Studio Auction of Antiques, Collectables and Paintings
on Saturday 20th May 2017

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1.      20th cent. Ceramics: Art deco style dancers "Gloria" 2 figures, art deco style figure and a glass deco style figure.
2.      19th cent. Brass hanging oil lamp with shade and flu. £30-50
3.      20th cent. Oil Lamp, cast iron base with a clear glass reservoir. £20-30
4.      Early 20th cent. Brass gimbal lamps made for table or wall fitting. One stamped A.P.9009 & MCG and the other A.P.7993A. Both converted to electricity. 12ins. tall. £100-150
5.      Ships: Mast head lamp, brass & copper body with ripple glass. Marked & etched on both; converted to electric. 14ins. x 9ins. £80-120
6.      20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Old Country trio, Royal Albert black rose dessert plates, cups and saucers, 2 lustre jugs a/f., Madeline black coffee cups and saucers (1 cup a/f.) Paragon and Aynsley, coffee cups, Llangollen Pottery vase a/f and a Maltese glug jug, etc. £30-40
7.      19th cent. and later misc. china, including Imperial Stone, Midland money box, music sheets, etc. £20-40
8.      20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Sundance" dinner china - meat oval 16ins., tureen and covers x 3, open serving dishes x 3, gravy boat, sauce pot x 3, soup bowl x 8, dessert bowl x 8, plates 8 x 10ins., 17 x 6½ins., 8 x 8ins.
9.      20th cent Ceramics: Spode Italian, Churchill, Wood and Son, TG and FB, Crown etc. All blue and white dinner ware to include "Corinthian", "Willow", "Old Britain Castles", "Woodland" and "Roselle" patterns, bowls, large server and cover (a/f), platters (2), plates, gravy boat, teapot, teacups and saucers. £50-60
10.     20th cent. Ceramics: Denby green stoneware dinner and tea ware. Tea cup & saucer x 10, soup bowl x 5, sugar bowl x 2, egg cup x 2, milk jug, preserve dish, butter dish, tureen & cover, another tureen (cover missing), open serving dish, dessert bowl x 4, plates 10ins. x 6, 7ins. x 6, 8ins. x 2, plus a Denby wheat oblong dish. £60-65
11.     20th cent. Ceramics and Plated Ware: Bone china 6 place teaset, pair of Wedgwood "Prunus" primrose Jasperware square bud vases 5½ins x 1¾ins, a 1930s generic "Flying" wall hanging duck, a carved soapstone figurine(s) of "Tropic Birds", a ceramic toilet pull, a Victorian "Crumbee", a copper and brass stove kettle 13ins, a plated teapot and infuser, an EPNS teapot, a sugar bowl, a milk jug plus salad scissors. (2 Boxes) £40-60
12.     20th cent. Ceramics: Delft, blue and white, clogs, dishes, novelty items including lighter and vases. 1 tray. Tray not included. £20-30
13.     Devon Ware: Udder vases, tobacco jar, vases, cups, candles holders, condiments, etc. All a/f. 1 Box. £25-35
14.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Devon deco style cups and saucers - a pair, Beswick "Dawn Chorus" cup and saucer, Meakin "Princess Fanfare" 5 cups and saucers, 4 side plates and sugar bowl, plus Crown Staffordshire white coffee cups and saucers, etc. £30-35
15.     20th cent. Ceramics: Delft, blue and white, 2 musical windmills, cat and cow jugs, small tiles, vases a pair, etc. Tray not included. £20-30
16.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass decanter, 6 Royal Doulton sherry, 5 Royal Doulton port glasses, 8 crystal wine glasses, 5 liqueur glasses, 6 Stewart crystal tumblers, Stewart crystal brandy glasses and 1 beer mug plus cut glass vases, etc. £60-70
17.     Ceramics: Pre-war pink jasper Wedgwood teapot, Black Forest style treen bear, dumpy paperweight, and a selection of misc. china. £20-40
18.     20th cent. Glassware: Wine, sherry, whisky and liqueur glasses, some sets of 5. £25-35
19.     20th cent. Glassware: Cake cover and stand, Commemorative dish 1937, vases, bowls etc. £20-25
20.     20th cent. Glassware: Large quantity of wine, sherry, whisky glasses, Dartington decanter - boxed, bowls, etc. (3 Boxes). £40-45
22.     20th cent. Brass and copper trays, jug, candle holders, etc, plus Indian carved folding table. £20-30
23.     19th cent. Copper & Brassware: A skillet, milk pan, warming pan, pineapple shaped iron trivet, household scales plus weights etc. £30-50
24.     Metalware & Rustic: Box of 19th cent. and later misc. to include butter maker, bed pan, copper kettle, bell weights, etc. Plus a quantity of a silver plate. £40-60
25.     Copper & Brass Ware: Kettle, coal scuttles, spirit kettle. £50-80
26.     Garden Design: Stylised metal cockerel, free standing 21ins x 21ins x 4ins. £40-60
27.     Late 19th cent. Brass double helix candlestick with wide base 20ins. plus another smaller example with 6 side base, approx. 19ins. £30-50
28.     19th cent. Brass Ware: Bucket with iron handle and a brass & iron trivet.
29.     Copperware: Very large copper boiler cast with drain hole 29½ins dia x 22ins depth. £300-350
30.     Copperware: Two handled preserving pan 14ins dia x 4½ins depth. £10-20
31.     Early 20th cent. Kitchenalia: Copper graduated set of "Stove" sauce pans with brass handles and lids plus 1 spare 8ins to 5ins (5). £60-80
32.     20th cent. Copperware: Benson tapered copper, insulated, jug, enamelled liner, hinged lid with cow horn knob. WA Benson mark impressed to inside of handle. W mark to base of jug. 10ins. £30-50
33.     19th cent. Cast iron water pump plus a rustic garden pull along trolley. £50-80
34.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert "Silver Maple" tea china, 4 collectors' wall plates, Crown Staffordshire figure of a girl a/f., Worcester cigarette holder, rice bowls and spoons, Royal Doulton ceramic posy, etc. (1 Box). £30-45
35.     20th cent. Metal Ware & Ceramics: Willow meat oval plus 1 other, Johnson Bros coaching scenes sandwich plate, metal candle holders - 2 pairs, blue/white ginger jar, oriental blue/white vases, commemorative mug WWI Peace 28 June 1919, Lyons tea tin, Days-Gone Perrier van boxed, The Original Omnibus, Bath x 56 boxed, etc. (1 Box). £30-45
36.     Ceramics: Three chamber pots, 1 slop pot with cover and rattan handle decorated with roses. a commode chamber vessel plus two white painted dressing table mirrors. £20-30
37.     20th cent. Plate Ware: Serving set (unboxed) knives, forks & spoons, set of E.P.N.S. coffee bean spoons boxed, set of 6 spoons boxed, E.P.N.S. hot water or milk jug with leaf decoration. £40-45
38.     Late 18th cent. Mahogany Haberdashers box with advertising paper label "Oxford Haberdashery Cabinet New Oxford Street and Bloomsbury, London". Empty cartouche to lid 17ins x 10¾ins x 4½ins. £30-40
39.     Pre-war oak carved set of jewellers scales plus a collection of misc to include pillboxes and reproduction Staffordshire figures. £30-50
40.     Silver Plated Ware: Community plated teaspoons and tongs boxed, circular tray with pierced gallery 10ins, cake stand, sugar sifter 7¾ins, cream jug and sugar bowl plus assorted plated ware, etc (1 tray). £50-60
41.     20th cent. Sirram picnic set, red synthetic covered with fitted interior, 6 place setting. £25-30
42.     Silver Plate: Walker and Hall silver plated tray, approx. 20ins long with a teapot, sugar and milk jug. £30-50
43.     20th cent. Glassware: Cocktail shakers, red & white circular decoration, white metal fittings, a clear glass shaker with frosted pink & gilt decoration with 6 matching glasses, novelty bottle opener and a decanter.
44.     20th cent. Plated Ware: Gallery 2 handled oval tray, a tea & coffee service, ornately decorated bread basket, bud vases, etc.
45.     20th cent. Noritake Dinner & Teaset Palos Verde: Dinner plate x 12, pudding bowl x 11, dessert plate x 10, soup bowl x 12, sauce boats x 2, serving dish, large serving plate 15¼ins x 3, medium serving plate 13½ins x 3, large tureen with lid, medium tureen with lid, shallow tureen with lid x 2, salt shaker x 2, pepper shaker x 2. Teapot, milk jug x 2 (1 a/f.), sugar bowl x 2 (one without cover), teacup x 11, saucer x 12, tea plate x 11, coffee pot x 2, coffee cup x 12, saucer x 11. £80-120
46.     19th cent. Rosewood writing slope, a cast iron kettle plus a flat iron. £30-40
47.     Advertising Tins: Cadbury's Ancient London, approx. 16ins plus Victoria biscuits treasure chest. (2). £20-30
48.     20th cent. Ceramics: Noritaki "Woodland" dinner service. Plates 10ins. x 8, 8ins. x 8, soup bowls x 8, dessert bowls x 8, 10ins. meat dish, 15ins. meat plate, tureen and cover, open serving dish, gravy boat on stand, teapot, milk jug and sugar bowl. Small chip to rim of one dessert bowl. £60-80
49.     20th cent. Ceramics: Grays, Susie Cooper inspired, Stoke-on-Trent dinner ware - 3 meat ovals approx. 12ins. 13ins. 16ins. vegetable tureen & cover, open serving bowl, 5 soup or dessert bowls on stands, gravy boat on stand, 6 x 7ins & 5 x 9ins, 6 x 10ins plates. Susie Cooper inspired design of green bands. Grays mark over stamp Johnson Bros, England. Plus a Grosvenor china tea set "Green Duchess" - 6 cups, 5 saucers and plates, sugar bowl & jug. £30-50
49A.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester "Watteau" pattern 7 tea plates, 11 cups & saucers, 2 milk jugs, slop bowl and a sugar bowl. £20-30
50.     20th cent. Rugs: Green ground floral design 34ins. x 18ins and a beige ground runner 7ft. 6ins. x 2ft.
51.     20th cent. Chinese pink washed ground rug 6ins x 4ins. £20-30
52.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Heriz rug 1.90m. x 1.40m. £30-50
53.     @21st cent. Rugs: Beige ground Ziegler rug 1.90m. x 1.40m. £30-50
54.     20th cent. Records: 78s Columbia, H.M.V, Decca, Brunswick, Rex, etc. £20-30
55.     Lamps: Oldfields "Dependence" rear lamp, type 506 Japanned body, brass mounts with burner. £100-150
56.     Early 20th cent. Musical Instruments: Violin & bow in a black case. All a/f.
57.     1920s Musical Instruments: Raymond Duboil Essor saxophone, complete with reeds case, distressed. £60-100
58.     20th cent. Ceramics Wash Set: Comprising of a jug, bowl, 2 x chamber pots, a toothbrush holder and a part soap dish, all decorated with roses. £40-60
59.     20th cent. Iron bound deed box. 14½ins. x 9½ins. x 10ins. £30-50
60.     20th cent. Wrought iron and brass dinner gong on an oak base 12ins. Plus a pair of art deco style oak bookends. £30-50
61.     20th cent. Art Deco marble desk tidy twin ink pot blotter and pen holder. £30-50
62.     Early 19th cent. Continental Pewter: Tobacco box & cover, embossed decoration with a figurine finial. The whole on a treen base.
63.     African Tribal Art: Stylised hard wood carved female head.
64.     Vintage Singer, table top sewing machine, c1949. £25-35
65.     20th cent. Cut Glass: 6 Tumblers, 6 spirit glasses, 6 water glasses, 6 wine glasses with ring stems, 6 sherry glasses and 4 brandy liqueur glasses. £30-50
66.     20th cent. Glassware: Two cut glass decanters, brandy balloons, wine glasses, tumblers, bowl etc. £30-50
67.     20th cent. Glassware: Caithness paper weight x 2, 1 other with lace infill, glass salt in a brass holder decorated in enamels, a Prinknash vase black ground decorated with bell shaped flowers in a spray and highlighted in gilt and "Orchard Cottage" by David Winter. £30-50
68.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass bowls x 3, 1 with plated rim, plus a cut-glass spirit decanter. £30-40
69.     Glassware: Moser Karlstact Bohemian glass decanter 18ins and 5 stem glasses 7ins. £30-50
70.     19th cent. and later Glass including Bristol cranberry, cut glass, etc. (A tray). £30-50
71.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass bowl on 3 supports, single glass candle holder, boat shape cut glass dish, yellow over lay two handle vase plus a retro stylised multicolour fish. £30-40
72.     Glassware: Cobalt blue bud vases decorated with enamel painted floral patterns, a pair plus 1 single. £20-30
73.     David Winter: Model houses "The Parsonage" 9¼ins, "Lace Makers Cottage" 6ins, "Market Street" 4½ins, "Grouse Moor Lodge" 5ins, "Inglenook Cottage" 5ins, "The Weavers Lodging" 5ins, "Kent Cottage" 4½ins, "Fair-well Cottage" 4ins, "Fisherman's Wharf" 3¾ins, "The Bull & Bush" 3½ins, "Hogs Head Beer House" 3½ins, "The Village Shop" 3ins, "Sussex Cottage" 3ins, "Yeoman's Farmhouse" 2¼ins plus another cottage possibly "Tea House" 3½ins.
