait, stippled brown. Height 8½ins. £250-350
389.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Plates "Delecia" c.1930 2 x 8ins. plus plates (nominal) "Delecia" c.1930 2 x 7ins. (4). £150-250
390.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Isis jug "Coral Firs" c.1933. Height 9½ins. £600-800
391.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Lotus jug "Taormina" c.1936. Height 11½ins. £350-450
392.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Secrets" Lotus jug c.1933. Height 12ins. £600-700
393.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Persian bowl "Inspiration" c. 1930-31. Diameter 8½ins. £250-350
394.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Persian globe vase "Inspiration" c.1930-31. Height 6ins. £500-700
395.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Bowl "Taormina Pink" c.1936 12ins diameter on a 5½ins diameter, 2ins high pedestal, ribbed base. Diameter 12ins. £150-250
396.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Athens teapot - "Summerhouse" c.1931. Height 6ins. £200-300
397.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Forest Glen" Greek jug c.1936-37- shape 563. Height 9ins. £250-350
398.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Mei Ping vase "Umbrellas and Rain" -shape 14 c.1929. Height 12ins. £600-800
399.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: Geometric cup and saucer with gold signature underneath. £60-100
400.    Clarice Cliff - The Rowland Pollitt Collection: "Heath Fern" pot c.1931 - geometric blue, brown and green. Diameter 3ins. £60-100
401.    20th cent. Ceramics: Clarice Cliff Napoli vase, shape 781/7, 7ins. small chip to rim plus a crocus creamer a/f. £50-80
402.    20th cent. Ceramics: Clarice Cliff, "Bizarre" pattern, cylindrical shape pot, hand painted in a geometric pattern in orange, blue and yellow. 3ins. £40-60
403.    20th cent. Ceramics: Clarice Cliff A.J. Wilkinsons "Fruit Basket" pattern, cream ground - shape 883. Unsigned with green back stamp. Diameter 9¼ins. £40-60
404.    Early 20th cent. Decanter with silver hallmarked collar Sheffield 1900 13ins. £50-80
405.    Hallmarked Silver and tortoiseshell Ladies dressing table set, mirror, hand brushes (2), hair brushes (2). Maker S&B Snyder & Beddoes, Birmingham 1924. £80-120
406.    Hallmarked Silver: Perfume bottle, silver, Birmingham 1907, collar. Cut glass bottle, hobnail cut bottles, hallmarked silver collars, worn hallmark, hand mirror bevel edge Birmingham 1924. £50-80
407.    Hallmarked Silver: Twist glass perfume bottle plus oval picture frame. £30-40
408.    Hallmarked Silver: Dressing table, engine turned brush set, hair brush, 2 brushes plus hand mirror, Birmingham, maker Adie Bros. £50-80
409.    Hallmarked Silver: Teaspoons, arts & craft John Round, Sheffield plus coffee spoons cased (2 x sets). £50-80
410.    White metal marked 925: Hallmarked silver posy holder brooches (4). Also engine turned nail cleaner/cigar pricker. £40-60
411.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments, salt, pepper, mustard x 2, all Birmingham. Approx. 10oz. £90-120
412.    Hallmarked Silver: Sauce boats and ladles London 1939 Viners 9oz. £120-150
413.    Continental white metal and gilt decorative spoon with twist handle and elaborate figurehead, date 1773. £100-150
414.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar bowl and creamer, Birmingham, maker Barker Ellis. 13oz. £100-150
415.    Hallmarked Silver: Child's rattle butter knife, 2 nips, teaspoon. 3oz. inc. £30-60
416.    Hallmarked Silver: Pierced sweet dish, London 1899, Will Comyns, 2oz. £50-80
417.    18th/19th cent. White metal tankard, ½ pint stamp, completely worn hallmark, impressed letters on handle R.J.M. £40-60
418.    Hallmarked Silver: Tankard, a Presidents Trophy, W.W.Y.C. heavily engraved London markers mark. Approx. 8ozs. £60-100
419.    Hallmarked Silver: Concorde souvenirs, picture frame 4½ins. x 3½ins. plus 1976 10th Anniversary London -New York engraved luggage label. £30-40
420.    Hallmarked Silver: Wine coasters 1961 - a pair. £50-80
421.    Hallmarked Silver: Ink stand with square base, beaded border, cut glass ink well, Birmingham 1904. £70-100
422.    Hallmarked Silver: Wine Tasters octagonal sides with grape handles London 1938-39, Jays of Oxford SV approx 7oz. £100-120
423.    Hallmarked Silver: Sporting, Horse racing, Doris Linder Brigadier Gerard Salver approx 12oz. £140-160
424.    20th cent. Italian plated bottle cart of highly decorative form. £50-80
425.    Sporting/ Militaria: Chrome boxing trophy Army, RAF 1932 Officers Welterweight R.W. Brown. £20-30
426.    Horse Racing Interest: Enamel Members Badges - Chepstow Race Course 1996. 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 (2), 2003 (2), 2004 (2), 2005 and 2006. £20-30
427.    Horse Racing Interest: Enamel Members Badges - Bath Race Course 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 (2), 2007 (2), 2006, 2008 (2). £20-30
428.    Horse Racing Interest: Enamel Members Badges - Cheltenham Race Course 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 (2), 2004, 2005, 2006 (2), 2007 (2), 2008 (2), 2009 (2), 2010, 2011 (2), 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016. £40-50
429.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold Designer Jewellery John Watling: Torque approx. 33grams. £700-1000
