Autumn Fine Art, Antiques & Collectables Sale on
Saturday 14th November 2015

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1.      19th cent. White metal cutlery set in a bespoke rosewood box. £30-40
2.      Tribal: Post-war Balinese treen bust of a lady, plus one other circa 1950s. £30-50
3.      Early 20th cent. Breweriana: P. Loopuyt & Co. Dutch Gin, P. Loopuyt & Co. Distillers Schiedam tall advertising bottle a/f, 20ins plus a Bradly and Hinchcliff, Glasgow soda syphon,19ins.
4.      Brass ware 19th cent & later: Coal scuttle, watering can, stick stand and a Davey safety lamp. £30-50
5.      Indo Persian: Brass and copper chaffing bowl with wall fixing bracket. 16" diameter. £30-40
6.      19th cent. Oak dwarf gate leg table and a mahogany plant stand. £30-40
7.      20th cent. Ebonised African occasional table with elephant head supports. £30-40
8.      Mid 20th cent. Leather suitcase 'real cowhide'. £30-50
9.      Mid 20th cent. Leather suitcase with key. 20" x 13½" x 6". £20-30
10.     20th cent. Ceramics: Adams 'Speed the Plough' cup and saucers, Spode Buttercup cups and saucers, salt glaze loving cup, Dickerware cream jug, Bristol pottery Drum replica preserve pot etc. £20-30
11.     20th cent. Ceramics: Queen Anne - 4 cups, 5 saucers, 4 plates, cake plate and sugar bowl. Wedgwood floral part tea set - cake plate, milk jug, sugar bowl, 6 side plates, 6 saucers. Royal Staffordshire floral/gilt tea set - 6 cups, 7 saucers, 10 plates, milk jug, sugar bowl, sandwich plate and a cake plate. £30-40
12.     20th cent. Ceramics: Poole peach blue dinner china. Serving dish, dinner plates 6 x 10", 7 x 9", side plates x 6 x 7½", tureens with covers x 2, soup bowls with stands x 5, gravy/sauce boat. Some minor damage. £30-40
13.     Ceramics: Derby coffee can 1806 - rose pattern, Royal Worcester coffee for 2 - pot, 2 cans & saucers. George Grainger part tea set, famille rose cup, saucer & saucer, cabinet cups plus a ribbon bowl and other sweetmeat bowls.
14.     20th cent. Ceramics: Victoria china ½ tea set. £20-30
15.     Plateware: Gravy boat, milk jug, sugar bowl, mussel eaters, cigarette box, Crown Derby coffee pot, sugar bowl, cream jug, plus Worcester cups and saucers, muffin dish, sauce boat, trivet, etc.
16.     Ceramics: Paragon art deco coffee set. Colourful lanterns hanging from a tree no. 7984 E plus a Melba china half tea set. £40-50
17.     20th cent. Glassware: Cut glass Tazza 6ins, rummers 5ins - a pair, twist stem wine glasses - a pair, Dartington Commemorative rummer Royal Wedding 1981 plus a tankard. Cut glass water jug, bon-bon dish, vase in the form of an inverted top hat, fruit comport, etc.
18.     20th cent. Ceramics: Progression china (Japan) "Day Dream" pattern dinner ware. Comprises 13½" meat ovals x 2, 10" plates x 14, 8" plates x 13, side plates x 11, open vegetable tureens x 3, tureen with cover x 2, soup bowls x 12. (2 Boxes + 3 broken pieces).
19.     Advertising: Stoneware flagons and cod bottles including Brown and Matthews of Marlborough 2 gallon, etc. (16). £30-50
20.     Advertising: Stoneware flagons including 4 and 3 gallon Henry Herman of Bristol, etc (11). £40-60
21.     Electroplate: 19th cent. style teapot and creamers (2), cigarette box, sugar bowl and sugar tongs (3 pairs), yellow metal coffee spoons x 6 (boxed). £25-30
22.     20th cent. Lighting: Ceiling lights/shades 1950s pink opalescent glass light shade, circular with concentric circle pattern 12" diameter. A 1970s milk glass shade with grey, orange & black design, cone shape 11" diameter. Plus an open 3 petal or clam shell design ceiling shade, pressed opalescent glass 15" diameter - a pair. All with chains & fitments. (2). (4 in Total). £70-90
23.     20th cent. Plateware: Oval gallery tray, Collingwood teapot, condiments with blue liners and spoons, coffee pot, teapot, napkin rings, sugar bowls, milk jugs, cocktail shaker by Mappin & Webb. £50-80
24.     19th cent. Ceramics: Child's part tea set, teapot, sugar bowl and cover, milk jug, 2 side plates, 6 cups, 6 saucers, transfer print of children at play. AF. £20-30
25.     20th cent. Plate ware: Deco style sugar sifter, toast rack, gravy boat, sugar nips x 2, tube vases - a pair, teapot, coffee pot, etc. £30-40
26.     Lighting: Victorian oil lamp. Cast metal base, brass reservoir, burgundy glass shade & clear chimney. 23". £30-50
27.     20th cent. Studio Pottery: Grey stoneware part coffee set with stylised leaf design. Coffee pot, 6 cups and saucers + a mug and sugar bowl of a different design. Indistinct seal mark. £30-40
28.     Studio Pottery: Tullylish Pottery coffee pot and 6 chalice style coffee cups plus 12 other pottery goblets cups.
29.     Studio Pottery: Rye Pottery loving cup, 2 vases marked Grasu (1 a/f), blue and white bowl with swirl decoration, 3 chargers.
30.     20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Clementine" trinket pot, vases, oval dish and pin trays. (1 dish boxed). £20-30
31.     20th cent Ceramics: Aynsley "Little Sweetheart" pin dishes, powder bowl, pill box plus Royal Doulton anais vase, etc. £20-30
32.     20th cent. Glassware: Topaz colour glasses x 4, miniature bottles x 3, stem vase, green tankard and 2 paperweights.
33.     Glassware: 19th cent. Mary Gregory type, hand blown diamond pattern lemonade jug "a young boy catching butterflies". 7½". £40-60
34.     20th cent. Glass: Langham glass pink elephant. 4ins.
35.     Studio glass: Mdina green & yellow grenade shape vase 7½" another squat baluster vase 5½" and a small red & white vase 3". All signed. £40-50
36.     20th cent. Amber glass lemonade set - jug and 6 glasses. £20-30
37.     19th cent. Blown glassware: Bristol green stem wine glasses (3), double lip wine rinsers - a pair and 2 small tumblers. Plus 19th/20th cent. red overlay stem balloon glasses. (5). £100-120
38.     Late 19th early 20th cent. Glassware: Ships decanters - a pair, cut glass decanters - a pair, whisky decanter, etc. (8 Decanters). £60-70
39.     20th cent. Glass: Engraved wine glasses (2) plus 5 liqueur glasses, plate bottle stand. £30-50
40.     20th cent. Ceramics: Japanese "King China" dinner & tea set comprising 9½" dinner plates x 10, 8" desert plates x 8, 9¼" soup plates x 12, 5½" desert dishes x 11, 10¾" vegetable dish, 10" vegetable dish with lid, sauce boat, 6½" tea plates x 12, tea cups and saucers x 12, coffee cups and saucers x 12, milk jug, cream jug, sugar basin with lid and a sugar basin no lid. £50-60
41.     20th cent. Carltonware: A pair of vases in an oriental style on a blue ground with gilt scenes. 1 AF. £30-50
42.     19th cent. Continental ceramics: Coffee cans, gilt floral & blue decoration. (3) £25-30
43.     Ceramics: Studio Pottery 1970s Scottish spaghetti style pottery figures of a highland cow and a highland horned sheep. Plus a meat dish, brass candlesticks, Coalport, trinket box etc. £30-50
44.     Ceramics: Royal Worcester plates, bird and butterfly pattern no. 8849 (4) plus Nymphenburg floral plates (3), 2 AF. £40-50
45.     20th cent. Ceramics: Portmeirion Botanic Garden/ Summer Strawberries/ Botanic Roses. Dessert bowls x 3, 11" plates x 8, 8" plates x 7. £50-80
46.     Late 19th cent. Staffordshire white King Charles Spaniels with glass eyes. £30-50
47.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Rococo teapot, sugar bowl and cover, milk jug. Plus gilt and white sugar bowl and cover + 1 other, some damage, etc.
48.     20th cent. Glass - Claret Jug, end of day glass, cello. Handmade 10½" plus a marbled egg & similar small pestle & mortar. £30-40
49.     20th cent. Ceramics: Poole plates decorated with country scenes (4) unboxed. £20-30
50.     Royal Doulton miniature ladies - Sara HN3219, Julie HN2995, Victoria HN3909, Elaine HN3214, unboxed. Hello Daddy HN3651 - boxed, Christine HN3269, Innocence HN3730 - boxed, Fragrance HN3220 - boxed. (8 Figures). £60-70
51.     Coalport - Houses: Thatched Cottage, The Crooked Cottage, The Country Cottage, The Masters House, The Gate House, The Toy Shop, Tyrolean Castle, The Umbrella House, The Coaching Inn, The Old Curiosity Shop, The Water Mill, Park Lodge, The Masters House, Elizabethan Cottage. (14 Houses). £60-70
52.     Royal Doulton: Figurine 'Rose' HN1368 plus 2 other figurines - girl with kitten and 2 children playing. £20-30
53.     Figurines: Doulton ladies to include 'Grace' 1965, signed 'Angela' 1991, 'Top 'o the Hill' 1930 and a Nao figure of a clown. (4). £20-30
54.     19th/20th cent. Ceramics: Staffordshire spill vase a/f, also a sailor and his partner with brandy kegs - a pair. a/f. £20-30
55.     20th cent. Ceramics: Carlton ware brown "Windswept" butter dish, oval dish, mustard pot on stand, toast rack, preserve dish. £30-40
56.     19th cent. Continental ceramics: Picture or mirror frame of oval form in the Rococo style with cherubs and floral bocage. Minor damage. 11" x 10". £60-80
57.     20th cent. Ceramics: Capo di monte four part circular table decoration, cream and gilt base decorated with troughs of flowers. The centre has three columns with cherubs playing with flower garlands. Another with cherub figures depicting the four seasons. Winter a/f. Plus three shot cups with transfer prints of golfers and clubs. The Niblick. The putter, etc.
58.     20th cent. Studio Pottery: Tremaen Pottery Newlyn pebble vase, elephant vase, Pendelphin figures, Pionic Midge, Peeps, Barney (Rabbits), Pooch (dog). 4 Figures and 2 vases. £30-40
59.     20th cent. Ceramics: Continental Faience charger decorated with flowers and birds (AF) and Satsuma baluster vase. £30-40
61.     20th cent. Continental ceramics: Capo-di-monte, table top flower arrangements of summer flowers plus another. Candle holders in the form of tulips (a/f), bulbous vase comprised of flowers, Aynsley menu holders in the form of flowers, boxed.
62.     Ceramics: A Limoges coffee for one set, decorated with forget-me-nots plus a Bayard travel clock with chrome body and French movement. £20-30
63.     20th cent. Denby Greenwheat teapot, breakfast for 2, teapot, cups, saucer, plates, cereal bowl, egg cups, condiment, mugs x 2, creamer, milk jug, etc. £30-50
64.     20th cent. French ceramics: Quimper dishes, oblong & square (3) Limoge, Aynsley, Crown Staffs, Worcester trinket pot and dishes plus Spode saucer.
65.     20th cent. Ceramics: Crown Staffordshire menu holders decorated with flowers, Royal Albert lavender rose, napkin rings, ceramic posy bowls, Royal Albert Lady Carlyle and Royal Doulton centennial rose, trinket boxes plus 5 others, Royal Doulton crystal candlesticks - boxed, Carlton ware orchid trinket box, ceramic candle holder in the form of a humming bird. £30-40
66.     Stamps: Stock book of animals on stamps and a stock book of butterflies on stamps Plus Birds of the World on stamps. A good size stock book insets & singles and 2 stock books of Fish on stamps. (5)
67.     Postcards: Mixed 20th cent. Topographical and other subjects. (Large selection). Plus a schoolboy collection of 20th cent. stamps including some W.W.I. £20-30
68.     Stamps: Pre-decimal stamps, most on part sheets and includes Queen Elizabeth II blue 1'6 green 1'3 4½d, 1½d plus other issues. £50-70
69.     Stamps: Postally used, all Queen Elizabeth II 1971-1990. Plus all Queen Elizabeth II 1991 onwards. Very large quantity. £60-80
70.     Postcards & photos: GB. topographical cards plus an album of "A Tour Around Germany". (2). £20-30
71.     Stamps: Stamps of the World, mint and cancelled, Countries J to Z in four Barclays Albums.
72.     Stamps: Three albums & loose stamps. A good selection of Victorian, George V including sea horse 2/6 10/-, good count of penny reds, nice selection of World stamps and First Day Covers. £200-300
73.     Cigarette cards: John Players, Wills, Churchill, Ansties, Gallahers, etc. of football, military, racing, film, stage and radio stars. £30-40
74.     Postcards: 20th cent. and later mostly G.B. people and topographical. (1 Shoebox). £50-80
75.     Stamps: Postal stamps 72 1914 America 1 cent stamps George Washington, other loose stamps and a small amount of First Day Covers. £10-15
76.     Postcards: 20th cent. and later albums of cats and other animals. £40-60
77.     Postcards: Edwardian and later - an album of catch phrase cards plus foreign & modern British cards loose and in an album. Plus cards of Weston-Super-Mare, Cheddar and Glastonbury. £30-50
78.     Postcards: Early 20th cent. and later Christmas and greetings cards. Plus mixed topographical. Two albums plus loose cards. £60-100
79.     Postcards: 20th cent. and later people and topographical, three albums. £40-60
80.     Postcards: Early 20th cent. of flowers, film stars and mixed post war photos, some R.A.F, four albums. £30-50
81.     Postcards: Edwardian & later cards, topographical of GB. One album and loose. £30-50
82.     Postcards: Album of + 80 postcards of Devizes + district, mainly early 20th cent., plus some relating to Devizes Wharf and Palace Cinema, together with an original photo by E.B. Smyth, 3 High Street. Uniformed bandsmen in parkland c1900. Unframed, photo approx. 8ins. x 9ins. £80-120
83.     Postcards: West Country cards, photo cards, Edwardian & later of Westbury, Devizes, Potterne and other villages, Trowbridge Bks, Dartmoor prison, train disaster at Salisbury 1906. (One album). £100-120
84.     Postcards: Early 20th cent. & later Devizes postcards including a rare central Wiltshire Bacon Company postcard (Henry & Aldridge & Son are now located in this building). Approx. 20 cards. £60-100
85.     Postcards: Military pre 1st world war and post-war cards of British, French troops at home and at the front, scenes of destruction, naval ships, etc. £40-60
86.     Postcards: Edwardian & later cards from Longleat House, Warminster, Malmesbury, Frome, Corsham, Avebury, Castle Combe, Chippenham, Bradford-on-Avon, Melksham, Westbury, Lacock.
