Studio Auction of Antiques, Collectables and A
rt to include artwork by and owned by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis
on Saturday 24th June 2017

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1.      20th cent. Ceramics & Glassware: Royal Albert "Old Country Roses" tea and dinner ware - 2 tier cake stand (boxed), 6 cups & saucers, 6 side plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, candle holder and Country Roses candle, open serving dish 13½ins, meat oval, 6 x 8ins plates, circular serving plate, 6 x 10ins plates, sauce tureen and cover. Plus assorted wine, sherry and liqueur glasses. £80-120
2.      Devon Ware Aller Vale: Udder vases, blue and green Scandy, 1 vase decorated with a rustic study. (6 Vases) £60-65
3.      Devon Ware Aller Vale: Scandy ware cream ground, brown, blue and green organic decoration pinched jug 4ins, cylindrical jug 6ins, waisted vase 3 twisted handles 8ins, bulbous vase 3½ins, Amphora style vase 6ins. (18).
4.      Devon Motto Ware Long Park & Aller Vale: Coffee pots, cockerel, Cottage and Scandy designs, 2 pint, 1 pint and ½ pint, 8 coffee pots 3½ pint size. (Some covers are missing). £40-45
5.      Devon Motto Ware, Aller Vale & Others: Teapots, Cottage, Scandy and cockerel designs 1 x 2 pint, 1 x 1 pint, 3 x ½ pint, and 1 miniature. (6 Teapots). £60-70
6.      Devizes Interest: Wadworth & Co Wine & Spirit Merchants salt glaze wine or ale flask, No 3377 in a wicker basket. £25-35
7.      19th cent. Terracotta crock with glazed inside with 2 handles. 22ins diameter x 14ins high. £30-50
8.      Early 20th cent. Salt glaze 2 gallon jars: Devizes, Wiltshire 'Advertising'. One stamped "Cunningtons" the other King. Both manufactured by Powell/Price. 15ins. £40-50
9.      19th cent. Rural Salt Glaze: Rhubarb forcer with cover and 2 handles. 16ins diameter x 24ins high. £70-100
10.     20th cent. Ceramics: Colclough "Honeysuckle" part tea set 7 cups, 8 saucers, 6 sides, sugar bowl. Palissy "Sheridan" 4 coffee cups, 3 saucers. Colclough blue/ pink floral china 6 cups, 8 side plates, 8 saucers, sugar bowl. Noritake "Loren" part tea set, tea pot, sugar bowl and cover, 5 cups, milk jug, 6 side plates plus 5 saucers. £35-40
11.     19th cent. and later misc. China: Including 20th cent. Chinese orange luster jar & cover 12ins, Imperial Stone, Midland money box, music sheets, etc. £20-40
12.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Sundance" dinner china - meat oval 16ins, tureen and covers x 3, open serving dishes x 3, gravy boat, sauce pot x 3, soup bowl x 8, dessert bowl x 8, plates 8 x 10ins, 17 x 6½ins, 8 x 8ins.
13.     20th cent Ceramics: Spode Italian, Churchill, Wood and Son, TG and FB, Crown etc. All blue and white dinner ware to include "Corinthian", "Willow", "Old Britain Castles", "Woodland" and "Roselle" patterns, bowls, large server and cover (a/f), platters (2), plates, gravy boat, teapot, teacups and saucers. £50-60
14.     20th cent. Ceramics: Denby green stoneware dinner and tea ware. Tea cup & saucer x 10, soup bowl x 5, sugar bowl x 2, egg cup x 2, milk jug, preserve dish, butter dish, tureen & cover, another tureen (cover missing), open serving dish, dessert bowl x 4, plates 10ins. x 6, 7ins. x 6, 8ins. x 2, plus a Denby wheat oblong dish. £60-65
15.     20th cent. Ceramics and Plated Ware: Bone china 6 place teaset, pair of Wedgwood "Prunus" primrose Jasperware square bud vases 5½ins x 1¾ins, a 1930s generic "Flying" wall hanging duck, a carved soapstone figurine(s) of "Tropic Birds", a ceramic toilet pull, a Victorian "Crumbee", a copper and brass stove kettle 13ins, a plated teapot and infuser, an EPNS teapot, a sugar bowl, a milk jug plus salad scissors. (2 Boxes) £40-60
16.     20th cent. Ceramics: W. Bartleet and Sons and other makers, white minimalist table ware 6 x 11ins plates, open serving dish, gravy boat, 9 x assorted dessert/soup bowls, soufflé dish, flan dish, assorted sauce dishes, mugs, etc.
17.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics & Glass: Burmese pattern, commemorative plates, vases, jugs, jardiniere, etc.
18.     20th cent. Metal Ware & Ceramics: Willow meat oval plus 1 other, Johnson Bros coaching scenes sandwich plate, metal candle holders - 2 pairs, blue/white ginger jar, oriental blue/white vases, commemorative mug WWI Peace 28 June 1919, Lyons tea tin, Days-Gone Perrier van boxed, The Original Omnibus, Bath x 56 boxed, etc. (1 Box). £30-45
19.     Devon Ware: Udder vases, tobacco jar, vases, cups, candles holders, condiments, etc. All a/f. Plus various books and booklets. £25-35
20.     20th cent. Ceramics: Delft, blue and white, 2 musical windmills, cat and cow jugs, small tiles, vases a pair, etc, tray not included. Delft, blue and white, clogs, dishes, novelty items including lighter and vases. (2 Boxes).
21.     20th cent. Glassware: Green water jug, long neck green vases decorated with leaves - a pair, hat pin, holder with white metal covers, cranberry style inkwell, cover missing, cut glass vase, oil bottles, etc.
22.     19th/20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass biscuit barrel, retro vase and 6 Sundae glasses. £25-30
23.     20th cent. Ceramics: Colclough "Ivy" part tea set, 3 saucers, 2 sugar bowls, milk jug, cake plate, 10 cups, 8 side plates plus Queen Anne part tea set 12 cups, 6 saucers, 6 Richmond blue poppy saucers, sides plates plus 6 Queen Anne side plates. (2 boxes). £30-35
24.     20th cent. Ceramics: Danbury mint collectors' plates, 'Purrfect Portraits' seven kitten plates, Bradford Exchange Fairy Tale plates 'Hansel & Gretel', 'The Golden Goose' etc. 8 plates. Kaiser nursery plates 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Hansel & Gretel', 'Puss in Boots', etc. 6 plates. Some boxed. (Boxes in store). £25-30
25.     20th cent. Ceramics: Masons iron stone "Regency", 2 x tureens and covers, 1 x gravy boat on stand, 8 x 9ins plates, 8 x 10ins plates, 6 x demi lune plates, 6 x egg cups, 8 x 6ins soup bowls, 4 x dessert dishes, 8 x 8ins plates, 7 x breakfast cups, 2 x breakfast cups saucers, 2 x large sugar bowls, 1 x small, 4 x tea cups, 9 x saucers, 8 x 7ins plates, 4 x 6ins saucers, 5 x misc saucers, 1 x pint milk jug, ½ pint milk jug plus creamer some minor chips. £100-150
26.     20th cent. Ceramics: Rosenthal gilt and white teapot, studio ewer, Wedgwood teapot, Arxburg teapot, Beswick 'Dawn Chorus' jug, etc. £40-50
27.     20th cent. Ceramics: Commemorative ware Aynsley etc. Royal Worcester jubilee mug, Christmas cup and saucer, Hornsea longboat, Wild life place mats, misc. treen carvings plus glassware & Winnie the Pooh. (Box not included) £25-35
28.     20th cent. Ceramics: Novelty teapots, Royal Crown, Hovis Bread, Post Box, Fire Place, Dogs Sitting on a Dustbin, etc. (10 Teapots) £30-35
29.     20th cent. Ceramics: Colclough part tea set 7 cups, 7 saucers, 11 side plates, 3 sugar bowls, 2 cake plates plus 2 milk jugs. £25-35
30.     20th cent. Ceramics and Glass: Sadler's onion jar, Trunchet bowl and cover, mantle vases, wall pockets etc, plus green glass deco style vase, gilt cocktail decanter and 4 glasses, decorative painted glass plates and trays (2 boxes). £30-40
31.     20th century Plate: Including a serving tray, cocktail shaker, spoons, cake knifes, etc. (Yellow tray not included). £30-50
32.     Plateware: Tea and coffee services, tureens with glass liners, knives, forks and spoons. £40-60
33.     Silver Plated Ware: Community plated teaspoons and tongs boxed, circular tray with pierced gallery 10ins, cake stand, sugar sifter 7¾ins, cream jug and sugar bowl plus assorted plated ware, etc. £50-60
34.     Kitchenware: Stainless steel fish kettle 18ins, aluminium preserving pan, funnel and a jam thermometer. £30-50
35.     20th cent. Plate & Flatware: Walker Hall spirit kettle on stand, condiment, bread basket, tea strainer on stand, Sheffield plate dish, etc. (Tray not included).
36.     19th cent. Copperware: Coal scuttles (2) with tongs, poker and shovel. £30-40
37.     19th cent. & Later Brass & Copperware: J Sankey beaten jug, kettle, copper warming pan, tankards, brass trivet with beech handle, candlesticks.
38.     Late 19th cent. Brass double helix candlestick with wide base 20ins, plus another smaller example with 6 side base, approx. 19ins. £30-50
39.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Brassware: Miniature oil lamp, cranberry glass reservoir, white glass shade, 20ins including funnel plus a circular bowl on base. £40-45
40.     19th cent. Copper & Brass: A skillet, milk pan, warming pan, pineapple shaped iron trivet, household scales plus weights etc. £30-50
41.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Islamic beaten copper charger. Approx. 30ins.
42.     20th cent. Plated: Salver, 3 compartment serving dish. Flatware - ladle, knives, forks, spoons contained in a cutlery drawer £45-60
43.     20th cent. Plate: Household flatware, knives, forks and spoons, etc. (Tray not included). £25-30
44.     Copperware: Very large copper boiler cast with drain hole 29½ins diameter x 22ins depth. £150-250
45.     20th cent. Cast iron cockerel door stop, banqueting hall chandelier iron ring ceiling of candles. £40-60
46.     20th Century Ceramics: Simpsons Solian ware half tea set decorated with floral motif with gilt lace patterned border. Comprises of 6 cups, saucers & side plates, a cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl and teapot. £40-50
47.     Advertising Tins: Cadbury's Ancient London, approx. 16ins plus Victoria biscuits treasure chest. (2). £20-30
48.     20th cent. Honey oak 2 handled tray with single bar gallery 23ins x 15ins and a tribal carved walkingstick. £20-30
49.     20th cent. Sticks: Shooting stick x 3, cane and a thumb stick. £15-25
50.     Early 20th century mahogany folding bookshelf, the ends carved in the form on sun flowers. £35-45
51.     20th cent. Wade and other animals. 15ins x 11ins. (Display case not included). £30-35
52.     20th cent. Oak table free standing music stand.
53.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester "Watteau" pattern 7 tea plates, 11 cups & saucers, 2 milk jugs, slop bowl and a sugar bowl plus Franklin Porcelain "Flowers of the Year" plate collection limited edition 12 plates with a booklet for each plate.
54.     20th cent. Ceramics: Burleigh ware jug and bowl set, transfer print of orange and blue flowers. £30-40
55.     20th cent. Ceramics: Majolica umbrella stand decorated with flowers containing two walkingsticks. £20-40
56.     Royal Albert's Provincial Flowers: Cups, saucers & plates x 12, Alberta Rose, Dogwood, Fire weed, Lady's Slipper, Madonna Lily, May Flower, Mountain Avens, Pitcher Plant, Prairie Crocus, Prairie Lily, Purple Violet, Trillium. £50-80
57.     20th cent. Noritake Dinner & Teaset Palos Verde: Dinner plate x 12, pudding bowl x 11, dessert plate x 10, soup bowl x 12, sauce boats x 2, serving dish, large serving plate 15¼ins x 3, medium serving plate 13½ins x 3, large tureen with lid, medium tureen with lid, shallow tureen with lid x 2, salt shaker x 2, pepper shaker x 2. Teapot, milk jug x 2 (1 a/f.), sugar bowl x 2 (one without cover), teacup x 11, saucer x 12, tea plate x 11, coffee pot x 2, coffee cup x 12, saucer x 11. £80-120
58.     Rustic Ceramics: Mortarium style thrown dish with handles 21½ins diameter x 5ins high. £30-50
59.     Ceramics: Three chamber pots, 1 slop pot with cover and rattan handle decorated with roses. a commode chamber vessel plus two white painted dressing table mirrors.
