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Saturday 14th November 2015
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Commemorative coinage: William and Kate rose gold accented commemorative coin, boxed with paperwork.
Estimate: 20-30


Commemorative coinage: White note commemorative coin, History of British Currency 3 pence 1937/1948, British bank note commemorative coins B04024 £20 note commemorative crown collection NO2099 1977, The Changing Face of Britains Coinage, set containing The pre-decimals of George VI and Elizabeth II. The Emblem Series Decimals of Elizabeth II, 3 tiers contained in a fitted box. All coins have paperwork and the undated 20p coin boxed.
Estimate: 50-60


Sasania Coin Jewellery, white metal pendant style necklet set with 6 hammered Sasanian coins plus 1 unmounted coin.
Estimate: 60-80


Silver coins: Spanish 8 Reales (pieces of eight) Philip V, 1736, reputed to be from the Hollandia wreck, 1743, off the Scilly Isles.
Estimate: 150-250


Coins: Gun money, 1690 James II on horseback, Civil War issue, half crown. (1).
Estimate: 40-60


Coins: 3 Roman coins plus a George II penny and a 1814 Wellington Medallion confirming his imprisonment in Elba. (5)
Estimate: 30-40


British Coinage: Pre-decimal silver, copper and cupro nickel.
Estimate: 25-35


Coins: Eleven including Churchill, silver jubilee, yellow and white metal lockets, plated serving spoons.
Estimate: 20-30


Plated ware: Fish servers with mother of pearl handles, a set of fish servers and 6 knives & forks with bone handles plus a set of 6 fish knives & forks. All boxed.
Estimate: 40-50


19th/20th cent. Plateware: Set of 6 dessert knives, cased + Rococo style sugar sifter.
Estimate: 30-40


Pens: Parker 51 black body pen and propelling pencil (cased) another maroon body, Swan - Maby- Todd self filler with box, Swan eye dropper with box and filler.
Estimate: 30-50


20th cent. Camera etc: Kodak Six-20 Junior with case, opera glasses, leather purse with recessed compartment for opera glasses. Retail H. Creaves, New Street, Birmingham.

Estimate: 30-40


20th cent, Collectables: Black & gilt metal cigarette case, black leather case by Orlik, Old Bond Street plus 2 others, steel hip flask, mother of pearl pen knives, button hook, ladies gilt cigarette case, brass etched box, lighter, etc.
Estimate: 30-50


Maritime: Nelson's Flagship - "Foudroyant": Copper pressed & chased tray made from the Foudroyant & inscribed with anchor & life belt with entwined rope. Diameter 12".

Estimate: 80-100


Photographs: First generation photos of 20th Corps crossing the Rhine over "Westminster London Lambeth Blackfriars bridges. "Also Goch in Germany, The Liberation of Brussels and Army & R.A.F personnel in various camps and airfields, before, after & during the war plus a 30th Corps occupation booklet and a book "Bridging Normandy to Berlin".

Estimate: 70-90


Photographs: Four albums of military and other photos of RE officers (TA) and visiting Staff Officers.

Estimate: 40-60


Autographs: Celebrities, Brian Murray, Peter McEnery, Michael Bertine, Gilbert Harding, Anne Todd, Barbara Ann Scott, Edmundo Ros, Rudolph Firkusny, Phyllis Sellick, Larry Adler, Macdonald Hobley, Fred Emney, David Jacobs, Paul Beard, Pat Smythe, Bruno Moskowitz, etc. in a blue leather album.
Estimate: 80-120


Aeronautical History: WTW Ballatine - Walter Theodore William AMI, RAFO, Technical staff De Havilland Aircraft Co. RFC 1917-18. Squadron Leader Air Attaché South America. WWII books pamphlets and ephemera including Royal Aero Club 1901 -1951 Gazette, various South American official invitations, press cuttings etc. 1929 International Aircraft markings, Naval, Military and Civil. 1928 Pilots license, RAF WWII silk map Zones of France 1944 pilot message slip form 338 with navigation note (2). Test pilot and other autographs inc. Peter Twiss OBE, DSC and Bar, the first man to fly at 1000mph, Neville Duke, John Derry, Roy Morris, John Cunningham (Comet III), Roland Falk (Asto Vulcan), Sir Handley Page and Barnes Wallace.
Estimate: 100-150


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Fascinating archive photographs taken around September to November 1945 at Celle Prison of some of the main perpetrators of crimes against humanity at the Belsen and Auschwitz concentration camps, taken by Ft. Lt Parfitt, the subjects include Franz Hossler the Commander of the women's camp at Auschwitz and Deputy camp Commander at Belsen, Irma Grese known as the Bitch of Belsen, Hertha Bothe, The Sadist of Belsen and Hertha Ehlert (12). Plus other photographs of Ft. Lt. Parfitt and other photos of aircraft including an ME163.
Estimate: 300-500


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot log books documenting his flying career from 1941-45. He flew others including Hurricanes, Typhoons, Mustangs, etc. His career saw various duties including Air to Air, Air to Ground, and Strafing and Reconnaissance. Also included in the lot are his R.A.F. wings and shoulder flashes and a photo of NO3 Flight No 3 Squadron 10 ITW R.A.F February 1941.
Estimate: 200-300


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - collection of five WWII R.A.F flight maps of Germany and the European theatre, most with notations and markings by Ft. Lt. Parfitt relating to missions. (5).
Estimate: 150-250


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Flying helmets with attachments. Plus Ft. Lt. Parfitt's pay books and a set of cloth R.A.F wings.
Estimate: 150-250


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Fascinating archive of official aerial photos of Belson concentration camp taken by R.A.F reconnaissance aircraft dated April 1944, spitfire/hurricane in flight taken 5th March 1945, numerous general reconnaissance photos of bombed German cities. All stamped Air Ministry Crown Copyright reserved 5½ins. x 5½ins. Approx. 50.
Estimate: 200-300


