Autumn Fine Art, Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Saturday 14th November 2015
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Late 19th/early 20th cent. Austrian cold painted bronze miniature animal figurines, seated pug with umbrella and cat riding a monkey's back.
Estimate: 40-60


Early 20th cent. "Flapper" ebonite cigarette holder set with paste decoration (2), plus another with 9ct. gold collar and case.
Estimate: 30-50


Gentleman's clothing accessories: Art Deco Kiementz evening dress formal stud set in faux leather plush box with mirror. Plus hallmarked silver Graham Watling boxed cufflinks, oblong engine turned cufflinks, Birmingham maker, etc.
Estimate: 40-60


20th cent. White metal middle Eastern native link belt.
Estimate: 80-120


Cotume Jewellery: Silver and white metal chains, pendants and earrings plus commemorative medals.
Estimate: 20-30


Dolls: Late 19th cent. Continental piano dolls, 3 little girls, seated girl, German stamped jointed Kepie type doll and carved shale shoe.
Estimate: 20-30


Objects of Virtu: 19th cent. leather ankle high infant boots, stamped Trade mark plus a stanhope barrel tape measure 'Worthing'
Estimate: 30-40


19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Tortoiseshell - ladies coin purses finely inlaid with yellow, white metal & mother of pearl (4), plus tortoiseshell silver & glass rouge pot & cover and cologne bottle with stopper. (2).
Estimate: 100-150


19th cent. Lacquered snuff boxes: One mother of pearl, the other decorated with a farm scene. 3½ins. x 4ins.
Estimate: 40-60


19th cent. Oriental jade bun/ponytail stick pin barrette and russet jade bowl.
Estimate: 30-50


20th cent. Carved Coquilla nut thimble/needle case, scalloped borders and carved with concentric circles, opening with a screw thread to the centre, on stand.

Estimate: 30-40


19th cent. Object of Virtu: Japanese tortoiseshell card case with crane decoration plus another with tortoiseshell and abalone panels.
Estimate: 100-150


19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Tortoiseshell mother of pearl abalone ladies Carte de Visite cases, decorated and carved with inlays. All approx. 3ins. x 4ins. (4).
Estimate: 200-250


Objects of Vertu: Early 20th cent. French treen portable servants bell, the body treen with silver borders and cabouchon moonstone bell push supported on 4 bun feet. 2½" x 2½" x 7/8" plus mother of pearl counter.
Estimate: 80-100


Objects of virtu: Mother of pearl card case with engraved front, miniature hand coloured engravings x 2.
Estimate: 40-50


Objects of Vertu: Worked horse hoof, lidded snuff box. The Kleber Monument, note inside on Carlton Cl;ub notepaper states 'Given to us by the Russian General Soboleff, the statue in Strasbourg is of his grandfather or father Napoleon's great General, Male of Hoof' (Jean Baptiste Kleber 1753 - 1800 Commander of the French Forces, assassinated 1800)
Estimate: 100-200


19th cent. Painting on porcelain in a treen frame of Putti.
Estimate: 50-80


19th cent. Ebonite embossed travelling picture frame decorated with floral motifs and central panel depicting travellers, with a velvet and gilt interior.
Estimate: 40-50


Miniature Books: 1815 Almanack, printed for The Company of Stationers, with calendar, table of Kings and Queens, Lord mayors, Sheriffs, Holiday, Courage and Expanding view of the Strand and Thames. June 13, 1814 when the allied Sovereign visited the Woolwich. Original red Morocco binding, blue and ghilt embellishment and seperate sleeve similarly decorated. 2½" x 2½" plus Walter's 'Golden Thoughts' 1917.
Estimate: 150-200


19th cent. Playing cards, Chas Goodalls Victorian c 1879 depicting Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee pose, picture cards depict English Royalty. (52)
Estimate: 40-50


Early 20th cent. Treen nutcracker featuring a stylised head of a rustic man.
Estimate: 40-60


19th cent. Candle snuffer, E. Thomason patent, a pair of steel sprung candle snuffers plus another pair of traditional candle snuffers (2)..
Estimate: 150-250


Shells: 20th cent. Far Eastern Singapore carved shell depicting a dragon 6ins.
Estimate: 40-60


Shells: Early 20th cent. Cameo, shells depicting Neo Classical women (3). 4½ins. Plus one other.
Estimate: 80-120