60.     Early 20th cent. Ceramics Wash Set: Comprising of a jug, bowl, 2 x chamber pots, a toothbrush holder and a part soap dish, all decorated with roses. £40-60
61.     20th cent. Ceramics: Villeroy and Boch Majolica sunflower wall plate/charger plus a second charger decorated with poppies, and a Portmeirion botanic garden dish boxed. £30-35
62.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Tiles by Wedgwood, Past Times, etc. Approx. 12. £30-35
63.     19th cent. Blue and white "Pearl" Florentine china 10 x 10ins, 7 x 9ins, 2 x 10½ins plates, soup tureen cover saucers and ladle, 19ins serving plate, 12½ins plate, 3 tureen lids. Plus 3 other plates, 10 soup bowls, sauce tureen and lid. £20-40
64.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Gilt rimmed blue & white tea cup & bowl, A.C.H.J. Wilton Lily plates & bowls (6) Empire commemorative mugs (2), Staffordshire comfort dog (1), a plated teapot, a cribbage board & a framed print of Chaussier. £40-60
65.     20th cent. Ceramics: Retro items - fish serving dish, Ceramics Portrush, green, black, yellow planter, unmarked wall plaque in the form of a Spanish lady, Piazza Moze, by Woods, dish. £35-40
66.     Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Green vine plates (6 but 1 a/f.). £20-30
67.     20th cent. Ceramics: Flower posies by Adderley, Denton, Wade tortoise etc £25-30
68.     20th cent. Ceramics: Rosenthal miniature candle holders, Sylvac dog No 1433, plus Pendelfin Phumf rabbit and miniature shoes. 1 a/f. £30-40
69.     Glass shop counter sweet jars c1920, cylindrical form, collars to the base and top 15ins tall, 6½ins base diameter - a pair. £100-150
70.     20th cent. Art Glass: A Powell green glass bulbous vase 7½ins tall x 6½ins diameter with a Swedish "Kosta" squat clear glass vase & black style line, signed to base, 4¼ins tall x 5¼ins wide x 2½ins deep and a Coole Swan cocktail glass with etched logo. 6ins tall. (3). £50-70
71.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass bowls x 3, 1 with plated rim, plus a cut-glass spirit decanter. £30-40
72.     20th cent. Glassware: Retro two handled green bulbous bubble glass vase. £25-35
73.     19th cent. and later Glass: Including Bristol cranberry, cut glass, etc. £30-50
74.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass bowl on 3 supports, single glass candle holder, boat shape cut glass dish, yellow over lay two handle vase plus a retro stylised multi-colour fish. £30-40
75.     Glassware and Lamps: Cobalt blue bud vases decorated with enamel painted floral patterns, a pair plus 1 single. 20th cent. Oil Lamp, cast iron base with a clear glass reservoir.
76.     David Winter: Model houses "The Parsonage" 9¼ins, "Lace Makers Cottage" 6ins, "Market Street" 4½ins, "Grouse Moor Lodge" 5ins, "Inglenook Cottage" 5ins, "The Weavers Lodging" 5ins, "Kent Cottage" 4½ins, "Fair-well Cottage" 4ins, "Fisherman's Wharf" 3¾ins, "The Bull & Bush" 3½ins, "Hogs Head Beer House" 3½ins, "The Village Shop" 3ins, "Sussex Cottage" 3ins, "Yeoman's Farmhouse" 2¼ins plus another cottage possibly "Tea House" 3½ins. (15).
77.     20th cent. Ceramics: Commemorative mugs, Spode The Armada 1588. "The Ark Royal" Waterloo, The Great Battle Series, Danbury Mint, Wedgwood, Prince Albert to commemorate Prince Albert Exhibition, Wedgwood, Bicentenary of Sir Humphrey Davy, Denby mug and dish to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of the R.A.F. £35-40
78.     20th cent. Ceramics: Radford 2 x hand decorated floral preserve pots, Shorter green art deco preserve pot decorated with sailing ships, Adams 'Country Meadow' preserve pot, Flint of Norway preserve pot, Shorter pink bowl decorated with birds. (6) £40-50
79.     20th cent. Miniature cup, saucer collection by Spode, Worcester, Coalport, Caverswall and Wedgwood, etc. (44). Plus 2 repro bronze horse & mask items. £30-50
80.     20th cent. Terracotta slipware wall plate depicting a sailing ship 12ins x 12ins.
81.     20th cent. Ceramics: French Faience polychrome charger in a stylised sun ray design. £30-35
82.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire comfort dogs, King Charles dog, gilt ears, chain and collar, separated legs and a gilt and white dog. £35-45
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Burgundy" tea and dinner ware, 5 x tea cups, 3 x saucers, 2 x 2 handled soup bowls, 12 x 6ins plates, 9 x 9ins plates, 8 x 10ins plates, 2 x milk jugs plus 4 x serving dishes (3 with covers). £25-35
84.     Continental Ceramics: Figure of a peasant fetching water, carrying a stick 21ins. Capo-di-monte figurine of a Tinker. The Juliana collection figurine of a girl plus Regency Fine Arts Henry VIII figure. £35-40
85.     20th cent. Ceramics: Poole horizontal brown and cream vase a/f. 7½ins plus a Poole twin tone blue dish 16ins. £25-35
86.     20th cent. Ceramics: Midwinter Sienna coffee set , Jesse Tait design, green, brown and black stripes, c1960 - 5 cups, 6 saucers, coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl. Plus Poole cream/blue coffee cups and saucers, coffee pot and Worcester egg coddlers. £35-40
87.     20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "Pampered Poodle" Lady with Poodle figurine N1157 unboxed plus Nadal figure of a young girl in a pink dress holding flowers boxed, Nao figurines "Girl praying" boxed plus "Tulip Time" boxed. (4)

88.     20th cent. Ceramics: Continental figurines, girl holding a candle, girl in hood, sleeping boy, unboxed. (3). £30-35
89.     20th cent. Ceramics: Nao pair of playful Spaniel puppies plus a fancy boot and a baby with dish, unboxed. Plus Lladro girl walking with a flower pot. (4) £35-40
90.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with basket a/f. Cascades lady with a parasol and an unmarked girl with a basket of roses. (3) £30-35
91.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with cockerel and basket, 4591, 2 geese plus Lladro girl with lamb 1969-93.
92.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro Eskimo child with polar bear cub, playful puppy plus an unmarked rabbit, owl and sleeping dog. (5) £45-55
93.     20th cent. Ceramics: Regency Fine Arts, Tales of Honeysuckle Hill "Hen Party" and "The Nursery" plus Bradford Exchange model of a elephant. £30-35
94.     20th cent. Ceramics: Robert Harrop County Companions, dog figures, Sheep dog, Bull Dog, Beefeater etc, 9 figures. The County Bird Collection, The Robin, Barn Owl, Kingfisher etc 6 birds. Plus 2 Wade hedgehogs (1 tray) Tray not included. £30-35
95.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Arcadian 'There's no Place Like Home', crested ware in the form of a fireplace, St. Ives fairing 'The Promise of Love' a/f, figure of a black man with a straw hat resting on parcels, bisque spill holder in the form of a man carrying cases called "Your Going on a Long Journey", continental bisque and other figures, miniature vase decorated with floral decoration in relief, miniature figure of a girl standing under a tree, figure of a seated lady and dandy - a pair, bisque stylised figure of a lady forming the handle of a jug, miniature cup and saucer, 3 corner miniature dish, gilt border, hand decorated with summer flowers, a monkey figure playing bagpipes,1 other, both a/f. unmarked plus German angel figures standing on a rock in a diving pose - a pair.

96.     Royal Doulton Figures: HN3499 "Top-o' the Hill" 4ins, HN3212 "Christmas Morn" 4ins, HN3321 "Gail" a/f. 3½ins. (3)
97.     20th cent. Ceramics: Bourne Denby bulbous vase, green ground with vertical lines & dots. Black backstamp 9¼ins and a green ground ribbed vase 8ins plus a George Clewse, Tunstall squat vase 7ins. (3). £30-40
98.     Commemorative: Diamond Jubilee 1897 enamel mug plus a 19th cent. pearl ware nursery plate "The Shepherd Boy". £30-50
99.     Coalport Figurines: Beau Monde, "Jill", "Isobel" and "Elizabeth". All boxed (3) £40-45
100.    Coalport Figurines: Beau Monde, Meg, "Age of elegance", "Matinee performance" and "Regents Park" a/f all boxed (3). £50-60
101.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Goss: Queen Victoria's first shoe, St Paul's Cathedral, model of the Coronation chair, Windsor, model of an oak pitcher, Hamlet Prince of Denmark,. model of Roman bottle Hawes x 7 others. Plus a price guide to the models of W.H. Goss by Roland Ward, hardback, and a Royal Worcester 'Beatties' 1877-1977 pin tray, boxed. £35-45
102.    Wedgwood Jasper Ware: Green & white boxes with covers from 1¾ins diameter to 5ins, 6 pieces, 1 piece black & white, 1 blue & white with stand plus Aynsley pots, etc. £30-50
103.    20th cent. Ceramics: Kelsboro ware Toby, Crown Staffordshire rose arrangement, Hove Di Bassaho floral vase a/f. Plus a black cat seated and a white horse. Plus late 19th early 20th cent. Royal Vienna garniture, blush ground decorated with gilt lined chrysanthemums. £20-25
104.    20th cent. Ceramics: Aynsley menu holders decorated with flowers (4), Royal Doulton Posy vase, Aynsley cottage garden trinket pot and cover plus continental figurines of a farm girl and boy feeding ducks (a pair). £30-35
105.    20th cent. Ceramics: Poole 'Falling Leaf' teapot, 6 cups, 8 saucers, preserve pot, 2 sugar bowls, 2 milk jugs, 6 plates plus a tankard decorated with stars and a green teapot. Some damage. £20-30
106.    20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese eggshell tea/coffee and sandwich set gilt and enamel oriental decoration. £20-30
107.    20th cent. Ceramics: Individual jelly moulds, 2 with firing cracks. All different patterns (11 in total) plus an egg crock. £20-30
108.    Studio Pottery - Nymolle: Denmark art Faience candle holder, signed by Bjorn Wiinblad, Meon ocarina in the form of a bird plus studio birds and an owl. Many boxed. £25-30
109.    20th cent. Ceramics: Denby green coffee pot, 2 pint white banded milk jug, green dish decorated with a goose and a brown unglazed pitcher, etc. £25-35
110.    20th cent. Ceramics: Decorative plates including Minton, Allcock, and Spode Byron sandwich plates (3) plus Crown Staffordshire. £25-30
111.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Gulliver plus Oliver Cromwell Toby D6968 Ltd edition 2500 No 369. £35-40
112.    20th cent. Ceramics and Glassware: Flower arrangements by Radnor, Jon Anton, Burlington, Staffordshire, 1 x other glass pony. £30-35
113.    Concorde flight bag and 2 wine glasses. The bag from the first flight 22nd October 1986 and the glasses from the inaugural flight to Prague 19th-20th October 1996. £40-60
114.    Stamps: GB & World stamps, most cancelled in 3 albums plus loose issues and postcards and a tin of coins. £60-80
115.    Cigarette, Tea Cards and Stamps: A large selection of 1930-present, many sets, some in collectors booklets, football cards 1972 and catalogues plus a box of British stamps (1 Box). £40-60
116.    Stamps: Albums x 6, 5 books of European stamps arranged in separate albums, strong German and French influence.
117.    Stamps: South American in 2 albums, 1 booklet and a stock book. A very large amount of loose stamps & pages of stamps. Empty and part used albums. (2 Boxes). £40-60
118.    Postcards: GB and World cards, modern & Edwardian, most topographical. £40-60
119.    Stamps: French approvals Manila paper stock book.

120.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Album of photographs 1912 & 1913 including a weekend in London, Christmas 1912, a week in Bristol May 1913, holiday in London 1913, Charabang outing June 1913, Ilfracombe, etc. £40-60
121.    Stamps: USA SG2 1847 10c black imperf used hinged, slight stain, 3 good margins. £300-500
122.    Stamps: Coronation stamps of Queen Elizabeth II, 4 stamps missing from the New Zealand page. An album of India stamps & states from 1937 on and stamps from Pakistan 1947 on plus 1937 on stamps from Ceylon plus another album of India states. £150-200
123.    Postcards: Two albums of topographical & other cards, char-ra-bang outings Boy Scouts, comic cards, etc. £80-120
124.    Postcards: Worton Village Hall 'Raising the Flag' and a black cat card. (3). £10-15
125.    Postcards - Devizes & District: 1912 Town Criers contest, 1938 Carnival Procession, 1908 Pans Lane and United Dairies, Ash of Devizes, St. Joseph's from the canal Melksham, cards Radstock Mill, The Colliery, Bryant's Grocer & Draper, Speech Day at Dauntsey School in 1910, Market Lavington Post Office, Fancy dress at Potterne, Woodborough School, etc. £60-80
126.    Postcards: Military WWI silk 'Bridge Building' by the Welsh and Cheshire Regiment. An airship in flight, portraits of soldiers, groups of men, regiment marching through a town, range work, etc. £40-80
127.    Postcards: Military - Wiltshire Yeomanry Burdrop 1904 R.P, a cartoon, Boer War "Ladysmith" 1906 R.P. Plus real photos of aircraft WWII & later. (15). £20-40
128.    Postcards: Edwardian & later, GB topographical including Wiltshire. Humour & R.P. cards with few Europe postcards. Approx. 100. (1 Tub). £40-60
129.    Stamps: An ideal postage stamp album, world issues including Alsace and Lorraine 1870 perf 1c to 25c, SG1,3,5,8,10,14,16, Argentine Republic 1853-1862 5c rose, 10c green, 15c blue Belgium 1861 imperf, 40c red, 1866 perf 5c brown, Brazil 1843 30 R, Brunswick 1853 imperf 3SGR black in rose, Denmark 1870 perf 2,3,4,8, 16SK, 1875 perf 30 RE, France 1849 imperf 20c black, 1853 80c red, 5c green, Hamburg 1859 imperf 1 shil brown, 1864, 2½ shil, Roman States 10c black on orange plus other nice issues.
