Antiques, Collectables & Part Two of the Clifford, Rosemary & Penelope Ellis Studio
Sale on Saturday 25th February 2017

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1.      20th cent. Ceramics: Alfred Meakin Old Willow, 6 dessert dishes, 6 dinner plates, 6 cups & saucers, 6 side plates, 6 desert plates, vegetable tureen and cover also other miscellaneous Willowware. £25-35
2.      20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese 12 place setting tea service, decorated with a design of a desert at sunset with palm trees. £25-35
3.      Late 18th/19th cent. Pewter: A quart tankard with excise touch marks, mulled beer tankard, spirit tankard, a pair of salts, pewter cup with glass base plus a tobacco jar with cover (7). £40-50
4.      20th cent. Lighting: Chandelier, nine branch light in a brass and medieval style plus twin branch wall lights black mat - a pair. Plus another chandelier, two x five branch light and one x three branch light, brass and brushed metal and a chandelier, ten branch lights brushed metal winged finial 25ins. and 33ins. All Lights require rewiring. £80-100
5.      20th cent. Table Lamps: Onyx treen, alabaster and brass etc with shades (6). £20-30
6.      20th cent. Lamp Bases: Oriental vases decorated with birds and chrysanthemums a pair, gilt and green base, single treen base plus a pair of 8 branch gilt chandelier, all items need rewiring. £30-40
7.      Textiles: Selection of hand embroidered and lace tablecloths, voile tea tablecloths plus small embroidered and thread painted picture, framed and glazed. £30-40
8.      19th/20th cent. Lace and cloth plus a good quantity of Anchor Tapisserie wool and frames. £30-40
9.      Textile: Early 20th cent. White cotton embossed bed covers, single bed size. £50-60
10.     Textiles: 20th cent. Lace table cloths and embroidered cloths. £30-40
11.     Sewing & Knitting Requisites: Silks, ribbons, buttons, cottons, darning equipment (1 box) plus a tray of material (doilies) (2).
12.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Wash bowl, jugs, chamber pots plus a tooth brush holder (7). £20-40
13.     20th cent. Glass, Ceramics and Metalware: Including Toby jugs, jugs, glass preserve pot, green bowl, ribbon plate etc (1 box). £25-30
14.     19th/20th cent Ceramics, Metalware, Orientalware and prints: 18th cent Pewter candlestick (a pair) 9ins, plated serving dish and cover, hors d'oeuvre dish, cloisonné tourist ware x 3, 20th cent Aynsley coffee cans and saucers, oriental plates x 4, 21st cent bud vase in blue plus prints x 2 & 4 lithograph prints (1 box) £30-50
15.     20th cent. Ceramics & Later: Royal Worcester Evesham, Copeland flo blue, Gien Cheverney France, Lovatis, Booths Commemorative plate for 8th Baron Vernon, Longleat dish & cover, W. Howell Prestbury Studioware, Noritake dressing table set, Wedgwood (1953) Devon slipware pot with fields & farmhouse design, etc. (2 Boxes). £40-50
16.     20th cent. Ceramics: Tea set, Fenton China Company, with matching Duchess ware (part). Plus coffee service in dark green with gilt rims and a Royal Doulton tea/coffee set 'Real Old Willow'. £40-50
17.     Ceramics/Glassware and Treen: Masons iron stone jug with oriental decoration, oriental Imari bowl with fluted edges, M + Z Czechoslovakian plates decorated with fruit (7), potty, 19th cent hand-painted 7 plate with vine decoration in relief and hand-painted roses, glasses, flower vases, bowls with a solitaire board, bookends in the form of books, BT phone in cream, a pair of 20th cent wall mounted lights (1a/f) etc. (3 x boxes plus a small wicker basket). £40-60
18.     20th cent. Ceramics: Minton tea china "Green Cockatrice" 5 x tea plates, 4 x saucers, 4 x 4 cups. Paragon Rockingham tea ware, milk jug, teapot, sugar bowls x 2, tea pot. Royal Albert "Lady Hamilton" breakfast cups and saucers x 6 plus 4 x tea plates, plate ware. etc. £30-40
19.     20th cent. Ceramics and Glass: Serving plates, Copenhagen onion pattern bowl a/f, model ducks, glass vase etc (1 Box). £20-30
20.     Ellis Family Archive: Terracotta pots, egg crock, bowls, etc. misc. sizes. £40-60
21.     19th cent. Copper and brass samovar with ornate tap. 21ins tall. £60-80
22.     Islamic brass lamp base, oriental ceramic lamp base on treen stand, both in need of servicing plus a brass toasting fork and ornamental copper items. £40-45
23.     Rural Collectables: Edwardian Lister cream separator & a glass bottom butter churner with treen paddle. £20-30
24.     Brass: 19th cent. Large watering can and coal bucket, plus a decorative miner's lamp.
25.     Coach and Lorry Lamps: Coach lamp plus King of the Road back lamp. £30-50
26.     Brass and Copper Ware: Coal box, log pot plus 3 x kettles. £40-60
27.     19th/Early 20th cent. Wood Turners Tools: Made by various manufacturers J. Howarth, John Bull, Hearnshaw, Sheffield, W. Maples & Sons, etc. Treen handled, some blades, etc. (1 Box).
28.     19th cent. Cast iron & brass book press 16ins. x 16ins. x 10ins. £40-60
29.     19th and 20th cent. Tools: Chisels, smoothing planes, jack plane and surform iron clamp, etc. £20-40
30.     @21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Ziegler rug 1.90m. x 1.40m. £60-80
31.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Heriz rug 1.90m. x 1.40m. £60-80
32.     Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Carpets/Wall Hangings: Two hand sewn threads in the sun, fields, trees & animal motifs. Vivid colours. 96ins. x 39ins, each. (2). £50-70
33.     Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Carpets: Decorations of stylised birds & rural motifs, 1 border brown, creams & red ground plus 1 other. 53ins. x 39ins. (2). £40-60
34.     Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Carpets: Hall runner/carpet in shades of blues with geometric shapes in red, cream & orange. 180ins. x 39ins. £50-70
35.     Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Carpets: Islamic Prayer rug, 6 borders with medallions, pathways, centred by the 'tree of life'. Fringed at 2 ends 19ins. x 13¼ins. Plus a hall runner/carpet with 5 borders, cream & brown ground with floral motifs. The central panel fruit trees & stylised tree patterns. 180ins. x 37ins. and a 'rush' door cover. £50-70
36.     Early 20th cent. Luggage: Ladies crocodile leather small case, British safety locks. 17ins. x 12ins. x 6ins. £40-60
37.     1970s Woman's Northcote red leather travelling/vanity case. £20-40
38.     Games: Gino Ferrari modern resin chess set, misc. ceramics, reproduction Indian sword - behind counter, etc. £30-50
39.     20th cent. Plate: Flatware including caddy spoons, cheese knifes, table spoons, tea spoon plus some sets. £35-45
40.     20th cent. Plated Flatware: Viners & Hall, Sheffield teaspoons, soup spoons, knives & forks, etc. in Viners oak case/canteen on stand. £30-50
41.     20th cent. Wash Jug & bowl. £10-15
42.     20th cent. Ceramics: Tiles, Wedgwood, Delft and others (10 x tiles). £25-35
43.     Treen Ware: Sliding bookrack, (heavily carved) plus Indian hardwood bookrack x 2, and an ebonised floral fretwork wall shelf with mother of pearl centres.
44.     Plated Ware: Tea & coffee service - two teapots, one with etched decoration, a coffee pot, hot water pot & sugar bowl. £40-60
45.     19th cent. Mahogany writing slope. 12ins. x 9ins. x 3ins. £15-25
46.     Ellis Family Archive: Burr walnut jewellery box, fitted with purple velvet compartments and mirror. The box has mother of pearl inlay. £35-45
47.     19th cent. Burr walnut work box mother of pearl inlay 11¾ins. x 5¼ins. x 9ins. £30-40
48.     20th cent. Plate Ware: Egg cruet with 4 egg cups, spoons plus salts. £30-40
49.     20th cent. Plate: Northern goldsmiths tea set, deco style bread basket plus a cake stand. £30-40
50.     20th cent. Plateware: Gallery tray, circular tray, tankards, gravy boat, coaster, wine taster etc., £50-60
51.     Plated Flatware: Kings pattern flatware, large selection. £30-50
52.     Royal Doulton: "Clarendon" 12 place dinner set & 11 place coffee set. £80-120
53.     20th cent. Ceramics: Mason's Chartreuse pattern, floral motif with hand gilt embellishment compromising: 9ins plates x 10, 7ins plates x 9, large saucers x 9, large teacups x 7, teapot, sugar bowl with cover plus 2 other sugar bowls, 11½ins ovals x 2, 10ins rectangular tureens x 2, 9ins soup bowl and 6ins dessert dish x 14, large soup bowl x 6, small soup bowl x 7, large pudding bowl x 6, coffee saucers x 18, coffee cans x 17 (1 a/f), 2 x salts, 2 x peppers, 7 x egg cups, gravy boat, ashtray, 1 x teacup and saucer, cake stand without handle. £80-1210
54.     Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Ceramics: Booths "Chelsea Birds" dessert set, 10 x 9ins plates also 4 x square serving dishes, some damage. £45-55
55.     20th cent. Duplex oil lamp, brass base, milk glass shade, double wick burner approx 21ins high. £30-40
56.     20th cent. Brassware: Brass British bulldog figurine/door stop. 9ins. x 7ins.
57.     Plated Cutlery: Fish knives x 6, Fish forks x 5, mother of pearl handles, another set with embossed handles Knives & forks x 8, plus a boxed set of cake forks and 2 sugar tongs. £30-40
58.     20th cent. Ceramics & Plated Ware: Spode collectors' 'Blue Room' plater 12½ins. x 9½ins., a Royal Worcester 'Evesham' collectors' plate 10¼ins. diameter plus a EPNS coffee pot, a plated serving plater, a Walker Hall fruit basket 10ins, with handle and an EP 'rattail' soup spoon. £30-50
59.     20th cent. Lighting: Brass Corinthian column lamp on weighted base 25ins. £30-50
60.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware, pink lustre cup, Wesley collage Sheffield, Arcadian planter on stand, The Needles, Dartmouth letter box, blue lustre egg cup Shanklin. (1 Box). £25-35
61.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert Old English Rose, Royalty cups, saucers and cake plates. (1 Box). £20-30
62.     20th cent. Ceramics: T.G. Green cream ground Draught Red Barrel ashtray with hop motifs corners, Red Watneys Barrel to centre with tap and Draught Red Barrel to rim. £20-30
63.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Toby jugs "Philpots", "Sam Weller", "Mr Pickwick", 6ins. high. "Sam Weller" 2ins. high, "Buzz Fuzz" 4¼ins. high, plus an unnamed Santa Clause jug, ginger jars and a Parian style jug from Portmeirion, etc. £40-60
64.     20th cent. Ceramic: Doulton character jugs "Gone Away" (a/f), "The Falconer", "Old Salt" plus "Rip Van Winkle" (4). £46-60
65.     19th cent. and later Collectors Bottles: Combe & Son, Melksham, F Hopkinson, Alfreton, Wheeler & Son, Belfast, Lamb Brewery Frome and a seal bottle and 1 other. £30-60
66.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass dressing table set tray, trinket pots, powder bowl, ring stand plus a perfume bottle. £15-20
67.     20th cent. Ceramics: A Poole vase, Portmeirion pot plus a Worcester blush style 2 handles large urn painted floral sprays. £20-40
68.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figure Wendy H.N2100, Doulton Harvest match striker, Doulton pin dish D5170, Shorter sugar shaker, Peregrine Falcon, Peter Thomson whisky a/f. and green chamber stick. £20-30
69.     20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton character jugs mini "North American Indian", "Scaramouche", "Dick Turpin", "Gulliver" plus "Gone Away" (5). £30-50
70.     20th cent. Ceramics: Kelsboro ware Toby, Crown Staffordshire rose arrangement, Hove Di Bassaho floral vase a/f. Plus a black cat seated and a white horse. £20-30
71.     Glass Ware: Art deco decanters with etched & enamel painted, 6 cocktail glasses, tumblers, and 3 painted glass bowls. £20-30
72.     Plated Ware: Cocktail shakers x 2, with twist bodies showing the recipes for drinks. £30-50
73.     Ellis Family Archive: Gentleman's brush in leather case, a pair of clothes brushes in the form of a duck, shoe horns, brass hangers - a pair, leather wallet, Ethnic bead cap plus one other. £25-35
74.     20th cent. Wade Whimsies: Miniature bottle figures housed in a printers block tray. £30-50
75.     Treen Ware: Two sets of Russian style doll's, a set of coasters, vase, duck egg cup and cover, an ornate inlaid cigarette box with fruit wood, bone and ebony inlay. £20-30
76.     20th cent. Royal Commemorative: Aynsley Royal Wedding July 1981 Prince and Princess of Wales, Solian ware Silver Jubilee 1935, Coronet ware mug, the Coronation Edward VIII. (2 Mugs & 1 Beaker). Plus a Royal Doulton miniature loving cup and Tyg with Welsh Folk scenes 2¼ins. High. £20-25
77.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware lustre egg cup 'Devizes Market Place', chicken 'Castle Combe', hat pin stand 'Newquay', Goss bowl 'Marlborough', etc. £20-25
78.     Crested ware Reading bowl, Crown Devon, Swanage, Arcadian, mermaid, Cowdenbeath, Swan Holborn, Royal Doulton, Herstmonceux Castle, dish plus other unmarked items. (Tray not included). £35-45
79.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Burgundy" tea and dinner ware, 5 x tea cups, 3 x saucers, 2 x 2 handled soup bowls, 12 x 6ins plates, 9 x 9ins plates, 8 x 10ins plates plus a milk jug. £25-35
80.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood blue Jasper ware 6 x pin trays, 4 x trinket boxes. £20-30
81.     19/20th cent. Ceramics and Glass: Cantonese tankard a/f, 2 x 19th cent. Ceramic puzzle decanters (1 a/f) 6ins, 2 x urns on a plinth with covers, a clock garniture, 2 x blue and 2 orange glass vases 5½ins. x 4½ins. £30-50
82.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert 'Old Country Roses' 4 x dinner plates, one with a clock face, 4 x sides plates, 4 x saucers, 4 x cups, 4 x sugar bowls with covers, milk jug, 4 x bowls (various), 2 x Royal Albert Crown china cups, Shapes swan mustard bowl, thimble, urn, 2 x cake plates, flower basket plus a tea for one pot. £60-80
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood 'Mount Vernon' meat plates with canted sides plus 4 other meat ovals 15½ins x 2, 13ins and 12½ins. £20-30
84.     Ceramics: Mid 19th cent. Staffordshire tea set in the Chinoiserie style, 11 place setting. Plus a 20th cent. German gilt lustre tea set. £40-60
85.     20th cent. Ceramics: Jugs mostly floral patterned plus a lustre jug, bowl and sugar
bowl with cover (8). £30-50
86.     19th/20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Tea for one teapots and covers, bowl, cups and plates etc most with oriental themed decoration, most hand painted (1 box). £30-40
87.     Ceramics: 19th cent. and later ceramics including lustre, Arthur Wood graduated jugs etc. £40-60
88.     19/20th cent. Commemorative Ware: Coaching jugs x 2, a coaching tankard, Victorian dimond jubilee mug, WW1 mug plus others Willow art, Tuscan china, Swan china and Chinese ware. £30-50
89.     20th cent. Ceramics: Decorative plates including Minton, Allcock, Spode Byron sandwich plates (3) plus Crown Staffordshire. £25-30
90.     20th cent. Tea set - 12 place setting. Bread & butter plates x 2, cups, saucers & tea plates x 12, milk jug, sugar bowl by Delphine China England plus a Delton ware chintz pattern flowers & birds fruit bowl 9ins. diameter & soup bowls x 12. £30-40
91.     Maps: Landranger maps 1-inch maps ATO2's etc. 2 Boxes. £20-30
92.     Ellis Family Archive: Albums of Grand Tour style postcards, 5 with illuminated sack cloth covers, showing Cathedral architectural scenes from Venice, Provence, Auvergne, Rheims and Serris some with notations. (9 in Total). £60-100
93.     Stamps: Good selection of G.B. & World stamps. Some high value, 1 album & loose. £30-50
94.     Postcards: British & foreign topographical, Ringwood, Colchester, Tunbridge Wells. Some military with a view of Aden Yemen from forces post office.
