Auction of Antiques, Collectables & Part One of the
Clifford, Rosemary & Penelope Ellis Studio Sale
on Saturday 28th January 2017

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1.      Textiles: Paisley shawl, red ground with traditional design, white border (approx. 7ins.) at each end 65ins. x 35ins. Plus a cream wool shawl, small fringe, self colour embroidery. 70ins. x 24ins. £40-50
2.      Textiles: Selection of hand embroidered and lace tablecloths, voile tea tablecloths plus small embroidered and thread painted picture, framed and glazed. £30-40
3.      Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: White soup tureens with covers, ladles and a cheese dish. £35-40
4.      20th cent. Ceramics: Alfred Meakin Old Willow, 6 dessert dishes, 6 dinner plates, 6 cups & saucers, 6 side plates, 6 desert plates, vegetable tureen and cover also other miscellaneous Willowware. £25-35
5.      20th cent. Lighting: Chandelier, nine branch light in a brass and medieval style plus twin branch wall lights black mat - a pair. Plus another chandelier, two x five branch light and one x three branch light, brass and brushed metal. All Lights require rewiring.
6.      20th cent. Light Fitting: Three branch chandelier, central ceramic pillar decorated in scrollwork, yellow metal branches supporting lights, single hanging ceiling light with treen base and white glass shade, lamp base in the form of an alabaster figure of a deity on square base. 21ins. All require rewiring. £40-50
7.      Lighting: Contemporary chandelier, six branch ceiling lights anodised with amber coloured droplets (3). Plus two wall lights and one other. (6). All Lights require rewiring. £50-80
8.      Lighting: Chandelier, ten branch lights brushed metal winged finial 25ins. and 33ins. (2). All Lights require rewiring. £80-100
9.      Wicker work baskets, large, medium and small, some with leather straps, with and without lids. (7). £20-30
10.     20th cent. Glassware: Vases, dressing table sets, carnival glass, jugs, etc. (2 Trays). £30-40
11.     20th cent. Ceramics: Treacle ware items including a flagon, an egg bowl, salt dish & a casserole dish with cover. (1 Box). £30-40
12.     20th cent. Ceramics & Glassware: Hand painted 'wall plates' (4), Sarreguemines lidded pots (2), flower vase, decanters (2), a bone handled pair of opera glasses. Plus a spelter figure of a bare chested miner. (1 box). £30-50
13.     20th cent. Ceramics and Glassware: Minton bowl 8¾ins. dia. a/f. Copenhagen lidded trinket bowl with nymph figure to cover (green back stamp) 5¼ins. dia. Gilt edged wall plates 'The Laughing Boy After Murillo', 'Qintiire-After Sir Joshua Reynolds' both mounted. Continental ceramic Mottled ware jug with pewter top 10¾ins. tall. Cut glass Claret jug with metal handle and top, 1 x box. £50-60
14.     20th cent. Ceramics: Tea set, Fenton China Company, with matching Duchess ware (part). Plus coffee service in dark green with gilt rims and a Royal Doulton tea/coffee set 'Real Old Willow'. £40-50
15.     20th cent. Ceramics: Tea sets by Aynsley (part) Tuscan & Staffordshire Crown. (1 Box). £20-40
16.     20th cent. Ceramics: Cheese dishes & covers (2), cream vase with ornate handles 9½ins., figurines of boy & girl in Georgian dress 15½ins., pair of lions (rampant) resin marked 'G. Ruggeri' plus a modern pair bulbous vases marked Delft 1 Dec 515 to bases a/f. (1 Box). £30-40
17.     20th cent. Ceramics & Later: Royal Worcester Evesham, Copeland flo blue, Gien Cheverney France, Lovatis, Booths Commemorative plate for 8th Baron Vernon, Longleat dish & cover, W. Howell Prestbury Studioware, Noritake dressing table set, Wedgwood (1953) Devon slipware pot with fields & farmhouse design, etc. (2 Boxes). £40-50
18.     Glasses: Collection of 12 good quality liquor glasses (1 a/f.), Bohemian overlay vase 6ins., a modern monochrome squat vase and a Hammersley whisky label 13ins. £20-30
19.     Copper & Brassware: A horse singeing tool by T.E. Bladon & Son, 2 pewter tankards and a copper warming pan. £30-40
20.     19th cent. Copper coaching foot warmer with brass filler cap. 13½ins. x 8ins. £20-30
21.     20th cent. Brassware: Coal scuttle with liner, fireside set on stand, toast fork and slipper, lined. £25-30
22.     20th cent. Ceramics: Silver cabinet demi tasse 6 cups & saucers, muffin dish, milk jug, sugar bowl (af) and 2 coffee cans. Both floral decorated. Plus a Japanese tea bowl and cover. £10-20
23.     19th cent. & Later Copper, Brass, Pewter Ware: Coal scuttle, bellows, candlesticks tankards, goblets, cameras, leather attaché case, etc. £40-50
24.     20th cent. & Earlier Metalware: Brass crib board on treen mount, pair of candlesticks with pushers 6ins. copper milk churn/ice bucket 7¾ins. 3 branch candlestick 18ins. Heatmaster coffee and tea pot, part geometric set (boxed) plus a small quantity of flatware. £30-40
25.     Early 20th cent. Plate: Including serving dishes and other plate, etc. £20-25
26.     Metalware: Collection of 19th cent. and later brassware inc. Lipton's 1924 British Exhibition tea caddy, horse brasses, candlesticks, etc. £40-70
27.     20th cent. Brassware: Benares long neck vase 16ins. plus a warming pan. £30-35
28.     Brassware: 19th cent. and later including fender, fire irons, etc. £40-60
29.     19th/20th cent. Fireside Furniture: Copper helmet coal bucket, brass & iron fenders x 3, plus various iron tools. £30-40
30.     19th cent. Mahogany foot stool, shaped apron, wool work top, rising off carved cabriole supports. £30-50
31.     Needle Craft & Sewing Requisites: Footstool with contents - cotton, silks, needles, buttons, pins, treen darning mushroom, etc. £20-30
32.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Venton ware jug, bowl, chamber pots (2, 1a/f), dressing table set, transfer print of lavender, game birds and trees. £30-50
33.     Ellis Family Archive - Taxidermy: Antique carved group of 3 birds, all appear to have been colour enhanced. 22ins x 18ins. £40-70
34.     @21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Ziegler rug 1.90m. x 1.40m. £60-80
35.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Heriz rug 1.90m. x 1.40m. £60-80
36.     19th cent. Treen: A rosewood writing slope with brass binding. £20-30
37.     19th/20th cent. Mahogany writing slope with fitted interior. £35-45
38.     Treen ware: 19th cent. & later selection of boxes. Rosewood box with inlaid mother of pearl decoration to lid & front, hand tooled cigarette box, mahogany box on ball feet, parquetry mahogany work box & a fisherman's fly box. £40-60
39.     Treen: Camphor wood jewellery box, bamboo brush pots x 2, powder pot and an Asian trinket box. (5). £40-70
40.     19th cent. Mahogany ladies work box with inlaid banding. Plus a dressing table mirror. £30-50
41.     George III mahogany toilet mirror, bow fronted base fitted with 3 drawers, ebony stringing & lion head handles. £60-100
42.     Edwardian satinwood dressing table mirror with serpentine front. £10-20
43.     19th cent. Mahogany sarcophagus three compartment tea caddy. £30-50
44.     George III mahogany cutlery box inlaid with shell motif and fitted interior a/f. 8ins. x 15ins. x 13ins. £60-100
45.     19th cent. Treen Coromandel sarcophagus, 2 compartment tea box also coopered, brass and oak tobacco container. £30-50
46.     19th cent. Mahogany brass bound writing slope with two inkwells. 18ins. x 9¾ins. x 7ins. £50-80
47.     19th cent. Mahogany brass cornered writing slope. 20ins. x 10ins. x 6ins. £50-80
48.     19th cent. Mahogany brass cornered writing slope. 11¾ins. x 9ins. x 5½ins. £40-60
49.     19th cent. Mahogany writing slope. 12ins. x 9ins. x 3ins. £25-35
50.     19th cent. Rosewood writing slope, mother of pearl inlay. 13ins. x 9ins. x 4ins. £30-50
51.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Metalware, Glass and Plate: Preserve dish and cover, condiment set, biscuit barrel and cover, assorted teaspoons cased, jug and sugar bowl with repousse birds. Tray not included. £30-40
52.     20th cent. Plate: Three branch candelabra with removable tops and candle holders - a pair. £30-40
53.     20th cent. Plate: Brass metal geese - a pair, plus white metal pheasants - a pair. £40-50
54.     20th cent. Plate Ware: Mappin & Webb Kings ware cutlery - knives, forks & spoons, plus various cased cutlery sets, etc. £40-60
55.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware, pink lustre cup, Wesley collage Sheffield, Arcadian planter on stand, The Needles, Dartmouth letter box, blue lustre egg cup Shanklin. (1 Box). £25-35
56.     Thimbles: Thimbles mostly ceramic, some boxed, 4 metal plus 2 hallmarked silver. (75). £30-40
57.     Whimsies: Collection of Wade whimsies animals. Approx. 42. £20-40
58.     20th cent. Ceramics: "Piggies" series, "Sow-Wester", "Trotters of the yard", "Swine Lake", "Frances Bacon", "Billy Grunter", etc. Approx 21 pigs plus Boarder fine arts "Nugent". (Tray not included).
59.     Glassware: Decanters (1 ring neck), matching pair, plus a white metal topped claret jug. (5) £30-40
60.     20th cent. Continental Ceramics: Blue and white dressing table set with tray. £25-30
61.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass dressing table set tray, trinket pots, powder bowl, ring stand plus a perfume bottle. £30-40
62.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Wood and Sons "Cambridge" tureens and covers, a pair plus 3 graduated meat ovals 12ins. 14ins. 16ins. £40-50
63.     20th cent. Ceramics: Kelsboro ware Toby, Crown Staffordshire rose arrangement, Hove Di Bassaho floral vase a/f. Plus a black cat seated and a white horse. £20-30
64.     19th cent. Glassware: Hand blown cranberry dressing table pot with covers plus an Italian millefiori glass miniature vase and urn. £20-40
64A.    Devizes Interest: Original plans for the sale of the land on Nursteed road July 28th 1914, 22ins. x 17ins. and 16ins. x 13ins. (2). £40-60
65.     Ceramics: 20th cent. German gilt lustre tea set. £40-60
66.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass trumpet vase 12ins., biscuit barrel acid etched with plate cover, cut glass bowl. Plus two vases, posy vase in yellow metal holder. £30-40
67.     20th cent. Royal Commemorative: Aynsley Royal Wedding July 1981 Prince and Princess of Wales, Solian ware Silver Jubilee 1935, Coronet ware mug, the Coronation Edward VIII. (2 Mugs & 1 Beaker). Plus a Royal Doulton miniature loving cup and Tyg with Welsh Folk scenes 2¼ins. High. £20-25
68.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware lustre egg cup 'Devizes Market Place', chicken 'Castle Combe', hat pin stand 'Newquay', Goss bowl 'Marlborough', etc. £20-25
69.     Crested ware Reading bowl, Crown Devon, Swanage, Arcadian, mermaid, Cowdenbeath, Swan Holborn, Royal Doulton, Herstmonceux Castle, dish plus other unmarked items. (Tray not included). £35-45
70.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton 'English Renaissance' pattern dinner service - meat oval 13ins., dinner plates 10½ins. x 8, side plates 8ins. x 8, soup bowls & saucers x 8, bread plates 6¾ins. x 8, sauce boat & stand. (1 Box). £60-80
71.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood 'Medway' (impressed mark ID51) dinner service - meat oval 16ins., tureen & cover, soup bowls x 5, dinner plates 10½ins. x 4, side plates 9ins. x 3, bread & butter plates 8ins. x 5 and 2 'stubby' candlesticks. (1 Box). £50-80
72.     20th cent. Ceramics: Myott & Sons Ltd part dinner service - 6 x 8ins. plates, 6 x 9ins. plates, 6 x 10ins. plates, 2 x vegetable tureens and covers, gravy boat, 3 meat ovals (11ins, 12ins, 14ins) blue border and swag pattern. Parrot & Co. blue rose bowl. £20-30
73.     Ceramics: Mixed Portmeirion Totem pattern to include coffee pot, rolling pin, tureens etc. £30-50
74.     Capo Di Monte: Sculpture ceramic choir boys, boy with umbrella, philosopher, girl and dog (2). All with certificate of authenticity. Plus an peasant with an amphora. £60-100
75.     Ceramics: Mid 19th cent. Staffordshire tea set in the Chinoiserie style, 11 place setting. £40-60
76.     20th cent. Glassware: Decanters, champagne flutes and assorted wine and sherry glasses including Royal County lead crystal, water jug, fruit bowl. £40-50
77.     20th cent. Glassware: Paperweights, Caithness, Streamers, Mille fiori Crown No 303/500, plus a multi-colour cane example, overlay inkwell, ruby glass jug and a Russian spiral blue jug. £30-40
78.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figure Wendy H.N2100, Doulton Harvest striker, Doulton pin dish D5170, Shorter sugar shaker, Peregrine Falcon, Peter Thomson whisky a/f. and green chamber stick. £20-30
79.     19th cent. and later Collectors Bottles: Combe & Son, Melksham, F Hopkinson, Alfreton, Wheeler & Son, Belfast, Lamb Brewery Frome and a seal bottle and 1 other. £30-60
80.     Glassware: Flat glass inkwell, white metal desk bell, Caithness style bubble paperweight, unsigned cane paperweight. £30-40
81.     20th cent. Glassware and Ceramics: Table light Bristol blue vase, swans - a pair, glass plaque "The Matthew", Wedgwood trinket pot and pin tray, "The Art of Chokin" trinket pot.
