Antiques, Collectables & Part Two of the Clifford, Rosemary & Penelope Ellis Studio
Sale on Saturday 25th February 2017
Thursday 23rd February 10am - 4.00pm
Friday 24th February 12 noon - 7.00pm
Saleday from 8.30am
Sale commences at 10.00am
Lots: 51-100 of 640
Lot 51
Plated Flatware: Kings pattern flatware, large selection.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 52
Royal Doulton: "Clarendon" 12 place dinner set & 11 place coffee set.
Estimate:  £80 - 120
Lot 53
20th cent. Ceramics: Mason's Chartreuse pattern, floral motif with hand gilt embellishment compromising: 9ins plates x 10, 7ins plates x 9, large saucers x 9, large teacups x 7, teapot, sugar bowl with cover plus 2 other sugar bowls, 11½ins ovals x 2, 10ins rectangular tureens x 2, 9ins soup bowl and 6ins dessert dish x 14, large soup bowl x 6, small soup bowl x 7, large pudding bowl x 6, coffee saucers x 18, coffee cans x 17 (1 a/f), 2 x salts, 2 x peppers, 7 x egg cups, gravy boat, ashtray, 1 x teacup and saucer, cake stand without handle.
Estimate:  £80 - 1210
Lot 54
Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Ceramics: Booths "Chelsea Birds" dessert set, 10 x 9ins plates also 4 x square serving dishes, some damage.
Estimate:  £45 - 55
Lot 55
20th cent. Duplex oil lamp, brass base, milk glass shade, double wick burner approx 21ins high.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 56
20th cent. Brassware: Brass British bulldog figurine/door stop. 9ins. x 7ins.

Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 57
Plated Cutlery: Fish knives x 6, Fish forks x 5, mother of pearl handles, another set with embossed handles Knives & forks x 8, plus a boxed set of cake forks and 2 sugar tongs.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 58
20th cent. Ceramics & Plated Ware: Spode collectors' 'Blue Room' plater 12½ins. x 9½ins., a Royal Worcester 'Evesham' collectors' plate 10¼ins. diameter plus a EPNS coffee pot, a plated serving plater, a Walker Hall fruit basket 10ins, with handle and an EP 'rattail' soup spoon.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 59
20th cent. Lighting: Brass Corinthian column lamp on weighted base 25ins.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 60
20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware, pink lustre cup, Wesley collage Sheffield, Arcadian planter on stand, The Needles, Dartmouth letter box, blue lustre egg cup Shanklin. (1 Box).
Estimate:  £25 - 35
Lot 61
20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert Old English Rose, Royalty cups, saucers and cake plates. (1 Box).
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 62
20th cent. Ceramics: T.G. Green cream ground Draught Red Barrel ashtray with hop motifs corners, Red Watneys Barrel to centre with tap and Draught Red Barrel to rim.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 63
20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Toby jugs "Philpots", "Sam Weller", "Mr Pickwick", 6ins. high. "Sam Weller" 2ins. high, "Buzz Fuzz" 4¼ins. high, plus an unnamed Santa Clause jug, ginger jars and a Parian style jug from Portmeirion, etc.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 64
20th cent. Ceramic: Doulton character jugs "Gone Away" (a/f), "The Falconer", "Old Salt" plus "Rip Van Winkle" (4).
Estimate:  £46 - 60
Lot 65
19th cent. and later Collectors Bottles: Combe & Son, Melksham, F Hopkinson, Alfreton, Wheeler & Son, Belfast, Lamb Brewery Frome and a seal bottle and 1 other.
Estimate:  £30 - 60
Lot 66
20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass dressing table set tray, trinket pots, powder bowl, ring stand plus a perfume bottle.
Estimate:  £15 - 20
Lot 67
20th cent. Ceramics: A Poole vase, Portmeirion pot plus a Worcester blush style 2 handles large urn painted floral sprays.
Estimate:  £20 - 40
Lot 68
20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figure Wendy H.N2100, Doulton Harvest match striker, Doulton pin dish D5170, Shorter sugar shaker, Peregrine Falcon, Peter Thomson whisky a/f. and green chamber stick.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 69
20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton character jugs mini "North American Indian", "Scaramouche", "Dick Turpin", "Gulliver" plus "Gone Away" (5).
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 70
20th cent. Ceramics: Kelsboro ware Toby, Crown Staffordshire rose arrangement, Hove Di Bassaho floral vase a/f. Plus a black cat seated and a white horse.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 71
Glass Ware: Art deco decanters with etched & enamel painted, 6 cocktail glasses, tumblers, and 3 painted glass bowls.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 72
Plated Ware: Cocktail shakers x 2, with twist bodies showing the recipes for drinks.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 73
Ellis Family Archive: Gentleman's brush in leather case, a pair of clothes brushes in the form of a duck, shoe horns, brass hangers - a pair, leather wallet, Ethnic bead cap plus one other.