95.     19th/20th cent. Postcards: Black lacquer Chinese album, with watercolour inset, of postcards. Hong Kong, Canton, China including Chinese death cages, Linchi punishment killings, Chinese prisoners in the Canque (72). £150-200
96.     Postcards: Period WWI and later submarine cards, rare memoriam card for the A7 lost January 1914, photos etc. over 200 items. £300-500
97.     Postcards: German u-boats, an album of WWI and later submarine postcards, also Russia, Japanese and Finnish. Approx. 170 £100-150
98.     Postcards: Large collection of WWI and later submarine postcards, mostly French, several Italian. Over 220. £120-180
99.     Stamps: School boy album of 19th century and later including Penny Reds. £20-40
100.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: The Stock family album, friends & staff 1866 - 1868. £80-120
101.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Photo's of Minehead, Dunster, Fairfield in the 19th century, farming shots, boating, James family, black cloth bound album. £80-100
102.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: James family 1904, 1905 Wells, Dunster, St. Ives, farming, boating shots. £80-100
103.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Views of Dunster, Minehead, Fairfield, Weston-super-mare, family farm, seaside, countryside, town & village photo's with dairy at the rear. £100-150
104.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: The Tothill family from 1857 - 1862 views of Somerset & Gloucester and a very early view of the construction of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. £100-150
105.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Photo album sun & shade with photo of the Glasgow Exhibition 1901. £80-100
106.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Alpine Swiss mountains & villages and ice tunnels. £30-40
107.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: The Harris family in Burma 1910 - 1915 and the Haughton's in Nurpur India 1902 - 1909. £80-100
108.    19th cent. Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Family album of photo's of the Stock family, dating from 1863 to 1874 plus military photo's, staff photo's. £80-100
109.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: An Edwardian family album plus a carte de visite. The album black leather with side clip. £40-60
110.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Photographs dating from 1860 to 1874 showing a family and friends at rest and play, contained in a ¼ leather bound ribbed cloth boards. £150-250
111.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Twin album of Victorian & Edwardian portraits & carte de visite. £80-100
112.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: From 1889 to 1909 belonging to Caroline Beatrice Armitage with views of country houses & pursuits, unknown railway station, Chester City, castles and photo's of the Colchester Pageant 1909. £100-150
113.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: 1885-1886 views of & around Ilfracombe & North Devon. Plus views of India including railways, Bombay. £100-150
114.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Clarke - Child's family carte de visite, black leather album, side clip missing. £40-60
115.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Victorian & later photos of race meetings at Campden, Hunt Balls with signatures of those attending, naval photos including Spithead 1902, Royal Yacht Victorian & Albert. May photos in a ¼ bound album. £100-150
116.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Album of photographs 1912 & 1913 including a weekend in London, Christmas 1912, a week in Bristol May 1913, holiday in London 1913, Charabang outing June 1913, Ilfracombe, etc. £80-120
117.    Ellis Family Archive: Matchbox covers including A.V.80 match sticks Bull & Bear, a French Buildings Series matchbooks, etc. (2 boxes of covers). Plus an Ideal Rubik Cube - boxed, G.B. and other coins, watches, commemorative coins The Three British Kings of 1936 0 cased. £25-35
119.    Ellis Family Archive: Treen butter pat, carved fruit and sweet making panels. £25-35
120.    Ellis Family Archive: Geological specimens, cuttlefish, fossils, etc. £20-30
121.    Hallmarked Silver, Dolls House Furniture and Souvenir Ware: Silver hairbrush, miniature photo frames, dolls house furniture/toys and souvenir ceramics etc. £30-40
122.    Smokers Requisites:Cased Meerschaum Pipe with white metal ferrule plus treen carved tobacco jar. £40-60
123.    20th cent. Sewing Requisites: Treen cotton reels, holder and pin cushion plus a handkerchief box and Ethnic carved box. £30-35
124.    Costume Jewellery: Three strand clear stone necklace, a similar two strand necklace, single strand black and clear necklace, two brooches, set of matching bracelets, ear rings etc. £20-30
125.    Costume Jewellery: Beaded choker and other necklaces, brooches, bracelet, badges, rings, celluloid fan etc. £30-50
126.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Ciro simulated pearls and others. £25-35
127.    Ellis Family Archive: Ceramic jewellery - Ingersoll watch, penknife, cufflinks, Girl Guide buckle, pocket compass, bead collar, etc. £20-25
128.    20th cent. Novelty lighters in the form of a racing car and a revolver, plus a Tanita boxed. £20-30
129.    20th/21st cent. Girl Guide Memorabilia: Wiltshire 1st Chirton & Marden Guides. Provenance Miss Ball Guide leader Marden Post Office. Includes original photos, minutes for the District Guides, sew on badges, leather belts (2), camp books, camp flag, uniform/sock flashes including 1st Devizes Guides, correspondence & other ephemera, land yards, whistles (2), etc. (1 Box).
130.    20th cent. Riding whip with antler handle and white metal collar. £30-50
131.    Fishing: Three reels, Allcock Aerialite, Allcock Kasteasy and Osmen No23 (3). £20-40
132.    Collectors Items: Romeo-y-Julieta 25 Coronas - boxed, Punch Monarcas cigar in metal tube, Romeo-y-Julieta in a metal tube and 5 Panatellas. £70-80
133.    Cycling magazines from 1911-13 (10) plus 4 editions of 'The Riflemen' circa 1908-09. £30-50
134.    Concorde: Menus inaugural Concorde service London to New York with flight certificate signed, a London to Washington signed flight certificate and menu and a menu Bahrain to London. Plus a personal in flight pack plus boarding pass for London to New York, flight 001 7th February
135.    Concorde: Stewards handbook giving detailed instructions plans, equipment plans, food and drink plans etc issued 1976. Plus a similar one for a British Airways Tristar. £150-250
136.    Concorde: Medallion last commercial flight 31/05/03 plus another final flight to Filton 26/11/03, both proof CU plated and boxed. £40-60
137.    Concorde: Moet and Chandon Champagne, taken off Concorde, provenance provided. £80-120
138.    Early 19th cent. British Army No.1 dress tunic with buttons. £30-50
139.    Militaria: Royal Navy Commander tunic and Lt Commander trousers and tunic, shoulder flashes etc. £30-50
140.    Militaria: Royal Navy Mess dress comprising: Jacket, waistcoat and trousers, bearing the insignia of a commander. £40-70
141.    World War I binoculars by A Tubeuf of Paris MKV SPL with benchmark. £20-30
142.    World War II Royal Air Force I.C.A.N. calibration pilot's navigational computer MKII D Star ref. 6B/180. £30-50
143.    Medals: Imperial Service medals x 3, George V, George VI and QE2 to Frederic Sear and a WW1 pair to 133827 W.J. Sear RE 14-19 and 1418 medals plus a 39-45 Star, school attendance medals to E.Dave 1901-02,04,05 and 06, plus a trench art tobacco box. £50-80
144.    Ellis Family Archive: Police truncheon, City of Aberdeen. 16ins. £35-40
145.    Edged weapons WW1 1873 Gras pattern French trefoil bayonet with scabbards, a pair. £60-80
146.    Edged Weapons: French 1804 pattern Briquet cutlass, hilt stamped D below star, S2693-1842 blade 23ins. 28ins overall with leather scabbard also stamped. £100-150
146A.   Militaria: W.W.I Period 1915 photograph. Grave marker for Sapper F.A. Bartlett R.E. No 6579 63rd Field Coy. K.I.A. Hill 59 Ypres, research. Framed & glazed. 9¾ins. x 7½ins. £30-50
147.    Edged Weapons: French 1804 pattern Briquet cutlass, hilt stamped D below star, G822, 1852 blade 23ins. 28ins overall with leather scabbard also stamped. £100-150
147A.   Edged Weapons: W.W.II 3rd Reich Wehrmacht dress sword, blade signed Robert Klaas Solingen. £100-150
148.    Manuscripts/Piracy: Rare original articles of agreement between the owner, commander and crew of the private ship of war Queenborough. The documents list the potential share of spoils, costs, liabilities of the owner, dated July 1805. A rare snapshot into the mechanics of a privateer.
149.    Royal Navy: Hand-written letter from the Office of Ordnance in 1739 relating to HMS Adventure, a 40 gun fifth rate commanded by Richard Norris, son of Sir John the commander of the Channel Fleet, plus another relating to fitting out and a 1739 Culpepper revised almanac detailing supplies with numerous hand-written notes. £400-600
150.    Napoleonic Wars/Manuscripts/Piracy: Rare original letter of Marque for Commander Charles Chant of the Betsey against The Dutch, dated 23rd June 1807. It authorises reprisals against ships of the Batavian Republic, together with a bill of sale for the Betsey from 1803.
151.    Militaria: Regimental drum 4th Batt. Wiltshire Regt. Duke of Edinburgh's battle honour S.A. 1900 to Palestine 1917, Baghdad below Crown & Crest, makers and retailers Geo Potter Aldershot, G. Butler Haymarket, London & Dublin, pencil mark on skin "Gibbs" worn with top skin pierced.
151A.   Ethnic Weapons: Malayan steel spear 16inch blade, hardwood shaft, 4ft 6ins acquired in the 1950s by the vendor's father in Malaya. £30-50
152.    Scientific Instruments: Treen cased Chinese magnetic compass, captured in 1928 from a pirate junk by H.W. Pullen R.N of HMS Tamar, whilst patrolling the Yangtze River, China. With this item is the family and his service history by direct descent, as provenance H.W. Pullen was M.I.D and awarded 'The Sea Gallantry' medal for rescuing the Duchess of Fife, Princess Alexandra from drowning in 1911./ H.W. R.N was from Holt, Wiltshire. £80-100
152A.   Militaria: WW1 Trench art Dardanelles souvenir 1916 shell case. Hammered cased design of a heart, flowers, minarets and temple. Property of H.W. Pullen R.N of Holt, Wiltshire. £40-50
153.    Cigarette Cards/ Sporting: Boxing WA and AC Churchman boxing personalities 50 cards, mounted framed and glazed 20ins. x 18ins. Plus 2 x framed prints famous English football players 1881 and Cricketers 1880. Both from "The Boys Own paper" framed and glazed 17½ins. x 12½ins. (3). £25-30
154.    Show Business/Autographs: Signed 'Chita Rivera' programme, also Michael Feinstein, Harry Connick Jnr signed programme, etc. (6)
155.    Cinema/Theatre: Coloured posters - 'Top Hat' signed by Tom Chambers, 'An Evening with Michael Feinstein' signed, plus a collection of rolled posters including 'A Streetcar called Desire', 'Mousetrap', 'Pack of Lies', etc. Approx. 16. £35-50
156.    Cinema/Theatre: 'Mack and Mabel on your Toes' at the Palace, '42nd Street' at Drury Lane and Company. All framed. (3). £15-20
157.    Cinema/Theatre: Coloured theatre posters for 'A Chorus Line' at Drury Lane, 'Fosse' at The Prince of Wales Theatre, 'Swan Lake' at Dominion Theatre, 'Riverdance', 'I got Rhythm' and 'A Swell Party'. 20ins. x 12ins. (6). All framed.