87.     Postcards: Edwardian 1920s photo cards of Charabanc outings, cyclists. £30-50
88.     Postcards: Military silks, R.F.C, Royal Marine, Light Infantry, the Allied flags + 3 others. (5). £40-50
90.     20th cent. Costume jewellery, large selection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings etc. 3 boxes. £30-40
91.     20th cent. Objects of virtu and jewellery: Velvet lined jewellery box, necklaces, paper fans, wine labels, fruit knife, etc.
92.     20th cent. Compacts: Stratton, Coty and others. (11). £20-30
93.     Costume Jewellery: Crown Derby floral brooch, marcasite brooch, donkey cast brooch, simulated pearl necklaces, yellow metal brooch and earring set, etc. Silk handkerchiefs, commemorative handkerchiefs and fruit knives. £20-30
94.     Costume jewellery: White metal rings (3) crucifix, chain, coin purse, treen snuff box shoe. £30-50
95.     19th cent. Objects of virtue: Four misers purses, small leather trinket box, white metal flint striker etc. £40-60
96.     20th cent. Pewter Civic hammered tazza also plate ware, teaspoons, bread fork etc. Plus continental white metal, pickle forks, preserve spoon - twist handle, cheese knife. Marked 830. £30-50
97.     Watches: Art Deco Accurist gold plated Antimagnetic, a Tissot gold plated dress watch, Avia 9ct. gold bodied dress watch with plated strap, Ingersoll Chromium stopwatch. £40-60
98.     19th cent. Objects of virtue: Mother of pearl purse, white metal frame, red silk lining with expanding pockets. It contains a pocket calendar for 1903 and has an unmarked white metal decoration of swags to the front of the purse. 2½" x 2". £30-50
99.     Watches: Three ladies wristwatches - a Tempex with expandable link bracelet, Camy with leather strap and a Gruen with chain mail strap. £20-30
102.    Coins: Elizabeth II boxed Royal Mint proof and currency sets for 1970, 1971, 1977 and 1978, with boxed proof crowns in silver for 1977 and 1981. Uncirculated. Together with a book: Linecar and Stone "English Proof and Pattern crown-size pieces". Bahamas. Prince Charles. Proof 10 dollars in silver by the Royal Mint, 1978. Diam. 49mm. With Elizabeth II. Falkland Islands proof set. 1/2p to 50p, 1980. Plus crowns (5) from Bermuda, Jersey, Tonga, Guernsey and Gibraltar, together with a Jersey 10 shillings. All individually boxed and uncirculated. £60-100
103.    Coins: Quantity of pre-decimal coins including silver. Plus a "Star of David" medallion, Roman 'Ptolemaic' Egyptian coin. £15-20
104.    English coinage: Cupro nickel Elizabeth II crowns 1953 x 2, Charles & Diana 1981 x 9, 1980 x 2, silver wedding x 2, silver jubilee 1977 x 4, Churchill x 3. £20-30
106.    Commemorative coinage: William and Kate rose gold accented commemorative coin, boxed with paperwork. £20-30
107.    Commemorative coinage: White note commemorative coin, History of British Currency 3 pence 1937/1948, British bank note commemorative coins B04024 £20 note commemorative crown collection NO2099 1977, The Changing Face of Britains Coinage, set containing The pre-decimals of George VI and Elizabeth II. The Emblem Series Decimals of Elizabeth II, 3 tiers contained in a fitted box. All coins have paperwork and the undated 20p coin boxed. £50-60
108.    Sasania Coin Jewellery, white metal pendant style necklet set with 6 hammered Sasanian coins plus 1 unmounted coin. £60-80
109.    Silver coins: Spanish 8 Reales (pieces of eight) Philip V, 1736, reputed to be from the Hollandia wreck, 1743, off the Scilly Isles. £150-250
110.    Coins: Gun money, 1690 James II on horseback, Civil War issue, half crown. (1). £40-60
111.    Coins: 3 Roman coins plus a George II penny and a 1814 Wellington Medallion confirming his imprisonment in Elba. (5) £30-40
112.    British Coinage: Pre-decimal silver, copper and cupro nickel. £25-35
114.    Coins: Eleven including Churchill, silver jubilee, yellow and white metal lockets, plated serving spoons. £20-30
115.    Plated ware: Fish servers with mother of pearl handles, a set of fish servers and 6 knives & forks with bone handles plus a set of 6 fish knives & forks. All boxed. £40-50
116.    19th/20th cent. Plateware: Set of 6 dessert knives, cased + Rococo style sugar sifter. £30-40
117.    Pens: Parker 51 black body pen and propelling pencil (cased) another maroon body, Swan - Maby- Todd self filler with box, Swan eye dropper with box and filler. £30-50
118.    20th cent. Camera etc: Kodak Six-20 Junior with case, opera glasses, leather purse with recessed compartment for opera glasses. Retail H. Creaves, New Street, Birmingham.
119.    20th cent, Collectables: Black & gilt metal cigarette case, black leather case by Orlik, Old Bond Street plus 2 others, steel hip flask, mother of pearl pen knives, button hook, ladies gilt cigarette case, brass etched box, lighter, etc. £30-50
120.    Maritime: Nelson's Flagship - "Foudroyant": Copper pressed & chased tray made from the Foudroyant & inscribed with anchor & life belt with entwined rope. Diameter 12".
121.    Photographs: First generation photos of 20th Corps crossing the Rhine over "Westminster London Lambeth Blackfriars bridges. "Also Goch in Germany, The Liberation of Brussels and Army & R.A.F personnel in various camps and airfields, before, after & during the war plus a 30th Corps occupation booklet and a book "Bridging Normandy to Berlin".
122.    Photographs: Four albums of military and other photos of RE officers (TA) and visiting Staff Officers.
123.    Autographs: Celebrities, Brian Murray, Peter McEnery, Michael Bertine, Gilbert Harding, Anne Todd, Barbara Ann Scott, Edmundo Ros, Rudolph Firkusny, Phyllis Sellick, Larry Adler, Macdonald Hobley, Fred Emney, David Jacobs, Paul Beard, Pat Smythe, Bruno Moskowitz, etc. in a blue leather album. £80-120
124.    Aeronautical History: WTW Ballatine - Walter Theodore William AMI, RAFO, Technical staff De Havilland Aircraft Co. RFC 1917-18. Squadron Leader Air Attaché South America. WWII books pamphlets and ephemera including Royal Aero Club 1901 -1951 Gazette, various South American official invitations, press cuttings etc. 1929 International Aircraft markings, Naval, Military and Civil. 1928 Pilots license, RAF WWII silk map Zones of France 1944 pilot message slip form 338 with navigation note (2). Test pilot and other autographs inc. Peter Twiss OBE, DSC and Bar, the first man to fly at 1000mph, Neville Duke, John Derry, Roy Morris, John Cunningham (Comet III), Roland Falk (Asto Vulcan), Sir Handley Page and Barnes Wallace. £100-150
125.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Fascinating archive photographs taken around September to November 1945 at Celle Prison of some of the main perpetrators of crimes against humanity at the Belsen and Auschwitz concentration camps, taken by Ft. Lt Parfitt, the subjects include Franz Hossler the Commander of the women's camp at Auschwitz and Deputy camp Commander at Belsen, Irma Grese known as the Bitch of Belsen, Hertha Bothe, The Sadist of Belsen and Hertha Ehlert (12). Plus other photographs of Ft. Lt. Parfitt and other photos of aircraft including an ME163. £300-500
126.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot log books documenting his flying career from 1941-45. He flew others including Hurricanes, Typhoons, Mustangs, etc. His career saw various duties including Air to Air, Air to Ground, and Strafing and Reconnaissance. Also included in the lot are his R.A.F. wings and shoulder flashes and a photo of NO3 Flight No 3 Squadron 10 ITW R.A.F February 1941. £200-300
127.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - collection of five WWII R.A.F flight maps of Germany and the European theatre, most with notations and markings by Ft. Lt. Parfitt relating to missions. (5). £150-250
128.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Flying helmets with attachments. Plus Ft. Lt. Parfitt's pay books and a set of cloth R.A.F wings. £150-250
129.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Fascinating archive of official aerial photos of Belson concentration camp taken by R.A.F reconnaissance aircraft dated April 1944, spitfire/hurricane in flight taken 5th March 1945, numerous general reconnaissance photos of bombed German cities. All stamped Air Ministry Crown Copyright reserved 5½ins. x 5½ins. Approx. 50. £200-300
130.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Rare R.A.F/British Armed Forces blood chit in Russian with original plastic lanyard. £50-80
131.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - 20th cent. WWII German Hanhart stop watch in a chrome case, marked on reverse NSFK (National Socialist Flying Club) GR9 ABT II 18. £80-120
132.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - White metal Air Ministry pocket watch marked AM 6B/117 4403/40. Plus another white metal watch General Service timepiece. £50-80
133.    Postcards & photos: Postcard of an airship near Rio De Janeiro. A photo of "The Hindenburg LZ129 with emblem in flight plus 1919 photo card of R.A.F. personal on strike (Biggin Hill) and a press release photo of British troops on the road in France after D. Day. £30-40
133A.   Military Interest: WWI First generation glass plate negatives in original card envelopes; all annotated "Brigade HQ"x 2, "16th TMB" (Trench Mortar Battery), "T,M.HQ", "C.A.S.F", "N.L. Webber sitting with overcoat", "N.L. Webber", "Snap Gifford", "N.L.W". Each glass negative 4¼ins. x 3¼ins. (10). £35-45
134.    R.A.F WWII: Ft. Lt. Parfitt spitfire pilot - Imperial Service Medal, boxed, citation by order of the King for a mention in the London Gazette on 8th June 1944, box of buttons, medal ribbons, USAF wings, etc. £100-150
135.    Military: R.N. Buttons Civil Defence badge Union Jack badge, and a German National Socialist Party badges (2). red, black and white enamel Reg. No M1/102 and MI/ 127 + 2 tins of Abdulla cigarettes and a Benson & Hedges tin. £20-30
136.    Military Buttons: RAF, Royal Navy, large amount of buttons and US Navy buttons plus Royal Mail buttons. £10-15
137.    Maritime: Prayer book dated 1805 to the Chief Officer of the East Indiaman Nelson Gribble plus his hand written signal note book. £40-60
138.    WWI Zeppelin: Unusual Assurance Corporation insurance brochure "Menace of the Air". Pictures a Zeppelin similar to that of the L13, which flew first over London in January 1915, and dropped its first bombs on September 8th 1915. Four sides. 5ins. x 8ins.
139.    Aeronautical ephemera: Flight schedule brochure Imperial Airways, Sabena Spring 1933, Imperial Airways 1938, B.O.A.C. Speedbird timetable 1955, British Airways Ltd, Hillmans United Spartan Aer Lingus 1950/51, Jerseys Airways 11d 1936, Loftleidir Icelandic, Deutsche Lufthansa pre W.W.II. 1930s.(8). £40-60
140.    Militaria postcards: W.W.I album Ernest William Stephen Ellis R.N. served H.M.S Nomad sunk at Jutland and taken P.O.W. The album chronicles his time at Kriegsgerfangenen lager Germany and concludes with a wedding photograph. Plus a printed article "They Went Down Fighting" part 1, biography of P.O. E.W.S Ellis R.N. £100-200
141.    Military: Prismatic compass stamped 1943 MK3 black body. Reg. no 134303. £30-40
142.    Militaria: Spun glass parachute 2 PARA Regiment souvenir. £15-20
143.    Militaria: WWI Cenotaph white metal cast model cold painted Khaki with wreath and dipped Union Jack. £15-20
144.    Waterloo - Rare and important collection of British and French badges and a button found in 1860 on the Battlefield of Waterloo, near Hougoumont Farm by Henry Weymouth, mounted in a contemporary framed and glazed case. £300-500
145.    Edged weapons: 19th cent. Naval sword, brass hilt & hand guard, etched blade, proof stamp. The sword scabbard in leather & brass sections. £140-180
146.    Late 19th cent. Ornamental Japanese sword, leather binding to handle 8¾"; possibly genuine brass Tsuba with feint floral/vine decoration. A 28" blade, inscribed & signed both sides near Tsuba, £50-70
147.    Militaria: Victorian dress sword in poor condition. £30-50
148.    Russian Artillery short sword, serrated edge to one side of the blade, brass guard and grip. Stamped Imperial Eagle 1838 GT and CC. 25" plus scabbard (leather replaced). £150-200
149.    Col. C.C. Marindin C.B.E, D.S.O, R.A. Tibet expedition 1903-04: 19th cent. Tibetan Pesh Kabz type dagger probably originally from North India - steel tapering blade in engraved T-bar, the hilt studded with silver pins and a small blade emerging from the pommel, blade 13", hilt 4". Leather covered scabbard 15", overall length 19" - damage to blade tip. £200-300
150.    Edged weapons: German porcelain handled commando style knife & scout knife sheath and a early original starting pistol. £40-60
151.    Military Interest: W.W.II German Field Kit (medical instruments) in leather pouch. Impressed mark Bollman, Tutlingen & Wermach eagle. Plus first edition W.W.II book "War in a Stringbag" Cmdr Charles Lamb with several R.A.F. signatures. (2).
152.    Masonic Regalia: Silver gilt and enamel jewels, Royal Masonic Benevolent Inst. x 2 (Steward), Royal Masonic Institution for Girls 1920 (Steward), The Alfred Chapter No. 340. (4). £80-100
153.    World War II: Japanese NCO's tunic, faint identification marks to the inside. £40-60
154.    Military: WWI Princess Mary Christmas tin. £25-35
155.    3rd Reich: 1936 SA Day badge makers mark for Bruno Mulde of Bremen on the reverse. £20-30
156.    Military medal: WWII Germany war merit cross with ribbon and 2 German army intelligence service stamps. £15-20
157.    Military medal: Awarded September 1917 to 6844 L/Cpl. E.G. Baker. Plus War & Victory medal. Included is Regimental War Diary to 26/9/17, photos of E.G, family, Lewis gun team, battlefield pictures, 3rd Somme Battle (Passiondale). Original 'Demob' certificate, his L/G team photo and other ephemera. £600-1000
158.    Militaria: Full size medals, 5417 Pte. Louis Joseph Bailey. 1st Wiltshire Regiment, Boer War, QSA with 5 clasps plus WW1 trio Mons Star with Mons clasp, Rosette with Solver 1914/18 and Victory Medal. Devizes Born. £420-550
159.    Military: WWI medal group to 20444 Sgt. Tavener, Somerset Light Infantry. £300-500
160.    Militaria: WWI miniature medals attributed to 14280 Cpl. Walter Bailey, Wiltshire Regiment 1914 silver and Victory medals. With same miniatures attributed to 6990 F H Bailey Wiltshire Regiment plus a cap badge and blazer badge. Framed and Glazed. Malmesbury resident. £30-50
161.    Militaria: WWI full size medal trio 7718 Pte Clifford Bailey, Wiltshire Regiment, Ypres casualty October 1914. Aug - Nov 1914 Star, Silver 1914/18 and Victory Medal. Melksham resident. £100-150
162.    Militaria: WWI full size trio medals Silver 1914/18 medal Victory medal and 1914/15 star to 18485 Pte. Joseph Bailey, Wiltshire Regiment, Somme casualty October 1916. Hawkeridge resident. £100-150
163.    Military: Medal group to 895 Sjt, V.C. Grafton Worcester Regiment 14-15 Star, 14-19 medal, 14-18 medal. Plus his binoculars, officer's badges of rank, cap badges and 30 Corps Division flashes.
