Antiques, Collectables & Iconic Memorabilia Sale on
Saturday 11th November 2017

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1.      20th cent. Ceramics: Wash stand set - jug, bowl, chamber pot, soap dish and tooth brush holder, transfer print of pink roses on white ground. Plus "Watcombe" brown glaze coffee/hot water pot, tea pot, 3 x milk jugs (1 a/f), 6 x egg cups, 3 x beakers, 2 x butter pat dishes, 2 x sugar bowls, 6 x breakfast cups and saucers, 6 x tea cups and saucers plus 3 x soup bowls. £20-40
2.      Ceramic & Plate Ware: Royal Doulton "Veronica" pattern sauce boat, ladle & saucer, jelly mould, 19th cent. trio Hibber & Boughey, reg. no. 1889 (Godden's page 323). Wedgwood Jasper ware dish, Hilditch & Son 19th cent. cup - oriental pattern, and bowl in a similar vane, plated tray. Plus (Behind Mike's counter) Royal Crown Derby serrated edge knife with ceramic handle, another knife with hallmarked silver handle and a dressing table oval small jar with silver cover, etc. £30-50
3.      19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Sunday's stone hot water bottle, glassware, planters, tureens, etc. £20-40
4.      20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Albert "Haworth" tea and pudding/cereal service, 1 x bread and butter plate, 8 x tea plates, 8 x cups and saucers, 1 x teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl, 8 x pudding/cereal bowls, 2 x mugs plus a sandwich plate etc. £30-50
5.      20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester dinner service 8 x dinner plates, 8 x desserts plates, oval server 13½ins, 2 x vegetable tureens, 8 x side plate, a gravy boat (a/f) plus a saucer. £40-60
6.      Glassware: 20th cent. Green glass, dessert set, bud vases, glasses plus cups and saucers etc. £20-40
7.      20th cent. Ceramics: Franconia "Apple Blossom" 6 place settings sets a pair of tureens and covers, 5 x soup bowls on stands, gravy boat on stand, 6 x dinner plates, 6 x dessert plates, 6 x side plates plus 2 x meat ovals.
8.      Glass and Ceramics: Good quality lead crystal, glass and ceramics including Spode Italian Tazza, Crown Devon and other meat ovals. (5 Boxes). £50-80
9.      Devon Ware: Black retro double tube shape vase, 4½ins and 3½ins. Possibly H.M. Exeter art pottery, anvil shape vases, green ground, Scandy design of leaves - a pair 5ins. Long Park art pottery tobacco jar, dark green ground, pale green swag decoration, pale green border plus matching fluted edge bowl. Wall pocket "The Heavens Thee Guard and Keep" 6ins, Watcombe Cottage beaker "If You Can't Be Easy", Scandy shaving mug "A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss", Scandy bowl Colwyn Bay, Scandy motto dish, plus a plate "Which Ever Way the Wind Doth Blow". (2 trays not included). £30-40
10.     Devon Motto Ware: Including Watcombe cream jugs, Scandy, Cottage and other designs. Approx. 21 jugs. Flute edge sugar bowls, Scandy miniature basket, Tors spot basket, Scandy and motto ware 2 handle vases, motto ware dishes. (2 Trays not included). £55-65
11.     Plateware: Copper kettle & stand, candlestick trays, wine coaster, etc. (1 Box). £30-50
12.     Metalware: 19th cent. and later fire irons, approx. 18 brass stair rods and fittings, bellows, brass skillet, etc. £40-70
13.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Coopered ice bucket and a 2 handle copper jam bowl. £40-60
14.     Pewter: Victorian quart tankards - a pair inscribed Samuel Stanton Peckham, plus misc. collection of others and a 19th cent. and later pewter. £80-120
15.     20th cent. Arts & Crafts Brassware: J. Sankey Oblong tray and two jugs in a crocodile skin design. £30-40
16.     19th cent. Gilt bronze gas wall light with adjustable arm. 11ins. £50-80
17.     20th cent. Wall sconce in the form of a putti holding a light. (Must be re-wired). Plus an art deco opalescent glass candle holder in the form of a nude and a brass fireside trivet with openwork peacock decoration. £30-40
18.     20th cent. Brass wire and tin plate fender and a Lloyd loom linen basket. £20-40
19.     Early 20th cent. Pine box metal bound with two side handles. 24ins. x 12ins. x 14½ins. £20-40
20.     Silver Plate: Harrods mahogany cased canteen of plated cutlery sets x 2. £60-100
21.     20th cent. Plate: Set of 6 teaspoons Wedding theme finials cased, set of 12 fish knives and forks bone handles cased, mustard spoons x 3, (behind Mike's counter)sugar nips plus hallmarked silver salt spoon. £20-30
22.     20th cent. Oak cased set of EPNS cutlery plus a set of 6 cake knives. £30-50
23.     Plated ware: Egg warmers, 1 x oval, 1 x cylindrical with burners plus 2 x chamber sticks with flues. £40-60
24.     20th cent. Plated Ware: Trifoil dish oyster shell shaped fish servers, fish knife fork set boxed, serving fork all boxed with bone handle. £20-30
25.     Plated Ware: Circular tray, pie crust edge and etched decoration, coffee pot with rattan covered handle, Steiff pewter wine taster and a pin tray. £30-50
26.     20th cent. Plate: Six slice toast rack, knife rests, teapot, candle holders (Harrods) - a pair, cut glass oval bowl with white metal rim, two handle tray and a set of twelve fish knives and forks - cased and a mahogany butlers tray. £30-50
27.     Tapestries: 19th cent. Hand made tapestry of a religious nature hand knotted 34ins. x 33ins. Plus a 20th cent machine made tapestry ladies serenaded in a formal garden 53ins. x 38ins. £30-50
28.     Early 20th cent. Silk shawls, deep silk fringe, one shawl has pink and cream floral embroidery, 2nd shawl cream self colour embroidery. £40-60
29.     Early 20th cent. Christening gowns, cream silk, ¾ins sleeve, 2 lace bands to skirt with ends, two tiers trimmed with lace. Cream silk gown with lace panel bodice, lace banded skirt with embroidery border. Gown with cream silk under skirt, tulle embroidery over skirt. Cream silk gown, smock waist, puff sleeves. Silk Gown with lace panel bodice, puff sleeves. (5 Gowns). £50-70
30.     20th cent. Oak butlers tray with brass turned handles. 23ins. x 17ins. £30-50
31.     Late 19th/ early 20th Century: J.C. Limoges porcelain dessert service 2 x tazza's, 2 x footed cake stands, 9 x plates, brown and gilt borders, honeysuckle and wild flowers decoration. £50-70
32.     20th cent. Paperweights: Sphere, pyramid, containing flowers, swirls, fruit shape etc 1 x box approx 44. £50-60
33.     20th cent. Paperweights: Millefiori, flowers, spirals etc approx 36. £50-60
34.     20th cent. Paperweights: Caithness, Selkirk plus C11C Langham some boxed most sphere shape, 1 x toadstool plus 1 x candle holder etc approx 38. £40-50
35.     20th cent. Paperweights: Spheres containing flowers, rods, spiral twists, teddy, snowstorm etc 36. £50-60
36.     20th cent. Glass: Fish, birds and illusion blocks, clear glass swans, green snail etc plus Nigel Pain vase paperweight. £30-40
37.     20th cent. Paperweights: Containing flowers, Millefiori 2, in the form of apples, sphere and drop shapes approx 39-40. £55-65
38.     Brass and Glass: A gilt and white enamel decorated decanter, a brass ink well plus a match box cover etc. £30-50
39.     Glassware: 20th cent. Cut glass decanters of various forms (5) with spare stoppers. (5). £40-70
40.     Carnival Glass: Bowls, vases etc. (8) plus Vaseline glass trumpet vase. £20-30
41.     20th cent. Gilt Glass lemonade set - Jug & 6 tumblers. £20-40
42.     20th cent. Glass, Cranberry and Other: Sugar bowl with nips, flask with vine decoration, gilt decorated vase, ruby overlay hob nail cut perfume bottle, 3 assorted rung jugs, 3 corner baskets, 2 glass dishes plus institution supplies Leeds Ltd Barometer in clear frame. £30-40
43.     20th cent. Glass: Green and clear stem wine glass x 6, lustre and gilt stem glass x 6. (12). £40-60
44.     20th cent. Wedgwood: bone china tea set Mazarine blue banded with gilt vine leaf decoration, pattern white hall No W4200 comprises teapot, creamer, sugar bowl, 6 x cups, saucers, side plates and 2 sandwich plates. £60-80
45.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffordshire dessert service, chinoiserie design comport, 10 plates, and a pair of open serving dishes.
46.     20th cent. Ceramics: Ridgway "Homemaker" 4 x 10ins plates, 1 x 7ins plate. £30-40
47.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Thomas The Tank Engine" mug and plate. £30-40
48.     Ceramics: Royal Doulton dinner service "Pillar Rose" set 45 pieces. £50-80
49.     Royal Albert: "Old Country Roses" tea set approx 42 pieces, Tea pot a/f. £40-70
50.     20th cent. Ceramics: Anita Harris teapot "Brian" with finial 7ins. £20-40
51.     19th cent. French Faience changer decorated floral bouquet signed to base L. Magmat Menton Pottery requires complete restoration 19ins. plus Glynn Colledge Denby stoneware jug decorated with stylized leaf's in shades of green and brown 9ins.
52.     20th cent. Ceramics: Brannam Chinoiserie lipped baluster vase blue/ cream with incised panels depicting pagoda 20ins. £30-50
53.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: George Jones crescent plates decorated with pansies and wild roses, Spode "Old Bow" Harrods plate and a Rockingham Works floral plates - a pair. (5 plates). Plus Wedgwood commemorative mugs, Jubilee 1977 x 2, 25th Wedding Anniversary 1973. Tryan Design Ltd mug by James Broom Lynne M.S.I.A for the 1971 Aldeburgh Festival. (4 Mugs).
54.     Late 19th/ early 20th cent. Ceramics: hand painted part tea set white ground decorated with pink roses and gilt swags, tea pot, two handle sugar bowl and cover, milk jug, 5 x cups, 5 x saucers, 5 x side plates plus cake plate. £25-35
55.     20th cent. Figurines Nao girl with broken vase (a/f), young boy with dog, girl with bird, shoe cleaner, boy lying with dog plus a boy with a puppy. (6). Plus a 20th cent. character jug Beswick 372 Scrooge 7ins and a Beswick teapot 691. £40-60
56.     Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Minton black dish decorated with green leaf border 12ins, condiment decorated with wild roses, Bourne Denby bowl plus a Carlton ware blue lustre bowl. £40-60
57.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Worcester side plates a pair, tea pot, Limoges trinket pot with floral decoration, Vista Alegre tea box, butter, decorative plate gilt scroll border central rustic study, treen metal bound box plus a Punch Studio box. £40-55
58.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffordshire floral part coffee set - cups and saucers x 6, coffee pot and sugar bowl, Royal Doulton "Bumble" Lancaster character jugs, Limoges G Amrenfeldt blue/gilt plate. £35-45
59.     W.H. Goss Ware: Army shell & cap, vases, houses, jugs, furniture, etc. (18 pieces). £20-40
60.     Grafton China, ceramic figure of a WWI soldier 'Over the Top' Bath Coat of Arms. (AF). £10-20
61.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crested china, Arcadian dog, Windsor Castle, The Old Armchair, etc. also West Ham Post Box, Swan china cat, etc. Approx. 21 items. £30-40
62.     Late 19th/ Early 20th Century Ceramics: Wall plates with organic decoration, ceramic pipe decorated with the study of a beer garden, miniature figurines (a/f). Royal Doulton hay figure head and shoulders Buzfuz 8309 plus Character jugs (1 a/f). £25-35
63.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Devon crudite dish, transfer print of wild fowl decoration plus a Copeland Spode alenite game dish and cover, decorated with leaves and game. £30-50
64.     Royal Doulton: Commemorative dishes Coronation 1911 transfer prints to King George and Queen Mary, reg. no 72067. Plus military commemorative General Roberts bread plate c1900. £30-40
65.     20th cent. Ceramics: Spode Christmas plates, 1970, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80, 81, unboxed with nine booklets.
66.     20th cent. Commemorative Ceramics: Wedgwood mug to commemorate the Investiture of The Prince of Wales, designed by Richard Guyatt - boxed, also a Wedgwood mug designed by Norman Wilson for the same occasion - boxed, blue Jasper Ware two handle cup, Diamond Jubilee 1970, 2 blue mugs Royal Wedding of Prince & princess of Wales 1981, Wedgwood Charles Dickens mug - boxed, plus a glass bearing portrait of Edward VIII later Duke of Windsor.
67.     20th cent. Ceramics: Jacques Lobjoy, Service Bistral orange Vins Couraine 6 plates, plus Kutanya Isnik style plate. All boxed.
68.     19th & 20th cent. Commemorative Ware: Queen Victoria/Queen Elizabeth II & children jugs, plates, mugs, cups & saucers including Cunard QEII goblet, Anne & Mark goblet plus Coalport pot & cover. £40-60
69.     20th cent. Ceramics: Noritake coffee set 6 x cups, 6 x saucers, coffee pot, creamer, sugar bowl and cover a/f, Aynsley "Mamie-Venner" breakfast cup and saucer, sandwich plate decorated with roses, Royal Crown Derby Imari Jubilee 1952/ 2002 dish. £35-45
70.     20th cent. Ceramics: Spode "The Salisbury Cathedral" plate 1075-1975, to commemorate the 900 Anniversary of the Diocese of Salisbury 170 of 900 boxed with paperwork. £30-40
71.     Posters: "Borough of Devizes" opening of the new Market House (The Shambles) November 1838 printed Randle of Devizes framed and glazed 12½ins. x 19½ins. £20-40
72.     Devizes: Etchings and prints of Devizes one from 1723, St James Church, New Park and framed postcards of Quakers Walk (2), Long Street and New Park Street, all framed and glazed. £30-50
73.     Postcards: Mainly photo cards, Edwardian & later topographical seaside and cards from Brooklands Race Circuit, not postally used. Early cards. £120-180
74.     Russian Orthodox collection of usual early 20th cent cigarette cards depicting Christ and religious scenes (15). £50-80
75.     Postcards: 20th cent GB. & Europe topographical postcards plus a few original photos. £20-30
76.     Maps: Ordnance Survey Maps x 24 (see list with lot). Plus Geographical maps of places in the UK for 1909. 1910. 1911. 1930, 1937 (7).
77.     Stielers Hand - Atlas: 19th cent. (1909) Hardback cover with named nations sleeves for each set of maps. Approx. 97. 19½ins. x 16¼ins. £250-350
78.     20th cent. Brass nut cracker in the form of a dog, patent no 273180. £30-50
79.     Early 20th cent. Ebony dressing table accoutrements, powder bowl, ring stand, tray, trinket pot, hair brush, cloths brushes, glove stretchers, 5 hand mirrors with white metal decoration.
80.     20th cent. Treen Ware: Tribal carved figures showing aspects of village life plus 2 x carved Black Forest photo frames. £30-50
81.     Hallmarked Silver: Gilt rings 1 with clear white stone the other Aquamarine, 2 other yellow metal rings, a silver bracelet 1oz., a Sterling silver broach, a bracelet (Burmese Figures), a Monet necklace and earrings plus a necklace and bracelet by Coeur De Lion. £40-60
82.     Jewellery: Nephrite necklace, white metal Sekonda watch and mixed costume jewellery. £30-50
83.     Jewellery: Cultured pearls both with 9ct clasps and one with earrings. (2). £20-40
84.     Costume Jewellery: Tennis bracelet set with crystal stones clasp white metal marked 975, 2 strand simulated pearl necklace with white metal clasp plus a green stone pendent in the form of a tear drop set in white metal on a fine chain (3). £40-60
85.     Costume Jewellery: Simulated pearls, 2 strand necklace and earrings, assorted necklaces and brooches (1 x box.) £20-30
86.     Watches: Yellow metal wrist watch "Pierce" plus a "Corteal" white metal pocket watch, a string of pearls, a silver ring, plus a stick pin etc all contained in an oriental lacquered box. £20-40
87.     Pens: "The De La Rue" pen, Conway 479, "Swan" self filler, "Sheaffer" with gold plated top. £100-120
88.     20th cent. Japanese practice Katana Wakizashi cord wrapped Tsuka, textured black Saya, wavy Hamon, 440 stainless steel. £50-80
89.     Edge Weapons: Military 19th cent. Light Cavalry sabre stamped Woolley and Co with metal scabbard. £200-300
90.     Shipping Memorabilia: P & O and Orient Line, etc. Collected menus, some autographed & autographed photos of stars of film and stage. Including EG Rachel Crothers, Tallulah Bankhead, Gladys (Jane) Grey, Mary Newcomb, Ann Todd, Owen Wares, Lynn Fontanne & Alfred Lunt, Celia Johnson, Dorothy Wilding photographer to The Royal Family, etc. Plus a WWII Defence Medal to the collector MRRA Blackie R.N.V.R. etc. £30-50
91.     Ephemera: Military Mess minute book from Allied Mobile Force (Land Element) Logistic Support, Bath SGT Mess meeting minutes from 1985-Dec 1999. £20-30
92.     Edged Weapons: Tribal tourist goods, carved knife with leather scabbard, a knife with leather scabbard ending with a whip end plus a horn water carrier with leather sleeve and shoulder strap. £20-30
93.     Maps: Military maps of The Falklands titled Stanley Minefield and area clearance situation map as at 12 Nov 1983, 5 copies plus 1 ASAT 06 Feb 1984 2 copies plus Falklands Island area of intense wild life activity. These are housed in a tube marked flare ground indicating yellow and addresses to Airfield Clearance Officer Stanley. £50-80
94.     Militaria: WWI R & J. Beck, 1916 telescope; single drawer, leather bound with glare slide. Fully engraved military arow. "No.737. Tell. F.A. (MK 1V) and Gen. Staff". £80-120
95.     20th cent. Glass: WWII Italian Air Force sherry glasses x 14, acid etched with the IAF crest. £80-120
96.     20th cent. WWII commemorative glassware: Lemonade glasses, bearing the etched portraits of General Montgomery, General Eisenhower, President Roosevelt, General De Gaulle, Stalin and Sir Winston Churchill. (6 glasses).
97.     Scientific Instruments: Telescopes 1¾ins. day and night, two drawer, Graham and Co, Wapping. £40-60
98.     Militaria: Post war German Police Officers greatcoat. £50-80
99.     Militaria: Post war German Officers greatcoat. £50-80
100.    WWII/Third Reich: Tan tooled leather stationery & blotter folder, gilt German eagle above a S, acquired from SA Gaultier's Office Cologne. 11½ins. x 15½ins closed. £200-300
101.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: Hitler stationary from the Fuhrer " I give you my sincere thanks for your thoughts and expressed good wishes on my birthday. With the German greeting "( the right hand raised one). £80-100
102.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: Stationary Munchen pre 30th of January 1933 not called Reichskanzler Fuhrer.
103.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: Original blank piece of Adolf Hitler personal Stationery recovered from the Reich Chancellery by Capt. Hodge.
104.    Militaria: Rare hardbound Third Reich book "Seniority List of the Schutzstaffel of the NSDAP as of December 1st 1936" printed by the Reich's printing facility. Listed over nearly 300 pages in order of superiority are members of the "SS with Heinrich Himmler at the top of the list with Rudolf Hess next. £500-800
105.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: Original blank piece of Adolf Hitler personal Stationery recovered from the Reich Chancellery by Capt. Hodge.
106.    Captain John Hodge Collection.