158.    Cinema: 'Singin in the Rain', Gene Kelly & Debbie Reynolds, MGM film poster. Framed and glazed 27ins. x 19ins.
159.    Posters: Quantity of misc. reproduction and other posters. £20-30
160.    DVD Posters: "After Earth", 3 x "Now You See Me", "Epic" x 2, "Dead Man Down", "Behind The Candelabra", "Fast and Furious", "World Wars" Poster depicting misc DVD's inc. "Star Trek", "Games" poster, "Grand Theft Auto", F1 racing posters etc. £30-40
161.    Film posters: Bollywood colour posters, 5 Dushman, Taxi Chor x2, Lagam, Jhoomar, Amar Shakti, Ram Balram, Gunahon Ka Derta x 2, Kasauti, Aadmi Sadak Ka, Aahutee, Hashoo Khan, Mouhto (14) All 30 in by 40 ins. Mustafiz's Payel x 3, 36 ins x 23 ins. Suhaag x 2, Jadu Tona x 2, Ginny au Johnny x 5, all 20 ins x 30 ins. Also including cinema adverts x 9, Tower Hamlets Carnival Against Racism posters x 2, Championship Wrestling posters featuring Susha Singh, Mohd Khan, Razak Ali, Nasir Bholu and many more. £80-120
162.    Cinema/Theatre: Coloured theatre posters for Bob Fosse's 'Dancin at Drury Lane', with programme, Gershwin's 'Crazy for You' at The Prince Edward Theatre, Lauren Bacall in 'Applause at the Palace' and 'La Cage Aux Follies' also at the Palace. Framed and glazed. (4)
163.    Show Business/Autographs: Rudolf Nureyev photograph and autograph. Framed and glazed 16ins. x 10ins.
164.    Show Business/Autographs: Katherine Hepburn signed but faded playbill, Angela Lansbury signed 'Mamie'. (2)
165.    Ephemera: Illustrated London News Saturday September 18th 1880 includes the match report England v Australia at Kennington oval plaque including Lord Harris, Dr. E.M. Grace and top scorer Dr W.G. Grace 152 runs England won by five wickets. Plus the Seaham Colliery disaster. Plus 19th cent. Music sheets - Cinderella, arranged by Chas Glover, Aladdin music by W, Wilson, The Adoration by W.H. Callcott, Aladdin Lancers arranged W. Meyer Lutz, Mansion House Ball composed by J. Blewitt. All with illustrated front covers.
166.    Film Related: Paintings in watercolour, pen & ink, pencil drawings, some with artist proof stamp. Prototype posters of Archie Andrews Xmas Party, Paris at Night, Gaslight (3), a caricature of Richard Cooper by Blot 3, signed lower right. A photo of Richard Attenborough, on card, by a super snipe car with his beau. Also an original watercolour Arthur Dandoe in the 'Phonograph Girl' in 1906 and a Laurel and Hardy 'A Chump at Oxford' £50-80
167.    Records: Collection of Elvis Presley to include RCA 'Jailhouse Rock', RCA 'Its Now or Never', HMV 'Anyway You Want Me', HMV 'Hound Dog', HMV 'Blue Moon', RCA Victor 'Girls, Girls, Girls'. (16). Plus RCA Frank Sinatra 'Learning the Blues'. £40-60
168.    Show Business/Autographs: George Gershwin photo and autograph (faded), purchased at Fraser's. 15ins. x 10ins. Plus another signed Duchess Theatre 'Post for Alone'. Framed and glazed.
169.    Show Business/Autographs: Signed record cover Edith Piaf. 10ins. x 10ins. £40-60
170.    Show Business/Autographs: Katherine Hepburn signed note and autographed Coco playbill. (2) Framed and glazed.
171.    Cinema/Theatre: 'My One and Only' at the Piccadilly Theatre, 'Follies' at the Shaftesbury Theatre, All framed. (3)
172.    Music Sheets: 1900 onwards - musicals, classical, pianoforte scores, popular songs. Some librettos & sonatas. Several books of music. (1 Box). £20-40
173.    Books: "The Rupert Bear Annuals", Daily Express x 33 plus "A Bear's Life - Rupert" 1950s-1990s. 34 in total. £20-40
174.    Books: Subjects - Chinese & Japanese ceramics, snuff bottles, netsuke, paintings & jade. Mainly hard back. Approx. 46 in 2 boxes. £30-40
175.    Books: Subjects - Chinese art, snuff bottles, carved jade, netsuke, porcelain. Plus a tray of other art books including Persian, Tibetan, Hindu, New Hall Ceramics, Indian miniatures, etc. Approx. 30 books in 2 boxes. £20-40
176.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Encyclopaedia Britannica" 7 volumes only, 15 volumes of "Chambers Encyclopaedia" and 4 volumes of "Hutchinsons Animals Of All Countries". Plus religion including "The History of the Gospel" 1729, "The History of the Holy Bible" 1743, and "The Life of Christ" by FW Farrar, etc. (7). Plus "Complete Works of Flavius Josephus", translated by W Whiston. £20-30
177.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Period hardbound volumes to include 1877 "Family Magazine", "Punch" 1911, "London Society" volumes 17 and 19, etc. Plus "The Young Painters Maulstick", "Magazine Of Art", "Dictionary Of Furniture", "Peasant Art In Sweden", "Lapland & Iceland", "The Works Of Hogarth", "Art Union" 1847, Land Seers Studies", "Conrad Gessner" 1516-1565 published 1969, "Fresques Romanes Des Eglises De France". £40-70
178.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "A View Of The Gold & Silver Of All Nations", J Ede 1801 publisher, printed for J.M. Richardson.
179.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Bradbury and Evans "The Newcomes" Arthur Pendennis (William Thacheray) 2 volumes 1854 first edition ¼ bound, slight discolouration to front bases, otherwise clean, tight copies with damage to marble boards. Plus Chez J Johnson Walker, etc. 1809 "Oeuvres De Moliere Par M. Bret" ¼ bound, condition poor, volume 1 to 4, 6 and 8. "Fables De La Fontaine And The British Poets" 4 volumes and "Letters To Junius" 2 volumes 1811. (14). £40-60
180.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Works of Shakespeare" 1762 volumes 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. A 1773 copy volume 5, full leather bound, fair to poor condition plus a 1724 copy of "M. Accii Plauti Comoediae", fair condition. (12). £40-60
181.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Kincaid & Donaldson 1756 "The Works Of Dr Jonathan Swift" in 6 volumes. Full leather bound, overall condition fair, titles missing off spines. £40-60
182.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Military "Expedition to the Crimea" by W.H. Russell, revised edition 1858, leather & cloth bound, Sir John Kincaid's novel "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade". (2). Plus "The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy Gentleman" printed for C Cooke 1793 ¼ leather bound 6 volumes plus 2 volumes "Sentimental Journey" by Mr Yorick, all bound as one fair condition. £60-100
183.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Knapton, Knaplock, Midwinter 1733 "The History Of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha" volume 3 & 4 only. Leather bound, condition fair. (2). Plus "Woods Natural History" abridged copy to 1 volume published Routledge and Son New York, full leather binding, tooled and gilted, damage to bottom spine, some scuffing.
184.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Macaulay's Essays" 1863. "The Odyssey Of Homer" 1771, "The Iliad of Homer". Both leather bound, clean tight copies, condition fair to good, "Salammbo" 1899, condition good, "Defoes Works" 2 volumes, "Gay Fables", etc. £40-60
185.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Jacob Tonson 1725 copy "Paradise Lost" 12th edition, full leather bound, fair condition. £100-150
186.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Royal Commission 1900 Paris International Exhibition at the Royal Pavilion "Artists At Home" by F.G. Stephens. Plus "Arthur Lobbecke Auction Catalogue" (German) of medals, plaques, medallions, Munich 1908. plus "A View Of The Gold & Silver Of All Nations". £40-60
187.    Books: Female characters of Goethe from the original drawings of William Kaulbach by G.H Lewis, 2nd edition Fredrick Bruckmann London, no spine. £20-30
188.    Books: Times 'Atlas and Gazetteer of the World' poor condition Selfridge Edition plus The Universal 'Atlas of The World' 1923 published by Geographia Ltd. £30-60
189.    Ellis Family Archive: Tooled leather bound original music scores, hand-written tunes & songs, copies of Hector Berlioz, Thomas Cambell, etc. £40-60
190.    Ellis Family Archive - Books: Leonard Baskins miniature "Natural History" first series, boxed, Sarah Van Nickesk "Her Picture Book". Joan Hassalls "Picture Book", Kate Greenaway "Almanack 1883" & "Alphabet". Both Kate Greenaway books are worn. £70-80
191.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: "Masccio Brancacci Chapel", Church of Santa Maria Del Carmine, Florence, 28 colour plates, Amilcare Pizzi Art Publications Milan and "The Flemish Tapestries at Wawel Castle in Cracow". Both in very good condition. £60-80
192.    Books: John Le Carré "The Naive and Sentimental lover" 1971, "Smiley's People" 1980 and "Single" 1999 (3). £80-100
193.    Books: The 2nd World War Winston Churchill, reprint, Society London, eleventh edition, November 1954. 6 vols. £10-20
194.    Pop Memorabilia: "The Beatles" 1963/64 "Christmas Show", souvenir programmes x 2, "The Beatles" 1964/65. Another "Christmas Show" souvenir programme with the original "Evening News" souvenir, picture edition 1963 'Meet the four boys from Liverpool'. £100-150
195.    John F. Kennedy: Unusual memorial programme at St. Paul's Cathedral 1st December 1963, original copy of "The Daily Express" from 23rd November 1963, "Evenings Times" 6th June 1968 from Bobby Kennedy's death and Saturday "Evening Post" in memoriam supplement to JFK. (4). £40-70
196.    Ellis Family Archive - 19th cent. Prints: "The Great Eastern Steamship" colour lithograph, from a painting by Edwin Weedon. Printed in the "Illustrated London News" September 17th 1859. a/f. Folds and foxing. 27ins. x 17¾ins. (image). £50-80
197.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Extremely rare and fine S.S. Great Eastern letter and written by Captain John Vine Hall to Miss Granger written on August 5th 1860 on embossed Great Eastern logo on the letter head.

Dearest Miss Granger,

I was so enchanted with the dulcet tones of your voice last evening,

with your exquisite musical taste, with your amiable manners,

that I could do no less this morning than, with your best wishes

for your future happiness, subscribe myself your most sincerely

John Vine Hall
Great Eastern
August 1860
Chesapeake Bay

The letter was written by the first Captain of the Great Eastern after arrival of the ship in the United States.

June 17, 1860 Southampton - June 28, 1860 New York (maiden transatlantic voyage)

August 16, 1860 New York - August 26, 1860 Southampton (return transatlantic voyage)
198.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel/Books: Pictorial history of the Great Eastern Steam-Ship, W.H. Smith and Son, Strand, London. Extremely rare publication. 41 pp., with three chromo lithographic plates including folding frontispiece after a painting by Edwin Weedon. Four folding wood engraving plates including one double sized. Numerous wood engraving illustrations to text - some full page. Some spotting throughout, mostly confined to margins. Bound in original pictorial green printed wrappers, circa 1859. 11ins. x 16ins. £600-800
199.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel/Books: The Atlantic Telegraph, Published Day & son Limited, London 1866 by W.H. Russell L.L.D. 125 gilt pages, together with a fragment of cable imbedded into the front cover. William Howard Russell's book is perhaps the most spectacular work on the Atlantic Cable, with lithographs the 1865 Great Eastern cable expedition, along with others made by Dudley at that time representing scenes from the earlier expeditions, contains 26 coloured lithographs 8ins. x 11ins. £600-800
200.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Very rare excursion ticket from the Great Eastern Steamship to Cape May. The ticket was provided and signed by the secretary, J.H. Yates. The agents for the company advertised a two day excursion to Cape May at $10 a head, 2,000 bought tickets. It was stated food and refreshments would be available on board at reasonable prices and mattresses would be available for the men with the cabins being reserved for the ladies and children. The ship set sail at 3.00pm on 30 July 1860 so as to arrive at Cape May early the next morning to leave at 6PM to New York. 3ins. x 2ins. £150-250
201.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel/Books Brochure: The Great Eastern Steam-Ship - 23,000 Tons Burden - 10,000 Effective Horse Power - being a full account of The Great Ocean Palace which will sail next spring - The Past - The Future with two large engravings, published 1858 G. Vickers, Angel Court, Strand. 8ins. x 11ins. £300-500
202.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Engraving of The Great Eastern of Deptford (From the Illustrated London News, circa 1858. 22ins x 17ins plus The Great Eastern Rounding the Point Opposite Blackwall. 21ins. x 14ins. (2). £80-120
203.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Rare soft cover brochure The Great Eastern Steam-Ship illustrated with 8 engravings incl. a sectional view of the Great Eastern, Printed: Milford House, Milford-Lane, Strand London, 1859, 32 pages. Approx. 5½ins x 8ins. £200-300
204.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel/Books: Rare soft bound brochure The Great Eastern Steam-Ship - A description of Mr. Scott Russell's Great Ship, now building at Millwall, for the Eastern Steam Navigation Company, Published 1857 H.G. Clarke and Co. Strand, London, illustrated with 10 engravings, of which one foldout & sectional views of the Great Eastern and comparisons with The Duke of Wellington, The Persia, The Great Britain and The Great Western 26 pages. 5ins. x 7ins. £300-500
205.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Ship Company Limited Stock certificate Capital £ 330,000 in 330,000 Shares of £1 each Registered the 21st October 1858 a £20 share of The Great Ship Company Limited. Signed by the secretary, J.H. Yates. 8ins. x 4ins. £30-50
206.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Britain at sea, 1853, framed coloured engraving published by Cyclopaedia of useful Arts & Manufacturers. Approx. 4ins. x 5¼ins. £30-50
207.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Britain leaving Liverpool 1853, coloured engraving published by Cyclopedia of useful Arts & Manufacturers. Approx. 6ins. x 9ins. £20-40
208.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Exceptional Photograph of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Scott Russell, Henry Wakefield and Lord Derby at the time of Great Eastern's launch, Photographed by Robert Howlett, Brunel died one year later (age 53) on 15 September 1859, in Westminster, London. Approx. 8¼ins. x 9½ins. mounted and laid down with an explanatory typed text on the verso of what was once the frame backing board. Size board 31cm x 34cm (Approx. 12ins. x 13ins.)