164.    Games & past times: Carpet croquet set, made by "Unrivalled Recreation". Presented in a small treen box with cord hand grips. £20-30
165.    Toys & past times: Victorian & later glass marbles. Good quantity in a bowl. £15-25
166.    Toys: 1950s 'Studebaker' scale model electric remote control car, aluminium model toy, USA. Box distressed. £60-80
167.    Toys: Tinplate Maisto 1959 Cadillac in red, doors, bonnet and boot open. £30-50
168.    Dolls: Gebruder Heubach boy/baby doll Bisque head, composition body (a/f.) with silk and lace dress. 7½ins. £30-40
168A.   Early 20th cent. Dolls: French Bisque, Pierrot and Mimi Pinson hand decorated by Adolphe Willette 1857-1926 signed beneath soles of feet and with Toy retailers label J.P. Gallais & Cie Paris. Both with original silk clothing. 8ins. tall. £150-200
169.    Toys: 20th cent. Treen and metal pond yacht in orange and blue by Star Yacht, Birkenhead. £50-60
170.    Toys: 1950s Muffin the Mule puppet. Cast metal articulated limbs. Made in England. £20-30
171.    Toys: Tinplate Schuco Studio 1050 racing car in green with racing number 3. £30-50
171A.   Toys: Steiff Teddy bear, Millennium commemorative bear. 12ins. £50-60
172.    Late 19th cent. & later Toys: Hollowcast soldiers including caped & mounted (RHA) x 12, Guardsmen with rifles on foot x 15, sailors x 5, soldiers in Khaki wearing helmets & gas mask, turbaned African soldiers x 7, plus other similar x 4. A(A tray). £80-120
173.    Toys: Diecast Corgi "Vintage Glory of Steam". Foden drop side wagon, Garrett steam loco's x 5, Fowler B6 steam loco's (Ltd Edition) with low loaders & loads, Garrett road tractor & trailers & loads., (9 in Total). £50-80
174.    Modeller's archive: Wag Evans a model maker for Gerry Anderson, Thunderbirds. A book with references to Wag in authorised biography including photographs of Mr Evans. Plus a hand made model of a short brother Sunderland flying boat plus parts for prototypes of planes in wood & brass. Included are a few makers pamphlets & tools. £30-40
175.    Toys: Diecast Corgi "Vintage Glory of Steam" Fowler B6, Garrett road tractor, Fowler Showman's engine, Fowler locomotive (4). Sentinel platform wagons; Morris' Paul Bros, Charrington's, Bedford Princess Royal & a United Africa trailer & load. (5). (9 in total). £40-60
176.    Toys: Diecast Corgi "Vintage Glory Steam" Fowler B6 'War Dept', crane engine, road loco 'Atlas' plus 6 x Sentinel platform wagons, 3 x Foden steam wagons. (12 in total). £40-60
177.    Toys: Diecast Corgi "Vintage Glory of Steam" Fowler "Super Lion", Foden steamer wagons x 4, Fowler Showman's wagons x 2, Garrett tractor/trailer (W/D), Sentinel drop side wagon & an Alkinson Borderer. (10 in Total). £40-60
178.    Toys: Diecast Matchbox 1-75 Series. Accessory packs No 2, 7, 1, 4, M10, MB17 (6). £90-120
179.    Toys: Diecast Dublo Dinky 067, 076, 078 + a Matchbox original school bus (military). £40-60
180.    Toys: Diecast Matchbox 1-75 Series. 15, 22, 24, 25, 27, 28 x 2, 42 x 2, 48. (10). £100-120
181.    Toys: Diecast Matchbox 1-75 Series. 43, 50, 51, 61, 62, 63, 75. (7). £50-80
182.    Toys: Diecast Matchbox 1-75 Series. 1A type z, 7A with GPW, 20A GPW. Boxed. (3). £100-120
183.    Toys: Diecast Corgi: Dibnah's Choice (Ltd Edition) Garrett tractors x 3, Foden steam tanker, drop side wagon & trailers x 2, Fowler crane engine & log trailer, Fowler loco, low loader & boiler. (8 in Total). £40-60
184.    Toys: Diecast Corgi "Vintage Glory of Steam" Fowler B6 Showman's loco & badge 'Supreme' & 'Titan', Fowler Showman's loco's x 3, 2 vans & a 'Finecast' agricultural traction engine metal model kit. (8). £40-60
185.    Toys: Disney ceramics: Mickey Mouse teapot, Donald Duck milk jug, horse collar sugar bowl. £20-30
186.    Toys: 1990s Thunderbirds Tracy Island Electronic play set with electronic rocket sounds & voices. Unboxed. £40-60
187.    Toys: Quantity of 1990s Thunderbirds figurines. Includes Virgil Tracy, Alan Tracy, Parker, Brains, Lady Penelope, etc. Vehicles; Lady Penelopes Rolls Royce FAB I, Thunderbirds I, Thunderbirds 3. (14 in Total). Plus Thunderbirds talking alarm clock and Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet and Stingray VHS video. £30-50
188.    Toys: Diecast Matchbox Thunderbirds 1992 Commemorative set B.B.C. & Radio Times Limited Edition. Boxed. £30-50
189.    Antiquarian Books: "The Works of Henry Fielding" in twelve volumes, 4th edition. Printed by Martin & Weatherspoon 1767, calf leather, gilt & red spine. Hardboards. £200-300
190.    Books: A History of British Birds 1870 second edition, green & gilt hardback. Six volumes, John Gretton Stapleford bookplate. £300-400
191.    Antiquarian Books: The Penny Illustrated Paper & Illustrated Times, Pictorial Journal & Family Newspaper. 1890 (July to December) & 1891 Vol. 1 January to June & Vol. 2 (July to December) hardback. All printed by Henry James Taylor, Strand, London (3).
192.    Antiquarian Books: The Penny Illustrated Paper & Illustrated Times, Pictorial Journal & Family Newspaper. Vol 70 January to June 1896 & June to December, hardback. Printed by Thomas Fox & Henry James Taylor, London.
193.    Books - relating to Devizes & to Wiltshire: "Chronicles of The Devizes" James Waylen 1839. Published Longman London + T.B. Smith, Devizes pp. 362 quarter leather. £30-50
194.    Antiquarian Books: Sterne vol. 1, Tristram Shandy, 1819. £20-30
195.    Antiquarian Books: Thomas Rudge. Glos. 1807. Thomas Davis of Longleat, Wilts. 1813. Both books on 'The General View of the Agriculture of the Counties.' £100-120
196.    Books: Pennington's complete family bible, printed York 1799, rebound. £70-100
197.    Books: Rudyard Kipling Stories, songs, verses, pocket editions x 28. Various years 1909-1926. Illustrations by by J. Lockwood Kipling, red leather, gold page trim, hard covers. Printed Macmillan & Metheun (3). First editions "Letters of Travel" 1920 "Rewards & Fairies" 1910, "Debits & Credits" 1926 & "The Diversity of Creatures" 1917. £50-60
198.    Books: Wiltshire books & pamphlets x 10 including "Church Bells of Wiltshire", H.B. Walters, "Highways & Byways in Wiltshire" Ed. Hutton; "The King's England, Wiltshire" Arthur Mee; "Wessex Dialect" Norman Rogers. £20-40
199.    Books - Wiltshire: "A Shepherd's Life" W.H. Hudson, 1910 First Edition, illustrated Bernard Gotch, published Methuen. Stonehenge in gold on front board, pp. 361, green cloth. £50-80
200.    Antiquarian Books: 'The History of the Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire' by Edward Gibbon, twelve volumes. New edition 1897. Printed by G. Woodall. £50-80
201.    19th cent. Books: Anthony Trollope hunting sketches. Reprinted from the Pall Mall Gazette, second edition. Published by Chapman and Hall 193 Piccadilly, London 1866. £40-60
202.    Antiquarian Books: "Sixty Five Plates of Shipping & Craft. Drawn & etched by E.W. Cooke", London 1829. Folio first edition, 50 plates including vignette below title & below list of plates to back. Plus 15 Brighton & South Coast. £200-300
203.    Books: Hardbound volume etchings 'After Nature' by Ferd Becker, Bath November 6th 1821. £200-300
204.    Books: "Three Months in Pahang in Search of Big Game" by Theodore R. Hubback with a hand written letter from the author with the book to his friend nicknamed the kisser. Spine damage, faded cover back & front. £150-200
205.    Antiquarian book: Livius Titus History of Rome Volume 2, "T LIVII. HIST.AB.URBE CONDITA TOM II. White pigskin covered worn and stained. Minus title page. £100-150
206.    Books: 1841 Velvet covered bible with brass catch housed in a faux leather box, a 19th cent. "Helps to the Study of the Bible" plus a Pageant of the 20th century, mentions Titanic. £25-35
207.    Books: Jorrocks published George Bayntun Bath 1926, Plain or Ringlets, Hawbucks Grange, Mr Romfords Hounds, Handley Cross, Mr Sponges Sporting Tour, Ask Mamma. Blue cloth covers and illustrated by Leach and Maud. £80-120
208.    Maps: Edward Stanford map of Chicago and the suburbs 1892. £40-60
209.    Autographs: BBC Musical Symphony and Proms Concert 1952 and Christmas cards signed by Sir Malcolm Sergeant (4), John Hollingsworth. £25-35
210.    Antiquarian Books: Samuel Johnson 1781 "The Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets with Critical Observations on their Works", 4 volumes. Printed London HB, calf leather & gold & red embossing on spine. £60-80
211.    Antiquarian Books: "The Works of Dr Jonathan Swift", 12 volume set 1751, calf leather HB. Printed C. Bathurst, Fleet, London. £60-80
212.    Books: Biggles W.E Johns "Comrades in Arms". Hodder & Stoughton 1947 plus Air Detective Omnibus 1956, "Biggles in the Baltic" 1947 reprint. Armada paperback "Biggles Defies the Swastika" 1962, "Biggles Second Case" 1954 (5). £20-30
213.    Books: Richard Jefferies related works, "The Eulogy of Richard Jefferies", Walter Besant Third Edition 1893. Chatto & Windows, London pp. 384, blue cloth. "Richard Jefferies", Reginald Arkell, First Edition 1933. Richard Cowan, London pp. 294, red mottled boards, black spine. "Richard Jefferies, London", Samuel J. Looker Third Edition 1947. Lutterworth Press, London + Redhill, pp. 184, red cloth, illustrated E.E. Briscoe. Together with "Native Near London" R. Jefferies 1889 Chatto & Windows, London, pp. 242, illustrated, green cloth cover. "The Old House at Coate" R. Jefferies First Edition 1948. Lutterworth, pp. 215, green cloth, illustrated Agnes Miller. £20-40
214.    Books - Wiltshire: "History of the Devizes and the Hundreds of Potterne & Cannings". 1859 London, Longman Brown; Devizes, Henry Bull. pp. 602. Blue cloth, Town Arms on front board. "Devizes Castle" E. Herbert Stone 1920 G. Simpson, Devizes, pp. 201, brown cloth together with "Wiltshire Bibliography" Canon Ed. H. Goddard 1929. Wilts Education Committee, pp. 276, green cloth. "Some Annals of the Borough of Devizes 1791-1835". B. Howard Cunnington. 1926 Geo Simpson, Devizes, pp. 292, blue cloth. Plus 5 other books & pamphlets/guides relating to Devizes. £70-100
215.    19th cent. Card de visit, family and other studio portraits by Andrew Bowman, Ovinius, Davis, Ralston & Son, Glasgow and Scott & Son Carkle amongst others. Also including photo album and early 20th cent. post and christmas cards. £20-30
216.    Ephemera German Olympic cigarette cards: Berlin 1936 Olympic photo card souvenirs. Photos catalogue German 3rd Reich leaders, most sports competitors & all sports. (Including images of Jesse Owen competing). Approx. 280 at 5" x 3¼" and 60 at 7" x 5". Plus original card packaging from the cigarette company with addressee. (1 Box). £60-70
217.    Books: Wisden Cricketers Almanac 1955, 1961, 1963, 1983 (4). £30-50
218.    Rugby Football Ephemera concerning WTW Ballatine. 1920-30's Edware RFC formation, fixtures, team selection etc. £20-30
219.    Sporting interest: Surrey County Cricket Club members ticket and Oval fixtures list, ticket N1257 for 1892. £50-100
220.    Sporting Autographs: Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button signed photograph. Framed and glazed. 8" x 12" with certificate of authenticity. 2 replica models of driver's helmets. £50-60
221.    Coins & Factory tokens: Armstrong Siddeley Motors factory tool (Brass) checks/tokens/tags. Fifteen stamped '1230' & one impressed '1234'. Some with multiple stamped. (16 in Total). £30-40
222.    Automobilia: Car badges - Rolls Royce & Bentley owner driver club, red enamel with white metal sprit of ecstasy. Bentley badge chrome with black & green enamel and a white metal "The Riley Register" 1899-1938. (3). £175-200
223.    Automobilia: 1930's Car mascots Louis Le Jeune. Chromed winged flying lady 5ins, a cast iron hare 4¾ins and Alvis car hood style mascot. £40-60
224.    USA Railroad - Extremely rare early railroad poster, Short Line to Chicago, Council Bluffs, Omaha and San Francisco with Pullman and Dining cars plus Fast Trains. Previously folded but now framed. 9½" x 26". £500-800
225.    USA Rail Road: Rare late 19th cent. Canadian Pacific Railway to Manitoba via the Dominion Line. Agents stamp for S T Oates of Leeds. Framed and glazed. 21" x 27". £300-500
226.    USA Railroad - Extremely rare early railroad poster, Short Line to Chicago, Milwaukee and St Paul. Previously folded but now framed. circa. 1870s. 9½" x 26" £500-800
227.    USA Railroad: 20th cent. Southern Pacific New Orleans travel poster. Framed and glazed. £80-120
228.    Crime & Punishment Dr Crippen: Archive of approx. 47 Marconi cables sent by Guglielmo Marconi and members of the press corps including New York Times, Daily Mirror, Associated Press and The Daily Mail around July 28th/30th 1910 to the Montrose regarding the transatlantic chase to capture Dr. Crippen. The telegrams by Mr Marconi are of significant interest and show his active interest in the case.
