Studio Auction of Antiques, Collectables and Books to include
Part Three of the Ellis Famil Archive on Saturday 25th March 2017

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1.      20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester "Forget Me Not" part tea service. 6 x 6ins. plates, 12 x cups and saucers, 1 pint teapot, a 2 pint teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate and bread plate.
2.      20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester "Evesham" oven to table tureens and covers, 2 oval and 2 circular, plus 2 open serving bowls and 2 small bowls.
3.      20th cent. Lighting: A pair of gilt metal 2 branch wall sconces, converted to electric. £20-30
4.      Lighting: 20th cent. Ceramic table lamps. (12). £30-50
5.      19th cent. Mahogany cased Vienna style clock. £30-50
6.      Needlework: A sampler worker Elizabeth Sarah Chambers 1846. (Small hole in the centre of the work and top left). £30-50
7.      Fashion: Stoles and shawls, wool, velvet, etc. (9) Tray not included. £25-30
8.      Fashion: Dents, Viella and others scarves, some silk, plus fabric purses. Approx. 16. (Tray not included). £25-35
9.      Fashion: Dents and other ladies and gent's leather gloves and wallets. (Tray not included). £25-35
10.     Ellis Family Archive: Personal Collection of Clifford Ellis, Silk ties including, 'Bob Hardy Amies of Paris', Jaeger, Soie of Paris, Calder Cave, Attrees, Barton. Approx. 45. (1 Tray).
11.     19th cent. Bed cover, lace edge embroidered central pattern. 103ins. x 90ins. £30-50
12.     Fashion - Handbags: Dents and others, cream leather tote bag with lined fitted phone pocket, black leather suede lined gilt fittings, cream crocodile style with paddock, black silk evening bag with white metal fittings, plus a selection of other handbags. (15 Bags). £40-50
13.     Textile: Early 20th cent. White cotton embossed bed covers, single bed size. £50-60
14.     20th cent. Glassware: Large quantity of wine, sherry, whisky glasses, Dartington decanter - boxed, bowls, etc. (3 Boxes). £40-45
15.     20th cent. Ceramics and Treen: Collection of cat figures(18). trays not included. £25-30
16.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood green Jasperware and Wild Strawberry, Furstenberg dishes, Royal Worcester, misc. vases, plates, etc. Photo frames, linen, etc. (2 boxes). £25-35
17.     20th cent. Collectables: Treen and ceramic cats, 2 x copper Davy lamps, the oarsmen and anglers map of the Thames, boxed Merlin tankard plus cufflink set boxed etc.
18.     20th cent. Ceramics: Preserve pots including Spode, Denby, Crown Devon, Marutomo ware, pottery etc. approx. 74, 3 boxes. £30-40
19.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood, Johnson Bros. Woods and others. Blue and white Willow, cups and saucers, assorted plates, pin dishes, Nottingham Willow plate for the City of Lace, butter dish, teapots, bowls, etc. 2 boxes. £30-40
20.     20th cent. Ceramics and Glass: Serving plates, Copenhagen onion pattern bowl a/f, model ducks, glass vase etc (1 Box). £20-30
21.     19th cent. Pewter tankards and a ½ gill measure, copper frying pan, meat oval, pottery plates and jug. £20-30
22.     20th cent. Ceramics: Denby green stoneware dinner and tea ware. Tea cup & saucer x 10, soup bowl x 5, sugar bowl x 2, egg cup x 2, milk jug, preserve dish, butter dish, tureen & cover, another tureen (cover missing), open serving dish, dessert bowl x 4, plates 10ins. x 6, 7ins. x 6, 8ins. x 2, plus a Denby wheat oblong dish. £60-65
23.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wade Willow teapot made for Ringtons, Burleigh Willows jar and cover Masons Willow gravy boat, Meakin jug, Kang-Hi vase, etc. including commemorative. £30-40
24.     20th cent. Glassware: Cake cover and stand, Commemorative dish 1937, vases, bowls etc. £20-25
25.     @21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Ziegler rug 1.90m. x 1.40m. £40-50
26.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Heriz rug 1.90m. x 1.40m. £40-50
27.     Kitchenalia: Enamel bread bin, flour bin blue labeling rice, coffee and tea canisters black labeling plus 2 stoneware pressure pots £30-50
28.     20th cent. Brass and copper trays, jug, candle holders, etc, plus Indian carved folding table. £20-30
29.     19th cent. Iron steelyard the brass weight, marked 293. 32ins. £30-50
30.     20th cent. Ceramics: Tiles, Wedgwood, Delft and others (10 x tiles). £25-35
31.     Edwardian iron framed collapsible baby crib with original Organdie drapes. £20-30
32.     20th cent. Plate Flatware: Knives, forks, cake forks, spoons, nut crackers, treen crumb tray and brush contained in two knife trays, plus a City of Bristol paperweight and a trinket pot. £40-45
33.     20th cent. Ceramics: Noritaki "Woodland" dinner service. Plates 10ins. x 8, 8ins. x 8, soup bowls x 8, dessert bowls x 8, 10ins. meat dish, 15ins. meat plate, tureen and cover, open serving dish, gravy boat on stand, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl. Small chip to rim of one dessert bowl. £60-80
34.     20th cent. African Art: Reproduction Benin head on circular base. 18ins. including base. £35-45
35.     20th cent. Sculpture: Bronze/brass figure of a stallion on stand, unsigned. 13ins x 13ins. £50-60
36.     Rural Crafts: Hand carved rams horn shepherd's crook/crozier, thistle nose on hazel shaft. £60-80
37.     20th cent. Brassware holders in the form of Corinthian columns on square base, needs rewiring. 17ins. pair. £20-30
38.     20th cent. Art Deco marble desk tidy twin ink pot blotter and pen holder. £30-50
39.     20th cent. Ceramics: Midwinter Cries of London 2 tier cake stand, Royal Venton ware 3 tier cake stand and dish with mineral eggs, vase decorated with violets. £25-35
40.     19th cent. Mahogany writing slope. 12ins. x 9ins. x 3ins. £15-25
41.     20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Blue and White rice grain bowls and dishes also vase a/f. £20-30
42.     20th cent. Plate Ware: Wine coasters - a pair x 1, condiments, grape scissors, tongs, knife rests, teaspoons, forks, dessert and dinner, tea strainer. (1 Tray).
43.     Tools: For watch, jewellery, leather and a range of uses includes hole punches, files, chisels, leather strop, weights, pliers, snips, oil stones, straight edges. £40-60
44.     Models: Scratch built models of a canal barge 21ins. and a Royal Navy rowing boat with mounted bow gun. £40-60
45.     Models: Scratch built models of masted fishing boats 6ins. 11ins. and 16ins. plus a motorised fishing boat 11ins. £40-60
46.     Models: Scratch built models of a 2 mast fishing boat, a single mast boat and a motorised fishing boat, length 14ins. to 18ins. (3 Models). £40-60
47.     Models: Scratch built models of a man of war 3 master 15ins. fishing boat 15ins. and an motorised boat 18ins. £40-60
48.     Late 19th cent. Brass double helix candlestick with wide base 20ins. plus another smaller example with 6 side base, approx. 19ins. £30-50
49.     Late 19th cent. Brass barley twist Gothic style lanterns on square bases - a pair. Approx. 26ins. £80-100
50.     19th cent. Cast iron book press, single turn screw. £60-80
51.     20th cent. Ceramics: A Poole vase, Portmeirion pot plus a large Christopher Dresser pattern urn with painted floral sprays. £20-40
52.     20th cent. Ceramics: Radford 2 x hand decorated floral preserve pots, Shorter green art deco preserve pot decorated with sailing ships, Adams 'Country Meadow' preserve pot, Flint of Norway preserve pot, Shorter pink bowl decorated with birds. (6) £40-50
53.     20th cent. Ceramic: Doulton character jugs "Gone Away" (a/f), "The Falconer", "Old Salt" plus "Rip Van Winkle". Doulton character jugs mini "North American Indian", "Scaramouche", "Dick Turpin", "Gulliver" plus "Gone Away" (9) £46-60
54.     20th cent. Ceramics: Kelsboro ware Toby, Crown Staffordshire rose arrangement, Hove Di Bassaho floral vase a/f. Plus a black cat seated and a white horse. £20-30
55.     20th cent. Royal Commemorative: Aynsley Royal Wedding July 1981 Prince and Princess of Wales, Solian ware Silver Jubilee 1935, Coronet ware mug, the Coronation Edward VIII. (2 Mugs & 1 Beaker). Plus a Royal Doulton miniature loving cup and Tyg with Welsh Folk scenes 2¼ins. High. £20-25
56.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware, pink lustre cup, Wesley collage Sheffield, Arcadian planter on stand, The Needles, Dartmouth letter box, blue lustre egg cup Shanklin. (1 Box). £25-35
57.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware lustre egg cup 'Devizes Market Place', chicken 'Castle Combe', hat pin stand 'Newquay', Goss bowl 'Marlborough', etc. £20-25
58.     Platedware: Coffee pot, cream jug, a strainer, sugar shovel and spoons etc (9 items). £30-50
59.     Flatware: Serving spoon and fork set, tablespoons, forks, knives condiment sets etc. A pair of candlesticks. £20-30
60.     20th cent. Plate: Northern goldsmiths tea set, deco style bread basket plus a cake stand. £10-20
61.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton stoneware jug "He that buys flesh buys bones" a/f. Terracotta mermaid, a gentleman in khaki a/f, figure of a soldier a/f., Pekin mug by Beech and Hancock. £20-30
62.     Door furniture: 4 pairs plus 1 ceramic door handle, 4 glass cabinet handles plus 1 ceramic handle and a pair of black metal handles. £10-20
63.     Flatware: Canteen of fish knives and forks, 12 place setting with silver collars, a set of fish servers, butter knives with silver handles, boxed - 1 box with 5 and 1 box with 6. £30-50
64.     Plated Ware: Tea & coffee service, vase & flower holder, open tureen, vegetable tureen & cover, and a ladle. A boxed set of fish knives & forks, an open cased set of dessert knives & forks (3 missing) and 6 ceramic dessert plates. £40-60
65.     20th cent. Ceramics: Oval meat dish with flying duck design in relief 26ins x 14ins, also Shanghae meat dish 18ins x 14ins. £20-30
66.     20th cent. Glassware Art Deco style, green flower bowl, part water set jug and 5 glasses, pink retro vase and pale blue bowl on dark blue stand. £30-40
67.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Sundance" dinner china - meat oval 16ins., tureen and covers x 3, open serving dishes x 3, gravy boat, sauce pot x 3, soup bowl x 8, dessert bowl x 8, plates 8 x 10ins., 17 x 6½ins., 8 x 8ins.
68.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Burgundy" tea and dinner ware, 5 x tea cups, 3 x saucers, 2 x 2 handled soup bowls, 12 x 6ins plates, 9 x 9ins plates, 8 x 10ins plates, 2 x milk jugs plus 4 x serving dishes (3 with covers). £25-35
69.     20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion botanical garden clock plus "The Holly and The Ivy" oval meat dish 18ins. £35-40
70.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Royal Vienna garniture, blush ground decorated with gilt lined chrysanthemums. £35-40
71.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood 'Mount Vernon' meat plates with canted sides plus 4 other meat ovals 15½ins x 2, 13ins and 12½ins plus 8 jugs and 2 bowls. £20-30
72.     20th cent. Sculpture: Two female resin busts in the art nouveau style. £35-40
73.     Frith Sculpture: Cats SO52 Yum-Yum and SO60 Two's Company.
74.     20th cent. Mineral: Chalcedony, onyx and alabaster brown layered taper vase, green layered baluster vase, cream trumpet vase, green pin tray, cream/brown vase plus misc. onyx eggs and a green onyx and gilt clock. £25-35
75.     20th cent. Breweriana: James Green, Black and White scotch whiskey ash trays - a pair, Mitchum Martell jug, Wade Bacardi rum jug, wade Walker whiskey ash trays - a pair, Insulex Bacardi rum ice bucket, Wade black/white whiskey, Haig whiskey tin trays. £25-35
76.     20th cent. Ceramics: Delft Bols spirit flasks a pair, Heinekin tankard plus 2 other, Delft teapot, cheese board, glass candle holder on flat stand a/f. 20 £20-30
77.     20th cent. Ceramics: Spode Italian - 3 dishes, 1 blue room, "Girl at the Well", oblong dish, Furstenberg plate, Kaiser sandwich plate plus four 20th century oriental vases.