82.     20th cent. Ceramics Staffordshire Potteries Ltd for Roy Hogg and Co Belfast. Hollyhocks pattern 2 x Bread and butter plates, 14 x tea plates, 2 x butter pats, 3 x jugs, 2 x sugar bowls plus a breakfast cup and saucer. £25-30
83.     Ceramics: 19th cent. and later ceramics including lustre, Arthur Wood graduated jugs etc. £40-60
84.     20th cent. Ceramics: Collectors novelty teapots Disney "Winnie The Pooh", Teddy Bears Picnic, Three Little Pigs, cottages, Mickey Mouse, boiled egg and toast. Approx 22 teapots. (Trays not included). £50-60
85.     20th cent. Chinese: "Famille Noir" porcelain circular plate plus ginger jars. (9) £45-50
86.     19th cent. Majolica: Green vine plates, grapes, strawberries, a comport, a rectangular dish. (23) Some a/f. £30-50
87.     20th cent. Tea set - 12 place setting. Bread & butter plates x 2, cups, saucers & tea plates x 12, milk jug, sugar bowl by Delphine China England plus a Delton ware chintz pattern flowers & birds fruit bowl 9ins. diameter & soup bowls x 12. £30-40
88.     Militaria: WWI map, Paris streets OS 1944, 1st edition copied from 1939 French edition, War Office No. 4234, 1.16,000 scale. £20-30
89.     Film: Advertising material of film interest "Dr Kildare" with Lionel Barry More, "Fury" Spencer Tracy, "Gaslight", "Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde" plus Clara Bow cuttings, plus early 20th cent. horse racing studies pen & ink wash illustrations "The Off", "The Bend", "The Roar" and "The Finish", signed lower right Lane. Russian Cinema Stills, Photography: A. Sorkins photograph of Kerenski's Women Guards "Ten Days that Shook the World". Profuse pencil annotation to reverse. 8½ins. x 9¾ins. Plus printed stills from other Russian plays/films, each image 10ins. x 8ins.

90.     Ephemera: Illustrated London News Saturday September 18th 1880 includes the match report England v Australia at Kennington oval plaque including Lord Harris, Dr. E.M. Grace and top scorer Dr W.G. Grace 152 runs England won by five wickets. Plus the Seaham Colliery disaster. Plus 19th cent. Music sheets - Cinderella, arranged by Chas Glover, Aladdin music by W, Wilson, The Adoration by W.H. Callcott, Aladdin Lancers arranged W. Meyer Lutz, Mansion House Ball composed by J. Blewitt. All with illustrated front covers.
91.     Theatre Posters: The Empire Edinburgh "We're Joking" with Chic Murray, Robert Wilson, etc. Theatre Royal "Sleeping Beauty" with Jimmy Jewel, "Old Time Music Hall" with Johnny Groves", etc. Wimbledon Theatre "Pierrot" with Julie Rayne, Danny Purches, etc. George Robey in "A Stand-up Routine". Alexandra Gardens Weymouth "The Good Old Days" with Hetty Kin, Billy Danvers. Empire Nottingham "The Wonderful Lamp" with Aileen Cochrane. London Palladium, Norman Wisdom as Aladdin in "The Wonderful Lamp". Palladium Dolores Gray, Winifred Atwell, Palladium Frankie Lane also advertising Bob Hope as a "Coming Soon". Palladium Jo Stafford also advertising Sophie Tucker as a "Coming Soon", Palladium Al Maretino with over slip of press endorsements and also advertising Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis as a "Coming Soon".
92.     20th cent. Objects of Interest: Brass heart shaped table frame, iron key, corkscrew plus a riding quip. £20-25
93.     Copper and Ironware: Copper pot, no cover, 2 sconces and 2 x 18th cent. keys. £10-20
94.     Wine and Spirit character bottle stoppers, kinky bee x 3 plus treen moving type x 5, Hummel style x 2 plus a ceramic Mary Yellan Jamaica Inn (11). £15-25
95.     Coins: Post & pre decimal coins, brass cupro nickel, copper, silver 1oz, ½ silver ½oz. Plus men's collar studs, tie clips, leather fob chains, etc. included in a glass display case, the lid decorated with deer and fir trees. 14ins. x 3¾ins. x 8½ins. £20-30
96.     20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Ciro simulated pearls and others. £25-35
97.     20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Gilt retro brooches, beads, gilt necklaces, etc. Contained in a black lined jewel box. Plus assorted medals in W.V.S. etc. £30-40
98.     Costume Jewellery: Beaded choker and other necklaces, brooches, bracelet, badges, rings, celluloid fan etc. £30-50
99.     20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Oval simulated pearl and yellow metal brooch, dress ring set with topaz colour stone, mother of pearl and yellow metal cufflinks, pendant in the form of a farthing, the clasp marked 925 and a segment necklace. £30-35
100.    Early 19th cent. British Army No.1 dress tunic with buttons. £30-50
101.    Edge Weapons: World War II German bayonet in scabbard with frog fastening. £30-50
102.    Coins and Badges: Cupro nickel crown 1953, 1965 x 2, 1977 x 3, 1980 x 2, misc. coins plus quantity of military and other cap badges. £20-25
103.    World War I binoculars by A Tubeuf of Paris MKV SPL with benchmark. £30-50
104.    R.A.F. Memorabilia: Group Captain A.C. Hollingsworth pewter presentation tankard Thorney Island 1958, France, Germany Star, sweetheart items - Stratton compact, wing brooches (3), plus a pendant shaped enamel brooch with R.A.F. roundel. £50-80
105.    Scientific Instruments: Reproduction Sextant, boxed. Plus a G. Fournier, Paris pair of military binoculars. £30-40
106.    Delprado, reproduction porcelain trinket boxes, rectangular 14, circular 15, square 12, misc. shapes 19. All decorated in coloured enamels and all in mint condition. Approx. 60. £100-150
107.    Maps: 1842 Indenture to John Spicer Heron with Dunham town land map on reverse, Ordnance Survey maps 1940s/80s covering parts of GB (36), maps of Bath, sheet 25 Bartholomew's cyclist/ walkers map of Herts and Bucks with 2 repro maps of Persia and Japan South Islands (1 x box). £20-40
108.    Stamps: 12 Albums of stamps GB, World and USA plus some loose (1 Box). £20-50
109.    Stamps: School boy album of 19th century and later including Penny Reds. £20-40
110.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "General Atlas of the World 1721", "The New General Atlas of the World" G W Bacon and Bacon's "Excelsior Six Penny Atlas", "Guide Du Touriste Porquerolles", "Guide Anglais", etc. £30-40
111.    Cricket: Signed MRF World Series cricket shirt by Robin Smith, England and Hampshire. £50-80
112.    Ellis Family Archive: Three albums of Grand Tour style postcards showing Cathedral architectural scenes from Venice, Provence, Auvergne, Rheims and Serris some with notations. (5). £60-100
113.    Photographs & Postcards - Ellis Family Archive: Albums of photo's & postcards relating to their tour of Northern France 1917 & 1927/28. Church architecture & antiquities. (4). £60-80
114.    Ellis Family Archive: Albums of postcards relating to Wells, Norwich, Malmesbury, Romsey, etc. Mostly Abbeys or Churches. £40-60
115.    Postcards - Ellis Family Archive: Art & architectural with some views of around Britain plus 2 albums with some shipping photo's. £30-60
116.    Postcards: Wiltshire and Devizes cards some military plus photographs including Devizes Station. £40-60
117.    Ellis Family Archive - Design: Illuminated letters R, A and F 18ins. high plus tin plate R and G, a mixed selection of treen painted letters and a tray of Gothic printing blocks. £80-120
118.    Ellis Family Archive: Scrapbook of Victorian & later scraps, some hand coloured, "Punch & Judy" pantomime cut-outs, rural watercolours, etc. £60-80
119.    Ellis Family Archive: Scrap albums with drawings, cut-outs, hand written stories, cartoons, etc. (2 Albums). £30-50
120.    Ellis Family Archive: Personal seat album containing hand coloured drawings with letter stamps decoratively used to enhance them. £60-80
121.    Motoring - Ellis Family Archive: Owner's manual for the Land Rover series 11A, instruction manual supplement for Land Rover 88 series 11, Land Rover service & maintenance book for 1963, Land Rover magazine, fuel ration books and AA paper disc's etc. £30-50
122.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Gregory's "The Economy Of Nature" volume 1, 2nd edition, "Brynns Lectures On Natural Philosophy" 1st edition, "The Dates And Sayings Of The Philosophers". Plus a 1877 facsimile reproduction of the first book printed by Caxton 1477. (3). £50-80
123.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Chez J Johnson Walker, etc. 1809 "Oeuvres De Moliere Par M. Bret" ¼ bound, condition poor, volume 1 to 4, 6 and 8. "Fables De La Fontaine And The British Poets" 4 volumes and "Letters To Junius" 2 volumes 1811. (14). £40-60
124.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "A Description Of The Colosseum As Reopens in 1845" plus "The Panorama Of London" embossed by Dobbs, Bailey & Co. Printed by Wertheimer. £80-100
125.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Edwards Natural History Of Uncommon Birds And Of Other Rare And Undescribed Animals, Quadrupeds, Reptiles, Fishes And Insects" in four parts 1743. Leather bound, printed by The Royal College of Physicians. £300-500
126.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Bradbury and Evans "The Newcomes" Arthur Pendennis (William Thacheray) 2 volumes 1854 first edition ¼ bound, slight discolouration to front bases, otherwise clean, tight copies with damage to marble boards. £40-60
127.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Jamaica Ferns" rare collection of pressed ferns, bound in green leather with gilt titles, album bound by Carswell of Belfast, rear page signed by Rosemary Ellis with written index page. £100-150
128.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: John Bunyan "The Pilgrims Progress" Illuminated published James Lumsden and Son Glasgow, brown leather bound, scuffed tooled and gilted front, back boards and spine some discolouration, tight copy. £50-80
129.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Cassell & Co. "Dante's Purgatory And Paradise", translated by Cary, full leather bound, corner & spine damage, clean copy plus Cassell Petter & Galpin "The History Of Don Quixote" (2). £60-80
130.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Woods Natural History" abridged copy to 1 volume published Routledge and Son New York, full leather binding, tooled and gilted, damage to bottom spine, some scuffing. £50-60
131.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Charles Dickens Chapman & Hall "Our Mutual Friend" illustrations by Marcus Stone in 2 volumes 1865, poor condition. £60-80
132.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Knapton, Knaplock, Midwinter 1733 "The History Of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha" volume 3 & 4 only. Leather bound, condition fair. (2). £40-60
133.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Kincaid & Donaldson 1756 "The Works Of Dr Jonathan Swift" in 6 volumes. Full leather bound, overall condition fair, titles missing off spines. £80-100
134.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Works of Shakespeare" 1762 volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. A 1773 copy volume 5, full leather bound, fair to poor condition plus a 1724 copy of "M. Accii Plauti Comoediae", fair condition. (12). £80-100
135.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Crowder, Ware & Payne "The Spirit of Laws" in 2 volumes, 10th edition 1773, condition poor to fair. £30-50
136.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Jacob Tonson 1725 copy "Paradise Lost" 12th edition, full leather bound, fair condition. £200-300
137.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Military "Expedition to the Crimea" by W.H. Russell, revised edition 1858, leather & cloth bound, Sir John Kincaid's novel "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade". (2). £20-50
138.    Ducatus Leoniensis 1816 hard bound volume, printed by B Dewhirst for Robinson & Son. £100-150
139.    Rare Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Art Forms In Nature" by Professor Blossfeldt 1929 (spine needs attention), "Ornamental Treasures" by Dolmetsch (front and back boards detached) and a 1799 edition of "Smiths Laboratory", (3 in Total). £100-150
140.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Ladies Magazine 1930" and "The Ladies Cabinet" volume 12 both with coloured illustrations, poor condition. £30-50
141.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Chapman and Hall "Master Humphrey's Clock" Charles Dickens 1840/41 first edition volumes 2 and 3 only, brown ribbed copies, gilt clock to front board, gilt decoration and titles to spine, foxing to front pages, corner scuffing. (2). £100-120
142.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: H Lintot at Lincoln's Inn, "The Proctors Practices In The Ecclesiastical Courts" by Phillip Floyer and Thomas Wright second edition 1746, full tooled leather bound, good condition. £30-60
143.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Rare volume "History of Four Footed Beast and Serpents", E Cotes for G. Sawbridge 1658. £300-500
144.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Henry Sotheran and Co. London "The New Forest" John Wise 1883 artist edition 193/350 on hand cut paper, clean copy, spine damage top and bottom, bound in a tree bark style. £200-300
145.    Books: "Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales", illustrated by Mabel Lucie Attwell, published by R. Tuck. Red cloth boards, gilt embossed 1914 first edition, no dust jacket, 11 colour plates number line drawings. a./f. £40-60
146.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: R. Akerman "The English Dance Of Death" Thomas Rowlands 1815, 2 volumes ¼ leather, marble boards, clean copy, corners folded shelf scuffing. £180-250
