Auction of Studio Antiques, Collectables and Paintings
on Saturday 19th August 2017

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1.      Lighting: Kaiser lamps white & gilt with shades 15ins. £20-30
2.      20th cent. Toilet/Dressing Table Items: Brush sets, trinket boxes, manicure set - boxed, travelling toilet set, etc. £30-50
3.      Pastimes & Leisure: Sewing equipment including buttons, some military, silks, cottons, press studs, needles, pins, etc. Contained in a variety of tins, sewing basket & a small treen sewing box with drawer. (A large quantity of 2 Boxes). £40-60
4.      20th cent. Table Linen: Hand made table cloths, napkins, lace work etc. £30-40
5.      Lace: 19th cent. Collars, apron, furniture covers, silk & cotton handkerchiefs, a large black stole with finger less gloves, BOA feathers, napkins, unworn Morley calf leather gloves. etc. £20-30
7.      20th cent. Ceramics: Worcester, Grindley, Crown Staffs, cups and saucers, plates, jugs, sugar bowls. 4 Boxes. £35-45
8.      Carpentry: Four treen joiner's clamps, 1 free standing. £30-40
9.      Agricultural Bygones: Early 20th cent. work horse tack including harness, collars and saddle. £60-80
10.     20th cent. Ceramics: Denby teapot, Sadler's teapot, Minton plates and dish, Woods and Crown Devon flower trough, Crown Devon pin tray, Leeds sprays, dishes, plates and a Masons pin tray. 2 Boxes. £40-60
11.     Travel: Early 20th cent. Suitcases, week-end and larger, some leather. (7) £50-70
12.     Travel: Samsonite brown leather vanity case, a black vanity case, red leather case and a cream weekend case plus 2 brown attaché cases. (6) £40-60
13.     20th cent. Travel Trunks by 'Watajoy", metal bound x 2 plus a tin trunk & two steamer trunks. (6 in total).
14.     Jewellery Boxes: Treen and leather, some fitted. (7). £20-30
15.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Cotswolds" part tea set, collectors plates, sterling Toby Jugs, Ewenny Pottery commemorative mug, Shorter jug plus meat plates etc (2 x boxes). £35-40
16.     20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Sundance" dinner china - meat oval 16ins, tureen and covers x 3, open serving dishes x 3, gravy boat, sauce pot x 3, soup bowl x 8, dessert bowl x 8, plates 8 x 10ins, 17 x 6½ins, 8 x 8ins.
17.     Glass & Plated Ware: Wine, sherry glasses, some in sets plus 2 plated salts, ink bottles and a 12 piece dessert set - boxed. £30-40
18.     20th cent. Ceramics: Comfort dogs, figures, decanter in the form of a monk, Collectors' houses, jugs, Royal Worcester egg coddlers, Sadler's trinket pot, egg cups, perfume bottles, preserve pot, candle holders, etc. (2 Boxes). £30-50
19.     20th cent. Ceramics: Spode, Aynsley, etc. - cups, saucers, plates, meat ovals, oblong ceramics trays,. etc. (2 Trays). £20-30
20.     20th cent. Plateware: Decanter holders, jugs, goblets, condiments plus a treen cutlery tray - a pair. £40-50
21.     20th cent. Ceramics: Minton wash bowl, Crown Devon chamber pot, cream wash bowl, jug and chamber pot, 2 stone hot water bottles and a slipper pan. £30-40
22.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood etc. cups, saucers, plates, jugs, Empire part tea set, etc. (2 Boxes). £20-30
23.     20th cent. & later Perfume atomizers. Approx. 70. (1 Box).
24.     20th cent. Glassware: Cake cover and stand, Commemorative dish 1937, vases, bowls etc. £20-25
25.     19th cent. Ceramics: Cork Edge and Malkin, Singa mug, Staffordshire black & white spaniel dogs in a sitting pose, gilt collar with padlock, separated legs - a pair. Plus late 19th early 20th cent. Burmese pattern, commemorative plates, vases, jugs, jardiniere, etc.
26.     Metalware: Brass & copper jugs, Samovar's brass box, gong, etc. £30-40
27.     Brass and Copper Plated Ware: Candlesticks, goblets, foot-warmer, trays, letter rack, bell etc. (1 box). £20-30
28.     19th cent. and later Kitchenalia: Copper and Brass Ware: Including coal bucket, pans, preserving pan, etc. Approx 12 items. £60-100
29.     Art style Early 20th cent. Copper and brass Samovar 18ins. £40-45
30.     20th cent. Plate: Advertising teapot from Pulteney Hotel Bath, British Airways, Gainsborough gallery drinks tray, punch bowl with repose organic decoration 12ins. £50-60
31.     Rustic: 18th cent. Oak knife box, a 20th cent. Oriental floral decorated brass jardiniere, etc. (4). £30-50
32.     Late 19th/early 20th cent. Copper and Brassware: Assorted brass saucepans x 6, copper saucepan and cover, copper kettle, coal hod, a pressure lamp made by John Gillman, plus horse brass. £40-60
33.     20th cent. Plate: Teapot, rose bowls, Walker & Hall tankards, candle holders, trays and salvers, goblets, vases. (4 Trays). £50-70
34.     20th cent. Flatware: Spoons, knives, forks, cake slice, tablespoons, fish knives, Mappin & Webb fish servers - cased, teaspoons - cased. (2 Trays). £40-50
35.     19th cent. Brass & iron fireside fender 32ins. x 18ins. and an ember box guard. £50-60
36.     19th cent. Brassware: Art and crafts ornate fireside fender, 55ins.
37.     Metalware: Brass fender 52ins. plus a set of fire irons and a trivet. £40-60
38.     20th cent. Collectable: The Leonardo Collection "On the Seashore", "Christmas Wishing", "Casting Companions", "Playing Mother", "Tales of Honeysuckle Hill" figures. Plus The James Herriot Collection "Kitten Capers", "Naturecraft Feathered Friends". £20-25
39.     20th cent Treen: Includes Offertory boxes, turned bowls, biscuit barrel, carved elephants, bowls, gavel & block, students' pencil case, turned jar Butlers' tray, etc. (1 Box). £50-60
40.     19th & 20th cent. Boxes: Mahogany, oak, some inlaid with bone, enamel, painted, etc. (10). £30-50
41.     Tools: Record improved combination plane. £20-40
42.     19th cent. Ebony gentleman's sticks 34ins. & 37½ins. respectively plus a pair of treen shoe trees. (3). £20-30
43.     19th cent. Gilt brass door handles with cut glass fittings, circa 1850-70 - a pair. £30-50
44.     20th cent. Ceramics: Limoges Haviland part dinner service. Serving plates 20ins, 16½ins, 14ins and 2 x 11¾ins, 4 x 10ins plates, 11 x 10ins soup bowls and 2 gravy boats and saucers. £30-40
45.     Rugs: "Nahzat", faded red ground Afghan rug. 44ins. x 30ins. £50-70
46.     Rugs: "Nahzat", yellow ground Afghan rug. 50ins. x 32ins.
47.     Rugs: Iranian rug red ground 35ins x 64ins. Worn. £50-70
48.     Rugs: Iranian hand knotted blue ground rug full of colour slight damage 27ins. x 44ins. £80-100
49.     Rugs: Islamic rug, block built. 35ins. x 27ins. £50-70
50.     @21st cent. Rugs: Red ground Bokhara rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
51.     @21st cent. Rugs: Blue ground Keshan rug. 1.90 x 1.40. £50-80
52.     20th cent. Treen lazy Susan x 2, one with hors d'oeuvre dishes. Both 19ins. diameter.
53.     20th cent. Stationery: Letter racks, various woods, wall and desk mounted x 6. £30-50
54.     19th cent. Mahogany & oak work boxes. (3). £30-50
55.     Late 19th cent. Rosewood writing slope, brass inlay has some damage 20ins. x 10ins. £70-75
56.     20th cent. Ceramics: Foley ware jardiniere - biscuit glaze with floral decoration. £20-30
57.     20th cent. Ceramic figure of a dog 21ins. x 12ins. plus a figure of a dancer. £20-30
58.     20th cent. Oriental hardwood 4 drawer jewellery chest plus a Japanned 3 drawer cupboard jewellery cabinet. £30-50
59.     Late 19th early 20th cent. glass, coloured glass, stem glasses, sugar bowl and night light holders. £30-50
60.     19th cent. cent. Glassware: Green, brown, blue and clear glass, Christmas tree fairy lights. (8). £30-40
61.     20th cent. Glassware: Perfume bottles, some art deco style, cut glass hallmarked silver collar, 3 vases with hallmarked silver collars, bottle in the form of a conch shell, bevelled glass and gilt trinket box and a white metal Burmese perfume bottle. (Behind Mikes counter). £50-80
62.     19th/20th cent. Glassware/Ceramics: Cut glass biscuit barrel, retro vase and 6 Sundae glasses. Bourne Denby bulbous vase, green ground with vertical lines & dots. Black backstamp 9¼ins and a green ground ribbed vase 8ins. A George Clewse, Tunstall squat vase 7ins. Plus Shelley art deco drip ware horizontal green, fawn and brown stripe jug 8ins.

63.     20th cent. Glass: Retro assorted glass dishes in the form of a swan, 1 red, 1 orange, stylised green fish, Wedgwood glass paperweight plus two cane paperweights. £40-60
64.     Glassware: Cut glass table glasses; 4 brandy, 6 champagne, 6 wine & 6 misc tumblers. (22). £30-40
65.     Plated Ware: Cocktail shakers 8½ins, stirrers, Rostrict steel cups. £30-40
66.     Drinking Requisites: Wine coolers, one with Bacchus motif handles, cocktail twizzlers, bottle pourer, brass cantilever corkscrew, plus 6 others with glass soda syphons (wire mesh) (x 3)13¾ins.