78.     20th cent. Tea set - 12 place setting. Bread & butter plates x 2, cups, saucers & tea plates x 12, milk jug, sugar bowl by Delphine China England plus a Delton ware chintz pattern flowers & birds fruit bowl 9ins. diameter & soup bowls x 12. £30-40
79.     20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese 12 place setting tea service, decorated with a design of a desert at sunset with palm trees. £25-35
80.     20th cent. Collectors bottles: Avon perfume bottles, ballet dancer, mouse, duck, lamb etc. £20-25
81.     19/20th cent. Commemorative Ware: Coaching jugs x 2, a coaching tankard, Victorian dimond jubilee mug, WW1 mug plus others Willow art, Tuscan china, Swan china and Chinese ware. £30-50
82.     20th cent. Ceramics: Decorative plates including Minton, Allcock, Spode Byron sandwich plates (3) plus Crown Staffordshire. £25-30
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Delft, blue and white, 2 musical windmills, cat and cow jugs, small tiles, vases a pair, etc. Tray not included. £20-30
84.     20th cent. Ceramics: Delft, blue and white, clogs, dishes, novelty items including lighter and vases. 1 tray. Tray not included. £20-30
85.     Collectors Spoons: Plated spoons from England, Scotland & Canada. £50-80
86.     Collectors Spoons: Caddy spoons, copper & brass, chrome plated, etc. Four boxed sets of 6 and a Welsh loving spoon. £50-80
87.     Collectors Spoons: Plated spoons from Wales, England, Holland, Austria, and Switzerland. (204). £50-80
88.     Collectors Spoons: Plated spoons from North America, Turkey, France, Germany, Mediterranean. (216). £50-80
89.     Collectors Cutlery: Plated spoons, knives& forks from Germany, France, Span, etc. (205). £50-80
90.     Collectors Spoons: Plated spoons marked with place names, spoons from the Middle East, Gulf States, Africa and Scandinavia. (207). £50-80
91.     Collectors spoons: Plated spoons marked with place names, some sugar shovels. (200). £50-80
92.     Collectors Spoons: Plated spoons from Ireland, West Indies, Portugal, Balkans. (19 unboxed & 62 boxed). £50-80
93.     19th/20th cent. Buttons and related, cards of misc. buttons plus a booklets, Discovering Old Buttons, The History of Buttons in Dorset, etc. (Tray not included). £25-30
94.     Smokers Requisites: Cased Meerschaum Pipe with white metal ferrule plus treen carved tobacco jar. £40-60
95.     20th cent. Desk furniture Art Nouveau style: Candle holder, white metal pieced work stamp box and letter holder, white metal and enamel magnifying glass and letter opener, boxed. £25-35
96.     20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Ciro simulated pearls and others. Plus assorted yellow metal, pearl styles. (Tray not included). £25-35
97.     Costume Jewellery: Pearl necklace single strand, a double strand plus a double strand clear stone necklace. £30-40
98.     Yellow metal pendant watch and fob chain, Sekonda 19 jewel. £20-30
99.     Autographs: Aristocratic visitors book belonging to Von Hohenzollen family, circa 1907. A fascinating snapshot into a German aristocratic family including watercolours, photos and autographs including Theobald Hollweg the Chancellor of Germany at the outbreak of WWI. £80-120
100.    19th cent. Albums of autographs and letters including Nellie Melba, C Aubrey Smith, George Cruikshank, Dr Pusey, George Coombe, etc £60-100
101.    Shipping: Cunard "RMS Lusitania" onboard letter dated 29th May (no year written) written on all four pages. £80-120
102.    19th cent. Album of scraps and autographs including Hon. Margaret Blanch Wyndham, Lord Carrington, Archbishops including Salisbury, Canterbury, etc. Plus a sketch with notation, a personally conducted Royal Tour with compliments to The Mayor Sir Evan Morris 1889, S Leadbetter. £100-150
103.    Political Autographs: Margaret Thatcher Christmas card plus a photo of Mayor and Lady Mayoress Savage.
104.    Concorde: Concorde flight certificate for R.L. Martin New York to London 1982. A menu, postcard x 2, boarding pass, a diners application form un-opened napkin clip, matchboxes and a hand blown glass. £30-40
105.    Concorde: Stewards handbook giving detailed instructions, plans, equipment plans, food and drink plans etc issued 1976. Plus a similar one for a British Airways Tristar. £150-250
106.    Maps: The RAC Country Road Map and Gazetteer Number 25, 2 edition Edinburgh and The Borderland OS Sheet 4, 1948 Glasgow and The Middle West, other OS maps, Landranger etc plus Bartholomew's linen backed maps. £20-30
107.    Royal Memorabilia: Silver crown (proof) coin 1oz, reproduction Elizabeth I polished pewter coin, Elizabeth II coins - crowns x 3, Concorde 1986 paperweight plus ribbon plates Edward VII, Queen Alexandra (2), part military bed plate, souvenir mugs (3), photo, newspapers, etc. (2 Boxes). £30-40
109.    John F. Kennedy: Unusual memorial programme at St. Paul's Cathedral 1st December 1963, original copy of "The Daily Express" from 23rd November 1963, "Evenings Times" 6th June 1968 from Bobby Kennedy's death and Saturday "Evening Post" in memoriam supplement to JFK. (4). £40-70
110.    Stamps: Stock books, album sheets and loose world issues, GB page with clear franking on early issues. Most F/U with some mint mounted & unmounted. £50-80
111.    Stamps: Victorian to Queen Elizabeth II, most in packs sheets with ½p reds govt parcels in official army, etc. £20-30
112.    Stamps: First day cover GB and Israel plus USA mint 4c sheet project mercury. A box of loose mused world stamps and Israel mint stamps unmounted. £40-60
113.    Stamps: GB KE VII to QE2 f/u and railway issues London and South Western, London Brighton and South Coast. High value issues plus mint WN mounted presentation packs and part sheets of world stamps early USA and Commonwealth. £80-100
114.    Stamps: Good selection of G.B. & World stamps. Some high value, 1 album & loose. £30-50
115.    Stamps: Stock book Castle set f/u many f/u QV KG VI QE2 Jersey definitive issue 1981-82 plus an album f/u m/m some high values plus a tray of loose. £60-80
115A.   Ellis Family Archive: Stamps GB & World issues, many loose issues & covers addressed to Penelope Ellis sent to her by Charlotte Ellis plus a globe trotter album, commando album and a loose-leaf folder.
116.    Stamps: GB KE VII ½d m/m others g/u, KGV f/u g/u includes sea horse 2/6 x 2 plus a 5/- Empire 1/- 1½d KE VII f/u, KG VI W MT V perf 14 f/u, 2/6 brown and green, 5/- 10/- black and olive, £1 brown, Postal Union 1/-1951, WMK V perf 11 x 12 2/6 5/- 10/- £1, QE2 53 WMK W 2½d 4d 1/3 1/6, 700th Anniversary of Parliament 6d 2/6, 1967-68 No WMK perf, 11 x 12, Castle set 2/6 5/- 10/- £1 many other issues most f/u with some m/m. £100-150
117.    Stamps: World and Commonwealth stamps most f/u with early USA plus 2 AFR Republik 1p red over stamp VR1, 2p over stamp. ERI Half Penny also ½p, 1p red and green, 1p red, 2p light green plus vm/m and French mint sheets etc. £100-150
118.    Stamps: Penny Blacks A-E 1841 badly cut no margins Black Maltese Cross. A-K 1842, no margins red Maltese cross, 6 x 1d Reds etc plus a selection of George V ½d to 1/- most f/u to g/u. £60-80
119.    Stamps: Australia f/u full album QV to QE 2. £60-80
120.    Stamps: Pre and post decimal issues, QE2, high value castle issue, £1 -£5 34 sets f/u, g/u high value definitive 1999 - 1970 xmas issues most f/u. £100-120
121.    Ellis Family Archive: French Cathedral postcards & other topographical GB.
122.    Military: Postcards of warships of both world wars includes submarines. (Over 120 cards).
123.    Ellis Family Archive: Postcards and photos of The Arundel Pageant 1923, 1925 & 1928, family photos Xmas Stage Performances 1927, Lord Mayors Parade 1928, 1930s onwards holiday snaps, many early 1930s village studies.
124.    Postcards: British & foreign topographical, Ringwood, Colchester, Tunbridge Wells. Some military with a view of Aden Yemen from forces post office.
125.    Postcards: The Romanov Royal Family, over 80 cards in a well preserved album, some postally used, of the Tsar and Tsarina, both with and without their children, onboard the 'Standart' at the Royal Palace visiting the front in WWI. Also the Mikhailovich family , the Konstantinovich family, Tsar Alexander III and family cards ranging from 1906 to 1916. £1000-1500
126.    Postcards: WWI Zeppelin wreck at Cuffley 1916, "Strafed" Cuffley Raid 1916, "The Strafer Strafed" somewhere in Essex 1916 - Rotary cards. All unused. (4). £30-40
127.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: An Edwardian family album plus a carte de visite. The album black leather with side clip. Plus twin album of Victorian & Edwardian portraits & carte de visite.
128.    Military: Postcards, warships of both world wars, including Hood blowing up, Ark Royal sinking, Tirpitz sinking, White Star Line Olympic scuttling the German Fleet in Scapa flow 1919, etc. (1 Album over 120 cards).
129.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Album of photographs 1912 & 1913 including a weekend in London, Christmas 1912, a week in Bristol May 1913, holiday in London 1913, Charabang outing June 1913, Ilfracombe, etc. £80-120
130.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Photo album Sun & Shade with photo of the Glasgow Exhibition 1901. £80-100
131.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: The Harris family in Burma 1910 - 1915 and the Haughton's in Nurpur India 1902 - 1909. £80-100
132.    Photographs: Second generation photos of Devizes Station and some first generation photos, ephemera Hungerford Station Time Table for 1869, Holt Junction Book, Railway Magazine 1957-1958 plus GWR Holt Junction parcel tickets, GWR parcel post to Devizes. £50-80
133.    Photographs: First generation photos of Devizes Station, loco, staff, Holt and Semington. £80-120
134.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Views of Dunster, Minehead, Fairfield, Weston-super-mare, family farm, seaside, countryside, town & village photo's with dairy at the rear. £100-150
135.    Cinema/Theatre: Autographs Signed 'Chita Rivera' programme, also Michael Feinstein, Harry Connick Jnr signed programme, etc. (6) Coloured posters - 'Top Hat' signed by Tom Chambers, 'An Evening with Michael Feinstein' signed, plus a collection of rolled posters including 'A Streetcar named Desire', 'Mousetrap', 'Pack of Lies', etc. Approx. 16. £30-50
136.    Cinema/Theatre: Coloured theatre posters for 'A Chorus Line' at Drury Lane, 'Fosse' at The Prince of Wales Theatre, 'Swan Lake' at Dominion Theatre, 'Riverdance', 'I got Rhythm' and 'A Swell Party'. 20ins. x 12ins. 'My One and Only' at the Piccadilly Theatre, 'Follies' at the Shaftesbury Theatre, 'Mack and Mabel on your Toes' at the Palace, '42nd Street' at Drury Lane and Company. (12) All framed. £30-50
137.    Motor Racing/Formula One: Limited edition print 'Dicing at Casino', Tony Smith with certificate of authenticity, plus Ayrton Senna De Silva, 149/850 with certificate of authenticity. Both framed and glazed. (2). £120-180
138.    Motor Racing: Goodyear promotional poster by Grose Thurston of 1970s & 1980s, Formula One World Champions x 2. 28ins. x 19ins. £20-40
139.    Motor Racing/Formula One: Damon Hill Williams Formula One poster, McIntyre tribute to Ayrton Senna, Nigel Mansell Williams Goodyear Eagles promotional poster, (water damage to corner) and Michael Schumacher Bridgestone poster. All framed and glazed. (4). £40-70
140.    Guinness: Advertising, Circus ringmaster toucan bursting out of a ring. £120-150
141.    Fishing and Hunting: Three reels, Allcock Aerialite, Allcock Kasteasy and Osmen No23 (3) plus 12 pigeon decoys, camouflage net, wire barrel, brushes, cleaning rods, pull through patches etc. £30-40
142.    Sports Equipment: Rugby & cricket - "Kingston" 1950s size 5 leather rugby ball with rubber bladder; plus a "Centurion" size 3 handmade English willow (treble spring) cricket bat. Retailed by Terry Warner, Gloucester & Swindon. (2). £30-50
143.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Bradbury and Evans "The Newcomes" Arthur Pendennis (William Thacheray) 2 volumes 1854 first edition ¼ bound, slight discolouration to front bases, otherwise clean, tight copies with damage to marble boards. Plus Chez J Johnson Walker, etc. 1809 "Oeuvres De Moliere Par M. Bret" ¼ bound, condition poor, volume 1 to 4, 6 and 8. "Fables De La Fontaine And The British Poets" 4 volumes and "Letters To Junius" 2 volumes 1811. (14). £40-60
144.    Books: Female characters of Goethe from the original drawings of William Kaulbach by G.H Lewis, 2nd edition Fredrick Bruckmann London, no spine. £20-30
145.    Books: Times 'Atlas and Gazetteer of the World' poor condition Selfridge Edition plus The Universal 'Atlas of The World' 1923 published by Geographia Ltd. £30-60
146.    Books: "The Dome" - A quarterly containing examples of all the arts, published at the Unicorn Press, hand-cut paper, cover slight staining and some damage to spine, The Parables of our Lord by Trench 1864, 2 volumes, Household Works conducted by Charles Dickens. £50-70
147.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Military "Expedition to the Crimea" by W.H. Russell, revised edition 1858, leather & cloth bound, Sir John Kincaid's novel "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade". (2). Plus "The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy Gentleman" printed for C Cooke 1793 ¼ leather bound 6 volumes plus 2 volumes "Sentimental Journey" by Mr Yorick, all bound as one fair condition. £60-100
148.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Masccio Brancacci Chapel", Church of Santa Maria Del Carmine, Florence, 28 colour plates, Amilcare Pizzi Art Publications Milan and "The Flemish Tapestries at Wawel Castle in Cracow". Both in very good condition. £60-80
149.    Books: Methuen & Co. Ltd, A.A. Milne First Edition "Winnie the Pooh", decorations by Ernest H Shepard. The book on hand cut paper, no dust cloth, bound in green cloth with gilt drawings and titles to cover & spine. Spine ends has slight shelf wear, corners bent over other than a notation on the leaf, a very clean tight book. £200-300
150.    Peacock's "Historical Almanack" and diary for 1856 and not used till 1921 and then only to list wedding guests and wedding presents. The whole in a brown leather folder with gilt embellishments and comes with a propelling pencil. £20-30
151.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Kincaid & Donaldson 1756 "The Works Of Dr Jonathan Swift" in 6 volumes. Full leather bound, overall condition fair, titles missing off spines. £40-60
152.    Books: Winston Churchill "The Second World War" in 6 volumes. Volume 1 published 1949, all others first edition. £30-50
153.    Books: The 2nd World War Winston Churchill, reprint, Society London, eleventh edition, November 1954. 6 vols. £10-20
154.    Book: Winston Churchill "History of the English Speaking People" in 4 volumes. First edition. £30-50
155.    Books: Bradbury Agnew Ltd, 6 matching vols bound in red cloth with gilt and black illustrations titles to cover and spine all by R.S. Surtees. Vols "Ask Mamma", Hawbuck Grange", "Mr Sponges Sporting Tour", "Plain and Ringlets", "Mr Romford's Hounds" and "Handley Cross". Images by John Leech and Phiz some vols with loose pages. £100-150
156.    Books: Len Deighton "Funeral in Berlin" signed 1964, HB. plus "Horse Under Water" 1963, signed, HB. with dust covers. First editions. £150-200
157.    Books: Len Deighton "An Expensive Place to Die" with Top Secret Wallet and "Yesterdays Spy". Both first editions & signed. HB. with dust covers. "Pests" a play in 3 acts, 1994, limited edition 128/226. HB with dust covers. (3) £50-70
158.    Books: Len Deighton "SS-GB" 1978 first edition plus "Billion Dollar Brain" 1966 first edition. Both signed. HB. with dust covers. (2). £60-80.
