Antiques, Collectables, Artwork and Elvis Presley Memorabilia
Auction on Saturday 22nd July 2017

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1.      20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester "Strawberry" dinner ware - sauce tureens and covers, condiments, vegetable tureens and covers, dinner and soup plates, preserve dish, cups and saucers, etc. £40-45
2.      19th cent. Pewter: James Dixon and Son 1879 hot water jug 10¼ins, water jug 9½ins, a teapot plus a glass bottom pint tankard with a Cartouche "2nd Prize for Brahama Cockerel, Islington 1863 (4). £20-40
3.      20th cent. Golf clubs, Dunlop max drivers & putters in bag. £20-30
4.      20th cent. Brass, Copper, Pewter, Plate and Glass: Fine tong toasting fork, bell, planter, bellows, Hadleigh china, framed plaque, 2 treen Lyons, glass fish, bowl, vase and decanter, a treen box, ink well, a Barbola mirror and lights etc. £35-45
5.      Late 19th early 20th cent. Goss: Queen Victoria's first shoe, St Paul's Cathedral, model of the Coronation chair, Windsor, model of an oak pitcher, Hamlet Prince of Denmark, model of Roman bottle Hawes x 7 others. W.H. Goss: Burns Cottage Night Light reg. No 211037. Plus a price guide to the models of W.H. Goss by Roland Ward, hardback, and a Royal Worcester 'Beatties' 1877-1977 pin tray, boxed.
20th cent. Ceramics: Poole 'Falling Leaf' teapot, 6 cups, 8 saucers, preserve pot, 2 sugar bowls, 2 milk jugs, 6 plates plus a tankard decorated with stars and a green teapot. Some damage. French Faience polychrome charger in a stylised sun ray design. Rosenthal miniature candle holders, Sylvac dog No 1433, plus Pendelfin Phumf rabbit and miniature shoes. 1 a/f.
Magic Lantern Slides: Children's stories - Red Riding Hood, Jack the Giant Killer, Robinson Crusoe, etc. £20-40
6.      Early 20th cent. Ceramics Wash Set: Comprising of a jug, bowl, 2 x chamber pots, a toothbrush holder and a part soap dish, all decorated with roses. £20-30
7.      Lighting: Two brass table lamps plus two ceramic lamps, floral pattern and a marble pattern. 15½ins. £40-60
9.      Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: Commemorative ware - meat plate, sauce tureen on stand, Wade retro vase, G. Jones "Abbey" coffee pot, Wedgwood plate, Royal School of Artillery plate, etc. plus 3 bedside clocks. (2 Boxes). £25-35
10.     20th cent. Glassware: Wine, sherry, whisky and liqueur glasses, some sets of 5. £25-35
11.     19th/20th cent. Brassware/Ceramics: Miniature oil lamp, cranberry glass reservoir, white glass shade, 20ins including funnel plus a circular bowl on base. Tiles by Wedgwood, Past Times, etc Approx. 12.
12.     20th cent. Glass, Copper and Ceramics: To include boxed goblets, copper trough, red glass goblets, brass tray etc (2 Trays) £40-50
13.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass decanter, 6 Royal Doulton sherry, 5 Royal Doulton port glasses, 8 crystal wine glasses, 5 liqueur glasses, 6 Stewart crystal tumblers, Stewart crystal brandy glasses and 1 beer mug plus cut glass vases, etc. £60-70
14.     20th cent. Ceramics: Danbury mint collectors' plates, 'Purrfect Portraits' seven kitten plates. Bradford Exchange Fairy Tale plates 'Hansel & Gretel', 'The Golden Goose' etc. 8 plates. Kaiser nursery plates 'Red Riding Hood' and 'Hansel & Gretel', 'Puss in Boots', etc. 6 plates. Some boxed. (Boxes in store). £25-30
15.     Devizes Interest: Wadworth & Co Wine & Spirit Merchants salt glaze wine or ale flask, No 3377 in a wicker basket. £25-35
16.     20th cent. Woolwork hanging wall tapestry, dark cream ground embroidered with sprays of blue, yellow and pink summer flowers. Approx. 67ins. x 33ins with ring fittings. £50-80
17.     Delft Ware: Tankard, clogs, K.L.M House, Wilkinson dessert set, Tuscan ware sandwich set and cups and saucers, Beswick cottage teapot, jugs and sugar bowl. Royal Doulton "Kingswood" tea set including teapot. Commemorative ware, comfort digs, etc. (2 Boxes). £25-35
19.     20th cent. Ceramics: Novelty teapots, Royal Crown, Hovis Bread, Post Box, Fire Place, Dogs Sitting on a Dustbin, etc. (10 Teapots) £30-35
20.     20th cent Ceramics: New Chelsea tea set, 12 place setting plus a Chinese part set. £30-40
21.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Cotswolds" part tea set, collectors plates, sterling Toby Jugs, Ewenny Pottery commemorative mug, Shorter jug plus meat plates etc (2 x boxes). £35-40
22.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics & Glass: Burmese pattern, commemorative plates, vases, jugs, jardiniere, etc.
23.     20th cent. Glassware: Cake cover and stand, Commemorative dish 1937, vases, bowls etc. £20-25
24.     Ceramics: Three chamber pots, 1 slop pot with cover and rattan handle decorated with roses. a commode chamber vessel plus two white painted dressing table mirrors. Spode Italian, Churchill, Wood and Son, TG and FB, Crown etc. All blue and white dinner ware to include "Corinthian", "Willow", "Old Britain Castles", "Woodland" and "Roselle" Delft patterns, bowls, large server and cover (a/f), platters (2), plates, gravy boat, teapot, teacups and saucers.
25.     19th cent. and later misc. China: Including 20th cent. Chinese orange luster jar & cover 12ins, Imperial Stone, Midland money box, music sheets, books, etc. £20-40
26.     19th cent. & later Ceramics: K. Ben-David charger, Wedgwood, Bewley and deco part teaset. £20-40
27.     Plated Ware: Three large plated ornate trays, 2 small salvers, vegetable tureens, coffee pot, water jug etc. £20-30
28.     Plated Ware: Mappin & Webb silver plate art deco cocktails plus a Walker & Hall ½pint christening mug. £60-80
29.     20th cent. Flatware: Loose and boxes forks, spoons, knives, fruit sets, etc. £15-25
30.     Silver Plate: Walker and Hall silver plated tray, approx. 20ins long with a teapot, sugar and milk jug. £30-50
31.     20th cent. Plate: Three piece teaset, butter dish, condiments, vase, etc. £20-25
32.     20th cent. Plate: Flatware loose and cased. £50-60
33.     Silver Plate: Collection of 19th cent. and later Sheffield plate including tea, coffee pots, etc. £30-50
34.     20th cent. Plate: Flatware, fish knives and forks, knives and fork some sets, spoons, condiments, knife sets, and a toast rack etc. Plus a part canteen with carvers cased, a box set of dinner knives and cake knifes and a part set of spoons. (Trays not included).
35.     Tools: Stanley No 45 combination plane with a full set of blades plus others. A Stanley No 71 router Amarples & Sons mortise gauge boxed and a square and mitre cutter, etc. £100-120
36.     19th cent. Art Deco: Glass window panels coloured and clear in 2 sizes 18ins x 12ins (4), 16ins x 12ins (2) in frames, 6 in total. £40-60
37.     19th cent. Regency style fire basket; shield shape top front with brass 'guard' finials & sunburst pattern to back plate cresting rail. 24ins. x 22½ins. £40-60
38.     19th cent. Brass & iron fender plus a copper pot and trivet. £30-50
39.     19th cent. & Later Brass & Copperware: J Sankey beaten jug, kettle, copper warming pan, tankards, brass trivet with beech handle, candlesticks.
40.     Plated Ware: 'Oneida' silver plate cutlery canteen plus 4 meat covers, 2 dishes with 6 place fish knives & forks (cased) plus a claret jug. £60-80
41.     Metalware: 19th cent. & later including kettles, bells, etc. £30-50
42.     Copper & Brassware: A water jack, foot warmer, box of coins, medicine & Hamilton bottle "Schilling Brighton", a Bakelite ashtray, horse brasses and 3 pairs of candlesticks with pushers. (Horse brass behind Mike's counter). £30-40
43.     Plated Ware: Mappin & Webb cutlery canteen, silver plate, Pembury pattern for 6 people in a half moon treen case. £60-80
44.     Plated Ware: Mappin & Webb cutlery canteen, silver plate, Athenian pattern for 8 people in an oak £80-120
45.     20th cent. Oil Lamp: Brass Corinthian pillar on circular base, brown ceramic reservoir, glass etched shade. Has been converted to a electric lamp and will need rewiring. Plus a large glass biscuit or sweet jar. £30-50
46.     Weights & Measures: A pair of household scales plus sets in imperial & metric. £20-30
47.     20th cent. Eschenbach gold rim dinner and tea ware 14 x 14ins. 10 x 12ins. 11 x 9¾ins. 8 x 12ins. All ovals. 12 x 7¾ins. 8 x 6¾ins. All round. 12 x pudding bowls, 12 x saucers, 6 x cups, 2 x coffee pots, 1 x teapot, 2 x water jugs, 1 x milk jug, 3 x salts, 4 x candle sticks, 4 x table vases plus 3 x gravy boats. £80-100
48.     Travel: A revelation leather suitcase 25ins. x 7ins. x 15ins. plus another 17½ins. x 6ins. x 11ins. £40-60
49.     20th cent. Table Linen: Hand made table cloths, napkins, lace work etc. £30-40
50.     Smoking Requisites: Early 20th cent. Oak smokers companion with carved doors and a fitted interior with pipes, etc. Plus a 19th cent. mahogany jewellery box with brass furniture and a 20th cent. pine work box with drawer below. £30-50
51.     Smokers Requisites: Oak smokers cabinet fitted interior with oak tobacco jar and carved doors. £30-50
52.     19th & 20th cent. Boxes: A walnut work box, rosewood workbox, mahogany glove box, two compartment tea box and a desk tidy, etc. contained in a pine box, cloth covered.
53.     Rugs: Iranian rug red ground 35ins x 64ins. Worn. £50-70
54.     20th cent. Chinese Rugs: Green ground floral design 34ins. x 18ins and a beige ground runner 7ft. 6ins. x 2ft.
55.     Rugs: Iranian hand knotted blue ground rug full of colour slight damage 27ins. x 44ins. £80-100
56.     Rugs: 20th cent. Shiraz beige ground 64ins. x 45ins. £50-80
57.     Rugs: "Nahzat", yellow ground Afghan rug. 50ins. x 32ins.
58.     Rugs: "Nahzat", red ground Afghan rug. 44ins. x 30ins. £50-70
59.     Rugs: Islamic rug, block built. 35ins. x 27ins. £50-70
60.     Rugs: Islamic red ground, diamond design rug. 46ins. x 43ins. £50-70
60A.    Rugs: Red ground Islamic runner with deep blue stylised floral design. 58ins. x 21ins. £60-80
61.     @21st cent. Rugs: Blue ground Keshan rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
62.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Ziegler rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
63.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Bokhara rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
64.     @21st cent. Rugs: Green ground Bokhara rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
65.     Rugs: 20th cent. Shiraz red ground 63ins. x 126ins. £80-100
66.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester "Evesham" flan dish, 6 x 10ins plates, 6 x 8ins plates, tureen & covers x 2, gravy boat on stand, 6 x cups & saucers, 6 x side plates, milk jug and sugar bowl (Plates have the original plastic bags). Ramekins x 6 boxed and coasters x 6 boxed. £80-100
67.     20th cent. Lead glazed domed display case with 2 shelves. 15¼ins x 11ins. x 4ins. £20-40
68.     19th cent. Treen lowlands poker work 2 handled tray 21ins. x 8ins. A sun flower platter plus wall posters with pheasant and deer. £20-30
69.     19th cent. Beech toddlers/dolls chair with resin studded seat. £20-30
70.     20th cent. Glassware/Ceramics: Cut glass bowl on 3 supports, single glass candle holder, boat shape cut glass dish, yellow over lay two handle vase plus a retro stylised multi-colour fish. £30-40
71.     19th/20th cent. Glassware/Ceramics: Cut glass biscuit barrel, retro vase and 6 Sundae glasses. Bourne Denby bulbous vase, green ground with vertical lines & dots. Black backstamp 9¼ins and a green ground ribbed vase 8ins. A George Clewse, Tunstall squat vase 7ins. Plus Shelley art deco drip ware horizontal green, fawn and brown stripe jug 8ins.

72.     20th cent. Art Glass & Ceramics: A Powell green glass bulbous vase 7½ins tall x 6½ins diameter with a Swedish "Kosta" squat clear glass vase & black style line, signed to base, 4¼ins tall x 5¼ins wide x 2½ins deep. A Coole Swan cocktail glass with etched logo. 6ins tall. (3). Royal Doulton Coaching Series tumbler/mug. Winter snow scene with coach & 4 horses. Light green backstamp a/f.
73.     20th cent. Ceramics: Herend blanc de chine, Potpourri pot dish and cover 6½ins. Dia x 7ins. High. A pastille burner, basket open weave bowl, teapot with rose finial, crescent dish plus a ladle etc. 19 pieces. £30-50
74.     19th cent. & later Ceramics: Nao figure of a lady feeding a goose. Plus five other geese. £20-40
75.     20th cent. Herend Animal figures: A large seal 7½ins. high plus an elephant 6ins. high. £30-50
76.     20th cent. Herend Animal Figures: Bear, rabbit, cat, kangaroo and joey plus 2 fruit models £30-50
77.     China, glassware and effects to include Mdina, Coalport, Doulton and Nao, etc £40-70
78.     19th cent. & later Ceramics: Collection of art deco jugs, vases including Beswick and a pair of Russian vases. £20-40
79.     20th cent. Ceramics: Pottery includes vases, troughs, plates etc by Price Bros various sizes and shapes mostly retro (11 items). £30-40
80.     20th cent. Ceramics: Herend pink daisies tea ware, tea and coffee pot, milk jug, sugar bowl with cover, 6 x cups and saucers, 6 x tea plates, a 14ins. Serving plate, a 13ins. vase plus an ashtray. £50-70
81.     Continental Ceramics: Figure of a peasant fetching water, carrying a stick 21ins. Capo-di-monte figurine of a Tinker. The Juliana collection figurine of a girl plus Regency Fine Arts Henry VIII figure. £35-40
82.     20th cent. Ceramics: Midwinter Sienna coffee set, Jesse Tait design, green, brown and black stripes, c1960 - 5 cups, 6 saucers, coffee pot, creamer and sugar bowl. Plus Poole cream/blue coffee cups and saucers, coffee pot and Worcester egg coddlers. £35-40
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Poole horizontal brown and cream vase a/f 7½ins, a Poole twin tone blue dish plus a Shelley art deco drip ware horizontal green, fawn and brown stripe jug 8ins.
84.     Collectors Danbury Houses: "Fisherman's Cove", "Shillingham Sands", "St Peters Chapel", "Salters Quay", "Penmullion Lighthouse", "The Old Ship Inn". Cottages by David Winter include "Special for Christmas 1988", plus misc. a miniature cottage, teapots. (2 Trays). £40-45
85.     Collectors Danbury Houses: "Smugglers Arms", "Rectory Farm", "The Anglers Inn", "The Wagon Inn", "School Days". Lilliput Lane - "Castell Coch", "Double Cottage", "Eilean Donan Castle". Cottage Crafts - "Underwood Tavern". Memory Lane Cottages - "Smugglers Cove". £45-50
86.     Collectors Danbury Houses: Georgian Mansion 12ins on treen plinth with certificate. Harcourt Hall on treen plinth 12ins. Plus The Manor House on treen plinth with certificate (3 houses). £70-90
87.     20th cent. Ceramics: The Leonardo Collection "On the Seashore", "Christmas Wishing", "Casting Companions", "Playing Mother", "Tales of Honeysuckle Hill" figures. Plus The James Herriot Collection "Kitten Capers", "Naturecraft Feathered Friends". £20-25
88.     20th cent. Ceramics: Individual jelly moulds, 2 with firing cracks. All different patterns (11 in total) plus an egg crock. £15-20
89.     Collectors Danbury Houses: "Threshing" No 0156 with certificate. "Washing Day", "The Old Mill", "Grandma's Birthday" with certificate. The Country Lines Collection "Seaside Special" with certificate. "The Arrival of the 4=45". The Miles Stones Collection "Handy's Cottage" plus an unnamed farmhouse (8 models).
Plus David Winter models: "The Chapel", The Scottish Collection "Gatekeepers". Danbury Mint "The Bell Inn" with certificate, "Moving In" with certificate, "Coming Home" with certificate. Scotland Direct Winter Church. Memory lane Cottages "Jones Florist", "The Royal Bakery", "Milestones", "William Shakespeare. Nobel of USA "Main Street" (11 models).
90.     Collectors Danbury Model: St Peter's Basilica the Vatican from the collection Historic Catholic Churches, the model stands non a treen plinth 12ins x 8ins approx with certificate of authenticity. £80-120
91.     Collectors model houses and cottages Lilliput Lane "Bridge House" and "Milestone" 1988, 6 small world National Collection. Scotland Direct "Fire station", "The Book Shop", "Police House", "Milestones", "Tall Cottage", "Robert Burns Cottage" and "Donegal Cottage". Fraser Creations "Irish Cottage", Lilliput Lane "Wheyside Cottage" etc 32 approx, 2 trays (trays not included). £50-60
92.     20th cent. Ceramics: Continental figurines, girl holding a candle, girl in hood, sleeping boy, unboxed. (3). £20-30
93.     20th cent. Ceramics: Nao pair of playful Spaniel puppies, a fancy boot and a baby with dish, unboxed. Lladro girl walking with a flower pot & an Eskimo child with polar bear cub, girl with basket a/f,. Cascades lady with parasol unmarked playful puppy plus an unmarked rabbit, owl and sleeping dog.

