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Saturday 14th November 2015
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Coalport - Houses: Thatched Cottage, The Crooked Cottage, The Country Cottage, The Masters House, The Gate House, The Toy Shop, Tyrolean Castle, The Umbrella House, The Coaching Inn, The Old Curiosity Shop, The Water Mill, Park Lodge, The Masters House, Elizabethan Cottage. (14 Houses).
Estimate: 60-70


Royal Doulton: Figurine 'Rose' HN1368 plus 2 other figurines - girl with kitten and 2 children playing.
Estimate: 20-30


Figurines: Doulton ladies to include 'Grace' 1965, signed 'Angela' 1991, 'Top 'o the Hill' 1930 and a Nao figure of a clown. (4).
Estimate: 20-30


19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire spill vase a/f, also a sailor and his partner with brandy kegs - a pair. a/f.
Estimate: 20-30


20th cent. Ceramics: Carlton ware brown "Windswept" butter dish, oval dish, mustard pot on stand, toast rack, preserve dish.
Estimate: 30-40


19th cent. Continental ceramics: Picture or mirror frame of oval form in the Rococo style with cherubs and floral bocage. Minor damage. 11" x 10".
Estimate: 60-80


20th cent. Ceramics: Capo di monte four part circular table decoration, cream and gilt base decorated with troughs of flowers. The centre has three columns with cherubs playing with flower garlands. Another with cherub figures depicting the four seasons. Winter a/f. Plus three shot cups with transfer prints of golfers and clubs. The Niblick. The putter, etc.

Estimate: 40-60


20th cent. Studio Pottery: Tremaen Pottery Newlyn pebble vase, elephant vase, Pendelphin figures, Pionic Midge, Peeps, Barney (Rabbits), Pooch (dog). 4 Figures and 2 vases.
Estimate: 30-40


20th cent. Ceramics: Continental Faience charger decorated with flowers and birds (AF) and Satsuma baluster vase.
Estimate: 30-40


20th cent. Continental ceramics: Capo-di-monte, table top flower arrangements of summer flowers plus another. Candle holders in the form of tulips (a/f), bulbous vase comprised of flowers, Aynsley menu holders in the form of flowers, boxed.

Estimate: 40-50


Ceramics: A Limoges coffee for one set, decorated with forget-me-nots plus a Bayard travel clock with chrome body and French movement.
Estimate: 20-30


20th cent. Denby Greenwheat teapot, breakfast for 2, teapot, cups, saucer, plates, cereal bowl, egg cups, condiment, mugs x 2, creamer, milk jug, etc.
Estimate: 30-50


20th cent. French ceramics: Quimper dishes, oblong & square (3) Limoge, Aynsley, Crown Staffs, Worcester trinket pot and dishes plus Spode saucer.

Estimate: 30-40


20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffordshire menu holders decorated with flowers, Royal Albert lavender rose, napkin rings, ceramic posy bowls, Royal Albert Lady Carlyle and Royal Doulton centennial rose, trinket boxes plus 5 others, Royal Doulton crystal candlesticks - boxed, Carlton ware orchid trinket box, ceramic candle holder in the form of a humming bird.
Estimate: 30-40


Stamps: Stock book of animals on stamps and a stock book of butterflies on stamps Plus Birds of the World on stamps. A good size stock book insets & singles and 2 stock books of Fish on stamps. (5)

Estimate: 50-60


Postcards: Mixed 20th cent. Topographical and other subjects. (Large selection). Plus a schoolboy collection of 20th cent. stamps including some W.W.I.
Estimate: 20-30


Stamps: Pre-decimal stamps, most on part sheets and includes Queen Elizabeth II blue 1'6 green 1'3 4d, 1d plus other issues.
Estimate: 50-70


Stamps: Postally used, all Queen Elizabeth II 1971-1990. Plus all Queen Elizabeth II 1991 onwards. Very large quantity.
Estimate: 60-80


Postcards & photos: GB. topographical cards plus an album of "A Tour Around Germany". (2).
Estimate: 20-30


Stamps: Stamps of the World, mint and cancelled, Countries J to Z in four Barclays Albums.

Estimate: 40-60


Stamps: Three albums & loose stamps. A good selection of Victorian, George V including sea horse 2/6 10/-, good count of penny reds, nice selection of World stamps and First Day Covers.
Estimate: 200-300


Cigarette cards: John Players, Wills, Churchill, Ansties, Gallahers, etc. of football, military, racing, film, stage and radio stars.
Estimate: 30-40


Postcards: 20th cent. and later mostly G.B. people and topographical. (1 Shoebox).
Estimate: 50-80


Stamps: Postal stamps 72 1914 America 1 cent stamps George Washington, other loose stamps and a small amount of First Day Covers.
Estimate: 10-15


Postcards: 20th cent. and later albums of cats and other animals.
Estimate: 40-60


