Antiques, Collectables & Part Two of the Clifford, Rosemary & Penelope Ellis Studio
Sale on Saturday 25th February 2017
Thursday 23rd February 10am - 4.00pm
Friday 24th February 12 noon - 7.00pm
Saleday from 8.30am
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Lots: 150-197 of 640
Lot 150
Napoleonic Wars/Manuscripts/Piracy: Rare original letter of Marque for Commander Charles Chant of the Betsey against The Dutch, dated 23rd June 1807. It authorises reprisals against ships of the Batavian Republic, together with a bill of sale for the Betsey from 1803.

Estimate:  £800 - 1200
Lot 151
Militaria: Regimental drum 4th Batt. Wiltshire Regt. Duke of Edinburgh's battle honour S.A. 1900 to Palestine 1917, Baghdad below Crown & Crest, makers and retailers Geo Potter Aldershot, G. Butler Haymarket, London & Dublin, pencil mark on skin "Gibbs" worn with top skin pierced.

Estimate:  £300 - 500
Lot 151A
Ethnic Weapons: Malayan steel spear 16inch blade, hardwood shaft, 4ft 6ins acquired in the 1950s by the vendor's father in Malaya.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 152
Scientific Instruments: Treen cased Chinese magnetic compass, captured in 1928 from a pirate junk by H.W. Pullen R.N of HMS Tamar, whilst patrolling the Yangtze River, China. With this item is the family and his service history by direct descent, as provenance H.W. Pullen was M.I.D and awarded 'The Sea Gallantry' medal for rescuing the Duchess of Fife, Princess Alexandra from drowning in 1911./ H.W. R.N was from Holt, Wiltshire.
Estimate:  £80 - 100
Lot 152A
Militaria: WW1 Trench art Dardanelles souvenir 1916 shell case. Hammered cased design of a heart, flowers, minarets and temple. Property of H.W. Pullen R.N of Holt, Wiltshire.
Estimate:  £40 - 50
Lot 153
Cigarette Cards/ Sporting: Boxing WA and AC Churchman boxing personalities 50 cards, mounted framed and glazed 20ins. x 18ins. Plus 2 x framed prints famous English football players 1881 and Cricketers 1880. Both from "The Boys Own paper" framed and glazed 17½ins. x 12½ins. (3).
Estimate:  £25 - 30
Lot 154
Show Business/Autographs: Signed 'Chita Rivera' programme, also Michael Feinstein, Harry Connick Jnr signed programme, etc. (6)

Estimate:  £15 - 25
Lot 155
Cinema/Theatre: Coloured posters - 'Top Hat' signed by Tom Chambers, 'An Evening with Michael Feinstein' signed, plus a collection of rolled posters including 'A Streetcar called Desire', 'Mousetrap', 'Pack of Lies', etc. Approx. 16.
Estimate:  £35 - 50
Lot 156
Cinema/Theatre: 'Mack and Mabel on your Toes' at the Palace, '42nd Street' at Drury Lane and Company. All framed. (3).
Estimate:  £15 - 20
Lot 157
Cinema/Theatre: Coloured theatre posters for 'A Chorus Line' at Drury Lane, 'Fosse' at The Prince of Wales Theatre, 'Swan Lake' at Dominion Theatre, 'Riverdance', 'I got Rhythm' and 'A Swell Party'. 20ins. x 12ins. (6). All framed.

Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 158
Cinema: 'Singin in the Rain', Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds, MGM film poster. Framed and glazed 27ins. x 19ins.

Estimate:  £50 - 100
Lot 159
Posters: Quantity of misc. reproduction and other posters.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 160
DVD Posters: "After Earth", 3 x "Now You See Me", "Epic" x 2, "Dead Man Down", "Behind The Candelabra", "Fast and Furious", "World Wars" Poster depicting misc DVD's inc. "Star Trek", "Games" poster, "Grand Theft Auto", F1 racing posters etc.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 161
Film posters: Bollywood colour posters, 5 Dushman, Taxi Chor x2, Lagam, Jhoomar, Amar Shakti, Ram Balram, Gunahon Ka Derta x 2, Kasauti, Aadmi Sadak Ka, Aahutee, Hashoo Khan, Mouhto (14) All 30 in by 40 ins. Mustafiz's Payel x 3, 36 ins x 23 ins. Suhaag x 2, Jadu Tona x 2, Ginny au Johnny x 5, all 20 ins x 30 ins. Also including cinema adverts x 9, Tower Hamlets Carnival Against Racism posters x 2, Championship Wrestling posters featuring Susha Singh, Mohd Khan, Razak Ali, Nasir Bholu and many more.
Estimate:  £80 - 120
Lot 162
Cinema/Theatre: Coloured theatre posters for Bob Fosse's 'Dancin at Drury Lane', with programme, Gershwin's 'Crazy for You' at The Prince Edward Theatre, Lauren Bacall in 'Applause at the Palace' and 'La Cage Aux Follies' also at the Palace. Framed and glazed. (4)

Estimate:  £25 - 40
Lot 163
Show Business/Autographs: Rudolf Nureyev photograph and autograph. Framed and glazed 16ins. x 10ins.

Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 164
Show Business/Autographs: Katherine Hepburn signed but faded playbill, Angela Lansbury signed 'Mamie'. (2)

Estimate:  £25 - 40
Lot 165
Ephemera: Illustrated London News Saturday September 18th 1880 includes the match report England v Australia at Kennington oval plaque including Lord Harris, Dr. E.M. Grace and top scorer Dr W.G. Grace 152 runs England won by five wickets. Plus the Seaham Colliery disaster. Plus 19th cent. Music sheets - Cinderella, arranged by Chas Glover, Aladdin music by W, Wilson, The Adoration by W.H. Callcott, Aladdin Lancers arranged W. Meyer Lutz, Mansion House Ball composed by J. Blewitt. All with illustrated front covers.

Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 166
Film Related: Paintings in watercolour, pen & ink, pencil drawings, some with artist proof stamp. Prototype posters of Archie Andrews Xmas Party, Paris at Night, Gaslight (3), a caricature of Richard Cooper by Blot 3, signed lower right. A photo of Richard Attenborough, on card, by a super snipe car with his beau. Also an original watercolour Arthur Dandoe in the 'Phonograph Girl' in 1906 and a Laurel and Hardy 'A Chump at Oxford'
Estimate:  £50 - 80
Lot 167
Records: Collection of Elvis Presley to include RCA 'Jailhouse Rock', RCA 'Its Now or Never', HMV 'Anyway You Want Me', HMV 'Hound Dog', HMV 'Blue Moon', RCA Victor 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. (16). Plus RCA Frank Sinatra 'Learning the Blues'.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 168
Show Business/Autographs: George Gershwin photo and autograph (faded), purchased at Fraser's. 15ins. x 10ins. Plus another signed Duchess Theatre 'Post for Alone'. Framed and glazed.

Estimate:  £200 - 300
Lot 169
Show Business/Autographs: Signed record cover Edith Piaf. 10ins. x 10ins.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 170
Show Business/Autographs: Katherine Hepburn signed note and autographed Coco playbill. (2) Framed and glazed.

Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 171
Cinema/Theatre: 'My One and Only' at the Piccadilly Theatre, 'Follies' at the Shaftesbury Theatre, All framed. (3)

Estimate:  £15 - 20
Lot 172
Music Sheets: 1900 onwards - musicals, classical, pianoforte scores, popular songs. Some librettos & sonatas. Several books of music. (1 Box).
Estimate:  £20 - 40
Lot 173
Books: "The Rupert Bear Annuals", Daily Express x 33 plus "A Bear's Life - Rupert" 1950s-1990s. 34 in total.
Estimate:  £20 - 40
Lot 174
Books: Subjects - Chinese & Japanese ceramics, snuff bottles, netsuke, paintings & jade. Mainly hard back. Approx. 46 in 2 boxes.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 175
Books: Subjects - Chinese art, snuff bottles, carved jade, netsuke, porcelain. Plus a tray of other art books including Persian, Tibetan, Hindu, New Hall Ceramics, Indian miniatures, etc. Approx. 30 books in 2 boxes.
Estimate:  £20 - 40
Lot 176
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Encyclopaedia Britannica" 7 volumes only, 15 volumes of "Chambers Encyclopaedia" and 4 volumes of "Hutchinsons Animals Of All Countries". Plus religion including "The History of the Gospel" 1729, "The History of the Holy Bible" 1743, and "The Life of Christ" by FW Farrar, etc. (7). Plus "Complete Works of Flavius Josephus", translated by W Whiston.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 177
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Period hardbound volumes to include 1877 "Family Magazine", "Punch" 1911, "London Society" volumes 17 and 19, etc. Plus "The Young Painters Maulstick", "Magazine Of Art", "Dictionary Of Furniture", "Peasant Art In Sweden", "Lapland & Iceland", "The Works Of Hogarth", "Art Union" 1847, Land Seers Studies", "Conrad Gessner" 1516-1565 published 1969, "Fresques Romanes Des Eglises De France".
Estimate:  £40 - 70
Lot 178
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "A View Of The Gold & Silver Of All Nations", J Ede 1801 publisher, printed for J.M. Richardson.