94.     20th cent. Ceramics and Glassware: Flower arrangements by Radnor, Jon Anton, Burlington, Staffordshire, 1 x other glass pony. £30-35
95.     Devon Motto Ware: Condiments, cream jugs, pin trays, etc. £30-35
96.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Hathaway Rose" trinket pots, pin trays, vases, bell, napkin ring, etc. £35-40
97.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Ducal bowl, black ground decorated with lanterns a/f., end of day glass bowl plus a stoneware blue/cream flagon. £25-35
98.     20th cent. Ceramics: Masons ginger jar, jugs x 2, 2 x pair of vases plus a single jar etc. £20-30
99.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics/Oriental Ceramics: Arcadian 'There's no Place Like Home', crested ware in the form of a fireplace, St. Ives fairing 'The Promise of Love' a/f, figure of a black man with a straw hat resting on parcels, bisque spill holder in the form of a man carrying cases called "Your Going on a Long Journey", continental bisque and other figures, miniature vase decorated with floral decoration in relief, miniature figure of a girl standing under a tree, figure of a seated lady and dandy - a pair, bisque stylised figure of a lady forming the handle of a jug, miniature cup and saucer, 3 corner miniature dish, gilt border, hand decorated with summer flowers, a monkey figure playing bagpipes,1 other, both a/f. unmarked plus German angel figures standing on a rock in a diving pose - a pair. Famille rose tea caddy, rectangular with sloping shoulders and a round neck 5ins. x 3ins. small chip to rim, plus a famille rose vase decorated with panels depicting domestic scenes. 6ins.

100.    20th cent. Ceramics: Flower posies by Adderley, Denton, Wade tortoise etc. Shelley wild flowers dish. £25-30
101.    Stamps: British and Commonwealth 6 x albums from Victoria to QE2, many loose issues, first day covers plus title sets etc. £60-80
103.    Cigarette, Tea Cards and Stamps: A large selection of 1930-present, many sets, some in collectors booklets, football cards 1972 and catalogues plus a box of British stamps (1 Box). £40-60
104.    Cigarette Cards: Kensitas Silks very large amount. £50-80
105.    18th century and later. Antique Newspapers: Collection of approx. 154 newspaper revenue tax stamps, written up and mounted on leaves. £30-50
106.    Stamps: Albums x 6, 5 books of European stamps arranged in separate albums, strong German and French influence.
107.    Stamps: Russian 10 Kon (blue) strip of 4 and strip of 3 plus 15 Kon, 2 strips of 2, 4 single stamps (brown) all mint plus 2 x 1 Ruble notes. £100-120
108.    Postcards: Mostly GB including motor & train crashes, Nelson, Napoleon commemorative, topographical, etc. Approx. 62. £75-100
109.    Postcards: Edwardian & later, GB topographical including Wiltshire. Humour & R.P. cards with few Europe postcards. (1 Tub).
110.    Postcards: GB and World cards, modern & Edwardian, most topographical. £40-60
111.    18th cent. and Later Antique Newspapers: An archive collection of approx. 100 newspapers 1707 to 1862, including The Times, Globe, Morning Post, to provincial titles such as The Salisbury and Winchester Journal 1791 and Northampton Mercury 1707. (See list). £100-150
112.    Hallmarked Silver: Dessert set of 5 knives and forks with mother of pearl handles, Sheffield 1879 plus hallmarked silver collared 10 place dessert set with mother of pearl handles £30-50
113.    19th & 20th cent. Flatware: Mostly knives and spoons. £20-30
114.    Technical Drawing Instruments: 2 unique slide rule, 2 x moving rulers, pro tractor level with leather case. £20-30
115.    Smokers Requisites - Lighters: A grenade (Mills Bomb) table lighter plus 2 x Zippo (Albany Felt Co, Jefferson Standard, Life) A Kingsway lighter, Ronson table lighter on a treen base. £40-60
116.    Smokers Requisites: 2 x pipes Bakelite bowl amber stem with silver embellishments cased Chester 1903 plus a treen bowl and stem pipe cased. £20-30
117.    Smokers Requisites: Ronson "Cadet" lighter and a Polo lighter and a pocket torch. £20-30
118.    Manchester Unity of Oddfellows shoulder sash in purple red edge gilt frills with medallion and badges plus a light blue and white sash. £10-15
119.    Watches: A Roamer and Sekonda watch, pen knifes, Parker pens plus cufflink's etc. £10-20
120.    20th cent: Cast alloy figures involved in rural crafts including Blacksmith, Cobbler, Weaver, Tinsmith plus itinerant salesman with their tools and equipment. Each approx 4½ins tall (7) made in Mid Wales. £30-40
121.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery and Sewing Requisites: Necklaces, rings, bangles, earrings, small pots, lace makers needles, etc. £20-30
122.    Military Interest: WWII Her Majesties Stationary Office booklets covering RAF, Home Front submarines, Fleet Air Arm, 8th Army, Queen Wilhelmina's Navy, Combined Operations, German Aircraft Identification, Uniforms and Badges, 21 booklets. £25-40
123.    Books - Assorted Military: Including weapons, WWII & "The Guard", "Royal Marine", "Strategy & Tactics", "The Glosters", etc.
124.    Military: R.A.F. Tunic - tropical issue to Air Marshall Edward Chilcott with Vice Air Marshall epaulettes. £100-150
125.    19th cent. Oceania iron wood Calaclaw Fijian war club, a very heavy serrated on the distal edges of the two wings, the handle with Tava Tava carving 25ins. Handle 14ins. Blade. £400-600
126.    Military Binoculars WW1 mark V 45587 near mint with leather case embossed "Baltic Leather Goods 1917" with company mark on both binoculars and case plus 1 other cased pair distressed. £60-80
127.    Military: WWI binoculars, German 6x24 CP Goerz Berlin in black leather case. £30-50
128.    Military: Brass lamp stamped "A.F.G. 1942" has a carrying handle, a brass button hook plus 1918 Prismatic compass. £30-50
129.    Militaria - Edge Weapons: Sykes type commando knife with brass grip, black leather scabbard. £30-50
130.    W.W.I: Trench art lighter, the base a shell case, July 1917. The lighter is in the form of a bullet 5ins. £40-50
131.    19th cent. Leather & brass powder flask and a Lee Enfield brass oil bottle. £30-50
132.    Edged Weapons: WWII Bayonet No 7 I/L part knife, part socket bayonet, mounted to Lee Enfield MK4 and the MKV sten gun with scabbard & frog. Plus a base lined treen box GB/472 with bench mark, 3 badges and a silver shooting medal 1954 and a newspaper dated 2013 on the SAS 1941-1945. £60-80
133.    **Military: WWI Vimy Ridge field telephone wire, Canadian Army & Allies labelled August 1919. Vimy Ridge is an important Memorial Park to the Canadian Expeditionary Force. £50-80
134.    Edged Weapons: A north Indo Chinese Doh short sword trifoil carved blade etched decoration with bone handle and treen scabbard. £80-120
135.    Edged Weapons: Edo period Japanese Koto Katana, period fittings, Mokko Iron Tsuba, Iron Fuchi, Shakudo Kashira with gilt flowers on a nanako ground, grey polished blade with Mumei Suriagi Tang. Presented with a beautiful lacquer saya (scabbard) with pine needles. 31ins blade with certificate of authenticity from the Lanes Armoury Brighton. £1300-1600
135A.   Edged Weapons: Gilt brass Japanese Menuki (sword) ornaments x 3. £100-150
136.    Militaria: WWI Tank spatter goggles, leather face piece and chain mail lower face protector, complete with ribbons. Ex. property George Dunford RFA Fernglas 08. £1250-1350
137.    Militaria: WWI German filed binoculars, Goerz Berlin, the left lens has a bullet embedded in the eyepiece acquired by George Dunford on the battlefield. The owner escaped the first encounter as the lens had been replaced but kept the original lens, in original leather Goerz case. £250-300
138.    Militaria: WWII Aircrew flying helmet plus Bomber Command publication. £50-80
139.    Militaria: WWI Medal pair to George Dunford RFA 162542, cap badge. £50-80
140.    Books: Fiction & children's books, Lady Bird, bound copies Girls Own 1898, 1895, 1889, 1881, etc. Well loved tales, a set of The Traveller Library", etc. (2 x Boxes)."The Dome" - A quarterly containing examples of all the arts, published at the Unicorn Press, hand-cut paper, cover slight staining and some damage to spine, The Parables of our Lord by Trench 1864, 2 volumes, Household Works conducted by Charles Dickens, plus Rudyard Kipling first editions "Actions & Reactions", "Adversity of Creatures". Both no dust covers and ex. library issues.