209.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Stunning extremely rare soft bound volume The Great Britain Atlantic Steam Ship of 3500 Tons, with twenty-five folios of fold-out engravings of mainly machinery of the Great Britain Published John Weale, London 28 pages, some foxing, published 1847 22ins x 15ins
210.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: History and Description of the Steam-Ship Great Britain, built at Bristol for the Great Western Steam-Ship Company; to which are added, remarks on the Comparative Merits of Iron and Wood as Materials for Ship-building by Capt. Clayton R.N., Published: J. Smith Homans, Broadway, New York, circa 1845, 28 pages. Approx. 5¾ins. x 8¾ins. £80-120
211.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Rare Soft bound volume An Account of the First Transatlantic Voyage of the Steam Ship Great Britain - Lieut. Hosken, Commander; together with a lengthy description of the vessel, her engines, propeller, fittings Illustrated with 17 engravings circa 1845. Printed: Messrs. Lace and Addison, North Crescent, Liverpool, 20 pages. Approx. 6ins. x 9ins. £150-250
212.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Carte de visite The Mammoth Steam Ship, Published 62 White St. New York - Ferd. Mayer & Co/. Lith. New York circa 1859. approx. 6ins. x 4½ins. The Great Eastern was launched 31 January 1858, maiden voyage 30 August 1859, out of service 1889. SS Great Eastern was an iron sailing steam ship designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, and built by J. Scott Russell & Co. at Millwall on the River Thames, London. She was by far the largest ship ever built at the time of her 1858 launch, and had the capacity to carry 4,000 passengers from England to Australia without refueling. Her length of 692 feet (211 m) was only surpassed in 1899 by the 705-foot (215m) 17,274-gross-ton RMS Oceanic, and her gross tonnage of 18,915 was only surpassed in 1901 by the 701-foot (214m) 21,035-gross-ton RMS Celtic. £70-120
213.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Britain Steam Ship carte de visite, engraved: J.T. Wood, Strand circa 1843. Launched 19 July 1843, maiden voyage 26 July 1845, out of service 1886. SS Great Britain is a museum ship and former passenger steamship, which was advanced for her time. She was the longest passenger ship in the world from 1845 to 1854. She was designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel for the Great Western Steamship Company's transatlantic service between Bristol and New York. While other ships had been built of iron or equipped with a screw propeller, Great Britain was the first to combine these features in a large ocean-going ship. She was the first iron steamer to cross the Atlantic, which she did in 1845, in the time of 14 days. Approx. 5¾ins. x 4½ins. £20-40
214.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Extremely rare berth ticket, Steamship Great Eastern, Excursion to Cape May. Lower Deck, from the Great Eastern Steamship to Cape May. The ticket was provided by the secretary J.H. Yates for Berth 339. The agents for the company advertised a two day excursion to Cape May at $10 a head, 2,000 bought tickets. It was stated food and refreshments would be available on board at reasonable prices and mattresses would be available for the men with the cabins being reserved for the ladies and children. The ship set sail at 3.00pm on 30 July 1860 so as to arrive at Cape May early the next morning to leave at 6pm to New York. 3ins. x 2ins. £100-150
215.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Rare soft bound brochure The Great Eastern Steam Ship of 22,500 Tons Burthen Designed by I.K. Brunel Esq. Built by Messrs. Scott, Russell & Co. Millwall at the cost of Upwards of £600,000 sterling for the Eastern Steam Navigation Company. The brochure includes a fold out view of the steamship, published 1857. Printed & Published: William Abbott, London. 10ins. x 12ins. £300-500
216.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Model of the Great Eastern by Classic Ship Collection, long considered the premier maker of precision detailed metal ship models since 1997. This model is in 1:1250 scale long in pewter scale 1:1250, size incl. glass dustcover. 8ins. x 2ins. x 3ins.
217.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Rare stereoscopic view of The Great Eastern in Southampton Water, this rare image was taken by George Washington Wilson (Scottish, 1823-1893) on the only trip that he made to England, in 1860. Approx. 6¾ins. x 3¼ins. £40-60
218.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: Unusual soft cover brochure Visitor's Guide to Bristol and its Neighbourhood embellished with engravings and information on the Great Western Steam Ship (also included in an advertisement) circa 1838 printed and published by H.H. King, 28 pages and 14 pages of advertisements. Approx. 4¼ins. x 7¼ins.

219.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Great Western - Passing Clevedon on her return from New York Published by J. Harris and engraved by W. Willis 1838. Launched 19 July 1837, maiden voyage 8 April 1838, out of service December 1846 in Liverpool. SS Great Western of 1838, was an oak-hulled paddle-wheel steamship, the first steamship purpose-built for crossing the Atlantic, and the initial unit of the Great Western Steamship Company. She was the largest passenger ship in the world from 1837 to 1839. Designed by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, The Great Western proved satisfactory in service and was the model for all successful wooden Atlantic paddle-steamers. Approx. 6½ins. x 4½ins. £80-120
220.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel/Books: Descriptive Particulars of the Great Eastern Steam Ship; with Illustrations and Sectional Plans, by W.H. Webb. Rare 1857 second edition. 6ins. x 9ins. £400-600
221.    Isambard Kingdom Brunel: The Eastern Steam Navigation Company incorporated by Royal Charter, 1851. £20 share Stock certificate No. 5223, a share of The Eastern Steam Navigation Company. Signed by the secretary, J.H. Yates October 2nd 1851. 8ins. x 6ins. £30-50
222.    20th cent. Maritime copper mast headlamp, unsigned. 19ins. £30-40
223.    Maritime: 20th cent. Copper mast head lamp made by Telford, Grier and Mackay Glasgow. 23ins x 15ins. £40-60
224.    Engineering Toys: Mamod Steam Tractor & a Mamod Steamroller with steering poles. (2). £60-80
225.    Engineering Toys: Mamod Stationary Steam Engine/working miniature model with six drive mechanism. Mounted on a board 20ins. x 15ins. with 11 flexible still driving belts in original packets.
226.    Engineering Toys - Meccano: Housed in treen boxes, possible set 4, 5, and 6 in one box. Dark red & black wheels, light & dark green parts. Plus another box with dark & light red parts, nuts, bolts, gears, etc. A Meccano instruction book No 1, crane front, red book outfits 4-5-6, green book No 1A, yellow book No 3 and an older book much thumbed. £100-150
227.    Toys: Continental teddy bear, pale brown plush glass eyes, repairs to soles of feet and one paw, black wool nose, growler a/f. 27ins. £40-50
228.    20th cent. Toys: Teddy Bear, well-loved with brown glass eyes in need of repair 24ins. a worn mohair bear with glass eyes and wool nose in need of love 14ins. and a toy sheep, brown glass eyes in need of repair.
229.    Toys: Schuco mohair monkey, painted arms and legs, glass eyes, very long tail, fabric face approx 11ins. Plus a black cat, glass eyes, pink silk stitch nose, standing 11ins head to tip of tail, 5½ins high. £35-45
230.    20th cent. Toys - Dolls: Rose Bud baby doll, open & shut eyes and painted face, 11ins. approx., head needs reinstating plus composition head doll with fabric legs in bad state of repair. £20-30
231.    Toys: Late 19th early 20th cent. "Mabel" German doll, bisque head, ceramic arms, fabric body & legs. Glass set brown eyes, open mouth, teeth. 13ins. (Legs need repair). £30-50
232.    Toys/ Dolls: Ceramic head doll, fabric body, arms and legs painted face and hair, approx 15ins plus a male rag doll in highland dress approx 21ins. £30-40
233.    Ellis Family Archive: Ethnic treen toys, acrobatic monkey, up sticks, and hand made treen marionettes in the form of animals and people. (2 Boxes). £30-40
234.    Ellis Family Archive: Ethnic straw models and hanging decoration, animals and people. (1 Tray). £25-35
235.    Ellis Family Archive: Ethnic toys, puzzles, treen models and games, articulated snakes, etc. (1 Tray). £20-25
236.    Ellis Family Archive: Indian folk art embroidered stuffed animals, elephant, horse and bulls. (4 Animals). £35-40
237.    Ellis Family Archive: Ethnic treen toys, Danish boats, Mexican mobile toys, quantity of miniature animals, set of decorated houses, miniature christmas tree and angels - boxed, animal cage on wheels, etc. (1 Tray). £40-50
238.    Ellis Family Archive: Decorated treen toys, quantity of discs and spinning tops. £20-25
239.    Ellis Family Archive: Dolls - quantity of Ethnic, cloth and peg dolls - 1 tray. £20-25
240.    Ellis Family Archive: Diecast farm animals, tractors, etc. Some Britains, playworn - 1 tray. Plus dolls house food. £35-40
241.    Ellis Family Archive: Hispanic terracotta figures, soldier, bandit and cattle. £25-30
242.    Ellis Family Archive: Tin plate toys, monkey in the form of a marionette made by Tobar Ltd - boxed, pecking chickens hand operated - a pair, rotating christmas tree and a paddling duck and a pecking bird. £40-50
243.    Ellis Family Archive: Playing cards - decks of cards by Andrew Jones Art - boxed, Etienne, ET. Joseph De Montcolfier 2 packs - boxed, Waddingtons playing cards 2 packs - boxed, Simultane Canasta playing cards by Sonia Delaunay - boxed, The New Card game, spelling bee from stationers Hall - boxed. £60-70
244.    Ellis Family Archive: Hispanic festival art, carnival rattle, collection of Hispanic ceramic whistles in the form of birds, etc. £35-40
245.    Ellis Family Archive: Games and past times, Tri gon geometrical game with instructions, Magic Snake game - boxed, a bag of treen letters, box of decorated eggs and a set of draughts in a treen box. £20-30
246.    Toys: Vulcan sewing machine, boxed. (Box a/f.) plus treen toys - cradle, skittles Honeychurch 'Jack-in-the-box', and a treen ball game.