Provenance Captain Kendall gave them to the late Sir Norman Vernon whose son consigned them to auction in 1974, where they were purchased by the present vendor. £2000-3000
229.    Crime & Punishment Dr Crippen: Highly important archive of thirteen Marconi signals relating to the capture of one of the 20th centuries most infamous murderers, Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen. The archive starts on July 22nd with a telegram sent by Captain Kendall of the Canadian Pacific ship Montrose at 3pm, 130 miles west of Lizard Point "Have strong suspicions that Crippen, London. Cellar murderer and accomplice are among saloon passengers, moustache taken off growing a beard, accomplice dressed as boy, voice manner and build undoubtable a boy, both travelling as Mr & Master Robinson", signed Kendall. The archive chronicles the dramatic transatlantic chase, which started with Detective Chief Inspector Dew boarding the SS Laurentic and arriving in Quebec before the Montrose. As the Montrose arrived in the St Lawrence river, Dew came aboard disguised as a pilot. Kendall writes on July 30th seeming to relish his role in the chase "Advise you to come off in small boat with pilot disguised as one if possible", the next morning, "Tell Captain of pilot steamer to steam with reporters towards big island until I hoist a Canadian ensign at mainmast indicating you have made the arrest". Detective Chief Inspector Dew replied "Thanks will speak you later operator here will make arrangements, meanwhile suggest suspects kept under discreet observation to prevent suicide". As Canada was still a British Dominion, if Crippen had got to the United States he would have needed to be extradited. Once aboard the Montrose, Dew removed his pilot's cap and said "Good morning Crippen", Do you know me, I'm Chief Inspector Dew of Scotland Yard, Crippen replied "Thank God its over". This archive is quite simply one of the most important of its type known and represents a water shed moment in the history of police/crime fighting, the first time a criminal was apprehended as a direct result of wireless telegraphy. It offers a unique perspective on this most dramatic of chases through the eyes of the main protagonists. Also sold with the archive is a signed photograph of Captain Kendall.
Provenance Captain Kendall gave them to the late Sir Norman Vernon whose son consigned them to auction in 1974, where they were purchased by the present vendor. £8000-10000
230.    Crime and Punishment - Dr Crippen Archive: Archive of material to and from Dr John Herbert Burroughs, a friend of Dr Crippen and witness at his trial. The collection includes his summons to appeal at the Old Bailey on 11th October 1910, telegrams from the Metropolitan Police regarding his appearances, letters from the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions and also of interest are a collection of Mr Burroughs's personal notes defining the term 'poison', the chemical composition and effects of Hyoscine, the poison used by Crippen. Finally there is a draft of a letter sent to Mrs Guinett discussing the funeral arrangements for Mrs Crippen. 'I feel a fitting funeral should be given to her, the police are anxious to trace other parts of her body, the man must be a fiend.' With the reply from Mrs Guinett, dated 5-8-10 'I went to Quebeck (sic) and saw Crippen and the girl, I will never forget the look he gave me.'
Provenance via direct descent form Dr Burroughs then Sothebys, London Feb 1976. £800-1200
231.    Crime and Punishment, Dr Crippen Archive: Autographed letter from Mrs Crippen, signed Belle Elmore Crippen to Dr Burrows from 39 Hilldrop Crescent, two photos of Belle on stage, one signed 'To Mardie Bear, From Belle with fondest love, September 1907, an invitation from the Music Hall Ladies Guild and a receipt to the dental specialist Dr H H Crippen dated July 1st 1910.
232.    Crime and Punishment: Dr Crippen Archive: Rare Christmas card, hand signed 'lovingly Belle Elmore', printed 'Christmas 1909 to greet you with all the kind thoughts and best wishes for the Christmas and the New Year from Dr and Mrs Crippen' The card was sent to her friend Louisa Davis, approximately 5 weeks later Dr Crippen murdered Belle and he was arrested in July 1910. £150-250
233.    Crime & Punishment: Dr Crippen Archive (Dr. Hawley) Harvey exhibit 31 used at his trial in the Old Bailey: written by Dr. Crippen (signing himself "Peter") on black edged paper shortly after he had murdered his wife, 3 pages, 8vo, Albion House, 5th April, 1910, to his friend Dr. John Herbert Burroughs, a witness at the trial, apologising for not informing him earlier about the death of his wife, Belle Elmore
I feel sure you will forgive me for my neglect but really I have been nearly out of my mind with my poor Belle's death so far California...she should have been in bed with the consequence that pleuro-pneumonia terminated fatally. Almost to the last she refused to let me know there was any danger...Even now i am not fit to talk to my friends but as soon as I feel I can control myself I will run in on you and Maude one evening...
thanking him for his sympathy and saying that he is "packing things away" and preparing to leave his house (at Hilldrop Crescent), marked in blue crayon: "Ex. 31".
Provenance Captain Kendall gave them to the late Sir Norman Vernon whose son consigned them to auction in 1974, where they were purchased by the present vendor. £800-1200
234.    Crime and Punishment: Dr Crippen Archive: Signed photograph of Mrs Crippen, Belle Elmore. 'My dear friend Louisa Davis, with loving thoughts this night. Sunday Sept 26th 1909, fondly yours Belle Elmore' together with a photograph of her grave. 6½" x 4½" Provenance via direct descent. £80-120
Elvis wore these boots in the closing number of the show "If I Can Dream" one of the greatest moments in Entertainment history. The boots are white leather Verde's with side zip, stamped on the sole Man made insole Made in Italy and in the boot itself 12 within a circle and 11 M 3622 Verde. Accompanied by an Elvis Presley Museum certificate of authenticity hand signed by Jimmy Velvet, Elvis' friend of 22 years and who was the founder and president of the world famous Elvis Presley Museum together with a hand signed Letter of Authenticity from Charlie Hodge which reads:
For Whom this may concern:
I first met Elvis when I was with a group called the Foggy Mountain River Boys. Elvis and I met again when Elvis was going to Germany for the army. Elvis was my good friend and I lived at Graceland in a converted garage apartment Elvis made for me and lived there until his passing in 1977. I was Elvis' stage director and sang harmony on stage with him and handed Elvis his scarves. I also helped him with the set lists for the shows. I also appeared as an extra in many of his films.
These white verde brand boots are the boots that Elvis wore on stage on his 1968 NBC TV special. He wore these in the closing number of the show "If I can Dream" while he was wearing a white suit. Elvis later gave me these boots.
(Hand signed) Charlie Hodge
Charlie Hodge appeared with Elvis on his 1968 NBC TV special.
"If I Can Dream" was a tribute song to Martin Luther King, Jr. written by Walter Earl Brown, notable for its direct quotations from Dr. King. Elvis had wrapped shooting for Live a Little, Love a Little, he was recording songs for his upcoming Singer Television Special, to be broadcast on television that December. When the song was first presented to Elvis, the TV special's producer, Steve Binder, was worried and thought it would surely be rejected. He wanted to include it, but the show was to be a Christmas special, and "If I Can Dream" was not a Christmas song. Binder found Elvis and played it for him in his dressing room. "Let me hear it again," said Elvis. The song was played 7 or 8 times and Elvis finally said, "Okay, I'll do it." On June 23rd, Elvis recorded "If I Can Dream" in several incredibly passionate takes. To Binder, his performance was so staggering as to seem almost like a religious experience. Out on the floor with a hand mike, Elvis fell to his knees. For a moment, he felt like he was back in church, singing the Gospel songs of his youth. These boots represent a tangible link to a truly iconic moment in show business history.
237.    Comics: "The Beezer Comic" No. 1 & 2, 21st January 1956 & 28th January, some minor discolouration slight wear to spine.
238.    Pre war Facchino ice cream display figure of a girl holding an icecream, repainted. 20½". £200-300
239.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Pharmaceutical bottles, clear glass, lavender, Brom. Also The Westminster Inhaler, cream ceramic jar, maker T.W. London. £30-40
240.    Clocks: Glass clock dome. 20ins. £40-60
241.    19th cent. Lacquered bombe shaped tea caddy, oriental scroll patterns in enamels. The cover opening to reveal 2 compartments with covers and mother of pearl handles and produced by Jennens & Bettridge.
242.    16th cent. French Ironwork jewel coffer with domed lid & handle of small proportions with secret locking device and keys. 5ins. x 3¾ins. x 3ins.
243.    19th cent. Continental treen walnut carved plaques in high relief. Historical figures, the edges with floral relief decoration. 6ins. x 6ins. £200-300
244.    17th cent. Walnut pricket candlesticks, drip pan with turned columns & circular foot rim - a pair. 22ins. £200-300
245.    Early 20th cent. Treen painted novelty bottle stops (3) plus Scottie dogs. (2). £20-30
246.    18th cent. Treen: Lignum Vitae, mortar, 4 lugged, 1 a pouring lip. H.4¾ins.
247.    18th cent. Walnut ridge turned chalice or salt. 6½ins. £250-300
248.    18th cent. Treen: Lignum Vitae, a large multi-faceted dome lidded tobacco jar. H.9½ins.
249.    Ancient World: Greek/Hellenic head, Ancient Greek oil lamp, broken spout, etc. (4). £60-100
250.    Ancient World: Classical Greek terracotta head found by Mr C.J. Shannon at Salamis in 1945. £40-60
251.    Egypt: Painted Faeance Shabti by family repute from the tomb of Tutankhamun. The vendors great uncle, Mr George Bolam, was a professional photographer who moved to Cairo in 1910. A signed letter of provenance accompanies the Shabti that states Mr Bolam worked at the excavation of Tutankhamuns tomb and it was given to him, as a memento of its opening and he passed it onto his great nephew, the vendor. 4½ins. £600-800
252.    Native American Pawnee tribe bear claw necklace on a wild grass type stringing. Provenance as per the pawnee tribe earrings. £100-150
253.    American/Native American: Unusual pair of North American Indian Pawnee tribe earrings with period label on reverse stating they were from a brave, obtained by John Kemble during a visit to an Indian encampment in Nebraska in 1874, leather backing with iron tube like droplets. 6½ins. £600-800
254.    Tribal: Native Nicobar Island bow and cross, obtained in approx. 1953. £40-60
255.    Hardwood truncheon ring handle, unmarked. £30-50
256.    Unusual pair of 19th cent. leather Chinese/Mandarin snow boots with steel stud to the sole. £150-250
257.    Equestrian Interest: Early 20th cent. horse measure within a gentleman's walkingstick. Hallmarked (London 1903) silver mount, boxwood measure & brass extension. £200-250
258.    19th cent. Treen walking cane with concealed glass spirit flask in the centre section and cigarette holder in the bottom section and a glass in the top section. Three section with metal screw fixings. £120-150
259.    19th cent. Nailsea air twist glass walkingstick, blue, red & black with white metal base. 28ins. £50-80
260.    Games & past times: Horse racing "Ascot; The New Racing Game" mahogany table top box with brass mechanism & hollow cast, lead jockeys & horses x 26 (3a/f). Made by J. Jacques, Hatton Gardens, London. Early 20th cent. parlour game. £60-80
261.    Cameras: Kodak Cine, 1923 model, 16mm film. £50-80
262.    Cameras: Thornton-Pickard Ruby reflex, Morocco leather covered, mahogany body, cloth bellows and hood. £70-100
263.    Cameras: Carl Zeiss Universal Palmos camera, folding bed, front shutter only. £70-100
264.    Scientific Instruments: Late 18th early 19th cent. Brass sector marked Mewiand Paris 7ins. Plus a parallel rule. £150-250
265.    19th cent. Scientific maritime sextant, signed Crighton and Sons, London, engraved W.H.W. (William Henry Waddington) Grove R.N. Br Born 1854 Commander Royal Navy retired 1899, died Dinard, France 1907. Oak cased with U.S.A retailers label T.S & J.D. Negus, New York. £400-500
266.    Scientific Instruments: Stanley 10877 brass and gun metal theodolite and Cooke, Troughton & Simms dumpy level plus case. £80-100
267.    Scientific Instruments: Compensated pocket barometer gilt brass bodied, unsigned with red Morocco case. £80-90
268.    John Browning compensated pocket barometer in a lined case, moveable outer ring, yellow metal body and inscribed on the reverse London Tricycle Club 10 Miles Handicap 1889 1st Prize Won by Julian Godfrey Time 41 mins. 10 sec. £150-200
269.    19th cent. Compensated pocket barometer, cased, a French pocket pedometer, maker Henri Chatalain, uncased. Plus clip on lenses and a birds eye maple card case. £80-120
270.    19th cent. Brass hydrometer, marked F.S. cased. £70-80
271.    Postal: Brass letter scales on a treen base with weights. £30-40
272.    20th cent. Oriental - small carved & cast objects, shale Goose, Jadeite Tang style horse, Jadeite pink elephants - a pair, sensor and other items. £30-50
273.    Cloisonne: Chinese insense burner with a Dog of Fo to finial, gilt decorated suppports, trinket box in the form of an egg in green enamels plus a rust ground cliosonne vase (af) 9". (3). £100-150
274.    20th cent. Objects of virtu: Chinese Jade miniature musical instruments on stands. Including cello 1 owner, ERHU, etc. 10 instruments £150-250
275.    20th cent. Oriental perfume bottles and others. Blue overlay glasses, Cloisonnè egg and thimble and ceramic and metal bottles.
276.    19th cent. Brighton commemorative toasting fork, ivory handle with brass ferrule depicting the pavilion. 27". £30-50
277.    20th cent. Bamboo Japanese page turners depicting stylised figures. 17½ins. £80-120
278.    Oriental: Unusual 19th cent. Japanese octagonal cloisonnè vase, eight different patterns depicting the cloisonnè process. Boxed 5ins. £50-80
279.    Cloisonnè: Tray of misc. early 20th cent. wares including teapot 2½ins. and two small powder pots, both having lids missing finials. £40-60
280.    20th cent. Cloisonnè bowl on stand, decorated with apple blossom plus a Cloisonnè trinket pot.
281.    Mughal Indo Persian watercolours; tiger hunt with elephant, a wedding, plus one other. Framed and glazed. (3). £25-35
282.    20th cent. Balinese watercolour on cotton/linen of a native scene. 32ins. x 18ins. £40-60
283.    Oriental: 19th/20th cent. Geometric vase decorated in a blue and red pallette with flowers and a underglaze blue Chinese seal mark to base. 23ins. a/f. £150-250
284.    Meiji Period Ceramics: Japanese Satsuma cobalt blue baluster vases. Finely painted images of Immortals on both panels. The whole embellished with gilt work red/gilt seal signatures. 12½ins. tall. £200-300
285.    19th cent. Oriental vase depicting 3 figures alongside a river, in need for complete restoration 15", plus a pair of oriental vases in an Imari red, gold and blue pallet. 10½".