147.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Thomas Payne London "The Art Of Painting" with lives and characters of above 300 of the most Eminent painters, translated by DE Piles 1754, 3rd edition tight copy, clean written on title page full bound leather gilt decoration and title corners scuffed. £300-500
148.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy Gentleman" printed for C Cooke 1793 ¼ leather bound 6 volumes plus 2 volumes "Sentimental Journey" by Mr Yorick, all bound as one fair condition. £60-100
149.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Children's books C Baldwyn and Robins London, "German Popular Stories" a collection by M.M. Grimm, condition fair to good, 2 volumes 1823/26, ¼ bound marble boards & gilt tiles. £500-800
150.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Charles Dickens Chapman and Hall illustrations by Phiz 1844 first edition 2nd issue, 3 volumes "Martin Chuzzlewit", poor condition. £60-80
151.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Chapman and Hall London "Master Humphrey's Clock" Charles Dickens 1840/41 first edition 2 volumes illustrations Cattermole and Browne, ¼ leather bound, marble boards, spine splitting, corner damage, notation to front pages otherwise clean. £180-250
152.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "East Indies" Robert Knox 1681 with illustrations ¼ leather bound, badly scuffed, page corners worn, map page at chapter one turn out along with most of title page. £200-300
153.    Book: Byron (Lloyd George Gordon) "Childe Harrold's Pilgrimage" 2nd edition 1812, printed by T. Davison. £55-70
154.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Encyclopaedia Britannica" 7 volumes only, 15 volumes of "Chambers Encyclopaedia" and 4 volumes of "Hutchinsons Animals Of All Countries". £20-30
155.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Mary Holland 1833 copy "Economical Cook", "Wonders of Art", "Beauties of History", "Anecdotes of the Family Circle", "Plays by Richardson", "The Dyer's Assistant" 1778, 1821 copy "Real Life in London", "The Gentleman Gardener", "Men & Women of the Day", etc. £80-120
156.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Natural History", "Royal Natural History" volumes 4, 5, & 6, "Natural History Of Quadrupeds" 2 volumes, "A General History Of Quadrupeds", "My Garden" Alfreu Smee, "History Of Birds" 4 volumes, "History Of Butterflies", handbook of "Marsupialia and Mono Tremata" etc. £60-80
157.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Byron's Works", "Dombey & Son", "Rogers Italy", "The Horse", "Arabian Nights", etc. £30-50
158.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Natural History Shaws Zoology" volumes 4 part 1 and 2, volumes 6 part 1 and 2 plus a "Shaws General Zoology", "Johnston's History Of British Zoophytes" 2 volumes, "Recreative Science" volumes 1 and 3, "The Out Door World Naturalists Library" volume 34, "Insects", "The Botanical Magazine" 3 volumes plus a volume supplement to "British Botany", etc. £50-80
159.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Religion including "The History of the Gospel" 1729, "The History of the Holy Bible" 1743, and "The Life of Christ" by FW Farrar, etc. (7). Plus "Complete Works of Flavius Josephus", translated by W Whiston. £30-50
160.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Period hardbound volumes to include 1877 "Family Magazine", "Punch" 1911, "London Society" volumes 17 and 19, etc. £40-70
161.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "London Illustrated News" issues - January - June 1860 1 volume, July - December 1886 1 volume, January - June 1915 1 volume, plus Cassells "Illustrated Family Paper" 1853-1860. £60-100
162.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "The Young Painters Maulstick", "Magazine Of Art", "Dictionary Of Furniture", "Peasant Art In Sweden", "Lapland & Iceland", "The Works Of Hogarth", "Art Union" 1847, Land Seers Studies", "Conrad Gessner" 1516-1565 published 1969, "Fresques Romanes Des Eglises De France". £50-70
163.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Histoire Naturelle" new edition 1769, 14 volumes, some need rebinding. £80-120
164.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Sowerbys Botany", 8 volumes of the second edition and 2 volumes of third edition. £100-150
165.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Children's stories including "The Parents Assistant" 5 volumes, "Evenings At Home" 8 volumes, "Early Lessons" 4 volumes, "The English And The German Struwnelpeter", "JE Saurai Lire", "Fables De Lafontaine", condition poor to good, over 40 volumes. £50-60
166.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "London Illustrated News" issues - May - December 1842 1 volume, June - December 1843 2 volumes, July - December 1847 1 volume. 1850 Christmas Supplement, 1857 January - June 1 volume and 1851 January to June. Including details of the Crystal Palace plus 1936 newspaper scraps relating to its demise. £60-100
167.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Dalziel's Bible Gallery" 1st edition 1881. Publishers (Routledge) half vellum & red gilt lettering on cover. Limited edition print 202/1000. Some foxing throughout. Pre Raphaelite book illustrations from the Old Testament. £200-300
168.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Life & Works Of The People Of England" 6 volumes 11th to 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th century. £30-60
169.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Macaulay's Essays" 1863. "The Odyssey Of Homer" 1771, "The Iliad of Homer". Both leather bound, clean tight copies, condition fair to good, "Salammbo" 1899, condition good, "Defoes Works" 2 volumes, "Gay Fables", etc. £80-100
170.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Paperback edition "Art In Photography" edited by Charles Holme, published The Studio 1905. £80-100
171.    Rare Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Royal Commission 1900 Paris International Exhibition at the Royal Pavilion "Artists At Home" by F.G. Stephens. £40-60
172.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Arthur Lobbecke Auction Catalogue" (German) of medals, plaques, medallions, Munich 1908 plus "A View Of The Gold & Silver Of All Nations". £40-60
173.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "A Complete Dictionary Of The English Language" by Thomas Sheridan. 2nd Edition, 1789, Leather Bound. £80-100
174.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "The Cathedral Of Santiago De Compostella in Spain". A series of 20 photographs taken by Mr Thurston Thompson, published by the Arundel Society. £50-80
175.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Masccio Brancacci Chapel", Church of Santa Maria Del Carmine, Florence, 28 colour plates, Amilcare Pizzi Art Publications Milan and "The Flemish Tapestries at Wawel Castle in Cracow". Both in very good condition. £60-80
176.    Ellis Family Archive - Engravings & Lithoprints: Saul Steinberg Derriere Le Miroir published 1966 Aime Maeght plus Gavarni loose lithographs from Le Charivari and Oeuvres Choisies De Gavarni. £30-50
177.    Book Plates - Ellis Family Archive: Hand coloured and printed drawings of insects & reptiles. £60-80
178.    Book Plates - Ellis Family Archive: Hand coloured and printed drawings of birds. A good selection. £60-80
179.    Book Plates - Ellis Family Archive: Hand coloured and printed drawings of fashion and Ethnic figures. A good selection.
180.    Book Plates - Ellis Family Archive: Hand coloured and printed drawings of animals and flora. A good selection.
181.    Book Plates - Ellis Family Archive: Hand coloured and printed drawings of fish m& shell fish. A good selection.
182.    Ellis Family Archive: Sketchbook of watercolours of botanical specimens with hand written notations & titles. Approx. 19 pages. Plus a G.H. Wollaston 1905 sketchbook pen & ink and wash studies of the countryside, 11 pages. £40-50
183.    Ellis Family Archive: G.H. Wollaston album of watercolours depicting caricatures for a children's theatre, some with elaborate costumes. £50-80
184.    Ellis Family Archive: An album of hand-drawn lace patterns furniture by Anne Hunt-Grubbe 1820 of Potterne in Wiltshire. £80-100
185.    Ellis Family Archive: An album of botanical drawings in very fine detail with written notations & titles. £80-100
186.    Books: John Le Carré first editions "Smiley's People", "The Honourable School Boy", "The Tailor Of Panama", "The Quest For Karla", "Absolute Friends", "The Russian House", "The Night Manager" (2), "The Secret Pilgrim" a 2 novel volume of "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold", "The Looking Glass war" and "A Small Town In Germany". (11). £100-150
187.    Books: John Le Carré signed first edition of "Our Kind Of Traitor", "Our Game" plus a first edition of "The Constant Gardener". (3). £100-150
188.    Books: John Le Carré signed 1974 first edition of "Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy". £100-150
189.    Books: John Le Carré signed first edition of "Smiley's People" in original dust jacket. £100-150
190.    Books: John Le Carré signed first edition "The Looking Glass War" with original dust jacket. £100-150
191.    Books: John Le Carré US first edition of '"The Spy Who Came In From The Cold". £100-150
192.    Books: John Le Carré first edition of "The Spy Who Came In From The Cold" Reprint Society, first edition of "The Little Drummer Girl", 1986 first edition of "A Perfect Spy" and a first edition of "The Mission Song". (4). £120-180
193.    Books: John Le Carré "The Naive and Sentimental lover" 1971, "Smiley's People" 1980 and "Single" 1999 (3). £100-150
194.    Marilyn Monroe - Showbusiness: Unique negative of Norma Jeane Baker, later Marilyn Monroe, taken by Joseph Jasgur. The image was taken on 6th March 1946 as part of some informal test shots that proceeded a formal shoot. This image is a true genesis as it is one of the first professional images ever taken of Marilyn. This photo forms part of her first modelling portfolio that was presented to Ben Lyon, casting director at 20th Century Fox. Norma Jeane Baker had married James Dougherty in 1942, soon after Doughtery's Merchant Marines unit was shipped out and Norma Jeane was left to work at a defence plant. With aspirations of becoming a model she joined Hollywood's Blue Book Model Agency. On March 6, 1946 Joseph Jasgur received a call from Emmeline Snively, head of blue book, Snively asked Jasgur to take a few test shots of an aspiring young model, he first photographed her on a small street in West Hollywood behind Beverly Boulevard, where this image was taken, and over the next few weeks he photographed her on top of Don Lee Towers, above the Hollywood sign and at Zuma Beach where this image was taken. This photo offers a unique glimpse of the young girl who was to become the global phenomena that was Marilyn Monroe. Photos of this type come to market very occasionally, however the true value in this image lies in the fact that it is sold with the copyright to reproduce and distribute the image as the winning bidder wishes. 5ins. x 4ins. Ex. Joseph Jasgur estate and Julien's, Beverley Hills. £2000-3000
195.    Crime and Punishment/Kray Memorabilia: Rare original 1950s personal photograph of Ronnie and Reggie Kray plus an original copy of The Evening Standard dated May 8th 1968 with the headline 'Yard arrest Kray Twins and brother'. £200-300
196.    Crime and Punishment/Kray Memorabilia: Rare original H M Prisons phonecard signed Reg Kray DS8111, rare photograph of Reg Kray taken covertly by Lenny 'Guvnor' McLean whilst in prison at Blundeston. Photo montage of Lenny McLean beating Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw and another of Lenny McLean. £300-500
197.    Crime and Punishment/Kray Memorabilia: Two original letters from Reg Kray to Peter Gerrard, Lenny 'Guvnor' McLean's biographer. The first on the 10th June 1993 relates to an upcoming book, part written by Reg and the second written on 3rd September at 5am. from HMP Wealdstone. Both are handwritten and offer fascinating content. £200-300
198.    Icons From History/Boxing/South Africa/Anti Apartheid: A signed condolence letter from Muhammad Ali to Oliver Tambo, President of the African National Congress, who died 11 days after the letter was sent, dated 13th April 1993. The letter is typed and hand signed by Ali on Muhammad Ali in South Africa stationery.
Dear Mr Tambo
Allow me to extend to you and the A.N.C. my deepest regrets upon hearing of the death of Chris Hani. My prayers go out to Mr Hani's family and the people of South Africa during these difficult days.

I am providing you the following information regarding my itinerary should you desire to contact me (prior to our scheduled meeting on 19 April 1993):-

CAPE SUN - 13 TO 16 APRIL - TEL: 021 238844
FAX: 021 238875

JOHANNESBURG - 16 TO 22 APRIL - TEL: 011 297011
GARDEN FAX: 011 291515

Inshallah, I pray that God keeps you safe.

The letter was typed by the personal assistant to the General Manager of the Elengem; hotel in Durban where Ali was staying at the time. Mr Ali requested the letter typed to express his condolences to Nelson Mandela on the loss of his friend and comrade Chris Hani who was assassinated on April 10th 1993.
A letter of provenance signed by the personal assistant who typed the letter reads in part.
"Due to my nervous excitement about typing a letter of such historical importance I misspelt the name Muhammad replacing the last "a" with an "e". The letter was taken to Muhammad Ali and duly signed before someone noticed the error and returned it to me. I typed it again but kept the incorrect copy for posterity."