430.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Vesta with engine turned decoration. 28grams. £250-350
431.    Costume Jewellery: Mother of pearl disk pendant on a fine chain, St. Justin Love Knot pendant set with simulated pearl on a fine chain, Buckingham owl brooch, tear drop pendant, maple leaf brooch, yellow metal bar brooch, etc. £30-40
432.    Fashion Jewellery: Hallmarked silver pendant in the form of a lily, worn marks. Malcolm Gray ortak enamel Glasgow rose brooch, marked 925.M.G. on the reverse. Over marcasite pendant set with green stone and a yellow metal pendant on chain. £40-70
433.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Heart shaped pendant on fancy chain tests 9ct approx. 4g. £40-60
434.    Gold Jewellery: Flat link necklace Italian 9ct 375 marks 13g. £120-150
435.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Designer ring overlapping rectangular tests 14kt white and yellow gold 5g marked 585. £80-100
436.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Earrings Hematite oval set, coral cabochon set and leaf pattern tests 14kt approx. 6g. inclusive. £70-90
437.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Floral leaf pendant set with seed pearls tests 18kt on a very fine link chain tests 9ct approx. 3.5g. £50-70
438.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Agate pendant with Prince of Wales chain 18ins. approx. 8g inc. tests 14/15kt. £50-70
439.    Hallmarked Gold: Engine turned 9ct. cufflinks, retail Lovebridges, Melksham, cased 6g. £60-80
440.    Yellow Metal Costume Jewellery: "Trifari" simulated pearl earrings, curb link necklace, fine chain, stone pendant, cultured pearl leaf pattern ring, white metal ring and marquisette dog. £40-60
441.    Jewellery: 9ct gold link chain plus a 9ct wedding band 22g. £150-250
442.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Cross pendant fine openwork set with emerald to centre tests 18kt gold 1-9g inclusive. £40-50
443.    Jewellery: Opal doublet ring, yellow metal, tests 14k. £60-80
444.    Hallmarked Jewellery: Large aquamarine coloured spinel set ring, shank hallmarked 9ct. £60-80
445.    Jewellery: Large white topaz ring set in yellow metal, tests 18ct, stamped 18k. £80-100
446.    Jewellery: French silver circular blue spinel surrounded by marcasite on a raised setting. £60-80
447.    Hallmarked Jewellery: 9ct gold ring cluster set with sapphire coloured stone, surrounded with spinels. £30-50
448.    Jewellery: French silver cushion shaped blue spinel on a raised setting. £60-80
449.    Jewellery: Diamond collar earrings and ring trio set with 18ct Swiss gold 0.30 carat approximately. £380-420
450.    Jewellery: Jadite and yellow metal fine link drop earrings. £130-150
451.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Fancy three tier oval brooch tested 14/15kt gold, 4g. £60-90
452.    Jewellery: Sapphire and cubic zirconia, 18ct set earring, pierced and clip fitting. £350-380
453.    Diamond Jewellery: Five stone boat shaped ring approx ½ carat tested 18ct and platinum. £240-300
454.    Watches: Open face hallmarked silver pocket watch Chester movement, signed T&G Moses, Bishop Auckland, no. 136715, ornate silver dial with hallmarked Albert chain. £150-180
455.    Jewellery Diamond cross over ring 14ct. tested 0.80 carats. £380-420
456.    Jewellery: Full diamond eternity ring, platinum set approximately 1.4 carats. £1000-1200
457.    Jewellery: 18ct. Marquise shaped garnet and pearl ring. £300-350
458.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Brooch seed pearl and sapphire with wirework setting tests 14/15kt 3g. £60-90
459.    Watch: Art Deco style diamond set on 9ct white gold ladies dress watch. £350-380
460.    Watches: Jaegar Le Coulter ladies stainless steel Reverso bracelet watch ref 261.8.86 and 1848918. Two tone black dial with original Jaeger bracelet 34mm x 20mm. £1700-1800
461.    Watches: Ladies Lichfield yellow metal wristwatch on white leather strap. Giralux watch on a white strap. Yellow metal Citron wristwatch. Accurist yellow metal watch and a Lanco yellow metal case roll gold bracelet watch (3). £50-80
462.    Watches: Men's Certus white metal square wrist watch with date and a black leather strap,. A Rado watch round day and date with white metal bracelet plus a yellow metal majestic wrist watch with date and brown leather strap (3). £100-150
463.    Watches: Men's Cerruti 1881 wrist watches copper coloured with leather strap with date at 12 o'clock, the other white metal rectangular with bracelet strap. £80-120
464.    Watches: Ladies Swiss imported silver cased pendant watch. White dial with red, green, and blue enamel decoration, plus an early rotary automatic wristwatch. 21 jewels. £40-60
465.    Early 20th cent. French carriage clock white enamel face signed W Bruford and Son, Paris. £40-70
466.    Lighters: S.T. Dupont, black lacquer with gold plated trim, Windsor design, small Ligne lighter with box and paperwork. £120-150
467.    Lighters: DuPont brown Chinese lacquer and gold plated table lighter, with box and paperwork. £200-250
468.    Objects of Virtu 17th/18th cent.: Head plaque wax Jacobean style portrait 2ins diam. set in a white metal heavily embossed frame with floral relief. 6ins x 6ins. £60-80
469.    20th cent. Five panels of rural studies bordered with ornate gilt in relief. Maker's mark, crossed swords with E above and C below. 3½ins x 1¼ins x 2½ins. Continental patch box hard paste with gilt fitting. £100-120