130.    Postcards: Devizes Town locks & other cards (21) plus 5 reprints. £40-60
131.    Stamps: Stock book Castle set f/u many f/u QV KG VI QE2 Jersey definitive issue 1981-82 plus an album f/u m/m some high values plus a tray of loose. Plus pre and post decimal issues, QE2, high value castle issue, £1 -£5 34 sets f/u, g/u high value definitive 1999 - 1970 Xmas issues most f/u. £60-80
132.    Stamps: Meteor stamp album containing world stamps including GB, brown/red cover.

133.    Stamps: Meteor stamp album containing world stamps including GB brown/red cover.
134.    Stamps: An album of PHQ's, one of First Day Covers, a stock book of GB stamps and over 40 in presentation packs. £40-60
135.    Postcards: Mostly GB including motor & train crashes, Nelson, Napoleon commemorative, topographical, etc. Approx. 62. £75-100
136.    Tsar/Romanov Royal Family: Superb collection of early 20th century postcards of the Russian Royal Family including a number of extremely rare scenes. (Approx. 92). £750-1000
137.    Russia/France Stamps/Covers: 1893 1c & 1c Fine illustrated postcard celebrating the visit of the Russian Fleet to Toulon with additional 3c & 5c tied by Toulon Sur Mer 13 October 1893 with First Day cancel with Stanley Gibbons stock certificate. £40-60
138.    Commemorative Medals: Mockba 1896 medal (Russian Coronation medal). £40-50
139.    Silver Coins: Including 1 Yen, ¼ Dollars, 3d pieces etc. 2oz approx. £20-30
140.    Numismatics: £5 1996 coin, £2 1994 coin, sterling silver proof Manx 1979 x 3, £1 Manx silver uncirculated, GWR 150th anniversary Crown uncirculated, etc, (1 Tray). £20-30
141.    Bank Notes: Rothmans Cambridge collection of rare bank notes includes Brazil, Japan, Indonesia, Korea, German Austria, GB, Bulgaria, China and Hong Kong approx 73. £40-50
142.    20th cent. Advertising Items: Solent Carpet Co Ltd pen penknife, VT Spring Mattresses penknife, Slumberland travel brush, Clayton Lewis travelling iron - boxed (Not for use collectors' item only). Emu yellow metal engine turned compact and a hallmarked napkin ring, very worn marks.
143.    Badges: British Red Cross badges shoulder titles, cloth badge, etc. £20-30
144.    Robinson advertising jam band figures - drummer, sax player, double base, singer, etc. (8). £20-40
145.    19th & 20th cent. Flatware: Mostly knives and spoons. £20-30
146.    18th cent. Flatware: Dinner and dessert sets, stag horn and treen handles, 2/3/4 pronged forks plus a roll of stag horn handled dessert and dinner knives. (24) £30-60
147.    Manchester Unity of Oddfellows shoulder sash in purple red edge gilt frills with medallion and badges plus a light blue and white sash. £15-25
148.    Watches: One gents and 5 ladies wristwatches and pendant watch, a stainless steel stop watch & 2 travelling watches. £30-40
149.    Masonic Memorabilia: Sash & rule book, St Clair Lodge 2074 in leather case. £20-25
150.    Costume Jewellery: Brooches, necklaces, rings, bracelets. A Hathprujas with earrings, a chess box, etc.
151.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Including Victorian sandwich box, leather card case, Kohl circular box, pipe, the bowl in the form of Queen Alexander, binoculars in leather case, Millefiori corkscrew, glove hook, penknife, desk calendar and sterling silver pencils. £35-45
152.    20th cent. Leatherette jewel case containing costume jewellery. £20-30
153.    Plated & Ceramics Ware: Set of 6 yellow metal spoons, fish knives & forks, trinket boxes x 9, honey pot, costume jewellery, etc. £20-30
154.    @21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Keshan rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
155.    @21st cent. Rugs: Blue ground Keshan rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
156.    @21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Heriz rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
157.    @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Ziegler rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
158.    20th cent. Chrome clothes rail with extension rods at both ends. £15-25
159.    19th cent. Games: Mudie and Son of Piccadilly bone gaming chips 2/- to £1 in various colours contained in a silk lined red Morocco leather box, approx 150 counters. £40-70
160.    20th cent. Games: Ajedrex Staunton No 5 chess set contained in a pine box. £80-100
161.    Toy: Early 20th cent. Hollow cast Britain's Cadbury's cococubs includes pigs, turtles, birds, mice, frogs, ducks, kangaroo, bear and monkey. (36). £100-150
162.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Chinese Opera Doll: Ceramic head, painted face, wood legs and feet, robe with gilt dragon embroidery. Approx. 9ins. Head in need of repair.
163.    20th cent. Costume Dolls: Spain, Italy, Germany, Scotland, Switzerland, Greece. Approx. 16 dolls. £45-60
164.    Toys - Doll: German made doll dressed in WWI nurses uniform lace cap, black clock, check apron, bisque head, open & shut eyes, jointed legs and arms, dark hair. Approx. 15ins. In need of repair. £80-100
165.    Toys - Doll: WWI nurse doll representing Maira Chisholm one of the Madonnas of Pervyse who was awarded the order of Leopold II, order of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium 1915, military medal (1917),1914 Star and the order of St John of Jerusalem. The doll wears a replica of the order of Leopold and is wearing WWI nurses uniform. 14ins. £100-150
166.    19th cent. Doll: Celluloid doll with dark hair, black lace cap, leg-o-mutton sleeve, brown check blouse, black skirt, lace under skirt, moveable arms and legs 7ins. (1 Finger missing). £150-200
167.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Chinese Opera Dolls: Composition head, arms and lower leg, painted face, dressed in blue tunic, green trousers and red cap. 7ins. Girl doll, dark plaits, painted face, green tunic with girl embroidery, red trousers, composition head, lower arms and lower legs. 7ins. (2 Dolls). £50-70
168.    19th cent. Doll: Poured wax doll, head, shoulders, arms and lower legs, body, cloth painted face and hair ringlets to side of head. Fingers missing on one hand, dressed in original clothes - pink flower dress, lace apron and cotton under garment. 5ins. £150-200
169.    Folk Art Dolls: Scandinavian doll with painted face, velvet bonnet with gilt braid, yellow satin apron with embroidery brown velvet underskirt. £30-40
170.    Games: Petanque (Boules) complete set contained in a aluminium case with instructions on how to play the game.
171.    Shooting: Early 20th cent. leather single gun case 32ins x 8ins (for 28ins D/barrels), green baize lined, straps intact, no label. £40-60
172.    Fishing: Brass plate wind reel 3½ins, unsigned but possibly Chas Farlow plus a Grise & Young centre pin Avon Supreme reel 4½ins. £40-60
173.    Shooting: Early 20th cent. leather "Leg-of-Mutton" gun case 31ins. x 9ins. strap stitching worn away. £40-60
174.    Shooting: Canvas & leather gun slips x 5 (1 Nylon) with zips & carrying handles 48ins x 53ins long. Good condition.

175.    Fishing: Course & fly rods x 3, a tripod rod holder, all with cloth sleeves, a Garcia Mitchell 307 and a Galion 19R reel. £20-40
176.    Fishing: Split cane 2 piece rod with cloth sleeve plus 2 reels Daiwa 4000c and a Mitchell 602AP. £40-60
177.    19th cent. Mahogany tea box with boxwood inlay. 5ins. £30-50
178.    18th cent. Figured mahogany gentleman's collar box with ivory inset roundall. 6½ins. £100-150
179.    19th cent. Mahogany jewellery box with lift up top and single drawer. 9ins. £40-60
180.    Objects of Virtu: 19th cent. Copper snuff boxes, one inset with a Soho half penny. £40-60
181.    Weapons: Bosun's Persuader, porcupine quill shaft with heavy bronze ball ends. £30-50
182.    19th cent. and later Metalware: Including brass 1 and 2 pint tankards, WWI Lee Enfield oil holder, ashtray, etc. £30-50
183.    19th cent. Brass servants bells - a pair. £20-30
184.    19th cent. Mahogany oval key box with glazed door with woolwork panel 9½ins x 14ins x 3½ins.
185.    19th cent. Treen: Rosewood sarcophagus tea caddy. £40-60
186.    19th cent. Pewter: James Dixon and Son 1879 hot water jug 10¼ins, water jug 9½ins, a teapot plus a glass bottom pint tankard with a Cartouche "2nd Prize for Brahama Cockerel, Islington 1863 (4). £20-40
187.    19th cent. Pewter: Stamped Yates sauce ladles x 2, 7ins, a quart tankard James yates plus a stepped plate with 5 touch marks crown over x 9½ins. (4). £70-90
188.    19th cent. Pewter: Landlord spirit measures gill or ½pint with excise touch marks (4) plus a graduated collection of pewter spirit and strong ale tankards 3ins to 4½ins makers include James Young (2 lids missing) (5) total 9. £80-100
189.    Political Satire: Gerald Scrafe 1936 pen and ink caricature of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as a goose, titled "Silly Goose" dated 21st February 1990. 6ins x 8ins. £100-150
190.    Autograph book from the Colchester Oyster Feast 1925 containing 49 signatures including Winston S Churchill, Louisa Brandreth Aldrich-Blake, Stanley Baldwin, Jerome K Jerome, Viscount Ullswater, Field Marshal Lord Robertson and many other dignitaries. £400-600
191.    19th cent. Ephemera - Bound Volume (8) P.R.M. Magazine. Hand written journal, dated 1889 poems, interviews, articles and prolific illustrations, edited and written by Heather Susan Strange Butson with contribution from artists, journalists and social commentators. Watercolour illustrations and ink sketches Nora Strange Butson active 1891-1911, daughter of W.S. Butson (28), the editor Heather S.S. Butson born 1865 (28), Ethel May (4), Gerald Edward Moira 1867-1959 watercolours (21), two years later Mr Moira would have his first work accepted for the R.A. in 1891 and proceeded to have a long and illustrious career.
The closing chapter of the magazine asks contributors & non contributors to 'sign their names below, so that in years to come, when they are all famous or otherwise, she may look back with pleasure and think of the good old days of the P.R.M. 1889". A stunning insight of middle class intellectual ladies and gentlemen of the late 19th century.
192.    Devizes Ephemera: Sale of land and property catalogues held in the Bear Hotel, Devizes including Pans Lane, Nursteed Road, Forty Acres Road, Southbroom House Estate, Drews Pond, Wick Lane and Potterne Road (3) £30-60
193.    Devizes Interest: Indenture Eva Victoria Bullock with the consent of her father, George Bullock of Rowdeford House, Rowde, both put her as apprentice to Thomas George O'Reilly of Devizes, Silk Mercer and Milliner 10th April 1905, apprentice in the art of Millinery and Drapery, (11 High Street, Devizes). £40-60
194.    Devizes 1794: Royal Exchange lead fire mark - Sam purchase of Devizes, Wiltshire, butcher for two tenements £200 fire mark number 159272 mounted to oak plaque with copy paperwork. £150-250
195.    Early 20th cent. Photography Charles Wesley Gilhousen silver gelatin photo, Art Nouveau nude Colora signed and titled, copyright 1915. 9½ins x 4ins approx. with contemporary frame and mount (glass a/f) £100-150
196.    Photographs: Royal Coronation, Dorothy Wilding 1953, page boy possibly Lascelles. 12ins. x 7ins. £20-30
197.    19th cent. Malacca cane with ivory handle plus Swiss Chamois with horn and hoof handle and one other (3). £50-70
198.    Maps: Interesting pre America/Mexico war coloured map of the United States of America/North America, showing Texas and San Francisco in Mexico and New Britain in Canada. 10ins x 8ins. £80-120
199.    Taxidermy: Example of a cobra & mongoose battle. 24ins high. £80-120
200.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Taxidermy example of a hawk perched on a rock in a grassland setting. Cased 10ins x 12ins. £80-120
201.    19th cent. Brass oil lamp, reeded column with cranberry glass reservoir and acid etched shade. £30-50
202.    Silver Plate: Walker and Hall silver plated tray, approx. 20ins long with a teapot, sugar and milk jug. £30-50
203.    19th cent. Rosewood tripod table top fire screen, woolwork panel, turned columns rising off bun feet. 21ins. £20-30
204.    Scientific Instruments: Planimeter stamped "Stanley, great Turnstile, Holborn, London" Reg. No 26924 engraved agent, fitted and lined box. £50-70
205.    Magic Lantern Slides: Children's stories - Red Riding Hood, Jack the Giant Killer, Robinson Crusoe, etc. £20-40
206.    Early 20th cent. Handmade Magic Lantern Glass Slides 'stills' advertising films at the Palace Cinema Kettering, Northamptonshire. Including Mable Ballin, Shirley Mason, Jane Novak, Victoria Cross, Hepworth, Emmy Wehlen.
207.    Photography: Rare set of 16 Victorian plate glass negatives of the Wiltshire village of Wootton Rivers, showing scenes from village life, 5½ins x 3½ins (2 a/f). £50-80
208.    Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Trains and disasters showing Flying Scotsman, Gretna disaster plus a potted explanation of each slide. £300-500
209.    Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Showing SS Lusitania, icebergs, Mauritania, Montrose, Dunbar Castle mined January 9th 1940 plus a handwritten booklet explaining the slides. £80-120
210.    Military Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Showing ships frozen in Russian waters withdrawal from Dunkirk Kalian Sea Raider sunk by HMS Leander, The Graf Von Spee, Scharnhorst, Ark Royal, Warsprite etc plus notes on the slides. £80-120
211.    Photography: Cameras and accessories - Pentax zoom 70 in leather case, boxed with instruction leaflet, Zenit - 3.M. in leather case contained in a leather carry case with camera stand, instruction booklet, Agfa light meter, cased, Agfa Natarix lens, cased, Actina Supplementary lens and Jupiter 11 No 6713596 lens, cased. £50-70
212.    Scientific Instruments: Monocular, brass black over painted (marks concealed) contained in a leather case. £20-30
213.    Camera: Yashica 635 Copal MXV lens, leather cased plus a reel case.
214.    Clocks: 20th cent. Dutch reproduction bracket clock made in Germany for Christian Huggens white chapter ring gilt spandrels, moonphase, chiming on the noon, half, quarter Westminster Chime, treen case with brass fittings 12ins. £200-250
215.    Clocks: 19th cent. Paul Garnier Paris travelling clock no. 799 circa. 1834, the first type of carriage clock by Garnier, 5¾ins. handle up, 3¾ins wide. One piece case with front glass sliding up to give access to the dial which has a watered silk engine turned with painted numerals, the back movement stamped 'Paul Garnier H Du Rol A Paris'. £800-1200
216.    Early 20th cent. Rodenstock German mother of pearl opera glasses. £50-80
217.    WW1: Private R.J. Reynolds Wiltshire Regiment 14-18 medal, a coloured studio photo plus another sepia sitter unknown. £40-50
218.    Gold WWI sweetheart bar brooch for Tank Corps. 2.3grams. £30-50
219.    Military: 19th cent. White metal and bone campaign knife and fork. £30-50
220.    Militaria: WWI trench art 18 pound shell scuttle shaped sweet dishes - a pair 6ins. £40-60
221.    WWI Trench Art: Brass model Churchill tank. Approx. 8ins. £40-50
222.    Military Medals: George G.P. Eaton, South Staffs WWI pair, WWII Defence Medal Police Special Constable. WWII 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, 1939-45 medal, plus miniatures.