247.    Ellis Family Archive: Studio pottery and other animals, Jane Boxandall duck, cats, pig, straw ducks, chickens, etc. - 1 Tray. (Tray not included). £20-30
248.    Ellis Family Archive: Treen carved, painted model ducks. £20-30
249.    Ellis Family Archive: Ethnic treen toys, pull-a-long models, a horse on wheels. (1 Tray). £30-40
250.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Russian dolls, hand decorated dolls in regional national costume and a Babushka doll. £25-35
251.    Ellis Family Archive: Ethnic treen toys, pecking chickens, some decorated. Approx. 11 - 1 tray. (Tray not included). £25-35
252.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Treen jointed doll with painted face. 11ins. £50-80
253.    Ellis Family Archive: Games and past times, kaleidoscopes, card games, miniature houses - boxed, etc. 1 Tray. (Tray not included). £20-25
254.    Ellis Family Archive: Sicilian folk art horse and carriage, Carrettino, a decorated farm cart and boat in the form of a bird. £30-40
255.    Ellis Family Archive: Asian Ethnic folk art, warrior, musicians, farm workers, etc. Approx. 13 figures, misc. sizes. 3ins. & 4ins. £20-30
256.    Ellis Family Archive: Treen carved decorated Indian and Ethnic animals, tigers, birds, monkeys, cattle, etc. £35-40
257.    Ellis Family Archive: Ostrich egg, carved tribal knife and spoon, 2 brass spoons, a falcon head & cow bell, leather slippers - a pair, Ethnic mule, head harness, hardwood cased crocodile. Approx. 23ins. £30-50
258.    Ellis Family Archive: Ethnic folk art decorated animal figures. Elephant & rider with howdah, plus one other elephant, horse & warrior rider, camel & rider, 2 carved figures and another horse, etc. Figures have some damage. £35-40
259.    Music: Pianola Rolls, Samson and Delilah, Marionette Sentimentali, Henry VIII etc (See list) approx 40. £40-60
260.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Fabric printing blocks and alphabet blocks of a later date, plus two ink rollers. £100-150
261.    Ellis Family Archive - Edouard Joseph Danton 1848-1897: 19th cent. Plaster of paris caricatures of famous people of the time. Impressed name & dates to bases. Maquette's possibly. All a/f. (4 figures). 9¾ins. etc. £90-120
262.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Miniature shaped installations perspex, slate, concrete & marble pieces. £40-60
263.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, perspex/concrete ''11 water ripples' & photos. £150-250
264.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, perspex/concrete 'wind fins' plus treen pattern & spare perspex fins & photos. £150-250
265.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture fins perspex/concrete. 'Water/Springs' with studio photos x 3, 22ins. & spare perspex fins. £150-250
266.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture stone carved dove 1962 'Bird', unmounted. 18ins. x 11ins. £80-120
267.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, plaster of paris "Dove in Flight" 1961, with studio photo & annotations on reverse, Unmounted. £80-120
268.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, sectional plaster of paris "Goose'' 21ins. tall. £40-80
269.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, plaster of paris "Female Heads", 13ins. & 12ins. respectively. £60-80
270.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculptures, 1962 plaster of paris "Gaggle of Geese" plus negatives & photos of later work in Penelope Ellis studio. (2). £50-80
271.    Ellis Family Archive: Engineering casting formers/treen moulds used in sand to form items of sculpture. £30-40
272.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Colour by movement. Presented at an exhibition in Sheffield. Colour segment discs with photo slides of the exhibition, 20 mounted on board plus paper 'spares'. £60-80
273.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, 'Minerva' head. Painted plaster enchanced with gold leaf, mounted on block. 15¼ins. £60-100
274.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, 'Minerva' head. Stained plaster of paris. 14ins. £50-80
275.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, carved treen bust. (Unfinished). 20ins. £30-60
276.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculptor/stone masons hand tools including chisels (36), scrapers, formers, plaster rasps, files, mallets including one Tiranti. £150-200
277.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Mexican unburnished pottery, Ramon Rock, pitcher, 2 handled vessel Oaxaca style mermaid. (4). £40-50
278.    Ellis Family Archive: Hispanic tin folk art tree decoration on treen base 31ins. and art rooster on circular base 9ins. plus a hanging decorated tree 6ins. £20-30
279.    Ellis Family Archive Penelope Ellis: Ethnic terracotta figures, birds and animals plus a glazed figure of a bull. £30-45
280.    Ellis Family Archive: Mexican arts & craft folk art tree of life candelabra decorated with birds and flowers 11ins. (2 x Candelabra). £25-35
281.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Studio pottery Neolithic inspired vase of tapering globules form decoration of 3 incised circles 10ins. approx. Plus Studio and Ethnic pottery - terracotta mug, mustard pot, brown dish, brown glazed tube vase, unglazed brown tall mug, terracotta figures, etc. £30-35
282.    Ellis Family Archive: Studio Pottery Jim Malone, Ainstable Pottery cream bowl on circular support, black glazed lining, N. Smillie grey bulbous vase with check border and a pin tray, etc. £35-40
283.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester Blue Dragon tea and coffee sets 7 x coffee cups and saucers, 2 x others, coffee pot, 2 x creamers, 9 x tea cups, 7 x saucers, 15 x 6ins. plates, 2 x cake plates, 2 x 7ins. plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, hot water jug, pint tea pot, dessert dish plus 14ins serving dish. £60-80
284.    19th cent. Ceramics: Purple lustre ware, cups & saucers and plates, 1 dish depicting a rustic scene, 6 plates, 3 cups & 2 saucers, 1 dish. Some a/f. Plus a purple lustre dish/saucer commemorating the death of Princess Charlotte circa 1817. 8ins. £40-50
285.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester cabinet cup & saucer, Hadley style decorated with roses, plus a Maling green sponge ware bowl. £35-40
286.    20th cent. Ceramics: John Jenkins Dutch family, daddy, Mummy and ducklings. £25-30
287.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro 'Prayerful Moment' blue No 5500, impressed, plus 'A Time to Sew' blue No 5501. (2 Figures).
288.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro geese, standing, preening and defending. (3).
289.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro 'Girl with Calla Lilies' 1969-98, plus 'Young Girl with Basket wearing a Hood'. (2 Figures). £50-80
290.    20th cent. Ceramics: Porcelanas Miquel Reguena.S.A. Valencia, figure of a young woman. 12ins. £25-35
291.    Royal Doulton: "Flower Seller Children" a/f. £40-60
292.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Autumn Breeze" Reg. No. 835666, "Fair Lady" H.N.2832. (2). £40-50
293.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Bobie" H.N.16969, "Dinky Do" H.N.167. (2). £30-40
294.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Monica" H.N.1467, "Rose" H.N.1368, "Bo-Peep" H.N.1611. (3). £40-50
295.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Bobie" H.N.1679, "The Little Bridesmaid" H.N.1433 a/f., "Little Bridesmaid" reg. No. 760007 a/f. £35-45
296.    Royal Doulton Figurines: "Jannine" H.N2461, "The Last Waltz" H.N2315, "Simone" H.N 2378. £30-40
297.    Royal Doulton Figurines: "Christmas Moon" H.N 1992, "Julia" H.N 2706 a/f, "Top of the Hill" H.N1834 a/f. £15-20
298.    20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion botanical "Passion Flowers" fruit bowl, flan dish and baluster vase 10½ins approx. £40-50
299.    20th cent. Ceramics: Aynsley Imari half tea set. Plus a 20th cent. continental ceramic blue and white dressing table set with tray. £25-30
300.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester "Evesham" milk jug and custard jug. £20-30
301.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert, Goody and Timmy Tiptoes, Jemima Puddleduck "Made in a Leather Bed", Squirrel Nutkin, Tommy Broach, Foxy Whiskered, Gentleman, Mr Jackson, Pigling Bland, Benjamin Bunny "Sat on a Bank", Mr Benjamin Bunny and Peter Rabbit plus Sue Grimes May 93 hand decorated egg, 9 figurines.
302.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick "Siamese Kittens" No. 1296 a/f. Royal Doulton Siamese Cat" standing No. 2660 Images "Shadowplay Cat" and a K.S. Davidson "Tabby Cat". £25-35
303.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby Imari penguin paperweight with stopper, plus Imari bird with stopper.
304.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby Imari plate, No 1128. 12ins. £20-30
305.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby "Imari" 4 x pin trays, plus a white ceramic seal paperweight. £35-40
306.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Crown Denby "Imari" 2 x coffee cans and saucers circa 1910 plus a muffin dish and bon bon dish. £35-40
307.    20th cent. Ceramics: Dutch charger celebrating the fishing festival at Nieuwpoort. 15ins. A/f. £45-50
308.    20th cent. Continental Ceramics: Parakeet pair, pink and yellow. 12ins. £20-30
309.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Dickens ware "Bill Sykes" dish. 13ins. x 6ins. £25-35
310.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Staffordshire and Other Ceramics: Liver/white dogs, pen holder, Red Riding Hood, a seated Moor, boy holding a monkey a/f. 10ins. another figure, a blue jug with leaf decoration 9ins. and a 2 handle mug. (7). £40-45
311.    20th cent. Ceramics: Maling ware bowl, lustre decorated with central butterfly surrounded Peony roses No 5818. Diameter 9ins. £30-60
312.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton stoneware vase by Emily Partington, brown and blue, with brown/blue central band of leaves and flowers.
313.    20th cent. Ceramics: Losol ware "Pagoda" set of three graduated jugs. £25-35
314.    20th cent. Ceramics: Poole pottery, Exodus bud vase, boxed.
315.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley deco conical shape cup and saucers, peach ground hair bells flowers No 756533. £35-40
316.    20th cent. Ceramics: Carlton ware art deco jug blue ground with enamel painted exotic birds and flowers, a foxglove jug plus a Carlton ware napkin holder figurine. £40-60
317.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Delhi" 5 x coffee cans and saucers plus a casket decorated with flowers. £30-40
318.    20th cent. Ceramics: Spode "Italian" 7 x coffee cans, 7 x saucers, 3 x tea cups. 1 x saucer, cake plate and sandwich plate. £25-35
319.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Stafford "Taster" coffee set, 6 cups, saucers, coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl. Plus Rockingham tea cup and saucer, etc. £40-50
320.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Winton, rose decorated jug and bowl, soap dish, candle holder, shoe plus 3 x vases. £35-45
321.    20th cent. Ceramics: Dresden pieced basket heavily decorated in rose and summer flowers, gilt boarder plus grinder pieced basket decorated with flowers. £40-60
322.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Bonn mantle vases a/f., Crown Staffordshire posy, ceramic roses, Coalport flower arrangement, continental cabinet cup & saucer, Karl Eames bird, etc. £25-35
323.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Belleek" porcelain baskets, heart shape flowers of spring basket, 2 handled basket decorated with roses and summer flowers Belleek impressed to base. £60-70
324.    19th cent. Ceramics: Copeland Garrett late Spode "Tobacco leaf" design coffee cans and saucers circa 1833, pattern No 2061. £120-140
325.    20th cent. Ceramics: Worcester Doctor Wall period saucer, soft paste porcelain Old Japan fan pattern pseudo Chinese seal mark to base, £60-90
326.    Late 18th/early 19th cent. Blue/white pearl ware leaf pickle dish painted in medium blue with leaf veins on the reverse organic design border, minor chip. £80-120
327.    20th cent. Ceramics: Sitzendorf figurines of a lady & gentleman with flowers & sheep. Blue back stamps. 7¼ins. tall. (2). £40-50
328.    Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Masons iron stone, Japan pattern graduated jugs 8ins, 5ins and 3ins. £80-120
329.    late 19th/ early 20th cent. Masons ironstone, Japan pattern mug plus 2 x 10ins plates. £80-100
330.    20th cent. Ceramics: Art deco, Royal Doulton coffee set consisting coffee pot, coffee cans and saucers, sugar and cream jug. Green and gilt. £70-100
331.    20th cent. Art deco tea set, wedding ring pattern 6 x tea plates, 5 x cups, 6 x saucers plus 1 x sugar bowl. £40-60
332.    20th cent. Ceramics: Grays Stoke-on-Trent dinner ware - 3 meat ovals approx. 12ins. 13ins. 16ins. vegetable tureen & cover, open serving bowl, 5 soup or dessert bowls on stands, gravy boat on stand, 6 x 7ins & 5 x 9ins, 6 x 10ins plates. Susie Cooper inspired design of green bands. Grays mark over stamp Johnson Bros, England. £80-100
333.    Clocks: 20th cent. Treen case bracket clock, brass movement. 7ins. £70-90
334.    Clocks: 20th cent. Brass carriage clock, white face, black Roman numerals. £70-90
335.    Clocks: 19th cent. French carriage clock, repeater ½hour striking, alarm both on a blued steel gong. Gothic style face, Arabic numerals on both dials. Brass body, movement signed 1807 S.J. Etypoll, FR with key in carrying case. Handle a/f. 6¼ins, x 4ins, x 3¼ins. £500-700
336.    Clocks: 19th cent. French mantel clock ornately cased white enamel face with coloured enamel parcels, movement Vincetti Paris retailed by Wilson and Gandar. £150-200
337.    19th cent. Mother of Pearl fan, silk decorated with pierced work blades. Some AF. £50-70
338.    19th cent. Asian hardwood seated Buddha candle holder. £50-80
339.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Meiji period Japanese bronze carp among lily ponds, seal mark to base 9ins x 4½ins. £350-400
340.    20th cent. Oriental Objects of Virtu: Gilt decorated black lacquer box and cover, plus a white metal brooch of oval shape, foil backed centre boss surrounded by aquamarine coloured stones, set in white metal plated base. Copper peacock circular pin box, misc. bone, mineral, brass, treen and resin neksuki, etc
341.    Early 20th cent. Oriental Imari charger, multi coloured palette, birds and blossom trees, indistinct seal mark to base. Diameter 12ins. Plus early 20th cent. Japanese Arita charger/tray. Gilt & iron red decoration, figures in a garden. Diameter 15ins. £60-80
342.    20th cent. Decorative Chinese blue/white vases with covers -a pair. 15ins. £40-50
343.    20th cent. Glassware: Lead crystal comport 8ins x 9ins. £25-35
344.    Glass: A spiral fluted clear glass decanter with plated mounts by John Grinsell, Birmingham. £70-100
345.    19th/20th cent. Glassware: Decanters, blown glass with ribbed decoration of a Newcastle pillar shape set with a crown stopper - a pair. Plus ribbed sherry decanters - a pair and 2 ale glasses. £40-50
346.    20th cent. Glassware: Wine, sherry, whisky and liqueur glasses, some sets of 5. £25-35
347.    Early 20th cent. Sterling silver chain mail purse, marked sterling. Approx. 4½oz. £80-100
348.    Early 20th cent. Chain purse with 800 standard silver frame and chain. £40-50
349.    Hallmarked Silver: Two similar George III silver milk/cream jugs, each with a reeded rim and an angular handle, the milk jug London 1803, 132 grams; the cream jug 1802. Approx. 3oz.
350.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver vase shaped sugar caster with reeded borders and a pierced cover with baluster finial, hallmarks for London 1925 by Wakeley & Wheeler. Approx. 3oz.