470.    Curios: 19th cent. Egyptian musical pipes with fascinating pencil label a fixed. 'Pipes bought from Egypt by Dr Livingstone.' 7ins. £100-150
471.    Early 19th cent. Treen: Hardwood turned table salts, a pair. Diameter 2ins. Turned patch pots, a pair. Diameter 1¼ins. £40-60
472.    Devizes Interest: 19th cent. Photographic viewer, mahogany cased "Market Cross Devizes Wilts." 4½ins x 2½ins. £40-50
473.    Weights and Measures: French apothecary weights in ounces under the name poids de marc. It has a bird marked to the case cover (please note the Science Museum letter). £40-60
474.    Treen Ware: 20th cent. Beech nut cracker of fish form. £30-60
475.    Ladies Scripto yellow metal propelling pencil and ball point pen, boxed plus a Stratton mother of pearl perfume spray. £20-40
476.    Early 20th cent. and later spectacles. Agfa round eye nun glasses, clip on glasses, John Lennon style spectacles, plus yellow metal pince-nez and 3 spectacle cases. £30-50
477.    Gold Coins: British George II 1739 two guinea's, portrait fair reverse shield good, 16.6g. £1000-1500
478.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1908. £200-230
479.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1909. £200-230
480.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1909. £200-230
481.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1910. £200-230
482.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1907. £200-230
483.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII. 1907. £200-230
484.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, Perth, 1906. £200-230
485.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, Melbourne, 1906. £200-230
486.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, Melbourne, 1902. £200-230
487.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, Perth, 1902. £200-230
488.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1903. £200-230
489.    Gold Coins: Sovereign Edward VII, 1903. £200-230
490.    Numismatics: France, silver Louis XVI 1784 1 Ecu (metal flaws), Belgium Leopold II 1873 5 franc, Belgian Netherlands 1790 Ducaton knight standing on standard, Maria Theresa Thaler, Leopold Thaler 1619 Hapsburg arms on reverse (misshapen), Belgian Netherlands 1 Guilder 1764, Hollandia 1 Stuiver 1764, and 3 small denominations. (10) £70-100
491.    Numismatics: Spain, silver, 2 Reales 1771, 1792. (2) £30-50
492.    Numismatics: Spain, silver, 2 Reales 1712. £50-70
493.    Numismatics: Spain, silver, 2 Reales 1718. £70-90
494.    Numismatics: Spain, silver, 4 Reales 1795, 1 Reale 1782, 5 Pesetas 1892. (3) £30-50
495.    Numismatics: Portugal and Colonies, silver Joao IV Cruzado P in four corners of reverse counter stamped 500, 1684 Brazilian 200 Reis, and 1687 200 Reis. £50-70
496.    Numismatics: U.S.A silver dollar 1883 New Orleans, 1881 San Francisco, Kennedy ½ dollar 1968. (16) £40-60
497.    Numismatics: Spain, silver Carolus III 8 Reales, 1777 Mexico mint, and undated cob. £80-100
498.    Numismatics: British silver and .500 silver sixpence, circulated, varying conditions 1711, 1757, 1816, 1887, 1899, 1910, 1914, 1917, 1920, 22, 24, 26, Type 1, 26 Type 2, 28, 32, 35, 36. (17) £50-60
499.    Numismatics: British threepence, silver and .500, circulated, varying conditions 1763, 1853, 1899, 1887, 1900 x 2, 1911, 1908, 1913 x 2, 1926 x 2, 1920 x 2, 1928, 1936, 1937, 1944. £20-30
500.    Numismatics: Mixed metals. Louis, models and medallions, Victoria model penny x 3, ½ farthing 1844, ¼ farthing 1835, 1/3 farthing 1913 George 1811 1/6 bank token, Jubilee medal, Toogood & Son medal James II, 22/ Money weight, Portuguese £3.12.0 and money weight £3.12.0. £50-70
501.    Numismatics: British Cupro, circulated, varying conditions. Sixpence 1947, 49, 51, 53, 59, 64 x 3. Shillings 1947 English and Scottish, 1948 English, 1949 English, 1950 English, 1953 English and Scottish, 1954 Scottish, 1968 x 2, 1966 x 2 English. Two shillings 1953, 1959, 1966. Half crown 1953, 54, 67. Crown 1951 un circulated, 1953 x 2, 1960, 1965, 1972. £30-40
502.    Numismatics: British, copper imperfect denominations, 1 penny ghosting flaw 1919 H, alloy fault 1921, split flaw 1938, brass threepence split fault 1958, halfpenny 1959 alloy fault, sixpence weak strike and run fault 1968. £30-50
503.    Numismatics: British silver and .500 silver shillings 1697, 1711, 1758, 1787, 1723, 1816, 1826, 1887 x 2, 1894, 1902, 1916, 1918, 50% silver 1923, 1926, 1927, 1933, 1936, 1938 English, 1939 Scottish, 1944 English. £100-120
504.    Numismatics: British copper cartwheel issue 1797 twopence and one penny. £20-30
505.    Numismatics: English copper pennies, halfpennies and farthings. Circulated, in varying condition. Pennies, 1889, 92,1900, 01, 02, 07, 10, 12 H. 18 KN x 2, 18 H, 26 ME 28, 36, 37, 49, 1950, 53, 161, 67. Halfpennies, 1879, 1901, 02 LT, 03,07, 15, 25, 27, 32, 35, 36, 42, 44, 52, 53 x 3, 54, 67. Farthings, 1694, 1736, 1799, 1826, 27, 40, 67, 78, 93, 96, 99, 1909, 13, 19, 26, 31, 36, 38, 49, 1952, 53, 56. Brass threepence, 1937, 1944, 53, 54, 67. £80-100
508.    *Wiltshire: Pen, ink & colour wash "Ball Corner, Pewsey Vale, Wiltshire", signed 'Vernon' lower right. Framed and glazed 27¼ins. x 19½ins plus "Marlborough High Street; View West", signed 'Vernon' lower right. Framed and glazed 27¼ins. x 19½ins (2).