223.    Military: WWI medals pair to 123733 Gunner HW Brew RA War Medal Victory Medal, box framed and glazed. £60-80
224.    Military: WWI Medals pair to 207404 Driver C.J. Barrett RA War Medal 14-20 Victory Medal, box framed & glazed. £60-80
225.    Military: WWI Medals to 14-15 Star, War Medal 14-20 Victory Medal to 5113 Driver F. Smith RFA box framed and glazed for display. £80-100
226.    Military: WWI Medals pair to 127941 Gunner J.C. Christie RA 14-20 War Medal Victory Medal, box framed and glazed. £60-80
227.    Military: Photos of the WO's & Sgts. mess, The Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry, Barrackpore India 1930 and at Aldershot 1929. Four booklets of the regiments history and a framed set of badges to 15215 James George Rickard WOII DCLI and seconded to Ceylon Defence Force 1931-35, along with his swagger stick and his Chelsea hospital walkingstick plus WWI shell case. £40-60
228.    19th cent. Military: Royal Horse Artillery cross belt and pouch with cover, a gilt long body line Busby cord and gilt buckles x 3. Belonging to Lt. Col. J D C Buckley RHA. Lt Col. Buckley's uncle Cecil Mainprise was a medic on the Young Husband expedition. £150-250
229.    20th cent. Art deco style Spelter aviator lighter, copper patinated with black propeller - head hinge a/f. £50-70
230.    Textiles: Propaganda scarf Filmyra fabrics 33ins. x 33ins. approx, printed with various illustrations from the speech's of Sir Winston Churchill, the scarf has a wide grey border printed inscriptions "We Shall never Surrender". £30-50
231.    Militaria: 19th cent. Hawkes and Co. of Piccadilly London, tin document box with brass label J.J. Marsh 4th Dragoon Guards 17ins x 13ins. £40-60
232.    Military: WW2 MOD field telephone set "F" mark 2 made by TMC, original treen box and webbing carry strap. £40-60
233.    Military: WWI Embroidery of the British Isles depicting each Country's emblems, industries & landmarks, etc. Set in a table top under glass (No legs). £30-50
234.    Musical Instrument: A plated saxophone L. Pierret of Paris with embossed decorated horn, housed in a Hawes & Sons case and a sax stand. £100-120
235.    20th cent. Records: 78s Columbia, H.M.V, Decca, Brunswick, Rex, etc. £20-30
236.    Musical Instruments: Kimaxe (Korea) reverb 6 string banjo. Remo weather head (USA) and a rosewood veneered resonator 13ins diameter strung & set up for left handed players. £80-120
237.    Danbury Mint: "Threshing" No 0156 with certificate. "Washing Day", "The Old Mill", "Grandma's Birthday" with certificate. The Country Lines Collection "Seaside Special" with certificate. "The Arrival of the 4=45". The Miles Stones Collection "Handy's Cottage" plus an unnamed farmhouse (8 models). £90-100
238.    Danbury Mint: Model of St Peter's Basilica the Vatican from the collection Historic Catholic Churches, the model stands non a treen plinth 12ins x 8ins approx with certificate of authenticity. £80-120
239.    Lilliput Lane Scottish Collection Ltd edition 3000 Duart Castle Historic Castles of Britain Stokesay Castle released 94, retired 98. Cawdor Castle from The Scottish Collection. Danbury Mint Enchanted Castles of Europe The Alcazay Segovia Spain (4 Castles). £80-100
240.    Collectors model houses and cottages Lilliput Lane "Bridge House" and "Milestone" 1988, 6 small world National Collection. Scotland Direct "Fire station", "The Book Shop", "Police House", "Milestones", "Tall Cottage", "Robert Burns Cottage" and "Donegal Cottage". Fraser Creations "Irish Cottage", Lilliput Lane "Wheyside Cottage" etc 32 approx, 2 trays (trays not included). £50-60
241.    Danbury Mint: Model houses, Georgian Mansion 12ins on treen plinth with certificate. Harcourt Hall on treen plinth 12ins. Plus The Manor House on treen plinth with certificate (3 houses). £70-90
242.    Danbury Mint: Windsor Castle from the collection Castle of the Monarchy, the model stands on a treen plinth complete with certificate 17ins. £50-70
243.    David Winter: Models "The Chapel", The Scottish Collection "Gatekeepers". Danbury Mint "The Bell Inn" with certificate, "Moving In" with certificate, "Coming Home" with certificate. Scotland Direct Winter Church. Memory lane Cottages "Jones Florist", "The Royal Bakery", "Milestones", "William Shakespeare. Nobel of USA "Main Street" (11 models). £80-100
244.    Younghusband Tibetan Expedition 1903 miniature photo of Captain (Dr) Cecil Mainprise, the expedition surgeon, with pictures of his sister Delia, brother Wilmot (Bertie) and sister in law Minnel (nee Speck) and a photo of Paymaster Major General W B Mainprise. £100-120
245.    Photographs: Military miniature photographs of Royal Navy Gentleman Willcot William Pullen RN, silhouette of A P Driver 1821, Uncle Ned (?) and Mrs James Oliver. (4). £50-80
246.    20th cent. Oriental yellow ground jar & cover with polychrome decoration of lotus flower & symbols, red 9 character rubber stamped seal mark to base. £50-70
247.    19th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Famille rose tea caddy, rectangular with sloping shoulders and a round neck 5ins. x 3ins. small chip to rim, plus a famille rose vase decorated with panels depicting domestic scenes. 6ins. £80-120
248.    19th cent. Oriental: Cantonese plates, floral decoration 3 x 9ins and 2 x 7½ins. £20-30
249.    20th cent. Oriental: Cantonese famille rose elegant tapering vase 10ins. a/f. plus continental baluster vase of chinoiserie style 8ins. £30-40
250.    18th cent. Chinese Ceramics: Ovoid blue and white design ginger jar, no cover 7ins diameter x 7ins high. £40-60
251.    Chinese: Cast iron incense burner with cover and dimpled body. The cover square central opening surrounded by four characters and three bat shaped smoke vents. Diameter 8ins. height 2ins. Dull patination. £80-100
252.    18th cent. Rose ruby back saucer decorated with flowers and butterflies. £80-100
253.    Ethnic Terracotta: Burnished squat pot decorated with a lizard in relief 6ins tall x 7½ wide x 4ins diameter opening approx, no signature or mark. £30-50
254.    20th cent. Black lacquer Mahjong boards with gilded Chinese design cover. (4 Trays). £45-50
255.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Orange lustre showing children at bow & arrow practice 10ins, plate depicting Geisha's with a back ground of trees and mountains 7ins, plus a brush pot in blue glaze depicting a 3 toed dragon. £30-50
256.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea Cowrie shell wide necklace plus a Cowrie shell bag with shoulder handle. £60-80
257.    19th cent. Chinese Ceramics: Cantonese squat globular vases and covers in a famille rose palette - a pair. 11ins. (1 Vase and both lids a/f.) £80-100
258.    Early 20th cent. Cantonese vase converted to a lamp with famille rose panels of birds & figures. £40-50
259.    18th/19th cent. Chinese: Famille rose Cantonese plate, minor chip to rim. £20-30
260.    19th cent. Cantonese bowl with famille rose panels, floral and figures around tables exotic birds, butterflies. 16ins diameter x 5½ins Height. £200-300
261.    19th cent. Fans: Ivory & filigree work 13ins span x 8ins, decorated with pagodas, birds and butterflies - cased. A 19th cent. ivory fan, the ribs inter laced with sequined lace 26ins span x 14ins with Leon Yeves box. £150-200
262.    20th cent. Ceramics: Plant art deco style cream and silver colour part coffee set - 4 cups, 6 saucers, sugar bowl a/f, coffee pot & creamer. Robina art deco style 6 cups and saucers, 6 side plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate plus a Foley cube teapot.
263.    Late 19th cent. Ceramics: Cork Edge and Malkin blue embossed jug with pewter cover plus a cream jug decorated with trailing foliage. £30-35
264.    20th cent. Ceramics: Kensington motor biker teapot, cycle rider in black with red backpack and gloves and silver colour helmet. £45-50
265.    20th cent. Ceramics: Hornsea Pottery Swan Lake concept teapot, designed by Martin Hunt 1977 matt glaze, printed mark. £50-80
266.    Wedgwood: Jasper ware Primrose square bud vase, purple pin tray, terracotta bud vase, blue trinket box, thimble cased, plaque a/f, miniature pot and cover plus Etruria mug One Thousand years of English Monarchy. £50-60
267.    Wedgwood: Blue Jasper ware teapot, dome covers, trinket pot, commemorative trinket pot and cover, cream jug plus 2 tea cups and saucers. £40-50
268.    Wedgwood: Blue Jasper ware commemorative powder bowl, Royal Wedding bell 1981 prince and Princess of Wales, circular trinket pot, Christmas plate 1995, London Series 10th Anniversary Christmas plate 1969, Wedding Anniversary plate, vase plus a lavender colour Jasper ware plate. £45-50
269.    Wedgwood: Jasper ware Christmas mugs London scenes years 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 78, 85 (11 mugs). £70-90
270.    20th cent. Ceramics: Coalport ladies of Fashion "Daphne" plus Coalport The Caughley mark head jug. £30-40
271.    Beswick Beatrix Potter Aunt Pettitoes, Mrs Tiggy Winkle and Benjamin Bunny. (3).
272.    Royal Doulton: Santa Bunnykins, At the Easter Parade, Autumn Days, Clean Sweep and Family Photograph. (5). £35-40
273.    Royal Doulton: Bunnykins, Cooling Off, Sleigh ride, Jogging Bunnykins and Touchdown Bunnykins. (4). £35-40
274.    Royal Doulton: Bunnykins Family Photograph, Playtime, Springtime, Grandpa's Story and Helping Mother. (5). £35-40
275.    Beswick Alice series King of Hearts, Alice, Fish Footman, Gryphon plus unrelated pottery White Rabbit. (5). £60-70
276.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley art deco drip ware horizontal green, fawn and brown stripe jug 8ins. £45-55
277.    20th cent. Ceramics: Art deco Carter Stabler & Adams 1920s barrel with cover & handle. Glazed pattern 23000, blues and greens 'wave' decoration. 6½ins high x 5½ins diameter. £50-60
278.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Coaching Series tumbler/mug. Winter snow scene with coach & 4 horses. Light green backstamp. £15-30
279.    Royal Doulton Figurines: "The Old Balloon Seller" H.N.1315. £45-50
280.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton figure Penny HN2338 5ins. Carlton ware napkin ring figure 5ins. and a Dresden figure of a girl with a goat 5½ins. (3)
281.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines "Dickens Characters " Tony Weller, Bill Sykes, Bill Sykes (Doulton England backstamp), Mrs Bardell, Sairey Gamp, Little Nell plus busts of Sairey Gamp and Buzfuz, tallest approx. 4½ins. (8). £80-120
282.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines "Dickens Characters" Bumble, Tiny Tim, Jingle, Oliver Twist, Artful Dodger and Stiggins, tallest approx. 4½ins (6). £80-100
283.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines, David Copperfield, Pickwick (Doulton-England backstamp), Scrooge, Buzfuz, Dick Swiveller, Pecksnif. Tallest approx. 4½ins. (6). £80-100
284.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines - Fagin, Sam Weller, Uriah Heap, Trotty Veck, Fat Boy, Captain Cuttle. Tallest approx. 4½ins. (6). £80-100
285.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Harvest jugs with hallmarked silver rim covers, one Birmingham and one Sheffield 6½ins. & 5½ins. Plus a Doulton jug "The Squire" 6¼ins and Rockingham treacle Toby jug 8½ins.
286.    20th cent. Ceramics: Fairings "1c'clock in the Morning", "3c'clock in the Morning, "The last to bed puts out the light" "12 months after marriage". £30-40
287.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro shepherd boy holding a lamb, a Nao figure of a girl filling water bottles, unboxed. (2). £40-45
288.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao Spanish lady with fan. 12ins. £30-35
289.    20th cent. Spode Italian large fruit bowl, blue back stamp. 10ins. £30-50
290.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Delhi" 5 x coffee cans and saucers plus a casket decorated with flowers. £30-40
291.    19th cent. Ceramics: Copeland Spode chocolate pot, creamer, sugar bowl, 2 cups, 6 saucers, white ground with blue lace design.
292.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley wild flowers dish, Copenhagen figure of a Jay and Noritake gilt dish. (3). £30-50
293.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Minton plates decorated with cherubs playing among poppies and lilies, the plates have gilt borders, a pair. £60-80
294.    Late 19th cent. French painted bisque family group in a Watteau style by Jean Gille 10ins £200-250
295.    20th cent. Continental ceramic figure group "The Three Graces", floral decorated drapes & stand. 22ins. £150-250
296.    20th cent. Meissen comport, floral design pierced basket weave bowl crossed swords with 23 below in blue under glaze, pattern no 18. 6¼ins high x 7¼ins diameter. £80-120
297.    20th cent. Meissen: Bread/fruit bowl, floral design pierced basket weave sides, 2 end handles, crossed swords with 33 below in blue underglaze, pattern No 18 11¾ins x 8¼ins. and a plate, floral design, basket weave rim, crossed swords with 42 below in blue underglaze 8ins. £40-60
298.    20th cent. Ceramics: Sitzendorf figurines "Ballet Dancers" a/f. - a pair. £30-35
299.    19th cent. Ceramics: Vienna porcelain cup and sauce with a portrait of William Shakespeare, miniature Meissen cup and saucer decorated with a basket of flowers a/f.