351.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar nips London 1818/19, a pair Birmingham 1906, spoon to commemorate the 1901 Glasgow exhibition, Charles Mackintosh designed four pavilions for this exhibition also Edinburgh spoon plus white metal and salt spoon. £30-40
352.    Hallmarked Silver: Mustard spoons, William IV and Victoria, both London. Napkin ring, Birmingham, mother of pearl handled Sheffield fruit knives x 2, 4½oz inclusive of mother of pearl handles. £80-120
353.    An American sterling reproduction bowl with a triple-ring pierced flat handle, marked 'Shrubsole London New York' & 'Hull & Sanderson reproduction circa 1655 Sterling 1212', 12cm diameter, 17.25 cm overall. Approx. 6¾oz.
354.    Arts & crafts style decanter, elongated hexagon shape etched body, double lip pourers enhanced with French silver holders to the body and silver caps to the stoppers - a pair. £80-100
355.    Hallmarked Silver: Engine turned cigarette case Birmingham 1929/30, A silver top salts bottle 1898 plus a unmarked white metal cigarette case. £30-35
356.    Hallmarked Irish Silver: Oil stock with ring, Dublin 1947, makers mark L.G. to base and lid. The screw off cover inscribed I.N.F. 1ins high (inc. ring) 1ins. wide. £80-120
357.    Hallmarked Silver: Two George III silver fiddle pattern table spoons with crests, hallmarks for London 1815 by Richard Turner - a pair. Approx. 5oz.
358.    Hallmarked Silver: A silver crumb scoop with a double-lobed blade and a turned ivory handle, Sheffield 1917 by James Dixon & Sons Ltd. Approx. 7¼oz.
359.    Hallmarked Silver: Three pairs of George III and later silver sugar tongs, comprising; rare English provincial Old English bright cut, Newcastle circa 1805 by Dorothy Langlands; fiddle pattern, London 1888 by James Boyton; and fancy Queens pattern marks obliterated circa 1810 by Eley, Fearn & Chawner; combined weight approx. 4½oz.
360.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoons, Edinburgh and 3 Malta 917 standard silver spoons. 4oz. £30-50
361.    Hallmarked Silver: Oval table fruit bowl pierced decoration 6ins high, 9½ins. dia. at widest point. Sheffield 1903 Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Ltd 15½oz approx. £190-220
362.    Hallmarked Silver: Wine coaster Birmingham 1979, egg cup, white metal patch boxes marked 925, 1 x unmarked, 5 boxes in total. £40-50
363.    19th cent. Hallmarked Silver Rococo style embossed picture frame. London marks. 6½ins x 4½ins. £70-100
364.    Hallmarked Silver: An early 20th century sterling christening mug, with a scroll handle and engraved with a butterfly amidst flowers and leaves and 'Michael…', marked beneath 'Sterling', in a fitted box. Approx. 3oz.
365.    Silver: 20th century silver cruets in various patterns, including; a baluster mustard pot with a Celtic border, an oblong mustard and salt each with a shaped rim and four pad feet; a vase shaped pepper pot with beaded borders; an oval salt cellar with a reed and ribbon cross border; and a small fluted boat-shaped salt with two handles; together with three old English patter salt spoons; various dates and makers, combined weight approx. 12¾oz.
365A.   Hallmarked Silver: A 1920s silver miniature Billiards trophy cup & three napkin rings; the billiards trophy inscribed 'Leonard Aitken Lewisham Club Ltd Billiards Championship 1930', with two small leaf chased flying scroll handles on a square base, hallmarks for London 1926 by Alfred William Humphreys, 7cm high; another small trophy cup & three inscribed napkin rings, total weight approx. 5oz.
366.    Hallmarked Silver: Butter dish in the form of a shell, Birmingham 1973 - cased. Circular salver on 3 ball and claw supports, Sheffield 1925, Walker & Hall, plus a set of coffee bean teaspoons, Sheffield 1915, retail Harrods - cased Approx. 10oz. £100-130
367.    Hallmarked Silver: Ladies cased glove stretcher, boot and glove hooks and shoe horn - cased, Adie, Lovekin Birmingham 1913. Retail Houghton & Co. Cheapside.
368.    Hallmarked Silver: Dessert knives and forks, handles Sheffield 1916, Mappin & Webb, Oxford St. London - cased. £40-60
369.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiment sets with mustard and salt spoons, contained in a fitted case, Birmingham 1925, Walker & Hall x 2. £80-100
370.    20th cent. Tortoise shell with silver mounts tea caddy Martin and Hall Sheffield 1907/08 in need of restoration. £100-120
371.    Hallmarked Silver: Set of six napkin rings, Birmingham hallmark, 1899. Approx. 4¼ozs. Plus a page turner taking the form of a dagger, marked .925. £50-80
372.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold & Diamond Designer John Watling: Birds nest collarette set with 8 stones of approx. .10 carat each, 29grams inclusive. £1200-1500
373.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold Designer Jewellery John Watling: Torque necklace. Approx. 33grams. £700-900
374.    Hallmarked 9ct Gold Designer Jewellery John Watling: Long link wishbone style necklace. Approx. 22grams. £250-300
375.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold & Diamond Designer John Watling: Kite shaped pendant set with 7 graduated stones 0.05 to 0.01 ct. 5.8grams. inclusive. £380-450
376.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold Jewellery: Three stone diamond 3 x .10 and teardrop crystal pendant 1¾ins. 8grams inclusive. £380-450
377.    Hallmarked Silver: Designer jewellery Jane Watling Sunburst pendant/chain and earring suite (3). £60-70
378.    Hallmarked Silver: Designer jewellery Jane Watling birds nest brooch. £60-70
379.    Hallmarked 18ct. Jewellery: Wishbone pendant with fine link chain. Approx. 8.7grams. £180-220
380.    Hallmarked 18ct. & Diamond Designer John Watling: Side fit cross-over bangle set with two .50 carat diamonds, 22 grams inclusive, retail £4995.00. £1200-1500
381.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct long link fob chain all marked 375 9ct with 2 clasps approx 55gms, 20ins. £450-550
382.    Gold Jewellery: An early 20th century gold and diamond solitaire ring, the round brilliant approx. 0.25cts, grain set in white within a rub-over surround on a yellow gold shank, stamped '18ct & Plat' finger size O, 2.3 grams gross.
383.    Gold Jewellery: A 9ct. gold and oval amethyst cabochon ring, hallmarks for Birmingham 1963. £100-120
384.    Gold Jewellery: A modern 18ct white gold and diamond solitaire ring, the round brilliant 0.42cts, claw set on a good quality shank marked inside 'Forever', London hallmarks, ring size N, 3.7 grams gross.
385.    Gold Jewellery: Amethyst and seed pearl bow pendant and chain plus Crucifix and chain both marked 9ct approx 6g. £100-150
386.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct Greek key pattern bracelet approx. 8g. £90-100
387.    Hallmarked Gold & Yellow Metal Jewellery: Two rings, cufflinks, pendant approx. 8g. plus Chester hallmarked trinket box. £80-100
388.    Hallmarked Gold Jewellery: Hollow link bracelet and padlock 9ct approx 18g. £150-200
389.    Art nouveau style pendant set with amethyst coloured stones and seed pearls, marked 9ct. £60-80
390.    Hallmarked Jewellery: A 9ct. white gold, ruby, sapphire and green stone five stone ring, claw set at the centre with an oval ruby, between oval sky-blue sapphires and triangular light green stones probably amblygonite, Birmingham hallmarks after 2000.
391.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Ruby set 3 stone gypsy ring plus another 3 stone diamond set. Approx. 5g. £200-250
392.    Diamond jewellery: Marquise shaped ring set with central sapphire, approx. 85 points, two diamonds either side 0.16 points and 20 small diamonds, oval cut 0.10 carat, approx. 2 ct. platinum set, size 0 including weight 6.4 grams. £1000-1500
393.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Stamped 14K sapphire cluster cocktail ring. £170-200
394.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Stamped 18K, large jade domed ladies ring. £250-300
395.    Gold Jewellery: A Victorian gold, pale blue enamel, emerald, pearl and rose diamond round brooch, with a central boss within a dished surround and a rope twist border, previously with a locket back.
396.    American Jewellery: Ammonite neck tie set in yellow metal on a round leather thong with yellow metal ends. £110-120
397.    Tanzanite jewellery: Solitaire tanzanite ring set in white metal. £85-120
398.    Tanzanite jewellery: Three stone tanzanite ring set in white metal. £80-120
399.    Tanzanite jewellery: Pierced earrings. Tanzanite set in yellow metal. £80-120
400.    Tanzanite jewellery: Bracelet, double strand tanzanite. £65-100
401.    Tanzanite jewellery: Tennis bracelet. Tanzanite set in white metal. £160-200
402.    19th cent. Oriental parasol handle, pale green Jadeite overlaid with gold foliage the flower heads set with rubies. (27). £100-150
403.    Watches: Roamer Stingray Limited Edition, Automatic Chrono diver wristwatch ref 1970. Presented unworn in its original box with paperwork no. 297/333. £600-800
404.    Hallmarked 9ct. Gold: Marvin Ladies wrist watch, oval face and body, link bracelet. £100-120
405.    Watches: Hallmarked 18ct. gold fob watch. Rose & Dickinson, Bond St. Bath, No: 5317. £400-600
406.    Watches: Hallmarked silver cased fob watch H. Samuels, Manchester. £40-60
407.    Watches: Hallmarked English silver case fob watches, 'Farringdon, Waltham, USA'. (2). £40-60
408.    Watches: 'Tempo' rolled gold fob watch. Gold plated jewelled movement plus a white metal fob watch with protective case; jewelled movement by 'Competic'. (2). £20-40
409.    Gold Watch: A Vertex 9ct. gold open face pocket watch, top wind. The case with an internal inscription & hallmarks for Birmingham 1934. £350-450
410.    Watches: Ladies white metal engraved fob watch maker Langdon Davis plus silver hallmark fob brooch Birmingham. £20-30
411.    Watches: Bulova 9ct cased ladies watch hallmarked 375 9ct. £60-70
412.    Propelling Pencil: Hallmarked 9ct. gold "Yardolette", approx. 19grams inclusive. £100-120
413.    Pens: Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 4810 fountain pen and propelling pencil set - cased plus spare lead refills. £200-300
414.    Costume Jewellery: Pearl necklace single strand, a double strand plus a double strand clear stone necklace. £30-40
415.    Minerals: Blue John fluorite and rose quartz crystals 113grams and 121grams. £20-30
416.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Earrings, assorted yellow metal, pearl styles. (Tray not included). £20-30
417.    Ellis Family Archive: Studio and other jewellery, white metal pendant with cabouchon decoration (1 missing), openwork metal brooches, cord necklace, cabouchon brooch, bone brooch, etc. Plus a silver 'Life Saving' badges. £25-35
418.    20th cent. Designer Jewellery: Christian Dior gilt earrings, rope design hoops - a pair, rope twist design - a pair, and a single earring. T.L.M. brooch pendant, novelty miniature clock and a 9ct. silver ring. £60-70
419.    Objects of Virtue: 19th cent. Brass vesta 'match safe' figural ladies hand plus a brass bottle shaped bottle opener. (2). £30-50
420.    20th cent. Objects of Virtue Toye, kenning and Spencer "Jonquil" pill box cased, orchid egg containing a rabbit boxed, Regal ceramic pill box, 12 x boxes, 1 x tray, tray included. £30-40
421.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis: Prototype designer jewellery, silver, copper, acrylic,colour enamels and other materials with design drawings and photographic archive. £150-200
422.    Silver Coins: The Princess Diana commemorative proof set, Crown 925. silver-Falkland, BVI x 2 Sierra Leone T.D.C. (5) in presentation box with certificate. Plus historic newspaper bound book "Diana Princess of Wales". £40-60
423.    Coins: Silver 1.8oz approx, ½ silver 2.9oz approx, cupro nickel crowns etc, brass and copper includes 1951 fob coin. £30-50
424.    Coins: GB. silver 3d 0.7oz plus ½ silver 6d 26oz. £120-140
425.    Coins: Uncirculated G.B. 3d, ½p, 1p plus commemorative Royal Crowns, copper coins pre decimal, Liberty trade silver coin (USA 85), Australian 66 decimal set plus Indian paper notes etc. £30-50
426.    G.W.R. Commemorative anniversary Royal Mint set issued 1985 silver 150g approx, bronze 130g approx. Limited edition of 25 sets both individually boxed (2). £50-70
427.    Numis Coins: London mint "Millionaires Collection" silver reproductions 92.5 silver gold plated, Angel Richard III 14gms, Florin Edward III 14gms, five Guinea's George III 20gms, five Guinea's II 20gms, Penny Henry III 14gms, £1 Elizabeth 20gms, Military Guinea George III 14gms, All with fact sheets. (7). £80-100
428.    Gold Coins: British George III 1800 third guinea or 7 shillings, worn portrait London mint presentation box & certificate. £100-150
429.    Gold Coins: South Africa 1953 proof pound and half pound, minted by the Royal Mint in a presentation box with certificate. £300-350
430.    Gold Coins: U.S.A. St Gaudens twenty dollar, double eagle 1910, S mint mark (last type of 20 dollar piece) London mint presentation box and certificate. £1000-1200
431.    Gold Coins: British George II 1739 two guinea's, portrait fair reverse shield good, London mint presentation box and certificate. £500-700
432.    Gold Coins: Falkland Island Pobjoy mint, Elizabeth II, 1 fifth crown, approx. 6grams in proof presentation case. £150-180
433.    17th cent. Trade Tokens: 1654 Nags Head Glos, Landlord IA.C. Listed No 83 Williamson's catalogue of Trade Tokens of the 17th century. £20-30
434.    Coins: H.D. Chester tradesman farthing 1669. £20-30
435.    Coins: Gold 1912 George V sovereign 8g approx. £180-220
436.    Numismatics: Circulated, half sovereign Victoria 'Jubilee Head' 1892 shield back. 4g. £200-250
437.    Coin Jewellery: Victor Emmanuel III Italian Army medallion. 5grams. £100-120
438.    Silver Coins: Winston Churchill proof 2010 £10 Tristan da Cunha 5oz one of 250 minted with London Mint presentation box & certificate. £50-70
439.    Silver Coins: William & Kate, Tristan da Cunha £5 - 75gms London Mint with presentation box & certificate. Plus 6 cupro crowns. £25-30
440.    Coins: Royal Mint Golden Jubilee H.M. Queen Elizabeth II, presentation set, 2002, £2 - 1p. 9 coins in gilt plastic box with paperwork. £50-80
442.    Coins: Royal Mint various denominations cased proof sets 1972-73-74-75-76-77-78-79-80-81-82-84-85-86-88. Plus 2008 Royal Mint presentation boxed set. (16). £80-120
443.    20th cent. Antonia Warren oil on canvas 'Riverside Scene', signed bottom right. 35½ins. x 23½ins. Plus 20th cent. misc prints and pictures, mainly framed and glazed and various sizes. £40-60
444.    Late 19th cent. Print: Fine litho prints still life studies of flowers, fruit and insects, framed and glazed. 22ins. x 28ins. (1 glass a/f). £20-40
446.    Pre-war map of Arabia with Egypt, Nubia and Abyssinia. Framed and glazed. 15ins, x 13ins. £20-40
447.    19th cent Map: Wiltshire Orthographic map of Wiltshire including parts of the county situated in Berkshire, enhanced with colour, published by T.L. Murray 19 Adam Street, London, May 1st 1830, framed and glazed 18½ins x 14½ins. £30-40
448.    Print: "The Fairy Ring" unsigned, framed and glazed, approx 11ins x 15ins. £20-30
449.    20th cent Lithoprints: Devizes, Wiltshire published by Sarah Ward, Devizes images featuring: The Market Cross, Devizes Green, Entrance into Devizes from London Road (St James' Gate), Entrance into Devizes from Bath (Dunkirk Hill), Town Hall and The County Courts (6) framed and glazed 8½ins x 7ins. £40-60
450.    20th cent. Canvas print "A Victorian Lady" 20ins x 24ins plus "A Three Master in a Storm" 19ins x 23ins. Both in gilt frames. £30-50
451.    P. Sykes: Oil on board "Near Hackness". 23ins. x 20ins. £30-50
452.    20th cent. Selection of oils watercolour prints including, interiors, portraits, maps, woolwork etc (14 approx). £40-60
453.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Overmantle mirror, white painted frame. 43ins. x 51ins. £30-40
454.    Prints/Railwayana: Flying Scotsman, Terence Cuneo, Cuneo Fine Arts Print, December 1975 Limited Edition 274/275 framed and glazed 21½ins x 17½ins. Winter Wayfarers BJ Freeman, LMS Queen Elizabeth 6221 passing canal boats, artist signed in pencil lower right, framed and glazed 23ins x 16ins. (2) £50-80
455.    19th cent. Continental school oil on canvas 'A soldier drinking at a village well and admired by villagers', unsigned (indistinct), gilt frame. 35ins. x 25ins.