74.     20th cent. Ceramics: A Poole vase, Portmeirion pot plus a large Christopher Dresser pattern urn with painted floral sprays. £20-40
75.     20th cent. Ceramics: Radford 2 x hand decorated floral preserve pots, Shorter green art deco preserve pot decorated with sailing ships, Adams 'Country Meadow' preserve pot, Flint of Norway preserve pot, Shorter pink bowl decorated with birds. (6) £40-50
76.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Gilt rimmed blue & white tea cup & bowl, A.C.H.J. Wilton Lily plates & bowls (6) Empire commemorative mugs (2), Staffordshire comfort dog (1), a plated teapot, a cribbage board & a framed print of Chaussier. £40-60
77.     20th cent. Door furniture: 4 pairs plus 1 ceramic door handle, 4 glass cabinet handles plus 1 ceramic handle and a pair of black metal handles. £10-20
78.     20th cent. Ceramics: Losol ware "Pagoda" set of three graduated jugs. £25-35
79.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire comfort dogs, King Charles dog, gilt ears, chain and collar, separated legs and a gilt and white dog. £35-45
80.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Burgundy" tea and dinner ware, 5 x tea cups, 3 x saucers, 2 x 2 handled soup bowls, 12 x 6ins plates, 9 x 9ins plates, 8 x 10ins plates, 2 x milk jugs plus 4 x serving dishes (3 with covers). £25-35
81.     Frith Sculpture: Cats SO52 Yum-Yum and SO60 Two's Company.
82.     Ceramics: Portmeirion oval "The Holly & The Ivy" 18ins, 2 soup bowls (1 a/f.) a pin tray, a small pot with cover and a coffee pot with Greek key pattern. £30-50
83.     20th cent. Ceramics: Goebel cream jugs in the form of monks (1 a/f.), Poole dolphin. A Country Artists pair of budgerigars a/f. plus Nao ballet dancer in a sitting pose.
84.     20th Cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines of childhood "How Pretty" boxed, plus "Girl with Doll" No 1107 unboxed. (2) £25-30
85.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with lamb 4505 plus a boy in waders. (2) £40-50
86.     20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "First Flight" boxed, plus "Romantica" boxed. (2) £30-40
87.     20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "Girl Seated Listening to Bird Song" boxed, "Who's there?" No111 boxed, "Windy Afternoon" Girl with a Bouquet of Flowers boxed. (3) £40-60
88.     20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "Pampered Poodle" Lady with Poodle figurine N1157 unboxed plus Nadal figure of a young girl in a pink dress holding flowers boxed (2).
89.     20th cent. Ceramics: Nao figurines "Girl praying" boxed plus "Tulip Time" boxed. (2) £30-50
90.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with basket a/f. Cascades lady with a parasol and an unmarked girl with a basket of roses. (3) £30-35
91.     20th cent. Ceramics: Continental figurines, girl holding a candle, girl in hood, sleeping boy, unboxed. (3). £30-35
92.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with cockerel and basket, 4591 plus 2 geese. (3) £50-60
93.     20th cent. Ceramics: Bidasoa, white porcelain prancing horse figurine. £30-40
94.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro angel contemplating. £40-60
95.     20th cent. Ceramics: Nao pair of playful Spaniel puppies plus a fancy boot and a baby with dish, unboxed. Plus Lladro girl walking with a flower pot. (4) £35-40
96.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro Eskimo child with polar bear cub, playful puppy plus an unmarked rabbit, owl and sleeping dog. (5) £45-55
97.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro girl with lamb, 1969-93. £80-100
98.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro seesaw, issue year 1974. Retirement year 1996, sculptor Fulgencio Garcia, unboxed.
99.     20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro food for ducks little girl feeding the ducks, 4849 plus a girl with chicken rooster, unboxed. (2)
100.    Royal Doulton Figures: HN3499 "Top-o' the Hill" 4ins, HN3212 "Christmas Morn" 4ins, HN3321 "Gail" a/f. 3½ins. (3)
101.    20th cent. Ceramics: Tarra Bailey deco style condiments.
102.    Commemorative: Diamond Jubilee 1897 enamel mug plus a 19th cent. pearl ware nursery plate "The Shepherd Boy". £30-50
103.    20th cent. Ceramics: Franklin Porcelain "Flowers of the Year" plate collection limited edition 12 plates with a booklet for each plate. £20-30
104.    Royal Doulton: Dulux dog figure RDA144, character jug Mark Twain D6654, Wedgwood mulled wine jug "Sarah's Garden", Queens ware and a Delft ceramic egg. (4) £40-60
105.    20th cent. Ceramics: Crested ware lustre egg cup 'Devizes Market Place', chicken 'Castle Combe', hat pin stand 'Newquay', Goss bowl 'Marlborough', etc. Plus a Porcelanas Miquel Reguena.S.A. Valencia, figure of a young woman. 12ins.
106.    Wedgwood Jasper Ware: Green & white boxes with covers from 1¾ins diameter to 5ins, 6 pieces, 1 piece black & white, 1 blue & white with stand plus Aynsley pots, etc. £30-50
107.    20th cent. Ceramics: Kelsboro ware Toby, Crown Staffordshire rose arrangement, Hove Di Bassaho floral vase a/f. Plus a black cat seated and a white horse. Plus late 19th early 20th cent. Royal Vienna garniture, blush ground decorated with gilt lined chrysanthemums. £35-40
108.    20th cent. Ceramics: Giuseppe Armani figurines, Daisy, Lily, Renee, Raine. Three boxed and one unboxed. (4) £60-70
109.    20th cent. Ceramics: Giuseppe Armani figurines, Sara and Summertime, boxed with paperwork. (2)
110.    20th cent. Ceramics: Giuseppe Armani figurines, "Stepping Out", & "Lady with a Vase of Flowers", boxed. (2) £40-50
111.    20th cent. Collectors Bottles: Avon perfume bottles, ballet dancer, mouse, duck, lamb etc. £20-25
112.    20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese eggshell tea/coffee and sandwich set gilt and enamel oriental decoration. £20-30
113.    Ceramics: Japanese part tea set and a Bavarian tea china. £10-20
114.    20th cent. Ceramics: Decorative plates including Minton, Allcock, and Spode Byron sandwich plates (3) plus Crown Staffordshire. £25-30
115.    T.G. Green: Ironstone ovals Hunt Club pattern 18½ins x 2, Crown Derby "Olde Avesbury" plate 10ins, Sylvac vase and Dartington stemless wine glasses - a pair, boxed.
116.    Cigarette and Tea Cards: John Player and Sons cigarette cards 1931 contained in Players Navy Cut cigarette packets sets (50) including "Military Head Dress", "Dandies", "Birds and their Young", "Cricketers 1930", "Derby and Grand National Winners", "Firefighting Appliances", "Boy Scout and Girl Guide" (patrol emblems) and "Cries of London" (25) plus 4 albums of tea cards. £10-20
117.    19th cent. Family album mother of pearl cover containing pictures in the form of Carte de Visite, most cards are by Thomas Starmer, Birmingham 6ins x 4½ins. £45-50
118.    Postcards: Artistic works EG. Madonna Di Temple, Mona Lisa, The Last Supper. £20-30
119.    Postcards: Devizes Town locks & other cards (21) plus 5 reprints. £60-80
120.    Postcards: From around the world including GB photo cards some reprints (1 box). £70-100
121.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: The Harris family in Burma 1910 - 1915 and the Haughton's in Nurpur India 1902 - 1909. Plus an Edwardian family album plus a carte de visite. The album black leather with side clip. Plus twin album of Victorian & Edwardian portraits & carte de visite.

122.    Philatelic: Minted 23ct. gold 23 stamps in a limited edition series Queen Elizabeth II silver stamps minted in 22ct. gold 25 famous model cars limited edition. £30-50
123.    Stamps: Albums x 6, 5 books of European stamps arranged in separate albums, strong German and French influence.
124.    Stamps: South American in 2 albums, 1 booklet and a stock book. A very large amount of loose stamps & pages of stamps. Empty and part used albums. (2 Boxes). £40-60
125.    Stamps: Stock book Castle set f/u many f/u QV KG VI QE2 Jersey definitive issue 1981-82 plus an album f/u m/m some high values plus a tray of loose. Plus pre and post decimal issues, QE2, high value castle issue, £1 -£5 34 sets f/u, g/u high value definitive 1999 - 1970 Xmas issues most f/u. £100-120
126.    Photographs - Ellis Family Archive: Album of photographs 1912 & 1913 including a weekend in London, Christmas 1912, a week in Bristol May 1913, holiday in London 1913, Charabang outing June 1913, Ilfracombe, etc. £40-60
127.    Stamps: Album British Commonwealth used & mint Cape of Good Hope 4 pence triangle & many other Cape stamps includes 5/- orange, 1922 issues of Eire, GB 1d black plate 8, 2 margins, plus reds, 2d blues, ½d red, many others, nice album.
128.    Stamps Pre 1903: 1858-1879 1d reds perf with 145/152 of the common plates and a set of 2d blues plates, many nice commonwealth issues.
129.    Stamps: Good clean examples of Commonwealth stamps. 1 Album.
130.    Stamps: An ideal postage stamp album, world issues including Alsace and Lorraine 1870 perf 1c to 25c, SG1,3,5,8,10,14,16, Argentine Republic 1853-1862 5c rose, 10c green, 15c blue Belgium 1861 imperf, 40c red, 1866 perf 5c brown, Brazil 1843 30 R, Brunswick 1853 imperf 3SGR black in rose, Denmark 1870 perf 2,3,4,8, 16SK, 1875 perf 30 RE, France 1849 imperf 20c black, 1853 80c red, 5c green, Hamburg 1859 imperf 1 shil brown, 1864, 2½ shil, Roman States 10c black on orange plus other nice issues.
131.    Postal History: Prepaid 1831 cover Royal Bank Scotland, clean with complete seal. Other prepaid cancellations dating from 1827 to 1840 (15) plus a 1d red cover. £50-70
132.    Stamps: Penny black on piece, 3 good margins, clear black Maltese Cross cancellation. £150-250
133.    Stamps: USA SG2 1847 10c black imperf used hinged, slight stain, 3 good margins. £500-700
134.    Stamps: USA 1861 perf 12c, black heavy cancel & worn perfs, very good 19th century US collection and an album of 19th century & later US stamps. £200-300
135.    Stamps: GB & Commonwealth, over 3 albums 1937, 2 new imperial albums sparsely used and a George VI album well used.
136.    Stamps: Coronation stamps of Queen Elizabeth II, 4 stamps missing from the New Zealand page. An album of India stamps & states from 1937 on and stamps from Pakistan 1947 on plus 1937 on stamps from Ceylon plus another album of India states. £80-100
137.    Stamps: GB & Commonwealth, over 3 albums, Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II, GB, Australia and Canada. £80-100
138.    Stamps: Victorian & Edwardian GB album 3 x 1d blacks (but no complete margins) cancelled with red Maltese Cross, 8 x 2d blues 2/6 and 5/- 10/-. Over stamped Army Official, Admiralty Official, Edwardian 2/-, 2/6, 5/-, 10/-. Then a large amount ranging from George V to Queen Elizabeth II.
139.    Stamps: One page of used ½ reds, 13 singles & a block of 4. All perf, few with heavy cancellations. £120-150
140.    Stamps: GB and World with good page of Tannou and Touva, some early Italian, colourful pages Hungarian, GB from 2d Blue, 1d Red, 1st QE2, Castles, 2 very nice clean and well thought out albums. £120-200
141.    Postcards: Mostly GB including motor & train crashes, Nelson, Napoleon Commemorative, topographical, etc. Approx. 62. £100-150
142.    Postcards: Album of over 200 mostly topographical and people from around the world including Burma, Malta, Malaya, India and Africa. £100-150
143.    Postcards: Good collection of pre and post Russian Revolution postcards including WWI, topographical, white/red Russians, etc. Approx. 142 cards. £100-150
144.    Tsar/Romanov Royal Family: Superb collection of early 20th century postcards of the Russian Royal Family including a number of extremely rare scenes. (Approx. 92). £1000-1500
145.    Russia/Tsar/Communists: Extremely rare pair of postcards written by Baroness Sophie Buxhoeveden, a lady in waiting to Empress Alexandra of Russia during the final weeks of Tsar Nicolas II and the royal family's life and exile in Siberia. One mentions the Baroness being in the same compartment as "Nastenka" when they were being moved the other refers to them awaiting orders. Nastenka was a nickname of Princess Anastasia but also more likely in this context it refers to Countess Anastasia Hendrikova, a descendent of the family of Catherine I, wife of Peter the Great. The Countess acted as a governess to the four Grand Duchesses and was executed by the Bolsheviks in September 1918, she was canonised by the Russian Orthodox Church as a martyr in 1981.

Baroness Buxhoeveden accompanied the Tsar and his family into exile in Siberia after his abdication and only survived due to her non-Russian sounding name. The cards are postmarked 22nd May 1918 in Tyumen in Western Siberia and 27th May in Ekaterinburg, the town where seven weeks later the Royal Family were executed by the Bolsheviks.

They are both written to Anna Ivanovna Meder of 12 Bogoyavlenskaya str in Tobolsk (former capital of Siberia). The first of the postcards bears the postmarks 22 May 1918 in Tyumen and 26 May 1918 in Tobolsk and reads: My dear Anna Ivanovna, I am in good health. I am in the same compartment with Nastenka. Hope You are healthy. Hugging you fondly. Please write to me. This postcard bears the "Exam Radionov" censors mark.

The second even more poignantly is postmarked on
27 May 1918 at Ekaterinburg train station and reads: Dear Anna Ivanovna, Hoping along with Andrey Ivanovich, awaiting orders I am in good health. Many Hugs, Izya (Izya was the nickname given to the Baroness by the Tsarina).

Any ephemera written by a member of the Russian Royal Household during this period is rare but to have a pair of postcards written so close to the date when the Tsar and his family were executed and in such close proximity to the event by someone so close to the family is exceptional.