300.    18th cent. Peasant Delft polychrome dish. The centre with pairs of large petal flowers amongst stylised leaves; surrounding the blue & lattice banded motif of a radiating flower. Hand painted decorations. Chips to rim. 9ins. diameter. £80-100
301.    18th cent. Delft dish with ribbed sides and blue floral decoration. £40-70
302.    18th cent. Ceramics: Lowestoft blue chinoiserie transfer printed sparrow beak jug plus an unmarked cup and saucer a/f. £50-70
303.    19th cent. Ceramics: Cork Edge and Malkin, Singa mug, Staffordshire black & white spaniel dogs in a sitting pose, gilt collar with padlock, separated legs - a pair.
304.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nelson Pottery Hereford Bull fitted with leading chain 10ins x 15ins. £50-80
305.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nelson Pottery Hereford bull, green label beneath 6ins x 9ins. £60-80
306.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick ginger Persian cat sitting fore 8ins. Royal Doulton black/white cat ins. Coopercroft Siamese cat plus a black/white cat (4 cats). £35-40
307.    W.H. Goss: Burns Cottage Night Light reg. No 211037. £60-70
308.    20th cent. Ceramics: Limousin bull signed John Beswick beneath gloss. £50-60
309.    20th cent. Ceramics: Border fine arts Highland cow and calf on treen stand plus the Leonardo collection Friesian cow on treen stand. £50-60
310.    Beswick: Dachshund dog figure Begging Pose, black tan colour x 2. £30-35
311.    20th cent. Ceramics: Charolais bull signed John Beswick beneath gloss. £75-80
312.    20th cent. Table deco Phosphor bronze fruits, pepper, apple and a banana. £30-50
313.    19th cent. Candlesticks gilt brass in a Rococo style with drip tray, a pair and a pair of brass pricket candlesticks. £80-100
314.    19th cent. Miniature candlesticks, gilt brass, enamel and alabaster - a pair £40-60
315.    19th cent. Barge ware teapot, ornately decorated with birds & flowers and inscribed "A Present to a Friend" a/f. £30-40
316.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Masons ironstone, Japan pattern mug, 2 x 10ins plates, plus 3 x Japan pattern graduated jugs 8ins, 5ins and 3ins.
317.    20th cent. Cold cast figure of a Cellist by Anthea Dutot, c1989, carved monogram to base. £100-150
318.    Sculpture: Nathan David c1980 bronze figure of Anna Pavlova, Limited edition of 500. 8ins. £100-150
319.    20th cent. Sculpture: Stylised molton copper organic column 11ins. £30-50
320.    20th cent. Sculpture: Wire framed lead covered studio elephant by Paul Szeiler. Length 17ins x 11ins high. £40-60
321.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nature Croft "Best of Breed" Aberdeen Angus bull on treen plinth, brass plate to front 8ins x 11ins. £60-80
322.    20th cent. Ceramics: Basil Mathews Hereford cow "Lady Bess" plus "Bull and Calf" figures are signed. (3). £200-220
323.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Friesian cow on treen plinth, brass plate to front 6ins x 10ins. £60-80
324.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick, Huntsman on rearing horse No 860 plus Huntsman seated on a horse 1501. £50-80
325.    20th cent. Ceramics: Country Artists, model of desert orchid, commissioned by Peter Jones Ltd edition 500, 9ins including plinth. £50-60
326.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick Quarter horse, matt finish on treen plinth, brass plate to front. £50-60
327.    20th cent. Ceramics: Border Fine Arts Spirited Grey Ltd edition 500, 9ins x 8ins. £100-150
328.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester figurine celebration of the Queens 80th birthday. £40-50
329.    20th cent. Ceramics: Country Artists, The Queens Trooping the Colour on horseback, Ltd edition 9500 No 2947. £70-80
330.    20th cent. Ceramics: Border Fine Arts classics The Queens Trooping the Colour carriage driven (LE 350) Ltd Edition 350 No 217. £150-200
331.    Moorcroft: Mackintyre 1904 -1913 blue and brown mark white poppy design squat vase with flared neck. Blue printed reg no. 314901 minor rim chip. 5½ins. £200-300
332.    19th cent. Doulton Lambeth Florence Barlow floral vases, baluster shaped decorated in browns, greys, blues & navy, signed to base with initials. 12ins. £150-250
333.    19th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Lambeth stoneware tapered jug with silver hallmarked rim, George Hugo Tabor plus two matching beakers. (i a/f.)
334.    Late 19th/Early 20th cent. Art Pottery: Edward Bingham, Majolica ware, Castle Hedingham, Essex. Tankard decorated with cornucopia "Horns of Plenty" plus a mythological figure. The whole in blues/green, firing rim chips 4¾ins diameter x 5¼ins tall. Applied pad marks in relief plus incised hand initials E.W.B. Eng No 126. £100-120
335.    19th cent. Staffordshire Cobalt blue with gilt floral design tea set pattern No 2/332 includes teapot (a/f), 8 x cups, 6 x saucers, 1 x milk jug, 1 x slop bowl (a/f), 1 x bread and butter plate plus a teapot stand. £40-60
336.    Studio Ware: Wold Pottery, Routh Range bowl, brown ground decorated with blue birds and four castles in relief. £30-40
337.    19th cent. Ceramics: Flight, Barr and Barr Notary candlestick decorated in purple and gilt with panel depicting a child and landscape plus a Royal Worcester rouge pot and cover.
338.    Long Park Motto Ware: Desk stand 'Us Be Always Glad Tu Yer Frum EE.' Sic and a inkwell. £80-90
339.    20th cent. Continental tall jug, polychrome decorated hunting scenes. Approx. 16ins. £40-50
340.    20th cent. Glass: Crackle glass lemonade set jug, 6 glasses, 2 tumblers plus a candle holder, Dartington ripple wine cooling bucket (boxed) and a Dartington vase. £30-35
341.    19th cent. Drinking & Other Glass: Including thistle glasses, fluted neck vase and 2 other glasses. £60-80
342.    20th cent. Glassware: Figure of a French bulldog 2½ins. D mark under tail. £30-35
343.    20th cent. Glassware:Villeroy and Boch glass Toucan paperweight, Edinburgh glass swan plus a blue glass perfume bottle with white metal decoration. £35-45
344.    20th cent. Danish Glassware: Holmegaard topaz glass dish 7/27 5ins £35-45
345.    Late 19th/Early 20th cent. Glassware: Comprising of cranberry glass sherry glasses a/f, posy vase, powder bowl with white metal cover in the form of roses, miniature acid etched jug with blue and gilt border and a miniature cut glass perfume bottle. £50-60
346.    19th cent. Zsolney Pecs "Persian" double gourd long neck vase of polychrome floral design enhanced with gilt banding, factory stamp to base 19ins £200-300
346A.   Late 20th cent. Art deco style bronze dancer on marble base. Signed T. Philipp A7255 with bronze foundry mark J.B. Paris. 24ins.
347.    19th cent. Plateware: Staniforth's Patent No 8317 triple shell compartment biscuit server. £200-300
348.    20th cent. Plateware: Coffee pot retailed by Harrods plus a sugar bowl. £30-40
349.    Plated Ware: 20th cent. Art deco cocktail shaker 1½ pint capacity with ice breaker by William Sucking & Co Ltd c1930 No 4885 Kingsway plate 9ins high. £40-60
350.    Plated Ware: Wine funnel/strainer 4ins diameter, 7ins high. £40-60
351.    Hallmarked Silver: Two handled serving dish with cover, embossed decoration and family crest to cover, 24oz. Sheffield mark Joseph Mayers. £280-350
352.    Hallmarked Silver: Muffin dish and cover, Birmingham, Elkington, 17½oz. approx. £170-200
353.    Hallmarked Silver: Small sugar bowl, London, small salver Sheffield, caddy spoon. 9oz. £100-120
354.    Hallmarked Silver: Dish set with a coin bearing the image of Sir Winston Churchill 1874-1965, St Dunston silver craft, maker A.E. Jones Birmingham 1965/66 6ozs. £100-120
355.    Hallmarked Silver: Teapot with open gallery, decoration maker John Round Sheffield 1896 15oz. £150-180
356.    Hallmarked Silver: Teapot, London Joseph Angell, 13.8oz. approx. £100-150
357.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea caddy hinged lid, Birmingham, Elkington & Co. 4.8oz. £70-100
358.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea caddy, hammered decoration sliding top, London 1909, Charles Frederick Hancock & Co. 9oz. £160-200
359.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar sifter, 8¼ins. London. 8oz. £80-100
360.    Japanese set of 6 spoons, chrysanthemum etched bowl, snake handle stamped Nagasaki 84 to rear of bowl with a star either side and Japanese characters above. 2½ins. £50-60
361.    Hallmarked Silver: Set of 6 coffee spoons, Birmingham, cased. Approx. 2oz. £20-30
362.    Hallmarked Silver: Boxed teaspoon sets 3 x 6 Sheffield, 1 x 6 coffee spoons plus 6 Edinburgh cake forks. Approx. 13oz. £80-120
363.    Hallmark Silver: Set of 6 dessert knives silver handles Sheffield, maker Martin Hall and Co 1922 cased, set of 6 fruit knives silver handles Sheffield very worn marks cased. Approx. 2oz. £35-45
364.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar bowl, cream jug and gravy boat, Birmingham 7oz £50-80
365.    Hallmarked Silver: Cut glass powder bowl with the cover in a rococo repousse design, Birmingham maker AJ Zimmerman. Also cut glass trinket pot the cover has a design of a minstrel playing to his lady, silver gilt and enamel smelling salts pot with London marks and a silver handled slice and shoehorn £70-80
366.    Hallmarked Silver: Desk inkwell, small inkwell (plated), vesta, napkin ring and white metal shot vessels. £20-40
367.    Hallmarked Silver: Vesta, bracelet, sugar tongs, mustard spoon and thimble. Approx. 2oz. £40-50
368.    Continental Marked Silver & White Metal: Sifter spoon, Islamic teaspoon plus another, bracelet. Approx. 2ozs. (4). £30-50
369.    Hallmarked Silver: Pill box, nail buffer, rouge pot and a handbag powder compact & mirror. £30-60
370.    Hallmarked Silver: Photo frames 5¼ins x 7ins and 3¾ins x 6ins. (2). £20-40
371.    20th cent. Salt in the form of a peacock. The body faceted glass, the neck and fantail white metal, plus matching spoon. Both stamped silver. £30-35
372.    Hallmarked Silver: Mustard spoons, William IV and Victoria, both London. Napkin ring, Birmingham, mother of pearl handled Sheffield fruit knives x 2, 4½oz inclusive of mother of pearl handles. £60-80
373.    Hallmarked Silver & Mother Of Pearl: Folding fruit knives (3) plus mother of pearl and steel combination pocket knife, 2 blades, scissors, button hook and a corkscrew - one side a/f. £40-50
374.    Hallmarked Silver: Preserve dish holder, cover and spoon with cut glass preserve dish 3½oz approx. £30-50
375.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving spoon, London 1780, George Smith III. Approx. 3.6oz. £50-80
376.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving Spoon Dublin 1775, William Ward. Approx. 4oz. £60-80
377.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving slice, pierced decoration London possibly E. Eaton 5½oz. £50-80
378.    Hallmarked Silver: 18th cent. Wine taster Elizabeth Morley, London and Thomas Bradbury and Sons, Sheffield toasting fork. Both with bone handles. £60-80
379.    Hallmarked Silver: Desk stand comprising 2 glass inkwells with silver collars and lids and penholder, fret work gallery. Birmingham 1907, maker M&B. 17oz. £100-150
380.    Hallmarked Silver: Desk stand, 2 glass inkwells, shaped oval rim London 1903, Walker Hall 7½oz. £80-120
381.    19th cent. Desk Thermometers: Ivory face with brass ornate scroll frame x 2 by CW Dixey and Sons, New Bond Street. NB: The firm held Royal Warrants for King George III and Queen Victoria. £100-150
382.    Hallmarked Silver: Desk ruler in centimetres and inches, elongated cuboid with end finial's. Jordan and Raybould (registered 1898) London 1902. Retailed by A Barrett & Sons London. Approx. 2½. £100-150
383.    Hallmarked Silver: S Mordan & Co. pen with nib, 6½ins. indistinct hallmark, approx. 1/3oz. inclusive. Plus silver handle magnifying glass. £80-120
384.    Hallmarked Silver: Propelling pencils amethyst and amber coloured stone ends, Birmingham. Approx. 0.7oz. inclusive. £40-60
385.    Hallmarked Silver: Letter holder, leather case with organic design London 1894, maker possibly Charles Boyton. £50-60
386.    18th cent. Hallmarked silver gilt desk thermometer, embossed design of a foxes head and swags. Freestanding with hanging mother of pearl temperature face, London maker WK. £100-120
387.    19th cent. Hallmarked Silver: Quill pen holder, carved ivory with open work collar, London 1884. £50-60
388.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoons, rat tail sugar fretwork bowl spoon. Approx. 3oz. £20-40
389.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian and later to include sauce ladle, mustard x 3 and misc tea spoons, mainly London and Sheffield makers. Approx 13oz. £65-75
390.    Hallmarked Silver: Sauce boat, cream jug and sugar bowl 7oz. £70-90
391.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments, mustard, salt & pepper & cream jug plus 2 glass salts. 3½ozs. £30-60
392.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening set, egg and spoon boxed toast rack, napkin ring plus set of 6 boxed coffee spoons. 3½oz. £40-60