This letter represents a rare opportunity for a collector to acquire a letter from one of the most iconic and charismatic figures of the 20th century to one of the greatest men in history. £1200-2000
199.    Ellis Family Archive - Toys: Scratched built tin plate model of a paddle steamer 34ins. £50-80
200.    Toys. Tri-ang 14ins. Electric speedboat runs on 2 small torch battery's Cat No. 4145.8, boxed. £60-70
201.    Toys: Vulcan sewing machine, boxed. (Box a/f.). £25-35
202.    Stereoscopes: Two Underwood and Underwood hand held viewers with two testing cards. Plus one other a/f. £20-40
203.    Early 20th cent. Brass bulkhead clock enamelled dial with separate seconds head, 8ins. dial. £250-350
204.    Cameras: Canon TX SLR and lens, Exakta VX1000 SLR with lens and Hobbies falling plate camera and plates. £60-80
205.    20th cent. Binoculars, unmarked, contained in a leather case, one pair uncased. Plus a Swallows 25 x 30 telescope. £25-35
206.    Cameras: No.2 'z' Enignette Deluxe (Houghtons) a/f. Kodak 1902 with ball bearing shutter, Foth-Derby bellows 'Anastigmat', Kraus Rollette (Stuttgart) (4). £60-80
207.    Scientific Instruments: Microscope by Cooke, Troughton & Simms, York. Fully adjustable slide table with three revolving lenses. 95x, 45x & 10x. Stamped 1 DIV=-.002mm M101268. Two focusing eye pieces 6x & 10x. Rings Crown. A.M. Treen case with crows foot & stamped 1944. £80-120
208.    Cameras: Kodak no. 2, No. 1 Bow Brownies, Duaflex II etc. £40-60
209.    Cameras: Kodak folding cameras, Bell Howell 8mm plus flash lights etc. £40-60
210.    Cameras: Thagee Exacta, Thagee Compur x 2, Voightlander Prontor II, Voightlander Perkeo II (film, Voightlander Bessa I, Baldaxette Compur, Solida II L, Solida II x 2, Ensign Trikon, Certo Six, Zeiss Ikonta Compur Rapid, Keiss Ikonta Ikon, Zeiss Ikonta Super, Zeiss Ikon Ikonta, Solida III L, First Licht Seikosha, Kodak 13 Six-20. (18 Cameras). £70-90
211.    Cameras: Minolta SRT 101, Werra (Zeiss Jena) x 2, Konica C35, Minolta Subminiature, Kodak Instamatic x 4, Kodak Brownie 127 x 2, Zenit EM, Minolta A5, AGFA ;Billy', AGFA 'Agnar', Minolta-s, Kodak Instamatic 127, Victor Coronet, Mamiya 'Sekor' plus six leather camera cases, straps etc. £70-90
212.    Cameras: Praktina FX, Practica MTL3, Minolta Electroshot, Minolta AL-F, Praktina IIA, Yashica Minister, Canon Coronet, Miranda Sensomat RE, Mamiya Rank, Agfamatic 4008 pocket (10 cameras) plus 2.5 x zoom slide duplicator (SLR), slide viewers (2) etc. (1 box). £50-80
213.    Photographic Equipment: Camera Lenses: Soligor No. 372969 f= 1:8, Super Travena 1:25 no. 780065, Takuma/Asahi 1:5.6/200, Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 4/135 No. 5912460 plus Tamron telephot 4x No. 57737 (5) plus quantity of seperators, extension rings, filters, table top tripods (3), and small quantity of camera books. £40-80
214.    Cameras: Zeiss Ikon Contina iii 35mm. SLR in leather case; plus a Pentax P30 with zoom lens in soft leather case with a Ricomatic 44. SLR twin lens camera - boxed. All 3 cameras have instruction leaflets. Plus a leather tube for a zoom lens 11ins. (1 Tray) £50-70
215.    LP's Classical Records: Beethoven, Chopin, Wagner, Satie, Mozart, Vivaldi, etc. 33½rpm. (1 Record Box). £20-40
216.    Records 78rpm: Including classical, popular, orchestral. Approx 45. (1 Box). £20-30
217.    Music Sheets: 1900 onwards - musicals, classical, pianoforte scores, popular songs. Some librettos & sonatas. Several books of music. (1 Box). £20-40
218.    Ellis Family Archive: Early 19th cent. Ellis Michael Ginn gramophone, white painted with horn measuring 47ins. long and 23½ins. dia. £100-150
219.    Early 20th cent. Oak cased Selectaphone table top gramophone with open door sound control. £20-30
220.    Collectors Bush Valve Radio: AC/DC mains receiver, type DAC90 table top model, with brown bakelite case 1946. Not pat tested. £30-40
221.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired flat vase of tapering form, block circles incised decoration 11ins. approx. £25-35
222.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired vase of ellipse form brown incised decoration 11ins. x 18ins. approx. £30-35
223.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired flat, flash style vase incised circle decoration 10½ins. Plus 4 pottery eggs (1a/f). £30-50
224.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired vase of globules form incised circle decoration 10ins. £30-35
225.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired ellipse shape vase of tapering form incised circular decoration 13ins. x 12ins. at widest point. £30-35
226.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired vase of tapering globules form decoration of 3 incised circles 10ins. approx. £30-35
227.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired ellipse shape vase white incised circles decoration approx 15ins x 16ins. £30-35
228.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired, burnished black tapering vase with incised criss cross decoration 15ins. Burnished black bulbous shaped vase with incised criss cross decoration. (2). £35-45
229.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired, burnished black flat vase of tapering form, wide circles incised decoration approx 12ins x 9ins. £35-40
230.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery, a collection of vases geometric shape bowls some with criss cross incised decoration. (6). £50-60
231.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired green bowls of tapering form. (2). £35-40
232.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired, unburnished trough, the interior white glazed, approx 14ins x 6ins. £30-35
233.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired, brown pot grey burnished interior, tall tapering form 12ins x 9ins. Oval pot glazed interior impressed P.E. to base 3ins x 7ins. (2). £40-45
234.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired wide flat vase of tapering form, white incised decoration approx 11ins x 10ins. £35-40
235.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired, black burnished flat vase, circular incised decoration 12ins x 10ins. £35-40
236.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired, black burnished tapering vase with circular incised decoration 6ins. Black burnished bowl incised border decoration and base 7ins x 4ins. Black burnished baluster shop vase 9ins. (3). £40-60
237.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Mexican pottery Ramon Rock, 2 handled vessel Oaxaca style mermaid. (3). £40-50
238.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Hard glazed bowls of tapering form, brown and green. (2 Bowls). £30-50
239.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired glazed cooking pot and cover circular incised design. £35-40
240.    Ellis Archive - Penelope Ellis studio pottery beaker inspired, trough vases black burnished interior shaded grey incised decoration 6ins x 11ins and 8½ins x 4ins. (2). £30-40
241.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired, glazed ovoid shape vase with brown criss cross decoration. Brown glazed vase with vertical brown decoration 6ins x 3ins. (2). £35-40
242.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery beaker inspired, tapering grey glazed pot with circles white overlay decoration 6ins x 6ins. £30-35
243.    19th cent. Oriental painting on lacquered panel decorated with a stylised mural in relief 19ins. x 14ins. £50-80
244.    20th cent. Oriental Objects of Virtu: Gilt decorated black lacquer box and cover, plus a white metal brooch of oval shape, foil backed centre boss surrounded by aquamarine coloured stones, set in white metal plated base. Copper peacock circular pin box, misc. bone, mineral, brass, treen and resin neksuki, etc
245.    20th cent. Ceramics: Oriental vase white ground decorated with juniper/prunus tree in blossom, birds, lily pad & insects. Blue backstamp, 6 character in double blue circles. 19ins. £40-60
246.    19th cent. Oriental gilt treen carved relief panels depicting processions believed from a temple purchased in Hong Kong in the 1970s - a pair. 24ins. x 4ins. £70-100
247.    Early 20th cent. Japanese Arita charger/tray. Gilt & iron red decoration, figures in a garden. Diameter 15ins. £40-60
248.    Early 20th cent. Oriental Imari charger, multi coloured palette, birds and blossom trees, indistinct seal mark to base. Diameter 12ins. £60-80
249.    Modern Chinese Collectibles: Boxed ink/writing set, two boxed seal sets - one jade the other faux. £60-100
250.    20th cent. Chinese silk work depicting 100 children, framed 12ins. x 75ins. £20-30
251.    20th cent. Chinese block prints. 1 x Landscape, 1 x landscape with figures - a pair. Framed and glazed. 9ins x 5ins. £20-25
252.    19th/20th cent. Oriental cast bronze ornamental stork standing, showing good detail, unsigned. Approx. 5ft. £300-500
253.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester Blue Dragon tea and coffee sets 7 x coffee cups and saucers, 2 x others, coffee pot, 2 x creamers, 9 x tea cups, 7 x saucers, 15 x 6ins. plates, 2 x cake plates, 2 x 7ins. plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, hot water jug, pint tea pot, dessert dish plus 14ins serving dish. £120-150
254.    Royal Worcester bird figures Grey Wagtail (4k), Gold Crest (338), plus Blanc de Chine Crown Staffs Thrush (repaired) (3).
20th cent. Porcelain: Kaiser Blue Tit on a branch (4) hand painted limited edition No 213, miniscule chip to branch, treen stand. Plus Kaiser donkey brown/grey 6¼ins. high. £60-80
255.    20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion 'The Holly and The Ivy' meat platter 18½ins. plus a very large breakfast cup and saucer 4¾ins diameter. £30-50
256.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Salt glaze, ceramic jelly and aspic moulds. (11 Moulds). £30-40
257.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Bunnykins, Brownie 1987, Lollipop man, 1987, Bedtime 1986, School day 1987, Father, Mother and Victoria 1988. (6). £40-50
258.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert, Goody and Timmy Tiptoes, Jemima Puddleduck "Made in a Leather Bed", Squirrel Nutkin, Tommy Broach, Foxy Whiskered, Gentleman, Mr Jackson, Pigling Bland, Benjamin Bunny "Sat on a Bank", Mr Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit plus Sue Grimes May 93 hand decorated egg, 9 figurines.
259.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert Beatrix Potter figurines, Mrs Tiggy Winkle 1989/1985/1948, Jemima Puddleduck, Little Pig Robinson, Peter Rabbit, Mr Alderman, Ptolemy, Benjamin Bunny plus Mother Ladybird 9 figurines.
260.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Bobie" H.N.1679, "The Little Bridesmaid" H.N.1433 a/f., "Little Bridesmaid" reg. No. 760007 a/f. £35-45
261.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Monica" H.N.1467, "Rose" H.N.1368, "Bo-Peep" H.N.1611. (3). £40-50
262.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Bobie" H.N.16969, "Dinky Do" H.N.167. (2). £30-40
263.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Autumn Breeze" Reg. No. 835666, "Fair Lady" H.N.2832. (2). £40-50
264.    Royal Doulton: "Flower Seller Children" a/f. £40-60
265.    20th cent. Ceramics: Porcelanas Miquel Reguena.S.A. Valencia, figure of a young woman. 12ins. £25-35
266.    19th cent. Ceramics: Purple lustre dish/saucer commemorating the death of Princess Charlotte circa 1817. 8ins. £50-60
267.    19th cent. Ceramics: Purple lustre ware, cups & saucers and plates, 1 dish depicting a rustic scene, 6 plates, 3 cups & 2 saucers, 1 dish. Some a/f. £40-50
268.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Dickens ware "Bill Sykes" dish. 13ins. x 6ins. £25-35
269.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire greyhound in a sitting pose, a salt glaze hunting jug a/f. plus a 2pt. tankard with hunting sprigging. £30-35
270.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Copenhagen "Grey Cat, sitting 5ins., a brown/white "Reclining Cat" and "Ducklings" No. 516. £20-30
271.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick "Siamese Kittens" No. 1296 a/f. Royal Doulton Siamese Cat" standing No. 2660 Images "Shadowplay Cat" and a K.S. Davidson "Tabby Cat". £25-35
272.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton plates "Islamic" 10½ins. (2) £30-50
273.    Royal Doulton Nelson commemorative jug entitled "Nelson and His Captains". The base and spout are in green glaze, the body banded light tan brown with a portrait of Nelson to the front surrounded by scenes of ships and smaller portraits of his captains Troubridge, Collingwood, hardy and Miller. Doulton impressed mark to base with No X6436, small chip to rim. 8¼ins. High. £100-200
274.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley deco conical shape cup and saucers, peach ground hair bells flowers No 756533. £35-40
275.    20th cent. Ceramics: Standard china flam shape, art deco, floral design with gilt borders and handles - 4 cups, saucers and plates, milk jug. Plus Susie Cooper part coffee set - brown ground cream half moon design - 6 saucers, 5 cups, coffee pot and creamer, a/f. £40-60
276.    20th cent. Ceramics: Aynsley Imari half tea set. £20-30
277.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Stafford "Taster" coffee set, 6 cups, saucers, coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl. Plus Rockingham tea cup and saucer, etc. £40-50
278.    19th cent. Ceramics: Children's part tea sets, blue/white tea cups x 6, saucers x 3, side plate, teapot, sugar bowl and cover, slop bowl and creamer plus other misc. teapots, etc. £30-40
279.    20th cent. Continental Ceramics: Meissen gilt/white figure of a seated Dandy 5ins. with blue crossed swords to base. Meissen figure of a boy with spade, crossed swords mark to rear, 4ins. Plus table salt in the form of a cherub supporting bowls decorated with a transfer print of birds, blue Berlin mark. All a/f. Plus tobacco jar, white ground decorated with blue flowers and butterflies, crossed sword mark to base. 6¾ins.