146.    Russia/France Stamps/Covers: 1893 1c & 1c Fine illustrated postcard celebrating the visit of the Russian Fleet to Toulon with additional 3c & 5c tied by Toulon Sur Mer 13 October 1893 with First Day cancel with Stanley Gibbons stock certificate. £50-80
147.    Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffaloes rule books, instruction books, bank book, membership card, shoulder sash and lapel badge. £20-30
148.    Manchester Unity of Oddfellows shoulder sash in purple red edge gilt frills with medallion and badges plus a light blue and white sash. £15-25
149.    RAOB Jewels: For 'National RAOB Convalescent Fund' Membership of Philip Noble Lodge No 7309 Salisbury Plain (5 boxed) all present to HW Dobson plus HE Dobson. £40-60
150.    Collectors Spoons: Plated spoons from Ireland, West Indies, Portugal, and Balkans. (19 unboxed & 62 boxed). £50-80
151.    Coins: GB and other coins includes ½ silver, silver, £2 coins, brass, copper, cupro nickel etc. £20-30
152.    GB Coinage: 1966 ½ crown, 1967 2/-, Princes of Wales and Lady Diana Spencer commemorative coin, 1955 3d bit, and 2 silver crowns 1844 and 1891. £15-20
153.    Medals: The Farming Home for Little Boys Alexandra Princess of Wales Hanbury, memorial bronze medal in original case. Retail Wyon Regent Street, London. £40-50
154.    Gold and Silver: Coins silver, approx. 7½oz, a cross, a cut 9ct. ring plus a bird and branch bar brooch. £70-100
155.    Coins: G.B. Sets George VI ½d, Farthings, Pennies 1912-18, 1919 struck by Ralph Heaton and Sons, Elizabeth II sets of English Shillings, ½d 1953 to 1966 with similar set of Scottish Shillings, set of 1st issue decimal coins (1971), Elizabeth II Crowns (11), cased set of 10 Crowns (4), ½ Dollar, silver George IV and V 3d (2), George III (1818) plus a silver 6d (1 x box). £40-50
156.    Watches: Mainly Ingersoll wristwatches (10), Centina Club 2000 men's wristwatch plus 2 pocket knives. £50-80
157.    Costume Jewellery: Brooches, necklaces, faux pearls and amber, jewel box, two small treen boxes. All in a larger treen box. £40-50
158.    20th cent. Sewing Requisites: Crown needles, sewing case, large selection of collectors, thimbles ceramic and white metal, white metal flatware, bone and mother of pearl sewing items etc. (1 Box). £35-45
159.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Simulated pearl necklace, a double string bright cut glass necklace (clasp stamped made in Austria), a similar single string necklace, Marcasite brooches, Royal Worcester flower earrings plus brooch. All contained in a red leather jewellery box. £20-30
160.    Toys: Diecast vehicles, cars and lorries, includes Corgi, Models of Yesteryear, Matchbox etc. vans, cars and lorries. All unboxed and in very good condition. Approx 40. (1 tray). £20-30
161.    Toys: Diecast vehicles, cars and lorries, Days Gone, Vanguards, By Post, Days Gone Lledo, Oxford Diecast, Advertising cars. Approx. 47. (2 Trays). £40-50
162.    Toys - Diecast: Lledo Days Gone, Matchbox models of Yesteryear, etc. (37). £30-50
163.    Toys: Diecast Corgi vehicles, cars & lorries, original omnibus Shearings coach, Blackpool Tram, Royal Mail Lorry (97084), Corgi Classics Commercials plus 2 Matchbox Great Beers of World Scenes (2). 1 x box (approx 20) all boxed. £30-40
164.    Toys: Busy Bee, Radar and Hunter Robot, boxed, Wind up, M.Y XTREME. F.I. Racing Cars, Two Frequency set. Full Function, Radio Control, boxed. Plus Amstrad C.P.C.464. colour console, complete with module M.P2, with case and a quantity of games including Fantastic Voyage, 3D Stunt Rider and joystick - boxed. Sold as collectors item only. £50-60
165.    Toys: Chad Valley, puppy glass eyes, white nose, ears and paws. A teddy bear glass eyes, velvet paws loved 16ins. A well loved bear jointed arms and legs, movable head, glass eyes damage to left eye approx 18ins. £35-40
166.    Toys: Happy Child brown teddy bear, jointed arms and legs, movable head glass eyes 13ins. £30-35
167.    Toys: Early 20th cent. Chinese "Boy" doll in original clothing painted papier mache and jointed legs, head and arms with a fabric body (jointed) 13½ins. £20-30
168.    Toys: Raikes bears, Penelope bear, pink dress, carved wooden face, glass eyes, 14ins boxed, plus The Promenade Collection doll Beatrice, boxed. £30-60
169.    Toys: Diecast 1950s Muffin Mule metal articulated child's puppet 6ins long. £20-30
170.    Toys and Games: Shove ha'penny board by K and C London complete with 5 manufacturers discs in original box. £20-30
171.    Toys: Hornby Flying Scotsman OO gauge boxed and both mint condition, a boxed track pack R8017 near mint plus another Hornby track piece. £50-80
172.    Games and Pastimes: Chess, full set of chess pieces (boxed) plus a part set and 2 booklets "How to Play Chess" and "Chess Lessons for Beginners" both texts by Revd Cunnington. £20-30
173.    Toys - Diecast: Lledo Days Gone, Matchbox models of Yesteryear, etc. (38). £30-50
174.    1950s Bakelite Hairdryer: "Ormond" Engineering Company, collectors item only. £20-30
175.    Collectors' Radio: Dynatron Nomad transistor portable radio. £20-30
176.    White Star Line: SS Runic souvenir life ring 8ins, plus a brass gimbal compass 5ins. £100-120
177.    Maps: A collection of MOD maps, Landranger series over printed for the R.A.F. (119 maps). £40-60
178.    20th cent. Lockable deed box. £20-40
179.    Books: Children's 19th cent telescopic book showing a park like study surrounded by buildings. £30-60
180.    Books: John Hunt "The Ascent of Everest" signed on the title page by John Hunt, page before by Ed Hillary and on the facing page by George Band, Michael Ward, Mike Westmacott, and Charles Wylie etc. Book in excellent condition no foxing tight copy dust jacket price sniped some shelf ware. £200-400
181.    Autographs: Early 1960s collected by a young lady working at the Fiesta Club Stockton on Tee Side including Vera Lynn, Chris Barber, Acker Bilk, Georgie fame, Dusty Springfield, Kathy Kirby, New faces, Frankie Howard, Alma Cogan, Lulu, Steve Davis, Georgie Fame plus many more. £50-80
182.    British Empire document Col. Richard Wilson C.M.D. B.E.C. facsimiles of George V and Prince Edward 28/12/22, framed. £20-30
183.    19th cent. Leather bound family Bible by the late Rev John Brown, ministered at Haddington also City of Birmingham school leaver's certificate. £30-35
184.    Books: Reference books on Devon Motto Ware, The Old Torquay Pottery, advertising vases, V. Brisco, Torquay Pottery a Local Story, Torquay Pottery Mark Book, Scandy T.4.2.
185.    Books and Autographs: Robert James Waller "Bridges Of Madison County", Susan Hill "Mrs De Winter", Nicolas Evans "The Horse Whisperer", Susan Howatch "Mystical Paths", James Herbert "The Ghosts Of Sleath", Dirk Bogarde "A Period of Adjustment", and Clive Barker "Galilee". All signed. Plus Alan Bennett "Writing Home", Thora Hird volume 2 "My Autobiography", Sophia Loren "Living And Loving", Charlton Heston "In The Arena" and Uri Geller "My Story". All signed.
186.    Books and Autographs: Lauren Bacall "Now", Clive Hirschhorn "Gene Kelly" Armistead Maupin "Maybe The Moon", John Travolta "Battlefield Earth", Polly Nelson "Defending The Devil", Sue Pollard "Hearts And Showers". Plus Mvn Murthy "The Greatest Adventure", Michael Flatley "Lord Of The Dance", "The Laurie Lee Collection" six tape set, "A Short History Of The World", Tony Bennett "The Good Life". All signed plus Victoria Wood "Mens Sana" and "Brenda Blethyn".
187.    Books and Autographs: Signed editions of Tony Curtis "My Autobiography" first edition, Eamonn Andrews "Surprise of Your Life", Tommy Tune "Footnotes", Miriam Karlin "Some Sort Of Life" and "Speaking for Myself" Cherie Blair. Plus Shelley Winters "Autobiography", Maureen Lipman "Home Thoughts From Abroad", Joanna Lumley "Girl Friday", Jeffrey Archer "Red Herrings", P.D. James "The Children Of Men", Christine Keeler "The Truth At Last and "Abigail's Party 1979" signed by Alison Steadman. All signed and some first editions. £40-70
188.    Books and Autographs: Mark White "Betty White In Person, You Must Remember This", Armistead Maupin "Tales Of The City", "Keeping Up Appearances Hyacinth Bouquet" (Patricia Routledge) Jilly Cooper "Appassionata", Michael Palin "Hemingway's Chair", Alan Bennett "Talking Heads". All signed some first editions. Plus Joan Collins "Love And Hate", Jackie Collins "Hollywood Kids", Sophia Loren "Living And Loving", Michael Feinstein "My Life in Rhythm" and Barry Humphries "An Autobiography, More Please". £40-70
189.    Books and Autographs: Bill Clinton "My Life" Bill Clinton, Sophia Loren "Living And Loving", Terry Wogan "Euro vision Companion", Bill Bryson "I'm a Stranger Here Myself" and Michael Crawford "Parcel Arrived Safely". All signed. Plus Fred Astaire "Steps In Time" signed first edition, plus Lauren Bacall "And Then Some" signed.

190.    Books: "The Dome" - A quarterly containing examples of all the arts, published at the Unicorn Press, hand-cut paper, cover slight staining and some damage to spine, The Parables of our Lord by Trench 1864, 2 volumes, Household Works conducted by Charles Dickens. £30-50
191.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Knapton, Knaplock, Midwinter 1733 "The History of The Renowned Don Quixote De La Mancha" volume 3 & 4 only. Leather bound, condition fair. (2). Plus "Woods Natural History" abridged copy to 1 volume published Routledge and Son New York, full leather binding, tooled and gilted, damage to bottom spine, some scuffing.
192.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Military "Expedition to the Crimea" by W.H. Russell, revised edition 1858, leather & cloth bound, Sir John Kincaid's novel "Adventures in the Rifle Brigade". (2). Plus "The Life And Opinions Of Tristram Shandy Gentleman" printed for C Cooke 1793 ¼ leather bound 6 volumes plus 2 volumes "Sentimental Journey" by Mr Yorick, all bound as one fair condition. £30-40
193.    Antiquarian Books - Ellis Family Archive: Kincaid & Donaldson 1756 "The Works of Dr Jonathan Swift" in 6 volumes. Full leather bound, overall condition fair, titles missing off spines. £20-30
194.    Books: Rudyard Kipling first editions "Actions & Reactions", "Adversity of Creatures". Both no dust covers and ex. library issues. £30-50
195.    Books: Children's books Gum Drop series (12) with one signed by the author. £15-20
196.    Books: Music reference, "Groves Dictionary of Music & Musicians" (10 volumes), "Oxford History of Music" (volumes 1-7), and other Music Hall & Theatre books, Hardbound, non-fiction. "Crockford's Clerical Directory 1955/56", "Titled Nobility in Europe, 1914", "Who was Who" (9 volumes), Debrett's & Burke's Peerage, etc. Hardbound, non-fiction. Art, Autograph Price Guide, "English Handwriting 1540-1853. J.I. Whalley", "Historical Portraits 1600-1700", "Art Exhibition Index 1827/74" and other guides & reference books. Hard & soft bound, non-fiction. (4 Boxes).

197.    Books: Fiction & children's books, Lady Bird, bound copies Girls Own 1898, 1895, 1889, 1881, etc. Well loved tales, a set of The Traveller Library", etc. ( 2 Boxes). £30-50
198.    Limited edition print by Anthony Hansard "Concorde End of an Era" 830/1950, signed by the artist and pilot Captain Jock Lowe. Framed and glazed.
199.    Limited edition print by Timothy O'Brien "Seconds to Spare" 44/1950, signed by the artist and Lawrence Portet Captain Queen Elizabeth II, Richard Thomas leader of the Red Arrows, David Leney Captain of Concorde. Framed and glazed.
200.    Photographs: Beken and Son of Cowes "Nyria" Cowes Regatta 1921 8¾ins x 11ins, framed and glazed. £150-200
201.    Beken and Son of Cowes "White Heather Leading Shamrock", Cowes Regatta. Framed and glazed 10ins x 8¾ins. £150-200
202.    Photographs: Beken and Son of Cowes "H.M.S. Britannia" Cowes Regatta 1921 8½ins x 10¾ins, framed and glazed. £150-200
203.    Photographs: Beken and Son of Cows "A Beat To Windward" BP 10212A at Cowes 8¾ins x 11ins. £150-200
204.    Photographs: Beken and Son Cowes "Polly" International 6 Metre class champion 1921 at Cowes 8¾ins x 11ins. £150-200
205.    Photographs: Beken and Son Cowes The International 6 metre class A Start in the BA cup contest 1921 showing Polly, Jeanie, Sheila, Tlya, Victoria, Montauk, Grebe and Jean 10¾ins x 9ins. Plus Navahoe, Valkyrie racing at Cowes 10¾ins x 9ins framed and glazed plus a Beken of Cowes "A Hundred Years of Sail". (2) £150-200
206.    British Rail (Western) wheel tappers hammer stamped and a limited edition 3/250 Pete O'Hara print "Waiting in the Early Hours". £30-50
207.    Sporting Weapons: Spanish made .22 air rifle with a Walther telescopic sight, plus a butt extender & case. £50-80
208.    Sporting Weapons: B.S.A. .22, B.S.A. Scorpion air pistol with safety catch & mussel protector. £50-80
209.    Sporting Weapons: Petron long bow with full equipment, in a Chiltern archery case. £80-120
210.    Equestrian: Horse riding quip with horn handle, treen shaft 26ins. plus a horse riding whip, horn handle leather whipped shaft 20ins. with a 52ins. £25-35
211.    19th cent. Sporting Ceramics: Cricket W.G. Grace, transfer printed tobacco jar & cover. Early Taylor Tunnicliffe crown base stamp. £150-200
212.    Taxidermy: An example by John Cooper and Sons, Hounslow, Middlesex of a Roach 2lb 5oz caught by L Glover in the River Frome 5th November 1946, cased label top right corner. £350-450
213.    Pigeon Racing Andrew Beer: Oil on canvas, "Princess" a study of a racing pigeon owned by A Iles and was the winner of YB Average, Blue Bowls H S 2nd Normanton open race September 2nd 1922, signed lower left. Framed and glazed,15½ins x 11¾ins. £200-300
214.    Pigeon Racing Andrew Beer: Oil on canvas, "Jim White" winner of 1st Bristol social 1st 3d and 6d pools 4th section J section H P Pennes national race 1914 4th 6d, 3rd 1/-, 2nd 2/6, 1st 5/-, 1st 10/-, 1st £1 Pools winning about £22 signed lower right. Framed and glazed, 18ins x 14½ins. £200-300
215.    Sporting: Football World Cup memorabilia 2002 qualifier England V Germany Saturday 7th October 2000 hardback limited edition 347/5000 plus a ticket, a set of autograph of the 2005 Arsenal Team (with certificate) plus later printed 1966 team photo with 2 autographs including Gordon Banks & Geoff Hurst and other foot balling items including 1971 1st day cover. £30-50
216.    Photographs: Royal Coronation, Dorothy Wilding 1953, page boy possibly Lascelles. 12ins. x 7ins. £20-30
217.    Early 20th cent. Photography Charles Wesley Gilhousen silver gelatin photo, Art Nouveau nude Colora signed and titled, copyright 1915. 9½ins x 4ins approx. with contemporary frame and mount (glass a/f) £100-150