159.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Knapton, Knaplock, Midwinter 1733 "The History Of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha" volume 3 & 4 only. Leather bound, condition fair. (2). Plus "Woods Natural History" abridged copy to 1 volume published Routledge and Son New York, full leather binding, tooled and gilted, damage to bottom spine, some scuffing.
160.    Books: "Mrs Beetons Household Management" & The Cornhill Magazine Volume 1 January top June 1860, "Nights in London" by H. Wyndham, D.ST. J George and a copy of "The Satanic Verses", first edition. £20-30
161.    Books: Punch bound magazines vol's 1854 vol 27. 1861 vol 40, 41. 1862 vol 43. 1863 vol 43, 44, 45. £100-150
162.    Books: Arthur Ransome "Swallows and Amazons" 12 volumes of which 7 are first editions. (12). £40-60
164.    Books: "Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows" and "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix", first editions. £20-40
165.    Books: Travel British Country's, Hampshire, Essex, etc. & Village books, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
167.    Books: Wiltshire books including "Geology of Wiltshire", "Curious Wiltshire", "The Baker's Diary", "Wiltshire Flora", "The Butterflies of Wiltshire", "Frith's Wiltshire", book on Devizes maps, walks, etc. £30-50
168.    Books: Fiction & children's books, Lady Bird, bound copies Girls Own 1898, 1895, 1889, 1881, etc. Well loved tales, a set of The Traveller Library", etc. ( 2 Boxes). £60-80
169.    Books: Railways "Manual of Loco Engineering", "Points and Signals", Nocks "The Railways of Britain", "Turnpike to Iron Road". £20-30
170.    Books: Military history - Battle of Waterloo, Wellington, Napoleon, non fiction. (8). £15-20
171.    Books: Music reference, 'Groves Dictionary of Music & Musicians' (10 volumes), 'Oxford History of Music' (volumes 1-7), and other Music Hall & Theatre books, Hardbound, non fiction. (1 Box). £40-50
172.    Books: 'Crockford's Clerical Directory 1955/56', 'Titled Nobility in Europe, 1914', 'Who was Who' (9 volumes), Debrett's & Burke's Peerage, etc. Hardbound, non fiction. (2 Boxes). £30-40
173.    Books: Art, Autograph Price Guide, "English Handwriting 1540-1853. J.I. Whalley", "Historical Portraits 1600-1700", "Art Exhibition Index 1827/74" and other guides & reference books. Hard & soft bound, non fiction. (1 Box). £20-40
174.    Maritime Railway Interest: Southampton docks Southern Railway of British rail ephemera includes 1910. Harbour board agreement, minutes of meeting 1927-39, engineers and office copy maps, messengers time books (SR and BR), B.R. working instructions books, few photographs "Souvenir" 1862 Metropolitan Railway (G.R.) brass plaque, whistle etc (1 box). £50-80
175.    Maritime Photographs: Southampton Docks photographic archive 1932-1854 with this extensive collection includes Our Royal Family, Queen of Siam, Emperor Haile Selassie of Tonge, Daughters of King Zog of Albania, Pince and Princess Chichbu of Japan, Queen Salote of Tonge plus Winston Churchill, Clement Attee etc. Some unique photographs unpublished plus press photos with index mostly loose includes 2 albums (1tray). £200-300
176.    Books: Rudyard Kipling first editions "Actions & Reactions", "Adversity of Creatures". Both no dust covers and ex. library issues. £40-60
177.    Books: First edition Le Carre's "Smiley's People", ISBN 0340247045 1980 Hodder & Stoughton, dust cover good clean book & Forsyth first edition "The Odessa File" ISBN 0091130204 Hutchinson & Co. no dust cover, but good clean book.
179.    Books: Paper backs "Stonehenge Today & Yesterday", revised edition 1929 with very interesting advert for White Star Line on the rear cover. £30-50
180.    Books: Len Deighton "Airshipwreck", "Goodbye Mickey Mouse", "Bomber", "Basic French Cooking", all signed. "Battle of Britain", "Declaration of War" x 2, "Fighter", "Blitzkreig", "Où Est Le Garlic", unsigned. All first edition. Plus "Blood, Tears & Folly". (11). £50-70
181.    Books: Len Deighton - "Mamista" x 3, one signed, "Violent Ward", "Hook" & others. Signed HB. First edition, all with dust covers. (10). £60-100
182.    Books: Len Deighton - "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Spy", "Spy Sinker", "Close Up", "Spy Line", "Berlin Game", "Spy Story", "Mexico Set" plus a trilogy "Hope", "Faith", "Charity". All signed first edition. HB. (10). PLEASE NOTE FAITH, HOPE and CHARITY HAVE BEEN WITHDRAWN NOW ONLY 7 BOOKS IN THE LOT. £80-120
183.    Books: Original leaves from important European books includes "The Nuremberg Chronicle 1493", "The Aldine Dante" 1502, etc. £100-150
184.    Books: Original leaves from famous English books includes Fox's Book of Martyrs 1575, The Second Folio of Shakespeare 1632, etc. £100-150
185.    Books: Leather & cloth bound magazines, journals, and Leisure Hour, etc. (2 Boxes). £40-60
186.    Books: Military Submarines, Rommel, WWII, SAS, etc. (2 Boxes). £50-80
187.    Books: Reference books on Silver, Pottery, Chinese Art, Dutch Pottery, Toys & Dolls, Furniture, etc. (1 Box). £30-50
188.    Books: Archaeological books "The Gold of Troy", "Ship Wrecks & Archaeology", "Myths of the Greeks & Romans", "English Shrines and Sanctuaries", "From Judean Caves". (1 Box). £30-50
189.    Books: Reference & medical on printing, British Museum, tropical diseases, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
190.    Books: Cricket book by Dickie Bird, Sir Pelham Warner,m David Frith, John Reid, A.A. Thomson, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
191.    Books: Royal and others including Army & Navy Stores 1907 "Yesterdays Shopping", Queen Mary, Royalties of the World, etc (2 Boxes). £20-40
192.    Books: Reference - music, jade, wine labels, pewter, clocks, stamps, coins, tradesmen's cards, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
193.    Books: Travel Africa "Livingstone's River", "Sierra Leone", "The Mottled River", "South Africa", "Lords of the Last Frontier", etc. (1 Box). £30-50
194.    Books: Reference - cook books, postcards, children's books, cartoons, ivories, drawings. (2 Boxes). £60-80
195.    Books: Sailing, flying and exploring, "South with Scott", "Whalers of the Midnight Sun", "The R.A.F", "American Deserts", "Aircraft and Flying", "Airborne", etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
196.    Books: Reference - on plate, jewellery, books, maps, prints, scrimshaw, French, Posters, Art, Goss, China, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
197.    Books: Ships, boats, cars & planes including "The Motor Car", "Tramways of the World", "Porsche", "Know your own Ship", "The Revolt on the Schooner Amistad", "Dictionary of Sea Terms", etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
198.    Books: Military & other books on aeroplanes, veteran motors, drivers hand books "5 & 7 Ton Commer Lorries", "Austin Twelve", "Wolseley 14/56 H.P.", etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
199.    Books: Fact & Fiction, shipping, English Places, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
200.    Books: Travel Around Britain & Europe on architecture, The Decline of Rome, Land of Troy & Tarsus, Country Books, Dorset, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
201.    Books: Travel around Scotland and England "The Island Hills", Scot Easy in search of Scotland County & Town Books, Oxford, London, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
202.    Books: Misc. "Circus Life", "Oxford Companion to the Theatre", "Building a Cottage", "The Cathedrals of England", etc. (2 Boxes). £40-60
203.    Books: Reference - prints, ceramics, guitars, records, etc. (1 Box). £30-50
204.    Books: Reference - ivory, cane work, shell craft, metal turning, coins, copper & brass, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
205.    Books: Reference - Gems, metalwork, stamps, handicrafts, brasses, wood, maps, glass. (2 Boxes). £60-80
206.    Books: Reference - glass, furniture, clocks, ceramics, etc. (1 Box). £40-60
207.    Books: By Conan Doyle and others, including "Sherlock Holmes", "The Lost World", travel books on Surrey Dorset, etc. (2 Boxes). £60-80
208.    Toys: Railway Hornby Dublo 3 rail track with curves, points, straights, 1 a turntable, mail pickup sets, extensive quantity (2 boxes). £80-100
209.    Toys: Railway Hornby Dublo 3 rail loco Duchess of Montrose 46232, British Rail 80054, Tin plate coaches rolling stock plus plastic. Rolling stock, D1 switches signals, R 046 switches, buffers buildings etc. £60-100
210.    Ellis Family Archive: Games and past times, kaleidoscopes, card games, miniature houses - boxed, etc. 1 Tray. Playing cards - decks of cards by Andrew Jones Art - boxed, Etienne, ET. Joseph De Montcolfier 2 packs - boxed, Waddingtons playing cards 2 packs - boxed, Simultane Canasta playing cards by Sonia Delaunay - boxed, The New Card game, spelling bee from stationers Hall - boxed. Tray not included. £20-25
211.    20th cent. Toys - Dolls: Rose Bud baby doll, open & shut eyes and painted face, 11ins. approx., head needs reinstating plus composition head doll with fabric legs in bad state of repair. £20-30
212.    Toys: Late 19th early 20th cent. "Mabel" German doll, bisque head, ceramic arms, fabric body & legs. Glass set brown eyes, open mouth, teeth. 13ins. (Legs need repair). £30-50
213.    Toys: Busy Bee, Radar and Hunter Robot, boxed, Wind up, M.Y XTREME. F.I. Racing Cars, Two Frequency set. Full Function, Radio Control, boxed. £35-40
214.    Meccano Construction: Large quantity of used parts, red, green, blue, contained in wooden boxes with worn instruction leaflets. £30-40
215.    Toys: Meccano No7 box distressed plus 1 other boxed
set. £40-60
216.    19th/20th cent. Marbles including taws, onionskins, latticino type swirls, a large quantity. Tray not included. £30-50
219.    Amstrad C.P.C.464. colour console, complete with module M.P2, with case and a quantity of games including Fantastic Voyage, 3D Stunt Rider and joystick - boxed. Sold as collectors item only. £50-60