Captain Hodge was in the first group of British soldiers to reach Berlin at the end of WWII. One of his duties during his early days in Berlin, as a fluent speaker of German, was to instruct civilians in their own language to clear debris in various parts of the Reich Chancellery. Whilst in the Chancellery he saved the following items from certain destruction. Captain Hodge was transferred to the War Crimes Investigation Unit in early 1946 and is featured in Guy Waters bestselling book 'Hunting Evil' the story of how Nazi were criminals were brought to justice. One particular incident is detailed in which Captain Hodge was wounded apprehending Heinrich Hornetz, a member of the SS, who was later tried and hung for crimes committed at Newe Bremme Concentration camp, a copy of the original of his order to apprehend this war criminal is included in the sale.

WWII/Third Reich: Iron Cross First Class, Rudolf Souval Vienna in rare original box of issue. This Iron Cross was recovered by Capt. Hodge from the Reich Chancellery.
107.    Captain John Hodge Collection.

Captain Hodge was in the first group of British soldiers to reach Berlin at the end of WWII. One of his duties during his early days in Berlin, as a fluent speaker of German, was to instruct civilians in their own language to clear debris in various parts of the Reich Chancellery. Whilst in the Chancellery he saved the following items from certain destruction. Captain Hodge was transferred to the War Crimes Investigation Unit in early 1946 and is featured in Guy Waters bestselling book 'Hunting Evil' the story of how Nazi were criminals were brought to justice. One particular incident is detailed in which Captain Hodge was wounded apprehending Heinrich Hornetz, a member of the SS, who was later tried and hung for crimes committed at Newe Bremme Concentration camp, a copy of the original of his order to apprehend this war criminal is included in the sale.

WWII/Third: Iron Cross First Class, Rudolf Souval Vienna in rare original box of issue. This Iron Cross was recovered by Capt. Hodge from the Reich Chancellery.
108.    Captain John Hodge Collection.

Captain Hodge was in the first group of British soldiers to reach Berlin at the end of WWII. One of his duties during his early days in Berlin, as a fluent speaker of German, was to instruct civilians in their own language to clear debris in various parts of the Reich Chancellery. Whilst in the Chancellery he saved the following items from certain destruction. Captain Hodge was transferred to the War Crimes Investigation Unit in early 1946 and is featured in Guy Waters bestselling book 'Hunting Evil' the story of how Nazi were criminals were brought to justice. One particular incident is detailed in which Captain Hodge was wounded apprehending Heinrich Hornetz, a member of the SS, who was later tried and hung for crimes committed at Newe Bremme Concentration camp, a copy of the original of his order to apprehend this war criminal is included in the sale.