218.    Military: WWII baby gas mask, metal outer case with filters.
219.    Militaria: 19th cent. Hawkes and Co. of Piccadilly London, tin document box with brass label J.J. Marsh 4th Dragoon Guards 17ins x 13ins. £40-60
220.    Military: Canon balls dredged up on the South Coast. Large 2 stone 7lb, medium 1 stone, small 7lb.
221.    Military: WWII Army trench periscope No 14A MK3 Reg. No 8091 with carrying case, treen handle missing.
222.    Binoculars: Dienstglas 6x30 0247064 DDX by Voigtlaender Braunschweig. £30-50
223.    WWI/Militaria Silk Work: Royal Engineers sweethearts token with delicate lacework border and ribbon decoration 22ins x 24ins. Plus embroidered pillow case Bonne Nuit with delicate floral border 24ins x 27ins. £100-150
224.    Military: Cap & other badges, Wilts Regt, RAF, RE, LI, shoulder titles, division badges.
225.    Military Medals: George G.P. Eaton, South Staffs WWI pair, WWII Defence Medal Police Special Constable. WWII 1939-45 Star, France & Germany Star, Defence Medal, 1939-45 medal, plus miniatures.
226.    Military Medals: WWII miniature medals 1939-46 Defence, France and Germany Star, Italy Star, Burma Star, pacific Star with clasp, Africa Star, Air Crew Europe Star, Atlantic Star plus 1939-46 Star (10) bar mounted. £80-100
227.    Medals: O.B.E (military), cased. Unnamed as issued military started in December 1918 withdrawn 1922. £150-200
228.    Military: White metal Clan MacDonald sweetheart brooches in the shape of a sword and the other, a belt with crown and cross, both with "Per Mare Per Terras" (By Sea By Land). Plus a WWII medal. £30-50
229.    Photographs: An album of photo's from January 1945 to June 1947 of the RAF in India, in particular Bombay, subjects include personal natives, landscapes etc. £40-60
230.    Militaria: WWI trench art 18 pound shell decorated with bullets - a pair 6ins. £40-60
231.    Military: Royal Navy Cap Tally's, HMS Peacock, a Black Swan convoy defence vessel and a HMS Newfoundland Tally with a photo of the ship. She was part of the force that took Yokosuka and was present at the surrender in Tokyo Bay. £30-50
232.    Nelson: Landlords Persuader, the shaft being on engraved collier made from Nelson's flagship "Foudroyant" launched 1798 wrecked at Blackpool June 16th 1897 and to the front "G.C. Berrett, The Washington, Blackpool" with horn handle. £200-300
233.    Military: Swagger stick Cornwall L.I. plus a short staff with button mounted top and Cornwall L.I. badge. £30-50
234.    Military: WWI Great War plus 1914/18 medals to brothers, two pairs to Sapper H.W. Dobson Royal Engineers 215871 and Pioneer H.E. Dobson Royal Engineers 130037 with ribbons (4) plus their British legion Badges etc. £50-70
236.    A/C Moulson E. 1664301. RAF 1943 to 945 album of pencil sketches of war torn London, African animals, tribe's men etc. £40-60
237.    Military medals: To Albert gallop (family descent) WW2 medals 1939-46 silver medal France and Germany Star, Italy Star, Africa Star of North Africa clasp, bar mounted Atlantic Star, 1939-45 Star (6). £80-100
238.    Military: WW1 1914-15 Star to GR. R. Baker 13148 Royal Marine Artillery, Military Cross (miniature), a pair of yellow metal sweetheart lockets containing hair. The reverse engraved with an anchor/ entwined rope and the other with a cross plus cap badges Gloucestershire Regiment S.A.S. and Royal British Legion pin badge. £40-60
239.    Military Clocks: Kriegsmarine U-Boat Bulkhead 8 day clock by Kieninger and Obergfell silvered dial black numbers with an eagle and Swastika mounted over A M (marine) and a serial number 15382 over the letter N, No 51 stamped on the locking mechanism and the back plate No15 13751 and has a 8ins dia. £800-1200
240.    Militaria: 19th cent. Royal Navy ironstone dinner plate decorated with images of ships and marked Royal navy mess No 11 to centre 10ins approx. £100-150
241.    19th cent. Boar War blue and white commemorative plate with Lord Roberts in the centre of a Victoria Cross and city and town names of South Africa. £50-80
242.    Military: Rare RFC archive to include: Royal Flying Corps pilot's flying log book for Lt. H.W. Sangway and R.F.C. loose leaf notebook Training Brigade transfer card. It maps his career in the R.F.C. from a cadet at Brasenose College, Oxford to the Hendon School of Flying (RFC) then to Wyton Training Squadron and on to France in January 1918 listing bombing, photographic and strafing raids starting with a Vickers machine gun. The archive includes 18 aerial photos taken in 1917 and 1918 including Ypres June 1917 from 2000 feet, September 17th Ypres Salient at 500 feet and another shot near one of the trench system. Bomb strikes at Langemarck (stet) Belgium at 6000 feet.
243.    Militaria: WWII issue Royal Marine Band drum presented to Captain A.D. Haigh, Director of Music, on the occasion of his retirement and signed by his fellow officers. The drum stamped A.F. Matthews 1940 and bears the cypher of H.M. Queen Elizabeth. £500-800
244.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea 2 carved figures, 1 with Cowrie shell eyes, small face mask and a drinking gourd. £30-50
245.    Edged Weapons: African short swords with skinning knives, treen scabbards decorated with hair & teeth. £40-60
246.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea stone axe with ceremonial wickerwork decoration. £40-60
247.    Tribal Art: Burmese Shan knife, treen scabbard decorated with bound wicker work carried with a knotted cord handle. £40-60
248.    Tribal Art: Trobian Island shallow dish carved in a fish shape. £30-50
249.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea heavily carved mask studded with Cowrie shells. £60-80
250.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea carved spear heads barbed shafts. £30-50
251.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea Cowrie shell wide necklace plus a Cowrie shell bag with shoulder handle. £60-80
252.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea braided twine face mask decorated with Cowrie shells and wild boar tusks used to cover the bride price (Pig). £60-80
253.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea Cowrie shell necklace with a suspended wild boar tusk pendent. £40-60
254.    Tribal Art: Asian sun parasols hand painted paper covered. £20-30
255.    Tribal Art: Papua New Guinea carved elongated fruit bowl with serpent headed handles. £30-60
256.    Photographic: Magic Lantern slides showing WWI and II, Aircraft on bombing raids, the destruction afterwards also a slide of RAF Duxford with pilots from 19 and 16 spitfire squadrons with grumpy UNWIN DSO, DFM and BAR sat between two dogs "Flash" and "Rangy". The forth man on the right was Phillip Leckrone, an American volunteer who died January 1941. Plus Reginald Mitchell spitfire designer, spitfires, airships L41 & L44, crashed airship L32, bombardment of Baytree Road, Brixton. £60-100
257.    Military Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Showing submarines from the axis and allied powers, captured subs, various sinking's of subs and surface vessels. Plus a hand written notation of sub warfare and first-hand accounts of battles between subs and ships. £80-120
258.    Military Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Showing ships frozen in Russian waters withdrawal from Dunkirk Kalian Sea Raider sunk by HMS Leander, The Graf Von Spee, Scharnhorst, Ark Royal, Warsprite etc plus notes on the slides. £80-120
259.    Military Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: trains and disasters showing Flying Scotsman, Gretna Disaster plus a potted explanation of each slide. £300-500
260.    Photographic Magic Lantern Slides: Showing SS Lusitania, icebergs, Mauritania, Montrose, Dunbar Castle mined January 9th 1940 plus a handwritten booklet explaining the slides. £80-120
261.    Early 20th cent. Handmade Magic Lantern Glass Slides 'stills' advertising films at the Palace Cinema Kettering, Northamptonshire. Including Mable Ballin, Shirley Mason, Jane Novak, Victoria Cross, Hepworth, Emmy Wehlen.
263.    Photography: Rare set of 16 Victorian plate glass negatives of the Wiltshire village of Wootton Rivers, showing scenes from village life, 5½ins x 3½ins (2 a/f). £50-80
264.    Polar Exploration: Collection of 38 slides of the British Antarctic Expedition 1910-13 in a period wooden box, many are titled south with Scott and show some images taken by Herbert Ponting. They show most elements of the ill-fated expedition including one of Stareeka, a sick dog, Scott, Oates and even a frost bitten hand, of the 38 slides (18 a/f.) £400-600
265.    Scientific Instruments: Planimeter stamped "Stanley, great Turnstele, Holborn, London" Reg No 26924 engraved agent, fitted and lined box. £50-70
266.    18th/19th cent. Rustic coopered cider barrel with handle, initialled RW 8ins. plus a 19th cent. cider glass. £80-120
267.    19th cent. Scandinavian pine Tines/Marriage box, heavily carved with details of the couple and dated 1815. 12ins. £80-120
268.    19th cent. Commemorative: Unusual transfer printed mug for "Grace Darling, The Northumbrian Heroine" born November 24th 1815 died October 20th 1842, hairline crack. £30-50
269.    19th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire cow creamer, standing on an oval mound base, decorated in iron red with gilt on the horns. £90-100
270.    19th cent. Copper snuff box in the shape of a book. 3ins. £20-40
271.    19th cent. Snuff Boxes: Oval papier mache box, sunrise design on cover, bobbin edge. Oblong box with self-colour cross design. Oval box sun ray design. Chest shaped box with light border and circular bakelite box drum design. (5 Boxes). £50-80
272.    19th cent. Snuff Boxes: Black papier mache boxes with gilt chinoiserie design on the cover. (2 Boxes). £40-60
273.    19th cent. Treen: Tunbridge ware pin box another with butterfly motif plus a small patch box with a three mast ship on lid. £25-30
274.    19th cent. Sampler: Needlework - silk on canvas depicting a castle with moat and Norman Keep. Framed and glazed. 3½ins. x 5ins. £30-40
275.    Asian Metalware: Gilt copper deity Krishna plus bronze seated Buddha. £50-70
276.    Chinese: Cast iron incense burner with cover and dimpled body. The cover square central opening surrounded by four characters and three bat shaped smoke vents. Diameter 8ins. height 2ins. Dull patination. £150-200
277.    20th cent. Oriental: Baluster shaped vase with blue transfer organic design - a pair 10ins. Both have a chip plus cylinder vase depicting battle scenes. (3). £40-60
278.    20th cent. Oriental: Brush pot 4ins, mini vase 5ins, plus a blue & white ginger jar 6ins. (3). £30-50
279.    18th/19th cent. Chinese: Famille rose Cantonese plate, minor chip to rim. £20-30
280.    Qing: 19th cent. Chinese lotus bowl decorated with flowers and stylised scenes. Red seal mark to base. 8ins. £100-150
281.    Chinese: Mottled grey & black Jade shallow bowl with inverted rim and foot seals marks to base Qianlong Qing. 5½ins diameter x 1¾ins. £1000-1200
282.    19th cent. Chinese Ivory Puzzle Ball Chess Set: Natural colour and stained red, the King measures approx. 8ins.
Provenance: Surgeon William Dickson Smyth R.N. Born 1835-1892 served and promoted assist surgeon 1854, surgeon 1864, family folklore states surgeon Smyth R.N. was presented by the King Thakombau of Fiji as a gift of gratitude, believed to have served Crimea 1854-55 and recipient of the 1858 Trans-Atlantic Telegraph medal, died St Leonards, Sussex 1892. Damage as listed:
White: 1. Puzzle ball (large) King detached also missing weapon, 2. Pawns (8) no weapons-spears 1 foot broken and glued, 3. Puzzle ball (small) Bishop detached, 4. Puzzle ball (small) knight horse front right leg broken and no spear, 5. Elephant missing pennant from seat, 6. Puzzle ball (small) knight weapon part missing. Red: (2 swords a/f loose with pawns) 1. Knight faded figurine part spear only, 2. Bishop faded figurines x 2, 3. Queen faded part joined figurine/ puzzle ball broken, 4. Elephant (rider separate) flag missing faded, 5. Knight detached from foot stand and faded missing spear, 6. Elephant/puzzle ball and foot stand join chipped (chip missing) faded, 7. Knight faded figure detached from base but complete, 8. Pawns (8) none have spears all faded 1 x figure chip to join between base and figurine. £400-600
283.    Stone Ware: Highly polished stone decorated with bamboo paintings and oriental characters, 6 stones in a gilt shadow frame, glazed 17½ins x 18ins x 2¼ins. £40-60
284.    19th/early 20th cent. Parasol, brown silk with bamboo handle with ivory fittings. Canopy a/f. 36ins. £40-60
285.    Late 19th early 20th cent. 2 part carved ivory needle case depicting birds, dragons, butterflies, etc. 6ins. (Thread a/f). £40-50
286.    20th cent. Oriental: Cantonese famille rose elegant tapering vase 10ins. A/f. plus continental baluster vase of chinoiserie style 8ins. £30-40
287.    18th cent. Chinese Ceramics: Ovoid blue and white design ginger jar, no cover 7ins dia x 7ins high. £40-60
288.    20th cent. Cloisonnè vases decorated with black dragons on an ivory back ground - pair. £30-50
289.    19th cent. Oriental Ceramics: Famille rose tea caddy, rectangular with sloping shoulders and a round neck 5ins. x 3ins. small chip to rim, plus a famille rose vase decorated with panels depicting domestic scenes. 6ins. £80-120
290.    20th cent. Yellow ground jar & cover with polychrome decoration of lotus flower & symbols, red 9 character rubber stamped seal mark to base. £50-70
291.    20th cent. Oriental Satsuma vase decorated with figures and floral designs. £20-40
292.    Qing: Chinese Wucai square vase impressed reign mark to base, pierce work decoration around the body depicting a 5 clawed Red Dragon and 18 Immortals and a further 4 Immortals around the collar. Multicoloured enamels black, green, yellow, red, purple & white with cylindrical inner sleeve. 17ins. x 5½ins. x 5½ins. A/f. Damage to shoulder. Provenance: Acquired by the vendors father, a shipping agent and brought back on his return pre 1938.