Estimate:  £25 - 35
Lot 74
20th cent. Wade Whimsies: Miniature bottle figures housed in a printers block tray.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 75
Treen Ware: Two sets of Russian style doll's, a set of coasters, vase, duck egg cup and cover, an ornate inlaid cigarette box with fruit wood, bone and ebony inlay.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 76
20th cent. Royal Commemorative: Aynsley Royal Wedding July 1981 Prince and Princess of Wales, Solian ware Silver Jubilee 1935, Coronet ware mug, the Coronation Edward VIII. (2 Mugs & 1 Beaker). Plus a Royal Doulton miniature loving cup and Tyg with Welsh Folk scenes 2¼ins. High.
Estimate:  £20 - 25
Lot 77
20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware lustre egg cup 'Devizes Market Place', chicken 'Castle Combe', hat pin stand 'Newquay', Goss bowl 'Marlborough', etc.
Estimate:  £20 - 25
Lot 78
Crested ware Reading bowl, Crown Devon, Swanage, Arcadian, mermaid, Cowdenbeath, Swan Holborn, Royal Doulton, Herstmonceux Castle, dish plus other unmarked items. (Tray not included).
Estimate:  £35 - 45
Lot 79
20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Burgundy" tea and dinner ware, 5 x tea cups, 3 x saucers, 2 x 2 handled soup bowls, 12 x 6ins plates, 9 x 9ins plates, 8 x 10ins plates plus a milk jug.
Estimate:  £25 - 35
Lot 80
20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood blue Jasper ware 6 x pin trays, 4 x trinket boxes.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 81
19/20th cent. Ceramics and Glass: Cantonese tankard a/f, 2 x 19th cent. Ceramic puzzle decanters (1 a/f) 6ins, 2 x urns on a plinth with covers, a clock garniture, 2 x blue and 2 orange glass vases 5½ins. x 4½ins.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 82
20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' 4 x dinner plates, one with a clock face, 4 x sides plates, 4 x saucers, 4 x cups, 4 x sugar bowls with covers, milk jug, 4 x bowls (various), 2 x Royal Albert Crown china cups, Shapes swan mustard bowl, thimble, urn, 2 x cake plates, flower basket plus a tea for one pot.
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Lot 83
20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood 'Mount Vernon' meat plates with canted sides plus 4 other meat ovals 15½ins x 2, 13ins and 12½ins.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 84
Ceramics: Mid 19th cent. Staffordshire tea set in the Chinoiserie style, 11 place setting. Plus a 20th cent. German gilt lustre tea set.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 85
20th cent. Ceramics: Jugs mostly floral patterned plus a lustre jug, bowl and sugar
bowl with cover (8).
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 86
19th/20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Tea for one teapots and covers, bowl, cups and plates etc most with oriental themed decoration, most hand painted (1 box).
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 87
Ceramics: 19th cent. and later ceramics including lustre, Arthur Wood graduated jugs etc.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 88
19/20th cent. Commemorative Ware: Coaching jugs x 2, a coaching tankard, Victorian dimond jubilee mug, WW1 mug plus others Willow art, Tuscan china, Swan china and Chinese ware.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 89
20th cent. Ceramics: Decorative plates including Minton, Allcock, Spode Byron sandwich plates (3) plus Crown Staffordshire.
Estimate:  £25 - 30
Lot 90
20th cent. Tea set - 12 place setting. Bread & butter plates x 2, cups, saucers & tea plates x 12, milk jug, sugar bowl by Delphine China England plus a Delton ware chintz pattern flowers & birds fruit bowl 9ins. diameter & soup bowls x 12.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 91
Maps: Landranger maps 1-inch maps ATO2's etc. 2 Boxes.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 92
Ellis Family Archive: Albums of Grand Tour style postcards, 5 with illuminated sack cloth covers, showing Cathedral architectural scenes from Venice, Provence, Auvergne, Rheims and Serris some with notations. (9 in Total).
Estimate:  £60 - 100
Lot 93
Stamps: Good selection of G.B. & World stamps. Some high value, 1 album & loose.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 94
Postcards: British & foreign topographical, Ringwood, Colchester, Tunbridge Wells. Some military with a view of Aden Yemen from forces post office.

Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 95
19th/20th cent. Postcards: Black lacquer Chinese album, with watercolour inset, of postcards. Hong Kong, Canton, China including Chinese death cages, Linchi punishment killings, Chinese prisoners in the Canque (72).
Estimate:  £150 - 200
Lot 96
Postcards: Period WWI and later submarine cards, rare memoriam card for the A7 lost January 1914, photos etc. over 200 items.
Estimate:  £300 - 500
Lot 97
Postcards: German u-boats, an album of WWI and later submarine postcards, also Russia, Japanese and Finnish. Approx. 170
Estimate:  £100 - 150
Lot 98
Postcards: Large collection of WWI and later submarine postcards, mostly French, several Italian. Over 220.
Estimate:  £120 - 180
Lot 99
Stamps: School boy album of 19th century and later including Penny Reds.
Estimate:  £20 - 40
Lot 100
Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: The Stock family album, friends & staff 1866 - 1868.
Estimate:  £80 - 120