67.     19th/20th cent. Brass horse ornaments on leather mounts. £20-40
68.     20th cent. Dinner and Tea Ware Eschenbach gold rim 14 x 14ins. 10 x 12ins. 11 x 9¾ins. 8 x 12ins. All ovals. 12 x 7¾ins. 8 x 6¾ins. All round. 12 x pudding bowls, 12 x saucers, 6 x cups, 2 x coffee pots, 1 x teapot, 2 x water jugs, 1 x milk jug, 3 x salts, 4 x candle sticks, 4 x table vases plus 3 x gravy boats. £80-100
69.     Continental Ceramics: Figure of a peasant fetching water, carrying a stick 21ins. Capo-di-monte figurine of a Tinker. The Juliana collection figurine of a girl plus Regency Fine Arts Henry VIII figure. (4). £35-40
70.     20th cent. Ceramics and Glassware: Flower arrangements by Radnor, Jon Anton, Burlington, Staffordshire, 1 x other glass pony. £30-35
71.     20th cent. Collectors Danbury Houses: "Fisherman's Cove", "Shillingham Sands", "St Peters Chapel", "Salters Quay", "Penmullion Lighthouse", "The Old Ship Inn". Cottages by David Winter include "Special for Christmas 1988", plus misc. a miniature cottage, teapots. (2 Trays). £40-45
72.     20th cent. Collectors Danbury Houses: "Smugglers Arms", "Rectory Farm", "The Anglers Inn", "The Wagon Inn", "School Days". Lilliput Lane - "Castell Coch", "Double Cottage", "Eilean Donan Castle". Cottage Crafts - "Underwood Tavern". Memory Lane Cottages - "Smugglers Cove". £45-50
73.     20th cent. Collectors Danbury Houses: Georgian Mansion 12ins on treen plinth with certificate. Harcourt Hall on treen plinth 12ins. Plus The Manor House on treen plinth with certificate (3 houses). £70-90
74.     Early 20th cent. Japanese eggshell 'Geisha' teaset, teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, 6 cups and saucers plus side plates. £20-30
75.     20th cent. Bakelite: Airtute Yelos barrel, tobacco jar, Seaforth coaster set, stoneware tobacco jars, ashtray, match holders plus cigarette boxes. £30-40
76.     Collectors Danbury Model: St Peter's Basilica the Vatican from the collection Historic Catholic Churches, the model stands on a treen plinth 12ins x 8ins approx with certificate of authenticity. Plus collectors' model houses and cottages Lilliput Lane "Bridge House" and "Milestone" 1988, 6 small world National Collection. Scotland Direct "Fire station", "The Book Shop", "Police House", "Milestones", "Tall Cottage", "Robert Burns Cottage" and "Donegal Cottage". Fraser Creations "Irish Cottage", Lilliput Lane "Wheyside Cottage" etc 32 approx, 2 trays (trays not included). £50-60
77.     20th cent. Ceramics: Simpsons Solian ware half tea set decorated with floral motif with gilt lace patterned border. Comprises of 6 cups, saucers & side plates, a cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl and teapot. £40-50
78.     20th cent. Retro glass: Vases, jugs, biscuit barrel, bowl with white metal rim, etc. (1 Tray). £30-50
79.     20th cent. Glassware: Jugs, bowls, vases, paperweights, etc. plus a chicken egg crock. £30-50
80.     20th cent. Ceramics: Door furniture, deco style bookends, treen tobacco jar in the form of a owl, letter openers, blotter and a decorated black circular tray, etc. £30-50
81.     Early 20th cent. Objects of Virtu: Brass table lighter, nut cracker in the form of a hound, Bully Beef can opener, misc. plate wine labels, plastic, treen and white metal napkin rings, glove stretchers, condiment spoons, knife rests. £40-50
82.     20th cent. Ceramics: Masons ginger jar, jugs x 2, 2 x pair of vases plus a single jar etc. £20-30
83.     Devon Motto Ware: Condiments, cream jugs, pin trays, etc. Plus 20th cent. Wedgwood "Hathaway Rose" trinket pots, pin trays, vases, bell, napkin ring, etc. £35-40
84.     20th cent. Trinket Boxes: Leonardo gilt/ceramic box, also gilt and enamel, Bakelite and treen, green metal cigarette case, a cigarette case and a gilt compact. £30-40
85.     Watches: Nina Evening watch set with coloured stones, Camy watch, Timex, Cassini, Junghans bedside clock in leather case, etc. £40-60
86.     Watches: Various mechanical and quartz wrist watches inc. Marvin, Timex, Dulux, Sekonda etc. (9) plus cigarette lighters, Ronson, Polo etc. (4) £50-60
87.     20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Colourless paste pendants, brooches, rings, crystal, marcasites contained in a cream leatherette box. £30-40
88.     Costume Jewellery: Turquoise filigree mounted brooches, earrings, a string of pearls, necklaces, thimbles, etc. £30-40
89.     Costume Jewellery: Buckles, coloured paste brooches, necklaces, bracelets, beads, etc. and a lined jewellery box. £30-50
90.     Costume Jewellery: Large quantity of beads and a bead stringer and knot tier, cased. £30-40
91.     Costume Jewellery: Beads, large quantity of necklaces. £40-50
92.     Costume Jewellery and Jewellery Boxes: Includes pendants, necklaces, rings, collar studs, bracelets, earrings, watches, etc. £30-50
93.     19th/20th cent Costume Jewellery: Glass and other bead necklaces, multicoloured. A large quantity. (Tray not included). £50-70
94.     20th cent. Plate & Glass: Miscellaneous condiments, blue glass liners plus a quantity of decanter stoppers. (1 tray but tray not included). £40-50
95.     Stamps: Russian 10 Kon (blue) strip of 4 and strip of 3 plus 15 Kon, 2 strips of 2, 4 single stamps (brown) all mint plus 2 x 1 Ruble notes. £45-65
96.     Edged Weapons: 17th cent. Rapier swords, 2 edge blades, 1 with cup guard, rope twist handle and iron rod bars, blade 41ins, overall 47ins. Second with wing cup guards and iron rod bars bound wire twist handle, blade 36ins, overall 43ins. Third with wooden handle and heavier iron bars, blade 35ins, overall 42ins. All pitted with rust (battle field find). Also includes a treen cruiciform handled dagger, blade forged in the furnace of Mark Rand, Paris to a design from Solingen, Germany. (4) £70-90
97.     Military Edge Weapons: Officers sword 1897 pattern with brown leather scabbard, Edward VII cipher. £120-180
98.     Edge Weapons: Japanese training Katana and a treen Bokken training stick; contained in a purpose made carrying case.
99.     Militaria: WWI British Army bayonet stamped Remington (RE) 1913 with original leather scabbard. £40-60
100.    Militaria: 3rd Reich SA dagger and scabbard, Haenel Suhl. 14ins. £200-300
101.    Militaria: 3rd Reich SS Man Dagger, scabbard and hanger. R2M M7/81 Karl Tiegal. £800-1200
102.    Militaria: 3rd Reich Kriegsmarine dagger and gilt scabbard, EF Horster of Solingen. £200-300
103.    Militaria: 3rd Reich second pattern Luftwaffe dagger and scabbard, Alcosa Solingen. 16¾ins. £200-300
104.    Militaria: 3rd Reich second pattern Luftwaffe dagger and scabbard, WMW Waffen. 16¾ins. £200-300
105.    Militaria: 3rd Reich army dagger and scabbard, AW Junior of Solingen. £200-300
106.    Military Cap Badges: Includes Wilts, SAS, CPC, North Staffs, Leinster, Edinburgh Universities Officers Training Corps, Bloemfontein Regt. (Machine Gun), Black Watch Royal Highland, Regiment of Canada, Glider (Pilot) Regiment, Army Cyclist Corps plus trade badges, signaller, pioneer, artificer, sniper. approx. 40 loose. £30-50
107.    Military & Other: A letter from military records informing Mrs L Pitt her husband was missing plus a photo of him. A NAAFI boxing medal, bronze medals one to F.J. Wheelar, the other to A.J. Robinson plus his Imperial Service Medal, a hallmarked silver Devizes A. A.A. medal, a Royal Armoured Corp cap badge and Red Cross Medals plus a WWI embroidered handkerchief. £30-60
108.    WWI Militaria: Prismatic compass ER Watts & Son 1915 No 8986 with bench mark plus a brown leather case & shoulder strap Gross Ltd Warsall 1915 with bench mark. £40-60
109.    Copper Ordnance/Scientific Equipment: Baird & Tatlock, Cross Street, Hatton Gardens, London. E.C. Lidded/airtight copper tube 10¾ins tall x 4¾ins. diameter. £40-60
110.    19th cent. Tinplate & Brass: Campaign writing & stationery box with inkwells & an oriental copper hand warmer. 14ins. x 6ins. x 10ins. £40-60
111.    RAF & Far East: Fascinating archive of photographs taken by William Wells, a serving member of the RAF during a tour of the Far East, March - September 1946. These include unpublished images of Hiroshima and Mountbattens Dakota and another album taken January 1946 shows India, Africa and Singapore. Plus a third album of numerous photos of RAF and USAF aircraft, etc. (6). £300-500
112.    Grafton China, ceramic figure of a WWI soldier 'Over the Top' Bath Coat of Arms. (AF). £20-30
113.    Military: Medal group to 244938 C.F. Pitt Cpl. RAF, RAF Long Service & Good Conduct (George V) India GSM with clasp N.W.F. 1935 War Medal 39-45 with oak leaf, mentioned in despatches and Defence Medal. £150-250
114.    Military: WWII Medal group to 5567138 HG Pitt 39-45 Star, Italy Star 39-45 War Medal & Defence Medal, CSM Palestine plus his service & pay book, release book, 2 letters from his wife & photos, postcards of him (5) Old Comrades Association. £70-90
115.    Military: A yellow metal sweetheart bar brooch for the RAF. £20-30
116.    Military: Princess Mary Christmas tin 1914. £20-30
117.    Military Trench Art: Spill vases made from empty German cartridge cases, inscribed 'Souvenir of France'. £20-30
118.    Militaria: World War II Royal Air Force group of five to Corporal C Batt of Axillary Air Force, 1939-45 Star, Africa Star, clasp North Africa 1942-43, Defence Medal, War Medal 1939-45, Air Efficiency Award (Cpl. C Batt 813145 Aux. A F) mounted for wearing with transmission slip and card cases of issue. £200-300
119.    Military: Sweetheart brooch in the shape of a leaf with a gold coloured banner "YPRES" plus a West Yorks cap badge. £30-50
120.    Edged Weapons: Gilt brass Japanese Menuki (sword) ornaments x 3. £70-100
121.    Militaria: Japanese invasion of Malaya in two volumes "Chop Suey" depicting in graphic detail the brutal nature of their occupation, illustrated by K Liu 1943. £80-120
122.    19th cent. Leather & brass powder flask and a Lee Enfield brass oil bottle. £30-50
123.    Tribal Art: 19th cent. Tribal spear and a colourful decorated tribal totem mask. £20-40
124.    Militaria: British Army Officers No 4 dress uniform complete with No 2 dress jacket. £40-60
125.    Military Cap Badges and Glengarrys: Includes Wilts, East Lancs, Paras, Eat Yorks, Argyll and Sutherland, Camerons etc. over 40. Framed and glazed. £30-50
126.    Military Cap Badges: Includes Royal Engineers, Berkshire, Buffs, Queens, Col Cyclists, Dragoons, Welch, Royal Artillery, over 60 in total. Framed and glazed. £30-50
127.    Military Cap Badges and Glengarry: Includes Wilts, Marines, Devons, POW, RA, SAS, Machine Gun Regiment, RWF etc. Approx. 50. Framed and glazed. £30-50
128.    Military Badges: Hampshire Regiment, good collection of cap badges, shoulder flashes, div. signs, some early examples. Framed and glazed plus some loose. £30-50
129.    Posters: Military Badges of the Great War 14-18 and Badges of World War II 39-45. £20-40
130.    Militaria: Post war German Kriegsmarine Officers greatcoat. £100-150
130A.   Militaria: Post war German Police Officers greatcoat. £100-150
131.    Cigarette Cards: Full sets - "RAF Badges" x 2, "Drum Banners & Cap Badges", "War Decorations & Medals". (4) £40-60
132.    Cigarette Cards: Full sets - J. Players "Modern Naval Craft", "Aircraft of The Royal Air Force". Wills - "Speed 1930", "Speed 1938", "Tom Thumb", "Britain's Maritime History". All framed and glazed with viewing window on reverse. (5) £40-60
133.    Cigarette Cards: Full sets - J. Players "History of Naval Dress" x 2, Coronation Series, "Military Uniform of The British Empire Overseas". (4) £40-60
134.    Fire Brigade: White helmet Bradford-on-Avon Station, possible a ceremonial helmet made in the 50s. £100-150
135.    Maritime: R.M.S. Titanic, White Star Line reproduction memorabilia - reprint photo of Titanic signed by Millvina Dean, a repro luncheon menu framed and glazed, Collector cards x 72, repro postcard, one signed by Millvina Dean and a hard bound book "Titanic from Rare Historical Reports" P. Boyd-Smith, etc. (1 Tray). £30-50
136.    Maritime Prints: Simon Fisher Aquitania departing New York, signed limited edition. Framed and glazed. £20-30
137.    Concorde: Limited edition print by Anthony Hansard "Concorde End of an Era" 830/1950, signed by the artist and pilot Captain Jock Lowe. Framed and glazed.