WWII/Third Reich: Iron Cross Second Class, Rudolf Souval Vienna in rare original box of issue. This Iron Cross was recovered by Capt. Hodge from the Reich Chancellery.
Plus an envelop that held an Iron Cross 2nd Class, a presentation box with SS runes to lid plus a blue medal ribbon. £100-150
109.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: Original blank piece of Adolf Hitler personal Stationery recovered from the Reich Chancellery by Capt. Hodge.
(no folder). £40-60
110.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: Stationary Munchen pre 30th of January 1933 not called Reichskanzler Fuhrer. £80-100
111.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: A citation translates "In the name of the German people I present ......... The Service Cross of the Order of the German Eagle First Class" (no folder).
112.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: A citation translates "In the name of the German people I present ......... The Service Cross of the Order of the German Eagle First Class" (no folder).
113.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: A citation translates "In the name of the German people I present ......... The Service Cross of the Order of the German Eagle First Class" (no folder).
114.    Military medals WW1: A pair to S. George Merchant Navy ONSS MacDougall war medal Merchantile Marine Medal. £50-80
115.    Medals: 1914-18, 1914-1919 pair to 32956 PTE W Laws Essex Regiment. Plus a Peace Beaker. £40-60
116.    WWI Mercantile Marine: Pair to Henry G. Harrison 14-18 medal Mercantile Marine medal. £50-80
117.    Military Medal Group To 2081420 GNR D.N. Lingard RA, Efficiently Medal, 39-45 Medal, Defence Medal plus Italian Star. £60-80
118.    Military: WWII galvanised ladder purporting to be from a Lancaster Bomber. The ladder jointed in the centre it has 8 rungs 73ins. tall x 14½ins. wide (approx). £100-120
119.    Books: "An Der Somme" for October 1915 to November 1916 The Somme from a German Perspective fully illustrated plus a WWII Adolf Hitler cigarette card album complete. £30-60
120.    Photographs: Memorabilia Edward prince of Wales photograph aboard ship (possibly unpublished). The Price is dressed in Badminton clothing standing next to a Royal Marine in whites possibly a body guard or Batman plus another photo of a group of marines C WW1 £40-50
121.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: Original blank piece of Adolf Hitler personal Stationery recovered from the Reich Chancellery by Capt. Hodge.
(no folder).
122.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: A citation translates "In the name of the German people I present ......... The Service Cross of the Order of the German Eagle First Class" presented in folder. £80-120
123.    WWII/Third Reich Captain John Hodge Archive: A citation translates "In the name of the German people I present ......... The Service Cross of the Order of the German Eagle First Class" presented in folder.
124.    WWI Original watercolour by Lance Corporal Vero Laverton Berrie, Royal Engineers No 37258; painted whilst on active service 1914/18 in France at H.Q. 11th Division, BEF & latter in Belgium. Four sketchbooks, six framed and glazed sketches with details on reverse, plus some loose pages. Included are sketches & watercolours completed whilst on leave ion England. £100-120
125.    RAF Memorabilia die cast models of RAF planes (7), beer signs decorated with war time scenes, wall plates and RAF books etc. £30-50
126.    Toys Die cast: Military 85mm gun, German 7.5 tank destroyer, leopard tank, Leopard recover x 2, 155mm mobile gun, leopard tank side guns, Bren carrier antar transporters x 2, Centurion, VS jeep x 2, Striker, air portable Rover and drop package, 10 ton truck plus 2 aeroplane's etc. £30-40
127.    Ephemera - 19th cent. to 1930s scraps the property of Richard May, a Titanic passenger: The scraps include very early photographs of shipping letter, menus, Chinese paintings on rice paper, topographical photos, letter heads, advertising cards, early American stamps, cuttings of exotic birds, flowers, & flower & leaf pressings, press cuttings, postal history, tissue souvenir handkerchiefs of the Coronation of George V and the death of Edward VII. All contained in a leather bound ledger. £500-800
128.    Books: "Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte" in four volumes, "London, or Interesting Memorials" in two volumes 1823, "Memoirs of George II Horace Walpole" volume one 1847, etc. (11). Plus "The American Commonwealth" printed 1888 Mac Millan and Co. Three volumes.
129.    Books: Oliver Goldsmith "A History of the Earth and Animated Nature" published by Blackies and Sons 1868 vol 1/2. Some pages are missing in volume 2. £20-30
130.    Wiltshire Ephemera: The register of Persons Entitled to Note in the Northern Division of Wilts between 31st December 1872 to the first day of January 1874. £20-40
131.    Children's Books: Selection including Struwwelpeter first edition, tear to corner. (5). £20-40
132.    Books: "Cromwell's Letters and Speeches" volumes 1-4 1850 3rd edition. £60-100
133.    1930 Mickey Mouse Chums Membership Card no. 174592 plus 2 pop up Christmas Cards and a cut out card, all in good condition. (3). £200-300
134.    Ephemera: Modern masterpieces parts 1 to 7, artist portfolios Cezanne and Toulouse Lawtrec both with 16 colour plates. £30-50
135.    Artist Requisites: Leather cylindrical paint brush holder with carrying handle. £20-40
136.    Film Posters: Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets, Madagascar, Alfie, The Little Bear, War of the Worlds, etc. Approx. 53 posters. £30-60
137.    Reproduction rail posters, Tec drawings of rail layouts, railway & BOAC cups & saucers. £40-60
138.    Railwayania: L.M.S. Cast iron oval plaque, Derby 1929. 4½ins. x 3½ins. £20-30
139.    19th cent. Sun Life lead fire insurance plaque 4 25573 plus a cast iron Shanks Abroth "Britisher" lawn mower plaque. £60-90
140.    Railways: G.W.R, L.M.S, B.R carriage handle x 5, 1 lock, 3 grab handles etc. £30-60
141.    Automobilia: Car mascot chrome Rolls Flying Lady, undated on 3¾ins. treen base. £80-100
142.    Automobilia: Car mascots chromium plate c1923-1924 Mappin & Webb "Goddess" reg. no. on back of base 689589. Mappin & Webb winged wheel and M to front of base 7¼ins. on polished treen base. £400-600
143.    Automobilia: Car mascot chrome Rolls Flying Lady, undated on 3¾ins. treen base. £80-100
144.    Automobilia: Car mascot chromium eagle. 9½ins. wingspan. £40-60
145.    Automobilia: Car mascot chrome c1953-58 Armstrong Siddeley "Sphinx" with Jet Turbines Foundry mark J.F. (Joseph Frey) pitting to surface. 4½ins. £80-100
146.    Automobilia: Car mascot chrome Jaguar no 7/10091/1 W.B.B. pitting to surface. 7ins. £30-50
147.    Automobilia: Car mascot chromium plated "Mercury". Approx. 7ins. £30-50
148.    Automobilia: Car mascot chrome Jaguar no 7/10091/1 W.B.B. pitting to surface. 7ins. £30-50
149.    Julie West, oil on canvas freight loco 53810 signed lower right and dated 1994, label verso framed 34ins. x 18ins. £60-100
150.    Royal Air Force Posters: Unusual 1930s 'Visit an Aerodrome Empire Air Day, May 29th' at Royal Air Force North Weald, Printed by The Stanhope Press 12ins. x 19ins. £70-120
151.    Royal Air Force: Lithograph in colours by Tempet "Royal Air Force Display Hendon June 1937" printed by McCorquodale and Co 20ins. x 30ins. £150-250
152.    Aircraft/ Royal Air Force: Lithograph in colours by Peckham for the Empire Day May 1938 at RAF North Weald 19ins. x 29ins. £150-250
152A.   Aircraft: Black and white 1950's photographic posters of a BOAC De Havilland, Comet and 2 Sanders - ROE RAF SR.A/1 flying boats 32ins. x 18ins and 20ins. x 16ins. £50-80
153.    Photography: Period Furley Lewis signed photograph of Olympic fencer Felix Grave 10ins. x 8ins. in period frame £80-120
154.    Poster Beatrix Potter Christmas Exhibition poster at the Victoria and Albert Museum from 14th December 1972 to 28th January 1973 framed and glazed 19½ins. x 29½ins. £40-70
155.    Toys: Hornby tin plate 0 gauge train set, large amount of track 2 x loco's 4560, 6600, 2 coaches, goods wagon, brake van, log wagons, a platform buffer etc. £30-60
156.    Toys Air Fix: trains, buses, aeroplane's, ships, various sizes (37 kits). £30-50
157.    20th cent. Collectors Dolls: Bisque head x 2, treen puppets x 2. £20-30
158.    Toys: Diecast Lesney products Coronation coach, play worn box distressed. £15-20
159.    19th cent. Tinplate: Toy sewing machine - black stove enamel decoration. £20-30
160.    Toys: Pre war boxed Bowman tinplate model 250 steam train and tender (no boiler certificate sold as collectors item, not for use). £60-100
161.    Toys: Tinplate Hornby rolling stock 42150 flat truck with container x 2, 42151 flat truck with insulated and meat x 3, 42106 No 50 cattle wagon all red boxes 42181 No 50 hopper wagon plus unboxed Rotary tipping wagon No 50, Shell Oil, cattle wagon x 2, log wagon x 3, coaches x 2, flat truck with container x 1, 2 x tanker wagon. Parkside Dundas 0 gauge wagon kit x 2, pocket set Hornby kits composite coach and full brake coach plus a Hunslet 15ins. class 060st loco. £80-100
162.    Toys Die Cast: Foden 502, 2nd cab blue, cab yellow flat bed orange with mid green flat bed, Foden tanker 2nd cab Mobil Gas red, Regents blue and red, 1st cab not signed dark blue and mid blue plus 1st cab blue and mid blue, 2nd cab blue and mid blue, Crepaint plus 1st cab, red (repaint), 944 Leyland Octopus wagon yellow and green plus truck with chains, (repaint) and one with on body, all play worn. £30-50
163.    Toys Die Cast: Dinky super toys, Foden trucks 501 x 2 chocolate brown, 502 x 4 2nd cab dark green mid blue dark blue dark and mid green, 505 x 3 green red with grey flat bed, plus 503 deep blue orange flat bed with tailboard, all playworn. £40-60
164.    Toys Hornby Tin Plate: 0 gauge coaches, guards vans wood built wagons plus 3 Hornby loco's most play worn. £30-60
165.    Hornby tin plate 0 gauge flat trucks some with containers 3 long log and weed wagon, milk wagons, goods wagons, carriages, hoppers etc play worn. £30-50
166.    Hornby 0 gauge tin plate train rolling stock, goods wagon x 3, guards van x 3, open wagons x 6, flat trucks x 2, meat wagons, fridge, cattle wagon x 3, Hoppers x 2, Tankers x 2, log wagons x 3 most playworn. £30-50
167.    Toys: 0 gauge and 00 gauge accessories Hornby tin plate signals, platform, police box, Britain's Castrol oil pump cabinet with 3 pumps train carriage, station transfers (large amount) plus a Marklin track side single and printed blocks. £40-60
168.    Toys Die cast: Dinky Guy van 514 x 2, Foden 501 blue, Leyland Comet x 4, Bedford van 480 x 4, Commer breakdown truck 430, Fire engines 955 x 1, 555 x 2, cement truck 960 all play worn. £20-30
169.    Toys Hornby Tin Plate: 0 gauge No 2 passenger coach, flat truck with container, No 1 goods van x 2, flat truck with cable drum 42145 x 2, plus 1 RS706, No 1 timber wagon, wagon 42245 x 2, cement wagon, No1 refrigerator van, cattle truck, No1 milk traffic van all boxed and unboxed Bassett Lowke guards van, open wagon plus 3 playworn goods vans. £40-60
170.    Late 19th Century: Metronome by Maelzel Paquet 1815/ 1846 brass plaque to front of case bearing makers name. £70-80
171.    Musical Instruments: 20th cent. Violin with a case marked Rushworth and Dreaper Liverpool. £30-60
172.    Musical Instruments: A student violin case and bow - Stentor label. £20-30
173.    Automobilia: Michelin 1950s garage display poster of Bibendum in a sports car "All that runs, runs best on Michelin" 28ins. x 19½ins. plus a Michelin advertising card. £80-120
174.    Automobilia: Michelin large Bibendum seated advertising figure circa 1960s 20ins. £200-300
175.    Advertising Guinness: Australian Carlton ware Toucan's a graduated pair 8ins and 6ins. plus a "My Goodness My Guinness" tin tray. Set of 3. (1 a/f). £50-80
176.    Advertising Guinness: Draymen with cart horse Carlton ware figure, red stamp to base. 3½ ins. plus a Carlton ware Zoo-keeper with red backstamp. £50-80
177.    Advertising Guinness: Carlton ware Draught Guinness ceramic penguin 4ins. A pair. £150-200
178.    Advertising Guinness: A good early Carlton ware Toucan lamp with original shade, stamped to base serial No GA12178 16ins. £200-300
179.    Advertising Guinness: Rare oversize Toucan advertising display figure 27ins. £250-300
180.    Advertising: Rare "Golly it's Good" oversize advertising figure with white lettering 25ins. £200-300
181.    Advertising: Rare "Golly it's Good" oversize advertising figure with white lettering 25ins.
182.    Advertising: Rare Poll Parrot shoes oversized parrot animation and advertising figure 36ins. Wired but not to be used, collectors item only. £300-500
183.    Guinness: Unusual non official fibreglass wall mounted flying Toucan 36ins. £50-80
184.    Guinness: Carlton ware Toucan lamp serial No GA2178 tail at 9½ins. £50-80
185.    Guinness: Rubberoid Toucan and Penguin figures one with Charles Tresise label (4) 7ins. £50-80
186.    Pop Art: Tin-Tin treen figure with his dog Snowy, a pair 18ins. £50-80
187.    French early 20th cent. wax mannequin bust 13ins. with box. £150-250
188.    Autographs: Eva Turner as Turandot photo card plus book 'My Life of Music' signed by Miss Turner 'To Edgar best wishes' £20-30
189.    Autographs: Stan laurel and Oliver Hardy signed on a photo. £100-150
190.    Autographs: Album of signed and auto pen signed of various stars including Frankie Howard, Margaret Lockwood, Dorothy Lamour, David Niven, Gracie Fields etc. £40-60
191.    Autographs: Sporting stars David Beckham a signed program RAFX1 V Lords Taverner's 2nd July 1978. The FA book for boys signed by some Nottingham Forest Black Burn Rovers players C1957 plus a signed copy of England V Scotland May 23rd 1981. £30-40
192.    Autographs: Signed and auto pen signed of stars of screen and stage including Star Trek cast, Elaine Paige, David Essex etc. £30-40
193.    ELVIS PRESLEY - Show business/Iconic Historical Documents: Elvis and Priscilla Presley's official divorce settlement papers from August 15th 1972. The document is signed by Elvis (twice in his full name Elvis Aaron Presley and once with his initials EAP) and four times by Priscilla (three times in her name Priscilla Ann Presley and once with her initial's PAP) also signed with their attorneys signatures.