509.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Limited edition print "Winter Study" 2/20. Framed and mounted 16ins. x 12ins. £30-50
510.    Suzy Miles 2002: 20th cent. screen prints, "Friends - Figure Study" 2 of 4, pastel colours. Both framed & glazed 11ins. x 15ins. (2). £50-80
511.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Artist set and interior designer acrylic "Cherhill Down 1", signed and dated 06 lower left. White framed 39ins. x 39ins. £100-150
512.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Artist set and interior designer acrylic "Cherhill Down 2", signed and dated 06 lower left. White framed 39ins. x 39ins. £100-150
513.    Cecil Aldin: Print "The Blue Market Races" 24ins. x 16ins. an etching "Town Hall Ruthin", a map print, an etching "The First of September" plus a copper handled mahogany tray. £40-60
514.    20th cent. Albany Wiseman "Wapping Pierhead, London". Lithograph pencil signed, titled & limited edition 180/.300 Framed and glazed. 22½ins. x 18ins. £40-60
515.    Military: Prints of continental Officers and other ranks on horse back 8½ins. x 11ins. framed and glazed plus 1 x 22½ins. x 28ins. Plus 20th cent. painting's on papyrus Egyptian prints etc (7). £10-20
516.    Irene Croopkendin: Watercolours "Arundel Park" x 2. Framed & glazed, 14¾ins. x 10ins. "Mediterranean Scenes" x 2. Framed & glazed. approx. 11½ins. x 7ins. (4). £30-50
517.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Artist set and interior designer acrylic "Cherhill Down 3", signed and dated 06 lower left. White framed 39ins. x 39ins. £100-150
518.    20th cent. Prints & Paintings: J. Uarrac "Reclining Lady After Goya", signed lower left, painted on tin. Framed 23ins. x 15ins. Plus still life "Flowers" indistinct signature, framed & glazed & a print/cartoon of an artists' class "No woman is fat whose ankles are thin" Edition 118/600), framed & glazed. (3 in total) £30-50
519.    20th cent. Limited Edition Prints: D. Redwood "Riversmeet, Tavistock", "Tavy Cleave, Dartmoor", Devon and Cornwall scenes (4). £40-60
520.    David Feather: Oil on canvas, "Ringed Plover" and "Ringed Plover Chicks". Framed 8ins x 18ins. Also Audrey Greaves, oil on canvas, "Puffins". Framed, 9½ins x 7ins (3). £50-80
521.    Oils, watercolours, prints, various sizes and artists. All framed, some glazed. Also two framed issues of Le Petit Journal. £30-50
522.    Rita A Frost: Pastel study of chickens in a field, signed lower right. 7½ins x 7½ins. Also Chyecott, watercolours, study of a cockerel through a window. 11½ins x 15½ins and a study of a goose, 12ins x 17½ins. All framed and glazed (3). £40-60
523.    J. Bell: Oil on board farmyard study of chickens. Also Roger Malone 1987, oil on board. "Up Up and Away". Framed 10ins x 8½ins (2). £20-40
524.    20th cent. Continental School: Mixed media/water techniques "Friends & Temptation in an Orchard", indistinct signature, lower right. Oval frames, glazed. Both 19ins. x 15ins. £30-50
525.    David Haycroft: Watercolour study of honeysuckle, brambles and butterflies also prints, hand coloured drawings of the same subject and two bird prints. 11½ins, 15½ins (6). £20-40
526.    Charles Lawrie 1834: Engraved, from a painting by John Dean Paul, coloured engraving on paper "A Trip to Brighton Plates" 1,2,3, and 4 framed and glazed 27½ins. x 17½ins. Etchings "The Duke of Beaufort's Coach" original painting by W. J. Shayer plus engraved by Charles Hunt, framed and glazed 26ins. x 21½ins (3). £80-120
527.    Lucinda L. Mackay 1970: Ink & watercolour "The Bridge Near San Basilio", signed lower right. Framed and glazed 17ins. x 12ins.