138.    Maritime: A ships bell unmarked, phosphor bronze. Diameter 13ins. x 12ins high. £100-150
139.    Railways: Carriage instruction plates, train plates, discs, wagon tickets, travel tickets plus telegrams requesting trains goods, etc. £30-50
140.    Railways: Buttons, uniform badges, (Porter, Guard, Signal Man, London Transport), etc. £20-30
141.    Railwayania: 1980s British Rail enamelled metal armbands with leather straps "Person I.C. Work" x 2; plus "C.O.S.S." (Controller of Site Safety). (3). £30-40
142.    Automobile Badges: Badges for Triumph, Bristol, MGI Bath (Buses), A.E.C, 2000GT, Morris, Toledo TS, Range Rover, MGB, Wolseleys, Motorman, Morris 1000, etc. Plus lapel badges and an A.A. badge No 0595313. £25-35
143.    Motoring: A 1920s Motorluxe motoring blanket, faux fur with black triangular cloth badge, signs of wear commensurate with age 46ins. x 65ins. (approx). Property of Madge Cann ne Priscott one of the first ladies to drive around Brooklands. £70-100
144.    Books: "The History of the Reign of the Emperor Charles V" in three volumes, London 1759. £60-100
145.    Books: "The American Commonwealth" printed 1888 Mac Millan and Co. Three volumes. £80-120
146.    Children's Books: Juliana Horatia Ewing - Dandelion Clock, Jackanapes, plus Bio Horatia K.F. Gatty - Juliana Horatia Ewing. All playworn. £20-30
147.    Books: "Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte" in four volumes, "London, or Interesting Memorials" in two volumes 1823, "Memoirs of George II Horace Walpole" volume one 1847, etc. (11). £40-70
148.    Books: "Cromwell's Letters and Speeches" volumes 1-4 1850 3rd edition. £60-100
149.    Books: Military "Regimental Heritage" a history of the royal artillery with many illustrations. £30-50
150.    1970s Magazine - OZ, 1972, no's. 36, 38, 39, 42, 44 complete, no. 41 minus front and back cover. (6) £30-50
151.    Books -Railway: Includes "British Steam Since 1900-", "Railway Posters", "Railway Liveries", "Rule Books", Hand Books, Time Tables, NUF Books, etc. (2 Boxes). £30-50
152.    Books - Railway: Includes "The London North Western Railway", "LSWR", "Railwayana", "The Easing Wood Railway", "The Elan Valley Railway", "London & Midland Steam", etc plus copies of British Railway Journal. (3 Boxes). £30-50
153.    Books: Ladybird includes "Billy Goats Gruff", "The Weather", "Telling the Time", "Knitting", etc 23 books. Beatrix Potter, "The World of Peter Rabbit", 3 sets boxed. "Toys from The Tales of Beatrix Potter" by Margaret Hutchings, published by Mills and Boon Ltd, "My First Year, Beatrix Potter baby book", published F. Warne & Co, "Tale of Squirrel Nutkin", book and tape, "The Susan Witting Alert", "The Tale of Hill Top Farm", "The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter", "The Fairy Caravan by Beatrix Potter", published F. Warne, "The Miniature World of Peter Rabbit", boxed with a framed photo of Miss Potter (Mrs W. Heelis) plus Royal Mail "The Story of Beatrix Potter stamp book". £30-40
154.    Scientific Instruments for the Blind: Brailler, A Perkins designed by David Abraham USA, an E471 Braille machine x 2, an E471 x 2, Brailler machine Stainsby F model short x 2, a Glalister No 7326, Stainsby Brailler stenographers writer ( cased items) plus various instruction booklets. £40-60
155.    Architectural Collectables: Thomas Glover and Co 20th cent. Patent gas meter No 1454902 with maker plaque. 15ins. £40-60
156.    Musical Instruments: Violin, students, complete with case x 2.
157.    Musical Instruments: Violin, students violins, Skylark, Sao Sangeetha, complete with bows and cases. (2). £50-80
158.    Musical Instruments: A Spanish style 6 string guitar with hard cover case. £40-60
159.    Musical Instruments: A Spanish style 6 string guitar, KayK 260. £30-40
160.    Boxing: Jake La Motte 'Raging Bull' canvas print, signed in black pen. 16ins. x 24ins. £60-100
161.    20th cent. Print: Chaplan, John Wayne ¾ length full cow boy costume, wearing a Stetson, holding a rifle left hand side. Framed and glazed 23ins. x 17ins £40-60
162.    Elvis Presley: A single strand of Elvis's hair ex. Homer Gilleland collection, framed and glazed plus special pink & pressing of Elvis's 40 Greatest Hits. (2). £80-120
163.    Musical Instrument: Mandolin F.LLI Ferrari & Co Napoli, tortoiseshell and mother of pearl inlay, label complete, cased.
164.    Early 20th cent. Novelty music box case in the form of a horn gramophone, AF. £20-30
165.    Radios: Pye Fen Man I, AF walnut cased valve radio. 20½ins x 14ins x 8½ins. £20-30
166.    Radios: Treen cased radios, Phillips table top radiogram, model UA2, No 21094 plus a Regentone radio model A 155.
167.    Radios: Walnut cased Decca radio model 66, No 6216 plus a Pye radio, model 1107 with a Pye speaker.
168.    Scientific Equipment: Metal detector, Arado IBA95; VLF with headset, book operating instructions, contained in a carrying bag. £40-50
169.    Fishing: Split can rods, 3 x Swedish 3 piece fly rod and cloth cover, 2 x other 3 piece fly rods plus a split cane course rod. £50-80
170.    Fishing: 7 x beach and boat rods most man made fibres. £20-30
171.    Binoculars: A pair of Scope model no. 3865, 10 x 50 314F RT 1000 yeards, with instructions and case. £50-80
172.    Binoculars: Paknitex 10 x 50 with case plus an Astra 8 x 30 with case. (2) £30-50
173.    Cameras: Kodak X35 with film & case, Kodak A120 with case and a 304, Rand Royal View No 2 3X30-10°, binoculars - a Tasco zip focus zoom 7X-21X40 plus a Greenkat 12X23mm telescope.
174.    Binoculars: Carl Zeiss Jena 8 x 30 No 4241848. £30-40
175.    Carmeras: Canon 105, Pentax Flash, Pentax 110 camera and Pentax lens. £30-40
176.    18th cent. Scientific: Boxwood two slide rule E. Roberts, signed Roberts Maker and stamped J. Terrell, Supervisor.
177.    E.S.L. Pocket compass in Bakelite case, makers mark stamped on cover, Merit compass in white metal case, a brass cased compass plus 2 others and a pair of opera glasses.
178.    Smokers Requisites: Two table lighters, a Jumbo Patt No. 286838 chrome top and bottom, rear wheel missing, plus a brass French table lighter 'Polaire Paris'. £40-60
179.    John Rabone & Sons: Leather cased measuring tape, 1499 on brass winder, Chestermans tape, cased 40ft. stamped on brass winder. (2 Tapes)
180.    Scientific Instruments: Negretti and Zambra cased Barograph 13½ins. x 7ins. x 7½ins. minus 1 glass. £80-100
181.    Clocks: Smith's 8 day bulkhead clock, metal cased. £80-120
182.    Clocks: Mahogany striking mantel clock with 'made in France 48 no: 2493000. GB&E to movement'. Retailed by Carrington & Co. Regent Street. Enamel face, domed top, inlaid & carved decoration. (1 replacement foot). £40-50
183.    Clocks: 20th cent. Carriage clock, brass cased, door missing from rear. 5½ins. £40-60
184.    Late 19th cent. Brass carriage clock with enamel face. 5ins. £50-80
185.    19th cent. French Boulle work clock with original stand D.C and Cie of Paris. 15ins. £300-500
186.    Brassware: Desk inkwell with glass liner plus a treen lined brass box, floral design. £30-50
187.    20th cent. Black Forest style pair of treen bookends. 17½ins. £30-50
188.    19th cent. Anglo Indian Vizagapatam ivory jewellery/ladies work box, opens to reveal seven red velvet lined sections with void beneath, 13ins. x 5ins. £150-250
189.    19th cent. Jewellery Accessories: Green Morocco jewellery box with green velvet fitted interior, gilt finished Bramah lock & furniture with key. £80-100
190.    Early 20th cent. Walnut dome top stationery box with strap work decoration. £40-70
191.    18th/19th cent. Apothecary case, 10 compartments with a variety of bottles & sizes (9) with key plus a white metal travelling inkwell with glass liner. £150-250
192.    19th cent. Tortoiseshell sewing box, the lid opens to reveal eight sections, each with its own individual tortoiseshell cover, the exterior requiring restoration. 12ins. x 4ins. £100-150
193.    Music: 20th cent. Fullotone gramophone with a selection of 78s in a oak floor standing case. £30-50
194.    Oriental Ceramics: Cantonese famille Rose scalloped edge dish plus 1 af and Imari style pot af. (3) £30-50
195.    19th cent. Chinese embroidery, decorated with butterflies and figures, bell pull and cushion cover. £20-30
196.    Oriental School: Painting on silk 'butterflies & exotic flowers ' and 'a warrior on horseback'. Both unframed plus a painting of exotic birds and another of a 'river & mountains'. Framed and glazed. (5) £60-100
197.    20th cent. Oriental Convex shaped jars with covers, fruit & floral decoration - a pair. 14ins. (slight crack to both lids). £50-60
198.    20th cent. Oriental White ground butterfly jar & cover, enamel painted 8½ins. plus a green floral ginger jar & cover 5ins. £30-50
199.    20th cent. Oriental Red ground vase with cover, enamel painted floral decoration. 11ins. £30-50
200.    20th cent. Oriental butterfly ginger jar and cover. 19ins. £40-60
201.    20th cent. Oriental carved soapstone figure of an immortal. 10ins. £20-30
202.    20th cent. Oriental Cast metal patenated lamp base on treen stand with shade. 11ins. £20-30
203.    Photographs and Imagery: 19th cent. Japanese coloured photographs in people, topographical and scenes from life, contained loose with a period black lacquer album. (50). £250-350
204.    Early 20th cent. Satsuma Japanese vases decorated with court scenes in multi colours. £50-70
205.    19th cent. Imari blue and red oxide scalloped edge plates. (4) £30-50
206.    Ceramics: 19th cent. Cantonese famille rose cylinder vase 9ins. plus small pot & cover 3½ins. (2). £40-50
207.    Japanese woodblock print, depicting Sino Japanese war. The dauntless Captain Matsuzaki at the battle of the Ansong river, after Toshikator Misusa, signed seal Toshikata. Glazed and backed. 28ins. x 14ins. £80-120
208.    19th cent. Japanese coloured woodblock of a Samurai Warrior. 13ins. x 8ins. £80-120
209.    19th cent. Chinese black lacquer box with gilt overlaid chinoiserie decoration and octagonal lid. £40-70
210.    19th cent. Indo Persian treen containers with brass embellishments.(2) £20-40
211.    Garden Ornaments: Large tin plate heron with hinged wings and a spring connected head.
212.    Toys & Pastimes: Jokari, board games, marbles, table tennis, billiard/snooker balls, darts, card games, compendium of games, dominoes. (3 Large boxes).