220.    Music: Pianola Rolls, Samson and Delilah, Marionette Sentimentali, Henry VIII etc (See list) approx 40. £40-60
221.    Military: WWII baby gas mask, metal outer case with filters.
222.    Militaria: WWII issue Royal Marine Band drum presented to Captain A.D. Haigh, Director of Music, on the occasion of his retirement and signed by his fellow officers. The drum stamped A.F. Matthews 1940 and bears the cypher of H.M. Queen Elizabeth. £500-800
223.    Military: R.A.F. Drum from R.A.F. Abington sold at Hullavington. Royal Cypher with Abington band to the left and Royal Air Force to the right, stamped bench mark England, stamped under RAF Abington, Georie C, & various drummers names. Height 14¼ins. Diameter 14½ins. £220-300
224.    WW1/Militaria Silk Work: Royal Engineers sweethearts token with delicate lacework border and ribbon decoration 22ins x 24ins. Plus embroidered pillow case Bonne Nuit with delicate floral border 24ins x 27ins. £100-150
225.    WWI Carl Zeiss binoculars, brass fittings in a later case. £20-30
226.    World War I binoculars by A Tubeuf of Paris MKV SPL with benchmark. £20-30
227.    Falklands War: Telex/Faxed instrument of surrender of Argentinean forces 25th April 1982, received by HMS Cochrane, formally the property of Petty Officer David Cadwallader. The fax/Telex has been in his families possession since being brought home after the end of hostilities and is now being sold via direct descent. £500-800
228.    World War II Royal Air Force I.C.A.N. calibration pilot's navigational computer MKII D Star ref. 6B/180. £30-50
229.    Edged Weapons: In 1827 Officers of Rifle Regiments, were authorised to carry their own variation of the 1922 pattern, as in this sword. The hilt is a Gothic pattern in steel with the Light Infantry motif replacing the Royal Cypher. This undecorated blade is a Sergeants sword. The sword has a 33ins. blade, 38ins. overall, soft leather scabbard with throat, chape and hanging ring, steel attachments and is 39½ins. with sheathed blade. £120-160
230.    Edged Weapon's: Luftwaffe Officers sword Flak Batt 6. The sword consists of a round pommel with a swirled Swastika in gilt. Displayed on both sides dark corynthian leather handle silver wire wrapped. The hand guard with downward pointing curved sections. The scabbard covered in leather, throat and chape decorated with aluminum inserts, the throat with a ring either side. The sword hanger attaches to the rings by a semi circular section of leather, the centre of the cross guard has circle with a Swastika inserted. The sword is 37¼ins long, blade is 30¼ins with scabbard 38¾ins. Also with the item is the "British Army Release Book" for the soldier who liberated the sword and German bank notes plus other ephemera. £300-500
231.    Edged Weapons: German officers dagger phenol resin handle swirl design, orange in colour with crown style pommel with oak leaves in relief. The hand guard with scroll ends with the Army Eagle, extending wings and hatchet face, a Swastika below. Original scabbard with hammered design 2 hanging ring mounts with matching oak leaf decoration. £250-350
232.    Military: Swagger stick from O.T.C. Winchester College, white metal top, brass finial, ash cane. £30-40
233.    Military: Swagger stick Cornwall L.I. plus a short staff with button mounted top and Cornwall L.I. badge. £30-50
234.    Military: WWII Army trench periscope No 14A MK3 Reg. No 8091 with carrying case, treen handle missing.
235.    Military: Cap badges Cornwall L.I. RN, rank badges, shoulder flashes, division flash, hose top flashes, souvenir cards, Tiger Balm Garden Singapore 20,000-mark note, playing cards and a trench art brass matchbox cover and 3 copper pin trays. £20-30
236.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent, Military Uniforms - chromo lithos of French soldier's uniforms (cut-outs) (3) plus enhanced lithos published 1856 (T. McLean) depicting "Monastery of St George, Cape Aya", "Valley of the Tychernaya & Ruins of Inkermann", "The encampment at Bulahair" & "Encampment of the 28th & 30th Regiments with the 3rd Division Hospitals". (4) 18ins. x 11ins. (7 in total).
237.    Military: WWII RAF Astro compass MK2 with Air Ministry box. This compass was used in Lancaster's, Stirling's and Halifax's.
238.    19th/20th cent. Objects of Virtue: Walking cane finials in the form of a hound, and a naked lady, plus a white metal hounds head, swagger stick finial The South Staffordshire, Reg. maker J.R. Gaint, London. Hallmarked silver walking cane finial, hallmarked silver Gordon Highlanders finial plus 3 enamel number plates, etc. £35-45
239.    British Empire document Col. Richard Wilson C.M.D. B.E.C. facsimile George V, signed Prince Edward 28/12/22, framed. £20-30
240.    Military Medals: George G.P. Eaton, South Staffs WWI pair, WWII Defence Medal Police Special Constable. WWII 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, 1939-45 medal, plus miniatures.
241.    Military: White metal Royal Marines sweetheart brooches in the shape of a sword and the other, a belt with crown and cross, both with "Per Mare Per Terras" (By Sea By Land). £0
242.    Lot withdrawn
243.    Medals: Meritorious Service Group to 751 Class 2 A.J. Milne RAMC, enlisted 24th September 1906, discharged after 25 years and 213-days service on 23rd April 1932. Medals Meritorious Service LS & GC Medal, 14/15 Star, 14/18 Medal, 14/19 Medal, CSM clasp Iraq, mentioned in dispatches and gazetted 12-3-18, 27-8-18, 9-9-21. Comes with discharge certificate.
244.    Medals: Medal Group to 5956 Pte. S.J. Dine RN Navy LS & GC type 2 and 14/18 Medal plus a 14/18 Medal to 40334 G. Looke RAMC.
245.    20th cent. USSR workers banner extolling the virtues of the party. 60ins. x 40ins. The design is wheat sheafs around a shield with the hammer & suckle. £100-150
246.    Royal: 19th cent. Indenture box, monogrammed with Queen Victoria's cypher, a collection of Coronation and other medals, plus a Diamond Jubilee photo of the Royal family. £40-70
247.    Ellis Family Archive: Batik Art tools - tjanting & canting pens, full foams, brass scrapes, pulp brushes and a small quantity of artist's brushes, etc. (2 Boxes). £30-40
248.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, sectional plaster of paris "Goose'' 21ins. tall. £40-80
249.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture stone carved dove 1962 'Bird', unmounted. 18ins. x 11ins. £80-120
250.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, perspex/concrete ''11 water ripples' & photos. £80-100
251.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, perspex/concrete 'wind fins' plus treen pattern & spare perspex fins & photos. £80-100
252.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture fins perspex/concrete. 'Water/Springs' with studio photos x 3, 22ins. & spare perspex fins. £80-100
253.    Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Glass Plates/Photography: Dyrham Park, Gloucestershire Grounds, architecture, paintings, portrait of people. Treen box, approx. 62. 7½ins. x 4½ins. plus another box of 'Murray Heath' glass slides 19th century "Portraits & Dress", approx. 47 5ins. x 4ins. with card box of portraits, approx. 13. 5ins. x 3½ins.
254.    Ellis Family Archive - 20th cent Glass Glyphoscope Richard Slides/Photography: Showing Ceylon 1911, 1913, 1914 & 1918 in stereoscopic views, approx. 200, plus same 'Norway 1914' approx. 50. Slides are 4¾ins. x 1¾ins, all in 6 treen boxes. Plus a few Oriental magic lantern slides - Chinese (10) & Japanese (1). £80-100
255.    Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Glass Plates/Photography: Bournemouth views, pier, advertisements, people/portraits, approx. 23, plus 3 boxes of Ilford dry plates, approx. 24, 6½ins. x 5ins. and lantern slides including 19th century instructional & narrative slides. (1 Tray).
256.    Early 20th cent. Photography Charles Wesley Gilhousen silver gelatin photo, Art Nouveau nude Colora signed and titled, copyright 1915. 9½ins x 4ins approx. with contemporary frame and mount (glass a/f) £150-200
257.    Autographs: Print of Mill Reef by Don Cox, signed by the artist, Geoff Lewis (Jockey) Ian Balding (Trainer). £20-30
258.    Photographs: Royal Coronation, Dorothy Wilding 1953, page boy possibly Lascelles. 12ins. x 7ins. £20-30
259.    George I 1714-27 Bronze wool weight, shield shaped with hole for carrying Royal Coat of Arms and impressed duty marks A Avoirdupois dagger London mark and ewer or coffee pot, mark of the Founders Company who would have tested the weight before allowing use. 4ins. x 6½ins. Provenance discovered in a 17th cent. Devizes house plus letter from Devizes Museum. £500-600
260.    White Star Line: SS Runic souvenir life ring 8ins, plus a brass gimbal compass 5ins.
261.    1960/70s Record player, Westminster table top, cross match simulated weave pattern leatherette edging plus original Motown 45 Smokey Robinson "Tracks of my Tears" £10-20
262.    Vintage Collectors: Late 19th/early 20th cent. electric shock therapy machine, oak case no maker's name. This is a collectors Item not for use. £40-50
263.    Vintage Radio: Osram Magnet 1929/30 3 valve wireless, oak cover, Osram Music Magnet in black on gilt ground, metal front to radio with dials also Celestion Radio Co. speakers in oak case, wave band list. With spare valve. This is a collectors item not for use. £40-50
264.    20th cent. Oak and brass Post Office scales with full compliment of weights. 12½ins. £40-70
265.    19th cent. Black slate bracket clock, carved front highlighted in gilt, brass Corinthian columns and copper band above the dial with putti playing games. Unsigned French movement with bell striker, black chapter ring, gilt Roman numerals. £150-200
266.    Early 20th cent. Mantle or bracket Clock: Dent of 61 Strand, Royal Exchange. In oak case, chimes on the hour 10ins. x 15ins. £600-800
267.    Clocks: 20th cent. Brass carriage clock, white face, black Roman numerals. £70-90
268.    Lamps: Oldfields "Dependence" rear lamp, type 506 Japanned body, brass mounts with burner. £100-150
269.    20th cent. Sirram picnic set, red synthetic covered with fitted interior, 6 place setting. £25-30
270.    Ellis Family Archive: Tadashi Nakayama, from Watanabi wood block printer, Tokyo addressed to Bath Academy, 51 single colour 15ins. x 10ins. Separations of Kawase Hasui Saishoin Temple in the snow, demonstrating the wood block printing process as a student guide. (With original Japanese post packet).
271.    Oriental: 19th cent. Japanese carved hardwood figure of a rat with seal mark to base. 2¼ins.
272.    ˜Late 19th early 20th cent. 2 part carved ivory needle case depicting birds, dragons, butterflies, etc. 6ins. (Thread a/f). £40-50
273.    Oriental: Soapstone personal seals, two plain one with seal mark to base.
274.    ˜Oriental: 19th cent. Ivory Buddhist figure of man with a prayer wheel. 8ins.
275.    ˜Oriental: 19th cent. Ivory Japanese figure group depicting fisherman and the tools of his trade. Minor damage. 5½ins.
276.    Qing: Chinese mandarin hat finial, Peking glass on gilt bases, seven ranks red, pink, pale blue, blue, transparent white, opaque white, gold. Provenance: Acquired by the vendors father, a shipping agent and brought back on his return pre 1938.
277.    ˜19th cent. Chinese ivory carved card case, four panels with domestic scenes. 3¼ins. x 1¼ins. x ¼ins. Provenance: Acquired by the vendors father, a shipping agent and brought back on his return pre 1938. £50-80
278.    ˜Mid 19th cent. Parasol, pink silk with heavy lace trim with ivory handle decorated with birds, flowers, village scenes and pagoda. Handle 10ins. overall 33ins. £150-200
279.    ˜19th/early 20th cent. Parasol, brown silk with bamboo handle with ivory fittings. Canopy a/f. 36ins. £40-60
280.    19th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Famille rose tea caddy, rectangular with sloping shoulders and a round neck 5ins. x 3ins. small chip to rim, plus a famille rose vase decorated with panels depicting domestic scenes. 6ins. £80-120
281.    Qing: Chinese Wucai square vase impressed reign mark to base, pierce work decoration around the body depicting a 5 clawed Red Dragon and 18 Immortals and a further 4 Immortals around the collar. Multicoloured enamels black, green, yellow, red, purple & white with cylindrical inner sleeve. 17ins. x 5½ins. x 5½ins. A/f. Damage to shoulder. Provenance: Acquired by the vendors father, a shipping agent and brought back on his return pre 1938.
282.    19th cent. Japanese blue & white elongated bulbous vases decorated with floral and tree motifs - a pair. Approx. 12ins. £50-80
283.    20th cent. Yellow ground jar & cover with polychrome decoration of lotus flower & symbols, red 9 character rubber stamped seal mark to base. £50-70
284.    Oriental bronze decorative bowls, a pair. 6ins dia. £30-40
285.    19th cent. Japanese Arita chrysanthemum bowl and cover, stylised floral decoration. £80-100
286.    19th cent. Oriental: Cantonese famille rose tea pot 6½ins with rattan handle. £60-80
287.    20th cent. Oriental Satsuma vase decorated with figures and floral designs. £40-50
288.    Chinese: 19th cent. Famille Rose ovoid vase depicting birds and figures, signed to base. Damage to rim. 11ins.
289.    Oriental: 19th cent, Japanese Arita chamber pot with gilt rim and dog of fo finial to lid, minus handle. 6½ins. £80-120
290.    Ancient Chinese: Early terracotta Tang style figure of a warrior in a bespoke display case. 12ins.,with certificate of authenticity. Ex. Collection of Col. D S Rajoo. £600-1000
291.    Fashion: 1920s Flapper style wedding dress, coffee colour chiffon, long sleeves with wrist tie, round neck, small pin tucks to bodice, drop waist, lace side panels, 15 inch lace border with matching under slip. Approx. size 12. The dress is sold with a pair of strap style cream leather kitten heel shoes that were worn with the dress on the big day. £150-200
292.    20th cent. Ceramics: Dutch charger Nieuwpoort celebrating the fishing festival. 15ins. A/f. £45-50
293.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Staffordshire and Other Ceramics: Liver/white dogs, pen holder, Red Riding Hood, a seated Moor, boy holding a monkey a/f. 10ins. another figure, a blue jug with leaf decoration 9ins. and a 2 handle mug. (7). £40-45
294.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Autumn Breeze" Reg. No. 835666, "Fair Lady" H.N.2832. (2). £40-50
295.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Bobie" H.N.1679, "The Little Bridesmaid" H.N.1433 a/f., "Little Bridesmaid" reg. No. 760007 a/f. Plus Royal Doulton "Bobie" H.N.16969, "Dinky Do" H.N.167. (5) £35-45
296.    Royal Doulton Figurines: "Jannine" H.N2461, "The Last Waltz" H.N2315, "Simone" H.N 2378, "Christmas Moon" H.N 1992, "Julia" H.N 2706 a/f, "Top of the Hill" H.N1834 a/f. (6)
297.    Royal Doulton: "Flower Seller Children" a/f. plus 20th cent. continental ceramic Parakeet pair, pink and yellow. 12ins. a/f.(2) £40-60
298.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Winton dressing table set, rose decorated jug and bowl, soap dish, candle holder, shoe plus 3 x vases. £35-45
299.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro Eskimo child with polar bear cub plus an unmarked rabbit and owl. (3) £45-55
300.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with lamb 4505 plus a boy in waders. (2) £40-50
301.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with lamb, 1969-93. £100-120
302.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro playful puppy plus a sleeping dog. (2) £50-60
303.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with basket a/f. Casades lady with a parasol and an unmarked girl with a basket of roses. (3) £30-35
304.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl walking with a flower pot. £35-40
305.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro figure of a farm worker. 16ins. £40-50
306.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro angel contemplating. £50-60
307.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with cockerel and basket, 4591 plus 2 geese. (3) £50-60
308.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro 'Girl with Calla Lilies' 1969-98, plus 'Young Girl with Basket wearing a Hood'. (2) £50-80
309.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro geese, standing, preening and defending. (3).