Estimate:  £100 - 150
Lot 179
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Bradbury and Evans "The Newcomes" Arthur Pendennis (William Thacheray) 2 volumes 1854 first edition ¼ bound, slight discolouration to front bases, otherwise clean, tight copies with damage to marble boards. Plus Chez J Johnson Walker, etc. 1809 "Oeuvres De Moliere Par M. Bret" ¼ bound, condition poor, volume 1 to 4, 6 and 8. "Fables De La Fontaine And The British Poets" 4 volumes and "Letters To Junius" 2 volumes 1811. (14).
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 180
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Works of Shakespeare" 1762 volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. A 1773 copy volume 5, full leather bound, fair to poor condition plus a 1724 copy of "M. Accii Plauti Comoediae", fair condition. (12).
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 181
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Kincaid & Donaldson 1756 "The Works Of Dr Jonathan Swift" in 6 volumes. Full leather bound, overall condition fair, titles missing off spines.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 182
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Military "Expedition to the Crimea" by W.H. Russell, revised edition 1858, leather & cloth bound, Sir John Kincaid's novel "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade". (2). Plus "The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy Gentleman" printed for C Cooke 1793 ¼ leather bound 6 volumes plus 2 volumes "Sentimental Journey" by Mr Yorick, all bound as one fair condition.
Estimate:  £60 - 100
Lot 183
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Knapton, Knaplock, Midwinter 1733 "The History Of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha" volume 3 & 4 only. Leather bound, condition fair. (2). Plus "Woods Natural History" abridged copy to 1 volume published Routledge and Son New York, full leather binding, tooled and gilted, damage to bottom spine, some scuffing.

Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 184
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Macaulay's Essays" 1863. "The Odyssey Of Homer" 1771, "The Iliad of Homer". Both leather bound, clean tight copies, condition fair to good, "Salammbo" 1899, condition good, "Defoes Works" 2 volumes, "Gay Fables", etc.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 185
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Jacob Tonson 1725 copy "Paradise Lost" 12th edition, full leather bound, fair condition.
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Lot 186
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Royal Commission 1900 Paris International Exhibition at the Royal Pavilion "Artists At Home" by F.G. Stephens. Plus "Arthur Lobbecke Auction Catalogue" (German) of medals, plaques, medallions, Munich 1908. plus "A View Of The Gold & Silver Of All Nations".
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 187
Books: Female characters of Goethe from the original drawings of William Kaulbach by G.H Lewis, 2nd edition Fredrick Bruckmann London, no spine.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 188
Books: Times 'Atlas and Gazetteer of the World' poor condition Selfridge Edition plus The Universal 'Atlas of The World' 1923 published by Geographia Ltd.
Estimate:  £30 - 60
Lot 189
Ellis Family Archive: Tooled leather bound original music scores, hand-written tunes & songs, copies of Hector Berlioz, Thomas Cambell, etc.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 190
Ellis Family Archive - Books: Leonard Baskins miniature "Natural History" first series, boxed, Sarah Van Nickesk "Her Picture Book". Joan Hassalls "Picture Book", Kate Greenaway "Almanack 1883" & "Alphabet". Both Kate Greenaway books are worn.
Estimate:  £70 - 80
Lot 191
Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Masccio Brancacci Chapel", Church of Santa Maria Del Carmine, Florence, 28 colour plates, Amilcare Pizzi Art Publications Milan and "The Flemish Tapestries at Wawel Castle in Cracow". Both in very good condition.
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Lot 192
Books: John Le Carré "The Naive and Sentimental lover" 1971, "Smiley's People" 1980 and "Single" 1999 (3).
Estimate:  £80 - 100
Lot 193
Books: The 2nd World War Winston Churchill, reprint, Society London, eleventh edition, November 1954. 6 vols.
Estimate:  £10 - 20
Lot 194
Pop Memorabilia: "The Beatles" 1963/64 "Christmas Show", souvenir programmes x 2, "The Beatles" 1964/65. Another "Christmas Show" souvenir programme with the original "Evening News" souvenir, picture edition 1963 'Meet the four boys from Liverpool'.
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Lot 195
John F. Kennedy: Unusual memorial programme at St. Paul's Cathedral 1st December 1963, original copy of "The Daily Express" from 23rd November 1963, "Evenings Times" 6th June 1968 from Bobby Kennedy's death and Saturday "Evening Post" in memoriam supplement to JFK. (4).
Estimate:  £40 - 70
Lot 196
Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Prints: "The Great Eastern Steamship" colour lithograph, from a painting by Edwin Weedon. Printed in the "Illustrated London News" September 17th 1859. a/f. Folds and foxing. 27ins. x 17¾ins. (image).
Estimate:  £50 - 80
Lot 197
Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Extremely rare and fine S.S. Great Eastern letter and written by Captain John Vine Hall to Miss Granger written on August 5th 1860 on embossed Great Eastern logo on the letter head.

Dearest Miss Granger,

I was so enchanted with the dulcet tones of your voice last evening,

with your exquisite musical taste, with your amiable manners,

that I could do no less this morning than, with your best wishes

for your future happiness, subscribe myself your most sincerely

John Vine Hall
Great Eastern
August 1860
Chesapeake Bay

The letter was written by the first Captain of the Great Eastern after arrival of the ship in the United States.

June 17, 1860 Southampton - June 28, 1860 New York (maiden transatlantic voyage)

August 16, 1860 New York - August 26, 1860 Southampton (return transatlantic voyage)

Estimate:  £300 - 500