213.    20th cent. Toys Cars: Days Gone by Marks and Spencers collection of model vehicles, boxed. 6 x Days Gone By commercial vehicles, boxed. Model van Walkers, Model van Harrods. 2 x Suttons Seeds model, Ozram Lamps van, Dunlop van, matchbox 1926 Rolls Royce Phantom car, 1 of each Smedleys, Singer Sewing, Cherry Blossom, John Bull Tyres, Golden Shred plus a bus (boxed/ unboxed). £15-25
214.    Toys: 20th cent. Mahogany 'Corinthian' bagatelle game. (Holey Bogey) enclosed by Water Luidrum plus a stained beech bagatelle board. (Total 2). £30-40
215.    Books: "Alde Estuary, The Story of a Suffolk River" by W.G Arnott published by N Adlard Ipswich 1st edition 1952. "East Anglia" by Doreen Wallace, "Loving Promises" H. Steiner Rice, "Ipswich, Through the Ages" By Lilian J Redstone. "The Aleburgh Festival June 1954" the complete programme. "The Holy Bible" Masonic Edition, Thetford Lodge. "The Oxford Dictionary Vol 1" plus "The Book of Common Prayer". £35-50
216.    Books: Children's books - 'Rupert the Bear Annuals 69 onwards - 1980s/90s (38) £20-30
217.    Toys: Bassett Lowke 'O' gauge tinplate clockwork 2265 Princess Elizabeth engine and tender, boxed with key. £200-300
218.    Toys: circa 1905 Tinplate railways Gebruder Bing loco and tender, 1942 black & red livery plus a truck.
219.    Toys: Hornby 'O' gauge tinplate LNER 8108 LMS tenders, track, etc. All playworn and very used condition. £50-80
220.    Toys: Diecast special collection 2 x Mini Coopers, Belmont Mercedes x 2, Fiat, Hobby Dax Jeep CJ7, Mercedes 300GD, Toyota Land Cruiser, Sports Team Antique Lorry x 2, Play Bear, Farm Boy, Man United Coach, Maisto Dream Team, Shuttle Bus, Mercedes Racer, plus Lledo Days Gone x 2, etc. £30-50
221.    Toys: Diecast, Corgi, EFE, Tate & Lyle Story, The RTL Story, London Transport, South Down, Barton Transport, Last Days of South Down, Silver Service, Provincial Set, Barton 1908 1989, Corgi South Down, etc. Boxed.
222.    Toys: Diecast, Corgi 45003, 22504, C949/7, C945/1, 15007, EFE's 23401, 21802, 13203, 99205. Matchbox Great Beers x 3, plus Day Gone Omnibus etc. Most boxed.
223.    Dinky: 00 Gauge No 051 miniature station staff (6), Green box circa 1950s. £30-50
224.    Early 20th cent. French tinplate toy safe money box with key & combination lock. Painted in red inside and green outside. £25-40
225.    Toys Diecast & Pewter: Models of Yesteryear, Matchbox (12) and Royal Hampshire pewter aeroplane of the WWII to the present (4). (16 in Total). £20-40
226.    20th cent. Lead soldiers - mounted cavalier and foot troops painted, canon, etc. £30-40
227.    Early 20th cent. Games: Boxwood table croquet and a Pelham puppet snake charmer, boxed.
228.    Toys - Doll: WWI nurse doll representing Maira Chisholm one of the Madonnas of Pervyse who was awarded the order of Leopold II, order of Queen Elizabeth of Belgium 1915, military medal (1917),1914 Star and the order of St John of Jerusalem. The doll wears a replica of the order of Leopold and is wearing WWI nurses uniform. 14ins. A German made doll dressed in WWI nurses uniform lace cap, black clock, check apron, bisque head, open & shut eyes, jointed legs and arms, dark hair. Approx. 15ins. In need of repair. Folk Art Scandinavian doll with painted face, velvet bonnet with gilt braid, yellow satin apron with embroidery brown velvet underskirt. Plus a 19th cent. Celluloid doll with dark hair, black lace cap, leg-o-mutton sleeve, brown check blouse, black skirt, lace under skirt, moveable arms and legs 7ins. (1 Finger missing).
229.    Toys: Tinplate 'Skill Pail' (M.A.R England) 19ins. x 4ins. x 8ins. £20-30
230.    Tinplate Toys: A Triang clockwork London bus with "Ovaltine" advert plus a Schuco trick motorbike with rider. £30-40
231.    Toys: Britain's Plastic farm animals, buildings and wild animals etc. £10-20
232.    Games and Pastimes: Mah-jongg by Jackpot, contained in a treen 4 compartment decorated box with rule and guide book, plus a second set contained in a rosewood box with mother of pearl inlay with Chad Valley rule book. £30-50
233.    Fashion: Handbags, Mappin & Webb navy blue leather bag with gilt furniture, Garfields of London leather bag, leather document case/handbag plus a brown leather bag. (5 Bags). £40-60
234.    Handbags: 1950s Freedex brown leather bag with original label and lining, gilt metal fittings, wear below clasp. £30-40
235.    Art Deco: Park Lane Deluxe L.S. Mayer compact, cigarette case, black enamel & brass of rectangular form with strap handle and twin clasp, with fitted interior to both sides. £30-50
236.    Pewter: 18th cent. Betrothal and other plates. Most have touch marks including TH London 1716 - a pair. (7 Total) £120-180
236A.   Pewter: 19th cent. Capstan Inkwell 5ins. diameter. £40-60
237.    Pewter: Victorian quart tankards - a pair inscribed Samuel Stanton Peckham, plus misc. collection of others and a 19th cent. and later pewter. £80-120
238.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Sherbrooke" part dinner service. Tureens and covers - a pair, 6 x 2 handle soup bowls on stands, gravy boat on stand, 6 x 11ins plates, 14ins meat oval, 6 x dessert bowls, 6 x 8ins plates, 6 x 6ins plates. £80-120
239.    20th cent. Devon Ware: Widdicombe Fair jug with music box and matching tankard (a/f). £40-60
240.    Moorcroft: 1920/30 Orchids waisted cylindrical vase, faded blue label signed 6ins. £100-120
241.    Ceramics: Palissy style Majolica crab plate, 7½inches. £60-80
242.    20th cent. Russian Ceramics: Stylised cat, peacock and stoat. £20-30
243.    Late 19th cent. Ceramics: Mettlach long neck vase, decorated in the art nouveau style with a band of flowers in white, pink and blue on a cream ground. 11ins. £50-60
244.    20th cent. Ceramics: Fairings, all feline related, Good Templers, Leave me a Drop, 5 O'clock Tea x 2. (4 Fairings). £30-50
245.    20th cent. Ceramics: Border Fine Arts classics The Queens Trooping the Colour carriage driven (LE 350) Ltd Edition 350 No 217. £150-200
246.    19th cent. Staffordshire pearl ware egg stand decorated willow pattern 7¼ins. plus Staffordshire Staywarm plate. 10½ins. £50-80
247.    20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffs floral tea china - teapot, cups and saucers, preserve pot and dishes, cake plate, etc. £30-50
248.    Spode: c1820s graduated serving plates (3), "Bang Up" design No 2881, sizes 14½ions, 12½ins and 11¼ins. The 11¼ins plate has a staple repair and a large chip to the rim. All with canted corners. £50-70
249.    Royal Doulton:South African Wildlife Series chargers, D6369. 13ins. (6). £80-120
250.    20th cent. Ceramics: "Arabia", "Anemone" by Raija Vosikinen - teapot, 11 x breakfast cups and saucers, 15 x mugs, 12 x saucers, 11 x coffee cans & saucers,, sugar bowl, 9 x 6ins plates, 6 x dessert bowls, 9 x 8ins plates, 8 x 10ins plates plus studio pottery mug - minor chips to mugs. £700-800
251.    20th cent. Ceramics: German Scheurich jardiniere, decorated with red poppies and another small vase. £20-30
252.    20th cent. ceramics: German Scheurich large jug, small jug plus vase, all decorated with quatre foils (3). £50-70
253.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton "Reflection" teaset china, 6 cups and saucers, cake plate, 6 x side plates, milk jug and sugar bowl. £20-40
254.    Beswick: Morgan Horse Tarryall Maestro, multiple champion stallion, on treen plinth. £60-80
255.    Beswick: Hereford calf and a stallion dark bay. £40-60
256.    20th cent. Ceramics: Nelson Pottery Hereford bull, green label beneath 6ins x 9ins. £60-80
257.    Beswick Nijinsky, 1970 Triple Crown winner, on treen plinth. £60-80
258.    Royal Doulton: Rare Charles Vyse Royal Doulton figure "Darling" HNI 1913-28, printed and painted marks. 8ins. £500-800
259.    19th cent. early 20th cent. Continental figures of a young man and woman, one bears an underglaze blue mark, possibly Potschappel - a pair. 11ins. £200-300
260.    Arts and Crafts Ceramics: Christopher Dresser style Manchester drip glaze jug plus a two handled vase pattern no. 10145, drip glaze blues, greens and ochres. Minor chip to handle. £50-70
261.    Art Deco Ceramics: Beswick jug pattern no. 140, Crown Devon two handled vase A148, Burlington organic leaf vase, Devon Moore vase with green and blue drip glaze. (4). £50-80
262.    Country Artists: "Ruling the Roost", limited edition 0253/650. £60-80
263.    Border Fine Arts: B0794 "Red Kite". 15ins. £60-80
264.    Country Artists: Figure of a Springer Spaniel "Monty". 14ins. £60-80
265.    20th cent. Continental tall jug, polychrome decorated hunting scenes. Approx. 16ins. £40-50
266.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Minton black dish decorated with green leaf border 12ins, condiment decorated with wild roses, Bourne Denby bowl plus a Carlton ware blue luster bowl. £40-60
267.    Glasses: "Fritz Heckert" gilded wine/hock glasses x 11 7¾ins. £60-80
268.    20th cent. Glassware: Green bubble glass taper vase. 8ins. £30-40
269.    20th cent. Glassware: Clear glass biscuit barrel and an art glass circular banded fish bowl shape vase. £30-40
270.    20th cent. Ruby overlay glass, water glasses, bowls. £30-50
271.    Art Glass: Green lustre bowls in the form of raspberries and a green glass centre piece bowl 14ins. (3) £30-50
272.    Late 19th cent. Bohemian cut glass and enamelled beaker, bulbous form decorated with silhouettes of Schiller, Lessing and Goethe. 6ins. £150-200
273.    Hallmarked Silver: Fish servers, Sheffield 1852/3. Boxed. £50-80
274.    Hallmarked Silver: 20th cent. Tea set, Sheffield 1934 Mappin & Webb. 31ozs. £300-500
275.    Hallmarked Silver: Dressing table tray, Birmingham 9ozs and a matching hand mirror. £100-120
276.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette box, engine turned, Birmingham. 19ozs. inclusive. £80-120
276A.   Hallmarked Silver: Salver - crested, engraved "Presented to H Hughes on his marriage by the tenants on the Kinmel Estate Abergele October 1885", on an earlier Georgian salver London 1833 makers mark I.H., one foot a/f. Approx. 11oz. £120-150
277.    Hallmarked Silver: Salver engraved floriate decoration, gadrooned edge on three supports, London 1883-84 makers mark J.B. Approx. 9ozs. Diameter 8¼ins. £100-150
278.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian teapot, ornate serpentine design with embossed shoulder. London marks Alice & George Burrows 1806 (faint crest). Approx. 23oz inclusive. £180-250
279.    Hallmarked Silver: Teapot, squat baluster shape engraved with pseudo crest depicting female with wings, foliate scrolls and faces, London 1844-5, makers mark G.I. retailed by Turner's Bond Street. Approx. 23oz inclusive. £200-250
280.    Hallmarked Silver: Regency style hot water pot. Indistinct London marks 1872 possibly Alexander Crichton 12oz inclusive. £100-120
281.     Hallmarked Silver: Dublin George II Marriage Cup made by William Suttons 1740. The cup stands on a cast and applied spreading foot which is decorated with reeding. The inverted bell shaped body has an inverted rim and a cast and applied girdle around the centre of the cup. The cup has two cast "Harp" shaped scroll handles, of typical Irish design, which are attached to the main body with very unusual angular moulding's. The front of the cup is engraved with exceptional engraving and shows a contemporary Armorial 'A hind passant holding in the mouth an oak branch bearing an acorn'. The cup is in excellent condition, is of a good gauge and displays a fine patina. It is very well marked on the base. The work of William Sutton does not appear very often and is of the finest quality. He was Freeman of the Goldsmith's company from 1724-33. The design of the Loving Cup is peculiar to Ireland and it is thought that the two handles allowed the passing of the cup from one person to another as a token of friendship, or for drinking a celebratory toast. Engraved beneath the base F above H & M. Approx. 23ozs. Diameter 5ins. x 9ins across handles, 7ins. high.
