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Books: "Three Months in Pahang in Search of Big Game" by Theodore R. Hubback with a hand written letter from the author with the book to his friend nicknamed the kisser. Spine damage, faded cover back & front.
Estimate: 150-200


Antiquarian book: Livius Titus History of Rome Volume 2, "T LIVII. HIST.AB.URBE CONDITA TOM II. White pigskin covered worn and stained. Minus title page.
Estimate: 100-150


Books: 1841 Velvet covered bible with brass catch housed in a faux leather box, a 19th cent. "Helps to the Study of the Bible" plus a Pageant of the 20th century, mentions Titanic.
Estimate: 25-35


Books: Jorrocks published George Bayntun Bath 1926, Plain or Ringlets, Hawbucks Grange, Mr Romfords Hounds, Handley Cross, Mr Sponges Sporting Tour, Ask Mamma. Blue cloth covers and illustrated by Leach and Maud.
Estimate: 80-120


Maps: Edward Stanford map of Chicago and the suburbs 1892.
Estimate: 40-60


Autographs: BBC Musical Symphony and Proms Concert 1952 and Christmas cards signed by Sir Malcolm Sergeant (4), John Hollingsworth.
Estimate: 25-35


Antiquarian Books: Samuel Johnson 1781 "The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets with Critical Observations on their Works", 4 volumes. Printed London HB, calf leather & gold & red embossing on spine.
Estimate: 60-80


Antiquarian Books: "The Works of Dr Jonathan Swift", 12 volume set 1751, calf leather HB. Printed C. Bathurst, Fleet, London.
Estimate: 60-80


Books: Biggles W.E Johns "Comrades in Arms". Hodder & Stoughton 1947 plus Air Detective Omnibus 1956, "Biggles in the Baltic" 1947 reprint. Armada paperback "Biggles Defies the Swastika" 1962, "Biggles Second Case" 1954 (5).
Estimate: 20-30


Books: Richard Jefferies related works, "The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies", Walter Besant Third Edition 1893. Chatto & Windows, London pp. 384, blue cloth. "Richard Jefferies", Reginald Arkell, First Edition 1933. Richard Cowan, London pp. 294, red mottled boards, black spine. "Richard Jefferies, London", Samuel J. Looker Third Edition 1947. Lutterworth Press, London + Redhill, pp. 184, red cloth, illustrated E.E. Briscoe. Together with "Native Near London" R. Jefferies 1889 Chatto & Windows, London, pp. 242, illustrated, green cloth cover. "The Old House at Coate" R. Jefferies First Edition 1948. Lutterworth, pp. 215, green cloth, illustrated Agnes Miller.
Estimate: 20-40


Books - Wiltshire: "History of the Devizes and the Hundreds of Potterne & Cannings". 1859 London, Longman Brown; Devizes, Henry Bull. pp. 602. Blue cloth, Town Arms on front board. "Devizes Castle" E. Herbert Stone 1920 G. Simpson, Devizes, pp. 201, brown cloth together with "Wiltshire Bibliography" Canon Ed. H. Goddard 1929. Wilts Education Committee, pp. 276, green cloth. "Some Annals of the Borough of Devizes 1791-1835". B. Howard Cunnington. 1926 Geo Simpson, Devizes, pp. 292, blue cloth. Plus 5 other books & pamphlets/guides relating to Devizes.
Estimate: 70-100


19th cent. Card de visit, family and other studio portraits by Andrew Bowman, Ovinius, Davis, Ralston & Son, Glasgow and Scott & Son Carkle amongst others. Also including photo album and early 20th cent. post and christmas cards.
Estimate: 20-30


Ephemera German Olympic cigarette cards: Berlin 1936 Olympic photo card souvenirs. Photos catalogue German 3rd Reich leaders, most sports competitors & all sports. (Including images of Jesse Owen competing). Approx. 280 at 5" x 3¼" and 60 at 7" x 5". Plus original card packaging from the cigarette company with addressee. (1 Box).
Estimate: 60-70


Books: Wisden Cricketers Almanac 1955, 1961, 1963, 1983 (4).
Estimate: 30-50


Rugby Football Ephemera concerning WTW Ballatine. 1920-30's Edware RFC formation, fixtures, team selection etc.
Estimate: 20-30