141.    Books: Bound volumes of Punch 1899, 1913, 1926, 1927, 1937. Plus "Who Laughs Last" and "Traffics & Discoveries" by Kipling. £20-40
142.    Books: Modern hard and soft back books, four boxes to included antiques and fiction. £20-40
143.    Books: Reference books Miller's Meissen, etc. (2 Boxes). £20-30
144.    Books: Military books ( mainly HB) including middle ages, Napoleon, Marlborough, American Independence, Confederate Army of Tennessee, The French Cavalry, Crimea, WW1 and WW2 etc x 70 in 2 boxes. Plus 1 x box of 12 x cookery books (HB). £40-60
145.    Books: John Buchan stories 1930, 17 books published by Thomas Nelson. Hugh Walpole novels 1927, 14 books published by MacMillan plus Anatole France novels translated by CE Roche 1925 9 books etc (2 boxes). £40-60
146.    Books: "Alde Estuary, The Story of a Suffolk River" by W.G Arnott published by N Adlard Ipswich 1st edition 1952. "East Anglia" by Doreen Wallace, "Loving Promises" H. Steiner Rice, "Ipswich, Through the Ages" By Lilian J Redstone. "The Aleburgh Festival June 1954" the complete programme. "The Holy Bible" Masonic Edition, Thetford Lodge. "The Oxford Dictionary Vol 1" plus "The Book of Common Prayer". £35-50
147.    Books: Children's books - 'Rupert the Bear Annuals' 1980s/90s (12). £20-30
148.    Books: Simenon Maigret Stories, 2 with dust covers, "Maigret has Scruples", "The Stain on the Snow", "Danger Ahead", "Black Rain", "Strip-Tease", "Maigret on Holiday" and "Maigret and the Young Girl".
149.    Books: Winston Churchill "A History of the English Speaking People" in four volumes plus Bishop Burnet's "History of His Own Time" volumes 5 and 6. £20-30
150.    Books: Military "Regimental Heritage" a history of the royal artillery with many illustrations. £30-50
151.    Books: Dick Frances x 2. Magnus Magnusson, Tom Reemantle, Ron Clooney, Wilbur Smith plus Andy Mcnab all signed by the authors. £30-50
152.    Children's Books: Struwwelpeter (English version) plus Aesop's Fables. £30-50
153.    Antiquarian Books; "A History of the Earth and Animated Nature" Oliver Goldsmith, published by Blackie and Son, volumes 1 and 2, HB maps/plates leather spine and gilt lettering. £50-80
154.    Books: Ernest Hemingway "Across the River and into the Trees" Johathan Cape London 1950 with dust cover, slight damage and a touch of foxing. £100-150
155.    Books: Ian Fleming "The Spy who Loved Me", Johathan Cape London 1962, clean book, no dust cover, slight spine damage. £60-80
156.    1970s Magazine - OZ, 1972, no's. 36, 38, 39, 42, 44 complete, no. 41 minus front and back cover. (6) £80-100
157.    Classic Car Models: Aston Martin D.B.5 1964 The James Bond Car, complete with paperwork. Limited edition 3,781 of 5000, plus Franklin Mint 1954 Mercedes Benz 300S.L. with paperwork. Franklin Mint The 1955 Bentley S 1-24 scale with paperwork. 1930 Ford Model A Tudor, boxed with paperwork plus 1938 Jaguar SS-100, boxed. The Danbury Mint 1960 Cadillac Coupe de Ville.
158.    Early 20th cent. French tinplate toy safe money box with key & combination lock. Painted in red inside and green outside. £25-40
159.    20th cent. Mamod static steam engine. £20-40
160.    Toys/Dinky: Military armored command vehicle No 677, armored car no 670 x 2, army 1 ton cargo truck no 641, Bren gun carrier (Lone Star) and military ambulance no 626 x 2, approx 7. £35-45
161.    Dinky: 00 Gauge No 051 miniature station staff (6), Green box circa 1950s. £30-50
162.    Toys: Diecast special collection 2 x Mini Coopers, Belmont Mercedes x 2, Fiat, Hobby Dax Jeep CJ7, Mercedes 300GD, Toyota Land Cruiser, Sports Team Antique Lorry x 2, Play Bear, Farm Boy, Man United Coach, Maisto Dream Team, Shuttle Bus, Mercedes Racer, plus Lledo Days Gone x 2, etc. £30-50
163.    Toys: Diecast scale 1/18 Burago "Mercedes Benz" 1928, COD 30909, "Chevrolet Corvette Targa" COD 30166, "Maserati" 3200, GTX2 COD 30091, "BMW28". (5). £50-60
164.    Toys: Diecast scale 1/24 Bburago "Ferrari F310B", "Porsche 911" x 2, "Mercedes SSK 1928", Superior models 1/24 "BMW 8501", "Porsche 356B Coupe" & "Porsche 911", a Motor Max 1/18 "BMW 28 Roadster". £30-60
165.    Toys: Britain's Plastic farm animals, buildings and wild animals etc. £10-20
166.    Toys: Diecast vehicles, cars and lorries, includes Corgi, Models of Yesteryear, Matchbox etc. vans, cars and lorries. All unboxed and in very good condition. Approx 40. (1 tray). £20-30
167.    20th cent. Toys Cars: Days Gone by Marks and Spencers collection of model vehicles, boxed. 6 x Days Gone By commercial vehicles, boxed. Model van Walkers, Model van Harrods. 2 x Suttons Seeds model, Ozram Lamps van, Dunlop van, matchbox 1926 Rolls Royce Phantom car, 1 of each Smedleys, Singer Sewing, Cherry Blossom, John Bull Tyres, Golden Shred plus a bus (boxed/ unboxed). £15-25
168.    Toys: Die-cast Oxford die-cast vans (including limited edition) (10), Days Gone vans (8), Gilbow Wiltshire and Dorset coach etc with a 15 place display cabinet. £30-40
169.    Toys: Dolls treen bed x 2, 2 Chinese rag dolls, a dolls conservatory furniture plus an oriental parasol. £20-30
170.    Toys: Charm Toys (1940 Ltd) doll, open and shut eyes, open mouth, fair hair, jointed arms and legs, dressed in Russian style coat and hat with muff, in original box 20ins. (Doll in need of repair). £35-40
171.    Toys: Early 20th cent. Straw filled dog (possibly Steiff) in sitting position; pointed snout, hole in right ear. Condition commensurate with age. £75-100
172.    19th cent. Toys: Peddler doll, wooden body & face, doeskin body wearing black silk bonnet, red felt cap, cotton apron, dress and undergarments with a tray of wares. (1 Foot a/f.) £100-120
173.    Toys - Doll: German made doll dressed in WWI nurses uniform lace cap, black clock, check apron, bisque head, open & shut eyes, jointed legs and arms, dark hair. Approx. 15ins. In need of repair. £80-100
174.    Folk Art Dolls: Scandinavian doll with painted face, velvet bonnet with gilt braid, yellow satin apron with embroidery brown velvet underskirt. £30-40
175.    19th cent. Doll: Celluloid doll with dark hair, black lace cap, leg-o-mutton sleeve, brown check blouse, black skirt, lace under skirt, moveable arms and legs 7ins. (1 Finger missing). £150-200
176.    Toys - Doll: WWI nurse doll representing Maira Chisholm one of the Madonnas of Pervyse who was awarded the order of Leopold II, order of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium 1915, military medal (1917),1914 Star and the order of St John of Jerusalem. The doll wears a replica of the order of Leopold and is wearing WWI nurses uniform. 14ins. £100-150
177.    Toys: Baby doll, compression head, painted face & eyes, open mouth, cloth body, jointed knees, original leather shoes 23ins. and misc. dresses. Plus a golly with red trousers, blue coat in need of repair. £40-50
178.    Dolls: Schilldkrot (Turtle mark) doll, open mouth, open & close grey eyes, stuffed cloth body plus a c1940 Reliable Cuddlekins Doll, Dimple to chin, open mouth showing 2 teeth, open & shut blue eyes, embossing curls to head. Both need attention. £30-40
179.    Toys: Happy Child brown teddy bear, jointed arms and legs, movable head glass eyes 13ins. £30-35
180.    Toys: Teddy Bear 1940-50, glass eyes, wool nose, jointed arms and legs 17ins. £50-60
181.    Toys: Chad Valley, puppy glass eyes, white nose, ears and paws. A teddy bear glass eyes, velvet paws loved 16ins. A well loved bear jointed arms and legs, movable head, glass eyes damage to left eye approx 18ins. £35-40
182.    Toys: Early 20th cent. Alfa Romeo P2 tinplate clockwork racing car, rack and pinion steering. Blue coach work with the number 2, complete with leather bonnet straps and key. Some restoration. 20ins. £3000-4000
183.    Games & Past Times: A tin containing marbles and a tin of jigsaws. £10-15
184.    20th cent. Games: Ajedrex Staunton No 5 chess set contained in a pine box. £20-30
185.    20th cent. Games & Past Times: Backgammon board, heavily carved 20ins x 10ins x 3ins. plus Staunton Revanche chess draughts & dominoes. £25-30
186.    Children's Games & Past Times: A view master and stereoscopic picture reels 27 boxed and 8 loose, card games - Happy Families, Lexicon, Animal Grab, Bellisha and a Disney card game. £20-30
187.    Pelham Puppets: "Gypsy Girl", "Old Lady" and a c-descant recorder. £20-30
188.    Toys: Building blocks, houses, farm animals, fences, etc. £15-20
189.    Toys: Bassett Lowke o gauge tinplate clockwork 2265 Princess Elizabeth, boxed with key. £200-300
190.    Toys: Hornby 0 gauge tinplate LNER 8108 LMS tenders, track, etc. All playworn and very used condition. £50-80
191.    Toys: Diecast and board games, battery operated loco, boxed "Spoil Five", "Mappa Mundi", jigsaw map and 9 Corgi models. £20-40
191A.   Toys: Musikland by Hohner Piano, boxed. £20-30
191B.   Toys: Child's terrestrial globe 12ins diameter. W & A & K Johnston & GW Bacon Ltd. £30-40
192.    Elvis Presley: Elvis Presley's Personally Worn Mint Green Pyjamas from Baptist Hospital April 1977 less than five months before his death. Chris Davidson the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold to Graceland states in the COA:

This fabulous pair of large Lord Shannon mint-green pyjamas were worn by Elvis while staying at Baptist Memorial Hospital in early April, 1977. After spending a week in the hospital, Elvis spent several days at Graceland trying to recover from exhaustion. These pyjamas were left at Vernon Presley's home, adjacent to Graceland on Dolan Street, after a visit from Elvis. He would often walk across the rear of the property and visit with his father and fiance, Sandy Miller, to reminisce. This pair of pyjamas were obtained from the Burnettes who purchased Vernon's home after Elvis's death.

These pyjamas were on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM for many years and appeared on national television in 2003.

The ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM has been bought by Graceland and retired, the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum had the pyjamas framed in Las Vegas. During the early 1960s Vernon Presley purchased a home 1266 Dolan Dr, which is adjacent to Graceland along the southeastern wall. Elvis had a gate installed so that he could walk from his backyard directly into his father's house. After Elvis' divorce in 1973, Elvis spent more time over there to occasionally escape Graceland and its inhabitants. Elvis would sometimes stay over late into the night talking with his father about the old days, his philosophies about life and his family.

After Elvis' death, Vernon moved into Graceland and sold the Dolan home and all its contents to Holbart and Bonnie Burnette who owned the Hickory Log Restaurant across the street from Graceland. The Burnette's delivered food up to the house for the Memphis Mafia and on occasion Elvis or Vernon.

Chris Davidson who owned the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM purchased many items from Holbart and Bonnie Burnette, items that were originally owned by Elvis. These pyjamas were one of the items.
194.    Elvis Presley: Elvis's personal filming notice copy for Easy Come Easy Go, Filmed in 1966 and released in 1967.

Chris Davidson the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before the museum was sold it to Graceland statesin the COA:

"This Filming Notice Copy was sent to Elvis to appear for work on his next upcoming picture "Easy Come Easy Go." the notice was sent to Elvis on August 26,1966. The film was Produced by Hal B. Wallis who Produced nine Elvis Presley films including "Loving You," "King Creole" and "G I Blues." Production began for the 1967 Hal B. Wallis Production by Paramount Studios on September 12,1966.

I acquired the film notice directly from Jimmy Velvet, owner of the Elvis Presley Museum. He purchased it from some personal files and paperwork from a relative.

This "Easy Come, Easy Go" film notice had been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM for the past 5 years.
It is typed on this filming notice, Mr Presley's copy"

The lot is accompanied by a hand signed Letter Of Authenticity from Chris Davidson the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum before he sold to Graceland.
195.    Very rare copy of Elvis Presley's personal yellow movie script, dated July 11th 1966 for his 1967 movie Easy Come, Easy Go which was his 23rd movie.

The front cover of the script reads as follows:
SF 83095
ELVIS (Hand written in thick black fibre tip pen)
JULY 11, 1966

Each yellow script page is dated 7 - 11 - 66

This following information came Chris Davidson the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold it to Graceland. It reads as follows.............................................

Elvis Presley's Easy Come, Easy Go Movie Script.

This yellow movie script was used by actor/entertainer Elvis Presley for his 23rd film, which was produced by Hal Wallis.

The script has "ELVIS" written on the front and was acquired at an Elvis auction held in Memphis, Tennessee, which was sponsored by Elvis' uncle Vester Presley.

This "Easy Come, Easy Go" movie script has been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM for many years.
This script was auctioned in Memphis in 1980. This Easy Come, Easy Go movie script was also auctioned by Fleetwood Owen in association with Mick Fleetwood of Fleetwood Mac. The "Elvis that's the way it was" auction took place in Las Vegas at Bally's Hotel on Saturday 16th June 2001. It is accompanied by a hand signed letter from the Elvis Presley Museum

Chris Davidson was the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold it to Graceland, the banner was on display at the museum and he wrote:


"This large Pasaryu Karate "Way Of Honor" banner was purchased from the Kang Rhee Karate Institute in Memphis, Tennessee in 1999.

Elvis was photographed in front of a similar banner in the 1970s while practising karate at the dojo.

This karate banner comes from the Kang Rhee karate Institute, where Elvis Presley and Master Rhee formed TCB karate and where Elvis would often practice his favourite sport and form of exercise. Elvis initially encountered karate in Germany while stationed in the army. Throughout his life, Elvis practised several different art forms and came in contact with many leaders of the sport. Elvis even started his own production company to make a karate film called "The New Gladiators" which was to star Elvis himself. This karate banner was obtained from the Kang Rhee Institute.

This karate banner has been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM during the past 5 years"

Accompanied by a hand signed letter of authenticity from Chris Davidson the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold to Graceland. The ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM has been bought by Graceland and retired.
197.    Films/RMS Titanic: Ken Marschall 75th anniversary montage, reproduction Titanic poster and Will Smith signed Independence Day cinema poster, all framed. £40-60

As featured on page 229 of the book Elvis By The Presley's. If there was one newspaper that every Elvis fan around the world wanted to get their hands on, it was the Memphis Press-Scimitar Special Edition, Memphis Tennessee, dated Wednesday August 17th 1977. Nearly 40 years old, in colour and black and white totally dedicated to Elvis and contained all the stories from that five day period in a Special Edition.
199.    ELVIS PRESLEY-Elvis Presley's hair.

A strand of Elvis Presley's hair (approximate 12mm) mounted in frame with a photograph of Elvis and details of how it was obtained on the back. Frame approx. 12½ins. x 22ins. This hair sample was originally acquired from Thomas B. Morgan, Jr. on September 17th 2002. The following is an extract from a letter by Thomas B. Morgan, Jr. affirming the journey the Elvis hair sample has taken.

"I was a close friend and acquaintance of Homer Gill Gilleland up until his death in May of 1995. During this time I had visited in his home on Jean Drive in Memphis and viewed many of his personal gifts and mementos that he had received from Elvis and Vernon Presley during the time he worked for Elvis. One of his prize possessions was a bag of hair clippings that he had saved over many years while cutting and styling Elvis's hair. Prior to Mr Gill's death, he gave me this bag of hair clippings given to me from Mr Gill have been in my sole possession up to this date." Thomas Morgan Jr. was personally acquainted with Elvis Presley, he served as an administrative assistant to Sheriff Gene Barksdale, then Sheriff of Shelby County and Memphis, Tennessee. During Thomas' service in the Sheriff's office, he administrated the Special Deputy programme. Whilst on tour Elvis would frequently request that Gilleland fly out to colour, cut and style his hair. This was well documented by the airline receipts issued". On the reverse is a copy of the flight ticket paid for by Elvis for Gilleland.
200.    Elvis Presley: Superb pair of white and enamel metal owned and worn cufflink's bearing the initial "P"

Accompanied by a letter of authenticity hand signed by Chris Davidson the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum before he sold to Graceland which states:

"This pair of cufflink's with the initial P were owned by Elvis Presley and was obtained from Holbart and Bonnie Burnette in 1999
During the early 1960s Vernon Presley purchased a home 1266 Dolan Dr, which is adjacent to Graceland along the southeastern wall. Elvis had a gate installed so that he could walk from his backyard directly into his father's house. After Elvis' divorce in 1973, Elvis spent more time over there to occasionally escape Graceland and its inhabitants. Elvis would sometimes stay over late into the night talking with his father about the old days, his philosophies about life and his family.

After Elvis' death, Vernon moved into Graceland and sold the Dolan home and all its contents to Holbart and Bonnie Burnette who owned the Hickory Log Restaurant across the street from Graceland. The Burnette's delivered food up to the house for the Memphis Mafia and on occasion Elvis and/or Vernon.

I purchased many personal items of Elvis' and Vernon's from the Burnettes in the summer of 1999. Included in the purchase were many items including: Elvis' acetates, a guitar, pyjamas and other clothing, badges, shoes, and furniture.

This pair of cufflink's was purchased from the Burnettes and was on display at the world famous Elvis-A-Rama Museum for seven years

The Elvis-A-Rama Museum was bought by Graceland and has since been retired. £3000-4000

A one sheet two sided legal size contract 7/17/1974 hand signed by Elvis Presley and Myrna Smith for Elvis Presley's 8/19-9/2/1974 for a Las Vegas Hilton Engagement.

This contract belonged to Myrna Smith of the Sweet Inspirations and was acquired from her son Mr Marti Smith.

Accompanied by a hand signed letter from Mr Marti Smith, son of the recipient of the contract.
202.    Elvis Presley: Exceptional signed softback copy from The Omen from August 1977.
Elvis read, inscribed and signed this book just before his upcoming August 1977 tour, which did not take place due to his untimely death. He wrote TO MY BEST FAN your friend Elvis Presley" It is accompanied by an original file copy from Elvis' father Vernon Presley of the original letter in which Vernon expresses.........

"Were sorry about the delay in sending you the autograph you requested. Yours on the Omen book was amongst the last to be signed. Elvis got a kick out of it that you sent him a book he had read and also of that sort for an autograph. You probably do not know this but Elvis read your book again in curiosity prior to us sending it back to you autographed by Elvis personally.

Thank you for your prayers, concern and loyal support to Elvis during your many years as a fan, he did appreciate it... Our Kings at rest and I am sure he has peace and happiness. We must remember that."