310.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro food for ducks little girl feeding the ducks, 4849 plus a girl with chicken rooster, unboxed. (2)
311.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro figurine 'woman sitting in a chair doing needlework', Retired 4865, unboxed.
312.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro seesaw, issue year 1974. Retirement year 1996, sculptor Fulgencio Garcia, unboxed.
313.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro Platero and Marcelino boy hugging his donkey No 1181 £60-80
314.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro male figure of a chemist and Master, unboxed. £80-100
315.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "Girl praying" boxed plus "Tulip Time" boxed. (2) £40-50
316.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "Pampered Poodle" Lady with Poodle figurine N1157 unboxed plus Nadal figure of a young girl in a pink dress holding flowers boxed (2).
317.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "Girl Seated Listening to Bird Song" boxed, "Who's there?" No111 boxed, "Windy Afternoon" Girl with a Bouquet of Flowers boxed. (3) £60-65
318.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "Ducks on the Run" series 2 Ducklings boxed, "Kittens in a Box" unboxed. (2) £35-40
319.    20th Cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines of childhood "How Pretty" boxed, plus "Girl With Doll" No 1107 unboxed. (2) £35-45
320.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "First Flight" boxed, plus "Romantica" boxed. (2) £40-50
321.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao girl lying with a playful cat 0313 plus unmarked cat, unboxed. (2) £40-50
322.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao girl carrying wine jugs plus a child with doll. (2) £40-50
323.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao pair of playful Spaniel puppies plus a fancy boot and a baby with dish, unboxed. (3) £35-40
324.    20th cent. Ceramics: Porcelanas Miquel Reguena.S.A. Valencia, figure of a young woman. 12ins. £25-35
325.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick "Siamese Kittens" No. 1296 a/f. Royal Doulton Siamese Cat" standing No. 2660 Images "Shadowplay Cat" and a K.S. Davidson "Tabby Cat". (4) £25-35
326.    20th cent. Ceramics: Cinque Ports Rye Pottery Country Gentleman series Sir Freddie Fox and Hugo Hare, C.P.P. Rye to reverse of hare, C.P.P. Rye on coat tail of fox. £60-80
327.    20th cent. Ceramics: Dresden angel musicians playing a variety of instruments. Complete with conductor. (7 Figures). £35-45
328.    20th cent. Ceramics: Bidasoa, white porcelain prancing horse figurine. £30-40
329.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Delhi" 5 x coffee cans and saucers plus a casket decorated with flowers. £30-40
330.    Advertising: Bibelots T.G. Green 'Three Castles' tobacco and W.D and H.O. Wills match holders/striker plus a glass striker. £40-50
331.    Late 19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Worcester, Blue and White Willow coffee cans. 3 cups, 7 saucers, Spode Willow pin tray, 2 Spode Italian dessert dishes, and mug, black back stamp, Boothes Old Willow 2 cups and saucers and 2 plates. £30-40
332.    20th cent. Ceramics: Spode "Italian" with blue and black back stamps to include teapot a/f, teacups and saucers, coffee cans and saucers, cake and sandwich plates, bowls, butter dish, toast rack, sugar bowls and small dishes. A good quantity. £30-60
333.    20th cent. Ceramics: Moorcroft inverted rim pin dish in toadstool design, circa. 1913. This dish type was mainly designed for Liberty. £100-125
334.    William Moorcroft 1918 -1929 impressed mark and monogram, green and yellow ground 'Hibiscus' vase, baluster shaped. 7¼ins. £250-300
335.    Moorcroft Mackintyre 1900-1903, lidded water pot/teapot, fine tube lined, green bands on cream ground with small flowers/possibly berries. Mackintyre stamp to one, William Moorcroft monogram and stamp to the other, a matching pair. 5ins. £300-350
336.    Mackintyre 1904 -1913 blue and brown mark white poppy design squat vase with flared neck. Blue printed reg no. 314901 minor rim chip. 5½ins. £250-300
337.    20th cent. Ceramic: Royal Worcester bird plates 4½ins. hand painted "Chaffinch", "Kingfisher", "Wren" and "Goldfinch" signed W Powell (4). £40-60
338.    Royal Worcester James Stinton baluster vase with openwork neck, gilt embellishment, decorated with a pheasant. Signed Jas Stinton, dark green factory mark. 5ins. £300-350
339.    Royal Worcester cobalt blue and gilt 2 handled miniature vase decorated with leaf pattern, black/blue mark 1878 N. 4ins. £40-60
340.    Late 19th early 20th cent. decorative wall tiles. 4 Wedgwood Midsummer Night's Dream design circa 1880 to include Oberon, Pear Blossom, Bottom and Mustard, 8ins x 8ins. 1 a/f. Minton blue and white tiles, rustic studies, 1 a/f. Minton tile black and grey Art Nouveau design 6ins x 6ins. 2 Cambell Birch Co. tiles 6ins x 6ins. (11) £120-150
341.    Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Masons iron stone, Japan pattern graduated jugs 8ins, 5ins and 3ins. (3) £80-120
342.    19th cent. Ceramics: Sunderland pink lustre jug "The Sailors Farewell" a/f., blue/white "Frog" mug with design of grape pickers in relief, minor chips, Wedgwood jug Alphabet and a blue mug with 1 pint stamp. £35-40
343.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Masons ironstone, Japan pattern mug plus 2 x 10ins plates. £80-100
344.    19th cent. Ceramics: Meissen figurine of Cupid with his bow and arrow on a circular base with gilt banding a/f. German figures of a piper and a clown, fake Derby mark - a pair. a/f. £40-60
345.    19th cent. Ceramics: German angel figures standing on a rock in a diving pose - a pair. £40-60
346.    19th cent. Continental Ceramics: Miniature cup and saucer, 3 corner miniature dish, gilt border, hand decorated with summer flowers, a monkey figure playing bagpipes plus 1 other, both a/f. unmarked. £50-60
347.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton figure Penny HN2338 5ins. Carlton ware napkin ring figure 5ins. and a Dresden figure of a girl with a goat 5½ins. (3)
348.    20th cent. Ceramics: Dresden figurine of a Dandy with an open purse 6½ins. plus a flower seller 6ins. (2)
349.    19th cent. Continental Figures: Young girl holding a puppy, Mother & child, girl standing by a apple tree, female sculpting a bust, and a female figure playing a lyre. All the figures have damage. (5) £30-40
350.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire greyhound holding a rabbit, horned sheep standing on a rock with a lamb, flatback of Way fairer's, black/white dog reclining on an oblong base, plus poodle and puppy group on a base. £70-100
351.    19th cent. Ceramics: Continental bisque and other figures, miniature vase decorated with floral decoration in relief, miniature figure of a girl standing under a tree, figure of a seated lady and dandy - a pair, bisque stylised figure of a lady forming the handle of a jug. £40-60
352.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Arcadian 'There's no Place Like Home', crested ware in the form of a fireplace, St. Ives fairing 'The Promise of Love' a/f. Figure of a black man with a straw hat resting on parcels, bisque spill holder in the form of a man carrying cases called "Your Going on a Long Journey". £40-60
353.    19th cent. Ceramics & Brass: Wedgwood black basalt spill vase, Wedgwood impressed to base plus a soapstone model of a reclining lion. Brass candle holders, circular base, organic design in relief - a pair. 5ins. £50-80
354.    18th cent. Ceramics: Sunderland lustre mug to commemorate the iron bridge over the River Wear, built by R. Burdon Esq, open 9th August 1796. £30-35
355.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Harvest jugs with hallmarked silver rim covers, one Birmingham and one Sheffield 6½ins. & 5½ins. Plus a Doulton jug "The Squire" 6¼ins and Rockingham treacle Toby jug 8½ins.
356.    20th cent. Ceramics: Losol ware "Pagoda" set of three graduated jugs. £25-35
357.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Bonn mantle vases a/f., Crown Staffordshire posy, ceramic roses, Coalport flower arrangement, continental cabinet cup & saucer, Karl Eames bird, etc. £25-35
358.    20th cent. Studio Pottery: John Leach Muchelney Pottery brown salt glaze bellied jug, an unmarked brown pot and a hexagonal studio dish with monogram P.B. £90-120
359.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley deco conical shape cup and saucers, peach ground hair bells flowers No 756533. £35-40
360.    20th cent. Susie Cooper art deco tea set, banded pattern 6 x tea plates, 5 x cups, 6 x saucers plus 1 x sugar bowl. £40-60
361.    20th cent. Ceramics: Grays, Susie Cooper inspired, Stoke-on-Trent dinner ware - 3 meat ovals approx. 12ins. 13ins. 16ins. vegetable tureen & cover, open serving bowl, 5 soup or dessert bowls on stands, gravy boat on stand, 6 x 7ins & 5 x 9ins, 6 x 10ins plates. Susie Cooper inspired design of green bands. Grays mark over stamp Johnson Bros, England. £30-50
362.    20th cent. Ceramics: Grays Pottery Suzie Cooper inspired lustre jug with design of leaf's and birds. £40-50
363.    20th cent. Ceramics: Clarice Cliff "My Garden" pink flower trumpet vase, decorated with hollyhocks 12ins. £80-100
364.    20th cent. Ceramics: Clarice Cliff, Royal Staffordshire, crocus jug. Viscaria pattern Bonjour shape sugar shaker with cork stopper intact. 5ins x 2½ins. £100-125
365.    20th cent. Studio pottery. Troika. Medium wheel lamp, base decoration Jan Fitzgerald. 9ins x 10ins. £100-125
366.    20th cent. Copperware: Benson tapered copper, insulated, jug, enamelled liner, hinged lid with cow horn knob. WA Benson mark impressed to inside of handle. W mark to base of jug. 10ins. £30-50
367.    20th cent. Pewter: Archibald Knox Tudric pewter bread basket with stylised leaf design. No. 0357. £70-100
368.    19th cent. Tortoiseshell octagonal box, panels decorated with a design of vines in relief, bone finial and four ball supports, plus mahogany two compact tea box with fruitwood stringing. £100-120
369.    20th cent. Glassware: Mdina Maltese glass, blue, white, brown, seascape style, bottle and stopper signed to base. £40-50
370.    20th cent. Glass: Murano millefiori bulbous vase. £25-35
371.    19th cent. Glass: Claret jugs x 2, decanters cut glass and acid etched x 3 plus 2 x enamel labels "Port" and "Whiskey". £30-50
372.    20th cent. Glassware: Wine, sherry, whisky and liqueur glasses, some sets of 5. £25-35
373.    20th cent. Glassware: Lead crystal comport 8ins x 9ins. £25-35
374.    Rolex presentation jewellery box, blue leather, suede lined, 2 compartment, fitted with key, Rolex plate fitted to interior of lid. £80-100
375.    Hallmarked Silver: Mustard spoons, William IV and Victoria, both London. Napkin ring, Birmingham, mother of pearl handled Sheffield fruit knives x 2, 4½oz inclusive of mother of pearl handles. £80-120
376.    Hallmarked Silver: Dressing table set, hairbrush and mirror, silver photo frame, cotton wool jar with silver cover, 2 x perfume bottles with silver collars and cut glass pin dish with silver cover. £40-60
377.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoons, 5 set, 2 set, salt spoon, a dinner fork, dessert knife with silver blade, mother of pearl handle. 6ozs. £60-80
378.    Hallmarked Silver: Manicure tools most with silver handles one with mother of pearl. £35-40
379.    Hallmarked Silver: Ladles, Sheffield - a pair. 5ozs.
380.    Spoons: Japanese spoons, set of 6, chrysanthemum etched bowl, snake handle stamped Nagasaki 84 to rear of bowl with a star either side and Japanese characters above. 2½ins. £50-60
381.    Hallmarked Silver: Napkin rings x 4 mustard pot with spoon and cover plus a salt pot hot toddy holder 7oz (approx). £80-100
382.    Hallmarked Silver: Shell pattern butter pat dish Sheffield and another fretwork rim and curved handle on 3 supports 3oz (approx). £40-60
383.    Hallmarked Silver: Hip flask monogrammed London 1927 George White 4½ozs (approx). £70-90
384.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea spoons x 6 London 2oz (approx). £20-30
385.    Hallmarked Silver: Table spoon, London 1839 & a sauce ladle, London 1825. 8½ozs. £80-120
386.    Hallmarked Silver: Forks Kings pattern a pair London 1848 4oz (approx) plus white metal pair 2oz (approx). £30-50
387.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving spoons London various dates and makers 8oz (approx). £70-100
388.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoons - teaspoons Dublin, sugar spoon Edinburgh, butter knife, etc. (5 spoons). Plus French napkin rings - a pair. Napkin Rings 3½ozs. £40-50
389.    White Metal, marked Silver, maker W B T possibly Scottish, letter opener green jade blade mounted in silver with a Celtic everlasting knot topped with a topaz coloured stone mounted in a silver ring. £100-150
390.    Hallmarked Silver: Hip flask, engine turned Birmingham maker 1928, 5oz. £50-80
391.    Hallmarked Silver: Match box cover and a vesta with hinged cover 2oz (approx). £20-30
392.    Hallmark Silver: Cigarette holder page marker thimble pencil holder 0.7oz (approx) plus a silver bladed folding fruit knife with mother of pearl handle. £20-30
393.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar shovel with bone handle, spoon, fork etc 3oz (approx). £25-40
394.    Hallmarked Silver: Dessert forks, London 1849 x 5, fork, Exeter, maker J.J. Williams 1868 x 1, fork, London, maker Holland and Hardwick. (7 Forks). 9ozs.