280.    19th cent. French Sevres style cobalt blue ormolu small urn, two handles and openwork metalwork with fine decoration. £100-120
281.    19th cent. Continental, possibly Helena Wolfson, magenta ground bulbous vases with lids bearing the AR Augustus Rex mark with stylised scenes to front and back central panels. 1 a/f. 12ins. £80-120
282.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Royal Vienna garniture, blush ground decorated with gilt lined chrysanthemums. £35-40
283.    20th cent. Ceramics: Continental figure of a girl holding flower baskets, unsigned, on treen stand. 9½ins. Some very minor damage. £30-35
284.    Early 20th cent. French Ceramics: Moulin-Des-Loups sporting plates, No 2 to 12. Minor chips to edge of some plates. £35-45
285.    20th cent. Ceramics: Herend green and gilt fishnet lop ear rabbit 4ins. £60-70
286.    Late 19th cent. Early 20th cent. Faience candle snuffers in the form of clerics wearing conical hats and ruffs decorated in a colourful organic palette a/f. - a pair. 8½ins. £30-40
287.    20th cent. Continental Ceramics: Parakeet pair, pink and yellow. 12ins. £20-30
288.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Staffordshire and Other Ceramics: Liver/white dogs, pen holder, Red Riding Hood, a seated Moor, boy holding a monkey a/f. 10ins. another figure, a blue jug with leaf decoration 9ins. and a 2 handle mug. (7). £40-45
289.    19th cent. Ceramics: Rockingham, treacle ware, two handle loving cup, and Winchester measure, warranted, two handle frog mug a/f., plus a Parian ware jug. (3). £30-50
290.    Art Deco: Georges Coste terracotta nude female with Russian Wolfhound, signed and factory marks. 26ins. x 12ins. £150-200
291.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wilkinson art deco tube vase 3½ins. border of oranges and berries, lower section is dark brown. a pair. 9ins. a pair. £20-30
292.    20th cent. Ceramics: Clarice Cliff Parrot bowl, the birds and branch in relief. 6½ins diameter, 4½ins high. £40-60
293.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wardwick art deco, symmetrical vases decorated with orange and red circles on a cream ground. 9½ins. a pair. £25-35
294.    20th cent. Ceramics: Clarice Cliff Fantastque bowl retailed by Lawleys, decorated in vertical stripes of blue, yellow and orange. Small chip to rim. £70-90
295.    Poole: Red ground vase marked t.t. on the base 9ins. £20-30
296.    20th cent. Poole Art Pottery: Black volcano vases, cylinder 8ins., Venetian 6ins., Purse 7ins., Manthatton 9½ins., small Venetian 3ins. (5 in total). £70-100
297.    20th cent. Studioware: Yolande Beer 'Dancers' small pot. 4ins. x 2½ins. £20-30
298.    Royal Doulton: Charger 14ins. and shallow dish "Arnhem" pattern D6227. Plus Masons Mandalay ginger jar. £40-50
299.    20th cent. Swarovski Crystal: 1997 The Dragon "Fabulous Creatures" with crystal ball and red eyes, boxed. £80-100
300.    20th cent. Swarovski Crystal: 1992 Annual edition, The Whales "Care For Me" blue eyes, boxed. £80-100
301.    20th cent. Swarovski Crystal: 1990 Annual edition The Dolphin "Lead Me" yellow eyes, boxed. £80-100
302.    20th cent. Swarovski Crystal: 1998 The Pegasus "Fabulous Creatures" series, boxed. £80-120
303.    20th cent. Swarovski Crystal: 1999 Pierrot "Masquerade" boxed. £50-80
304.    19th cent. Glassware: Wine carafes, 1 x acid etched with windmills and vines with applied filigree decoration, the second jug clear glass with filigree decoration, both with pinched ribbing. £40-50
305.    19th cent. Vasaline glass Epergne, three branch gilt mounts.
306.    19th/20th cent. Glassware: Decanters, blown glass with ribbed decoration of a Newcastle pillar shape set with a crown stopper - a pair. Plus ribbed sherry decanters - a p[air and 2 ale glasses. £40-50
307.    20th cent. Art deco Hukin & Heath electro plated cocktail shaker. Three piece stepped design with cap and interior strainer. £100-120
308.    20th cent. Kingsway Electro plate art deco cocktail shaker, cap and interior strainer. £50-80
308A.   Glass: A spiral fluted clear glass decanter with plated mounts by John Grinsell, Birmingham. £70-100
309.    Hallmarked Silver: Pierced bowl on stand, Birmingham Adey Brothers. Approx. 11oz. £90-120
310.    Hallmarked Silver: Oval table fruit bowl pierced decoration 6ins high, 9½ins. dia at widest point. Sheffield 1903 Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Ltd 15½oz approx. £190-220
311.    Hallmarked Silver: Arts & crafts two handled shallow bowl, indistinct makers mark, Birmingham 1913, 9ins diameter. Approx. 17oz. £140-160
312.    Hallmarked Silver: Three piece tea set for one. Very worn marks Birmingham 1910-11. Approx. 14oz. £120-140
313.    Hallmarked Silver: Regency style 4 piece tea/coffee set, Sheffield, Mappin & Webb 1913-1915. 62ozs inclusive. £500-700
314.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving tray, gadrooned edge, London 1896-7. Approx. 104oz. 26ins. x 14½ins. £1000-1200
315.    Hallmarked Silver: Coffee pot Rocco style bone finial to lip and spacers in the handle, Baker Ellis Silver and Co, Birmingham 8¾ins. high, 38oz approx. £350-450
316.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving cover, London 1866-7 plus creamer, Chester marks 1915-16. Approx. 20oz. £150-200
317.    Hallmarked Silver: Ladies dressing table set with raised relief decoration - mirror, hairbrush, hand brush mirror, comb (1 tooth missing) in a silk lined case. Birmingham mark B & Co. 1973-74. £80-120
318.    Objects Of Virtu: Early 20th cent. Tortoiseshell compact, Pinchbeck pendant Lorgnette, Blue John 925 pill box, oval brooch and ring both marked silver plus E.P.N.S. cocktail stick container. £50-80
319.    Hallmarked Silver & White Metal: Engine turned mirror & two brushes, two glass dishes with silver rims and a pair of Mexican salts. £25-30
320.    Hallmarked Silver: Desk inkwell of Capstan form, base diameter 5ins. £40-50
321.    Hallmarked Silver: Card case with chased floriate decoration, maker John Round, Birmingham, 1909-10 with back leather velvet lined box. Approx. 2oz. £100-120
322.    Hallmarked Silver: 18th cent. Style knop end coffee spoons, London marks 1939-40. S. Limited - boxed. Approx. 2oz. £30-40
323.    Hallmarked Silver: Grapefruit spoons, Birmingham marks, maker Clifford Davis. Approx. 4oz in a red morocco velvet lined case. £40-60
324.    Hallmarked SIlver: Condiment set, pepper, salt, mustard with spoon. Birmingham and Chester. £40-60
325.    Hallmarked and other Silver plus white metal jewellery, bangles (2), necklaces, earrings, brooch etc. approx. 2oz. weighable. £25-30
326.    Early 20th cent. Sterling silver chain mail purse, marked sterling. Approx. 4½oz. £80-100
327.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette cases, Birmingham x 2, approx. 4 oz plus white metal watch (scrap). £30-50
328.    Hallmarked Irish Silver: Oil stock with ring, Dublin 1947, makers mark L.G. to base and lid. The screw off cover inscribed I.N.F. 1ins high (inc. ring) 1ins. wide. £100-150
329.    Danish Silver: Georg Jensen 1922 Christmas spoon with radiant star & holly berries. 925 standard date Georg Jensen guardian stamp used between 1904-1932 traces of original gilding. £80-120
330.    Hallmarked Silver: Mustard spoons, William IV and Victoria, both London. Napkin ring, Birmingham, mother of pearl handled Sheffield fruit knives x 2, 4½oz inclusive of mother of pearl handles. £80-120
331.    Hallmarked Silver: Six teaspoons Sheffield cased plus a single spoon Sheffield, cased. 2oz. £40-50
332.    Dutch Silver: 835 Standard 17th century style brandy bowl of octagonal form two Heraldic panels with Town Arms possibly Sneek, six others depicting historical figures, the base and handles embossed putti, lion Z 1814-1953 mark to base and other marks. Approx 12oz. £120-150
333.    Hallmarked Silver: Sauce boat, London plus an ornate bonbon dish, Sheffield. 6oz. £50-80
334.    Hallmarked Silver: Flatware - soup spoons, Sheffield 1894 (6). Approx. 13oz.
335.    Hallmarked Silver: Flatware - dessert spoon, Sheffield 1894 (4). Approx. 6oz. £50-60
336.    Hallmarked Silver: Flatware - table forks, Sheffield 1894 (7). Approx. 15oz. £110-130
337.    Hallmarked Silver: Flatware - dessert forks, Sheffield 1894 (7). Approx. 11oz. £80-100
338.    Hallmarked Silver: Flatware - serving spoons, Sheffield 1894 (1). Plus two other London 1849 (2) 7½oz. £60-80
339.    Hallmarked Silver: Flatware - ladles & teaspoons, Sheffield 1894. Plus Georgian bright cut teaspoon 2 x 6 x 1 (9) 8½oz. £70-90
340.    An American sterling reproduction bowl with a triple-ring pierced flat handle, marked 'Shrubsole London New York' & 'Hull & Sanderson reproduction circa 1655 Sterling 1212', 12cm diameter, 17.25 cm overall. Approx. 6¾oz.
341.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver vase shaped sugar caster with reeded borders and a pierced cover with baluster finial, hallmarks for London 1925 by Wakeley & Wheeler. Approx. 3oz.
342.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver toast rack with four lancet shaped divisions, Sheffield 1932 by E Viner. Approx. 3½oz.
343.    Hallmarked Silver: Two George III silver fiddle pattern table spoons with crests, hallmarks for London 1815 by Richard Turner. Approx. 5oz.
344.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver milk jug with a nulled border, angular handle and four ball feet, Birmingham 1932 by Mappin & Webb. Approx. 7oz.
345.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver sparrow beak cream jug in George II style, hallmarks for Birmingham 1921 by H Woodward & Co. Approx. 2oz.
346.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver mounted easel back photograph frame with hallmarks for Birmingham 1918, possibly by Elkington & Co. 9ins. x 6¼ins. (22.5cm x 16cm)
347.    Hallmarked Silver: Two similar George III silver milk/cream jugs, each with a reeded rim and an angular handle, the milk jug London 1803, 132 grams; the cream jug 1802. Approx. 3oz.
348.    Hallmarked Silver: An early 20th century sterling christening mug, with a scroll handle and engraved with a butterfly amidst flowers and leaves and 'Michael…', marked beneath 'Sterling', probably American or Canadian, in a fitted box. Approx. 3oz.
349.    Hallmarked Silver: Three pairs of George III and later silver sugar tongs, comprising; rare English provincial Old English bright cut, Newcastle circa 1805 by Dorothy Langlands; fiddle pattern, London 1888 by James Boyton; and fancy Queens pattern marks obliterated circa 1810 by Eley, Fearn & Chawner; combined weight approx. 4½oz.
350.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver crumb scoop with a double-lobed blade and a turned ivory handle, Sheffield 1917 by James Dixon & Sons Ltd. Approx. 7¼oz.
351.    Objects Of Virtu: Ten various modern silver and enamel pill boxes.
352.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver floral embossed octagonal bon bon or sweet meat dish with a pierced swing handle, Birmingham 1912, maker 'G.M.Co'. Approx. 3oz.
353.    Silver: 20th century silver cruets in various patterns, including; a baluster mustard pot with a Celtic border, an oblong mustard and salt each with a shaped rim and four pad feet; a vase shaped pepper pot with beaded borders; an oval salt cellar with a reed and ribbon cross border; and a small fluted boat-shaped salt with two handles; together with three old English patter salt spoons; various dates and makers, combined weight approx. 12¾oz.
354.    Hallmarked Silver: A 1920s silver miniature Billiards trophy cup & three napkin rings; the billiards trophy inscribed 'Leonard Aitken Lewisham Club Ltd Billiards Championship 1930', with two small leaf chased flying scroll handles on a square base, hallmarks for London 1926 by Alfred William Humphreys, 7cm high; another small trophy cup & three inscribed napkin rings, total weight approx. 5oz.
355.    Victorian gold gentleman's fob chain, long bar and twisted links with t-bar and 2 clasp links. Approx. 16 ins. marked 9ct. 23g. £170-200
356.    Hallmarked Gold & Yellow Metal (Tests 9ct. Gold): Chains, rope twist and fine link, small cross pendants, locket, gold cased Swiss wristwatch, bangle, earrings, etc. Approx. 2.7grams. £200-250
357.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct bar link bracelet with padlock clasp. approx. 11g. £100-120
358.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. gentleman's signet rings plus another, tests 18ct. Approx. 6g. £130-150
359.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. wedding band approx. 4.5g. £80-100
360.    hallmarked Gold: 22ct. Wedding band plus another with x pattern. 11.2g. approx. (2). £230-250
361.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Ruby set 3 stone gypsy ring plus another 3 stone diamond set. approx. 5g. £200-250
362.    Hallmarked Gold dress and signet rings 6 = 12g. plus 4 set with stones, 10g. inclusive. (10). £130-150
363.    Sapphire and diamond dress ring, hallmarked and set , 9ct gold. £40-50
364.    Early 20th cent. Diamond (0.4ct. x 2) and Sapphire (1-4 ct.) 3 stone 18 ct. gold (tested) ring. £800-1000
365.    Jewellery: 2 x 18ct gold rings 5.3g approx both with diamond chips plus 1 x 22ct band 2.8g approx. £80-120
366.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. gold and yellow metal ships lantern earrings, port & starboard. R.A.F Observers sweetheart brooch, unmarked buckle, scarf clip and 14kt marked amethyst dress ring. Approx. 12 grams weighable. £100-120
367.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver shaped oval, pierced and embossed bob bon dish, hallmarks for Birmingham 1923 by William Hutton & Sons Ltd, 13.5cm long; and a silver engine turned pin tray on four pad feet, Birmingham 1922 by William Base & Sons, total weight approx. 3¼oz.