Accompanied by a hand signed letter from the Elvis Presley Museum

A Truly Exceptional piece.
203.    Elvis Presley owned and stage used 1977 "E.P." stage guitar pick. 'Elvis In Concert' the final tour. One of the last picks used by Elvis on stage during his lifetime. Acquired directly from Chris Davidson who acquired it from Graceland the estate of Elvis Presley.

This following information is from Chris Davidson who was the owner of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before it sold to Graceland. It reads as follows:

Elvis Presley's 1977 "EP" Guitar Pick Elvis in Concert. This reddish brown triangular guitar pick with E.P. imprinted was used by Elvis Presley for his final tour in the Spring/Summer of 1977. The style of picks changed over the years, with the early ones being made by Fender. Later white picks were created with an "E" imprinted in the centre. This guitar pick, which was used on stage, was one of the last used by Elvis during his lifetime and was acquired directly from the estate of Elvis Presley.

Accompanied by a copy of the original letter which was originally on Graceland letterhead from Greg Howell who was Director of Exhibitions at Graceland. Reads: To whom it may concern. The brown triangular guitar picks with white "EP" monogram in the possession of John Heath is from the Elvis Presley Collection from Graceland Archives, Memphis TN these are the original guitar picks used by Elvis Presley tour in 1977. Greg Howell. Director of Exhibitions & Collections.

The E.P. guitar picks were sold to Chris Davidson.

Chris Davidson who was the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum had this guitar pick framed in Las Vegas. The ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM has since bought by Graceland and retired.
204.    Elvis Presley owned and worn brown shoes that Elvis wore in and around Graceland

The following information is from Chris Davidson the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum before he sold to Graceland and he describes them as:

Elvis Presley's 1970s casual shoes. This size-12 pair of brown leather shoes were worn by entertainer Elvis Presley. Even while sporting casual wear, Elvis was always dressed to the nines when going out in public. His outrageous clothing was matched by his taste in shoes. This pair of casual leather shoes were made in Greece and were typical of what he wore during the 1970s, with casual wear.

They are accompanied by a hand signed letter of authenticity from Chris Davidson the owner of the Elvis-A-Rama Museum before he sold to Graceland confirming their provenance.

The letter of authenticity reads:

"This pair of brown shoes were purchased and worn by entertainer Elvis Presley.

The shoes were obtained from Hobart and Bonnie Burnette who operated the Hickory Log Restaurant across the street from Graceland during the mid 70s.

After his divorce, Elvis had more free time between tours and would often visit his father to reminisce. Vernon's house was located at 1266 Dolan Dr. with the back of his property bordering a portion of Graceland's Southeastern fence. Elvis would often talk so late into the night that he would spend the night in the spare bedroom of the home. Many personal items were left there.

After Elvis' untimely death, Vernon sold the Dolan Dr. house to the B so that he could manage Graceland. Many of Elvis and Vernon's belongings were sold with the Dolan Dr. home

I purchased $15,000.00 worth of Elvis and Vernon's personal items which included Elvis' Acetates, furniture from Graceland and many items of clothing as well as Elvis' .38 Special handgun and badges.

The pair of brown shoes with rubberized roped soles was part of the Burnette-Elvis purchase made in 1999.

This pair of shoes were on display at the world famous Elvis-A-Rama Museum during the past 6 years. £3000-4000
205.    Elvis Presley's personal International Hilton Hotel directory, Elvis wrote and underlined the following in the directory "Dr Ghanam 702 732 3121 Ask about Sleep Diet" International Hotel Las Vegas. Dr Elias Ghanamwas a doctor to the stars in Las Vegas treating the likes of Tom Jones, Liberache and Racquel Welsh.

It is accompanied by a hand signed letter of authenticity from Charlie Hodge which reads:

To Who this may concern.

I first met Elvis when I was with a group called the Foggy Mountain River Boys. Elvis and I met again when Elvis was going to Germany for the army. Elvis was my good friend and I lived at Graceland in a converted apartment Elvis made for me and lived there until his passing in 1977. I was Elvis' stage director and sang harmony on stage with him and handed Elvis his scarves. I also helped him with the set lists for the shows. I also appeared as an extra in many films.
This International Hilton telephone directory was in Elvis' nightstand next to his bed in Las Vegas. He used it often and has underlined several lines and has also handwritten information about his Las Vegas doctor.


Charlie Hodge"

Elvis Presley's first contract which he signed in New York with William Morris Agency to
represent Elvis as his sole and exclusive manager and representative, for his orchestra
throughout the world; services, appearances and endeavours in all matters and things in any
and every capacity as a musician. This contract is dated 31st January 1956 and is hand
signed by Elvis in four places. Two signatures in the name as Elvis Presley, one initialled EP
on the contract and one initialled EP on the rider. This contract is also signed and initialled
by a William Morris Agency representative on the contract and initialled once on the rider.

The day prior to the signing in New York, 30th January Elvis recorded 'Blue Suede Shoes' at RCA Studio 1.

Sold with copies of two photographs at the historical signing, Elvis is shown alongside Nat Lefkowitz, Colonel Parker and Harry Kalcheim at the William Morris Agency, 1740 Broadway, New York, NY - Tuesday, January 31, 1956. The contract is presented in a purpose designed frame with UV glass to protect the contract.

This was the start the beginning of an incredible relationship between Elvis and the William Morris Agency, that would continue throughout Elvis's career.

207.    Elvis Presley's Historical 1956 Screen Actors Guild Signed Contract which enabled Elvis' Movie Career to begin.

This historic William Morris Agency contract was hand signed by Elvis on April 24th 1956 as was a waiver for the Screen Actors Guild and was legally required to be signed by Elvis in order to start his movie career. It reads 'In view of the foregoing and in behalf of and as agents for Elvis Presley we hereby request a waiver from the Screen Actors Guild so as to permit Mr. Presley to enter into and execute a contract with Hal B. Wallis and Joseph H. Hazen on a "test-optional" basis as outlined above. The undersigned, Elvis Presley, consents to the foregoing and hereby joins with the William Morris Agency, Inc. in requesting the aforesaid waiver.'

This contract was also hand signed by a William Morris Agency representative and also hand signed by a Screen Actors Guild representative.

This is an extremely historical piece, it where it all began for Elvis' movie career. This contract was sent to the Screen Actors Guild at the request of Hal B Wallis and Joseph Hazen productions and the rest was history............

This signed contract/waiver had been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM in Las Vegas for many years and is accompanied by a hand signed letter of authenticity from Chris Davidson of the ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM before he sold it to Graceland.

It reads in part......

This April 24th 1956 waiver was signed by entertainer, Elvis Presley as well as representatives of William Morris Agency and Screen Actors Guild. The waiver was sent to the Screen Actors Guild at the request of Wallis/Hazen productions. Elvis was about to become not only Americas greatest singing sensation, but a Legendary movie star. (SAG) approval was required. Elvis would go on to star in 33 major motion pictures during his lifetime. This signed waiver has been on display at the world famous ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM during the past 5 years.

The ELVIS-A-RAMA MUSEUM was bought by Graceland and has since been retired.
208.    Elvis Presley's Famous Personally Owned & Worn Las Vegas brown Suede Flared Trousers:

They are accompanied by an affidavit of authenticity hand signed by Richard Davis, Elvis's valet with the following information:

"I Richard Davis currently reside at 5525 Alexanderia Lane South Haven Mississippi. I was friends with Elvis Presley and began working for Elvis around 1962. Among my many duties for Elvis was being his valet, taking care of and purchasing much of his wardrobe.

These brown suede flared pants were owned and worn by Elvis Presley. They were purchased at a store in Las Vegas Elvis and us used to visit often. There is a label Suzy Creamcheese inside and one of the belt loops is loose on the pants. Elvis gave these to me along with some other clothes in the early 1970s as we were about the same size.