395.    19th cent. Hallmarked silver bracelets 1 solid band type the other heavy side catch with fluorite engraving. £50-70
396.    Hallmarked Silver: Trinket pot with hinged cover Birmingham on 3 cabriole supports and a silver dish with ornate rim London 7oz (approx). £70-100
397.    Hallmarked Silver: Engine turned snuff box with serpentine shaped hinged cover and a box apron inscribed "Presented to W.P. Arnitt Esq By John Stoward as a memento of friendship for 30 years, Birmingham 1868". Maker Robert Thornton 5½ozs(approx). £250-350
398.    Hallmarked Silver: Snuff box feather pattern Birmingham 1814 Samuel Pemberton and a tobacco box Birmingham 1903 William Henry Sparrow 3oz (approx). £30-50
399.    Hallmarked Silver: Ladle and apostle table spoon London 3oz (approx). £30-60
400.    Hallmarked Silver: Dessert spoons, London 1852, maker George W. Adams. (4 spoons) 5ozs.
401.    Hallmarked Silver: Fruit knives silver handles, maker Elkington, London. (5 Knives). £20-30
402.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving spoon, London 1832, maker Lias. 3½ozs. £40-60
403.    Hallmarked Silver: 6 forks fiddle Pattern London 1836 maker O B5 8oz (approx). £70-100
404.    20th cent. Spiral glass perfume bottle with hallmark silver collar, cap missing and plate pepper pot. £20-30
405.    Hallmarked Silver: Toast racks, 1 Elkington - Birmingham 1939, 1 Birmingham 1897. 6ozs. (2) £55-65
406.    Hallmarked Silver: Babies pusher and feeding spoon, Birmingham 1934, cased. Plus a spoon, Sheffield. £40-45
407.    19th cent. White metal Indian beaten card tray 7 x 3½ins. tests silver Christening beaker engraved D.R.P. 1925 tests low grade silver in presentation box 3ins. 7oz (approx). £30-60
408.    Hallmarked Silver: Engine turned cigarette box, Birmingham 1935, plus pin box, Birmingham 1905. Pin box only 2½ozs.
409.    Hallmarked Silver: Cream jug stepped foot rim embossed central line and wide handle Birmingham 1909 plus another paw feet 1878 both indistinct makers mark. £60-80
410.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening cup carved body shaped handle London 1808 indistinct maker 5oz (approx). £60-80
411.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening cup ornately embossed body and handle London 1854 Joseph and Albert Savory 3½oz (approx). £50-80
412.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar sifter Birmingham 1908 William Altken 3½oz (approx). £50-70
413.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments, rococo style condiments, 1 Sheffield 1892, 1 very worn mark. 4ozs. (2)
414.    Georg Jensen: Danish silver fruit spoons, acorn pattern - a pair. 55.6grams.
415.    George Jensen 1930-35 Danish silver bracelet pattern 36, formed 7 flowers with joining links 31grams (approx). £300-350
416.    Tiffany & Co. Sterling silver c1920-30 mint Julep hollow straws in original box. £100-150
417.    Hallmarked Silver: Dinner forks - 6, London 1914. 13ozs.
418.    Hallmarked Silver: Designer jewellery, Jane Watling birds nest brooch. £60-70
419.    19th cent. Hallmarked Silver: Dressing table, cut glass top & collars perfume bottle, hair tidy jar and Eau de Cologne bottles. 3.6ozs.
420.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiment set of 2 salts with blue glass liners and spoons, Birmingham, maker H & T. 2ozs. Boxed.
421.    Hallmarked Silver: A Quaich 2 handles with rose decoration, Birmingham 1922, maker D & B. 3ozs.
422.    Arts and Crafts: Omar Ramsden and Alwyn Carr white metal circular bowl and cover set with 7 hard stone green cabochons rope twist borders on six stylised supports inscribed to base. Omar Ramsden et Alwyn Carr me fecerunt MCMXII. Height 4¾ins. evidence of restoration. Provenance Geo Kidner 14/4/2011 lot 304. £800-1000
423.    Hallmarked Silver: Scottish jewellery circular brooch with central topaz colour stone, and engraved border. Also an oval design brooch set with topaz colour stone, Celtic cross brooch. £70-80
424.    Jewellery: Scottish yellow metal kilt brooch set with topaz colour stone. Celtic knot brooch, circular open work brooch plus 1 other. £50-60
425.    Continental gold marked 750 and tested oval link bracelet 15grams (approx). £300-350
426.    Hallmarked 9ct. Gold Jewellery: Heavy curb link bracelet, 2 padlocks. 61.8grams.

427.    19th cent. 9ct. gold (tested) gate bracelet with scroll patterns 22grams (approx). £220-250
428.    20th cent. 9ct. (approx) marked and tested bracelet ten circles set with a Solar or Maltese Cross 27grams (approx). £270-300
429.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. (approx) 375, 7 row gate bracelet 1967 Sovereign inset in a scroll mount minus padlock, London 1977 bracelet 15grams, coin 8grams. £300-350
430.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. (approx) 375 bracelet 6 sections openwork Tudor rose with centre boss 1912, full Sovereign - bracelet 19grams (approx) coin 8grams (approx). £350-400
431.    Edwardian rose gold 9ct. (approx) 4 bar bracelet with padlock 14grams (approx). £140-160
432.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. (approx) 375 solid link bracelet of plain form with padlock fastener Birmingham 1974 80grams (approx). £800-1000
433.    Jewellery: Pearl necklaces, cultured baroque and 1 graduated, both with 9ct. clasps. £150-200
434.    Hallmarked 9ct. Gold Jewellery: Rings, amethyst, smoky quartz, jadeite, red/white dress ring, diamond two line. (6 in Total). £300-400
435.    Jewellery: Silver arts & crafts style earrings, possibly S.J. Rose & sons, Birmingham plus a circular brooch set with cabochon stones, marked silver.
436.    Jewellery: Earrings, smokey quartz, amethyst and coral, setting marked 375, 9ct (tested), 3 pairs. £70-90
437.    Gold Jewellery: Chains, cross on fine 21ins. chain, link 21ins. chain, twist 22ins. chain. (3) 25grams.
438.    Hallmarked 9ct. Gold Jewellery: Fine rope link necklace. Approx. 30, 66grams.
439.    Hallmarked 9ct. Gold Jewellery: Fine chain link necklace, test 9ct. 24ins. 10grams.
440.    Gold Jewellery: Tigers eye pendant, 9ct (tested). Tigers eye fob, mount marked 375 plus a cameo brooch, mount marked 375.
441.    Gold tiepin with nugget (tests) 18ct. Approx. 4grams. £70-90
442.    Gold and Enamel: False teeth (tests) 14ct. Approx 17grams in total. £50-80
443.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold Designer Jewellery John Watling: Torque necklace. Approx. 33grams. £700-900
444.    George V half sovereign 1911 in hallmarked 9ct. pound symbol shaped mount 9 grams. £150-180
445.    Hallmarked Jewellery: Rings, garnet set 3 stone plus another single stone. Both Birmingham marks, 7grams inclusive. £50-80
446.    Diamond jewellery: Marquise shaped ring set with central sapphire, approx. 85 points, two diamonds either side 0.16 points and 20 small diamonds, oval cut 0.10 carat, approx. 2 ct. platinum set, size 0 including weight 6.4 grams. £600-800
447.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold Jewellery: Three stone diamond 3 x .10 and teardrop crystal pendant 1¾ins. 8grams inclusive. £380-450
448.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold & Diamond Designer John Watling: Kite shaped pendant set with 7 graduated stones 0.05 to 0.01 ct. 5.8grams. inclusive. £380-450
449.    Hallmarked Gold: Child's bracelet plus openwork wedding band. Approx. 15grams. £120-150
450.    Hallmarked 18ct. & Diamond Designer John Watling: Side fit cross-over bangle set with two .50 carat diamonds, 22grams inclusive, retail £4995.00. £1200-1500
451.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. (approx) Roamer Ladies cocktail watch plus bangle earrings case strap and earrings 11grams (approx). £90-120
452.    Watches: 1960s Tudor self winding Prince Oyster date, stainless case & bracelet, back engraved A.D. Haigh. £400-600
453.    Watches: Rolex 18ct. gold ladies Oyster perpetual datejust chronometer - Swiss made marked 18ct. 77grams inclusive.
454.    Watches: Ladies white metal engraved fob watch maker Langdon Davis plus silver hallmark fob brooch Birmingham. £20-30
455.    Watches: Bulova 9ct cased ladies dress watch hallmarked 375 9ct. £60-70
456.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Plated curb link necklace, yellow metal brooches, hedgehog brooch set with coloured stones, enamel cat brooch, a quantity of assorted necklaces including yellow metal chain. £30-50
457.    Costume Jewellery: Earrings, yellow metal butterflies, ceramic flowers, amethyst set cabochons. Approx. 8 pairs. (Tray not included).
458.    Jewellery: Simulated pearl necklace, clasp marked 375 set with marcasite and a single pearl x 1 other.
459.    ˜Objects of Virtue: 19th cent. Oval ivory 'Grand Tour' souvenir cameo's depicting the heads of Neoclassical ladies. 2½ins. (3)
460.    19th/20th cent. Grand Tour miniature portraits on ivorine, Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton signed "Marring" top right in oval Boule work frames 4ins x 3ins - a pair. £200-300
461.    18th cent. Florentine embossed cameo ring c1725 with letter from Sherkmans of London, dated 1972 stating they have 'added a 9ct. (hallmarked) ring to stiffen the outer band and have not altered the embossing in anyway, retaining the cameo in its original setting' signed A.J. Morgan P.M.A. £300-400
462.    Jewellery: 19th cent. 'Grand Tour' white metal lava stone bracelet consisting of cameo set in yellow metal.
463.    Smoking Requisites: Dunhill Aquarium gentleman's lighter. Chromium top & base, resin body, patent no. to base 143752. £300-400
464.    ˜19th cent. Objects of Virtue: Needle case tortoise shell with white metal decoration 2ins, jet and oval locket with female portrait 1½ins, 19th cent. Oriental miniature painted ivory fretwork panel mother of pearl carved games token plus Jadeite openwork circlet 2ins. £60-100
465.    Minerals: Blue John fluorite and rose quartz crystals 113grams and 121grams. £20-30
466.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Engraved mother of pearl gaming counters/tokens. Fish x 4, ovals x 8, rectangular x 3 plus bone fish & 4 others. (Total 21). £40-80
467.    19th cent. Snuff Boxes: Tortoiseshell chest shape box. 4ins. x 2ins. £50-70
468.    19th cent. Pink enamel patch box, probably Bilston,hinge and clasp in good order, oval, Watteau style design on cover. £50-80
469.    19th cent. Snuff Boxes: Black papier mache boxes with gilt chinoiserie design on the cover. (2 Boxes). £40-60
470.    19th cent, Snuff Boxes: Oval papier mache box, sunrise design on cover, bobbin edge. Oblong box with self colour cross design. Oval box sun ray design. Chest shaped box with light border and circular bakelite box drum design. (5 Boxes). £50-80
471.    19th cent. Snuff boxes: Black lacquered papier mache with mother of pearl inlay, 2 boxes with wide border inlay, 1 box with central diamond shape inlay, and an oblong box with pewter inlay. (5 Boxes). £50-80
472.    19th cent. Snuff and Patch Boxes: Leather box with gilt and silver decoration, black papier mache patch box, Tunbridge ware style circular boxes, treen painted box, papier mache box decorated with a river scene. £50-80
473.    19th cent. Snuff Boxes: Papier mache box, gilt decoration x 2, square box with gilt scroll decoration, oblong box with faux tortoiseshell cover. Also a smaller design oval black velvet lined box with white metal decoration. (5 Boxes). £50-80
474.    20th cent. Treen: Carved sailor sitting on a barrel, corkscrew & bottle opener. £20-30
475.    Treen: Oak Thompson, Mouseman ashtray. 4ins. x 2½ins. £40-50
476.    19th cent. Brass desk inkwell, pierced floral base, twisted glass inkwell (damage to base corners), mandarin hat still top. £20-30
477.    George III style white metal desk companion. 5½ins. £40-70
478.    Numis Coins: London mint "Millionaires Collection" silver reproductions 92.5 silver gold plated, Angel Richard III 14gms, Florin Edward III 14gms, five Guinea's George III 20gms, five Guinea's II 20gms, Penny Henry III 14gms, £1 Elizabeth 20gms, Military Guinea George III 14gms, All with fact sheets. (7). £70-100