368.    Hallmarked Jewellery: A 9ct. white gold, ruby, sapphire and green stone five stone ring, claw set at the centre with an oval ruby, between oval sky-blue sapphires and triangular light green stones probably amblygonite, Birmingham hallmarks after 2000.
369.    Gold Jewellery: A 9ct. gold and oval amethyst cabochon ring, hallmarks for Birmingham 1963. £100-120
370.    Gold Jewellery: A 9ct. gold and amethyst seven stone cluster ring, 2.2 grams gross, size L.
371.    Gold Jewellery: Gold Jewellery: A collection of nine 9ct gold and gemstone pendants, set with various stones including opal, tourmaline, ruby, diamonds etc.
372.    Gold Jewellery: An early 20th century gold and diamond solitaire ring, the round brilliant approx. 0.25cts, grain set in white within a rub-over surround on a yellow gold shank, stamped '18ct & Plat' finger size O, 2.3 grams gross.
373.    Gold Jewellery: An early 20th century gold and diamond three stone cross-over ring, the graduated eight-cut stones approx. 0.10cts total, illusion set in white on a yellow gold shank, stamped '18ct & Plat', ring size R, 2.5 grams gross.
374.    Gold Jewellery: An early 20th century gold and diamond three stone ring, the graduated old-cut stones approx. 0.20cts, 0.33cts & 0.24cts (0.77cts total), all claw set in platinum on a yellow gold shank, stamped '18ct Pt', ring size K+, 2.9 grams gross. £250-300
375.    Gold Jewellery: An early 20th century gold and diamond two stone cross-over ring, the single-cut stones approx. 0.08cts total, grain set in white square collets, on a yellow gold shank, stamped '18ct', ring size K+, 2.8 grams gross. £80-120
376.    Jewellery: An art deco diamond five stone square cluster ring, the single-cut stones approx. 0.07 cts total, grain set in platinum-flashed gold on a plain shank stamped '18ct' & 'Plat', ring size M, 1.7 grams gross
377.    Gold Jewellery: A modern 18ct white gold and diamond solitaire ring, the round brilliant 0.42cts, claw set on a good quality shank marked inside 'Forever' and set with a another small diamond, London hallmarks, ring size N, 3.7 grams gross.
378.    Gold Watch: A Vertex 9ct. gold open face pocket watch, top wind. The case with an internal inscription & hallmarks for Birmingham 1934. £350-450
379.    Gold Jewellery: A Victorian gold, pale blue enamel, emerald, pearl and rose diamond round brooch, with a central bosse within a dished surround and a rope twist border, previously with a locket back.
380.    Jewellery: A rare Victorian emerald, sapphire and diamond 'peacock feather' brooch, numbered '367', 4.8cm long (1 7/8ths inch) by decent from the estate of Siegfried Sassoon's aunt Mrs Rachel Beer, This brooch purchased by Leo Sassoon in 1927, from an auction held by Messrs Curtis & Henson, 5 Mount Street, Grosvenor Square, London W1, on Monday July 25th 1927, Siegfried's aunt was Mrs Rachel Beer, the original purchase price was 23 guineas; sold with the original catalogue where it was lot 863.
381.    Gold Jewellery: A modern 18ct gold and diamond solitaire ring, the round brilliant approximately 0.77cts, claw set in white between small diamond two stone shoulders, on a yellow gold shank, ring size M, hallmarks for London after 2000. £1200-1500
382.    Gold Jewellery: Georgian tremblant diamond spray brooch, 9ct. gold set (tested) old cut stones ranging from .50 to 0.035, 112 stones mainly G-1 colour PI - 5I clarity. Approx. 8 carat total. (breakdown size sheet available to view). £2500-3000
383.    Jewellery: Yellow metal (tests 18ct) marked belcher style chain. Approx 14grams. £200-250
384.    Hallmarked Gold & Yellow Metal Jewellery: Art nouveau style pendant with amethyst coloured droplets & seed pearls stamped 9ct. plus two rings and a small pendant all hallmarked 9ct. Approx. 10grams. £140-160
384A.   Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Greek key wedding band - diamond gypsy style ring (1 stone missing) plus seed pearl ring (1 pearl missing). Approx. 11grams. £180-200
385.    Watches: Roamer Stingray Limited Edition, Automatic Chrono diver wristwatch ref 1970. Presented unworn in it's original box with paperwork no. 297/333. £800-1200
386.    Watches: Beitling Windrider Wings automatic A10350 with leather strap, box and pamphlet. £800-1200
387.    W.W.II: c1944 Wristwatch Omega-Pilot/Navigators Air Ministry issue, steel and duralumin cased, silvered dial with blued steel hands, Arabic numerals, engraved numerals to back plate AM 6B/159 A4954 with later replacement strap. Ex. property Group Captain A.C. Hollingsworth R.A.F. £300-500
388.    Watches: Omega c1960s Seamaster De Ville Automatic - date just steel case, silvered dial and hands with Arabic numerals, replacement link bracelet. £120-150
389.    Watches: White metal pocket watch 2½ins. dia ornate surround to the silvered dial plus a U.S.A. Westclox watch with black face. £30-40
390.    Ellis Family Archive: Gold Watches, Ladies watch 9ct. Swiss made, 15 jewel movement plus a gent's 9ct Accurist wristwatch. £80-120
391.    Hallmarked Silver: Ladies fob watch with ornate silver dial, second hand at 6 o'clock, Fusee movement by J Rumbold Salisbury 1859-1975, the case London 1849. £30-40
392.    Watches: Ladies white metal engraved fob watch maker Langdon Davis plus silver hallmark fob brooch Birmingham. £20-30
393.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Earrings, assorted yellow metal, pearl styles. (Tray not included). £20-30
394.    Tanzanite jewellery: Tennis bracelet. Tanzanite set in white metal. £160-200
395.    Tanzanite jewellery: Bracelet, two strand tanzanite. £65-100
396.    American Jewellery: Ammonite pendant set in yellow metal on a round leather thong with yellow metal ends. £110-120
397.    Tanzanite jewellery: Three stone tanzanite ring set in white metal. £80-120
398.    Tanzanite jewellery: Solitaire tanzanite ring set in white metal. £85-120
399.    Tanzanite jewellery: Pierced earrings. Tanzanite set in yellow metal. £80-120
400.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Crystal bead necklace, earrings, buckles, etc. Contained in a red jewel box. £30-40
401.    20th cent. Designer Jewellery: Christian Dior gilt earrings, rope design hoops - a pair, rope twist design - a pair, and a single earring. T.L.M. brooch pendant, novelty miniature clock and a 9ct. silver ring. £60-70
402.    Earrings: Hallmarked gold, yellow metal and miscellaneous. £30-50
403.    19th cent. Objects of virtu: Mother of pearl purse, white metal frame, red silk lining with expanding pockets. It contains a pocket calendar for 1903 and has an unmarked white metal decoration of swags to the front of the purse. 2½ins. x 2ins. £30-50
404.    20th cent. Pens: De La Rue, London, dark red marble Onoto pen, 14ct. nib, length 5¼ins., Mabie Todd Swan pen, gold marble, 14ct. nib, Osmiroid black pen, Parker Duofold black pen, Parker 45 white metal cap, plus a black Parker Duofold 14ct. nub, a Dax ladies wristwatch on leather strap, double face contained in a leather case. £50-60
405.    19th cent. Hand held fire screen, rosewood handle, painted screen with floral sprays and exotic birds. £20-30
406.    Minerals: Blue John fluorite and rose quartz crystals 113grams and 121grams. £20-30
407.    G.W.R. Commemorative anniversary Royal Mint set issued 1986 medallions gold 375 -9ct 195g approx, silver 150g approx, bronze 130g approx. Limited edition set of 25 in presentation case. £1500-1800
408.    Numismatics: Gold George I quarter guinea 2grams 1718, minor circulation wear, with certificate of authenticity. £150-200
409.    Gold Coin: Full sovereign 1902 Edward VII. £160-180
410.    Gold Coins: Victoria 1896 and Edward VII 1903, 4g each. Total 8g. £160-200
411.    Gold Coins: Australia Victoria 1864 type 2 sovereign 8grams. £170-190
412.    Numismatics: Circulated half sovereign Victoria 'Jubilee Head' 1892 shield back. 4g. £200-250
412A.   Coin Jewellery: Victor Emmanuel III Italian Army medallion. 5grams. £100-120
413.    Numismatics: Half sovereign Elizabeth II 2000. Brilliant un-circulated, 4g. £110-150
414.    Numismatics: Malta silver 2 Tari Emanuel De Rohan 1775-1797. £60-80
415.    G.W.R. Commemorative anniversary Royal Mint set issued 1985 silver 150g approx, bronze 130g approx. Limited edition of 25 sets both individually boxed (2). £50-70
416.    G.W.R Commemorative medallions "The Seals of the Great Western Railway" gilt metal depicting, South Wales, Bristol and Exeter, Birmingham and Oxford, Bristol Port Railway and Pier, The Great Western Oxford Worcester & Wolverhampton, Cornwall, Devon & Torbay, South Devon, seals, produced by the Royal Mint for the Firefly Trust in presentation box. (9). £50-70
417.    Numismatics: Elizabeth II Royal Mint proof sets Great Britain & Northern Ireland 1970, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 79, 80, 81, 82. (12). £50-70
418.    Numismatics: Elizabeth II silver proof pound 1999 - 2002 England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Island in presentation case (4).
419.    Numismatics: Elizabeth II silver proof Royal Mint sets Falklands 1980 x 2, Jersey 1980, great Britain and Northern Island 1972, 73, 74, 75, 76, and 77 (9). £40-60
420.    Coins: Silver Royal Mint Piedfort proof, The Queen Mother Centenary Crown, boxed with paperwork Queen Elizabeth II Falklands Golden Jubilee 20p Piedfort proof, 2000 Battle of Britain Anniversary Guernsey 50p, both boxed. Queen Mother 2000 Guernsey £1 Piedfort Proof in plastic wallet (4) plus Guernsey proof £1 Golden Wedding Anniversary. £130-150
421.    Coins: Royal Mint Golden Jubilee H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, presentation set, 2002, £2 - 1p. 9 coins in gilt plastic box with paperwork. £50-80
422.    Numis Coins: London mint gold plated & coloured coinage - florin, shilling x 2, 6d, 3d, penny, half penny, farthing, plus The Pre-decimal and Emblems Series, all in presentation boxes. £20-30
423.    Numismatics: Jamaica Independence Silver 1972 ten dollar proof plus two un-circulated. 1.46oz. £70-90
424.    London Mint: Replica 1797 copper penny, silver gilt medallion "Changing Face of Britain" 28 grams, 'millionaire collection' silver replica Charles I half crown. £30-50
425.    Coins: Silver, Royal Mint Golden Wedding proof, Queen Elizabeth II 1997, New Zealand $20, Cayman $2, Jamaica $25, Belize $5, Eastern Caribbean Central Bank $20, Fiji $10, Falklands and Guernsey £5, approx. 7oz. Blue plush box and paperwork. £120-150
426.    Thomas Kinkade limited edition coloured lithograph "The Garden of Prayer" with certificate of authenticity 25ins. x 34ins. £80-120
427.    Watercolours, oils, prints: All framed and some glazed village, landscapes, etc. (17). £20-30
428.    A. Ritchie: Modern acrylic on canvas "Sea Surf II" 36ins. x 36ins. Plus MV Michaiska, acrylic on canvas "Sailing" 20ins. x 20ins. plus 2 Isle of Wight related watercolours "The Needles" and "Sandown Bay". £60-70
429.    20th cent. Pat Clifton poker work study on board Puma, signed L.R. 9ins. x 35ins. plus another double sided carving. £15-25
430.    20th cent Embroidery: Multicoloured wool threads, a cottage 20ins. x 14ins. and people around a bandstand 29ins. x 16ins. both framed and glazed. £20-25
431.    Pam Mullings Watercolours: "Study of a Barn Owl" signed lower right, framed and glazed 14ins. x 20½ins. & "Study of Foxes" signed lower right, framed and glazed 18ins. x 14¼ins.