TCB Always

Richard Davis"
209.    Movies/Showbusiness: Bing Crosby typed letter, signed Bing, dated 28th April 1936. 9ins. x 6ins. £60-100
210.    Movies/Wizard of OZ: Handwritten letter December 8th 1975 from Raymond W. Bolger (the scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz) presented with a copy photo of him in the latter. Framed and glazed. 9ins. x 7ins. £100-150
211.    20th cent. British Rock & Roll/Skiffle Lonnie Donegan: An archive of music scores for himself and his band. Original and photocopies contained in folios. Titles include "Puttin' On The Style", "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose It's Flavor", "I Wanna Go Home", "Have A Drink On Me", "My Old Man's A Dustman", "Battle Of New Orleans", "Casey Jones", "Rock Island Line", "So Long", "New Orleans", "I shall not be moved", "Sweet Caroline", "Tom Dooley", "I'll Never Fall In Love Again", "Seven Daffodills", "Nobodys Child", Don't Let the Good Life Pass you By", "Smile & Trouble", "Joy to the World", "Georgia Sunshine".
Copyright is not offered for this collection. Provenance - given to the present owners whilst living in Spain. £250-300
212.    Disney: Original Goofy book art, ink and paint on acetate with certificate of authenticity. Framed and glazed 8ins x 6ins. £30-50
213.    Cliff Richard Memorabilia etc: Collectors cards (approx. 51) 1 postcard, 2 postcards of the Beatles, names written on the reverse, photo card of Joe Brown and Billy Fury, both with facsimile autographs. A Daily Mirror publication 6-5 Special, Elton John on tour booklet, 2 Cliff Richards scrap books, Cliff Richard Show programme with Bob Miller and the Millermen. L.P.s Columbia 21 to Day, Me and my Shadows, Cliff when in Spain, Listen to Cliff, Cliff Sings, The Shadows, plus a Reveille Special poster as appears in Summer Holiday with facsimile autographs, Royal sized poster. £50-70
214.    Cliff Richard Memorabilia: It's Great to be Young by Cliff Richards, autographed by Cliff Richard and The Shadows, hardback. Plus two other Cliff Richard autographs, a Holiday Carnival at the new A.B.C. Blackpool, starring Cliff Richard and The Shadows. This programme is autographed by Cliff Richard. £50-60
215.    Star Wars: "Return of the Jedi" laser disc, signed by Kenny Baker R2D2. £30-50
216.    Movie Memorabilia: David Carradine "Kill Bill" signed Katana, signature in metallic paint pen on scabbard, signed in the presence of the vendor. £150-250
217.    Boxing: Jake La Motte 'Raging Bull' canvas print, signed in black pen. 16ins. x 24ins. £60-100
218.    20th cent. Print: Chaplan John Wayne ¾ length full cow boy costume, wearing a Stetson, holding a rifle left hand side. Framed and glazed 23ins. x 17ins £40-60
219.    Fishing: 2 fly reels line spools, floats etc contained in a large wicker basket. £30-40
220.    Football Interest: Manchester United Football Club "Honours" posters 1960's team black and white image x 2. A Sven Goran Erikson's England Team poster x 2. Author signed book "Walley Barnes" Captain of Wales (and Arsenal) 1943. "Pelé" detailing his career plus a small quantity of football programmes (1 tray). £30-40
221.    Cameras: Voigtlander Prontor 500lk, Agfa Siletter, Minolta and a Simplomat Sekonic Zoom 8 plus a flash gun. £20-30
222.    Cane and Sticks: A shooting stick, walking sticks white metal topped cane, a leather shot gun cartridge belt plus a gun rack. £30-40
223.    Carl Zeiss Jena NI.050 builders automatic level in original treen box, tripod & measuring staff 11-40. £60-80
224.    Sporting - Fishing Reels: Mallochs patent brass reel, English made brass and aluminum reel plus 2 aluminum fly boxes & flies. £80-100
225.    Fishing: Flies and fly boxes, a Wheatley slimalloy x 2, tin plate box, 2 x other, all with flies plus a bait box. £40-60
226.    Fishing Reels: Gyrex beach reel, Fjord heavy duty reel plus an Intrepid Rimfly x 2. £40-60
227.    Sporting - Fishing: James Ogden split cane 4 piece rod with cloth carrying case plus a Mitchell spinner 208s and an Actto 103 spinner. £60-80
228.    Fishing: Split can rods, 3 x Swedish 3 piece fly rod and cloth cover, 2 x other 3 piece fly rods plus a split cane course rod. £50-80
229.    Air Weapons: .177 rifle break barrel No 77038 made in Hungary. £20-30
230.    Royal Memorabilia Bernard Perkin: Rare photograph of HRH Prince Charles in his last horse race riding Upton Grey at Newton Abbott on 21st May 1981 by acclaimed photographer Bernard Perkin. The photo is signed in the mount and sold with copies of letters from Buckingham Palace and Clarence House about the same. 8ins x 9ins. £100-120
231.    Olympics: An extremely rare archive ephemera, enamelled invite badge, programmes and invitations to Richard Meade OBE, triple Olympic Gold Medalist relating to his participation in the 1973 Olympic congress in Varna, complete with original black attaché case impressed 1973 from the same. Also includes a signed doodle by Josef Zapedzki, double Olympic Gold Medalist. £100-150
232.    Football: 1970s boxed Keyman football series Bobby Moore x 2, Gordon Banks x 2 Alan Ball and Colin Bell. (7). £40-70
233.    Sports: A Liverpool Football Steve Nichol, Riese and Danny Murphy £50-80
234.    Davey Safety lamp produced by J.H. Naylor Ltd Wigan, a brass bell, Lancashire and Cheshire coal owners rescue station certificate to work in a mines rescue team to J Unsworth in 1910. £20-40
235.    Early 20th cent. Scientific Instruments: Phillips terrestrial globe 6ins diameter (approx) on a treen and brass stand. £80-120
236.    Binoculars: Paknitex 10 x 50 with case plus a Astra 8 x 30 with case. (2) £30-50
237.    Binoculars: Carl Zeiss Jena 7x50 with case, Zenith 12x50 (no case), Tor Deluxe 6x30 with case plus another with case. (4) £60-80
238.    Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Trains and disasters showing Flying Scotsman, Gretna disaster plus a potted explanation of each slide. £300-500
239.    Military Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Showing ships frozen in Russian waters withdrawal from Dunkirk Kalian Sea Raider sunk by HMS Leander, The Graf Von Spee, Scharnhorst, Ark Royal, Warsprite etc plus notes on the slides. £80-120
240.    Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Showing SS Lusitania, icebergs, Mauritania, Montrose, Dunbar Castle mined January 9th 1940 plus a handwritten booklet explaining the slides. £80-120
241.    19th cent. Three draw brass telescope and a 20th cent. Corsair 8 x 30 binoculars in a brown leather case. £40-60
242.    Telescope: 2 draw brass and leather reconditioned for Barker and Co by Clarkson and Co. £80-100
243.    19th cent. Travelling brass cased barometer/thermometer cased. £60-80
245.    Clocks: 20th cent. Dutch reproduction bracket clock made in Germany for Christian Huggens white chapter ring gilt spandrels, moonphase, chiming on the noon, half, quarter Westminster Chime, treen case with brass fittings 12ins. £100-150
246.    20th cent. Beech case table top gramophone H.M.V with records. £30-50
247.    Table top Pye record player "The Black Box" Hi-fi Record Reproducer. Four speeds; auto change & single player model. £30-40
248.    20th cent. Plate: Viners 2 branch candelabra with organic decoration on faceted support, circular base. 13ins. £25-30
249.    Devizes Interest: Indenture Eva Victoria Bullock with the consent of her father, George Bullock of Rowdeford House, Rowde, both put her as apprentice to Thomas George O'Reilly of Devizes, Silk Mercer and Milliner 10th April 1905, apprentice in the art of Millinery and Drapery, (11 High Street, Devizes). £40-60
250.    19th cent. Oak fire screen with Chinese silver wire & silk dragon decoration 22ins. x 17½ins. £100-150
251.    19th cent. Edo period Japanese charger depicting Samurai in relief with minor edge chips. 16ins. £250-350
252.    19th cent. Chinese lacquer inlaid boxes decorated with exotic birds in enamel and mother of pearl, plus a mahogany travelling makeup box. The box front lifts to reveal mirror & two drawers and is decorated with figures on horseback. £60-80
253.    Chinese Porcelain: Ming period blue small dish 5½ins, another 5ins, leaf pattern Wanli 4ins tea bowl plus 1 x 4ins. 1 x 5ins. Some a/f (5). £60-80
254.    19th cent. Worked ivory & lace fan by J. Duvelleroy, Paris. Hand-painted image of a young girl in the garden with flowers and birds. Boxed. 26ins opened & fan blades 13½ins. £80-120
255.    Oriental Foot Ware: Early 20th century and later Chinese ladies fabric & leather soled, hand stitched slipper, a slip-on fabric & leather soled hand stitched and nailed slipper plus a full leather pair of Chinese children's boots, machine stitched. £50-80
256.    Oriental: Pair of 20th cent. Pen and ink studies of women, monogrammed H.B. 7ins x 4ins. £20-40
257.    19th cent. Japanese white picture frame metal with traces of gilding . Dragon in relief enclosing a rice paper portrait of a young girl serving tea. £30-40
258.    Early 20th cent. Cantonese vase converted to a lamp with famille rose panels of birds & figures. £40-50
259.    Imari: 19th cent. and later plates. (4). £30-50
260.    Late 19th/20th cent. Oriental evening bag, embroidered gold & coloured threads depicting fruit & flowers with spinach Jade cross bar and clasp. £60-80
261.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Oriental evening bag, embroidered gold & coloured threads depicting 5 toed dragon with coral and jade cabochons and carved dog clasp. Approx. 10ins. £60-80
262.    19th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Famille rose tea caddy, rectangular with sloping shoulders and a round neck 5ins. x 3ins. small chip to rim, plus a famille rose vase decorated with panels depicting domestic scenes. 6ins. £80-120
263.    20th cent. Chinese soapstone seal with stylised dog of Fo.
264.    20th cent. Famille Rose plates. 10¼ins x 6ins. (6). £40-60
265.    Devon Motto Ware: Including Watcombe cream jugs, Scandy, Cottage and other designs. Approx. 21 jugs. 1 Tray. (Tray not included). £55-65
266.    Children's Toys/ Collectable's: 'Rupert the Bear' wall clock, money boxes, plates, bowls, mug, cup, saucer, egg cup by Wedgwood. £20-40
267.    20th cent. Ceramics: Teapot Kensington motorcycle, rider in black with red backpack and gloves and silver colour helmet. Hornsea Pottery Swan Lake concept teapot, designed by Martin Hunt 1977 matt glaze, printed mark.
268.    Royal Doulton: Figurines Olga HN 2463 and lady Charmian HN1949. £30-50
269.    Lladro Figures: Two Japanese ladies, Geisha girls. 10½ins. and 12ins. £40-50
270.    20th cent. Ceramics: Villeroy and Boch Majolica sunflower wall plate/charger plus a second charger decorated with poppies, and a Portmeirion botanic garden dish boxed. £20-30
271.    20th cent. Terracotta slipware wall plate depicting a sailing ship 12ins x 12ins. £80-120
272.    Wedgwood: Jasper ware Christmas mugs London scenes years 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 78, 85 (11 mugs). £70-90
273.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Herend" Onion Flower variation, Hungary blue and white pattern of an exotic bird and flowers, 1 x 16ins. Serving plate, tea pot, milk jug, sugar bowl with cover, 2 x cups and saucers plus plates. £60-80
274.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Winton "Old Cottage Chintz" tea china - 5 cups & saucers, 6 x side plates, sugar bowl and milk jug, cake plate. Plus, a Noritake "Alford" part tea set - 5 x cups, saucers and side plates, sugar bowl and milk jug.
275.    Devonware: Long Park, Aller Vale & Watcombe Motto Ware: A collection of creamers, miniature vases, condiments and dishes. 1 Tray. (Tray not included). £50-60
276.    Devon Motto Ware: Flute edge sugar bowls, Scandy miniature basket, Tors spot basket, Scandy and motto ware 2 handle vases, motto ware dishes. 1 Tray (Tray not included). £55-60
277.    20th cent. Spode Italian large fruit bowl, blue back stamp. 10ins. £30-50
278.    19th cent. Staffordshire pearl ware egg stand decorated willow pattern 7¼ins. plus Staffordshire Staywarm plate. 10½ins. £50-80
279.    19th cent. Continental moon vase, two handled with violets and barley stems in relief - a pair. 7½ins. £40-60
280.    20th cent. Continental ceramic figure group "The Three Graces", floral decorated drapes & stand. 22ins. £150-250
281.    Lladro Figures: Cherubs Praying, A Trio Singing, Lying Sleeping, A Playing a Trumpet plus A Nao Choir Boys. £40-50
282.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Ceramics: Parian ware bust of Jesus, unsigned 8ins. £35-50
283.    20th cent. Devon Ware: Widdicombe Fair jug with music box and matching tankard (a/f). £40-60
284.    Shorter & Son Ltd Majolica style jug, pink ground. 9½ins. £20-30
285.    19th cent. Ceramics: Cork Edge and Malkin, Singa mug, Staffordshire black & white spaniel dogs in a sitting pose, gilt collar with padlock, separated legs - a pair.
286.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester figurine celebration of the Queens 80th birthday. £40-50
287.    20th cent. Ceramics: Border Fine Arts classics The Queens Trooping the Colour carriage driven (LE 350) Ltd Edition 350 No 217. £150-200
288.    20th cent. Ceramics: Border fine arts Highland cow and calf on treen stand plus the Leonardo collection Friesian cow on treen stand. £50-60
289.    20th cent. Ceramics: Limousin bull signed John Beswick beneath gloss. £50-60
290.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nelson Pottery Hereford bull, green label beneath 6ins x 9ins. £60-80
291.    Beswick: Beatrix Potter, Susan, Jeremy Fisher plus Squirrel Nutkin. £30-40
292.    Beswick: Pheasant on base 1774 8½ins. x 5ins. £20-25
293.    18th cent. Liverpool 'Profile Bud' shallow bowl possibly John Pennington 6ins. diameter plus three chinoiserie tea bowls (1 with rim chip) and a saucer with a rim chip. £70-100
294.    20th cent. Ceramics: Door furniture, 3 pairs of door handles decorated with flowers plus 7 finger plates. £25-30
295.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening cup etched Elenor, Birmingham 1½ozs plus an arts & crafts brass vase 11ins,. £30-60
296.    19th cent. Candlesticks gilt brass in a Rococo style with drip tray, a pair and a pair of brass pricket candlesticks. Miniature candlesticks, gilt brass, enamel and alabaster - a pair. Plus a 20th cent. Sculpture - stylised molton copper organic column 11ins. £80-100
298.    Arts & Crafts: Brass charger with beaten central motif and flower bud decoration 18ins. £40-70
299.    Ellis Family Archive - Textiles: Tulle square cloth with patchwork inserts in red and check cloth squares, a long handle horn spoon, ceramic soup spoons (2), "How the First Alphabet was Made" a card game boxed plus a picture card puzzle boxed. £20-25
300.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley wild flowers dish, Copenhagen figure of a Jay and Noritake gilt dish. (3). £20-30
301.    20th cent. Glassware: Perfume bottles, some art deco style, cut glass hallmarked silver collar, 3 vases with hallmarked silver collars, bottle in the form of a conch shell, bevelled glass and gilt trinket box. £50-80
302.    Ellis Family Archive: Penelope Ellis, Studio Pottery oval dish, glazed in sand colours, the design has a strong tribal influence 21ins. x 12ins. Minor chips to rim. £20-30
303.    Ellis Family Archive: Penelope Ellis Studio Pottery, beaches inspired oval trough, black glazed interior white unglazed sides 16ins. x 6½.ins. £40-60
304.    Ellis Family Archive: Studio pottery bowls 1¾ins. green, ¼ins. white, 1 black and white 10ins and 9ins. D.O.C. 59. to base, 1 x part glazed white bowl impressed P.B. to base 9½ins. x 8ins. plus a black glazed dish. £40-60
305.    Moorcroft: Sally Tuffin violet vase, stamped make J.K. 5ins. £70-100
306.    Moorcroft: Sally Tuffin violet vase, stamped make P.G 5ins. £180-220
307.    Moorcroft: 1920/30 orchids waisted cylindrical vase, faded blue label signed 6ins. £100-120
308.    Moorcroft: Kerry Goodwin, euphorbia double ground shaped vase 6½ins. £100-120
309.    Moorcroft: Phillip Gibson, Rose of the Forest baluster vase, signed to base 6½ins. £180-220
310.    Moorcroft: 1968 vase coral hibiscus impressed mark partial label signed 5½ins. £90-120
311.    Moorcroft: Autumn Hibiscus squat vase, signed Potters to the late Queen Mary 5½ins. £200-250
312.    Royal Doulton: Stoneware art deco geometric cylinder vase, chequerboard pattern, stamped 7914, inscribed H, possibly John Huskinson. 8ins.- a pair. (one with firing fault). £30-50
313.    20th cent. Scandinavian, Inge Lise Koeford studio ware Aluminia eye pillow vase. Approx. 7½ins. £70-100
314.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Glass: Bohemian style gourd shape vase, purple ground decorated with a spray of scarlet poppies 8½ins. W.M.F. art nouveau style bob-bon dish. £40-60
315.    20th cent. Ceramics: Beswick vase by Colin Melbourne, inner blue glaze ladder design 12½ins. £40-60
316.    20th cent. Art style Compton Pottery of Guildford blue monochrome vase 13½ins. £40-70
317.    20th cent. Ceramics: Art Nouveau onion vase by Decoro 1923, Canning Pottery Fenton, Stoke on Trent, black backstamp registration No 429479, painted No 601A, green and blue ground with fruit motif. £80-120
318.    Studio Ware: Wold Pottery, Routh Range bowl, brown ground decorated with blue birds and four castles in relief. £30-40
319.    20th cent. Ceramics: Art deco Carter Stabler & Adams 1920s biscuit barrel with cover & handle. Glazed pattern 23000, blues and greens 'wave' decoration. 6½ins high x 5½ins diameter. £50-60
320.    20th cent. Ceramics Poole pottery twin tone free form flower through with C95 red Indian and magnolia 13¾ins. x 3¼ins. £40-60
321.    20th cent. Continental tall jug, polychrome decorated hunting scenes. Approx. 16ins. £40-50
322.    20th cent. Art Deco Ceramics: Shelley cup and saucers (2) both a/f plus a "Phoenix" Ronda vase with cover in blues and purples with a tropical bird. £50-60
323.    Long Park Motto Ware: Desk stand 'Us Be Always Glad Tu Yer Frum EE.' Sic and a inkwell. £80-90
324.    Late 19th/Early 20th cent. Art Pottery: Edward Bingham, Majolica ware, Castle Hedingham, Essex. Tankard decorated with cornucopia "Horns of Plenty" plus a mythological figure. The whole in blues/green, firing rim chips 4¾ins diameter x 5¼ins tall. Applied pad marks in relief plus incised hand initials E.W.B. Eng No 126. £100-120
325.    Art Deco lighting: Glass Plaffonier ceiling light shade after Michael Powolny (Vienna Nouveau Aeshethic) white ground with concentric black/ brown lines. £100-120
326.    20th cent. Ruby overlay glass, water glasses, bowls. £30-50
327.    Lighting: Cut glass tower lamps 10ins and 11ins tall. £30-50
328.    Lighting: A brass table/wall articulated lamp, a silver plated 'Osler' column lamp on paw feet, Waterford crystal cylindrical wheel cut table lamps - a pair, Benson style table lamp. (6) £60-80
329.    20th cent. Glass: Franco dish in the form of a golden lustre oak leaf 14ins x 15ins. £35-45
330.    Late 19th/Early 20th cent. Glassware: Comprising of cranberry glass sherry glasses a/f, posy vase, powder bowl with white metal cover in the form of roses, miniature acid etched jug with blue and gilt border and a miniature cut glass perfume bottle. £50-60
331.    18th/19th cent. Glassware: Conical ale glass, drinking glasses, knob stem glasses, Bohemian style ruby glass etched with vine leaves, miniature glasses - a pair. £60-80
332.    Glasses: "Fritz Heckert" gilded wine/hock glasses x 11 7¾ins. £60-80
333.    Glassware: Edwardian Lemonade/Pimm's set, jug & 6 glasses, acid etched ball stem on a wide foot rim.
334.    18th/19th cent. Drinking Glasses: Large rummer, medium rummer with square cut foot, small wine glass with wide foot rim. (3). £30-40
335.    19th cent. Breweriana: Glass spirit barrel flask ribbed design with Bacchcanalian figures plus two Bristol glasses. £30-40
336.    19th cent. Glass hob art decoration engraved John Shaw & Son for the 1885 Inventions Exhibition plus another hob cut decanter small jug and a perfume bottle. (4). £30-40
337.    18th/19th cent. Drinking Glasses: Leaping stag etched tankards, handled cordial glass engraved Margaret 1887, initialled wine glass J.L. ribbed tumbler, another small cordial glass. (5). £30-40
338.    20th cent. Glassware: Cranberry overlay Epergne, 3 hanging baskets, 3 trumpet vase, central trumpet vase, 24ins. £200-300
339.    Photo Frames: Christofle twin frame 11ins x 8ins, a silver plated frame, treen backed 5ins x 4ins and an 'ITS Argenti' silver/Italian frame 11ins x 13ins. (3). £40-60
340.    Hallmarked Silver: 20th cent. Christening set, boxed, hallmarked London. 3oz. £30-50
341.     Silver: American Presiener Silver Co. sterling milk jug and sugar bowl, 4oz. Plus some mixed plated flatware, marrow scoop etc. £40-70
342.    Hallmarked Silver: Teaspoons and sugar tongs, hallmarked Sheffield, 2½oz. £30-50
343.    Hallmarked Silver: Enamel tipped teaspoons, Birmingham hallmark, Devizes and Wiltshire (2). £30-50
344.    Hallmarked Silver: 20th cent. Mappin and Webb, Sheffield hallmarked, cigar cutter/pocket knife. £40-70
345.    Hallmarked Silver: 20th cent. Hallmarked teaspoons, a mixed lot. 5oz. £50-80
346.    Hallmarked Silver: Christening set, knife, fork and spoons, Birmingham 1860, 81g, boxed. £30-40
347.    Hallmarked Silver: Collection of hallmarked souvenir spoons including Coronation, British Empire Exhibition etc. (12). £50-80
348.    Hallmarked Silver: Unusual Avon Vale Hunt fox head tea spoons 1936 x 2 and 1939. 1oz. £30-50
349.    Sterling Silver: Tiffany & Co. small pierced dish, diameter 6ins. Approx. 4½ozs. £80-120
350.    Hallmarked Silver: Cupid repousse patch box, Birmingham H. Mathews 1898, miniature book of Common Prayer with Cupid cover, Birmingham, two thimbles (one white metal) and a napkin ring and a campaign fork. 2oz approx. weighable. £30-40
352.    Hallmarked Silver: 20th cent. boxed set of teaspoons, hallmarked Sheffield plus mixed selection of miscellaneous flatware. 4oz. £40-70
353.    Hallmarked Silver: Art Deco, Martin Hall serving spoons, Sheffield 1925. Georgian tablespoon 1763 altered to berry spoon. Approx. 6oz. £50-60
354.    Hallmarked Silver: Classical style small candlesticks Birmingham J.M.A. - a pair. 5¾ins. £30-50
355.    Hallmarked Silver: Regency style creamer, London 1930-31, Charles Boynton. 3oz. £30-40
356.    Hallmarked Silver: Vesta x 2, Birmingham 1¼ozs. £20-30
357.    Hallmarked Silver: Vesta case Chester 1899 monogram to lid plus another vesta case Birmingham 1½ozs. £30-50
358.    Hallmarked Silver: Sovereign holders, Birmingham and a double pod sovereign holder also Birmingham. Both Aaron Lufkin Dennison 2ozs.
359.    Hallmarked Silver: Two handled bowl, indistinct marks but possibly Birmingham 1919 Nathan & Hayes 5ozs.
360.    Hallmarked Silver: Photo frame ornate fret work with twin door's opening to show the photograph Birmingham 1890 Nathan and Hayes plus a silver hand mirror. £60-80
361.    Hallmarked Silver: Victorian jug, Sheffield marks plus lidded condiment also Sheffield. Approx. 6oz. £40-60
362.    Hallmarked Silver: Hairbrushes (2) Birmingham 1917/18, 6 mother of pearl fruit knives with sterling sliver collars and a pickle fork. £30-40
363.    Hallmarked Silver: Caddy spoon, Birmingham 1893, Nathan & Hayes, dessert spoon and teaspoon, both London plus sugar tongs, Sheffield. Approx. 3½ozs. £30-40
365.    Norwegian - David Andersen: Silver gilt coffee spoons, white cloisonné enamel stems and bowl backs - David Andersen - Christiana (Oslo) marks and UK import Birmingham 1886, navy faux snakeskin box, velvet and silk lined, unsigned. £120-150
366.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea/coffee spoons, patterned terminals, Sheffield marks. £25-30
367.    Hallmarked Silver: Collectors' spoons, approx. 4oz (9), white metal 2½ozs (8) plus mechanical sugar nips. £40-50
368.    Hallmarked Silver: 18th century Georgian mustard pot with blue inner and later spoon, London hallmark indistinct date mark 3½oz. £40-70
369.    20th cent. French Jewellery: Marcasite & silver earrings with rose quartz drops. £30-40
370.    Watches: Ladies French bangle watch Quilbe of Paris stamped 925 and with import marks plus a hallmarked bangle 925 earrings and a white metal pendent with green and white stones and a rams head torque bangle etc. £70-90
371.    Hallmarked Silver and White Metal: Sword brooch (Scottish), a Crucifix with carved pattern plus a Kukri brooch. £20-40
372.    Hallmarked Silver: Georg Jensen ring with stylised bird design ½oz. plus a John Lauritzen brooch retailed by Halberstadts. £60-80
373.    Hallmarked Silver: Charm bracelet, locket & chain, wedding band, thimble. Approx. 2ozs. £30-40
374.    Danish Jewellery: Bernhard Hertz sterling earrings & matching pendant "The Little Mermaid" set. £30-40
375.    Costume Jewellery: White metal art nouveau style drop earrings set with an oblong blue stone plus a white metal mark 925 drop Edwardian style earrings set with a red stone, yellow metal Gothic style brooch set with moonstone, amethyst and peridot cailer stones.
376.    Hallmarked Silver: Designer jewellery Graham Watling necklace, open rectangular links, bark finish ¾ins. x ⅓?ins. (approx)32ins length (approx) 103½g (approx). Mark G.W.
377.    Designer Jewellery: Necklace consisting of a graduated link chain ( Watch Albert) with 8.5mm tapering to 5.5mm (approx) having a pear shaped pendant attached 96.5mm x 45.7mm. The centre set with iron pyrites, the pendant is made by Hooper Bolton, silver swivel fastener, length 52cm weight 194.5g approx. the Swivel London 1897 pendent stamped Hope Bolton Silver.