293.    Oriental: 19th cent. Japanese Arita chamber pot with gilt rim and dog of fo finial to lid, minus handle. 6½ins. £80-120
294.    20th cent. Japanese: Silk painting with seals & signatures, studies of flora & chicks. Framed and glazed 11½ins x 8¼ins. (3) £40-60
295.    Royal Doulton: Images figurines, black, "Carefree" and "Tenderness", boxed.
296.    20th cent. Ceramics: Hornsea Studio craft dish in the form of a can-can dancer, in yellow and black. £30-40
297.    Ceramics: Reproduction Wedgwood Clarice Cliff Bizarre limited conical sugar shakers, red roots and farmhouse (2) 5½ins. with certificate of authenticity.
298.    Ceramics: Reproduction Wedgwood Clarice Cliff Bizarre limited edition sunburst vase with certificate of authenticity. £40-60
299.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester "Woodland" coffee cans and saucers (12). £20-30
300.    20th cent. Royal Doulton "Sovereign" coffee cans and saucers (12). £20-30
301.    20th cent. Ceramics: Plant art deco style cream and silver colour part coffee set - 4 cups, 6 saucers, sugar bowl a/f, coffee pot & creamer. Robina art deco style 6 cups and saucers, 6 side plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, cake plate plus a Foley cube teapot.
302.    Lalique: Lily of the Valley "Clair Fontaine" perfume flask circa 1970s. Signature Lalique France. £90-120
303.    Lalique: 1970s/80s Nogent "Sparrow Chick" bowl 11051 boxed. Signature Lalique France.
304.    20th cent. Glassware: Hukin & Heath green glass deco style cocktail shaker, white metal cover and pourer.
305.    20th cent. Glassware: Mdina squat candy green overlay vase, blue overlay vase and a Mdina sea horse paperweight plus 4 others. £35-40
306.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton Harvest jugs with hallmarked silver rim covers, one Birmingham and one Sheffield 6½ins. & 5½ins. Plus a Doulton jug "The Squire" 6¼ins and Rockingham treacle Toby jug 8½ins.
307.    Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Masons iron stone, Japan pattern graduated jugs 8ins, 5ins and 3ins. (3) £80-120
308.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton figure Penny HN2338 5ins. Carlton ware napkin ring figure 5ins. and a Dresden figure of a girl with a goat 5½ins. (3)
309.    19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Arcadian 'There's no Place Like Home', crested ware in the form of a fireplace, St. Ives fairing 'The Promise of Love' a/f. Figure of a black man with a straw hat resting on parcels, bisque spill holder in the form of a man carrying cases called "Your Going on a Long Journey". Plus Continental bisque and other figures, miniature vase decorated with floral decoration in relief, miniature figure of a girl standing under a tree, figure of a seated lady and dandy - a pair, bisque stylised figure of a lady forming the handle of a jug. £40-60
310.    Royal Doulton Figurines: "The Old Balloon Seller" H.N.1315. £45-50
311.    Royal Doulton Figurines: Figure of the year "Amy" H.N. 3316, boxed. £40-50
312.    Royal Doulton Figurines: "My First Pet" H.N. 3122, "Sit" H.N. 3123, "Reward" H.N. 3391, all boxed (3). £50-60
313.    Royal Doulton Figurines: "Farmers Wife" H.N. 3164, blue/ brown dress issued 1988/1991,plus "Farmer" H.N. 3195 issued 1988-1991, both figures boxed. £70-80
314.    Coalport Figurines: Beau Monde, Meg, "Age of elegance", "Matinee performance" and "Regents Park" a/f all boxed (3). £50-60
315.    Coalport Figurines: Beau Monde, "Jill", "Isobel" and "Elizabeth". All boxed (3) £40-45
316.    Coalport Figurines: Ladies of Fashion, "Pamela" modelled by J. Bromley. Age of Elegance "Spring Pageant" modelled by martin Evans plus "Lavender Walk" a/f, all boxed (3). £40-45
317.    Coalport: Beau Monde, "Bernice", "Juliette" and "Ruth" all boxed (3). £40-45
318.    Ceramics: Tray of animals to included Beswick Koala, Beswick Penguin and Spaniel and a Doulton kitten, etc. £30-50
319.    20th cent. Ceramics: Lladro boy with a bird on his foot, and "Thinker" boy sitting on a tree stump with a book on his lap. (2) £70-80
320.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao Spanish lady with fan. £30-35
321.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nao Lladro girl with a basket and geese, girl curtseying to a rabbit, unboxed. (2). £40-45
322.    19th cent. Barge treacle ware teapot, ornately decorated with birds & flowers and inscribed "A Present to a Friend" a/f. £30-40
323.    20th cent. Spode Italian large fruit bowl, blue back stamp. 10ins. £30-50
324.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Masons ironstone, Japan pattern mug plus 2 x 10ins plates. £80-100
325.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Delhi" 5 x coffee cans and saucers plus a casket decorated with flowers. £30-40
326.    19th cent. Continental Ceramics: Miniature cup and saucer, 3 corner miniature dish, gilt border, hand decorated with summer flowers, a monkey figure playing bagpipes plus 1 other, both a/f. unmarked. £30-50
327.    19th cent. Ceramics: German angel figures standing on a rock in a diving pose - a pair. £20-30
328.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Dux stylised white cat, pink triangle to base.
329.    Noritake: Unusual pair of Noritake blue ground lustre vases with moulded butterfly decoration 6ins. £40-60
330.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Bonn mantle vases a/f., Crown Staffordshire posy, ceramic roses, Coalport flower arrangement, continental cabinet cup & saucer, Karl Emms bird, etc. £25-35
331.    20th cent. Royal Doulton Series Ware: Bowl "Cap'n Cuttle" scalloped edge 7¾ins. diameter, unsigned round bowl "Mr Micawber" D6327 7½ins diameter, signed Noke, rectangular dish "Sam Weller" D6967 9ins. x 7½ins, signed Noke.
332.    20th cent. Doulton Series Ware: Plates "The Fat Boy" D6327 unsigned 10¼ins, Will Sykes D6327 10¼ins, signed Noke plus a coffee pot 4405 a/f.
333.    Studio Pottery: Barbara Elizabeth Colls 1914-2003. Figurative studio bird lidded pots "Thrush on a Nest" 5ins diameter x 4½ins tall plus "Wren on Nest" 3ins diameter x 3ins tall (2) studio marks to base. £40-60
334.    Studio Pottery: Phyllis Dupuy 1978 - present Canada and then London. Shallows dish with blue lines to rim and centre plus muted sunburst yellows. Inscribed "Dupuy" to base 8½ins x 2ins deep. Unsigned and 1 with initials "PHD" shallow bowls with shell bite rims, 1 with maroon line to centre and concentric radiating lines in muted browns 4¼ dia x 1ins deep plus organic form dish with shell bite rims (green) incised initials "PHD" (5). £40-60
335.    Studio Pottery: Donald Mills 1948-present, London Potter. Leach Pottery, St Ives, Cornwall, then Fulham Pottery with Eileen Lewenstein and Brighton Pottery. Stoneware, Pitcher handled jug in browns with blue flower motif 7ins diameter x 8ins tall. Inscribed signature and date to base. Vera Tollow 1931 - ? Stoneware shallow dish, Potter from Wallington then Woodcote and Hawkshurst, Kent. Signed in ash glaze 5ins diameter x 1ins deep (6). £50-70
336.    Late 19th/Early 20th cent. Art Pottery: Edward Bingham Majolica ware, Castle Hedingham, Essex. Tankard decorated with cornucopia "Horns of Plenty" plus a mythological figure. The whole in blues/green, firing rim chips 4¾ins dia x 5¼ins tall. Applied pad marks in relief plus incised hand initials E.W.B. Eng No 126. £100-120
337.    Royal Worcester cobalt blue and gilt 2 handled miniature vase decorated with leaf pattern, black/blue mark 1878 N. 4ins. £20-30
338.    Royal Worcester James Stinton baluster vase with openwork neck, gilt embellishment, decorated with a pheasant. Signed Jas Stinton, dark green factory mark. 5ins. £250-350
339.    19th cent. Art Ceramics: Martin Brothers jar & cover, incised dragons and mythical creatures surrounded by floriate designs. Shades of greens and browns on a grey stoneware ground, signed and dated to base Martin Bros Southall London 7-1892. Height body 3½ins. cover 1½ins. Diameter 5½ins. £600-900
340.    William Moorcroft 1918 -1929 impressed mark and monogram, green and yellow ground 'Hibiscus' vase, baluster shaped. 7¼ins. £200-300
341.    Moorcroft: Mackintyre 1904 -1913 blue and brown mark white poppy design squat vase with flared neck. Blue printed reg no. 314901 minor rim chip. 5½ins. £200-300
342.    Moorcroft Mackintyre 1900-1903, lidded water pot/teapot, fine tube lined, green bands on cream ground with small flowers/possibly berries. Mackintyre stamp to one, William Moorcroft monogram and stamp to the other, a matching pair. 5ins. £250-300
343.    Devon Motto Ware, Long Park, Aller Vale & Watcombe: Scandy tray 10ins x 7ins "A Place for Everything" plus 4 teapot stands. £45-50
344.    Devon Ware, Aller Vale: Waisted jug decorated with a butterfly in an organic setting 4½ins, gourd vase Scandy decoration, pinched shape jug cream ground with organic decoration 5ins, broad base vases decorated in the arts & crafts style - a pair 4ins.
345.    Devon Ware, Aller Vale: Udder vases, brown and blue/green Scandy design on cream ground, 1 green ground, brown and green Scandy design, and "Good Wishes God Speed You on Your Way" motto. (6 Vases). £60-70
346.    Devon Ware, Watcombe: Deep blue taper vases with frill border - a pair 6ins. plus a sugar bowl, a two-handled vase and a small bowl. (5) £40-50
347.    Devon Motto Ware: Flute edge sugar bowls, Scandy miniature basket, Tors spot basket, Scandy and motto ware 2 handle vases, motto ware dishes. 1 Tray (Tray not included). £55-60
348.    Devon Ware, Long Park: Teapot "Duee Drink a Cup of Tea", plus mugs decorated with a cockerel "For a Good Boy and for a Good Girl" and a Scandy teapot. £35-40
349.    Long Park, Aller Vale & Watcombe Motto Ware: A collection of creamers, miniature vases, condiments and dishes. 1 Tray. (Tray not included). £50-60
350.    Devon Motto Ware, Long Park, Aller Vale: Coffee pots, cockerel, Cottage and Scandy designs, 2 pint, 1 pint and ½ pint, 8 coffee pots 3½ pint size. (some covers are missing). £40-45
351.    Devon Motto Ware, Watcombe, Long Park, Aller Vale: Preserve dish, 2 egg cups on stands, 1 Scandy, 1 Cottage. Widecombe Fair preserve pot, Cottage decorated preserve pot, butter dish and cover and a salt condiment. £50-60
352.    Devon Motto Ware, Aller Vale & Others: Teapots, Cottage, Scandy and cockerel designs 1 x 2 pint, 1 x 1 pint, 3 x ½ pint, and 1 miniature. (6 Teapots). £60-70
353.    Devon Motto Ware: Harlequin Scandy part tea set - teapot, 5 cups and saucers, milk jug and sugar bowl. £40-45
354.    Long Park, Aller Vale & Watcombe Motto Ware: Ink wells, Scandy and floral (7). £50-60
355.    Long Park Motto Ware: Desk stand and inkwell. £80-90
356.    Devon ware: Long Park art pottery tobacco jar, dark green ground, pale green swag decoration, pale green border plus matching fluted edge bowl. £40-60
357.    Devon Ware: Black retro double tube shape vase, 4½ins and 3½ins. (2 Vases). £30-40
358.    Devon Ware: Long Park art pottery udder vases, 3 graduated vases, dark green ground, pale green swags, bead circular decoration, 6½ins, 4½ins and 3¼ins. £40-55
359.    Devon Ware: Long Park dark green two handle vases, pale green Greek key pattern border - a pair, impressed marks to base, 4ins plus tube vase of a matching design 4ins and a waisted vase flu green, Greek key border (repair to rim) 8ins. £45-60
360.    Devon, Long Park: Arts and crafts style Christopher Dresser, dark green 3 handled, candle holder, impressed Long Park Devon to base. 6ins.
361.    Devon Ware: Possibly H.M. Exeter art pottery, anvil shape vases, green ground, Scandy design of leaves - a pair 5ins.
362.    Watcombe Torquay: Tapered jug with painted daffodil decoration 10ins. plus 4 x 4ins vases with fluted border and daffodil decoration. (1 a/f.).