528.    20th cent. Prints Medici Society: William R A Flint "Retreat from the Sun" framed and mounted approx 24ins. x 17¾ins. plus "Carmelita" 12ins. x 10ins. Both artist signed lower right in pencil LTD Edition and paper impressed marks lower right Russell (2). £60-80
529.    20th cent. Prints Medici Society: William R A Flint "Variations on a Theme" framed and glazed 24ins. x 17¾ins. Both artists signed lower right in pencil. Medici Society Ltd Ed. Paper impressed marks lower right Russell (1). £80-120
530.    David Gentleman Lithographic Print: "The Tidal Mill at Wood Bridge", framed and glazed 18ins. x 13ins. £20-40
531.    Book plates, birds - Kittiwake Gull, Cuckoo, Lapwing and Kestrel, framed and glazed, 21ins. x 13½ins (4). £80-120
532.    Duke of Wellington/Waterloo: The funeral procession of Arthur, Duke of Wellington, hand coloured aquatint panorama in 22 panels. Each framed and glazed. Total dimensions approx. 92ins. x 5ins. One panel extended in height to show the funeral carriage. Published by Ackermans & Co. London 1853. £250-350
533.    18th cent. Reverse painting on a glass. Mythological scene depicts immortals and spirits fighting in the air. Rural scene with forests, lakes, caves and a dwelling. Hardwood frame, glazed. 19ins. x 13¼ins. £100-150
534.    20th cent. Japanese print on fabric with cloth trees, boat and man. £30-60
535.    English School: Watercolour studies of rock faces, initialled lower right. All framed and glazed. 16ins x 21ins, 23ins x 15ins, 17ins x 23ins. £40-60
536.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Watercolour ink wash "Trees", signed lower right. 40ins. x 29ins. £100-150
537.    Suzy Miles 1984: 20th cent. Prints, hand infill watercolour on paper, limited edition 10/30. "Guests for Dinner at Aphrodisias" Framed & glazed. £50-80
538.    20th cent. Indian Devotional hand painted manuscripts/ paintings. Mixed media depicting court scenes, journeys, farming scenes and Gods. 6ins. x 10ins. framed and glazed double sided 5½ins. x 10ins. (5). £100-120
539.    20th cent. Indian Devotional hand painted manuscripts/ paintings. Mixed media depicting learned teachers, courting scene, desert musicians and parables 8ins. x 10¾ins. framed and glazed double sided 6ins. x 9ins. (6). £100-120
540.    English School: Watercolour in sepia, a rural study, framed and glazed, 11¾ins. x 8¾ins. £30-50
541.    Eleanor Hughes 1882-1959: Watercolour "Through the Arches", signed lower left, embossed stamp lower right. Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 10ins. £60-80
542.    George W Yeates 1860-1939 Ireland: Oil on board "Walled Cottage Garden" signed lower right on reverse rough sketch of a face inscribed Feb 1933 and May 34. Framed 16ins. x 12ins. £200-250
543.    English School: Watercolour "Cattle on a Hillside" Framed & glazed 10ins. x 7ins. £50-80
544.    British School: Oil on board "Courting Couple", oval gilt frame & glazed. 15ins. x 11ins. £30-50
545.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on canvas Rural Cottages", framed 23½ins. x 19½ins. Nina Margaret Gantz was born in August 1879 and attended the Slade School of Fine Art in the late 1920's and exhibited with various London women's artists groups of the time.
546.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on canvas "Condemned Cottages". Framed 18ins. x 14ins. £30-50
547.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on canvas "Mediterranean Study with Boat in Foreground". Framed 14ins. x 12ins. £30-50
548.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on canvas "Mousehole" (Portrait painted on reverse). Framed 16ins. x 14ins. £30-50
549.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on canvas "Cyprus in Summer". Framed 16ins. x 14ins. £30-50
550.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on canvas "Cyprus". Framed 15¾ins. x 14ins. £30-50
551.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on canvas "Study of a Town". Framed 9¾ins. x 8ins. £30-50
552.    Automobilia: Rolls Royce Coupe De Vile 1937 Phantom - design drawing, designed by G. Armstrong, coach built by O. De revere Carrosserie Waarschoot Beke with original photo of the car. N.B. The car was confiscated by the Nazi's during the war and never recovered. Approx. 19ft. x 6ft. condition commensurate with age. £800-1200
552A.   Automobilia: Bentley S1 6 cylinder, head assembly part no BA 74634 CBS78, plus threaded steel studs 3 x 4½ins, 5 x 3ins, 6 x 2¾ins, 18 x 1¾ins, 2 x 2¾ins, 1 x 1¾ins, 1 x 2ins, 2 x 2ins, 2 x ⅝?ins. Brass studs x 5ins, 8 x manifold gaskets, Rolls Royce full flow oil filter, reversing light assembly, rotor arm.
553.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on board "Evening After Rain". Framed 17½ins. x 13½ins. £30-50
554.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on canvas "Town on a Hill". Framed 24ins. x 19¾ins. £30-50
555.    Margaret Gantz: Oil on board "Still Life" - table top items. Framed 23½ins. x 19¾ins. £30-50
556.    Margaret Gantz 1879-1979 oil on canvas "Landscape with Trees and River", signed on frame. 23ins. x 19ins. £50-70
557.    20th cent. Roland Foster: Watercolour J. Class "Yachts off a headland" off the Isle of Wight. Approx. 1ft. 10¼ins. x 2ft. 6¼ins.