393.    19th cent. White metal (tests silver) Anglo Indian teapot profusely chased, foliate designs with Acanthus around the rim, melon finial to lid, internal strainer, ivory insulators to bark design handle. Approx. 16oz. £150-200
394.    Hallmarked Silver: Rattail serving spoons, London 1923, Mappin & Webb, various coffee and teaspoons. 8oz. £60-70
395.    Hallmarked Silver: Soup Spoons, London 1866, Jackson and Fullarton. 8oz. £80-120
396.    Hallmarked Silver: Mustard pot and liner, sugar bowl G Nathan & R Hayes, Chester, 3 fretwork small bowls. 10oz. £80-100
397.    Hallmarked Silver: Pap dish, London 1843. Approx. 1½oz. £80-120
398.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening mug, ring turned decoration, London. 3oz. approx. £40-50
399.    Hallmarked Silver: Desert forks, London 1913, Jackson Fullerton. 16½oz. (10) £160-180
400.    Hallmarked Silver: Dinner forks, London 1866, makers mark WS. 12oz. £120-140
401.    Hallmarked Silver: Dessert spoons, London 1866, Jackson & Fullarton plus 2 spoons Chester 1854 maker JW over JW. 9oz. £90-120
402.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea and coffee spoons, ladle with strainer etc. various makers and years. £60-80
403.    Hallmarked Silver: Fiddle and rattail serving spoons, London 1718 John Bradley, 1733 Edward Feline London, 1726 H Price. 6oz. £40-60
404.    Hallmarked Silver: Sugar tongs, 2 large and 2 small, various maker's marks and dates. 3½oz. £40-60
405.    Hallmarked Gold 9ct. 375 ladies choker box link gate pattern. Approx. 28grams. £300-350
406.    Gold Jewellery: 1912 Sovereign set in a decorative circular pendent on 22ins chain. Approx. 16grams. £200-250
407.    Yellow Metal Jewellery: Belcher chain stamped 750 and tests 18ct. gold, 15 grams £200-300
408.    Early 20th cent. Jewellery: Gold stick pin in the form of as pierced & engraved monogram "CEB (?)". 4.4grams. £100-120
409.    Gold Jewellery: Emerald and diamond boat shaped ring marked 750 and tests 18ct. gold. £100-120
410.    Gold: Cleft shaped brooch, studded with red stones, stamped 18ct. 2.5grams. A 9ct. Liberty bat wing brooch with turquoise stones, a 9ct. pendant with turquoise stones, a pair of filigree 9ct. earrings approx. 6½ozs and a yellow metal "Dior" bracelet. £100-120
411.    Hallmarked Gold: 22ct. Wedding band Birmingham 1891-92 1.3 grams. £20-30
412.    Gold Jewellery: Cufflink's, marked 9ct. 375, also unmarked yellow metal tie pin in the shape of a Volkswagen car. £60-70
413.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Pendent set with small amethyst and diamond cluster on a fine link chain. 1.5grams. £40-50
415.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Locket and chain plus ring and two bar brooches marked 9ct, 6 grams inclusive. £50-70
416.    19th cent. Florentine embossed cameo ring with letter from Sherkmans of London, dated 1972 stating they have 'added a 9ct. (hallmarked) ring to stiffen the outer band and have not altered the embossing in anyway, retaining the cameo in its original setting' signed A.J. Morgan P.M.A. £300-400
417.    Diamond Jewellery: Metamorphic brooch pendant, rose cut diamonds, spread flower shape three rows set in 9ct. gold (tested) and Rhodium plated, stones ranging from 0.10ct. centre stone, to 32 x 0.02ct. to 0.05ct. (approx) surrounding stones. £300-500
418.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold & Diamond Designer John Watling: Kite shaped pendant set with 7 graduated stones 0.05ct. to 0.01ct. 5.8grams. inclusive. £380-450
419.    Gold Jewellery: Boat shaped ring, set with three emeralds and diamonds, shank stamped 750. £160-200
420.    Diamond & Sapphire Jewellery: Boat shaped five stone ring set with three diamonds and two sapphires, yellow metal mount, tests 18ct. £100-150
421.    Gold Jewellery: Sapphire and diamond flower design ring, shank marked 975, 9ct. £90-120
422.    20th cent. Jewellery: Gold & diamond solitaire ring, the old cut stone, approx 0.33cts, claw set in white on a yellow gold shank, stamped 18ct. £150-200
423.    Gold Jewellery: Diamond and sapphire cluster ring, shank stamped 18ct. £200-220
424.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Boat shaped ring with 3 rubies & 2 diamonds set in 3.3grams inclusive. £150-200
425.    Hallmarked Gold: Solitaire diamond ring, shank stamped 375 Sheffield plus a wedding band stamped 375, 3g (approx). £30-50
426.    19th cent. Jewellery: A Victorian gold. foil-backed quartz & bead round glazed locket back pendant. £120-150
427.    Jewellery: Finely carved cameo ring stamped 585 (14ct.) plus a finely carved cameo brooch set in hallmarked 9ct. gold 1½ins x 2ins. £50-80
429.    Hallmarked Gold: Ring set with central opal with a border of red stones, shank stamped W.G possibly Wilson and Gill silver smiths and retailers. £150-180
430.    Early 20th cent. Yellow metal jewellery, seed pearls brooches x 2, plus hallmarked silver gilt flower brooch. (3). £30-50
431.    Ceylonese Jewellery: Ruby set brooch in a floral spray 32 stones, yellow metal, unmarked, test 9ct. gold. £180-200
432.    19th cent. Jewellery: A Victorian gold & Pietra Dura oval brooch depicting a flower & leaf spray with forget me nots, Lilly of the Valley. £100-150
433.    Jewellery: Stamped 925 silver rams head torque rope twist bracelet 1.7ozs. £40-60
434.    Hallmarked Silver: Georg Jensen ring with stylised bird design ½oz. plus a John Lauritzen brooch retailed by Halberstadts. £80-120
435.    Costume Jewellery: Paste metamorphic brooch, earrings set in white metal. (2). £20-25
436.    Jewellery: Believed to be Native American arrow head bracelet & carved ring, turquoise and mother of pearl pendant drop, a fine white metal and bead necklace, a turquoise mother of pearl coral onyx drop pendant necklace and matching earrings, 2 turquoise rings and a brooch. £30-40
437.    Jewellery: David Andersen three rings, one with 2 love hearts onyx filled, plus an open bracelet. All stamped 925 and with strong Scandinavian influence ¾ozs and a Norwegian brooch. £40-50
438.    Hallmarked Silver and white metal brooches: Lillian, Lizzie, Annie, Baby and Ivy. Plus a plated chain and silver/mother of pearl fruit knife.
439.    Jewellery: Hallmarked and sterling silver ring, brooch, pendant & chain, bracelet, necklace, bangles, etc. 2ozs. £30-50
440.    Gold Jewellery: Ring set with a single cultured pearl, shank stamped C.P.R. 25, a pendant in the form of a Bluebell set with a cultured pearl on a fine chain stamped 9ct plus a cultured pearl drop earrings set in 9ct. £90-120
441.    Hallmarked Jewellery: Pearl and coral bracelet with gold clasp and fittings, clasp marked 375 Sheffield. £80-90
442.    Jewellery: Simulated pearl necklace, clasp marked 375 set with marcasite and a single pearl x 1 other.
443.    Jewellery: Pearl necklaces, cultured baroque and 1 graduated, both with 9ct. clasps. £150-200
444.    Jewellery: Double strand cultured peal necklace with white metal clasp set with a single pearl. £35-45
445.    Watches: Gucci watch, gold plated Quartz with leather strap, stamped on strap & buckle, boxed. £100-150
446.    Watches: Cartier Vermeil Quartz gold plated wristwatch with snakeskin strap, stamped Cartier Paris. £200-300
447.    Watches: Omega gentleman's watch, 9ct. gold, model BL1315016. Manual winding, centre second hand 'Omega' leather strap. Omega guarantee & instructions, movement No's 7133 2205 6682. £350-500
448.    Watches: Hallmarked 9ct gold Rotary 21 jewel automatic wristwatch, white cross hatched face leather strap. £300-350
449.    Watches: Hallmarked 18ct gold pocket watch Swiss movement signed Zenith (2505508) case signed Dennison 103g inclusive. £500-700
450.    Watches: Hallmarked gold (white) art deco ladies wristwatch, Swiss movement, rolled gold expanding bracelet. £80-100
451.    Watches: 1960s Tudor self-winding Prince Oyster date, stainless case & bracelet, back engraved A.D. Haigh. £400-600
452.    Watches: A Bucherer stainless steel gents watch with bracelet, a gold plated Quartz Certina ladies wristwatch and a 9ct. gold cased Swiss made ladies watch with leather strap. £100-150
453.    Watches: Pocket or vest gold plated Junghans, Smith with fob chain, Ingersoll and one unidentified. (4). £25-35
454.    Watches: Silver Waltham key wind Foggs patent watch, white enamel face hallmarked Chester 1876, movement number 943104-1876/1877.
455.    Watches: Dress Swiss 800 mark, white and lilac enamel face with hallmarked fob and chain. Also an enamel faced hallmarked dress watch with coloured decoration. (2). £50-80
456.    Watches: Military Damas pocket watch, white enamel face with chrome body stamped GS/TP 51765 with Ordnance mark.
457.    Watches: Early 20th cent. Watches x 5, plus a Dennison WWI 1918 pocket compass. £40-60
458.    Military Watches: Pulsar quartz wristwatch, stamped with 'Bench mark arrow' & etched numbered P14646/02. Black face & luminous numbers & date. Boxed. £80-120
459.    19th cent. Brass desk inkwell, pierced floral base, twisted glass inkwell (damage to base corners), mandarin hat still top. £20-30
460.    Hallmarked Silver: Faux tortoiseshell and silver page turned Birmingham 1890, mother of pearl handled fruit knife Sheffield and a Mother of pearl page turner £50-60
461.    Smoking Requisites: Dunhill gold plated pocket gas lighter with a bark design £40-60
462.    Motoring: Goodyear silver gilt Silverstone May 1984 medallion boxed, plus Morris centennial 1977/78 base metal cast radiator. £20-30
463.    Objects of Virtu: Satinwood and brass foot measure for adults and children plus umbrella shaped hat pin holder. £30-50
464.    19th cent. Desk Furniture: Ivory page turner and a French ivory paper knife a/f. £30-50
465.    Smokers Requisites: Ronson "Cadet" lighter and a Polo lighter and a pocket torch. £20-30
466.    Gold 14ct. pen nibs 40. Some a/f. 11 grams. £150-200
467.    Pens: Fyne-Poynt pencil, boxed with paperwork, 1953 HMQEII souvenir pencil boxed, Scripto "Lady" boxed, a Burnham B59 pen boxed with paperwork, a Pressmatic "M" 12'6 The Parker Pen, a Conway Steward Dinkie No 531 in leather holder, a cartridge pen and 2 ladies ornately decorated propelling pencils boxed. £60-80
468.    19th cent. Blue enamel and gilt paper knife and seal retailed by Skinner and Co silversmiths and diamond merchants Orchard Street London together with two 19th/20th cent. Venetian glass pens. £60-80
469.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Comprising of a tigers eye paperweight, gilt/agate pill box, green malachite bird, horn cup, ivory card case carved with military images, snuff box in the form of a shoe etc £50-80
470.    19th cent. Bohemian red glass lavender flask layered with gilt and enamel decoration. £80-120
471.    19th cent. Satinwood toothpick holder with Jasperware plaques to the lid. £40-60
472.    Games and Past Times: Late 19th/early 20th cent. ivory Spellicans game, 3 pieces housed in a pine box with sliding cover. £20-30
473.    19th cent. Mother of pearl oval magnifying glass with faux tortoiseshell lunettes.
474.    19th cent. Royal: Infirmary Liverpool silk purse with a receipt for £22-6-0 from Mrs H H Hornby also the amount raised and list of collectors. Together with a mother of pearl handled folding scissors, a folding bone ruler, miniature book of The New testament, metal bound miniature Shakespeare 'Merchant of Venice' 'Winnowing's from Wordsworth' and an Edwardian miniature 'Hymns Ancient and Modern'. £30-50
475.    Late 19th/Early 20th cent. Fashion: Elbow length white kid gloves plus a shorter pair. Plus a fan decorated with painted flowers contained in a early velvet fan box. £30-50
476.    20th cent. Objects of Virtu: Comprising of faux tortoiseshell, mantilla/hair combs, art deco compact decorated with birds and flowers on a gilt ground, ladies lighter decorated with butterflies and flowers and cased flowers of the moment pill box. £30-50
477.    Numismatics: China, proof Panda Set 2009, gold and lunar 500 - 1oz, 200 - 1/2oz, 100 - 1/4oz, 50 - 1/10oz, 20 - 1/20oz plus 1oz lunar fine silver enhance with gold plated ox, in hardwood presentation box with paperwork, set 499 of 600 issued.
478.    Numismatics: 2010 China proof panda gold and lunar platinum set. 1oz, ½oz, ¼oz, 1/10oz, 1/20oz plus silver medallion 99. fine with gilt decoration 1oz in presentation box.
479.    Coins: Gold Sovereign Victoria 1898, Melbourne mint. £200-300
480.    Coins: Gold Sovereign 1914 George V.

481.    Coins: Gold Royal Mint proof coins Elizabeth II 1980 sovereign. £240-280
482.    Coins: Gold Royal Mint proof coins Elizabeth II 1980 half sovereign. £125-150
483.    Coins: Gold Royal Mint proof coins Elizabeth II 1980 half sovereign. £125-150
484.    20th cent. Oil on canvas "Passengers onboard Ship", unframed 36ins. x 30ins. £20-30
485.    20th cent. Gilt framed bevel edge hall mirror. 36ins x 23ins. £40-60
486.    21st. cent. Mirror with painted ornate frame. 21ins. x 60ins. £40-50
487.    20th cent. Clive Pryke watercolour Golden Glints rural study. Framed and glazed 17ins. x 12ins.
