Auction of Antiques, Collectables & Part One of the
Clifford, Rosemary & Penelope Ellis Studio Sale
on Saturday 28th January 2017
Thursday 26th January 10am - 4.00pm
Friday 27th January 12 noon - 7.00pm
Saleday from 8.30am
Sale commences at 10.00am
Lots: 100-149 of 620
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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

Early 19th cent. British Army No.1 dress tunic with buttons.
Estimate: 30-50


Edge Weapons: World War II German bayonet in scabbard with frog fastening.
Estimate: 30-50


Coins and Badges: Cupro nickel crown 1953, 1965 x 2, 1977 x 3, 1980 x 2, misc. coins plus quantity of military and other cap badges.
Estimate: 20-25


World War I binoculars by A Tubeuf of Paris MKV SPL with benchmark.
Estimate: 30-50


R.A.F. Memorabilia: Group Captain A.C. Hollingsworth pewter presentation tankard Thorney Island 1958, France, Germany Star, sweetheart items - Stratton compact, wing brooches (3), plus a pendant shaped enamel brooch with R.A.F. roundel.
Estimate: 50-80


Scientific Instruments: Reproduction Sextant, boxed. Plus a G. Fournier, Paris pair of military binoculars.
Estimate: 30-40


Delprado, reproduction porcelain trinket boxes, rectangular 14, circular 15, square 12, misc. shapes 19. All decorated in coloured enamels and all in mint condition. Approx. 60.
Estimate: 100-150


Maps: 1842 Indenture to John Spicer Heron with Dunham town land map on reverse, Ordnance Survey maps 1940s/80s covering parts of GB (36), maps of Bath, sheet 25 Bartholomew's cyclist/ walkers map of Herts and Bucks with 2 repro maps of Persia and Japan South Islands (1 x box).
Estimate: 20-40


Stamps: 12 Albums of stamps GB, World and USA plus some loose (1 Box).
Estimate: 20-50


Stamps: School boy album of 19th century and later including Penny Reds.
Estimate: 20-40


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "General Atlas of the World 1721", "The New General Atlas of the World" G W Bacon and Bacon's "Excelsior Six Penny Atlas", "Guide Du Touriste Porquerolles", "Guide Anglais", etc.
Estimate: 30-40


Cricket: Signed MRF World Series cricket shirt by Robin Smith, England and Hampshire.
Estimate: 50-80


Ellis Family Archive: Three albums of Grand Tour style postcards showing Cathedral architectural scenes from Venice, Provence, Auvergne, Rheims and Serris some with notations. (5).
Estimate: 60-100


Photographs & Postcards - Ellis Family Archive: Albums of photo's & postcards relating to their tour of Northern France 1917 & 1927/28. Church architecture & antiquities. (4).
Estimate: 60-80


Ellis Family Archive: Albums of postcards relating to Wells, Norwich, Malmesbury, Romsey, etc. Mostly Abbeys or Churches.
Estimate: 40-60


Postcards - Ellis Family Archive: Art & architectural with some views of around Britain plus 2 albums with some shipping photo's.
Estimate: 30-60


Postcards: Wiltshire and Devizes cards some military plus photographs including Devizes Station.
Estimate: 40-60


Ellis Family Archive - Design: Illuminated letters R, A and F 18ins. high plus tin plate R and G, a mixed selection of treen painted letters and a tray of Gothic printing blocks.
Estimate: 80-120


Ellis Family Archive: Scrapbook of Victorian & later scraps, some hand coloured, "Punch & Judy" pantomime cut-outs, rural watercolours, etc.
Estimate: 60-80


Ellis Family Archive: Scrap albums with drawings, cut-outs, hand written stories, cartoons, etc. (2 Albums).
Estimate: 30-50


Ellis Family Archive: Personal seat album containing hand coloured drawings with letter stamps decoratively used to enhance them.
Estimate: 60-80


Motoring - Ellis Family Archive: Owner's manual for the Land Rover series 11A, instruction manual supplement for Land Rover 88 series 11, Land Rover service & maintenance book for 1963, Land Rover magazine, fuel ration books and AA paper disc's etc.
Estimate: 30-50


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Gregory's "The Economy Of Nature" volume 1, 2nd edition, "Brynns Lectures On Natural Philosophy" 1st edition, "The Dates And Sayings Of The Philosophers". Plus a 1877 facsimile reproduction of the first book printed by Caxton 1477. (3).
Estimate: 50-80


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Chez J Johnson Walker, etc. 1809 "Oeuvres De Moliere Par M. Bret" bound, condition poor, volume 1 to 4, 6 and 8. "Fables De La Fontaine And The British Poets" 4 volumes and "Letters To Junius" 2 volumes 1811. (14).
Estimate: 40-60


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "A Description Of The Colosseum As Reopens in 1845" plus "The Panorama Of London" embossed by Dobbs, Bailey & Co. Printed by Wertheimer.
Estimate: 80-100