Sporting interest: Surrey County Cricket Club members ticket and Oval fixtures list, ticket N1257 for 1892.
Estimate: 50-100


Sporting Autographs: Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button signed photograph. Framed and glazed. 8" x 12" with certificate of authenticity. 2 replica models of driver's helmets.
Estimate: 50-60


Coins & Factory tokens: Armstrong Siddeley Motors factory tool (Brass) checks/tokens/tags. Fifteen stamped '1230' & one impressed '1234'. Some with multiple stamped. (16 in Total).
Estimate: 30-40


Automobilia: Car badges - Rolls Royce & Bentley owner driver club, red enamel with white metal sprit of ecstasy. Bentley badge chrome with black & green enamel and a white metal "The Riley Register" 1899-1938. (3).
Estimate: 175-200


Automobilia: 1930's Car mascots Louis Le Jeune. Chromed winged flying lady 5ins, a cast iron hare 4¾ins and Alvis car hood style mascot.
Estimate: 40-60


USA Railroad - Extremely rare early railroad poster, Short Line to Chicago, Council Bluffs, Omaha and San Francisco with Pullman and Dining cars plus Fast Trains. Previously folded but now framed. 9½" x 26".
Estimate: 500-800


USA Rail Road: Rare late 19th cent. Canadian Pacific Railway to Manitoba via the Dominion Line. Agents stamp for S T Oates of Leeds. Framed and glazed. 21" x 27".
Estimate: 300-500


USA Railroad - Extremely rare early railroad poster, Short Line to Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul. Previously folded but now framed. circa. 1870s. 9½" x 26"
Estimate: 500-800


USA Railroad: 20th cent. Southern Pacific New Orleans travel poster. Framed and glazed.
Estimate: 80-120


Crime & Punishment Dr Crippen: Archive of approx. 47 Marconi cables sent by Guglielmo Marconi and members of the press corps including New York Times, Daily Mirror, Associated Press and The Daily Mail around July 28th/30th 1910 to the Montrose regarding the transatlantic chase to capture Dr. Crippen. The telegrams by Mr Marconi are of significant interest and show his active interest in the case.
Provenance Captain Kendall gave them to the late Sir Norman Vernon whose son consigned them to auction in 1974, where they were purchased by the present vendor.
Estimate: 2000-3000


Crime & Punishment Dr Crippen: Highly important archive of thirteen Marconi signals relating to the capture of one of the 20th centuries most infamous murderers, Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen. The archive starts on July 22nd with a telegram sent by Captain Kendall of the Canadian Pacific ship Montrose at 3pm, 130 miles west of Lizard Point "Have strong suspicions that Crippen, London. Cellar murderer and accomplice are among saloon passengers, moustache taken off growing a beard, accomplice dressed as boy, voice manner and build undoubtable a boy, both travelling as Mr & Master Robinson", signed Kendall. The archive chronicles the dramatic transatlantic chase, which started with Detective Chief Inspector Dew boarding the SS Laurentic and arriving in Quebec before the Montrose. As the Montrose arrived in the St Lawrence river, Dew came aboard disguised as a pilot. Kendall writes on July 30th seeming to relish his role in the chase "Advise you to come off in small boat with pilot disguised as one if possible", the next morning, "Tell Captain of pilot steamer to steam with reporters towards big island until I hoist a Canadian ensign at mainmast indicating you have made the arrest". Detective Chief Inspector Dew replied "Thanks will speak you later operator here will make arrangements, meanwhile suggest suspects kept under discreet observation to prevent suicide". As Canada was still a British Dominion, if Crippen had got to the United States he would have needed to be extradited. Once aboard the Montrose, Dew removed his pilot's cap and said "Good morning Crippen", Do you know me, I'm Chief Inspector Dew of Scotland Yard, Crippen replied "Thank God its over". This archive is quite simply one of the most important of its type known and represents a water shed moment in the history of police/crime fighting, the first time a criminal was apprehended as a direct result of wireless telegraphy. It offers a unique perspective on this most dramatic of chases through the eyes of the main protagonists. Also sold with the archive is a signed photograph of Captain Kendall.
Provenance Captain Kendall gave them to the late Sir Norman Vernon whose son consigned them to auction in 1974, where they were purchased by the present vendor.
Estimate: 8000-10000