Acknowledgement - Mary Cooke, Jacksons, page 634. £600-900
282.    20th cent. Glassware: Cranberry overlay Epergne, 3 hanging baskets, 3 trumpet vase, central trumpet vase, 24ins. £100-150
283.    Photo Frames: Christofle twin frame 11ins x 8ins, a silver plated frame, treen backed 5ins x 4ins and an 'ITS Argenti' silver/Italian frame 11ins x 13ins. (3). £40-60
284.    Hallmarked Silver: Picture frames 5ins. x 3ins, 7ins. x 4ins, 7ins. x 9ins. (3) £40-60
285.    American Sterling Silver: Regency style urn shaped condiments, Duchin designs, glass lined plus wine taster 925 with U.K. import marks 9ozs including liners. £40-50
286.    Hallmarked Silver: Teaspoons - boxed. 1.7ozs. £20-30
287.    Hallmarked Silver: Dish with a Churchill crown to the centre, London plus 3 spoons and 2 thimbles. 4ozs. £40-60
288.    Continental Silver: German dish with interlocked design to edges 5½ins diameter, 3 ozs. Plus a set of fruit knives with silver handles. £30-50
289.    Hallmarked Silver: Salts bearing armorial 'Bird with Branch', London marks RD 1885-86, plus a pair of unrelated pepper. £40-60
290.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments set of 3, pepper, salt & mustard with liners & spoons, regency style, gadrooned edges, Birmingham 1982, maker S. Ltd. Plus napkin ring open work floriate design Chester - a pair. Approx. 5½ozs. £50-60
291.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments - salt, pepper, mustard pot with spoon, Birmingham, 1925-26 Walker & Hall. 4½ozs inclusive. £40-60
292.    Hallmarked Silver: Rococo style oval pin dish, embossed floral & figurehead motifs, Birmingham plus London teaspoons, coffee spoon and Chester bowls spoons. Approx. 2½ozs. (4) £30-50
293.    Hallmarked Silver: Bob bon dish, pierced rococo decoration, Sheffield 1907, maker W. Hutton & Son. 3ozs. £40-60
294.    Hallmarked Silver: Gothic style desk set pen recess, the edge decorated with small quatrefoils, two cut glass inkwells with matching lids, London Jubilee mark 1934-35 maker Goldsmiths and Silversmiths Co. 6ozs not including inkwells. £100-120
295.    20th cent. Hallmarked Silver: Buckle, open relief with reclining Putti, London marks 1885-86, maker Jacob Rosenthal and Samuel Jacob. Approx. 1½oz. £40-50
296.    Hallmarked Silver: Napkin rings and cut glass sander with silver top. 5ozs. £40-60
297.    Dutch (French Occupation 1807-12) Silver: Inkstand - 3 silver lidded pots in galleried tray, Amsterdam marks for 1809, maker Diederik L. Bennewitz 1785-1826. Approx. 8oz weighable. £80-100
298.    Hallmarked Silver: Creamer, engraved foliate design on octagonal foot, London marks 1852?, maker R.P. Approx. 3oz. £30-50
299.    Hallmarked Silver: 17th cent. Style lidded mustard with shell handle and floriate engraving, London marks 1838-39, possibly W.R. Smily. Approx. 4ozs. £30-50
300.    Hallmarked Silver: Chocolate pot, London Marks, 1877-78, maker Barnabas Blackburn. Approx. 6oz. inclusive. £50-80
301.    Hallmarked Silver: Milk jug, squat pattern with ridge decoration, London 1827, William Eley II. Approx. 7ozs. £60-90
302.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Coconut cup with unmarked white metal rim, tripod feet and oval plaque. Diameter 3¼ins x height 3¾ins. (Repair to feet). Plus a continental dish with London import marks. a/f. £80-100
303.    Hallmarked Silver: Arts and Crafts small silver bowl by Gilbert Marks, overlapping leaf pattern with lily type flower and buds, standing on a shallow foot, London Marks and initials. Signed and dated around rim - 1897. 3¼ins dia. 2 1/8ins high. Approx. 4oz, minor dinks to rim and wear to relief. £800-1200
304.    French Silver: Two handled wine taster indistinct marks to base, Cockerell with 2 on left, face also with 2 on left and R with crescent above in diamond shape. approx. 36grams. £80-120
305.    Hallmarked Silver: Commonwealth small porringer or wine taster, stylised open tulip decoration to the body with prick dot decoration above the below the flowers beaten rim and shoulders and s shaped wine handles. London marks for 1659, maker T.K. with star above 2½ins. diameter with handles 4ins, height 2ins. Approx. 54grams. £1000-1200
306.    Hallmarked Silver: Visiting card case, foliate engraved design with dedication 22nd October 1885, maker Samson Mordan - London marks, 3¼ins. x 2¼ins. x ⅜ins. 54grams. £80-100
307.    Hallmarked Silver: Charles II trifid marriage spoon, engraved ES ME 1675, makers mark stamped three times T.G. to shaft, 46grams and unascribed English Provincial Jacksons Page 520. £400-600
308.    English Provincial: Silver seal top spoon, makers mark a sheep facing right plus another indistinct mark prick dot decoration AB FH 1600, Jacksons page 272, 39grams, worn marks and minor damage to bowl. £500-600
309.    English Provincial Silver: James I/Charles I, Christening/Marriage seal top spoons, makers mark cross with three pellets in each corner, Waveney Valley, Jacksons page 347, prick dot decorated, top RG WH, the shaft also prick dot decorated 'Borne XXIX March 1625', bowl AF. 33grams. £500-600
310.    Hallmarked Silver: Table snuff/crumb box with treen handle, London marks. Approx. 6ozs. £80-120
311.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments octagonal salt & pepper, Birmingham - a pair, open scroll work mustards of oval form with blue glass liners - a pair plus a lidded mustards with liners, 1 Chester the other London. Approx. 8ozs. weighable. (6). £70-100
312.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiments (3) plus a rouge pot - Chester marks, various dates & makers. 4½ozs. £80-120
313.    20th cent. Designer Silver Plate: Four branch table candlestick mark C.C. Denmark on hardwood base and white metal matchbox holder. £30-50
314.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian berry spoons, London Peter & William Bateman. Approx. 4ozs. £80-120
315.    Hallmarked Silver: Berry spoons, London, Peter and Ann Bateman 3ozs.
316.    Hallmarked Silver: Sauce Ladle, London 1804 plus a spoon with import marks. 2½ozs.
317.    Hallmarked Silver: Teaspoons .5. London 1897, Daniel and John Welly, 2¼ozs -boxed plus a commemorative spoon, London plus 4 others, some worn marks. £30-50
318.    Hallmarked Silver: Napkin rings, open work engraved "P" , Birmingham - cased. (2). £40-60
318A.   Hallmarked Silver: Gent's cigarette case, engraved "B", Birmingham 6ozs. £40-60
319.    Georgian Silver:Folding fruit knife with mother of pearl handle, hallmarked lion and kings head, crack to one side of mother of pearl, with original Morocco leather box. £30-50
320.    Hallmarked Silver: Queen Elizabeth Silver Wedding Commemorative set "The Queens Beasts" with gilt beast finials (10) in presentation case. Approx. 10oz.
321.    Silver Jewellery: Marked 925 brooches, 3 cats in a basket, oval brooch set with mother of pearl, green mosaic style brooch, marcasite rings set with coloured stones, marcasite ring set with green and purple stones, etc. (7 rings). Plus 4 hallmarked spoons. £40-50
322.    Watches: Ladies French bangle watch Quilbe of Paris stamped 925 and with import marks plus a hallmarked bangle 925 earrings and a white metal pendent with green and white stones and a rams head torque bangle etc. £70-90
323.    Hallmarked Silver: Cufflink's and crucifixes, one with chain plus a 9ct. gold ring with blue stone. £30-50
324.    Fashion: Navajo Pearlene Spencer sterling silver turquoise bear paw shadow belt 38ins. stamped sterling silver to reverse. £40-50
325.    Hallmarked Silver & White Metal Jewellery: Ward Bros purple stone brooch, Victorian bracelet, belcher, rope twist chains, pendants and a Danish necklace. £80-120
326.    Jewellery: Yellow metal eternity ring, spinel set, tests 9ct. 3grams inclusive. £20-30
327.    Jewellery: White metal dress ring, white sapphire set, 9ct. and tested. 2.8grams. inclusive. £30-50
328.    Jewellery: Yellow metal dress ring oval amethyst set marked 9ct. and tested. 3grams inclusive. £40-60
329.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Signet ring, engraved "K" set with six spinels. 3grams inclusive. £20-30
330.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Dress ring, large oval opaline stone on an open wire work setting. grams inclusive. £60-100
331.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Dress ring, 5 stone opaline with embossed shank 1.8grams inclusive. £30-40
332.    Jewellery: Yellow metal dress ring opaline emerald coloured cluster,
tests 9ct. 3.1grams inclusive. £30-40
333.    Jewellery: Yellow metal dress ring abalone set, tests 9ct. 1.8grams inclusive. £30-40
334.    Jewellery: Yellow metal dress ring, opaline or moonstone surrounded by garnets. marked 9ct and tested, shank a/f. 2.6grams inclusive. £20-30
335.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Gents ring set with 9 spinels. 4 grams inclusive. £30-50
336.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Three stone opaline opal ring with small spinels. 3grams inclusive. £60-100
337.    Jewellery: Yellow metal tests 9ct. dress ring set with three stones, test white sapphire, 2 grams inclusive. £30-50
338.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Dress ring diamond solitaire illusion set 2grams, inclusive. £30-50
339.    Jewellery: Yellow metal fine link chain, 22 inches, tests 9ct. a/f. 7grams. £50-70
340.    Hallmarked Gold: Bar brooch with ornate decoration plus a gold & silver pendant and a 9ct. fine chains. £80-100
341.    Gold Jewellery: 9ct. Pendant set with opal and a border of red stones on a fine chain. Chip to rim. £40-50
342.    Edwardian Jewellery: Yellow metal and seed pearl pendant, laurel wreath with centre pearl surrounded by a circle of seed pearls. £80-120
343.    Jewellery: A square black stone ring set in silver with a 9ct. gold band, a multi stone ring 9ct. and a yellow metal ring with lozenge setting with turquoise stones. £60-80
344.    Hallmarked Jewellery: Wedding rings. 6grams. (2) £120-140
345.    Diamond & Emerald Jewellery: Designer ring set with cabochon cut emerald surrounded by five small diamonds - tests 18ct. gold. £300-500
346.    20th cent. Continental Dress Jewellery: Turquoise & white spinel set filigree ring, yellow metal test 18ct. 7 grams. £150-200
347.    19th cent. Vesta: Continental silver 935 and guilloche enamel King Charles spaniel dog seated on a blue cushion and white background. £100-120
348.    19th cent. Vesta: Possibly French, white metal with Niello check decoration. £100-120
349.    19th cent. Vesta: Tortoiseshell enhanced with gilt and mother of pearl decoration (inside contains folded 1918 50 pfennig note). £60-80
350.    Hallmarked Silver: Novelty vesta notaries candlestick, plus a stamp box. Approx. 2ozs. £40-60
351.    Hallmarked Silver 19th cent. Object of Virtue: Silver gilt eye glass, hinge open with ribbon loop and unidentified Irish marks. £80-100
352.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Vesta engraved E.G. Approx. 11 grams. £100-120
353.    Hallmarked Silver: Vestas - heart shape engraved J.D, engine turned, bark engraved. (3). All Birmingham. Approx. 2½ozs. £70-80
354.    Hallmarked Silver: Vestas, unusual shaped open photo frame plus another with diagonal ridge pattern. (2). £40-60
355.    Early 20th cent. Vesta: Novelty composition Coronation Edward VII plus late 19th early 20th cent. ivory book example with silver monogram. (2) £40-60
356.    19th & 20th cent. Vestas: White metal animal themed, cat & mouse, tavern with dog, stag engraved, fox & grapes, dog, tortoise. (2) £80-100
357.    Hallmarked Silver: Vestas, tiger eye agate, another white metal with filigree work with banded agate plus gilt banded agate a/f. (3). £80-100
358.    19th & 20th cent. Vestas: Brass - Kibast & Co Prague book form x 2, slipper French soldier, punch. toad, skull (hinge a/f). fist, miniature, J. Masters of Rye advertising. (10). £40-60
359.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette, vesta and sovereign holder, Birmingham 4ozs plus yellow metal vesta/sovereign holder with diagonal ridge pattern. £60-80
360.    19th & 20th cent. Vestas: White metal, advertising, hip flask, violin, horseshoe, books. (7). £20-30