558.    20th cent. English School: Oil on board town study with figures, signed lower right (indistinct). Framed 15½ins. x 19½ins. £20-30
559.    20th cent. Ceramics: Circular plaque decorated with summer flowers in gilt frame - a pair. 7½ins. £30-50
560.    Bev Taylor New Zealand 20th cent. Oil on canvas "Keynet Grey Day 82" signed lower right and reverse 13ins. x 10ins. Framed. £50-70
561.    William Douglas Macleod 1892-1963: Pen and ink "Dalmahoy Golf Club" signed bottom right 14ins. x 10ins. £100-150
562.    Claude Montague Hart 1869-1952: Watercolour Cornish School "Cornish Seascape with Dunes" 20ins. x 14ins. signed lower right. £20-40
563.    19th cent. English School: Oil on canvas, cattle by a lake, unsigned, gilt frame 19ins. x 9½ins. £60-80
564.    Thomas Faed RSA 1926- 1900: Oil on board "Peasant Boy with Haversack" signed lower left 9ins. x 13ins. £800-1200
565.    Thomas Faed RSA 1826-1900: Oil on board "Boy with basket" signed Faed middle bottom 9ins. x 13ins. £800-1200
566.    Edwin Hayes 1820-1904: Watercolour "Sun Setting over a Harbour". Framed & glazed 15¼ins. x 6½ins. £100-150
567.    William James Muller 1812-1845: Watercolour "Breaking Wave", signed & dated 1838 lower left. Framed & glazed 15¼ins. x 6½ins. £100-150
568.    Samuel Bough 1822-1878: Oil on board Maritime study signed bottom left 1870 7½ins. x 6ins. £300-500
569.    Margaret Palmer 1922: Oil on board "Bygone days" gallery label to reverse 11ins. x 9ins. £100-150
569A.   Margaret Palmer 1922: Oil on board "Dabbling in the Sand" 10ins. x 12ins. £100-150
570.    Thomas Sewell Robins 1829-1879: Watercolour "Hulks and a buoy, men in a row boat and distant shore line", signed lower right. Framed & glazed 12½ins. x 8ins. £150-250
571.    R. Warren Vernon: Early 20th cent. Watercolours "Brixham Trawler leaving Ilfracombe", signed & titled lower left. Framed and glazed 27ins. x 11ins. With "Stormy Sunrise, Bristol Channel", signed & titled R. Warren Vernon. Framed and glazed 26½ins. x 11½ins. plus "Estuary Shipping" monogram lower right. Framed and glazed 18¾ins. x 8ins. (3) £50-80
572.    19th cent. English School: Primitive watercolour maritime study of SS Wave West Hartlepool in calm seas built 1871, she ran aground on the 09/10/1886 and broken up, framed and glazed 26ins. x 17ins. £300-500
573.    19th cent. English marine study of "Boats off Margate" inscribed JMW Turner 13ins. x 9ins. £300-500
574.    19th cent. Venetian study with inscription on reverse "The Campanie Venice by James Holland" 7ins. x 10ins. £200-300
575.    Wiltshire Interest: John Rixon watercolour of St Johns Alley, Devizes 11ins. x 8ins. £30-50
576.    Charles William Day 1818- 1859 pen, black ink "Thames 1831 Man-O-War and 3 Thames Craft" framed and glazed 11½ins. x 6¾ins. £150-200
577.    George Bryant Campion 1796-1870. Ink highlighted with white, Seashore study with round buildings, signed on reverse. Framed and glazed. 13½ins. x 10ins. £60-80
578.    Samuel Owen 1768-1857 Watercolour, 'Dutch Boat in Rough Seas' (Bonhams 4th November 2003). 9ins. x 7ins. £150-200
579.    Edward William Cook 1811-1880 watercolour, 1 of 12 original sketches by Cooke for engraving for his book, shipping and craft (this one was not used) Study of a Man-O-War, signed on the reverse, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins.
580.    Edward William Cook 1811-1880 watercolour, 1 of 12 original sketches by Cooke for engraving for his book, shipping and craft (this one was not used) Study of a Man-O-War framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins. £150-200
581.    G Kennion 1744-1809 watercolour study of a 2 masted sail boat signed on reverse, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 7¼ins. £150-200
582.    John Thomas Serres 1759- 1825 watercolour, study of boats and ships in rough seas, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 6½ins. £120-180
583.    English School: Watercolour lobster boat bring in the pots, signed lower left indistinct, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 9½ins. £200-300
584.    William Anderson 1759- 1837 watercolour, a study of ships under sail, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 9½ins. £300-400
585.    Thomas Webster watercolour, a study of boats unloading a 3 master in rough seas, framed and glazed 12ins. x 9ins. £100-150
586.    Wiltshire Interest: John Rixon watercolour "Deer in Wood" possibly West Woods/ Savernake 14ins. x 10ins. £30-50
587.    19th cent. Charles Frederick Buckley 1812-1869 watercolour 'Alpine study with figures', signed lower left and matching study figures in an Alpine sunset, signed lower right - a pair. Gilt framed. Approx. 9½ins x 7¼ins.