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Edwards Natural History Of Uncommon Birds And Of Other Rare And Undescribed Animals, Quadrupeds, Reptiles, Fishes And Insects" in four parts 1743. Leather bound, printed by The Royal College of Physicians.
Estimate: 300-500


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Bradbury and Evans "The Newcomes" Arthur Pendennis (William Thacheray) 2 volumes 1854 first edition bound, slight discolouration to front bases, otherwise clean, tight copies with damage to marble boards.
Estimate: 40-60


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Jamaica Ferns" rare collection of pressed ferns, bound in green leather with gilt titles, album bound by Carswell of Belfast, rear page signed by Rosemary Ellis with written index page.
Estimate: 100-150


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: John Bunyan "The Pilgrims Progress" Illuminated published James Lumsden and Son Glasgow, brown leather bound, scuffed tooled and gilted front, back boards and spine some discolouration, tight copy.
Estimate: 50-80


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Cassell & Co. "Dante's Purgatory And Paradise", translated by Cary, full leather bound, corner & spine damage, clean copy plus Cassell Petter & Galpin "The History Of Don Quixote" (2).
Estimate: 60-80


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Woods Natural History" abridged copy to 1 volume published Routledge and Son New York, full leather binding, tooled and gilted, damage to bottom spine, some scuffing.
Estimate: 50-60


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Charles Dickens Chapman & Hall "Our Mutual Friend" illustrations by Marcus Stone in 2 volumes 1865, poor condition.
Estimate: 60-80


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Knapton, Knaplock, Midwinter 1733 "The History Of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha" volume 3 & 4 only. Leather bound, condition fair. (2).
Estimate: 40-60


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Kincaid & Donaldson 1756 "The Works Of Dr Jonathan Swift" in 6 volumes. Full leather bound, overall condition fair, titles missing off spines.
Estimate: 80-100


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Works of Shakespeare" 1762 volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. A 1773 copy volume 5, full leather bound, fair to poor condition plus a 1724 copy of "M. Accii Plauti Comoediae", fair condition. (12).
Estimate: 80-100


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Crowder, Ware & Payne "The Spirit of Laws" in 2 volumes, 10th edition 1773, condition poor to fair.
Estimate: 30-50


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Jacob Tonson 1725 copy "Paradise Lost" 12th edition, full leather bound, fair condition.
Estimate: 200-300


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Military "Expedition to the Crimea" by W.H. Russell, revised edition 1858, leather & cloth bound, Sir John Kincaid's novel "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade". (2).
Estimate: 20-50


Ducatus Leoniensis 1816 hard bound volume, printed by B Dewhirst for Robinson & Son.
Estimate: 100-150


Rare Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Art Forms In Nature" by Professor Blossfeldt 1929 (spine needs attention), "Ornamental Treasures" by Dolmetsch (front and back boards detached) and a 1799 edition of "Smiths Laboratory", (3 in Total).
Estimate: 100-150


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Ladies Magazine 1930" and "The Ladies Cabinet" volume 12 both with coloured illustrations, poor condition.
Estimate: 30-50


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Chapman and Hall "Master Humphrey's Clock" Charles Dickens 1840/41 first edition volumes 2 and 3 only, brown ribbed copies, gilt clock to front board, gilt decoration and titles to spine, foxing to front pages, corner scuffing. (2).
Estimate: 100-120


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: H Lintot at Lincoln's Inn, "The Proctors Practices In The Ecclesiastical Courts" by Phillip Floyer and Thomas Wright second edition 1746, full tooled leather bound, good condition.
Estimate: 30-60


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Rare volume "History of Four Footed Beast and Serpents", E Cotes for G. Sawbridge 1658.
Estimate: 300-500


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Henry Sotheran and Co. London "The New Forest" John Wise 1883 artist edition 193/350 on hand cut paper, clean copy, spine damage top and bottom, bound in a tree bark style.
Estimate: 200-300


Books: "Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales", illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell, published by R. Tuck. Red cloth boards, gilt embossed 1914 first edition, no dust jacket, 11 colour plates number line drawings. a./f.
Estimate: 40-60


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: R. Akerman "The English Dance Of Death" Thomas Rowlands 1815, 2 volumes leather, marble boards, clean copy, corners folded shelf scuffing.
Estimate: 180-250


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Thomas Payne London "The Art Of Painting" with lives and characters of above 300 of the most Eminent painters, translated by DE Piles 1754, 3rd edition tight copy, clean written on title page full bound leather gilt decoration and title corners scuffed.
Estimate: 300-500


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy Gentleman" printed for C Cooke 1793 leather bound 6 volumes plus 2 volumes "Sentimental Journey" by Mr Yorick, all bound as one fair condition.
Estimate: 60-100


Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Children's books C Baldwyn and Robins London, "German Popular Stories" a collection by M.M. Grimm, condition fair to good, 2 volumes 1823/26, bound marble boards & gilt tiles.
Estimate: 500-800

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