Crime and Punishment - Dr Crippen Archive: Archive of material to and from Dr John Herbert Burroughs, a friend of Dr Crippen and witness at his trial. The collection includes his summons to appeal at the Old Bailey on 11th October 1910, telegrams from the Metropolitan Police regarding his appearances, letters from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and also of interest are a collection of Mr Burroughs's personal notes defining the term 'poison', the chemical composition and effects of Hyoscine, the poison used by Crippen. Finally there is a draft of a letter sent to Mrs Guinett discussing the funeral arrangements for Mrs Crippen. 'I feel a fitting funeral should be given to her, the police are anxious to trace other parts of her body, the man must be a fiend.' With the reply from Mrs Guinett, dated 5-8-10 'I went to Quebeck (sic) and saw Crippen and the girl, I will never forget the look he gave me.'
Provenance via direct descent form Dr Burroughs then Sothebys, London Feb 1976.
Estimate: 800-1200


Crime and Punishment, Dr Crippen Archive: Autographed letter from Mrs Crippen, signed Belle Elmore Crippen to Dr Burrows from 39 Hilldrop Crescent, two photos of Belle on stage, one signed 'To Mardie Bear, From Belle with fondest love, September 1907, an invitation from the Music Hall Ladies Guild and a receipt to the dental specialist Dr H H Crippen dated July 1st 1910.

Estimate: 500-800


Crime and Punishment: Dr Crippen Archive: Rare Christmas card, hand signed 'lovingly Belle Elmore', printed 'Christmas 1909 to greet you with all the kind thoughts and best wishes for the Christmas and the New Year from Dr and Mrs Crippen' The card was sent to her friend Louisa Davis, approximately 5 weeks later Dr Crippen murdered Belle and he was arrested in July 1910.
Estimate: 150-250


Crime & Punishment: Dr Crippen Archive (Dr. Hawley) Harvey exhibit 31 used at his trial in the Old Bailey: written by Dr. Crippen (signing himself "Peter") on black edged paper shortly after he had murdered his wife, 3 pages, 8vo, Albion House, 5th April, 1910, to his friend Dr. John Herbert Burroughs, a witness at the trial, apologising for not informing him earlier about the death of his wife, Belle Elmore
I feel sure you will forgive me for my neglect but really I have been nearly out of my mind with my poor Belle's death so far California...she should have been in bed with the consequence that pleuro-pneumonia terminated fatally. Almost to the last she refused to let me know there was any danger...Even now i am not fit to talk to my friends but as soon as I feel I can control myself I will run in on you and Maude one evening...
thanking him for his sympathy and saying that he is "packing things away" and preparing to leave his house (at Hilldrop Crescent), marked in blue crayon: "Ex. 31".
Provenance Captain Kendall gave them to the late Sir Norman Vernon whose son consigned them to auction in 1974, where they were purchased by the present vendor.
Estimate: 800-1200


Crime and Punishment: Dr Crippen Archive: Signed photograph of Mrs Crippen, Belle Elmore. 'My dear friend Louisa Davis, with loving thoughts this night. Sunday Sept 26th 1909, fondly yours Belle Elmore' together with a photograph of her grave. 6½" x 4½" Provenance via direct descent.
Estimate: 80-120