These are exceptional examples of Elvis' signature being both bold and large, it is extremely rare to have Elvis sign in his full name Elvis Aaron Presley and also Aaron with two aa's as of which was also written on his tombstone.

Each of the 12 pages contains fascinating details and offers the reader a snapshot into the details involved between both parties that only legal documents can give. Sadly unfortunate circumstances and unhappy differences had arisen between the parties which resulted in them living separately from February 23, 1972.

As part of the settlement Elvis signed over to Priscilla his famous 1971 Mercedes Benz Automobile, Identification Number 021029; 1969 Cadillac Eldorado Automobile, Tennessee License Number ls3988; 1971 Harley Davidson Motorcycle, Cash in the sum of One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000.00); said sum was to be payable in two sections Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) within five (5) days of the execution of this Property Settlement Agreement, and Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00) on or before Aug 20, 1973

Priscilla would also receive half the income from their three residence's located at 1174 Hillcrest Road, Beverly Hills, California, 144 Monovale Drive, Los Angeles, California and 845 Chino Canyon Road, Palm Springs California. A fabulous piece of show business history.
194.    ELVIS PRESLEY: Unusual hand signed Las Vegas contract 1974.

A one sheet two sided legal size contract 7/17/1974 hand signed by Elvis Presley and Myrna Smith for Elvis Presley's 8/19-9/2/1974 for a Las Vegas Hilton Engagement.

This contract belonged to Myrna Smith of the Sweet Inspirations and was acquired from her son Mr Marti Smith.