378.    Jewellery: Iranian yellow metal necklace, filigree style with small turquoise cabochon insets, tests 14ct. Approx. 20grams. £200-250
379.    Jewellery: Double strand cultured peal necklace with white metal clasp set with a single pearl. £35-45
380.    Gold Jewellery: Cufflink's, marked 9ct. 375, also unmarked yellow metal tie pin in the shape of a Volkswagen car. £60-70
381.    Ceylonese Jewellery: Ruby set brooch in a floral spray 32 stones, yellow metal, unmarked, test 9ct. gold. £180-200
382.    Gold Jewellery: Sapphire and diamond flower design ring, shank marked 975, 9ct. £90-120
383.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. ring set with 3 rubies and 2 diamonds, plus pea pod setting diamond ring, worn marks. £120-150
384.    19th cent. Mourning Jewellery: Yellow metal ring with oval hair enclosure plus a rectangular brooch with twisted rope and black enamel decoration. 5 grams inclusive.
385.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct and diamond ring boat setting of 5 stones 2.9g approx. £100-120
386.    Designer Jewellery: Opal set cluster ring,18ct. Stamped and tested .
387.    Diamond & Sapphire Jewellery: Boat shaped five stone ring set with three diamonds and two sapphires, yellow metal mount, tests 18ct. £100-150
388.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Boat shaped ring with 3 rubies & 2 diamonds set in 3.3grams inclusive. £150-200
389.    An 18ct gold, blue zircon and diamond two-stone cross-over ring, the old cut diamond weighs 2.35cts, the blue zircon measures approx 8mm diameter, each claw set in white to a yellow gold shank hallmarked London 1995 & with internal sizing beads.

Note; The diamond with Gemological Certification Service (GCS) report no. 77110-27, dated 14/07/2017, stating; Natural Diamond, Cushion Cut, 2.35ct, Colour; I, Clarity; SI2, Fluorescence; Faint

