Auction of Antiques, Collectables & Part One of the
Clifford, Rosemary & Penelope Ellis Studio Sale
on Saturday 28th January 2017
Thursday 26th January 10am - 4.00pm
Friday 27th January 12 noon - 7.00pm
Saleday from 8.30am
Sale commences at 10.00am
Lots: 1-50 of 620
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Lot Description and Estimate Images Sold For

Textiles: Paisley shawl, red ground with traditional design, white border (approx. 7ins.) at each end 65ins. x 35ins. Plus a cream wool shawl, small fringe, self colour embroidery. 70ins. x 24ins.
Estimate: 40-50


Textiles: Selection of hand embroidered and lace tablecloths, voile tea tablecloths plus small embroidered and thread painted picture, framed and glazed.
Estimate: 30-40


Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: White soup tureens with covers, ladles and a cheese dish.
Estimate: 35-40


20th cent. Ceramics: Alfred Meakin Old Willow, 6 dessert dishes, 6 dinner plates, 6 cups & saucers, 6 side plates, 6 desert plates, vegetable tureen and cover also other miscellaneous Willowware.
Estimate: 25-35


20th cent. Lighting: Chandelier, nine branch light in a brass and medieval style plus twin branch wall lights black mat - a pair. Plus another chandelier, two x five branch light and one x three branch light, brass and brushed metal. All Lights require rewiring.

Estimate: 30-50


20th cent. Light Fitting: Three branch chandelier, central ceramic pillar decorated in scrollwork, yellow metal branches supporting lights, single hanging ceiling light with treen base and white glass shade, lamp base in the form of an alabaster figure of a deity on square base. 21ins. All require rewiring.
Estimate: 40-50


Lighting: Contemporary chandelier, six branch ceiling lights anodised with amber coloured droplets (3). Plus two wall lights and one other. (6). All Lights require rewiring.
Estimate: 50-80


Lighting: Chandelier, ten branch lights brushed metal winged finial 25ins. and 33ins. (2). All Lights require rewiring.
Estimate: 80-100


Wicker work baskets, large, medium and small, some with leather straps, with and without lids. (7).
Estimate: 20-30


20th cent. Glassware: Vases, dressing table sets, carnival glass, jugs, etc. (2 Trays).
Estimate: 30-40


20th cent. Ceramics: Treacle ware items including a flagon, an egg bowl, salt dish & a casserole dish with cover. (1 Box).
Estimate: 30-40


20th cent. Ceramics & Glassware: Hand painted 'wall plates' (4), Sarreguemines lidded pots (2), flower vase, decanters (2), a bone handled pair of opera glasses. Plus a spelter figure of a bare chested miner. (1 box).
Estimate: 30-50


20th cent. Ceramics and Glassware: Minton bowl 8¾ins. dia. a/f. Copenhagen lidded trinket bowl with nymph figure to cover (green back stamp) 5¼ins. dia. Gilt edged wall plates 'The Laughing Boy After Murillo', 'Qintiire-After Sir Joshua Reynolds' both mounted. Continental ceramic Mottled ware jug with pewter top 10¾ins. tall. Cut glass Claret jug with metal handle and top, 1 x box.
Estimate: 50-60


20th cent. Ceramics: Tea set, Fenton China Company, with matching Duchess ware (part). Plus coffee service in dark green with gilt rims and a Royal Doulton tea/coffee set 'Real Old Willow'.
Estimate: 40-50


20th cent. Ceramics: Tea sets by Aynsley (part) Tuscan & Staffordshire Crown. (1 Box).
Estimate: 20-40


20th cent. Ceramics: Cheese dishes & covers (2), cream vase with ornate handles 9½ins., figurines of boy & girl in Georgian dress 15½ins., pair of lions (rampant) resin marked 'G. Ruggeri' plus a modern pair bulbous vases marked Delft 1 Dec 515 to bases a/f. (1 Box).
Estimate: 30-40


20th cent. Ceramics & Later: Royal Worcester Evesham, Copeland flo blue, Gien Cheverney France, Lovatis, Booths Commemorative plate for 8th Baron Vernon, Longleat dish & cover, W. Howell Prestbury Studioware, Noritake dressing table set, Wedgwood (1953) Devon slipware pot with fields & farmhouse design, etc. (2 Boxes).
Estimate: 40-50


Glasses: Collection of 12 good quality liquor glasses (1 a/f.), Bohemian overlay vase 6ins., a modern monochrome squat vase and a Hammersley whisky label 13ins.
Estimate: 20-30