Accompanied by a hand signed letter from Mr Marti Smith, son of the recipient of the contract.
195.    Autographs: Collected by Mr Richard Woolley, a groom & coachman in Royal employment. He had collected numerous signatures of all the servants at Royal Residences and also Queen Victoria, Queen Alexandra, King George V, Queen Mary, Princess Mary, Prince Viggo of Denmark, Admiral Henry Moore Commander in Chief. Also Queen Maud of Norway, Princess of Denmark plus a potted history of the Woolley family from paper cuttings, etc. £600-800
196.    Autographs: HRH Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh signed book 'Building The Bridges' This volume would have been signed in black in 1995 during the Queen's visit to Belfast to open the cross harbour Lagan Bridge. It is unusual to for HRH the Queen and Prince Philip to sign this type of book. £250-350
197.    Autographs - Albert Einstein 1879-1955: Rare signed note to Mr Paul Low "Many thanks for your clever/entertaining puzzle A. Einstein 54". The note is written on a printed card thanking the recipient for his birthday message. 5ins. x 3ins. £500-800
198.    Autographs/Walt Disney: Unusual letter on Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs letterhead, dated Feb 10th 1939. Walt Disney's letter reads, from Jane Clark, stating that "Mr Disney asked me to answer your kind letter". Also enclosed is a proxy signed Walt Disney card by Studio artist Hank Porter with original Mickey Mouse/Walt Disney Studios envelope. (2). £150-250
199.    Crime and Punishment/Kray Memorabilia: Rare original H M Prisons phone card signed Reg Kray DS8111, rare photograph of Reg Kray taken covertly by Lenny 'Guvnor' McLean whilst in prison at Blundeston. Photo montage of Lenny McLean beating Roy 'Pretty Boy' Shaw and another of Lenny McLean. £150-250
200.    Crime and Punishment/Kray Memorabilia: Rare original 1950s personal photograph of Ronnie and Reggie Kray plus an original copy of The Evening Standard dated May 8th 1968 with the headline 'Yard arrest Kray Twins and brother'. £100-200
201.    Crime and Punishment/Kray Memorabilia: Two original letters from Reg Kray to Peter Gerrard, Lenny 'Guvnor' McLean's biographer. The first on the 10th June 1993 relates to an upcoming book, part written by Reg and the second written on 3rd September at 5am. from HMP Wealdstone. Both are handwritten and offer fascinating content. £100-200
202.    Autograph for Composer and Pianist Vladimir Horowitz on a single sheet of paper. £60-80
203.    Autographs for Composer and Violinist Jean Sibelius on the back of a letter requesting an autograph with cover. £80-120
204.    Autographs on cards and letters most with covers for Ernest Ansermet, Sir John Barbarolt, Louis Kentner, Norman Del Mar, Yehudi Menuhin, Toscanini. £60-80
205.    Books: Ayrton senna "The Hard Edge of Genius" by Christopher Hilton published by Patrick Stephens Ltd with dust cover mint condition signed by Senna with sales letter. £80-100
206.    1950s post war treen model of a small river boat 23ins (approx). £30-50
207.    1950s steamed powered (no certificate) of early WW2 battleship approx. 55ins. Long. Collectors item only. £100-150
208.    Chinese: 20th cent. Chinese treen tea box. £50-80
209.    Chinese Ceramics: Pale green Qing Dynasty incised Celadon bowl, minor rim chips. 8ins. £800-1200
210.    Chinese Ceramics: Superb Han Dynasty stone glaze bulbous funeral vase with incised decoration to neck. 15ins. £300-500
211.    Chinese Ceramics: Han Dynasty stone glaze 2 handled vase with incised decoration to neck. 7ins. £100-150
212.    19th cent. Japanese ivory parasol handle inlaid with mother of pearl floral decoration plus another possible European, the handle encrusted with red stones. £80-120
213.    c1904 Chinese/Tibetan/Younghusband Expedition Photographs: An exceptional archive of over 500 photographs, many unpublished that are contained within seven albums, dating from 1904-1910 of Tibet, China and Mongolia. They were the personal property of Lt. Col. R C MacGregor of the Indian Medical Service. The archive commences in 1904 showing the latter stages of the Younghusband Tibet expedition in 1904 and culminates around 1910 and includes the Dalai Lama's exile from the British. Several of the albums have an index which Lt. Col. MacGregor has written by hand on 11th Rajputs Stationery showing the exact location of each image. One album bears a handwritten notation in pencil 'Gyantze 1904 with the index showing each numbered photograph's location in Tibet and includes numerous images of Gyantze, it's people, a British Army camp and even gentlemen laying golf outside Gyantze. Another is titled 'Journey to Tibet' and shows 96 photographs which include The guru battlefield, Chinese troops in the Chumbi Valley, British Army Marching, this album also has a handwritten index by Lt. Col. MacGregor on 11th Rajput stationery. The remaining 5 albums contain photographs contain among others the Dali Lama in his exile from Tibet after the Younghusband expedition and even Mongolians travelling to Darjeeling to persuade the Dali-Lama to return to Lhasa. The sheer depth of the archive is breath-taking and offers a fascinating photographic record of the closed society that was Tibet at that time and the surrounding areas, it's people, towns, military, British colonial images . The archive also shows the brutal side of life at that time with a number of gruesome images of executions and their aftermath. £7000-10000
214.    Tibet/Chinese: 19th cent. Bronze deity with hollowed out base obtained by Lt. Col. MacGregor during his service in Tibet and India. 3½ins. £300-500
215.    Militaria/World War I: Album of photographs of the early months of WWI titled 'European War 1914' Numbering over 50 images showing the conflict including British and Indian Army camps, Gurkhas, British red Cross Society Ambulance etc. £100-150
216.    Tibet/Chinese Photography: Superb album of photographs taken of Tibet by Captain Duncan Macdonald Cochrane Church MO of the 120th Rajputana Infantry. They date from 1910-11 and each bears a hand written notation to the album page they are affixed to. The album contains approx 118 individual photos showing life in Tibet, its people, soldiers, countryside, mountains, Capt Macdonald himself, temples and monasteries. The photos measure 5½ins. x 3ins. provenance via direct descendent. £500-800
217.    Tibet/China: 19th cent. Tibetan bone dress ornament depicting a deity 5ins. NB This item was brought back to the UK by Captain Duncan Macdonald Cochrane 120th Rajputana Infantry around 1911. £200-300
218.    19th early 20th cent. Paintings on Silk: Four Court ladies and a Mandarin - 5, 4 in original gilt frames, one re-framed. 10½ins. x 6ins. £150-250
219.    19th cent. Chinese Porcelain: Kang-xsi style blue and white "Lotus" vase of squat bolster form with intertwining foliage with leaf decoration around the neck and lip, unsigned but with double circle to base, 9ins. a pair, one surface heavy damage (badly repaired around the body) the other has two minor chips around the neck rim. £300-500
220.    Oriental Figures: A soapstone Japanese carved figure of deity and child. £20-30
221.    19th/ 20th cent. Oriental brass end caps in the form of daisies a pair. £20-30
222.    20th cent. Chinese green hard stone carved Dragon on treen base 9½ins. length x 4ins. height. £40-60
223.    19th early 20th cent. Chinese Canton finely carved ivory games compendium, intricate carved including Chinese Rings, Imperial Scales, 12 piece Burr, Dissected Cube, Bar and 2 Beads, Ladder Puzzle, Cup and Ball, Nine Rods and Strings, Two Plaques Puzzle, 5 Square Puzzle, Letters and Spilikins, twelve in total contained in a silk covered inset black lacquered box with gilt decoration to the lid. (Given to owners grandparents, members of the Clergy at the beginning of the 20th century. 16ins. x 10ins. x 3½ins. £400-600
224.    Chinese Silk Study: Attributed to Li T'ang drawing & painting on silk "The Return of Duke Wen of Chin" label on verso. Framed and glazed 10½ins. x 7¼ins. £100-150
225.    Chinese Ceramics: Possibly Ming period small blue & white dish with square line on sealmark.
226.    Chinese: Large Chinese Ming Dynasty treen Taoist seated figure with original paint residue 48ins. £500-800
227.    Fashion: Handbags, Charles Jourdan Paris, black leather half flap shoulder bag clutch with dust bag,a retro suede bag with bow, a leather bag, Italian embossed red velvet bag. Plus 2 stitch evening bags, gloves, leather and suede, a white elbow length evening gloves and 2 pairs of ebony glove stretchers. £40-50
228.    Ladies Fashion: A mulberry leather handbag. £50-80
229.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Avon Blue" meat oval 13ins, plates x 11ins. x 6, plates 9ins. x 6, soup dishes x 6, plates 6ins. x 5, cups x 2 (1 a/f) saucers x 4, egg cups x 4, 2 pint teapot and 1 pint teapot (lid missing). £35-45
230.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Imari oval serving dish. 23ins. x 10ins. £70-80
231.    19th cent. Ceramics: Derby Imari kings pattern plate with puce mark. 9ins. £50-60
232.    Early 20th cent. Davenport, Imari salad bowl and servers, white metal rim. £40-50
233.    19th cent. Crown Derby tea cup and 4 saucers 1 a/f. cobalt blue and gilt swag decoration red mark to base c1800-1825. £20-30
234.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Crown Derby traditional Imari, teacups x 5, coffee cups x 8, saucers x 15, side plates x 18, sugar or slop bowl, and a pair cake plates. £100-120
235.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Coalport blue/gilt part teaset, gilt ground, blue Imari style design. Cups x 11 (2 a/f.) saucers x 11, plates x 12, cake plates x 2, slop or sugar bowl. £50-80
236.    18th/19th cent. Cow creamer, brown and white on green and gilt base. 7ins. x 5ins. £150-200
237.    Royal Doulton Figurines: "The Old Balloon Seller" H.N.1315. £45-50
238.    19th cent. Ceramics: Pratt pot lid "The Chin Chew River" taken from a watercolour by J Austin plus a pot lid depicting Dutch children in a snow scene. £45-65
239.    Beswick: Hereford calf and a stallion dark bay. £20-40
240.    19th cent. Fairings: Three o'clock, Last in Bed, Shall We Sleep First?, Welsh Tea Party, 10 Months Later, In Chancery. (6) £70-90
241.    20th cent. Ceramics: Doulton onyx and porcelain bookends with demure young ladies Rose and Marie standing on a book. £20-30
242.    19th cent. Ceramics: Table centre piece possibly Minton, in the form of four cherubs supporting a ball decorated with floral decoration and swags, square base has 3 supports with floral decoration 10ins. pattern in yellow D/367 and cross with two dots. £80-100