456.    Early 20th cent. Arts and crafts beaten copper wall bevel edged mirrors with stylised fleur de lis, a pair 17ins x 15ins. (2). £50-60
457.    Georgian mahogany Pier mirror with fretwork embellishments with Phoenix motif. £70-90
458.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture 'windows & light' concrete polished on one side & textured on the other. 30¾ins. x 30¾ins. NB: 30 Windows (2½ins.) with perspex blocks & 2 not filled, plus 2 photos. £100-150
459.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture 'study of water running in rivulets' textured concrete & perspex 48ins. x 10¼ins. plus maquettes of the same study (5) various sizes, Included are 3 photos. £80-120
460.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture monolith concrete shards 'Travail D' Equipe' prize winning exhibition 1963 'Meditation' triangular, textured pieces range from 53ins. x 29½ins. (7) with photos. £100-150
461.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Iron supports for trestle tables. 3 pairs (6). No tops. £60-80
462.    Ellis Family Archive: Picture frames from the Ellis Studios. Selection includes ornate & gilt frames 39ins. x 30½ins. to moulded painted frames & studio made frames. (6).Plus 2 prepared blank canvas 50ins. x 40ins. & 28ins. x 24ins. £60-80
463.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998: Oil on canvas "Figs on a Leaf". 27ins. x 22ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £150-250
464.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998: Oil on board "Figs on a Plate". 21½ins. x 17½ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £150-250
465.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998: Oil on canvas "Melon, Plate & Striped Cloth" (unfinished work?) 24ins. x 20ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £150-250
466.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas portrait of a woman with necklace. 24ins. x 20ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-250
467.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas portrait of a woman with apron. 27ins. x 22ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-250
468.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas portrait of a young woman wearing a striped shirt. 20ins. x 24ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-250
469.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas portrait of a young woman wearing orange shirt. 20ins. x 24ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-250
470.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas portrait of a young woman wearing a hat. 20ins. x 24ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-250
471.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of six colour wash beach studies. 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
472.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of six pencil studies of girls in red, heightened with colour. 12ins. x 9ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
473.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of six colour wash studies of circus horses possibly designs for tiles. 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
474.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of six pencil studies with colour wash of Betty Proudfoot dressed in red trousers and striped top. 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
475.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of six pencil colour wash studies of Betty Proudfoot dressed in red striped bathing shorts and top, June 1933. 8ins. x 12ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
476.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of six pencil studies heightened with colour 'Secrets'. 12ins. x 9ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
477.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of six colour wash studies of circus horses possibly designs for tiles. 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
478.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil fairground studies of Madam Smith's donkeys - a pair. 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
479.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil & colour wash of girls on a beach, dated July 1932, C.W.E. 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis. £100-150
480.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil fairground studies of a swing ride and coconut shy, L. Buckland of Buckingham. 14ins. x 8ins. (2). Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
481.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil series of six fairground studies of roundabouts. 10ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
482.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil fairground studies of Showman's caravan - a pair, one dated 14th August 1933. 13ins. x 8ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
483.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil highlighted with colour, series of six studies of girls in yellow. 12½ins. Provenance from the folio of sketches of Clifford Ellis.
484.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary Ellis: Oil on canvas portrait of a young lady 'Imogen Holst' 1957. 20ins. x 16½ins. On reverse Charlotte Ellis abstract in green and black. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-300
485.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Oil on canvas abstract in blue, greys and creams, monogrammed and dated 57. 27ins. x 22ins. (Unframed). £200-300
486.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Oil on canvas woman pondering from a balcony, monogrammed and dated 49. 29ins x 25ins. (Unframed). £200-300
487.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis: Oil on board abstract in blue, grey, green and blacks, monogrammed and dated 54. 18ins. x 24ins. £300-400
488.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: 3D' sculpture concrete slate. Double sided, 1960. 22½ins. x 16½ins. £70-90
489.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: 3D' Sculpture "Lightning's", concrete & slate. Single sided, bevelled edges, 1960. 12½ins. x 12ins. £60-80
490.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: 3D' Sculpture "2 Lightning's" concrete & slate. Signed & detailed by artist on photos 1960. Double sided. £90-120
491.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: 3D' sculpture concrete slate. Double sided 1960 with photos & details by artist. 22ins. x 18ins. £80-100
492.    Ellis Family Archive: Large trestle table, iron legs, wooden top. 29¼ins x 71ins. £80-100
492A.   Ellis Family Archive: Small trestle table, iron legs, wooden top. 48ins. 30½ins. £80-100
493.    Ellis Family Archive: Large trestle table, iron legs, wooden top. 72ins. x 29ins. £80-120
494.    Ellis Family Archive: Small trestle table, iron legs, wooden top. 48ins. x 30½ins. £80-100
495.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Bronze sculpture "Bird in Flight III" 1961, with corresponding letters of provenance including from Penelope Ellis to instruct the foundry (Bronzart) recasting plus replies, import of HM Customs & Excise documents, James Bovrlet, and catalogues relating to exhibition at The Women's International Art Club 1962. Newspaper/press cuttings about the 'Bird in Flight'. 3ft. x 3ft. x 2ft. 6ins. £1000-1500
496.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Sculpture, figure of a young boy 'standing', composite on wire frame and stand, possibly joint creation working with Alfred Horace Gerrard, Slade Professor of Sculpture, 1962. 47ins. £200-300
497.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board 'Views out to Sea'. 30½ins. x 24ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-300
498.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board "Under Milkwood" Slade composition. Title and name on reverse. 18ins. x 22ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £200-300
499.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board "Yellow Sill Life" fruit and bottle, name on reverse. 18ins. x 22ins. £100-150
500.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas "Still Life" fruit and Cointreau bottle, signed with a crow on reverse. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £80-120
501.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board seated Slade model with a banjo. 36ins. x 22ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £100-150
502.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas view from a window, The Seine, Paris, a British Railways executive label. "Paddington". 40ins. x 30ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £100-150
503.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board "Interior with Figures" Clifford, Rosemary & Charlotte, name and title on reverse. 48ins. x 36ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £150-250
504.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board self portrait "breakfast eating cornflakes". 24ins. x 30ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £80-120
505.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board portrait of a young person, unfinished self portrait. 24ins. x 13½ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £100-150
506.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board portrait of a seated lady, painted at Slade under Professor William Coldstreams tuition. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £80-120
507.    Ellis Family Archive: Oil on canvas 'Stately Home & Park', unsigned from the studio of Clifford & Rosemary Ellis, Corsham Court. 24ins. x 15ins. £200-300
508.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas woodland view through a window, name and Corsham Court on reverse. 30ins. x 28ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £100-150
509.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on board "Mrs Rumming" portrait of a lady in a wicker chair, signature on reverse. 36ins. x 27ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £100-150
510.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas grey abstract studies of lines 1963 - a pair, with signed dated photo. 24ins. x 28ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition. £100-150
511.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas linear abstract of birds in lines & blocks of black/white with grey ground. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition.
512.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas linear abstract in shades of grey & black. 50ins. x 40ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition.
513.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas Grey ground abstract of black curved blocks swooping from bottom left to top right. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition.
514.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas geometric abstract white on grey, and black on grey - a pair, with signed photos. 30ins. x 28ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition.
515.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas white and sepia on grey with exhibition No's to reverse. 26ins. x 24ins. plus another study. 28ins. x 23ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition.
516.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas linear abstract with 2 signed photos detailing the work. 40ins. x 36ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition.
517.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Linear abstract on canvas. 36ins. x 40ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition.
518.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas linear abstract - a pair. 24ins. x 30ins. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. 'Studies for Travail D' Equipe Exhibition.
519.    Ellis Family Archive - Penelope Ellis 1935-2016: Oil on canvas abstract blocks in brown on cream ground.(Ellis in chalk to reverse) 20ins. x 24ins. & 28¾ins. x 23½ins. - a pair. Provenance Ellis family inventory 1998. £100-120
520.    Ellis Family Archive - Studio of Rosemary Ellis: Collage on fabric; black/white study with tissue & newspaper, abstract blocks. Glazed in perspex. 48ins. x 36ins. £60-90
521.    20th cent. Continental school oil on canvas of waterfalls - a pair, landscapes (3). 15ins. x 10ins. £60-100
522.    John Hall Thorpe, Australian 1874-1947: Colour woodcut sweet peas in a green vase, Hall Thorpe colour woodcut label on verso, signature to right hand corner. Framed and glazed. Approx. 11ins. x 9ins. £150-250
523.    20th cent. British School: 'Country Church/ Rural Scene' oil on canvas, unsigned gilt frame 15½ins x 10ins. £40-80
524.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Illusion "Triple View" lithograph by E.H. Egly Paris, enhanced with colour. Base image is of two cherubic infants with flowers & insects. The second view is of a young midshipman with ceremonial Naval sword & his hat tally would appear to spell 'INTREPID' (?). The final view is of an older, titled gentleman in Ermine robes with a golden goblet. 14½ins. x 11¾ins. £60-90
526.    19th cent. Tapestry signed Mary Clift 1846, with cherubs, Tree of Life, stags etc. in maple frame. £60-80
527.    Stanley Llewllyn Wood 1866-1928: Watercolour ink enhanced "The Charge Of The Bengal Lancers" Tiensin, China 1900, signed and dated lower left, gilt frame and glazed 29½ins. x 19¾ins. Stanley Wood worked for the Illustrated London News and reported on the 'Boxer uprising'. £200-300
528.    Ellis Family Archive: Circular painting on glass. Montana Blue Clematis. No signature, from the Ellis family home. Framed and glazed Image 22½ins. diameter. £30-50
529.    English School pastel study of a foal, unsigned 16ins x 20ins. £50-80
530.    W.J. Boyes watercolour "Bolton Abbey, Skipton" signed lower left, framed and glazed 20ins x 14ins. £100-150
531.    Paintings: William Fettes Douglas 1822-1891 oil on canvas, gossip, monogrammed and dated 1868 15ins x 18½ins. £500-800
532.    Paintings: English School oil on board, young boy on a table, gilt framed and glazed, 11ins x 14ins. £30-50
533.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. English school pencil study "A Greek Maiden" enhanced charcoal and chalk. Study on card. 18ins. x 12½ins. £40-60
534.    19th cent. Continental school oil on copper panel, naïve landscape studies, figures and building, one signed WF.M on verso. Gilt framed. 4ins. x 5ins.