363.    Aller Vale: Baluster shape vases decorated with white flowers - a pair 4ins, dark green decorated vase 4ins, bowl with frill border, decorated with apple blossom, tube vase with 3 twisted handles, green baluster vase decorated with blue flowers, 3 handle tube vase decorated with a swan, water lilies and reeds 8ins plus 1 other vase of a related design 5ins. (8) £55-60
364.    Watcombe Motto Ware: Match strikers, 2 Scandy, Motto Bushey and "A match for any man" plus a souvenir from the oldest Chymist Shoppe in Knaresborough Yorks, 3¾ins and 3 strikers "A match for any man" 2ins. (6)
365.    Watcombe Torquay Pottery: Udder vase. Tea cups and saucers, a small rose bowl, deep blue with diving kingfisher design. £45-50
366.    Aller Vale: Udder vases, blue and green Scandy, 1 vase decorated with a rustic study. (6 Vases) £60-65
367.    Watcombe Motto Ware: Scandy hair tidy's, 1 green and 1 blue, 2 Scandy pin trays, 1 cottage pin tray, Scandy pin bowl & ring stand, a tile "For the safety of this domicile, place your lamps on the tile", a powder bowl and a hat pin stand.
368.    Aller Vale and Long Park: Udder vases, blue Scandy, Long Park decorated with a kingfisher and flowers, and a purple wild rose vase. (8 Vases). £65-70
369.    Devon Motto Ware, Long Park & Others: Collection of unrelated tea and coffee cups and saucers. 12 Cups, 6 saucers. 1 Tray. (Tray not included).
370.    Devon Ware: Wall pocket "The Heavens Thee Guard and Keep" 6ins, Watcombe Cottage beaker "If You Cant Be Easy", Scandy shaving mug "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss", Scandy bowl Colwyn Bay, Scandy motto dish, plus a plate "Which Ever Way the Wind Doth Blow". £55-65
371.    Devon Motto Ware, Long Park & Aller Vale: Sugar bowls, designs include Cottages, Scandy and Cockerel. Approx. 17. 1 Tray. (Tray not included). £40-50
372.    Devon Ware, Aller Vale & Watcombe: Puzzle jugs "More Haste Less Speed" decorated with sailing ships at sunset plus a Scandy "Come Taste Me If You Can". £35-40
373.    Watcombe Pottery: Unglazed candlesticks, Greek key pattern border in black with gilt - a pair 4ins plus a long neck vase decorated with a floral branch 4ins, miniature teapot H.H. impressed to base and a dish with bead decoration to border 7ins.
374.    Devon Motto Ware: Including Watcombe cream jugs, Scandy, Cottage and other designs. Approx. 21 jugs. 1 Tray. (Tray not included). £55-65
375.    Devon Motto Ware, Long Park & Watcombe: Cube shape chamber stick "Last in bed puts out the light", short candlesticks, Scandy design - a pair, 3¾ins, single candlestick "While I live I'll Crow", chamber stick, green decorated with fuchsias. £55-60
376.    Devon Motto ware, Long Park: Scandy tobacco jar "Drive Dull Case with a Smoke", a jar decorated with sailing ships Exmouth a/f, plus a jar decorated with a cockerel "Pipe of Bacco" and a Scandy jar, cover missing.
377.    Devon Ware: Aller Vale Scandy chamber stick 9ins, green and cream Scandy candlesticks - a pair 6ins. and a single candlestick 6ins.
378.    Devon Ware: Rhombus shape long neck vase with organic design, blue ground 4ins, creamer, blue ground decorated with apple blossom 4ins, Torquay jug, pinched design, cream ground decorated with blue flowers 4½ins, trumpet vase, blue Scandy design 6ins. £35-45
379.    Watcombe: Ewer shape jug, terracotta ground decorated with fruit 4ins, squat vase decorated with floral panels 3ins, tapered vase on circular base with scroll handles, decorated with apple blossom 5ins, tapered vase, black/white ground with purple flowers 4½ins. £35-45
380.    Devon Ware, Aller Vale: Dark green creamer and sugar bowl, "Windermere" Watcombe green creamer and sugar bowl x 2, plus two handle green loving cups or soup bowls on stands - a pair. £35-45
381.    Devon Ware, Aller Vale: Scandy ware cream ground, brown, blue and green organic decoration pinched jug 4ins, cylindrical jug 6ins, waisted vase 3 twisted handles 8ins, bulbous vase 3½ins, Amphora style vase 6ins.
382.    Torquay Pottery:
Torquay Pottery Exhibition Commemorative
………………Edna Jury……………………...
This is to certify that the accompanying Plate is No 24………….
of a limited edition of 75 made in the traditional Torquay manner
to commemorate the Torquay Pottery Exhibition 1870 - 1940 at
Bearnes in Torquay and Bonhams in Knightsbridge. Each com-
memorative was made at the Wellhouse Pottery in Brixham, the
last pottery in Torbay using traditional red clay, by Cyril Wilson
and each piece bears his initials. Cyril Wilson comes from a long
line of Torquay potters and was trained at the Watcombe Pottery
and was subsequently joint proprietor of the St. Marychurch
I. M. GREEN, President, Torquay Pottery Collectors Society
This plate is sold with paperwork. Plus a teapot to commemorate the 1986 Exhibition, both these items are sold in the original boxes. £80-120
383.    Devon Motto Ware, Aller Vale: Scandy design loving cup made by Brannam Ltd after a design by E. Lloyd Thomas commemorating the Silver Jubilee 1977 and Torquay Pottery Collectors society 1st Anniversary. This item is sold with the original Christies auction catalogue December 1979 and a receipt for £60.
384.    Hallmarked Silver: Spoon collection Sovereign Queens collection assay Sheffield issued by The Franklin Mint, 6 spoons cased 5oz plus a white metal wedding spoon. £30-50
385.    Hallmarked Silver: Dressing table jars, perfume bottle and a salt and pepper. £35-40
386.    Hallmarked Silver: Six bright cut teaspoons, London 1846 maker Alice and George Burrows plus 2 others. Approx. 3oz. £30-35
387.    Japanese set of 6 spoons, chrysanthemum etched bowl, snake handle stamped Nagasaki 84 to rear of bowl with a star either side and Japanese characters above. 2½ins. £50-60
388.    Hallmarked Silver: Fruit knives silver handles, maker Elkington, London. (5 Knives). £20-30
389.    Hallmarked Silver: Flatware teaspoons (5), teaspoons (3), odd teaspoons (2), child's knife & fork, butter knives (5) pickle forks (2) and sugar nips. 20 items, 10ozs inclusive. £100-120
390.    Hallmarked Silver: Set of 6 coffee spoons, cased. £20-30
391.    Continental Hallmarked Silver: Heavily embossed oval bowl on a foot rim, decorated with Fleur de lys, portrait medallions and crowns, London import marks 1895 8oz. £60-80
392.    Hallmarked Silver: Mother of pearl penknife with silver blade, 3 thimbles, 1 marked 925, 1 Birmingham 1962, and 1 worn mark, plus a pair embroidery scissors. £30-40
393.    Hallmarked Silver: Mustard spoons, William IV and Victoria, both London. Napkin ring, Birmingham, mother of pearl handled Sheffield fruit knives x 2, 4½oz inclusive of mother of pearl handles. £80-120
394.    20th cent. Salt in the form of a peacock. The body faceted glass, the neck and fantail white metal, plus matching spoon. Both stamped silver. £30-35
395.    Hallmarked Silver: Card case plus two Vesta's, Birmingham and Chester. Approx. 4½ozs. £40-50
396.    Continental Marked Silver & White Metal: Sifter spoon, Islamic teaspoon plus another, bracelet. Approx. 2ozs. (4). £30-50
397.    Hallmarked Silver: Pressed glass eau-de-cologne bottle with embossed lid, cut glass salts, bottle and silver handled shoe horn. £30-40
398.    Hallmarked Silver: Sauce boats, scroll handle, 3 hoof feet twist decoration border - a pair, Chester 1906. 16ozs. £150-200
399.    Hallmarked Silver: Tea caddy and stopper, ornate foliate decoration Chaplin and sons 1899 London plus a Hallmarked silver bangle carved decoration, Birmingham (6oz combined weight, approx). £40-60
400.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian serving spoon 4oz. £40-70
401.    Hallmarked Silver & Mother Of Pearl: Folding fruit knives (3) plus mother of pearl and steel combination pocket knife, 2 blades, scissors, button hook and a corkscrew - one side a/f. £40-50
402.    Norwegian: Aksel Holmsen sterling silver jewellery brooches, turquoise enamel one with white lily of the valley. Both marked Norway. £30-50
403.    Hallmarked Silver: Brooch Viking style zoomorphic entwined creatures, Chester, maker's marks - Sidney & Company. £30-40
404.    Mid 18th cent. White metal crucifix reliquary, engraved figure of Christ to front panel, the cross supported by two angels. The back plate open quatrefoil designs and indistinct marks A.P. possibly Abraham Portal London 1740-50. 16 grams. £100-150
405.    Hallmarked Silver: Vesta, bracelet, sugar tongs, mustard spoon and thimble. Approx. 2oz. £40-50
406.    Hallmarked Silver: Trophy cup E.B.C. 1940 The Averill Cup won by F.C. Badham 2ozs plus a Devizes & District Motor Club Hospital Week Reliability Trial" plated cup 4ins. diameter x 6¼ins. tall. £50-80
406A.   Hallmarked Silver: Cartier candle snuffer with treen handle. £50-70
407.    Watches: Bulova 9ct cased ladies dress watch hallmarked 375 9ct. £60-70
408.    Watches: 18ct. Gold unsigned keyless open faced dress watch, stamped 18k tested 18ct. a/f. 76grams inclusive. £150-250
409.    Watches: Hallmarked silver cased open faced, key-wind pocket watch with Chester marks. £20-30
410.    Watches: Early 20th cent. hallmarked 9ct. gold ladies watch with expanding bracelet plus spare bracelet. 22 grams inclusive. £150-180
411.    Watches: Gentleman's Omega Seamaster on leather strap, watch 1¼ins. £300-500
412.    Hallmarked Gold (White): Art deco ladies wristwatch, Swiss movement, rolled gold expanding bracelet. £80-100
413.    Watches: 1960s Tudor self-winding Prince Oyster date, stainless case & bracelet, back engraved A.D. Haigh. £400-600
414.    Military Watches: Pulsar quartz wristwatch, stamped with 'Bench mark arrow' & etched numbered P14646/02. Black face & luminous numbers & date. Boxed. £80-120
415.    Pocket Watches: One with silver hallmarked case & Swiss movement. (5). £40-60
417.    Jewellery: Yellow metal double chain, small links, marked 9c tests 9ct. Approx. 29grams. £250-300
418.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. cufflinks, ovals with floral motifs Sheffield 1902, approx. 6.4grams. £60-80
419.    Jewellery: Belcher link fob chain, tests 9ct. plus a 19th cent. photo pendant. 5 grams weighable. £30-50
420.    Hallmarked Gold: Cufflinks and collar stud 6grams plus a yellow & white metal tie clip with a foxes head to the centre of the bar. £60-80
421.    c1900 Diamond Jewellery: Diamond marquise shaped ring. £1400-1600
422.    Diamond & Sapphire Jewellery: Boat shaped 5 stone ring set with three diamonds and two sapphires, yellow metal mount, tests 18ct. £150-200
423.    Diamond Jewellery: Ruby & diamond circular ring, central diamond surrounded by rubies, set in a hexagon and diamond outer circle, white metal stamped P.950. £2200-2500
424.    Jewellery: Aquamarine cushion cut set ring in white metal, marked 9ct. and tested. £500-600
425.    Diamond Jewellery: Marquise shaped ring set with central sapphire, approx. 85 points, two diamonds either side 0.16 points and 20 small diamonds, oval cut 0.10 carat, approx. 2ct. platinum set, size 0 including weight 6.4 grams. £600-800
426.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Single diamond set ring. 2.9grams inclusive. £80-100
427.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Single diamond set belt & buckle ring. 5.8grams inclusive. £140-180
428.    Diamond Jewellery: Half hoop ring set on 18ct. hallmarked gold. £150-200
429.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold Designer Jewellery: Bark pattern ring set with five graduated diamonds. 10 grams inclusive. £400-450
430.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Diamond and ruby (enhanced) dress ring. £160-200
431.    Art Deco c1930 Diamond Jewellery: Quatrefoil setting enclosed in a shaped marquise form, marked 750. £1000-1200
432.    Diamond Jewellery: Aquamarine & diamond ring, emerald cut aquamarine with 3 diamonds set either side, white metal, tests platinum. £2000-2300
433.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Boat shaped ring with 3 rubies & 2 diamonds set in 3.3grams inclusive. £150-200
434.    20th cent. Jewellery: 9ct. Gold & oval garnet single stone ring. £25-35
435.    20th cent. Jewellery: Gold & diamond solitaire ring, the old cut stone, approx 0.33cts, claw set in white on a yellow gold shank, stamped 18ct. £150-200
436.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold & Diamond Designer John Watling: Kite shaped pendant set with 7 graduated stones 0.05 to 0.01 ct. 5.8grams. inclusive. £380-450
437.    Chinese Jewellery: Green Jadeite pendant necklace, 5 beads, 1 tear drop and oval centre piece, white metal chain, tests silver. £250-300
438.    20th cent. Jewellery: Gilt & green enamel longuard or chatelaine chain. Approx. 54ins. £150-200
439.    c1900 Jewellery: Aquamarine and diamond set pendant. £900-1000
440.    Hallmarked 18ct. Gold Jewellery: Three stone diamond 3 x .10 and teardrop crystal pendant 1¾ins. 8grams inclusive. £380-450
441.    Hallmarked Silver: Gold 9ct. 375 ladies choker box link gate pattern. Approx. 28grams. £300-350
441A.   Art Deco Diamond Jewellery: Elaborate drop pendant with pearl terminals, platinum set. £2800-3000
442.    Jewellery: German 10kt. gold bracelet commemorating the American gold rush set with two 5 dollar gold eagles 1881,1885 mounted and both surrounded with gold nuggets, oval centre boss with diamond shaped Jade inset, with two other small jade insets either side of the dollars, 86 grams inclusive. £1400-1600
443.    Yellow Metal test 9ct. Heavy link bracelet with padlock. Approx 37grams. £300-350
444.    Continental gold marked 750 and tested oval link bracelet. Approx. 15grams. £300-350
445.    Edwardian rose gold 9ct. 4 bar bracelet with padlock. Approx. 14grams. £140-160
446.    Jewellery: Yellow metal hollow knot bracelet, French eagle mark tests 18ct. Approx. 20grams. £250-300