243.    19th cent. Ceramics: Continental figures, grape pickers - a gentleman and a lady, both with a grape basket, blue Berlin mark. a/f. A pair 9ins. £60-80
244.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Dux porcelain Macaw parrot figurine, a pair 1 x slight chip 16ins. £250-300
245.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Dux, Bohemia Porcelain figurine lady and Pierrot decorated in blue and gilt 15ins. £200-300
246.    Lladro Figurine Fisherman's Wife "Waiting at the Beach" glazed bisque white blouse fawn skirt impressed 2400 Diamond 3 E-23-F incised 6 and blue Lladro stamp approx 24ins. high. £200-300
247.    19th cent. Ceramics: Spode dessert service, cobalt blue and gilt border, and each plate is decorated with a central example of summer flowers. The service comprises of plate 8ins. x 10, lozenge shape serving dishes x a pair also a circular dish. £100-120
248.    18th cent. Lowestoft blue/white sparrow beak jug c1760-1775, Chinese garden, minor firing fault to beak, blue decorators mark to foot rim, possible numeral two with extended foot. £40-60
249.    20th cent. Ceramics: George Grainger & Co Royal China Works Worcester small conch shell date marked 1901. £30-40
250.    Royal Worcester: Blush ground Nautilus shell vase, printed factory number 101 to underside, a pair one with minor rim chip 7ins. £60-100
251.    Late 19th/early 20th century: Royal Worcester blush potpourri vase, liner and cover decorated with wild roses and numerous flowers. RD no 115189,1314. £40-50
252.    Royal Worcester Blush ware small squat vase decorated with pink wild roses reg no. 348940 pattern no. 2073 3ins, 1 x vase of elongated form with gilt handle decorated with pink wild roses date code 1912-13 5ins. 1 x squat jug with gilt handle decorated with pink poppies date code 1908-09 4ins. 1 x flower basket with plain handle decorated with daisies date code 1909-10. 1 x pale blush jug with gilt handles decorated with wild flowers des no 144100 pattern 1438 1890-91 3ins. (5). £120-150
253.    Late 19th cent. A Caldas Rainha Portuguese pottery Palissy style dish by Jose A. Cunha, typically decorated in relief with a lizard emerging from a hole, under attack from a snake within a surround of insects and a lizard, against a shredded grass ground, impressed factory mark to base, diameter approx. 28cm. £200-250
254.    Ceramics: Palissy style Majolica crab plate, 7½inches. £40-60
255.    19th cent. Jose Alves Cunha Palissy Style Plates: One plate has snakes, lizards, frog, butterflies (1 lizard a/f). 11ins. The other lizards & frogs (1 lizard a/f.) 9¼ins. £30-50
256.    20th cent. Royal Copenhagen Ceramic & brass table lamp, sky blue with transfer painted magnolia flowers on a brass base with brass top cover. 14ins.
257.    20th cent. Moorcroft: Aquilegia pattern lamp, tube lined decoration. 10½ins. £90-150
258.    19th cent. German stoneware, Merkelbach Grenzhansen lidded pitcher, floriate decoration 11ins. plus Mettlach elongated vase, floriate design 14ins. Both a/f. (2). £50-80
259.    20th cent. Studio Pottery: Green baluster vase, blue shallow bowl, 2 handle urn and cover, flo blue vase, etc. £50-60
260.    Late 19th cent. Ceramics: Mettlach long neck vase, decorated in the art nouveau style with a band of flowers in white, pink and blue on a cream ground. 11ins. £50-60
261.    Early 20th cent. Wedgwood Butterfly Lustre ovoid vase with cover wear to lustre, incised 2311P to base. 8½ins including. cover. £150-200
262.    20th cent. Studio Pottery: Ara Cardew, Grandson of Michael Cardew C.B.E. 1901-1983, Wenford Bridge Pottery chargers, each bearing the image of a young boy who the vendors believes to be the sons of Mr Cardew who had 3 sons, Seth, Cornillus and Ennis. The reverse bears the impressed seal of Ara Cardews and Wenford Pottery. £200-300
263.    20th cent. Studio Pottery: Anne Stokes box in the form of an owl. The image of the bird is on the reverse of the cover on the base of the box. £50-60
264.    Clarice Cliff "Nasturtium" jug, slight paint wear 6½ins. £100-120
265.    Clarice Cliff Bizarre "Gayday" bowl, slight paint wear 6½ins. £80-120
266.    Art Deco: Clarice Cliff rare Boy Blue milk jug Wilkinson marks to base 45ins. £100-150
267.    Art Deco: Clarice Cliff Extremely rare Bones the Butcher teapot and lid markings to base 7ins. £400-600
268.    Art Deco: Clarice Cliff Bizarre vase, Rhodanthe pattern, chip to rim 11½ins. £70-120
269.    20th cent. Ceramics: Shelley part tea set, blue and pink daisies No 12216. Cups & saucers x 6, sugar bowl x 2, side plates x 9, and a cake plate. Hair line in one sugar bowl. £70-90
270.    Clocks: Modern Bavard 8 day carriage clock. £30-50
271.    19th cent. French Clocks: Vinconti Paris gilt ormolu garniture, red and white enamel painted panels, white face with floral swags chiming on the half and the hour with twin branch candelabra. £300-400
272.    Wine Antiques: 20th cent. treen and brass table bottle pourer. 12ins. £30-50
273.    20th cent. Lead crystal fruit bowl 9ins. £20-40
274.    20th cent. Commemorative Glass: George VI tankard 1937 coronation Herbert Goode limited No 571 of 1000, height approx 6ins. plus a Charles Investiture engraved wine goblet, signed (Peter) Dreiser No 115 of 150, height approx. 8ins. H.R.H Queen Elizabeth Jubilee 1952-1977 cut glass Royal Brierley goblets, approx. 10ins. - a pair.
275.    Silver: Crystal decanter with Birmingham hallmarked collar (1977) plus one other. £50-80
276.    Glass: 20th cent. Bristol blue graduated trumpet vases on circular bases - a pair. 11½ins. £40-60
277.    Glass: Georgian ale glass 4 with spiral decorated bowls plus 1 other (5). £50-80
278.    19th cent. Ornate metal and glass ewer. The base decorated with scrolls and masks, the glass etched with scrolls and flowers and the handle in the shape of an animal head. 14ins. £50-60
279.    18th cent. Glass: Wine glass, wide foot with small chip to rim, white spiral twist stem 6¼ins. plus a long stem wide foot wine glass, small chip to base. (2). £80-120
280.    20th cent. Glass: Long stem sherry glasses x 6, with multi colour rim. £40-50
281.    20th cent. Cut glass bon bon dish in blue. £20-40
282.    20th cent. Glassware blue dish in the form of a swan plus a tasting glass. £30-35
283.    20th cent. Glassware: White Friars green bell shape vase 16ins. £30-35
284.    18th cent. Glass: Tavern Rummer of ovoid form 1 plain, 2 of squat form plus 2 later facet cut Victorian Rummer's (5). £90-120
285.    19th cent. Glass: Facet cut double lip wine rinser, wheel engraved tumbler and lipped measure plus tapered bowl ale or wine glasses (4). £40-60
286.    19th cent. Glass facet cut Porter or mild beer glasses (2) plus later whiskey tumbler. £40-60
287.    Hallmarked Silver: Photo frames x 2 brush cover and handle, 2 x shoe horns plus a button hook. £20-40
288.    Hallmarked Silver: Bud vases and a napkin ring 2¾ oz (approx). £10-20
289.    American Steiff Sterling Silver 925 standard coffee pot, cream jug, lidded sugar bowl, ebonised handle, made by Steiff & Co. Maryland, USA. 48oz. £450-550
290.    Hallmarked Silver: Cigarette case Birmingham M.H. Meyer Ltd 2oz. £20-40
291.    19th cent. Dutch silver and glass vinegar bottle. A/f. £30-40
292.    Hallmarked Silver: Sheffield hallmarked set of 12 Apostle spoons and sugar tongs 6oz. approx. £50-80
293.    Hallmarked Silver: Set of 6 tea spoons and nips Walker Hall Sheffield boxed. 6 teaspoons and nips James Dixon boxed plus 6 teaspoons Sheffield boxed. £30-50
294.    Hallmarked Silver: 6 Apostle coffee spoons plus 6 Victoria headed final and shell bowls twist stems 1896 (Jubilee) both Birmingham 20oz. £30-50
295.    Hallmarked Silver: Limited edition Charles and Diana Royal Wedding silver goblets, a pair. Designed by John Spencer, with some accompanying paperwork. £200-300
296.    Hallmarked Silver: Rococo style with beaded edge salts x 4 London 1864 plus silver spoons x 4 London 1867 7oz approx. £120-150
297.    Tiffany and Co sterling silver shell shaped nut dishes 4½oz and boxed. (4). £80-100
298.    Silver: Set of 6 hallmarked tea spoons Sheffield 1895, oil burner Birmingham 1911 plus a hallmarked shell dish (3). £70-120
299.    Hallmarked Silver: Matching Regency style condiments mustard pots x 2, peppers x 4 London Carrington and Co 1906 approx 15oz. £200-250
300.    Hallmarked Silver: Condiment set and silver toast rack, Birmingham. 20th cent. silver coffee spoons (6) Sheffield. £20-30
301.    Small Silver Items: Mother of pearl penknives, 1 cased. Mawson and Thomson apothecary pharmacy chemist travelling medicine glass and measure - cased. Hallmarked silver pin cushion with very worn marks plus two pairs of opera glasses - cased. £50-60
302.    Hallmarked Silver: Goblets 1 x London, 1 x Birmingham 12oz. approx. (2). £100-120
303.    Hallmarked Silver: Trophy Birmingham Mappin and Webb 20oz approx. £150-200
304.    19th cent. Carving Tools: Forks x 2, knife and sharpener, ivory twist handle, hallmarked silver fittings with very worn hallmarks. £60-70
305.    Hallmarked Silver: Bowl, pierced Gallery rim London Mappin and Webb 6ins. diameter plus a silver rim cut glass bowl. £100-160
306.    Hallmarked Silver: Jewel box engine turned lid on cabriole supports, silk lined, Birmingham 1911. approx. 9oz inc. £50-80
307.    Hallmarked Silver: Desk set, inkwell, pen, stamp box and tray. Inkwell and tray - London, stamp box and pen - unmarked white metal. £80-120
308.    Hallmarked Silver: Serving ladle, London 1867-68, approx. 8oz. £80-100
309.    Hallmarked Silver: Wine taster with Charles II half crown in base, Sheffield 1907 Thomas Bradbury, approx. 6oz. £80-100
310.    Hallmarked Silver: Silver rimmed horn beaker London marks 1879 W.N. £50-80
311.    Hallmarked Silver: Georgian wine ladles, treen and horn handled, 1802 London, 1813 London, makers mark indistinct. £70-80
312.    19th cent. Boxes: Coromandel domed top jewel or stationery box, inlaid with brass. £80-100
313.    19th cent. Mahogany domed box plus a later inlaid coin display box. £20-30
314.    19th cent. Boxes: Domed jewel box, faux lapis with brass furniture. £100-150
315.    19th cent. Boxes: Coromandel Stationery box with domed top and turquoise cabochon. £80-100
316.    19th cent. Boxes: Coromandel inlaid with brass and mother of pearl, silk lined, jewellery box possibly alpine. With Christie's 2007 label. £100-120
317.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. Collar studs - cased plus another set - cased. £40-50
318.    Designer Jewellery: Necklace consisting of a graduated link chain (Watch Albert) with 8.5mm tapering to 5.5mm (approx) having a pear shaped pendant attached 96.5mm x 45.7mm. The centre set with iron pyrites, the pendant is made by Hooper Bolton, silver swivel fastener, length 52cm. weight 194.5g approx. the Swivel London 1897 pendent stamped Hope Bolton Silver.