286.    19th/early 20th cent. Japanese Satsuma gilt chrysanthemum trinket box decorated in a gilt pallet (af), circular gilt trinket box decorated with birds of paradise plus 3 others. (5) £100-150
287.    Large 19th cent. Chinese Famille Rose vase with 4 panels depicting a nableman and his courtiers, copiously decorated with polychrome enamels of flowers and birds, with stylised dragon handles. 25". AF £300-500
288.    Fashion: Statement belts, plaited leather gilt chain belt decorated with white metal disks and beads. Chain belt with central disk with pendants of leaves. Bead belt with central metal disk set with green an brown cabouchon and a bead belt etc. (6 Belts). £50-60
289.    Fashion: Adoppia Vita belts, brown leather and gilt statement belt, 3ins wide, black leather and gilt belt. The belt is made of gilt disks and chains, red leather belt with gilt disks. All belts are stamped Adoppia Vita in gilt. (3). £70-90
290.    Fashion: Statement belts, black and gilt rope belt with central gilt disc, black leather throng belt with central white metal disks set with clear glass, treen bead belt with bead pendants, bead native American style belt, Dunhill white leather belt, brown leather belt with gilt organic decoration. (6 Belts). £50-60
291.    Fashion: Statement belts, Adoppia Vita, brown leather and gilt belt, brown leather belt with central gilt plaited decoration, brown leather belt with gilt buckle, Loris Azzaro, skin belt with gilt buckle. (4 Belts). £30-40
292.    Costume: Anoushka G retailed by Liberty & Co. Ankle length pure silk wedding/evening gown. Blush coloured, decorated with roses and other flower bugle bead embroidery, sheared bone bodice embellished with sequins and beads. Shoulder straps and matching fringed shawl. Size 18. Original retail price £1500. £300-400
293.    Fashion: Alister Blair, purple taffeta, knee length prom/evening dress with pleated bodice, full skirt, fully lined with black under slip. £100-150
294.    Fashion: Vivienne Westwood, Red label, black satin evening dress, drape bodice, wide shoulder straps, very much in the Art Deco style. Retails for £1000. £200-300
295.    Fashion: Balenciaga Paris, double breasted black/white tweed coat, seam pockets and fastening storm collar, Balenciaga label to neck. Retails at £2000. £200-250
296.    Fashion: Prada black dress with boat neck and long sleeves. Prada black label to back of neck. £100-150
297.    Fashion: Chanel Boutique warm peach coloured lined skirt, Chanel label to waist. £70-80
298.    Vintage textiles: Child's 19th cent. Wool and quilted wine coloured cape with tassels, white wool lined inscribed name "James Stanley Archer June 1886". £30-50
299.    Costume: Early 20th cent. Faux tortoiseshell mantilla combs, various sizes, most set with coloured paste decoration. £30-40
300.    20th cent. Designer jewellery: "Goldfish" bracelet, yellow metal set with orange paste. £30-50
301.    South American ethnic caps, belts and face coverings plus white metal heavy link bracelet. £30-50
302.    20th cent. Ceramics: Aynsley "Wild Tudor" collection of vases, pin trays, dishes, trinket box in the form of a frog, bedside clock, etc. (Some items are boxed). £40-50
303.    Late 19th cent. early 20th cent. Stoneware tobacco jar blue cover and border, dimple band decorated with white flowers. £30-40
304.    Ceramics: Lovatts Pottery Vase, dimpled body, decorated in in enamels, colbalt blue foot and top rim. A pair. 10½". £30-50
305.    Studio Pottery: Lenham Pottery Norwich, Suffolk Punch. £60-80
306.    Royal Doulton "Desert Orchid" matt finish 7½", on mahogany plinth. £70-100
307.    Ceramics: Royal Worcester figurine "In Celebration of the Queen 80th Birthday 2006", plus a Coalport H.M Diamond Jubilee 2012. Approx. 9½ins. (2). £25-35
308.    Royal Doulton British Sporting Heritage - Henley HN3367, Daffy Down Dilly HN1712 (second), Amanda HN2996 unboxed. (3 Figures). £70-80
309.    Royal Doulton figurines - Take Me Home HN3662, Victoria HN2471 unboxed. (2 Figures). £70-80
310.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton Sharon (1994) HN3603, Margaret HN2397, Kathleen HN3609, Coalport Ladies of Fashion Joan. (4) £50-60
311.    20th cent. Ceramics: Royal Doulton figurines Madeline HN4152, Classics in Vogue, Finishing Touch HN4329 & Georgia HN4457. (3) £30-50
312.    Royal Doulton figures - Charlotte HN2421, Elaine HN3307 - Boxed. £40-50
313.    Beswick tree stump display stand, Lassie Collie 1814, Border Collie, Jack Russell 2109 x 2, Bull dogs, Golden Retriever, French Bull dog and Beagle dogs. £90-100
314.    Royal Worcester miniature Toby jugs 283, (2831 af) and an Aberdeen or Scottish terrier 2946. £80-100
315.    Royal Doulton: Disney's 101 Dalmatians, Patch in a Basket, Puppy in Basket HN2587, Best Friends HN3935, Spaniel and Puppy boxed, plus a Branksome Boxer, Country Artists "Best in Show" boxed and a Papillon Tri. £50-60
316.    20th cent. Ceramics: Paragon Bridel Rose T.4.2. teapot, cups and saucers x 2, side plates x 2, creamer and sugar bowl. £30-40
317.    20th cent. Ceramics: Queens china "Virginia Strawberry" T.4.2, 2 T.V. plates and a teapot. £20-30
318.    19th cent. Ceramics: Pot lids, Cries of London 'Sweet Oranges' plus classical landscape. £30-40
319.    19th cent. ceramics & Continental ceramics: Figurines of a farmer picking lemons and his lady with a flower basket a/f. - a pair, Crown in blue underglaze to base. Plus miniature figures of a seated lady and gentleman, R in underglaze, blue to base - a pair. (4). Figure of a farmer and his wife carrying baskets (1 a/f) - a pair.
Volkstedt figure of a Dandy a/f. A figure of an urchin eating a carrot a/f, figure of a Country girl - head missing. All figures have crossed pitchfork to base in underglaze blue.(1 box). Dresden figure of a dandy draped in garlands a/f, a shepherd holding a lamb, underglaze R to reverse a base. (2).
321.    Beswick: Beatrix Potter Tom Kitten and Butterfly, brown backstamp. Plus Tom Kitten, brown backstamp. Beatrix Potter "Ribby" and Cousins Ribby, brown backstamp. Tabitha Twitchit and Miss Moppet, brown backstamp. Plus Tabitha Twitchit, brown backstamp. Plus Royal Albert Beatrix Potter Ribby and the Patty Pan, Mittens and Moppet, brown backstamp. £30-40
322.    Beswick: Beatrix Potter, Jeremy Fisher c1950, Lady Mouse c1951, Foxy whiskered gentleman c.1954, Mr Alderman Ptolemy c.1973, Jemima Puddleduck c1983, Benjamin Bunny, miss titled Jemima Puddleduck, brown numbers 40 and 45, Tom Kitten numbers 16-88, Mrs Tiggywinkle numbers 30-35, all brown backstamp with small hole to base. Copyright 1948. £30-60
323.    Meissen: Bird figurines - green and greater spotted woodpecker, both perched on tree stumps. Minor damage to foliage on one figure, numbered impressed to base 131 and 3086 and 3087, blue underglaze crossed swords. Approx. 10ins. (2). £300-500
324.    Meissen: Bird figure fieldfare perched on a tree stump, number 113 impressed to base, blue underglaze sword marks. Approx. 8½ins. high. Chip to end of beak. £80-100
325.    Meissen: Bird figure woodcock perched on a tree stump number impressed to base 131 2074, blue underglaze, sword marks. Approx. 8ins. high. £150-200
326.    20th cent. Meissen: Blue onion pattern, scallop edge hors-d'oeuvre dish crossed swords beneath base. £50-60
327.    20th cent. Ceramics: Karl Ens 2 gold crested birds on a branch. £30-40
328.    20th cent. Ceramics: Karl Ens Cockatoo on a branch, yellow crest green & purple plumage. 10½ins. £30-40
329.    Ceramics: J.T. Jones Staffordshire model of a pheasant No 29. 5¾ins. £20-30
330.    Royal Crown Derby: Peacock seated on a bower, gilt scroll base, printed mark. 7½ins. £90-120
331.    Royal Crown Derby: Peacock perched on a flowering urn, base encrusted with flowers. Printed mark. 9¾ins. £200-250
332.    20th cent. Continental ceramic figure Gentleman and his lady. £80-120
333.    Continental ceramics: Hard paste unmarked figurine of Marie Antoinette with King Charles Spaniel at her feet, her dress decorated with English rose motifs. £30-50
334.    20th cent. Continental ceramic figure group - 3 female musicians. 7½ins. £80-120
335.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Ceramics: Nymphenburg blanc-de-chine cherubs on stands. One cherub is holding a sheaf of corn in one hand and a flower in the other. The second cherub is standing on one leg in a running pose - a pair, 7ins. Impressed 95A.3 and 265A.3. to base.
336.    Royal Worcester gilt decorated salt hood, cream blush organic design 4½ins. plus Aesthetic movement water lily with gilt & red decoration. 4ins. £40-60
337.    German Ceramics: Sitzendorf monkey orchestra - cellist, flutist, horn, guitarist, pipe & drum, bugler, bagpipers, violinist, bassoon, French horn, piccolo and conductor, decorated in vibrant colours. All approx. 4ins high and marked blue crown and S marks foreign in gold (12). £200-300
338.    Continental ceramics: Parisian Marer C.E. et cie Porcelain inkwell and saucer. Decorated with butterflies and flowers.
339.    Early 20th cent. Ceramics: Wemyss Floribunda Rose jug, impressed mark & red T. Goode retailers stamp. 2¾" height. £50-80
340.    19th cent. Wedgwood tea for four tray 17" x 14". Teapot, creamer, sugar bowl and cover, 4 cups and saucers. White ground gilt and black border with ribbed column body circa. 1890. £100-200
341.    19th cent. Ceramics: Pink lustre tea china in the Sunderland style, decorated with strawberries and leaves - teapot, 6 cups and saucers, slop bowl and dish. Some damage to tea pot lid. £35-45
342.    19th cent. Ceramics: Derby figures 'The Seasons' cherubs holding baskets of flowers sitting beneath floral garlands, both with handles and A/F, also small standing cherub carrying flower basket. £200-300
343.    Ceramics: 19th cent. Continental candle holders in neo classical style, faux Augustus Rex in underglaze blue to base, a/f. 9". £40-60
344.    Moorcroft - Candlesticks with beaten arts style pewter drip tray. Pomegranate impressed Cobridge mark c1918 - 29 painted blue initials. 7ins. £250-300
345.    18th/19th cent. Rare copper fireside spirit warmer tinned inside with treen turned handle & brass suspension ring. £100-150
346.    18th cent. Copper: Coffee pot George II, Ex. London Coffee Drinking House. H.8½ins.
347.    Pewter c1760: Pint dome lidded tulip tankard. Ex. Peter Gould Collection.
348.    Pewter c1740: Pint tankard, lidded dome top, straight sided by Alan Bright, Bristol. Ex. Peter Gould Collection.
349.    Pewter c1750: Chalice/goblet with ribbed decoration - a pair. H.7½ins.
350.    Scottish pewter 18th century: Plates with Wrigglework & Crested decoration. Falcon rising, belled & ducally gorged. As granted to Thomas Greig, Duke of Glencarse Scotland - His motto 'Cert Un Pete Rinem'. NB. A set of six such plates sold Ex. Michaelis Collection Lot 40 Sotherby's 12th November 1973 and these plates being part of the original set of at least 24. Maker Samuel Ellis, Elected Freedom of Worshipful , Co. of Pewterers on 28th September 1721.
351.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Keswick School of Industrial Arts, arts and crafts hammered copper vase of tube form, marked KSIA to base. 7½". £125-150
352.    19th cent. Pewter: Spirit measuring jugs with block Zinn Angel touch marks. 1 deciliter, ½ deciliter & 2 centiliter. (3). £20-30
353.    Pewter c1700: Broth bowl 5½ins. diameter.
354.    17th cent. Pewter: Lidded wine bud measure - ½ pint & gill and a repro Irish gill measure.
355.    Pewter c1720: Lidded wine bud measure - 1 pint.
356.    Tinned Copper: Glazing pot with lid as part of French Bain Marie for finishing bacon. Impressed G*O to body & lid. Diamater 4½ins.
357.    Brass: c1740 Candlesticks George II petal base - a pair. 7ins.
358.    Brass: 19th century candlesticks Brighton Buns of circular screw action, a pair 2½ins.
359.    Brass: Candlesticks circa. 1720 Anne/George I - a pair & a single similar. (3).
360.    Arabic Calligraphy: Islamic brass scribes inkwell and pen case plus 20th cent. Islamic brass bowls - a pair. £50-80
361.    20th cent, Bristol Blue glass, fruit bowl, tube vase, long neck vase, finger bowls, stem vases - a pair, etc. £20-30
362.    18th early 19th cent. Air twist wine glass. The trumpet shaped bowl engraved with birds and grapes. £150-250
363.    18th/19th cent. Air twist drinking glasses, a pair. 4½ins. £60-80
364.    20th cent Art glass: Baccarat wine cooler of tapering octagonal form with gilt metal bottle holder and fittings. Acid etched signature. 9¼ins high. £300-400
365.    20th cent. Art Glass: Daum French vase, designed by Pierre D'Aversn (formerly Lalique), smoked grey glass of tapered square form. Twin quadruple scroll handles & etched 'fish scale' ground, unmarked. 7ins. high. Provenance Thomson Roddick & Medcalf Auctioneers, Carlise, Clarissa Dickson Wright sale. £50-80
366.    19th cent. Glassware: Rummers, one with acid etched fern around the rim. £40-60
367.    20th cent. Glass: Wine decanter and 5 glasses, etched with game birds, cut glass vinaigrettes - a pair. £40-50
368.    Glassware: 19/20th cent. Rummers + 19th cent. green glass stirrup cups - a pair. £30-50
370.    Swarovski Crystal: Snails on a leaf, ladybird - boxed, butterfly, seal, bee, panda, dog, fish and a bird - unboxed. £40-50
371.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. glassware: Clear glass lustres with prismatic drops. - a pair. 8½ins. £60-70
372.    20th cent. Art glass Etling bowl, pale blue opalescent with flower bud and leaf relief. 8" diameter plus Roman style pale blue ring necked vessel. £50-70
373.    19th cent. Unusual air twist double flask. 9ins. £70-120
374.    Art Glass: End of Day glass vinaigrette plus a decorative vase and ewer. £20-30
375.    Hallmarked silver and coloured enamel Chinoiserie ladies dressing mirror and 2 brushes. Makers mark M.C.D Birmingham 1927-28. £80-100
376.    Hallmarked silver: Dressing table set engine turned covers, 2 brushes, comb, powder bowl and atomiser spray, London & Birmingham mark. £80-120
377.    Hallmarked silver: Silver ladies cosmetic travelling items contained in a leather vanity case, Birmingham. £80-100
378.    Sterling silver, import 925 marks, table napkin rings, boxed set of 6 plus another 2 (8). Approx. 2oz. £40-50
379.    Hallmarked silver: Candlesticks, V stem, circular base. Birmingham 1938, very worn mark - a pair. £50-80
380.    Hallmarked silver: Three branch flower vase style Epergne. Maker Mappin & Webb, very worn hallmarks. Plus a garniture of three bud vases, Birmingham 1970. £50-80
381.    Maltese silver hallmarked 917 standard, 2 masted Gozo boat finely made, mounted on ebonised base. 8½" x 7½" inc. £100-150
382.    Hallmarked silver: Three branch candle holders, Birmingham marks Elkington & Co. a pair. 8¼ins. £150-250
383.    Silver: Georgian hallmarked card tray, stylised decoration, London 1770-71 with ebenezer collar. 9oz. £80-120
384.    Hallmarked silver salver on 3 scroll feet, makers mark E.K. Birmingham 1927-28. 10ins. Approx. 12oz. £80-100
385.    Hallmarked silver: Rococo style mirror, maker Birmingham. 14" x 13". £100-150
386.    Hallmarked silver: Picture frame, art nouveau style, Birmingham. 11ins. x 12½ins. £50-60
387.    Hallmarked silver: Art Nouveau style photo frame, London 1981. 5" x 3". £50-80
388.    Hallmarked silver: Picture frame art nouveau style, Birmingham. 8½ins. x 5¼ins. £50-60
389.    Hallmarked silver: Picture with ornate frame Birmingham, marks 7ins. x 5¼ins. £40-50
390.    Hallmarked silver: Picture frame, Rococo style, London 8¼ins. x 6¼ins. + another, Birmingham, 4½ins. x 7ins. £50-60
391.    Hallmarked Silver: Teapot, scroll and foliate chased on 4 shell supports, William Holmes, London 1850, plus later matching creamer and sucre Charles S Harris 1890. 27oz. £350-400
392.    Hallmarked silver chocolate pots of Georgian form, makers mark William Hutton, Sheffield, 1930-31. Approx 29oz. inclusive. £250-300
393.    Early 20th cent. Elkington plate epergne taking the form of a classical figure holding wheat above a rocaille type base. 17ins £250-350
394.    Hallmarked silver spoons, Sheffield. Set of 6 boxed. 3ozs. £35-55
395.    Hallmarked Silver: Teaspoons (6) and sugar tongs, boxed, Sheffield plus small bowl with fluted sides, Birmingham, approx. 8oz. £60-80
396.    Foreign Silver: Russian, IF and Kokoshnik marked napkin rings (2) approx. 2oz. Italian 925 Gabrielle cup 2½oz, Egyptian cup and saucer, 2oz, cups with ceramic liners plus spoons with thistle finials marked 800. £50-70
397.    Hallmarked silver: Fish servers Sheffield Martin Hall 1887 with ivory handles, butter knife Sheffield G.H 1911-12, fish knife with openwork blade Sheffield Martin Hall 1853 + 1 other. (5). £80-120
398.    Objects of Virtu: Silver collared cordial decanter, tortoiseshell/silver collared rouge pot and a pair of Bohemian Mary Gregory style oil decanter. 6ins. (4). £50-80
399.    Hallmarked silver: Georgian sugar sifter, berry spoon London marks, Bright cut soup spoons Sheffield John Round (2) and a Victorian small cake slice with ornate finial and twist handle, worn London marks. Approx. 6½ozs. £50-70
400.    Hallmarked silver tablespoons, Kings pattern, Sheffield 1913 Walker & Hall. (5). £150-180
401.    Hallmarked Victorian silver flatware, serving spoons (3) plus dessert fork, Exeter William Rawlings Sobey approximately 8oz plus tablespoons E and J Eaton (2), W R Sobey (1) 4oz. £100-150
402.    Hallmarked Victorian silver flatware, sauce ladles, Exeter William Rawlings Sobey approximately 4ox, a pair, plus another pair George Adams London approximately 4½oz.