432.    Pam Mullings Watercolours: "Study of Badgers" signed lower right, framed and glazed 21ins. x 13ins. & "Study of Rabbits" signed lower right, framed and glazed 11ins. x 13½ins. £100-120
433.    Pam Mullings Watercolours & Print: "Study of a Field Mouse" signed lower left, framed and glazed 9¾ins. x 6½ins. & "Study of a Yellow Tit" signed lower left, framed and glazed 13ins. x 10ins. Plus limited edition print 58/250 "Study of a Robin" signed by the artist lower right, framed and glazed 6½ins. x 9¼ins. £30-50
434.    20th cent. Gilt framed wall mirror 24ins. x 30ins. £20-30
435.    19th cent. Mahogany over-mantel mirror 46ins. x 42ins. £30-40
436.    Advertising: Colour Pears print 'Some of Life's Pleasures' 12ins x 15ins. £20-30
437.    Pam Mullings Watercolour: "Study of a Tawny Owl" signed lower right, framed and glazed 23ins. x 16ins. £40-60
438.    R.H. Wilkinton: 1975 Watercolour 'Tarn lake and boating study' x 2, framed and glazed 13ins. x 10ins. Plus T Sidney watercolour 'waterway and windmill study', framed and glazed 10ins. x 6ins. (3). £30-50
439.    Pam Mullings Watercolours: "Study of Voles" signed lower right, 8ins. diameter, framed and glazed, & "Study of an Otter", signed lower right. 9¼ins. diameter. £30-50
440.    20th cent. Antonia Warren oil on canvas 'Riverside Scene', signed bottom right. 35½ins. x 23½ins. Plus 20th cent. misc prints and pictures, mainly framed and glazed and various sizes. £40-60
441.    19th cent. Gilt wood pier mirror with ornate decoration. 16½ins. x 30½ins. £60-80
442.    L Schiavonetti coloured engravings from the paintings by F. Wheatley R.A. "Cries of London". Framed and glazed 9½ins. x 12ins. £30-50
443.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016 Sculptor: Original provenance from 1963 'Award for Exhibit' The Paris Biennale Exhibition. The lot includes photography, model and maquette, designs, ephemera and press coverage. Plus a white medal from 1967 exhibits Paris Biennale Exhibition design team consists of Raymond Burton, Penelope Ellis, Irmgard Flemming and Jean Cambell. The design was for a place of meditation in a new university to take the form of concrete slopes defined by dark slate members. The maquette's have concrete bases with slate and woodern members 33ins. x 34ins. £300-500
444.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Designs for London Transport posters, colour lithographs 'Summer is Flying' 1938 29ins x 10½ins. Paper backed. £100-150
445.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Designs for London Transport posters, colour lithographs 'Come Out to Live' 1936 12½ins x 10¼ins paper backed. £100-150
446.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Designs for London Transport posters, colour lithographs 'Zoo Nights' 1936 12½ins x 10¼ins paper backed. £100-150
447.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Designs for London Transport posters, colour lithographs 'Giant Panda' 1939 12½ins x 10¼ins paper backed. £100-150
447A.   Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Designs for London Transport posters, colour lithographs 'Third test match - The Oval, England V West Indies 1939' 12½ins x 10¼ins paper backed. £100-150
448.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent & later gilt frames 33ins x 38ins, 32ins x 39ins, 30ins x 44ins and 40ins x 30ins. £100-150
449.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Paint brushes 32ins long x 1½ins bristles (4). £40-60
450.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Artist pallet covered in oils/ paints 24ins x 15ins. £80-120
451.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture hand carved bath stone block in remembrance of her parents Clifford and Rosemary Ellis 18½ins x 4ins 6ins.
452.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Folio of original art work including 1953/56 Slade School of Art, 1956-57 whilst Penelope was studying in Paris. £200-300
453.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Folio of original art work, mostly charcoal and pastel studies. £200-300
454.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Folio of original art work including block prints many on tissue, some student work from her days at Badminton public school. £200-300
455.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935- 2016: Folio of original art work including lino, lithos, pencil sketches and other experimental work. £200-300
456.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Folio of original art work charcoal/ pencil studies, sketches and photos 1950s onwards. Propriety work from London and Paris. £200-300
457.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Oil on board abstract in blocks of shades of green, grey & black. Not signed. 29ins. x 27ins. £80-120
458.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Oil on board study 'Sunrise on Tower Blocks' monogrammed lower left. 36ins. x 48ins. £200-300
459.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on canvas abstract study in shades of yellow, part 1 monogrammed & dated 'C.E.61' lower left. 40ins. x 50ins. £300-500
460.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on canvas abstract study in shades of yellow, part 2, monogrammed & dated 'C.E.61' lower right. 40ins. x 50ins. £300-500
461.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Oil on board abstract study in blues & greens 'Forest' label reverso "Clifford Ellis, Corsham Court". 38ins. x 42ins. £200-300
462.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on board abstract study 'artist at work' signed 'Ellis' in chalk on reverse, framed, 28ins. x 23ins. £400-600
463.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Oil on board abstract study in red, whites & yellow part 2, monogrammed CE '53' lower left. 36ins. x 48ins. £300-500
464.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on paper collage backed on board. Abstract study in shades of brown & blues. Monogrammed & dated 'C.E.'57' lower left, framed and glazed 29ins. x 19½ins. £200-300
465.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Oil on board abstract study in shades of grey & white, part 1. Monogrammed C.E. '53' lower left. 36ins. x 48ins. £300-500
466.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on canvas abstract study 'Horizons & Shadows', monogrammed & dated C.E.'57'. 30ins. x 18ins. £100-150
467.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Oil on board abstract study of two birds in block of colours part 2, blue background. Monogrammed CE'52' lower right. 36ins. x 48ins. £300-500
468.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on canvas abstract 'geometric' study in shades of green & grey. Monogrammed 'C.E '57'. Reverso written 'Clifford Ellis February 1957'. 30ins. x 40ins. £200-300
469.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Oil on board abstract study of two birds in blocks of colours part 1. Maroon background. Monogrammed CE '52' lower left. 30ins. x 48ins. £300-500
470.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Oil on board abstract study of the human form in hues of reds, oranges & blues. "Mr Ellis" reverso. 30ins. x 48ins. £300-500
471.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Watercolour on paper 'Estuary' Exhibition label reverso '46th Exhibition of Bath Society of Artist', 'Clifford Ellis, Bath School of Art' monogrammed C.E. lower left. 19ins. x 15ins. £300-500
472.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on board abstract study in blocks of greys & browns. Monogrammed lower left 'C.E. '52' 48ins. x 30ins. £300-500
473.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on board abstract study in shades of greys & blues. Monogrammed lower left C.E. '54'. 29ins. x 20ins. £100-150
474.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on board pair of abstract paintings in shades of greys, browns & blues. 48ins. x 18ins. & 30ins. x 10½ins. Monogrammed lower left C.E. '57'. (2). £150-200
475.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Oil on board abstract study in blues & greens plus a still life 'objects on a table'. Monogrammed C.E.'57' lower right 50ins. x 30ins. £150-200
476.    Ellis Family Archive: Walter Sickert 1860-1942 The Windsor & Newton Ltd oak studio easel. Fully adjustable, believed owned & used by Sickert (by Ellis family repute) & sold via direct descent. £200-400
477.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Used, adjustable oak floor standing easel. 20ins. x 66ins. £100-150
478.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Used, adjustable mahogany floor standing easel. 62ins. x 24ins. £200-300
479.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Used, adjustable oak floor standing easel. 23ins. x 65ins. £200-300
480.    •Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas 'Toy Horse on Wheels' possible proprietary work for a later poster. Reverse part finished design showing Union Jack and buildings possibly from their V.E. day poster 26ins x 20ins. £100-150
481.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis 1910-1988: 'Church Street, Bath' artist label on reverse and named on frame 19ins x 16ins. £200-300
482.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998: Oil on canvas 'Study of Fish' signed and dated lower left R Ellis 1950 20ins x 16ins. £80-120
483.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis 1910-1988: Oil on canvas 'Cottage In The Mountains' 27ins x 20ins. Plus it has a prep study of nudes on the reverse. £80-120
484.    Ellis Family Archive: Print cases x 3, Palettes x 4 and oil paints. £40-60
485.    Ellis Family Archive: Small tressel table, iron legs, wooden top. 48ins x 30ins x 30ins. £30-40
486.    Ellis Family Archive: Small tressel table, iron legs, wooden top. 48ins x 30ins x 30ins.
487.    Ellis Family Archive: Blank canvases, various sizes. (9 in Total). £40-60
488.    Ellis Family Archive: Small tressel table, iron legs, wooden top. 48ins x 30ins x 30ins.
489.    Ellis Family Archive: Brushes all sizes, 2 cases plus boxes of oil paints. £40-60
490.    Ellis Family Archive: Artist materials, boxes of chalk, pastels, chalks, charcoals, water colour, pencils and oil tubes (2 Boxes). £40-60
491.    Ellis Family Archive: Large tressel table, iron legs, wooden top. 72ins x 30ins x 30ins.
492.    Ellis Family Archive: Small tressel table, iron legs, wooden top. 48ins x 30ins x 30ins.
493.    Ellis Family Archive: Watercolours, tubes and blocks, boxed and cased. £40-60
494.    Sarah Spaceman 1958: Charcoal on paper "Study of a Nude". Framed and glazed 29ins. x 12ins. £80-120
495.    Stanley Llewllyn Wood (1866-1928) "The Charge Of The Bengal Lancers" Tiensin, China 1900 watercolour ink enhanced, signed and dated lower left, gilt frame and glazed 29½ins. x 19¾ins. Stanley Wood worked for the Illustrated London News and reported on the 'Boxer uprising'. £300-500
496.    Eithne Donne: Oil on canvas Rio in Cannaregio Venice. 21ins. x 19ins. £70-120
497.    Raymond Allen Jackson 1927-1998 J.A.K: Original pen, ink and watercolour artwork "Ever Since They Moved Covent Garden, The Rats Round Here Have Been Eating Our Police Dogs" dated Monday 11th November 1974, further printers instructions 50% tint 30% on croc, Police radio and strap. Framed and glazed. 23½ins. x 21ins. Plus another artwork "Has Anyone Seen a Nose Wheel Chock From A Belgium Airliner". Framed and glazed 22ins. x 17ins. Pencil notation L.R. "Uncle Jak notice the Anglisized spelling of Paupont 'TJ". £200-300
498.    20th cent. English school "Crowded Beach in Devon". 20ins. x 24ins. £40-70
499.    Eithne Donne: Oil on canvas, Farmland Nr Aups 12ins. x 9ins. and a study of Rio in Dorsoduro. 10ins. x 9ins. £50-80
500.    George Hitchcock lithoprint "Dutch Girl Selling Flower". Framed and glazed 48ins. x 24ins. Plus 20th cent. oil on canvas Woodland River study. Framed 30ins. x 24ins. £30-40
501.    Eileen Huson: British school "Peace" thatched cottage in a rural idyll, mixed media, signed lower right. Framed & mounted 20½ins. x 14ins.
R.A. Cusden: British school "Kirkstall Abbey" oil on board 9½ins. x 15¼ins.