535.    19th cent. Continental school S. Markham "Grand Tour Souvenirs" oil on board scenes of Florence, signed on shop front S. Markham Firenze, in gilt frames - a pair. 5ins. x 4ins.. £150-200
536.    Anuk Naumann 1951 -: Watercolour/gold leaf "Still Life", mixed medium "Still Life" 3½ins. x 4½ins. (2). Plus 2 others. £80-120
537.    Rugs: G.H. Frith Ltd, eastern carpet, ivory ground stylised peacock pattern madder border 12ft. x 8ft. 10ins. £300-500
538.    Carpets: 20th cent. Eastern carpet red ground, central medallion (some wear), two narrow tone wide boarder, stylised birds, animals and trees, complemented with blues and creams 11ft 6ins. x 7ft 6ins. £30-60
539.    20th cent. Three panelled dressing screen with tapestry cover, 63ins. tall. £30-50
540.    19th cent. Oak wall corner cupboard. £40-60
541.    20th cent. Mahogany and satinwood inlaid chest of drawers of good quality and delicate proportions. 25ins. x 32ins. x 18ins. £60-100
542.    20th cent. Hardwood drinks cabinet inlaid with brass. 39ins. x 18ins. £30-50
543.    Rustic pine dresser shabby chic style, duck egg blue. 48½ins x 17ins x 87½ins. £150-250
544.    20th cent. Pine 6 shelf open bookcase with reeded side cornice top and rising off a plinth 34ins x 76ins x 13½ins. £60-80
545.    20th cent. Pine 7 shelf open bookcase cornice top rising off a plinth 39ins x 78ins. x 15ins. £60-80
546.    20th cent. Rope seated stools & a swivel fold-over oak coffee table. £30-50
547.    20th cent. Mahogany effect corner cupboards with glazed top 25ins x 71ins x 18ins. £15-20
548.    19th cent. Oak dresser rack 70ins. x 50ins. £50-80
549.    20th cent. Repro Newton's celestial globe (a/f). £30-40
550.    Clocks: Junghans mahogany bracket clock. 15ins tall. £50-60
551.    Pigeon racing time clock by B Leefe and sons, Malton Yorkshire clock No 224429. £25-40
552.    Clocks: Smith's Enfield mantle clocks x 3, 2 clocks a/f plus a Cuckoo clock a/f, 6 in total. £40-60
553.    Early 20th cent. "Napoleon Hat" mahogany mantel clock. 8ins. tall. £20-25
554.    Clocks: 20th cent. Mantle clocks, Napoleon hat style, mahogany cased 7ins. tall, a treen faux brass face with Roman numerals, turned columns and carved decoration. 14ins tall. (2). £30-60
555.    Clocks: Will Palmer of Newark, oak 30 hour longcase, painted face, 74ins. with 11ins. dial. £200-300
556.    Clocks: George Hewitt Marlboro Oak with mahogany inlay 30 hour longcase, brass face, chapter ring for seconds and date 8ins, dial 11ins. £300-500
557.    19th cent. Mahogany cased Vienna style clock. £30-50
558.    19th cent. Mahogany cased wall clock, single Fusee movement, 12ins white painted dial. £150-250
559.    Scientific Instruments: Oak framed banjo aneroid barometer, ceramic faced. £30-50
560.    20th cent. Oak gentleman's office armchair, spindle back, revolving and fully adjustable. Brass plaque to back 'Presented to Mr W Whitshire by the congregation and friends of St. Illtyd's Church Cardiff. April 1914 plus a steamer chair a/f. (2) £60-80
561.    18th cent. Oak peg jointed gate leg table. 42ins. x 27ins. x 18ins. closed. £40-60
562.    19th cent. Mahogany drop leaf table on turned supports. 35ins. x 29ins. x 19ins. £20-40
563.    19th cent. Mahogany drop leaf table on square supports. 40ins. x 29ins, x 16½ins. closed.
564.    19th cent. Light oak peg joined drop leaf table with turned supports. 38ins. x 29ins. x 16ins. closed. £50-80
565.    20th cent. Oak gateleg barley twist table. 40ins. x 29ins. 22ins. £20-40
566.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 shelf open bookcase with brass side handles 39ins x 32ins x 8½ins. £40-60
567.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 shelf open bookcase 34ins x 36ins x 8ins. £40-60
568.    20th cent. Teak 5 shelf open bookcase 24ins x 54ins x 10ins. £40-60
569.    20th cent. Rustic Swedish pine blanket cupboard. 16½ins. x 39ins. x 71ins. £150-250
570.    Late Georgian mahogany breakfront sideboard with cellarette drawer to one side. 60ins. x 38ins. x 20ins. £80-120
571.    19th cent. Pine painted 2/2 chest of drawers. £40-60
572.    1930s Oak bureau with silver plaque to Charles Hollingsworth Superintendent of Lincoln Post Office. 30ins. x 40ins. x 16½ins. £50-80
573.    Early 20th cent. Wing back arm chair. £30-40
574.    19th/20th cent. Howard style long seated armchair, black leather cloth upholstery requiring restoration. £100-150
575.    Early 20th cent. Stained pine upholstered reclining chair £30-50
576.    Late 19th cent. Oak commode, ceramic pot, hinged upholstered seats, open chair plus a ceramic washbowl. £30-40
577.    19th cent. Walnut heart shaped two tier table inlaid stringing and a central inlaid heart with violin, trumpet and floral display in boxwood. The whole on three shaped supports. 26½ins. x 30ins. £60-80
578.    20th cent. Metal framed marble topped coffee tables 1 x 39ins x 15½ins x 20ins. 1 x 27½ins x 17ins x 17½ins.
579.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany cake stand, wine table & a foot stool. £30-40
580.    20th cent. Walnut drop leaf coffee table on turned supports. 22ins. x 17ins. x 10ins. £30-50
581.    French 19th cent. Beech rush seated dining chairs, shaped bar back on serpentine supports, 1 a/f. £50-60
582.    20th cent. Beech stick back seated Ercol chairs. (4).
583.    19th cent. Beech Windsor style chair, a/f. £40-60
584.    19th cent. Mahogany kitchen table with single drawer on tapering supports. 23ins. x 36ins. £30-50
585.    19th cent. Gothic Revival: Breakfront sideboard, 3 liner drawers, 2 pedestal cupboards flanking a galleried recess. £50-80
586.    Ellis Family Archive: Adjustable technical drawing board, 6 T. squares, protractors and other technical drawing equipment. £60-100
587.    20th cent. Yew twin pedestal desk, 9 drawers, green leather skiver. £60-80
588.    20th cent. Mahogany reproduction television cabinet 35½ins. x 24ins. x 18ins. Plus a pine towel rail (2). £30-60
589.    19th cent. Mahogany serpentine sided table, ebony & boxwood feather banding on slender supports rising off pad feet, 29ins. square x 27½ins. height. £40-60
590.    19th cent. Spoon back ladies' salon chair on cabriole supports. £30-50
591.    19th cent. Mahogany twin door pot cupboard with ebony and box wood stringing. £40-60
592.    19th cent. Mahogany dining table with 2 leaves on elegant serpentine supports with wind-out mechanism. £120-180
593.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing table triptych mirror with arched shaped top central mirror. £40-60
594.    19th cent. Pine blanket box. £30-50
595.    20th cent. Oak Ercol table & chairs. £40-60
596.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany desk/dressing table with leather skiver and mirrored gallery to top. £60-80
597.    19th cent. Stained pine 2 over 3 chest of drawers, rising of a plinth. 42ins. x 39ins. x 19½ins.
598.    20th cent. Oak heavily carved side board, 2 central drawers over a single door cupboard, flanked by 2 full length cupboards on 6 supports. £120-160
599.    20th cent. Pine display cabinet. £20-50
600.    19th cent. Oak corner cupboard. 27½ins. x 41ins. x 16ins.
600A.   Late 19th/ 20th cent. Mahogany cheval mirror on stand with arch top and turned finials, mirror. 40ins. x 13ins. £60-80
601.    19th cent. Mahogany ebonised 4 shelf whatnot with cotton reel turned supports. Plus 20th cent. oak waterfall bookcase, magazine rack & cupboard. Linen fold decoration.
602.    19th cent. Windsor stick back chair 41ins high. £60-100
603.    20th cent. Mahogany pie crust edged table with bottom tier plus an oak rectangular table on turned supports. £30-40
604.    19th cent. Mahogany gateleg table, 2 supports with carved moulding to the sides rising off brass castors. £60-80
605.    19th cent. Mahogany bar back open armchair with upholstered seat, turned front & sabre back supports.
606.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Royal Vienna garniture, blush ground decorated with gilt lined chrysanthemums. £35-40
607.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf corner cupboard with shaped shelving 22ins x 30ins x 15ins. £50-80
608.    Early 20th cent. Chinese hardwood nest of 4 tables.
609.    19th cent. Mahogany cake stand with central inlay decoration.
610.    1950/60s Furniture design retro Italian Gio Ponti style chairs, ebonised ash ladder backs, 3 rails with rush woven seats, some stamped "Made in Italy" wear commensurate with age. Height 36ins (91.44cm) seat 15ins. x 15ins. (38cm. x 38cm) weight approx 6lbs (2.8K). (One chair has damage to top rail and rush seat). (10). £300-500
611.    18th cent. Hepplewhite Sheraton style mahogany buffet, inlaid front and supports with brass gallery and furniture. 55ins. x 36ins. x 27ins. £200-300
612.    Edwardian mahogany music cabinet of waterfall form. 19½ins. x 45ins. x 16ins. £60-100
613.    20th cent. Pine single wardrobe with single drawer beneath and a faux arched top. £80-100
614.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany elegant corner cabinet, the top section with two glass fronted doors and two serpentine front shelves. 38ins. x 79ins. £80-120
615.    18th cent. Oak panel dressing screen, 3 sections, linen fold carving to the lower 8 panels and Gothic arc and window carving to the top 2 panels on all sections. £40-60
616.    Georgian Mahogany corner cupboard on stand with a single drawer and shaped lower tier to cupboard with 3 similarly shaped shelves. £200-300
617.    20th cent. Oak four tier Globe Wernicke bookcase with label to back. £150-200
618.    20th cent. Oak swivel office chair.
619.    20th cent. Oak two tier Globe Wernicke bookcase with label to back. £80-120
620.    19th cent. Oak Glastonbury chair, plain form. £150-200
621.    20th cent. Oak two tier Globe Wernicke bookcase with label to back. £80-120
622.    Early 19th cent. flamed mahogany linen press, four linen slides within. 50ins. x 80ins. x 22½ins. £200-300
623.    19th cent. Cast iron fire back with relief decoration of a cavalier and his lady standing beneath a tree. Single sided. 28½ins (h) x 19ins (w). £30-40
624.    Garden Furniture: 20th cent. Terracotta garden urn, 14½ins high x 19ins dia. plus 3 handled terracotta strawberry pot 19ins high. £30-40
625.    Garden Furniture: 20th cent. Garden urns re-constituted stone on pedestals x 4, freestanding x 1, plus trough 29ins. x 9¾ins, Sandford stone pedestal 9ins. (7). A/F. £50-70
626.    20th cent. Decorative Arts: White marble with grey veins column on stepped base. Height 37¼ins. x 9ins. circumference. Plus a 20th cent. ceramic shell and cherub figure 'Italy' black back stamp to base.
627.    19th cent. Walnut oval tilt top table, satin and fruit wood inlay, carved 5 column support with carved splayed feet. £100-150
628.    19th cent. Mahogany pole screen in triptych style, has silk work embroidery with floral motifs. £50-70
629.    Victorian mahogany loo table of oval form on single support with four well-formed legs. 46ins. x 29ins. x 34ins. £80-120
630.    19th cent. Oak 2/3 chest of drawers on bracket supports. £100-150
631.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers cock beaded fronts on splayed supports. £200-250
632.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 over 2 bow fronted chest of drawers on swept feet 39ins. x 32ins. x 18ins. £100-150
633.    19th cent. Mahogany bow front chest of 3 drawers of delicate proportions. 41ins. x 33ins. x 21ins. £50-80
634.    18th cent. Mahogany Chinese Chippendale inspired armchair, upholstered in an embossed gold damask fabric. £600-1000
635.    Early 20th cent. Ladies corner rattan seated turners chair with embossed bobbin supports and back rails. 27ins. x 17ins. x 17ins. and a child's beech corner rattan seated Turners chair with bobbin supports and back rails. 24ins. x 16ins. x 16ins. £40-60
636.    20th cent. Gentleman's oak hall chair with acanthus decoration to the elbow. £50-80
637.    Regency birds eye maple, with ebony and inlay inset panels, card table, blue baize inner, on four column support. 35ins. x 29ins. 19ins. £200-250
638.    19th cent. Hexagonal fruitwood tilt top table, inlaid with a variety of fruitwood with floral and bird motifs. 25ins.
639.    18th cent. Oak peg jointed gateleg table. £80-120
640.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Mahogany partners desk, drawers to front, cupboard rear and green leather skiver. 55ins. x 36ins.