19th cent. engravings - Wiltshire: A group of 12, uniformly framed Wiltshire locations including Stonehenge, Wilton House, Longleat, Malmesbury Abbey, Salisbury Cathedral and Devizes Castle ruins. Frames approx. 8ins. x 9ins.
Estimate: 60-100


19th cent. Murray maps of Hertfordshire, Sussex and Berkshire. (3). Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 17ins. Murray maps of Somerset, Devon and Dorset. (3). Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 18ins. (6 in Total).
Estimate: 50-80


Maps: Greenwood & Co. coloured map of Wiltshire, framed and glazed. 25ins. x 32ins.
Estimate: 60-100


19th cent. Pears print 1879 'Cherry Ripe'. Framed and glazed.
Estimate: 50-60


J. Condell watercolour "Market Day, Devizes" 1970s. Frame approx. 20½ins. x 24ins.
Estimate: 40-60


J. Condell watercolour "Tudor House, Monday Market Street" 1970s. Frame approx. 19ins. x 24ins.
Estimate: 25-35


Malachi Smith - South African 1948-2012 oil on card "Autumn Trees" subject 7ins. x 5ins. signed lower left. Framed and mounted - a pair. 24ins. x 21ins.
Estimate: 100-150


Scottish Art: Jim Nicholson watercolour of a Scottish Beach. 9" x 12".
Estimate: 100-150


Scottish Art: Kenneth Robertson watercolour on paper "Loch Torridon", signed bottom right. 14ins. x 10ins.
Estimate: 100-150


Malachi Smith - South Africa 1948-2012 oil on card "Riverscape, Mountains & Acacia Tree" subject 11ins. x 8in, signed lower right. Framed and mounted. 24ins. x 20ins.
Estimate: 70-100


Malachi Smith - South Africa 1948-2012 oil on card "African Bush Sunset with Acacia Trees" subject 11ins. x 8ins, signed lower right. Framed and mounted 24ins. x 20ins.
Estimate: 100-150


Malachi Smith - South Africa 1948-2012 oil on card "South Africa Sunrise with Acacia Tree" subject 15ins x 13ins, signed lower right. Framed and mounted. 30ins. x 29ins.
Estimate: 100-150


Malachi Smith - South Africa 1948-2012 oil on card "South African Mountain Study" inscribed verso "Cathedral Peak" subject 11ins. x 8ins, signed lower right. Framed and mounted. 26ins. x 23ins.
Estimate: 70-100


William R Burrow watercolour, Woodland Study. Framed & glazed. 9ins. x 6ins.
Estimate: 30-50


Charles Baxter watercolour young woman wearing pearl hair ornament 5ins. x 5ins. inscribed to rear. Framed and glazed 12ins. x 13ins.
Estimate: 80-120


George Colville watercolour of Temple Bar, signed bottom right. Framed and glazed. 6½ins. x 9½ins.
Estimate: 80-120


George Graham watercolour on paper of a Mediterranean aqueduct/bridge, signed bottom right. Framed and glazed. 15ins. x 10ins.
Estimate: 100-150


20th cent. South African school L. Parker O.O.C. Mountainous River Valley with Cape Dutch houses, signed Lower left. Framed 22" x 25".
Estimate: 80-120


20th cent. South African school: Z.A Delio Mountain River Valley with Cape Dutch Farmhouse. Framed 19" x 25".
Estimate: 100-150


John Mortimer: Watercolour "Harbour Study", signed lower right. Framed and glazed. 14" x 11".
Estimate: 30-40


Anthony Eyton pencil study standing nude from behind, signed lower middle and dated lower right Camberwell 1950 7½ins. x 10½ins./ Framed and glazed 14ins. x 17ins.
Estimate: 80-120


H White 1889: 19th cent. English school, watercolour on paper, stylised country scene in a gilt frame. 10" x 7".
Estimate: 20-30


Oliver Clare - Oil on art board 'Ripe gooseberries and raspberries', signed lower right, gilt framed and glazed. 6ins. x 5ins.
Estimate: 150-200


Oliver Clare - Oil on art board 'plums, gooseberries and a strawberry', signed lower right, gilt framed and glazed 6ins. x 5ins.
Estimate: 150-200


Joannes Vervleot Jnr watercolour of Venice. Framed and Glazed. 12ins. x 8ins.
Estimate: 80-120


Cecil Aldin: Signed limited edition print with remarque No 23 of 25 "York and Ainsty", Framed and glazed, the print is 27ins. x 13ins. with the illustrated mount 34ins. x 21ins.
Estimate: 150-200

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