Plus a 20th cent. "The Purple Heron", framed and glazed 20¾ins. x 18ins. £50-60
502.    Mariano 'Fortuny' attributed to pastel portrait of a young Mediterranean girl with subjects, name top left, framed and glazed 8½ins. x 9½ins. £150-200
503.    H. Merritt: 19th cent. Oil on canvas 'River Study' signed. Gilt framed 20ins. x 15ins. £80-120
504.    John Faulkner RHA RI 1835-1894, Watercolour on paper of a rustic scene showing a river, cattle and farm buildings, inscribed Byfleet, Surrey. 30 ins x 17 ins. £500-800
505.    African Art - Tilly Wills: Oil on canvas of an "African Tribal Woman". NB: Mrs Wills work has been shown at the Saatchi Gallery of Modern Art. 9ins. x 7ins. £60-100
506.    Anuk Naumann 1951 -: Watercolour/gold leaf "Still Life", mixed medium "Still Life" 3½ins. x 4½ins. (2). Plus 2 others. £80-120
507.    John Faulkner RHA RI 1835-1894, Watercolour on paper of a rustic scene showing a river, cattle and farm workers. Signed bottom left. 13 ins x 16 ins. £500-800
509.    Elizabeth Scott-Moore 1902-1993: Watercolours "The Pink Farmhouse", Lyne in Surrey 18ins. x 28ins. including frame, still life "Floral Study" 23ins. x 19ins. including frame. Both signed lower right plus Gillian Geony watercolour "The Chequers - Froggatt" 18ins. x 15ins. including frame. £150-200
510.    Victorian glass crystoleum depicting a topless water nymph plus one other Victorians feeding doves. 8ins. x 9ins. and 9ins. x 9½ins. (2). £50-80
511.    Rugs And Carpets: G.H. Frith Ltd, eastern rug ivory ground stylised peacock pattern madder border 12ft. x 8ft. 10ins. £500-800
512.    Carpets: 20th cent. Eastern carpet red ground, central medallion (some wear), two narrow tone wide boarder, stylised birds, animals and trees, complemented with blues and creams 11ft 6ins. x 7ft 6ins. £30-60
513.    20th cent. Black lacquer and gilt four panel screen, one side depicts warriors and scenes from life above a separate section showing birds. 72ins. x 72ins. £100-150
514.    Rustic dresser painted in shabby chic style, duck egg blue. 48½ins x 17ins x 87½ins. £200-300
515.    Rustic pine dresser and rack painted in a shabby chic style, duck egg blue. 40ins x 21ins x 79ins. £100-150
516.    19th cent. Mahogany bookcase bureau, 4 graduated drawers with drop flap which opens to a fully fitted interior. The cupboard above with shell inlay decorated doors and shelved interior. 39ins x 26ins x 84ins. £200-300
517.    19th cent. Mahogany wall cupboards with gallery top. 16ins. x 21ins. x 6¼ins. £40-60
518.    20th cent. Mahogany tall bookcase with adjustable shelves. £25-30
519.    19th cent. Japanese style lacquered four panel dressing screen with garden decoration and pagodas. £70-90
520.    Early 20th cent. Luggage: Ladies crocodile leather small case, British safety locks. 17ins. x 12ins. x 6ins. £100-120
521.    1970 Woman's Northcote red leather travelling/vanity case. £20-40
522.    1920s Travelling case complete with several labels including Cunard and Queen Elizabeth 31ins. x 18ins. £30-40
523.    Clocks: Oak cased German mantel clock, Westminster chime, and oval dial. £30-50
524.    Clocks: 20th cent. mantle clocks, Napoleon hat style, mahogany cased, a treen faux brass face with Roman numerals, turned columns and carved decoration. 14ins tall. £30-60
525.    20th cent. Smith's Enfield oak cased mantel clock Westminster chimes with silent leaver. £15-20
526.    Early 20th cent. "Napoleon Hat" mahogany mantel clock. £20-25
527.    Early 19th cent. eight day longcase with 11ins. silvered dial, brass spandrels. £200-400
528.    Clocks: Embee German art deco oak long case clock, silvered dial and black numerals. Glass reveal fronts with rounded and carved embellishments and triple chiming movement. £80-120
529.    Clocks: Will Palmer of Newark, oak 30 hour longcase, painted face, 74ins. with 11ins. dial. £200-300
530.    Clocks: George Hewitt Marlboro Oak with mahogany inlay 30 hour longcase, brass face, chapter ring for seconds and date 8ins, dial 11ins. £300-500
531.    19th cent. Oak long cased clock, white painted dial, floral spandrels, domed top, 8 day movement. £300-500
532.    Scientific Equipment: 20th cent. Short & Mason stick barometer & thermometer. £15-20
533.    Clocks: Seth Thomas American wall clock. £75-100
534.    19th cent. Mahogany barometer with shell inlay, maker Cattanio. 39ins. £30-50
535.    Retro: Chrome and beech bar/kitchen stools. Set of four. £30-50
536.    19th cent. Figured mahogany veneer bureau/bookcase with glazed top and fitted interior. 36ins. x 83ins. x 18½ins. £80-120
537.    Edwardian iron framed baby crib with original organdie drapes. Folds flat. £60-100
538.    Sporting/Games: Sportcraft Coliseum Football table. 5ft x 3ft x 4ft 2ins at widest point with players and balls. £150-250
539.    20th cent. Bar stools - a pair. £10-20
540.    19th/20th cent. Walnut glazed dwarf cabinet. £30-40
541.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf Pembroke table. 23½ins. x 28ins. £60-80
542.    20th cent. Mahogany bedside cupboards - a pair. £30-50
543.    19th cent. Mahogany serpentine sided table, ebony & boxwood feather banding on slender supports rising off pad feet, 29ins. square x 27½ins. height. £40-60
544.    19th cent. Mahogany Trafalgar chair. Rope twist cresting rail, double bar back, 4 sabre supports & rattan seated plus an elm seated stick back chair. (2). £30-50
545.    18th cent. Oak peg jointed gate leg table. £40-60
546.    19th cent. Oak peg joined gate leg table. £50-80
547.    20th cent. Mahogany three shelf bookcase. 42ins. x 35½ins. x 11ins. £30-40
548.    19th cent. Satinwood wardrobe, twin door, fully fitted interior of drawers, hanging compartment fitted for slides. £150-200
549.    Late Georgian mahogany breakfront sideboard with cellarette drawer to one side. £200-300
550.    20th cent. Pine wall mounted book shelves. £30-50
551.    19th cent. Scrub top pine kitchen table plus harlequin set of 6 chairs, 2 elm stick backs, 2 elm stick slat backs plus 2 rush seated chairs. £60-80
552.    19th cent. Mahogany circular tilt top table, turned & carved column, on carved tripod base rising off scroll feet. 23ins. diameter x 30ins. £50-80
553.    19th cent. Mahogany circular table, gun barrel column, on splayed supports. 19ins. diameter x 28ins. high. £30-50
554.    19th cent. Mahogany Tripod circular table on a single pedestal. £50-80
555.    20th cent. Teak coffee table Ercol Golden Dawn, design 778, 22ins. x 18ins. x 48ins. approx. £30-50
556.    1970s Brass retro tea trolley. £10-20
557.    19th cent. Walnut shield back hall chair on turned front supports. £30-50
558.    19th cent. Walnut tub style bedroom chair with fret work back and sides inlaid stringing throughout, upholstered seat. A fretwork splat and stick back child's chair with elbow rests on turned columns, the whole on ball and claw feet. Plus two walnut dining chairs with carved bar back and cresting rail. The whole on elegant serpentine supports. (Total 4).

559.    Edwardian beech wood bedroom chair with boxwood inlay and oval seat.
560.    Late Victorian stained beech wood corner armchair with boxwood inlay. £30-40
561.    19th cent. Mahogany framed button back arm nursing chair. £60-80
562.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Gothic revival aesthetic chairs, upholstered seats with ebonised geometric fretwork panels x 6. £40-60
563.    19th cent. Balloon back dining chairs (3). Plus one later dining chair. £20-40
564.    Shabby Chic: Painted storage cupboard with faux leather bookrack and storage cupboard beneath 16ins. x 22ins. Plus an octagonal mother of pearl inlaid Middle Eastern table. £40-60
565.    19th/20th cent. Howard style long seated armchair, black leather cloth upholstery requiring restoration. £100-150
566.    George III style oak dresser rack 70ins. x 50ins. £80-120
567.    19th cent. Mahogany Bursar's/principals bureau 3/2/2 drawers, drop flap opens to reveal a fully fitted interior. £100-150
568.    1930s Oak bureau with silver hammered plaque to Charles Hollingsworth Superintendent of Lincoln post office. 30ins. x 40ins. x 16½ins. £50-80
569.    19th cent. Mahogany twin pedestal desk, 9 drawers with leather skiver. £80-120
570.    Georgian mahogany drop leaf table tapering supports on pad feet. 36ins. x 40ins. opened. £40-60
571.    19th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table on turned supports with single drawer. 41½ins. x 28ins. x 19½ins. £60-80
572.    20th cent. Oak gateleg table. 40ins. x 29ins. 22ins. £20-40
573.    19th cent. Drop leaf table on turned supports. 35ins. x 29ins. x 19ins. £20-40
574.    19th cent. Mahogany twin door side cupboard on bracket supports. 30ins. x 31ins. x 15ins. £30-50
575.    18th cent. Dwarf coffer, faceted head, wrought nails construction later hinges and candle box. £80-120
576.    Oak bookstand, spinning wheel, carved seat with heart motif to the back rail and a small mahogany wine table. £10-20
577.    Reproduction mahogany Canterbury. Plus a barley twist mahogany side table. £30-50
579.    19th cent. Walnut Canterbury. The top shelf with brass & walnut gallery, quarter veneered with satinwood banding. The slides have fretwork supports, single drawer below rising off ceramic castors. £200-300
580.    19th cent. Walnut tilt top table, satin and fruit wood inlay, carved 5 column support with carved splayed feet. £100-150
581.    Victorian mahogany breakfast table of oval form on single support with four well formed legs. 46ins. x 29ins. x 34ins. £80-120
582.    18th cent. Sheraton style mahogany buffet with brass gallery. 55ins. x 36ins. x 27ins. £200-300
583.    Edwardian mahogany music cabinet of waterfall form. 19½ins. x 45ins. x 16ins. £60-100
584.    20th cent. Reproduction mahogany revolving bookcase. 19½ins. x 35ins. £60-100
585.    20th cent. Mahogany and satinwood chest of drawers of good quality and delicate proportions. 25ins. x 32ins. x 18ins. £60-100
586.    20th cent. Serpentine reproduction walnut bedroom chest of four drawers. 18ins. x 30ins. x 14ins. £30-50
587.    20th cent. Mahogany tilt top side table with single support. 32ins. x 29ins. x 19ins. Plus two drawer mahogany cupboard. £40-60
588.    Brights of Nettlebed reproduction birds eye maple desk with herringbone decoration. 48ins. x 29ins. x 21ins. £100-150
589.    20th cent. Oak twin pedestal desk with 9 drawers. £60-100
590.    20th cent. Light oak glazed bookcase on bracket supports. £40-60
591.    Rustic pine double wardrobe, 2 doors above a single drawer. 46ins x 20ins x 74ins. £200-300
592.    20th cent. Rustic Swedish pine blanket cupboard. 16½ins x 39ins x 71ins. £200-300
593.    20th cent. Oak Ercol table & chairs. £40-60
594.    20th cent. Walnut corner cabinet. The top section with mirrored back and glass doors, the bottom section with two veneered doors. The whole is supported on ball & claw feet. 78ins. x 29ins. £80-120
595.    Rustic white painted basement dresser and rack. 19ins x 50ins x 95ins. £100-150
596.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood dinner service, Kutani Crane pattern. 8 x 10¾ins. dinner plates, 8 x 8ins. side plates, 14ins. meat oval, 8ins. tureen and cover, 19½ins. tureen and cover, open vegetable dish, sauce bowl and stand, and a tureen stand. £40-70
597.    18th cent. Welsh oak dresser base and rack, 2 bands of cock beaded drawers flanking a single drawer over a twin door cupboard, opening to reveal a shaped shelf. The whole with a 4 shelf plate rack and 2 end cupboards. £600-800
598.    Architectural: Early 20th century cast iron radiator cover with pierced fretwork design 52ins. x 16ins. x 42ins. £150-250
599.    Architectural: Early 20th century cast iron radiator cover with pierced fretwork design 52½ins. x 12ins. x 42ins.
600.    18th cent. Welsh oak secretaire cupboard. The twin doors opening to reveal 9 graduated storage drawers with 3 removable slides, the base has 4 long drawers, the top drawer front drops top reveal 8 storage compartments with 2 short & 1 long drawers, beneath 4 long drawers. The whole on bracket feet. W106ins. x D54ins. x H203ins. £400-600
601.    Early 19th cent. flamed mahogany linen press, four linen slides within. 50ins. x 80ins. x 22½ins. £400-600
602.    Edwardian mahogany serpentine display cabinet on cabriole legs. 45ins. x 64ins. x 15ins. £100-150
603.    Queen Anne/George I walnut chest on chest. Complete with brushing slides, herringbone banding on bracket supports. 41ins. x 72ins. 21ins. £1000-1500
604.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany corner cabinet, the top section with two glass fronted doors and two serpentine front shelves. 38ins. x 79ins. £80-120
605.    Georgian Mahogany corner cupboard on stand with a single drawer and shaped lower tier to cupboard with 3 similarly shaped shelves. £300-400
606.    19th cent. Mahogany four drawer bureau with drop flaps, fully fitted interior, on bracket supports. 30ins. x 41ins. x 18½ins. £120-180
607.    19th cent. Mahogany chest of 3 drawers of delicate proportions. 41ins. x 33ins. x 21ins. £50-80
608.    19th cent. Mahogany bow front four drawer chest with brushing slide on splayed supports. 37ins. x 38ins. x 21ins. £200-300
609.    20th cent. Tabletop mahogany drinks cabinet, Tudor crystal double decanter engraved with City of London Crest and 4 spirit glasses. Internally plush lined, brass furniture. £300-500
610.    19th cent. Mahogany inlaid tray rectangular with shell motif 24ins. x 18ins. £50-80
611.    19th cent. Mahogany bow front chest of two over two drawers 3ins. x 38ins. x 21ins. £200-300
612.    20th cent. Challen Boudoir baby grand piano, number 18953. 95ins. x 38ins. x 55ins. £300-500
613.    19th cent. Mahogany piano stool with woolwork upholstered seat. 23ins. x 17ins. x 18ins. £30-50
614.    Mid 20th cent. Furniture design retro Italian Gio Ponti style chairs, ebonised ash ladder backs, 3 rails with rush woven seats, some stamped "Made in Italy" wear commensurate with age. Height 36ins (91.44cm) seat 15ins. x 15ins. (38cm. x 38cm) weight approx 6lbs (2.8K). (One chair has damage to top rail and rush seat). (10). £1000-1200
615.    Edwardian oak double pedestal desk with nine drawers, green leather skiver to top. 53ins. x 30ins. x 30ins. £300-400
616.    18th cent. Mahogany Chinese Chippendale inspired armchair, upholstered in an embossed gold satin material. £1000-1500
617.    18th cent. Mahogany tilt top table on a-ring turned column rising off a splayed tripod. 20ins. x 28ins. x 14½ins. £50-80
618.    19th cent. Honey oak circular table, turned column on tripod supports. 21ins. x 28ins. x 15ins. £50-80
619.    Regency birds eye maple, with ebonised inset panels, card table on four column support. 35ins. x 29ins. 19ins. £200-250
620.    19th cent. Mahogany window seat. 59ins. x 18ins. x 12ins. £200-250