319.    19th cent. Vesta: Possibly French, white metal with Niello check decoration. £70-100
320.    Hallmarked Silver & White Metal Jewellery: Ward Bros purple stone brooch, Victorian bracelet, belcher, rope twist chains, pendants and a Danish necklace. £80-120
321.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct rings both with Aquamarine stones 8.7g (approx) with stones. £60-100
322.    Hallmarked Gold: Solitaire diamond ring 18ct 3.8g with stone. £120-150
323.    Hallmarked Gold: Diamond boat shaped 5 stone ring 18ct 2.7g (approx). £60-90
324.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct sapphire and cubic zirconia ring. £40-50
325.    Jewellery: Yellow metal black onyx cabochon ring, tests 9ct. 1.6g inclusive. £40-60
326.    Diamond Jewellery: Art deco style marquise shaped ring set with central sapphire, approx. 85 points, two diamonds either side 0.16 points and 20 small diamonds, oval cut 0.10 carat, approx. 2ct. platinum set, size 0 including weight 6.4 grams. £600-800
327.    Hallmarked Gold: Wedding bands 18ct 7.5g (approx). £130-160
328.    19th cent. Old cut diamond cluster centre stone .10 surrounded by multiple small diamonds yellow metal set - tests 18ct. £150-200
329.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct wedding band 6½g (approx). £60-100
330.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct. and Yellow metal marked 9c dress rings (4). Approx. 16grams inclusive. £120-150
331.    Hallmarked Gold: 9ct wedding band 7½ins. (approx). £70-100
332.    Hallmarked Gold: Diamond set 9ct ring, signet ring, cameo ring plus a yellow metal ring 10.8g (approx). £80-100
333.    Hallmarked Gold: 22ct wedding band 8g plus 2 diamond rings set in 18ct gold 4½g (approx). £80-100
334.    Gold Jewellery: Gold ring stamped 18ct with agate blue storm stone 7g inclusive of stone. £70-90
335.    Hallmarked Gold: Rings 1 set with 7 clear stones the other with cabochon cut Amethyst surrounded with seed pearls. £60-100
336.    Jewellery: Three stone diamond ring in an art deco style, set in 18ct. plus a ring set with seed pearls and red stone. (1 stone missing). (2) £40-60
337.    Victoria Jewellery: Naval sweetheart locket with bar brooch, stamped 9ct. plus a pair of 9ct. stamped cufflink's. Approx. 13grams. £100-120
338.    Hallmarked Gold: 18ct. Wedding band plus 3 collar studs. Approx. 10grams. £120-150
339.    Watches: 18ct. Cymaflex Automatic watch with 14ct. strap plus an old English plated pocket watch. £250-300
340.    Watches: 18ct. Gold gentleman's Bulova Accutron wristwatch, both the watch and strap are stamped 18ct, the reverse of the watch is numbered 1-149752 M3. £500-800
341.    19th early 20th cent. yellow metal pocket watch, Alex Stirling of Montreal with yellow metal pinchbeck Albert chain. £40-60
342.    Watches: Ladies Bulova Accutron yellow metal watch with expanding bracelet. £30-50
343.    Watches: Avia 9ct wrist watch (ladies) 7g included glass but not movement plus a 9ct cross and chain 2.6g (approx). £90-120
344.    20th cent. Ladies 9ct. gold wristwatch on expanding bracelet. £50-80
345.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Brass bound coconut cups, approx. diameter 3ins. - a pair.
346.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Tortoise shell oval snuff/patch box inlaid with cottage and tree in white metal, hinge a/f plus another with yellow metal applique decoration. £40-60
347.    19th cent. Physician requisites, tortoiseshell lancet case containing 2 blades, one stamped Dart the other Dray. White metal fittings. 2 5/8 ins L x 1¼ W x ¼ins D. £300-500
348.    19th cent. Sewing Requisites: Tortoiseshell thimble case of knife box form, conical stand to front with white metal filigree thimble, ivory interior and four thimble slots. 2¼ins. £80-120
349.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Blonde tortoiseshell patch and toothpick box containing two lidded and recessed compartment, one hinge a/f., inlaid with a Regency vase and bocage the whole surrounded by stars contained in a border 2¼ins W x 1¾ins D x ¾ins H. £120-150
350.    19th cent. Object of Virtu: tortoiseshell dome lidded patch box, the lid inlaid with white metal Regency style decorations. Gilt metal hinge and fittings. a/f. 1¼ins H x 1 3/8 D x 2ins W. £40-60
351.    19th cent. Object of Virtu: Tortoiseshell cologne or perfume case containing 2 glass phials, ornate white metal applique decoration. 2¼ins H x 1½ins W x 5/8ins D. £80-100
352.    19th cent. Coquilla nut carved sand or pounce pot 4¼ins. £80-120
353.    19th cent. Coquilla nut carved sand or pounce pot 4¼ins. £80-120
354.    19th cent. Coquilla nut carved sand or pounce pot 4ins. £80-120
355.    19th cent. Silhouettes: Caroline Gibbons and her husband, black framed, yellow metal oval insert x 2, plus two 20th cent. of a child and a young lady. £20-40
356.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu Black marble Petra Dura obelisks decorated with floral motif, a pair. 10ins. high. £100-150
357.    Cigarette Cases: Bloomingdale's paste be jeweled in white enamel and gilt plus a German make silk bound case printed with "The Kiss" by Francesco Hayez leather interior. £30-60
358.    19th cent. Tortoiseshell sewing box, the lid opens to reveal eight sections, each with its own individual tortoiseshell cover, the exterior requiring restoration. 12ins. x 4ins. £100-150
359.    Ladies Perfumery: Travel set of 3 glass perfume flasks with glass stoppers with white metal screw tops. All presented in a leather case. £40-60
360.    Early 20th cent. Manicure set, faux tortoiseshell including rouge pot, files, etc, contained in a tooled leather case with a fitted bevel mirror.
361.    19th cent. Ladies sewing requisites, burr wood etui with bone and French ivory fittings and painted oval portrait to lid. £100-150
362.    19th cent. Ladies sewing requisites, satin wood etui with gilt and mother of pearl fittings. £100-150
363.    Numismatics: Medallions John Pinches, sterling silver 'The genius of Michelangelo' 60 medallions with 1 spare. All in packaging with paperwork and presentation album. Approx. 70+ozs. £500-600
364.    Coins: Georgian to QE2 copper, copra, nickel and silver 12½oz. ½ silver 6½oz, 46 crowns, QE2 and an upended roll containing £5 worth also a Bradbury £1 note 2 x Peppiatt £1 notes, 2 note distressed and 2 x £1 notes Somerset. £100-150
365.    Sculpture - Bronze: Carl Plackman "Figure in Human Form". The winning entry for the Harrison Cowley Award in 1967 at the West of England College of Art. The bronze is mounted on a clear resin plinth. £100-150
366.    19th cent. Mahogany Cheval mirror with scrolled decoration plus an oblong mirror. £80-120
367.    Early 19th cent. White painted over mantel mirror, floral carved frame with a head finial. 29ins. x 38ins. £80-120
368.    19th cent. White painted over mantle mirror 40½ins. x 49ins. £40-60
369.    19th cent. Engravings: Sheep in a glen, J McWhirter, February Fill Dyke after Leader plus another (4) £50-80
370.    Arthur J. Elsley prints "Out of Reach" 14ins. x 20ins. "As Good As Ever" 15ins. x 20ins. "Baby's Birthday" 17ins. x 12½ins. "Golden Hours" 16ins. x 12ins. and "Too Hot" 13ins. x 18ins. All framed and glazed. Plus a W.J. Shay drawing engraved by J. Harris "A Hunting Study" published 1st March 1864 by R & A Ackermann London. Framed and glazed. 15½ins. x 10½ins. (6)
371.    John Leech, coloured engraving hunting studies "All Right Ruggles", "Gone Away", "No Consequence" all titled, signed on the mount lower left, framed and glazed 24ins. x 16ins. (3). £100-120
372.    Pictures, prints, etchings, drawings, book plates, painted and & printed samples of linen plus a painted miniature dressing screen. £40-60
373.    20th cent. Prints, engravings, water colours and an oval mirror. £20-30
374.    Watercolours, Etchings & Prints: Three hunting studies, book prints of plants x 3, framed and glazed, shipping studies, etc.
375.    19th cent and later prints "The Four in Hand Club" pencil and crayon study of a woman signed "Roy 56" plus other prints etc (6). £40-50
376.    Picture Frames: Gilt frames, picture size 12ins. x 15½ins x 2 and a 8½ins. x 12ins. all glazed. (approx). £40-50
377.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Blue Landscape" initialed, framed and glazed. 15½ins. x 19ins. £40-60
378.    I Braund: 1834 Watercolour 'Village Study', framed and glazed. 23ins x 16ins. £30-50
379.    Prints: 19th cent. Coloured engraving 'Hunting' after H. Alken "The first introduction to hounds" engraved by J Harris and printed by Fores. Framed and glazed 22ins. x 14ins. £25-30
380.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Autumn" initialed, framed and glazed 13ins. x 9½ins. £40-60
381.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Snow Christmas" initialed, framed and glazed 15½. x 19ins. £60-80
382.    Devizes: Bishops Canning's Church 3 coloured etchings showing the Church at different angles all framed and glazed (3). £40-60
383.    Devizes: Coloured and other etchings of popular Devizes views "Entrance to Devizes from London", "Town Hall", "Market Cross", "Bath Road", plus "County Court Devizes" (5) all framed and glazed. £50-80
384.    Edward Wesson 1910-1983 Prints: "Palace of Westminster" and "St. Paul's from the River", both with artist guild proof stamp, signed on the edge lower right. Framed and glazed. 21ins. x 15ins. £60-80
385.    Oilagraphs John Constable "The Cornfield" and "Dedham Mill", unsigned print "Autumn Meeting". All gilt framed. (3). £40-60
386.    Devizes Etchings and Prints: Roundway House and Park, various views diagrams (5). £50-80
387.    Linda Anne: Watercolour oval "Hill Side" initialed, framed and glazed 15ins. x 18ins. £40-60
388.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Swiss Chalet Moon" initialed, framed and glazed 11½ins. x 15ins. £40-60
389.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Vision in Grey - Pink Landscape", framed and glazed 11½ins. x 15ins. £40-60
390.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "French Chateaux" initialed, framed & glazed 10ins. x 13½ins. £30-50
391.    Linda Anne: Watercolour coastal study initialed, framed and glazed. 15½ins. x 19ins £40-60
392.    Linda Anne: Watercolour blue and white landscape study, initialed, framed and glazed. 15½ins. x 19ins. £40-60
393.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Seascape and Butterflies" initialed, framed and glazed 9½ins. x 13½ins. £30-40
394.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Secret Cottage" initialed, framed and glazed 18½ins. x 15ins. £40-60
395.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Sepia Trees" initialed, framed and glazed. 18½ins. x 15ins. £40-60
396.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Lulworth Storm" initialed, framed and glazed 18½ins. x 15ins. £40-60
397.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Moon Shadow" initialed, framed and glazed 18½ins. x 15ins. £40-60
398.    Picture Frames: Embossed gilt frames picture size 6ins. x 6ins, 4ins. x 4ins, 4¼ins. x 5¼ins, all glazed. £30-40
399.    Picture Frames: Gilt frames picture size 2 x 4⅛ins. x 4⅛ins, 4ins. x 4ins, 3¼ins. x 3¼ins. plus one decorated with gilt twigs 6ins. x 8ins. all glazed. £30-40
400.    Picture Frames: Embossed gilt frames, picture size 3½ins. x 3½ins. x 2, 4¼ins. x 4ins, all glazed. £30-40
401.    Edward King Redmore - Coastal view Scarborough on verso, oil on canvas, signed and dated 1900, approx. 50cm x 75cm, within a gilt composition frame £300-500
402.    Thomas Hudson 1701-1779 attributed portrait of a Georgian aristocrat Lady Cecilia MacKay from around the 1740s contained within a gilt frame. Purchased at a gallery in St Christopher's Place W1 and reputed ex Christie's and Oliver Messel collection. NB. A copy of a email confirming that the painting is consistent with Hudson's work from The National Portrait Gallery accompanies the lot 34ins. x 43ins. (approx). £2500-3000
403.    19th cent. Gilt frame mirror. The frame shaped with large shell finial with mirror image shape moulding to the glass. 55ins. x 46ins. £100-150
404.    Rachel Hamming Bray 1943 -, Watercolour 'Tulips by Lamplight', monogram lower right. Framed and glazed, 13½ins x 17½ins. £100-150
405.    Bernard Finegan Gribble 1873-1962 watercolour 'RMS Orsova of the Orient Steam Navigation Co.', signed bottom left. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 10ins. £150-250
406.    19th cent. Charles Frederick Buckley 1812-1869 watercolour 'Alpine study with figures', signed lower left and matching study figures in an Alpine sunset, signed lower right - a pair. Gilt framed. Approx. 9½ins x 7¼ins.
407.    Ossie Jones 2006: Watercolours of shipping studies, unframed & signed. 10ins. x 8½ins. (7).
408.    Susan Herbert 1945-2014 Gouache on paper, mouse in costume, signed bottom right, framed and glazed 7ins. x 7½ins.
409.    Stellario A Baccell 1950: Acrylic on canvas Cafe Grego, signed lower left, titled lower right, framed and glazed 7½ins. x 11½ins. Plus Eric Gabb acrylic on canvas "St Anthony" signed lower right, label on reverse, framed 9ins. x 9ins. Jose McKinnon watercolour "The Lovely Land" signed lower left, framed and glazed 10½ins. x 7ins. (13). £30-50
410.    John Bates Noel: Watercolour inscribed "A Stream Near Dolgetty", framed 14ins x 10ins. £30-50
411.    English School: Sailing ships in harbour, unsigned, gilt frame 14½ins. x 13½ins. £80-150
412.    Willie Rodger 1930: Woodcut print "Paper Making 1" limited edition 11/30, signed lower right and titled lower left. Framed and glazed 20ins. x 21½ins. - a pair. £100-150
413.    Rosalie Winifred Thuston watercolour - Mediterranean study, signed lower right. Framed and glazed 12ins. x 15ins. £40-60
414.    Lesley Anne Ivory: 1934 Watercolour study of a cat signed lower right framed and glazed. £50-80
415.    Lesley Anne Ivory: 1934 Watercolour 'A Study of an Eagle', signed lower right. Framed and glazed 10ins. x 12ins. £50-820
416.    J.R. Skeaping 1901-1980: Pencil & ink drawing of an antelope, signed lower right. Framed and glazed 11ins. x 14ins. £150-200
417.    Helen Thorny Croft 1848-1937: Gouache on paper "from Granada Looking South", monogram lower left. 8ins. x 5ins. £40-60
418.    Samuel Prout Attributed: Pencil sketch "Portland 1809". Framed and glazed 7ins. x 3ins. £80-100
419.    Devizes Interest: J. Maddocks 1960 watercolour "Old Park House", signed lower right. 14ins. x 10ins. £20-40
420.    19th cent. English School: Oil on canvas of a mill by a stream in woodland, unsigned in heavy gilt frame. 11ins x 12ins. £150-250
421.    20th cent. English School: Oil on board town study with figures, signed lower right (indistinct). Framed 15½ins. x 19½ins. £30-50
422.    Lesley Anne Ivory: 1934 Watercolour 'Study of an Eagle Nest Building', signed lower right. Framed and glazed 8½ins. x 6ins. £50-80
423.    Brenda Chamberlain 1912-1971: Watercolour still life "Garlic & Grapes", signed & dated lower right. Framed and glazed. 17ins. x 12ins. £80-100
424.    Alexander Blackly 1837: Charcoal and watercolour of a lady sitting on a chair reading, signed & dated lower left. Framed and glazed 14ins. x 18ins. £80-100
425.    Axel (Alex) Herman Haig-Swedish 1835-1921 watercolour Kalmar Sept 1872. Titled and monogrammed lower left by the artist, titled and attributed Alex H. Haig on the mount. Image 7½ins. x 11½ins. gilt frame 18ins. x 21ins.
A matching study by Axel (Alex) Herman Haig-Swedish 1835-1921 Continental Fisher Folk. Two woman and a man collecting shellfish. Attributed to Alex H. Haig on mount. Image 13ins. x 9½ins. gilt frame 18ins. x 21ins. - a pair. £400-600
426.    19th cent. English School: Oil on canvas cattle by a lake, unsigned, gilt frame 19ins. x 9½ins. £60-80
427.    David Mynett 1942-2013 Gouache "Evening Skies Burgundy" 13ins. x 9ins. plus "Early One Summer Morning" by the same artist. £50-80
428.    Jenny Franklin: 1949 Australian Art watercolour untitled No 16 with gallery label to reverse 12½ins. x 10ins. £80-120
429.    Eleanor Hughes 1882-1959: Watercolour "Through the Arches", signed lower left, embossed stamp lower right. Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 10ins. £100-150
430.    Joseph Morris Henderson RSA 1863-1936: Oil on canvas 'woodland stream' signed lower right, Gilt frame 35ins. x 28ins.
NB: Joseph Morris Henderson was elected an associate Royal Scottish Academy in 1928, followed in 1936 by full membership. Exhibitions of his works were held in London at the Royal Academy. Also In Liverpool at the Walker Art Gallery and in Manchester at the Manchester City Art Gallery. In Scotland he exhibited at the Glasgow Institute of the Fine Arts, Royal Scottish Academy in Edinburgh and the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Colours. £600-1000
431.    John Henderson 1860-1924: Oil on canvas 'children playing in a woodland stream', signed lower left. Gilt frame 39ins. x 28½ins. £300-500
432.    William Drew 1928-84 Australian: Oil on board "Girl with Bird", signed lower right. Framed 13¼ins. x 9½ins.
433.    Phillip Matthews 1916-1984: Oil on canvas untitled Wiltshire landscape initialed and dated lower right 1981-82 signed on stretcher 18ins. x 14ins. plus frame. £150-200
434.    Lucinda L. Mackay 1970: Ink & watercolour "The Bridge Near San Basilio", signed lower right. Framed and glazed 17ins. x 12ins.
435.    20th cent. Albany Wiseman "Wapping Pierhead, London". Lithograph pencil signed, titled & limited edition 180/.300 Framed and glazed. 22½ins. x 18ins. £60-100
436.    Phillip Matthews 1916-1984: Oil on canvas "View at Cheverell (Wiltshire)" 1973 initialed and dated lower right 1973, artist name, address and title on reverse 31ins. x 26ins. plus frame. £350-450
437.    William Drew 1928-84 Australian: Oil on board "Aboriginal Boy", signed lower right. Framed 9½ins. x 13¾ins.
438.    Ossie Jones: Watercolours maritime studies, signed lower left on one and lower right on the other. Framed and glazed. (2). Plus another watercolour study of maritime shipping, signed lower right. 14¼ins. x 9¾ins. (3).