488.    20th cent. Oils, etchings, prints and photos of towns, villages, rural studies, etc. (12). £30-40
489.    20th cent. Prints: 12 prints of cats, some humorous, Andy Warhol print, green cat. All framed and glazed plus 1 other. £35-40
490.    David Shepherd, print Tahili Fort, Buraimi, framed and glazed 24ins. x 17ins. £20-40
491.    Eric Sturgeon "Trowbridge", limited edition of 364/1000. Framed and glazed 23½ins. x 17ins. Signed lower right.

492.    Edgar L Patterson coloured etching 'An Eastern shop Keeper' and 'The Eastern Dancer' signed bottom centre, framed and glazed. 4½ins x 4ins. £40-60
493.    Ben Lay etching "The Home Coming" signed lower right, framed and glazed 10¼ins x 7¾ins. £30-50
494.    Henry Charles Fox 1860-1929, watercolour "Richmond from the Railway Bridge", signed lower left, framed and glazed, 21ins x 14ins. £100-150
495.    19th cent. English School: Watercolour "Smugglers and Shipwreck in Stormy Seas", monogrammed WNH 1858. 14ins. x 22ins. £300-500
496.    Ian Nathan limited edition photographs, pencil signed prints of cubs, Puma, Lion, Cheetah and Tiger (4) 10ins x 12ins all framed and glazed. £30-50
497.    J Maggs, oil on canvas, coastal study with Fishermen's cottages, figures and boats, signed lower right, 30ins x 20ins. £200-300
498.    Prints: "Kitty's Breakfast" oilograph 9½ins x 14½ins, ornate gilt frame, flower studies 2ins x 3ins x 4, pine framed and glazed, studies of Malta x 6 framed and glazed 8ins x 6ins and a Richard Britten print "A study of cattle by a stream". £30-40
499.    20th cent. Watercolours & Prints: Floral watercolour Chinese junks and sampans plus 4 other prints.
500.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Prints: Set of ornithological prints, dipper, oyster - catchers, blackbird, rook, starling, mistle thrush, framed and glazed 7ins x 5ins. Plus a set of 3 prints by lithographers printers Mintern Bros of ornithological Studies, framed and glazed 9½ins x 12ins and some loose prints. £60-80
501.    Edward Davison 1941- Oil on board 'Snow Falling', signed bottom left. 12ins x 9ins. £80-100
502.    Edwin Steele Oil on canvas still life of lily's and other flowers & leaves, signed lower right, unframed 20ins x 12ins. (4 tears in canvas). £100-150
503.    M Parker, watercolour "A Meandering River" signed lower right, framed and glazed, 16½ins x 10ins. Plus a watercolour "A Valley Stream with Bridge" framed and glazed 9ins x 12½ins. £40-60
504.    Baxter Print: "Copper Your Honour", published August 10th 1853 by George Baxter, London printed right hand corner, framed and glazed 4ins. x 6ins. plus "The Chimney Sweep", published September 1st 1853 by George Baxter right hand corner, framed and glazed 4ins. x 6ins. £50-80
505.    Silks: 19th cent. Stevenograph coach and horses 'The Good Old Days' 6ins x 2ins, foxhunt 'The Meet' 5¾ins. x 2ins. Both framed and glazed. (2). £30-50
506.    •Edward McLachlan 1940 - Caricature pen and ink cartoon Fred Truman and Brian Johnston "Cake Time" signed and dated V.R. 28-10-85 14ins x 11ins, framed and mounted. £200-250
507.    Clifford Family Archive: Jean Francois Millet 1814-1875, pen and ink study of a county path, monogrammed bottom right. 8ins x 5ins. £300-500
508.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985, pencil and watercolour sketch book c1945, signed and dated on the first page, shows landscapes, still life, rural life, trees, donkeys, boats and cattle. Approx. 28 drawings. £400-700
509.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, watercolour on board of a nude lady, initialled and dated 32, bottom left. 16ins x 8ins plus another on paper 8ins x 13ins.
510.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, female nudes, series of 3 watercolour. 8ins x 13ins. plus one unrelated sketch.
511.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, oil on board of a farmyard, inscribed lower left. 22ins x 15ins.
512.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, female nudes, series of 5 watercolours (5). 8ins x 13ins.
513.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985, pencil studies of fallow deer, parkland and nature, one dated Feb 32 and initialled. 12ins x 8ins. (14) £150-200
514.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985, pencil studies of cats and anatomical subjects. (4) 10ins x 7ins. £40-70
515.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985, equine and anatomical studies in pencil. (9) 10ins x 15ins. to 7ins x 9ins. £150-250
516.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 untitled lithograph printed in colours, 1956. Signed and dated in pencil. 141/8ins x 22ins. £80-120
517.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985, Old Boat, gouache and watercolour, signed with initials and dated 46. Handwritten label inscribed with title to verso. 15½ins x 29½ins. £600-800
518.    •Ellis Family Archive: Sir Jacob Epstein 1880-1959, pencil study of a young woman, signed bottom right J Epstein. 10ins x 14ins. £400-700
519.    •Ellis Family Archive: Walter Richard Sickert (1860-1942) Study of The London Theatre, Shoreditch -10 pencil with tracing in red and brown ink on paper laid down to card. 16¾ins x 141/8ins.
Provenance: A gift from Thérèse Sickert to Clifford Ellis in 1942 and by descent to the present. NB: Walter Sickert was recently the subject of a book
naming him as a Jack The Ripper suspect. £800-1200
520.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Variation II (Yellow and black) Woodcut printed in colours. 22¼ins. x 17¼ins.
521.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Linear Abstract black & white lithograph. 22ins x 15ins.
522.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998 Linear Abstract (black and white) lithograph. 14ins x 18ins.

523.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Variations 1, lithograph in colours, 4/10, signed and dated 53. 16ins. x 22ins. £60-80
524.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998 Linear Abstract (yellow and black) lithograph with hand colouring in watercolour. 14ins x 18ins.
525.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Variations on 6 (Blue) lithograph printed in colours. 22ins x 30ins.
526.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Variation on 6 (Blue and black on black) lithograph printed in colours. 22ins x 30ins.
527.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Spanish Afternoon lithograph printed in colours, 1955. 24ins. x 16ins.
528.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Spanish Afternoon lithograph printed in colours, 1955. Signed and dated in pencil. 24ins x 16ins.
529.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 purple and green Abstract lithograph printed in colours, 1953. Signed and dated in pencil. 217/8ins x 16ins.
530.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Abstract Collage, original art work for variations on 6. 15ins x 11ins. £200-300
531.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Abstract (Black) from the series of red and blue, lithograph. 30ins x 22ins.
532.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Abstract (Red and blue) lithograph printed in colours. 30ins x 22ins. £40-70
533.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Abstract (Red and blue) lithograph printed in colours. 30ins x 22ins.
534.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Abstract (Red and blue) lithograph printed in colours. 30ins x 22ins.
535.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 watercolour of a gentleman titled Paul Fripp on reverse plus a gouache on paper laid to board. 133/8ins. x 10½ins.
536.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Oil on paper 'Beach Study', signed and dated '39 lower right. 15ins x 22ins. Together with another prep study. £500-700
537.    Ellis family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907 - 1985 Abstract (Blue, green and yellow) Lithograph printed in colours, 1957. Signed and dated in pencil, numbered 13/30. 30ins x 22ins.
538.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Abstract (Yellow and orange) lithograph printed in colours, inscribed '2nd proof print two transparent' 30ins x 22ins.

539.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis (British 1907 - 1985) Variation on 6 (red) Lithograph printed in colours, 1960. 22ins x 30ins.
540.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis (British 1907 - 1985) Variation on 6 (red and grey) lithograph printed in colours on wove paper with full margins Sheet: 29¾ins. x 22ins.
541.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, watercolour on card paper of a water mill, signed bottom right. 22ins x 15ins. £50-80
542.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Abstract study in ink. initialled CE and dated 1955. 10ins x 14ins. £40-70
543.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Watercolour 'Henley on Thames' dated 1934, initialled. 17ins x 11ins. £100-150
544.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 pencil and crayon studies of Wootton Flower Show and Abingdon Thames Fete's, 1931. Some initialled and dated (15). 12ins x 8ins. £200-300
545.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Study of Cattle in Parkland, signed and dated Clifford Ellis 49 plus 1 other. 25ins x 19ins. £150-200
546.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis Original Preparatory Watercolours for their poster 'Indian Summer, signed 'C&RE 44' (2). 21ins x 32ins. £200-300
547.    •Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Fred Trewin WWII Ministry of Labour and National Service lithographic colour poster 1943, double sided, 'Always use the proper tool' and 'Stamp it out, Prevent fire'. 30ins x 20ins. £200-300
548.    •Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Bruce Angrave Ministry of Labour and National Service, double sided lithographic coloured poster 'He bites hard but they bite harder' and 'Stand from Under'. Printed by Loxley Brothers. 30ins x 20ins. £200-300
549.    •Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Paul Nash "Footballers Prefer Shell" lithograph in colour 1935 printed by Waterlow. Minor tears and creases. 30ins x 45ins. £600-1000
550.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis London Transport lithograph in Colours: Underground Tube Map with Christmas cracker. Printed by Waterlow and Sons 40ins x 25ins. £200-300
551.    •Ellis Family Archive: Posters - James Fitton 'Ballet, Just a Step by Underground' lithograph in colour. Poster printed by The Barnyard Press, 1937. 40ins x 25ins. £200-300
552.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis London Transport lithograph in Colours: Museums 1937, Printed by Curven Press. 40ins x 25ins. £200-300
553.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis London Transport lithograph in Colours: Underground Tube Map. 40ins x 24ins. Printed by Waterlow and Sons. £200-300
554.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis London Transport lithograph in Colours: It's Better to return Early, printed by Waterlow and Sons. Early 1935. £200-300
555.    •Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clive Gardner 1936 lithograph in colours London Transport poster Virginia Water. £120-180
556.    Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Clifford & Rosemary Ellis 1937 Chatlers Folly and Dry Dock Appledore Shell poster, lithograph in colour. 30ins x 44ins. Minor tear to right hand margin. £300-500
557.    •Ellis Family Archive: Posters - Paul Nash lithograph in colours, The Rye Marshes Everywhere you go you can be sure of Shell, lithograph in colour, 1932. 30ins x 44ins. Minor tear to right hand margin. £300-500
558.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford & Rosemary Ellis lithograph in colour 1934 "Anglers Prefer Shell" 30ins x 44ins. £500-800
559.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford & Rosemary Ellis lithograph in colour 1934 "Antiquaries Prefer Shell" 30ins x 44ins. Minor loss to top left corner and creases to bottom margin £500-800
560.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910 -1998, pen and ink studies onboard, of the dormitories at Corsham Court. 21ins x 17ins. - a pair plus one other. (3) £100-150
561.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, pen and watercolour of a doll. 8½ins x 11ins monogrammed bottom left. Together with 3 preparatory drawings. 16ins x 9ins. £80-120
562.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis, 1910-1998, Studies of a Dragonfly in pencil and ink. 14ins x 10ins. (8). Together with a detailed anatomical sketch. 20ins x 16ins. £80-120
563.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, watercolour on paper, cherry trees in Corsham, Wiltshire. 21ins x 15ins. £150-200
564.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, oil on paper of a house by the sea. 30ins x 23ins. Plus another on board with 4 preparatory sketches in pen and watercolour. 22ins x 15ins. £150-200
565.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, watercolour on paper of a doll in theatrical costume, signed and dated. 10ins x 18ins. £80-120
566.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, pen and watercolour of a Pierrot style clown, initialled and dated. 6ins x 10ins. £40-60
567.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998, watercolour heightened with pen, girl and boy in 18th cent. costume, signed bottom left. 20ins x 16ins. £150-200
568.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985, original collage artwork for lithographic poster, Variation on 6. 30ins x 20ins. £100-150
569.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985, oil on canvas basking shark. 31ins x 20ins and 22ins x 26ins. Plus another on paper. £100-150
570.    Ellis Family Archive: Hideo Hagivara 1913-, Space D, Japanese woodcut with label to top right. 17ins x 24ins. £100-150
571.    •Adrian Heath 1920-1992 Untitled Lithograph printed in colours, signed in pencil, dated 66 and numbered 9/10, with the Bath Academy of Art stamp. 31ins x 22½ins. Together with another impression of this print. Numbered 10/10 (2).
Heath taught at Bath Academy of Art between 1955 and 1976 and helped to establish its reputation as one of the most progressive art schools in the country.