588.    Wiltshire Interest: John Rixon watercolour of Avebury Neolithic stones 17ins. x 11ins. £30-50
589.    I. Blactter: Oil on canvas study of the dunes and sea, signed lower left. Framed 16ins x 12ins. £50-80
590.    George Cruickshank 1792 -1878 attributed, watercolour "Children with a Dog Giving Money to a Beggar" oval mount 5ins. x 4ins. approx, framed 10ins. x 10ins. (with letter from Sothebys dated 2005). £150-200
591.    Mary Fedden 1915- 2012: Watercolour "Catching Butterflies", signed and dated lower right. Framed & glazed 12ins. x 9½ins. £2000-3000
592.    Alexander Blackly 1837: Charcoal and watercolour of a lady sitting on a chair reading, signed & dated lower left. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 18ins. £30-50
593.    B Fowler 1894-1907: Oil on board, a farmstead study with chickens, signed lower right, framed and glazed, 15½ins. x 10½ins. £80-120
594.    Early 19th cent. Sampler with alphabet and biblical verse, framed and glazed, 11ins. x 14ins. £30-50
595.    20th cent. British School: Watercolours, Woodland scenes, framed and glazed, 11ins. x 8½ins. and 13ins. x 9ins. indistinct signature. (2). £30-40
596.    W. Hollar: Original etching "The Sun & The Wind" from Aesop's Fables P380 2nd edition. Framed & glazed. 7ins. x 9ins. £50-80
597.    Regency Revival gilt and ebonised gesso convex wall mirror, circa 1860, the circular plate within a cavetto frame with olive leaf and reel moulding's, surmounted by a cabochon cartouche crest and foliate scrolls, the base with a similar cartouche and oak leaf decoration. Approx. Height: 3ft. 4ins. Width: 2ft. 2¼ins.
598.    French School: Paziols - Looking North towards Chateau d'Aguilar" signed lower right. Framed & glazed. Plus 1 other etching. £100-120
599.    E. Sanderman: Oil on board "Still Life of Flowers". 24½ins. x 30ins. £40-60
600.    Advertising: Rare Poll Parrot shoes oversized parrot animation and advertising figure 36ins. Wired but not to be used, collectors item only. £200-300
601.    20th cent. Bentwood hat, coat and umbrella stand. £30-40
602.    Stripped pine washstand 30ins. x 16½ins. x 34ins. including galleried back plus a later towel rail. £20-40
603.    19th cent. Padouk wood occasional table heavily carved with dragon, birds and other symbols on carved folding base. £80-100
604.    Pre War leather office armchair plus early 20th cent. single salon and corner chair (3). £50-80
605.    19th cent. Mahogany circular tilt top table. 48ins. £20-40
606.    19th cent. Mahogany fret worked slat back dining chairs with drop in seats on square supports. (4) £30-60
607.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany dressing table, swing mirror, a later pine example and a wall mirror. £20-40
608.    20th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table of delicate proportions. 27ins. Plus a 20th cent. Stained wood workbox, lift up lid. £30-50
609.    20th cent. Mahogany 3 drawer dressing chest on square supports plus oak gate leg table. £20-30
610.    20th cent. Walnut bed frame, floral motif carving to headboard and foot board. 6ft. long x 5ft. wide plus an oriental style painted head board. £60-80
611.    20th cent. Beech, marble topped wash stand. Tile backed with ornately carved cresting rail. £40-60
612.    21st cent. Pine chest of 5 drawers - a pair. 20½ins. x 41ins. x 15¼ins. £80-120
613.    19th cent. Two tier drop flap dumbwaiter on tripod supports. £30-50
614.    20th cent. Oak two tier drop flap tea trolley plus a mahogany sofa table. £10-20
615.    Oriental: Early 20th cent. Japanese heavily carved fretwork screens depicting Carp, Herons and other stylised features 73ins. x 12ins. (4). £150-250
616.    Indian treen panel with deity in relief plus another similar (2). 12ins. x 3ins. and 38ins. x 8ins. £100-150
617.    19th cent. Mahogany commode with ceramic insert 20ins. x 17ins. £40-70
618.    20th cent. Asian carved treen figures of Deities and elephants. (30). £40-70
619.    19th cent. and later Asian hardwood, heavily carved, tables and stands. (6). £150-250
620.    19th cent. Circular tilt top side table plus one other. £50-80
621.    20th cent. Overstuffed, upholstered two seater 'Chesterfield style' sofa on turned supports. 56ins. x 30ins. x 29ins. £80-100
622.    20th cent. Furniture: Knoll design three piece suite, settee and 2 chairs. Black sculptured fabric, conforms to fire regulations. £150-200
623.    19th cent. Elm and mahogany chairs, pierced back slats. Plus an elbow chair. £20-40
624.    20th cent. 2010 red leather three seater sofa, reclining end seats plus a matching chair £100-150
625.    20th cent. chest, 4/2/2 finished in white melamine. 63¾ins. x 38ins. x 20ins. £60-80
626.    20th cent. Oak spinners chair with carved stylised back and spindle legs. £30-40
627.    20th cent. Oak draw leaf table, cup & cover supports and 7 wheel back chairs. £150-250
628.    19th cent. Rosewood pole screen with glazed oval section. £40-70
629.    20th cent. Mahogany drop leaf side table 34ins. extended. £40-70