361.    Gold Coins: Edward VII 1910 full sovereign. £180-240
362.    Gold Coins: George III spade guinea worn condition with mount attached plus Kruger imitation medallion. £140-160
363.    Gold Coin: George V half sovereign 1915. £90-120
364.    Gold Coin: George V sovereign 1926 S.A. mint.
365.    Watches: WWII military Omega wristwatch Y15816, 10680015. £300-400
366.    Watches: Omega Dynamic automatic c1970 ladies wristwatch, gilt body & face, white second hand and hour markers, back engraved Tool 102 waterproof. £300-500
367.    Watches: American Waltham railway watch, movement No 13080432, sterling silver keystone case No 5524468 a/f. £60-80
368.    Watches: American Waltham ladies fancy cased key less gold plated pendant watch, movement signed and numbered 6814026. £40-60
369.    Watches: Hallmarked silver Balthazar (George) Musson Louth pair cased, verge fusee, gilt face, white enamel chapter, ring brass rim engraved "Keep me clean and use me well and I to you the truth will tell" movement signed and numbered 1393, both cases identical Birmingham marks. £100-150
370.    Watches: Hallmarked silver Waltham No 1,896719 key wind pocket watch, white enamel face, Birmingham cased - A.B. £30-50
371.    Watches: Hallmarked silver key wind pocket watch, white enamel face, Chester mark, reversing pinion, unsigned movement. £30-50
372.    Watches: Swiss 18k gold Henry Capt. Geneva key wind pocket watch, white enamel face, signed & numbered 15911 case and movement. 47grams inclusive. £200-250
373.    Watches: Hallmarked 18ct. gold open face key wind pocket watch, signed W S Arnold Red Lion Square, Holborn, white enamel face with key. 72grams inclusive. £400-500
374.    Watches: 18k Ladies key less gold half hunter, signed Gabriel 24 & 25 Bishopgate, London, black Roman numerals and 9ct. fancy link suspension chain 51grams inclusive. £300-500
375.    19th cent. Writing Implements: Yellow metal propelling pencils, engraved decoration with seal tops. (one is a pen & pencil). (2). £20-30
376.    Pens: Lady Sheaffer - Skripsert fountain pen & pencil desk set, golden wave pattern with white metal nib with box, outer case and ink cartridges. £30-50
377.    Early 20th cent. Jewellery: Italian micro mosaic brooches/pendant, circular, oval, diamond and mandolin shaped. (16). £150-180
378.    Early 20th cent. Mother of pearl card case 3ins. x 4ins. x ¼ins. plus matching penknife. £40-60
379.    Early 20th cent. Mother of pearl pocket New Testament, published by Collins. £30-50
380.    Early 20th cent. Mother of pearl cigarette case and card cases. £30-50
381.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Brooches, paste and coloured stones, purple, pink, blue, green, yellow and multicoloured (39) plus grouse feet Scottish brooches (3). (Tray not included). £120-150
382.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Paste earrings, necklaces, brooches, etc. contained in a 1960s black patent jewellery box with key. £40-50
383.    Costume Jewellery: Yellow metal pendant set with a green stone, green beads set with paste Shamrock brooch, oval brooch set with green stone, circular brooch set with green stones plus a quantity of yellow metal chains. £40-50
384.    20th cent. Costume Jewellery: Art & Co metal paste yellow stone and artificial pearl trio brooch and earrings, yellow stone necklace, rings (2), brooch simulated pearl, art deco watch, yellow metal belcher chain 36ins, Etruscan style yellow metal torque bracelet with rams head terminals, necklace fine link with seed pearls. Plus gold plated continental style link necklace. Approx. 32ins. £40-60
385.    19th cent. White metal Indo Persian pot & cover, embossed jungle and animals. 3½ins high. £40-60
386.    20th cent. White metal novelty miniature coffee pot, table name place/menu holders. (6). £20-30
387.    Fashion: Yellow metal mesh purse with chain link handle. £20-30
388.    The Leonardo Collection: Porcelain collectable trinket pots, boxed. (3). £30-50
389.    19th cent. French fan mother of pearl pierce blades decorated with figures in a garden, some blades AF, with box. £40-50
390.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Gothic desk furniture, metal letter racks of ecclesiastical form - a pair. £40-50
391.    Early 20th cent. Treen: Ebony cased glass perfume bottle, ring stand and trinket boxes. £40-45
392.    19th cent. Plaster death mask of an unknown subject. 9½ins. £80-120
393.    19th cent. Russian icon carved treen depicting the house of God with two saints holding a relic of the Holy family on foil back, carved Cyrillic above Holy family on verso "A Carving done at a Monastery Moscow" English script, glazed and taped edges 6¼ins. x 4¼ins. unsigned.
394.    19th cent. Russian Icon Christ Pantokrator, oil on board, silver cased Moscow marks P.K. (Cyrillic) 1862 84. with traces of gilding 23g 3ins. x 2¾ins. (approx).
395.    Early 19th cent. Oval portrait miniature of a young woman on ivory. 3½ins.
396.    Engravings and Prints: 'The New Room at Bath' 19ins x 13ins, 'The New Bridge at Bath' 16ins x 12ins, 1 other 16ins x 12ins, a Picasso print of Mother and Child and unsigned portrait of a lady. All framed and glazed. £30-50
397.    Margaret Foley, late 20th cent. watercolours 'Studies of Cuckoo Spit' and another 15ins x 18ins & 8ins x 9ins. (2). £20-30
398.    19th & 20th cent. Prints: Donald Maxwell 1877-1927 "River Medway", "Piccadilly Circus" & "Regent Street". Each signed in pencil 7½ins. x 4¼ins. (3). Plus a colour enhanced engraving "Entrance to Plymouth Citadel" 6ins. x 4ins. & "View of Catwater,(stet) Plymouth" oval 10½ins. plus two John Cary colour enhanced engravings, maps of Devon & of Cornwall. 9½ins. x 8¼ins. (7 Total). £40-60
399.    20th cent. Paintings: British school indistinct signature watercolours St Ives, Cornwall "Carrying Milk Pail" 13½ins. x 10ins. & "Harbour & Sand Dunes" 16½ins. x 12ins. Both mounted. Framed and glazed. (2) £50-80
400.    Prints: 19th cent. Coloured engraving 'Hunting' after H. Alken "The first introduction to hounds" engraved by J Harris and printed by Fores. Framed and glazed 22ins. x 14ins. £25-30
401.    Late 20th cent.: Sheila Excell, pastel study of 'Afghan Puppies', signed bottom right. 10ins x 6ins. £20-30
402.    Julia Chanter BA: Watercolour Study of still life "Lilies in a bottle" framed and glazed 15ins x 27ins plus a study of still life "Sunflower", signed lower right 11ins x 14½ins and a garden study signed lower right 11ins x 14ins.
Kate Gerber RIOP: Watercolour "Chrysanthemum" and a "Rose" on the reverse label on verso. Framed and glazed 10ins x 14ins.
HA Van Vuong 1914-90: Print "Girl with Mandolin", Fresquet chicken study, signed lower left 8ins x 6ins plus monogram JJ97 chicken study a still life, girl in a vineyard. (4) £60-80
403.    Patricia Goldsmith: Collograph "The Ginger Jar" monogram lower right 12ins x 16ins and a S. Hall trio of watercolours titled Boy on a Beach, signed lower right on one. All 4¾ins x 6¾ins. Both framed and glazed.
Henry A. Luscombe B1820 exhibited 1845-65: Watercolour "Streatly Mill" label and potted history verso, signed bottom left. Framed and glazed 11ins x 7½ins. £40-60
404.    Early 20th cent. Gilt framed gesso mirror 24ins x 33ins. £25-40
405.    Pictures and watercolours to include limited edition prints Stephen Grayford and David Gray "Morse" horse racing, signed photos of characters in The Bill, Alan Andres watercolour, etc. (6). £30-40
406.    Prints: Canvas print "Mother & Child" plus five still life prints. £20-30
407.    20th cent. Print: Deborah Jones "March of the Kings". Framed 36ins. x 28½ins. £20-40
408.    John Leech, coloured engraving x 3 , hunting studies "All Right Ruggles", "Gone Away", "No Consequence" signed on the mount lower left, framed and glazed 24ins x 16ins. £200-300
409.    Prints: K.M Kerry "Calm Seas By the Old Leading Lights, Dovercourt Essex" 148/500 11ins. x 8ins. Framed and glazed. "Single Stem Lily" unsigned. Framed and glazed 28ins. x 11ins. approx. £40-50