572.    •Ellis family Archive: Henry Cliffe 1919-1983, Abstract Lithograph 5.50, signed bottom right. 31ins x 22ins. £100-150
573.    David Cox Attrib, watercolour laid to card, study of cattle in a rural setting (faded and some foxing) unsigned but named on mount, framed and glazed 13ins x 9ins. £60-100
574.    Continental school: Voorscher, oil on canvas 'Parisian Street Scene' signed lower right. 37ins. x 21ins. £50-80
575.    Vernon Earp 1890, watercolour, "Kynance Cove, Cornwall" signed lower right, 21ins x 9ins. £150-200
576.    A L Moore 1915, watercolour, study of ships in port, signed lower left, framed and glazed, 14ins x 9ins. £50-60
577.    John Leech, coloured engraving x 3 , hunting studies "All Right Ruggles", "Gone Away", "No Consequence" signed on the mount lower left, framed and glazed 24ins x 16ins. £200-300
578.    Valentine Thomas Garland 1840-1914, oil on canvas, a mill house with figures and animals by a stream, signed lower right, framed and glazed, 21ins x 15¼ins. £200-300
579.    English School, pastel study of a foal, unsigned. 16ins x 20ins. £25-30
580.    Cecil Aldin print, study of a hunt at full gallop, signed pencil bottom left by the artist on the mount. Framed 27¾ins x 12½ins. £100-120
581.    Alfred Bright 1880-1929: Chalk & charcoal of the "Grand National 1882" won by 10/1 Shot Seaman ridden by Lord Manners. Only 12 horses started because of the snow, the picture shows the canal turn fence, signed bottom left. Framed 25½ins x 16ins. £150-250
582.    Coloured engravings by J Harris plates 1,2,3,4, "Ipswich, The Watering Place Behind the Barracks", "The Long Field near Biles's Corner", "Nacton Church and Village" plus "The last Field near Nacton heath" all published by Ben Brooks of Oxford, framed and glazed, 16ins x 13ins. £40-60
583.    Coloured prints, Officers of the British Army x 2 framed and glazed, 9¼ins x 11ins. 4 engravings by Woodman "The Earl of Denby's Stag Hounds" framed and glazed, 13ins x 9ins. a French engraving, a hunting study, framed and glazed, 12ins x 10ins. £40-60
584.    Early 20th cent. Oak refectory table, peg jointed, turned supports, H stretchers and carved apron. 8ft. x 3ft. plus 6 Edwardian oak dining chairs with upholstered back & seat on turned supports. £300-500
585.    19th cent. French walnut, marble topped, washstand, mirror backed, single drawer on serpentine supports. £40-60
586.    19th cent. Oak wall cupboard with fitted interior. £40-60
587.    19th/20th cent. Pine dresser, 3 drawers over an open recess, flanked by 2 cupboards with rack above. £100-150
588.    20th cent. Painted pine dresser, 2 door cupboard base with a 3 shelf rack. £40-60
589.    Edwardian marble topped washstand, tiled back, single drawer with central cupboard below, turned supports with towels rails either side. £40-60
590.    19th/20th cent. Mahogany foot stool, woolwork covered upholstered (rose pattern) rising off 4 bun feet, 4 x pairs plus 1 ceramic door handle, 4 glass cabinet handles plus 1 ceramic handle and a pair of black metal handles. £20-30
591.    20th cent. Reproduction walnut bedside cupboard. £30-40
592.    Early 20th cent. lead glazed dwarf corner cupboard. 25½ins x 27ins x 13ins. £20-40
593.    Late 18th cent. figured mahogany dwarf hanging wall cupboards with shaped serpentine shelf. £40-60
594.    19th cent. Oak wall mounted corner cupboard with shaped shelving. £40-60
595.    19th cent. Oak corner cupboard, shaped shelves, wall mounted. £30-60
596.    19th cent. Bow fronted sideboard, 2 central drawers, flanked by cupboard. £30-50
597.    Early 20th cent. Oak dresser & rack in an 18th century style, with split baluster and turned column supports, 2 drawers above an open recess. The rack shelved and flanked by 2 cupboards. 60ins. x 76ins. x 21ins. £150-250
598.    20th cent. Chrome & leather office chair. £20-30
599.    20th cent. White Formica circular table on a black pedestal base. 35½ins diameter x 28ins high. £40-60
600.    20th cent. Mahogany dining room extending table with 6 drop in seated chairs including 2 carvers. All on sabre front & back supports. £100-150
601.    20th cent. Black leather/PVC reclining armchair with footstool. £50-80
602.    20th cent. Black leather/PVC reclining armchair with footstool. £50-80
603.    20th cent. Pine open book racks, both with 4 shelves. (2). £30-60
604.    20th cent. Pine dressing table, single front drawer, mounted mirror. 36ins. x 57ins. to mirror top, 18ins. depth. £30-50
605.    20th cent. Pine book rack with 3 shelves. £30-40
606.    19th cent. Pine buffet with 3 drawers on turned supports. £50-80
607.    20th cent. Pine 2 tier washstand on turned front supports. 25ins. x 35ins. x 19ins. £30-50
608.    20th cent. Two tier side table with turned supports, and a pine spice rack with 6 ceramic spice drawers. £40-60
609.    20th cent. Pine 3 drawer bedside chest. 12ins x 24ins x 12ins. £20-30
610.    20th cent. Pine kitchen table on turned supports. 60ins x 36ins x 31ins. £40-60
611.    20th cent. Blanket box with tapestry covering. 29ins x 20ins x 16ins. £20-40
612.    20th cent. Wrought iron standing lamp with treen shelf. £20-25
613.    20th cent. White occasional tables 1 x 2 tiers, 1 x single tier plus a rush seated carver chair. £20-40
614.    20th cent. Pine coffee table on turned supports. 26ins x 17ins x 18ins. plus two pine wall mounted shelves 26ins x 25ins x 5½ins & 19ins x 28ins x 6ins. and a pine corner unit 14ins x 32ins x 9ins. £30-50
615.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 tier circular tea table, single pedestal/column. The whole rising of paw feet. £50-70
616.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 tier tea table with single column, gadrooned decoration, the whole rising of 3 pointed paw feet 36ins tall x 23ins diameter at widest point. £80-120
617.    19th cent. French gilt wood circular table.
618.    19th cent. French Japy Freres wall clock, gilt cast body, enamel faced, Roman & Arabic numerals, chiming on a gong. Height approx. 30ins. £300-500
619.    19th cent. Mahogany cased barometer by T. Eames of Saville Row, Bath. £80-120
620.    20th cent. Oak banjo barometer with thermometer, Cometti, London. £20-30
621.    Longcase Clock: 18th cent. Longcase verge escapement with painted face, Roman numerals & date. No weights. Unsigned. The 20th cent. case has several additions. glazed hood with 3 finials. £100-150
622.    Clocks: Oak 30 hour longcase, painted dial attributed to Archer of Hunstanton with written opinion by Timescape of Melksham of a value of £650-£750 £200-250
623.    Clocks: Oak wall clock Ansonia, Gothic style with glass printed door. £20-25
624.    20th cent. Chinoiserie table clock case, green & gilt decoration minus movement. £20-30
625.    Clocks: Wall mounted mahogany cased regulator clock. £60-80
626.    Clocks: Mahogany cased Garrard kitchen wall clock serial No T3127. £50-80
627.    Clocks: Mahogany cased Garrard kitchen wall clock with new dial (plus 1 old) serial No 539690 £50-80
628.    Early 20th cent. reproduction twin pedestal dining table with one leaf and 4 splat back chairs. £50-80
629.    19th cent. Mahogany dining table with 2 leaves on elegant curved supports with wind-out mechanism. £120-180
630.    20th cent. Glass coffee table with shelf beneath. 3ft. 10ins x 1ft. 10ins x 1ft. 4ins. £40-50
631.    20th cent. Mahogany reproduction dining chairs, 6 + 2 carvers with droop in seats. £60-80
632.    20th cent. Beech rush seated chairs, 4 carvers and 2 chairs. £60-80
633.    19th cent. Oak table with single drawer, shaped apron, chamfered supports. £40-60
634.    19th cent. Saloon sofa, upholstered back above a gallery. £100-140
635.    19th cent. Sofa, wing back on cabriole supports rising off ball & claw feet. £150-200
636.    20th cent. Oak court cupboard. £20-40
637.    20th cent. Mirrors: One oval and one gilt framed overmantle mirror.
638.    19th cent. Mahogany framed button backed nursing armchair, serpentine front.
639.    20th cent. Mahogany button backed chair. £60-100
640.    19th cent. Mahogany button back saloon chair. £60-80
641.    Early 20th cent. Gilt framed gesso mirror 24ins x 33ins. £25-40
642.    20th cent. Asian mahogany cat carved stool with upholstered seat. £20-40
643.    19th cent. Upholstered button back nursing chair. £60-80
644.    c1930s Heals Oak Day Bed by Parker Knoll, no cushions. just the frame. 23ins. x 67ins. £100-150
645.    19th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table with single drawer to one end & false drawer to the other. The whole on reeded supports & brass castors. £80-120
646.    19th cent. Mahogany drop leaf table on square supports. 40ins. x 29ins. x 16½ins. closed.
647.    19th cent. Mahogany bow front chest of 3 drawers, cock beaded on bracket feet. 41ins. x 33ins. x 21ins. £40-50
648.    19th cent. Mahogany chest of 4 over 2, inlaid beading, brass furniture depicting rural shooting motif, bracket feet. Width 40ins. x depth 19ins. x height 49ins. £100-150
649.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany bookcase with glazed twin doors, single drawer below, domed top on elegant carved cabriole supports. 27ins x 68ins x 12ins. £100-120
650.    20th cent. Honey oak bookcase cupboard in a Jacobean style 36ins x 71ins x 12ins.
651.    20th cent. Honey oak court cupboard in a Jacobean style 5ft x 4ft 8ins x 1ft 8ins.
652.    19th cent. Mahogany shield back upholstered chairs, 4 plus 1 carver. £50-80
653.    Early 20th cent. Oak Jacobean style extending draw leaf table on substantial bulbous supports plus 4 matching leather upholstered chairs. £60-80
654.    19th/20th cent. Beech and Oak child's chairs (2) £20-40
655.    20th cent. French child's Toleware 2 tier washstand with split bowl and towel rails. £20-40
656.    20th cent. Beech & Elm stick back chairs. (4). £30-50
657.    Children's Furniture: Painted child's school desk and chair. £30-35
658.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 tier side table with ebony & satinwood mark banding design on turned supports and a shaped apron. 24ins. x 26ins. x 16ins. £80-120
659.    19th cent. Mahogany arts & crafts plant stand. £40-60
660.    19th cent. Mahogany 4 tier what-not with drawer below on turned feet. £60-80
661.    19th cent. Mahogany display cabinet, glazed doors with moulding on elegant cabriole supports. £120-180
662.    19th cent. 'Sheraton Revival' breakfront display cabinet on base, inlaid with fruitwood banding and swags. Glazed shelves. Marked Hobbs & Co. 42ins. wide. £200-250
663.    Late 19th cent. Aesthetic mahogany fall front bureau, gallery top, tambour base and narrow drop. Width 27ins. x depth 10ins. x height 48ins. £100-150
664.    19th cent. Brassware: William Tonks candlesticks, circular base 6ins - a pair plus Skultuna chamber stick with pusher. £80-120
665.    19th cent. Mahogany glazed bookcase. £80-100
666.    19th cent. Mahogany tilt top table, tripod supports with carved fruit decorating each support (pear, plum and apple) rising off scroll feet. £100-150
667.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers on bun feet. £80-120
668.    Early 20th cent. Skeleton bevel edge mirror with fruitwood stringing on banded supports. £45-50
669.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers, cock beaded drawer fronts on bracket supports. £200-250
670.    20th cent. Plate: Candelabra two branch twist arms, reeded support on oval base 16ins. £25-30
671.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers, shaped apron on bracket supports. £120-180
672.    20th cent. Plate: Viners 2 branch candelabra with organic decoration on faceted support, circular base. 13ins. £25-30
673.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany 'Dutch Revival' washstand chest, 3 drawers and side pillars, opening upper compartment. The whole inlaid with floral marquetry and fruitwood stringing. Width 35ins x height 37ins x depth 21ins. £500-700
674.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany inlaid serpentine dressing table, 2 x 2 drawers and shield shaped mirror on tapering supports. Width 39ins. £50-70
675.    Late 18th/early 19th cent. Mahogany and marquetry, shell inlaid, dwarf sideboard, 2 cupboard, 2 drawer, the lower with apron on tapering spade supports. Width 37ins. £150-250
676.    19th cent. Mahogany bar back dining chairs with upholstered seats, turned front supports, impressed initials J.D.M. (6). £250-350
677.    18th cent. Oak low boy, peg jointed, 3 drawer, shaped aprons, square supports with rounded corners. £50-80
678.    19th cent. Figured mahogany linen press, two over 3 drawers on shaped brackets, the upper cupboard two doors with five sliders. £150-200
679.    George III oval mahogany drop leaf dining table with boxwood inlay on tapering supports. 48ins. x 69ins. £200-250
680.    Early 20th cent. "J.A.S. Shoolbred" and Co Ltd, ladies desk with leather skiver, top box desk tidy and stationary holder, the front with egg and tongue decoration matching the single front drawer square reeded tapering supports rising off spade feet 24ins x 24ins 18ins. £200-300
681.    19th cent. Oak tea table on square tapering supports. £80-120
682.    Regency birds eye maple card table, with ebony and inlay inset panels, blue baize inner on four column support. 35ins. x 29ins. x 19ins. £80-100
683.    Early 20th cent. Arts and Crafts oak wardrobe, mirrored and planked doors, embellished with copper studies of Viking boats and copper door furniture. £400-600
684.    19th cent. Chaise longue, mahogany framed, upholstered in green with a damask style fabric.
685.    19th cent. Mahogany and satinwood card table, ebony satinwood banded inlay square tapering supports 36ins x 30ins x 17ins. £120-180
686.    19th cent. Good mahogany bookcase of large proportions. Two doors containing 48 glass panels with dental freeze, beaded decoration on shaped bracket supports. 77ins. x 78ins. x 17ins. £550-700
687.    19th cent. Oak & mahogany single pedestal work box with 2 drawers, drop flaps rising off bun feet. £80-120
688.    19th cent. Oak Glastonbury chair, plain form. £50-80
689.    Late 19th cent. Mahogany inlaid music cabinet, 3 drawers above a rack. Width 16ins. £60-80
690.    19th cent. Mahogany piano stool, adjustable seat upholstered single carved column rising off flat bun feet. £100-150
691.    17th cent. Elm dwarf coffer with chipped carved ends, peg jointed with clout nails 20ins x 12ins x 36ins £180-250
692.    19th cent. Rosewood teapoy, sarcophagus design on a single column tripod rising off bun feet. £150-200
693.    Early 20th Oak Carolean style dresser, the base has two drawers and pot cupboard on turned supports. Closed rack of three shelves with dentil frieze. £130-150
694.    Late 18th cent. Mahogany chest on chest 2/3/3 canted sides on ogee supports. £600-800