Postcards: Edwardian and later - an album of catch phrase cards plus foreign & modern British cards loose and in an album. Plus cards of Weston-Super-Mare, Cheddar and Glastonbury.
Estimate: 30-50


Postcards: Early 20th cent. and later Christmas and greetings cards. Plus mixed topographical. Two albums plus loose cards.
Estimate: 60-100


Postcards: 20th cent. and later people and topographical, three albums.
Estimate: 40-60


Postcards: Early 20th cent. of flowers, film stars and mixed post war photos, some R.A.F, four albums.
Estimate: 30-50


Postcards: Edwardian & later cards, topographical of GB. One album and loose.
Estimate: 30-50


Postcards: Album of + 80 postcards of Devizes + district, mainly early 20th cent., plus some relating to Devizes Wharf and Palace Cinema, together with an original photo by E.B. Smyth, 3 High Street. Uniformed bandsmen in parkland c1900. Unframed, photo approx. 8ins. x 9ins.
Estimate: 80-120


Postcards: West Country cards, photo cards, Edwardian & later of Westbury, Devizes, Potterne and other villages, Trowbridge Bks, Dartmoor prison, train disaster at Salisbury 1906. (One album).
Estimate: 100-120


Postcards: Early 20th cent. & later Devizes postcards including a rare central Wiltshire Bacon Company postcard (Henry & Aldridge & Son are now located in this building). Approx. 20 cards.
Estimate: 60-100


Postcards: Military pre 1st world war and post-war cards of British, French troops at home and at the front, scenes of destruction, naval ships, etc.
Estimate: 40-60


Postcards: Edwardian & later cards from Longleat House, Warminster, Malmesbury, Frome, Corsham, Avebury, Castle Combe, Chippenham, Bradford-on-Avon, Melksham, Westbury, Lacock.

Estimate: 30-40


Postcards: Edwardian 1920s photo cards of Charabanc outings, cyclists.
Estimate: 30-50


Postcards: Military silks, R.F.C, Royal Marine, Light Infantry, the Allied flags + 3 others. (5).
Estimate: 40-50


20th cent. Costume jewellery, large selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. 3 boxes.
Estimate: 30-40


20th cent. Objects of virtu and jewellery: Velvet lined jewellery box, necklaces, paper fans, wine labels, fruit knife, etc.

Estimate: 20-30


20th cent. Compacts: Stratton, Coty and others. (11).
Estimate: 20-30


Costume Jewellery: Crown Derby floral brooch, marcasite brooch, donkey cast brooch, simulated pearl necklaces, yellow metal brooch and earring set, etc. Silk handkerchiefs, commemorative handkerchiefs and fruit knives.
Estimate: 20-30


Costume jewellery: White metal rings (3) crucifix, chain, coin purse, treen snuff box shoe.
Estimate: 30-50


19th cent. Objects of virtue: Four misers purses, small leather trinket box, white metal flint striker etc.
Estimate: 40-60


20th cent. Pewter Civic hammered tazza also plate ware, teaspoons, bread fork etc. Plus continental white metal, pickle forks, preserve spoon - twist handle, cheese knife. Marked 830.
Estimate: 30-50


Watches: Art Deco Accurist gold plated Antimagnetic, a Tissot gold plated dress watch, Avia 9ct. gold bodied dress watch with plated strap, Ingersoll Chromium stopwatch.
Estimate: 40-60


19th cent. Objects of virtue: Mother of pearl purse, white metal frame, red silk lining with expanding pockets. It contains a pocket calendar for 1903 and has an unmarked white metal decoration of swags to the front of the purse. 2" x 2".
Estimate: 30-50


Watches: Three ladies wristwatches - a Tempex with expandable link bracelet, Camy with leather strap and a Gruen with chain mail strap.
Estimate: 20-30


Coins: Elizabeth II boxed Royal Mint proof and currency sets for 1970, 1971, 1977 and 1978, with boxed proof crowns in silver for 1977 and 1981. Uncirculated. Together with a book: Linecar and Stone "English Proof and Pattern crown-size pieces". Bahamas. Prince Charles. Proof 10 dollars in silver by the Royal Mint, 1978. Diam. 49mm. With Elizabeth II. Falkland Islands proof set. 1/2p to 50p, 1980. Plus crowns (5) from Bermuda, Jersey, Tonga, Guernsey and Gibraltar, together with a Jersey 10 shillings. All individually boxed and uncirculated.
Estimate: 60-100


Coins: Quantity of pre-decimal coins including silver. Plus a "Star of David" medallion, Roman 'Ptolemaic' Egyptian coin.
Estimate: 15-20


English coinage: Cupro nickel Elizabeth II crowns 1953 x 2, Charles & Diana 1981 x 9, 1980 x 2, silver wedding x 2, silver jubilee 1977 x 4, Churchill x 3.
Estimate: 20-30

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