Antiques, Collectables & Part Two of the Clifford, Rosemary & Penelope Ellis Studio
Sale on Saturday 25th February 2017
Thursday 23rd February 10am - 4.00pm
Friday 24th February 12 noon - 7.00pm
Saleday from 8.30am
Sale commences at 10.00am
Lots: 1-50 of 640
Lot 1
20th cent. Ceramics: Alfred Meakin Old Willow, 6 dessert dishes, 6 dinner plates, 6 cups & saucers, 6 side plates, 6 desert plates, vegetable tureen and cover also other miscellaneous Willowware.
Estimate:  £25 - 35
Lot 2
20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese 12 place setting tea service, decorated with a design of a desert at sunset with palm trees.
Estimate:  £25 - 35
Lot 3
Late 18th/19th cent. Pewter: A quart tankard with excise touch marks, mulled beer tankard, spirit tankard, a pair of salts, pewter cup with glass base plus a tobacco jar with cover (7).
Estimate:  £40 - 50
Lot 4
20th cent. Lighting: Chandelier, nine branch light in a brass and medieval style plus twin branch wall lights black mat - a pair. Plus another chandelier, two x five branch light and one x three branch light, brass and brushed metal and a chandelier, ten branch lights brushed metal winged finial 25ins. and 33ins. All Lights require rewiring.
Estimate:  £80 - 100
Lot 5
20th cent. Table Lamps: Onyx treen, alabaster and brass etc with shades (6).
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 6
20th cent. Lamp Bases: Oriental vases decorated with birds and chrysanthemums a pair, gilt and green base, single treen base plus a pair of 8 branch gilt chandelier, all items need rewiring.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 7
Textiles: Selection of hand embroidered and lace tablecloths, voile tea tablecloths plus small embroidered and thread painted picture, framed and glazed.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 8
19th/20th cent. Lace and cloth plus a good quantity of Anchor Tapisserie wool and frames.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 9
Textile: Early 20th cent. White cotton embossed bed covers, single bed size.
Estimate:  £50 - 60
Lot 10
Textiles: 20th cent. Lace table cloths and embroidered cloths.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 11
Sewing & Knitting Requisites: Silks, ribbons, buttons, cottons, darning equipment (1 box) plus a tray of material (doilies) (2).

Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 12
19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Wash bowl, jugs, chamber pots plus a tooth brush holder (7).
Estimate:  £20 - 40
Lot 13
20th cent. Glass, Ceramics and Metalware: Including Toby jugs, jugs, glass preserve pot, green bowl, ribbon plate etc (1 box).
Estimate:  £25 - 30
Lot 14
19th/20th cent Ceramics, Metalware, Orientalware and prints: 18th cent Pewter candlestick (a pair) 9ins, plated serving dish and cover, hors d'oeuvre dish, cloisonné tourist ware x 3, 20th cent Aynsley coffee cans and saucers, oriental plates x 4, 21st cent bud vase in blue plus prints x 2 & 4 lithograph prints (1 box)
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 15
20th cent. Ceramics & Later: Royal Worcester Evesham, Copeland flo blue, Gien Cheverney France, Lovatis, Booths Commemorative plate for 8th Baron Vernon, Longleat dish & cover, W. Howell Prestbury Studioware, Noritake dressing table set, Wedgwood (1953) Devon slipware pot with fields & farmhouse design, etc. (2 Boxes).
Estimate:  £40 - 50
Lot 16
20th cent. Ceramics: Tea set, Fenton China Company, with matching Duchess ware (part). Plus coffee service in dark green with gilt rims and a Royal Doulton tea/coffee set 'Real Old Willow'.
Estimate:  £40 - 50
Lot 17
Ceramics/Glassware and Treen: Masons iron stone jug with oriental decoration, oriental Imari bowl with fluted edges, M + Z Czechoslovakian plates decorated with fruit (7), potty, 19th cent hand-painted 7 plate with vine decoration in relief and hand-painted roses, glasses, flower vases, bowls with a solitaire board, bookends in the form of books, BT phone in cream, a pair of 20th cent wall mounted lights (1a/f) etc. (3 x boxes plus a small wicker basket).
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 18
20th cent. Ceramics: Minton tea china "Green Cockatrice" 5 x tea plates, 4 x saucers, 4 x 4 cups. Paragon Rockingham tea ware, milk jug, teapot, sugar bowls x 2, tea pot. Royal Albert "Lady Hamilton" breakfast cups and saucers x 6 plus 4 x tea plates, plate ware. etc.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 19
20th cent. Ceramics and Glass: Serving plates, Copenhagen onion pattern bowl a/f, model ducks, glass vase etc (1 Box).
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 20
Ellis Family Archive: Terracotta pots, egg crock, bowls, etc. misc. sizes.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 21
19th cent. Copper and brass samovar with ornate tap. 21ins tall.
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Lot 22
Islamic brass lamp base, oriental ceramic lamp base on treen stand, both in need of servicing plus a brass toasting fork and ornamental copper items.
Estimate:  £40 - 45
Lot 23
Rural Collectables: Edwardian Lister cream separator & a glass bottom butter churner with treen paddle.
Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 24
Brass: 19th cent. Large watering can and coal bucket, plus a decorative miner's lamp.

Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 25
Coach and Lorry Lamps: Coach lamp plus King of the Road back lamp.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 26
Brass and Copper Ware: Coal box, log pot plus 3 x kettles.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 27
19th/Early 20th cent. Wood Turners Tools: Made by various manufacturers J. Howarth, John Bull, Hearnshaw, Sheffield, W. Maples & Sons, etc. Treen handled, some blades, etc. (1 Box).

Estimate:  £70 - 100
Lot 28
19th cent. Cast iron & brass book press 16ins. x 16ins. x 10ins.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 29
19th and 20th cent. Tools: Chisels, smoothing planes, jack plane and surform iron clamp, etc.
Estimate:  £20 - 40
Lot 30
21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Ziegler rug 1.90m. x 1.40m.
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Lot 31
21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Heriz rug 1.90m. x 1.40m.
Estimate:  £60 - 80
Lot 32
Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Carpets/Wall Hangings: Two hand sewn threads in the sun, fields, trees & animal motifs. Vivid colours. 96ins. x 39ins, each. (2).
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Lot 33
Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Carpets: Decorations of stylised birds & rural motifs, 1 border brown, creams & red ground plus 1 other. 53ins. x 39ins. (2).
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 34
Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Carpets: Hall runner/carpet in shades of blues with geometric shapes in red, cream & orange. 180ins. x 39ins.
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Lot 35
Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Carpets: Islamic Prayer rug, 6 borders with medallions, pathways, centred by the 'tree of life'. Fringed at 2 ends 19ins. x 13¼ins. Plus a hall runner/carpet with 5 borders, cream & brown ground with floral motifs. The central panel fruit trees & stylised tree patterns. 180ins. x 37ins. and a 'rush' door cover.
Estimate:  £50 - 70
Lot 36
Early 20th cent. Luggage: Ladies crocodile leather small case, British safety locks. 17ins. x 12ins. x 6ins.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 37
1970s Woman's Northcote red leather travelling/vanity case.
Estimate:  £20 - 40
Lot 38
Games: Gino Ferrari modern resin chess set, misc. ceramics, reproduction Indian sword - behind counter, etc.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 39
20th cent. Plate: Flatware including caddy spoons, cheese knifes, table spoons, tea spoon plus some sets.
Estimate:  £35 - 45
Lot 40
20th cent. Plated Flatware: Viners & Hall, Sheffield teaspoons, soup spoons, knives & forks, etc. in Viners oak case/canteen on stand.
Estimate:  £30 - 50
Lot 41
20th cent. Wash Jug & bowl.
Estimate:  £10 - 15
Lot 42
20th cent. Ceramics: Tiles, Wedgwood, Delft and others (10 x tiles).
Estimate:  £25 - 35
Lot 43
Treen Ware: Sliding bookrack, (heavily carved) plus Indian hardwood bookrack x 2, and an ebonised floral fretwork wall shelf with mother of pearl centres.

Estimate:  £20 - 30
Lot 44
Plated Ware: Tea & coffee service - two teapots, one with etched decoration, a coffee pot, hot water pot & sugar bowl.
Estimate:  £40 - 60
Lot 45
19th cent. Mahogany writing slope. 12ins. x 9ins. x 3ins.
Estimate:  £15 - 25
Lot 46
Ellis Family Archive: Burr walnut jewellery box, fitted with purple velvet compartments and mirror. The box has mother of pearl inlay.
Estimate:  £35 - 45
Lot 47
19th cent. Burr walnut work box mother of pearl inlay 11¾ins. x 5¼ins. x 9ins.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 48
20th cent. Plate Ware: Egg cruet with 4 egg cups, spoons plus salts.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 49
20th cent. Plate: Northern goldsmiths tea set, deco style bread basket plus a cake stand.
Estimate:  £30 - 40
Lot 50
20th cent. Plateware: Gallery tray, circular tray, tankards, gravy boat, coaster, wine taster etc.,
Estimate:  £50 - 60