410.    James Coad: Watercolour 'Coastal Study' 10¾ins x 7ins.
R. Borlase Smart 1881-1947 watercolour 'Coastal Study' 6½ins. x 9½ins.
W. Sands watercolour 'Coastal Study' 9½ins. x 4¾ins. (3). All framed and glazed. £100-120
411.    19th cent. Mirrors: Gilt brass girodelle with ornate vine & berry decoration with sconces - a pair. 19ins. x 14ins. (2). £100-120
412.    20th cent. Anglo Indian Mantel mirror with decorative carving and bone inlay. £30-40
413.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Cornfield with Poppies', signed lower left. Framed 9ins. x 5½ins. £200-300
414.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas floral still life 'Roses in a Glass', signed lower right. Framed 13ins. x 10½ins. £250-300
415.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'House with Shutters in a Forest', signed lower right. Framed 8½ins. x 6ins. £200-300
416.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas Forest track on verso "A Good Forest Walk", signed lower left. Framed 12½ins. x 9ins. £250-300
417.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Stone Bridge Over River', signed lower left. Framed 6ins. x 4½ins. £150-200
418.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000: Oil on canvas 'Tall Trees in Autumn', signed lower left. Framed 9ins. x 6ins. £200-300
419.    Pierre Jaques 1913-2000L Oil on canvas 'Forest Track' signed lower left. Framed 6ins. x 9ins. £200-300
420.    I Braund 1834 Watercolour: Village study, framed and glazed. 23ins x 16ins. £30-50
421.    H.C. Babington watercolour/Gouache 'Mountain Tiger', signed bottom right. 19ins x 15ins. £30-50
422.    20th cent. watercolour, post impressionist study of a nude in a room with flowers, signed lower right Laurie. Framed and glazed, 10ins x 11½ins. £60-80
423.    Richard Thorne 1952 water colour English coastal scene purchased D'AA Gallery, Dartmouth 13¾ins. x 12¼ins. £80-120
424.    Leigh Perry, print of the original presented to the 6th Marquess of Exeter to mark the 21st anniversary of the Burghley horse trials 1961/1981, signature left hand corner. Framed and glazed 29ins. x 19ins. £40-45
425.    Sporting: Late 20th cent. Artists proof, screen print of a Major golf tournament, indistinct signature, possibly Allbury/Aubrey. 33ins x 26ins. £60-80
426.    Alfred Stockham 1984, oil on board, road in Corfu. Framed 14ins x 10ins. £50-60
427.    Allan Gwynne Jones 1927-, Etching with sheep in the foreground, signed lower right with notation to left on mount. Framed and glazed 11½ins x 9ins. £100-150
428.    Mid 19th cent. Primitive English school oil on board of 'ships at sea' in gilt frame. 13ins. x 10ins. £200-300
429.    Steven Oliver: Oil on canvas "Rural Study of an Isolated Farmhouse" Framed 31¾ins. x 25½ins. £60-100
430.    Stuart Atkinson: British school 1978 mixed media on paper "Views of Herm Island" (Channel Islands) x 2. Both framed and glazed 22ins. x 14ins. £60-80
431.    19th cent. English School: Oil on board primitive landscape with figures, indistinct signature. Framed 19ins. x 14ins. £30-40
432.    Maurice Fievet oil on board of a Cameroonian man in national dress, signed bottom right, dated 1950 in a gilt frame. 14ins. x 17ins. £200-300
433.    Elsa Cornelissen XX: Oil on canvas, 'The Journey Home', signed lower right. Framed 47½ins. x 29½ins. £500-700
434.    Elsa Cornelissen XX: Oil on canvas, study of a leopard taking a drink, signed lower left. Framed 48ins. x 33½ins. £500-700
435.    Stewart Edmondson mixed medium on paper, artistic coastal spray, purchased D'AA Gallery, Dartmouth 19¼ins. x 16¾ins. £100-150
436.    Claire Eva Burton, Lester Piggott ltd. edition print 189/250, signature bottom left. Framed and glazed. 28ins. x 18ins. £40-45
437.    D. Norfolk, oil on board study of horse at full gallop, signed right hand corner. Framed 23ins. x 17ins. £80-100
438.    Alfred Bright 1880-1929: Chalk & charcoal of the "Grand National 1882" won by 10/1 Shot Seaman ridden by Lord Manners. Only 12 horses started because of the snow, the picture shows the canal turn fence, signed bottom left. Framed 25½ins x 16ins. £100-120
439.    Cloda Gravos XX: Oil on canvas study of five dogs (Gelligaer Hounds), signed lower right. Framed 29ins. x 15½ins. £60-100
440.    Malcolm Arbuthnot 1874-1967, watercolour, post impressionist, cottages and trees, signed lower left. Framed and glazed, 15½ins x 10¾ins. £200-300
441.    Marcus Ford Biritsh b.1914: Oil on Canvas "Magdalen Bridge, Oxford". 23½ins. x 19½ins. £80-120
442.    David Thomson Muirhead ARA ARWS NEAC 1837-1930: "The Haycart" oil on canvas with label on verso, signed bottom right, exhibited at The Royal Academy Winter Exhibition 1933. Ex. Sasson family. £400-600
443.    English School: 19th cent. Oil on canvas of a mill by a stream in woodland, unsigned in heavy gilt frame. 11ins x 12ins. £150-250
444.    Rachel hamming Bray 1943 -, Watercolour 'Tulips by Lamplight', monogram lower right. Framed and glazed, 13½ins x 17½ins. £100-150
445.    Herbert Bird 1906, watercolour study of The Plough Inn, Chiswick, signed lower right, framed and glazed, 15½ins x 10ins. £60-80
446.    Bernard Finegan Gribble 1873-1962 watercolour 'RMS Orontes of the Orient Steam Navigation Co.', 14ins. x 10ins. Framed and glazed. £150-250
447.    Bernard Finegan Gribble 1873-1962 watercolour 'RMS Orsova of the Orient Steam Navigation Co.', signed bottom left. 14ins. x 10ins. Framed and glazed. £150-250
448.    19th cent. Baxter Prints: Patent seal to both prints "So Nice" & "Seesaw Margery Daw". Images 5½ins. x 3½ins. Framed and glazed. (2). £40-60
449.    Samuel Prout - After: Pencil and colour wash "A Coastal Study" tower and buildings. 7ins x 4½ins. £60-100
450.    Poster: "Skegnes It's so Bracing" Transport poster, genuine 1950s/60s, printed by R.B Macmillan Derby. Framed 20ins. x 30ins. £60-100
451.    Poster: Original transport poster 1960s "Take it Easy Take a Bus". 20ins. x 30ins. £40-60
452.    Poster: Daphne Padden London - Bristol & Weston-Super-Mare Transport poster, Royal Blue and Bristol Greyhound Group 1960s. £40-60
453.    Poster: Australian "Carry on up the Jungle" film poster, Sid James, Frankie Howard, Joan Sims 1970, printed Robert Burton, Sydney. £50-80
454.    Poster: "Never Been by Coach Before" poster, designed for Tilling Group 1960s. 20ins. x 30ins. £40-60
455.    Poster: Harry Steven Cherub Parcels poster blank copy for overprinting. 1950s/60s. £40-60
456.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: "Underground Electric Railways Company" 1933 advertising poster, Wood, Woodpecker, tear and corner holes, see photo for condition. 25ins. x 39ins. £300-500
457.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Proof 1930s London Underground poster with overlaid acetate with details of Imperial Institute, India Museum, London Museum, Natural History Museum, etc. marked 37 4874 2CHS proof to corner. 25ins. x 39ins. £200-300
458.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: London Underground 1935 lithograph in colour "Its Better to Shop Early". 25ins. x 39ins. £200-300
459.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: 1934 Shell advertising poster "Lower Slaughter Everywhere You Go You Can Be Sure of Shell", loss to bottom left, see photo for condition. £200-300
460.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: 1934 Shell advertising poster "You Can Be Sure of Shell", "Anglers Prefer Shell", corner loss and centre tear, see photo for condition. 45ins. x 30ins. £300-500
461.    Ellis Family Archive: After Josef Albers 1888-1976 geometric squares lithograph on paper. 21ins. x 21ins. £100-150
462.    Ellis Family Archive: Serge Poliakoff Munich 1972 Olympics, original lithographic poster. 25ins. x 40ins. £80-120
463.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: 1934 Shell advertising poster "You Can Be Sure of Shell, Antiquaries Prefer Shell", see photo for condition. £400-700
464.    Ellis Family Archive - Posters by Clifford and Rosemary Ellis: Shell advertising poster "To Visit Britain's Landmarks You Can Be Sure of Shell" Charters Folly and Drydock Appledore. 45ins. x 30ins. £200-300
465.    Ellis Family Archive: Colin Lanceley 1938 signed artists proof "Bluebirds Castle" with pencil inscription to "Clifford and Rosemary Ellis from Colin. 28ins. x 39ins. £300-500
466.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Abstract lithograph in colours of blues and blacks. 22ins. x 30ins. Plus one other of a plate on a table. 20ins. x 15ins. £70-100
467.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pen and ink studies of birds and chickens. 8ins. x 6ins. (9). £100-150
468.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Watercolour on tissue paper "Penguins on an Iceberg". 24ins. x 15ins. £80-120
469.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Abstracts in watercolour, one monogrammed CE 59. The largest is 9ins. x 14ins. (5). £100-150
470.    Ellis Family Archive: Josef Albers 1888-1976 rare poster showing 'Midnight and Noon VIII' for an exhibition at Corsham. (2). £200-300
471.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Abstract lithographs in colour - a pair. 22ins. x 30ins. (2) £100-150
472.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Series of small abstract watercolour and pencil sketchers from 3ins. x 7ins. to 6ins. x 11ins. (5). £100-150
473.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil sketch plus a small watercolour of a puffin swimming. 18ins. x 16ins. and 10ins. x 8ins. £100-150
474.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford & Rosemary Ellis: Ink and colourwash studies of pigs and horses, one initialled RE 43. 22ins. x 17ins. (4). £150-250
475.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Watercolours, abstracts in colour x 4 from 8ins. x 5ins. to 23ins. x 6ins. (4). £100-150
476.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Abstract lithograph of a pike in reeds, signed bottom right. 23ins. x 33ins. £50-80
477.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis 1907-1985 Linear Abstract black & white lithograph. 22ins x 15ins. (2)
478.    Ellis Family Archive: Clive Gardner 1891-1960 lithographic poster that formed part of Greensted by Green Line Coach, London Transport Poster. 30ins. x 22ins. £150-250
479.    Ellis Family Archive: Clive Gardner 1891-1960 lithographic poster that formed part of the London Underground Poster Epping Forest. 26ins. x 20ins. £100-150
480.    Ellis Family Archive: Richard Lindner 1901-1978 lithographic poster that formed part of Piano by Barnes, dated 1936. £50-80
481.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil studies of robins and smaller birds, some with notations. 21ins. x 17ins. (5). £60-100
482.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil studies of cockerels. The largest 10ins. x 8ins. £60-100
483.    Ellis Family Archive: Clifford Ellis watercolour study of a 'Rustic Cottage' together with a preliminary pen & ink of the same. 12ins. x 9ins. £70-100
484.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil studies of parrots. The largest 9ins. x 8ins. (5). £60-100
485.    Ellis Family Archive: Rosemary Ellis 1910-1998 early watercolour of a frog, monogrammed 1931. 13ins. x 9½ins. £120-180
486.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil studies of Antonia Lopez in Spanish costume. 13ins. x 8ins. (8). £60-100
487.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil nude studies of Couvatier between October 1932 and May 1933. 13ins. x 8ins. (6). £60-100
488.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil nude studies of Marion Houlsworth 1933. 13ins. x 8ins. (10). £60-100
489.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil nude studies of Malvina Fraser from 1933. 13ins. x 8ins. (10). £60-100
490.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Pencil nude studies of "Helen Rostron in pencil , circa 1934. 13ins. x 8ins. (10). £60-100
491.    Ellis Family Archive - Clifford Ellis 1907-1985: Stage Performers, 1934 ink and colourwash on paper. 12ins. x 8ins. (4) £80-120
492.    Ellis Family Archive - Photographs from the studio of Rosemary & Penelope Ellis: On Kodak 'Bromide 3' papers, "Horses", "Race Horses on the Newmarket Gallops" & Shires working Horses" ploughing & portraits of 'Shires' 20 unmounted) 20ins x 16ins. and 25 mounted on card, stamped "Copyright Rosemary & Penelope Ellis". Approx. 58 in total.
Plus Photos from the studio of Rosemary and Penelope Ellis, on Kodak 20ins. x 13ins. sheets, Bromide 3. Black and White in Nature x 44, Flight x 16 mounted and 26 unmounted. Approx 86 in total.