479.    Coins: Genghis Khan copper coin struck 1200 with elephant.
480.    Coins: Elizabeth II crowns, £5, £2, £90 in value. £70-100
481.    Coins: Crowns x 12, other denominations, 2014 coins struck for independence, etc. £10-20
482.    Coins: Proof silver coins £2, 5p, £1, £2 with 1ozs silver uncirculated, most boxed. £60-80
483.    Philatelic: Minted 23ct. gold 23 stamps in a limited edition series Queen Elizabeth II silver stamps minted in 22ct. gold 25 famous model cars limited edition. £30-50
484.    Philatelic numismatic covers in 2 albums and some loose with a range of coins from 1p to £5. £0
485.    20th cent. Prints:' Old Masters' figures and animals prints on canvas, continental Port Study, Boating Study. £30-50
486.    20th cent. Selection of oils watercolour prints including, interiors, portraits, maps, woolwork etc (14 approx). £40-60
487.    20th cent. Watercolours, Prints and Maps: Bishop Cannings with church in the background, a booklet of Bishop Cannings, repro map of Wiltshire, 1960 Devizes Market Place, Una Wells "Down from the Hills Bromham" & "The Gallops near Marlborough". £20-30
488.    Pre-war map of Arabia with Egypt, Nubia and Abyssinia. Framed and glazed. 15ins, x 13ins. £20-40
489.    19th cent Map: Wiltshire Orthographic map of Wiltshire including parts of the county situated in Berkshire, enhanced with colour, published by T.L. Murray 19 Adam Street, London, May 1st 1830, framed and glazed 18½ins x 14½ins. £30-40
490.    20th cent. Prints: Harry Neilson "Mr Fox's Hunt Breakfast O Xmas Day" 22ins. x 10½ins., unsigned "Teddy Bears Ballet Lessons", 25ins. x 9½ins., John Hayson "Cat Litter" 24ins. x 6¼ins., Louis Wain "The Wedding Breakfast" 19½ins. x 9½ins., Studio of Tiepolo "Two Cats" 12½ins/ x 6¾ins.
Terry Thomas Limited Edition prints "Sporting Chance I" 65/850, "Sporting Chance 2" 65/850, "Sporting Chance 3" 68/850, "Sporting Chance 4" 72/850. Signed lower right, all four framed and glazed 13ins. x 10ins.
491.    P. Sykes: Impasto Oil on board "Near Hackness". 23ins. x 20ins. £30-50
492.    20th cent. Prints: Limited edition prints and others - still life, village, towns and landscapes studies. Various sizes, all framed and glazed. £30-50
493.    David Shepherd print Tahili Fort Buraimi, framed and glazed 24ins. x 17ins. £20-40
494.    20th cent. Prints: Robin Pinnock limited edition 7/200 "Devizes Station". Signed lower right. £30-50
495.    Eric Sturgeon signed print of "Trowbridge", limited edition of 364/1000. Framed and glazed 23½ins. x 17ins. Signed lower right.

496.    N.G. Samuel - watercolour, landscape, signed lower left. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 10½ins. £30-50
497.    20th cent. Pine framed over mantle mirror 41ins x 35ins. £40-60
498.    20th cent. Gilt framed over mantle mirror 36ins x 29ins. £30-50
499.    Paintings: Andy le Poidevin, British School watercolours "Old Abufeira" 1995., "Willows of Lacock" 1996 8ins x 6ins framed and glazed plus a village cricketing/ characters prints (3). £40-60
500.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture monolith concrete trial pieces 'Travail D' Equipe' prize winning exhibition 1963 'Meditation' triangular, textured pieces range from 53ins. x 29½ins. (7) with photos. £100-150
501.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: 3D' Sculpture "Lightning's", concrete & slate. Single sided, bevelled edges, 1960. 12½ins. x 12ins. £60-80
502.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: 3D' sculpture concrete slate. Double sided 1960 with photos & details by artist. 22ins. x 18ins. £80-100
503.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: 3D' Sculpture "2 Lightning's" concrete & slate. Signed & detailed by artist on photos 1960. Double sided. £90-120
504.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture 'study of water running in rivulets' textured concrete & perspex 48ins. x 10¼ins. plus maquettes of the same study (5) various sizes, Included are 3 photos. £80-120
505.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis Photographs: Bath, Mosaics, History of Photography Richard Morley information on Fox Talbot - some early Bath scenes. (1 Medium folio & 3 small and tray). Plus positive & negatives (reproductions) from 'Science Museum' and a quantity of photographs celebrating the work of Fox Talbot & Lacock Museum. A tray. (Trays not included). £40-50
506.    Ellis Family Archive: Important exhibition posters c1968. Includes Alfred Wallis, Batthus, John Crome, Charles Rennie Mackintosh, painters from Poland, De Stije, Barbara Hepworth, New British Sculpture, Italian drawings & Janos Scholz collection. (8) £120-150
507.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Architectural artists impression drawings, plans & proposals for housing in Clapham, London, 1966. £50-80
508.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Original pencil sketches 'plein air' of 'Chartres- Port Guiltaume' & 'Popes Palace Avignon' 12ins. x 9½ins. Paper on card, reverse advertising John Jones (Chelsea), Sanitary Engineers calendar. £50-80
508A.   Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Original drawings on paper of stained glass windows Chartres, Bourges, Cathedral. Pen & pencil with annotations laid to card x 6. £50-80
509.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil showman fairground studies of Madam Smith's donkeys (8). 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
510.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil showman fairground studies of a swing ride and coconut shy, L. Buckland of Buckingham. 14ins. x 8ins. (8). Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
511.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil showman fairground studies of roundabouts. (9). 10ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
512.    Ellis Family Archive: Irmgard Fleming (nee Parth) engraving. Abstract line forms 'an emotional response to the landscape..sic' Seven engravings on handmade paper 11ins. x 10ins. Plus Irmgards letter to Penelope dated Aug '63 & her reply. £250-300
513.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil & colour wash of girls on a beach, dated July 1932, C.W.E. 13ins. x 8ins. £100-150
514.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Eight Studies of model Betty Proudfoot in swimwear and nude form. Pencil and red and blue crayon.
515.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Study of nudes/female forms; outlines in pencil, outlined in blue crayon. Signed lower left CWE July 1932. £70-90
516.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of six colour wash beach studies. 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
517.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Twenty pencil studies of bathers, nudes, Niade nymphs (1934). Contemporary design Exhibition, Dorland Hall. Designs & execution for a mosaic swimming pool base CWE & Rosemary Ellis. Plus two illustrative pages from "The Sketch - Nov 7, 1934". (20) £150-200
518.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, figure of a young boy 'standing', composite on wire frame and stand, possibly joint creation working with Alfred Horace Gerrard, Slade Professor of Sculpture, 1962. 47ins. £200-300
519.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Folio of original chalk & charcoal studies, human form, portraits, abstracts & jewellery designs. Approx. 14. £100-120
520.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis Photographs: Miscellaneous subject, art, sculpture, people, animals, etc. many stamped Bath Academy and other art establishments. Mainly Bromides. (Large folio & green tray).
521.    Ellis Family Archive: Bath Academy photographic teaching material plus numerous Kodak prints on work undertaken. Green and black trays not included.
522.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis photographs fabric exhibition Macramé, Stump, Indian Tie dye work. Bromide 16ins. x 20ins. and other sizes, many mounted and stamped Bath Academy of Art - 2 small folios, 1 large plus number of loose mounted.
523.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Teaching materials used at Corsham Court (School of Art) Including projection slides, Kodak glass plates, reel to reel tapes, 35mm film, etc. £40-60
524.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from The Studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: Extensive archive of contact photos summarising the photographic studies from 1950s-70s. Contents of 3 filing cabinets drawers; 8 files, 3 box files & 8ins. x 10ins, Kentmere photo paper box.
525.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from The Studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: "Ironwork" x 48 on Kodak paper 20ins. x 16ins; "Spirals - in metal & nature" mounted on exhibition card x 16, 20ins. x 16ins. Also "Chestnut Buds" etc. x 12, 20ins. x 16ins.; "Rucks & Roots" 18 including 13 x "Fields & Walls" all on Kodak Bromide 3 or 4. "Textures & Patterns" (140 photos in total) not including 2 folders of "Trees".
526.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from The Studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: "Canals & Farmland" x 8, exhibition mounted on card 20ins, x 16ins. "Studies of Greek Homes & People" likewise mounted on card x 30. "Oak Trees" on Kodak Elite paper x 36. Also, a compilation file of Ellis family photos in a file; pens, spiral bound presentation files "Tithe Barns" (1 plus loose photos), and "Tortoises" (2) & a quantity of 11ins. x 11ins. photos of trees.
527.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from The Studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: English & French trees x 48; on Ilford and Kodak Elite paper 20ins x 16ins. plus "Spirals" photos mounted on exhibition card x 14, 20ins x 16ins. and "Tombstone" (Rutland) x 1 with "Scottish Papers" x 11, 20ins. x 16ins. Also "Time Themed" photos with "Weathered Rocks" on Kodak Elite paper 20ins. x 16ins. (Approx. 135 in Total)
528.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from The Studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: "Yorkshire" Harbour & Coasts, 40 on Kodak Elite fine art paper 20ins. x 16ins. plus "Sheffield" Coasts, approx. 130 on Kodak Bromide 3, hard paper with 2 folders of contact prints of Yorkshire and other coasts, including Yorkshire miners & other Yorkshire trades, Goole. Pencil notes by Clifford Ellis with 2 card mounted photos Rosemary Ellis No 5 & 6. Including posters x 4, 11ins. x 16¾ins advertising Yorkshire 'Exhibition of photographs Penelope Ellis 1978'.
529.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from The Studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: Conifers, forests, pavements/patterns in nature, walls, windows, buildings, hats 20ins. x 16ins. on Kodak photographic paper in 4 boxes, plus English goats, Wensleydale sheep/cheeses x 40 on 8ins. x 10ins Kodak 2 Bromide paper, approx. 140 photos.
530.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from The Studio of Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Variety of themed photos of windows, shops, pipes, etc. including family snaps. (1 File).
531.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Bath Academy Vige Langevin 1898-199? French Art Educator - exhibition of children's watercolour art works 'Noah's Ark' c1950 showing at Bath Academy, Corsham Court, Large collage No 310 plus other large mounted works including Soleil and individual paintings and photographs.
532.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: Photographs, prints, etc. Chinese Stone Art, Beswick animals, flat art, Erte alphabet (Grosvenor Gallery photos - 4 medium, 1 small folios).
533.    Ellis Family Archive - Exhibition Posters: Henry Moore 1980 West Dean Sussex Tapestry Exhibition A3 size (9), enclosed in a folio. Photos taken by Rosemary Ellis plus (approx. 23) of R.E. 'slides'/photos of Henry Moore's work (In 3 small boxes).
534.    Ellis Family Archive - Bookplates: 18th/19th cent. including Liber 11 Braccus (part), architectural sketches engraved by John Coney, Baudry, Crookshanks, from Master Jackie's Holiday, 'Album Du Siege' by Cham & Daumier (military caricatures) 1871. (1 Tray, 1 plastic folio, 1 art folio) 3 in total.
535.    Ellis Family Archive: 'Shell' calendars 1988 x 2, & 'The New Naturalist' calendar 2011 x 2 'The Shell Poster Books' x 2, 'Shell' advertisements booklet x 2, 'Times Change' and 'You can be sure of Shell', 'London Transport' book (1908 - present) plus small folder of similar 'branding' artwork £40-80
536.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis Prints: Single colour separation prints for 'The New Naturalist' series (calendar) of a pike & heron. Total approx. 19 in a folio.
537.    Ellis Family Archive - Studio: Blind embossed art; organic and geometric forms/work on art paper x 13. £50-80
538.    Ellis Family Archive Studio: Edward Lear 'Parrots', litho reproduction, hand-coloured by Rosemary Ellis on handmade paper (10). A folio; with a folder containing her colour references, a photo copy of Brian Reade's book & the set of negative plates for E. Lear's Parrots. (1 Tray).
539.    Ellis Family Archive Studio: Edward Lear 'Parrots' uncoloured litho, reproduction on handmade paper. Approx. 58 (3 Complete sets x 12 plus extras). Sheet size 23ins. x 32ins. contained in a folio including acetates in positive.