447.    Jewellery: Yellow metal hollow body rope link bracelet marked 9c tests 9ct. Approx. 8grams. £70-90
448.    Hallmarked Gold: Aquamarine 13 and diamond 13 link bracelet, stamped 375. £350-400
449.    Ceylonese Jewellery: Ruby set brooch in a floral spray 32 stones, yellow metal, unmarked, test 9ct. gold. £300-500
450.    Jewellery: Etruscan style earrings set with black onyx and seed pearl earrings, yellow metal set stamped 9ct. £250-300
451.    20th cent. 9ct. marked and tested bracelet ten circles set with a Solar or Maltese Cross. Approx. 27grams. £270-300
452.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Bar brooch plus knot brooch stamped 9ct. (2) 3 grams inclusive. £25-30
453.    Early 20th cent. Yellow metal jewellery, seed pearls brooches x 2, plus hallmarked silver gilt flower brooch. (3). £30-50
454.    Hallmarked Gold: Tie pins 15k 2gms plus 9ct. Approx. 1.1gms. £20-30
455.    Early 20th cent Jewellery: Amethyst set brooch marked 9ct. plus another unmarked brooch x 2. Approx. 4grams. £25-30
456.    20th cent. Diamond & Opal Jewellery: Brooch/pin set with central opal surrounded by diamond cluster, yellow metal set marked 9ct. £80-120
457.    Hallmarked Silver: Gold ring brooch ruby (4) and cultured pearls (4) stamped 375. Approx. 3grams. £30-40
458.    c1900 Diamond Jewellery: Diamond set negligee bow brooch with two heart shaped drops citrine/brown Zircon. £250-300
459.    Early 20th cent. Jewellery: Gold stick pin in the form of as pierced & engraved monogram "CEB (?)". 4.4grams. £100-120
460.    20th cent. Jewellery: A Victorian gold & Pietra Dura oval brooch depicting a flower & leaf spray with forget me nots, Lilly of the Valley. £100-150
461.    Jewellery: Yellow metal and 2 diamond belt ring 0.05 x 2 stamped and tested 18ct. Approx. 4grams. £60-80
462.    Hallmarked Gold: 22ct. Wedding band x 2. 7grams. £140-180
463.    Hallmarked Gold: 22ct. Heavy D shape wedding band. 6.8grams. £150-180
464.    Gold Jewellery: 9ct. Bar brooch set with a red stone, 9ct. bar tie pin, unmarked tie pin set with a red stone. 4 grams inclusive. £30-40
465.    Art Deco Jewellery: Geometric brooch with green & white stones, white metal setting, test silver. £60-70
466.    20th cent. Jewellery: A Victorian gold. foil-backed quartz & bead round glazed locket back pendant. £120-150
467.    Hallmarked Silver: G. Watling studio jewellery ring, heavy pebble pattern, wide shank, London 18grams. £40-50
468.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Georgian ring set with a yellow cabouchon stone possibly yellow tourmaline plus unmarked wedding bands 14ct. 2.9grams inclusive. £80-100
469.    19th cent. Florentine embossed cameo with letter from Sherkmans of London, dated 1972 stating they have 'added a 9ct. (hallmarked) ring to stiffen the outer band and have not altered the embossing in anyway, retaining the cameo in its original setting' signed A.J. Morgan P.M.A. £300-400
470.    Jewellery: Yellow and white metal wire link fob chain with pencil attached, bar stamped 9ct chain tests 9ct. Approx. 14grams. Plus 3 yellow metal studs. £100-120
471.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Ladies wedding ring, gold chain (with import mark) and simulated pearl drop, one other gold chain (9.3grams). Plus a yellow metal chain & crucifix, a coin pendant mount marked silver, a silver ring with a 9k gold outer band with mounted blue & white stones. (6). £100-120
472.    Jewellery: 19th cent. 'Grand Tour' white metal lava stone bracelet consisting of cameo set in yellow metal.
473.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Engraved mother of pearl gaming counters/tokens. Fish x 4, ovals x 8, rectangular x 3 plus bone fish & 4 others. (Total 21). £40-80
474.    Costume Jewellery: Paste metamorphic brooch, earrings set in white metal. (2). £20-25
475.    Jewellery: Pearl necklaces, cultured baroque and 1 graduated, both with 9ct. clasps. £150-200
476.    Costume Jewellery: Earrings, yellow metal butterflies, ceramic flowers, amethyst set cabochons. Approx. 8 pairs. (Tray not included).
477.    Jewellery: Simulated pearl necklace, clasp marked 375 set with marcasite and a single pearl x 1 other.
478.    Costume & Designer Jewellery: Brooches including micro mosaic x 2, Edwardian silver (3), Thos Mott crinoline brooch, Charles Horner, enamel tortoise - designer brooches. Total 12 plus 2 pendants. £50-80
479.    19th cent. Pink enamel patch box, probably Bilston, hinge and clasp in good order, oval, Watteau style design on cover. £50-80
480.    19th/20th cent. Grand Tour miniature portraits on ivorine, Lord Nelson and Lady Hamilton signed "Marring" top right in oval Boule work frames 4ins x 3ins - a pair. £200-300
481.    19th cent. Brass desk inkwell, pierced floral base, twisted glass inkwell (damage to base corners), mandarin hat still top. £20-30
482.    Pens: Parker Royal Wedding limited edition commemorative fountain pen, gilt bark design, boxed with paperwork No 0218. £200-250
483.    Pens: Osmiroid 65, Sheaffer Le Black, & a Conway 93 pens (3). £20-30
484.    Pens & Pencils: Sterling silver art deco Yard-o-led propelling pencil. £25-30
485.    Hallmarked Silver: Mid Somerset musical competition medallions x 5. 2½ozs. £20-30
486.    Hallmarked Silver: RAOB jewels 3oz (2 Chester plus 1 Birmingham), Salisbury Plain Lodge No 7309 (with ribbons) to HW, WJ, HE Dobson including a silver gilt jewel, a RAOB lapel badge plus a pair of cufflinks (5). £30-40
487.    Silver gilt pendent and chain "True Love Pendant" Red Cross first aid medal, St Johns Ambulance pendant and blood donor badges. £25-35
488.    Gold Coins: ½ Sovereign 1926 George V with 9ct pendent mount. £100-120
489.    Gold Coins: ½ Sovereign 1926 George V with 9ct pendent mount. £100-120
490.    Gold Coins: ½ Sovereign 1926 George V with 9ct pendent mount.
491.    Gold Coin: Victoria £5 1887 Jubilee issue 39.9gms. (approx). £900-1200
492.    Coins: Royal Mint proof Elizabeth II 500th anniversary of the first gold sovereign 1489-1989 four coin collection 67.89grams. £1800-2200
493.    Coins: Proof $100 Jamaican gold coin 11.3grams of .900 gold. £200-300
494.    Coins: Boxed 1980 proof Elizabeth II half sovereign. £125-180
495.    Coins: Boxed 1987 proof Elizabeth II half sovereign. £125-180
496.    Coins: Boxed 1990 Royal Mint proof Elizabeth II gold sovereign. £250-300
497.    Coins: Boxed 1991 Royal Mint proof Elizabeth II gold sovereign. £250-300
498.    Coins: Royal Mint proof 1987 Britannia Elizabeth II set of four coins £100, £50, £25 and £10. 63grams. £1600-2000
499.    Coins: Royal Mint proof 1988 Britannia Elizabeth II set of four coins £100, £50, £25 and £10. 63grams. £1600-2000
500.    Coins: Boxed 1988 Royal Mint proof gold sovereign. £250-300
500A.   Coins: Gold Royal Mint proof coins Elizabeth II 1980 sovereign. £240-280
500B.   Coins: Gold Royal Mint proof coins Elizabeth II 1978 sovereign. £240-280
500C.   Coins: Gold Royal Mint proof coins Elizabeth II 1980 half sovereign. £125-150
500D.   Coins: Gold Royal Mint proof coins Elizabeth II 1980 half sovereign. £125-150
501.    Coins: Boxed 1979 Royal Mint proof Elizabeth II sovereign. £250-300
502.    Coins: Boxed 1981 Royal Mint proof Elizabeth II gold sovereign. £250-300
503.    Coins: Boxed 1980 Royal Mint proof Elizabeth II gold sovereign. £250-300
503A.   Coins: Royal Mint UK Queen Elizabeth II gold proof sovereign Pistrucci collection £5, ½, whole, double sovereign & a gilt medallion. 67.89 grams gold, 28.28grams silver. £1600-2000
504.    Coins: Silver proof crowns (2) 70grams, Turks and Caicos silver ten crown, Bahamas silver Prince Charles 45grams ten dollar, Royal Wedding 1981 ten dollar and five shillings. £60-100
505.    Coins: Royal Mint 1984-1987 boxed £1 silver proof collection. £60-100
506.    Coinage: Hallmarked silver commemorative to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the destruction of the Spanish Armada. Medal No 0339 of limited edition of 1580, cased plus a silver proof D-Day commemorative fifty pence coin 1944-1994, cased. £25-30
507.    Numismatic Coins: London mint "Millionaires Collection" silver reproductions 92.5 silver gold plated, Angel Richard III 14gms, Florin Edward III 14gms, five Guinea's George III 20gms, five Guinea's II 20gms, Penny Henry III 14gms, £1 Elizabeth 20gms, Military Guinea George III 14gms, All with fact sheets. (7). £70-100
508.    20th cent. Mirrors: Oval mirror in a cream frame & gilt decoration 29ins and a rectangular mirror in a gilt frame 39¾ins. x 12ins. (2). £40-60
509.    20th cent. Selection of oils, watercolour, prints, including, interiors, portraits, maps, woolwork etc. Approx. 14. £40-60
510.    George Hitchcock lithoprint "Dutch Girl Selling Flower". Framed and glazed 48ins. x 24ins. Plus 20th cent. oil on canvas Woodland River study. Framed 30ins. x 24ins. £30-40
511.    20th cent. Fijian painting of fish signed Voni 152/600 12ins x 9ins. Plus a colour photo of Concorde landing for the last time 11ins. x 7ins. £20-40
512.    Prints: Pears "Bubbles" 18ins. x 28ins. & "Cherry Pipe" 18ins. x 28ins. Framed & glazed. £30-40
513.    Paintings: 19th cent. Primitive, possibly Russian school, oil on canvas winter scene & frozen lake. Gilt frame 17ins. x 13¾ins. £50-80
514.    English School: Oil on canvas naive study of a farm house, framed 11ins x 8ins. £20-30
515.    20th cent. Oil on canvas "Passengers onboard Ship", unframed 36ins. x 30ins. £20-30
516.    Prints: "Kitty's Breakfast" oilagraph 9½ins x 14½ins, ornate gilt frame, flower studies 2ins x 3ins x 4, pine framed and glazed, studies of Malta x 6 framed and glazed 8ins x 6ins and a Richard Britten print "A study of cattle by a stream". £30-40
517.    20th cent. Paintings & Prints: Corfe Castle, houses, portrait of a lady (oil on board/canvases) plus a selection of prints including views of the Seine in flood, 19th cent. Clippers East Indian Trading Company. (6) A box. £20-30
518.    Elizabeth Scott-Moore 1902-1993: Watercolours "The Pink Farmhouse", Lyne in Surrey 18ins. x 28ins. including frame, still life "Floral Study" 23ins. x 19ins. including frame. Both signed lower right plus 1 other. £150-200
519.    Eric Sturgeon signed print of "Trowbridge", limited edition of 364/1000. Framed and glazed 23½ins. x 17ins. Signed lower right.

520.    David Shepherd print Tahili Fort Buraimi, framed and glazed 24ins. x 17ins. £20-40
521.    Pre-war map of Arabia with Egypt, Nubia and Abyssinia. Framed and glazed. 15ins. x 13ins. £20-40
522.    Prints: West Country views "Chippenham Railway" 12ins x 8½ins, "The Avon and The Railway near Bath" 11ins x 8¼ins. plus "St James Bridge and Station Bath" 16½ins x 11½ins. All framed and glazed. £50-80
523.    Posters: The S.F. Cody of Texas war kite poster printed by Allen and Son Ltd Belfast. Framed and glazed 20ins x 30ins. £20-30
524.    19th cent. Mahogany framed and domed topped wall mirror 27ins x 77ins. £80-100
525.    John Bampfield oil on canvas "Sailing Ships at Anchor" signed lower left, unframed 40ins x 30ins. £80-120
526.    Prints: William Russell Flint limited edition print "Reclining Nude" multi layered skirt, 115/850, framed and glazed 19½ins. x 13½ins. plus a collectors limited edition book 515/1500 "A comparative review of the artist's signed limited edition prints" Gardiner & Clark 1986. Boxed. (2). £80-100
527.    M.H. Willmott oil on paper 'Clipper Ship at Sea', signed lower right 1945. 17ins. x 10ins. £30-50
528.    Paintings: Three studies of 'sailing ships in an estuary' watercolour, indistinct signature lower left. Framed and glazed 10¾ins. x 14¾ins. (3). £60-80
529.    William Henry Harford watercolour "Tudor Reveller's in a Banqueting Hall", signed lower right. Framed and glazed 10ins x 14ins. £80-120
530.    Hiroshi Tagami Acrylic Impasto on canvas "Some Showers" Jan 83 # 3066, signed front L.L. Inscribed verso. Framed 18ins. x 12ins. £250-300
531.    Continental school: Voorscher, oil on canvas 'Parisian Street Scene' signed lower right. 37ins. x 21ins. £50-80
532.    19th cent. English School: "Smugglers and Shipwreck in Stormy Seas", monogrammed WNH 1858. 14ins. x 22ins. £300-500
533.    Andrew Beer: Oil on canvas, a study in greys of a coastal setting with boats and figures, signed lower right. Framed 17ins. x 12ins. £100-150
534.    Andrew Beer: Oil on canvas, a study in greys of a rural setting, signed lower left. Framed 17½ins. x 12ins. £100-150
535.    19th cent. Woolwork: "A Boy & His Dog", worked by Grandmother Palmer (nee Kent) of Denmead near Portsmouth. £40-60
536.    Baxter Print: "Copper Your Honour", published August 10th 1853 by George Baxter, London printed right hand corner, framed and glazed 4ins. x 6ins. plus "The Chimney Sweep", published September 1st 1853 by George Baxter right hand corner, framed and glazed 4ins. x 6ins. £80-120
537.    English School pastel study of a foal, unsigned 16ins x 20ins. £50-80
538.    Stephen Ward British 1912-1963: Artist, osteopath, playboy and central figure in the Profumo Affair, one of the major political scandals of the 1960's. A pencil portrait of Michael Whittaker, 1960s Mayfair modelling agent, signed and dated lower right Stephen Ward, Brighton 62. 10ins. x 14ins. in mount and maple frame. 16ins. x 20ins. Provenance: Given to the present owner's mother a model on Mr Whittaker's books. £300-500
539.    Roy Perry 1935-1993 Watercolour "Receding Floods, Sturminster" signed lower left, framed and glazed 31ins x 20ins. £150-250
540.    John Horsburgh, Edinburgh 1863-1899: Canvas portraits of a Lady and Gentleman, signed lower left "Horsburgh. Edin R. 1890", unframed, 25ins x 30ins (2). £300-350
541.    Ellis Family Archive: 19th cent. Pastel in detail of young lady in Renaissance style. Oval gilt frame 14¼ins. x 11¾ins.