493.    Artist Requisites: Beech framed travelling easel with self contained pallet trays. £40-60
494.    20th cent. Mahogany linen press. The top has twin doors opening to reveal the hanging rail & 4 slides. The base has 2 short over 2 long drawers. £400-600
495.    George III oval mahogany drop leaf dining table with boxwood inlay on tapering supports. 48ins. x 69ins. £200-250
496.    Edwardian mahogany towel rail, a 19th cent. painted towel rail plus a 20th cent. pine towel rail. (3). £20-40
497.    Edwardian Arts & Crafts: Oak dresser, mirror backed with glazed doors. The base with central carved doors over an open recess flanked by two glazed cupboards. £200-300
498.    20th cent. Pine bookcases x 3. Sizes 1) 2½ins. x 39½ins. x 11ins. 2) 30¾ins. x 35½ins. x 9¼ins. 3) 35ins. x 60ins. x 11½ins. £30-40
499.    20th cent. Lighting: Turned onyx standard lamp. £20-30
500.    20th cent. Lime oak bedside cupboard. 14ins. x 28½ins. x 14ins. £30-50
501.    20th cent. Hardwood extending table on twin pedestals with 6 matching chairs. Closed 70ins. x 41ins. Extended 90ins.

502.    20th cent. Circular beech table & 4 chairs. £40-60
503.    19th cent. Mahogany occasional table with inlaid banding, a walnut circular footstool and a polished oak stool. 8½ins. x 7ins. x 7ins. £20-30
504.    20th cent. Pine folding garden chairs plus rattan seated & backed folding chairs. (6) £40-60
505.    Mappin & Webb: Aneroid barometer, rope work, carved case plus 2 others. A stick thermometer and a square thermometer in the form of a dice. (Behind Mikes counter). £40-50
506.    Clocks: 20th cent. Treen cased mantel clock x 3, plus a 20th cent. ceramic rearing horse figure with an integral clock. (4).
507.    Clocks: 19th cent. Mahogany domed mantel clock with silvered dial, an art deco fruitwood inlay (Walker Hall) clock plus a 21st cent. small gilt bedside clock. (3). £30-40
508.    Clocks: Mantel clocks - Smiths Enfield, x 2 Appleyards plus assorted clock cases, and a cuckoo clock. (8 clocks all for repair). £30-40
509.    19th cent. Wall mounted cabinet, glazed single door. 27ins. x 28½ins. x 9½ins. £40-60
510.    20th cent. Wrought iron standing lamp with treen shelf. £20-25
511.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing table mirror with barley twist columns on small bun feet pluys bedroom chair with corduroy seat. £30-50
512.    20th cent. Oak linen fold decorated blanket box. £30-40
513.    19th cent. Mahogany art nouveau pot cupboard and an oak and elm ladder back chair. £30-50
515.    20th cent. Button back upholstered ottoman 'daybed'. 65ins. x 23½ins. x 33ins.
516.    19th cent. Walnut French bed with drop castors for ease of movement. Overall 45ins. x 87ins. £100-150
517.    20th cent. Oak 4 shelf open bookcase with galleried back. 37ins. x 43ins. x 10ins. £40-60
518.    19th cent. Mahogany 4 shelf book rack with back board carved Tudor rose. 48ins. x 53½ins. x 14ins. £60-80
519.    20th cent. Figured walnut single bedsteads with carved cresting rail to bed ends. 42ins. x 6ft 6ins. (2) £30-50
520.    20th cent. Oak dwarf gate leg table, oval occasional table plus a fold up card table with baize top. £30-40
521.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing table, mirror shield shaped, above a 3 drawer base, the central drawer with fitted lock 23ins. high. A gate leg table, an octagonal upholstered footstool, slate back chair and a step commode and a 19th cent. mahogany jewellery box with lift up top and single drawer. 9ins. £50-100
522.    19th cent. & 20th cent. Dining chairs, 3 wheel backs, 3 lyre back and 2 others. £40-60
523.    Early 20th cent. Elm stools 24½ins. & 17ins. £30-40
524.    19th cent. Mahogany commode on 4 shaped supports. £30-40
525.    20th cent. Furniture: Jacqueline Groag (1903-1986) textile designer, her foray into furniture design in the 1950s lead to her patterns being used on a range of surfaces. Formica Coffee Table 'Cityscape' with distinctive grey and white patterned top, plus a potted history of her work. £60-80
526.    20th cent. Upholstered armchair with orange upholstery. £50-80
527.    Laura Ashley: Oatmeal fabric upholstered contemporary two seater sofa; with original information & care guides.
528.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Circular cricket table plus a rustic pine stool. £40-45
529.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany framed upholstered dining chairs (4) £30-40
530.    20th cent. Mahogany dining room chairs, 7 & 1 carver. Flocked upholstered with drop in seats. (8). £60-80
531.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany dining-table in the Regency style, the rectangular top with rounded corners, reeded edge and extra, raised on two central supports on reeded splayed legs terminating in brass paw castors. 96¼ins. long x 42ins. wide.
532.    19th cent. Mahogany glazed bookcase. £80-100
533.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany tilt top table; the base having ball & claw feet. 53ins. diameter. £100-150
534.    19th cent. Mahogany table mirrors, 2 skeleton, 1 mirror with 2 drawer base plus a 20th cent. mirror with single drawer base. £40-60
535.    19th cent. Pine blanket box 32½ins. x 20ins. x 19ins. £30-50
536.    20th cent. Brass bound cedar wood trunk with shell decorated concave handles. 39ins. x 18ins. x 19ins. £60-80
537.    20th cent. Oriental camphor wood chest. 38ins. x 24ins. x 24ins. £60-80
538.    20th cent. Cedar wood chest with brass handles 42ins. x 25ins. x 22ins. £60-80
539.    19th cent. Mahogany framed button back chair. £50-60
540.    19th cent. Mahogany framed button back gentleman's chair with galleried back, on ceramic castors. £60-80
541.    19th cent. Mahogany tea table on square tapering supports. £80-120
542.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing table with square swing mirror, the base having three drawers, the whole on bracket supports. £40-60
543.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 tier open shelved buffet with 2 drawers to the middle section. Ornate carved finials & columns; the whole on ceramic castors. £80-120
544.    19th cent. Mahogany breakfront display cupboard, single solid central door flanked by 2 glazed doors and sides, rising off ball & claw feet. £120-160
545.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 drawer sideboard above 3 doors rising off a plinth. £60-100
546.    19th cent. Mahogany small 2 tier buffet 45ins. x 40ins. x 26ins. with drawer below. 22 ins. x 31½ins. x 21ins. £40-60
547.    19th cent. Arts & Crafts: Aesthetic pitch pine pot cupboard, inlaid banding in ebony & fruitwood. 16¾ins x 31¼ins x 15¾ins. Plus a mahogany pot cupboard 15ins. x 29ins. x 13¾ins. £80-100
548.    20th cent. Mahogany table/library steps. 27½ins. open x 28ins. x 17ins. As a table 27½ins. x 18ins. x 17ins. £30-50
549.    19th cent. Revolving bookcase with table top; turned columns & stretcher. 18½ins. x 27ins. x 18½ins. £40-60
550.    19th cent. Gothic oak metamorphic chair to library steps. 36ins. x 17ins. x 22ins. £80-120
551.    19th cent. Mahogany Pembroke table. £40-60
552.    19th cent. Button back small nursing chair plus an upholstered stool with x stretchers. £40-60
553.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing cupboard with lift up top. £30-40
554.    19th cent. Walnut Canterbury, turned partitions, columns & handles. £80.-120
555.    19th cent. Mahogany twin glazed door bookcase. 29½ins. x 17½ins. x 11½ins. £40-60
556.    20th cent. Oak draw leaf table on barley twist supports 10ft x 4ft. and 6 dining chairs. £40-80
557.    20th cent. Oak glazed bookcase with gallery top 24ins. x 35ins. x 11½ins. £30-50
558.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany twin pedestal desk with 9 drawers & a leather skiver; topped with a stationery box flanked by 4 drawers. The whole on a plinth. £120-150
559.    19th cent. Mahogany display cabinet, glazed doors with moulding on elegant cabriole supports. 48ins. x 72ins. £120-180
560.    20th cent. Beechwood revolving hat, coat & stick stand. 77ins. Tall. £60-80
561.    19th cent. Mahogany compactum, 3 doors, the middle having a full-length mirror. The main section with 2 slides over 5 long drawers & the left has a hanging compartment with rail & pegs. The whole on a plinth. £200-300
562.    19th cent. Oak 2 over 3 dressing chest with gallery rising off a plinth. £120-160
563.    19th cent. Mahogany chest of drawer, (large) cock beaded drawer fronts rising off a plinth. £120-450
564.    19th cent. Mahogany four graduated drawers chest, bowed ends straight end columns, split bobbins to the inset gadrooned supports. 47ins. x 43¾ins. x 23ins. £400-500
565.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers on bracket supports. 43ins. x 41½ins. x 20½ins. £100-140
566.    19th cent. Pottery: Brown, Westhead & Moore Teutonic meat dish. 22ins. x 16ins. £30-35
567.    19th cent. Mahogany rectangular tilt top side table on single column and four splayed supports. £120-180
568.    19th cent. Mahogany bow fronted chest of drawers, 2 small over 3 long drawers. The whole on bracket supports. £200-300
569.    20th cent. Mahogany & Walnut 2 tier bedside chest, each tier having 3 drawers. The whole on short cabriole supports. 16ins. x 34ins. x 23ins. £100-120
570.    George III mahogany sideboard of good proportion, the cross-banded breakfront top edged with boxwood stringing, the bowed ends fitted one side with a drawer above a cupboard and at the other with a cellarette drawer, the central drawer above two recessed cupboards each with tambour fronts, brass oval plate and swing handles, on square tapering and inlaid legs to spade feet. 72¼ins. wide. By family repute the sideboard once the property of Lord Nelson.
571.    Clocks: George III longcase clock, mahogany cross banded with oak case, enamel arch dial with moonphase, seconds and date aperture, spandrels decorated with deer, signed Bailey Fordam. Approx. 20ins wide x 9ins. deep x 93ins. £300-500
572.    Early 20th cent. Maples compactum central banded mirrored door hiding a set of drawers & slides and flanked by two hanging compartments. The whole banded glazed and curtained antique style 71ins. x 84½ins. x 23ins. £400-600
573.    19th cent. Mahogany single pedestal table, single drawers, short drop flaps. £80-120
574.    19th cent. Mahogany library/partners desk with period gilt tooled skiver raised on two pedestals, stamped W Priest 1 & 2 Tudor Street, Blackfriars. 72ins. x 45ins x 31ins. £500-800
575.    20th cent. Chinese lacquered table, top decorated with gilt lacquer and mother of pearl. 25ins. £60-100
576.    19th cent. Mahogany breakfront/secretaire bookcase. Secretaire drawer over twin door cupboard flanked by 3 drawers. The top astral glazed and the whole rising off a plinth. £800-1200
577.    19th cent. Mahogany wardrobe with twin doors over single drawer. The whole on bracket supports. £150-250
578.    19th cent. Figured mahogany linen press with 4 slides over 3 graduated drawers. £400-600
579.    18th cent. Superb quality padour colonial style chest of four graduated drawers, with oversize gilt escutcheon plates and handles showing urns surmounted with Asiatic pheasants or peacocks. The chest is decorated with canted corners, inlaid fruitwood and ebony, shaped bracket supports with carved roundels. 36ins.
580.    19th cent Dutch revival gentleman's washstand, heavily decorated with stylised inlay to top, sides and inner lid, lift up top and front opening door. 23ins. x 18ins. x 37ins.
581.    Period painted cast iron fire back depicting a Royal Coat of Arms. 30ins. x 20ins. £100-150