403.    Hallmarked Victorian silver flatware, table forks, London marks Elizabeth and John Eaton 1859. Approximately 20oz. (8). £150-200
404.    Hallmarked Victorian Silver flatware dessert forks, London marks, Elizabeth and john Eaton 1859, approximately 12oz. £100-150
405.    Hallmarked silver: Apostle spoons, black enamel twisted stems, circular bowls, London - a pair. 3½ozs. £50-80
406.    Hallmarked silver: Napkin rings x 7, various makers, etc. + a set of 5 teaspoons, rope twist handles with rococo tops, Birmingham 1912, 6ozs. £50-70
407.    Norwegian Art Deco circular bowl spoon with hanger 830 marks possibly David Anderson. 9ins. Approx. 3ozs. £80-100
408.    Hallmarked Victorian silver flatware, teaspoons, Exeter mark William Rawlings Sobey approximately 9oz. (12) £100-150
409.    Hallmarked silver: Soup ladle William Eley and William Fearen, London 1796. Approx. 7¼ozs. £80-100
410.    Hallmarked silver: Serving spoon Sheffield Mappin & Webb 1914-15. Approx. 6ozs. £50-60
411.    Hallmarked silver: Wine ladle twisted horn handle, worn Georgian marks, London. £60-80
412.    Hallmarked Silver: Victorian serving spoons, Edinburgh, 1856-57. 6.6oz. £40-60
413.    Hallmarked silver: Condiments Georgian cut glass with silver tops Birmingham maker I.C plus pepper pots & 3 salts. £40-50
414.    Hallmarked silver: Miscellaneous tea & coffee spoons, Sheffield Thos Bradbury (6), London Thomas Wallis (5), London Hester Bateman (3), Art Deco silver and enamel Birmingham (6). Approx. 8ozs. £50-60
415.    Hallmarked Silver: Small flatware, Georgian and later sauce ladles, teaspoons butter knife etc. approximately 5oz. £30-50
416.    Hallmarked silver: 19th & 20th cent. Silver spoons, forks, nips. Plus 2 toddy ladles by John Bridge 1827 London and the other by William Marshall, Edinburgh. 8½ozs. £65-85
417.    Hallmarked silver & glass Whisky Noggin jug. Star cut base, Sheffield 1912 John & William Deakin. The jug 4" tall has its own whisky ladle Birmingham 1910 M&S Ltd. £120-150
418.    Hallmarked silver & glass Whisky Noggin jug. Star cut base, Sheffield 1912 John & William Deakin. The jug 4" tall has its own whisky ladle Birmingham 1910 M&S Ltd. £120-150
419.    Hallmarked silver & glass Whisky Noggin jug, Birmingham marks Hukin and Heath 1904. £100-150
420.    Silver: Miscellaneous selection of hallmarked silver to include sugar shaker, vases, condiments. Approx. 12½ozs. £80-120
421.    Hallmarked silver: Cigarette box, bark design lid on bracket feet, Birmingham marks H. Brothers. 6ins. x 3½ins. x 1½ins. £50-70
422.    Hallmarked silver: Cigarette box, engine turned decoration. 5½ins. x 3¼ins. x 1¼ins. £40-60
423.    Hallmarked Silver dwarf tea caddy of unusual oval shape, half embossed, maker Will Chawner London 1922/23 plus a small lidded pot of serpentine shape on pad feet, Deakin Francis Birmingham 1902/03. approximately 6oz. £80-100
424.    Slektsolv J Tostrup Oslo Norway boxed sets of silver gilt coffee spoons with enamel handles 1.8ozs per set. (2 Sets). £50-80
425.    Hallmarked silver: Mappin & Webb cigarette box 1899-1900. £80-120
426.    Hallmarked silver: Two handled cup, button hook, shoe horn, taper stick, picture frame plus sterling pierced basket with handle. Approx. 6ozs. weighable. £60-80
427.    Hallmarked silver: Cigarette case, Birmingham 2½ozs, 2 small sterling bowls by Towle of Newburyport MA, U.S.A 7ozs. An eight hundred standard sugar bowl (a/f) 2ozs £80-110
428.    Hallmarked silver: Dressing table accoutrements including cut glass perfume, rouge, powder jars & bottles. £30-50
429.    Objects of Vertu: Hallmarked silver and glass flame finial wine stopper, Walker Hall Sheffield, a pair. Egg shaped condiments, Deakin Francis Birmingham, a pair, tortoise shell lidded pill pot worn marks Chester, Silver topped cut class perfume bottle Birmingham plus gilt topped example and a Perth paperweight. £100-150
430.    Continental white metal French Morlot 90 mark cordial cups, embossed frosted decoration cake slice ZN800 mark, Ethiopian pin dish with Menelik II coin. Approx. 6ozs. £50-70
431.    19th cent. and later teething rings: 925 Sterling bear on a pole, dog seated with mother of pearl handle & teething ring hallmarked Chester mark, little boy blue with mother of pearl ring minus handle hallmarked Birmingham, rattle ball with mother of pearl ring hallmarked Chester. E.P.N.S Tom Tom the pipers son with mother of pearl handle & sterling marked chain. £150-200
432.    Hallmarked Silver and glass dressing table items, pots x 2, pin tray etc. £40-50
433.    Hallmarked Silver: Tankard embossed floriate motifs and crest London, possibly W M Matthews 1733. 6½oz. £100-150
434.    Hallmarked silver embossed tea box decorated with figures and buildings in a landscape, London import marks 1902 retailers stamp top base Edward & Sons, Glasgow. Approx. 9½oz. £80-100
435.    19th cent. Sorrento ware rosewood and ivory inlay etui, fitted interior enclosing unmarked white metal scissors, thimble, bodkin needle case. £70-90
436.    Hallmarked silver cigarette case, W.R.A.C. ashtray plus a silver & blue enamel compact, Sheffield & Birmingham marks, 10oz inclusive. £70-90
437.    Hallmarked silver: Tubular cigarette box with central bark motif and malachite lid, London mark maker T.J.M. Approx. 5oz. £40-50
438.    Hallmarked silver: Circular ring or trinket box on 3 supports with padded interior, Birmingham marks. £30-40
439.    Hallmarked silver: Sugar sifter in a Georgian style, Birmingham 1947. Approx. 10ozs. £80-100
440.    19th cent. Loving cup leather covered copper bowl with sterling marked rim.
441.    Hallmarked silver circular double inkwell presented by Pewsey mixed school to Miss Angell February 1922, Birmingham marks (1 Glass inkwell A/f.) £60-80
442.    Continental white metal Advertising F. Chiappe small pin dish, three entwined dolphins supporting a shell on a triangular base with "Shell" logo stamped to base and makers mark beneath. £30-50
443.    Hallmarked silver sovereign holder marks maker Dennison & Co. Birmingham floriate engraved fob style case. £25-30
444.    Hallmarked Irish silver: Oil stock with ring, Dublin 1947, makers mark L.G. to base and lid. The screw off cover inscribed I.N.F. 1ins high (inc. ring) 1ins. wide. £100-150
445.    Objects of Virtu: Miniature Cupid pin dish seated in a shell on a ornate base, marked 925. 26 grams. 1¾ins. £50-70
446.    Hallmarked silver: Notary candlesticks, leaf shape, foot scrolled finger holder. Leaf & fruit decoration to the candle shaft, Birmingham 1829, maker Ledsam Vale and Wheeler. 0.6ozs. £50-80
447.    Objects of Virtu: Chinese silver pot decorated with prunus. 0.8ozs. £20-30
448.    Victorian jewellery: Hallmarked silver and white metal brooches of various designs including coin, cameo, filigree and others. (15). £150-250
449.    Hallmarked silver: Comb, ID bracelet, ladies fob, sovereign holder, bangle. Approx. 3 grams. £40-60
450.    Hallmarked silver gilt spider brooch set with coloured stones. £40-60
451.    World of Beatrix Potter Tom Kitten enamel brooch - boxed. £20-25
452.    Hallmarked gold: Bar brooches, one set with a single cultured pearl 14k the other 2 pearls 9ct. £70-100
453.    Danish retro jewellery: Silver John Lauritzen stylised roses, sterling gilt brooch with two simulated pearls. (2). £30-50
454.    Hallmarked silver bangle, organic engraved design, London 1971. £30-40
455.    Victorian jewellery: Scottish hallmarked and white metal brooches, hard stones and enamel. (7). £100-120
456.    Sporting: White metal brooches of game birds including pheasant. (6) £50-80
457.    Victorian jewellery: Gentleman's cravat or tie pins, yellow metal stems with unusual finial - Malachite, horseshoe with seed pearl, garnet coloured cabouchon and turquoise coloured globe. (4). £150-200
458.    Victorian jewellery: Gentleman's cravat or tie pins, yellow metal stems with gemstone style finials,. topaz & amethyst, garnet set with 2 small diamonds, amethyst, lapis. (4). £150-200