542.    Gustav Klimt prints "A Young Lady" framed and glazed 6¼ins. x 52ins. £15-20
543.    P. Sykes: Impasto Oil on board "Near Hackness". 23ins. x 20ins. £30-50
544.    H. Merritt: 19th cent. Oil on canvas 'River Study' signed. Gilt framed 20ins. x 15ins. £80-120
545.    Carpets: 20th cent. Green ground Chinese style carpet, maroon & white borders, 2 canted corners to double cartouche. 119ins. x 160ins. (Wear by a door). £60-80
546.    Rugs: Hand knotted Kayseri rug from Turkey. Blue ground, central single medallion in a temple garden with canted corners, 2 guard borders, strong in blues, reds, greens and ivory, refreshed with white, 84ins with fringes, 52ins wide. £100-150
547.    19th cent. Oak corner cupboard. 27½ins. x 41ins. x 16ins.
548.    18th cent. Welsh oak secretaire cupboard. The twin doors opening to reveal 9 graduated storage drawers with 3 removable slides, the base has 4 long drawers, the top drawer front drops top reveal 8 storage compartments with 2 short & 1 long drawers, beneath 4 long drawers. The whole on bracket feet. W106ins. x D54ins. x H203ins. £400-600
549.    19th cent. Oak wall mounted corner cupboard with shaped shelving. £40-60
550.    20th cent. Hardwood book shelves (3 shelves) - a pair.
551.    19th cent. Bow fronted sideboard, 2 central drawers, flanked by cupboard. £30-50
552.    20th cent. Oak next of 3 tables plus a refectory style coffee table. £30-50
553.    20th cent. Designer coffee table chromed tubular legs, curved magazine shelf surmounted by a plate glass top 2ins x 2ins x 23½ins.
554.    Late 19th/Early 20th cent. Ceylonese hardwood ladies and gentleman's carver chairs made by H. Don Carolis and Sons Colombo, turned front, sabre back supports, cane seated (2) plus a Victorian bobbin turned cricket table and a small table(2). 4 items in total. £60-80
555.    20th cent. Pine 2 tier wash stand with single drawer, 2 tier side table with turned supports, stick back elm seated chair, child's chair, and a pine spice rack with 6 ceramic spice drawers. £60-80
556.    20th cent. Yew wood side cupboard, 2 drawers over a twin door cupboard. 39ins. x 34ins. x 15ins. and a TV/Music/Video/DVD cabinet on turned supports. 35ins. x 47ins. x 20ins. £40-60
557.    19th cent. Mahogany drop leaf table on turned supports. 35ins. x 29ins. x 19ins. £20-40
558.    20th cent. Hardwood extending table on twin pedestals with 6 matching chairs. Closed 70ins. x 41ins. Extended 90ins.

559.    19th cent. Mahogany serpentine sided table, ebony & boxwood feather banding on slender supports rising off pad feet, 29ins. square x 27½ins. height. £40-60
560.    20th cent. Octagonal occasional table in mahogany, plus a Benares style brass table and base. £20-40
561.    20th cent. Hardwood seed tray on metal stand. £50-80
562.    20th cent. Hardwood folding tables Chinese carved tops - a pair. £15-20
563.    19th cent. Mahogany dining table with 2 leaves on elegant serpentine supports with wind-out mechanism. £120-180
564.    20th cent. Designer "Kettal of Barcelona" cast iron upholstered boardroom chairs, splayed legs, 3 feathers design backs, stamped with makers mark plus "design-AL", 1 carver plus 11 (1 missing paddle back piece) 12 in total. £180-200
565.    20th cent. Scandinavian design dining suite. Table 54ins. x 29ins. x 30ins, sideboard 49ins. x 34ins. x 18½ins. with 2 drawers over a twin door cupboard plus 4 chairs, bar backed with drop in seats.
566.    20th cent. Mahogany bookcase with glazed doors. 42ins. x 46ins. x 10½ins.
567.    20th cent. Mahogany reproduction dining chairs, 2 carvers and 6 chairs. £60-80
568.    19th cent. Walnut brass bound writing slope. £20-30
569.    19th cent. Mahogany foot stool, woolwork covered upholstered (rose pattern) rising off 4 bun feet. £20-30
570.    20th cent. Oak dining chairs (4), leather seats & backs. £40-60
571.    20th cent. Mahogany single beds with "Waring and Gillow" label, complete with irons, a pair. £50-80
572.    20th cent. Button back tub chair. £30-50
573.    20th cent. Pine carpenters tool box with carrying handles 33ins x 19ins x 31ins. £50-80
574.    19th cent. Pine wall mounted cupboard single door with drawer below. £20-30
575.    19th cent. Dwarf mahogany gateleg table with turned supports. £50-80
576.    18th cent. Oak low boy, peg jointed, 3 drawer, shaped aprons, square supports with rounded corners. £150-200
577.    19th cent. Hardwood side table with single cock beaded drawer on chambered supports 32ins x 28ins x 17ins. £80-100
578.    19th cent. Mahogany pot cupboard on tapering supports 14ins x 29ins x 14ins. £50-80
579.    19th cent. Walnut torchere on single barley twist support. £50-80
580.    19th cent. Mahogany drop leaf table on square supports. 40ins. x 29ins. x 16½ins. closed.
581.    19th cent. Mahogany bow front chest of 3 drawers of delicate proportions. 41ins. x 33ins. x 21ins. £50-80
582.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany pot cupboard on slender supports. £30-50
583.    20th cent. Oak court cupboard. £30-50
584.    Early 20th cent. Oak Jacobean style dining suite comprising of an extending draw leaf table on substantial bulbous supports, matching court cupboard, bookcase and four dining chairs. £300-500
585.    Period oak coffer with later additions, the front panel with stylised decoration and dated 1732. £100-150
586.    21st. cent. Upholstered sofa footstool in creams on carved supports & brass castors. 50ins. x 26ins. x 16ins. £40-60
587.    19th cent. Painted pine French "Armoire" 41ins x 77ins x 21ins. £80-100
588.    19th cent. Circular top table, single column on three splayed supports. 38½ins. dia. £100-150
589.    19th cent. Mahogany Tilt Top Table, tripod supports with arrange of fruit decorating each support (pear, plum and apple) rising off scroll feet. £100-150
590.    19th cent. Mahogany cock beaded four drawer bureau, fitted interior on bracket supports. £100-150
591.    19th cent. Mahogany chest of drawers, 3 long over 2 short, turned handles & bun feet. £80-120
592.    20th cent. Iron ornamental boot stand, scrollwork base & back with scraper. £25-30
593.    19th cent. Mahogany bar back chairs drop in upholstered seats turned front supports. £50-70
594.    20th cent. Walnut cased Harpsichord by Arnold Dolmetsch No 758, 3 pedals. £400-600
595.    19th cent. Mahogany "Lyre" back dining chairs with Fleur de Lys motif, upholstered seats, squared chamfered supports and includes 1 carver (4 in total). £150-250
596.    19th cent. Mahogany D end dining table with one leaf. £300-350
597.    20th cent. Plate: Viners 2 branch candelabra with organic decoration on faceted support, circular base. 13ins. £30-50
598.    19th cent. Beech Carolean style child's metamorphic high chair, rattan seat and back, carved back & foot rail on turned supports. £80-120
599.    19th cent. Mahogany ballroom back dining chairs with upholstered seats x 6, turned front supports, impressed initials J.D.M. £250-350
600.    20th cent. Plate: Candelabra two branch twist arms, reeded support on oval base 16ins. £30-50
601.    19th cent. Mahogany and satinwood card table, ebony satinwood banded inlay square tapering supports 36ins x 30ins x 17ins. £120-180
602.    19th cent. French Japy Freres wall clock, gilt cast body, enamel faced, Roman & Arabic numerals, chiming on a gong. Height approx. 30ins. £300-500
603.    20th cent. Chinoiserie table clock case, green & gilt decoration minus movement. £20-30
604.    20th cent. Oak banjo barometer with thermometer. £20-30
605.    20th cent. Oak cased wall clock 5½ins diameter dial. £20-40
606.    Clocks: Mahogany cased Garrard wall clock with new dial (plus 1 old) serial No 539690 £50-80
607.    Clocks: Mahogany cased Garrard wall clock serial No T3127. £50-80
608.    Clocks: Wall mounted mahogany cased regulator clock. £100-150
609.    Early 18th cent. Brass lantern clock, gong striking, Walter Archer. The frame of cruciform style, dolphin frets, iron top & base plate, anchor (possibly replacement) escapement with long pendulum, single hand dial engraved floral motifs. The chapter ring extends beyond the frame and is signed Walter Archer 1696-1740, Stow on the Wold Glos with wall bracket and 1991 valuation Michael & Judith Avis. £2500-3000
610.    18th cent. Longcase clock, with later carving on the case. The movement has brass dial with silvered chapter ring by Nathaniel Brown Manchester 1750 - 1800. £200-300
611.    Clocks: Oak wall clock Ansonia, Gothic style with glass printed door. £20-25
612.    Spode: c1820s graduated serving plates (3), "Bang Up" design No 2881, sizes 14½ions, 12½ins and 11¼ins. The 11¼ins plate has a staple repair and a large chip to the rim. All with canted corners. £50-70
613.    20th cent. Ceramics: Villeroy and Boch Schramberg Majolica sunflower plate/charger plus a second charger decorated with poppies, and a Portmeirion botanic garden dish boxed. £30-35
614.    Early 20th cent. Oak dresser & rack in an 18th century style, with split baluster and turned column supports, 2 drawers above an open recess. The rack shelved and flanked by 2 cupboards. 60ins. x 76ins. x 21ins. £150-250
615.    Early 19th cent. Hardwood and bone inlaid sacristy/reliquary cupboard, possibly south European origin 2 short, 1 long drawer over a single cupboard, the central panel with Christian symbols, the whole with matching decoration 28ins x 27ins x 10ins plus key. £200-300
616.    Late 19th cent. Asian hardwood folding chair, cresting rail heavily carved with opposing elephants, the sides and stretchers decorated with intricate foliate designs, rush seated 29ins x 29ins x 15ins when open. £60-80
617.    Interior Design: 19th cent. Thai/Burmese hardwood roof supports in the form of running dragon dogs, possibly original faded green paint, 48ins x 11½ins x 4ins. (Total 4). £200-300
618.    19th cent. Art Deco: Glass window panels coloured and clear in 2 sizes 18ins x 12ins (4), 16ins x 12ins (2) in frames, 6 in total. £100-150
619.    Early 20th Oak Carolean style dresser, the base has two drawers and pot cupboard on turned supports. Closed rack of three shelves with dentil frieze. £130-150
620.    19th cent. Good mahogany bookcase of large proportions. Two doors containing 48 glass panels with dental freeze, beaded decoration on shaped bracket supports. 77ins. x 78ins. x 17ins. £700-1000
621.    19th cent Figured mahogany linen press, two over 3 drawers on shaped brackets, the upper cupboard two doors with five sliders. £150-200
622.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 tier tea table with single column, gadrooned decoration, the whole rising of 3 pointed paw feet 36ins tall x 23ins diameter at widest point. £80-120
623.    20th cent. Honey oak 2 handled tray with single bar gallery 23ins x 15ins and a walkingstick. £20-30
624.    George III oval mahogany drop leaf dining table with boxwood inlay on tapering supports. 48ins. x 69ins. £250-350
625.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 tier circular tea table, single pedestal/column. The whole rising of paw feet. £50-70
626.    19th cent. Mahogany balloon back dining chairs on sabre back supports and turned front supports, set of 6. £200-250
627.    Regency birds eye maple card table, with ebony and inlay inset panels, blue baize inner on four column support. 35ins. x 29ins. x 19ins. £200-250
628.    19th cent. Oak Glastonbury chair, plain form. £100-150
629.    Early 20th cent. Oak coal box, embellished with brass fittings with original shovel. £30-50
630.    19th cent. Walnut card table, swivel top, replacement red baize, carved & turned supports & stretcher. The whole on ceramic castors. £90-120
631.    Early 20th cent. "J.A.S. Shoolbred" and Co Ltd, ladies desk with leather skiver, top box desk tidy and stationary holder, the front with egg and tongue decoration matching the single front drawer square reeded tapering supports rising off spade feet 24ins x 24ins 18ins. £200-300