540.    Ellis Family Archive Studio - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on artists board, Italian girl in striped dress. 30ins x 23ins. Provenance Ellis Family inventory.
540A.   Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis, Oil on artist board, Italian girl in a striped dress holding a cockerel. 30ins x 23ins. £100-150
540B.   Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis, Oil on artists board, Italian girl with jumper and blue hair bow. 23ins x 16ins. £100-150
540C.   Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis, oil on artists board, Italian girl with red dress and white hair bow. 23ins x 16ins. £100-150
541.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas portrait of a young woman wearing orange shirt. 20ins. x 24ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-250
542.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas "Still Life" fruit and Cointreau bottle, signed with a crow on reverse. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £80-120
543.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board portrait of a seated lady, painted at Slade under Professor William Coldstreams tuition. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £80-120
544.    Ellis Family Archive: Kawase Hasui wood block print, Saishoin Bhuddist Temple in Hirosaki, figure outside a temple in a snow landscape, seal mark L.R. Ex. Ellis Nakayama 15ins. x 10ins. £300-500
545.    Ellis Family Archive: Tadashi Nakayama wood block print, horse possible grazing with black & white geometric saddle blanket, signed and dated 1963 L.L. numbered 53/61 L.R. image 22½ins. x 24ins.
546.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Pencil abstract prep study. 25ins. x 15ins.
547.    Ellis Family Archive - Studio: Blind embossed geometric works on handmade paper x 4. 25ins. x 18ins. £100-120
548.    Ellis Family Archive - Studio: Blind embossed geometric works on handmade paper x 4. 25ins. x 18ins. £100-120
549.    Ellis Family Archive: Oil on canvas 'Beechfield House & Park', unsigned from the studio of Clifford & Rosemary Ellis, Corsham Court. 24ins. x 15ins. £100-150
550.    Ellis Family Archive Studio: Japanese Hawks & other hunting birds. Litho reproductions on handmade paper. Approx. 45. Paper size 19ins. x 20ins. image sized 9ins. x 6½ins. £80-120
551.    Ellis Family Archive: 'Shell' poster art, printed prior to legend, printed on card Clifford & Rosemary Ellis 1937. "To visit Britain's Landmarks You be sure of Shell Series Chanters Folly & Dry Dock Appledore", image 38ins. x 23¾ins.
552.    Ellis Family Archive - London Transport, Poster Art: Clifford & Rosemary Ellis original artwork, signed top right, watercolour, collage & pencil "As a matter of comfort travel by Underground". 40ins. x 27ins.
553.    Ellis Family Archive: 'Shell' poster art, Rosemary & Clifford Ellis 1934 "Antiquaries prefer Shell". Cut down obliterating legend with C & R Ellis photo of original artwork 39ins. x 23½ins.
555.    Ellis Family Archive Studio: Abstract prints in multi colours plus two other in first phase colour. Pencil initials 'M' (3 in total).
556.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters Art London Transport: Edward McKnight Kauffer "Toys" published 1936. Two posters, 40ins. x 25ins. red & blue poster numbered 36.137.1000 signed and dated 1935. The sepia poster 36.139.1000, signed and dated 1935. Worn condition with pin-holes, knocked edges. Advertised toys & public collections & encouraged children to look for clues including 'Railway Cars' after February 24th.
557.    Ellis Family Archive - Studio of Rosemary Ellis: Collage on fabric; black/white study with tissue & newspaper, abstract blocks. Glazed in perspex. 48ins. x 36ins. £60-90
558.    Continental school: Voorscher oil on canvas 'Parisian Street Scene' signed lower right. 37ins. x 21ins. £50-80
559.    English School pastel study of a foal, unsigned 16ins x 20ins. £50-80
560.    Paintings: 19th cent. Primitive, possibly Russian school, oil on canvas winter scene & frozen lake. Gilt frame 17ins. x 13¾ins. £50-80
561.    John Bratby Impasto on canvas portrait of Stephen Birkoff, signed lower centre. 17ins, x 15ins. £350-400
562.    20th cent. British School: 'Country Church/ Rural Scene' oil on canvas, unsigned gilt frame 15½ins x 10ins. £40-80
563.    David Chandler 1991 Gouache "The Deluge" signed bottom right, exhibited Royal Academy 1991. Framed and glazed. 28ins. x 22ins. £100-150
564.    Stephen Ward British 1912-1963: Artist, osteopath, playboy and central figure in the Profumo Affair, one of the major political scandals of the 1960's. A pencil portrait of Michael Whittaker, 1960s Mayfair modelling agent, signed and dated lower right Stephen Ward, Brighton 62. 10ins. x 14ins. in mount and maple frame. 16ins. x 20ins. Provenance: Given to the present owner's mother a model on Mr Whittaker's books. £300-500
565.    M.H. Willmott oil on paper 'Clipper Ship at Sea', signed lower right 1945. 17ins. x 10ins. £30-50
566.    English School, Oil on canvas "A Young Girl at a Spinning Wheel" signed lower left (indistinct) 19ins x 24ins. £100-150
567.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Pastel in detail of young lady in Renaissance style. Oval gilt frame 14¼ins. x 11¾ins.
568.    Roy Perry 1935-1993 Watercolour "Receding Floods, Sturminster" signed lower left, framed and glazed 31ins x 20ins. £100-150
569.    Ellis Family Archive: Circular painting on glass. Montana Blue Clematis. No signature, from the Ellis family home. Framed and glazed Image 22½ins. diameter. £30-50
570.    John Bampfield oil on canvas "Sailing Ships at Anchor" signed lower left, unframed 40ins x 30ins. £80-120
571.    Photographs: Beken and Son of Cows "A Beat To Windward" BP 10212A at Cowes 8¾ins x 11ins. £150-200
572.    Photographs: Beken and Son Cowes "Polly" International 6 Metre class champion 1921 at Cowes 8¾ins x 11ins. £150-200
573.    Photographs: Beken and Son of Cowes "Hyria" Cowes Regatta 1921 8¾ins x 11ins, framed and glazed. £150-200
574.    Photographs: Beken and Son Cowes The International 6 metre class A Start in the BA cup contest 1921 showing Polly, Jeanie, Sheila, Tlya, Victoria, Montauk, Grebe and Jean 10¾ins x 9ins. Plus Navahoe, Valkyrie racing at Cowes 10¾ins x 9ins framed and glazed plus a Beken of Cowes "A Hundred Years of Sail". £150-200
575.    Photographs: Beken and Son of Cowes "H.M.S. Britannia" Cowes Regatta 1921 8½ins x 10¾ins, framed and glazed. £150-200
576.    Beken and Son of Cowes "White Heather Leading Shamrock", Cowes Regatta. Framed and glazed 10ins x 8¾ins. £150-200
577.    T James Watercolours: Studies of Sailing Boats 7ins x 4ins, signed lower left, 4½ins x 7ins, signed lower right. R King, A Study of Fishing Boats, signed lower right, 7ins x 4ins. £30-50
578.    Rugs: G.H. Frith Ltd, eastern carpet, ivory ground stylised peacock pattern madder border 12ft. x 8ft. 10ins. £300-500
579.    Modern Rugs: "Berber Shaggy" beige ground with white geometric design. 78ins x 114ins. £70-100
580.    19th cent. Oak wall mounted corner cupboard with shaped shelving. £40-60
581.    20th cent. Pine cheval mirror held on 2 turned columns on a solid base with a single drawer. 24ins. x 61ins. £40-60
582.    Modern yew style six shelf bookcases - a pair. 34ins. x 75ins. £30-50
583.    20th cent. Oak gateleg barley twist table. 40ins. x 29ins. 22ins. £20-40
584.    19th cent. Light oak peg joined drop leaf table with turned supports. 38ins. x 29ins. x 16ins. closed. £50-80
585.    20th cent. Yew wood circular table on a single column with 4 splayed supports and a circular foot stool plus 1 other.
586.    20th cent. Painted hardwood school chairs (6). £20-40
587.    20th cent. Hardwood extending table on twin pedestals with 6 matching chairs. 70ins. x 41ins. closed, 90ins. extended.
588.    20th cent. Yew wood side cupboard, 2 drawers over a twin door cupboard. 39ins. x 34ins. x 15ins. £30-50
589.    20th cent. Yew wood TV/Music/Video/DVD cabinet on turned supports. 35ins. x 47ins. x 20ins. £30-50
590.    20th cent. Gilt metal based occasional tables with onyx tops. One rectangular 39ins x 20ins and one circular 18ins diameter. £40-60
591.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany cake stand, wine table & a foot stool. £30-40
592.    19th cent. Mahogany serpentine sided table, ebony & boxwood feather banding on slender supports rising off pad feet, 29ins. square x 27½ins. height. £40-60
593.    20th cent. Mahogany D. End side table with single drawer, a tripod table with gun barrel column and a nest of 3 tables. £30-50
594.    20th cent. Hardwood circular tables - a pair. 21ins. diameter x 27ins. high. Plus a fire screen with tapestry panel. £40-60
595.    20th cent Oak 3 drawer chest. 42ins. x 28ins. x 18ins. £60-80
596.    20th cent Oak 3 drawer chest. 42ins. x 28ins. x 18ins. £60-80
597.    20th cent. Mahogany twin pedestal desk, 9 drawers, green leather skiver plus a matching 2 drawers filing cabinet. Desk - 42ins. x 31ins. x 20ins. Filing cabinet 21ins. x 31ins. x 24ins.
598.    20th cent. Pressed steel card index file, 2 x 2 drawers. £20-30
599.    Pre-war oak four drawer set of card index file drawers 15ins x 15½ins plus early 20th cent. oak 2 drawer filing cabinet. £20-40
600.    20th cent. Oak card index file, 2 x 4 drawers. £60-80
601.    20th cent. Oak card index file, 1 x 4 drawers, 2 x 2 drawers. £50-80
602.    20th cent. Oak card index file 1 x 6 drawers. £40-60
603.    20th cent. Oak card index files, 3 x 2 drawers. £40-60
604.    20th cent. Mahogany reproduction dining chairs, 2 carvers and 6 chairs. £60-80
605.    19th cent. Oak corner cupboard. 27½ins. x 41ins. x 16ins.
606.    20th cent. Bentwood style school chairs (7). £20-40
607.    19th cent. Mahogany bar back chairs, drop in seats - 1 carver & 3 chairs. 1 af. £40-60
608.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany bow front sideboard, 2 central drawers flanked by 2 cupboards, with 6 turned & reeded supports. £50-100
609.    19th cent. Mahogany bookcases x 3. All glazed, one with moulding to the glazed doors. £40-60
610.    19th cent. Mahogany 4 cock beaded drawer bureau, fitted interior on bracket supports. £100-150
611.    19th cent. Mahogany side table with 3 drawers, turned supports. £60-80
612.    20th cent. Reconstituted stone octagonal planters x 2, round planters x 2 and a bird bath. £40-60
613.    20th cent. Terracotta square planters - a pair. £60-80
614.    20th cent. Terracotta planters, 2 large, 1 medium, 1 small. £60-80
615.    20th cent. Garden wrought iron work climbing frames, baskets, dividers etc. £60-80
616.    Victorian mahogany loo table of oval form on single support with four well-formed splayed supports. 46ins. x 29ins. x 34ins. £80-120
617.    19th cent. Walnut oval tilt top table, satin and fruit wood inlay, carved 5 column support with carved splayed feet. £100-150
618.    18th cent. Oak 2/3 chest of drawers, cock beaded drawer fronts on bracket supports.
619.    19th cent. Mahogany knife box brass furniture, plush lined lid. £100-150
620.    ˜1920s Art Deco rosewood and ivory basket 14ins x 3½ins x 7ins. £50-80
621.    George III oval mahogany drop leaf dining table with boxwood inlay on tapering supports. 48ins. x 69ins. £300-400
622.    19th cent. Circular top table, single column on three splayed supports. 38½ins. dia. £100-150
623.    19th cent. Mahogany balloon back dining chairs on sabre back supports and turned front supports, set of 6. £220-280
624.    19th cent. Mahogany dining table with 2 leaves on elegant serpentine supports with wind-out mechanism. £120-180
625.    Glassware: Freestanding photo frame with ridge decoration black leather backing and stand. £20-30
626.    19th cent. Ladies walnut travelling jewellery box with lower perfume compartment, some slight damage. Art deco gilt and imitation shagreen case and mahogany glove box. £40-60
627.    19th cent. Mahogany foot stool, woolwork covered upholstered (rose pattern) rising off 4 bun feet. £20-30
628.    20th cent. Gentleman's oak hall chair with acanthus decoration to the elbow. £50-80
629.    19th cent. Mahogany bow front chest of 3 drawers of delicate proportions. 41ins. x 33ins. x 21ins. £50-80
630.    18th cent. Oak peg jointed gateleg table. £80-120
631.    19th cent. Oak Glastonbury chair, plain form. £100-150
632.    Regency birds eye maple, with ebony and inlay inset panels, card table, blue baize inner, on four column support. 35ins. x 29ins. 19ins. £200-250
633.    18th cent. Mahogany Chinese Chippendale inspired armchair, upholstered in an embossed gold damask fabric. £300-500
634.    Art and Crafts honey oak book and music rack. 20ins x 31ins x 11ins. £100-150
635.    Henri Studio bald eagle in cast stone. 24ins high x 11ins wide, weighs 87lb. £40-60