459.    Gold bar brooches: Pale blue stones (2), plain bars (2). All marked 9ct. £80-100
460.    Diamond jewellery: Bar brooch with central diamond set 18ct. and platinum.
461.    Diamond jewellery: Marquise shaped ring set with central sapphire, approx. 85 points, two diamonds either side 0.16 points and 20 small diamonds, oval cut 0.10 carat, approx. 2 ct. platinum set, size 0 including weight 6.4 grams. £1300-1500
462.    Jewellery: Platinum and Aquamarine firefly ring set with antique cushion cut aquamarine, weight 8.73ct with small brilliant cut diamonds. g colour VS1 clarity, total diamond weight 1.50ct. Insurance valuation £11,300.00 £1500-2500
463.    Hallmarked gold: Bar brooch, diamond and sapphire pennant shape crown to centre, stamped 15ct. 3.8 grams inclusive. £80-120
464.    Gold and yellow metal bar brooch, oval moonstone 15k, oval opal, seed pearl lyre, swallow, turquoise and seed pearl. (4) £80-100
465.    Hallmarked gold: Bar brooch, moth or butterfly, seed pearl, peridot and garnet 9ct. £60-100
466.    Hallmarked gold: Bar brooches, orange, topaz 9ct. plus oval double disc brooch set with cultured pearls 9ct. 2) £80-120
467.    Italian 20th cent. Gold jewellery: Bangle,diamond set, mother of pearl and blue enamel, marked 750 and tested 18ct. Vicenza marks. Approx. 15gms inclusive. £300-500
468.    Opal Jewellery: Black opal free form pendant, bezel set 19mm x 15mm x 5.2mm surrounded by 7 diamonds of 0.02 carats in 18K frop twist chain, 15g, insurance valuation. Au $12150.00, GB 5740.00 £1000-1500
469.    Gold Jewellery: Necklace, fine link, marked Italy 375 (3), approx. 16gm plus unmarked yellow metal belcher chain and crucifix. £100-150
470.    Gold Jewellery: Gents openwork signed signet ring, set jade cabouchon stone. £70-100
471.    Opal Jewellery: Earrings, triplet set in 18K gold. £100-150
472.    Gold Jewellery: 18ct gold and platinum ring set with diamonds and ruby. £100-150
473.    Gold jewellery: Hallmarked diamond & ruby gypsy style ring plus another 3 stone diamond & sapphire 18ct. 4 grams inc. Plus 9ct. gold interlocking wedding band 2 grams. £80-100
474.    Gold Jewellery: 9ct dress rings, blue, white, red and pale blue stones. Approx. 10g. (4) £80-100
475.    Hallmarked gold jewellery: Wedding bands 22ct. x 3. 8grams. £150-200
476.    Gold jewellery: Hallmarked knotted rope design ring 18ct. Approx. 5 grams. £70-90
477.    Hallmarked Gold: Gate bracelets x 2. Approx. 15 grams. £130-150
478.    Gold Jewellery: Gold chain link necklace, 375, Italian marked. Approx. 24g. £180-250
479.    Diamond jewellery: Brooch, organic shape set with brilliant single stone .20 carat and other small stones. £100-150
480.    Diamond jewellery: Bar brooch, single stone .20 carat set in a hexagonal setting, stamped 18ct. £100-150
481.    Costume Jewellery: Earrings (14 pairs), rings (7), yellow metal and paste plus a yellow metal bangle and imitation necklace. £25-35
482.    Diamond jewellery: Metamorphic tie, scarf or cravat pin set with a small diamond with box. £20-30
483.    Hallmarked gold: Albert watch chain graduated links, 2 clasps, bar & small fob, 9ct. 375 approx. 35 grams. £250-350
484.    Jewellery: Hollow link bracelet stamped 9ct. with hallmarked 9ct. padlock. £80-100
485.    Watches: Omega Geneve wristwatch with calf leather strap. £80-100
486.    Watches: 18ct hallmarked gold engraved dress fob with key movement, numbered 1692z ornate gilt face with Roman numeral and delicate unmarked chain and key. £300-500
487.    Watches: 18ct. Ladies pendant watch, Swiss movement, chased body & gilt face. Plus art deco style Avia yellow metal ladies watch. £100-150
488.    Watches: Hallmarked 9ct gold ladies Omega watch with black leather strap. £70-90
489.    Miscellaneous Jewellery: Rose 9ct watch case, 9ct brooch peridot and seed pearl plus 2 others. £60-80
490.    Watches: 18ct gold hallmarked dress watch, key movement, unsigned gilt face with Roman numerals. £200-250
491.    Watches: Hallmarked gold white enamel dial pocket watch, Swiss made, signed J.W. Benson, Birmingham marks, 9ct. 80grams including movement. £300-350
492.    Tie/cravat Pins: 9ct. Gold with designs that include swallows, Star of David, fox head, horse head and a Maltese cross. (7). £70-100
493.    19th cent. Gilt Rococo style mourning brooch, black background set with seed pearl and turquoise with gilt foliate edge. Approx 3½ins. x 1ins. £25-30
494.    Victorian and later jewellery: Hallmarked gold and yellow metal brooches including orange agate, cameo, smoky topaz, diamond & garnet. (7). £200-250
495.    Jewellery: Amethyst coloured 3 drop earrings and a mother of pearl engraved glass brooch. £80-100
496.    Costume jewellery: Gold on bronze bangle, simulated pearl necklaces, tigers eye pendant and simulated amber beads. £30-50
497.    Costume jewellery: Misaki Japanese pearls, 3 strand necklace with matching drop earrings, in presentation boxes. £80-120
498.    Jewellery: Brooches 19th cent. and later 9ct. gold garnet & seed pearl, hallmarked silver & paste and 1950 white metal & paste. (3). £25-30
499.    Gold Coinage: Queen Victoria sovereign 1899. St George and the Dragon reverse. £140-150
500.    Gold Coinage: Napoleon III 10 franc gold coin 1862. 3.3grams. £50-80
501.    Gold Coinage: History of our Monarchy NO1673, Year of the Three Kings 1936, with paperwork. £30-40
502.    Gold Commemorative Coinage: The William and Kate, St George and the Dragon gold crown, boxed. £30-50
503.    19th cent. Erotica: Japanese ivory miniature reclining female nude netsuke signature on her hip. 2½ins. £30-50
504.    Bronze figure of a Mongolian pony lying with head up, fine detail, unmarked. 3". £20-30
505.    Early 20th cent. Desk furniture, gilt bronze inkwell in the form of a fledgling sparrow with glass eyes. 3". Unsigned. £80-120
506.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Austrian cold painted miniature animal group, elephant mother with twins, one on her trunk and one on her back. £40-60
507.    Late 19th/early 20th cent. Austrian cold painted bronze miniature animal figurines, seated pug with umbrella and cat riding a monkey's back. £40-60
508.    Early 20th cent. "Flapper" ebonite cigarette holder set with paste decoration (2), plus another with 9ct. gold collar and case. £30-50
509.    Gentleman's clothing accessories: Art Deco Kiementz evening dress formal stud set in faux leather plush box with mirror. Plus hallmarked silver Graham Watling boxed cufflinks, oblong engine turned cufflinks, Birmingham maker, etc. £40-60
510.    20th cent. White metal middle Eastern native link belt. £80-120
511.    Cotume Jewellery: Silver and white metal chains, pendants and earrings plus commemorative medals. £20-30
512.    Dolls: Late 19th cent. Continental piano dolls, 3 little girls, seated girl, German stamped jointed Kepie type doll and carved shale shoe. £20-30
513.    Objects of Virtu: 19th cent. leather ankle high infant boots, stamped Trade mark plus a stanhope barrel tape measure 'Worthing' £30-40
514.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Tortoiseshell - ladies coin purses finely inlaid with yellow, white metal & mother of pearl (4), plus tortoiseshell silver & glass rouge pot & cover and cologne bottle with stopper. (2). £100-150
515.    19th cent. Lacquered snuff boxes: One mother of pearl, the other decorated with a farm scene. 3½ins. x 4ins. £40-60
516.    19th cent. Oriental jade bun/ponytail stick pin barrette and russet jade bowl. £30-50
517.    20th cent. Carved Coquilla nut thimble/needle case, scalloped borders and carved with concentric circles, opening with a screw thread to the centre, on stand.
518.    19th cent. Object of Virtu: Japanese tortoiseshell card case with crane decoration plus another with tortoiseshell and abalone panels. £100-150
519.    19th cent. Objects of Virtu: Tortoiseshell mother of pearl abalone ladies Carte de Visite cases, decorated and carved with inlays. All approx. 3ins. x 4ins. (4). £200-250
520.    Objects of Vertu: Early 20th cent. French treen portable servants bell, the body treen with silver borders and cabouchon moonstone bell push supported on 4 bun feet. 2½" x 2½" x 7/8" plus mother of pearl counter. £80-100
521.    Objects of virtu: Mother of pearl card case with engraved front, miniature hand coloured engravings x 2. £40-50
522.    Objects of Vertu: Worked horse hoof, lidded snuff box. The Kleber Monument, note inside on Carlton Cl;ub notepaper states 'Given to us by the Russian General Soboleff, the statue in Strasbourg is of his grandfather or father Napoleon's great General, Male of Hoof' (Jean Baptiste Kleber 1753 - 1800 Commander of the French Forces, assassinated 1800) £100-200
523.    19th cent. Painting on porcelain in a treen frame of Putti. £50-80
524.    19th cent. Ebonite embossed travelling picture frame decorated with floral motifs and central panel depicting travellers, with a velvet and gilt interior. £40-50
525.    Miniature Books: 1815 Almanack, printed for The Company of Stationers, with calendar, table of Kings and Queens, Lord mayors, Sheriffs, Holiday, Courage and Expanding view of the Strand and Thames. June 13, 1814 when the allied Sovereign visited the Woolwich. Original red Morocco binding, blue and ghilt embellishment and seperate sleeve similarly decorated. 2½" x 2½" plus Walter's 'Golden Thoughts' 1917. £150-200
526.    19th cent. Playing cards, Chas Goodalls Victorian c 1879 depicting Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee pose, picture cards depict English Royalty. (52) £40-50
527.    Early 20th cent. Treen nutcracker featuring a stylised head of a rustic man. £40-60
528.    19th cent. Candle snuffer, E. Thomason patent, a pair of steel sprung candle snuffers plus another pair of traditional candle snuffers (2).. £150-250
529.    Shells: 20th cent. Far Eastern Singapore carved shell depicting a dragon 6ins. £40-60
530.    Shells: Early 20th cent. Cameo, shells depicting Neo Classical women (3). 4½ins. Plus one other. £80-120
531.    19th cent. engravings - Wiltshire: A group of 12, uniformly framed Wiltshire locations including Stonehenge, Wilton House, Longleat, Malmesbury Abbey, Salisbury Cathedral and Devizes Castle ruins. Frames approx. 8ins. x 9ins. £60-100
532.    19th cent. Murray maps of Hertfordshire, Sussex and Berkshire. (3). Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 17ins. Murray maps of Somerset, Devon and Dorset. (3). Framed and glazed. 14ins. x 18ins. (6 in Total). £50-80
533.    Maps: Greenwood & Co. coloured map of Wiltshire, framed and glazed. 25ins. x 32ins. £60-100
534.    19th cent. Pears print 1879 'Cherry Ripe'. Framed and glazed. £50-60
535.    J. Condell watercolour "Market Day, Devizes" 1970s. Frame approx. 20½ins. x 24ins. £40-60
536.    J. Condell watercolour "Tudor House, Monday Market Street" 1970s. Frame approx. 19ins. x 24ins. £25-35
537.    Malachi Smith - South African 1948-2012 oil on card "Autumn Trees" subject 7ins. x 5ins. signed lower left. Framed and mounted - a pair. 24ins. x 21ins. £100-150
538.    Scottish Art: Jim Nicholson watercolour of a Scottish Beach. 9" x 12". £100-150
538A.   Scottish Art: Kenneth Robertson watercolour on paper "Loch Torridon", signed bottom right. 14ins. x 10ins. £100-150
539.    Malachi Smith - South Africa 1948-2012 oil on card "Riverscape, Mountains & Acacia Tree" subject 11ins. x 8in, signed lower right. Framed and mounted. 24ins. x 20ins. £70-100
540.    Malachi Smith - South Africa 1948-2012 oil on card "African Bush Sunset with Acacia Trees" subject 11ins. x 8ins, signed lower right. Framed and mounted 24ins. x 20ins. £100-150
541.    Malachi Smith - South Africa 1948-2012 oil on card "South Africa Sunrise with Acacia Tree" subject 15ins x 13ins, signed lower right. Framed and mounted. 30ins. x 29ins. £100-150
542.    Malachi Smith - South Africa 1948-2012 oil on card "South African Mountain Study" inscribed verso "Cathedral Peak" subject 11ins. x 8ins, signed lower right. Framed and mounted. 26ins. x 23ins. £70-100
543.    William R Burrow watercolour, Woodland Study. Framed & glazed. 9ins. x 6ins. £30-50
544.    Charles Baxter watercolour young woman wearing pearl hair ornament 5ins. x 5ins. inscribed to rear. Framed and glazed 12ins. x 13ins. £80-120
545.    George Colville watercolour of Temple Bar, signed bottom right. Framed and glazed. 6½ins. x 9½ins. £80-120
546.    George Graham watercolour on paper of a Mediterranean aqueduct/bridge, signed bottom right. Framed and glazed. 15ins. x 10ins. £100-150
547.    20th cent. South African school L. Parker O.O.C. Mountainous River Valley with Cape Dutch houses, signed Lower left. Framed 22" x 25". £80-120
548.    20th cent. South African school: Z.A Delio Mountain River Valley with Cape Dutch Farmhouse. Framed 19" x 25". £100-150
549.    John Mortimer: Watercolour "Harbour Study", signed lower right. Framed and glazed. 14" x 11". £30-40
550.    Anthony Eyton pencil study standing nude from behind, signed lower middle and dated lower right Camberwell 1950 7½ins. x 10½ins./ Framed and glazed 14ins. x 17ins. £80-120
551.    H White 1889: 19th cent. English school, watercolour on paper, stylised country scene in a gilt frame. 10" x 7". £20-30
552.    Oliver Clare - Oil on art board 'Ripe gooseberries and raspberries', signed lower right, gilt framed and glazed. 6ins. x 5ins. £150-200
553.    Oliver Clare - Oil on art board 'plums, gooseberries and a strawberry', signed lower right, gilt framed and glazed 6ins. x 5ins. £150-200
554.    Joannes Vervleot Jnr watercolour of Venice. Framed and Glazed. 12ins. x 8ins. £80-120
555.    Cecil Aldin: Signed limited edition print with remarque No 23 of 25 "York and Ainsty", Framed and glazed, the print is 27ins. x 13ins. with the illustrated mount 34ins. x 21ins. £150-200
556.    S A Rayner 1820-1874 watercolour "Kingston Church". Framed and glazed. 20ins. x 14ins. £150-200
557.    Scottish art: George Graham watercolour on paper 'Trees', Royal Scottish Society label on reverse, signed bottom right. Framed and glazed. 15ins. x 10ins. £150-250
557A.   Scottish art: James McBay oil on canvas "Sussex Farm", signed and dated bottom left. 19ins. x 13ins. £800-1200
558.    James McBay watercolour on paper "The Medway Rochester", signed and dated bottom right. Framed and glazed. 18ins. x 9ins. £400-600
559.    20th cent. Continental school coastal study, signed bottom right, indistinct signature. Framed and glazed. 20ins. x 13ins. £70-100
560.    George Price Boyce 1826-1897 Venetian scene. Framed and glazed 20ins. x 14ins. £800-1200
561.    Scottish art: James Ferrier (Act. 1840-1883) watercolour on paper "Glen Artney Perthshire", signed and dated 1864 bottom right. Framed and glazed. 34ins. x 16½ins. £500-800
562.    William Herbert Allen watercolour on paper of sheep in a meadow, signed lower right. Framed and glazed. 20ins. x 12ins. £200-300
563.    English School: Andrew G Curtis Oil on board 'Sunshine across the bay, Welsh Coast' and 'Fine Day, nr. Anglesey'. 6" x 8", framed. A pair. £200-300
564.    English School: Oil on canvas, after Turner, Port of London, signed Turner lower left. 18ins. x 10ins. £60-80
565.    David Cox Jnr. - Bolton Abbey O.O.C. provenance Christies 1960 "From the Artist Studio" and Agnews stock label - signed & dated lower left, circular study 10ins diameter. £300-400
566.    After Angelica Kaufmann - portrait of a girl child in a white dress O.O.C. David Cross Bristol Gallery, label on reverse states - Thomas Lawrence inscribed. Gilt framed. 12ins. x 9ins. £250-350
567.    William Ellis Ex 1863 - 1894 O.O.C. Fishing below the Rock Pool, letter of attribution David Cross Gallery, Bristol 1982. Gilt framed 12ins. x 18ins. £250-350
568.    William Henry Mander c1880-1922 O.O.C. River Landscape with Fishermen, letter of attribution David Cross Gallery, Bristol 1982. Gilt framed 12ins. x 18ins. £250-350
569.    George Chambers c1840 O.O.C. Island of Jersey, letter of attribution John Kerl Gallery, Bath 1979. Gilt framed. 23ins. x 18ins. £250-350
570.    19th cent. English School style of Arthur Clarke. A hunter with side saddle in his stable. Heavy gilt frame. 25ins. x 20ins. £350-450
571.    James Baker Pyne - Tinern Abbey O.O.C., signed lower left. Gilt framed. 36ins. x 24ins. £500-700
572.    18th cent. English school oil on canvas of a bewigged gentleman in scarlet robes in a heavily carved gilt frame. 30ins. x 26ins. £300-500
573.    William Leighton Leitch - Venice from Giudecca Canal O.O.C. signed lower left, more on the other side. Gilt framed. 36ins. x 24ins. £400-600
574.    19th cent. English School style of Arthur Clarke O.O.C. A Hunter outside his stable with distant country views. Provenance David Cross Gallery. Heavy gilt frame. 24ins. x 20ins. £400-500
575.    Early 20th cent. Oak mantel clock. The movement stamped W & B SCH, galleried tier, brass spandrels, silver dial 18ins. £100-150
576.    Clocks: 19th cent. Gustav Becker Gothic bracket clock, brass movement. striking ¼, ½ and hour Westminster chime. hours engraved, domed dial, black Roman numeral and silent chime. Oak inlaid case. 15½". £200-250
577.    Clocks: 19th cent. French Empire style Marti Paris, gilt spelter body rearing horse, reclining classical maiden and the base featuring Greek body armour. Striking on a bell movement signed Marti (requiring restoration). £80-120
578.    Clocks: 19th/early 20th cent. Bayard (Duvedry and Bloquel) carriage clock, white enamel face, red Morocco case, top glass damaged. £60-80
579.    Regency style mahogany mantel clock with ebonised inlay, enamel face, Dutch plaque to rear Jacq van Baal. 12ins. £60-100
580.    Clocks: French Louis XVI style pendule Etienne Maxant Paris. Ormolu body floriate openwork in a Rococo manner, signed movement, half-hour strike on bell. White enamel dial, Roman & Arabic numerals. signed J.B. Baillon. £600-800
581.    19th cent. French marble mantle clock with cat cherub to the top, painted face. Retailed by T Jameson, London. 9". £40-60
582.    Stop watch: Seiko stainless steel backed stop watch with box. £20-25
583.    20th cent. Hoffmeyer & Bros. Mahogany mantel clock, carved decoration. £80-120
584.    19th cent. French wall clock. The movement stamped Valery Paris, the numerals are decorated in blue over white enamel in relief with a red tortoiseshell style boule work surround finish with gilt rocaille decoration to the exterior of the case. 12ins. dial, 32ins. in total. In need of complete restoration. £200-300
585.    Clocks: Arthur Davies of London brass faced Tavern clock contained within a mahogany longcase. 77ins. dial 19ins. £400-600
586.    Clocks: Oak longcase, Hewitt of Marlboro 30 hour painted face 10ins. 77ins. £200-300
587.    Early 20th cent. Wheel aneroid barometer by Allen, Market Harborough. Oak frame. £25-30
588.    Clocks: Oak longcase Thomas Fitz of Salisbury, 8 day, brass face, 16ins arch dial, 85ins. £400-700
589.    Clocks: Wall mounted 30 hour longcase, movement Hewitt Marlboro, brass face and brass 10ins. spandrels. £100-150
590.    Scientific: 19th cent. Rosewood wheel barometer temperature, balance and pressure dials. £100-150
591.    Clocks: Wall mounted 30 hour longcase movement, painted face with day aperture. 11ins. marked Juno Breach, Bromham. £80-120
592.    19th cent. Mahogany Barometer: Swan neck pediment and thermometer. Maker Samual Hart Devizes. £80-120
593.    Clocks: Oak 30 hour longcase George Hewitt Marlboro, brass face, chapter ring for seconds and date 8ins, dial 11ins. £300-500
594.    Clocks: Oak 30 hour longcase Will Palmer of Newark, painted face 74ins, 11ins. dial. £200-300
595.    18th cent. Mahogany longcase clock by J. Baker of Melksham. Silvered dial second hand at 12 date crescent at 6.