390.    Hallmarked Gold: Cluster Ring set with central opal with a border of red stones, shank stamped W.G possibly Wilson and Gill silver smiths and retailers. £150-180
391.    Diamond Jewellery: Tiffany & Co. brilliant cut earrings - a pair. Approx. .29cts set in white metal with box & packing. £250-300
392.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Wedding band plus 18ct. gold 10 sided eternity ring with leaf designs. 5grams. (2)
393.    Designer Jewellery: Yellow metal sapphire cluster ring. £60-80
394.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Pendant set with small amethyst and diamond cluster on a fine link chain. 1.5grams. £20-40
395.    Early 20th cent. Yellow metal jewellery, seed pearls brooches x 2, plus hallmarked silver gilt flower brooch. (3). £30-50
396.    Hallmarked Gold: Watch fob medallion plus yellow meta; elaborate box link chain marked 9ct. Approx. 53grams. £450-600
397.    Hallmarked Gold: Brown garnet and seed pearl pendant plus an enamelled three penny piece pendant.
398.    Silver gilt Venetian Mille - fleur pendant, Murrina Venice with box. £30-40
399.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Ring set with amethyst, rope ring, a ring without stone plus 2 pairs of earrings. Approx. 8grams inclusive.
400.    Hallmarked Gold: Chain link bracelet 9ct, 9g approx. £90-120
401.    Diamond & Emerald Jewellery: Designer ring set with cabochon cut emerald surrounded by five small diamonds - tests 18ct. gold. £300-500
402.    Gold: Scrap rings one hallmarked 18ct., second tests 18ct. 14grams. (2). £250-300
403.    Hallmarked Jewellery: Scrap, 9ct. Gold rings (tested), bracelet, earrings, mainly a/f. 19grams. £160-180
404.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Matching his & hers wedding rings, with receipt, purchased 1974. 13grams. £120-150
405.    Hallmarked 9ct. white gold ring with diamond. Illusion set, size M. £60-80
406.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Belcher type necklace, 24ins. Approx. 13grams. £100-130
407.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Topaz (blue) & diamond ring, oval cluster (Marcus Phillips), bill enclosed. £150-200
408.    Hallmarked Jewellery: 9ct. Gold ring, smoky quartz setting. £30-40
409.    Garnet Jewellery: Necklace x 2, round beads 17ins and 28ins plus a pair of pierced garnet earrings in 9ct. gold setting. £50-70
410.    Hallmarked Jewellery: 9ct. Gold ring, red oval stone setting. £30-40
411.    Hallmarked Gold: Rope twist necklace, 21ins cased (Marcus Phillips) import mark 9ct. Approx 14grams. £120-150
412.    1920's Diamond Jewellery: Three stone drop pendant. 1 x 0.2ct, 2 x 0.10ct set in white gold (9ct tested) with chain. £150-200
413.    Hallmarked Gold and Yellow Metal: Tie or cravat pins, most marked 9ct and set with various semi precious and precious stones. (12). £100-150
414.    French Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Gold ring shaped pendant with mother of pearl disc on chain, with paperwork. Approx. 3grams inclusive. £50-70
415.    Watches: Smiths 17 jewel, date, 9ct. gold hallmarked case with black leather strap. £40-60
416.    Watches: Omega stainless steel Seamaster with bracelet strap. £100-150
417.    Hallmarked Silver: ½ Hunter Birmingham Swiss made movement presented to Staff Sgt Dickens M P S C 1917 plus a silver Vester £40-60
418.    Watches: Hallmarked gold Roamer Incabloc ladies dress watch, case and bracelet, stamped 375, 25grams including movement, plus Rotary 9ct. gold cased wristwatch with rolled gold bracelet.
419.    Watches: Half Hunters hallmarked 9ct. gold, white enamel face, signed, Vertex 17 jewel case, signed Dennison, Birmingham. £500-700
420.    Watches: Omega white dial chronostop wrist watch. £80-100
421.    Watches: Hallmarked gold (white) art deco ladies wristwatch, Swiss movement, rolled gold expanding bracelet. £80-100
422.    Watches: Gucci watch, gold plated Quartz with leather strap, stamped on strap & buckle, boxed. £60-80
423.    Watches: Hallmarked 9ct gold Rotary gent's 21 jewel automatic wristwatch, white cross hatched face leather strap. £250-350
424.    Watches: 9ct. gold hallmarked cushion shaped watches (2) circular (3) plus an Omega movement.
425.    Costume Jewellery: Paste metamorphic double brooches, earrings set in white metal. (2). £20-25
426.    Fashion: Black stole with red and silver thread work, a black and silver thread misers purse, Cinder folding fan decorated with a blue bird, black elbow length net gloves a pair plus a gold brocade evening purse. £25-30
427.    Early 20th cent. French evening bags - beige kid skin case with German bright cut steel cross bar with belcher chain and French silver makers mark J.VC. plus Japanese grey kid skin case with Mount Fuji and white metal embossed cross bar. (2). £60-80
428.    Early 20th cent. Japanese embroidered evening bag with gilt decoration and a fruitwood toggle plus a composite compact. £20-30
429.    Late 19th/Early 20th cent. Fashion: Elbow length white kid gloves plus a shorter pair. Plus a fan decorated with painted flowers contained in a early velvet fan box. £30-50
430.    Ellis Family Archive: Designer Studio art jewellery, copper buckle, a quantity of oblong brass and slate statement pendants, plastic and white metal brooches, 1 in the form of the horn of plenty, 1 ships sails, a stylised ornament in the form of sails, 4 copper figures with a strong Aztec influence. £30-35
431.    Handbags: 1950's Freedex brown leather bag with original label and lining, gilt metal fittings, wear below clasp. £30-40
432.    19th cent. Cut Glass: Gothic style walnut and brass satin lined casket contain matching perfume flasks. £70-80
433.    20th cent. Objects of Virtu: Comprising of faux tortoiseshell, mantilla/hair combs, art deco compact decorated with birds and flowers on a gilt ground, ladies lighter decorated with butterflies and flowers and cased flowers of the moment pill box. £30-50
434.    Smokers Requisites: A terracotta tobacco jar and screw down cover, a leather pouch plus a selection of clay and other pipes. £30-50
435.    19th cent. Indo Persian hardwood inlaid box & cover. £20-30
436.    Mid 20th cent. Onyx trinket box Betjemanns patent 4¼ins x 3¾ins. x 2ins. £40-50
437.    Regency style copper plated lidded box with handle, with an ebony pineapple finial engraved "The Gift of Stella to Dean Swift" plus 1904 copy "The Journal to Stella". £30-50
438.    W.H. Simpson watercolour "Horses Pulling a Barge" miniature 3½ins diameter signed lower left with round ebonised frame, glazed. £60-80
439.    19th cent/ Napoleonic prisoner of war games box with 2 compartments one with dice and dominoes, the other with playing cards printed on paper 5ins x 3ins. £200-300
440.    Numismatics: China, proof Panda Set 2009, gold and lunar 500 - 1oz, 200 - 1/2oz, 100 - 1/4oz, 50 - 1/10oz, 20 - 1/20oz plus 1oz lunar fine silver enhance with gold plated ox, in hardwood presentation box with paperwork, set 499 of 600 issued.
441.    Numismatics: 2010 China proof panda gold and lunar platinum set. 1oz, ½oz, ¼oz, 1/10oz, 1/20oz plus silver medallion 99. fine with gilt decoration 1oz in presentation box.
442.    Coins and Notes: Cupro Nickel Crowns (1 £5) 2 silver plus 1 ½ Silver Crowns first decimal coin set, a Sommerset 31 note, 3 x 1000 Reich's banknote April 1910 plus a 100 Reich note. £20-30
443.    Gold Coins: George III spade half guinea 1791. £150-200
444.    Gold Coins: George III spade guinea worn condition with mount attached plus Kruger imitation medallion. £180-200
445.    Coins: Gold Royal Mint proof coins Elizabeth II 1980 half sovereign. £125-150
446.    Gold Coins: Edward Vii half sovereign 1906. £90-110
447.    Gold Coins: George V gold sovereign 1911 8grams. £180-220
448.    Margaret Foley, late 20th cent. watercolours 'Studies of Plants' 15ins x 18ins & 8ins x 9ins. (2). £30-50
449.    Prints: K.M Kerry "Calm Seas By the Old Leading Lights, Dovercourt Essex" 148/500 11ins. x 8ins. Framed and glazed. "Single Stem Lily" unsigned 28ins. x 11ins. (approx) framed and glazed. £40-50
450.    20th cent. Reproduction painted over mantle mirror. 51ins x 35ins. £30-50
451.    Art: 20th cent. Oil on canvas of female diver coming ashore, after Bond movie. 21ins x 44ins. £40-60
452.    20th cent. Arts and Crafts, oak framed mirror. £30-40
453.    20th cent. Gilt framed oval mirror approx. 2ft 6ins. x 2ft. £20-30
454.    20th cent. Watercolour: Bryony Sutton cat study. Also Included are limited edition prints, etc. by various artists, subjects and sizes. £40-60
455.    19th cent. and later Coloured prints/ Engravings: Officers of the British Army x 2 framed and glazed, 9¼ins x 11ins. 4 engravings by Woodman "The Earl of Denby's Stag Hounds" framed and glazed, 13ins x 9ins. a French engraving, a hunting study, framed and glazed, 12ins x 10ins. Coloured engravings by J Harris plates 1,2,3,4, "Ipswich, The Watering Place Behind the Barracks", "The Long Field near Biles's Corner", "Nacton Church and Village" plus "The last Field near Nacton heath" all published by Ben Brooks of Oxford, framed and glazed, 16ins x 13ins.
456.    HA Van Vuong 1914-90: Print "Girl with Mandolin", Fresquet chicken study, signed lower left 8ins x 6ins plus monogram JJ97 chicken study a still life, girl in a vineyard. (4) £40-60
457.    Frank Sherwin: Watercolour rural study signed lower left 18ins x 13½ins. plus a village study in a rural setting, signed lower left 14ins x 11ins. Both framed and glazed. (2) £60-80
458.    Art: Sheila Excell, late 20th century pastel study of 'Afghan Puppies', signed bottim right. 10ins x 6ins. £40-60
459.    20th cent. Lead glazed coloured porthole window glass showing a fishing boat and fishermen. £20-30
460.    Julia Chanter BA: Watercolour Study of still life "Lilies in a bottle" framed and glazed 15ins x 27ins plus a study of still life "Sunflower", signed lower right 11ins x 14½ins and a garden study signed lower right 11ins x 14ins.
Plus Kate Gerber RIOP: Watercolour "Chrysanthemum" and a "Rose" on the reverse label on verso. Framed and glazed 10ins x 14ins. £60-80
461.    Spanish Art: Mosaic of a Matador with seal to top right. 15ins x 20ins. £20-40
462.    Patricia Goldsmith: Collograph "The Ginger Jar" monogram lower right 12ins x 16ins and a S. Hall trio of watercolours titled Boy on a Beach, signed lower right on one. All 4¾ins x 6¾ins. Both framed and glazed. £40-60
463.    Art: Pictures and watercolours to include limited edition prints Stephen Grayford and David Gray "Morse" horse racing, signed photos of characters in The Bill, Alan Andres watercolour, etc. (6). £40-60
464.    Early 20th cent. Gilt framed gesso mirror 24ins x 33ins. £25-40
465.    Maps: Framed map of Rhodesia & British Central Africa. 14ins. x 20ins. £20-30
466.    Prints: Canvas print "Mother & Child" plus five still life prints. £20-30
467.    20th cent. Oil on canvas 'After Peter Lely', "Nell Gwyn", unsigned, gilt framed 31ins x 39ins. £80-100
468.    20th cent. Oil on canvas "Sailing Ships at Sea", unsigned gilt framed. 23½ins x 19½ins. £60-80
469.    Coloured Engravings: West Country views "Chippenham Railway" 12ins x 8½ins, "The Avon and The Railway near Bath" 11ins x 8¼ins. plus "St James Bridge and Station Bath" 16½ins x 11½ins. All framed and glazed. £50-80
470.    Antiquarian Maps: John Speed early 19th cent. Map of Buckinghamshire from a book, viewed on both sides detailing of Hundreds in Buckinghamshire Book 1 chapter 22 pages 43 and 44, enhanced colour, approx 15½ins. x 20½ins. framed and glazed. £80-120
471.    Crop Circles Memorabilia: Aerial photographs of crop circles f/g (7) plus assorted photo prints on canvases. £40-60
472.    Books: "Crop Circles" books by Pat Delado, Colin Andrews, Steve and Karen Alexander, Freddy Silva plus copies of "The Cereologist" (35), "The Crop Circle Year Book" (10) with DVDs "Crop Circle Connector" (13) plus other ephemera 1 x box. £30-40
473.    Artists Equipment: "Robersons & Co. London hardwood construction easel with hayrake 'A' frame, artists easel with fully adjustable shelf & open box for brushes & paints, brass inlay rack. 81ins tall x 28ins wide. £100-150
474.    20th cent. Pop Art Surrealist - Robert Tuson: Oil on board mother feeding birds, signed bottom right. 15ins x 12ins. £50-80
475.    Silks: 19th cent. Stevenograph coach and horses 'The Good Old Days' 6ins x 2ins, foxhunt 'The Meet' 5¾ins. x 2ins. Both framed and glazed. (2). £30-50
476.    19th cent. Wilhelm Nagel 1856-1944: Oil on canvas "Winding River Landscape in Winter", signed on reverse in blue artists crayon by the artist. Unframed 10ins x 7ins. £300-500
477.    Samuel Prout - After: Pencil and colour wash "A Coastal Study" tower and buildings. 7ins x 4½ins. £60-100
478.    Dante Gabriel Rossetti - After: Pencil study on paper laid to card "The Girl with the Long Gold Chain". 7¼ins. x 5½ins. £200-300
479.    20th cent. British School: "Sail Boats on Calm Waters", unsigned. Framed 8ins x 5ins. £20-30
480.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Stone Bridge Over River', signed lower left. Framed 6ins. x 4½ins. £150-200
481.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'House with Shutters in a Forest', signed lower right. Framed 8½ins. x 6ins. £200-300
482.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Farmhouse & Vineyard', signed lower right. Framed 10ins. x 6½ins. £220-250
483.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Tall Trees in Autumn', signed lower left. Framed 9ins. x 6ins. £200-300
484.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000L Oil on canvas 'Forest Track' signed lower left. Framed 6ins. x 9ins. £200-300
485.    Early 19th cent. English School: Primitive watercolour "Stonehenge", unsigned. Framed and glazed. 10-ins x 7½ins. Overall 16ins x 14ins. £80-120
486.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas floral still life 'Roses in a Glass', signed lower right. Framed 13ins. x 10½ins. £250-300
487.    John Hiscock: Oil on board "The Culm Valley" rural landscape with dog, roses and ivy, signed and titled on reverse. Framed 20ins. x 10ins. £150-200
488.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Autumn Vineyard and Farmhouse', signed lower right. Framed 9ins. x 9ins. £220-250
489.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas Forest track on verso "A Good Forest Walk", signed lower left. Framed 12½ins. x 9ins. £250-300
490.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Cornfield with Poppies', signed lower left. Framed 9ins. x 5½ins. £200-300
491.    Ellis Family Archive: Negatives, photographs, contact prints from the studios of Clifford, Rosemary & Penelope Ellis. Approx. 53 boxes of sets of strip negatives each with approx. 34 negatives; plus 6 boxes of photographs on Ilford & Kodak paper 10ins x 8ins. Other negatives 5ins x 4ins including some contact prints, etc. (4 Boxes). £80-100
492.    Ellis Family Archive: Photos from the Studio of Rosemary and Penelope Ellis, on Kodak Bromide 3, some on exhibition card. Wild Arum x 36, Patchworks x 36, Pine Trees - Stages x 30. Approx. 102 in total. £100-150
493.    Ellis Family Archive: Photos from the studio of Rosemary and Penelope Ellis on Kodak 3, mainly mounted on exhibition card. Heavy Horse x 8, Stone x 13, Frost and Snow x 46. Approx. 67 in total. £60-80
494.    Ellis Family Archive: Photos from the studio of Rosemary and Penelope Ellis, on Kodak 20ins. x 13ins. sheets, Bromide 3. Black and White in Nature x 44, Flight x 16 mounted and 26 unmounted. Approx 86 in total. £70-90
495.    Ellis Family Archive: Photographs from the studio of Rosemary and Penelope Ellis, on Kodak 20ins. x 16ins. sheets, bromide B photographic paper. Subjects include Canals x 48, Pavements x 29, Spirals x 23 (5 on exhibition board), Water x 38. Approx. 138 in total. £100-150
496.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from the studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: On Kodak 'Bromide 3' papers, "Horses", "Race Horses on the Newmarket Gallops" & Shires working Horses" ploughing & portraits of 'Shires' 20 unmounted) 20ins x 16ins. and 25 mounted on card, stamped "Copyright Rosemary & Penelope Ellis". Approx. 58 in total. £50-70
497.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from the studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: On Ilford & Kodak Bromide papers, all "Nature" theme photographs. "Round & Oval Shapes" x 42 (26 unmounted & 16 mounted on card), "Buds" Ash, Chestnut in opening sequences x 44 (15 unmounted & 29 mounted) with Flower heads & Dandelions" x 36 (16 unmounted & 20 mounted). Approx. total 122 photographs, in 3 clear plastic bags. £120-150
498.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from the studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: On 'Ilford' paper & mounted on exhibition card. 'Windows' City of London including Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, etc. x 32. Plus an Ilford & Kodak Elite paper (unmounted) York, London windows, etc x 51. All approx. 20ins x 16ins. (83 in total in 2 clear plastic bags). £100-150
499.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from the studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: On Ilford paper & mounted on exhibition card. "Architectural, industrial pipes & wires" x 36 includes 5 unmounted, photographs with "Patterns & Textures" x 32 mounted etc. Approx. 68 in total. All 20ins x 16ins in 3 clear plastic bags. £80-120
500.    19th/20th cent. Folio: Watercolours, etchings, mettzo tints, engravings, prints and coloured engravings of churches and important buildings in Sussex and Surrey and a pencil drawing of a classical tomb. £40-60
501.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis folio of original sketches of various 'coastal and other scenes in Cornwall' dating from the 1930s. Approx 24. 19½ins x 16ins. £400-700
502.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis hand coloured lithographs of 'Lears Parrots' with pencil notations on hand cut paper. 31ins x 23ins. £100-150
503.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolour and ink works of Teignmouth including Preparatory Studies, mostly 22ins x 13ins (4). £120-180
504.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolour on paper 'Men Working in the Fields'. 19ins. x 10ins. £100-150
505.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis oil on paper mounted on board 'Coastal Fishing Boats' signed bottom left. 22ins x 15ins £150-250
506.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis oil on board 'Coastal Scene'. 22ins x 15ins. £150-250
507.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis pencil and watercolour studies of 'Millers at Work' a pair. £100-150
508.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolour study of a 'Rustic Cottage' together with a preliminary pen & ink of the same. 12ins. x 9ins. £70-100
509.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolours on paper 'Corsham Court' series, set of four studies. £150-250
510.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolours on paper 'Orchard in Corsham' and Rustic Greenhouse' 22ins x 16ins. £100-150
511.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985, pencil studies of cats and anatomical subjects. (4) 10ins x 7ins. £40-70
512.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolour on paper 'Cherry Orchard in Corsham' in pink, green and red. 22ins. x 16ins. £100-150
513.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis series of four 'Abstract' oils in blues, yellows, greys, and blacks including one cottage. The largest initialled CE and dated '54'. 8ins. x 5ins. to 17ins. x 9ins. £150-250
514.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis series of four 'Abstract' oils in blues and greys. 7ins x 5ins. to 16ins x 9ins. £150-250