630.    Edwardian mahogany piano stool. Upholstered lift up seat, revealing a sheet music storage compartment. 22ins x 23½ins x 14ins. £40-60
631.    Modern Scandinavian beech extending table and 6 chairs made by Shovby. £150-250
632.    19th cent. Figure mahogany secretaire 3 drawers below with waterfall front barley twist columns and a fully fitted interior. £100-150
633.    Edwardian mahogany bedside locker of modest proportions. £20-30
634.    20th cent. Oak bedside locker plus one other (2). £30-50
635.    21st cent. Upholstered Furniture: Elbow chairs, mahogany framed, button backed, with burgundy fabric - a pair. £100-150
636.    21st cent. Upholstered Furniture: Three seater sofa, chair and pouffe in a burgundy & gold flock fabric. £150-250
637.    21st cent. Upholstered Furniture: Three seater sofa, chair and pouffe in a burgundy & gold stripe fabric with two cylindrical cushions, 2 scatter cushions and four large cushion covers. All matching. £150-250
638.    19th cent. Mahogany Torchére the single column of carved twisted form with acanthus decoration 49ins. £80-120
639.    20th cent. Two tier mahogany plant stand with inlaid decoration. £50-80
640.    17th cent. Oak panelled wardrobe, two large doors with brass H hinges over 3 drawers with later additions. 80ins. x 94ins. x 18ins. £300-500
641.    19th cent. mahogany twin door wardrobe. 46ins. x 76ins. x 21ins. £80-120
642.    19th cent. Mahogany three door compactum, central mirrored door with 4 slides, 2 drawers and shoe storage compartment. Hanging compartment and shelf on right & left sides. £60-100
643.    20th cent. Queen Anne Style walnut chest on chest with brushing slide and herringbone inlay 31ins. x 64ins. £120-180
644.    19th cent. Wingback upholstered chair, ball and claw front supports. For restoration. 30ins. x 32ins. x 46ins. £250-350
645.    Carolinian style oak Wainscot chair with carved back and top section. £250-350
646.    18th cent. Oak hooded crib on rockers. Length 36ins. £80-100
647.    19th cent. Lidded trunk, ring handles to sides. 27½ins x 13ins x 15ins. £40-60
648.    20th cent. Mahogany, set of three, nest of tables 20ins. x 14ins. plus one other set. (2). £40-70
649.    19th cent. Mahogany card table with brass inset decoration 35ins. £80-120
650.    George III style oak dresser base with two drawers to the front 54ins. x 20ins. £150-250
651.    19th cent. Mahogany breakfront sideboard, 3 drawers over twin pedestal cupboard with deep linen fold decoration, flanking a twin door cupboard. The whole on a plinth. 78ins. x 38ins. x 24ins. £200-300
652.    Edwardian oak 3 tier buffet on scrolled supports 47½ins. x 44ins. x 21¾ins. £80-120
653.    Late 18th cent. Mahogany bureau, 2/3 drawers, the fall front, with inlaid spandrels, opens to reveal a fully fitted mahogany & satinwood interior of ten drawers, 8 pigeon holes and 2 hidden slides, central door satinwood with oval flame mahogany centre, fitted with a green skiver. The whole on ogee bracket supports. 47ins. x 44ins. x 21ins. £80-120
654.    Edwardian mahogany chaise longue, cream upholstery including top rail. £50-70
655.    19th cent. Mahogany chest of drawers, 2 small over 3 long drawers, brass furniture. 20½ins. x 41¼ins. x 36¾ins. £120-150
656.    Late 18th/early 19th cent. Mahogany bureau with fitted interior, four drawers on bracket feet. 39ins. x 42ins. x 23ins. £80-120
657.    18th cent. George III: Mahogany framed, bow fronted, upholstered settee. 8 square tapering legs with tapered castors, removable sides and back. 76ins. x 35ins. x 28ins. £300-500
658.    20th cent. Oblong mahogany side table, single stretcher with galleried supports. £50-80
659.    19th cent. Set of oak carved bar back dining chairs with carved cresting rail on turned front supports (6). £100-150
660.    19th cent. Mahogany art nouveau carver chair with shaped, slat back and columns & cresting rail, inlay & square supports. £80-120
661.    Pre War oak slat back revolving office chair. £50-80
662.    19th cent. Mahogany upholstered chair, Carolean style with barley twist columns and stretcher with an open carved cresting rail. £80-120
663.    19th cent. Walnut framed button back nursing chair, carved cabriole supports, scroll ends. £60-100
664.    Early 19th cent. Bow front chest of four graduated drawers on swept bracket feet of extremely delicate proportions 26ins. x 18ins. £200-300
665.    19th cent. Rosewood teapoy, the sarcophagus styled on top opens to reveal four sections on single pedestal and three sprayed supports. £100-150
666.    19th cent. Mahogany knee-hole lowboy of small proportions, 7 cock beaded drawers and central back cupboard on bracket supports 34ins. x 30ins. x 20ins. £150-200
667.    19th cent. Rosewood bar back dining chairs, a pair. £40-70
668.    19th cent. Mahogany folding side table "The Eclipse" revealing rising centre with a glazed twin handled tray. Brass furniture stamped "The Eclipse Patented in Great Britain No 27871." The whole on shaped supports & brass castors. 22ins. x 20½ins. x 30½ins. £120-150
669.    18th cent. Iron bound coffer with later additions 46ins. £120-180