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Rare R.A.F/British Armed Forces blood chit in Russian with original plastic lanyard.
Estimate: 50-80


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - 20th cent. WWII German Hanhart stop watch in a chrome case, marked on reverse NSFK (National Socialist Flying Club) GR9 ABT II 18.
Estimate: 80-120


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - White metal Air Ministry pocket watch marked AM 6B/117 4403/40. Plus another white metal watch General Service timepiece.
Estimate: 50-80


Postcards & photos: Postcard of an airship near Rio De Janeiro. A photo of "The Hindenburg LZ129 with emblem in flight plus 1919 photo card of R.A.F. personal on strike (Biggin Hill) and a press release photo of British troops on the road in France after D. Day.
Estimate: 30-40


Military Interest: WWI First generation glass plate negatives in original card envelopes; all annotated "Brigade HQ"x 2, "16th TMB" (Trench Mortar Battery), "T,M.HQ", "C.A.S.F", "N.L. Webber sitting with overcoat", "N.L. Webber", "Snap Gifford", "N.L.W". Each glass negative 4¼ins. x 3¼ins. (10).
Estimate: 35-45


R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Imperial Service Medal, boxed, citation by order of the King for a mention in the London Gazette on 8th June 1944, box of buttons, medal ribbons, USAF wings, etc.
Estimate: 100-150


Military: R.N. Buttons Civil Defence badge Union Jack badge, and a German National Socialist Party badges (2). red, black and white enamel Reg. No M1/102 and MI/ 127 + 2 tins of Abdulla cigarettes and a Benson & Hedges tin.
Estimate: 20-30


Military Buttons: RAF, Royal Navy, large amount of buttons and US Navy buttons plus Royal Mail buttons.
Estimate: 10-15


Maritime: Prayer book dated 1805 to the Chief Officer of the East Indiaman Nelson Gribble plus his hand written signal note book.
Estimate: 40-60


WWI Zeppelin: Unusual Assurance Corporation insurance brochure "Menace of the Air". Pictures a Zeppelin similar to that of the L13, which flew first over London in January 1915, and dropped its first bombs on September 8th 1915. Four sides. 5ins. x 8ins.

Estimate: 40-60


Aeronautical ephemera: Flight schedule brochure Imperial Airways, Sabena Spring 1933, Imperial Airways 1938, B.O.A.C. Speedbird timetable 1955, British Airways Ltd, Hillmans United Spartan Aer Lingus 1950/51, Jerseys Airways 11d 1936, Loftleidir Icelandic, Deutsche Lufthansa pre W.W.II. 1930s.(8).
Estimate: 40-60


Militaria postcards: W.W.I album Ernest William Stephen Ellis R.N. served H.M.S Nomad sunk at Jutland and taken P.O.W. The album chronicles his time at Kriegsgerfangenen lager Germany and concludes with a wedding photograph. Plus a printed article "They Went Down Fighting" part 1, biography of P.O. E.W.S Ellis R.N.
Estimate: 100-200


Military: Prismatic compass stamped 1943 MK3 black body. Reg. no 134303.
Estimate: 30-40


Militaria: Spun glass parachute 2 PARA Regiment souvenir.
Estimate: 15-20


Militaria: WWI Cenotaph white metal cast model cold painted Khaki with wreath and dipped Union Jack.
Estimate: 15-20


Waterloo - Rare and important collection of British and French badges and a button found in 1860 on the Battlefield of Waterloo, near Hougoumont Farm by Henry Weymouth, mounted in a contemporary framed and glazed case.
Estimate: 300-500


Edged weapons: 19th cent. Naval sword, brass hilt & hand guard, etched blade, proof stamp. The sword scabbard in leather & brass sections.
Estimate: 140-180


Late 19th cent. Ornamental Japanese sword, leather binding to handle 8¾"; possibly genuine brass Tsuba with feint floral/vine decoration. A 28" blade, inscribed & signed both sides near Tsuba,
Estimate: 50-70


Militaria: Victorian dress sword in poor condition.
Estimate: 30-50


Russian Artillery short sword, serrated edge to one side of the blade, brass guard and grip. Stamped Imperial Eagle 1838 GT and CC. 25" plus scabbard (leather replaced).
Estimate: 150-200


Col. C.C. Marindin C.B.E, D.S.O, R.A. Tibet expedition 1903-04: 19th cent. Tibetan Pesh Kabz type dagger probably originally from North India - steel tapering blade in engraved T-bar, the hilt studded with silver pins and a small blade emerging from the pommel, blade 13", hilt 4". Leather covered scabbard 15", overall length 19" - damage to blade tip.
Estimate: 200-300


Edged weapons: German porcelain handled commando style knife & scout knife sheath and a early original starting pistol.
Estimate: 40-60


Military Interest: W.W.II German Field Kit (medical instruments) in leather pouch. Impressed mark Bollman, Tutlingen & Wermach eagle. Plus first edition W.W.II book "War in a Stringbag" Cmdr Charles Lamb with several R.A.F. signatures. (2).

Estimate: 30-40


Masonic Regalia: Silver gilt and enamel jewels, Royal Masonic Benevolent Inst. x 2 (Steward), Royal Masonic Institution for Girls 1920 (Steward), The Alfred Chapter No. 340. (4).
Estimate: 80-100


World War II: Japanese NCO's tunic, faint identification marks to the inside.
Estimate: 40-60


Military: WWI Princess Mary Christmas tin.
Estimate: 25-35


3rd Reich: 1936 SA Day badge makers mark for Bruno Mulde of Bremen on the reverse.
Estimate: 20-30

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