439.    John Stops 1925-2002: Oil on canvas fishing vessel "Penzance 707 Newlyn", signed lower left. Framed 18ins. x 22ins. £80-120
440.    Continental School: Oil on canvas a Chateau by a hillside lake, gilt framed 24ins. x 20ins. £80-120
441.    Marcus Ford 1914-1989: Oil on canvas "Early Morning Nr. Goudhurst", signed lower right. Framed 36ins. x 24ins.
442.    R. Marshall: Oil on board lakeside study, signed lower right, gilt frame 27ins. x 19ins. £80-120
443.    Anthony J.K. Pates: 1887 Oil on canvas study of a horse and rider in a rustic setting, signed lower right, gilt framed 25½ins. x 19½ins. £80-120
444.    English School: Oil on canvas a study of a black gelding saddled in a stable, unsigned, gilt frame, 25½ins. x 20½ins. £100-150
445.    *Morrish 1872: Oil on canvas North Tiegg Dartmoor signed lower left gilt frame 35ins. x 21ins. £100-150
446.    J.B. Pyne 1800-1870: Oil on canvas shell fish fishing, gilt frame 33ins. x 24ins. £500-800
447.    18th/19th cent. English school oil on canvas portrait of a young gentleman with long flowing hair, red frock coat, white shirt & cravat. Gilt framed oval 17ins. x 9½ins.
448.    19th cent. English school: Oil on canvas 'young lady in a bonnet' requiring restoration. 30ins. x 20ins. £40-60
449.    R.O. Lenkeiwicz limited edition 280/550 "Bella with the Painter" project 18 observations on the theme of the double signed lower right on the mount framed and glazed 21ins. x 22ins. £50-80
450.    *Rozycky: Oil on canvas - Bugatti Brescia open top racing car, unsigned, gallery label on verso. Framed 40ins. x 29½ins. £150-250
451.    Jack Merriott 1901-1968: Watercolour St John's Ally and Church signed lower right, framed and glazed 10ins. x 14ins. £80-100
452.    Jack Merriott 1901- 1968: Watercolour Devizes cattle Market, signed lower right framed and glazed, 14½ins. x 10ins. £80-120
453.    *Rozycky: Oil on canvas - Bugatti open top tourer on grass, unsigned, Framed 37ins. x 27½ins. £150-250
454.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Golden Shore" initial lower middle, framed and glazed 4½ins. x 3½ins. £30-50
455.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Castle Mount" initialed middle left, framed and glazed 8ins. x 3½ins. £30-50
456.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Golden Palace" initial lower middle, framed and glazed
3½ins. x 3½ins. £30-50
457.    Lesley Anne Ivory: 1934 Watercolours a study of Jacob Sheep both signed 1 x 8ins. x 6ins plus 1 x 9½ins. x 8½ins. (2). £30-50
458.    Lesley Anne Ivory: 1934 Watercolours circular studies of cats all signed 1 x 9ins. diam s x 6¾ins. x diam. (3). £30-50
459.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Sepia Castle" initial middle right, framed and glazed 3ins. x 3ins. £30-50
460.    Linda Anne: Watercolour "Butterfly" initial bottom middle, framed and glazed 7¼ins. x 5½ins. £30-50
461.    19th cent. Baxter Prints: Patent seal to both prints "So Nice" & "Seesaw Margery Daw". Images 5½ins. x 3½ins. Framed and glazed. (2). £40-60
462.    Maps: Robert Morden Britannia Rohana. Framed and glazed. 17ins. x 14½ins. £30-50
463.    Maps: Robert Morden map of Wiltshire. Framed and glazed 16ins. x 14ins. £30-50
464.    19th cent. Mahogany display cabinet, lead glazed in an Art Nouveau style, 2 drawers below on slender square supports 42½ins. x 68ins. x 14ins. £40-60
465.    19th cent. Mahogany bookcase cupboard rising off plinth 41ins. x 70ins. x 16ins. £40-80
466.    19th cent. Mahogany wardrobe with twin doors over single drawer, interior fabric lined. The whole on bracket supports.
467.    19th cent. Mahogany display cabinet, glazed doors with moulding on elegant cabriole supports. 48ins. x 72ins. £60-80
468.    20th cent. walnut circular coffee table 17½ dia x 15ins. high plus Edwardian mahogany circular table 19ins. dia x 20ins. high with a 20th cent. Metamorphic fire screen/ table woolwork under glass 22ins. square (3). £30-50
469.    19th cent. Cast iron umbrella and stick stand knight in castle 17ins. x 34½ins. x 10ins. £80-120
470.    19th cent. Mahogany glazed corner cupboard with 2 shelves. 27½ins. 41ins. x 18½ins. £40-60
471.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing table mirror with barley twist columns on small bun feet plus bedroom chair with corduroy seat. £10-20
472.    20th cent. Mahogany glazed display cabinet with egg and tongue decoration to the stand 37ins. x 56ins. x 12ins. £50-80
473.    Early 20th cent. Oriental three tier floral carved plant stand table with detachable shelves. £50-70
474.    20th cent. wrought iron and brass extending lamp stand with an oak two tier tea trolley, footstool plus a commode. £30-50
475.    Edwardian oak carved blanket box plus an oak upholstered stool. £50-80
476.    19th cent. Mahogany serpentine sided table, ebony & boxwood feather banding on slender supports rising off pad feet, 29ins. square x 27½ins. height. £40-60
477.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany dining-table in the Regency style, the rectangular top with rounded corners, reeded edge and extra, raised on two central supports on reeded splayed legs terminating in brass paw castors. 96¼ins. long x 42ins. wide.
478.    20th cent. Reproduction mahogany rope twist dining chairs. (4). £50-80
479.    19th cent. Mahogany 3 drawer sideboard above 3 doors rising off a plinth. £60-100
480.    19th cent. Mahogany breakfront display cupboard, single solid central door flanked by 2 glazed doors and sides, rising off ball & claw feet. £120-160
481.    19th cent. Mahogany ladies kneehole desk, 3 drawers tapering supports 36ins. x 33½ins. x 18ins. £80-120
482.    20th cent. Mahogany serpentine fronted, open back tub chair. £20-40
483.    19th cent. Mahogany hall table with two central drawers; octagonal supports. 48ins. £80-120
484.    Edwardian Salon chairs, tub shaped cresting rail, upholstered seat. A pair. £20-30
485.    19th cent. Mahogany and satinwood card table, ebony satinwood banded inlay square tapering supports 36ins x 30ins x 17ins. £60-80
486.    19th cent. Mahogany side table, single drawer leather skiver turned supports rising off ceramic castors 34ins. x 29ins. x 20ins. £30-50
487.    Late 19th cent. Oak settle carved back and front with compartment under seat. £100-120
488.    19th cent. Mahogany framed duet stool plus a single piano stool both with wool work covers. £40-60
489.    20th cent. Mahogany dining room chairs, 7 & 1 carver. Flocked upholstered with drop in seats. (8). £60-80
490.    20th cent. Mahogany upholstered button back nursing chair, floral carved frieze to back, ornate shaped front and sabre back support, the whole on ceramic castors. £60-80
491.    19th cent. Mahogany framed button back gentleman's chair with galleried back, on ceramic castors. £60-80
492.    19th cent. Ebonised salon chair, button back spring seated, turned front supports and ceramic rear castors. £60-80
493.    19th cent. Ebonised walnut 3 seater sofa serpentine fronted 6 shaped supports carved cresting rail upholstered in black and grey. £80-120
494.    19th cent. Mahogany D end dining table with one leaf. £300-350
495.    19th cent. Pitch pine pew/bench with bookrack to back and shaped ends. 64ins. x 41½ins. x 17½ins. £80-120
496.    19th cent. Honey oak sideboard, 4 central graduated drawers flanked by 2 cupboards, opening to reveal a cellarette in one and sides in the other cupboard 65ins. x 47ins. x 24ins. £80-120
497.    19th cent. Gentleman's armchair, button back, upholstered seat & arms with open gallery turned front supports. £80-120
498.    19th cent. North Country spindle back carver chair. £50-80
499.    19th cent. Upholstered elbow chairs carved cresting rain and arms also with elbow pads. £60-80
500.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Beech upholstered salon suite comprising 2 seater sofa & 2 open armchairs, ribbon back. £100-150
501.    19th cent. Mahogany upholstered chaise longue with scrolled back. £70-100
502.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany twin pedestal desk with 9 drawers & a leather skiver; topped with a stationery box flanked by 4 drawers. The whole on a plinth, locks stamped Hobbs & Co. £80-100
503.    20th cent. Pine chest of 2 over 3 drawers with brass furniture. The whole on turned supports. 42½ins. x 40ins. x 18½ins. £70-100
504.    19th cent. Painted pine 2/3 chest of drawers cock beaded drawer fronts 39ins. x 45ins. x 19ins. £100-150
505.    Victorian mahogany chest of 2 over 3 drawers, 45ins. x 41¾ins. x 21ins. £80-120
506.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers on bracket supports. 43ins. x 41½ins. x 20½ins. £100-140
507.    19th cent. Mahogany 3/3 chest of drawers on bracket supports 44½ins. x 39½ins. x 21½ins. £80-100
508.    20th cent. Treen 2/1 miniature chest, a pair plus a dressing table mirror on a 3 drawer base. £30-50
509.    19th cent. Mahogany marble topped Duchess washstand. £60-80
510.    19th cent. Mahogany Duchess marble top washstand. Ornate turned & carved front columns and ceramic front castors. £60-80
511.    Late 17th/early 18th cent. Oak gate leg table with barrelled supports on block curved feet. 46ins. x 56ins. £200-300
512.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany 6 drawer specimen chest of drawers with lockable door. £100-150
513.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany 6 drawer specimen chest of drawers. £80-120
514.    19th cent. Mahogany pot cupboard on tapering supports 14ins x 29ins x 14ins. £50-80
515.    Furniture: Rustic oak stools made from timber from the Longleat Estate, a pair. £120-180
516.    Furniture: Vernacular rustic oak table make from oak from the Longleat Estate 66ins. x 24ins. £120-180
517.    19th cent. Mahogany library/partners desk with period gilt tooled skiver raised on two pedestals, stamped W Priest 1 & 2 Tudor Street, Blackfriars. 72ins. x 45ins x 31ins. £300-400
518.    19th cent. Mahogany fret worked slat back dining chairs with drop in seats on square supports. £60-100
519.    19th cent. Mahogany Carolean style hall chair with upholstered seat; plus one other similar. (2). 1 required restoration. £60-100
520.    19th cent. Mahogany chiffonier with carved moulding's to the twin door. The whole rising off a plinth. £60-100
521.    19th cent. Oak & marquetry hall cupboard in an earlier style. Four panels; two with floral motifs and two arts & crafts design. With original purchase receipt (in office) for £900. Vendor states "I believe the cupboard was once owned by Evelyn Waugh. Label to reverse. £300-500
522.    19th cent. Mahogany front bedside cabinet ½ and ½ lift up lid with false drawer front and 2 drawer below the tambour front the whole on bracket supports 16ins. x 33½ins. x 16ins. £80-120
523.    Sculpture: 20th cent. Composite busts in the classical style, one signed Santini in bases - a pair. 22ins. £60-80
524.    19th cent. Mahogany double pedestal desk, rounded corners with red leather skiver. The pedestal have two banks of three drawers with the top bearing another three drawers. 48ins. x 24ins. x 31ins. £200-300
525.    19th cent. Gillows walnut ¼ veneered eight drawer specimen chest, topped with a mirrored shelf, stamped Gillow & Co 2845. Height 60ins. x width 18ins. x depth 15¼. £200-300
526.    19th cent. Minton style Majolica Jardiniere and stand. Royal blue ground with heavily stylised Art Nouveau decoration. The base appears in good order with the Jardiniere having a hairline crack 41ins. £100-150
527.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf Pembroke table, false drawer fronts to one end and 2 drawers to the other end. The whole on turned supports 13ins. x 29½ins. x 18ins. not extended and the drop flaps extended 34ins. £40-60
528.    19th cent. Rosewood pier cabinet, marble top, pierced brass and linen covering to both doors. 42ins. £220-280
529.    19th cent. Mahogany D end tables on square supports 35½ins. x 27½ins. x 17½ins. (each) a pair. £60-80
530.    18th/19th cent. Dutch side table with drawer beneath, beautifully inlaid exotic wood decoration depicting a vase of flowers surrounded by foliage and exotic birds on carved ball and claw supports. 35ins. x 23ins. £300-500
531.    19th cent. Figured mahogany linen press with 4 slides over 3 graduated drawers. £400-600
532.    19th cent. Mahogany heavily carved over mantel in a Jacobean style. £60-100
533.    20th cent: North European Buffet, both section heavily carved, the top with a relief design of a nobleman on a horse 59ins. x 96ins. £150-250
534.    George III oak dresser on subtle cabriole support. The base has three drawers to the front each with inlaid banded decoration and to the top. The open rack has door to each side decorated with an inlaid shell with some later additions. 63ins. x 74ins. 18ins. £500-800
535.    19th cent. Mahogany chest on chest 2/3/3 cock beaded drawer fronts on bracket supports 44ins. x 74ins. x 21¼ins. £300-500
536.    19th cent. Mahogany compactum, dome moulding to door fronts, double hanging compartments, single door opens to 3 drawers, 3 slides and a shelf. £300-400
537.    Clocks: 19th cent. Mahogany long cased clock, John Welch, Hetton Le Hole, Co. Durham. White painted dial, seascape painted spandrels & dome, 8 day movement, 2nd hand 12 o'clock. Roman numerals and brass finials. 96ins. high. £500-600
538.    20th cent. Mahogany arts & crafts sideboard/buffet. Base having one long drawer (stamped Maple & Co) over a two door cupboard & open recess. One short drawer over another single shelved, cupboard with lead lined cellarette. The top has mirrored gallery & open shelves, colour lead glazed cupboard & mirror backs. 5ft. 3ins. x 4ft. 6ins. x 20ins. £100-150
539.    George III mahogany miniature/dwarf bureau/bookcase, complete with ivory inset, concealed secret compartment within one drawer. 27ins. £300-500
540.    19th cent. Mahogany 2/3 chest of drawers on cock beaded drawer fronts bracket supports 43ins. x 40½ins. 18½ins. (approx). £150-200
541.    Late 18th cent. Mahogany bureau, 2/3 drawers, the fall front, with inlaid spandrels, opens to reveal a fully fitted mahogany & satinwood interior of ten drawers, 8 pigeon holes and 2 hidden slides, central door satinwood with oval flame mahogany centre, fitted with a green skiver. The whole on ogee bracket supports. 47ins. x 44ins. x 21ins. £300-500
542.    19th cent. Mahogany knee hole lowboy of small proportions, 7 cockbeaded drawers and central back cupboard on bracket supports 34ins. x 30ins. x 20ins. £200-300
543.    19th cent Dutch revival gentleman's washstand, heavily decorated with stylised inlay to top, sides and inner lid, lift up top and front opening door. 23ins. x 18ins. x 37ins.
544.    19th cent. Mahogany wing back chair, upholstered in a contemporary style. The chair has a later fitted carved top rail. £150-250
545.    19th cent. Upholstered wing back chair. £300-500
546.    Early 20th cent. "J.A.S. Shoolbred" and Co Ltd, ladies desk with leather skiver, top box desk tidy and stationary holder, the front with egg and tongue decoration matching the single front drawer square reeded tapering supports rising off spade feet 24ins x 24ins 18ins. £200-300
547.    18th cent. Oak chest of two short and two long drawers on bracket supports of extremely delicate dimensions. 31ins. x 18ins. £300-500
548.    19th cent Mahogany wind-out dining table on gadrooned & turned supports, plus 6 mahogany, shaped bar backed, dining chairs, domed cresting rail with upholstered seats, on elegant serpentine front supports. £300-400
549.    Ceramics: Royal Crown Derby "Derby poses" 104 piece tea, coffee and dinner set. £100-150
550.    George II walnut upholstered wing armchair with back stretcher replaced in beech. £1200-1800
551.    19th cent. Ladies open armchair, spoon & button backed upholstered seat & arms, turned front supports. £80-120
552.    19th cent. Mahogany framed nursing chair, with woolwork upholstery, short carved cresting rail, heavily carved front supports culminating in scrolled feet rising off brass casters. £60-80
553.    19th cent. Mahogany gentleman's splat back carver chair. £40-70
554.    19th cent. Pine & oak peg jointed farmhouse table, 5 planks, long central drawer. 69ins. x 46ins. x 31ins. £400-600
555.    Early 19th cent. Meat oval, blue and white transfer printed Willow and other oriental themes. Firing fault to edge. 19ins. x 16ins. £30-50
556.    19th cent. Mahogany "Lyre" back dining chairs with Fleur de Lys motif, upholstered seats, squared chamfered supports and includes 1 carver (4 in total). £150-250
557.    Early 20th cent. Workbox and table in an Islamic style in ebony and fruitwood with Mother of Pearl inlay, hexagonal top. £80-120
558.    19th cent. Rosewood single pedestal card table carved and shaped apron circular base rising off claw feet 36ins. x 29ins. x 18ins. £200-300
559.    19th cent. Burr walnut oval work table, the top opening to revel a series of compartments and the entrance to the workbox, the whole supported on 2 turned and carved supports with splayed feet rising off a set of scrolls 23ins. x 27ins. x 17ins. £120-200