596.    Clocks: 19th cent. 8 day Longcase clock, Joshua Farrer of Pontefract c1830 with painted arch dial, second hand & calendar, oak & mahogany cased with canted sides and stringing. £200-300
597.    19th cent. Mahogany D end table on square supports. £30-40
598.    19th cent. Mahogany tilt top loo table with outer banded inlay. £80-120
599.    Edwardian oak open front bookcase with stylised carving to the base. 72ins. £80-120
600.    18th cent. Oak dresser. The base comprising three drawers above a carved apron, the top with an open rack above a base of drawers. 75ins. £500-800
601.    Toys: 1930s Double fronted cottage style dolls house. £30-40
602.    Toys: 20th cent. bespoke dolls house, painted exterior. 36ins. x 18ins. £40-70
603.    1920s mahogany compactum with boxwood inlaid decoration, locks signed Hobbs & Co. 62ins. £100-150
604.    Indo Persian throne/hall chair with heavily painted polychrome geometric decoration. £100-150
605.    20th cent. Mahogany bureau, 2/3 drawers, drop flap with fitted interior. £100-150
606.    19th cent. Torcheres, one oak and the other mahogany. Both on tripod supports. £50-80
607.    19th cent. Bow front mahogany buffet on club feet. 41ins. £80-120
608.    20th cent. Torchere with barley twist decoration. Plus 2 later side tables. £40-60
609.    19th cent. Mahogany Torchere with acanthus decoration. £80-120
610.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany extending wind-out dining table with two leaves, on ball & claw supports. £100-150
611.    19th cent. Oak side cupboard with single door and heavily carved front. £80-100
612.    20th cent. Oak double pedestal desk. £60-100
613.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf side table with drop flaps inlaid banding. £30-50
614.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf Sutherland table, fretwork supports. H23" x L34" x D7". £60-80
615.    Late 19th early 20th cent. Mahogany rocking chair. £50-80
616.    19th cent. Oak commode. £30-40
617.    Early 20th cent. Oak piano stool with floral decorated top on cabriole supports. £40-70
618.    20th cent. Oak five plank refectory table. 98" x 29". £150-200
619.    20th cent. Oak dining chairs, red leather backs and seats, turned front supports. Eight chairs including 2 carvers. £60-100
620.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany gentleman's elbow chair upholstered in a green fabric. £60-100
621.    Early 20th cent. Salmon coloured button back tub chair. £40-60
622.    19th cent, Elm & oak wheel back carver chairs, 2 signed HF.1HA. (4). £60-80
623.    Early 20th cent. Oak peg jointed Carolean style dining chairs, rattan backed & seated with additional seating pads. (6). £150-200
624.    Textiles: 20th cent. Patchwork quilt in warm autumn colours of brown, cream and gold. The design is of oak leaves. Square double size. £40-60
625.    Edwardian Chaise Longue with inset mother of pearl decoration. £60-100
626.    19th cent. Mahogany buffet/sideboard with oval brass handles. £100-150
627.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany washstand on turned tapering supports. £60-100
628.    19th cent. Oak campaign washstands, lift up lid revealing a ceramic wash sink - a pair. £100-120
629.    20th cent. Oak wardrobe with mirrored door over a single drawer. £30-50
630.    19th cent. Oak side table, single centre drawer flanked by 2 false drawer fronts. All cock beaded on 4 turned supports. £80-100
631.    19th cent. Mahogany dressing table mirror. £30-50
632.    Eclectic Furniture: 19th cent. Oak hat stand with pewter tipped cow horn hangers. £200-300
633.    19th cent. Mahogany Demi-lune side table with inset, ebonised banding. 47ins. £80-120
634.    19th cent. Work box with mahogany carcass. The lid veneered with oak, walnut, ash and elm. £20-30
635.    19th cent. Mahogany dwarf washstand. £30-50
636.    Edwardian mahogany plant stand with period liner. £40-60
637.    Chinese 19th cent. hardwood nest of 4 tables. £30-50
638.    Stripped pine blanket box with fitted interior. £80-120
639.    20th cent. Chinese blanket box, black lacquer and mother of pearl style decoration. 36ins. x 19ins. £40-60
640.    19th cent. Elm blanket box. £50-80
641.    19th cent. English school: Pencil study of children in a rustic landscape, mounted. 6" x 6". £30-50
642.    John Hamson pen drawing "The Green Church, Devizes" together with a 19th cent. colour print of St. Johns Church, Devizes. £20-40
643.    Early 20th cent. Salisbury maker carpentry planes, moulding planes, some with brass fitments, contained in a pine work chest. Most stamped with carpenters names. 15 spare blades. £150-180
644.    William IV rosewood breakfast table on single circular column support. 49ins. £200-300
645.    19th cent. Oak Bergère child's chair. £30-50
646.    19th cent. Elm seated office chair. £60-80
647.    19th cent. Oak gentleman's elbow chair with spade back, turned supports. £70-90
649.    19th cent. Upholstered mahogany elbow chair. Plus another of shield back form. £80-120
650.    Edwardian mahogany high back upholstered formal chair. £30-50
651.    20th cent. Oak chest of 2 over 3 drawers of modest proportions. 30ins. £60-100
652.    18th cent. Pine child's rocking crib with solid hood/head cover. £80-100
653.    Early 19th cent. Oak child's crib opening hood/head cover. £80-100
654.    19th cent. Mahogany hall chair with armorial and carved back, turned front supports. £40-50
655.    Oriental hardwood marble top plant stand. 20ins. £40-60
656.    18th cent. Oak peg jointed gate leg table. £80-120
657.    19th cent. Mahogany single pedestal fold over tea table. £150-200
658.    19th cent. Mahogany sofa table with single pedestal, drawer to one end, false drawer front to other. £60-80
659.    18th cent. Walnut chest of drawers, 2 short over 3 long on shaped bracket feet. £150-200
660.    Apollo gramophone in Bespoke honey oak cabinet with records. £20-30
661.    19th cent. Mahogany Two over 3 chest of drawers with decorative columns to each side. £80-120
662.    William IV rosewood balloon back dining chairs. Set of 4. £150-250
663.    19th cent. Oriental screen decorated with ivory carved bird & flowers. £80-120
664.    Edwardian walnut with banded inlay dwarf dressing stand mirror. £80-100
665.    Queen Anne style red and gilt hand painted chinoiserie bureau/bookcase with a fitted interior, brass furniture on bracket feet, carcas stamped A J Waterman. £1000-1500
666.    18th cent. Style oak cupboard on cupboard, split baluster decoration, moulded decorated doors on small bun feet. £150-200
667.    18th cent. Style oak heavily carved cupboard, 2 drawers over twin drawers & brushing slides decorated with ebony & bone. Recess below & iron carrying handles, the whole on large bun feet. £300-500
668.    19th cent. Electro type after Belleause classical female LA Paix signature to reverse. 24ins. (Damage to end of tree stump). £80-150
669.    19th cent. Regency rosewood chiffonier with glazed top section decorated with a brass cross stretcher to the sides.
670.    19th cent. Black lacquer with red decoration Chinese cabinet. 33" x 48". £100-150
671.    19th cent. Wrought iron stick and umbrella stand. £40-60
672.    Late 18th cent. Staddle stone (Limestone) with top. 23ins. £80-120
673.    19th cent. Two piece glazed bookcase cupboard, the lower section with campaign style carrying handles. £100-150
674.    Elegant late 19th/early 20th cent. Ladies writing table, writing box and brass gallery to top, on 3 drawers with brass edging, tapering supports on ceramic castors. 48" x 28". £300-500
675.    Period dwarf oak coffer with candle box of peg jointed construction. 35ins. £150-250
676.    18th cent. Oak planked, peg jointed coffer with carved front and apron. £150-200
677.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany piano duet stool with stylised decoration to the frieze. £40-60
678.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany with ebony inlay, dresser with two long drawers and on short on tapering supports. 70ins. £200-300
679.    19th cent. Oak tilt top table with carved top. £30-50
680.    19th cent, Oak heavily carved dresser base & rack. The later has 3 central shelves flanked by 2 cupboards & drawers with open recess above. The base has twin door cupboard. £300-500
681.    Ceramics: 19th cent. English ironstone serving tureens, liners, meat plate and teapot. £80-120
682.    20th cent. Brassware: Crucifix on a base of acanthus leaves and four square supports. Purchased at Walsingham. 24" £30-40
684.    19th cent. Short two section fire screen with silk work panels. Glazed. £40-60
685.    18th cent. Style oak peg jointed linen press. The base with 4 drawers below twin door cupboard. £400-600
686.    Arts and Crafts Dryad Lester Hammered brass bowl on stand with rope decoration and pierced basket effect cover. The whole surmounted with stylised Cupid finial. 15" high x 10" diameter. £80-120
687.    19th cent. Secretaire, the fall front opens to reveal a fully fitted interior above two long drawers. 42ins. x 22½ins. £250-350
688.    19th cent. Mahogany bow front chest of 2 over 3 drawers on bun feet. 35ins. £150-250
689.    Early 20th cent. Mahogany writing slope with red leather skiver & tooled gilt and embossed decoration. The top having mother of pearl cartouche & roundels. £40-60
690.    19th cent. Burr walnut extendable desk top book stand. Approx. 16ins. £80-120
691.    19th cent. Mahogany 2 over 3 bow front chest of drawers. 40ins. £150-250
692.    19th cent. Mahogany chest of drawers, cock beaded drawer fronts, shaped apron on bracket supports. £120-180
693.    Early 20th cent. lighting: Chromium plated Corinthian column lamp with square step pedestal base (require re-wiring) £50-70
694.    19th cent. Oak 2 over 3 chest of drawers on bracket supports with brass furniture. £120-180
695.    Georgian mahogany stilton cradle with scrolled ends. 15½ins. £100-150
696.    19th cent. Black papier machè tray, gilt border. Mother of pearl inlay of an organic design. Retail Barron & Wilson 436 Strand, London. 16" x 13". £50-80
697.    Early 19th cent. Mahogany bow front, 4 drawer, chest with brushing slide. The whole on bracket supports. £150-200
698.    19th cent. Flame mahogany tea table on club supports. £60-100
699.    Late 18th cent. Oak 2 over 3 chest of drawers with overlapped drawer fronts; brass furniture on bracket supports. £150-180
700.    18th/19th cent. Pearl ware chinoiserie blue & white octagonal dish. 12ins. £40-50
701.    Napoleon III ebonised side table with gilt brass mounts, mother of pearl and brass inlay to the top, single frieze drawer on tapering supports united by a stretcher finished by a gilt urn. Circa. 1860. £1000-1500
702.    Late 20th cent. Hardwood wide seated Windsor chair by WC and SCM Ltd. £50-80
703.    19th cent. Mahogany splat back dining chairs on chamfered supports - a pair. £40-70
704.    19th cent. Mahogany with ebony inlay, rope twist Trafalgar chair on turned supports. (4) £100-150
705.    20th cent. Ceramics: Wedgwood "Turkey Oak" dinner service, designed by Star Wedgwood in 1934, hand enamelled on a cane body. Meat ovals 17", 16" 11", dinner plates 12 x 10", 12 x 8", soup bowl x 12, pudding bowl x 12, vegetable tureen x 2, large soup tureen with saucer and a sauce boat & saucer. £50-80
706.    18th cent. Style oak peg jointed 3 plank refectory table with bulbous cup & cover supports, united by square stretchers. £500-800
707.    17th/18th cent. Peg jointed country chairs, turned front supports and stretcher. £100-150
708.    18th cent. Mahogany and pine peg jointed low boy, one long and two short drawers. £200-250
709.    18th cent. Oak peg jointed low boy with shaped aprons, single drawer with brass furniture & square supports, united with 4 stretchers. £200-250
710.    18th cent. Oak and elm Windsor chair. £150-200
711.    18th cent. Oak Wainscot chair, turned front legs and avon supports, square cut frame and carved back & cresting rail. £200-300
712.    Early 19th cent. Elm Windsor chair with a later Fleur de Lis splat back. £80-120
713.    17th/18th cent. Carolean/William and Mary walnut high back chair. Cane back and seat carved front stretcher and crest rail, turned block and vasiform back & rear frame, scrolled front legs. Ex. Fairfax family. £400-500
714.    18th cent. Oak and elm coffer with carved front. £120-200
715.    18th cent. Carolean style mahogany chair. Straight back, curved cresting rail back & seat, turned block and vasiform lower frame, and back & middle stretchers, front legs, block and bell turned. Ex Fairfax family. £200-300