Elvis wore these boots in the closing number of the show "If I Can Dream" one of the greatest moments in Entertainment history. The boots are white leather Verde's with side zip, stamped on the sole Man made insole Made in Italy and in the boot itself 12 within a circle and 11 M 3622 Verde. Accompanied by an Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet, Elvis' friend of 22 years and who was the founder and president of the world famous Elvis Presley Museum together with a hand signed Letter of Authenticity from Charlie Hodge which reads:
For Whom this may concern:
I first met Elvis when I was with a group called the Foggy Mountain River Boys. Elvis and I met again when Elvis was going to Germany for the army. Elvis was my good friend and I lived at Graceland in a converted garage apartment Elvis made for me and lived there until his passing in 1977. I was Elvis' stage director and sang harmony on stage with him and handed Elvis his scarves. I also helped him with the set lists for the shows. I also appeared as an extra in many of his films.
These white verde brand boots are the boots that Elvis wore on stage on his 1968 NBC TV special. He wore these in the closing number of the show "If I can Dream" while he was wearing a white suit. Elvis later gave me these boots.
(Hand signed) Charlie Hodge
Charlie Hodge appeared with Elvis on his 1968 NBC TV special.
"If I Can Dream" was a tribute song to Martin Luther King, Jr. written by Walter Earl Brown, notable for its direct quotations from Dr. King. Elvis had wrapped shooting for Live a Little, Love a Little, he was recording songs for his upcoming Singer Television Special, to be broadcast on television that December. When the song was first presented to Elvis, the TV special's producer, Steve Binder, was worried and thought it would surely be rejected. He wanted to include it, but the show was to be a Christmas special, and "If I Can Dream" was not a Christmas song. Binder found Elvis and played it for him in his dressing room. "Let me hear it again," said Elvis. The song was played 7 or 8 times and Elvis finally said, "Okay, I'll do it." On June 23rd, Elvis recorded "If I Can Dream" in several incredibly passionate takes. To Binder, his performance was so staggering as to seem almost like a religious experience. Out on the floor with a hand mike, Elvis fell to his knees. For a moment, he felt like he was back in church, singing the Gospel songs of his youth. These boots represent a tangible link to a truly iconic moment in show business history.

Estimate: 25000-30000


Comics: "The Beezer Comic" No. 1 & 2, 21st January 1956 & 28th January, some minor discolouration slight wear to spine.

Estimate: 30-50


Pre war Facchino ice cream display figure of a girl holding an icecream, repainted. 20½".
Estimate: 200-300


Late 19th early 20th cent. Pharmaceutical bottles, clear glass, lavender, Brom. Also The Westminster Inhaler, cream ceramic jar, maker T.W. London.
Estimate: 30-40


Clocks: Glass clock dome. 20ins.
Estimate: 40-60


19th cent. Lacquered bombe shaped tea caddy, oriental scroll patterns in enamels. The cover opening to reveal 2 compartments with covers and mother of pearl handles and produced by Jennens & Bettridge.

Estimate: 120-160


16th cent. French Ironwork jewel coffer with domed lid & handle of small proportions with secret locking device and keys. 5ins. x 3¾ins. x 3ins.

Estimate: 300-350


19th cent. Continental treen walnut carved plaques in high relief. Historical figures, the edges with floral relief decoration. 6ins. x 6ins.
Estimate: 200-300


17th cent. Walnut pricket candlesticks, drip pan with turned columns & circular foot rim - a pair. 22ins.
Estimate: 200-300


Early 20th cent. Treen painted novelty bottle stops (3) plus Scottie dogs. (2).
Estimate: 20-30


18th cent. Treen: Lignum Vitae, mortar, 4 lugged, 1 a pouring lip. H.4¾ins.

Estimate: 300-350


18th cent. Walnut ridge turned chalice or salt. 6½ins.
Estimate: 250-300


18th cent. Treen: Lignum Vitae, a large multi-faceted dome lidded tobacco jar. H.9½ins.

Estimate: 300-350


Ancient World: Greek/Hellenic head, Ancient Greek oil lamp, broken spout, etc. (4).
Estimate: 60-100


Ancient World: Classical Greek terracotta head found by Mr C.J. Shannon at Salamis in 1945.
Estimate: 40-60


Egypt: Painted Faeance Shabti by family repute from the tomb of Tutankhamun. The vendors great uncle, Mr George Bolam, was a professional photographer who moved to Cairo in 1910. A signed letter of provenance accompanies the Shabti that states Mr Bolam worked at the excavation of Tutankhamuns tomb and it was given to him, as a memento of its opening and he passed it onto his great nephew, the vendor. 4½ins.
Estimate: 600-800


Native American Pawnee tribe bear claw necklace on a wild grass type stringing. Provenance as per the pawnee tribe earrings.
Estimate: 100-150


American/Native American: Unusual pair of North American Indian Pawnee tribe earrings with period label on reverse stating they were from a brave, obtained by John Kemble during a visit to an Indian encampment in Nebraska in 1874, leather backing with iron tube like droplets. 6½ins.
Estimate: 600-800


Tribal: Native Nicobar Island bow and cross, obtained in approx. 1953.
Estimate: 40-60

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