515.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis oil on paper of views of the Dorset Coast - a pair. 22ins x 18ins. £100-150
516.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis series of three oils on paper of 'Coastal Views' in Teignmouth. 22ins x 15ins. £100-150
517.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis oil on board of a 'Butchers Shop'. 20ins x 16ins. £120-180
518.    Ellis Family Archive: 'Abstract' lithograph signed Singer, impressed seal Guide de la Gravure. 15ins. x 22ins. £40-70
519.    •Ellis family Archive: Henry Cliffe 1919-1983, Abstract Lithograph 5.50, signed bottom right. 31ins x 22ins. £100-150
520.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Linear Abstract black & white lithograph. 22ins x 15ins.
521.    Ellis Family Archive: 'Abstract' lithograph in colours of red, yellow and blacks, indistinct signature. 19ins x 27ins. £40-70
522.    Ellis family Archive: Clifford Ellis gouache on paper backed onto board 'Abstract' "Migrating Birds Pause in Italy", initialled bottom left CE 51, 60ins x 24ins. £200-300
523.    Ellis family Archive: Clifford Ellis oil on paper 'Abstract of Fish' in black and white. 30ins x 21ins. £40-70
524.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Variation II (Yellow and black) Poly and mono chrome Woodcut printed in colours. 22¼ins. x 17¼ins. £40-70
525.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis lithograph in colour 'Abstract' in red, grey and black. 30ins. x 22ins. £40-70
526.    Ellis family Archive: Clifford Ellis Lithograph in colour 'Abstract' in black and shades of blue. 30ins x 22ins. £40-70
527.    Ellis family Archive: Clifford Ellis lithograph in colour 'Pike in reeds' in greens, orange, pink and purple. 30ins x 22ins. £40-70
528.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis lithograph in colour 'Abstract' in blue, green, red and black. 30ins. x 22ins. £40-70
529.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis lithograph in colour 'Abstract' in blue, black and green. 30ins. x 22ins. £40-70
530.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis lithograph in colour 'Abstract' in green, blue and yellow, pencil notation (first proof green too dark). 30ins. x 22ins. £40-70
531.    Ellis family Archive: Clifford Ellis Lithograph in colour 'Abstract' in yellow/blue. Fold to centre. 30ins. x 23ins. £40-70
532.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis lithograph in colour 'Abstract' in orange, blue and yellow, hand written notation 'First proof' (blue week) 30ins. x 22ins. £40-70
533.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: 1937 colour lithographic poster 'Travels in Time on your Doorstep' commissioned by London Transport. 40ins. x 25ins. Some pin holes, minor tear. See photo. £200-300
534.    Ellis Family Archive: Edward McKnight Kauffer 'The Colne River at Uxbridge by Tram' 1924, colour lithograph London Transport Poster. 20ins. x 29ins. Creases see lot photo. £400-700
535.    Ellis Family Archive: Arthur G Mills, Ministry of Labour wartime double sided poster 'Remember those Tools' and Good Handles prevent Bad Hands'. Some losses see lot photo. 10ins. x 30ins. £70-100
536.    Ellis Family Archive: Bath School of Art, rare lithographic poster for an exhibition, Victorian Art Gallery, Bath titles 'Living in Cities, re-planning Exhibition relating to the Post War reconstruction of Bath' 19ins. x 30ins. £80-120
537.    Ellis Family Archive: Rare lithographic post war poster showing the Bird of Peace advertising a conference on post war reconstruction to be held at The Pump Rooms in Bath. 19ins. x 30ins. £80-120
538.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: 'A Miserable Reflection, 'Why aren't we on the telephone?' 1935 colour lithograph printed by The General Post Office. 20ins. x 25ins. £100-150
539.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford and Rosemary Ellis 'Teignmouth' Lithograph in colour, printed by Chromoworks. 29ins. x 39ins. £100-150
540.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: 'Ocean Cable' by the General Post Office. 1935. Lithograph in colour. 20ins. x 25ins. See photo £300-500
541.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford and Rosemary Ellis 'It is Better to Shop Early' London Transport poster, 1935, lithograph in colour. 39ins. x 25ins. See Photo £200-300
542.    Ellis Family Archive: Edinburgh 11th International Festival 1957, lithographic promotional poster. 39ins. x 25ins. £80-120
543.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Rare first proof (stamped on reverse) with notations for Ocean Cable by the General Post Office, 1935. 20ins. x 25ins. £500-800
544.    Ellis Family Archive: Philip Medoza Wartime Ministry of Labour double sided poster 'Percy Vere' No. 9 and Fire prevention poster to the reverse. 19ins. x 29ins. £100-150
545.    Ellis Family Archive: Graham Sutherland London Underground advertising poster 'Go out into the Country' 1938, lithograph in colour, printed by Curwen Press. 40ins. x 25ins. Minor damage, see photo £200-300
546.    Ellis Family Archive: Allan Walton, Orford Castle 'Everywhere you go you can be sure of Shell', lithograph in colour. 30ins x 44ins. Some Damage see lot photo. £200-300
547.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford and Rosemary Ellis 'Whipsnade Zoo by car using BP Plus' 1932, lithograph in colour. Shell/BP advertising poster, some discolouration, pin holes to edge and some border loss. See lot photo. £500-800
548.    Ellis Family Archive - Rosemary and Clifford Ellis: Chatlers Folly and Dry Dock Appledore, Shell advertising poster, lithograph in colour. 30ins. x 44ins. £300-500
549.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Lower Slaughter, Shell advertising poster, lithograph in Colour. 33ins. x 44ins. £250-350
550.    19th cent. English School: Oil on board primitive landscape with figures, indistinct signature. Framed 19ins. x 14ins. £30-40
551.    Vernon Earp 1890, watercolour, "Kynance Cove, Cornwall" signed lower right, 21ins x 9ins. £100-120
552.    After Jean Baptiste Greuze mezzo tint print by Samuel Cousins "The Young Dauphin" portrait of a young boy short half length looking up and away to the right holding a ball against his chest with loose wavy hair to the shoulders wearing a dark coat and white shirt, open at the throat signed by Cousins lower right. £30-50
553.    Frank Short published 1914 "Twixt Dawn and Day" original aquatint in fantastic detail and signed by the artist lower right, unframed 11ins x 9ins. £100-150
554.    David Thomson Muirhead ARA ARWS NEAC 1837-1930: "The Haycart" oil on canvas with label on verso, signed bottom right, exhibited at The Royal Academy Winter Exhibition 1933. Ex. Sasson family. £400-600
555.    Leonard Barton (1839 - 1971) Oil on paper 'The Flower Market Bruges'. Provenance Clarendon Gallery. 9 ins. x 6¾ins. Signed lower right. Gilt frame, 12¾ins x 14½ins. £150-200
556.    Nestor Cambier (1879 - 1957) Oil on board 'The Bridge Burges' provenance Clarendon Gallery, 10ins. x 7½ins. framed 16ins. x 13½ins. £200-250
557.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Watercolour ink wash "Trees", signed lower right. 40ins. x 29ins. £100-150
558.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Artist set and interior designer acrylic "Cherhill Down 3", signed and dated 06 lower left. White framed 39ins. x 39ins. £100-150
559.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Artist set and interior designer acrylic "Cherhill Down 2", signed and dated 06 lower left. White framed 39ins. x 39ins. £100-150
560.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Artist set and interior designer acrylic "Cherhill Down 1", signed and dated 06 lower left. White framed 39ins. x 39ins. £100-150
561.    Suzy Miles (Armstrong): Limited edition print "Winter Study" 2/20. Framed and mounted 16ins x 12ins. £30-50
562.    Art: H.C. Babington watercolour/Gouache 'Mountain Tiger', signed bottom right. 19ins x 15ins. £60-100
563.    Faith Tresider Sheppard 1920-2004 oil on board 'Un cycliste en Provence'. Label 'a verso' Framed 26¾ins x 17¾ins. £200-300
564.    Joyce Winbolt oil on board 'figure at a table under a tropical tree', signed right side. 18ins. x 15ins. £30-50
565.    English School water colour "Rural Farming Study with Sheep by a Stream", signed lower right indistinct, dated 1925 21ins x 14ins framed and glazed. £150-200
566.    Peter Perkins AR BA: Watercolour "Bosham Harbour", signed bottom right. label verso 14ins x 9ins. £100-150
567.    Valentine Thomas Garland 1840-1914, oil on canvas, a mill house with figures and animals by a stream, signed lower right, framed and glazed, 21ins x 15¼ins. £120-150
568.    Henry A. Luscombe B1820 exhibited 1845-65: Watercolour "Streatly Mill" label and potted history verso, signed bottom left. framed and glazed 11ins x 7½ins. £100-150
569.    William Vivian Tippett 1833-1910 oil on canvas 'Cattle at a Stream', signed lower right & dated. Framed 18ins. x 10ins. £200-250
570.    Pop Art Surrealist - Robert Tuson: Acrylic on velvet of a surrealist, signed bottom right. 19ins x 23ins.
571.    Wendy Jacob RA: Dry pigment & charcoal "Silbury Hill", label verso, framed and glazed 27ins x 18ins. £100-150
572.     20th cent. Morg-Eystautter Continental school acrylic on canvas abstract 'Owl', indistinct signature lower right. Framed 36ins. x 27ins. £50-70
573.    Margaret Gantz 1879-1979 oil on canvas 'landscape with trees and river', signed on frame. 23ins. x 19ins. £50-70
574.    Sporting: Late 20th cent. Artists proof, screen print of a Major golf tournament, indistinct signature, possibly Allbury/Aubrey. 33ins x 26ins. £100-150
575.    Alfred Bright 1880-1929: Chalk & charcoal of the "Grand National 1882" won by 10/1 Shot Seaman ridden by Lord Manners. Only 12 horses started because of the snow, the picture shows the canal turn fence, signed bottom left. Framed 25½ins x 16ins. £100-120
576.    Earl Brewster 1879 post impressionist oil on board olive trees near St Cyr', signed lower left. 16ins. x 13ins.
NB: Earl Brewster was a friend of author & painter D.H. Lawrence. £200-300
577.    John Ford 1950 watercolour 'village study', signed lower right 1987. 16ins. x 12ins. £30-50
578.    20th cent. Purple ground carpet, floral design in blue, ivory & green 11ft. x 8ft. £80-120
579.    19th cent. Mahogany extending dining table with 2 leaves on elegant curved supports with wind-out mechanism. £80-120
580.    19th cent. Mahogany shield back upholstered chairs, 4 plus 1 carver. £50-80
581.    19th cent. Mahogany "Lyre" back dining chairs with Fleur de Lys motif, upholstered seats, squared chamfered supports and includes 1 carver (4 in total). £150-250
582.    George III oval mahogany drop leaf dining table with boxwood inlay on tapering supports. 48ins. x 69ins. £200-250
583.    20th cent. Machine woven Islamic rug, central medallion, Persian style. 10ft. x 8ft. £100-150
584.    Early 20th Oak Carolean style dresser, the base has two drawers and pot cupboard on turned supports. Closed rack of three shelves with dentil frieze. £60-80
585.    20th cent Pine compactum. 69ins x 78ins. £80-120
586.    19th cent. Iron folding campaign bed/chair. £30-40
587.    20th cent. Mahogany three tier cake with fruitwood inlay decoration. 36ins. £30-40
588.    20th cent. Mahogany tier side table with ceramic circular floral pattern, the whole on 3 turned supports. £20-40
589.    19th/20th cent. Brass and iron single bed. 77ins x 37ins. £40-60
590.    Early 20th cent. reproduction twin pedestal dining table with one leaf. £50-80
591.    Early 20th cent. Oak dresser & rack in an 18th century style, with split baluster and turned column supports, 2 drawers above an open recess. The rack shelved and flanked by 2 cupboards. 60ins. x 76ins. x 21ins. £80-100
592.    Clocks: Mahogany Vienna regulator wall mounted clock 32½ins. x 18¾ins. x 8ins. £30-60
593.    Clocks: 1960s Seiko Sonola transistor clock, boxed.
594.    Clocks: Wall mounted mahogany cased regulator clock. £30-50
595.    Longcase Clock: 18th cent. Longcase anchor escapement with painted face, Roman numerals & date. No weights. Unsigned. The 20th cent. case has several additions. glazed hood with 3 finials. £40-60
596.    Clocks: Oak 30 hour longcase, painted dial attributed to Archer of Hunstanton with written opinion by Timescape of Melksham of a value of £650-£750 £200-250
597.    Railwayania: Extremely rare GWR cast iron signal box name-board/sign "DEVIZES SIGNAL BOX". The signal box was built in 1896/97 and Devizes Station was closed in 1966. This sign and several other items were rescued by a member of the family who worked at the station prior to its demolition in 1967. A superb piece of local and railway history. 70ins x 8½ins.
598.    Motoring: A 1920's Motorluxe motoring blanket, faux fur with black triangular cloth badge, signs of wear commensurate with age 46ins x 65ins (approx). Property of Madge Cann ne Priscott one of the first ladies to drive around Brooklands. £70-100
599.    20th cent. Pitch pine ½ block boat 4ins x 5ins x 5½ins. Approx. £80-120
600.    Early 20th cent. Car picnic set black leather covered 2 side handles £40-60
601.    Maritime Prints: Simon Fisher Aquitania departing New York, signed limited edition. Framed and glazed. £20-30
602.    20th cent. Wrought iron standing lamp with treen shelf. £20-25
603.    20th cent. White Formica circular table on a black pedestal base. 35½ins diameter x 28ins high plus a 20th cent. Chrome & leather office chair. £40-60
604.    20th cent. Mahogany dining room extending table with 6 drop in seated chairs including 2 carvers. All on sabre front & back supports. £60-80
605.    20th cent. Dark oak court cupboard. £20-40
606.    19th cent. French walnut king size bed. £30-40
607.    19th cent. Oak wall mounted corner cupboard with shaped shelving. £20-30
608.    20th cent. Pine 3 drawer bedside chest. 12ins x 24ins x 12ins. Plus an early 20th cent. lead glazed dwarf corner cupboard. 25½ins x 27ins x 13ins. £15-20
609.    19th cent. Oak corner cupboard, shaped shelves, wall mounted. 20th cent. Reproduction walnut bedside cupboard plus a mahogany arts & crafts plant stand. £30-60
610.    20th cent. Knoll 3 seater settee with foot stool. £100-120
611.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf gate leg table plus a 20th cent. beaten copper topped table and work box. £30-50
612.    20th cent. Leather fabric & chrome swivel chair. £30-50
613.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing table, mirror shield shaped, above a 3 drawer base. The central drawer with fitted lock 23ins. high. Plus a gate leg table, an octagonal upholstered footstool, slate back chair and a step commode. £50-100
614.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 tier side table with ebony & satinwood mark banding design on turned supports and a shaped apron. 24ins. x 26ins. x 16ins. £50-80
615.    19th cent. Four splat back chairs.
616.    20th cent. Beech & Elm stick back chairs. (4). £30-50
617.    20th cent. Oak dining chairs (4), leather seats & backs. £40-60
618.    20th cent. oak bureau painted in the shabby chic style 34ins. x 15ins. £40-70
619.    20th cent. Oak art deco style cabinet with drawers below. £60-80
620.    Early 20th cent. Skeleton bevel edge mirror with fruitwood stringing on banded supports. £45-50
621.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 panel dressing screen, shield shaped glass viewing panels above fabric panels, the cresting rail with ornate carving. £80-100
622.    19th cent. Oak corner cupboard 30ins. x 41ins. (approx). £40-60
623.    20th cent. Mahogany dining room chairs, 7 & 1 carver. Flocked upholstered with drop in seats. £60-80
624.    19th cent. William IV Mahogany Pembroke table, single drawer to one end on reeded supports. £40-60
625.    19th cent. Mahogany art nouveau pot cupboard and a ladder back chair. £30-50
626.    19th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table with single drawer to one end & false drawer to the other. The whole on reeded supports & brass castors. £80-120
627.    Edwardian mahogany 5 bar towel rail with barley twist supports. £20-30
628.    20th cent. Mahogany button backed chair. £60-100
629.    20th cent. Walnut veneer Art Deco, peach glass topped, circular table. £50-80
630.    20th cent. Brass and Chrome 2 branch standard lamp on circular base 68ins. Tall. £50-80
631.    Edwardian oak desk, 2 drawers on tapering supports with brass castors. £40-70
632.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany dining-table in the Regency style, the rectangular top with rounded corners, reeded edge and extra, raised on two central supports on reeded splayed legs terminating in brass paw castors. 96¼ins. long x 42ins. wide.
633.    20th cent. Mahogany linen press. The top has twin doors opening to reveal the hanging rail & 4 slides. The base has 2 short over 2 long drawers. £400-600
634.    20th cent. Rustic bobbin turned rocking chair. £60-100
635.    19th cent. Mahogany display cabinet, glazed doors with moulding on elegant cabriole supports. £120-180
636.    Edwardian Arts & Crafts: Oak dresser, mirror backed with glazed doors. The base with central carved doors over an open recess flanked by two glazed cupboards. £200-300
637.    19th cent. Mahogany jewellery box with lift up top and single drawer. 9ins. £40-60
638.    19th cent. Brassware: William Tonks candlesticks, circular base 6ins - a pair plus Skultuna chamber stick with pusher. £80-120
639.    20th cent. Oak stationery/letter rack. £10-15
640.    19th cent. Mahogany glazed bookcase. £80-100
641.    Arts and Crafts: Gustav Stickley oak china cabinet, single glass door with 12 panes of glass, paper label with pencil quotation 36ins x 57ins. x 13ins. £800-1200
642.    Edwardian oak twin pedestal desk, 9 drawer with leather topped skiver. 44ins x 28ins x 23ins. £70-90
643.    19th cent. Oak 2/4 chest of drawers, brass furniture on bracket supports. 39ins x 41ins x 18¾ins. £200-300
644.    18th cent. Oak peg jointed drop leaf table with a drawer to one end. £80-120
645.    George III mahogany sideboard of good proportion, the cross-banded breakfront top edged with boxwood stringing, the bowed ends fitted one side with a drawer above a cupboard and at the other with a cellarette drawer, the central drawer above two recessed cupboards each with tambour fronts, brass oval plate and swing handles, on square tapering and inlaid legs to spade feet. 72¼ins. wide. By family repute the sideboard once the property of Lord Nelson.
646.    19th cent. Mahogany bar back dining chairs with upholstered seats, turned front supports, impressed initials J.D.M. (6). £150-175
647.    19th cent. Mahogany tea table on square tapering supports. £80-120
648.    Art Deco walnut console table with loop style base 47ins x 15ins. £150-200
649.    20th cent. Art and Design: Alfred Cox treen chest of drawers/ dressing table 3 short drawers over one long 19ins. x 47ins. £80-120
650.    Early 20th cent. "J.A.S. Shoolbred" and Co Ltd, ladies desk with leather skiver, top box desk tidy and stationary holder, the front with egg and tongue decoration matching the single front drawer square reeded tapering supports rising off spade feet 24ins x 24ins 18ins. £200-300
651.    19th cent. Oak Glastonbury chair, plain form. £50-80
652.    19th cent. Rosewood teapoy, sarcophagus design on a single column tripod rising off bun feet. £150-200
653.    19th cent. Mahogany piano stool, adjustable seat upholstered single carved column rising off flat bun feet. £50-80
654.    Early 20th cent. Arts and Crafts oak wardrobe, mirrored and planked doors, embellished with copper studies of Viking boats and copper door furniture. £400-600