Copper & Brassware: A horse singeing tool by T.E. Bladon & Son, 2 pewter tankards and a copper warming pan.
Estimate: 30-40


19th cent. Copper coaching foot warmer with brass filler cap. 13½ins. x 8ins.
Estimate: 20-30


20th cent. Brassware: Coal scuttle with liner, fireside set on stand, toast fork and slipper, lined.
Estimate: 25-30


20th cent. Ceramics: Silver cabinet demi tasse 6 cups & saucers, muffin dish, milk jug, sugar bowl (af) and 2 coffee cans. Both floral decorated. Plus a Japanese tea bowl and cover.
Estimate: 10-20


19th cent. & Later Copper, Brass, Pewter Ware: Coal scuttle, bellows, candlesticks tankards, goblets, cameras, leather attaché case, etc.
Estimate: 40-50


20th cent. & Earlier Metalware: Brass crib board on treen mount, pair of candlesticks with pushers 6ins. copper milk churn/ice bucket 7¾ins. 3 branch candlestick 18ins. Heatmaster coffee and tea pot, part geometric set (boxed) plus a small quantity of flatware.
Estimate: 30-40


Early 20th cent. Plate: Including serving dishes and other plate, etc.
Estimate: 20-25


Metalware: Collection of 19th cent. and later brassware inc. Lipton's 1924 British Exhibition tea caddy, horse brasses, candlesticks, etc.
Estimate: 40-70


20th cent. Brassware: Benares long neck vase 16ins. plus a warming pan.
Estimate: 30-35


Brassware: 19th cent. and later including fender, fire irons, etc.
Estimate: 40-60


19th/20th cent. Fireside Furniture: Copper helmet coal bucket, brass & iron fenders x 3, plus various iron tools.
Estimate: 30-40


19th cent. Mahogany foot stool, shaped apron, wool work top, rising off carved cabriole supports.
Estimate: 30-50


Needle Craft & Sewing Requisites: Footstool with contents - cotton, silks, needles, buttons, pins, treen darning mushroom, etc.
Estimate: 20-30


Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Venton ware jug, bowl, chamber pots (2, 1a/f), dressing table set, transfer print of lavender, game birds and trees.
Estimate: 30-50


Ellis Family Archive - Taxidermy: Antique carved group of 3 birds, all appear to have been colour enhanced. 22ins x 18ins.
Estimate: 40-70


21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Ziegler rug 1.90m. x 1.40m.
Estimate: 60-80


21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Heriz rug 1.90m. x 1.40m.
Estimate: 60-80


19th cent. Treen: A rosewood writing slope with brass binding.
Estimate: 20-30


19th/20th cent. Mahogany writing slope with fitted interior.
Estimate: 35-45


Treen ware: 19th cent. & later selection of boxes. Rosewood box with inlaid mother of pearl decoration to lid & front, hand tooled cigarette box, mahogany box on ball feet, parquetry mahogany work box & a fisherman's fly box.
Estimate: 40-60


Treen: Camphor wood jewellery box, bamboo brush pots x 2, powder pot and an Asian trinket box. (5).
Estimate: 40-70


19th cent. Mahogany ladies work box with inlaid banding. Plus a dressing table mirror.
Estimate: 30-50


George III mahogany toilet mirror, bow fronted base fitted with 3 drawers, ebony stringing & lion head handles.
Estimate: 60-100


Edwardian satinwood dressing table mirror with serpentine front.
Estimate: 10-20


19th cent. Mahogany sarcophagus three compartment tea caddy.
Estimate: 30-50


George III mahogany cutlery box inlaid with shell motif and fitted interior a/f. 8ins. x 15ins. x 13ins.
Estimate: 60-100


19th cent. Treen Coromandel sarcophagus, 2 compartment tea box also coopered, brass and oak tobacco container.
Estimate: 30-50


19th cent. Mahogany brass bound writing slope with two inkwells. 18ins. x 9¾ins. x 7ins.
Estimate: 50-80


19th cent. Mahogany brass cornered writing slope. 20ins. x 10ins. x 6ins.
Estimate: 50-80


19th cent. Mahogany brass cornered writing slope. 11¾ins. x 9ins. x 5½ins.
Estimate: 40-60


19th cent. Mahogany writing slope. 12ins. x 9ins. x 3ins.
Estimate: 25-35


19th cent. Rosewood writing slope, mother of pearl inlay. 13ins. x 9ins. x 4ins.
Estimate: 30-50

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